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Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.
Do not stretch him too much, or he will tear appart!

Stretch Guy App User Reviews & Comments

Yay and ughI really like the game. It is so much fun. It relieves my stress too. But the worst part is so many adds!!!! And it’s not like after three try’s then an add it after every time. If you want to get a skin you have to watch an add. I don’t feel like wasting 3.00$ on something that can easily be fixed by your company. Thanks for reading and please consider fixing the amount adds that you put in!!!.Version: 0.2.6

Glitches but still great!This game is awesome. There is a lot of glitches but I feel like it makes the game more fun. One glitch I found is a way to fly. I first found this out on the first level that introduced pickaxes. So if you put three limbs on a breakable item then breach the item, you will be able to fly. So other glitches I found is get ur limbs through tiny cracks and walls. Another glitch I found is that sometimes if you press a button then die or reset the level the button will stay pressed. Also there is only one thing that I don’t like that much about this game. On iPad the game is quite laggy, or at least on my iPad. This is probably that the games fault because it works perfectly fine on phone and my iPad is really old. Anyway this game is amazing and I hope you keep making levels with more glitches!.Version: 0.2.6

This game is really cool butThere are several glitches. For one, there is a glitch where the camera focuses on one limb if you move it too far away and it messes up the whole game. It also has a glitch where you just die randomly when you get a key out of the teeth that close on you even when they don’t close on you. There are some levels where crates that are supposed to be there aren’t there. Finally, on the conveyor belt levels the crates get stuck and they all pile on top of each other. Hope these are fixed. Other than that, cool game.👍👍👍.Version: 0.2.3

Great concept but one flawI like the concept of the game and can be fun but every 2 times you mess up for pass one level, there would be an ad and I know that’s how developers would get money but if you are that desperate why not just make banner at the top of the screen or at least not make them get in the way all the time.Version: 0.2.6

Good, too many ads thoughThe game is great. I love the animation and physics, but there are way too many ads! Remove the ads, I will give a 5-star review! I had an idea where there is a bonus level and you have to collect all the coins to proceed. If you die, you respawn with ZERO ads. The faster you collect all coins, the more you get. Just a recommendation! Keep up the good work! -Anonymous.Version: 0.2.0

Amazing game but weird glitches🤗When I saw the ad I really decided to download it. It’s kind of weird how I have to stretch him it reminded me like that game when you have a little purple guy that has a fuzzy arm that at the tip of its arm had a little ball to get it’s target, with stretch guy he also had arms that at the end of it had little balls it’s really fun but weird glitches.Version: 0.2.7

There is no titleI love this game is because it’s hard and challenging but I love that it’s just so good and that there’s not a lot of ads so it’s so much fun without ads so I just this is a good game she’s a really good game and whoever made this I love you boy girl I don’t even care this is good and I’m only seven so I don’t even know if this is safe for me so I don’t really care I just game sincerely from mako.Version: 0.2.6

Gotta have a Stretch Guy!I’ve had this game for a while, and I would say it’s pretty good. It actually shows you an example of how to do the level u like so many other games, which happens to be quite helpful. Though a lovely games, a nice update would be a new level, thats kind of like a maze. (You reach this near level 60 or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been playing this game a lot so it should be easy to get to level 60.) it would pop up every 5-10 levels. And you could have a sword to fight monsters, pop bubbles, you get the idea. Now with that down, let’s discuss how simply addictive this game is. It’s not like for an hour or something, but it helps pass time and isn’t that boring. Easy, simple, good for breaks and waiting. But I would enjoy a bit more of a challenge, if you please. I don’t see a real reason to rate it 5 stars, or 1. It’s a marvelous game with flaws here and there. Therefore, I give 4 stars to a beautiful game..Version: 0.2.6

It’s a really funThis game is very cool. It has a lot of levels and should be a top game for you. It’s A REALLY GOOD GAME. That’s why I’m rating it 5 stars it’s the 2nd best game on my phone (my first is Roblox). If you are looking at this review and don’t have this game then DOWNLOAD ITTTTTTT. Please. It’s such a fun game and should be your favorite game too. But I wanna mention something funny about this game. If you die then he get a seat face 😵ITS SOOO FUNNNY. Hope u read this though. I repeat. THIS YAME IS SO GOOD.Version: 0.2.6

Please fixI really love this game! It’s so fun, I found this game by seeing the ad on tiktok. But there’s something you might want to fix.. I’ve made it to level 25 and I can’t get past anymore levels. That’s because it just freezes every time I try to move. Like, the whole game just freezes. I can’t tap on anything and I can’t move the arms and legs. I reload the app and it still doesn’t work! Please try to fix this, I don’t know if it’s my phone or if it’s the game. I think it’s the game though because my phone is brand new and barely has any storage on it. Other than that, I really love the game! It’s super fun ❤️.Version: 0.2.6

Way to many addsI’m too lazy to write this review but their are way to many adds that need to be fixed. Yes, I know you guys are probably making tons of money off of it but think about the people who play it and how annoying it is for them to have adds pop up on their screen at random times..Version: 0.2.6

Being honestMost people on here are saying to much ads but honestly i do agree there are a lot of ads but when i get bored i want to play a little game something fast and easy and i think the ads look very fun games to do when I’m bored..Version: 0.2.3

This game is the bestI love this game so so much thank you for inventing this game if you’re reading this I’m sure you’re as kind as some of the other people out there and the reason why I gave it a five star ⭐️ rate it’s because this game is so addictive to me I keep playing it and playing it and it just keeps getting better and thank you for this game bye have a good day bye 😽 I hope you have the best day of your life like I am for your game and thanks 🤩.Version: 0.2.6

I think you should fix this🤣🤣🤣Try going to level 23 then hold the bubble after get the black ball put it into the black thing then shoot the bubble with the key inside then when you shoot you will detach the you move anywhere.Version: 0.2.2

Great game, but minor issues.So a few months ago I ran into a problem. Note that I did not have data at the time. When you open the app there is a good chance that there is going to be an ad on the top or bottom of the screen. Since I did not have internet or data where I was, instead of just not loading the ad, the game would just freeze up and not do anything. This happened a bunch of times too. But I figured out that if I turned on airplaine mode that the game would unfreeze. Anyway, now I have data so no problem anymore. My overall experience with this game is pretty great. On my older Iphone which was the 8 plus, I was on almost level 700. It ran well but sometimes would crash. But it passes the time so I don’t mind To be honest it is very addicting but fun. The levels could use a little fixing too. I love the new levels but I do not like how when the head moves the entire screen moves. It gives me motion sickness. Honestly not something needed to be changed but maybe if it could be a little less sensitive when a player is moving a body part. Also making harder levels would be a great change. But other than that this game is amazing. If you’re bored or whatever you should definitely invest some time into this game..Version: 0.2.6

It’s a litttle glitch but I like the gameI love the game it’s just it’s like randomly it glitches out and I instantly die. And me and my brother found a glitch it’s basically where you can fly, you can do this by having your hands on the spike thing and let it fall it will just make you fly or you can do it by having your hands on a bubble and if you pop it with the sword the hand with the sword lets you fly. Please fix this glitch..Version: 0.2.0

EhhhWhy ads a lot of my games have ads •_• okay. I just really got the game. I got to play a ad if it however the ads is only the problem. This is not a problem I want to know though is the game a kid game? •_• OK am six I will not tell my name. Good game maybe. You almost got 5/5 but you got 4/5 because of the ads. However fix the ads! I said it mean whatever..Version: 0.2.6

Very fun, but freezes a lotIt’s a very fun concept and execution, the levels are quite easy and there are some that make you think a little or be more cautious. But it’s buggy? Laggy? Not sure, but every time I open the app and tap play I can do a couple moves, but then it freezes. Sometimes I don’t even move and it already freezes, and then I have to reopen the app several times and it’s annoying. Not sure if I’m the only one with this problem tho....Version: 0.2.6

Really fun but..I have been playing this game for a long time and it’s really fun! But the ads make it more boring and there is always ads each round. In my opinion You should stop having many ads but it’s really good! Sometimes when I play the game it lags to much or kills me without me doing anything . I Really think that you should fix it to make it better . When I play it’s not really hard even when your in a high level I think you could really change the levels. Also sometimes the levels are the same for me! So I think you should really fix it. Good game tho <3😄.Version: 0.1.9

I like this game but...It is a really fun game but it needs a little bit of a fix. Number 1 There are lots of ads in my opinion but still every round I play there is an ad and I do not like that!! Number 2 it lags a lot and I DO NOT LIKE THAT!!! Sorry for the caps but it is true! Number 3 sometimes when I get in the it just kicks me out!!! And that annoyed me even if my bars are all 4 of them it still kicks me out!!! Anyway I like this game it is so fun but Watch out for those things! Thank you for reading 😁😁.Version: 0.2.6

Good game but...I really like this game, but there are so many ads. After every round there is an ad. And the game is really fun to play and it’s a little bit stressful in my opinion but super fun, but there are way too many ads. So I really think that you should remove the ads because I don’t really like how many ads there are. And the game is fun because you can change your character but there are so many ads and it’s just really annoying. So overall this is a good game but the only thing I recommend fixing is all the ads..Version: 0.2.6

So many addsDear developer, I love your game it’s really fun and awesome to play when your bored but there is just so many adds some of the adds are interesting to see but otherwise it’s kind of boring a bunch of people are upset about the adds could you please put in less adds other wise amazing game probably my favorite Sincerely, a upset person.Version: 0.2.2

This is a fun game butThere are a lot of adds in this game like after every level there is an add. Also the box’s that you can get power ups for that round you also have to watch a boring add for them. I am not saying that nobody is going to use them but sometimes they just float down in the middle of the screen and you don’t mean to hit it but you do then you have to watch an add. I think you should be able to earn the skins and not have to watch adds for them..Version: 0.2.6

Really fun, but the ads 😓Dear developer of Stretch Guy, I am in love with this game literally! But one thing for sure is wasting all the time in the world, a d s. It’s so cool that we stretch and pop if you go to far. Each time you die, your unwanted buddy shows up, ads. People hate ads, but won’t buy the Ad Free... and I haven’t bought it too. The reason if that, developer is because let’s say you finish all the levels, your done, then what’s the reasons to buy the ads if your done? I am nine, about to be in fifth grade, I’ve been playing this game for awhile now. Please make the game have less ads! Ty !.Version: 0.2.5

This is going to be fun but...So, I have seen this game on an ad. It will be fun but in every game an ad pops up and it is ANNOYING ME. So I will be looking for a game that has NO ADS TO ANNOY ME AT ALL. This game will definitely be fun to me a little. But the problem in this game is the ads. I do not like the ads but some I do and it makes me want to download it, but the rest of the ads not so good, some of them are scary and inappropriate. So that is why I do not like ads so much. I will give this a full review because giving it a three or two star review is not so nice. And plus it going to be kind of fun. So no ADS please..Version: 0.2.6

To easyI know that there’s a trend going on in mobile games where it seams hard but is actually easy. Makes you feel better when you accomplish it. Bu you should add a hard mode button on the bottom left so when you want a challenge you go there. And as a bonus you can get special skins you can only get there. Harry Potter comes to mind.Version: 0.2.0

It,s pretty good I like it in would not say it’s bad because it’s not but yeahAnd you don’t think it’s not like that good I just think it has too many ads it doesn’t have too many as it doesn’t do a lot of ads I meant so if you guys were like I don’t really like Evns but it doesn’t have a Lotta ads.Version: 0.2.0

Grate but hardThe thing about stretch guy is hard I always die because it’s to glitchy you are noobs I’m hacker but level 10 is so hard I can’t even beat that level I have no choice but beat level 10 I’m hacker you are dum and stupid and so weak at this how can I inertain with this basic block I mean😤I just destroyed level 10 so I like this game cause 🤔😏😂🤩this is the best game ever 😎😝😜🤠😘🥰😍🥳🤩😂🤣😃😄😁😆😀😇🙂🙃😉😌😙😗😏🤪😎🤑🍟🍕🍗🍖🍔🌭🌮🥓🥨🥩🥪🍭🍬🍪🧁🍰🎂🍿🍫.Version: 0.2.6

#BestGameEverI love this game because the other day I was really stressed and my head started hurting so I saw this app and I was like oh this looks fun so I downloaded it and it just like it was amazing I would highly recommend this app if you get stressed out and your head starts hurting a lot because if you have a headache this helps you avoid getting headaches. Good luck:).Version: 0.2.6

AwesomeAwesome game but I wish it was easier to play with my iPad or iPod and I can’t play this game because it keeps me playing with my iPad so it won’t let me play it anymore I can’t play it I play it all the time really hard it takes forever to get it to play it is awesome and I can’t wait for a new update to update the new version I can’t even play it anymore and it’s a good app but I love it so many more and I love the update and I can’t wait to see the game play on it so it won’t let me get the.Version: 0.2.3

Please read ;-;OKAY so this game is AMAZING and thee are literally NO ads and i didn’t buy the “no ads” thing. I bet your looking through the reviews and thinking: “Every review says there are way to many ads. I probobaly shouldn’t get it because there are too many ads and idc I’m not getting it there are TO MANY ADS and this ONE review is saying there aren't ads whatever” but PLEASE get it it’s really fun and I promise you there are ZERO ads. (Basically zero ads I mean).Version: 0.2.6

Love the game but.........I love this game! I’m seven years old and it really helps out when I’m stuck at home bored. Downloaded this game months ago, it was so fun! But I deleted it after, yesturday was the day I deleted it, I opened the app and this bug/glitch popped up! I started getting scared so I deleted the app, I didn’t want to get a virus on my iPad, please fix this bug. Bye! This is getting long bye and thanks for the game! 🤍🤍🤍.Version: 0.2.6

Good game but to much ads and a little easyI really like the game and is really good to pass the time but there’s way too many ads there’s ads after every round and the rounds are short and way too easy Ik your prob gonna take this as hate but plz don’t I’m not trying to hate I just want to help but please bring down the ads and make the rounds a little more harder, but overall it’s a really good game..Version: 0.2.6

No addsI really love this game it’s so fun I get to make the guy happy sad red in the face and it’s fun to stretch but this game is so fun that it makes me even more angry that I always have to wait for adds and I’m telling you right now I am not paying money for no adds that’s just stupid so if you can handle adds than get this game but if you cant than trust this is not a good game for you and if they change the game by making less adds or even better no adds!!! Than trust me I will write another review but with 5 stars and if they change it to no adds then IM going to vote this game the best game in 2021!!!!!.Version: 0.2.6

Really fun but to many addsI really like it but to many adds because every round it has an add and the levels are way to easy and I like that some rounds should be more challenging but overall it’s an amazing app and game but in my opinion it should have less adds and the levels should be more challenging not to be mean and this is just in my opinion sorry if I’m being mean I don’t mean to so sorry if I am I’m just telling the truth like you want me to it is a great app and game you should get it just telling you it has at lot of adds or is it just me.Version: 0.2.2

It’s OKI really enjoyed this game at first but then I found a bug that made me quite mad. If I put my arm in the cannon far enoug it won’t come out. And the same thing happen but with a button my hand went to the side of it and I pressed it from the side and it got stuck and the button didn’t even work for me. And after about 5 minutes of playing every time I hit sometime like restart or the button to start the level it gave me add. And every time I died it put an add on my screen. Not to mention that the majority of the time I got a playable add it lagged. I only recommend if your gonna keep your phone on airplane mode the whole time. Which even then you’ll still get adds probably. It’s a good game but the adds and bugs..Version: 0.2.6

Perfect Time Kill!This game is fabulous! It has so many fun levels! It also is pin-point awesome for boring, sloppy days in road trips, camping, in an airplane, etc. Even though it has a LOT of ads,(Please put less ads)it is overall a 10/10 stupendous game! Keep up the good work!.Version: 0.2.2

ADSSSSS and a one more thingOmg this game is amazing and fun but... the ADs are kinda bad so If u can fix that that would be better, and another thing is that it sometimes freezes everything but like there are ads at the bottom and there still moving so also fix that to. Other than that it’s a great game😁🤩.Version: 0.2.6

Really fun but a lot of adsReally fun I love playing it but there are a lot of the ads and to remove the ads you need to pay for 299 it is really fun but the adds there are just so many addsSo far I only lost one level and when I wanted to try again I had to watch an add and you need to watch an add if you lose level but I can’t stop getting over how many adds there are just the adds.Version: 0.2.6

Its okI think it’s ok that’s my opinion but it’s fun and games but until you like you know get to higher levels and play a lot it’s starts to get really glitchy and like I keep getting blacked out and I just bought this iPhone so I don’t know what’s going on I believe it’s the app bc every time I play it works for a lil but when a add comes up it just messes everything up so that’s what’s been happening can you maybe try to fix it pls Thank you..Version: 0.2.6

People are wrong!!!This game is awesome and it’s misunderstood. I may have been playing this game for only a couple of days, but it’s amazing! Number 1, People say that it has too many ads, well I say that it doesn’t have that many! These people may just be impatient. Number 2, People say the levels are all the same. Well I say they get harder and harder! Please don’t underestimate this game! It’s awesome and it should deserve 5 STARS!.Version: 0.2.3

A really great game but...This is a great game but there are way to many ads, after every level there is an ad and I really think you should fix that. Also the levels are really easy and they don’t get very hard even if your on a high level. And some times I die even if I did nothing to be able to die???? This is still a really great game and it’s really fun too. I’m not sending hate to this this game, there are just a few problems that I think should be fixed. <3 🙂.Version: 0.2.3

IdkI like this game so much but there is a ad every one or two rounds so I would like if you can fix that and um uh omg sorry I forgot what I wanna say let me thing what I gonna say real quick ok i think you should do it like Roblox you should put no ads cuz then everybody will want to play your game because their will be no ads but if you don’t want that you don’t have to and also the higher the levels are the more they are the same so fix that to please and I love your game it’s fun it’s like the only game I play on my iPad the most and thanks I like how you can get the skins for free but it just needs a ad I got every skin spending my time on ads but I still got all of the skins so thanks for making them free and that’s all I wanted to say even tho it’s a lot we’ll have a good time I hope your game gets more popular good luck:).Version: 0.2.3

I love it but.....I love it but TO MANY ADS it is so relaxing but the ads are NOT. it is a very good, fun, easy and simple you just simply move the arms and the legs next to the arms and stay away from the spinning blade. TO MANY ADS Plzz update it without ads but you do not have to speng money for the game without ads and you can get it for relaxing. I love it but Plzz no ads update it Plzz creater I will update it..Version: 0.2.6

Download this NOW NOW NOOOOW!! 😊😌🥺Listen, this game is great and I know you were expecting a problem but that will never happen. I just wish that play button was not there. I keep getting tricked ‘cuz I did not press the start button. So make my dream come true and download this game NOW NOW NOOOOW!!😊😌🥺 Thank you! 🙏🏼💝 Arriiii😁 how many levels are there?.Version: 0.2.6

Great game but some issuesSo this game is great but there two issues. All games have issues, so it’s not this its the worst game in the world. Issue 1: The camera moves a lot when you move. It’s kinda annoying. Issue 2: On level 69 (this isn’t a joke😂) on the left wall, your hand gets stuck and it’s REALLY annoying. Overall this game is great..Version: 0.2.7

Awesome! One thing thoThis app is amazing! Butttt there are ads constantly coming at you. Like when you pass a level or lose. Honestly, I don’t think it’s fair we have to pay MONEY to remove ads, in my opinion, but you may think differently. I’m just annoyed with all the ads coming up. Also since there the apps I already have so, yeah. That’s all! But over all it’s a great game..Version: 0.2.5

I gotta quit downloading games seen in adsThis game might be fun. But, I decided to take my time on the first two levels and find a less obvious solution. It was the beginning of a fun game. However, within the first 2-3 levels, I had spent more time watching ads than playing the game. I’ll give it 2 starts instead of 1 because I can apparently pay $3 for the game if I don’t want to watch all of the ads. But, honestly, I’m so tired of ads by the 3rd level, I don’t even know if the game will be as fun as I had hoped or not..Version: 0.2.6

Amazing.This is so entertaining. I’ve been playing for a few minutes and I’m already hooked! The adds are honestly ok. It’s normal now. This is so fun! I like breaking him- I mean I like seeing him pass and happy! Anyways, this gets 5 stars I’ve already expanded my answer thank you for creating this masterpiece. -player..Version: 0.2.6

These stretch guys are super funny XDI think the stretch guys are so funny when they stretch, but the problem is that everytime i fail a level i try again but then theres a ad! And also when i succed a level after that, another ad! So i think the creators shouldve put all those ads!.Version: 0.2.5

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SimpUr a simp.Version: 0.1.5

Great game !!!🥳To be honest I just downloaded this game right now and I am obsessed. First of all, I just can’t with the faces 🥺✨ it is so cute but mostly funny 😂 😂 Second of all , this is extremely fun and also entertaining and easy and enjoyable also lots of other things 🎊🤪🎆!!! Last of all, I highly like 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻HIGHLY recommend this game😍😂 Therefore I recommend for every person that sees the adds for this game download it immediately!!!🥳🎆🎊✨😘😍😻🥺🤣😎💕❤️ Thank you for reading 📖 🥳🎊.Version: 0.2.5

Too many ads! 5 seconds game time, 20 seconds of ads EVERY timeGot sick of the ads before I could give the game a real go. Shame..Version: 0.2.6

Good gameThis is my absolute favourite game ever. The characters are so cute and it is super duper fun, I love playing it..Version: 0.2.3

Okay?I guess it’s okay there’s a bit of adds every time you die but it’s pretty good the stretchy man is cute and you have to try and get his head in the Face that is smiling but it can be a bit weird and there’s lots of ads are but it’s okay I guess so you should get it or but there’s a lot of words just saying in case you don’t like that bye-bye.Version: 0.2.5

Game is pogVery Pog.Version: 0.2.4

Best game everThere is no ads I wanna take it to school.Version: 0.2.4

Goood gameI mean this game is good I play it all the time and the ads aren’t that bad just get it and you won’t regret it. I got it last week and I play it everyday for about 10 minutes straight it is soooo fun, I’m glad I got the game..Version: 0.2.6

Amazing!It is a really fun /funny app do recommend 😄👍🏻.Version: 0.2.6

Great gameBest quality is stretch man love him and his silly little face i want him on a christmas card :).Version: 0.2.4


OkayStretch guy is a good game but there is ALOT of ads.Version: 0.2.6

Awesome GameThis game is good. I think it’s good because there’s a lot of complaints about ads, but if you just turn ur internet or wifi off it’s no problem. Kids can enjoy this game very much Thank You so much creators of this game, you have mad me very happy from making this amazing game.Version: 0.2.6

The bestI like the faces he makes and I like how stretchy he is this game is the best game everrrrrr.Version: 0.1.5

Great gameI love this game I see a lot of people complaining about ads when there’s not that many it’s funny to see all the faces five stars ⭐️.Version: 0.2.4

Amazing game just..So I just got this game and I think it can have a little less adds and I know that they need adds to make money but I think they can take like a few add away so others can enjoy the game.Version: 0.2.5

Good gameGOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 0.2.6

Awesome game app and fun!I think this is a fun and challenging game..Version: 0.2.6

Best game EvaI think my stress is just getting me no where and I play this super fun game I wish there were more stars so I can give it a higher rate.Version: 0.2.5

“_”When I got to level 4 I didn’t know how to press the lever And it dosent say how to So I’m stuck.Version: 0.2.4

EpicI love it when stretchy guy stretches.Version: 0.2.5

Took moneyOriginal this game was good but there is loads of adds and when I tried to press cross on when it instantly went to would you like to remove all adds for $5. And I try do get out of the game by using the circle button but it took my finger print and now I have spent $5 on a bad game..Version: 0.2.2

DarnToo many levels that start with a necessary switch already on..Version: 0.2.3

IncredibleI’ve been playing this game for a week but IM IN LOVE! - Funny - Weirdly i haven’t been getting much ads - Calming.Version: 0.2.3

Hilarious 😂This app is stress free and funny I love it such a good idea and his face when he’s about to pop hilarious. Just maybe fewer ads..Version: 0.2.5

Amazing and perfectI just started and really there was no problem. But I did experience a glitch pretty early on. One of the arms got stuck in the wall and I had to restart. Other than that I find the game wonderful.Version: 0.2.6

Your game badThere are too many adds.Version: 0.2.6

Great game could be better thoOne idea is to add avtars ths boring man iz well borinv how abouf a female avatar too🥰😍🥰😍.Version: 0.2.6

Cash grabThis game is nothing but a cash grab, every. Single. Level you complete gives you an ad, every time you die, ad, even at random times when your in the middle of the game, ad. Unskippable ads. Pops up with in app purchases even if not prompted. I would love to give this 0 stars but that’s unfortunately not an option..Version: 0.2.4

Fun!It is fun but there are too many ads.Version: 0.2.4

I love this gameThank you for making this game you are a genius well done I think that this game is great keep up the good effort to make games and you really are a champ.Version: 0.2.6

AMAZING 🤣It’s so funny me an my lil sis love this game it’s the best 100000’0000000 ads omg but great game.Version: 0.2.6

BruhToo many ads.Version: 0.2.0

Stretch guyGuys this game is awesome! And so much fun!!! Iplay this like a thousand times!bye guys!.Version: 0.2.6

Fun, funny and calming (aka awesome)There is nothing wrong with this game, usually I get annoyed with adds but every game has lots of adds so I love this game. I love the funny faces and whenever I’m stressed or annoying I just play this game and it calms me down STRATE away. So I would highly recommend this game..Version: 0.2.5

CalmingWhen ever I’m stressed I play this and it calms me right down.Version: 0.1.5

🤩I haven’t even Play this game and I’m still rAting it.Version: 0.2.5

Why can’t I download itI’m so angry.Version: 0.1.7

Okay I guess?-nice and cool -so stretchy -pretty annoying when adds come but it’s ok I guess.Version: 0.2.6

Simp is a simpNo your a simp.Version: 0.1.7

Stretch Guy (Version: 0.2.7) App Screenshots
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Stretch Guy
Yso Corp
Strategy, Puzzle
133.792.768 BYTES
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Stretch Guy 0.2.7 Update

Version 0.2.7 (2021-02-23): Add more levels.

Version 0.2.6 (2021-01-06): Add more levels.

Version 0.2.4 (2020-12-20): Add more levels.

Version 0.2.3 (2020-11-30): Add more levels.

Version 0.1.5 (2020-10-31): Add more levels.