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The sequel of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen and the latest addition to the series with over 100 MILLION downloads is coming! This time in FULL 3D!

Developed for 3 years and powered by Papergames' cutting-edge graphics technology, Shining Nikki presents stunning visuals like nothing you’ve seen before! Thousands of fabric textures are faithfully recreated with models consisting of over 80,000 polygons, top-graded lighting system and shadow matrix. The game will deliver the most amazing and realistic dress-up experience on your screen.

Personalized makeups, latest fashion items, or glamorous costume sets... Thousands of exquisitely designed costumes will fill your wardrobe and make your fantasy for fashion a reality! Customize your unique style by matching different pieces as you like, and you shall be the brightest star on the stage and define what fashion is!

Fashion portrait, magazine covers, movie posters... Choose the poses and filters as your mood sees fit! Capture precious moments with your camera and create your unique fashion blockbuster together with Nikki!

Get to know the minds behind those gorgeous costume sets and learn the interesting stories of designing. Fight alongside Nikki and other designers to save Miraland from imminent doom.

Get onboard the Ark with your friends to sail across the Ocean of Memories! Concert halls, Starry stages, Shadowy theaters... The shows in Miraland never end! Attend the grand Guild Party and become the center of the spotlight!

This is much more than dressing up! You will also get to watch movies, go shopping, celebrate birthdays and travel together with Nikki! Get to know Nikki’s life as her closest friend, witness how she grows, and share moments of happiness with her.

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Shining Nikki App User Reviews & Comments

Nothing like the adI thought I could dress up whenever I want! I thought I could use whatever I want to dress up! I thought I could battle like how it was in the ad! But no, you can’t even battle when you want to. And you have to pick the clothes the game tells you to! Even when you get new clothes it wants you to wear the same ones! And you can only go to dress up when you are battling! Otherwise, the dress up button is pretty much frozen! And you have to go back to the story! And you don’t dress up during battle. You dress up before battle! And you don’t even get a type of style to dress up as! So, pretty much, Fake ads! But stars for the effort and story..Version: 1.0.1

Not just dress up!So when you get the game you are so confused with all the buttons but then you find out you can level up and when you meet Ashley a girl in the story you have to create all these pieces and the one thing I love about the game is that it has a whole entire story to entertain people and not just : oh yeah just dress up your character - no it has so much more to it. And you don’t have to use much money on the game, instead you also have these fantasy tickets and mystery ones ti like unlock different stuff wich you can get them from completing tasks or doing stuff in the game and in fact the dress up part it just connects to the story itself too. Now the only problem I have is the guild.. when you get the stuff to buy other things in the guild and you come back you CANNOT exit the guild so you have I wait a day or hours for the game to reload then get back on it wich i will not get used too really. But overall I would totally recommend.Version: 1.0.1

Too easyIts fun and super cute but its way too easy, you just spam click if you're like me and don't want to read a ton of dialogue when it doesn't even contribute to the story. In the outfit making rounds you just choose whichever has a higher number and press buttons, maybe it gets harder but so far its more of an inconvenience than a minigame. add more swipe things instead of buttons and make them a bit longer. I really like the clothes but most of them are useless and you just use the pink dress. I'm not very far in but being able to upgrade items you like, the worse they start off the cheaper, and make outfits that are best for the theme would be cool. (also multiple themes at once) idk tho.Version: 1.0.1

This is genuinely the best dress up game 😌Ive never played a game so long that 8 hours passed by 💀I do agree with the reviews that say more body types and male designing but other than that its literally so fun! I saw a review saying its pay to get clothes, they're just lazy its very easy to get clothes. I started yesterday and i already have 223 Clothing collections. Its very addictive just like your last game except this is much better ❤️😻.Version: 1.0.1

DisappointedAs a long time player of love Nikki, I knew one day they would come out with (I thought an upgraded version) in 3D..... anyone who plays love Nikki can clearly see that while it is similar in characters and is almost a completely different are only allowed 5 accessories so you can’t really dress her the way you want....hopefully this will change in updates....the story is...alright.... it took me a few days to figure out where everything was, and I still get a little confused. I know this is still new, but there has to a lot of improvement to compete with love Nikki and right now I am contemplating not playing anymore, and staying with love Nikki. Also already in the first week I’ve played, the outfits are also lacking in my opinion....again hopefully this will get better with updates, I’m just not sure I want to wait around......Version: 1.0.1

Phenomenal!❗️❗️IF YOUR GAME IS CRASHING: ❗️❗️ When at home area, where you can do daily log in and stuff, go to dressing room. On the left you will see a cog for the settings. Click. You can change the quality of the 3D and you can do overheating protection and up the performance!!! Hope this helps!! Actual review: Everyone is raving about this, yes, the graphics are amazing!! A good addition is that if they are too strong you can lower it down (settings: Perfect, high, medium, low). Helps a lot for those you don’t have the best working phone lol. The plot is a bit confusing, but not that I followed the last one much ha. There is a lot of dialogue, though you can skip, which is what I do a lot of the time heh. But over all, beautiful. You can tell SO much work gets put into this. You can even talk to Nikki, pick different dialogues you want to say, and so much more. (PS, characters make good PFPs lol!).Version: 1.0.1

A huge improvement on Love NikkiI love LN and will continue playing but SN is really awesome to have in addition. There are so many gameplay improvements like explaining the player’s relationship to Nikki while we were just kind of a fly on the wall in LN. You get to talk directly to Nikki and learn about her. You get to actually see the scores of clothes and only have to match 1 attribute instead of 5. You don’t need guides anymore, the scores are built into the game. The clothes are a lot more stylish and modern. The scenery/backgrounds are absolutely beautiful. The only negative is that the story is a bit confusing to me, but maybe that’s because the English server of LN isn’t caught up enough. Thank you devs for really analyzing LN and making huge gameplay improvements for SN..Version: 1.0.1

Beautiful Graphics and Story, Lacks Intuitive ControlsThe styling part of the game makes no sense compared to Love Nikki and I hate how it ruins the game by being confusing. I wish Love Nikki had just had improved translations and updates instead of this beautiful but tedious sequel. Honestly, just make it a visual novel game at this point, the dress up part isn’t fun or worth it. The different game elements aren’t exciting at all and I don’t like the sort of Talking Angela angle Nikki is presented in with this game. It’s graphics are almost too good at this point where it lacks personality or the uniqueness that made me love Love Nikki. I think if it had been mostly a visual novel game I’d enjoy it more..Version: 1.0.1

I wanted to love this game but-I downloaded shining nikki the first day it came out and started playing. I was so excited because I’d been playing love Nikki since 2017 and from the shining nikki videos I’ve seen, the graphics and design are beautiful! However, the game was really glitchy and turned off every few minutes so it was really frustrating to play. I thought this would be fixed over time but it’s been a week or so since the game was released and I’m still experiencing this issue. If someone can please help me fix it, that would be great. I clicked repair crash and repair twice. I had to wait for the game to download the package for a long time thinking the issue would be fixed but it still glitches and turns off..Version: 1.0.1

Perfect, but One Small Nitpick...Let me say first that this game is so much fun! The graphics are beautiful, I love the wide variety of clothes, and I especially enjoy the fact that you can spend time and make friends with Nikki. Ever since I downloaded this game it's taken up a lot of my schedule, I just can't stop playing! My one gripe with this game is the lack of different skin tones in the dress-up section. While I do understand that the official Nikki is light-skinned, in previous games, different skin colors were added so you can choose to have Nikki look more like the player. I've seen others (mostly people of color) complain about this as well - there aren't nearly enough skin tones to represent the wide range of players. I'd like to recommend, instead of having a select few skin colors to choose from, there can be a color-slider-type feature where you can manually change the darkness, saturation, and temperature of the skin (I add saturation and temperature because as an art major they are incredibly important when coloring skin in artwork). I think this would be more than enough to solve the issue, and provide a wide variety of customizable skin tones so that the entire playerbase can feel included in this beautiful game..Version: 1.0.1

Fun, with some caveatsI can’t, in good conscience, give this higher than three stars, for reasons I’ll outline below. I can say I’ve been enjoying playing, it’s been cool to see this game at its infancy. I’ve been playing Love Nikki forever and it seems impossible to collect all the suits. Since this is so early on, you actually have a chance. I also enjoy the task functionality, there are a lot of elements and way to improve your characters talents, which provides more options to keep playing. Some negatives: if you have little patience, which I often do, you will STRUGGLE with this app. Like I said, it’s in its infancy and it is buggy beyond belief. I can get about 5 minutes max before it crashes, provides a “poor internet connection” message, and I have to restart the app for the billionth time. If you’re familiar with Love Nikki, then you will be quite familiar with all of the Top-Up, in app purchasing elements of Shining Nikki. Ah yes, Shining Nikki is just as, if not more, greedy as Love Nikki and will try to milk you for a much money as possible for as little as possible. While you COULD collect every suit, good luck doing so without coughing up major cash. While I don’t personally mind spending a little money to support an app I enjoy, it is astounding how little you will get for the money spent (ie, literally spending money to gamble for suits). Regardless, if you can ignore the glaring flaws, you will have a fairly good time with it..Version: 1.0.1

It’s Finally Here!Love Nikki fans, this is a must play! The clothing and animation is absolutely gorgeous. There are many fine details put into each item, and seeing past favorites from Love Nikki now in 3D is stunning. There are many aspects that we loved from Love Nikki, but the new features also help keep you on your toes. If you are not a Love Nikki fan, but enjoy a well-made dress-up rpg, than I would definitely recommend this..Version: 1.0.1

IN LOVEI LOVE THE GAME! It’s seriously amazing with the amount of details in the clothes and the reflections and how the storyline is written is simply astronomical! what makes me cling to a game is a good storyline, but as for my love for fashion and clothes i’d also love to have the option to change the facial futures (face shape, eye, lips etc..) it would be a huge update since that takes lots of work but i guarantee you that many players would certainly appreciate it.Version: 1.0.1

This game is AWESOMEThis is much better than Love Nikki. The clothes are more realistic and modern than the clothes Love Nikki has. Not to mention the experience is a lot more different than anything I’ve ever played before. It has everything Love Nikki had: great storyline, daily quests, guilds, and a lot more. However, it DEFINITELY has a bunch of other things Love Nikki doesn’t have. If you really love Love Nikki, than u NEED to download this game, you won’t regret it..Version: 1.0.1

I feel better about my spending in love NikkiI have been playing love Nikki upwards of 4-5 years now and at first it was pretty inexpensive but twords the end I ended up dishing out a little to much for decent suits (you can get suits without spending money) this game changes my opinion seeing that my money went twords creating a gorgeous Sequal I’m over the moon and this is my new addiction I recommend it I get nearly 4 hours of gameplay a day and you acquire new clothing on a daily. One thing is I hope they bring themed outfit competitions where you vote on everyone’s outfits to this game it’s a feature I miss quite a bit overall it’s a breathtaking sequel to the last game.Version: 1.0.1

Great game but one expensive BugI played this game for a couple hours or so and absolutely loved it. Has great clothing, voice acting, and the mini game is fun. But there has been a bug that makes it difficult to play. It doesn’t allow me to play the game using my wifi - only allowing me to play while I’m on cellular data. This isn’t an issue with my connection as I have checked everything numerous times. It’s just the app which is a bit confusing . I searched if this had happened to anyone else and it turns out it has ,though it seems it might have fixed itself for a few people . When the bug is fixed I’ll be sure to play again and I would definitely recommend the game to others.Version: 1.0.1

So calming!Exceeded my expectations! I love how interactive the game is, feels like Nikki is so relatable & real. Seeing her chill and work out at home is calming and motivating. It’s almost like Nikki’s a friend living in our times! The art is spectacular, amazing 3D concept and beautiful clothes. Storyline & voices are well done too! There is a bit of a learning curve if you haven’t played any previous Nikki games. Navigating around definitely feels MUCH smoother and easier than the older Nikki games, though. Loving the game so far, & can’t wait to see new clothes!.Version: 1.0.1

Payment issuesI really like the game , but be careful when you buy stuff with real money, i bought a privilege pack in server 2 and it said it went through but i did not receive anything so i thought it was a glitch and bought it again , still nothing came to me , after an hour i checked server 1 and the packs were there , so the purchase made in server 1 went to server 2 , i contact customer support 3 times about it and all pf them told me to be careful since it was my mistake , not the glitch in-game. They did not refund me did not switch the packs to the second server . So guys make sure you record your purchases and check both servers ! Hope it doesn t happen to you.Version: 1.0.1

Gorgeous!!I love this game so much it’s so fun and pretty! The graphics are great and it’s so fun there is so much to do I could play for hours my only complaint is it can be overwhelming when you first start. You can have two accounts because there are two different servers, but I’d suggest just sticking to one and getting a hang of the game first before you decide on having two accounts or not. This game is very free to play friendly if you know what you are doing most events or ways to obtain clothes are through limited Gacha unlike it’s predecessor love Nikki,so be aware also instead of just relying on good clothes you have to obtain high scoring design reflections from the gacha the arena is a bit more of a challenge. There is so much heart put into this game you can tell the team cares,.Version: 1.0.1

REALLY GUD but crashesI REALLY LOVE THIS GAME! I use to play love Nikki a lot but this game is also amazing. The Graphics are incredible and the character designs just- GOOD! LIKE REALLY GOOD! I love it , it’s fun to play and I love how we can talk to Nikki. But... I’ve been having problems with crashing and it’s heats up my phone a bit, it’s not my WiFi or Internet because those are working fine. But I hate that every time I press next to battle it’s crashes and kicks me out 🦵 🐁. I was thinking if you could help me out on how to stop it from crashing so much. It only seems to happen when when I want to battle and take pics and other stuff. It seems that no one else has this problem but me. I wish I could be like them where I can keep playing with NO INTERRUPTION. Overall, it’s amazing but I was wondering if you could add the commenting thing and posts that Love Nikki has. I LOVE THIS GAME THANKS A LOT!- Yasumaru.Version: 1.0.1

Looks amazing but-Y’all did great on this app I’m hella impressed. A few things though… Could we get different body and face shapes and types. I needs me a thicc gal. Maybe a male option? A base hair and eye color option and please for the love of all that is holy please cut tutorial are at least make it an option. I want to rip my hair out every time I have to wait to click or wait to do something that is so ducking idiot proof. I’ve used a phone before. Trust me. I’m dying here. But yeah the app is beautiful. I like that you can just share the room with Nikki and watch her live her life outside of your actions. I wish she had more character and mini games could be cool too. Laundry, dishes, board games, relationship drama, helping her with her hair, making dinner, grocery shopping, etc. Maybe your character could find a love interest that sometimes conflicts with the main plot? Maybe your character has low self esteem but loves designing clothes? Idk idk just throwing out ideas 👀.Version: 1.0.1

Love it!I thought love Nikki the original game was like the best it can get but this is SO MUCH BETTERRRRR it’s already so well done it looks like it been through a ton of updates but it couldn’t because it just came out a few weeks ago. The 3D art is super impressive and I really like how you have sorta a personal Nikki who you can visit and stuff. One thing I would like in the next few updates is to maybe add some things to do in nikkis house or maybe be able to customize the furniture in it. But other than that this app is pretty much set!.Version: 1.0.1

*.Beautiful Game.*I’ve been a fan of Love Nikki for a really long time and I was so excited when I heard Shining Nikki was out now. The game has amazing outfits and it’s just so beautiful and so far the story seems really interesting! My only problem is that the app keeps crashing, I’m not really that concerned by it though, since the Love Nikki app used to crash for me a lot too but they later fixed it. I’m hoping that this problem will be fixed soon 💖.Version: 1.0.1

Excited for improvements (get rid of fat talk)Really love the 3D art and interacting with Nikki, but the mechanics definitely need some work. Instructions for clearing levels are pretty unclear and the hints tend to cause more confusion than anything else. Creating a more clear and concise number of game mechanics rather than having 20 that no one really knows what they do will greatly benefit this game. I’ve been a fan of Love Nikki for a long time and look forward to seeing improvements on this new game. Just wanted to add that there are a lot of weird weight comments in game from both Nikki and other characters that are pretty uncomfortable and stray into the eating disorder realm, especially because the characters are already so thin. Maybe think about getting rid of those? I know it was pretty triggering to read as someone who’s been through several bouts of those..Version: 1.0.1

It’s good, it could be better…There’s only three things that are keeping me from giving this game a full five stars, the outfit crafting system, designers reflection systems and bonding with Nikki. Now the crafting I’d let slide, if it weren’t for the fact that sometimes you have to go to at least three to four different stages and have to sweep multiple times just to get enough of what you need just to complete one item. The designers reflection system is honestly a lot at once; upgrading levels, ranking up to increase score, upgrade any passive skills you have, upgrade the ‘Call of Reflection’, equip any concepts you find and upgrade those while you’re at it. Now, this isn’t my biggest complaint, but why do I need to bond with Nikki? It’s not even a total necessity when completing stages, so why? If I were rating this game based purely on pretty the clothes are, I would no doubt give it five stars; but as much as I still like the game, I can’t give it a higher rating simply because of how pretty everything is..Version: 1.0.1

Lots of Gacha, but the 3D dress up is worth itNearly all of the clothes, especially special event clothing, are obtained through gachas. Like lottery and casino events, this makes the game feel more like gambling than clothes shopping. Love Nikki was fun because it mostly emulated shopping for clothes. Gambling is not fun at all! Please implement more event varieties!! Other than that, the game is great. The gameplay, story, moments, home, etc is all very immersive. The 3D dress-up and details on the clothes is also why I’m staying! We do need more clothing types (since this app is new, I’m sure this will happen in time), dressing-up is fun when you can mix-match clothes. I also want 3D background items/props we can pose with, and also some equivalent of starry corridor where we can store our posts!.Version: 1.0.1

Much more than just a Dress Up gameI usually don’t even play mobile games but Nikki has captured me ever since the series came out. I’m a 27 year old woman and I played all the Nikki games and this one is definitely my favorite. It’s much more than just a dress up game. It has quite an interesting story and each character has its own very detailed background story. Every character is voiced very well and I especially love Nikkis Voiceover. Artwork is beautiful and very detailed. The game makes you as a player actually feel important and includes you in story and dialog making it feel more personal. So far I didn’t feel like it was necessary to spend money to progress but I actually spend a little just because I like the game a lot. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0.1

GORGEOUS GAMEPLAY!!I cannot express just how much I LOVE this game!! It’s so beginner friendly, from it’s easy ability to get clothes, to its rich and detailed instructions!! It’s also PLAY TO WIN, which is something I always loved about Love Nikki, because it allows for everyone to be able to play in a fair way, regardless of if they choose to buy the purchasable content. Very easy to get started, could not recommend this game ENOUGH!!!.Version: 1.0.1

Hands down, AMAZING.I don’t usually write reviews but I was way to excited to write a review for Shinning Nikki. First things first, I’ve been a player since Love Nikki and I absolutely ADORED Love Nikki. Shinning Nikki is seriously a HUGE step up and I haven’t had a SINGLE complaint or problem. The story so far is AMAZING, the detail, the clothes, the graphics is just gorgeously produced. I’ve waited so patiently for this game to finally release and I have to say, bravo to all of the people who made Shinning Nikki, you all NAILED it right on the head. I’m so excited to continue the adventure! I would highly recommend this game to EVERYONE and ANYONE who is looking for a fashion game. This game is it. It’s amazing, it has everything you want and it’s FAIR. ALSO, the Nikki games are good for not having a single ad! Amazing just amazing! THANK YOU! - Haverly Jane Dudley.Version: 1.0.1

CrashesI’ve been super excited for the US release for this game for a really long time now and I’m super happy it’s finally here! The game is beautiful and a ton of fun. I only have one issue. The crashing is constant. I can’t even play for five minutes before the game closes on me. It is very frustrating. I’ve tried repairing crashes, repairing the whole game, redownloading, but nothing’s worked. It’s not really worth playing if I have to reopen the game every five minutes. I would really appreciate getting some helpful advice for how to fix this. Thank you..Version: 1.0.1

Very Fun and PrettyThis game is fun and very pretty. I love all the colors and the implementation of the new 3D models. I haven’t played a Nikki styling game before, aside from the demo available on the 3DS, but this has been a very fun ride so far. There is a lot to do and lots of buttons to press, so sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but it’s still very fun. I like how you can hang out with Nikki after being done for now with the story. Please do try it out, I had a lot of fun with it. ^v^.Version: 1.0.1

Great game butWonderful game overall. Has great graphics and a engaging storyline. I’d like more clothes added though since it doesn’t feel like the game has many clothes. I do understand that it’s still new and with time more will come. Another thing I’d like is a chat feature to talk to other players in groups. A lot of the dress up games I’ve played where people stayed and actually spent money had chats. Making friends in game means more opportunities to show off and more likely that people will actually spend money. I think a world chat should be considered…most games are what they are because of the community..Version: 1.0.1

In love with this game!I am absolutely obsessed with this game, it came out a few hours ago and I’ve been playing it non-stop. I find the storyline to be very interesting, it keeps me wanting more! Not to mention the clothes! I think it’s pretty cool how it’s all 3D. So far I’ve had no problems with the game, no lag, no bugs, no nothing! Overall, the game is very enjoyable, I recommend getting it!.Version: 1.0.1

I love the story line 😁This game is really awesome and I’m looking forward to playing this every day. I was so excited to find out about the new game coming to my U.S. Surprisingly I’m way more amazing about the whole going back in time thing I never expected that. The 3D thing is awesome but it’s not the only thing that puts the icing on the cake 🍰 💛love this game :) never gonna stop playing it.Version: 1.0.1

Nostalgia and even better than the original!Love this game so much, although it can have a phew issues here and there connection wise and stuff, it’s really fun and enjoyable, in my opinion it’s even better than love Nikki in my opinion and I’ve played it for 4 or 3 years! I think this is much better than love Nikki but I think it still needs some improving, love Nikki in my opinion has more things to do but at least with the things you do in shining Nikki it isn’t extremely limited (?) like when you have to recharge a lot of times to get a certain amount of things and it’s really really annoying cause then you’d have to level up or something to v5 or v6 etc. I thinking this game makes you spend less and have a fun time, but I hope they bring actual crafting into this game where you can make more than just the outfits for the chapters, at least from what I’ve seen, like the cat headphones in the momentos! Edit: also I think this game could improve with different body types in the game that are already there like the skin colors, and also to really improve with the skin tone cause it looks really awkward and glossy if that makes sense.Version: 1.0.1

Great AppBeautiful app! I would love a variety of facial features, bodies and characters. Everyone looks the same for the most part. I found the second stage interesting considering almost everyone had the same look. The message was powerful, but with more diversity in the characters, the story would have held more power. The game allows for great customization though. I’d also love to have a male character, and be able to set default skin tone, hair color and eye color. Overall, job well done on the application. It runs smoothly on my phone! Barely any slowing with us great considering all of the interesting features..Version: 1.0.1

Stunning & unique!This game is amazing, and has so many features! As someone who’s played Love Nikki for years, this game is definitely and upgrade. This game has stunning visuals, too! Usually, 3D dress up games tend to be a bit clunky and glitchy. But this game is practically flawless! The textures for clothes are amazing, and so is the makeup. It even has an amazing storyline. For those who typically don’t pay attention to the story part in games, you should definitely try reading a little bit. Even if you don’t like it, there’s a skip option, which is quite good. There’s so much to do, and it has plenty to offer. This includes reflections (attractive ones at that) to boost attributes, concepts to help boost reflections, crafting, and much more! It definitely stands out among other dress up games. This game is also a mixture of gacha, but it provides so many tickets in the beginning for that (you use tickets to pull). The drop rates are quite good, and the clothing, makeup, etc, you can get from pulling are beautiful. Not to mention it’s practically free! In the first day of playing, I got 300k coins and 3k diamonds. As opposed to Love Nikki, it’s F2P friendly. Overall, this game is definitely worth your time, and you should download it!.Version: 1.0.1

Good, but slow and inconsistantThere are some inconsistent quality of life things in the game that really stand out to me. If you’re buying currency (stamina, gold, etc.) you have to pull up the purchase tab for ever single purchase. Maybe leave the tab up so users can buy what they want all at once? Also you can only buy gold or stamina from certain pages, like you can’t buy stamina while in the workshop. On top of this, the game just runs so slow. The animations arent skippable and take forever. Sometimes if you auto-complete you can skip everything, sometimes you have to watch the game play for you. Inconsistent. I bought a gleaming shard and can’t see any option to actually use it. If these inconsistencies can be corrected this will be as great a game as Love Nikki..Version: 1.0.1

Best Dress Up Game EverI have been waiting to play this game ever since they announced it. Shining Nikki was everything I expected and more. The graphics are amazing and beautiful!!! There was so much added to the game. I’m still learning all of the features and everything in it. There’s so much to do in the game it’s fantastic! The suits are gorgeous and it’s not at all difficult to gain new suits. For those that are curious this game does not require you to spend money just to enjoy it..Version: 1.0.1

Good game, except for the bugsThis game is everything I could've wanted out of a Nikki game. I have no complaints about the game play, other than that sometimes it's difficult to figure out where to go within a menu. I will likely just adjust to it over time though. I do however have several complaints regarding bugs. One specifically revolves around the Metal Style coat & its recolor Blazing. These items will not render in game and will cause other items to be removed if anything is added after adding the coat. It also makes the battle interface refuse to load anything else on the outfit, so while I'm getting a good score as if I was wearing appropriate clothes, Nikki's model shoes her basic gown and slippers. Another annoying bug is that when I try to download the resource pack (which has now been going for around 5 hours, about 3 of which were without leaving the app once) it simply stops at 2.4G and refuses to download more. There's also a bug which can be fixed by restarting the app where if something has to load in, the loading icon will not go away, no matter what part of the game I go into. Personally I think this app could've used a few more months of play testing and bug fixing before release..Version: 1.0.1

GorgeousI’ve been a fan since Love Nikki Dress Up Queen, and while the games are different enough that I still play both, there are undeniable QOL improvements in Shining Nikki. Also I generally prefer 2D art, so I wasn’t sure how I felt about the new art style. But I’ve found it more charming than I expected and the detail work is really quite lovely and photography/posing options are very fun..Version: 1.0.1

YES !!!!I think this is the first or second review I’ve ever written, but I HAVE to write a review on this game. As someone who loves fashion/dress up games and played the other Nikki game, I LOVE THIS!! The plot is so cute and unique, and the fact that Nikki is so op makes me happy. The graphics and animation is so smooth and satisfying, and the team really tries their best to fix every bug or crash that happens. This game is very well made and I recommend it! Addicting and fun..Version: 1.0.1

Nostalgia has brought me backI played Love Nikki faithfully for around 4(?) years. It was a game that made me happy, despite the fact that it was pricey. I got a jolt of surprise when Shining Nikki got released. The 3D graphics are really nice, and the 2D still has that same, ethereal feel to it. The storyline so far is confusing at worst and mysterious at best. It when compared to the old game, it seems to have a sweet spot where it’s still the same premises and characters, but it’s all revamped and sleeker. The story might seem very strange to people who haven’t played the first game, as a lot of the key plot points from there transfer over to this game. But maybe i’m the only one that’s confused because it’s been so long. In app purchases still exist of course, and the excruciatingly frustrating crafting is here too, but it’s not that difficult just yet. As a whole, i think they took their time putting it together and really came through. I didn’t expect a long running game like Love Nikki to get a sequel, so this is a welcome surprise. Let’s hope that it only gets better from here!.Version: 1.0.1

Seriously. Stop reading these reviews and get this app!!!!!OMG, I am a huge fan of Nikki’s games. It’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever written. And I barely do reviews, but I had to say something. First, AMAZING graphics. Second, fair random pulls. Third, outstanding story! I know I’m only on the second story but like, I passed out on the minute it released because I had already seen the trailers. I was one of the thousands of people who had it pre-ordered! Just amazing, amazing. THANK YOU PAPERGAMESSSSS!! 😄.Version: 1.0.1

Absolutely beautiful!I’ve been waiting so long to finally play this game (long time player of Love Nikki) and let me tell you I am not disappointed! The art and clothing is beautiful, the voice acting is excellent, and it’s just overall very well done! Of course, there’s a learning curved in the beginning and you might feel overwhelmed, but once you get to the end of the second chapter you pretty much know what to do and how to do it. You can tell that a lot of love has been put into this game and for that I’m rating this 5 stars so far!.Version: 1.0.1

Personal feelings on the gameThe game is absolutely amazing, it’s fun, the graphics are gorgeous, and I especially love how you can interact with Nikki, the characters being voiced is something I really enjoy and the art is so fun to look at but if I had to give a PERSONAL opinion on the game I would say this. • • • I really do wish our existence was more obvious in the game. It kinda does bother me that we are pretty much a ghost in the game, nothing really but a voice in Nikki’s head. Only Nikki can hear us and no one else can see or hear us. I love playing and keeping up with Nikki’s journey but I don’t really see our importance or significance to her adventure in the game when it feels like we don’t exist..? I have no clue if that makes sense it’s just a personal thought that felt kinda silly to share in a review >_<; ALSO I READ A REVIEW ON HERE AND SOMEONE WAS TALKING ABOUT OUR CHARACTER AKA THE PLAYER HAVING LOW SELF ESTEEM AND A LOVE INTEREST CAUSE THEY WERE APPARENTLY THROWING OUT IDEAS ON THEIR REVIEW AND I JUST HAD A HIT REAL CLOSE TO HOME MOMENT BECAUSE LITERALLY THAT WOULD BE SO RELATABLE AND COMFORTING IN A WAY CAUSE I HAVE NO SELF ESTEEM IN ME OR HAVE ANY SELF WORTH CAUSE LIKE MY GENERATION REALLY DO BE THE MOST DEPRESSED GENERATION OUT HERE! ME AND OTHER THE GEN Z’S REALLY ENTERED THE WORLD HELLA DIFFERENT YOU FEEL ME?.Version: 1.0.1

Back and better than ever!I used to play Love Nikki as a kid, and still do occasionally. It was great! I then found this, and it’s amazing. The graphics, lore, and world building are excellent, and I can’t get over the art. However, please add gender neutral options, instead of simply guy and girl. Also, I’d love to see some more black and brown representation please! Love Nikki is fairly good at that now that it’s older, but Shining Nikki seems to have that issue too..Version: 1.0.1

Needs workFun but lacking. First of all diamond arena items should not be behind a rank wall. Anyone should be able to get them if the have enough gold roses. Second in general this game feels more grindy and expensive than the original game. For example, in LN the stylist arena does not cost any stamina, but in SN the diamond arena does, and so does the clock workshop, and so does the concept voyage and so does everything else. You run out fast. This game feels more P2W than love Nikki too. All that really matters is how high the items scores are, so if the items you need to buy or pay many diamonds to get have the highest scores then of course the whales will conquer. Also events are much more expensive here, with the current one running going at 6k-7k. Maybe make it affordable for everyone? Not everyone wants to grind daily or P2W. Also only being able to wear some hairs/dresses with some coats is frustrating. It’s very limiting creatively and so is the styling mechanic for scoring where you literally just put the highest scoring things on and that’s it. The whole styling animation where you press each bonus is also very tedious to go through daily.Version: 1.0.1

Fun, nice upgrade from LoveNikkiThe graphics are great and It’s super addictive, but way too much boring story. I started skipping all of it, but even then it’s too much. I just wanna collect outfits and see other people’s creations. It doesn’t have the online styling competition like the first one, where people put together their rarest and best looking outfits and you vote for your favorites. Compared to LoveNikki, that’s the only thing really lacking about this one, I liked the PVP and seeing other people’s creativity..Version: 1.0.1

I LOVE ITAs someone who was played Love Niki for a majority of their life, this is a major upgrade from Love Niki. I love that it has 3D characters, and it’s not chunky! It’s doesn’t make you spend you whole wallet just to progress( like love niki). There are some things that it’s missing that love niki had, like skin color options. But considering that this game is pretty new they’ll probably add it later on. This game is GOLD.Version: 1.0.1

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Performance Needs WorkSo far the game is very fun, however there are quite a few bugs in the current build, as well as choppy performance and GUI issues. It would be nice to see a 60FPS option later down the line, especially for a game that looks this nice!.Version: 1.0.1

Even better than Love NikkiThis game is great, so many different aspects to it and it’s easy to earn currency quickly but I have been having serious problems progressing in the game as it crashes after a while of playing pretty much every time I open it. It may be that my iphone 7 has its own software/hardware issues but currently these crashes are severely impacting my game experience. Obviously the incredible game development comes with a lot of data and I guess that means some devices can’t handle it. I don’t think i’m going to be able to play this game for long unfortunately, but I really recommend trying it on your own device as it’s so worth it if you can run it!!.Version: 1.0.1

Just amazingHonestly incredible. there is a lot of gameplay available without paying anything. Soooo addicting, hours and hours will go by. doesn’t feel like a mobile game at all..Version: 1.0.1

New update wiped my dataI love this game and play it all the time, but the most recent update wiped my data completely. I was quite far in the game and now I’m back to the beginning….Version: 1.0.1

Fix chapter 3So I’m on chapter 3 (3-4) and there’s a set that you need to wear in order to complete 3-4 and I can’t do that because some of the things that I need to have so that I can craft is like 3-11 or 3-9 and I’m not up to there yet and it’s telling my to craft a set of snownight hawk on 3-4 so that I could pass and get on with the other besides that the game is good. Pls fix this.Version: 1.0.1

Amazing!A perfect sequel to Love Nikki Dress UP Queen! When styling Nikki, the model is 3D and is voiced! It’s so adorable! Then Momo has a voice as well... and it also included some of the anime characters from Love Nikki, like the anime design of Nikki... and it’s voice acted pretty well! I love the outfits, and I was shocked and amazed as soon as I opened Shining Nikki! I really recommend this if you’ve played Love Nikki Dress Up Queen or if you’re trying out Nikki games - you’ll have a lot of styling Nikki fun!.Version: 1.0.1

Umm…I haven’t played it yet because it won’t load so I can play it I think it’s got a bug……….Version: 1.0.1

Help new update made me lose all my progressHi after the new maintenance update there was all my progress and purchases were lost :( can we fix it?.Version: 1.0.1

FixingThe game is good but some reason on the levels it keeps crashing I don’t know if it’s because of the server is busy or not.Version: 1.0.1

Even better than Love NikkiHonestly after love Nikki, this is the only other dress up game you should play. In 3D Nikki looks even better with stunning clothes and wonderful gameplay. Thanks for making a classic game even better. Using an IPad Air 2, I can use best graphics settings with no lag, or issues in gameplay. Those who have complained about it loading probably have a rubbish phone….Version: 1.0.1

CrashingI'm running into a problem with the game crashing everytime I try to load into the game ever since the release date. I can't get pass the loding screen to enter the game. I'm only allowed on the menu screen. And yes, everything is updated and I have more than enough space for Shinning Nikki..Version: 1.0.1

CoolIt’s unique and addicting I recommend.Version: 1.0.1

CrashingThe more progress I make in the game the more frequently the game crashes. It’s such a shame because I love this game and it has a great story line. Please try to fix it so that it doesn’t crash as much. Thx.Version: 1.0.1

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Version 1.0.1 (2021-07-05): Beauty Works Miracles. Join the journey with Nikki & Momo!.