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For the ball to reach the destination, you need to have the proper level of ingenuity and quick reaction, without which you will have a hard time. Watch the ball carefully, do not let it disappear from sight, otherwise you will not be able to direct it, and most likely it will have a tragic accident. You have the opportunity to send your ball into space and admire the beauty of bright stars, but remember that the birds are waiting for their liberator and are ready to accompany you on the way to the finish line.
Prove your skills and save the birds from their cages. Good luck!

Draw The Line 3D App User Reviews & Comments

I DONT LIKE ITSo first off on the first level I couldn’t even get the ball to get on the line that I will drawing and then before I played the first level when I downloaded the game the first time I tried to join the game it kicked me out that’s why I rated this a one star make it better pls.Version: 2.1

Not bad but needs little workI actually quite like this game, but once you figure it out, the game becomes really easy. If you just keep the ball in a high area there are no obstacles, so the game becomes really easy to beat and looses its challenge. Other than that I like it :) will be keeping.Version: 1.4

To many ads but so goodIt’s an awsome game but the ads there is to much.Version: 1.9

Amazing gameAll problems fixed, now just add more things to the game? Maybe some powerups, upgrades, money ETC.Version: 2.0

Tooooo many long adsIt’s real fun but I’m not paying for free ads delete.Version: 1.8

Wonderful 🤩🤩🤩🤩It is a great game. It’s not hard nor easy..Version: 1.9

Almost goodThis game is an awesome idea. I love the idea and the way the game flows. But the amount of ads ruins every aspect of fun. U get an ad after ever 2 attempts and when u pass a level. I mean u watch ads more than u play the game. It took so long to learn how to play the game Bc I kept on getting ads. I mean have some decency. The greediness that the developers have is unmatched by any other game. I deleted the game after 5 levels because I had gotten an unbearable amount of ads. One star. Unplayable..Version: 1.9

It’s good but problemsFirst problems ads ik you make money from it but it’s kinda annoying like if you put it at the third death i would play Second problem you know how you are suppose to draw the line on the bottom yeah there’s an ad there like how am I suppose to get the bottom with the ad on it like why could’v put it on the top like honestly that was stupid I hope you fix it!!!!!.Version: 2.2

LoganThis game is pretty much what I’ve been looking for it’s a hard game and I like it it’s not like those other foney games this ones actually a challenge good job.Version: 1.9

So many addsIk there is a add every other death and btw plz remove the blood when the ball runs into things. Do an add every like 5 deaths or so. I would appreciate it, thank you..Version: 2.0

The ads!I mean it’s a great game and a really like it but every time I want to play it I get an ad.Version: 2.2

The ad at the bottomI love the game its really good but the ad on the bottom always makes my game pause and gets in the way. When it pauses it never goes back so i have to restart by reseting the game.Version: 1.9

Has potential and is super coolHello this game is super cool but since it just came out there’s a couple of bugs and my opinions that will make the game better. The first bug I found was an infinite money glitch where you make the ball stuck in your line making it think the ball is falling so you can get infinite money like that. Another glitch I found is if you go high enough there’s no obstacles so there should be a height limit. Now some opinions that might make the more fun the first is an endless mode and changing the color of the line. I also think the ball should be on the center of the screen because since it’s on the left when you draw your line you have to draw it on the border of the drawing pad. Hopefully this will help the developers fix and add these things because this game seems pretty cool..Version: 1.0

Notice how in the App Store it says 3D but in the game it’s actually called 2DOne glitch, also another one where the ball stands still and when u draw the line it stays there.Version: 1.9

Update ideaSuper fun game. One of few mobile games I’m addicted to. I like that there’s red arrows that warn you about the obstacles in front of you and it helps a lot. However I think it would be better if you added arrows to obstacles above as well. 1/2 the time I try and move the ball up I never see the obstacle until I hit it. Another than that little thing this is a great game.Version: 1.9

Bug?So I love the game and everything but it just restarted me back to level 1 and please don’t respond with “hello, _____.Version: 2.2

NiceThis game is fun and has nice characters but i just lost all my progress.Version: 2.1

It’s funIt’s fun but I wish there wasn’t so much adds. Every two times you die there’s an add. But it is a fun game though. Its kind of relaxing to play..Version: 2.2

Good gameI got an add and I decided to get it. It is really fun and I am very fond of it..Version: 2.0

Ok okThere are too many adds ):.Version: 1.9

Good but WAY to much addsIt’s super fun but every two games there is an add. The games are usually less than 30 seconds so there’s literally adds every minute. Other than that it’s a good game.Version: 2.0

Updated.There Is A Bug Where No Matter The Way You Go, The Ball Will Climb Up The Opposite Way, Even If You Make A Giant Barricade. It’s A Good Game. Has Good Touch Recognition, Challenging At Parts, And Has Multiple Ways You Can Pass A Level. The Only Thing Is, When You Hit A Wall At A Very Low Speed, You Shouldn’t Immediately Splatter. I’m Just Asking If You Can Add Something To Help This, Maybe A Two Live System For Low Speed Hits, And Then Instantly LoseFor High Speed? If Not, That Is Fine. Good Game Overall..Version: 1.9

OutstandingI love this game a lot, but there is just one thing, it is insanely hard. It is still a great game though!.Version: 2.0

10/10 but 2 suggestionsThe game is very good but I think two extra options would make it soooo much better. One could be that there is a endless mode where it progressively gets harder and tells you your meters traveled. One more thing could be a sandbox mode where you can just go forever with no obstacles and you can just die on the bottom. And one more possible thing that isn’t as good but still good, could be something like happy wheels so you could make your own levels and put the obstacles where you want and put the finish wherever you want..Version: 2.1

Its pretty fun for a while but the draw box is too smallYou can take your ball to space and do all sorts of difficult tricks but I’m playing on an iPad and my finger always ends up going out the box..Version: 2.0

BugsThere is a bug where you can’t touch the ball and it mid air and it doesn’t move and also it randomly restarted all my progress . But good game..Version: 2.1

Too many addsIt is fun but you spend more time watching adds than playing the game.Version: 1.9

BUGSo I got to level 32 and I logged on this morning and I’m back at level 1 please fix this overall very good game.Version: 2.1

Good game a few bugsThe game is fun but but i have a problem where after a few levels the game freezes looking forward to the games bugs being fixed.Version: 1.6

AdsAds everywhere, you can’t even control the bottom half of the screen cause there is an ad, like why there. This is just a cash grab game that isn’t just that but is also annoying trying to make you pay for ad-free instead of just making money watching ads. Also ads show up every other time you die, when you do anything there’s an add, this is actuall aids. Delete this “money grab” off the App Store..Version: 1.9

FunIt is actually a very fun game hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it is fun.Version: 1.9

QuestionI love the game but I have a question what do the cages do I open then and a bird comes out but what dose it do.Version: 1.9

It’s not as hard as it looks buts it’s okIt’s not a bad a bad game but it’s not as hard as the add shows it. Just keep a strait line and you’ll make it to the end. So it’s much easier then I though and I don’t like the adds. So maybe buy the game when your bored..Version: 2.2

WAY TO MANY ADDSEvery time you die or win or start a new round there is an add this is not a good tjing and just so you know NO ONE likes adds this problem needs to be fixed.Version: 1.9

Decent at best.Found it funny the game says 3D but then when you install it it suddenly switches to 2D, The touch panel being at the bottom makes no sense when we could just draw the line on the level below the ball for it to make more sense. 2/5. Mediocre.Version: 1.9

6/10It’s a fun game but it’s super glitchy, there’s no sound and gravity just isn’t a thing Ig, sometimes it just dosent let you play..Version: 2.0

NopeWayyy too many ads, and I looked at the creator and because of all the quick and easy to make games they’ve made, I doubt they got permission to use the flappy bird and among us characters.Version: 2.2

GreatI love the game I haven’t found anything bad about it love it keep up the good work!.Version: 1.9

TrashDo not download this game it's such a let down at first it's fun and addicting and all but once you get to a high level it will restart the whole game it happened to me a few days ago i was on like level 30 and then i decided to get on bc i was bored and had no service so i go on and it restarted everything all my data. . . GONE don't get it unless you really want to and you don't care if it restarts you 😉.Version: 2.2

EhI don't like how many adds there are but overall good game.Version: 1.9

Touch PadGet rid of the box at the bottom of the screen with the touch pad. The game is fun and I love playing it, but the touch pad got put in and it doesn’t feel as smooth anymore. I’d personally enjoy it more if you just drew the line on the actual screen itself instead of on the box on the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, beautiful and fun game. Great work!.Version: 2.1

AddI hate the adds but great game overall it’s perfect good fantastic magical and stratigecal.Version: 1.9

Ad in the way.Middle of the screen might aswell be the bottom, ad is in the way at the bottom so can’t even draw down there, no one wants to buy a no ad thing just so they can properly play the game..Version: 2.2

Old update was betterThe new update reseted everything i had and made the game harder to play you have such s small box to draw the line now and all my coins, lines, and balls are gone.Version: 2.1

AdsYes. I expected there to be ads but not this many. It was a great game but then I played two rounds. Then it started. Ad after ad it got absurd to where I play one round and there is an ad it had so much potential then the ads ruined it all..Version: 2.0

What’s the point of skip ad optionWhat’s the point of skipping ads if it’s still going to show them? I’m deleting. Hopefully it’s fixed soon..Version: 2.0

GoodI like the game a lot i only found one bug where the ball just wont move at the beginning but otherwise love it. One thing that would be nice would when you click on the magnet or acceleration upgrades it gives you a summary on what each actually is.Version: 1.9

Maybe bug?If your going fast enough you can get so high that nothing can touch you.Version: 2.0

This has potential in my opinionI think that it’s good but there’s some bug and a lot of ads I say reduce the ads and fix the bugs and I will download it again.Version: 1.9

Just not a good gameIt’s not terrible but I don’t know why anyone would waste their time on it.Version: 1.9

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Fun game but there’s an add blocking half the controlsThere’s an add blocking the controls, can’t play on the bottom half of the screen.Version: 2.2

This game needs some workThis game is soooo fun but a little hard! I don’t like how it shows blood when you run into something. I also don’t how if you shoot the ball up and it comes down, the line goes down aswell..Version: 2.2

Good game but a bit to laggyThe game is fun but it is way to laggy.Version: 2.2

FALSE ADVERTISINGI grinded this game for 5 hours just for the among us skin, I was very dissatisfied to find out the skin is not in the game I would like to talk to the people up top who made this horrendous decision and have some form of compensation..Version: 2.0

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Draw The Line 3D 2.2 Update

Version 2.2 (2021-05-02): - Bug fixes and optimization.

Version 2.1 (2021-04-29): - Bug fixes and optimization.

Version 1.9 (2021-04-13): - Bug fixes and optimization.