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Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant to a fabulous color ride!

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UnbearableI have played games before obviously with ads but never have I had it where there are more ads than game play. And more than the unskippable ads they also have some that you click on by mistake which are then unskippable after you click on it. It’s the classic terrible game.Version: 1.2.0

Big problemSo this game is fun... but me being a person who’s Red-Green colorblind, this game is very difficult. When I’m green I pick up the yellow people thinking it’s green and vise versa... if you could make it to where you could pick what the people you can pick up from a variety of colors to help people like me I’d give it 5 stars.Version: 1.1.7

FridayI’m only giving 5 stars because I love game. It has a couple of issues they are mostly. To many ads and weapons that spin and move those need to go because with those weapons you don’t get anywhere.Version: 1.2.1

Inappropriate adsMy 5 year old son loves this game but the ads are scary and inappropriate. You start at age 4 which is why I downloaded the game but then the ads have zombies and couples kissing very sexually. It’s NOT ok for a 5’year old so why do you market the game for a 5 year old when the ads are for older people. Completely inappropriate!!!!.Version: 1.2.0

Ads!!!!!You cannot play this game due to the ads. “Levels” if you can even call them that, take 10-20 seconds. You are then forced to watch the same ad for the thousandth time, which then leads you to a screen where the try to incentivize you to watch another ad. I understand having to make a profit, but this is ridiculous. I award you 1 star, and my God have mercy on your soul.Version: 1.1.7

Advertisement frequency makes it unplayableFun game, but the ads are after every single click you make in the game. The time between levels is quite literally 3-4 minutes. Keep in mind the levels take 15 seconds to complete? Too bad, because fun little games like this are great to play, but this is unusable..Version: 1.2.1

GameThe game itself is fun but A while it’s just the same thing it does not get harder at all and gets kinda boring. There is also an ad every like 5 seconds like you could in the middle of a game and a ad would pop up. I had it downloaded for like 5 mins and then I uninstalled because I got bored of it..Version: 1.2.0

Unfixable glitchI’m going to give this a 4-star because I love this game. But I uninstalled it for one reason. When I got up to 5.8x multiplier, every time I kicked the guy, it kept on freezing. I restarted the game several times, but the same thing kept happening..Version: 1.1.2

Latest updateHonestly I could get past the ads because this was just one of those mindless ‘level up’ games. It wasn’t a game I was playing that I wanted to think for. But the latest update ruined the end of the obstacle coarse. I don’t want to need the screen to tell me what to do in a game I’m not thinking about. Don’t see myself playing it anymore after this latest update..Version: 1.2.1

NOT APPROPRIATE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN!!!This game says it is for kids 4+. NOT SO. The game is about hitting which I don’t want my 5 year old playing. But the “kill boss” button shows violence way beyond what a small child should see. My 5 year old saw a bus of naked people, then someone walks up and shoots one of the men in the head. Another is of automatic weapons killing multiple people. Luckily, I was sitting next to my granddaughter and deleted the game immediately. How is this even close to being appropriate for a kindergartener. What are you thinking? I’m complaining to Apple..Version: 1.2.1

Super goodThis App does not have a ton of adds. It is really fun I love how you can just hit that giant so far and you get a ton of diamonds. And it’s amazing. This game is really fun you guys should get it to!!!.Version: 1.2.0

I like itOne problem, i would like some volume like maybe when you collect people it makes a dong sound and maybe punch and kick effects when you hit the purple guy..Version: 1.1.7

Worst game everOk I download new games everyday first of all so I decided to try Giant Rush. All you do is try to make your gain as big as possible during the level. When you finish the level you have to try to knock out your opponent and see how far you can throw them. After you do that you get an ad after you finish every level. I only gave it five stars so you would hopefully see it. Do not download this game it is a waste of your time. Advertisements are after every level it’s also repetitive. DO NOT DOWNLOAD GIANT RUSH IT STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.0

Paid for no ads, still have themI like the game, but got sick of the ads so i bought the option for no ads, and still have to watch ads after every level. So far that’s my only disappointment, but it’s a big one 😤😤.Version: 1.2.0

Best game ever but I can turn on Airplane mode to stop ads from appearingLike I grow from a small stickman, to a big giant like this is like growing up no issues but the ads are very bad, and I am not going to have to waste my storage if they keep telling me to download apps and games and all that, so I turn on Airplane Mode so the ads do not pop up, but when I reopen the app, no ads, but still a good game..Version: 1.2.1

Say whaaaaaatThere are a couple of glitches and one of the weirdest ones is when my guy in on the ground for no reason it’s ok but make some new updates changing the guys outfit and the colors and maybe add a story mode and a free run mode (which is where you just run and collet guys and fight the other giant)..Version: 1.1.0

Your gameYour game is the best when we grow my mom gets into tears and my sister thinks it’s funny when it gets kicked.Version: 1.2.0

Could BeIt definitely could be an awesome Game to enjoy but all the advertisements kill the fun. It’s one after another, It gets to the point where you end up playing a different game..Version: 1.2.0

I don't know a title sorry 😞Its good and all but at one part (i forgot what it was) it said "You loose" and i think tats supposed to be lose..Version: 1.0.8

Help colorblindI really love the concept but cannot do so well as i am colorblind to yellow and green so these look the same. Can you please change the colors to totally different shades like blue, red, and black (any distinct shades will do) soo close to deleting game out of frustration lol.. sorry just being honest but good fun.Version: 1.2.1

Ads between every levelThe game forces you to spend more time watching advertisements than playing the actual game. Aside from that, it’s quick fun. But I refuse to spend 30 seconds watching advertisements to play 8 seconds of gameplay. There is an option to spend $3 to go ad free, but it isn’t clear if that is a subscription or one time fee..Version: 1.2.0

Great game, but repetitiveThis game is really fun and addictive. I could spend a lot of time playing it, and it is real smooth and enjoyable. My only problem is that after a while, it gets kind of repetitive. It is really just the same stuff over and over again. I wish there was more to do it in. It is also pretty easy. It can be annoying sometimes when I don’t get all the people, so I usually replay the level. But other than that, there isn’t much of a challenge in it. Those are my main 2 problems with this game. But other than that, this game is awesome, and I recommend it..Version: 1.1.3

HorribleThey draw you in because it’s fun and addictive but after the first 5 min they run the longest ads of any game I’ve played and way more often. Every level you watch a video, unlock a hat after the video and another ad ran then I got 3 boxes to unlock and then another played. Right after I used the coins I won to upgrade my guy and another freaking ad popped up before I even played another level..Version: 1.2.0

Snow wolf pup-merry Christmas-games fun-The game is fun u should really add the pause button we do need it and add a color person:blue blue and purple the bully is good colors I and rights it’s very pretty and the game is very good I say 5 stars.Version: 1.0.8

Fun and creative, but unplayable...This game idea is really amazing and unique, but it is literally unplayable if you’re offline. You need to be connected to the internet at all times in order to play this, because it freezes if you are not. And it doesn’t help the fact that it loads an ad every time you finish a level, spending half of your time watching ads..Version: 1.1.8

Giant waste of timeFrom the company that brought you *insert other mobile game title* brings giant rush another ad farming machine that isn’t as much of a game more like a mini game to play in between ads. If you love ads you’ll love giant rush, but what there’s more did you know giant rush offers a ad free version? Wow sign me up in 2 minutes you’ll be bored of the game and ultimately regret your purchase. If this all sounds great to you try it now available on google play apple App Store. Coming soon a nephews iPad near you..Version: 1.2.0

Ads inappropriate for young mindsI was shocked to see the ads on this game that is supposed to be for kids ages 4+. The ads that pop up are inappropriate for children and adults. Absolutely ridiculous that a 4+ game can show ads for 12+. And making kids watch the ad for 30 seconds before they can continue..Version: 1.1.7

Fun for a couple daysThis is one of those games you download when bored and think it’s fun at first but delete it after a week because it’s far too easy, repetitive, and way too full of ads. This game should be listed as being for people age 4-10 because anyone older than that will get bored with it very quickly. To echo other reviews, the ads are nonstop. Each play of the game takes like 30 seconds and there’s an ad after every play. Download for a plane trip or something and then delete tbh..Version: 1.1.8

I don’t like this game I LOVE IT! Developers please readThis game is so fun I am so so happy that I downloaded this game this is one of the best games it waste my time sometimes but idc I still like this game I mean I still love this game you should really download this game it’s super fun and I love the update u guys made! Thanks for making this super fun game.Version: 1.1.9

I like it it’s not too badI’m just not really into this is kind of a boring but it’s actually silly friend at the same time it’s just I don’t know if you should get it I mean I can’t really do this game.Version: 1.2.0

Pretty lameThis is another one of those “play for literally 5 seconds and then get hit with 30 seconds of ads” games. You just run... tap the screen a few times... and then watch an ad. And repeat again and again. I’ve never left a review for a game but this one was so disappointing that I did..Version: 1.1.8

Good game - Greedy ExecutionI understand that the developers want to get paid for their app, however the ads are 80% of this game. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t have to watch an ad before I could review this app. I always feel that Ads should be optional, and this app does a great job of incentivizing apps by doubling your gems if you watch an ad. I also like the more keys for an ad feature. By incentivizing the ad, they seem less obtrusive. However, where it becomes annoying is an ad will play after EVERY run, and most of the time the ads can’t be skipped. So I’m stuck every 20 seconds watching AT LEAST 30 seconds of ad just to play for another quick game. Not to mention the whole thing is procedurally generated and the game never really scales up or adds harder constant after a couple of levels. Instead they offer erroneous multipliers that help you to upgrade your secondary stats around once or twice a run. I’d skip this one, and really wish I hadn’t sunk the time I did into it..Version: 1.1.7

To many adsI started playing this game not to long ago but now deleting it because of how many ads there are. After every level there is a ad and it gets pretty annoying..Version: 1.2.0

Giant Rush “Waste of Time”I seriously don’t no how this person or persons are actually making money off this game??!!! Why does anyone want to watch advertisements every 5 seconds, and why would you pay to have the advertisements removed? I really don’t see the point in the game, but to watch advertisements to get more gems or receive a different dumb hat, seriously what is the point of this game? The developers of this app seriously couldn’t come up with anything better? I need to get involved in the mobile gaming apps if these developers are making even 4 figures, because they actually shouldn’t be making nothing!! The main point here is this game has no point and all you do is watch advertisements throughout the hole game!! #wasteoftimedontdownload.Version: 1.1.8

It makes the developer seem lazy.This game is a disgrace. This makes the person who made this game seem really lazy, there is a add after every add which I usually don’t mind but it is the same exact add at the same exact time over and over again. It is really boring to. I really wish that 0 starts is a option because that is 100% my opinion on this game. The adds made it look fun and cool but it is boring and glitchy! Every time I go to bother level it logs me out of the game and I can never get past a level unless I restart my phone. And I know that it is not my side of the end because with any other app my phone works just fine. Please fix all of these problems and take away the adds or at least make them different. WASTE OF TIME DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!.Version: 1.2.0

OMG I love this game so much you need it!This game is the bast I wake up a 4 A.M. just to play it that is how much I love it you need this game it is so good you need to try it it is so fun and you can fight the boss at the end and if I love it you should love it more my whole family loves this game my mom and my dad and my three dig brothers love this game as well so you need this game if you don’t get this game you are dum so get this game. 😍 PS play Among us my name in it is Genesis..Version: 1.1.9

The game won’t loadAs soon as I started playing this game when I got to level III I was like frozen I couldn’t upgrade and I couldn’t do anything.Version: 1.1.8

Basically showing porn in the ads. To children.So literally after 30 seconds of playing this game ostensibly intended for children, i was shown an ad where a young girl (who is probably 18 in reality but was cast because she looks much younger) sensually rubs her breasts while a soft narrating voice explains all the things she wants you to do to her. The ad was promoting a chat service called 2UPU. I’m appalled that the makers of this game would allow garbage like this into the minds of little kids..Version: 1.1.8

MehIt has way to many adds and I feel like it’s better for little kids. I feel like if your 4-9 get it if your older you probably won’t like it. I deleted the game after 2 games because from those two games their were 3 adds.Version: 1.1.9

Best game I ever playedIt’s really fun it’s really really fun basically there’s any ads plus you can level up to get more money to get more skins it’s really fun I have only been playing this for one minute and it’s so fun! I recommend it for you.Version: 1.2.1

Horrible Game do not recommendThis game is laggy, glitchy, and has several other issues. I can’t even play one game without the whole game crashing. At first, I thought it was just my WiFi, but after playing this game with cellular data I realized how bad of a game this is. I would definitely not recommend..Version: 1.0.8

Game review: a bit above mediocre at best.The game is quite the formulaic design. Every single round is the exact same thing with slightly different patterns. The game is painfully easy and impossible to lose if you are above the age of 2. The characters designs are about as lazy as human possible as they are all literally multicolor stick figures. It constantly shoves ads down your throat and begs you to give it money at all times. In all honesty this is an okay game for tiny children and very mediocre for everyone else. It has zero replay value and it’s only redeeming quality is it’s almost as addictive as puzzle games at times. Unless the devs add more things to this game it will fade into irrelevance forever..Version: 1.1.7

Just like all the others , just a Advertisement platformFirst board , lasts 30 secs and then here comes the ad’s , the ads last longer than the board . its a shame so many games that have potential either put a stupid subscription or kill you with ad’s . Just sell the app !! Its worth a buck or two but the ads are a pain . I deleted and moved on .............Version: 1.2.0

“Giant Rush App”Challenging game with excellent graphics makes giving this here game app a five-star review an ABSOLUTE no-brained!!! Thank you ever so much for making this here game app a wonderful joy to play. Please keep up the outstanding work too! 🙂.Version: 1.1.7

Still adsI paid money so my son wouldn’t have the ads pop up on his game. after paying now it is showing ads that he has to sit and watch before continuing game. My question is, why does someone pay to have ads removed if ads are still gonna show? This is really annoying..Version: 1.1.6

Big kickI have won 100 times and never losed. And I love the hard ones they are the best ones. Hope you love the game to!.Version: 1.1.9

Inappropriate Ads for KidsI downloaded this game for my 5 year old since it is rated at 4+ but the ads are not appropriate for children. The game shows ads for apps with much higher age limits, like one that showed people killing zombies and a boy kissing a girl but then pushing her toward zombies so he could get away. I will delete the app for my child, but will reinstall if the app developer addresses this issue..Version: 1.2.0

Fun but AD BiasedBasic and easy to get the hang of. Ads are expected like any of these games but mini games that ask you “guess a chest” to “win extra gear” is impossible without watching ads. If you play long enough you’ll understand. Good game but the ad aspect is really suspect..Version: 1.2.1

It’s fun but gets boring fastAt first it’s fun but it is very repetitive and not much happens even if you get to a higher level. It can be a little addictive if you’re bored and want something to play but I wish you could do more. Also there are a lot of ads..Version: 1.1.8

Too many adsYou spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. After every level, an ad comes up. After that ad you can continue to the next but wait, you need to sit through another ad. I’m all for marketing but there is such a thing as too much.Version: 1.2.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.2.1

First review!This game is awesome.Version: 1.1.1

AmazingA really unique game that you can play forever.Version: 1.1.3

Best game ever madeI roundhouse kicked some poor guy so hard that his spleen came out of his mouth at Mach 11, best game on the market and it’s free, honestly a steal. This game should have won game of the year before games were even invented. 11/10 would drop kick some poor guy again..Version: 1.1.7

Five star but the adsI like the game the ads spam like it requires ads for everything also when they spam you for nothing it’s good to remove the ads like I did..Version: 1.1.4

I love this game!!!!!I LOVE THIS GAME!.Version: 1.1.4

Too many ads fad too long. 10 seconds of game to 2mims of adsNot worth downloading.Version: 1.2.0

ReviewThis game is great for when you’re bored and have no internet but it does have a bit of lagging and glitches.Version: 1.1.7

Thank you for nothing👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 1.1.2

Get ready for a glitchy, spammy ads, always crashThis game when it works will crash and buy strangely not before playing you two or three long from ads, the one time it didn’t crash I got whole five seconds on before it stopped altogether. Yeah to the designers excellent work.Version: 1.1.9

OMGThis game is so intertaning.Version: 1.1.9

AmazingOMG!!!!!!!! This games is AMAZING I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.3

LagThe games a little laggy for me on my iPhone 6 but the game is great.Version: 1.1.3

Giant RushI gave 2 ⭐️⭐️ as it was lagging and freezing half way through the game..Version: 1.1.3

Fun to play but too many adsI played it for 10 mins then deleted it cuz of annoying ads and it got bit repetitive.Version: 1.1.9

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Giant Rush! 1.2.1 Update

Version 1.2.1 (2021-02-25): - Performance optimization. - Bug fixes. - Gameplay improvements..

Version 1.2.0 (2021-02-12): New epic boss battle! (now available for all users)..

Version 1.1.9 (2021-02-02): - Sound effects added. - New epic battle with Giant Boss. - Bugfixes..

Version 1.1.8 (2021-01-20): Small game improvements and bugfixes..

Version 1.1.5 (2021-01-10): - Good optimization. - Important bugfixes..