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Simple. Fun. And Clean. Just Like A Dino!

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Love it! ✨This game is awesome! Great job super_toki! I definitely recommend getting Like a Dino because first, it’s not like Roblox where it’s super glitchy. I really like how it doesn’t kick me out of the game. It’s very clean and smooth. The second reason I love this game is because of the presentation! The dinosaur is so cute. It’s face makes me want to hug it! I like the soft colors you added to the game. It really makes me happy! The music is very aesthetic and cute, (I like the songs So süb and Good Luck Today ❤️). My final reason I think this game is awesome is because you can never get bored of it. This game really keeps me entertained when I’m in a really long car ride and I’m bored. I don’t know what’s with this game but it’s one that I won’t delete for a long time! Once again, awesome, awesome, awesome job super_toki! You really put a lot of effort into making this adorable and fun game! P.S, when you subscribe to super_toki’s channel, you actually get 3,000 coins! At first I thought it was fake, but when I clicked the subscribe button on the channel, I went back to the game and it SURPRISINGLY GAVE ME 3,000 COINS! My jaw literally dropped! Anyway, thank you for reading my long review. I hope you download super_toki’s game. Pls support him! ——————————————————————————————.Version: 2.0.0

Like a giraffeNot only is this game super fun it is also very relaxing!!!!!! i love how the giraffe is very cute and fun and the music is so upbeat and will get you in a good mood. there are so many different animals too! i love this game so much and the music is very fun and calming to listen to, i really enjoy playing it. sometimes i don’t like games because they get really hard, but this game is sometimes easy which adds to the enjoyment and makes it more relaxing! another thing i love about this game is how when you mess up, it saves your points and lets you try a few more times. I really like this feature because sometimes i get so annoyed when you mess up once and it makes you redo it (on other apps). one more feature i love is how there are barely any ads!!!! i really like this because it’s less enjoyable when apps have ads, and i will most likely delete apps with adds because again, i just don’t enjoy it. but this game, i can play for hours without being bored and i love it so much!!! if you are thinking about getting it i would reccomend 100%!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.0

DINOS!Hi! (Thanks for reading my review!) this game is great to do when you’re bored. I think it definitely gives you something to do. Though, it may be a TINY bit under rewarding, it’s very positive! It gives you good messages like “it’s ok to be not okay!” Which I thought was great! This app definitely also is high-spirited. Most games will say “FAIL.” Which isn’t really helpful. “Thanks. I get it. This game is hard.” This game is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it- it’s amazing! Although it may be a little hard to understand to “swipe” the screen instead of tap, this game is overall GREAT! I started playing today, (lol) and I’m already obsessed! This game has a great idea, great graphics, and a great potential! I’m not a huge fan of TikTok, ngl, but my friend on it Kailyn’s POV (I forget the exact name ) showed it to me. It’s honestly an amazing game. Her story is inspiring, and I think she has an amazing potential. Work harder at your dream, super_loki, and never give up!.Version: 2.1.2

Really calming and some what intense!I really like the fact that their are different characters you can unlock. But the most important thing about this game that I think is the calming sensation about the vibe and the music is really fun! In fact I believe that this game can be competitive like others because you can score points! On the other hand the game can get really intense or I guess what I’m saying is that you have to focus when it speeds up. I don’t know exactly if it is endless but I know for a fact that if it is endless then it is better to compete with your friends! You can try and score over their high score. Maybe I’m going over the point. Again the game is perfect for everyone! Their is a competitive side and a calming side of the game. The character are really cute too! Well, that’s all I have to say about the game..Version: 2.1.2

Why is this not more popular?!?I absolutely love this game, and I only got it earlier today. It helps with stress, it’s cute to watch the dinosaur,And honestly it’s just awesome. In my opinion, this is better than candy crush or Homescapes.I don’t understand why this game isn’t known everywhere like candy crush or something, it’s absolutely wonderful! I suppose it was tall like a giraffe onceInstead of like a Dino, because I sought in another review, I think I prefer this though. I can imagine the little giraffe.I’m a preteen and I think this is good for all ages. Well,-Little little kids might get frustrated. But it’s so fun! When Wi-Fi isn’t working, or I'm on a road trip it’s perfect to waste away at. My only warning, is if your not chill about losing, it may stress you, instead of relieve stress. But for me it’s wonderful..Version: 2.0.0

It’s amazing and you should definitely download it!This game is so simply fun. It not to to hard but it’s also not to simple and I love that about it! Whenever I’m sad or feeling down I go to this game, because all of the adorable characters and peppy upbeat music just puts a smile on my face! I don’t know how anyone could ever be sad playing this. I love how their are multiple characters and different songs so that you could change it up every once and a while and won’t get bored with it. The game works very smoothly and I’ve never had any technical problems with it. I also was very satisfied by the fact that there weren’t ads every 5 seconds. It made it much more enjoyable. You did and extraordinary job on this game toki. I really hope you keep up the good work and keep getting better and better at doing what you love. Thanks a bunch for making this game because it’s really helped me. And to whoever’s else reading this I hope you enjoy the game!.Version: 1.2.1

New Favorite GameThis game is so sweet and adorable. You don’t have to pay for anything with real money, the only “purchases” are with coins you earn in the game. You can buy different songs and dinos. The songs have extremely adorable names such as “A Piece of Cake” or “It’s OK To Not Be OK”. Another thing I love about the game is that when you get the little green pieces it always says “perfect” or something better. It’s not like other games where it says “ok”, “bad”, “nice”. It’s so positive and even though it’s a simpler game it makes me so happy. I could never get tired of it. It also doesn’t fill up your notifications like some other games. Within the few days I’ve had this game I have gotten one notification and it said “Thank you for always standing by my side,” rather than asking you to play the game or buy something. To put it simply, this game is adorable, positive, and a lot of fun. You should check it out!.Version: 2.0.0

Love It❤️I had literally bought this game today and instantly fell in love with it. The game is very well designed and user friendly. Along with the fact it doesn’t need WiFi and does not have ads popping up everywhere. The game is absolutely fantastic. It deserves every 5/5 stars I’m giving it. Highly recommend. Fantastic app. 🤩 But I do have one concern not about the game but the people playing it. So before I got the game of course I read the reviews and they were mostly great except the ones mentioning a giraffe. Now I didn’t get the game til’ after the update but it seems everyone who had wrote a bad review is over dramatic about the update. Yes I can understand that it would be a little upsetting for that to happen but why be soo upset about a game. Have any of the bad reviewers considered that fact that maybe the creator had to change it for a reason. Or maybe something came up that would cause him to change it. I’m just saying that it’s not worth getting all worked up about. But that’s my only complaint. So please everyone understand. Thank you for reading all of this even though it’s long. 🙂.Version: 2.1.2

Answer about music and stuffMost people say that they can’t hear the music without headphones and here’s why: your ringer isn’t on on either your phone, iPad, or iPod. If you turn it on you should be able to hear the game just fine without headphones. You can use headphones if you want to but I prefer to listen to it without. This game is also really fun and cute. I got recommended this game by one of my friends and now I can see why she wanted me to play it. It’s really cute and the characters are awesome. It’s mostly the little details that get to me like the fact that the neck jiggles every time you get one of the little neck pieces. This game is awesome and is probably going to get better as it grows. I’m tot sure if anyone is going to read this or not, but if you did, then thank you for coming to my TED talk..Version: 1.2.0

Literally The BestI originally found this game while I was at a museum. My friend was bored, so she brought out her phone and started playing Like A Dino! As soon as I saw it, I begged her to send me the link to the app. The precious app icon appealed to me and looked incredibly aesthetic. The download was quick and they didn’t take up too much space. As soon as I downloaded the game and started playing, I got a pretty good high score. When my brother saw me, he instantly stole my iPad and started playing. Now, we compete and see who’ll get the higher score. I love this game so much and I hope that this game keeps growing, without losing its preciously aesthetic spark! Thank you so much for creating such a adorable game. Keep up the precious art and congrats on your growing game, super_toki ❤️.Version: 2.1.2

Fantastic!I’ve never written a review before, so this is my first. I’ve seen reviews about bringing back the giraffe, and joining a movement. I’ve never played Like a Giraffe, so I don’t know if that was better. But when I played Like a Dino, I liked the love story because other games have tons of skins and stuff, and the love story thing made Like a Dino special. It’s also very addictive. When I played, I usually can’t put it down in the middle of a song, and my brain is like, just one more song! So overall, I would say that this is a great game, maybe the creators should bring Like a Giraffe back, and maybe make Like a Giraffe and Like a Dino different games. And if you disagree with something about this review, remember, I’ve never played Like a Giraffe before. And you should play Like a Dino if you haven’t played Like a Giraffe before!.Version: 2.0.0

Very good!I absolutely love how cute and simple this game is!!!! All the characters are very happy and adorable, and the music is peppy and lively! I absolutely recommend this game! Also considering that you really don’t have to learn how to play it, as it pretty much explains itself. The game is not complex, and me and my cousin play it all the time! I definitely love this game and recommend it for anyone who is interested! :>Two Weeks later: Hi Like a Giraffe I wrote that review a while ago. Now that like a Dino has taken over I don’t play as often, I’m considering deleting the app, and many of my friends and other reviewers can agree with me. I don’t want to be rude, I really don’t, but the Giraffe better come back. Like a Dino was a good idea, but there is something about the Giraffe that the Dino does not have. Like magic. Woah I sound really fake sorry hehe, but anyway, I love the Giraffe, and recommend you add a Giraffe as a character or change it back. I give the update 2 stars..Version: 2.0.0

Amazing game- 👛🌙So uhm it is so fun and thats not all. If you need free cash go to the dino buying part (or home) and loook at the top left corner and theres a watch an add for 1,000 free coins so i just did that 50 times and got 50,000 free coins (and a pay check for super_toki) lol and i also got to 1.6x speed on Its OK To Not Be OK and i got 1,093 score 🤭 but all that aside its a wonderful game! No bugs and barely any ads, great for long road trips or long car rides/vacations or even if youre bored and trying to waste some time. Amazing, would recommend only issue is.. wait there isnt one. Thats the issue! There is nothing wrong with this game and i look forward to seeing updated. I recommend adding baby dinos, its my life goal to play as a baby dino..Version: 2.1.2

Wow 🤩 (MUST READ)This game is just amazing! It’s so simple, but it’s design is soooo aesthetic! Of course, at the beginning, I sucked 😂. But as you play more and more you get better and better! As you move forward, the music and pace of the notes get faster and faster, it’s a game of focus!! The music is beautiful and a very likable. It’s such simple entertainment, this is one of the only games that I have rated five stars! So, WHY did I get this game? It’s almost a complete five star game, the reviews were breathtaking! At first i thought the game would be annoying and frustrating but when I played, I was pleasantly surprised! The music was likable, the design, the colors, the overall idea was just brilliant! This is a must get game, and I hope you agree with this review, because this is an upcoming five-star game!! I hope you have a great day, and to the crew who made this wonder, amazing idea and work and I wish you the best! 💞 Sincerely, 🤞 Nela 🤞.Version: 2.0.0

❤️Deserves lots of love❤️This used to be like a giraffe but now it’s like a Dino. Idk why it changed but whatever. I love this game because it is not what I had expected but is so lovable that I don’t care. It’s relaxing which is nice being a tween, and funny and an overall simple game. But my favorite part that it doesn’t give you ads unless you’ve chosen to watch one. And the ads don’t even give you a small amount of money, plus every thing is kinda cheap. Except for unlocking Dina, that’s not cheap. And the songs are the BEAT. (Lol, meant to type best but I’m keeping it like this.) I love the designs for the characters too. And it’s funny watching the neck move weirdly when it grows longer. So I suggest sharing this with your family and subscribing to super_toki to show support..Version: 2.0.0

Amazing!This game is amazing and I love it! It became some what popular on tiktok I didn’t really get it but I was curious so I downloaded it anyway. It is so much fun! I love the music, how entertaining it is, and mostly, The cute dinosaur! This is just a suggestion but can you add something like a multiplayer thing where there are 2 modes one is for playing with 2 people on the same phone and I another is for playing online? It doesn’t have to be just like that but it would be cool if there was multiplayer in some sort of way😄 Other than that it is an incredible game and very entertaining! I have played it every day since I got it!(five days). I definitely would recommend this fun, entertaining, musical, cute game! I hope you keep on updating it and making it better and better 😁. -Kt (not my real name btw).Version: 2.1.1

DOWNLOAD ITOh mah gawd.... I need to preface this review by saying these games where it’s typically the same thing every time you play only interest me for about a week and then I get tired of it but this one is ADDICTING I love this Game so much it’s actually quite scary how much time I spend playing it 😂.... it’s perfect in every way, the characters are cute, the song is catchy, and I love how the speed goes up after the song finishes every time! That’s one of the main things that keeps me going and playing it all the time! I do have one recommendation for the creator… I think it would be pretty cool if each character had its own song for example the giraffe would have its own song, the llama would have its own song, etc. I think that would be amazing! Love the game I hope that you see my suggestion! It’s a fun way to have a different song for each character and get new characters and songs!.Version: 1.0.12

Unique & beautifulIt's an amazing app to relive my stress or anxiety. It's also best if you are bored, Or sad. The cheery music would help, It helped me. For example, I play it in school because I get major anxiety there, Feeling like i'm going to throw up, Or cry just by being there. I appreciate that some one or people made this app. It helped me a lot through Covid & stress. It's a nice cheerful app that anyone & everyone should play, For fun, Stress, Anxiety, And more. Happily, I'll show my younger sister this game when she is old enough & not six years old. Maybe ten or nine, I'll also show my brother once I see him again, Maybe my father as well & my mom already downloaded it on her phone. I hope people will come around more and more, give it more love it deserves..Version: 2.1.2

Best Music Game Out There?!This game is very simple and addicting, it’s also nice of them to give us 2 extra life’s in case we fail! The music is stuck in my head and it’s so calming and relaxing. Also very fun that there are different skins (I have the llama :3). This game definitely deserves 5 stars :D it’s also nice how this is offline, so u can play this in a car, plane, or boat (be careful not to drop ur phone/iPad in the water)! You can try to beat ur high score again and again, and then maybe you’ll be on the leaderboard if ur super good! Its also free, doesn’t take up much space, and the art style is super cute! Definitely a 5 star game! Edit: Also for those of u who don’t know, there ARE different songs, u need to buy them with coins like the skins. The second song I got 2,400!!! My highscore! On the bottom it says “More songs coming soon!” And I’m very excited about new songs! Hopefully they’ll do that too with the skins!.Version: 1.2.0

5 Stars!This game is absolutely amazing, everything about it is just amazing. I love the fact that it has a catchy yet cute song that you could listen to for hour. I really love how it gives you multiple chances and even tells you it’s ok that you made a mistake. The fact that you can unlock lots more characters and you can even just watch a short, simple ad to get 1,000 coins is spectacular! And the fact it just uses that one song and just speeds it up is super cool and shows you can use the simple things to make something great! This game is so calming and as a 11 year old girl, school and home can be stressing and it is always entertaining to sit down and play this game for a bit to calm my mind. This game is most definitely 5/5 stars!!.Version: 1.2.0

Honestly really goodI seldom leave reviews unless the game stands out, and I have to say this game is one of those amazing standing-out kinda games. I love that there are no ads and there are different skins, I also love the simplicity. I do however have some suggestions. Maybe with each skin you buy, it would include a different song with it, or you could buy it separately. I also think it would add more fun if you could add a couple of different backgrounds. I think it would be fun to have little “ power-ups”, like coins or a piece of fruit that falls and if you collect it, it’ll double your coins, slow the speed that the items are falling or, it would turn all the pieces into coins and you could have a sort of “ coin rush”. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day..Version: 1.0.12

Simply perfect.Cute and simplistically charming art, a fun variety of songs, runs smoothly with zero bugs, no annoying in-app purchases (there is an add feature but it is completely optional), and chock-full of heartfelt and encouraging messages. Heck, it'll even send you notifications, not to bug you to play the game, but to tell you to have a nice day. There is not a single negative thing I could say about this game. It is one of the best, most charming and sweet little game I have ever played. Perfect for if you want to have something cute on your phone to keep you occupied and entertained for a little while. You can tell that this was someone's little passion project that they put so much love and care into it, with the sole purpose of having fun and making it fun for others over anything else..Version: 1.2.1

Love this game so much!!!Ok, this is such a great game to play when you’re bored. This is so amazing it’s aesthetic and I love the characters they’re so simple and detailed at the same time I just love the fact that this game exists, I was so bored today until I found this game in the AppStore I read the reviews because I had to make sure that this game was a actual good game. I read reviews and I was amazed by the ratings and what the people were saying about this game. I immediately downloaded this game and started playing it, at first I was pretty confused on how to play it, I soon figured it all out and started playing better and better . I can’t believe this is a game I’m so happy that this is a game and this game is a life saver I was so bored it’s so simple and aesthetic like I mentioned in my second sentence and I highly recommend you download this app right now it’s amazingly fun and simple also easy. Sincerely, Nova.Version: 2.1.2

My new coping method lolThis game is the ✨definition ✨of relaxing. The music, the extra lives, and even if I do mess up on zero lives, I never rage. It's kind of weird how oddly relaxing this game is. I feel like the developers purposely made this as a more relaxing, encouraging game for people to download and play when they're feeling down or just upset. Besides the way it makes me feel, the game is very well made for still being worked on. The little cartoony dino is way too cute 😜, and the little messages you get when you loose a life are so kind and encouraging 💕♥️❤️💙💜💗💛💖💞💚❣️💓🧡💝 Overall, this game is by far my favorite game. I'd like to give the developer(s) a big pat on the back, and a hug 🤗 Thanks for taking the time to create such a calming game ♥️.Version: 2.0.0

I love this gameThe game literally brings me so much support and fun 💗 I was having a bad day today and I got to play this game and it made my day 10x Better<3 I enjoy playing this game and it have notifications that you can see and it’s the sweetest things ever💕<3 Whoever made this game I wanna give you a big hug!!! ^^ You made my life/day better..Life has been hard but this game is the best!! [TW: VENT] I am struggling life and it’s been hard to live, I almost died In 2020. I’ve gotten better though, My family supports me and I love it<3 whoever made this game ILY!! You are immaculate!!!!💖 But this game is very hard for 12x speed😀. I still love this game, It has inspired me so much. Please play this game it’s the best!! It can make you so happy and there is cute little songs! :3.Version: 1.2.0

So cuteUsually i don’t leave reviews(actually this is the first one i’ve ever left) but this game was so awesome that there was no reason not to leave a five star review. I love how many song choices there are and for some reason i feel emotional when i hear some of them. the dinosaurs are so cute that i don’t even care that this was called “like a giraffe” before. i also love how there are no adds in the game unless you watch an add to get coins. this game is so cute and i don’t understand how anyone could not love it. it is so relaxing and sweet. 🎈❤️💕💕♥️ i hope that more people feel as i do about this game and hope that people realize that the creator put lots of hard work into this game and just to see negative reviews can make their heart break. remember to spread positivity everywhere you go. love you guys.Version: 2.0.0

The best app ever!!I think like a Dino is genius. I love the game it’s super cute. Don’t worry about any inappropriate ads l love the skin choices and you can choose if you are a boy or a girl I especially love the birthday skin special edition and the game itself is very simple. I like that the music is very cute coming and relaxing. It’s a very aesthetic game. My friend showed it to me and I had to get it so I did. I really wanted it because she sent me a screen recording of it and It was not hard to learn it all I got it right ahead. And is it also for all ages my friend was 16 I am 17 and I know someone who is 10 who plays it also toddlers like four and 5. There are hardly any ads which I delete games because they have so many ads it’s really not as fun because they’re more ads then the actual game. I look forward to playing more like a Dino in the future keep creating toki.Version: 2.1.2

I can’t tell if this an app, or a masterpiece!!I love love LOVE this game! it’s so fun, and helps me calm down! my favorite songs are it’s ok to not be ok, Marriage proposal, and so sub (so sweet). one thing that is so encouraging is how it says “it’s ok to not be ok” when you mess up. i also really like how you have 2 lives, so if you mess up, it’s not game over, you get to try again and keep going. never give up at anything! Weather it’s this game, or anything! i think your monkey banana concept art is AMAZING super_toki, so never ever give up on it! this game is amazing, fun, and super calming. i love the new skins!! also, congratulations on getting your goal of 1 million subscribers! i bought every song AND dino, and am so so SO excited about the eggs, because they are blue and yellow, yellow being my favorite color, and blue my bff’s favorite! we play this together ALL the time, and cant wait for future updates! if your reading this, i STRONGLY recommend you to get this game! bye!.Version: 2.1.1

I think we all need moreThis game originally caught my eye whilst browsing through the App Store. I wanted to find a game for traveling 6 hours from one state to another, and nothing seemed appealing. The beautiful app icon excited me and looked like an aesthetic game. The download was quick and I was playing in only a couple minutes. When I opened the app, everything looked so welcoming and sweet. The dinosaur was so adorable and the font was perfect for the game. When I started, the music was so calming and happy. I really love the music, and often find myself humming the tunes of the song. I decided to introduce it to my mom because I thought she would like it, but boy, I didn’t expect her to get so addicted! She’s obsessed and really good. We both play it and compare scores. Within a couple weeks, my mom had unlocked all the songs and was pretty great. When the new update came, we were ecstatic! It’s wholesome and you don’t have to worry about your children getting ahold of profanity or inappropriate content. It’s great for the entire family and really cute. My entire family would love to see more and see it flourish. I really love you, super_toki! Keep being amazing, and keep creating!!.Version: 2.1.2

This is so cute but I think it could use something..This is so cute but I think it could use something extra. The song is nice, don't get me wrong! But maybe each time you unlock a character it could change? For one of the characters, it could be a different song and for another, it would be different than the other characters. Each time you unlock a character you should be able to unlock a new song with it, just so it differentiates it and makes it fun to unlock cute new characters! You could also have the option to set one of the songs you unlocked to be your go-to song for all of the characters. But that mostly if you like a certain tune. Sorry if this doesn't explain it well, but the core and original game are great and adorable! ☺️.Version: 1.0.12

GameThis is a great game. I don't have any issues with it except for the fact that I end up losing all my money just to see the characters to unlock them. (Actually, I think that goes to show ur game is even better). My favorite thing about this game is the music. It's so peaceful but also energetic. It's really positive too, Wich makes it better. I think mabey an update to the game could be more characters. This game is amazing but the song "it's OK not to be okay" makes me sleepy XD. I give game a 5 star cuz it's really good. Me and my friends play it all the time and it's one of our favorite games to play. Like a typed earlier, adding more characters to this game is the only thing that would make it better. Other than that, it's great. (I mean lie, it already is. I'm just saying that if u could do that then it would be great, Thx.).Version: 1.2.1

Such a cute and fun game!Absolutely adore this game! I love how the songs have different difficulty levels, especially that they are all custom. I hadn't played in a while but I open the game to find out there are 5 new songs! It's clear that the developer(s) of this game really do enjoy making it!! I feel that if the game had some non custom songs it would ruin the feel of the game. That leads to my second point: This game really helps with my anxiety. If I'm ever feeling anxious I just play this game. It really helps get my mind off things and calm me down! It helps tremendously. The art style of this game is 100% a factor in that too! It's very simple and not a lot is going on like other rhythm games. A suggestion for this game would definitely be backgrounds and rewards other than the in-game currency. Maybe not too much of it, since it could become cluttered but I think it would be cool to have something of the sort. Like, different choices for the background art and colors that depends on how far you get in the songs or just another way to spend currency other than on songs and skins. (Maybe secret skins as a reward if you get a certain score in a piece of music?👀) Anyways, there's a lot of possibilities for this game and I'm all here for it!!.Version: 1.1.5

Favorite Mobile GameI’ve played a lot of mobile games, but this one is perfect is every way, especially if you’re looking for something to do in a waiting room or on a road trip. It’s such an adorable and wholesome game, with every song titled encouraging messages. The songs are cute and make me happier just hearing them. I haven’t been playing long, but I doubt it would be possible to rage quit, as the in-game atmosphere is just so sweet. Even the words that pop up on the screen as you almost miss a note are encouraging!! As I’m learning the game, I’ve hit the notes multiple times in ways that would pop up “Bad” or “Okay”, but this game says “Super Duper” or “Brilliant” or “Wonderful”. It’s crazy how such a small change makes me love this game so much more and how much the words we tell ourselves or even a game tells us affect our moods. Everything about this simple game is amazing. It’s better than a lot of rhythm games in the App Store, and is currently my personal favorite because of its simplicity and cute theme..Version: 2.0.0

Best game ever madeThe game like a giraffe is really a combination of everything that makes a good game. There is literally nothing wrong with this game except for the fact that there’s not more of it to play, I don’t know who made this or who made the person who made this but I wish the best of luck and I hope that they make use of their game making skills to bring more of these games to life, this game is educational, fun for the whole family, inspiring, and good for everyone who plays it. I am fully convinced that whoever plays this will just have a better life since it is such a good game I definitely recommend anyone who would ever consider playing this to play all day long for at least one day Because when I did so I found enlightenment..Version: 1.2.1

A game worth a perfect rating!Okay, number one, everything’s free. I mean everything. There is nothing that wants to make you pay any money at all. I wrote a review a while ago, suggesting more songs. And we got so many more songs! We’re getting more animals, and many more updates as well! So many cute critters, and welcoming tunes! Number two, it relieves stress so well! Is you’re in a really stressful time, and your lost in the world, open Like A Giraffe and watch all your stress disappear. There’s nothing like it, I’m tried many stress relieving games and this is the only one that has worked for me so far! Number three, it never gets old or boring. I’m not kidding or being sarcastic, I could play this game for a couple days in a row. Maybe take a break, but then get right back at it! This is such a special app to have with you! Considering you take your phone, or iPad, wherever you go. I just want to take another paragraph to thank the developers, and congratulate them on a perfect rating! Your app has been rated 5.0, the first perfect rating I’ve seen, ever! This means that it is the best app in the App Store! The best app in the...well, the ever! I really want to thank you for creating a wonderful app such as this. You really changed my life with this app! Again, thank you so much!! This is the best app in the world! Defiantly worth my five stars! 🤩 Thanks! Squirrel.Version: 1.1.4

This is literally the best game ever!I really truly love this game. It’s helped me be calmer and happier and the music is so so cute! I recommend this game to anyone and everyone. My boyfriend had it and told me to get it, so I did, and here I am obsessed with it. We’ve been competing with each other to see who can get a better score on some of the songs, or who can unlock them all first, and it’s so much fun. I’ve read some of the more bad reviews, saying that they miss the giraffe, but I didn’t have it when it was that, so I don’t know about it. What I do know is that instead of getting all pissy and mad, people should have been more kind about it. Like “hey, I miss the other skins. I think you should add them back or have a wardrobe option so you can switch to them.” Something like that, or just, get over it. Things change and you can’t do anything about it. The developers obviously spent a lot of time to make the game the way the wanted it to be, and frankly, it seems to have gotten more popular with the dinos and the cute little love story. I can’t wait to see what the “coming soon” option is, as part of me secretly hopes it’s a baby dino or something. I really really truly adore this cute game. 5 stars all the way. It’s so cute!!.Version: 2.0.0

Really nice game!So, as you probably know, this is called “Like a Giraffe!” The concept is where you have to move the character around to give them a longer neck. I believe this concept is very original and fun. It’s not just a Giraffe for the characters. They have a wide selection. Some are free and the others are 2,000 coins. (Pretty simple to get coins, just try to get the neck as long as possible.) And, the fact that they gave us free 2,000 coins for subscribing is very very generous. And you can watch an add for a free 1,000. You don’t even have to buy it like most apps/games. Also the whole app is free. I like how calming it is. A lot of people had said it was calming too. I like the quotes, they are really nice and positive. I would suggest this to people who like finger exercises and like a fast game, but still relaxing. Thanks for reading. <3.Version: 1.2.1

Just A ReviewThis app is truly AMAZING, when I say “amazing” I really mean it! It’s so fun to play and it’s really cool. The Dino is really adorable and there’s not to much ads/adds (I forgot how to spell it lol) and quit with the bad reviews saying “bring the giraffe back, I miss it I would really love to switch to it. This is the ONLY reason why I’m giving it a 1 star :/” I know the giraffe may be adorable and I just started playing this today and I have no clue what the giraffe skin is but, don’t be rude about it, and don’t give a bad review just because of one update you don’t like. Because the developers/creators spent all their/there time on the game to get it how they want it and the reason I’m giving this app a 5 star review is because it’s sooo relaxing and calming (etc.) and way more I can go on and on but I’m just gonna stop right here. Enjoy your day everyone reading this! <3 I appreciate you reading this review, I’m leaving now byee:D.Version: 2.1.2

❤️👄❤️So I think this game is really good and it helps me relieve my stress so I recommend this game the music is is VERY catchy so beware you’ll be do do do do do do do dooooing for days hah I wanna push myself to get to a high score of maybe even 1000 my score right now is around 570 and that was only like my fifth round and it’s not even one of those matching the things games so also beware Of the fake game this one is the real thing and this game used to be called like a giraffe but it had other really cute characters but now it’s called like a Dino and I just Love the love story in between when you buy the characters and yes some of them r expensive but trust me you get 1,000 coins just for watching a video or an add but yes I highly recommend this game and I mostly look at the reviews before I download something only if I know what it is I’ve known about this game for a while but I just got it on my iPad so if you look at these reviews I bet you would see a buck of great stuff about this game ok well I hope you have a good day or night God bless bye.Version: 2.1.2

NO HIDDEN FEESI would just like to say wow, honestly this is the best game I’ve ever played, it’s fun, satisfying, relaxing and doesn’t make me feel like throwing my phone. Even though you can get frustrated you get little positive messages and that tiny smile on the Dino’s face makes any anger melt away. There are absolutely NO hidden fees, you cannot buy anything in this game for real money. It’s amazing absolutely perfect and I am so grateful for this❤️ there are absolutely no ads and I cannot express how amazing that is😩 you don’t need WiFi to play it, you don’t need money for it, you don’t have to be bothered by annoy ads or notifications!! Dino just sends you positive messages 💚🦕 The music is wonderful and I hope more songs will be added! It’s a lovely game and I highly recommend you download and play it!!.Version: 2.1.2

10/10 would recommendThis game is literally so adorable and so addictive. I think it’s adorable how Dino asks “will you marry me” and when you unlock Dina she says yes. That is such a cute touch and so wholesome. The music is so upbeat and cheerful and I absolutely love these songs. They’re all on beat and have their own uniqueness to them and the best part for me is that the game is not overloaded with advertisements. The only time you’ll ever see an ad is if you choose to watch one for the reward of 1000 coins and that is very much worth it. I’ve recommended this game to my brother and my sister and we’ve all been playing for hours. We love the challenge of the speeding up, although it does get pretty intense it’s part of the fun and I love everything about this game. It’s extremely aesthetically pleasing with the colors and all in all it’s definitely a 5 star game in my book..Version: 2.0.0

It’s good for coping?I am kind of freaking out because my cat hasn’t returned to my house in over 2 days and there has been a course of thunder and rain and I’ve been crying a lot but whatever I also am not accepted by my parents for being non-binary or bisexual but this game makes me happy and when I feel like I need to sh this game helps and it’s little happy tunes and the “it’s ok to not be ok” is weirdly comforting and I know this is a kids game but I hope someone reads this and can relate maybe not maybe I’ll get hate but whatever I needed to vent and I did it on a 4 year old game review but whatever I hope someone can relate I really miss my cat and if you’re reading this like a year or two ahead of time I want you to know that I found her and we’re doing great and I’m living with my partner now -manifestation.Version: 1.2.0

Nice game but one BIG problemI love this game so much! It’s so much fun and so cute. But there is one problem, and no, I’m not gonna say anything like, “ why did u change it to Dino’s?” Like I said, this game is great and I’ve never seen an ad without choosing to do so, and I don’t like leaving a bad review, especially since I’ve never left a review before but... all of my progress was deleted.... I have no idea how it happened and I’m low-key kinda mad about about it. I had all of the songs and really high scores along with Dina, so I’m not new. I’m not trying to convince you not to download it or anything, I love this game and find so cute and happy, I’m just trying to say something because I don’t want it to happen to anyone else and I know that some people will complain a lot. So, please try to fix this problem!.Version: 2.1.1

In love, hoping for exciting updatesI definitely recommended this app to my friends as a super cute, simple, and addicting escape to your day. The song choice is also very lovely. Even better, there are no ads! Perfection. This app is super wholesome and surprisingly addicting. I love it so much! I can’t wait until the developer adds new songs. I had a couple ideas that I was hoping could be considered: 1) different songs for each character (this might complicate the switching character when paused option, but I think it’s a cool idea) 2) Christmas update, Christmas themed decorations, slight change in songs to sound more Christmasy (if that’s a word! this also applies to other holidays, and Hanukah themes can be chosen by the user too!) 3) underneath score, also have tier number Those are the ideas I have at the moment, but I might update this review. I’m no expert, but I’m glad that I got the chance to play a part in this app. Bye, got to get to the next tier! 🦒🦙 UPDATE: I got to the next tier, and I was think that there could be a dotted line that players could cross to represent the tier and a gold line for the best score. Obsessed is a strong word....Version: 1.0.12

SO GOOD!This game is simply the Best, I play when I when we come on I just wanna play something fun. If I had to write a suggestions it would be that well i’m not sure if this is a lag but whenever I try to go on the game it always kicks me out and I have to try going back in like three times (I thought it might be the wifi but it isn’t apparently), i’m not sure why but aside from that it’s literally the cutest game ever like it’s my favorite game ever and I wouldn’t change a thing about it and it’s so underrated I feel like I’m like it’s not that known but it really should be and I just love this game. And if any of you know some sort of hack or you know why it’s happening please let me know because I really wanna play this game it’s so cute it’s a bummer that I can’t play it some times. Thank you so much.Version: 1.2.1

Awesome game, two minor issuesFirst of all, I’ll start off by saying that this game is awesome. It’s original, fun, addicting, and something that everybody can enjoy. However, there are two minor things that bug me. 1. The amount of coins you get from watching an ad. You get a ridiculous amount of coins from watching an ad compared to earning it from playing the game normally, which sort of shows the developer’s motive for money. This can easily be fixed if you get half of the amount of coins from watching an ad. The next thing I’d like to critique is the leaderboard system. In all levels, with some having more than others, you can obviously tell that people cheated to get a certain score. I will say that there aren’t that many who do it, but it bugs me knowing the fact that I would be a lot higher on the leaderboard if these people were banned (at least 4 cheaters on the first song). But other than those two things, this game is pretty much flawless..Version: 2.1.2

Game is awesome but…I’ve been playing this game since it was “like a giraffe” and I just wanted to slay the game is awesome! 10/10 would recommend but, o have one suggestion and that is that you bring back the giraffe. Don’t get me wrong this game is still awesome but it was just so much better when the game was about the giraffe which is why I’m only giving it a 4/5. The love story between the two dinosaur is still very cute but I just think the game was better as it was before. My suggestions are that you either make a new game and make it about the giraffe, add the giraffe to this game or give us an option in the settings or something on the version that we would like to play. My personal favorite suggestion of mine is the one where you just add the giraffe to the game but either one is fine. This game is awesome and I would defiantly recommend it 👍, keep up the good work!.Version: 2.0.0

Amazing game! MUST DOWNLOAD NOW! 😁Cute and simple I love it! This game is really fun to play to just waste time. It says 4+ but it is really fun for people of all ages. It has funny cute tunes and the Dino’s designs are cute too. The only thing that bugs me is that I have to put headphones in to hear the music, but I think it’s just my phone being weird. Also there’s a button where you can watch an add and get 1,000 coins but the adds are long in my opinion but I guess that’s what you have to do to get that 1,000 coins. Over all I love this game and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The animation and design is fantastic and cute and the tunes are fun and original. It is a great game to just relax and waste time and I 10/10 recommend it. The game is super fun and simple but amazing and cute..Version: 2.1.0

Omg this game is amazingHey!! I love this game so much and I’m glad y’all made it it’s so cute it’s so amazing and it’s just the best game ever and I know the game roblox is a really good game but this game is way better if doesn’t have to have WIFI and it’s amazing! I really hope people like it just like me! And I really like the music and the dinos! This game is just adorable it’s amazing again and I love this game it’s the best game ever and I love it! I’ve gotten better at it too! My high score is 802!! It’s really amazing and speechless for me cause this has helped with boredom, but my sister hates it for some reason she said all you do is fail then fail then fail but I told her to keep trying but she disagreed but that’s totally fine but I honestly think it’s the best game! But that’s all I have for today and yeah! Hope y’all have a blessed day love you all!! ♡♥♡♥.Version: 2.1.2

Simply AmazingHi! I first got this game when my brother told me and my cousins about it and I’ve played it ever since. I think it’s such a cute and adorable game and definitely cures boredom. I would absolutely recommend this game. I love the songs and I think it’s cool that there are tires like “the hostess”(#5)or “simply amazing”(#6)and yes, I named this review after “simply amazing” on purpose. If you’re a parent this game is amazing for children and is kid appropriate. I also think the love story between Dino and Dina is adorable! But I only suggest one thing: maybe more characters and music? I love the Dino characters but I think it could be cool to have more characters and music. Thanks for reading this review and I hope this helps you if you need a fun game to play with no ads!(unless you watch one for 1,000 coins.).Version: 2.0.0

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I love thisIts rlly fun, you can watch ads for coins but other than that no ads. if you are on the dino choosy thing and scroll all the way to the right there are cute party dinos!!!! also, my fav musics are “It’s OK To Not Be OK” and “You Made My Day”. whenever you miss a piece a little note with smth supportive pops up in the corner, and it’s really cute :3 each time you get 2 lives for free without doing anything and its very nice. i really love this game and recommend it..Version: 2.1.2

Unlike any otherThis game is so unique compared to others I’ve played before, especially since the owner seems like a very kind person trying to complete her dream. Firstly, this game has no ads that will pop up randomly, the only time is when you want to get free money and you will be well aware of the as playing. Secondly, the songs are unique and I’ve never heard them before. It must have taken a while composing them and I appreciate that. Lastly, it’s just a cute game and it supports you when you lose a life by making small comments like, “ nobody’s perfect “ which I find really heartwarming. Sorry if this is too long for some who see this and want to play the game. So in conclusion this game is awesome!.Version: 2.1.2

Please support this cute little Dino that makes music!!This is such an incredibly sweet game I rlly love it and the Dino is so cute!! It always puts a smile on my face and I adore that when you miss a tile it doesn’t say “you are wrong” or “you fail” aggressively it just says “it’s okay!” I highly recommend this for stress relief and just because it’s so cute and fun!! Thank you to the creators of this game!! ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.1.2

Adorable!I adore this app so much!! It’s just so adorable and fun to play. The cute little faces on the animals easily cheer me up! It collects the necks while you slide the animal left to right according to the beat. It’s very unique but, after a while.. the song gets repetitive so it gets a bit boring. I recommend there should be options to change the songs. Thank you for reading my letter!.Version: 1.2.0

Simply AmazingI’m not one to write reviews, but this game really is something different I love how every hit has a positive remark after, even if it isn’t perfect. I have never experienced as much joy as the first time I played I could honestly go on and on about how cute and happy the game is and how I could listen to the song my whole life, but I think I can sum it up in two words: simply amazing.Version: 1.0.12

I love it so muchI absolutely love this game, it’s just so calming and happy in its own way. I would like to see some more skins because I already have all of them and I’ve only had it for one day. I love all the skins and all the different songs. I rate it a 5 because it’s amazing and I would like to see more games like this..Version: 2.1.2

:):):)This little jazzy game will forever stick with me. it brings so much happy happy joy joy to my heart. i cried from happiness when i first downloaded it. yes, i’ve been going through a rough patch, but i completely change moods with this app. you never know how much a cute little dino could make you happy until you download this. i’m leaving all therapists, meditation, or any other stress relievers there are, because honestly this game solves all my problems. listening to the dino sing its little tune is insanely beautiful in every way. i can’t even express to you how much brighter this just made my life. this pretty dino is keeping me alive. thank you so so so much for this lovely, snazzy, musical dino. <3<3<3<3<3.Version: 2.0.0

I love this game.It’s absolutely amazing. This game is so simple and addicting, and all my friends play it all the time. I love the graphics and the music is the kind that’s lovely to hear and sticks with you. Kinda sad it’s become Like a Dino now, I feel like I’m just tossing the Giraffe out the window, but it’s still the same game that I love, and I’m excited for new updates!.Version: 2.0.0

Amazing!This game is just so cute! If you feel mad or sad, it can just lighten the mood, and if you already feel happy, it just kicks in that extra happiness! The tunes and characters are just super adorable, and the way that if you mess up, it lets you know that it is alright! So, I definitely recommend this game for everyone!.Version: 2.1.2

“Just Like a Dino!”This game is great and sure I found this game through TikTok but still it’s relaxing,cute,keeps your attention and is fun. So I will probably be playing this when I have no internet because of all those reasons above so I definitely recommend this to all ages. And I’ll keep playing….”Just Like a Dino!” From your friendly neighbourhood gamer..Version: 2.1.2

Great gameI love this game it’s so much fun I’ve been playing it for hours I’m addicted to great game it’s fun it’s unique and it can go on forever and I like it like one and done give you three chances I don’t like that great game and I reckon you should play it and if we get a rated five stars out of five stars it’s and amazing game shows the creator some love since this is the dream.Version: 2.0.0

It’s amazing!I love the game and the character p’s aka (dinosaur) I do think thye would be 1 improvement to make it a 6/5 I think when you get the speed to go up the higher you go the bigger the number gets for example, (you get your speed up once x2 get it up another time x6) that’s what I mean so the better you are the harder it gets!.Version: 2.1.2

Love it! <3Ok so the Dino is adorable and I love the sound! And it’s also fun to play it and it’s fair since if you miss a block they give you 2 more try’s and I am pretty sure other games like that same doesn’t do that.(I haven’t got all of the games so idk if they do they same thing) I also love the notifications,it doesn’t say “Come and play with me.” Or something like that it says nice things like “I am grateful for the thing you have done for me.” And when I first saw that notification,I was happy! :D I would recommend everyone downloading this game!.Version: 2.0.0

I love this gameI rlly like this game, it’s super addicting a fun. I love how the little dino kinda like eats the notes I find it super funny yet cute! Suggestions: Mabel try adding events. Like so when a certain day comes you could make it so there are little icons that you have to collect in order to get some special prize or prizes. The prizes could be songs that you could play when ever and more lil characters, Mabel even funny one like big chugus or something like that. Upart from that I find this is an awesome and excellent game that is super addicting! I would love to see or read what you think!💙🦕💚🦖💙🦕💚🦖.Version: 2.0.0

ITS A REALLY GOOD GAME!!!This game is really fun and pretty easy to master. It’s not too easy but not too hard and is perfect for all ages. Soughta reminds me of magic tiles or something like that but this is definitely way better and cuter. I cant wait for other songs to go out, but the one they currently have is cute and you cant really get sick of it. :) thanks for making this game lol cant wait for it to blow up.Version: 1.1.0

Get this game right now!This game is so adorable and fun to play! The different giraffes are so cute and so is the music that plays in the background while you’re playing the game! This game always makes me smile when I play it! Love it so much! One thing I wish could change is the use of headphones. Sometimes it’s a little inconvenient when I want to play but don’t have headphones with me. But other than that, I love this game dearly!.Version: 1.1.4

Really cute and funnyFirslty this is good because it is just soooooooo cute! I love how the develpors made just a free made so you just can enjoy all the fun without interupptions. Endless mode: I love that aswell because you don't need to worry about losing a level or losing your high score. Speed: I love it. How it gets faster and faster after you complete the whole song. It also releases stress or frustation if you are going nuts on something like your job or school.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 (P.s. owner's will be blessed right now becasue of making the game!).Version: 2.0.0

ADORABLE CUTE AND RECOMMEND FOR ALLThis game is so much fun I have no more words to describe it cause there are to many. It’s just amazing the songs are so catchy, and that is what makes it amazing! I LOVE how when you collect the neck it fits with the music, this game is addicting in the most best way possible. Your game is the best. I think personally there should be different songs that you can chose, some pay for (in game money not real money) and some you don’t. You do not have to add these just a personal thought. Otherwise I love it..Version: 1.2.1

This game could put anyone in a good mood!An amazingly charming game with simple, well executed gameplay, and the Dino and overall design is so cute! I read about the animation you want to make and sounds great, I love the concept art! I made a short film in a team last year so definitely understand the struggle of putting together an animated project like that, especially if it’s by yourself. Super keen to see how it turns out!.Version: 2.1.2

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVERTHIS GAME IS THE BEST! Ever since my bestie suggested it to me I’ve been addicted, and guess what! NOT A SINGLE ADD!!! I’ve been playing this game for a long time and there has not been a single add at all! And it’s super addicting, YOU NEED THIS GAME NOW! The game has amazing music, and it’s just great! To the people who made this game… THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you don’t have this game yet and you’re still reading this… WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!.Version: 2.1.2

Wowww :0This game is so calming and i play it non-stop while i wait for laptop to charge on my phone and i say 5 STARS!!★★★★★ my favourite part is the stories and the music! this is actually the only free game without ads on my phone. I cant wait for your animation to release! Im a subcriber by the way! (i didn't sub just for coins, i read you little note about the animation and wanted to support and get coins haha!!)My name on the internet is bestiimurii but just call me murii in the credits (if i do get in the credits) i dont mind if you dont keep your promise about having all your subcribers in the credits, its totally fine! pls ignore any spelling mistakes if there are any im too lazy to check😪.Version: 2.1.2

Simply amazing!This game is so cute and makes me really happy. It’s aesthetic and perfect for Dino and music lovers! The stories are cute, so are the skins, songs etc! Even thought this game is very similar to the giraffe one. This game is the best! It’s simple but amazing. Though, I sweat while trying to get past my record. Maybe lower down the price of the stories, skins and songs? Though ther is wrongs to this right. Maybe add in those animals back. Those animals added more spice and colour not just Dinos. Besides from that, I love this game and so will you! Download it now!.Version: 2.0.0

SO ADDICTING I LOVEE (but one thing…)First of all, this game is literally so addicting and I recommend for people that get bored very easily. It has some great music and it’s just so cute. Once again, if you get bored easily, this is the game for you. One thing I wish they’d add would be being able to spend your money/coins. Maybe we could buy different coloured dinos and background themes. It would be a good way to spend it..Version: 2.1.0

This game is magicalThis game is such a simple thing yet it brings so much joy to me. I can give you so many reasons why it’s so good. You know what? I will. 1. The colour scheme is so simple and pretty. It doesn’t hurt your eyes and works so well with it all. 2. The characters and outfits are absolutely adorable! They are simple and sweet, like a choc-chip cookie. 3. Though it may be a simple music based game, it has a story line for you to follow through the music and the outfits (plus what each character says) which is so incredibly wholesome. Who doesn’t love two little dinosaurs falling in love?! 4. The music for this is the main reason I fell in love with it. Each song perfectly tells you what Dino is feeling, and how he is reacting to everything. There’s no lyrics or anything but I’m some songs (like marriage proposal) that you can just hear him talking to Dina and I absolutely love it. 5. While listening through each song I can almost picture a matching picture book or movie to go along with it, and it’s adorable. 6. The actual gameplay is super fun, and incredibly enjoyable when you’re bored, or not..Version: 2.1.2

I RECOMMEND THIS GAME♥️The game is fantastic it’s cute, relaxing and fun. The music is so cute as well. I do recommend this game because I can’t find anything wrong with. Not only that but when you fail it tells you it’s okay which strangely enough I quite like the reassurance. And I love that there are different little dinos to pick from when you get enough coins who’s to get are easy and hard which is perfect..Version: 2.1.2

Thanks for being the best game <3My young sister and me have so much playing this game, we see who gets the highest high score. Thank you to the people who made this game (btw the song is so catchy) the Dino and giraffe are so adorable! And the messages make me feel positive. Thank you to the people who made this game. I don’t rate games, but this game is different. I have forgotten about every game, and I just play this one. Whenever I wake up in the morning my sister runs in my bedroom to tell me what high score she gets. Thank you for making me and my sister bond and have a great time! <3 Stay positive! Make sure to download this app !.Version: 2.1.2

AMAZING GAMEI usually don’t write reviews for games and stuff but this game is so cute I love the cute little music and the Dino. I like how the game is so positive and relaxing. And it doesn’t have ads every second like other games which is amazing. My only suggestions are maybe you could add skins to other animals and maybe you could add different music. Overall I love this game.Version: 2.1.2

So adorable!!! Super cuteThis game is so cute and simple. The songs are catchy and fun to do. When the Dino says “well done!” And “spectacular” I always have a big smile on my face. This app is so fun and the ads are managed in a way that doesn’t take over the whole game. I love the storyline and I would love to see a more interactive version, such as after passing a certain score, different things happen or something hehehe but it’s still amazing as is. this game is my go to when I’m feeling down or lonely.Version: 2.1.2

Positive feedbacks! <3I loved it when ever u die, u get that little pop up on the side saying really good and positive feedbacks like, it’s ok everything is ok, something like that, and the dinos and dinas are really cute! There’s no add so u don’t have to have an add every 2/5 mins because there is no add! XD and best of all the music it’s reminds me of something playful. So thanks for this app and u should totally get it!.Version: 2.1.2

So therapeuticI love it, whenever I’m sad it cheers me up. This is a genuine review and while the game concept may seem a bit strange at the start, it’s so calming and makes me feel like a kid again. I love the new features with the new music and I love the style of the music too! I can’t wait to get ‘good luck today’ and the snail and Dino characters. Thank you too the creators of this, like a giraffe always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I am sad or stressed :).Version: 1.1.3

Like a Dino!Like a Dino is such a fun game! I love the messages on the top like: it ok not to be ok it brings a lot of positivity to my bad days which I hardly have now because of this game, mentioned in many other reviews, it pains me to know the owner of like a Dino! Doesn’t earn enough dollar dollar bill so that’s not fair but the best part is there aren’t ads every second there aren’t ads at all really and that’s the bomb dot com of this game really overall DOWNLOAD this app Thanks <3.Version: 2.1.2

My honest opinion about this appThis game is so inspiring and overall just a joy to play. The created has really thought about the consumers feelings and wellbeing by presenting small inspiring quotes. I really enjoy the time I spend on this game, my one piece of feedback is to maybe add some more Dino skins so there are more goals and things to work for in the game. To sum up, this game is extremely playable and enjoyable so go give it a try!!.Version: 2.0.0

Nothing wrong with this at allThis is my favourite game I love it so much and this is surely addicting. I hope you have more fun games to blow up and be just as amazing! And I have one request although the game is already amazing. Could you please let the game change the back ground? It would look really cool! But apart from that I absolutely love this game!.Version: 1.2.1

So enjoyable!Honestly there’s not one thing I don’t like about this game! It’s fun as! There’s no bugs, no lags, no anything, to be honest I think this might just be my favourite game of all time! The music is sooo cute, and the dinosaur is just, well, adorable! I don’t even think there’s an age group for this game. It’s literally suitable and enjoyable for everyone! I definitely recommend.😊.Version: 2.0.0

I love this app <3It reminds you to stay positive when something goes wrong and I love playing there are 2 different characters a pink funk and a green one the green one asks the pink one will you marry me ? And once you get up to 1000 coins you can buy the pink Dino it’s such a cute game and if you put on headphones you can listen to the cute music I really do love this app also if dinosaurs aren’t your kinda thing then there are a few other animals if u scroll down after you type up like a Dino on the App Store once again I love this app get it right now !.Version: 2.0.0

Great GameThis game is amazing. Simple, cute and original. However, I liked it better with the giraffe and not the Dino! The giraffe is original and how I liked it, and it makes me sad for the game to be called Like a Dino now. I think it is cool where you are going with the Dino and Dina love story, but maybe the love story could be separate to the giraffe and other skins, so we can still play the skins we love while keeping up with the Dino love story :).Version: 2.0.0

I love this gameThis game is so cute. My friend showed it to me and I asked for the name of it and I just can’t stop playing it. The little Dino is adorable and the music is fun and the little notes the Dino gives you when you miss a neck piece reminds me that it’s ok to mess up sometimes. I enjoyed this game so much that I tried learning one of the songs on piano. Thank you for this cute little Dino that makes my day happier.Version: 2.1.2

Absolutely Amazing!To be completely honest, I think Like a Giraffe is amazing. The characters are cute and quirky, and the songs are so catchy! Your game deserves further recognition, and more people need to know about his game. I have a suggestion - maybe you could add special skins and songs during special events, such as a special reindeer skin you could obtain during Christmas, or a spooky song on Halloween. Maybe you could add achievements too? Maybe you could have a little checklist where you can obtain special skins or get coins. Also, you should put in a premium currency, like ‘diamonds’ to get special skins/music. And maybe you can add in premium skins or music obtainable for real money? Mini games would also be cool, maybe those could be rhythm games as well, where you can earn diamonds. Thank you for reading my review, and perhaps you could take my suggestions into consideration..Version: 1.1.4

*CHEFF’S KISS* 😘👌I’m being personally and completely honest here, I was addicted to this game ever since my first round 😭❤️ The music is so adorable and easy to vibe with, additionally, this game also provides you with chances to continue when you fail without watching ads! Whereas most rhythmic games ask you to watch ads before continuing. I am absolutely addicted and I definitely recommend it to everyone 😩👏🏻.Version: 2.0.0

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚝. Here are some improvements to make the game better1-different music for each Dino It would be fantastic if you could add more music for better entertainment and you can choose your song for the Dino you’ve chosen. 2-When you finish you can swipe up to see how tall your Dino is So for this one when you finish can swipe up your screen with one finger to see how tall your Dino is But anyways the game is fantastic , fun and very creative and in my opinion my favourite game ever. Have a great day/night/evening/afternoon, bye everyone! (And this is to the creator ↧↧) Keep following your dreams. Dont worry about bullies,your a fantastic,creative person.😊.Version: 2.1.2

The game is really good but there’s weird notifications from the appI love this game. It’s got really weird notifications though, like it will say like ‘’will you marry me’’ which I think is pretty weird at 3am when your trying to sleep but other than that the game is fantastic and you should definitely download..Version: 2.1.2

BEAUTIFUL <3This is soooo beautiful the music is so fun and great it calms me down so much and it’s funny that there is Dino and Dina and they are in love with I LOVE ❤️ And also I’m getting better and better everyday going higher and higher and getting more money it isn’t to hard or to easy it is just PERFECTO🥳🥳🥳🥳 thank ih for listening and remind your self that this is amazing!.Version: 2.0.0

<3I don’t want to go on and on about how much I love this app, but ngl it is amazing. it doesn’t have ads every second, and you don’t have to get “premium” or anything to play. The little dino (or giraffe, which ever you prefer) reminds you it’s ok to mess up and even reminds myself to stay positive. I love playing this game when I might be upset, or feel mad. I enjoy making up my own lyrics to the songs, and it’s interesting to see how high I can get my score. I never rate apps, but because this game is so cute and I know the designer/s might not get a lot of $ from this, I thought I should brighten their day, just like they brighten mine.. just from a dino that can make little tunes <3. I know I said I wouldn’t waffle on about this, and I’m sorry I did but I hope I encouraged someone to download this app and smile a bit more (or even help the designer/s know just how much a little thing can help me). I find it hard to smile some days, and often struggle to get out of bed, but this little dino just- ahhh, the motivation <3. Ily all (including the designer/s) and stay sweet x -M 🤍.Version: 2.0.0

Best gameI honestly love this game so much I’m in my last year of highschool and it’s helped me calm down and relax so much and it reminds me that mistakes are ok to make and to keep going. Ik it seems almost corny and ngl it doesn’t have ads or a ‘ premium’ that you have to pay for it’s just a lil Dino or giraffe catching notes it’s perfect. 10/10 would recommend I love this game thank u to whoever made it.Version: 2.1.2

Great gameThis game is great it’s funny, cute and it keeps your attention. I like how when u collect the necks it goes along to the music 🎵 the only suggestion I have is maybe if you could add different songs into the store and I appreciate the work put into this. Edit: Omg congratulations I remember not that long ago when I was the only one who had reviewed your game. It has come such a long way and also tysm for adding different music in as suggested hope your app makes it onto top charts one day another suggestion I have is maybe you could add events on special days so you can earn songs and skins for a limited time for example : a thanksgiving day and you can earn a turkey 🦃 or Cinco De Mayo day where u can earn a Mexican song if u collect a certain amount of something just an idea. Hope you like it.Version: 1.1.4

Great and so CUTE!!!!!I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s so cute and fun to play! Me and my BFF love this game and play it all the time! The songs are to catchy and cute! The characters are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I know I’ve been saying cute a lot but 5is game just screams cute!!! We do have one suggestion tho...... we’d like more songs and I know it says more songs coming soon but we would like to see what you will bring next!!! Also I think you should add real songs like tiktok songs or very popular songs like maybe ummmmmm...... since it’s passed Christmas I still think Snowman by SIA is a great song to put on. Those are my suggestions I hope you take them into account thank you for reading this and thank you for your time..Version: 1.1.4

Love itThe game’s really great and I love it, but there’s lots of people saying to add event skins/songs? I was just wondering doesn’t that go against the purpose of the game, creating some sort of quota to fill or action necessary making the game less stress-relieving? I love what you’ve got going with it right now and I just thought someone had to say something to all the people demanding you pander to modern-day materialism of “more stuff is better, unique stuff is better” yadda yadda I don’t know what I’m saying. Cool game tho!.Version: 2.1.2

Adorable٫ I'm addicted ♡☆This is probably one of my most favourite games ever. 100% recommend downloading this game to anyone and everyone٫ Mostly because it's so adorable٫ I already fell in love with the character 🥺💕 The music also really cute I love it so so so SO MUCH ✨ There are no ads so you can play non-stop and have as much fun as you want! 5 Stars, 10/10 💕🥰✨.Version: 2.0.0

SO ADDICTIVEI love this so much and when my sisters saw she got obsessed with it! The characters and the love story is just so warmly cute My only concern is that it gives you so little of money (not to be a bad person), can’t wait to see your animation too, it seems so wholesome! Love the game and best of luck with your animation with all the work u put into it..Version: 2.1.2

Very addictive ❤️Ever since I downloaded this game, I realised how other youtubers were addicted to this. I love how it is a Dino who is swallowing bricks (sorry if wrong) and in the characters it has the Dino you first have asking another Dino (forgot their name) ‘will you marry me?’ Hope your animation goes as you want it to. This game makes me want to leave school and just play this game for a long time. I rarely play other games because of this specific game. Your game is AMAZING. Keep going with the game and your animation. Hope they both get better and better!❤️.Version: 2.0.0

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Like A Dino! 2.1.2 Update

Version 2.1.2 (2021-07-02): - New stories released. - General fixes and improvements..

Version 2.1.0 (2021-06-29): New stories(costumes) released..

Version 2.0.0 (2021-05-24): This is the Stage 2 Release. To see updates on progress and status of my project, please visit my website:

Version 1.2.1 (2021-05-07): - New songs released. - General fixes and improvements..

Version 1.2.0 (2021-04-11): - New songs released. - Game balance tweaks. - General fixes and improvements..

Version 1.1.5 (2021-02-24): - New songs released. - General fixes and improvements..

Version 1.1.4 (2020-12-12): Bug fixes and improvements..