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START ABC running today and WIN, WIN, WIN! Compete in different categories and spell answers before your friends.

Are you a fast thinker? Are you the fastest speller out there? Can you beat your friends?

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ABC Runner App User Reviews & Comments

Meh.This game is fun sometimes but when I get to the end like for a example I had 131 players left and the game just stopped. There was not opinion to to get extra gems or take the regular so I couldn’t leave the screen to get the other game, also there is ads every time you finish a game EVERYTIME. The question are fairly easy so it’s not the fun or challenging also the opponents are very slow, so my opinion is play it but don’t expect amazing content. Thank You For Reading!.Version: 1.8.7

Awesome gameThis game is really fun but like ages 8 and under some of the questions are challenging. After a while it’s a little boring because you most likely win unless you go really slow on purpose. You don’t get to choose your color you use but that doesn’t really matter. Besides this game is really fun I would play this every day if I could. I wish the questions would be a little more Easter but they are not that hard. Young kids like five four three two and one wouldn’t really enjoy this that much because they would not know that much of the questions. There is not that much to say about this game besides that this is an awesome game. So I just want you to know this is a little challenging but fun game besides the deductions I said about this game. I really hope you enjoy this game like I did bye!.Version: 1.8.5

ABCABC runner is the best game it's like figure out games and like when you get at the end you get like letters you have to bring them to the top and like I don't know it's so fun that you can even get one of your favorite letters so you should get ABC I am right here please get it right now I am that's what this is why I am writing a interview I am so please please please get this game please download it now it's free it's so for freeYou got to pick so if you get eat and you have to figure out like animals with the name to be so yeah please please please download this game ABC water it's so free please I hope you enjoy it bye.Version: 1.8.7

Love itI love this game mainly because I went from a very slow typing person to the fastest typer In my family I will say this if you have a younger child I would get them this app because I know from background knowledge that little kids get stressed out over these types of things because if they see that someone gets ahead of them they get mad but that is all I have to say love this ❤.Version: 1.8.8

THE BEST GAME EVR but a few problemsThe game is the best it’s really fun but there’s a few problems one I thought you got to play against real people but I realized that there computers and I want to race against real people second there are a lot of adds. It’s like every time you win or lose there is an add so I’m not trying to be rude but there are a few problems if you don’t care about those things then download this game BEST GAME EVER! No rip offs nothing it’s just you write then go!.Version: 1.8.6

Full of Ads and CrashesThe basis of the game is pretty straightforward. Tone of the issues I have is the massive amount of ads and black screens I encounter after or while I’m watching an ad. This has caused me to lose my rank/spot in several races, which is especially frustrating if you’ve made it through several rounds. Another gripe I have is the uncertainty in whether or not I’m playing against actual people or bots. I seem to be coming in 1st place in all of my games. I doubt others aren’t able to think of words for categories and type as quickly (or quicker) than me. I’ll probably play a few more games and delete the app..Version: 1.8.5

ABC runner is so fun try it it’s freeThis is a fun game and I win every time also you should download this game it’s very fun and you can use your gems to buy characters, your also racing people and a lot fun questions to answer and it’s ver very fun so go download it now and it’s free so Maybe you would like cause I like it’s free so go ahead and download it I’ve seen many ads of this game and it looked fun so I downloaded and it actually is very fun and a lot characters that you can discover in the game so I suggest you to download it next w it’s free it a public game anybody could download it and it’s fun trust me if I enjoy it you might enjoy it too so go download it now it’s free!!!!!.Version: 1.8.6

Satisfied playerThis game keeps me on my toes. I enjoy playing so far and would recommend to family and friends! It’s a very simple game but thrilling. I’ve only started playing today so haven’t found any hiccups about it besides watching the blackout bingo ad like 12 times already 😂 but otherwise enjoying the game and their little outfits.Version: 1.8.7

Not liveIt’s a fun game, but if the opponents are real people, it isn’t like you are going against them in real time. I’ve never had to wait for someone doing an ad, and I’ve never come in anything but first place, it’s never even been close. So this just seems like a reason to get people to watch ads, there’s no real game here from what I can see. Still going to keep coming in first until I get to the top rankings though, because it’s fun..Version: 1.8.7

Horrible annoying gameThis game is fun for the 10 seconds you play it for. You will spend most of your time watching ads. When you complete a race, you have the option to get triple the diamonds (reward) and watch an ad or get your normal amount you would win. You might as well click on triple diamonds. After watching the ad, your race has already started. Therefore, you’re already behind. I would not download this game it is a waste of time, you’re better off watching regular TV so you can watch all of the ads and have more time to watch tv..Version: 1.8.7

There are other races besides white peopleHonestly I really like this game because it really gets me thinking but it really annoyed me how when i started there was only two white characters you can choose from. I really wish there were two black characters as well and you can also put ethnicities and races as well. I don’t mean for this to sound like you guys are anyway being racist just letting you know that everyone isn’t white.Version: 1.8.6

OverratedI like this game and the idea of it but it to easy the other computer generated player go way to easy on you so you win 1st or 2 nd place every time. When it’s not easy you just want to quit because you can’t think of anything. If you are trying to get better at spelling then I recommend this game however if you are looking for a fun challenge game this is not for you..Version: 1.8.9

SatisfiedI’m not gonna be starting of with things that will make u play. This game has bots. It’s clear, and proof, is that u can skip a question when u don’t know the answer, and the “people” are still there, so don’t ever think you’re gonna be playin with a friend. But, one want thing that I really like about it is that there are very easy answers, but not to easy, so it is a little challenge but I enjoy the setup. There are also like, 5 second ads, that you have to wait to X out, but some make you wait 1 min to 1 min + 30 SECS!!! So clearly, that is very good. Also, I don’t like how we have to win to choose from characters. I wish we could just have, like, 2 people, one girl, one boy, or 4 people, 2 girls, 2 boys, and also, I am sorry of this is unrealistic when u download this, because I got this game about 5 mins ago... Well, thanks for reading!!! Bye! 😊 Edit: Umm, well now I’ve had this game for a whole night, and I just have to type, the ads no longer have x’s (until the end where have to wait another 5 secs). Im assuming the creators expect u to write the review right away. Another Edit: I am actually in the middle of a game (watching a ad to skip, and I’ll go back an’ explain...... ......So, I just came back, and the “people” were still in the SAME place, after a 45 SEC ad!! Ok, that’s all for today, bye!.Version: 1.8.7

CHANGED MY LIFEEEOnce apon a time a girl that only played Roblox (really good game check it out) was getting bored. She saw an add for ABC Runner and instantly got it. She won every round and never got bored. She loves the game. Complaints: Little kids don’t use Facebook or instagram so how are they supposed to know what to write? 😍: Barely and adds, extra part at the end for getting x2-x10 more gems, and LIFE CHANGINGG.Version: 1.8.9

Great game but :D .... adsThere are lots of ads and like many other people complain i understand that’s how people advertise their games. But after every round there is another ad to the point where it can start being annoying. But I did not find anything else wrong with this so apart from that great game. The gameplay was honestly worth it though and this is a great mind game and I love it. You should download and have a great time playing. :D.Version: 1.8.5

ℝ𝔼𝔸 𝕋ℍ𝕀𝕊 ℙ𝕃𝔼𝔸𝕊𝔼 𝕋ℝ𝕌𝕊𝕋 𝕄𝔼Good overall but one complaint At the end of each level it gives you diamonds (not real) but that isn’t the complaint how could you expect real diamonds anyway I mean where would you even get all of those dimonda anyway. Anyway it gives you the option to watch an add to triple the amount of diamonds you get at the end of the level. Always pick triple because you have to watch an add either way so now that you know that it is a 5 ⭐️ app but because of that I want to rate it a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 ⭐️so I just had Siri pick one because I couldn’t decide. But seriously NEVER choose the the one that doesn’t LOOK like you have to watch an add for it. But other than that it is a really fun app and really works your brain on some of the harder questions (although to be honest sometimes I cheat and look it up because it pauses the game so that the other players can’t get ahead of you)😏which is why I have never not come in first place but only when I just can’t think of the answer or haven’t heard of it although there was a more than one answer it’s kinda like scattergories but it is overall a very fun game 🤩.Version: 1.8.7

It is FINEThis game is ok I do wish that the Characters had faces ha but its not a big deal I also think that it should give you more tiles at the end when you Finish speaking of finishing every game I have played so far like round I have won 1st place So that was a little weird and my friend said that the game was terrible but i think it isn’t that bad I mean it has its ups and downs but every game has it so I think I will keep playing!.Version: 1.8.9

The adFirst overall this game is great until it comes to the ADS. After I finished a race or wanted to quit It made me watch an ad. And the last ad was rather really disturbing and very rude to our Lord. I know it’s not their fault about this ad, but I’m just saying the ad was making a fool of our Lord. HE SENT HIS SON TO DIE ON THE CROSS for us to wipe out all of our terrible sins. And someone makes a “funny” game trying to make of out Lord?! I’m just saying that it’s very disturbing. And I’m pretty sure the ads don’t play random the people who made the game allowed what ads we should watch. I know I gave a low rate. And I’m proud of my low rate to this game. Overall I love the game. But I’ll have to remove the ads probably soon because of all the disturbing ads. And if there are any more issues I will update this review..Version: 1.8.6

Very fun but one thingThis game is very fun you type the letter in a box or what ever you want to call it and it will pick a random letter like E and you would type a boys name that starts with a E but the one thing is that when you finish you watch a add to get your gems I don’t like that because I hate adds so much but I love this app so get it it’s free :) I will really want to hear if you like this app so ya get it now for free . 🤗🤗.Version: 1.8.7

It really fun justOk sounds neverlose and I hope they make it so if a younger kid played that was not good at spelling it would count because my little brother played t and he can’t spell very good and he had to press skip the whole time lastly I wish you played with real players because like I said before you NEVER lose so ya if you like a game where u never lose then this is for you. Btw if u are waiting for the fake players to finish the race get free gems..Version: 1.8.5

Really fun but a few problemsSo I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and it’s been fun just there are a few problems with the game. There are way to many ads. When I try and put in an answer for fruit and veggies with c I put corn and it said it was incorrect. Also there are like no brown haired characters for the game which is kinda upsetting. Please fix these problems..Version: 1.8.7

Cool appOkay so I downloaded this a few weeks ago and I’m not gonna lie but I forgot about the game for a while!! Until I saw it while scrolling through my phone. The thing is that the game is fun! And me and my mom play the game to play something together! But I like that there are not too many ads!! There is something I dislike though. I work hard for all the skins that are available and I still have to watch an ad or I won’t get the skin. I think that I worked hard for the skin and that I deserve the skin for free! It wouldn’t bother me if the ads weren’t so long!! The ads are like 22 seconds and after I still have to wait like 5 seconds for the ad to finish. But if you don’t mind watching and ad for new skins this game is for u.Version: 1.8.7

Fun and coolI gave this game 5 stars because to me it’s easy and because you can use your name when your playing with other player like if the letter pops out I could put my name because it’s starts with b so this is why I think you SHOULD download this game and it helps you type quick and it even helps you learn how to spell or help you think quickly!!!!😇😊.Version: 1.8.7

Good but complaintsI honestly love this game but I have some complaints. Ads. This is a huge problem I don’t usually complain about adds because that’s how people make money. But there is SO MANY ADDS THAT IT ISN’T FUNNY. Another complaint is that I’m not even playing with real people and I know this because I exited the game but then got back in and everything unpaused so I am a little upset. That is it overall the gameplay and the concept of the game is very fun and a good idea to teach young minds and if you fix these problems it will be 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.8.5

Needs work but fun.Yes it’s fun but the only way to continue to the next round is to watch a video. Also it’s way too easy. I feel as if the creator could make an option to go online or offline, so that you can play with other players and socialize in a competitive way. (By adding a chat filter after the player has made it to the end of the round) I don’t think that many people would keep the game installed if there were that many adds, and there are. If you are getting this game then be prepared to watch a lot of adds; it is very annoying..Version: 1.8.7

I LOVE this game, I played for more than two hours!This game is awesome because I am winning and there are less ads than I thought. You can tell I love this game because I played for more than two hours that my phone right now is at 1%. Bro, if you haven’t downloaded this game you should because your are really missing out..Version: 1.8.6

FAKE MULTIPLAYER & Riddled With adsGame is obviously full of all bots. Kind of annoying since a concept like this can’t really get away with it like some “.io” games can. Even if it wasn’t, the concept is poorly executed. First off watching ads to bypass a gate is stupid for a “multiplayer” game. Secondly the game is pretty RNG based, you can name and type a color with R before you can type a color with J. And of course, riddled with ads. Not only are the ads after a game, to unlock skins you earn, triple your prizes and to bypass gates. AFTER EACH ROUND THERE IS AN ADD IN A GAME THAT HAS AT LEAST A DOZEN ROUNDS PER GAME. THIS MEANS TO PLAY A SINGLE FALSLY ADVERTISED MULTIPLIER GAME YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH A DOZEN ADS THROUGHOUT THE GAME. THE HUBRIS IS MIND BOGGLING..Version: 1.8.6

Players don’t exist?All the other top reviews are incomprehensible kids, so I wanted to write my own. Overall, this is a nice game. There isn’t too much variety in words but it’s fine. The main problems are how there are way too many ads, and how you don’t race against actual people, just bots. It’s pretty obvious to see you’re not racing anyone, as when you watch an ad everyone stops, and at the end when you try to get multipliers, nobody else moves or gets multipliers. This is a maybe 1 day game, for it gets boring quickly. 3/5..Version: 1.8.7

Please Read!!!Want a game that makes you think but is fun at the same time? I suggest this game!! I don’t write a review on games but, I love this game!!! The questions may be harder for younger people but it is fun to race against my family. I know they rate the game on appropriateness so I understand why it is 4+. The adds are short and I just love this game. It is so hard to find games these days that are appropriate and fun. But this game is both. I would give this game a 10⭐️ review if I could!!.Version: 1.8.8

This is the best game ever you need it!This game is the best of games I wake up at 4 A.M. just to play it is so good and it helps you spell I challenged my friend I got first place and she got second place it was so fun it was a gg gg means good game I play Among us to much this game is to good it is free to it can’t get better then that right right so get this app! 😺. P.S. get Among us I am 8 years old my name in it is Genesis so have I good day by!.Version: 1.8.6

Your game is fun but a little issueI like your game but there is one issue between each round you have a add. Other than that I really like your game it is so fun I would play all day on night really all my life. There is also one more issue people who are like four or five they would have a problem with that because some questions are hard and I am only seven so I basically have to ask my mom or dad for help with the questions..Version: 1.8.7

Some issuesI really like this game but there are some issues. There are adds after every time you play a round. Also I watch an add to collect a new skin but after watching a 30 second add the skin is loading, making me not able to get the skin. Then I have to watch a video just to collect all the coins I earned. There isn’t an option saying “no thanks” for collecting the coins so you don’t have a choice, you always have to watch an add. Other than those two things, the game is really fun and I would recommend this game if you don’t get frustrated easily..Version: 1.8.6

There’s some flaws...This is an overall amazing game, but it’s annoying when at the end of every round you have to watch an ad to get your diamonds. There’s a choice to triple them or keep them but if you click on what you already have, an ad comes anyways! I’m not happy about this because it’s annoying when you can’t just move on! This is an amazing game though and it’s really fun if you can type fast, I’ve won every round! But there are minor flaws as I’ve said! There is no reason to not download the game though because its amazing if you have ✨patience✨ which is something I don’t have. It’s a really good game though!!!.Version: 1.8.7

Fun but needs updates...I downloaded this game because I kept seeing an advertisement for it. I was confused why it has a 2.3 rating but now I actually get it. Honestly, I really like the concept in this game, it’s fun but some of the words that I type don’t even work when it’s right. Also if I try to skip that level everyone just passes me and it’s an automatic lose. I will rate a 5 stars when this is fixed. Alothough it’s a good game, there’s some updates that need to be done..Version: 1.8.3

~*one of the best games ever created! (You have to read this!!)Awesome game! I’m very happy to say I have no complaints or problems! This game doesn’t have many ads or something people would usually complain or have problems about. It’s a great game that they made. I love this game because it’s so fun to play! Are you ever bored? Well sometimes I am! So when I’m bored I play this game. It’s so fun I don’t know how to explain it. It’s incredibly fun to play. It’s also very fun to play when your bored. It’s so addicting too! So if you get bored then download the game! It’s a great game and I have no problems with it so I’m going to give it five stars. Thanks for reading! Have a great day. -(after reading this make sure to download the game! It’s ~honestly a great game to play!! Download it todayy~.Version: 1.8.5

Fake and glitchyThere aren’t too many ads If you aren’t worried about unlocking the extra skins, but the ads that do play are really glitchy and flashy like they aren’t loading right. Answers are also weirdly selective. I had “drink that starts with s” and it wouldn’t take ‘soda pop’ or ‘sweet tea’ but ‘strawberry juice’ was acceptable. None of the other players are real, and there’s no real motivation to finish quickly as often times it’s everyone but the person in last who make it to the next round, and 9/10 one of the other ‘players’ is stuck at the first barrier..Version: 1.8.6

Great game but...The game is very good BUT the amount of ads is crazy. Another complaint is that it usually says “___ With ___” (fill the first one with sports, fruit, veggies, etc. and the second one with a letter they choose from the beginning) they say something like that but whenever I put a word with the letter (it’s not the first letter in the word) that was chosen it doesn’t work for some reason or I’m just reading it wrong. If I’m reading it then can you fix it. I would give you a 4 star and if you put less ads I would give you a five star review. But overall this game is pretty good..Version: 1.8.6

Please read, hope it helps!!This is an amazing game, I love that you have to think for the answers. This game makes you sharpen your mind. It’s very fun to try and experience. Although, whenever I complete the level it ask to collect your diamonds, so I click it but it comes to an ad. There are a lot of adds in this game. Every time you complete a level, there’s and ad every time. But I love this game! I like that if you misspell Robert, let’s say you spelled it like Robet, it sometimes fixes it for you and let’s you continue the game. My question is, are we racing against a computer? Or are they real players. This is a amazing game like I said, but just has some frustrating things. I hope this helped you for this game :).Version: 1.8.9

You are all sheepleThis game is exactly like half the ones on the App Store. There are boys that you ‘play’ with, a lot of ads, low quality graphics, watch ads to win skins. Sounds like every other Brian numbing mobile game app on here. Spoiler alert, it’s cuz it is. At this point our brains have turned to mush and the producers are taking advantage of that. I can guarantee that most people will download this, play for at most a week or so, and then delete it before moving into the next game. That or it will sit on your phone never to be played with again. Truly a brilliant sales tactic..Version: 1.8.8

It,is a good gameBUT.....Yea it’s a good game but it is kind of hard when u have to think so much on the hard letter so it basically picks a letter for you and then u have to do like the animals the state,and boy and girls names that start with that phi civic letter but after that there is one thing I don’t like is that there are no black people on the game so for all my black girls or boys btw there are NO🛑😡 black people in this game ps not trying to be races I have a friend who is white so yea. ITS A GOOD GAME AFTER THAT BUT AFTER EVERY GAME THERE IS,AN ADD..Version: 1.8.7

Best Scattegories game ever!I’m a huge fan of Scattegories and used to play a lot with my friends Actually problems such as lacking categories or answers are fixed already in the latest version😎 Some suggestions for ABC Runner, it will be better if we can have levels with higher difficulties after several rounds, and more skins for me to unlock, cuz I have already collected all of them😆.Version: 1.8.1

GoodThis game is good it’s just I always get in third place. OK but if there’s always like this stuff but it does get to like know your name and stuff but you don’t have to put in your real name I didn’t put my real name so I recommend on getting this game it helps you with your typing skills. So when you go to school you can say do you computer teacher yeah I know I’m already done because I have this game called ABC Runner. So get it I think you’ll love it.!.Version: 1.8.6

PLEASE READ!!This is a super fun game I love it and love to play it HOWEVER it has Soooooo many adds it’s absolutely ridiculous after every lever sometimes even during the lever it also glitches really hard so it’s a fun game with a lot of problems please fix this also I am editing this beacuase of the experience I just had playing the game I was playing and I was on the first word and I was about to type the awnser and an add came up!!!!! In the middle of the race I was so angry I ended up loosing I am deleting this game that has happened 4 times and I got the game 2 hours ago!!!!!! That’s rediculouse now I know why it doesn’t have great ratings.Version: 1.8.5

Could be much betterThis is a fun idea for an app game, but there are only maybe 6 or 7 questions repeated over and over again, and I haven’t played a single round where I wasn’t in first place the entire race, which makes me feel like there’s no real challenge to this game. After a while I started pausing and thinking of really long words instead of rushing to write the first one I thought of, and I still never saw anyone catch up to me. I’d rather lose every so often than play a game I always win by default no matter how well I do..Version: 1.8.6

This game is funI like this game because it makes me think about different things and it can be challenging but fun at the same time. I like the game so much that I gave it a five star rating because I really do enjoy this game it’s fun, challenging, and exciting! P.S if you don’t like the game or what I think about it thats ok but this is my opinion and I like to play the game for entertainment! And I hope that the person who came up with the game saw my writing and enjoyed it as well as you!.Version: 1.8.5

The best game everI love this game I had it for over an hour and I think it’s really good but let’s going on I’m not putting a k because my name starts with K and I wanted to to be a K more often but I still love the game and I am playing it right now and it’s been two hours right now because it is 11 o’clock and I started at 10 o’clock I started at 9 o’clock sorry so yeah it’s the best game ever you could play it.Version: 1.8.7

I wish there was an updateSo it’s day two and I see how badly this game needs to be fixed. So number 1 it’s really laggy and the ads are too. It’s not the creator’s fault the ads are laggy but still. Number 2, I realized as I was playing I pressed the button get triple the amount and I didn’t get ANY diamonds 😲😠😒 so annoying so I had to watch ANOTHER ad and still got no diamonds out of it. Number 3 I wanted to get a character again that I had to watch an ad for but it was like loading and lagging so I thought it was my connection but it wasn’t I had my connection and it has no trouble playing an ad when I was done with the round so I give this game one star and I don’t recommend this game to you guys..Version: 1.8.8

Just a few things...I love this game there is just a few things. First, you have to watch a add to collect your gems every time. Second I had to think of a girl name that starts with N so I but Natasha it didn’t take it like that’s a girls name I didn’t get that. Third, I was trying to get a skin I watched a ONE MINUTE add and the skin wouldn’t load so I could get the skin ( was so mad). Finally, I am pretty sure the game says 4+ it may be a bit higher some of the questions I can’t think of and I am 13. Other than them I absolutely love this game..Version: 1.8.6

Kind of fun but has MAJOR issuesI had some fun playing the game portion, but the ads in this game are ridiculous. There are so many that the amount of time you spend actually playing doesn’t even come close to the amount of time spent watching ads. Oftentimes it gives you two ads in a row, which are both unskippable, and nearly impossible to close out of, and in some cases literally impossible (I’m looking at you, Piano Tiles 3 😡!) Also, the gameplay is ridiculously easy. I barely even tried and I won first place. When you complete a round, you make progress towards earning a new avatar. Once you earn the avatar, you have no choice but to use the avatar until you unlock the next one. What fun is an unlockable avatar system if you don’t get to select which one you want? Also, sometimes when you watch a video to unlock a new avatar (which usually ends up being two videos, again unskippable) you don’t even get credit for it. So you continue without getting credit, and what happens? You get another two ads, with no reward at all. TL;DR: this game wastes your time with tons of unnecessary ads, and the game itself isn’t much fun. Don’t download..Version: 1.8.7

It has some problemsOverall I think it is good but one thing is the questions are kinda the same every time. I like the concept but your also not playing with real people If you leave for a hour the game paused and save everything that can’t happen if your playing with real people. Also some is easy the letter was f it asked for a boys name I put frick and it said it’s was right. But I think other than that it is good 🤑😻✌️👌🏻🤟🖐🏻👁👄👁. *( -_-)*.Version: 1.8.5

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They knowSo really fun game but the worst thing about it is that they know when you spell the thing wrong like I want to spell caring I want to spell this it’s so hard but I like it just to eat it it’s really fun and I would give this a five it’s really fun game and it’s amazing for trivia because it tells you about things and you can spell thing that you didn’t even know and yeah I like it.Version: 1.8.6

Ads and USA questionsFun game but most of the questions that you answer only Americans would know, and the ads after each game go longer than the actual game it’s self which tends to freeze or crash which causes you to rewatch the ad to find out your score....Version: 1.8.7

WowThe game is so fun and it also increases the level of intelligence for a child, or even and adult!.Version: 1.8.7

I hate adsAds are too often and too long.Version: 1.8.7

AdsGame is very great to train your brain but there’s so many ads it literally makes it unplayable..Version: 1.8.6

To much adsEvery time I finish I have a choice of normal diamonds or 2x but it’s and add I don’t want to do add so every time I don’t do 2x and it does adds all the time I suggest to put lest adds.Version: 1.8.6

GreatIt is fun and it gets your brain going.Version: 1.8.8

It’s not that fair!I’m also from Australia and it hasn’t let me play without even watching a add :( Ik that this game is from the Uk bt it’s just not good enough :( SamiQueen.Version: 1.8.7

Good but...There are too many ads and there are only two characters i like so maybe less ads and more characters and the keep repeating but besides that the game is awesome 😎.Version: 1.8.6

I love itIt’s so good for kids like me cause I’m ten turning eleven this year 2021.Version: 1.8.5

So funGets your brain thinking faster.Version: 1.8.5

Great Game - 100% recommended!This game is great! It’s fast, rewards you and there aren’t many adds! What more could you get! And it’s totally free! Plz download!.Version: 1.8.8

So annoyingThe amount of ads are ridiculous.Version: 1.8.6

My reviewIt’s alright but I did delete it. Just because I needed room..Version: 1.8.6

AmazingSo fun recommend downloading.Version: 1.8.6

It’s greatI strongly recommend.Version: 1.8.6

Fun Game :)I love playing this game since I first saw the ad. The only thing that is a bug/something I want in game is make your own character and playing globally other that I loved it..Version: 1.8.5

ABC runnerFar to many Ads.Version: 1.8.8

ABC runnerYour game is good you just should add that you can run faster loot a bit kelp up your good work.Version: 1.8.7

IssuesThere is a specific question they ask you in the game and it is name a state in the United States of America. One problem I’m not from America so it made it very hard to answer that question. But anyway it is a good app that is fun to have on your device..Version: 1.8.7

AddsThere are so many adds every time you play a round there’s a new add and the game glitches A lot.Version: 1.8.8

Love itCheck out high heels they have puppy bags and things really cool and cute ones if u add pets every one would give u 5stars.Version: 1.8.8

Fun but...Fun and entertaining. Great for keeping the mind and memory sharp, not to mention spelling practice, which are good for all of us but especially children. But... I understand the reason for ads and don’t mind them every so often but the ads in this game take the cake. Won’t be playing it for too long if they don’t reduce..Version: 1.8.8

GoodHelps with vocabulary and quick thinking very fun.Version: 1.8.8

👏get👏this👏game👏Best game hands down.Version: 1.8.8

Please changeI live in Australia and I have no idea what states there are in USA so it’s unfair for me sorry but I’m deleting :/.Version: 1.8.7

USA QuestionsGame is really fun but is difficult if you live in another country. The questions include USA states starting with the letter B and I have no idea because we don’t learn that in school in Australia. I have to google which I don’t enjoy because it is cheating but otherwise I can’t get past..Version: 1.8.7

Refreshingly new gameAn ad for this game popped up on another game and I knew I had to download it. Thoroughly enjoying it so far..Version: 1.8.5

Fun gameTakes me back to my childhood days.Version: 1.8.7

USAThe name a city/state in the USA questions are stupid. Did you not take into consideration that maybe not all players are from the USA? Anyway other then that it’s alright.Version: 1.8.7

GreatI love this game it is so fun and I definitely recommend it. And it dose not have that many adds.Version: 1.8.8

Too many adsTo many ads.Version: 1.8.6

MmmI liked it but I live in Australia so I only know a few places in USA.Version: 1.8.6

This game is very unfairI’m form Australia, and the game asks for states form places like the UK, and I have no idea what they are. The creator of this game completely forgot that there are people that aren’t amazing at geography playing this game, however it is good and occupies time but i think it would be even better if we could customise characters.Version: 1.8.6

Great gameGreat game very education lot of fun thinking on ya feet.Version: 1.8.7

✨Amazing ✨I think this game is amazing because it really gets your brain thinking and I think it’ll be great for a little brain warmup or if you just wanted to test your brain of yours so 4 stars would recommend 👍.Version: 1.8.5

This game is so funThis game is so fun because it’s a race but when you have to write it’s I just love this game so much so download this game right now like RIGHT now.Version: 1.8.8

Fun game!Just started playing... Love it!.Version: 1.8.6

NoiceMakes me feel smart.Version: 1.8.6

EnjoyableI like it but it seems very easy so far?.Version: 1.8.6

Really goodIt’s really good and gets you thinking.Version: 1.8.6

What I like about the game, ABC runnerI like ABC runner because it makes me learn my alphabet. I only started playing and it’s so good. I really like how u can type!.Version: 1.8.8

Is it just me that can’t stop playing?👏.Version: 1.8.7

ABC runnerSo i just downloaded this game but I looooooooooove it so much.Version: 1.8.6

Please. Read. And. Reply:)This game is AWEEESOOMEEE NO ONE HAS BEATEN ME YET! I love how no matter what letter there are always questions with an answer. I recommend this game to ALL ages and I know that soon this game is gonna be in the top 3 most popular games, but one little tweak, if you can could you maybe please please please lower the adds down a notch? Thanks for reading this:).Version: 1.8.7

GoodAmazing game other than the fact that I’m not from America so I don’t know any American states.Version: 1.8.6

Less adds pleaseLove this game but the adds are too much put less adds and it’s a five star review for me.Version: 1.8.6

Very easyHi very easy and great way to start my bday with a brain workout.Version: 1.8.8

Shows promise, hindered by layers of greedABC Runner shows a fun and engaging premise, run through doors competing with AI as you desperately try to scramble together the best words you can to earn rewards. Unfortunately it is riddled with Ads, lies and slightly racist design. I, an Australian don’t know all the U.S states and am immediately at a disadvantage. Do you just assume your audience are all north American? It also subtly tries to convince the player that they are playing against real players but even a fool could figure out it obviously isn’t the case and don’t even get me started on the obscene amount of ads that much be watched to play. I understand the devs need to make their money somehow but seriously, an add after every round (every couple minutes) is ridiculous. Anyway, as I said the game shows promise to be a fun, pick up and play game but it really needs some tweaking. Devs, don’t give up on this game I can see it’s potential..Version: 1.8.7

ABC runIt can be a bit more blocks on the end.Version: 1.8.8

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