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Real Haircut Salon 3D App Download

Ready for some Real Hair-cutting Experience ?

Try to match your clients' desired haircut in this real life Barber Shop and Salon feeling!
Clients and special clients are waiting for you! They want you to give them a perfect look!

Improve your Salon, Trimmers, Scissors and more for an amazing customer experience.

Enjoy and take out the barber inside you !

Real Haircut Salon 3D App User Reviews & Comments

It’s ok 😐First it’s too many ads then when I got to this one part/level a pimple popping part they showed me the first time then the time when I had to do it on my own it wouldn’t work.Version: 1.20

What a piece of sh**The game is far from real. The cuts are preset, and the tools are not smooth at all. What a waste of time.Version: 1.28

CrashesI have tried playing this game for the last hour. It has crashed on me 20 or 30 times. Such a shame..Version: 1.20

Nice!!Cool app it’s very realistic little scary realistic I was enjoying it until all the ads. I do recommend it fun game it’s addicting..Version: 1.22

Good gameThere is multiple problems first there is to many adds and second it glitches everytime it freezes and then it doesn’t so developer please fix the add problems and the freezes problem overall it is a good game and one more thing when I trie to get something with an add it says there is no more ads and when I’m done with a level there is a add so developer can you fix all those problems..Version: 1.28

😒I don’t like it. Its really laggy I thought it was my battery but I saw it’s a 100%. And on some stages it doesn’t cut some of the hair or I can’t pick up the razor. And THE ADD’S! Every single level u play it’s easy so u Finnish quick, but then u have to watch 60 seconds of adds, I just think it’s a bad game I mean download it if u want I feel like a rly bad game sry- 👎🏼🗑😒.Version: 1.22

2 starsThe tools do not cat what needs to be cut it leaves a lot left needs to be fixed.Version: 1.20

AdsIt’s a good game it’s just so boring cus after each cut there’s a 39 second ad so it’s not enjoyable.Version: 1.28

BugI downloaded the game but I am going to delete it because it gave my phone a bug 🤦🏽‍♂️.Version: 1.20

Stupid!Crappy graphics, no goal, but deleted mainly because every single button you push takes you to another ad! 😡.Version: 1.22

😉👍Pretty good app so far, and I want to give it 5 stars, but I have two things that need to be changed. One, if I mess it up, it automatically fixed it, but they give me a bad rating. Two, I get the same people several times in a row. I like doing people up, but I hate doing the same things twice. Please limit the inappropriate ads. Your age rating says 4+ so children play this. The game itself is not inappropriate but some of these advertisements are crass. Please aware of your audience and the ads you allow or change your age rating..Version: 1.27

HorribleGreat at advertising, poor at gameplay.Version: 1.25

BadWhenever the razor comes on screen everything go black.Version: 1.20

Hair cut gameGame is good but freezes every time 🤦🏽how u supposed to play wen it freezes and I got an iPhone 😒.Version: 1.28

Wow bad worse than pixel👎👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️I give this game a zero because I delete the game download it again I have to restart the hole game this games is bad two the hame is disturbing three it is low coulaty I play games that have better quality.Version: 1.27

BestIt is the best game I’ve ever played before hahaha you can get it free.Version: 1.23

Really badThis game is so bad the buzzer go’s where it wants it turns when your cutting the hair coloring is so off doesn’t take for the places your spray it this game shouldn’t be able to download wow.Version: 1.28

Nice game but...I like this game but after every haircut there’s an ad and it isn’t fun anymore.Version: 1.24

Forced ReviewsThis game is horrible. It asked me to rate it in the app and I went to give them one star and it went up to three stars when I didn’t touch it at all..Version: 1.24

Love it off courseMy mommy always was nice to me and allowed me to have kids over to play games on the television screen. I wish it was this off of the game on it! That off of this gam and of the is the best ever!!.Version: 1.20

Great gameLove the game, i think u guys should add some features like being able to brush their hair and make the girls look pretty:) and sometimes the cutting isn’t very accurate and i accidentally cut where i didn’t mean to and i can’t fix it lol :) but overall great game.Version: 1.25

Pitch blackSo every time I try to cut hair it just keeps doing that and I can only see the thing that you can cut with so that’s the reason why I deleted this game again it’s because when I try to cut it doesn’t work.Version: 1.20

It’s so fun and it’s so so much funThis game is fun to play you guys are the best.Version: 1.20

Please don’t get this gameThis game is terrible because, I will get on the loading screen and it will crash. Please DON’T get this game. It is a waste of your time and mine.Version: 1.17

Fun but laggyIt started out really fun and i got everything rebuilt and was making a lot of money and now that i’m almost too 100k it won’t even let me play the game it just goes to the home screen and i can’t do anything.Version: 1.27

Pls take them awayTake the ad away for free bet the game will be way better.Version: 1.24

OkayThis game is Good but the ads are really annoying like every time you finish cleaning I hear an ad pops up 😐.Version: 1.24

This gameI have it a five star Becuase it’s so cool and you can learn many things.Version: 1.24

Save yourselfSave yourself some time to do more productive things than this. The game is terrible and you can’t mess up. The game makes u do it right on purpose..Version: 1.14

Extremely UpsetI was loving the game and got sooo far i even bought the no adds . then it froze and for days it wouldn’t unfreeze . so i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and lost everything including the “No Adds Purchase” poorly created . Why have a restore button that doesn’t even work . smh..Version: 1.27

I love this game and it’s so fun and I can’t stop playing it bc i love it 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑And yep I love you.Version: 1.23

This game is frustratingThis game is definitely lacking. The accuracy when cutting is horrible. You can’t control where you are cutting. It would be much more pleasing to be able to cut the hair more accurately. So thumbs down from me..Version: 1.24

Can u do betterHi miss you and miss miss Christmas I hope you’re.Version: 1.26

It would be coolIt would be cool but way to many adds deleting the game just because of that.Version: 1.18

Love itI just started playing with this app and I love it so much please give this app a try!.Version: 1.20

BugsI like this game, but some of the levels you will never be able to pass. Either the tool doesn't show up, or it wont let the cut all of the hair. I have tried to swipe out of the game and restart the level, but it still doesn’t work. This makes me delete the game and download it again so I can do other levels. Can you please take this review into consideration so your game will be better? Other than that the game is fun!.Version: 1.20

This game changed my life.Girls no longer run..Version: 1.22

Really cool game onlineThis is a very cool game of cooking and cooking and cooking crack a.Version: 1.20

Stupid gameIt’s so boring and there’s so much ads and there’s a lot of stuff you have to use dumb money for i had it for 5 minutes and hate it deleting it now 🥱😡.Version: 1.22

;)This game is amazing if you want to learn how to cut hair...I’ve always wanted to cut hair and I’ve never found the right app but I found this app and I can’t stop playing it I say that if you want to cut hair this is the right app for you but here’s the thing you have to get farther in the game to do actual hair cuts.Version: 1.27

Trashy barberI lien it I like it can I get moeny in real life.Version: 1.27

Needs some changesThis game is good but there’s to many ads, it’s laggy and whenever I try to get a decoration or a new tool for a ad it won’t let me and say ad unavailable and my internet is fine and I close the app and try it again and it still doesn't work..Version: 1.28

This game is awfulAwful. No point. All ads. Ads after every step you take. Play for 5 seconds than 30 seconds of ads. Graphics horrible. I have had it 30 minutes and already deleting..Version: 1.20

It’s ok...Well the over all ui and design is good. Although there are some bugs. After 5 minutes it gets boring, though it might just be me. But it’s a ok game..Version: 1.22

It’s ok...It was good when I first started playing, but about 5 minutes later it got SUPER glitchy..Version: 1.22

MehThis morning s probably the most laggy game I have ever played on any device. And after every level, there is a commercial. I literally could barely get past five levels in an hour. My phone was plugged in, and I had really good WIFI connection. I just deleted the game. I hate it. Horrible graphics..Version: 1.27

BuggyTools don’t always work properly. Some of the requests are impossible because of this..Version: 1.20

Over heatingGame over heats your phone and I have the latest and newest phone. Not sure if that makes any difference..Version: 1.22

Great app!!I can always do what I want with the app but we are stuck on the eyebrow one, it Doesn’t let us finish the eyebrows it just makes us sit there. Still have recommended it to many people! Love the app ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💈💈💈💈💈💈💇‍♂️💇‍♂️💇‍♂️💇‍♂️.Version: 1.20

Great game!Great game other than occasional glitches with tools.Version: 1.22

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Alright gameThere is very good idea waiting inside of this game, but it was poorly made. A lot of the tools I have never used before. When I’m cutting the hair there are many parts that will cut for no reason and many parts that will not cut at all. If the game is called real cut 3D maybe try making it a bit better before calling it that..Version: 1.22

Real hair cutsGreat game, I brought the game, but still with to much ads.Version: 1.21

Very poorThe graphics and detail are very bad. After playing for three minutes the game made my whole phone go glitchy so I had to delete the app. Very bad experience.Version: 1.22

Poorly made and lazyThis game seems like it has had no effort put into it whatsoever, it is not fun.Version: 1.24

I can’t play the game. IT KEEPS CRASHING!!!! FIX THIS BUG!Hate it.Version: 1.24

App does not remove ads after $4.99 payment.The app is a scam..Version: 1.27

Can’t even playIt starts sometimes, but once I click “say no more” it freezes and crashes...Version: 1.21

Hizpotys.Iinkkke y uufdss Magyar nay fun baddd James.Version: 1.22

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Real Haircut Salon 3D 1.28 Update

Version 1.28 (2021-02-18): New Levels added Performance improvements and enhancements.

Version 1.19 (2021-01-30): - Added Surprise me Levels - Now do whatever style you like on your clients - Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.10 (2020-12-17): Added new levels Improved performance and fixed some bugs.