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Cut the wood.
Build your town.
Build towers.
Kill the enemies.

Lumbercraft App User Reviews & Comments

Shattered ExpectationsMost of your games are bad and cash grabs, but this is fun. It’s simple but has an interesting concept. I hope that you add more towers, axes, enemies, shields, fevers, and stuff like that to turn it into an rpg. Right now it doesn’t have much content. I want this idea to go somewhere. Maybe you could even add different biomes with new types of wood to add a bit of crafting. Some bosses would be cool too. Also, it’s a crime there’s no option to pay to turn off ads. I enjoy this game but I don’t want adds to ruin it. Keep up the good work and please update this to make something great for once..Version: 1.4

Amazing but a little blandThe game has been extremely good and it feels like an actual game that has time and effort put into it. I personally do not have a problem with ad frequency and I think the ads are very well spread out making the game not feel like a cash-grab game. The game is really fun and I have been leveling up my character with weapons and armor and I have started to become a bit bored with the game itself. You get your wood from your idle lumber generator, you go to battle, you survive a few rounds, and then you go home and buy armor/heal. Then the cycle repeats. The game needs more variety, say there could be more ways to defeat enemies (ie: mage, archer, demolitionist) and more things to build/craft (ie: being able to build custom defenses, Tesla towers where they damage all things within a small radius, and a crafting system for other gear like pickaxes which I will talk more about later). The game would also need more gamemodes, like a portal to a woodland where you have to fight wolves and you can chop down all of the types of trees depending on how far you travel. Another game mode idea would be where enemies storm your base for different waves. And maybe a mining place where you can collect different ores to sell/craft different things arrow heads/staff gems/weapon edges (ie: diamond edge). The game is already balanced and I like the challenge, but having more variety would be amazing..Version: 1.4

Spam the lucky wheel = god modeThis game is great as far as the concept. It’s unique, it pulls you in & the home base is simple. The only real mistake is; the game lets go upgrade EVERYTHING with ads. I’ve only had this game for a few hours & I’ve made over $100million (spin the wheel, watch an add to multiply it, watch an ad to spin again, watch an add to multiply that. Then, each prize is exponentially larger than the last). It has potential, but once you get to an obscene level in such a short amount of time, it’s lost its fun..Version: 1.4

Very happy that there is no add spam and instead adds benefit youOk this game is very good adds benefit you and it’s not add spam. The only thing i suggest is that you remove the adds from the battle area after finishing a level and at the beginning of a level and I know game devs need to make money somehow so add coin packs you can buy. Voodoo should make other games like this one where it isn’t add spam like the other mobile games where it takes 20 seconds to beat a level and than a add pops up..Version: 1.4

Like game play but...I really like this game but twice now after i reach the town hall that costs 100k wood if i close the game it wont let me finish loading it gets like 95% done then just stall there i even left my phone sitting at that point for 30 minutes to see if it would ever load and it did not. So while i can no longer play this it was fun nonetheless.Version: 1.4

GlitchesMy level is now: “990??” The fortune wheel is broken. The more money you have the higher reward. I’ve made over billions of gold. I now can’t do damage unless I buy a new damage (weapon) upgrade. After 30 seconds of buying a new weapon I can no longer do damage. My house upgrade stopped making fort upgrades at level 6. My canons and archers don’t do more damage no matter how much I level them up. I make around 1,000,000,000,000 gold a day. This game could easily be the next RuneScape...please fix it..Version: 1.4

Fun but I broke the gameI made a billion in coins using the wheel of fortune. The game can’t register a number that large though. The game solves this by creating a second line for the coin amount and the first line being “1” for the 1 billion space. The stores and everything interpret this I’m assuming as me only having 1 coin and doesn’t acknowledge the second line of values, so I can’t upgrade anything. When I get additional money from selling logs that profit is added to the second line. Meaning I would have to make another billion coins for the game to think I had 2 coins total..Version: 1.3.1

Crashes Rather OftenThis game could easily be a five star if it weren't for two things: 1) The absolutely game-breaking crashes that occur seemingly out of the blue, and the loading bar upon restart never reaching max capacity. 2) The ludicrous amount of ads that appear after completing any sort of task. (But then again, that's normal with most of this developer's titles. Gotta make money somehow. I get it.) The base gameplay is actually extremely addicting and fun, and is a really good game if you like to grind and earn your way to the top. Like I said, I would EASILY rate this 5 stars if it weren't for the crashes. The ads are bearable, but the crashes just don't make any sense as to why they are happening and when. Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope the developers find a solution to this issue. Other than that, amazing game you've got here. Best of luck! :).Version: 1.4

Please do not download anything from voodooPlease do not download anything from voodoo or any of the other similar publishers. I gave this a 5 star so people would see it. These games this company makes are terrible, laggy/buggy, and have millions of ads and are intentionally made to be easy for more play time and more ads..Version: 1.4

EhI think the game is obviously entertaining, but there are a few problems, one, the wheel of fortune is rigged and there is not much else to do once you are leveled up a lot. Two, read and scroll down on other reviews, they mostly say how the game crashes a lot and how it’s a good game for voodoo, I personally like games like these, and I recommend for you to play it, but this is my opinion on it..Version: 1.4

CrashesI don’t know if it’s a common problem or not but the app continues to crash and won’t work again unless I delete/redownload it...which makes me lose all progress in the game. I’ve tried everything including restarting my phone but nothing works to get it working again. Might be a design flaw. Other than that no complaints from the game..Version: 1.4

Needs a fixIt’s an awesome game but I was playing on it one day and I was getting pretty far but I went to close out the app so I could eat dinner and after dinner I tried opening up the game and it got stuck on the loading screen for like 5 minutes so I closed it out again and tryed starting the game back up again and the same thing happened like several times so I decided to delete it and get it again because I really like the game and that fixed the problem for a little while but I had to completely restart and I got even farther this time and it happened again so I cant play and I don’t want to delete it again because I got pretty far and spent a good amount of time on it so if u could try to fix this that would be awesome and I will give u a 5 star.Version: 1.4

What’s the point?This game seems like it has a lot of potential. The gameplay and combat are relatively enjoyable and collecting wood to craft is easy... however it’s seems that there is no point to the game at all. You collect wood to convert to gold to gain more power or armor so that you can survive the endless waves through the portal. Except that’s about it. The enemies don’t get smarter, or more numerous, or more specialized. Their health and attack just scales up. Endlessly. So you have to level up to beat the same enemies endlessly... and... that’s it. There’s nothing else to do. It’s the exact same waves of enemies over and over just with more health. No variety. No objectives. No rewards. You can’t even build your town the way you want, it’s just preset building pop up when you spend an obscene amount of wood to upgrade it. And that’s it. If there were objectives, and variety this game could be good. But as it is, it’s not worth your time. Do yourself a favor and play any other game..Version: 1.4

I would love itIt’s a great game but it crashes every 5 min. I have a new iPad that’s up to date and still it crashes. Otherwise I would be hooked lol. 3 stars for now After hours of playing this addictive game I almost updated that it stopped crashing and then it crashed. It did stop crashing as much but still irritating. I’ll give four stars now. Fix the bugs and it’s a five star game..Version: 1.4

Great game...until it’s maxedI loved this game and didn’t put it down. Then I got to the point where I couldn’t level up my home any longer (past Level 8), then it just got monotonous. I could continue chopping wood, fighting bosses/enemies and collecting coins. But to what end? I would have liked to continue expanding my base outside the rocks and building additional features and fighting more challenging enemies. This is a fantastic start to what could be a blockbuster game. I look forward to improvement and expansion to this entertaining game..Version: 1.4

This game has really go potentialI think this game is amazing. I love it but i think it needs to be worked in more to make it better like making you area bigger. Or add like a place to mine for gems which like wood could be traded for coins. Or the game you have a boss fight every ten levels where you fight one big guy. Hope you review my ideas..Version: 1.4

Fun little game until it stopped workingThis is a fun little game to play with some challenging aspects. Ads are tastefully added to into parts that actually help you in the game. I played the game for a total of 6 hours across three days and then it stopped working. Had to uninstall and reinstall and lost all my progress. It was fun while it worked but lost all interest now that I’ve had to start over Edit: just reinstalled game for second time and after an hour stopped working. Went from 3 stars to 1 star.Version: 1.4

Simple fun, and non-intrusive adsUsually in free mobile games, there are constant ads that interrupt gameplay (game developers need to make money to live, but sometimes they go overboard). Lumbercraft not only gives you mildly entertaining gameplay, but there are hardly any ads that interrupt you. They usually only pop up after you raid an enemy base, and even then they’re easy to skip. Just wanted to thank the developers for not forcing me to watch ads for every action..Version: 1.4

Not Much ThereSo, you saw the ad, saw the guy running around gathering wood to build a fort as enemies attacked. The game does (well, somewhat) have that. But the experience as a whole is very thin. As you upgrade your main fort, you will initially get something new with each level—the lumber mill for passive lumber income, spots for towers to protect your house from raids (not that they can actually do anything), places to upgrade your own equipment and your towers and so on. But it never changes the basic gameplay loop, except in that gathering wood or coins manually rapidly stops being worthwhile—there’s only about ten different defense maps, and they just start repeating endlessly with no real variation. You aren’t ever doing anything that’s appreciably different from where you started out—it’s just that numbers are bigger. Eventually you unlock the wheel of fortune, and that eventually lets you break the game’s scaling over your knee to reveal... there’s nothing there. It’s all just a long monotonous slog. Play it for ten minutes and uninstall—you’ve got the full experience..Version: 1.4

Update ideaOk I have many ideas I think you can add a type of gold generator instead of farming wood for gold, add a hunger bar like the health bar but it would go down and you can upgrade the hunger to slow down but the limit for upgrades in hunger bar is 70 , you need to add character like Archeros and mage, add items to the game like a shield, that’s it..Version: 1.4

Good game, can’t load now...The game is really fun, even recommend it to my siblings, but after it crashed once I can’t seem to get past the initial loading screen. It freezes before it finish and if you wait for it to load, it just crashes and makes you restart the game. Please fix this. It’s a awesome game but makes you want to give it up if it won’t work properly..Version: 1.4

Massive problemGood, fun game but it’s constantly freezing and when there are adds, I try to press the close button, and I go to the App Store, which is expected for most mobile games these days, which is a problem itself, but whatever, but when I go back into the game, it resets like I just opened it. The freezing makes it really difficult to play, I would hold off on getting this until it’s fixed..Version: 1.4

Great game!First of all, thank you for not making this app a cash grap, there are not that many ads and it is playable. Second, I built everything in the game in a couple days, so you should a feature where you have to feed yourself by farming. Another feature you should add is the ability to build a town which will grow food for you, produce lumber and other things..Version: 1.4.1

This game is awesome!So I have one complaint,I can't get out of the rocks and upgrading stuff takes forever and it's expensive,but it's a really good game,but it does glitch,overall it's a lot fun and a good game and there aren't too many adds,but since my iPads like really old,I can't get out of the adds so I have to get out of the app,and it's annoying,is it just my iPad or is that happening to you guys too?.Version: 1.4

Has a tendency to freezeThis is an ok game all-in all. Fun at first with the layout of farming lumber to build everything to then upgrade it. But when it freezes (which has happened 2 or 3 times on me after downloading it a week ago) & that’s not fun because I loose my progress. That & with the ceaseless ads that pop up after every time you exit or enter an area (& sometimes in the middle of f’ing gameplay) it makes this game seem like it was cheaply implemented. Do you guys really to put ads in your game to the point you do?.Version: 1.4.1

Fun game! Would love more content!The game is a lot of fun! I’m currently level 200 armor and damage. I will say it begins to feel a bit repetitive. I think it would be cool if maybe every 50 levels, we fight a boss. It doesn’t even have to be a crazy boss, just something that is a bit more difficult but grants more reward. All-in-all, I’ve thoroughly been enjoying this game. Can’t wait to see some future updates.Version: 1.1

I LOVE THIS!!So I love this very much but I just wanted to discuss something maybe not so important but I gained money today and it became 666... the devils number- I dunno if this is bad or not.. I dunno if something needs to be fixed but it really scares me.. I love 💕 this game very much though! And I would give a 5 star rate but I just hav you a 3 star rate because of when I gained my money of 666 but I have a question to.. would you mind removing it being able to get the number 666 of money? If you can thank you! Btw am not sacred any more cause it not at 666.Version: 1.4

YESOkay okay to be honest this game is AMAZING,it actually has time an effort put in it, when i saw the ad to this game, it sounded fun so i decided to download it,i never regretted downloading this game tbh. i played for 30 minutes and i couldn’t stop playing, i could play this game for hours and i would never get bored not to be dramatic 😌, and also it has not to many ads, i love this game i would 100% recommend.Version: 1.4

Fun game with a tiny downside to itThis game is actually really fun and addicting. I started playing because I had seen an ad on TikTok, but never regretted downloading it. I played for a couple of days and got hours of progress done, but now every time I try to start up the game, it will freeze and not fully load. I restarted my phone and that wasn’t the case. That was my only concern, but overall it is a great game, some ads pop-up but not too many, and not very buggy in-game. Just the start up problem that is bothering me..Version: 1.4

Fun But GlitchyThis game is really fun and while there are a lot of ads there’s not enough to where it’s annoying and you want to delete the game. It’s pretty glitchy though. I had turned my airplane mode on to stop all of the ads in this game and when I opened the game back up later it wouldn’t load. After days of it not loading I had to delete it & re-download. After I downloaded it again, during an ad it glitched again, froze and won’t open now for the 2nd time. Fun game though..Version: 1.4

Loved it but now not really.After the first hour of playing I left the game and then it wouldn't load for me to go back into it. Took me probably another hour to get back into it and now that’s not an issue anymore. Leveled up my house to level 8 and the levels 4-8 approximately didn’t give anything to update or get besides trees outside the rock boundary that cannot be reached. No new buildings or progression in the game. I don’t think I’ll have it much longer and I’ve only had it 1 full 24 hour period..Version: 1.4

Just a typical Voodoo game.I’m not a fan of Voodoo as all their games tend to be either ad-filled copies of other games or mildly entertaining ad-fests. This one fits the latter where it’s entertaining enough to make you want to play for a bit, but ultimately too easy to actually be entertaining and just filled with ads. It is good for about 1 hour of gameplay though, before it becomes so easy it’s boring but that’s pretty typical of Voodoo games. Entertain you for just long enough to watch a few dozen ads and make them money before you leave and try one of their other games to do the same thing..Version: 1.4

FunI know voodoo mainly uses adds to get money and make many games but consider updating this one many like it I’d suggest adding more upgrades to the town that cost wood and add a way to play a defensive waves or endless defense on your town and maybe you get a special resource every 10 waves to help upgrade research or defenses to help town. Thanks for the fun game but won’t last long without additional content..Version: 1.4

Good gameI do enjoy playing this game. Im level 200 for attack and defense with a level 8 house I think I upgraded the house as high as it goes but I’m not sure (I would like conformation if possible). Then one day i spun the wheel and now I can’t use money at all. Is this a bug? Also I would like to upgrade things that I build like the towers at the main base or the towers that I build while I’m fighting. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with everything that the game offers..Version: 1.1

DEVS AND PLAYERS PLEASE READIf you notice at all what Voodoo usually posts for games, you can tell it's made for a quick dollar. Usually it consists of quick endless games that you're forced to play without internet or else you get bombarded with ads. This game however, it's different the moment i saw it, especially for Voodoo. I am proud of Voodoo and Noor games for this, but there is room for improvement. First and foremost, my game no longer allows me to play after crashing and failure to fully load. Second of all, there needs to be a broader spectrum of things you can use in your island, or another island that you can inhabit. This game is too good to let go, if the devs update this consistently this can be a top game that lasts for a while. People love tycoons, especially if they're well made. Please devs fix the bug(s) and add more things to do. If you do that, I guarantee this will be a game that people would pay for. However saying this, don't make your game a simple cash grab, this has opportunity..Version: 1.4

Really Good Game, But could be an AMAZING gameSo to start off I should say I’ve been playing the game for just 2 days now and everything is maxed out. I can no longer progress in the game. Obviously, the game needs more content. On the bright side the game has amazing mechanics and looks well visually, for a mobile game at least. I believe a more open world style could greatly improve the game and would add a ton more content and value..Version: 1.4

Voodoo has impressed meI’ve played quite a few time wasters from this developer, but none i’ve played have amounted to this game. Other than some minor performance issues the game offers a lot of different content and this is for the most part my first impressions of maybe fifteen minutes of play time. Great work Voodoo.Version: 1.4

Surprisingly well for VOODOOVoodoo normally makes endless games that you’re made to play without WiFi, but this one is really nice actually. Besides the fact that it crashed and is no longer loading fully which I think the devs should really fix that because I actually like playing it. It’s different, I like that you can actually do more than regular voodoo games. I’m surprised by how much opportunity this has. But please fix the bug. It’s a good stress reliever game.Version: 1.4

Please fix the bugThis game Is awesome but I can’t play mine anymore. I’ll get on the game and never get past the loading screen and I read other reviews and it’s happening to everyone. I really don’t want to start all over again just for it to crash again. You guys did a great job making this game but PLEASE fix the bug.Version: 1.4

AmazingHonestly a great game but I feel there should be more to come so here we go. 1. I feel like you should add a new currency that you get when you win 1 round in the dungeons that you can spend on new upgrades for example one that would decrease the amount of hits it takes for frenzy or makes frenzy longer and the cool down bar moves slower or maybe an upgrade for reach how far away you can kill enemies or another could be increase the amount of wood you get per chop or maybe an upgrade that allows for you to hit a tree once but breaks two logs. 2. Appearance. I feel like instead of getting random gear when you buy better gear you should be able to chose what you are wearing without changing the stats. And another thing on appearance maybe make more skins for the character himself. That’s all I’m sure I’ll be back with more thanks 😁👍 Hey just another idea why not have classes? Examples Maybe an engineer class that focuses more on the strengths and defenses and unlike other classes can rebuild towers after rebuilt What there was a soldier/collecter that don’t focus on building but excel more in hand to hand, armour and collection of resources. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.4

Fun game but buggyI greatly enjoy playing this game, for its simple but enjoyable as well. But after a couple days of gameplay, I went to open the app and never got past the loading screen. It doesn’t crash, but never finishes loading. I’ve tried hooking up to a string WiFi signal, my hotspot or just cellular data, but none make a difference. Neither does restarting my phone. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game, which worked for a couple days (and reset my progress) but then regressed back to the same issue. I want to keep playing this game but if I can’t get past the loading screen that just isn’t possible..Version: 1.4

Huh. Who knew?I’ll be honest. I have poor expectations. The game itself looked really fun but usually mobile games like this are filled with ads and in app purchases. This one is simple and nothing like that. I downloaded it to my phone because my brother was playing it and seemed to be really enjoying it. So I downloaded to play with him and have quickly become fond of the game. The ads are spaced out and there aren’t many of them. However the one thing I would ask would be to add more game modes to the game. It’s fun, but repetitive. Overall It’s a 9/10 game!.Version: 1.4

Great game but one issueI personally think it’s a great game but the ads are way way too much even in the middle of a battle your getting ads and it can throw you off and it’s really unnecessary i’m glad they put an option to take the ads out but the ads just take so much out of a good game it’s sad and maybe if they added an ad every 30 minutes or after you complete a battle but i’m getting one every 3 minutes or so and it’s so annoying.Version: 1.4

I really enjoy the game but..Please fixed the crashes and not fully loading open after playin for only 20min it doesnt load up i have to uninstall and strt all over just for it to not load up anymore i like the game too just please make sure the next update fixes it im not gonna uninstall ill wait for the update i still have progress.Version: 1.4

Please fix bugsI really enjoy this game. It’s one of the few mobile games that is actually fun to play and is different from everything else I’ve played. However after playing for a while, it will crash and become no longer playable. It will not reload no matter what you do. You have to uninstall it and then reinstall it and start over from the very beginning. It’s really frustrating when you’ve gotten really leveled up and have a lot of stuff. I redownloaded it once, but I don’t want to do that again and lose everything again. So hopefully there will be an update to fix that soon and make the game playable again. It’s a really fun game, it’s very disappointing that once you’re hooked it crashes and won’t let you play it anymore..Version: 1.4

Rigged Prize WheelWhat I’ve noticed in a vast majority of games that allow you to watch ads for a free prize wheel spin is that they are always rigged. I sat through 15 ads just to see what rewards the prize wheel would dish out. Out of the 15 ads I watched, I landed on the same two spots right next to each other every single time. Unfortunately these were the lowest rewards. Statistically speaking the odds of this happening are next to nothing and the wheel is clearly rigged to give a decent reward as little as often even if that means tweaking the odds to where they don’t match the wheels appearance of what ur chances would be..Version: 1.3

I can’t open this gameWhen I first got this game it was great, I played for a while and stopped for lunch but when I opened the app it was stuck on the loading screen I kept trying to open it but nothing happened I still couldn’t open the game with some games if you shut down and restart your phone (in my case a iPhone) it fixes problems but not I finely deleted the app (because sometimes that works) and when I re-downloaded “Lumbercraft” my account was gone but I quickly progressed until I was back where I was on my old Account but then it happened again I don’t want to delete the game again because I had progressed pretty far and now I I can’t play that game anymore i’m very irritated and sad this game doesn’t work. Besides that it is pretty fun but not being able to play it gives it a two star rating..Version: 1.4

Great game but it keeps crashingI was really enjoying this game but after a short time of playing the game crashed and will not open back up. It shows the developers screen but after that the screen goes black and will not do anything anymore. I removed it from my phone and reinstalled it hoping maybe that would fix it but sadly it happened again. I will try one more time but I don’t want to keep having to start all over again and again. Can someone please help me? I have tried cutting my phone off and back on and everything else it just will not open for anything..Version: 1.3.1

Update requestHey I know you put a lot of work into this game but something that would be awesome if you added hold to upgrade because I clicked one spot on my screen 1000 times just today it would be great if you added hold to upgrade just a suggestion but please do it if you can but other than that the game is awesome.Version: 1.4

Fun Game!This is a good game. I actually enjoyed playing it... that being said, there seems to be a bug within voodoo games like this one and Spiral Roll. After playing for a couple days, it gets stuck on the loading page. I have to completely uninstall and reinstall and start the game over in order to keep playing! I would appreciate someone looking into it!.Version: 1.4

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InterruptiveThe game is constantly drops out.Version: 1.4

Amazing, some improvements needed thoughReally fun game, only thing I recommend is allowing the player to control the camera angle and also improve textures and landscape. Maybe instead of rocks at the edge you could have mountains which would also hide the fact that the rest of the map is just flat. These are just suggestions of course but I would love to see theses added in future updates. Apart from that I love this game, would definitely recommend and great for younger children and even adults :).Version: 1.4

Data lostI had this game for a few days and made some good progress, until it stopped loading. The bar would be 95% complete and freeze. I redownloaded the app and lost everything. Not happy..Version: 1.4

Great game!I love the game, I have doesn’t heaps of time building up my house and levelling up my character but most of the time when I enter the ‘zone’ the game crashes. Please fix this as it is very frustrating and I’m honestly starting to loose interest in the game..Version: 1.4.1

Some crashing problemsThis game is amazingly entertaining but there's one unfortunate problem it CRASHES! not always tho rarely but when it crashes you lose your progress! Please fix it!.Version: 1.4

Jett JonesI played once, then after that the app would crash after I had clicked on it every time after that, please fix.Version: 1.4

Another game with no sound?It’s a good game, fun, simple and addictive. But the developers have skipped on finishing it properly there is no sound..Version: 1.4

Stuck on losing screenLove the game.. completely stuck on the loading screen. Very disappointed...Version: 1.4

Maxed outGood game, but short lived due to a lack of things to do.Version: 1.4

I can’t get back into the game :/It was a really good game! Actually enjoyed it heaps, played it for ages the first time then once I exited the game I couldn’t get back in. I’m stuck on the loading screen and it won’t go past there :/ please help..Version: 1.4

Won’t loadThe game was alright but now doesn’t even load past the loading screen. I would not recommend as it was a total waste of time to even download..Version: 1.4

Fix thisGame doesn’t reopen.Version: 1.4

I rate it 1 star but doing 5 so you see thisThis is a great game and very fun and easy but i experienced it crashing then opened the app and can no longer play, please fix this i was really enjoying the game..Version: 1.4

Can’t play :(I love this game but as everyone else has said, my loading page is stuck! My iPhone 11 was up to date before I downloaded the game and I’ve fully shut off my device but the loading page still doesn’t move. Please fix this so I can keep playing!!.Version: 1.4

HiTo many ads.Version: 1.4

GameEvery time I try it gets me out.Version: 1.4

GamePlayed it once and now game won’t open any more.Version: 1.4

.It was a good game, I enjoyed it, got to lvl 8 and my game crashed now I can’t launch it again, it’s just stuck on the loading screen.Version: 1.4

LumbercraftDownload this game NOW.Version: 1.4

Stuck on loading screenThe gameplay was good to begin with. Crashed a few times when trying to move around. When reopening the app the loading screen was stuck then would crash... please fix this.Version: 1.4

App crashesOpened this app, but shortly after would crash. Game is so far so good, apart from that one fix.Version: 1.4

Loading screenI keep trying to get into the game but I get stuck on the loading screen and it doesn’t move, please help.Version: 1.4

Need more upgradesI maxed out the house.Version: 1.4.1

PLS READEpic game. One of my favorites, after level 15 super laggy, i keep getting stuck on the loading screen pls fix.Version: 1.4

Hate 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Hate it.Version: 1.4

R y’all idiots?Well I haven’t played yet but if you saying if crash’s it’s because of what your playing on. IDIOTS.Version: 1.4

LooksJust needs a bit more improvements on the looks.Version: 1.4

GoodOverall, this is a good game. It’s better than it is o.on the ads, minecraft and roblox are better still.Version: 1.4

Games fun but way too easyI played for like 2-3 days and you start with like 30 health and now I have 318 billion health and 1 shot anyone. And I’m still able to upgrade building and stuff but it doesn’t do anything to the game because I’ve progressed too far. Fun game but needs more stuff to it.Version: 1.4.1

420Game crashes a bit and needs more upgrades but pre good so far.Version: 1.4

Maxed outI maxed out my town nothing to do add new things.Version: 1.4

Pls fixI’m obsessed with this game. Couldn’t stop playing it after I downloaded it BUT unfortunately it doesn’t get passed the loading screen which I’m assuming is the same problem as everyone else’s (crashed) PLEASE FIX IT.Version: 1.4

Great concept but lacks technical refinementIt’s buggy and won’t lunches since day two. However I enjoyed the game while it lasted although there ads n all but great game after all! Shame that it won’t run even on my newest iPhone, hope the developers could fix the technical problems and add more content such as more enemies, towers, and maybe even skills! Looking forward for Lumbercraft2 if that ever gonna happen. Fix the game!! Don’t let the fun down drain!.Version: 1.4

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Lumbercraft 1.4.1 Update

Version 1.4.1 (2021-03-05): - Loading bug fixes - More features are coming soon.

Version 1.4 (2021-02-16): - New features - Performance improvements - Bug fixes.