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Race against opponents, and stack up all the floorboards you can pick up along the way!
If you're clever enough, get out of the way and build bridges and take shortcuts to get to the finish line before everyone else!

Cheating has never been so stylish!

Simple gameplay with efficient and easy to learn controls.

Shortcut Run App User Reviews & Comments

ITV gooItvhhkkyjffjfhf is a little bit too late to get a little more comfortable with me and I will just skip the whole day I am going out of the house to go get some food for the house I have a couple things I have no idea what time you want me back where are I going out there to kab and get a phone call and then I’ll come over to see my mom I will get it you have no problem with it I will.Version: 1.11

This game was very poorly done and a money grabThe devs don’t care about this game at all, the only thing they care about is the money they make. There are way to many ads, after every game you play theres a 30 second ad which is annoying to deal with, most games will have an ad after 2 or 3 games, but this.. well this just screams money grab. This game is supposedly multiplayer but I’m pretty sure most people know that “online” mobile games are usually just AI, the AI make the game really easy which isn’t really fun is gets pretty boring after like a couple minutes. If you wanna play something quick then I guess download this, but if you want to play a game for a while and have high or any expectations at all I don’t recommend this game at all..Version: 1.11

?? For ReviewersFirst, of all I haven’t played yet so when I do I’ll rate this properly. Second, this question is for the Reviewers: Why do some of you complain and bash games but leave a 5 star rating?? I really don’t understand that at all!! And some of you even say, ‘How does this game have 5 stars?’ And yet you yourself have rated it 5 stars! Ugh!! Think people think!!! Geez! If you don’t like a game and are telling others not to even download it then rate it accordingly. Ok that’s all, lol. Like I said, when I play this game I’ll change the star rating as to how I feel it should be based on my opinion of it. Bye all!!.Version: 1.6

Repetitive.At first it is enjoyable. (Assuming you turn off your WiFi in order to not get bombarded with ads, which you can expect from Voodoo) Of course, the other “players” are bots, and therefore it is pretty easy. You would also expect it to get harder, which it doesn’t. Every 5 levels, it changes “map”, which is just a recolour of the previous one. The bots aren’t particularly smart, and it’s extremely easy to beat them. Every. Time. There are many bugs and visual flaws, like on maps when the water is invisible, you can still see a splash if you fall. You can boot off all the bots and therefore play infinitely, etc. I played it for a little while to see if anything would be different. Nope. It was the same repetitive gameplay every time. Let’s talk about the store. Everything you can buy is skins, which I don’t have a problem with. But the skins are too easy to get, and therefore don’t feel rewarding enough. I managed to get every legendary skin within 30 minutes of playtime. Not to mention that all of the skins are pretty bad and low quality. (Again, something you can expect from Voodoo) The game is pretty boring, I wouldn’t consider it much of a “game”. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because it is slightly better made than some of Voodoo’s other games. I don’t recommend..Version: 1.6

Great concept, abismal executionThe concept for this game seemed really promising in the ad I watched but there are 3 things that make this game something I wouldn’t recommend to anyone 1. Ads: This game bombards you with as many ads as it possibly can, one 5 second ad between each game and one ad at the bottom. It is clear that this game is just a cash grab and hardly any work was put into it. Yes you can turn off ads by turning off your wifi, but the point is still stands, the developers made this game to profit not to make a genuinely good game. Also I saw from another review that this game digs through your phone and takes your personal information to send you targeted ads and sell it to other companies which is really weird. If you have this on your phone delete it because it is most likely taking your data. 2: Quality: The quality of this game is just horrible, there are many visual glitches, the models are recycled and low quality, and the optimization is quite bad so there seems to be poorer performance than what should be expected for a simple indie game. 3: Bots: All “players” in this game are bots that let you win practically any time, the game is made to make you win every time which gets incredibly boring after a while..Version: 1.6

Don’t be scammedI don’t recommend this game for a few crucial reasons: 1. The developer tries to trick you into thinking you’re playing with other humans, but there actually is no multiplayer. The computer players have names and country flags next to them and appear to spawn in. If they can’t bother to have multiplayer, I would have at least have hoped to be able to race player ghost data. 2. The game is far too easy. I have never lost a game. 3. The concept is interesting, but its possibilities aren’t explored beyond the surface. All the levels are very similar. It’s a shallow experience that gets boring after 7 minutes. I think the developers are hoping to bombard you with enough ads to make a little revenue or get you to make the purchase to remove ads before you realize that the game isn’t worth more than a few minutes of your time. Unfortunately, I made a purchase far too quickly and regretted it almost immediately..Version: 1.8

Well.... I’m disappointed 😞When I saw this game in the ad, I thought it could be really fun. When I started playing it, I started getting a lot of ads and that was the most frustrating part, but another thing that was super super super frustrating was that when you start the game you start in the back and a bunch of other players, (which I know that they are fake) but it’s so not fair because I could never win, If I start all the way back, nobody really gets a chance to win. The person who starts in front always wins and that’s what happens with me. I feel like you could really change that and also the ads it’s every two seconds, it’s so annoying that why I deleted the game 😐🙄..Version: 1.11

Update ruined it for me!The game is fun but the ads are more than a nuisance. Before the update you could choice to watch the ad and forgo the rewards but now you have ads on top of ads. Even if you chose to watch the ad, you have another ad immediately after. I’m deleting it. We’re constantly bombarded by ads takes all the fun out of it. They need a no ad or limited ad option. But they’re trying to make their coins and overdoing it in my opinion. Greed ruins everything!.Version: 1.11

Needs more challengesThis game is amazing it’s fun simple and made for all ages, yet it will get boring after a while. There is no way to really spend coins and the levels are all the same. It would be nice if you added a way to play against real people not just AI’s or make a challenge mode so you have the option to play harder levels. I’ve noticed a lot of good bug fixes you’ve made and this app overall is great. 🤍✨🌙.Version: 1.9

Fun but gets boring in 10 minutesThe idea of this game is really good. A real multiplayer game like this would actually be a lot of fun. It still is fun, but for only like 10 min. I have two problems with this game and I’ll list them out. 1. It tricks you into thinking you are playing online(Or atleast it did for me). After a 7 game win streak after only 8 min of having the game. I began to get suspicious as to why it’s so easy. If you pay attention it’s very obvious the opponents are AI and not people. The turns they make are too sharp, they load in before the game starts and wait, and they don’t use the shortcuts as much as they should. I assume this is a strategy to get you to play the game longer because people like to win, especially if they think they are winning against other people. 2. I have never EVER received personalized ads in a game before. Normally the ads are for other games in my experience. But this game is the first time I had a personalized ad for something I had googled a day or so ago. That’s weird, definetley means this game dives into your phone and collects information and data while you play it. But then makes the mistake of using that data to advertise to you, instead of hiding what they are doing. This is weird considering most of the data on your phone should be useless for such a game, chances are they’re probably selling your info..Version: 1.6

Easy to win but could be harderIt’s way too easy I mean it is really fun because I like winning but I win like every single round and that’s kind of boring make it a little bit harder do you know what I’m saying I really really do like it just make it a little bit more harder right on certain things on your blocks disappear and you have to press a jump do parkour on certain kind of jumps what are your boards just disappear and then you just get a jump and grab percent jump button to get across you’ll be broke or in the deadly parts and that because that’s what makes it hard in whatever it’s hard it’s fun saying..Version: 1.11

Fun but could improveThis game is addicting and fun although I beat it in less than 24 hours and unlocked everything. Needs more maps, skins and if I could invite my friends to play??? or like actual multiplayer and not AI That would be AMAZINGLY FUN. Im racking up coins I can’t spend. Please update soon!! Also watching an ad for extra coins only to be hit with another ad? That’s not very cash money if you guys. I play with my wifi and data off so I can actually enjoy the game. I’d honestly pay for no ads but as I said before, a lot of updates needed..Version: 1.9

Now with more forced ads!Decent game before, killed a few minutes in an otherwise droll day. Want to triple your earnings—you can watch an ad. DON’T want to triple your earnings—you can watch an ad. But now with new update there are 100% more ads! So as you finish a run you get to watch an ad. And guess what? Because you asked for it, now you get to watch an ad before every run too! I mean who doesn’t want to play a 10 second game just to watch 45-60 seconds of ads? I’m sure in their next update they will just remove the running altogether and it will be wall to wall ads. Can’t wait!!!!!!.Version: 1.9

Shortcut Run InterviewThis game is the BOMB! I 100% recommend it! It doesn’t have to many ads either. But when I got this game I had some issues, but after let’s say, 2 or 3 rounds I was addicted!! I play this game dawn to dusk that’s how much I love it. And the best part is by watching one ad, you can get about $5,000! (Not real money) You can also get sick new avatars but something I thought was a little unfair was that 70% is boy avatars an 30% is girls avatars. It’s not like boys are the only ones playing ya know! But anyways you will find some sick girl avatars and sick ones for boys. Well please download this game I totally recommend it..Version: 1.6

What I really like and what needs workI gave you a 5 star review because I had fun. There is a couple of things I liked. I liked how the game was positive and creative. The game is so unique. I love when you are able to get money and take shortcuts. There is only 2 things that need work. The name needs more work like jazz it up like money run would be nice. The last thing that needs work is when people start the game instead of there name being player give them cool a cool name like jazz or sparkle..Version: 1.8

Great but...I absolutely love this game and it’s so much fun how everything works and how you can unlock new characters and the ads aren’t even that bad. The only problem is, I’ve been experiencing this problem for 2 days now that when I open the app the game doesn’t start it just shows an empty screen of the water. I didn’t know what was happening so I refreshed the app a few times but there was still nothing. So I left it thinking that I was just glitching. Well here I am again and it still doesn’t work I did all the updates and idk what’s happening. I don’t really want to delete the game and get it again either because I’ve unlocked almost all the skins and had a bunch of money. So if you could do something to fix that I’d really appreciate it. Other than that I think it’s a great game and you should get it!.Version: 1.14

Pretty good but a few complaintsThis game is pretty fun but it has a few downsides. Honestly it’s just not very exciting past the first level. When you have completed just two rounds it’s basically impossible to not beat it’s just to get new characters for no fun. I wish it was more challenging. Another thing is that there are so many adds, way too many. Imagine you do a round and watch an ad, then you want some money so you watch an ad to get it. then, you have to watch an ad to start a new game. You die immediately and it says “watch an ad to continue “ and “give up”, you click “give up” and it shows you an ad then puts you an the track then back to the menu. This happened to me once and it wasn’t fun. The last complaint I have is that it’s just computer players and I think it would be more fun if it was real people. Other than that it’s pretty fun and the game itself is a great idea I just want some updates..Version: 1.6

Fun game, gets old quick.This is a super fun game, and I play it on my phone every once and a while. But it gets old pretty fast. It’s easy to get first every single round, and the maps don’t feel different. To make the game more fun, add things like cannons shooting at you and you have to dodge the shots, obstacles that can knock you off the bridge, harder opponents, and power ups you can get. I know it’s a new game but please add these things so the game can be more enjoyable..Version: 1.6

One of my favorite casual play games but add more featuresThis is honestly one of my favorite mobile games I have ever played. It is the perfect casual game and is so much fun and quite addicting. My only advice, and I’m guessing you have already heard this from others, keep adding more features and upgrades to keep me coming back and make it possible to play against other players online instead of just against bots..Version: 1.11

This game triggered an existential crisisI was very exited when I saw an add for a fun looking MULTIPLAYER GAME (as it was advertised). After 10 seconds of playing I immediately realized that you just play against bots that are made to seem like you are playing people from around the world. Rather than making the game feel competitive I started to feel utterly lonely. It made me realize that most relationships we have and even social traditions such as marriage and family ties are just things people invented so we wouldn’t have to die alone. And that’s when it hit me. We all die alone. No matter what there’s nothing you can do to escape the oblivion of death and we’re by ourselves all the while. Even the small connections we do have don’t end up mattering in the long run because no matter what you do, you will die alone. Dating and making friends and downloading a game that PRETENDS TO HAVE OTHER PEOPLE PLAYING are just temporary distractions from our impending loneliness. The worst part is that the fake bots in this game forced me to question if any of the relationships I currently have are even real. Are those fake too? Are they? Good game concept tho. Maybe add multiplayer:).Version: 1.9

I broke the gameFirst off I know that this game is just an ad machine. You can tell by how lazy the execution of the actual game. But if you turn off the data for the app you wont see any ads after EVERY RACE. Second after a few races you can purposely knock into the bots and just be the only one standing, collect a ton of planks and get the 15 multiplier. OR you can just race to the finish line quickly get first then just turn around and get more planks. Even if the bots haven't finished the race yet they already lost. So the race is kinda pointless all together. Overall its a pretty bad game.Version: 1.6

Pretty funThis game is pretty fun overall but after you unlock all of the skins it gets kinda boring. One thing that I would want if there was an update is that there aren’t very many girl skins at all and I’m a girl there are exactly 4 girl skins out of 27 so that’s kinda sad. Also, it seems like the other players are bots just like aquapark io. Another thing is that when I try to get in front of another player right next to the finish line it seems like I’m just faster than them and that’s not fair. I usually succeed when I do try. The last thing that I’m gonna say is that I usually win. I have lost 3 times and I am a month into playing this game. So if you want a pretty much good game that needs improving then this is the game for you..Version: 1.6

Very fun. I paid for it. I deleted it. Voodoo plz readBased on other reviews you will know that this isn’t a multiplayer game and has A LOT of ads. I paid to get rid of the ads however because I just wanted to play the game as it is SO fun. It loses its luster misleading you into thinking you’re playing with other people around the world. You’re not. However, I just wanted to unlock every single item and skin. Having paid, this was extremely easy as I got to play game after game. The very second I unlocked everything this game felt like a waste of time. It’s a waste of time. I know I didn’t pay much but I hope voodoo can improve on this game by fixing the graphics or just by including more and more skins and bricks/platforms. Then if possible create multiplayer options. This is conceptually a simple and very fun game for a phone. Hopefully they can make this game a sensational hit. I have deleted this game in the meantime as it is not worth investing time on..Version: 1.9

Shamelessly Fake Multiplayer With A Ton Of AddsFirst of all the game itself is not that bad and would be fun but then they add a FRIKEN TON OF ADDS and my big brain (by big brain I mean dumb) turned off wifi to stop the adds and I go into the game and the other “players” names had DIFFERENT COUNTRIES so basically EVERYONE IS A BOT AND THERES NO MULTIPLAYER AND THE SHOW COUNTRY FLAGS TO FAKE IT WHILE MAKING YOU WATCH ADDS AND WORST OF ALL THEY HAVE AN OPTION TO BUY NO ADDS I MEAN COME ON but if your fine with all of this then just turn off your wifi when playing to avoid adds and honestly it’s an ok game but the SHAMELESS FAKE MULTIPLAYER just is to much, also this is pretty much the same thing with all voodoo games so plz don’t check those out and avoid THESE SCAMMERS Edit: After seeing they reviews of this they totally have bots giving this game 5 stars just saying these people are awful and they know it.Version: 1.8

Why all the hateMy experience with this game has been great idk why everyone’s saying there is sooooo many adds when really there’s not that much I’ve played this for a while I’m on like level 50 and I’ve had this for 3 day yes only 3 days so what I’m trying to say is it’s not that hard I would say yes there is a couple of ads but not as bad as other games I’ve had it’s a fun game and I think a lot of people would enjoy it I would say the only bad thing is it’s a little hard to turn but that could just be me I have spent hours playing this game it’s very fun and I think everyone should give it a shot yes there may be a couple of ads and there not to long and no I’m not a computer lol and when I say I was on level 50 I may have exaggerated a little just a little (I’m on level 32) but it’s not a hard game not a east game it’s like the perfect game so try it out and remember we all are different opinions so thanks for reading if you did but take into what I said and have a great amazing fun day see you later Sincerely A stranger.Version: 1.11

Coin bug!!! Get free coins!This is a good game, but collecting coins is hard. If you go on to the clothing tab, you can unlock avatars. There is a option to watch a video to earn coins. Once you click this to watch a video, in some cases there is an X at the top. It says if you stop watching, you will not get your reward. NOT TRUE. Stop watching. You will claim your reward. EASIER, TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE AND CLICK THE BUTTON. YOU WILL SEE NO AD. IT JUST GIVES YOU COINS. Hope you enjoy the FREE COIN BUG!.Version: 1.6

Stop faking peopleI like the game and it is fun when you just have nothing to do and want to play a quick game but could you put a little more effort into it like making the maps more difficult and different and adding more features and at the least sounds. Also are we supposed to think the bots are people because 1.they are to easy 2. Sometimes I will be in first and than suddenly the person behind me will suddenly shoot in front 3. One time I am playing and a person from the USA named Chad is in the game and than another person also named Chad from Germany is playing and I doubt two people named Chad would play at the same time both from different countries and on that matter I doubt people from Italy and Germany and China play this game. So that is why I give it 2 stars but again it is fun if you are bored and need something to do but could you just put a little more effort into your games because I feel like every game made by voodoo always has this same problem..Version: 1.6

Bad gameThis is a bad game just like all of voodoos games over stuffed with adds but there are some benefits I like that new update where it starts you off with some bords but it's too simple I have collected every character and every tile and gotten to about level 500 but it's all the same I like that you can push people CPUs may I remind you in reality I give this zero stars I only gave it five so they would post this it barely ever gets an update and I have tried all of voodoos games they have a cool concept but are bland all the same and over stuffed with adds I am deleting all voodoo games off my phone right now.Version: 1.13

Eh okThis game is so fun l can’t lie but on the adds for this game you can jump really far and in the game itself you can only jump a certain distance before you fall in the water. And in the adds you can jump on the podiums of x2 or x3 or x4 etc without boards, but in the game you have to have boards to get to the podiums and can only jump one ☝️ without boards. While l think this game is a good game and voodoo has done a wonderful job with their games, the adds are always coming at you and some adds are inappropriate for kids like me, and the airplane mode does not work with this game even though people say it does, it does not work. Like l said the game is fun it gets really boring after 5-10 minutes, and they don’t provide any skip adds buttons. This game is a lot easier than the adds make it look and l like a challenge here and then that voodoo does not provide. There is nothing wrong with voodoo but please fix these many problems..Version: 1.8

I love it though I seem to find any girl skinsI love this game even though I just started playing one thing that I noticed was that there was no girl skins and I’m i girl myself so I found that sad other than that I love it it’s not buggy at all it runs smoothly and I love the new world stuff it’s fun but I wish you could switch between different maps but I still rate it 10/10 edit:I just loaded into a new match and saw multiple girl skins so I now know that I just haven’t got them yet still a 10/10.Version: 1.6

SorryIt is good but really really hard when you move it it goes the opposite direction this game is a little fun but really really hard again so that’s why I gave it a three I hope you can update it soon and make it a little different and it’s more exciting and about there is a bunch of water standing around there and when you wanna go to the opposite way like a mansion it just went into the water sometimes so that’s why I hope that you can update it.Version: 1.6

LoveI love this game I’m obsessed with this game I love this game so much I literally obsessed with that my sister told me about it wondering if they could help and I got it on my phone and now I’m obsessed with it and you get first place and I got in first place a couple times I just love this game it’s wonderful and if anybody sees this you should download it it’s really the best game ever I love the makers of this game they did so good I love this game and I thank you so much so so so much for all this and the wonderful game and I’m going to play it all day all night for the whole Christmas break thank you for everything in this game you should download it and merry Christmas and a happy new year.Version: 1.9

Good game needs online vs playReally good game and nice arcade mechanics. Fun to play. Only thing that gets boring is the AI bots are really easy to beat. I would pay another couple dollars for online capabilities to play against other users that would add the competition the game needs and the only reason I held back one star. If you are look for a offline game it is great. I wish when you purchased the no ads option it took away the continue button because sometimes I accidentally click it I feel tricked and trapped inside a ad I paid to avoid. Add a online versus option maybe a leaderboard and remove the continue button for ppl who pay for no ads. Other then those two things I believe this is a solidly made arcade game with no noticeable glitches..Version: 1.11

Not that interestingThe game is fun and can be a good boredom buster. But it has its dislikes, first thing is the lack of creative. It is like a lot of the most downloaded games in the App Store. To get a skin you have to get coins to unlock it. Which I have play a lot of games with unlocking skins with coins. Second thing I would like to say is the kind of boring. After a while it gets kind of boring and not interesting. If you are bored I do not recommend to play it as a fun thing. I have no hate toward voodoo community. This is just my opinion on the game..Version: 1.8

Cheap and lazy cash grab.This game just screams laziness. After every single race is an ad, which yes I understand you have to make money, but after EVERY single race which averages about under a minute, you get reminded of another game. That's the problem with almost all games made by Voodoo, they don't make games, they combine premade assets and call it a "New Game." but it's just the same thing you've seen already. Games like this plagueing the best free to play games is awful. Especially when you might as well buy a game instead of having to sit and watch ads. The other players in the game aren't real, it's you versus bots. Which seems to be a trend with voodoo only proving that they are to lazy to make an actual game. This and every voodoo game is absolutely horrible and puts a bad taste into the mouths of those who actually make good mobile games. 0/10.Version: 1.6

Best game ever!!!!I love this game. Play it without WiFi for no adds and enjoy. I am level 300 and totally love it. I got all the skins from common to legendary on level 220 and now just have money for fun. I have never felt do alive and spent 3 hours on this game without leaving the iPad once. I suggest you get this game immediately, even though the adds might look bad just collect a whole lot of those blocks or do not run across. Trust me, GET IT NOW!!.Version: 1.6

So fun and addicting, just need more updatesI literally became addicted to this game in less than 24 hours lol! Unfortunately, I have managed to “beat the game” because there is nothing left for me to unlock/use coins for. So, more updates with possibly new skins, boards, a way to unlock a different style of race track maybe?, I don’t know. Also, I wish the game was actually one that we could race other real people and not just bots. We should be able to get knocked off just like we can knock other people off for instance. Visually, the game is a little cheesy but I don’t mind it at all. Overall, I love this game!.Version: 1.11

I love this game !but there is some problems...I love this game it is so fun !but there is one problem...if you are a beginner like me ,and you are a girl ,you come out as a boy and you can’t change your skin .so I would like you to fix the game and when you first play ,I want it to say “what is your gender ?” And it will say male or female .so I would like you to fix it and everything else is fine !and this is my opinion ,so thanks if you agree !.Version: 1.11

Ads not so badWould’ve gotten five stars if I played against real people and if I was able to do something with the $50,000 coins I have...there’s nothing to buy or upgrade I have all the skins and boards so now what ? just keep collecting coins...Although I win almost every game because of the bots it would be more fulfilling if I was able to buy something with the coins I won. *The ads on this game are much better than other games because you don’t have to wait long if you didn’t lose and I win almost every game, so I get to skip the ads after a few seconds..Version: 1.9

Great gameAt first I thought it was a multiplayer game but I didn’t realize I was playing the imitation game It game where a computer convinces a person but it’s human. In the first few minutes fooled fooled me until I noticed how sharp the turns are and when I decided to see what happened when I switched my phone to airplane mode that’s when I realized they were bots. but still pretty good game Maybe you can update it in the future do you actually have ever players play against each other and the bots for practice?.Version: 1.8

A couple of issuesThe game is fun and all, but it tries to make you think you’re playing against real players. There is no multiplayer, you’re just going against the bots. I’ve never lost a game and it is pretty easy, for almost everyone. And second, the ads. They pop up every second in all of this company’s games. It’s getting out of hand and to the point where I almost stopped playing. You can avoid these ads in every game by turning off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular data in settings. WiFi isn’t really needed except for free game money. Thanks for reading this review everyone. Hope you all have a great day today.Version: 1.14

Please read and respond🙏🥺This game is great but after a while I got very bored playing it also there needs to be more characters and boards. The age restriction is very unnecessary I mean 12+? Really? This game does not have anything bad about it for it to be 12+. I don’t think you can change the age restriction but still it’s not necessary. Also I have a question. Is it an online game? Or are the other people comps? Thank you for reading and please fix thes couple of things 👻.Version: 1.12

Why are people saying it’s boring?It’s addicting and amazing! There aren’t much adds,but some are inappropriate and the thing on the bottom of the game . But that’s not really apart of the game so I’m fine with that! It’s fun just I wish you can pick what gender you are cause when I get legendaries I keep getting boy and it ruins my coins. BUT NOOOOO this game is so fun still! The game is awesome and it’s fun to stack and to go. Love the game! I’m giving a 10/5 lol. Please respond tho!!.Version: 1.9

Shortcut RunI wish I could rate this game 3.5 stars because it’s not quite a four but deserves more than a three. Shortcut Run is a perfect game to kill boredom (especially in the car). I like a lots but some things could be better. To start, it glitches out sometimes which makes hard to see what I’m doing. Second, There are much more boy skins than girl skins. Coming from a feminist like me, I wish that someone would take time to change that. On the other hand, the object of the game is very smart and entertaining for both kids and adults. I like and don’t like this app but I recommend it for sure. Thank you!!.Version: 1.11

GLITCH LOLI found a glitch in the game if you go to the skins and press 1500 free coins you watch it and if it’s still there click it a bunch of times then you get free coins, i GOT ALL THE SKINS also there is way to many ads in this game you watch more ads then you play the trash game Add more skins so I can get more coins bruh bahahaha this game is fr rlly bad like you watch a 15 second ad after every single game you play and the games you play don’t even last a minute like do an ad after every three games or something but this game company is fr money hungry like chill out with all the ads like I CANT REACH PINK COLOR1!1!!1 voodoo when u released dune and the older games that was really cool but now the quality of ur new games are really bad :/ :( just kidding ur company has been trash from the moment you released it like get original ideas and stop copying older games dune was actually a copy off that one bird game all u did was say ONLY 1 PERCENT CAN REACH LEVEL 99 and that’s it.Version: 1.6

Cool game! Fix this adThe game is fun, but there is an issue with the game town ad. It doesn’t let you X out of the ad and when you try, you get stuck being told to purchase something for 9.99. I have to close the app each time I see the ad to be able to play my game again. All the other ads simply let me click out of the ad and go back to the game. This needs to be fixed. The game is awesome and I enjoy playing it..Version: 1.11

This game is very important.This game has changed me as a person, it had tough me the ways of battling and friendship, I never knew something like this game could change it all for me. I have found a lovely wife in the span of 1 years after playing this game, I am so happy about my marriage, this game has influenced me to be a better person, for both me, and my family, this game needs more appreciation, for it’s hard work, and mine. I am very happy with my free app that I get to play to change my life, forever. Thank you..Version: 1.14

Is a nice gameIs fun to play airplane mode helps u so no ad this there i mean is cool it helps u like burn time like if ur done playing roblox ;) play this ;)or if ur don’t playing fortnite ;)play this ;) like just gat it any ways I like the game bc is cool and voodoo games a dope so go gat sum more voodoo games here’s a quick story (I asked my bsf if she tryna hope on sum she said yeah and I asked why do u like this game she said i love it bc voodoo is the best and I so agree with her da game is the stuff ;))) so gat it rn btw I’m not a computer they told to right so this is my opinion <3 by jEzZ <3.Version: 1.6

STOP HATING VOODOOYALL have been hating poor voodoo but it’s time to stop!!! Btw I’m not a computer or an account owned by voodoo, me and my bff are liking most of the games voodoo gives out, and I really like this one! It’s a fun simple game that can pass the time and with the ads I turned on airplane mode and I haven’t gotten any and I’ve been playing for an hour! the graphics are pretty good, they’ve done better on other voodoo games I admit but it’s still pretty good! It’s nice that you play against computers cause then you can still play with airplane mode on! I completely recommend if your just looking for a simple game to kill the time 😊 so please give voodoo another chance 🥺 it’s a great company and a funny name :p :) and just a side note to voodoo, i’de appreciate more girl skins :) thanks for reading! If you did :) :p.Version: 1.6

I found a glichMaybe this was intentional but I think it is a glich. So when you are in the skin shop there is an option to get $1500 free so when you tap that it pulls you in a ad when you are done with that ad you do indeed get $1500. BUT when you hit it again it gives you $1500 without pulling you into a video you can spam click it and ever time it will give $1500 guaranteed but there are ads that come every few often. Now I have all the skins without having to watch many videos :).Version: 1.6

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.14

Good gameReally good game and if u r having too much adds. Turn ur internet off.Version: 1.13

Has potentialGood game concept and gives around 45 minutes of fun going through the levels. Add sounds and music Make it online Less ads.Version: 1.6

LaggyI love playing this game but after my first 29 mins playing it started to lag and then before I could even play it for an hour it crashed and started messing with my music so I’ve ended up deleting it. Although it’s a good game I would definitely NOT recommend it..Version: 1.6

Amazing gameThis game is super fun and addictive I could play it for hours on end and not get bored.Version: 1.11

Soooooo.....I used to have this app on my other phone but that app made my music glitch, and make my phone lagggggggg. Eventually it crashed and my phone couldn’t open so I had to get a new phone, overall it is very fun but I don’t recommend it..Version: 1.6

Still getting ads when I love paid not to plus no sound?????So I’ve paid to get rid of the ads but still getting them. Why???? Also there is no sound????.Version: 1.6

Best game everSoooo much fun, must try. I love this game soo much.Version: 1.6

Not Bad GuysNow don’t get me wrong, the ads for this game are the most cringe thing imaginable But the actual game is very fun..Version: 1.14

Good but one thingThis is good but there’s no online mode and to much ads so can you make an online mode.Version: 1.6

It’s okGreat game I recommend but after a few days it starts to get very glitchy but it is all round fun and addictive.Version: 1.9

AdsIt has to many ads and I can’t seem to get the directions right.Version: 1.6

WhyWhy the heck is it 12 Plus.Version: 1.13

Good.. But a BIG con....This is my favourite game rn and I just finished getting all the characters, but I have a big problem about the characters you have, there are supposed to be half girls, half boys and a few mixed gender ones, but instead this game has done 21 boys and 6 girls and no mixed gender options.. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? This game is litterally sexist and just because it’s about picking up wood do you think this game is only for boys??? Also it gets really boring after a while, don’t recommend. And advice for the game is to: Add sounds to it Make it more exiting Add more girls and mixed gender characters Make more with brown hair And have less ads(even though to stop them you can just turn off your wifi) Very disappointed....Version: 1.6

Spoiled by ads - why no option to pay for full version?Headline says it all. I’d happily pay a few dollars for a game with no ads. I’m sure many others would too..Version: 1.6

TipHello everyone when you play this app you can turn off your wifi and or mobile data so you can play add free so enjoy the tip Your welcome.Version: 1.11

TooMuch ads.Version: 1.14

TrueThis app actually makes your music glitchy. I wouldn’t recommend this app. It does get quite boring after time Yeah 👎🏻:(.Version: 1.6

This game is the bestThis game is the best I will not stop playing this I played it at 1:00 am that’s how much I like this game.Version: 1.13

Too many addsAdds will keep disturb while playing..Version: 1.14

Keeps glitching. :{I was in 1st place then it crashed me, I just downloaded it, and it’s lag is crazy..Version: 1.12

It da good gameIt is good to grab ledges and jump when u run out of bricks not gimmicky Great game😎.Version: 1.14

Shortcut runI am seriously adicted to this game i am a awake 24 hours playing this game so i relly get no sleep so i love it i told my family my friends and my entire school about this game i am actully adicted for real i play everyday..Version: 1.13

I Dis like this gameThis game in the ad looked really fun and I really wanted to try it but hen you play it you start of with about 10 single coloured paintings. And I am seriously amazed of how many adds there are. If this game had less adds and pictures that were in the adds this game would be way better..Version: 1.8

Amazing app just one problemLE ADS.Version: 1.13

For voodooLook all your stuff is cool but I want a cat game like a cat and dog game so please please please make a cat and dog game I love all of your games but I will like a cat and dog game so I will play all your games but how you make it is a flying game so please make dis game I m a fan of your games and name it cats and dogs or something else ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ▼・ᴥ・▼ ^…^ thank you ^…^.Version: 1.13

Voodoo is cringeThey always have games full of ads with fake multiplayer. Source, turned off wifi to avoid ads, did not effect “multiplayer”..Version: 1.9

AarghhhhhhhI realise when you download a free game it comes with ads. But it is very hard to get the feel of a game when the ads are just so overbearing. Cut the ads down and you might get more people paying for the full version..Version: 1.14

Nice gameExcellent base platform and glitch free Highly addictive I look forward to further mods and improvements.Version: 1.12

JellyThis game is amazing I love that the blocks move just like jelly! But I think there isn’t enough blocks please add more.Version: 1.6

Read before getting itI love this game so much but when I started playing it for about 3 min I already got 10 ads! I rated the game 1 start because there are too many ads!.Version: 1.9

GoodIt’s very fun but once you get all the skins there’s nothing to do.Version: 1.8

Good but too much adsThe game is fun but there are too many ads please make there less ads.Version: 1.13

SpeedCan you plz make the players speed?.Version: 1.14

Loving the gameI love this game I always enjoy playing it with people and me as a gamer I love when you can vs people I love this game.Version: 1.13

The gameThis game was made in 2020 and you can watch it in abc Ivue app.Version: 1.8

Fun but has problemsThis game is fun, with a creative and interactive concept where you have to collect wood and use them as bridges to win the race. You take risks, but without doing any short cuts you’ll loose. However, there is a BIG problem. I first noticed it that the default character is, well, a boy. It would be really great if it was gender neutral. I played for a bit, and opened about six characters, who were all boys with cool jobs like a builder, farmer and biker. The first girl I opened was a cheerleader in a pink tutu with blonde hair. This is really stereotypical, but you’ll find that most career dancers, girls and boys, wear white or black. It’s also like it’s saying that, hey, boys you can be sporty, entrepreneurial. Oh yeah and girls be dancers and if your not this stereotypical figure too bad. Apparently there are 21 boy skins in this game and 6 girl skins. Please, creators, make an update that isn’t so male-dominant. It would also be great to make some mix genders..Version: 1.8

FunA must try game for all ages!.Version: 1.6

I know I can turn wifi off,But I absolutely hate the adds.Version: 1.14

Positives & NegativesShortCuts is such a marvellous game! It’s great versing real people and every round I miraculously win which is outstanding BUT as every game has its negatives so does this game!! Firstly my first not so great statement is that it does lag quite a lot and not to be critical but there is far amount of ads!! Every game does have to have ads but there is a limit because this game has way to many!! Secondly I have played so many rounds of this game and I have not lost one. I know that should sound like a good thing but once you play this game a lot and win every time the adventure kind of ends. My good points are that this game is super fun and little kids would adore this game!! It’s creative, and that’s what most games need a fun and exciting game that everyone would love to play!! This game is not fully there yet but with some updates this game would be one of a kind and I can’t wait to see if an update actually happens to turn this game into great fun!! Thanks!! This game is rocking.Version: 1.8

GreatestI love how it works and is easy to understand and play.Version: 1.8

This is worth gettingListen I’ve seen people saying it makes there phone lag it gets worse an there’s too many adds which can be true at times but it’s worth it for a while an it’s fun for a while but I believe that’s what mobile games are.Version: 1.6

So funYou will all love it it is a bit hard but so fun.Version: 1.8

Fun game !This is a really cool game! Definitely has a lot of ads, a couple after every race... a friends list system would be amazing so we can add friends and a bit more character customisation! I like where this game is going 😃.Version: 1.14

The best thing ever#amazing . Hi 😉This game is really fun I really like it you should start playing it’s an awesome game and you should get it 😋.Version: 1.6

Stay awayThis game crashes your phone hardcore. It was so bad a hard reset didn’t even work. Then when I tried it again to see if it was this app that crashed it, it made my music skip like crazy and became basically unplayable with lag. If it wasn’t impossible to play I’d say it’s a fun game, if not way too easy. You’d have to try to lose..Version: 1.6

Too many adsJust started playing seems like a fun easy time wasting game but 2sec of game play followed by 10-30sec of ads it’s just BS..Version: 1.6

MehThe game overall is well developed and really fun to play. I love the game but the vibrations begin to get annoying, I don’t recommend this game because it is extremely annoying although it is fun.Version: 1.6

To easyThe AI are simpletons, actual players would be more fun at level 100 lost twice because of game though.Version: 1.6

Online VersionI recommend this game to you as a small game to play when bored, once you finish getting all characters tho there is nothing to buy or show that you are good at the game other than how much you have played and the repeat of maps. I recommend adding an online part, whether it is just local or all over the county. Please do that 🙃.Version: 1.6

Fine game at bestThis game isn’t very good, it’s riddled with ads, acts like it’s online when it isn’t and just not a fun experience, just don’t download this game if you like your data not being shared.Version: 1.14

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More Information about: Shortcut Run
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Shortcut Run
Casual, Racing
308.558.848 BYTES
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Shortcut Run 1.14 Update

Version 1.14 (2021-02-10): - Dozens and dozens of new levels. - Overall performance optimizations. Have fun!.

Version 1.13 (2021-01-21): Overall performance optimizations. Have fun!.

Version 1.12 (2021-01-11): - High platforms are emerging: take these new shortcuts full of surprises. - New levels. - New visual environments. - Various fixes and improvements. Take care of yourself and see you soon for lots of nice surprises!.

Version 1.11 (2020-12-21): - Discover 9 new character skins and 4 new planks skins in the in-game store! - You can now spend gold coins to start each game with boards in your arms or generate gold automatically when you are offline. - Various fixes and improvements. Take care and see you soon for lots of exciting surprises!.

Version 1.9 (2020-12-08): - Discover 16 skins for your boards that you can now unlock depending on your progress in the game! - Sounds are enabled by default but can be disabled in in-game settings. - New Christmas icon. - Various optimizations. Have a good time and see you soon for lots of surprises!.

Version 1.8 (2020-11-25): Lots of new features: - 10 new levels and many new challenges. - Graphic redesign of some environments to make them nicer. - Activate sounds in the options for even more immersion and realism. - Numerous performance optimizations. - Take the boosts on the track to jump and get even further ahead of your competitors. - Avoid traps on the track to remain in first place. Have a good time and see you soon for lots of surprises!.

Version 1.6 (2020-10-29): - The store opens its doors! Come discover new skins and many other surprises in preparation. - Dozens and dozens of new levels. - Global optimization of the game. - Minor bug fixes. Have fun!.

Version 1.5 (2020-10-22): - Accelerate on the boards and hit your opponents to eject them from the track! - Overall performance optimizations. Have fun!.