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Color Roll 3D App Download

Roll and create beautiful pictures.
Very simple mechanics, only tap and roll.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

Color Roll 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Unique game, not enough levelsThis game has a creative premise and was enjoyable and satisfying from the start. However i soon noticed there are only about 40 or so unique levels and once you finish them, you’ll have the same levels over and over again. This game would be so much better if there were more levels added, especially harder ones. While the levels were fun they were very quick and would take me 2 seconds to finish. It’s a great game please just add more levels and it will be even better!.Version: 1.05

Not as advertise. Very easy. Too many adsFirst of all, when I saw this game on an ad, it seemed like it would be quite an intricate game that would eventually advance in its level of difficulty. Well, that’s not the case at all. It’s very easy and it doesn’t get any more difficult. In fact, a lot of the puzzles repeat and you basically play all the puzzles the game offers in just under a day. Secondly, there are WAY too many ads. Ads are frustrating as it is, so I’ve learned to deal with them for most games. However, with how short these puzzles are since they’re so easy, you get an ad right after so it’s like you see at least five ads in under a minute. Probably even more. Annoying. Maybe a game for a very, very young child. But if they have any concept of ads, I’m sure even they’d want to chuck the phone after the first 20 ads that will surely come within just 4 minutes..Version: 1.04

More ads than playable levels 🙄I actually really enjoyed the game at first. Fairly easy puzzle style, but a nice little time-killer. But my patience for the ads after every other level started wearing very thin. And then on one level, (20 or 30 levels in? I don’t really know for sure) it suddenly stopped working. So I closed out and reopened the app. I played that level, and the next level was a repeat; the first level. I gave it a chance, but sure enough it was just cycling through the same levels again. Same order and everything. So I guess I won lol.Version: 1.03

Fun, but repetitiveI really enjoy this game, it really makes you think. But after about 20 or so levels, it repeats the levels, which is frustrating and annoying. The only levels that haven’t repeated yet are the bonus ones. The game would be a lot more fun if there were more levels, and no repeating. Maybe for people who enjoy doing the same levels over and over again, make an option to head back to previous levels to redo them. Other than this, the game is pretty fun!.Version: 1.08

“Harder than it looks”Just another one of the simple to make games designed to make ad revenue for minimal effort. Ads saying it’s “harder than it looks” when the only hard part is not knowing how much paper is in a roll, leading you to undo half of your moves. My main problem is with this game is that like many others, it begins to loop levels while calling them “new” not expecting people to notice. At first when I saw the cross level at around level 90 I thought, “oh, the game is recycling levels, maybe flipping them horizontally.” But the next two levels were exactly the same levels as 2 and 3 I knew my time with the game is over. Overall, the game tries to sneakily reuse the levels without any indication in hopes that you don’t notice and keep playing and getting ads. If you do want to play the game just disconnect from wifi and turn off celular data for the game..Version: 1.04

So many ads!I thought the game was actually fun to play, you just never really get the chance to enjoy playing it. The puzzles are super easy, (solvable in in 5-10 seconds, easy), then immediately after solving you get an ad; the ad literally takes longer to exit from than solving a puzzle. I understand the need to be monetized, especially in a free app, but I’ve played several fun, free to download/play games that don’t bombard you with ads. Had to delete, way to irritating to solve a level in about 6 seconds just to spend 3x longer than that trying to exit a stupid ad..Version: 1.01

Fun game but ads far exceed play timeThis game is very fun. The vibrations when you roll out a color is relaxing. Colors are simple but engaging. However, your play time is far exceeded by ad time. You play for 20 seconds, watch a 30 second ad that may or may not freeze the game. (Freezes occurred for me every 7 ads or so and I had to close out and start over.) Ads are part of playing a free game, but this is excessive. It’s on every other level if not less, and the time played versus watching an ad is honestly about the same. I don’t want to sign up for 50% ad time. Bummer, because this game is pretty fun..Version: 1.02

Really good game! Buuuuuut-This is a really cool game, and I really like it! The only thing is that at level 118 it starts repeating levels from the beginning. I easily noticed because A, I recognized the pictures, B, I only got this game a few days ago, and C, my brother got this game as I was on the last few unique levels, and I re-encountered the same levels he was playing. Again, great game, but I was a little disappointed when the levels started repeating themselves. I really hope the devs update the game and introduce new puzzles!.Version: 1.08

Ads Designed for you to accidentally acceptThe game seems to have great potential. It just has color rolls that you unroll to create the exact shape by layering correctly. Unfortunately this game has ads designed to force a purchase especially from a child or rushed person. After 2 rounds, the screen goes black for a couple of seconds, then the ad game pops up as expected. You wait for the X. The X doesn’t do anything and there is no count down showing. After several tries, it “acts” as if it’s returning to your game. Yet another ad screen appears! Finally, after ignoring the red download box center screen, you hit x enough to go back to the original game for 2 more rounds and repeat. I tried this several times to verify. Every time it was the same..Version: 1.06

Pretty good game but wish there was some changesI instantly regretted downloading this game after I had read some of the reviews. But then when I started playing I was like “well this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. But some of the levels are extremely easy so I wish there were more harder levels. Or if you could just make a challenge puzzle or like a hard level every 5-10 levels. I also wish there was a daily challenge. That’s all I would change, but other then that it’s a pretty good game..Version: 1.01

Awesome game, but overkill on adsI really like the concept of the game and enjoy playing it... but never have I come across any game so overstuffed with ads! By far and away this game is the absolute worst about that. After every single level you are forced to sit through ANOTHER ad. You will only spend about 25% of the time playing... and the other 75% of the time being shown the same ads over and over again. I understand that apps need to have advertisers... but you already show an ad on the bottom of the screen when we play... and then make us sit through so many more. Greatly deters me wanting to play more..Version: 1.04

Gross adsI wanted to like this game. I really like the concept, pretty original. But the first levels are too easy for a small child, and in three levels, I had to endure the same absolutely disgusting ad about some pseudo female who needs a serious makeover. Just gross. I keep seeing ads for this miserable game, the makeover one, and I just can’t watch these ads any more. It sure seems that game makers these days care more about money than actually hanging on to customers. All of them have WAY too many ads. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ads were interesting, but the same ones over and over until we want to gouge out our eyes? Sorry, no..Version: 1.13

Good game bad ads and bugsI enjoyed playing this game. It was perfect for mindless puzzle gaming which is what I wanted. After playing for less than 20mins, the game started crashing every time right after I would have an ad. No big deal reboot the game start again. (Not to mention the ads were after almost every 1-2 puzzles). Then the ads that came on were for ages 12+ in particular brain wash. Brain wash has not been vetting their ads very well and there was way too much sexual innuendo. I was going to let my 4 yo play. But not with those ads. App deleted..Version: 1.01

Eh...I got this game during a late night inability to sleep scroll through Snapchat. I’m easily lured by the “more challenging than it looks” simple because I get frustrated watching them unable to figure out something so simple. I downloaded it, quickly turned off both WiFi and data to avoid ads after the first few, and finished the game within twenty minutes. Probably not even. Yes, finished. Twice. The patterns start looping and there are no more levels. But I was bored so he’ll, why not keep going. Good concept of a game, needs more levels, and needs to get increasingly difficult. Ad quantity is a problem, though can be solved by just turning off all sources of service. You still get hints if you need them, which I never did. So good game, could be so so much better..Version: 1.01

Please readI would like to start off by saying that everyone who has put a bad review on this game is completely false and inaccurate! This game is indeed, very relaxing and fun. Anyone who has put a bad review based on the amount of ads is wrong and impatient. This game has ads like the majority of games, but, unlike other games, this one allows you to skip the ads. For anyone who has read a review about how the levels are “too easy” is completely and utterly false! Yes, there are some levels that are a bit less challenging, but it doesn’t mean they are any less fun. This game is sensational. Thank you for reading my review of this magnificent game! :).Version: 1.13

Overrun with AdsLegitimately unplayable! Congrats you made the worst game in the world to play. The developers obviously created this app to farm money from toddlers who will click on their other apps from the ads they play between every other puzzle and also from children who are just old enough to hate ads but also to understand how to pay for things with their parents cards. If you want a fun puzzle game you’re better sticking with some other one, unless you’re okay with constant ads that barely let you exit out of them. You’re stuck watching one add longer than you ever will be solving two stupid little puzzles..Version: 1.09

*Sigh*Ok, first let me say that this game is really fun. It’s a fun way to use your brain, and it’s not very hard. But that’s the only good thing. 1. There is not very many variations you can play. There’s different “levels” you can play, and you’ll advance to once you finish the level you’re on. But the levels just repeat themselves. And it doesn’t even increase in any difficulty. 2. There is a LOT of ads. This isn’t really a problem once you turn on airplane mode though. 3. There was one level/puzzle where I did exactly how it looked, but it didn’t work because you had to do it a different way even though it looked EXACTLY THE SAME. It was fun at first but now it’s just boring. I deleted the app cause it was taking up precious space. I really like the idea that’s why I gave it 3 stars. Maybe add more different levels and puzzles and I’ll consider re-downloading it..Version: 1.08

Not a challengeGame is ok, but certainly doesn’t challenge your challenges your patience because you literally spend 6 seconds solving one puzzle and they slam you with a 30 second AD that you can’t even skip after you watch a bit...sometimes it waits 2 puzzles to slam an ad bit this is only get these many ads in these stupid minor games that nobody cares, I just wish someone with a big brain had a game like this to perfect it, and make many more games inside of one single app, run an AD once every 10 minutes or so and leave it like that...but this gives you a 30 second AD every 10 seconds...YOU SPEND MORE TIME WATCHING ADS THAN PLAYING THE GAME.Version: 1.03

If you want to know what the real app is read this.I have had many games with lots of adds but this is to much. After every level I get a one minute add without a skip. The levels are way to easy! I finish one in ten or less seconds and then get the one minute add! Also, whenever you get the option to play a “special level” you have to watch an add. It says it will be extra hard but it is as hard as all the other rounds. And I am pretty sure everyone hates it when an app makes you watch an add to get something no matter what you press! Well, this game is one of those games. I will rate it five stars on the idea, zero stars on quality, one star on the quality of the levels. (I had to add that so I would not have to add the star on quality because the app does not deserve one star on quality), and two stars on the game overall..Version: 1.09

Awesome Game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟This game is really cool. There are different ways of playing. I love puzzle games anyway, this game fantastic for me. The colors are super, the rolling feels very nice. Like me, my friends love this game and they play it all the time. I guess it's addictive. On the other hand, levels are not enough for us, we want more levels. My point is 5 stars. You can find my interpretation in Spanish below. Enjoyable games. Este juego es realmente genial. Hay diferentes formas de jugar. De todos modos, me encantan los juegos de rompecabezas, este juego es fantástico para mí. Los colores son super, el rodar se siente muy bien. Como yo, a mis amigos les encanta este juego y lo juegan todo el tiempo. Supongo que es adictivo. Por otro lado, los niveles no son suficientes para nosotros, queremos más niveles. Mi punto es 5 estrellas. Juegos divertidos.Version: 1.01

Waste of time.I didn’t expect much from this game from the beginning since it said “it’s harder than it looks” and those types of games are usually easy, but this is my new least favorite game. On the ad that I watched, you had to solve a real intricate puzzle and it looked very hard. I downloaded it and it never gets harder. It’s just easy shapes. Half the time it doesn’t matter what order you put it in!!! And don’t get me started on the ads. Every stupid easy level takes like 10 seconds to do and there’s an ad every other level!!! I just hate this game. Maybe it would be better if you got rid of some of the ads and made some harder levels. But overall I wouldn’t recommend it..Version: 1.03

Awesome!! but......Ok hi I got this game yesterday and I loved it but there are a few problems i experienced 1: The levels. When you get to a point in the game the will start making you do levels you have already done 2: The glitch. sometimes when I get a new level it will just freeze........... I have to restart my iPad bc it stays frozen if I don’t 3: The other glitch. The final problem. Sometimes it wil just go back to my Home Screen this is very annoying bc once I was watching an add for a bonus level you know for a prize and just poof gone Thanks for reading my review it means a lot! Please try to fix all of these issues thanks!.Version: 1.08

Um. No, just no!#1: TOO MANY ADS! Why do you need all these ads? People just wanna play a game not sit through like an hour total of ads and 20 minutes actually in the game. #2: It’s boring and way too easy! You make cute little shapes but in the end your just waiting to be satisfied by an UN-satisfying game. If you wanna make it better then make it harder! I got so happy when I downloaded it because the ad I saw was so cool and really hard looking and hyped-up. #4: Soundless. I know people like me *or maybe just me* don’t like soundless games besides color by number and stuff like that. I was waiting for noise or at least a little jingle/music. If you have it just soundless it’s kinda boring. Please fix!!! =^._.^= I guess that’s it. Have a nice day..Version: 1.03

Don’t install this virus-must readIt looks interesting in all those annoying ads on Instagram. Then you play it and it super easy, 0 effort game impossible to lose. 1-2 “puzzles(which take 1 minute each at most) before you have to sit through a 30-45 second ad. This isn’t a game its a perpetual ad for other garbage phone games. Also the in game sound is broken and the settings only option is privacy setting and vibration. If you click the privacy setting the first thing they tell you about is how if you install or play the game they will sell your data. Great game, even a bitcoin farmer app is better than this. Do yourself a favor don’t even blink an eye at this game. If you read this please rate it to counteract the obvious bots review boosting this horrible game. Not saying giving it hate, just saying give it your honest review..Version: 1.02

Relaxing and Fun Game (but too many ads)I really like this game, it’s different from other small games. It’s fun to guess how your suppose to make a specific shape by rolling and putting the shape together. It’s easy and simple, but the ads are annoying. I know there’s been many comments on ads with maybe this game but also others, but it’s just too much. You can’t even enjoy a game for a couple more minutes till you get an ad in your face. After at least about 3 or 4 rounds (maybe more or shorter) I’ve gotten an ad real quickly. I get why games have a lot of ads but just saying, if you want people to enjoy the game more and have a longer time doing so then decrease the ads..Version: 1.08

Nice and Relaxing 😌😀🤩This game is really good! The puzzle get more challenging (but still, it was pretty easy 😑) the only thing that is a little off is that the puzzles are repetitive. I keep seeing the same ones over and over again. And maybe you could add more to the game. Btw there are lots of ads in the game. People can just turn off their connection to turn them off ya know... Then again I still loved the game. I hope you will add more levels and fix some things. I give this game a 💯!.Version: 1.13

AwfulThis is the worst game I’ve ever played. The only reason I gave it five stars was so it would pop up faster. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! This game is plain awful. After every level there is an ad. The levels literally take less than ten seconds to complete. It’s way too easy and the ads come on every 8.46 seconds. (I found my average) when I say it’s awful, I’m just trying to help others to avoid getting an awful, frustrating, and way too easy game. This is the first time I have left a review on a game. Usually, if I don’t like an app I just delete and find a better one. But this game is so frustratingly bad I had to let others know about it..Version: 1.13

Too easy but still fun for awhileThis game is somewhat fun and as always with mobile games just turn off your WiFi for no ads, this game can be fun for about 10 minutes because I’ve completed all the levels already and It’s pretty easy, the amount of somewhat difficult levels are about 2-10% very low. The levels start repeating after 116 and on 117 it’s the first level. Same with 118 the second level repeat process. I assume the bonus levels are there to just make you watch more ads, I personally only did one of them. Overall this game is too easy for its own good, and also, one of the levels in the ads isint even in the game at all..Version: 1.08

Good boredom buster but too easy and too many adsThe game is perfect for when you need something silly for your brain to chew on and get some kind of stimulation that isn’t social media. But the levels are pretty simple and there’s a ton of ads. Also, we once you reach about level 120, the game starts over. You replay everything. While 120 might seem really long, it’s too easy. I got through about 30 levels in an hour or so. Again, when you have nothing but time and are tired of social media or tv (though apps aren’t much better) great way to pass the time- if you are willing to see an ad every few levels..Version: 1.06

Too Easy 🤷🏼‍♀️I saw this game and immediately wanted to try it. I downloaded it and began to play. It was soooo fun! However, after 20 minutes of playing I noticed that I was getting the same puzzles over and over again. I was at level 100 when this happened. I understand new levels are probably on the way, but I think the new levels need to be harder. Also, the amount of ads is atrocious. You play for about 10-15 seconds and then get slapped with an unskippable 20-30 second ad. I’m giving this three stars because there are too many ads and the levels are too easy..Version: 1.03

I like this game but…I like this game a lot, but when you get to a certain level, it repeats itself. From the beginning. Instead of getting more complex as I would’ve expected it to do, the game just starts with the same patterns from the beginning again. The game needs more levels with increasingly complex patterns. I’m disappointed that it simply starts over again with the same patterns that have already been. Please make it a better game by giving us more levels with different patterns and colors. I’d like to see some really complex ones. Thank you..Version: 1.04

It’s okay but...I am well aware that this app is meant for ages 4+ and up, but the levels are EXTREMELY easy, and nothing like the one that was playable during an add. But putting that aside for later, I thought the app looked cool so I downloaded it and started playing. There were basically adds after every one or two levels, and since they were so easy the ads just never stopped and it was so honest to god annoying. The concept was great but I can’t play games like this where there are ads every few seconds..Version: 1.03

So Satisfying but adsWhen you roll the roll its so satisfying and its so challenging and fun! Its so addictive and fun, but theres a consequence. When you finish the picture, an advertisement video pops up and its annoying, please change this game a bit and have less ads. I understand that these people need money and everything but having to watch ads over and over again gets annoying so please change this,but i still like this game i will keep playing it just needs one change, im glad that if you do it wrong it dosen't do anything like no stars or anything like that stuff because i kinda think thats kinda lame. Thanks for making the rolls satisfying and i would love for you to change the ads to not that many ads popping up because its annoying thank you! ❤️♡シ.Version: 1.09

It could be betterWell when I found this game i was on Snapchat. I thought it could be pretty fun, so I thought why not give it a try. I started playing the game and after the first two levels the ads come rolling in. You can’t go far without having to see an ad. But the game itself could be a little more challenging when you go onto higher levels but they seem to be the same each time. It’s good for little kids and include they’re brain and make them think, but they shouldn’t put the ad for this game on a social media app used by teens and adults..Version: 1.01

False AdvertizingFirst of all, take this with as great game concept, horrible advertising. I found this game when I was on Snapchat (mistake #1) and advertised it as normal, “Harder than it looks” (mistake #2) or something among those lines. Of course it was a fairly easy level they were advertising, but the abstract shape color and patterns kinda made one’s brain to think. So I downloaded it cause I felt it had great potential. I played the first few intro levels and I was vibing, until I stumbled upon a majority of the levels being very simple shapes, or a wild complex shape but your hand got held the entire way through it. The only times I got stumped was me underestimating how much paper was in a roll and have to reorder it. Looking back at the AppStore, I see it’s intended for ages 4+, which understandable I can see that. The game isn’t bad in itself if they targeted their audience right. Advertising it on Snapchat, a platform of mostly teenagers and adults, and making it seem impossible, is very misleading and quite frankly frustrating. My only problem here is if they advertised it towards the intended audience, and or have an “advanced mode” or “challenge mode” so an older audience doesn’t yawn after they complete 10 levels in a minute, I would rate the game higher..Version: 1.0

A-MAZING 👏 👏 👏I think this game is awesome because it is challenging and tough to solve. It is so awesome because when you mess it up it doesn’t say: you lost! And makes you start over! It just doesn’t do anything and let’s you continue solving it. This app lets you bring out your inner mind and let’s you relax and take your time, because there is no timing! I love this game! This is only my 2nd time rating an app and this is the best so far! Even the adds aren’t bad! You guys did a great job on creating this game! This is the best game I have ever played! 👏👍🏼👏👍🏼👏👍🏼👏👍🏼👏👍🏼👏👍🏼👏👍🏼🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.02

It’s fun for about 30 minutesThe main problem is the ads. I get the devs need to make money but I want to relax. The second problem is that there is only 48 levels before they start looping. And by looping they actually loop so the same levels will be in the same order and at that point I just closed the app. Overall though, it was a great game. The vibrations sync up nicely with the paper and the game looks really nice and simple. I genuinely did enjoy it for about 30 minutes before it started looping but really don’t regret downloading it. So if you’re looking for a quick game, get this app and see what happens..Version: 1.0

RelaxingI enjoy the app and find it relaxing. There are two issues that I think could be adjusted to provide a better player experience. 1. There are very easy puzzles as I progress. I enjoy it when the challenges in a game increase. As I move to the next level I sometimes find three or four very easy ones in a row, after a little harder one. 2. This is most important to me: The background is a yellowish tan color, the same as one of the colors in almost every puzzle. So it doesn’t show up well at all. It’s annoying. The view of the finished product is on a white background and shows up well but the work area is all that beige- yellow color. I went to the “settings” icon but the only thing I can change is adding vibration. Other than these two problems, which I think can be easily fixed, I really like this app. It’s very relaxing and occupies enough of my mind to make it a good distraction. Thanks..Version: 1.10

Relaxing GameThis game is nice and relaxing especially when you have the down time at work or waiting for a doctors appointment or just lazying around the house, but the ads are terrible, I’m playing off the iphone 11 and i don’t know if it’s the new ios 14 update or just the game/ads itself but the ads no longer have the option to close once it’s done playing through. I have to force close my game almost after every level bc the ads no longer bring up the ‘X’ in the top right corner and it’s such a huge pain, I wouldn’t even mind the ads if I were able to close them instead of forcing closing the app.Version: 1.03

Overall a bad game I do not recommendSo I had gotten a lot and i mean A LOT of ads for this and my OCD was seriously triggered watching the people mess up the simplest puzzles in your ads so I downloaded it just to make the ads stop I played a few rounds and almost fell asleep in the first 30 seconds it was so BORING i played more levels to see if it would give me something fun and nope! Just boring puzzles and ads that’s it! That’s the whole game! I don’t know why it has 4.7 stars because that’s a lie! It’s just a scam game to steal your info and feed you ads do not download I repeat do not download you will just be wasting your time you will just be downloading ads very bad game I’m very disappointed..Version: 1.08

Great game but..I downloaded this game 1 day ago I’m level 202 now and I keep getting the same levels again and again it makes me slowly stop playing it because I know how to do this all. I suggest adding more levels but have the consumer stop doing the same levels 😫 Trust me once you get to level 150 you keep getting the same levels and it gets annoying. I hope you guys do more levels. Overall this game is pretty good Ps Don’t always put the same adds please 😫.Version: 1.08

Too Many Ads in BetweenI just downloaded this game and it’s actually not too bad. I would give it 5 stars but there’s simply too many ads in between each puzzle. The puzzles aren’t even long so I don’t know why we have to watch one ad in between each puzzle. Okay it’s not each puzzle but there’s an ad between each puzzle and then it’ll let you do two puzzles and then there will be another ad. It keeps going in this pattern for me and it’s too much. Sorry not that good to sit there and go through all the ads..Version: 1.03

They ran out of ideas for this oneThe game overall is great for children and is a quick brain teaser (I guess) but as soon as I got to the hundreds it just restarted all the levels. Not as in a glitch but as in the levels were still the same but they were reusing all of the old levels. Maybe you guys thought we wouldn’t notice or the fact that only little kids play this made you think we can’t remember things, but seriously, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re older and just want a quick game in a bus. It gets boring easily and you have to watch ads for new certain levels. Overall not worth it, but great for younger audiences..Version: 1.06

Way to many adds! To easy!!Every puzzle you finish there’s an add! I just downloaded this game last month and never played it because of the adds. When I saw an add for the game it, looked so fun! So I decided to get it. I was having a fun time didn’t mind the adds for a couple of puzzles and then I got tired of them. And the rounds are just sooo easy!! I need a challenge and if you like challenges then this game isn’t for you. Like I said and I’m going to say it ONE more time TO MANY ADDS! If your fine with adds, and easy levels good for you, maybe this game is for you. But if you don’t like to much adds like me and like challenges I highly recommend you don’t get it. Your wasting your time and your storage..Version: 1.13

You can download. But be aware...Actually, this game isn’t so bad, but there are a few things I don’t like about it. One, this game spends WAY TOO MUCH TIME on ads. It’s ridiculous! There’s an ad every 2 rounds or so, which to me is ridiculous. I don’t finish my home/school work to watch ads on break time! (I’m a kid by the way) Two, you know how the ad is really addicting because it shows an adult trying to solve it? That’s what drew me in to get it. But its actually really boring. I got to that level and it’s so easy ( I saw the non-playable ad). It’s not even worth downloading! It’s so boring and easy no HOW DEAP in the levels you get( I’m on level 102), you feel like a 40 year old in the baby pool because you don’t know how to swim. Just wanted to let you know what i think about this game. Maybe you’ll agree with me, or not, but that’s your opinion. But please take my advise. And if you guys actually read this, please update the game..Version: 1.14

Too easy, excessive adsI've played the first 10-15 levels, and they are mind-numbingly easy. This would be okay if there was some menu I could go to to skip to harder levels, but there isn't. I have no way of knowing if you ever get to anything remotely challenging, but even if you do, it's not worth the time to get there. I'm usually not one to complain about ads (the devs can't grow their income on trees), but this is over the top. Every two levels (which take less than ten seconds each to complete) you get one or two ads which are usually not immediately stipple (video ads or interactive). One of the interactive ones wouldn't let me close the ad until I played its dumb minigame. I like the concept which is why I bothered to leave a review. Maybe the game is just meant for kids, but I think the idea has potential to be more..Version: 1.07

Indirect AdvertisementThe game wasn’t all bad, and the concept was okay, but as I found it on Instagram a Platform directed for 13+. The level I watched was fairly easy and I solve dit in my head, so I got the game because I decided it would be fun to challenge the advertising player, and beat the level, a bit of pride. I know. But as I entered the game, I realized the levels were easy way easy, and the patterns and shapes got a bit more complex but hey were mind boggling. So I seen the Age System it was for 4+ which seems right, but finding it on such a platform as Instagram, is what got me maybe advertise it elsewhere like, Other kid games, or maybe add harder levels for smarter or older Audiences. Over all the game wasn’t bad. It does kill atleast one minute of my time haha....Version: 1.01

Pretty GoodThis game is really cool for the most part. I am on level 359 and it is just the same few puzzles over and over again. I wish that it was more complicated and I wish it would get more challenging as it goes on. The only challenge that I get is they special levels and they aren’t that difficult either. If you like calming games that are just the same like this, then this is the game for you. Another problem is that it freezes a lot. I will do a level and it will just freeze for minutes and sometimes I just turn my phone off and give up on it. Other than these couple things, it’s a great game and I recommend..Version: 1.07

AdsLook the game is pretty fun, wouldn’t say it’s too difficult but it is relaxing. But that relaxation is interrupted after every single level by advertising. I understand an app needs to make money to keep itself afloat, but the ads on this app are nearly constant. There’s an ad banner at the bottom too so it’s not like I’m ever free from it. I guess if you have a 30 second ad after every level, you don’t have to make too many more levels because nobody will finish the game. I give it three stars because the game itself is pretty good. But the ads make it kinda unplayable. Hope you can look into it.Version: 1.04

Boring and TOO MANY ADSNeat concept of a ‘time waster game’, but like some others have said it’s too simple and becomes boring pretty quickly. But the reason I uninstalled the app is that there are just WAY TOO MANY ADS. After 5 or 10 levels the ads start to appear after every other level, and sometimes between every one. And since it’s such a simple puzzle game, the ads are generally speaking equal to or twice as long as the amount of time it took to play all the levels since the previous ad. I would pay the going rate of $1.99 or even $2.99 to remove the ads, but since there’s not an option to do so I just uninstalled the game. I don’t recommend it unless you’re a fan of advertisements for other games..Version: 1.07

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Fun butToo many ads and too much repetition of levels. Seems like there’s only 20 or so patterns that are just on repeat.Version: 1.07

TO. MUCH. ADDSI think it’s a amazing game BUT the problem is that there is WAYYYYY to much ads. If u want ppl to get this app then update it with no adds, like, NOT even ONE add is there. Then no one would complain about the ad problem but if it’s to much then put ads every 20 levels after. Because that’ll be more easier if not AGAIN then every 10 levels. Hope u read this and do it. But ur game is amazing so I’ll give it 4/5.Version: 1.04

Love it but ...This game is great but the only thing o don’t like about is that you have adds . Now people might say I found this game threw an add and I love that it happens but no sorry that’s not the case that case is that your wasting your time on an add , other then the adds I recommend it.Version: 1.04

Gaming peopleThanks I love this game thank you for making it I keep on playing every day I love it okay my name is Marisa and thanks for helping us or the poor people for playing all these games thanks guys.👨🏾‍💻👩🏾‍💻👸🏾👩🏽‍🎓.Version: 1.04

Read if you have the game.The game is kind of fun until you get too like round 100 then it just starts over, there are way too many adds so just turn the internet off on your iPad or phone, i read like two reviews that others wrote and that would be enough reasons to not download the game..Version: 1.04

Needs more levelsWas enjoying this, pretty easy, but the levels start to repeat after 100.Version: 1.02

RepeatI made it to stage 102 then I notice it went to the same level as 2 it’s mostly a waste of time to do it again.Version: 1.03

Terrible user experienceThe game itself is good but the ads... OMG! I get that’s how it’s funded but surely there has to be a balance for a good user experience. I spent more time watching ads than playing. Does that make me more likely to click an ad? Of course not..Version: 1.04

Too many addsToo many adds, after each puzzle there is an add!.Version: 1.04

I love this gameI love this game so much!!! 😍😍😍 this game is a game that just makes me feel good all the time. Some leaves are a challenge and I love that I have to use my brain..Version: 1.04

It’s an ad platformThe game is too easy, each level can be solved in a couple of seconds... and then you have to watch an ad every two levels. That works out to more ad play than game play. If it were a more challenging game, I might pay to get rid of the ads..Version: 1.10

GreatThis game is great with the ads you can turn the wifi off duhhhhhhhh.Version: 1.03

Too many ads and repeated levelsThere are to many ads in this game. After every other level it seems like there’s an ad and even when I click no to not watch an ad to play the special level it still gives me an ad to watch. Not only that but at level 101 I noticed that I had already done that level but I assumed it was a glitch but the levels just kept repeating and there were no new ones..Version: 1.04

AdsEnjoyable game play, but expect an idea after each level. Uninstalled due to frustration, I understand ads but far too much..Version: 1.02

WAY TO MANY ADDThis game is fun but I stopped after about 5 levels because there was way too many ads!!! You have to watch an ad after every level that you pass, takes all the fun out of it so I deleted it..Version: 1.04

Too many adsFor Tyne first few levels they aren’t bad but after a short amount of time you get ads after almost every single level..Version: 1.07

Color roll 3DThis is a great thinking game. 1 and only problem is there is a add every level... very frustrating and ruins the vibe of doing the brain puzzles. if there was an add every 10 levels it would be fine. Ik my opinion doesnt matter to who ever is reading this but please change the ads..Version: 1.04

Has potential with less ads, and more levels.I read the reviews on Facebook and before downloading, all seemed fairly critical of the ads. They weren’t wrong. But my issue was it only took about an hour to pass level 120, and then it’s all levels you’ve already beaten. If they reduce the amount of ads and add a couple hundred more easy levels, or a hundred actually hard ones, I would highly recommend this game..Version: 1.07

Where are the new levels?The latest update claims to have new levels however played through all the old levels again only to go back to the beginning again after 100 super easy levels. Update also claims to have no ads however there now more ads than ever. When each levels takes on average less than 10 seconds to complete after which is a 30 second or longer ad you end up spending more time watching ads than you do playing a game that’s so unbelievably babyish easy it is not worth the effort or data to download it..Version: 1.04

THE AD’SThis game would be fun for the kids, but other than that, the AD’S ARE REALLY ANNOYING as they are usually the exact same game which is repetitive and they are mostly every five levels. This game could be a bit more enjoyable if there were WAY less ad’s and the puzzle were a bit harder..Version: 1.04

It's alrightI downloaded the game because i saw some ads for it on instagram, it's pretty fun but the ads do get annoying pretty quickly. it's totally fine and i understand that you need to make money and all, so i'll put up with it. my main issue is that after about 100 levels, it started giving me levels from the very early in the game, and i was really hoping for some genuine challenge here. i was never just sitting there, scratching my head to a good puzzle, which was what i was hoping for from a game like this..Version: 1.08

Too many adsThe game itself is reasonable, wouldn’t go much further than that. The need to make the levels more challenging but more importantly, how is anyone expected to play a game that has an ad after every level. Downloaded this app 10 minutes ago and it’s already deleted because there is more time watching ads than playing the game..Version: 1.03

What A ShameWhat a shame...this game promises to be thoroughly enjoyable... but as usual, there is a fine line between making money for developers and providing enjoyable gameplay.. This one oversteps the mark with the frequency.. so you end up watching an ad approx every one minute.. Lost me and all of my ad watching as it is just too frequent... developers note: greed loses your customer all together, so instead of watching some ads you have gotten paid for, I now watch NONE so you get nothing...bye bye.Version: 1.13

Great, but needs moreNice and colourful app, is enjoyable to play, but a bit easy. I played till the end of levels, which are about 100. I didn’t have one single ad, so I was surprised with all the reviews about ads! However, the challenges don’t appear to work. There is also an update about more levels but the app doesn’t appear to have updated, or there are only a few levels added and I didn’t notice. Please bring on a ‘heap’ more levels as I’d love to continue playing, but if not I will delete as I can’t see the sense in repeating the ones I’ve already done. They also need to be more challenging. Great potential..Version: 1.08

AdsFor all the people comparing about the ads... he’s they’re annoying!!! I agree but jus turn off your internet or oi tom aeroplane mode? It’ll fix the problem ❤️.Version: 1.03

Why Colour roll 3D is the bestSo fun and satisfying to roll the colours in simple and difficult levels of shapes..Version: 1.09

Too many AdsThis game is great but what ruins it is the ads. They are so annoying and just keep repeating. I know you have sponsors and stuff but please fix this. Overall this game is fun. xoxo Pineapplez.Version: 1.03

More ad than gameEvery two levels you have to sit through a 30second ad. When each level only takes a few seconds you spend the majority of your time watching ads. Ridiculous.Version: 1.03

Color roll 3DThis game isn’t that bad although their are a lot of ads like after each move I do an ad pops up not only that but the first couple of levels aren’t really that bad but I got this game a couple of weeks ago and I have been doing the same levels over and over again like do y’all not have any other levels but yeah other then that it’s a good game.Version: 1.04

Ads and contentThis game In my opinion is quite a fun game. I love how it is offline as well. The cons of this game are ads. Too many ads. I would pass 1 level and an ad would appear. Second, content. I found some inappropriate content like a picture that looked like a cigarette and a bra. I thought that this is too much for a kids game. Finally not enough levels. I have completed most levels and rarely get a new picture. Sincerely, anonymous..Version: 1.09

The game is awesome and how to stop adsOk when I was about to install this game and looked at the reviews and the first one I saw was already about too many ads. Like on every game review there’s reviews about too many ads. Cuz people HATE ads. Cuz there annoying obviously. So here’s how to stop them. All you have to do is go onto your settings and turn wifi off or put airplane mode on. Either one will get rid of the ads. This is because you know you need the internet to play ads so you can get free items on games. Thats the same with the ads that appear when you don’t want them to. So without internet. There’s no ads. This is why I rate this game 5\5. Also this game is amazing. Thanks for making it whoever made it..Version: 1.04

TOO MANY ADS!!!I AM SO MAD OF THE ADS POPPING UP ALL OF THE TIME!!! Like you solve a level or two and then a 30 sec AD pops up and takes more time then the level itself so DELETE Thus game or if like ads then keep it. I am not deleting it yet but I will chose at some point....Version: 1.07

Good but..The only issue about this game is that there’s to many ads, whenever I do a level ( or many 2 ) there’s always an ad, say I wanna play this game for a long time, it always makes me frustrated and stop playing, I know you don’t care about if there’s a few bugs or my complaint, please fix this. Another thing I’d like to say is that I don’t think you have to buy things in this game. Does this just happen to me? I know you wanna get more money for people using this game, but it’s technically not fair to have on this 4+ kids game. Besides all of those, I’m having serious lag, make sure to maybe check up on the graphics and textures for your lag, apart from that this is a great game, again needs fixing. Have a spectacular day and thank for ready. Kind regards, 🐭🐭.Version: 1.09

RepeatsIt’s fun for the first 100 levels then it just repeats itself. The developers needed to create more levels before launching the game. Hopefully they add more otherwise there’s no point continuing to play..Version: 1.03

Alright game, spend more time watching ads then playing the actual gameOverall this is a good game it’s fun and enjoyable great for little kids and to get peoples brain running. One massive problem is the ads WAYYYYYYYYYY to many that when you play it you spend more time watching ads instead of playing the actual game I’d rather just find a better game with little to no adds from a different company and uninstall this one, sorry but it’s a no from me with the amount of ads there are!!.Version: 1.03

Excessive adverts and repeated levelsThere is a advert after every level and the difficulty of the levels does not increase as you play through the game. This would be a good game for very young children if there wasn’t so many adverts for other games..Version: 1.05

Great game, to many adsGreat game to play, I deleted it after 20 levels as there was an ad after every level.Version: 1.04

Sooo fun!I absolutely love this game, but as I got higher in levels, the same pictures were appearing again. But aside from that it’s so much fun!.Version: 1.03

Why Color roll is do goodBc it makes my day complete and it makes me like get the felling to never give up on something you really want to achieve you should always like your apps that you make and never give up i love this game and I hope you never give up on great apps like these.Version: 1.09

Great but too many adsThis game is great. It is kinda like a puzzle and makes you think a lot more. If you get the puzzle wrong you have to restart the puzzle. But there is one wrong thing. There is WAY to many ads! There is like a ad right after you finish 1 puzzle. Pls put a developer response and help the game by decreasing how many ads it has! Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting!.Version: 1.09

Boredom, Ads and moreI would give it 5 stars but I get an add every level and speaking of levels you should try to make more different levels because I’ve done lots of levels (I do have to admit I did like them) and they just keep repeating No more complaints Thank you.Version: 1.03

To much adds!I think there are way to much adds! I keep getting 1 single add on repeat it’s called “forever merge” or something like that. I just want to play the game without adds or 1 add after 5 rounds I only get to roll 2 rounds or 1 then a add! If you want me to keep playing this game please don’t have adds so much..Version: 1.04

WAY TOO MANY ADS-TOO LOUD Great gameGreat game but the adds are so loud, the only way to solve that is to turn the phone down which then is a problem if it rings or you forget to turn up when done. I have stopped playing many games for this reason. Make an ad free version to purchase or lose players..Version: 1.07

Ads, repeatsToo many ads basically after every level (gross ones as well which couldn’t be skipped) turned my wifi off which fixed it. Fun for the first 100 levels but then the patterns just repeat again - they need to make new designs..Version: 1.03

Annoying adsThe ads are really irritating. I just force crash and reload each time rather than sit through them. The game is kind of pointless and there’s no real skill because you don’t know how long the rolls are so it’s just trial and error. Deleted the app after 5 minutes because overall it’s pretty average and just a massive time waster..Version: 1.04

Good but repetitiveIt’s entertaining for the first little while, but after level 100 the levels start repeating and the game reuses levels you’ve already done. Plus there are quite a lot of ads, many of which you can’t skip..Version: 1.03

Fun but way too many advertisementsTo the point that it detracts from my overall and entire enjoyment of this game..Version: 1.09

This game is 😒This game is good and fun but every 2 levels there is a add and not only is there so many adds! The adds are the exact same😤. I hope this company takes on this feedback and fixes the problems with the adds in this game, also because of the adds I deleted this game as there were WAY to many adds and I was only on level 13 so this app did not last long on my device😕.Version: 1.03

Too many adsThe games are very easy and quick to play. Ads after every level are too much. It takes longer to watch the ad than play the game..Version: 1.02

Multitude of ads are faster than the gameThis game is alright, the concept it pretty interesting and makes you think as you go along. BUT you get an ad everyone 1-2 levels and the game itself is ridiculously and painfully slow! I had to delete it as it just took too long to move between levels and play the game, but the ads would come and play so quickly.Version: 1.04

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Color Roll 3D 1.14 Update

Version 1.14 (2021-02-12): - New levels are added.

Version 1.13 (2021-01-13): - New challenges are added..

Version 1.10 (2021-01-07): - Special levels are added.

Version 1.09 (2020-12-14): - New special levels are added.

Version 1.08 (2020-11-15): - New beautiful levels are waiting for you!.

Version 1.07 (2020-10-26): - Bug fixes.

Version 1.06 (2020-10-17): - Enjoy our new levels..

Version 1.03 (2020-08-29): - More beautiful levels are added. - Challenge yourself and see if you can pass these levels..