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Race your opponent and play fair... or dirty!

Tricky Track 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Amazing gameI love the game even though it has its flaws I love the rush of excitement as you win amazing game.Version: 1.3

Good and badIf you get mad very even if it is a little thing then don’t get this app or game what ever you want to call it.Version: 1.3

Add online platformI don’t usually write any review for games, but this game is one of the best games I’ve played I enjoyed it eventho I’m playing with a computer * it would’ve been great if it can be played online, so my friends and I can play it together*.Version: 1.3

ReviewOpinion: Personally I think this game is amazing although it could have some more improvements to make it even better, Possible improvements: 1. Add like a stats button and it would show you how many perfects you got or how many coins you gained and more 2. Able to buy stuff with coins A. Increasing the multiplier, so there would be more then just 6.0x multiplier B. Cosmetics: Skins or different beachballs 3. Online play, pretty self explanatory Thanks for listening to my review!.Version: 1.1

I wouldn’t recommend it...I like this game but I wouldn’t recommend it to other people. Please don’t download it because it will just be a waste of phone storage and time. I have been playing it for an hour and it’s kinda fun but the tracks are all the same. So, you expect everything that’s gonna happen to you. You would expect on some games that the tracks would be different. Some of my friends have this game and they all agree with me. I hope that you will take my advice and not download this..Version: 1.3

Good gameI don’t usually write reviews on games but this game is cool. I only have one thing that I think would make the game better. I wish you could spend your coins and change your avatar or beach ball. Overall I think this game is pretty cool..Version: 1.3

Need more mapsCool game but once you hit like level 80 it’s the same level over and over..Version: 1.1

Good Game, but there are a lot of AdsI really enjoy playing this game, but the problem is there are a lot of ads that I have to sit through. Fix that and it’s a great game!!.Version: 1.3

Decent gamePretty good game had it for a day or two. Couple of things I noticed is this one glitch for the obstacle that you can switch which track is blocked. Sometimes when you hit it the door will be open for your side but your player won’t run. And the second is that there is absolutely nothing to spend the coins on. Maybe a basic shop to buy new colors, new balls, maybe even trails when you run. Anything really to give the coins actual value instead of something to just collect. I’ve actually noticed this detail with a couple of newly developed games I’ve downloaded recently including a game called fractal run. And just like in this game when you get to the end there’s a little challenge to get a better coin multiplayer but both games have no shop whatsoever. Other than that pretty fun and just a nice simple game..Version: 1.3

AddsI know adds are needed for the app to make money but this was crazy. I spent more time on adds than playing the game. I could not keep going after just a few levels..Version: 1.3

It’s okay.The game is really fun to play like I’ve had it only a few days and I’m already at level 100. Every level has the same obstacles just in different way and its entertaining. My only two major issues is that when you finish the level there is an ad after every single level not every other level or more just every level and you get so many coins for every lever you just don’t have anything to spend the coins on. There’s no option to like change your ball color or choose what your player looks like. You just get coins for no reason basically..Version: 1.3

Jalasha’s point of view 🖤.I love this game , It keeps me from getting bored, And at the same time it’s really fun , I love how it gives people a challenge and don’t just let yu when 🙂. I really enjoy this game keep it up .🖤.Version: 1.3

LagI hate lagging in the game that’s what makes me slow down buy the game is do awesome guys pls download it I thinks it’s aright it’s getting ok..Version: 1.3

My expectations were come completely wrongI figured I would just get this app play a few times then delete it ultimately but no that’s not it all what happened. The first game started as any other, kind of easy but still ok. It was until I started to get to later levels when it actually started to get fun. I play this when I’m bored, laying in bed, eating breakfast, you name it. Idk if I’m just bad at the game (probably so) but the more I played the harder it got. Which is opposite of any other game like this. It could just be me but in my opinion this game is pretty good. But hey, your opinion if you want to get this game or not..Version: 1.3

Fun but needs AdjustmentsSo this game is pretty fun basically you have to get first place an order to go to the next flavor or whatever but sometimes these levels are basically impossible! when someone passes you you can try and hit them with the Beachball but every time you ain’t at them they move and you don’t hit them and it’s basically impossible to pass them! And when you open your door sometimes they close it you can do this to them to but it’s really annoying when they close your door because then you’re behind them and you have to hit them with a beach ball or close their door to slow them down but it’s really difficult to hit them with the Beachball because they keep moving forward and it’s hard to aim if they’re really far away because whenever away their door is far away and it’s very difficult to hit itAnd there are so many ads this definitely needs adjustments but when the adjustments are made this would be a very perfect and fun game.Version: 1.3

Fun game until you get to about level 80After you get to about level 80 the levels all repeat and there is nothing new. You collect coins but there is nothing to level up or use them on. Fun I wish they created more levels..Version: 1.1

Too many adsOk I get that you can’t make a app without putting adds, but I don’t need to see an ad it gets annoying..Version: 1.3

Love it!!I love this game so much but change up the levels a little more it feels like I am playing the same few levels. And I’m on level 60 and at the end add some different target patterns because I’ve mastered the one at the end because it’s always the same. But overall great game.Version: 1.3

Really goodThis game is really cool and fun it super interesting and it is not to easy which I love loooove a good change and it is not waaaaay to hard it is really fun the ONLY bad thing is that it sometimes has add but there are not to many this is a really gooood game.Version: 1.3

What to do with coins?It’s a great game but...I have a lot of coins and there’s nothing to buy with them. Also the scenes are always the same, it keeps repeating. Would like to also change my character, it always the same color. Would like to be able to upgrade my ball to a harder ball or some other object..Version: 1.3

Love it.. but one problemThis game is so addicting. I absolutely love it! It’s really fun and I play everyday all day. But there are way to many ads. I understand ads are how you make money, but there is an ad after every single level. And it gets annoying, like really annoying. Like I said it’s a great game, but if you hate ads I don’t recommend..Version: 1.3

Stuck on levelsIt’s really annoying placating this because I just got stuck on a level and I couldn’t beat it so I wouldn’t have to watch a full ad. So I’m not gonna rate this as: “The best game ever!”.Version: 1.3

Fun game to waste time but gets repetitiveWhat’s the purpose of coins if there isn’t a shop to buy anything with? The levels all feel the same and don’t have much strategy involved..Version: 1.3

It fun but when I’m at a better lvlSo I’m at a higher lvl than the bot but the bot has less things than me on their side and their track is shorter and mine is longer not fair I will delete the game if you don’t fix it.Version: 1.3

This game has so much potentialTricky track is a really good game that does have a lot of potential. u could add multiplayer, customizable characters, skins u can choose, and instead of stopping at obsticals you can run through them slowing you down if you do. this game has the potential of being a top game if handled correctly..Version: 1.3

Why do we need coins ?What are they for when we literally just hit the bot and the bullsye n that’s it . We don’t get skins , play with a bot that’s easy , easy levels , same setting each time now like I give it 3 stars only hoping u guys will improve it is a good game u guys just need a little more ..Version: 1.2

Fun game, buttt.....The game is fun, pretty basic. An easy way to kill some time and keep you entertained. However, there are certain ads that you can’t ever exit out of. They don’t time out or give you the option to exit it. You have to close the whole app out and restart it. It’s very annoying.Version: 1.3

KaitlynnThis games was so fun, until a certain level you have way more obstacles than the other person. I tend to die at the end of every games because the person has no obstacles at the end and I have two. Other than that it is a fun games but it gets unfair..Version: 1.3

I have to do this:)I normally don’t do this but there are coins with no value, TOO MANY ADS, and same obstacles please do better.Version: 1.3

It can be betterOk when I first got the game it was fun but the game has a lot of ads and you can collect coins but you can’t do anything with them and you can only play against bots that gets boring..Version: 1.3

It okay but a few problemsSo it fun and all a good quick game for when your bored but you earn coins and have nothing to spend them on which kinda takes away the fun of earning coins also after you collect your coins it automatically starts a countdown whether your ready or not.Version: 1.3

AdsWay too many ads, one every time you lose or beat a level..Version: 1.3

Fun but some issuesThe game is fun but I’ve had the same issue. That if a door is opened, my character won’t run through it. I also think the bot should be more challenging..Version: 1.3

Ad FestThere is an ad after every level. The game is too easy, the difficulty never changes. You basically play the same course over and over they just change the order in which obstacles appear. You earn coins at the end of every level, not sure why cause I don’t see anywhere to spend them. Played to level 40 and deleted. Voodoo isn’t even trying anymore..Version: 1.0.2

Pretty goodIt’s pretty good and fun it kinda gets boring and gets very repetitive they should add online or harder modes it’s really easy right now also there are some glitches that cause you to lose which can be very annoying but overall good game.Version: 1.3

Gets boring quicklyWhen I first bought the app it was very entertaining and kept me busy. However the levels are all pretty similar and do not get harder as you go on. There are also coins that you get after each game, but the coins are completely useless since there is nothing to buy. After awhile I get sick of constant adds after each level. I am watching adds more than actually playing the game. It is really just starting to get repetitive with no goal to accomplish..Version: 1.3

No point in coinsIt’s a good game but there is no point in the coins and to much ads but just turn on airplane mode for the ads it is also to easy.Version: 1.3

It’s okThis game is OK it definitely is not amazing because 1 the only thing you can do is race nothing else 2 you collect coins at the end when you finish the race first but you have nothing to spend those coins on there’s no shop no anything the only special thing you can get is a perfect ball which really doesn’t do anything and you have to watch a video for it so this game I wouldn’t recommend but it is kind of addicting I also noticed that the levels don’t really get harder they basically stay the same and they just switch the opticals around.Version: 1.3

The coins are pointlessThe coins are just there to make you watch more ads they make now difference to gameplay at least make it seem like there’s a reason don’t just blatantly lie toy your consumers..Version: 1.3

Why you should try this gameThis game is so fun I love it you get to play against other players where you throw a ball at a target so you can go through your obstacles please try this gam do give it a five star review.Version: 1.3

Not fairSo the AI threw the ball at the thing in a 1 millisecond then once I threw the ball at the AI it did not work this game makes no sense and is not multiplayer this is not a very fun game when it glitches out I recommend you not download this unless you’re a pro at strategies or skills.Version: 1.3

It’s fun at firstWhen you first get the game it’s pretty cool kills some time to entertain you. But the more you play you realize it’s pretty useless 😂 you get coins and there is nothing to buy. Also all of the levels are pretty much the same. There isn’t a level of difficulty on any of them. I wish they do a updated version with come more characters, harder levels, different things to throw at your opponent and last but not least being able to play against real people. Playing against a computer it to easy tbh..Version: 1.3

Too many adsHonestly, there’s nothing wrong with the app but, too many ads. I get to play 1 round and then an ad. I hope this is helpful for you..Version: 1.3

Wi-FiThis game is good and fun some of the levels are hard but if you don’t like the ads just turn off your wifi or mobile data like... come on people.Version: 1.3

Ads while in middle of gameWell the game has a good concept and execution but only issue is the fact when you beat the opponent and doing the victory run..... an ad pops up while you are breaking the glasses to get to the chest.... that really throws off and you don’t to continue..Version: 1.2

II don’t usually write reviews but this game is so good and I love this game so much I play it everyday top on my list 9/10 🤠🤩🤓.Version: 1.3

Awesome but...I loved this game I would play when bored when there is nothing to do. But recently I noticed that when you get coins you can’t buy anything. There is no shop, it just goes automatically to the next level. Other than that I love the game..Version: 1.3

4 Stars But ...I love this game but there’s a bug that i’ve personally occurred and i don’t see any other reviews about this so the door that the opponent can hit if you hit them right after each other i keep getting stuck like my character won’t move but the door is open and it’s acting like it’s closed and hitting it again dosnt work so you have to let the other person win but overall i love this game.Version: 1.3

Ads in the middle of the gameplayYou’ll be near the end of the track and suddenly an ad pops up. As soon as the ad is over it’s messed you up. I’ve literally never seen a game put an ad in the middle of the level like that..Version: 1.3

HorribleSo I downloaded this game thinking hey this is going to be fun but then out of nowhere the freaking is so hard and annoying I couldn’t pass the third level that should tell you something.Version: 1.2

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RepetitiveEach level is very similar and the coins are used for nothing and you’re just doing the same thing every time.Version: 1.3

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Tricky Track 3D 1.3.1 Update

Version 1.3.1 (2021-02-23): - Minor fixes.

Version 1.3 (2021-01-21): - Better visuals - Better balancing - Improved UI.