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NBA Ball Stars App Download

NBA Ball Stars mixes the league’s superstar players, fast-paced action, and amazing skills with gem-bursting puzzle gameplay. Take charge of an NBA Team, create customized line-ups, and strengthen your roster as you make a run for the championship. Puzzle success powers up players, increases offensive and defensive skills and unlocks signature moves. The quick, intense, and accessible matches of NBA Ball Stars make every moment count, and each move important.

· Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Steph Curry and many more NBA greats are ready to join your team!
· Level up their Offensive/Defensive skills
· Perform spectacular signature moves

· Strategize ideal line-ups based on player skill sets
· Use the Formations System to put the best team out on the court

· Increase player offensive/defensive skills through gem-bursting success
· Charge up player skills through puzzle success to slam dunk, fast break, steal and more
· Generate amazing board clearing effects to bring home victory

· Challenge real player teams
· Gain rare rewards
· Move up the leaderboard and gain trophies

NBA Ball Stars App User Reviews & Comments

Dear, NBA Ball StarsThe game is good but it could be great. This game is associated with the NBA right? So, use part of that money for better graphics. You probably have like 12 animations in total when your playing the game. So fix all 12 with better graphics & better animations. Make it look real, & make the cards look more clear in a way there body’s look funny. I get that it’s a small game but use the money for great things in the game & give us me customizations like jersey changes, court changes & locations, make some players hair move & the jersey. But like a workout mode so that’s other way to update your players & a practice shoot around. Also make your own commentary. Get brand deal to help you guys with the shoes such as Nike,Jordan,Adidas etc. maybe let us make our own custom card & crate what he looks like & use are skills & what not. Inclusion, just give us more options & better graphics.Version: 1.3.3

DO NOT BUYI first downloaded this game thinking that this might be fun because I am I diehard 76ers fan. I bought a small amount of cash in-game so I could get Dwight Howard. I started noticing that there were small changes on my credit card that added up to over 100 dollars in three weeks after I had made my in-app purchases. My wife and I contacted the bank about this and they told us that these transactions were coming from South Korea (the same place netmarble headquarters are). Once I delete the game and change my credit card I have not had this problem since. Note I did not download any other apps or give my credit out to any other company that I have not given money to before after I made the in-app purchases..Version: 1.3.3

Need More OpportunitiesI absolutely am addicted to this game BUT it’s so bad at giving opportunity to upgrade your players. I’m currently stuck in the playoffs cause my opponent is so much higher than me. I spent 15$ just to try to get close and I’m still not able to get to get anywhere near the lvl. It would be amazing if you could lose in the playoffs and begin another season to get more rewards. The only other way to realistically increase is the showdown and versus which I played so much of already and STILL can’t get close also the time for showdown and versus ticket refresh is insane for the little reward you get. Legit to have fun in this game you have to spend so much money it’s insane. This is my first time writing a review and I’m doing it cause this game is what I been looking for. I’m ok with spending a few bucks here and there but not 15$-20$ a day to even complete a season. Please give more opportunities or be able to start a season over after losing in the playoffs..Version: 1.3.3

Getting in the gameWhenever i get in the game, it won’t let me because it says i’m not connected. I’ve restarted my phone a lot of times, redownloaded the game a couple of times, and even checked if I’m connected to the internet. All of the things I’ve done still makes this game impossible to get to. I don’t wanna leave this game a bad rating, because i feel like it’s a good game, even thought i legit can’t get past the loading screen..Version: 1.3.3

Would be fun except...I like finding new takes on the gem-matching formula but this game crashes every few matchups and when it crashes it penalizes you to restart that week, so you don’t get your full rewards. Plus, you are guaranteed to hit a “no longer able to win unless you buy credits” inflection point.Version: 1.3.3

A Game Changer - If you know, you know.A little slow at first but with any game that’s a given at the beginning. Like it overall and how it switches up on you with the Grey blocks and the switching of the board from time to time. I’ll admit though some of the stuff still needs a little bit of an explanation cause I’m not sure what I’m doing sometimes and I think the other players do better which probably means it’s getting harder and harder. Just doesn’t makes sense when some of the players look like they’re at a lower level but doing better? Anyways, that just means I have to be more strategic in what I do in the game. Definitely a Game Changer (did you see what I did there? LOL). If you know, you know. 💕.Version: 1.3.3

Great Game but a Battery DrainI enjoy playing the game so far. Unlike other games of the same style, I can earn/genérate enough coins/energy to play all day if I wanted to. Playing this game for at least 15-20 minutes makes my phone very hot and drains my battery from 80% to 62%. I would really like to see more missions added to the game. Also like other commenters have stated there are too many reparative animation and not enough skill charged differences..Version: 1.3.3

May be the worst game I’ve played.Cool concept. But it’s a cash grab. Very quickly you’ll realize you can’t go far with spending some money. I don’t mind spending a little money on a decent game. But when you’re ranked 30+ levels above your opponent and your team bottoms out at every level all of a sudden, is designed to pull cash from you. This company should re think making games. Or just overhaul this one completely.Version: 1.3.3

Do shards not unlock a player?I received some shards for Donovan Mitchell but he still isn’t unlocked after completing a showdown for what I thought was to unlock him. How does that work? Also I opened a pack and received 100 shards of Draymond Green but he still isn’t unlocked. What’s going on? Is there a difference between unlocking a player and getting shards for them? How is it possible to get shards of a player without unlocking them? Was this a glitch? If so I will settle for Allen Iverson maxed out. Lol 😅 ..... seriously though, could you please answer my first couple questions? Please and thank you..Version: 1.3.3

Offense for defensive players.Defensive blocks/gems or whatever they’re called shouldn’t give offensive shot %. Also there should be a help section that has all the tips and explains everything. What happens when u promote somebody? Why can’t I play pascal siakam at SF which is his natural position? In the 5 spread formation I can’t play him at SF. So instead I gave him at PF and Aaron Gordon at SF???? Huh???????.Version: 1.3.3

Fix y’all gameThe game is great don’t get me wrong but it keeps on saying I have connection problem and restarting the game I reset my router and it’s the same thing I need y’all to fix it because this game is so fun and I can’t even enjoy it because there is connection problem every single time when I’m loading into the game.Version: 1.3.3

Great gameNormally I’m not into the candy crush type games but they put a spin on it and it really sucked me in to the game. If you love basketball and/or are bored try this game out, I think it will be worth it.Version: 1.3.3

Good app but needs some changesI like the app so far but there is a few changes that they could make, like how easy it is for the CPU to get their specialty moves, and I wish I could control my players a little bit more like choose who I want to shoot the ball instead of the game choosing for me, but besides that, this game is great..Version: 1.3.3

Deleted After 3 DaysA fun game when starting fresh. At about 49 wins into the season, the opponents’ OVR (the overall rating/power) takes a drastic increase. The game’s strategy and progression is actually pretty deep, and could be much more enjoyable if you can “win”. As you cruise through the season with a game play of popping color gems, beyond 50 wins, you start to lose game 3, 5, 10 games in a row. The same goes for Verus mode where you play with other players. The only way to advance your OVR and continue with the season is 1- SPEND REAL MONEY, 2- grind through daily activities where you consume tickets that will recharge over time. All of a sudden, the main game becomes a side game and the side game becomes the main. After 3 days, I felt no motivation since no amount of strategy can win a game, especially with AI being unbelievably tilted favoring your opponent, the fun and the deep strategy feeling diminished. What’s the point of continue on with the game?.Version: 1.3.3

Good potential, hardgameSo I downloaded this from KOT4Q’s sponsorship and it actually looked pretty cool. I downloaded the game and then started to do the tutorial. It was pretty easy getting me to learn the ropes and the first few games were pretty easy. Then I ran into a bad game. There was noting on the board, my players special meter wasn’t full, time was running out and I started at 17 percent shot rate. I ended out with 26. Then I was on defense and I realized that the opposing team’s player had their special meter almost full and they started out at 50 percent so I couldn’t even prevent the special. Next possession, same thing as last. Low starting shot %, nothing to put it up by a lot, and my players special meter was still low. This happens every game once you reach a certain point. The delay in between pressing the board and being able to press it again is painful. This game really has potential. There is the great crossover concept, the devs were able to strike a deal with one of the biggest 2k YouTubers ever, and it has good graphics, just in the wrong places. Focus more on the players for the graphics as oppose to the board. Reduce the board delay, make the board easier, make the progression faster, make the teams easier and allow players to pass the ball..Version: 1.3.3

Insanely AddictiveIt’s extremely addictive, I’ve played it non stop every time I get the chance. Only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is I’m confident the percentages in between 33-90 mean absolutely nothing. I consistently shoot the same percentage in the 80s as the AI does if it’s at like a 35 and the AI has unlimited special abilities it feels like sometimes which doesn’t matter in the season mode as much but in versus it makes all the difference. These problems aren’t that big of a deal though, it can just be annoying but the game is a must if you like match games and basketball..Version: 1.3.3

Level of opponetsCould you fix the level of the opponents because it is impossible to win if the person you are going against has better players? It would be a 5 star game if this was fixed..Version: 1.3.3

Unbalanced and boringI tried to like this game, I wanted to actually, but it just isn’t it. As others have said, playing against the AI is very unbalanced. You have virtually zero control over the bored and can never rack up more than one or two bombs a game. The CPU gets their abilities several times a game where I went 4 without getting a single one. Despite having vastly superior players I barely win games. A second thing is the animations, or the lack there of. You are going to see the exact same move and animation a BUNCH. You are also going to play against Julius Randle on basically every team....Version: 1.3.3

Very Good But There is One ProblemI Love This Game It is so Fun,It has very Good Graphics And It Feels Like Your NBA 2K But There is one Problem That A Lot Of People Probably Have. When You Play Versus Most Of The Time Your Playing Against People That Are Way Better Than You And It’s The same thing With Showdown So Can You Please Fix This Problem Because I Love This Game..Version: 1.3.3

AWESOME GAME!!!!This game is soooo fun it reminds me of Wwe Champions but an NBA version (and wee champions is rated at the most player out off all week games till date) I really love the moves but in the future you guys should definitely add more. Also add a like chat where global people can talk and clubs like crews or something and like a profile where I can see my stats and stuff, but all around this game is amazing for something that just came out can’t wait for the future updates..Version: 1.3.3

Overall OpinionGreat game for basketball fans, quick and easy. Good animations and players. With time even more players and animations will get added to the game. Hoping the roster of players gets deeper than what I’m expecting!.Version: 1.3.3

EhHighly anticipated this game. Was so excited and enjoyed it for most of the time I have been playing it. But it gets really hard really fast when every player on the other team regardless of level has their power ups and I can't get a single color that I need..Version: 1.3.3

Good time waster, gets frustrating quick if you do not cough up MoolaDevelopers, I have to ask, what was the meeting like when you decided that when someone faces a team much stronger, the weaker team starts off with less points in a game like this? That is some next level thinking lol.Version: 1.3.3

Minor Set BackGreat game only problem is my opponents power up to quickly and all my gems get locked up and i have to forfeit a game because i can’t clear any gems, this has to be fixed maybe like two color gems but all of them is to over powered.Version: 1.3.3

Bland Basketball GameI’ve read that one of the biggest plight of app developers is that often they create a solution that no one wants or needs. This is one of those instances. It’s not really a puzzle game. It’s not really a basketball game. It’s not really fun. It is a game in which you very linearly level up your team and play against other nearly identical teams and then smash colored buttons. Only the massive buffs and debuffs relative to player stats make every other factor in the game almost inconsequential..Version: 1.3.3

Too lopsidedIt’s fun in the beginning but once you get in a few games, it becomes nearly impossible to win a game if you’re not spending your own money. The computers constantly have their power ups ready while it takes you a complete game to use yours once. And they’ll consistently give you the colors you don’t need and fill the board up with the other colors. They give you plenty of xp to level up your players but they give you very little chance to earn the funds you need to pay to level them up. Game has potential but needs a lot of fixing..Version: 1.3.3

Good concept, but $$ drainI love the idea behind it and the play format is vastly different from Marvel Future Fight, however they kept one thing from that game and that is its design to try to make you spend as much real world currency as possible. In versus mode they match you up against people that are significantly higher in order to make you pay in game currency to switch out your opponent. That same currency is used to upgrade your players. It’s a fun game until you hit that wall of doing nothing but lose in every mode..Version: 1.3.3

Game starts off fun then become unfunCPU get special then locks out all my balls so I can’t do anything, it’s so unbalanced cause you don’t get rewards if you don’t win so when you stuck your forever hard stuck unless you put money in. Thought It would be fair and balanced but after my 14th match I can’t win anymore, thus I can’t get money or anything. Was hoping for a decent free to play experience seemed like it was going to be at the start quickly became unplayable..Version: 1.3.3

Don’t play this, unless you wanna waste moneyThis game honestly seems like a cash grab. All of the great players have crazy pull rates like 0.02%, and even if you get that 0.02%, you’d have to get it multiple times before you can even get and use the character. If you feel like you could get a 0.02% chance multiple times, then go ahead and play this game, but to the rational ppl, don’t play this.Version: 1.3.3

Not a good gameI liked it at first but then the AI would always get a special power and I would never get one. When I play online the people are always better than me and it is pretty much impossible to win. It is laggy because sometimes when I touched a combination of the circles it kicks me out and only when I’m winning in a game at the last moments. This game is not very good..Version: 1.3.3

CPU needs to be nerfedThis is my first time writing a review for any application on my phone and tbh I am not happy with how the cpu can just use their power ups after power ups after power ups. Currently I am in the finals of the postseason and wanting to get 3 star kyrie. I have won one after 2 days of trying everything and god knows how I did it. It is literally frustrating when you’re down 4 or 5 points and need a win while cpu just hits 3 pts power ups. I am currently on the third day and stuck because I can’t level up my players. Please do something about this asap..Version: 1.3.3

Just reporting a bugI love the game, but it has a bug that is really messing with the experience. There have been a couple times that I skipped the draft animation, and every time it has shown me a player I got, then won’t actually give me the player. I got excited over a 2-star McCollum and then he didn’t show up in my players page. Please fix this..Version: 1.3.3

Game clearly cheatsI’ve seen a lot of comments on here about how the game is so fun but that it just flat out cheats. I’ll be a little more detailed for the devs to actually take a look at it. The abilities for the AI are very obviously broken/designed me to make you lose. I, the player, get one of my abilities to trigger a game where the AI gets FOUR in a row. You can’t win. It’s not about getting better as a player. It’s about possibly sinking money into it to get higher statted players. Cool. The board also very clearly plays against your chosen team. Don’t have a blue player out there? Be prepared to see SO MANY BLUE TILES DROP. and this is any player. While on the board let’s talk about the game dropping pieces that disable certain colors. Cool. An interesting mechanic. Except more often than not the game drops them in unsolvable locations. It’s not a puzzle if you can’t get rid of them. They get trapped in places that effectively end that color for the rest of the game and also effectively making you lose because, you guessed it, we cycle back to the AI getting 3 ability triggers in a row to cheat you. No matter how well you play Such a fun time this game is, honestly! There are F2P mechanics that make it so that you DONT have to put money in. I’ve felt like putting money in to support the devs because I’m having a good time! But I won’t because the game is just cheating a good portion of the time..Version: 1.3.3

Decent product, needs better balancingI think the concept of the game is interesting, but there seems to be a lack of balance. The CPU gets their power ups very easily, while it takes forever to build up enough energy for your own. I also think the puzzle board doesn't have enough going on, making it very easy to get stuck with too many tiny clusters which drain the match of their fun. The level up/rating system also seems a little uneven, as it's not entirely clear how they determine some players are better when they are the same level. Also every team you play in versus and in season seems to have the same collection of players. I'm hoping the diversity of the player pool increases over time. The player models also look ok, but I get that they're limited with what they can do in a tiny mobile game..Version: 1.3.3

Worse than I thoughtI have to go from decent to trash. The opponent almost always hits there special on the first trip down. I have missed at least 8 or 9 shots that were 89 or above and the opponent goes down and hits between 27 and 17. Pure money grab. Start you off thinking you can compete then you hit the wall of pay to win. Could be a better game if it was more balanced and gave you a chance..Version: 1.3.3

Laggy buggy messI just downloaded this game today and I was looking forward to playing it. But however lags just slapped me in the face. First it said that I have a slow internet connection but I have 5g internet from Verizon and when I picked my team and was on the court the game froze and kicked me out. Net marble you cant make a good game if it slaps you in the face. That’s why your putting 5 star game in your reviews because they’re bots and you know it. Your a sellout company that is washed up. Your just like Ea. You don’t listen to your reviews. Every dev that made this game or thought of it should be fired. I will never play one of your games ever again. And one day people I’ll realize that your a horrible company that will never be that popular ever again you menaces to society. I would rather drink hand sanitizer than play one of your games. I hope you get sued one day for being this stupid..Version: 1.3.3

Excellent gameI love this game cause I’ve watched the nba games since 2015 since warriors won the nba championship and not only that they also won the 2017 championship and the back to back nba championship in 2018 that I’ll never forget.Version: 1.3.3

DecentCons: 1. Decent game, but very limited control. Even if you force the AI or opponent’s shot percentage to 0%, then they still can make a rebound and earn 2 points. You have no control over rebounding. 2. You can level up players as much as you’d like, but unless you find shards then they won’t become great players. Shards cost in-game currency, but you can’t gain that currency unless you have good players. See the endless cycle? 3. People can challenge you in Versus without your permission or without you being active. I play versus to earn currency to improve my players, but I come back 5 hours later and have been challenged 3 times unknowingly. This gravely affects your rank and ability to improve. Pros: 1. It’s colorful. 2. It’s useful to procrastinate doing work. 3. It’s got some of your favorite NBA players..Version: 1.3.3

This game is not worth itIt takes you the whole game to be able to use your abilities on your players which is a guaranteed stop on defense or bucket on offense and your opponent no matter the level will get there ability in one hand which gives them more points or turnovers on defense leading to fast breaks. Which is funny I didn’t even know they were in the game till the enemy got 4 steals and 4 fast breaks in one 4 hand seriously every time I got the ball back from them scoring I came down and they took it back and scored about idk how this was possible but it sucked. The enemy hit shots that were 5% chance of going in and I can’t hit anything that’s not 100%. Kid you not I got a 97% and I missed this game is beyond terrible makes no sense how your overall is 3 times the enemy but they still win I had a 80 and overall was 20 but I low three times makes no sense.Version: 1.3.3

Good NBA b ball puzzle gameI’ve just started playing this game and like another reviewer I’m impressed with the graphics and the puzzle/match 3 gameplay. My only suggestion so far would be please let me play a full 4 quarter game and since the clock ticks down with every match a player makes I’d like the quarter length to be a little more realistic to the real world so I have more playing time and more opportunities to win or loose. Keep up the good work developers..Version: 1.3.3

CONNECTION ISSUESThis game is awesome however it has connection issues and no it’s not my phone because I have a iPhone 12 and none of my other games do this but when I play this game the connection gets lost so that’s why I’m rating 4 stars if they can do an update and fix this issue I will change my rating to 5 stars.Version: 1.3.3

Difficulty levelI like this game, really good concept but my big problem with it is that it gets too hard way too fast. The opponents’ overalls are higher than mine and my team can’t keep up plus they keep getting power ups right away while I struggle to get mine the whole 4th quarter. If you guys want to make the opponents harder for us players make sure that we have a chance too. Give us different ways of getting better players. I’m not saying I wanna destroy the cpu everytime because I like challenges, just let us keep up. Also I never get the colors I need. Hopefully you guys find a solution for this..Version: 1.3.3

Season modeThe only problem I have with the game is in the season mode. When you play another team that already have their 3 point or 2 point Ability but overall that game is really fun..Version: 1.3.3

Surprisingly FunI thought it was going to be more like Puzzles and Dragons but the simple match and pop system makes for quick and easy games. Perfect for in between time waster. Def worth the download..Version: 1.3.3

Good then badI got this game on release excited cause of the adds then I played and saw that the game got more difficult which was good cause it made you have to be strategic about which gems to explode and so on. Then it got to the point about making your new players stronger after you used all available gears (tier 1-2). They fixed that which was great. Now that I played and beat both seasons and since showdown takes forever to fill up so I can play the actual challenging ones and arena takes a day off to do whatever I cannot even play the game right now which makes the game bad very bad. So during this time I can upgrade players cause I can’t play to get upgrade materials. I can’t do daily rewards cause it requires you to be able to play the game. But it’s ok it can all be fixed. Here’s how, make the showdown recovery timer lower like 50 in 8-10 hours, make the showdown entry fee less. Also make the showdown limit higher so you can accumulate more. Make more seasons and better season rewards and arena awards when you get to the next tier not at the end of an arena season so you can always play arena Even when everything else is out. Also take away arena tickets. Add more ways to get players like a tournament for certain players..Version: 1.3.3

Pay to playThis game was fun and addicting at first until you get far enough where the rewards are crazy far and few in between. It becomes really difficult to even level up your players to even compete against computer. Not just that but then getting the tickets to pull new players is even harder. You’ll also have to pull shards and the better players require more shards so you want a lebron, you’ll need like 1000 of his shards. Also the RNG is pretty dumb. Depending on how strong your team is, you’ll either start with an advantage or disadvantage. There are modes where you play to 11 and your opponent is so much stronger that you’ll start with 0 points to their 9. How do you win in that scenario? Cmon man. Give us a fighting chance..Version: 1.3.3

Not worth it to download this game. At first I was very excited, but afterward not fun at all.After 40 game of season, the difficulty increased. I can’t even beat them, I’m on a 6 losing streaks. I trained my players to max level, can’t beat them. For sure this game wants people to put money in it, so we can get like good players, ex: Lebron, KD, and etc. Not going to lie, probably the trashiest NBA game ever played. Please fix this for others!!!.Version: 1.3.3

One of the worst games I have ever playedThe game is terrible, when you play online it’s impossible to win you always go up against better players. You need a system to make it more fun. When playing “season” if it can be called that the AI gets special plays so easily but it is impossible for the real player to get it. The players are the most unrealistic things ever they look terrible. Upgrades make no sense I draft a player level him up and he barely gets better. I had Bam leveled him up and he only went up 2-3 overalls and was worse than most of my other players. I don’t get why people are giving the game 5-stars major updates need to come and they don’t know what they are talking about. People aren’t giving reasons so someone needs to tell me why you people think this game is good. Just please update if not I will bring my review down to 1-star..Version: 1.3.3

Mediocre gameI like the idea and concept of the game. However, the matchmaking is garbage at best, randomly you get matches that despite opponents getting less then 10% seem to make shots every time, and it’s difficult to obtain the materials for upgrading players to keep with the pace of advancement unless you buy them. 100% feels like your typical “Pay to Win” game. Or really more even a pay to compete with just the season AI..Version: 1.3.3

Whoa!!!This game... is insane. If you’re an NBA fanatic, but simply don’t have the time to grind 8 hours on a mobile game, you’re going to really vibe with this. First off, the graphics are way better than I anticipated. Controls are minimalistic, which is definitely what you want. And the layout... wow. Very thorough as far as league involvement. Tons of things to do. Player selection is FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for the clubs feature to open up. Seriously, an absolute bop of a game for killing time if you’re a basketball fan. #MavNation #LongLiveLuka #seventyseven.Version: 1.3.3

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Updates???Any chance of playing another season. Once it ends you’re limited with what you can do. If there are no playoffs, then why not play out the next season so the game keeps going!! Potential to be a great game but limitations stop you. Also, in game modes, I can’t seem to edit my team on showdowns as it doesn’t load. Very disappointing!!!.Version: 0.2.0

Nice but there is not much to doOverall the game is fun and has a lot of potential. However, it freezes after a few games and it’s not possible to press continue. Furthermore, I’ve been waiting for a couple weeks for the playoffs. It’s frustrating!!.Version: 0.2.0

Game updateIs this game ever going to get an update, iv been waiting to play playoff for over 3 weeks now and am very limited on what I can do.Version: 0.2.0

FrustratingI have finished the season over a week ago and still waiting for the playoffs. How long do I have to wait for ?.Version: 0.2.0

Really good NBA gameI’ve played a few different games over the time, but I’d say this is one of the better mobile ones. Simple to get into, decent animations (for iOS) and fun. Does chew through the battery, but that may have been me playing so much 😉.Version: 0.1.1

Waste of timeEdit review: after having spent more time to give this game a shot my initial review still stands. In fact I have a story. One of your daily tasks to to level up one of your players, well naturally you would reach max level for the players you have eventually. What happens when to the task when you reach max on all your current players? I was told to get more players by the support team. Meaning if I didn’t have any new players to level up I couldn’t complete the task anymore. Normally other games would auto-complete a task like this in this case. But I was told to get more players in a gacha game. Now I am only levelling up my players the bare minimum amount needed for the task in hopes I naturally get more players before I reach max level on all of them. Don’t waste your time playing this. It’s absolutely pay to win and not rewarding at all for free to play players. Most of it is time gated and the things that aren’t time gated you will be too low score to proceed anyway..Version: 0.1.2

5 star game in the makingWill be a 5-star game once the known issues are addressed.Version: 0.1.1

I can’t load into the gameDoes anyone know how I can fix my game I want to play it but If I load it up it sits on the loading screen for ages Iv tried deleting and reinstalling.Version: 0.2.0

What’s the pointWhy bother putting in a shot percentage when it gets completely ignored anyway, had my opponent score with a 3% chance and 23% chance while i constantly miss with a 80% chance.Version: 0.1.2

PAYWALL in 1st hourLike 5% chance you’ll have matching colours. You vs high level opponents in all game modes. Luck is needed to win. Skill isn’t required in this garbage..Version: 0.1.1

GlitchyVery Glithcy since the new update. Was much better before. Disappointedn now.Version: 0.2.0

How to get tokens to promote?How do you I get tokens to promote my players. Stuck and can’t promote any further than 4 stars.Version: 0.2.0

Good game going bad very quicklyUpdate has made it pretty impossible to get better players... they’ve removed almost all of the ability gain player cards... If you start the game now you’ll probably end up playing with a bunch of random lousy players forever.Version: 1.3.2

Great game just needs moreThis is a great game even in its incomplete state. It just needs a little more. Everything is a little time consuming but it could be very rewarding if you put in the time. Don’t rush through the game as it will leave you with difficulty. If you take a slow and steady approach. Playing a few games here or there it is lots of fun..Version: 0.1.1

ReviewIt would be better if it wasn’t so glitchy because sometimes I can’t play it.Version: 1.3.0

Please add playoffs ASAPI love the game but have finished the season games and now there is not as much to do, still slowly building my team up from the other game modes but am really keen for the playoffs and more season to be available to play 😃.Version: 0.2.0

Faster animation to level playersGreat game, enjoying it a lot, it’s not as mindless as some others but not too mentally consuming that i need to pay too much attention. one improvement i would like to see is either a way to skip the level up animation or a way to mass train up players, currently when i level up it takes forever to train up all my players just the 1 level and i like to level them all up so i can adjust my roster on the fly to adapt to the opposing team.Version: 0.1.1

Good game though improvements neededIt will be a great game if real time competition with other player is possible. This game is not bad..Version: 0.1.1

FreezingGame continually freezes after I finish a game. Can’t press continue. Only way to play another game is to turn the app off and reopen it from scratch. Very annoying.Version: 0.2.0

Need to give a complete updated gameCan’t complete daily tasks as you can’t get past GM Lvl 60, therefore can’t upgrade the players you have, don’t have the “play off” mode yet so you can’t complete the required season games, can’t rematch in the VS Mode because they’re all “unavailable”. No point in playing until they update.Version: 0.1.2

Update on the last day of the tournamentJust updated the game and now not working again Went from top 50 all the way down to 200 and having all my vs matches not load and say retry 7 times in a row fuken uselesss update.Version: 0.2.0

Worth trying!A fairly unique version of the puzzle genre with solid layers of strategy involved. Definitely worth giving it a go!.Version: 0.1.1

The game is very funIt’s fun cool keeps you interested.Version: 0.2.0

Most rigged game I have ever played DONT PLAY ITI wish I could give this game no stars it’s the most rigged game ever.Version: 0.1.1

Could be great but issues make it fall shortWas enjoying the game. Completed all the how to play stuff, played on game and now the app has crashed. Each time I log on I’m frozen on the start game page. Even deleted the app and re installed to try and fix it but no luck. It’s a shame really..Version: 0.1.2

Love this game but...When are we going to get playoffs and when can we get past level 60? I love this game but, do restrictive..Version: 0.2.0

GlitchOk so this game can be great but I’ve caught a horrible glitch that won’t let me upgrade a player I’ve added on a gear piece to a player and as I’ve just downloaded it it’s now telling me to add a gear piece on an empty spot..... the problem is it keeps telling me to add one on the spots that’s taken and due to that I can’t upgrade any of my player says it’s still teaching me the basics but it won’t allow me to go back. Please fix as I’m already stuck as I can’t do any upgrades.Version: 1.3.3

Pay to playHas so much potential to be an excellent game utilising a fun puzzle combined with everyone’s favourite players and moves, however if you want to be good you need to pay up and for a game such as this it’s hard to justify why anyone would. For now it will take forever to level up to a point where you can win all season games and make the playoffs which are “coming soon” supposedly..Version: 0.1.1

GameThis is one of the best games that I have ever played.Version: 1.3.3

Please finish this gameVery good game for something that isn’t finished but drains battery and over heats my phone while playing, even after one game.Version: 0.1.1

Terrible gameWhat a terrible game, it has nothing to do with basketball.Version: 0.2.0

Best basketball mobile gameI really enjoy the mechanics of this game too true iPhone app.Version: 1.3.3

This is a jokeYou really do not take into account feedback from players, it’s been months since the “playoffs” and nothing. Last update didn’t help at all as I cannot progress and every time something gets mentioned we just get some automated answer. Get some proper answers for us. You keep bringing in new stuff but the people want the playoffs..Version: 1.3.0

Addicting but boringTo start off there was an option in rewards to delete notifications so i did it for stuff i hadnt completed yet. Now i dont get rewards when i rank up in verses or completing daily tasks. Hopefully thats fixed asap and more content is out as im finished with the regular season games and verses mode is only giving me 2 points per win..Version: 0.1.1

Shouldnt have released it if it’s not readyGood game, finished the season and nothing happened, so now there is nothing to really do.Version: 0.1.1

Solid game with great customer supportIt’s a solid game if you’re into these types of games and they have really good customer service 👍.Version: 0.1.1

UpdateHi there Really great game, just when you reach the playoffs the game stops? Is there an update for playoffs coming soon?.Version: 0.1.2

PlayoffsLove the game but are the playoffs ever coming?.Version: 0.1.2

Game pushes you to spend real moneyAfter game 30 of the normal season the opponents are way to strong not even possible to fight for a win! Game pushes you to spend way to much money, good potencial for the game but right now it’s awful as I’m not spending another cent. I’ve spent over $60 and I’m facing teams with overall of 150+ while my team is sitting at an awful 80. Game has been deleted.Version: 0.2.0

More seasonsWe need to have continuous seasons..Version: 1.3.3

Fresh take on match 3 genre!This is an awesome game for NBA and even non-NBA fans! I’ve been hooked since I downloaded. I thought it was a normal match 3 game but it is far from it! Great game and I look forward to more updates..Version: 0.1.0

Could be betterLove the game but when you reach the playoff all you can do is wait, Can't complete any daily challenges, as you can not play season games or level players up when you reach your max level. Game needs more updates to keep flow going otherwise you find your self no need of playing again..Version: 0.1.2

FrozenGame keeps getting stuck on the opening screen..Version: 0.2.0

Not badAnd also not good either. Game is rigged unless you pay to win. And mostly based on luck. Game is also not fully developed yet..Version: 0.1.1

Rookies and more playersThe game’s fantastic but maybe add some more players and rookies here is a few Lamelo ball James wiseman Jaylen brown Kyle Lowry Andrew Wiggins Cj McCollum Carmelo Anthony Jamal Murray Brandon Ingram Nikola Vucevic Gordon Hayward John Wall Victor Oladipo Shai Gilgeous Alexander D’Angelo Russell Thank Ryan.Version: 0.2.0

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NBA Ball Stars 1.3.3 Update

Version 1.3.3 (2021-04-05): What’s New: - Playoffs: make your way to The Finals and win the Trophy! - Season 2: A new Season begins! Show off your abilities and qualify for the Playoffs. - New Players Added to Rotation: Get your favorites and build the strongest team! - Additional fixes and improvements.