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This game is easy: you just have to guess what people think of first.
What makes a lot of noise? A rock band? A baby? A race car?
Give the most popular answer to gather as many audience members behind you as you can. But be faster than your opponent if you want to win bragging rights.

Download it now to enjoy hundreds of funny questions.

Guess Their Answer App User Reviews & Comments

Few problems but greatMy first problem is that they repeat 🔁 questions so you know the answers to them and sometimes they do mix up the questions but then they just go back to the old questions. Second problem for some of the cool skins you have to watch an ad which is really annoying because if you have the money to buy a it that you’re playing off-line you can’t watch the ad. But are usually play till 10:00 p.m 🕙 because this game is so addicting but I’ve been competing in the world 🌎 finales over and over again because once you finish it once it just keeps on going so can you make like a galaxy or universe competition thanks 🙏🏻. But I love the game. One other thing is there’s always those two people just left behind and you can never get them which is so annoying..Version: 1.32

Good game, you should downloadI wanted to write this review because many people say there are a lot of adds. Well of course there will be adds. How do you think they make money out of these games? I wouldn’t fix anything but Biden being 30 points on name 6 different US presidents. But I saw someone already make a complaint on it. Back on the add thing. People who make games like this would of made it 1 or 2 dollars, but they use adds. Which I think is perfectly fine. So you should be grateful it’s adds and not spending money. Sure adds make me mad too, I have probably written a complaint on it too, so this is also a message to me. Btw people who write the add complaints, I do not mean to hurt feelings, sometimes I write add complaints too but this is a message to me know aswell.Version: 1.23

INFO STEALERI was always on this game until when I exited out of the game one day I noticed that there was a tracking arrow in the corner of my screen!!! I had all locations turned I honestly think that these people were tracking me! Once I deleted the game, I haven’t been having the arrow in the corner of my screen pop up anymore. Also this game always has you watching ads, and is really stupid. It always says that someone already has buzzed in the answer in a completely different round. I am just stating facts from what had happened to me while I had the app. This is in no way meant to be rude to the creators, but I am pretty sure that they were tracking me..Version: 1.32

I recommend to delete this app!At first o was fine and cool with the game and Winning all the time (cause I like to win) then it got a little weird and said my city and I was creeped out because it never asked for my location. Also this app has ads every round it’s so annoying. It’s like 5 to 10 secs but still annoying Sorry but I recommend to delete this app for it not to take your location. 🧍🏽‍♀️.Version: 1.23

Good game but creeping😲So I was just playing the game and I saw these two other girls saying that it was a fun game but it show the low like city and she said it wasn’t a popular city that she lived in and that happened to me I don’t live in the city but it showed where where I am and I told my mom about it and she was like it’s because they are tracking your location that’s why so beware and make sure to turn off your location for the game OK I warned you😟.Version: 1.23

Fun!This app is cool, some things are annoying but it is just me so ya. One thing is tht you can not pick your color you whant to be. Somthing els is sone questions are hard and I don’t know them so at the beginning at the game when you first go into it thay should of said what things you are good at or like lets say it would say for opinions like dogs cats food earth and you would pick how many things you whant to pick. And it givsbyou questions of what you picked. And that is it. You should try this app!!.Version: 1.25

It is was great at first.....I loved the game when I first got it! I was nice to play and see what I should have put. But then right when I was gonna win a add popped up. It was all black and I sat there for 2 min. I looked for an X and there was none. 😩 I got out of the game and I had to start all over again. And another thing it kept repeating the topics again and again. It got boring. So it was awesome at first but then in was not..Version: 1.32

♡︎♥︎Love this❣︎♡︎♥︎Hi! So if you are thinking about getting this game i would recommend it! It is one of the best games i have! You will challange yourself to see what you know! I love this it also is a great game to compete against people! I’m on the Finals right now. Only thing is I wish every time you get to a new stage like I’m in finals I think we should get a new skill or a hint! That’s I have if you read this I am really obsessed because I play it all the time! Bye bye! シ ♥︎♡︎♥︎♡︎♥︎♡︎.Version: 1.23

DANGEROUS‼️⚠️TAKES YOUR LOCATION WITHOUT PERMISSION!!It has your location without asking for permission or anything. At first when it said my location I thought it was a little weird but thought maybe it could be a coincidence. I Then after that time it gave a more accurate location so I went into settings to see if I could turn location off but the app doesn’t even show up in settings so that’s when I came and looked at other reviews to see if other people had the same experience and when I saw that they did I immediately deleted this app. It may be a fun game but the fact it takes your location without permission is dangerous and scary. For your own safety I don’t recommend downloading this game at all. Please stay safe..Version: 1.23

Fun game, deleted for the ads & million tournamentsThe UX in this game is terrible. Ads every screen and a forced computer/tutorial tournament that never ends and users can’t close out of? No one is going to keep that when they can download one of the other thousand games that serve the same purpose and actually let the user do what they want to on the app. The location tracking without an explicit disclaimer is also a huge violation. It’s clear this game paid big bucks to get promoted in the App Store when it only has ~150 total reviews. Clearly a churned out spam game just like all the others you see in crappy in-app ads..Version: 1.21

It ok but FUNIt only ok because u win EVEYSINGLE TIME there is no challenge to this game so be carful with that and they ask some questions over and over and it get annoying Also u play with robots not real people spans now to the pros it’s super fun the questions are fun to awnserAnd sometimes challenging but I also like how are you doing challenges with more than one robot And it’s fun to see you winEven though you win every timeIt’s still fun so I would download the game byeee.Version: 1.21

THEY ARE TRACKING YOU!!!THEY HAVE YOUR LOCATION!!! I downloaded the app played my first game and went to the tournament thing. I found it extremely creepy that they knew my location and DID NOT ASK!! I usually NEVER share my location with games because unless it’s something like Pokémon Go it shouldn’t need it. Also you are just playing a computer and there is no challenge to the game. Will definitely be deleted due to the location tracking thing. They didn’t ask at all, just showed the name of my town and it freaked me out..Version: 1.23

Worst game ever and kinda creepy!Do not download! If you download it automatically knows where your location is and that’s creepy to me because they shouldn’t know! Don’t download this unless you want to get kidnapped! Also created of this game if you want people to play this at least ask first if they want their location shared so stop being creepy! DONT DOWNLOAD! 😡.Version: 1.41

This game is not goodOk so the reason I say this game is not good is because 1. Whenever I do a round usually it will say something like what would you find on a knife from this or that movie but not everyone watch’s everything or it will say what are popular ice cream brands but do they really think anyone knows that also they have so many typos which is not that hard to notice or distract you also the time goes by way to fast you cannot answer really hard questions in 20 seconds I don’t recommended getting this game unless they fix everything on this game I’m so unsatisfied about this game and to think I just gave this game a download.Version: 1.23

It’s AlrightPros: the game is fun cause you keep working upward in tournaments and it doesn’t make you start over. I’m not too sure how I feel about only having to answer 6 times for the round to be over. Cons: it’s kinda weird how it has my location, I’ve answered all the questions already and I feel like I’m just playing the computer over and over. Every time there is a repeat question, the opponent always guesses the same thing that the last opponent answers from the last time it asked that question and they answer super super slow. I don’t want to feel like I’m playing a computer in this type of game..Version: 1.21

I love it 🥰 .If you love playing trivia then this is for you it’s 3 rounds in the game and you can double and triple the points and it’s a lot of people to play with , I am not sure if it’s really people your playing with or bots but either way it goes this app rocks 💕 . I recommend playing I just got it today and been playing ever since get it , play it , enjoy it 😀!.Version: 1.23

Like the game but 2 problemsI like the game but there are 2 problems when I got the question name six presidents why was joe Biden 30 points I get that he is new president I I’m glad you updated your game but I think Biden should only be worth 15 points instead of 30 and my other problem is that when you lose in the tournament you have to revive yourself and watch a ad I’d rather just start a new tournament than start a new one that I lost other than that I love the game but change up some of the questions.Version: 1.21

So many problems it’s awfulIt’s awful the app is awful! There are so many problems One. The game glitches like CRAZY! Two. There are so many adds you just get annoyed and sense the game is glitchy the adds always freeze and it just wastes your time Three. Out of a bunch of adds I’ve seen very interesting inappropriate adds and some young kids are playing Four. When I was watching an add for this app it seemed appropriate, witch it is but the adds are not. Anyways back to my point, I saw no adds, and no adds freezing all up and the game seemed so much fun so when I downloaded the game and played a round. Well…the time is very short and it hurts your brain. Also when you finish the game who ever wins has to press this button and there are very unnecessary stupid picks to knock this person out. Point: There are so many weird things in this game and I don’t see any reason 4 u to get this game.Version: 1.25

THIS GAME STEALS YOUR PERSONAL INFO.Annoying Stuff-There is lots of adds. After every question. I don’t like how you get to dance over your opponent when you win it’s kinda mean. And you always win to the point we’re you don’t want to. And why is there multiple ways to punish your opponent for losing isn’t dancing over them enough?! In my opinion this game Is mean. Creepy Things-Its bad because I live in queens and without even asking for my location it put me in a queens competition. And one time i went to Brooklyn and it put me in as Brooklyn. And the same with any other time I open the app. It is also never even said that it knew my location. And it has a privacy policy that I read when it kept knowing my location and it never said anything about stealing anything from your device. Terrible Things-Now I know I’m 100 percent deleting it some how the game went in to my contacts and pulled up my email and started to send me notifications all the time. And the last notification that I got said is your friend rose is not there with you so come play some more. And my friend rose was in my contacts. TERRIBLE GAME DONT DOWNLOAD..Version: 1.25

Love it💘🤞🏻Omg this game is the best if your having problems it’s just your phone!.. because this game I’ve never had a issue with it it’s just awesome yes maybe there’s a couple ads here and there but I love the game. Just skip the ads it’s so simple! And I love how when you best everyone you get victory from all! I just love this game it’s absolutely awesome and it’s so entertaining. I can play it all day. By the way developer please respond I love your game so so so much!.Version: 1.23

Absolutely HorribleFirst of all, the app gains knowledge of your location without the user giving permission to access that sensitive information. I find this to be incredibly creepy and dangerous considering who knows what else they helped themselves to without being given permission. Second, there are way too many ads to make for an enjoyable experience. I understand the app developers need money in order to continue creating games, but it’s a bit excessive. Third, obvious AI. It’s not even that much of a challenge considering there is no option to play with actual people. The questions are also repeated constantly and makes for an overall terrible experience. TLDR: App has your location, excessive ads, AI difficulty is easy, repetitive questions, no competition against actual people. Overall, terrible game..Version: 1.24

Poorly designed game to get you to watch adsThe game seems fun at first, however the rounds are way too easy. Like other people have stated, it’s strange how they have your location without asking for permission. Whenever there is a repeat question, the computer answers the same response every time. It feels like you spend more time watching advertisements than playing the actual game. It just seems like this is a big ploy to get you to watch ads, earning the company money, while playing a very lackluster game. Would be more fun if you could customize your character, chose different subject topics, and most importantly, play against a real person (or at least a computer that isn’t obvious that you are playing against a low level computer).Version: 1.23

Fake multiplayer platformAnother player has already explained this thoroughly, so I’ll keep this short. This game has obvious so and you cannot play with real players. Furthermore, the game freely chooses to access information about you and your location regardless of permission. Last but not least, it’s repetitive and boring plus it keeps on giving 30 second adds after every “online” tournaments. I highly recommend you stay out of this mess. Go play cooking fever or something else but stay out of this pile of horse crap..Version: 1.31

Fun!I’m really enjoying this game. It’s loads of fun! I wish we could choose our player’s color though. Pink, purple, yellow, green, etc... Would be nice to have a choice. I love being able to have a consequence to your partner at the end of the game! So funny! But lately, the ad at the end of the game pops up so quickly that you don’t get to see the consequence you got! Were they hit by a wrecking ball? Taken up by a tornado? Dumped with ice water? Is something wrong with your calculations? Or my phone?? I have an XR iPhone. Just Wondering, djm.Version: 1.23

AWFUL APP DO NOT GET! CARE MORE ABOUT AD MONEY THAN GAME QUALITYI have no idea how this app has such good reviews some of them look like bots or maybe paid. This app starts off as a really fun concept but you quickly realize it’s not what it seems. Each game starts with 16 players paired up and then gets narrowed down til there’s only 2 left. Each person you play against consists of three rounds. An ad plays between EVERY one of these rounds. So considering 4 opponents, 3 rounds each, that’s at least 12 ads per game which makes them quite long. You’re also not playing against real people even though they make it seem like you are, at least before you start paying attention. Questions start repeating pretty quickly and when they do, your robot opponent guesses the same answers every time. Don’t waste your time downloading this app it’s a waste of your time. They’re just trying to make money off you watching ads 💸💸💸.Version: 1.32

Super fun but needs some updatesFirst of all when I first got this game it was so fun! I kept on winning and then feeling good about myslef! But... there is one thing that gets REALLY annoying I just finish an add at the end of the round and my screen goes PURE black like my phone died or something then I have to reset my game and do it all over again another 15 minutes! Please fix this other then that it’s fun and you should download it!.Version: 1.23

This game is great! But something NEEDS to be addressed...Okay! So, I really like this game, it’s fun and time consuming! So I’ve been playing for a while and it was really great! Until I saw something very inappropriate... I was in a match with someone and the question was, what are some things guests do at weddings? I answered “dress up” but instead of dress up it said something not kid appropriate... I don’t want to comment but it said something that adults do when they try to make a living thing............ 😳.Version: 1.23

Two problems but really goodSo the game is great and all but why so many ads!? Ever single time I play it ever single time their HAS to be an ad. I mean I get if it’s free you have to have ads but why one ads ever single time theirs a new level? And then the next problem, I don’t know if it’s just my iPad but it’s so laggy. Like I had to check my network just to make sure I had internet on. But if any developer sees that can you please had ads like only maybe three or four levels. But overall this game is REALLY FUN. And if you have good internet you will really like this game, I like the game because you can see what other people like and you can get your “ town qualifiered” and it’s just really fun so I hope you can get it..Version: 1.32

I LOVE THIS APP!!! ❤️🥰So one day I was looking through my sister’s phone (yeah I know that it’s mean) anyways I saw this game and I thought hmmmmm I guess I could give this game a try, so I play a couple rounds and I’m like OMG 😱 this is SO fun!!!!! So I downloaded it and I play it every day on the way to school!!! And the best thing is… IT DOES NOT NEED INTERNET!!!!!! Ok thx for taking time to read this I hope that this helps you and I really recommend this game!!!!! ❤️🤗.Version: 1.41

Highly Recommended.Amazing game, very fun and entertaining. Very, very few ads and can play when there is no cell service. The questions can get a little tricky, giving some competition. I’ve had it for 2 weeks, probably will keep it for a while. The game is a very cool replication of the TV show “Family Feud”. Amazing game overall, highly recommended..Version: 1.28

Good Concept, but too many ads and is creepyWhy does this have my location? This is creepy and weird. You could be coming to my city right now for all I know. Also, after every round there’s an ad. It’s really annoying. I hope a copy of this game gets released and it has less ads and it does NOT track your location. I like the concept, though. Even though I always win. Maybe make it so you actually play against real people that weren’t dropped down a mountain as a baby. These “people” that I go against are idiots. Mora, of the story, stop making ads with “dynamite” by BTS in the background to make more people want your dumb game..Version: 1.32

We need to talk...I rate this game an four because THERE ARE SO MANY ADDS. It feels like every single second there is an add and I get so frustrated and annoyed at that. Like I love the game and we can actually play with real people and not bots. And some of the questions I do not know how to answer or I have never seen before, so my suggestion is that you should put questions in the like these.... What is a popular color Name people in random movies ( like name people you know and like what movie they are from if you did no know what I meant) Sprinkles or just icing on your donut? Those are the kind of thing you should put in the, personally I think there is really nothing wrong but there are things to fix. Thank you for reading this and stay safe and stay home..Version: 1.21

APPLE, help us! THIS APP IS TRACKING EVERYONEFirst of all, there were no permissions asking to know my exact location (city, county, state), yet it is apparently tracking exact location! Very scary!!! Very concerned for children especially! Secondly, the game is too easy. I won every game I played. Why not have actual human survey answers? Maybe they are, and it’s not a computer? Either way, too bad it’s not competitive with real people. And stop stalking every person who downloads it! Creeps! Highly sus!.Version: 1.23

Ok not badHi I have suggestions questions and complements Ok let’s start with suggestions. I win all the time It’s not fun anymore so can u add an online or offline choice or u can also make the lvls harder And harder as u go? 2: can we have a boss lvl Where it is hard plz this is a suggestion so if u Can’t add it I’m 100% ok with that😁 now this is Questions: is this online that’s all I had😅😂🤣 Complements: I love the game but there’s a lot Of ads and the ad that shows that the guy who Poors into lava we’ll…I was expecting to only have That and the ads didn’t show about it speeds that Fast and pick so can u add that in ur ad bc I’m not Sure about that if people think it innopropriate I’m So sorry I’m not sure if I spelled it right lol. Also I love how u have a score rank can u by any chance add a question of a item famous person, And shop I haven’t event played this for a day so Idk if there’s something like that hmmmmmmm… Ok this is all I had i love this game so far keep the GOOD GOOD GOOD work up👍🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻🤞🏻👏🏻 👩🏻‍🔬 Made by a girl who loves science👨🏻‍🔬.Version: 1.23

I LOVE THIS BUTI love this game it is like a school thinking game but also it is REALLY fun so you should get it but I wish there were more questions because the questions there are I have been playing this game for like a month and I have done all of these questions so I keep doing the same questions but other than that this game is perfect.Version: 1.28

Not fair and do not downloadThis game is not fair one reason is after three rounds you or the other person gets to eliminate the other person and do something with a buzzer and it is all in fair. Another reason is it steals your location and information and if you ever want that to happen you don’t. And if you want to play it for it do get confused and not steal anything thing from you, type a fake name and it will not steal anything. And please listen to this review it will save everything and just to let you know again this is unfair but if you want to download this game it is your choice..Version: 1.28

Something creepy...😟Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game and its really addictive and there aren’t many adds or glitches, but there’s something that really me freaked out. IT KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!!! It’ll say guess the most common answers in your home town, and then it will say your home town!!!!!!! Also, at the end a level if you win, it gives you an invitation to a contest that’s always near where you live! There haven’t been any times where someone actually came to your house or anything, but it’s still super creepy..Version: 1.25

YassssThis is one ☝️ of the best games I’ve ever played but I think 🤔 there are a little to many ads because like 👍 every two rounds there’s a stupid ad and there why to long they last like 👍 forty~five minutes. But other than the ads this game is super fun 🤩 I play it like 👍 every day a least twenty times a day!!!! THIS GAME IS SO FUN 🤩 I RECOMMEND GETTING THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.23

7/10Ok first off I going to start with the positive it a really challenging game and really fun and entertaining. Ok now the negative so after like some level it reseted back to the beginning like it had the same questions and the person against same thing they said when I began I wish the could’ve made a least 20 or 30 more levels you now Other than that it great game By poodlegamer🐩.Version: 1.23

Its OK I think it could be betterGOOD PART: 1:fun BADPART: you cannot change your color and every time you loose you never see the same people if they are nice or not and the winner of the game chooses the punishment and sometimes the punishment your partner chooses they get so oo overboard that they choose the most aggressive choice of punishment so i think the creators of this certain game of theirs shall be shut down till they find all the mean people and ban them from the game and change the style thanks-haeper fythee.Version: 1.25

This game is not smartI read the reviews before I got the game and I said it can’t be that bad can it? A lot of people said it was creepy and it can find your location but I don’t think so because it said I lived in Wilmington but I am not in Wilmington I live an hour away from there so I’m not sure if everyone who plays this game lives in Wilmington LOL but I suggest NOT to play!!! because no matter what you do there are ads all the time and you can’t get rid of them even if you press the airplane mode button or turn off the Wi-Fi they won’t go away and they make the game no fun at all.Version: 1.25

GreatThis is a great game of course with any of these free apps comes lots of adds but in this games there are no things you can’t do unless you pay you can do everything well there isn’t a lot to do but it’s fun 🤪🤪😃 I suggest getting it just people I know you need to make money for free games but just sooo many adds.Version: 1.28

More topics and question pleaseEnjoyable until questions are repeated. Surely there’s a way to add topics and questions so that play doesn’t get boring. How do we know players aren’t writing down the best answers to use when the question comes up again? Let’s see questions about history or geography. Trivia questions are more than just current trends and Kardashians and Game of Thrones! I might not be the only senior citizen who is playing, so don’t limit questions to accommodate only the young! This could be a fun teaching tool. Just needs variety. Thanks..Version: 1.28

Love itIt is a great game! There is barely any adds or any glitches! You actually get to type in what you want to say. It is very exciting when you win! The one thing I don’t like, is that when you or you opponent loses, you get thrown into a pot of lava or you get hit by a ball and chain that is 1 ton. There’s no blood, but I think it is a little unfair. And sometimes, at the end of a round, the person is standing above them wearing a crown. It kinda makes you sad when you lose. But otherwise, the game is great! Thank you for reading this!.Version: 1.23

Download this Right NOwThis game is so much fun! I been keep winning and it’s so fun! Dow also this game!!!! You get to vs people and bots go in ur spots. If u win u get to pick what u do to the other person! You should have fun! I play this game with my brothers! We play for hours! Even when we go to bed we have our phones and play all day! I hope u get this app!.Version: 1.23

AwesomeThis game is real fun but there’s to many ads. Every time I finish a match an ad appears. It’s constant. I would have deleted this game if it wasn’t for the brain testing part. I personally love brain games and have a whole folder of them on my iPad. Yes this is on a phone. I will change my rate to a five star and add another review when there isn’t so many ads. Thank you for reading!!.Version: 1.28

Fun but a couple problemsThis app is such a fun app and it s fun to play but there are a couple things that could be better. Or be fixed. First I would like to say there are so many adds and it gets really annoying. So the adds can be annoying and sometimes I get sick of playing this game bc the adds or so annoying. The last thing is you only win. I have been playing this game for a couple months and the only time I lost was when I tried to. And that was once. So it is not much of a challenge when you always win. Overall this is a fun game but there needs to be a few changes..Version: 1.23

Could Give a “Thanks for Trying!” Prize.Good game, sharpens your brain a bit... but tournaments don’t seem fair. So I won my first game ever and got entered in a tournament. (yes, no choice if you wanna go in or not) So, I joined. 16 people, pretty crazy. I got past everyone except the final person. (yes spoiler) So I won the first round but not the second. Onto the final round. I won that round but the winner got more points (cuz of the second round, that was for NBA players) So I lost. It just said that I was eliminated. No prize at all. I sold all my knowledge about the stuff and I lost. I tried my best and still lost. (i’m not mad, just disappointed in myself) Here’s a suggestion: If you make it to the top two and you lose, you get 300 bucks (in-game). So yeah, hope you add that in, thanks..Version: 1.28

Some Holes in the OperationThis game is great when you first start, but once you get started you'll find some things that are a little off. First of all, after a while the topics will start to repeat and this is annoying because who wants the same topics over and over game. You should definitely add some more. 2nd, I had the topic "Something kids take to the park." Immediately biked popped into mind so I put "bikes" in the enter box and it didn't except it. After the round was over and it shows you the answers one of the answers that neither player got was "bicycles". I got kind of upset because Iost the round because of this, and this is not the only time this has happened to me. Please fix this and make the answers have multiple names that you can call it so it won't happen again..Version: 1.25

Think twice before downloading!Ok so I first got this game and thought it was fun but after a while I started to notice the topics were weird like what makes a magician disappear and one of the answers was rabbit??? I think it meant what helps a magician do tricks but that’s not all and now I’m getting to the creepy part THEY STEAL YOUR LOCATION WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION! See don’t get me wrong it is a kinda a fun game but when y’all just take where I live without asking that’s a lil creepy and that’s not all THEY ALSO STEAL YOUR DATA! You don’t have to listen but I’m just tryna tell ya don’t download this horrible game!.Version: 1.32

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Ads every roundThere are ads after every round which makes this game not flow and is just ridiculous. Played once and then deleted. Don’t waste your time. Why is every game like this now?! Someone make a decent app please!.Version: 1.25

TerribleIt gets to the point where I am wondering what the question even is like if you find it easy play for another day then it’s boring.Version: 1.28

I hopeIt better be good or I will delete it.Version: 1.28

Cool game bruhAll the others that are bad PFFTTTTT don’t listen to them this is is is is is 😱😱😱😱GREATTTT this is the best turn off your wifi and play so no more adds idiots cmon you know better but what I’m trying to say is this is epic K E E P I T U P.Version: 1.31

AWESOMEI LOVE THIS GAME IOO% GET Question tho- Are we versing real people??. That’s all for me.Version: 1.32

Hi there I can have a meeting with you tomorrowCool game.Version: 1.28

The worst game ever!You developers are soo dumb! There are soo many things that you missed. E.g Hockey isn’t a sport? You don’t play with a pet when your alone? You don’t game when your alone? You guys are kinda stupid.Version: 1.41

Addicted!Was looking for something fun to play and I found it 😍😍😍 I hope there is more progression as I continue..Version: 1.32

AddictiveReally fun game. Lots of ads put what game is advertising free. 😎.Version: 1.25

AdsThis game is really fun but there’s lots of ads.Version: 1.32

NoIt’s fun to play offline but I am now raging. YOU THINK DANCING ISNT A SPORT HUH? Same with Soccer. And also maybe you would make more money if you didn’t advertise and people would play this more! Bad game..Version: 1.28

Good but ads...The game is incredibly fun, one of my fav games but after every round there is a 30 second ad that I can’t skip. And you don’t even need to try in this game, on my first bad I got 496 and hey got 36 after normal, double, and triple points. #REMOVETHEADS.Version: 1.32

How do I continueHOW DO I CONTINUE AFTER THE FIRST ROUND???????????.Version: 1.41

Not the bestThe ELIMINATION should be eliminated. It is SO, SO ANNOYING!!!.Version: 1.25

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Guess Their Answer
Family, Trivia, Lifestyle
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Guess Their Answer 1.41 Update

Version 1.41 (2021-02-27): Bug fix.

Version 1.32 (2021-02-11): Bug fix.

Version 1.28 (2021-02-05): Bug fix.

Version 1.25 (2021-01-29): Bug fix.

Version 1.21 (2021-01-21): Bug fix.