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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman App Download

For over 20 years, Big Buck Hunter has been a cultural icon as the world’s favorite hunting game. Millions of players have gotten hooked on the simple-to-play, hard-to-master game in their favorite bars, restaurants and arcades around the globe. Now, the legendary arcade franchise is introducing a sharp-shooting, competitive twist to the classic series and bringing the best-selling title to an exciting new place - your fingertips!

Play Mechanix and Skillz are proud to present Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, the newest way to have fun, compete and WIN CASH PRIZES while playing Big Buck Hunter anytime, anywhere!


- Select a hunting location and challenge an opponent!
- Tap and hold to look through your scope and slow time!
- Drag to adjust your aim!
- Release your finger to take your shot!
- Take a shot before your scope timer runs out!
- Shooting bucks (deer with antlers) will earn you points!
- Shooting does (deer without antlers) will incur point penalties. Don't shoot the does!
- Head and heart shots will down bucks faster and earn more points!
- Non-head or heart body shots will require multiple shots to down the buck.
- Bonus points are rewarded for perfect head and heart shots!
- Maintain your Marksman Streak with consecutive head and heart shots for extra points!
- A five-star Marksman Streak results in a Marksman Award!
- The farther and more accurate the shot, the more points you'll earn!
- Ammo is unlimited while hunting, but limited to five shots in Bonus Rounds.
- In Bonus Rounds, shoot red, blue and gold targets - and avoid the X's!
- Gold bonus targets are worth the most points, but are hardest to hit!
- Get a higher combined score than your opponent to win your match!

Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a mobile competition platform complete with tournaments, leaderboards, trophies, prizes and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!

Prize tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD and TN. If you don't live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for fun with virtual currency.

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman will undergo frequent software updates, so keep an eye out for fresh new content coming often. If you have any questions or feedback about the game, feel free to reach out to Play Mechanix at [email protected] If you have any questions or feedback about the Skillz platform or prize tournaments, please contact [email protected]

Big Buck Hunter: Marksman App User Reviews & Comments

My Favorite mobile game!!!I love how you have to hit perfect heart shots to really put in the work you need to win, it takes skill not a lot but it does to win. Love how you play for real money too!.Version: 1.19

Actually a Fun gameSo I wasn’t sure if it’d be fun or not, but its actually pretty good! And the fact I don’t have to watch any adds is even better! You can win literal money too soooo not so bad.Version: 1.13

This game is awesome!I love that I can take 2 hours out of each day and make money on this game. It’s addicting and the players are helpful and friendly. They are always adding something new to the game to keep it interesting as well. (:.Version: 1.19

Andrew paradiseNot sure when I will be able to compete for real money but sooner the better. Different maps, hunting different animals, using different weapons would be a cool addition. Also, you should be able to watch replays of people you compete against to see why you lost..Version: 1.04

Big buckLots of fun doesn’t pressure you for deposits. I like the free practice, they don’t limit the amount of free practice. Before I spend any money I want to be proficient at perfect shots..Version: 1.13

This is so fun ! But not a fan of bonus roundDefinitely one of the top 5 Skillz games I have ever played, it is currently my favorite. But can we just focus on shooting deer? The bonus rounds are not fun , unnecessary.Version: 1.04

Deer huntingCould be better or worse, but it does pass the time and I’ve actually won a few $$$.Version: 1.13

Feel like it could be better then it is.When playing a tournament and if people quit they are supposed to just pay you back and call miss play. But as soon as I excepte any start it’s on me not everyone else now if person looses connection and then can’t get back in don’t blame them because it’s happened to me someone calls and then you are on a different screen and ant get back to game even though it should only pause so you can return it is a system needing work but the best part is you play games you like not roulette or cards lol anything is possible.Version: 1.13

Best everThis is the best hunting game if not game of all time I enjoy playing it so much it makes the day go by fast when you’re in the doctors office waiting on bad results it makes my day that much better.Version: 1.13

Fun and excellentGreat game in general but overall really well made on the iPhone. I love playing this game and if I’m ever bored I just open it up and play away. It is an amazing time killer. I also love how you can play against other people and it tells you how well you do. I really like the feature where it shows you your shots and if they are perfect for not..Version: 1.04

Good could be betterIt is a very good game and is fun but I think that they could make it to where you can play without any betting. Like make it to where there is a small campaign where you can hunt other game besides just deer.Version: 1.19

Could be so much better with updatesLove the game but hate that when I play almost every single time the app crashes abs it says I aborted the match. I keep thinking maybe today will be different, but nope I keep playing and it keeps crashing. Skillz I think if fed up with me for requesting a refund almost every game but it’s true. This game has so much potential with more updates and hopefully soon fix that crash. Other than that I love big buck hunter, great game to be played probably in a freezer where the phone won’t overheat and cause the app to crash every time..Version: 1.13

So fun and surprisingly hilariousThis game is really, really fun to play! The controls are wonderful for a shooter and the mini games after each match are great. Hats off to the developers.Version: 1.04

Good GameThe game is fun but can be a weird way of scoring a buck. The shot is more luck for a perfect shot cause you can hit the buck in the same spot and score a perfect and a non perfect. The game support was amazing when I had billing issues though..Version: 1.13

Good game, but….Inaccurate scoring. I miss a shot for sure… like in the gut and I get a perfect shot from time to time stating “perfect shot.” Makes nonsense. Other times, I have an absolutely perfect shot and I score a 4 or 5 for precision. Almost like the game has an algorithm to produce wins and losses. Skim involved foe sure, but overall my shots are better than the score suggests most times… other times I’m shocked I score well enough to win..Version: 1.13

GreatNeeds a little more work band it’ll be a sick app. Wish there was different guns scopes bullets and certain perks. But other than that great game. Also everyone should b able to play all the other maps as they want this would help in having more people play money games.Version: 1.19

Big bucking hunterSo much like the arcade Version. You can win money playing a game you would pay to play anyway. Bonus rounds and all. I give this game a 5 out of 5. Enjoy everyone and use the winnings to take your wife hunting..Version: 1.13

Better than I thoughtSome games are better than others. Buck Hunter is very well done. The tech for skillz shows a lot of promise. I believe it will be very popular once more developers launch games on the platform..Version: 1.04

Great game.Game is lots of fun I just wish the matches would last a bit longer instead of just a few seconds. Wish we could shoot 10 bucks instead of just 5. Game is lots of fun runs very smooth on my old iPhone 7plus. Also love how it has a chat room with a MOD 24/7..Version: 1.19

Frustrating but fun.It’s a fun game. The scoring is very frustrating. If shoot the buck almost exactly where the heart is supposed to be, and you know you did because when it shows you your shots on a target sheet at the end to see how you scored each buck, the marker used is overlapping the tiny red area that represents the heart and yet you get anywhere from a 5-6. Maybe a 7 at best And then you shoot it in a large surrounding area around the heart and it is the same. Never seen an 8 or 9 but I get plenty of perfect shots. So Also certain times I shoot the deer in the straight up stomach and it says it’s a perfect shot and shows it on the heart later even though that’s not where I shot it. It’s not reliable enough to feel comfortable betting real money on. Also it started with one site of 5 bucks and a bonus round. then they changed the game to have 2 sites and a bonus which was way cooler! and then they got rid of one of the sites and the bonus round leaving just the one site. And the site you always play at for all dollar amounts is the same one that you can only practice at 1z level and the highest zlevel. The 2 other sites you practice at mid zlevels are not in use at alll for the cash games. So a lot of work could be done to better this potentially great game.Version: 1.13

Honest opinionThe game is good competition is good. I haven’t tried to take any money out yet so we will see how that goes. I wish you could change weapons though and hunt different animals..Version: 1.13

Great gameWish I was better at it but it’s fun and quick so if you have a couple minutes of spare time you can play and they don’t nail you with advertisements every 30 seconds that last longer then the game you played.Version: 1.19

Unexpected GoodI was looking for a hunting game so I downloaded 3-4 including this one . I’m glad I gave it a try because I only play this one . The shooting mechanism is great , easy and fun . Zero adds and you can make real money . More animals and Shooting sites would take this game to new heights . I’m still giving it 5 stars for fun factor , ease of use and graphics..Version: 1.19

Fun gameThis is a really fun game and what makes it better is you get play against other people! Haven’t had any issues with the app or game since playing.Version: 1.04

Need multiplayerWish there was a multi player to play against your friends.Version: 1.13

Great customer supportThe game would randomly boot players from games even paid for and i had the issue several times they reimbursed me for the games I got booted from and seems they even fixed that error. Really great customer support and a fun game..Version: 1.19

Love this game!I used to love this game in arcades growing up. This game is everything I remember and more. The graphics and great and the controls are easy to figure out. It’s a great addition that you have to lead the bucks with the shot. 10/10 I’m hooked..Version: 1.04

It’s okI’ve played for a little and I’m not gonna Sugar coat this but some of the shots are impossible that’s not a over statement you get linn is he’s for hitting does and they put dies right infront of the bucks and the only way you can hit is is barely hitting the head which doesn’t give as many points also the game asks for you location and shoves tournaments in your face that you HAVE to pay to get in.Version: 1.13

Most Addicting GameGreat fun for everyone. Game is easy and competitive, and having the opportunity to make money is always a plus. I did have a little issue with my app closing on me causing me to forfeit the game, but the customer service rep helped me tremendously with that issue. Would definitely suggest this game to everyone!.Version: 1.13

CrashesOther than getting kicked out of a game once in awhile and losing money. You can get ahold of support easy to get refunded. I can’t believe I am winning real money.Version: 1.19

Exactly like the Arcade Game!!!This game is exactly like the arcade game everyone grew up on. The graphics are outstanding and there are so many different maps. Would recommend this game to any one who hunts and people who don’t as well..Version: 1.13

Awesome Game, Minor InconsistencyThis game is really fun and pretty neat you can win money. However sometimes the shot scores are inconsistent and I haven’t ever received the 1000 point marksman bonus during PvP.Version: 1.19

MapsOnly problem is that the 5 dollar games are a different map. Can’t practice those..Version: 1.13

Big Buck Hunter fan? Marksman is for you.Ok so I didn’t think this game could be as good as I’ve heard but I was wrong. This game is stellar and there’s no shooter game app that compares. Delete all your other apps because you just need this one to have fun on your phone..Version: 1.04

Great gameplay for a mobile FPSLots of fun this is definitely one of my favorite Skillz games. The great thing about Skillz games is that I can practice in free matches before entering paid matches so I can learn how to play. This game was easy to pick up and I was impressed with the quality as most first person shooter games on mobile aren’t that great but with this one I definitely noticed a difference. Highly recommended..Version: 1.13

So much potentialMy gripes: 1) Game crashes about every 10 matches, aborting the match for no reason at all. Don’t understand it. 2) The “perfect shot” is so wildly inconsistent that it’s impossible to improve unless you memorize where to shoot each specific animal on each specific stand at each specific site. 3) Hit registration is frequently way off from where the bullet actually hits. You can see the bullet impact, then the yellow dot will appear somewhere completely different. And then when the animal shows up on the end of the round score card, it’s in a different position. This game is so fun yet incredibly frustrating, especially considering the % of the entry fee the game is taking. It needs to be fixed..Version: 1.13

The best arcade style huntingI love the game. Sometimes the accuracy in my shots is inconsistent but I contribute that to the game being new and I trust that it will be fixed as it progresses. As a guy who has always believed in the patience of hunting I didn’t think I’d like this game but it’s actually a lot of fun and a great way to just pass some time. I wish there was a little more variety in rack shape but being an arcade style shooter I understand how that would be difficult. I would appreciate some other species to hunt though such as elk or maybe even pronghorn. The whitetail look great though. Probably the best looking game graphics wise in the AppStore..Version: 1.13

Great Game when this update isn’t crashingRarely a problem with the previous version but this update is crashing 1 out of 5 games or so. Love it when it works..Version: 1.13

AwesomeThis game is so much fun. They do continue to make improvements w graphics and the competition is fair and fun. Great way to kill a few minutes while in a waiting room, on a plane, traveling or just looking for some fun! Love this game.Version: 1.13

Can’t cash out??I’ve been trying to figure out how to cash out in your “cash” in this game. Kind of confused on the premise on that. Would love to hear back from anyone that knows if this is a real concept or not? The ads and game made it seem like you can win real money. Can’t find anything on the game where this seems to be true except for spending tickets. What about when you win cash in tournaments? Very confused, hoping to not be greatly disappointed in another manipulative thief’s scheme..Version: 1.13

Solid gameI enjoy the game they definitely could make it easier to deposit your money & only have to start with a minimum deposit of $5-$10 instead of $20..Version: 1.13

Favorite game to playWhile trucking across the USA my daughter and I played this game at the truck stops and had a blast. It’s still one of our favorite and the bonus games always made it more fun. This version is a blast even though I feel I’m back at a beginners level. Lol. Thanks for bringing it home & to my phone as an App.Version: 1.13

Best game to come back!When I was a kid I loved this game in the arcade room. I was sad to see it go but luckily someone brought it to the App Store to have on your phone! 10/10 rating from me I would recommend!.Version: 1.19

RIP OFFI love how I play for real money that I actually spend and then the game crashes and I loose after I have about 10,000 points and know I’m going to win 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬if your going to charge real money to win real money don’t have such a glitchy game.Version: 1.13

Stoked for the full versionBig buck HD fan and this game is pretty fun. I like that it’s sort of lset up like the old show down matches. Also, The slow motion bullet POV and “perfect shot” details are rad. I’d love to see these worked into the HD/reloaded updates but that’s probably not likely. Anywho, great work yall 🤘.Version: 1.04

ImpressiveReally well executed. Had doubts this could be pulled off on a phone but Im very impressed. Runs well, plays well. The only issue is do people really want to shoot bucks? People want to shoot zombies! Ala house of the dead or mobsters/criminals, i.e- time crisis. Please consider!.Version: 1.04

Future of mobile Esports!Finally, a justification for the time spent playing games! I’m so addicted to Big Buck Hunter and have been playing for actual money and I’m up so far! Competitive gaming at it’s best .. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.04

Horrible accuracy, just random shotsHonestly, the game is fun when u r bored but the bullets never seem to go the same, whenever I try to find out where it shoots, it always change.Version: 1.19

Fun gameIf you have time to spare this is a fun game to play. Although the only down side is my wife says I spend too much time on my phone..Version: 1.13

Awesome Game!Talk about a 1st person shooting game that has it all! Well made and really interactive, also has a nice gambling side to it! Just like the arcade game I played as a kid but on my smart phone!.Version: 1.04

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Awesome game and competitionSo fun and engaging - I was hooked competing with others!.Version: 1.04

Amazing Gameplay and $$ OpportunitiesLove this game I’m totally addicted, i love the money I’m winning along the way too!!.Version: 1.04

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Big Buck Hunter: Marksman 1.19 Update

Version 1.19 (2021-09-08): Version 1.19 of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman features the introduction of a progression system with player achievements and badges, a new scope reticle for increased visibility, updated menu art and music, polished pre-hunt instructions, improved scoring assessment, stability enhancements, bug fixes and more!.

Version 1.13 (2021-06-20): Version 1.13 of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman features a wider variety of hunting sites available within each location, increased target variation in Bonus Rounds, the addition of the Marksman Streak, personal best high score tracking, support for multi-site matches, improved scoring methodology, bug fixes and more!.