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Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash App Download

Love Bingo? You can test your skills in Bingo Clash to compete against other players in classic, fast-paced Bingo matches and win great prizes!

Key Features:
—Free Bingo games available at any time.

—Get matched with other players of your skill level, play fair and classic Bingo games with fun buffs, and win exciting prizes and rewards.

—No ads, uninterrupted gaming experience.

—Tournaments, 1v1 competitions and multiplayer games of your choice. Various prize pools to choose from. Practice your skills before playing higher stakes.

—100% safe and secure withdrawal via PayPal.

Match your skills against another player at your skill level to compete for prizes!

Play against multiple other players in bracket-style tournaments. Rank high to get amazing prizes!

Test out your skills and win great prizes through Lucky Cards, the Fortuity Wheel, and other entertaining features!

You can now use Tickets to enter Bingo Cash Games for free! Earn free Tickets every day by logging in and participating in various in-game events! Use these Tickets to play skill-based Bingo games and win prizes and rewards.

If you have questions and concerns, please contact: [email protected]

Bingo Clash: win real cash App User Reviews & Comments

Gambling at its finestDo not fall for this app. It promises you big wins and only allows you to really try for those wins if you pay. So you pay and then seem to be winning and feel good but you always want to win more. And then you lose and keep losing. I only wasted $40 on this game and it truly showed me how gambling addiction is a thing. I would be very wary recommending this game to anyone. It’s a money pit and as always with gambling, the house ALWAYS wins. I’m not a sore loser, I researched how to win and used all the tricks: always having one slot open for the bonuses, not hitting bingo til the very end, using a x2 at the very end so it doubles all the bingo scores and I would still lose games by less than 10 points. I got out played and that’s fine but how am I supposed to win anything if I’m doing all that I can and still losing? Not saying it’s a bad app just warning people like I wish I had been..Version: 1.7.12

TOTAL RIP OFFI use to just play ticket games but recently I play cash game with the bonus money I use for referrals I’ve gotten. I played a game and won 60 looked at the withdrawal and it said 38... I was confused being the whole day I won 40 bucks so when I won the 38 I thought I would have alot more to cash out. I was confused on why it didn’t add up until I noticed they never touched the bonus money they used my cash to play the games. WHAT A BUMMER! So I sucked it up and said I’ll jus play a few more games then it’s okay. Then all of a sudden I lost 5 games back to back after a ten game winning streak and I was losing by IMPOSSIBLE scores!!! I would finish game with 39,000 and my Opponent would have 60,000 like HOW?!? Doesn’t even make sense. I’ve rewatched one game and we both used a x2 to boost points and my score went from 3k to 8k and his jumped from 3k to 13k I was so confused on how that’s even possible this game absolutely cheats no if’s ands or buts. You’ll start losing by 10 points or even impossible numbers like a 5000 point difference. I believe you play against bots sometimes and not real people. I’ve decided to just delete the game, I’ve referred over 30 people to this game I’ll make sure they delete it too!.Version: 1.7.20

The most addictive Bingo appSeriously this game is addictive! Bingo clash is one of those apps that give you real money for playing games. And it's one of the best! I spend at least an hour every day playing games and playing tournaments. The Cash prizes are great! Also there are a bunch of cool side activities like cash miner and fortuity wheel which are a ton of fun. If you don't want to play for money you dont have to, there is an ingame system that lets you basically play single player. BUT, if you get enough of the tickets you can exchange it for playable money! I really never thought I would like bingo this much, but I guess that is what happens when you get paid to play games..Version: 1.7.15

Moral of the storySo the moral of the story is you have to pay money to win money those of us that I’ve spent all this time trying to win free money have been duped. I have turned in over $6000 to PayPal and not gotten one dime and I played these games for a full year the only people I see really win any money or people that go into skills are these other games where you have to bet money against other people to play unless you love the game don’t waste your time I would hope there’s a lawyer out there somewhere that would be willing to take this on in court because I feel like I’ve been stolen from and I know everyone else that has put money through and I’ve gotten it feels the same way. I don’t know about anybody else but I worked a whole year of 2020 playing games to win because of Covid there was not much else to do and the thought of winning money and seen all these people win money but again don’t play unless you’re willing to bet.Version: 1.7.7

Please fix bug!Okay so this app is actually legit and you can really win money. I love that it is actually easier than many other money-winning games. I downloaded the app tonight, played a few practice round, then added $5 when I felt confident enough, and have won $20 so far. So yes, the money is there!, however there is one major issue I am seeing, and it’s starting to make me very upset. It looks like theres some type of bug with the app because i have won multiple $1 games but never received the $1. The last game I just played, is the one that requires a $5 entry fee, and has 5 rounds, each round you move up obviously gets you paid more, with the potential to win $35, If you get first place.I won the first round, which should have won me $2, and let me move on to the next round, but the minute The game ended, it gave me an error message (something about gateway???), and then threw me out to the lobby. Not only did it throw me out and didn’t let me move on to the next level like It should have, but AGAIN, it didn’t credit me the $2 i won for winning that first round, nor did it refund me the $5 dollar entry other words, I just wasted $5. Please fix this because it’s really starting to look like this game steals your money..Version: 1.7.8

The best bingoLike I said this is the best bingo I found along with pocket 7 but there is one big down side of this game if you don’t know yet just heads up, I made a $100 deposit the other day and ended up winning little over $300 I went ahead made a withdrawal and per their policy rule your withdrawal money will go back to the original way you made your deposit that being said I used one of my credit car to make the $100 deposit and today I get a message of my withdrawal details so they split the $300 in one thousand pieces possible, $10 in one card another $10 in another card $160 on another card and so on etc. Now detail of this story is I have deleted all my cards of this game except for one the same one I made the deposit with and yet they sent some of this ridiculous split of my withdrawal to a card that don’t even exist anymore and this is not the first time this happens, they can’t even follow their own policy rules 🤦🏻‍♀️..Version: 1.7.5

This is a full out Hustle!This game is deceptive on all levels. From how they market to people from the beginning when you click to download it to adding money to your account. The game won’t allow you to withdraw ALL of the money you put in . It says something about “freeze a certain amount” so when you decide you don’t want to keep playing bingo or all the other mediocre games they have you can’t withdraw your money in full! That is a hustle! So I say no to this game and any of the fake commercials and ads with people telling you that they have won real money ( $500 or more) they are LIARS AND PAID ACTORS. THESE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC APPS ARE A HUSTLE AND SHOULD BE REPORTED FOR FRAUD .. DONT GET HUSTLED FOR TOO LONG IN THIS ITS NOT REAL AND YOU WILL NOT GET REAL MONEY EVER. Maybe $2 here and maybe $4 dollars there . The so called high winners I honestly believe are BOTS. lol. FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME ... game deleted.Version: 1.7.5

Understand how the game worksI’ve been playing about six months and had very positive experiences. I am probably one of the few who is several hundred up overall but I primarily ply for fun, not to make money! Few things I’ve seen in negative reviews which are just wrong: - money not being paid back out on withdrawals. All my funds have been paid out. They will refund as much as you have paid in on to the card you paid it in, any excess is then either sent by check or to your bank account depending on what details you have entered - people getting impossibly high scores. You get the same numbers and options, you can watch games to confirm this. Where it can vary is when you use a power up to pick a number, if your opponent picks differently then this can alter the following progression, eg you pick 5 and that was going to be the next number out. Your opponent picks a different number and then gets to hit 5 too, also means they are then closer to another power up. Just how it goes. - free bonus money. Of course they aren’t just going to let you deposit and then take all your money out but keep the bonus. But every game does convert it to real money which is better than most and also mitigates losses slightly as 10% entry fee is bonus if you have it. I always try to keep a little bonus cushion for this reason. If you are going to get super upset that someone beat you and you lost a little money you probably shouldn’t be playing but it’s a good company and fun game!.Version: 1.8.0

Fun gameI have been playing on and off everyday for about a week and a half and am pleased with the game and think many others will be too. You do have to invest some money to get into higher paid rounds but you do have the chance to win lower prizes and work your way up for free by playing with your tickets that you win during non cash and cash rounds. The game also has been great with matching what I deposit giving me more chances to win. . Only downfall is I play other skills games and kinda wish I could spread out my total deposits to be used in any skills game. But I’m happy with them none the less..Version: 1.7.20

Beware - Seems RiggedIt’s hard to believe that this game is not rigged. There have been times where I’ve won and done very well, but then lose nearly every game after without my “skills” changing much and being paired with the exact same opponents. A major complaint of mine is that 99% of the time I will play a game and it will be held in limbo for several HOURS “searching for an opponent”. When I’m finally paired with someone, they almost always beat me. If this happens to me so often, I question how some of the same players are at the top of the leader board time after time. How do they get paired with enough opponents to gain so many points when I have to wait half a day or longer to get paired with an opponent? When questioning player support, I always get a blanket answer. One of my recent games ended in a draw, there seemed to be a game glitch when I went to rematch my opponent as each of our names already had a score next to it. After playing, low and behold, I lost the game to the other player and got the score that was listed next to my name. This made me believe the match was predetermined. Support gave my money back for that match, but I feel like I’ve been robbed time and time again. If you play, beware. And be careful how much you deposit. They will take advantage and take as much as they can..Version: 1.8.0

Casino style Bingo at its BestBingo Clash is a casino style game based on bingo. As you might expect, you put up some cash and play against other people to get the stakes. Its a really good time. The game is fast paced, its got some cool art, andd there are daily events and challenges that keep you engaged and get you some spare cash or prizes. It's a really positive experience in some very negative times. If you have a lot of free time, or are looking for a fun fast game with the possibility of making some spare cash, than bingo clash is just what you are looking for. If you just want to relax you can do that too. There is a 'ticket' league that lets you just play for an ingame currency called tickets. Nothing up for stake, nothing to lose. Check it out you wont regret it!.Version: 1.7.14

Bingo cashBingo cash is quit fun to play if you like playing bingo. But as for getting cash back it’s another story. If you make a deposit anything you play for cash comes off your money first. When you want to withdraw it will tell you that you can’t withdraw bonus cash. Instead of it using you bonus cash to play the game to make money you can forget about it. I made a deposit for 30 and it gave me 30. I played the cash games and when I won it would take what I won to stake the next game instead of the bonus cash. The only way I would have been able to get my money back was if I had made a withdraw after the deposit. If you use your tickets to play for real cash and win and then try to withdraw it will tell you it is bonus cash..Version: 1.8.2

Integrity issuesI started playing the game for free just to figure how to play. After depositing money, I’ve noticed I play a lot against same users based on level cash wise the .60;$3;$5 heads up which is fine. The integrity issue for me is when you play tournament and it’s “times out” on you while searching for another player. The q&a format they have explains that “if a tournament times out when searching for an equal level the game will be saved for 24 hours, then refunded original buy in”. Now, the frustrating part to me is there’s a 24 hour timer counting down. If you choose to go back in to try to complete the tournament, that timer resets. So it’s not a true 24 hour period. You have to choose to play it or wait 24 hours to get your refund for the entry fee. This doesn’t make sense to me since they tournament is a 6 or 5 round tournament with 128 or 64 players. All players paid same regardless of level the player is at. They either play with real people or simulated bots. They state that you can watch a player to preserve fairness of the game. It’s just sketchy that a tournament can be halted for that reason..Version: 1.8.2

It’s okay, kinda fun...Feels a little rigged though. I guess it has to be coded that way as true randomization is digitally impossible. Everything is a process. It can be addicting because of its competitive nature. It’s generous with free spins and scratch offs on the shopping cart link/page, so check daily or when you play. It’s great for passing time and exercising your hand/eye reaction timing. I don’t like when you’re done but it says the other player is still playing so you have to check back later to see who won. It even gives you a few dollars credit in the beginning so you can get a feel for the money games and hopefully pour a whole bunch of yours down it’s multi colored drain. Just remember the app/house always wins..Version: 1.7.20

A little upsettingSo I love the game itself but when I decided to see if your able to withdraw your money was just curious wasn’t gonna withdraw but.. they don’t let you take all of your money first off. Second they charge you a fee so out of $87 they only allow me to take $39 then they tax me $22 of that 39 I would withdraw. Now I am guessing they make a good amount of money off the players and for them not to allow us to withdraw all of it is sad. Even if they offer a bonus it still your money. Sad thing is I wasn’t really gonna withdraw just wanted to see if the option was there if you ever won a big jackpot. So just a word to the wise don’t add to much and don’t expect to receive anything extra you win on this game. Other wise it would of been a 5* game but there is always a scam in these games.Version: 1.8.0

A Great Time!Like a lot of other people, I played their flagship app Pocket7Games. I found myself mostly playing Bingo Clash, and this lone version is exactly what I wanted! A great way to make money! Between this app and their other app, I have made more than 300 dollars. It's a fun and really positive experience that has helped me out a lot both financially, but also emotionally during the pandemic. I made a few friends on the facebook page and we exchange strategies and tips for how best to play. Also good to meet new people since it's so hard to do now that we are all stuck inside because of covid. A great app, I really appreciate it, its been a ton of fun and I recommend it to anybody that likes bingo, has some spare time, or is looking for a good way to make money off of their gaming hobby..Version: 1.7.14

It was great to start with, thenThe game was great to start with i won a few dollars, then after winning 18 straight games I started loosing all my games in a day except for 6 & under. I literally just played a game & thought I had won with 32,846 points, but when I looked at the score card immediately afterwards, it said I lost & my points were 23,846 & the other person won with 31 thousand something. The game is like most money games, lets you win a few to get you hooked then drops you hook line & sinker to drown with no winnings & sometimes cheats by giving you a free choice on your bingo card & then calling out the exact number you chose. That would be fine if it happened just a handful of times, but it didn’t. It happened at least once a game after my first day of racking up $9 & 15,000 tickets on top of the things they give you for your spin coins & scratchers. I really liked this game at first. I LOVE bingo & thought people were just getting mad that they didn’t win every time, but the bad reviews were absolutely correct. Hope you don’t deposit any money if you play!.Version: 1.8.2

Worst support everWell the game is always fun but when it comes to support they re suppose to be responsive and solve an issue BUt thats not the case here ... i remember the game did a review abt how to improve the game and as a prize u receive 20 spins for free .. so i did it but i didn t receive nthng when i emailed the support abt it they took a week or more to answer unlike SKILLZ they answer right away .. anyway i waited when a member of the support answered his name was *santiago* he said that i have been credited sooo i waited and waited but didn t receive nthng still .. i took picture of the email and picture of my spin page showing 0 and sent another email to prove it .. i had to wait for a reply for over a week .. and the same member answered my email telling me in a mean way that i need to stop making same tickets of the same problem because he said he credited me ... which weird his suppose to solve the issue but it wasnt solved neither the member was nice such a shame.Version: 1.7.11

Seems rigged but it’s still funIf you stick in the same bracket with tickets and save your 2x and wait to hit bingo till the end and pretty much a play a perfect game every time. You will still lose after an exact amounts of wins but it depends on the player. But the fact that most players I play are 11 and 9, 9 and 11, 8 and 12, 12 and 8. Just proves my theory more. So after about 9 wins give or take 1, I will lose about 2 or 3 in a row every single time. My buddy has the game too and we tested the theory there also and same results. So I’m not going to be playing with money. If I want exact “chance” I would rather play a crane game where I can watch and figure it out and then jump in when the winning “tries” hit..Version: 1.7.2

P7G Bingo Clash Is Great!I've been playing a lot of Bingo Clash lately. For those that don't know, it's a free to play, for cash, multiplayer bingo game. You play bingo against other people online, their matchmaking system is automated and matches you against people that are judged to be at the same skill level as you, and you put money up for stake and the winner takes all! It's really cool, a ton of fun. I also found this app at a really great time. With all the time I spend inside because of Covid19 I find that I have a ton of time on my hands, and this app helps me to deal with the boredom while making some sweet sweet side cash at the same time. BTW, I have tried some other apps that give you money for paying, and they are just not up to the same quality as the p7g apps, try them if you want, but I think you will keep coming back to this once you've tried it. I so highly recommend it..Version: 1.7.15

Not sure of about the appI wish I would have read the rules and reviews before getting excited about this app. I don’t like the fact that even in their rules it states you will not get what you have won. I believe if you withdraw all of your winnings and deposits you should get every penny of it. I mean you did play enough games that you should be able to cash out with all of your earnings. It should not take 3 months nor 5 months to receive your money. I will probably play this app until I lose what I have deposited then I am going to delete it. I don’t want to play a game that I cannot cash out and receive all of my funds in one payment. That is ridiculous. It saddens me that I was stupid enough to fall for it. Again if something seems to good to be true it usually is. ☹️☹️😢😢.Version: 1.7.9

My experienceAt first as a beginner I was winning all the games with my tickets and as soon as I started using money I was loosing. I can see the pattern on the app as it shows all the wins and looses. When ever I play with tickets I win then with the cash I loose. So screw this game I won’t be adding any more money. Many reviews on here look generated by the app itself. The app doesn’t tell you how to play or the best way to play to score highest. Reading the reviews I seen some tips. Regardless there’s room for growth on this app and I definitely didn’t down load it to to waste cash but to win so no I’m not buying tickets or none of that stupid ish. I prefer a normal old fashioned Bingo keep it legit. I also prefer to see numbers drawn live so perhaps we I should speak to some app creators about a new bingo. I noticed that not all fast or slow presses are mentioned some are skipped. I have my eyes on the players at first it says some one different from who it shows up to be at then end. Also their wins and losses. A bunch of winds and Barley any losses they are obviously not a beginner and most likely generated players..Version: 1.7.20

Another great casino app by Pocket7GamesBingo clash is what the name implies: BINGO! It is a mobile version where your score is compared to another real player and the winner is whoever has the higher score. You play for money or for tickets, an in game free currency if you aren't feeling to bold about putting money up for stake. There are daily bonuses, daily rewards for completing certain tasks or challenges. There is a lot of interactivity with the community and company on their social media pages and you can win all sorts of bonuses by being active. A 5 star player support staff, I emailed them with some questions when I first started playing, and they were so professional and quick with their reponses. I love the app. 5 stars as far as I am concerned. Its a free game, its real money, you basically get payed to play, there is no downside!.Version: 1.7.14

It Works!I can’t say you’ll get a lot more than a couple $ if you try to play this game without depositing some money yourself. However, the longer you play and learn to know the rules and game, the better your score will be which will lead you to make some serious money! Speed and efficiency are the key to winning each round, and I found that I win more playing the ranked fast skirmishes. The random/spin cash games are usually a bust as most of the time you’ll win less than what you would if you played the fixed cash game. Overall, this definitely isn’t one of those fake money making apps, but you definitely have to put work into it in order to get what you want out of it!.Version: 1.7.7

I’ve won $40 alreadyOnce you learn how to get faster at Bingo you can really start building up the cash! Look up tutorials on how to play online, it will help tons. It’s super fun to play in your down time and super awesome to win when you do win! I recommend the “Skirmish” games to build Tickets and Bonus cash, then once you have some Bonus cash play the “Spin to win” cash games, they’re the best in my opinion. Just remember you have to be the faster player and build your strategy! It took me a bit to improve my skills but you’ll notice yourself get faster and faster over time. :).Version: 1.7.9

Deception of Bonus Cash and Withdrawing CashEverything sounds nice and legit when you sign up with promos and free bonus cash. They lure you in to deposit real money by giving u all this bonuc cash but the catch is when you start racking up “cash”, your account total looks a lot nicer than what you can actually withdrawal. I’ve been sitting on about $35 real cash and $30 bonus cash for weeks now playing different cash priced games and whether i win or lose the game always takes a majority of my real cash to play the game and barely touches my bonus cash. The reason this is such an issue is because if you want to withdraw any cash at any time you must forfeit all bonus cash you own and this is usually half of your account. By the time you play enough games to use all of your bonus cash you’ll be long gone of real cash and have to deposit more. Moral of the story is once you’ve made enough to withdraw more than you deposit WITHDRAW IMMEDIATELY AND FOREIT ALL BONUS CASH. BONUS CASH IS AN ILLUSION AND IS BARELY USED WHEN YOU HAVE REAL CASH IN YOUR ACCOUNT.Version: 1.7.12

I can play but not win Real CashYou know after reading the reviews regarding this game I was so excited to get started playing. I’ve been playing bingo for 15yrs now so it’s truly my favorite game. So of course I was elated to find out I could make money while playing…until I went to join a cash tournament and it told me that this particular feature of the game was not allowed in my area🤷🏾‍♀️. So now that pretty much makes it a regular Bingo game. Very disappointing, especially when others are able to make money and the ones who can’t just play for fun. There are other Bingo games out there that are for fun but I want to make money while I’m playing . Can you shed some light on this subject matter please, because as of now I give your game a F. I didn’t even want to leave a star at all to be honest..Version: 1.8.2

Real Cash!! .05, .07!!Real cash!! Five cents, seven cents, with huge wins like this, in a few months, I might even be able to buy a soda, or a cup of coffee!! False advertising much??? The really cool ad, where the pizza delivery guy waits at the door while she plays the game so she can pay for her pizza?? My biggest payout so far has been 9 cents! How many years is the pizza delivery guy going to have to wait??? 😆😆😆 I started playing this game because I wanted to MAKE extra cash... but they thought that I wanted to give THEM my hard earned cash!! In order to get to the next level, I have to pay out five dollars. With Bingo Clash giving rewards of one cent, three cents, five five dollars will long since be used up and another payout required before I get paid five dollars. This is just another of many gambling ripoffs, with paid people in the advertisements. Have you ever met ANYONE that made real money playing this game??? I sure haven’t!! Liar liar!!!.Version: 1.7.20

Poor customer supportI’ve played this game for about 6 months. I don’t believe anything is rigged or unfair about how the game operates. Like other reviews have stated, the difference in score comes from how fast you play and the choices you make with your bonuses/perks. Of course you can’t just withdraw the bonus cash, what kind of business model would it be to give away money that easily? But you can use bonus cash to win real money. There are real problems with the game freezing while finding an opponent, which has happened to me about 10 times overall. The only way to unfreeze it is to reset the app which then counts as a loss. The first couple times I was able to get a refund for the buy-in, but their service has deteriorated dramatically. My whole issue with this company is their support. When I first started, they would usually get back to me within a week if I had an issue. Now, I typically go a month without a response, or the ticket will just get closed without getting a response. They added a verification process requiring ID, but the software is poor and rejects any attempt to verify my identity. I’m stuck in limbo where I can’t verify my identity, and I can’t deposit or withdraw money until I do so. And I can’t get anyone from their support team to respond. So I recommend not even wasting your time with this app if you’re looking to start now..Version: 1.8.2

It’s a great game but...There’s some issues for me for one I withdrawal $20 and have received any of it for a month now and it says that I got sent $5 out of it already but I do not receive any of it and come to find out the account number was 5336 or whatever and I that is not my card number. So not only did I not get a full/any of my withdrawal money but you guys sent 5 to an account that it is not even mines... and I can’t get my deposit money back until I receive my money. Also your player support team so far for my experience ha been horrible especially for withdrawal and deposit. I have like more than 10 withdraw play supports and none have them been replied to. I hope this gets fixed and worked on better and I hope I receive my money soon too. Other than all that this is the best game I’ve played in a long time..Version: 1.7.4

Thanks Frostya84I liked playing this app whenever I’m bored or play when I’m waiting on something. I didn’t understand those to 2 little icons next to the bingo button. It wasn’t until I read these reviews what the 2 things were for. In thought ok I’ve gotta be fast clicking the number called without using the power ups I’d think ok my points are decent why am I I not scoring like others do. So first time I used them I was excited 😂 But hey this app is for fun and if I make a few $ it’s all good. I’m happy just learning, playing, n sure maybe winning a few dollars isn’t to bad right? Enjoy ppl chill out a bit and have fun. Try it you might just get hooked like I have..Version: 1.8.2

Rip offMade my first deposit and actually won up to a decent amount in the beginning. Then when I tried to withdrawal, it wouldn’t let me. I had all the correct information put in but it wouldn’t let me make a withdrawal. Emailed support and they were supposed to look into it. So I ended up just playing some more and from there on just lost about almost every game. Even though I would score high, I would still lose. Lol Don’t waste your money. Would give it no stars if I could. Guaranteed that you will lose. There’s no way to win and withdrawal. Also be aware. They might let you win a few games in the beginning but soon after you will start losing more than winning. Your numbers don’t ever get called either. And when I actually won back some money to be able to at least cash out what I deposited, it stated that it was mostly bonus cash and amount I was able to withdrawal was only like a dollar. Lol ridiculous. Either way, they will make you keep playing until you have no money left at all. I admit game is fun but can’t seem to ever win when it comes to playing with real money. Opponents score always seems to be higher than yours even though you do good and couldn’t possibly do any better. Update: Just looked at the video for one of my cash games and the numbers that are given to me and my opponent are not the same. They got more numbers which resulted in them winning off course. Have photos for proof..Version: 1.7.12

Great and fun gameOne of the best downloads. First off no you don’t win $1,000s of dollars unless your willing to put in that and your really good at the game. I haven’t deposited a penny but I’m up to $10 I don’t play every day and it took me alittle less than a month. I highly recommend this game and my husband plays and he puts in $5-$10 here and there, he cashed out over $100 a few times. I highly recommend this game especially if your a quick thinker. There’s a lot of tips and you learn really quick. Again don’t expect to make a lot unless your willing to put in but deff worth the time, it is a fun game. And you can win tournaments I’ve won $5-$10 and again haven’t deposited a penny..Version: 1.7.10

If you use PayPal be awareThis game has bots that you play against and can’t scam! Please be aware!! I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and won $200 when they finally reimbursed me through PayPal they paid me in increments of $10, $20, $30 ect which added up to $200 and 6 hours later my PayPal account was shut down permanently. I will be calling tomorrow but they said i the email that they have decided to close it permanently due to me not meeting their rules and standards. My over $200 is frozen for 6 months and I can’t access my account to get my winnings. Please be aware when playing and using PayPal. If they would have paid $200 in one increment this probably wouldn’t have happened..Version: 1.7.7

You’re paying the gameThis app is like all so called “making money games” but in reality you’re paying to win I haven’t made much and when you do win it charges you and takes extremely long for you to get your money so it’s a hit or miss a lot of people cheat on this game I don’t understand how I’m not in the top 5 at this point I wouldn’t advise downloading this unless you have lots of money to lose because there’s never any wins with this game, money wise. Thanks I hope the right person can see this to actually start making games games don’t make it a money game if you can’t actually win money not $5 not $10 we all grown and got bills let me win my rent how about that ? No ? I thought so lol but it was a nice waste of $100+ that I put in and will never get back but I hope you enjoyed my opinion. $Mollykenna.Version: 1.8.2

Great money making appI spend a lot of time trying to find a way to make some cash on the side in my spare time. A while back I got into the idea of casino type games on the phone and tried out a couple of different options. But so far I found that pocket7games is the best of the bunch. They have a ton of games but my favorite is bingo clash. This app contains the same game thats on their other app which is also called pocket7games but since I usually just play bingo clash i got this version by itself. Its fun. What more can i say. You play bingo and if you win you make some money. There are different stakes that means you can make various amounts of money depending on how much you want to risk. If you are like me and are looking for some quick and easy cash online then try out bingo clash..Version: 1.7.15

I won!So I literally saw this this game ad while playing another game and decided to give it a try after reading the very first review. I deposited $5 through PayPal and got a bonus $5. So far in just about 30 minutes, I’m at $22 and just withdrew $15 to be deposited back into my account. They say it takes up to 7 business days and will either go back to Paypal, direct deposit, or paper check. Hopefully it will go back to my Paypal. I will update with how long it took and the method of payment. However, the game is quick and fun. I will continue to play. Giving it 4 stars for now because I feel like the payouts should be quicker with PayPal..Version: 1.7.8

Okay so truthEditing this to say I’ve gotten over $100 on this game and it all went into my account today. This isn’t a scam you just gotta learn how to play 😊 I downloaded this app a few days ago and put $50 into it and lost every dime I put in, BUT I thought it was normal bingo, there are tips and tricks to this game and I’ve figured them out mostly and I won back the $50 on one game. There will be people better and faster than you. So bad reviews for losing is unfair. Also you can watch the 2 player games after you’ve played and you’ll see that you get the same card and they call out the same number. It’s about who’s the fastest and most skilled at this game. So if you lose you should probably practice with tickets and get the hang of it before you play with cash like I did. All in all it’s a really fun and great game. I will write another 5 star review once my $50 gets deposited into my account, they say it takes 7 business days so I’m waiting for the money to hit either my PayPal or account and then I’ll write another review. Tips to play: -hit the number fast you get more points -if you get a x2 bonus SAVE IT. -don’t press bingo until the very end of the game. If you have a x2 wait until the last 10 second and press that and then press bingo so it will double all of your points. Another tip- don’t leave a bad review just because you’re too stupid to figure it out. 😉 All around pretty fun game..Version: 1.6.3

This game requires skillYou honestly don’t *have* to deposit anything, because I ended up winning $100 off my last daily bonus of just 60 cents (which is the minimum for betting real cash). You have to know how to use your power ups, be able to daub fast, and be able to be disciplined enough to assess risk/reward when betting what you have. I was able to earn $100 in 6 hours.. What also helps is a minimum deposit ($5-$10) to get to L1 because the perks you get from that can help you level up easier and just off that and skill, you can easily level up and get more off your play. The *ONLY* thing now is waiting for the deposit. It’s been 3 business days and I was told $25 of the $60 I wanted to withdraw was sent, but I was told it may take an additional 10 days, possibly more, to actually show in my account depending on their payment platform Xsolla. It takes an additional 5 days to process and send the rest. I am still awaiting the funds, so if I’m able to get them in a reasonable amount of time I would hands down give this app 5 stars for fun and fairness..Version: 1.7.0

Scammers and Unresponsive SupportI have won $300 since downloading this app last month which was great, but lately I have noticed several things that feel like scams. BEWARE!!! It’s great initially to make a quick buck on 1-2 rounds of deposits but do not make a habit. Recently I have noticed that I’m losing games to people who are getting IMPOSSIBLE scores and are most likely getting power-ups/2x that I’m not receiving. I’ve gotten a full house and been fast through the entire game and then submit my score to find that my opponent beat me by over 20k points.... how? If we supposedly get the same cards, power-ups, etc. and I clear my bored with near-perfect timing, how were there an extra 20k points available to them. Something doesn’t add up there. Additionally, I recently won $100 and put in a withdrawal application. It has processed and says the money was sent but the card number they have listed is not mine and upon looking at my info, I didn’t make a typo. Every withdrawal so far has gone to my debit card with no issues until this one and conveniently, support has been ignoring me for 3 days. If you’re going to play this, you need to make sure you screenshot EVERYTHING that has to do with your money. I’ll be on the lookout for a class action lawsuit to join against these thieves. I’ll update this if I hear from support but I’m not holding my breath. They start stealing from you when you get too good at their games..Version: 1.7.2

Make money playing bingo!Video games are awesome! And now they are an awesome way to make some money on the side. A side hustle if you will. Bingo Clash is one of the best games to make some side cash with. It's just like the classic bingo but with a casino twist! You play against other people online in a cash stakes game and the winner gets the money. It's fun and fast paced, a game only takes a few minutes, which makes it perfect for playing during coffee breakts, or for just doing something while you sit on a zoom class or something like that. The company that makes it is also really cool. They always have events going on, like doing charities for animals or other good causes, so often times you can also help to make the world a better place, while also making some money for yourself, and having a good time to boot. There's no downside! Bingo Clash is just a perfect app!.Version: 1.7.14

Great Game!I really enjoy playing Bingo Clash! You could say I’m addicted to it! LOL! You don’t have to deposit money, you can just play with tickets & the developers are very generous with tickets for winning games & accomplishing daily tasks & progress. There are times you’ll go 10-15 calls before you get a number called & it can be frustrating but it’s a free game if you’re just playing for tickets! They offer 3 different power ups to help! Love the x2 power up! Especially when you have a Full House (all numbers on your card marked)! Suggestion to developers…. You offer great incentives, tournaments, etc! There’s a a lot of times when you hit a Full House that’s there’s extra time left on the clock. It would be AWESOME if you would consider extra points for each second left! 25, 30, 50, 75, 100 extra points…. Or whatever you think is appropriate! Please & thank you very much fin advance or your consideration on this suggestion! Get Bingo Clash! You’ll love it if Bingo is your game to play! ♥️.Version: 1.7.17

I’d give a higher rating but....This app is actually super fun, and I’m quite frankly addicted. Truth be told, you don’t need to deposit money (although it may be faster) to win money. You can save up enough tickets, play a cash ticket match and go from there, which is what I did. The thing is while I’d really like to withdrawal, they ask for you banking info. I know why they need my PayPal but to give an app that takes 3 days to review your withdraw my banking info?? Not exactly comforting. I get wanting to be sure but PayPal works just fine for everyone else so it’s really weird. Not to mention, I’ve seen a ton of reviews saying the money they withdraw gets sent in increments, which is incredibly weird and that they have things charged to their account. Maybe someone could explain why on earth you guys need my banking information to withdraw when we all give you our PayPal’s which, once more, works for every other app. That and the fact that the money is sent out, after that three days, it may take another 10 days to get all of it. Also, the customer service is very lacking. It takes forever to get anyone to answer you and when they do, it’ll take even more time because they’re “solving” the issue..Version: 1.7.7

Negative 10 starsThis game totally cheats. When you win 5K it gives you 1K (“tickets” not $) when you win $it doesn’t credit you. There is a time allowance for games and there is always a fake player way exceeding max time allowed for game so that you leave the game expecting to receive just rewards after all players scores are reconciled ….. even if not possible to be removed from your place in game regardless of theory score you would have at least 2nd….you never receive your prize. And if you just sit and wait instead of starting a new game, you’ll wait hours (I set phone down and did my work and came back hours later still “waiting” for the fake player to finish game that had max 3 minute allowance to finish) this never reconciles and only option is to back out of that game and receive 0 credit I have not lost a ton of real money, only lost unjustly a few dollars and gobs of points (also the spin rewards & lottery tix never credit rewards) I just am saying before anyone else loses much that this game is a prank.Version: 1.8.0

Read into the algorithmIt’s a fun game but nothing worth more then 2 stars and zero dollars$$$ problem with this game is when you go on a nice win streak which you will get daily 9 to 12 average easily however once their so called random generated software algorithm catches on you’ll go on a much bigger lose streak yes it free to play you can chose to invest real money to earn money back (your choice) however you’ll lose it guaranteed as of today I started with . .40$ spent no real earned dollars built my way up to 28$ buckaroos played one 12$ entree lost no big dig so I played nothing but .60 entry fee games after lost every single one in a row with flawless performance every match gfys company is what it should be advertised as and the commercials should say thanks for your money.Version: 1.8.2

Bingo Clash Wins!I've been playing Bingo Clash for a few weeks now and I've just had such a good time with it I felt I needed to say something. I highly recommend this game. It is a competitive online version of Bingo, with some slightly altered rules, that lets you win some money on the side. If you don't like competitive play you can play single player free. That said, there are daily bonuses and events which give you power ups and tickets and other little side things to enhance your time on the app. The whole experience is just so addicting. Give it a try, you won't regret it!.Version: 1.7.12

Its okay to pass time but dont expect to win anythingSo this is fun bingo game that heavily advertises winning lots of money but thats not really what it is. You have to deposit your own money to be able to play the money games and once youre out you have to deposit more money to keep playing those rounds. There are ticket games to prevent having to spend your own money so thats the beat option if you dont wanna put real money into an app. Also wether you win these games or not is completely luck based, sometimes you will get lots of your numbers called and sometimes you wont get almost any. The developers constantly say, “There is a score sheet so you can improve your playing style” but you cant “get better” at playing bingo. Its basically up to how fast you press the matching number to get the most points. Overall its an okay bingo game but seriously do not put lots of money into this game you will not get much back in return..Version: 1.6.3

It’s a fun bingo game, but DON’T expect to win anything!I see all these people saying that they have been playing for this game for a couple months and have won money. I downloaded this app over a year ago and I have NEVER won more then $5. It’s not like I don’t know how to play either because I bust out the high scores, but magically their is always someone getting unreasonably high scores! The ONLY time I experience this is conveniently when I play any money game for more than $1. I have no option as well to see the recorded video of the game play. I will be removing my card and only using this for bingo. I fully expect I’ll never win on this app. Even the little side activities give me the lowest opinion on the board, so either I’m the most unluck person on the planet or this is just a way to get money. I’d go with the second thing. That being said the gameplay (when it’s not all messed up.) is fun that is it. I wouldn’t expect to win any money on anything in this game though. I would ONLY download for a fun bingo game not the money portion..Version: 1.7.7

Honest Review!Hey there! Make sure to read this review in its entirety! I’ve been playing Bingo Clash for two weeks as a trial run and if you are looking to get real money, don’t bother! The concept of playing bingo for cash seems nice considering that it 1. requires strategy by using powerups wisely and 2. luck by getting matching numbers. My best advice is to save up on tickets so you can spend in games for cash rewards tournaments that reward $1 and $1.5 but are multiple rounds). Unfortunately, the reality is you have to deposit money for bonus cash, which is needed to compete in cash games (seems dumb to spend money on a game that should give you money right? 😂) I have not spent a single penny on Bingo Clash and have earned $12.4 off winning the cash tournaments I mentioned and mini games such as Scratchers and Spin Coin. I played one cash game and lost, but it makes no sense to try again and keep losing. Of course, because all of my money is “bonus cash” and not real money, I can not withdraw it. If you are like me and saw an ad about this game showing the loads of money you can win, obviously they don’t show you what you have to do to get there. If you are still reading, congrats! Glad you took the time to do so. Simply put, don’t waste your time on a game that requires more from you rather than the other way around. Get a job, put yourself out there for once, because the hours you spend playing this game could be put to better use! Cheers 👍.Version: 1.7.20

Good in the beginning but be aware.I have been playing just over a month. At first it was exciting you would win a lot of games, points racked up quickly, you would move up on levels then bam…you hit a losing streak, get sucked in. You add your own money you win at first then you lose 5-10 games in a row. Now you are on downward spiral. I took the generic and vague tutorial provide several. I have been playing casino bingo and regular bingo, I have never seen such a sham. I reached out to the company for advice or perhaps further directions because I don’t understand his you can’t lose so many games in a row regardless if I was playing for points or’s both. I did receive a “standard” we will be in touch email. It’s been a week and nothing. The worst thing is I can not delete my credit info and leave the game site. Hmm 🤔Scam?.Version: 1.7.20

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Bingo Clash: win real cash 1.8.3 Update

Version 1.8.3 (2021-07-26): - Bug fixes.

Version 1.8.2 (2021-06-21): - New game mode: One vs. Many; and - Bug fixes..

Version 1.8.0 (2021-06-07): - Bug fixes..

Version 1.7.20 (2021-05-17): - Bug fixes..

Version 1.7.17 (2021-04-19): - Bug fixes..

Version 1.7.15 (2021-03-29): - Bug Fixes.

Version 1.7.14 (2021-03-22): - Bug fixes..

Version 1.7.12 (2021-02-09): User experience optimization and bug fixes..

Version 1.7.9 (2021-01-21): - A new graphic design; and - Bug fixes..

Version 1.7.5 (2020-12-21): - Christmas events; and - Bug fixes..