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Nail Salon 3D App Download

It is manicure madness over here and it’s your time to become the greatest Nail Salon of 2021! All you need to do is scrape, clip, paint, polish and perfect your client’s nails and you will be raking in the money in no time! Just don’t mess up! People don’t like when you accidentally pull their nails off. Ouch!

Game Features:

1. Nails, Nails, Nails!
Feet, fingers, hands, toes, if you can name it, you can fix it. Not all nails start off pretty. That’s your job! Can you fix them all?

2. Build your Salon!
Get rid of that old gross sofa and make it deluxe! From lamps to equipment and other furniture, can you make your salon the most elite in the world?

3. Secret VIP Clients
Every once and a while some very exclusive people come in to get their nails done. Can you attract them all? Do you recognize them?

4. Engaging Nail Simulator
If you aren’t going outside, there’s no need to waste time doing your own nails. Have fun spending time doing other people’s nails, remembering what it was like to do your own. It’s almost like the real thing!

6. New Features All the Time!
New people, procedures and paint all the time! Check in each day for new rewards and perks!

Sit back and relax in this free to play and satisfying time wasting game! Nail Salon 3D is the number 1 nail art game out there! Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. How good are you?

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Mr Bullet and i Peel Good!

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Nail Salon 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Excessive AdsThe game is ok but there are ads close to frequently used areas, ads between levels, ads in the middle of styling, ads to get more coins after a level (this one can be opted out, but you watch another ad for between levels if you chose to watch), ads for nail polish. I haven’t been able to enjoy a full level enough to determine if it is worth making the purchase for no ads/polish/etc without being bombarded by ads. And they aren’t short ads either. Based off of this, I do not recommend this game..Version: 1.1.3

Needs Updated!I enjoyed this game the first day I got it. I paid the little bit of money to make the ads stop because they had TONS on there. My problem is that I finished everything I could do the first day I played. Wont let me update anything new in the room anymore so all the coins I earn are worthless. The theme is still CHRISTMAS and it’s almost March. Then there is only like 12 nail designs that you just do over and over and over again. There needs to be more designs, more tools to use, SOMETHING. It got really boring, really fast and I’m so disappointed I paid money for a game that doesn’t even seem to keep up on its updates. I wouldn’t recommend!.Version: 1.1.20

To many ads!!!!This app is fun to use and to play with but there is simply to many ads!😡😡When I had a costume I had to watch a ad to unlock the color. That is ridiculous!!😡😡Also every time I finished a level or I upgraded the furniture it gave me an ad😡😡. Sorry but unless you Louie eating ads till you die this app is not for you..Version: 1.1.4

Too many ads even after paying moneySo I love the game, but the amount of ads is a little ridiculous. When I first downloaded it, I was getting annoyed so I paid the money for ad free. However, in actuality that doesn’t make it as free. You still have to watch ads to get your coins as well as decals for the nails. I understand having ads, but having that amount of ads even after paying for ad free is a bit ridiculous..Version: 1.1.4

TOO MUCH ADSSSS 😤.I give this a 3 because this game has too much ad’s. I understand you want to promote other apps to gain money but your ruining your own game. I do one nail and then a ad pops up and this is really annoying. I sometimes accidentally press it and have to wait 30 secs or less to do another nail. It’s frustrating and causes me to delete the app. Sometimes I can’t even press x. The game itself is really cool but the ad’s prevent me from getting entertained. Please fix this! At least after 3 to 4 games you can place a ad. And please stop making us watching an ad to get a new accessory. Like for example, I had to watch an ad to get a shaper that they provided or a blue nail polish. Just give it to us an reward after every nail we do. This would really help you gain more money. I’m fine with you placing an ad for us to get nails but please stop..Version: 1.1.9

⚠️READ⚠️First of all this game has way to many adds, but even if you turn you data and WiFi off you still get add every second. The npcs will ask for stuff that you don’t have (like the color blue or something like that) to get that stuff you will have to watch more ads. To get more tools for example nail polish, you will have to watch a ad. Even if you choose not to get more tools you will still get way too many ads. The only fun part about this game is hurting the people..Version: 1.1.4

Don’t , not like the video it showsOverall it’s a fun game . But I have complaints. It’s nothing like the video that is showed, yeah, similar. But not really. I paid money to get rid of ads. Why do I have to watch an ad, to get the tips. Like what? That’s so stupid. And I updated the whole salon. Now what do I do with the 50k? Just let it sit there? It’s the same nails over and over and over and over. It’s really heavy on the painting of the nails, not so much filling, or pushing back cuticles . I know this is a game and it’s bothering me more than it probably should 😂 it’s just annoying. Like come on. And every person you do their nails, looks the same. It’s dumb. And gets boring fast. But I feel like I have to play, because I paid money for it. I don’t know, just not worth it. Don’t buy it ..Version: 1.1.9

Disappointed, money wastedI enjoy the game but the ads are too much so I purchased the $5 bundle since I, supposedly, was getting all the features unlocked with NO ads. Yet you have to watch ads to get your tips. There is still tools unlocked. The designs are super repetitive and the 50,000 coins I got a useless because you can only design the salon up unto a certain point. So now I’m collecting all the tokens but I don’t even know what I’m supposed to use them for. I designed my whole salon before getting the 50,000 tokens not realizing I couldn’t get any more use for tokens..Version: 1.1.20

MehI almost never leave negative reviews but I’m not very happy with this app. 90% of it is just ads. I get that they need to make money but there were way too many. There was a “no ads” button so I pressed to see how much it cost. Usually it cost about a dollar to get rid of ads but it cost three dollars on this app. It automatically made me buy it because I have Face ID attached to my phone. I was fine with it since I could play this game without ads finally and then it started making me watch ads to unlock the products the customers want me to use. I want to delete it but I accidentally spent three dollars on it..Version: 1.1.9

Why I gave it a 3So I downloaded this because I was just tired of all of my other games and I started playing. The first thing was that sometimes the character asks me to make their nails a color that I need to watch a ad to get. Why do I have to watch a ad to get just one color?! So I didn’t want to get something like 50 dollars instead of like 200, But when I clicked on it it won’t show the ad. So it’s like one of those games where you have to spend something like $5.99 and that’s just to get your character a job. So I just have to do random colors and just let the characters start hating me. And my other complaint is that there are soooooo many ads. I would like the game SO much more if you fixed this. Bye!.Version: 1.1.1

Not worth the space it took up on my phoneWhere do I begin? I have never in my life seen a game with so many ads. And not short ads, either. The ads are incredibly long, and sometimes you have to watch two before you get to the next step. And when I say the next step, I mean you can’t hardly make a move in this game without having to watch an ad. Aside from that, while you are playing, there is an annoying screen over to the left and a big green arrow pointing to it, practically begging you to download their other games. A client sat down and wanted purple sparkly nail polish. Guess what? You cannot even use the polish until you watch another ad to unlock it! AGGRAVATING! I know the developers make money via ads, but these developers are clearly greedy. Way too many ads for a sub par game..Version: 1.1.9

Ads are ridiculousThe game itself is fun, but after pretty much every action you preform you have to watch an ad. If you want to collect your money you have the option of watching an ad for extra, click “lose it” and you still have to watch an ad. You have to watch ads to unlock tools, ads to unlock colors. It’s ridiculous. I also managed to upgrade everything already so now there’s no point in playing.Version: 1.1.2

Needs moreI love the idea of this game, but after paying $5 I am not super happy with it. I understand making a game isn’t easy, so kudos to the creator! But if you are going to charge for a bundle, would it be possible to eliminate the ad options? The main reason I paid for the bundle was to not have to watch ads, as advertised, ever. But I’m sure i would have had to watch them to use the requested colors if I only chose the ad block. Plus, if I’m getting 50,000 coins, why can I update the entire salon in one go? It eliminates the need for coins. And this bothers me more than it should but my character works hard for their tips and I shouldn’t have to watch an ad that I paid real money to not watch to get the tips. Another thing I don’t really like is after 5 minutes I am getting repeated nail request. And the tools I paid to be unlocked still have 3 locked ones at the bottom. At the very least make a couple different celebrities or make the people different. There are like 5 characters and I’ve done each of their ONE nail 20 times each already. Please please please add more or give me my $5 back because if there isn’t more to do then I basically beat the game in 10 minutes. I will update my review when the game is updated, I am honestly just upset because I paid actual money and thought I’d have at least a couple days worth of activity on it. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.4

Fun, but graphics are glitching.It’s good for something mindless to do when I’m winding down for the day, but for the past week, the graphics have been glitching. Often, the “what they want” doesn’t match what you actually do. So, if it shows that they want the pattern with the red & white chevrons on orange, but once you start painting the orange, it tells you that it’s wrong. Or, what they want doesn’t even show up at all, it just says “done.” FIX THIS PLEASE!.Version: 1.1.1

ReviewI would give thisTap a one star because when they were advertising it on this other game that I had I thought would be super cool that you actually could cut it to your own length or that you could actually mess up because that’s a part of life you have to mess up and sometimes it’s fun to see what happens when you do crazy things but you literally can’t do anything different besides what it tells you and it only once in a while lets you like trim the nails or like clean out the cuticles I thought I’d be super fun the way that the ads were making it sound but it is terrible once you have it I mean if you like just painting peoples nails it’s perfect for you but it’s kind of boring. This is why I give this app a one star. 😡😡.Version: 1.1.9

It's stupid 👎🏾The ad does not display the actual gameplay so it's false advertisement. Second, when you play the game you will get customers asking for a certain design YOU don't have because the game is ad thirsty and wants you to unlock it by watching a video. So when you are playing your customer will always be upset because you can't design their nails properly. The game SHOULD have you unlock certain colors along the way NOT watch a video that will take the color back the next day..Version: 1.1.20

Too many adsI understand the need for ads. But give me a break, there isn’t a need to play a 15 second ad every 30 seconds. I’m forced to watch and ad to get tips, forced to watch an ad to select certain nail colors, forced to watch an ad if a customer wants more than 2 things done to their nails. And I get it, you want to try to force people to pat the extra for no ads so you can make a buck. I’d rather play a different game than be forced to sit through ad after ad or pay money. If the game had more to offer then it might be worth the $5-$6, but I’m bored too easy as it’s super repetitive. If you want to sit through tad after ad, then download this..Version: 1.1.9

Ads, very okay game, and other thingsOkay one, those ads. Everyone’s complained so I really don’t need to. Second, this game is very okay at best. It was fun for a day and then the same designs kept showing up. Why would I want to do the same emoji face three times in a row?? Third, I’m at a point now where one design showed up and I can’t actually do it because I don’t have the nail polish. Why?? I’ve tried seeing if I can unlock it but I can’t? Literally doesn’t make sense because it’s showed up multiple times now and I’ve literally tried every nail polish available and nothing works. 2/10 😕.Version: 1.1.7

Ad galoreI kept seeing this on Instagram and despite it looking so corny, I thought why not, let’s see what the hype is about. Boy oh boy it’s ads galore. After every single customer there is an ad and sometimes the only way to collect money is to play a video. I thought I would be cheeky and put airplane mode to silence the ads that came in every 30 seconds...I finally got a CELEBRITY to come into my salon, but the game wouldn’t allow me to satisfy my special client unless I skipped her appointment or played an ad for 500 coins... They have to pay off everyone advertising them on instagram somehow. The ads themselves are just crazy...............I’ll end it there.Version: 1.1.9

This game has potentialThis game has potential but there are several issues. First issue is that there are way too many ads. There is an ad after each step and it makes it impossible to get through the game. I understand that ads make money. But when you throw in so many ads that it makes the game annoying you are doing a disservice to your brand. Second there needs to be more styles and levels. You can upgrade the entire lobby within a day and then there is nothing left to do and the game becomes very boring and frustrating. And the same nail design will pop up 3 times in a row. Good luck..Version: 1.1.20

Way too many adsI’ve had this game for 5 minutes and have already watched about 6 ads, some of which were pretty lengthy. You wanna file a nail? Good job, watch this 30 second ad. You want to clip a nail? Go ahead, but after, you’re going to have to watch another ad. Want some nail polish? Ad. Want to do literally anything? Okay, but you’re going to watch an ad in between every. single. step. I have no interest in playing a game where I will be watching more ads than actually playing. Uninstalling..Version: 1.1.7

BELIEVE THE REVIEWS...ADS!I downloaded it and thought maybe the ads weren’t going to be so bad even though I was seeing negative reviews because I’m pretty used to games like this having a lot. This game takes it to an entire different level. The game is not even playable. It also tricks you because when you first start playing it, for like the first 30 minutes there are not too many ads but then they start and you will have literally 2 seconds of play time finding a color and then have to watch an ad to get the color, then you get a design and find it, then watch another 30 second ad to get it. It’s horrible. Deleted it after less than 45 minutes of playing. Trashy ad game that’s not even playable. Could have been cool..Version: 1.1.7

Great!!! But...The game is great I would give it five ⭐️ but well there are way to many ads and the designs are so common it gives you so many of the same designs plus the ads are very inappropriate for younger ages but overall a great game. You can decorate your salon but eventually you can’t decorate it anymore and I would like that fixed please. I also wish there was another update so you could more designs. I want that you don’t have to watch an ad to do a celebrity’s nails. Plus my little sister who is a toddler can play this it is so easy I wish it was hard. Thanks for reading 📖. PinkPixie28🧚‍♀️ out.Version: 1.1.20

Don’t pay for no ads!!!I normally don’t review games, honestly if a game has too many ads I tend to just uninstall immediately. However when the game advertised ‘NO ADS FOR LIFE’ I took the chance and paid the nearly 3$ for ad removal because I wanted to play the game. It’s relaxing. But I soon found that the ‘NO ADS FOR LIFE’ was truly- ‘no random every now and then ads’. You still have to watch ads to get any new polish, any new tools, anything really. The entire game is based around watch this 30sec ad and get a new nail polish color. Severely disappointed. Don’t waste your time on the ad removal. If the ads are too much just find a different nail game. I’m going to play it for a few days just to get my 3$ worth and then uninstall. Don’t fall for the money trap like I did..Version: 1.1.3

3 starsSo one little thing I have to get out of my mind is people are going CRAZY over ads!!!! Bruh you are over reacting!!!! This is a good game and all but the game is SUPER easy and this is a 12+ game and I think 12 year olds can do something more harder!!!! If you would not do that change it in to 4+!!!! Why the heck 12+?!?? It is the most easiest game EVER for nail challenges game. The Artistic nails or whatever is a much better game!! You should add when you paint nails you have to keep it on the nail or else it will get on the customers skin. Also what the heck with the emoji nails?!?!?! Another thing is when you file the nails it should go down when it go’s pass the line!!!! Also get more nail styles!!! I am so bored of the same nails!!!! Also what theHeck with the video?!? It is not even real!!!! On the game!!! You should really screen record yourself on the game!!!! IS THAT TO HARD?!? Do not get this game I am deleting this game!!So there you go! All the stuff I hate about this stupid game..Version: 1.1.9

PotentialI hate these types of games that only let you do one nail per “level”, and the fact that they’re done in level form. This forces ads to be played an absurd amount and it ticks me off to no end. And they give you options to get the new tools after watching an ad, only for you to not even need to watch the ad. I would’ve enjoyed this game if; 1. They let you do the whole hand 2. They didn’t “lock” the tools behind ads (I played with Airplane Mode on, so it probably would’ve played an ad even if I did click “No Thanks” 3. They didn’t make this such an ad farm 4. They allowed you to play through without needing to watch an ad (I stopped playing after a certain nail Polish a customer wanted was locked behind an ad) I wish that app developers weren’t so focused on money and at least put a slight effort into making the game enjoyable for the player..Version: 1.1

All ads!Want an app that shows you ads? And in between those ads is 10 seconds of a game? Then this is the right app for you! I really wanted to try to this game for my niece. She would file a nail (5 seconds), then an ad (30 seconds). She’d collect the coins for that task (2 seconds), then an ad (30 seconds). Copy, paste, repeat. Game deleted. Had the opportunity to be fun! I’m not going to purchase “without ads” because the fans didn’t give more than 2 mins of play time in a 30 min period. Could not determine whether or not it was worth the money..Version: 1.1.9

Deleted after an hour of playingI am a nail tech and love everything to do with nails. I was really excited to play this game but quickly got annoyed with how often an ad popped up. It’s like you’re being forced to spend money to stop the ads with how often an ad pops up. They creators should’ve just made this a game you had to purchase rather than annoying the crap out of people by having an ad pop up literally every 10 seconds. I thought it was a super cute game (what I was able to play) but not worth sitting through 100 ads to play. I’ve played plenty of games where you have in game purchases that I gladly buy with the occasional ad here and there. I’ve even elected to watch ads to get the extra points or coins being offered. I’ve even played games similar to this is the sense that you have to pay for ad-free playing (that I gladly paid for that convenience) but the ads would pop up like after every level completed; not after every other move made DURING the level..Version: 1.1.4

Lots of Ads!I downloaded this app only 10 minutes ago and am all ready thinking about deleting it! This game is genuinely a fun game, but there are far to many ads! There are more ads than game time which, to me is complete ludicrous! I downloaded this app to have fun digitally painting nail and feel like I have the past 10 minutes playing have been more monotonous than fun..Version: 1.1.3

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!Game is whatever. Mindless tasks but it has an insane amount of Ads. Please dont download this game. You literally have to watch an ad after almost literally ever action. In the middle of painting a nail you have to watch an ad and the after your done you have to watch an ad. And when A celebrity comes in you have to watch an ad to do their nails and theirs always an ad on the me u screen playing on the left side of the screen. You also have to watch ads to get different colors of nail polish. For example I had a customer who wanted blue but I didnt have blue so I had to watch an ad to get it.Version: 1.1.3

Honestly, not worth the downloadIf you’re thinking about downloading this app, don’t. It has way too many ads, like some covering the screen, and a 30 second ad for basically every action you preform. The graphics are sub-par and everything takes way too long to load. Not only that but when I downloaded the app and then quickly got sick of it and went to delete it I couldn’t find the app 🤨 I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why there was no file for the app despite being able to search for it and open it. Eventually I got it figured out and was able to delete this godforsaken game but I regret downloading it in the first place, and you will too. I wish I could give 0 stars 😒.Version: 1.1.2

Ads ads adsEvery little thing there is an ad, you need to watch ads to get the most amount of money per person, like some on e would want blue nail polish and you have to watch an ad to even put the blue nail polish on them, and it pisses me off so much cause I see ads more than I play the game and I don’t want to spend 2.99 on ever single game I like just so that I can actually play the game. Get rid of all the ads and then I’ll start playing it more..Version: 1.1.20

TerribleThis app is just terrible it freezes all the time and is not even fun also the ads for this app make me want to throw up this app should never be bought by anyone and is just absolute trash if this app were to be good the creators would have to make huge changes to this terrible app I advise you don’t buy this app and play it because it is a waste of time and space on your phone they need to stop making games like this no game this bad should be on the App Store.Version: 1.1.4

So Fun! I Recommend!Wow! This is so fun! And the graphics are pretty amazing not gonna lie! It shows me how much you want your consumers to like your name. You are not lazy 😂☺️That is good. And I am complimenting 😂Also, to Lion Studios, the reason I rated it 4 stars is because I would like a freestyle mode where you can do whatever you want. Whenever I do it my own way it makes 😡 😭 😵 and 🤮 faces at me and it ticks me off, but I ignore it. So please make a mode where you can to freestyle. Thank you a ton, Lydia :).Version: 1.1.4

Omggg whyyyyyyyyySo I got this game and something I realized that’s really unsettling is that the customers it looks like there’s a camera or something In their eyes like the talking Angela and talking Tom rumors I’m so creeped out and another thing is the gameplay isn’t that fun and you can only do 1 finger and please don’t download incase there actually is a camera in the eyes and the music unsettles me it reminds me of that creepy song ring around the Rosie a song “for kids” when it’s so creepy.Version: 1.1.3

Freezing when I do a certain customerHello, so I love painting nails. So I got this game cause I thought it would be fun to do some customers nails. It’s a really great game, but there’s only one issue that I’m having. So when I do certain designs or what a certain customer wants. It freezes! Other than the freezing on certain customers or designs, I would really recommend this game..Version: 1.0.14

It’s okayWAY TO MANY ADDS! I’ve had this game for 3 days and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 100 adds, and their all around 25-30 seconds!! Every action you make, they have another add. Another thing is when you update the waiting room, they only have 3 rounds of stuff then you can’t upgrade it anymore! It’s like, what’s the money that you earn for then!? I also hate how you only can do 1 nail at a time! It’s like, why!!!????.Version: 1.1.7

If you like repetitive gameplayFirst I would like to say you literally do the same 5 nail designs. The way the ad actually showed you can do different things with the nail no it just have you perfectly do everything expect for the different nail colors. It has 6 options for the different tools and the last 3 boxes are basically a ? I can’t seem to get past that point which is odd because I’m on a higher level they’re still not unlocked. Last I have my whole lobby upgraded and you can’t go surpass 500 coins and that’s it. A lot with this game needs to be figured out..Version: 1.1.9

Fun but...I love this game so much it is very addicting haha but I only have one problem there is literally so many adds and but in the tiktok adds it said that you can clip as fare as you want but you can’t I really hate adds like you can put some but after every step seriously I know that’s how you get money but it makes less people want to download it so I suggest that you lower down the adds but like is said it is very addicting 😂.Version: 1.1.20

Too Many AdsI downloaded this game for my child thinking that she would love it, but she hates it. It’s an ad after every step. If you pick a nail color- ad. if you start doing designs after you picked that nail color- ad. I had to remove this game because I know she wouldn’t play it again due to the annoying amount of ads there are. I know they are setting it like that in order to get people to pay for no ads but honestly this game isn’t all that nor spectacular to be paying for anything. Please, get rid of the huge amount of ads..Version: 1.1.9

It’s okayWhen I got this app I thought it was gonna be how it seemed but it’s not. All you really do the whole time it paint people’s nails, you can make anyone bleed or anything. I would not recommend this game because it’s not as fun as it seems. It could be fun if you where young but if your just getting it to play when ur bored it’s not the most entertaining app. I would rate this app a 3 just because they could do better and all there doing is scamming people to play there game.Version: 1.1.9

Very misleading would give 0 if possibleFirst of all, the ad this app portrays is a very messed up nail involving many steps. This is not the case. You simply get to file and paint a nail. Secondly, and the most annoying part, is I paid the $2.99 no ads fee, only to click off and immediately have ads every single time. I closed the app in hopes it just needed to reboot, but no. A complete waste of time downloading and money trying to get ride of the ads they promise. Wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.1.20

Too many adds.This is a very fun game but there is too many adds. Every step I do it take me to a add and it’s annoying. Like very annoying. I try to enjoy the game and I know it’s fun but the adds are like stressing me out. And I’m not wasting my money to get rid of the adds. You need to make less adds like maybe 1 or 2. Again, there are too many adds and it’s ANNOYING..Version: 1.1.20

Ads and FreeplayFree play... This is an amazing game, but I feel as if it should have several options to create your own style/beautiful nails. Like a “free play” option in the game. When I talk about free play, I am talking about an option where a person comes in (does not give you money nor does not have any pop up emojis just like the NPCs in-game) they sit and allow the player to paint or do whatever they want to the NPC, using what the player has. Ads This game is going places. I don’t have add problems like many other people I see in the reviews, since I paid for the “special offer”. I feel maybe the amount of ads implemented into the game should be less for other players to fully enjoy the game. Not many people have such money or aren’t allowed to spend money for the game, so it is hard for them to fully enjoy it..Version: 1.1.9

ButI would give this app 5 ⭐️ because it is fun and creative. But there are a few problems. 1 there is an add after every step you do they are very long and you can’t X out of them please fix this because it really gets on my nerves. 2 you just keep doing the same designs I have done three in a row of the same design it just gets boring please fix. 3 I have gotten to the point we’re my whole lobby is upgraded and there is nothing to do. I also think that it would be cool if you could go to different stores once you have finished one. 4 when you do the celebrity it gets annoying because I don’t want to have to watch more ads because there are so many in the first place so I never do but I would like the challenge. 5 When you look at the video sponsoring this game it shows a disgusting nail and you have to do multiple steps to fix it, the real game doesn’t consist of that at all. 6 Lastly when I was playing a different game I saw an add it showed someone cutting the nail to short and use in the file to much this game is not like that at all the only thing you can actually mess up is the colors. Thank you for taking you time and reading this please fix I really want to keep this game😀.Version: 1.1.4

Ok...This is a good game I’m not gonna lie. Although you are only able to do one nail. Then there is a button that says done and once you press it magically all the nails are done. I just get bored of just doing one nail per person. Also you only do one hand too. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER HAND! They just forgot about it. If you guys could change this I would change this rating to a 5 star..Version: 1.1.9

Sad..Considering the amount of times i have seen an ad for this game, i thought it would atleast be similar to the ad but no.......... you just do the same nail and style every time. and you get to only paint on one nail. that’s sad. i wanted to clean up a nasty looking nail. but i can’t even do that. the most i get to do is clean up a cuticle. that’s it. it’s sad bc i paid $5 for no ads. i had to do this because after every step you got an ad. honestly sad. i’ve seen so many ads and i finally download and then i don’t even get to play the game ????? just ads. more and more ads. so i paid the $5 and got my 50,000 coins and updated my salon. now there’s nothing else for me to do. and also why is there still a christmas tree in my salon? it’s almost march. pls fix these things ☺️.Version: 1.1.20

TrashThis app is trash. Watched 5 ads in one nail session. A lady comes in, I accept her bail request, I’ve now watched 1 ad. I put on a color but she wants more pattern, so there’s another ad. Oh wait? She needs a 3rd sticker pattern on her nail? That’s another ad. Okay, she’s finally done! Yay! Time to claim my coins! Ad. Okay, time to click the next button to deal with the next customer, another ad. This app is garbageeeeeeee. Pay to remove ads if you want to have at least somewhat an enjoyable time playing but honestly there’s like nothing satisfactory about this..Version: 1.1.4

It’s good but gets boringSo, at first I like this game, it’s a fun nail art game, but soon they start reusing the designs over and over again. Also, you are done remodeling your room super quick. Another thing, if I tap “no thank you” after being asked if I want my tips (with an ad) then I still get an ad!! One more thing with the ads. STOP PUTTING SO MANY OMG! With this game, to do nail designs you have to do multiple steps with each design, and there’s an ad at least eVery other ad, which means there’s at least 2 ads per round. Please put less ads and more designs, please. And let us have more freedom with the nail salon room. Thanks!.Version: 1.1.9

Fun but GlitchyI really enjoy this game, but there are a few issues. 1) There isn’t enough variety in the designs. 2) There’s a glitch with celebrity/client designs where the picture in the corner doesn’t always show what they want done with their nails. 3) I would like more freedom with designing nails; it’s getting repetitive. 4) There should be an option to undo a mistake. 5) More nail tools and salon decorating would be nice. Overall, I’m still happy with it. Nail Salon kills time..Version: 1.1.9

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.1.20

AlrightThe game has too many ads you play for about 45 seconds and then you have to watch an ad.Version: 1.1.3

Constant adsThere are ads constantly, and you cannot progress even to to the next step in 1 nail procedure without an ad popping up. Makes me not want to play the game..Version: 1.1.1

Not authenticPurchase ad free for life to play but all the things offered in game have to watch ads to get. Dont play this game, you will waste time to disturbing ads..Version: 1.1.7

It’s niceIt’s.Version: 1.1.20

1 million adsFile a nail? AD. Put nail polish on? AD. Next level? AD. Collect item? 2x AD I deleted the app because I was so frustrated.Version: 1.1.4

Too many ads and app crashesAds every 5 seconds are so irritating I deleted the game about 5 mins after downloading. The ads also sometimes cashed the game and froze the screen. Really badly made game, do not recommend downloading..Version: 1.1.4

App won’t openTrying to open the game but it immediately crashes.Version: 1.1.7

Nail salonI prefer nail salon much better than hair salon getting my highlights and it cost $199.00.Version: 1.1.4

AnnoyingThere’s that many ads that it’s hard to even play.Version: 1.1.4

Nail SalonOk this game is like a ice can be solid and it can be a liquid it is the opposite of each other.Uour probably wondering what does this little girl know...but this game is very ANNOYING! I got a jar of nail polish and I did not want to watch an ad to get it... So I decided to press no thanks, and instead of not getting it and not watching an ad I watched an ad and did not get it. This is not worth your time do not get it. It is full of boredom and is boring.I honestly would rather eat glass then played this. Don’t waste your time and just leave this game. Oh and by the way there are so many ads. The first thing I saw was an ad when I got into the app. I don’t want any of you to suffer what I did even though I only got this game for a minute. Leave at once(that’s a demand.)..Version: 1.1.2

FunI LO.Version: 1.1.1

Took more money out of my account!!!I clicked to pay $2.99 for no ads and it took $4.49 out of my account! Also you still have to watch ads otherwise you don’t get the tips you make from playing the game?! What a scam..Version: 1.1.2

Inappropriate adds and emojis language to kidsI love the game, but what they add into it is just not good for kids. When you give them the wrong colour they’ll be emojis like (🤬) which is not appropriate of the topic of the game. 🙅🏻‍♀️ please remove immediately, the game is fun but I just don’t like how there’s some things that influence the kids to think it’s okay to swear.Version: 1.1.4

No coins to doubleWhen I have the chance to double or triple my coins I can’t press the button to let me do that and so many ads.Version: 1.1.1

Too many adsPay to play with no ads and all it’s does it reduce the amount of them and you can’t click out of them until they are done..Version: 1.1.1

Worst game everYou need to watch ads to claim every single little thing you do, so I paid for no ads. Now, I can’t claim my tips or unlock the (necessary) nail polish colours etc as instead of just unlocking everything when I paid for it, it just greyed out the ad option. So yeah, paying for it takes away the ads but you still need to watch ads to progress 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.1.4

Ads!!!!!!!The game would be fun if it weren’t for all of the ads. I paid for ‘no ads ever’ and yet you’re still forced to watch one after ever single little action. It’s awful..Version: 1.1.9

ReviewIt’s very repetitive.. and their are particular nail colours ways that I’m not sure how to as it’s not possible .......Version: 1.1.7

Good gameI can’t say anything wrong about it it’s just good..Version: 1.0.8

Too many adsDon’t either bother.Version: 1.0.14

Way to many disgusting addsThe ads ruin the experience of the game and they ads are also disgusting and very inappropriate for younger children..Version: 1.1.3

Hate addsThere were to many add but other than that the game was good.Version: 1.1.4

Read thisYou don’t really have a challenge because you can’t do anything wrong like in the adds.Version: 1.1.9

Don’t pay for no adds!I payed for no adds, and I’m still getting all the adds. What a rip off.Version: 1.1.9

Too much adsAds everywhere and its so annoying.Version: 1.1.9

BadSo full of adds from the moment you start that you barely get to play the game.Version: 1.1.9

Don’t botherHonestly this game is actually good but too bad every 10 seconds is an ad. Will be deleting this app, what the point even trying to play it. I spent more time watching ads then I did actually playing it. Shame.Version: 1.1

Don’t pay for no ads!I payed for no ads and I’m still getting so many advertisements it’s so annoying! They steal your money! 😭.Version: 1.1.9

All ads, no game.You paint one nail after probably 6 ads. Totally not worth it..Version: 1.1.7

Ads are distractingThere are way too many ads, and to be able to use other things it makes you watch ads which end up being distracting and annoying to play with.Version: 1.1.9

RepetitiveIf you decide to spend the money and unlock everything, the game becomes repetitive. You constantly do the same thing over and over. Needs new content to make the game more enjoyable..Version: 1.1.7

Feel annoyedThe advertisement too much so annoying.Version: 1.1.7

Scammer da hellLiterally paid the 5$ to remove the ads and i still b getting ads what d hell give me a refund fr.Version: 1.1.4

To many addsTo many adds.Version: 1.1.7

ADDS!So many adds, not worth the download..Version: 1.1.4

Unplayable as a “free” game.Constant ads, multiple accounts of additional money being deducted from accounts. Game cannot be played properly without paying or watching ads for specific customer requests. Would not recommend at all..Version: 1.1.4

The one who tells the truthTO MANY ADS😡.Version: 1.1.7

AdsThere are a lot of ads but tip is that you can turn off your wifi.🙂.Version: 1.1.3

Really annoyingWould’ve given this 0 stars if I were able to. - Really distracting ads on screen whilst playing. - Can’t progress without watching an ad. - In order to unlock new colours and equipment, you have to watch ads. - Long ads that you can’t skip Genuinely played about 10 seconds worth however I watched about 3 minutes worth of ads. Just money hungry and a scam at this point.Version: 1.1.4

Ads.Quite a fun game, i enjoy it myself, but theirs just too many ads..Version: 1.1.9

TOO MAMY ADS!Ads on the game screen, two ads every second person. Random pop up ads. Can’t even test the game for 60 seconds to determine if I want to spend $3 to remove ads. Uninstalled.Version: 1.1

It’s so badThere’s is constantly ads and ads coming up each and every time up I try to paint the nails. This is so bad never get this app soooo bad!.Version: 1.1.7

ScamI want my money back. Impossible to play without paying for ad free and the app says $4.99 but deducted $7.99 from my account. ABSOLUTE SCAM!.Version: 1.1.2

Ads take over the gameToo many ads. Paint a nail. Ad. Put a decor on. Ad. Client pays. Ad..... you get my point.Version: 1.1.4

Lily lollypop legsThis game is so much fun I told my sister about and she never stops playing this on her phone!! Definitely recommend this app so much fun 👌🏻.Version: 1.1.4

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Nail Salon 3D 1.1.20 Update

Version 1.1.20 (2021-02-05): Bug Fixes.

Version 1.1.9 (2021-01-13): Bug Fixes.

Version 1.1.4 (2020-12-21): Bug Fixes.

Version 1.1.2 (2020-12-05): +Bug fixes.

Version 1.1.1 (2020-11-26): Bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 1.0.14 (2020-11-09): - Performance optimization - General improvements and stability.