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Can you convert the whole world to your religion?

A new faith is born and you are chosen to spread it.
Humanity will always find a reason to hate you. You need to use your words and miracles and improve your faith in order to spread it to the entire world. You must speak to people without gaining much hatred, visit cities and right wrongs with miracles.

You will meet hundreds of people and stories on your journey, starting either from Egypt, Jerusalem, or Rome and will get one of the twenty endings as you try to spread your faith.

You can upgrade your religion to reach more people and improve yourself to perform miracles or cause calamities.

Your words will create chaos in the world, and you must handle hatred, lies, kings, and demons to create a religion that all can follow.

Messiahs App User Reviews & Comments

DecentA fun game. Didn’t make it too far in yet but it’s worth maybe $1 so far but I’m assuming it gets better. I love the fact that they DON’T have micro transactions though. It’s so hard to find a game that doesn’t anymore.Version: 1.5

Early OnFollowing an early in-game request for review, here’s my immediate thoughts: I just started playing, so I don’t feel I’ve gotten a full impression of the game yet, but it has potential! Fun concept! Feels like a cross between Democratic Socialism Simulator and Plague, ironically..Version: 1.3

Rules UnclearThe game is very good, but miracles seem to be an integral part of the strategy. This doesnt initially appear to be an issue, but then you need to perform miracles in order to avoid hate, and by then, it still hasnt been explained how to perform mircales or win the chance to perform miracles. Solid game but it needs a pop-up explanation like plague inc since this is clearly developed in the same style.Version: 1.3

Interesting premise with Tinder-esque GameplayFrom what I can tell you basically just swipe right or left in an effort to convince people to follow your religion, whether you lie about your faith or not, the goal is to grow the numbers. So far, it’s been pretty fun with a few interesting choices..Version: 1.3

It’s okay, though frustratingIt seems like unless you have a 100% chance at success, attempts to persuade masses will fail. It’s also not so much about what you preach, but just converting as much people as possible which I’m not a huge fan of..Version: 1.3

Interesting gameplayStrong interface. Easy to understand but not too easy to play..Version: 1.3

GoodI think that this game is fun but sometimes you can not do anything but lose the hate will be maxed you will get no chances to use ur miracle and you will have low chance to persuade but other than that I feel like it makes your region be good but not all religions are good sure as cults and things.Version: 1.3

This game is funI was hesitant to try this game after seeing I had to pay for because of other companies I wasted my money on but this game is solid. I am enjoying this game and I look forward to seeing new game modes and maybe new religions..Version: 1.4

GeniusI really love this game, everyone needs to know about it. Your going straight to the top. I just stumbled on this game, i feel truly lucky to have found it. Ive been a consistent gamer for years, on consoles, PCs..I play everything..I just have so much respect for this masterpiece. I just gotta let you know especially with all the hate in the world. I can’t keep the admiration I have for your work to myself..Version: 1.2

Good game when you’re boredNot too many glitches that I’ve noticed, something to do in long car rides. Reminds me of the old plague games I used to play.Version: 1.3

Review is a bit early...I could only give four stars so far, because the review came after about 10 minutes of playing lol!! the game is super fun, so cool to learn that it’s all done by just one person, so that’s awesome! I love these sorts of games, so for me it’s really really fun! i hope there are some updates that include new options for my religion and things like that!! amazing work !.Version: 1.3

Very Interesting and EducationalWorth the purchase. A lot of content and super interesting. Some things truly make you question your ethics... or you can have down right fun with it! Your choice!.Version: 1.3

Highly recommendedMessiahs is sort of like a combination of two of my favorite mobile games, Reigns and Plague Inc. Add on a gorgeous art style and a killer score, and you’ve got an excellent offering here..Version: 1.1

Lovely gameThere are a few grammatical errors but other than that the concept is really interesting.Version: 1.3

Interesting game that makes you think!Being a Messiah ain’t easy, and the questions that people ask you are not always easy. Fun game but also thought-provoking. Anybody that would really try to be a cult leader must be made of narcissism and have no filter!! Good game..Version: 1.3

InterestingInteresting concept, maybe add a feature that allows us to choose what region we start in.(For the players who just want to feel all powerful add cheats).Version: 1.4

Great gameJust got it, but it has been interesting so far. A bit like Plague Inc. where you use points to evolve your virus/bacteria etc.(religion in this case)..Version: 1.4

Fun GameIf you like the pandemic style games this one is right up your alley.. Trying to answer the questions right and some of the responses they want are questionable though....Version: 1.3

Concept is good but just one issueOverall the execution of the game is superb. However one thing that bothers me is how a religion must decide what’s right a wrong. That’s something that the government has decided for a religion, throughout history, in order for society to be more well behaved and work according to their conditions. But what about Buddhism??? Buddhism more accurately defines what happiness is. It works on the mental health of people and doesn’t construct society like Christianity for example. Buddhism doesn’t say that stealing is wrong. That rule is left for the government to take care of. This element of religion is something I think should be considered and implemented into the game somehow. Otherwise it’s a fantastic concept..Version: 1.3

Really fun so farI was prompted to rate the game a little too early to say for certain what I think. They did offer a pretty awesome in game reward for leaving a review so that was awesome. Easy to understand thus far and a really cool concept in general..Version: 1.3

Surprising findI stumbled across this game looking for something to kill time. Still figuring out some of the mechanics but so far it’s pretty fun, I enjoy the questions and abilities aspect..Version: 1.3

Nice gameJust started it and it’s addictive. Have gone a few minutes with being killed a few times and have gone far in others. Don’t see it to be predictable.Version: 1.3

It’s OkayI think its somewhat too unpredictable the amount of people who believed and whether your choices are good/bad. Still a little confused regarding the eye. I don’t know I haven’t been playing for long, but it asked about review..Version: 1.3

Decent time fillerIt’s a fun game to pick up and set down at will for when you have those moments you want to play but can’t devote to constantly playing in game events.Version: 1.3

Not My Cup of TeaI thought this game would be more like the Plague Inc. game, but it felt a little bit like micro-managing and linear with swiping left and right on people’s questions which felt like a lose-lose. Maybe I’m just too dumb. I really like the concept of the game. It just wasn’t what I expected, and I’m probably overly picky with games. The game is reasonably priced and the art style is really cool, so it’s worth a try. Also, it sounds like the developer is continuing to add content which I look forward to revisiting in the future..Version: 1.3

Well worth the priceThis game has a lot to offer for such a low price. The mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, and watching the progress on the world map as your religion grows is very satisfying..Version: 1.3

Soon becomes repetitiveIt was really fun in the beginning, but the narrative soon becomes very repetitive. I only played through the Jerusalem once and it took 31 region, with little variation from region to region later on. I don’t think I want to play through it again given how boring it is to actually play through it once..Version: 1.3

Needs optimizationThe app kinda reminds me of reigns which has a smoother swipe system other then that it's pretty in depth and worth $2 as long as the developers can add small big fixes and perhaps new abilities then it's a pretty good game.Version: 1.1

Fun game Great idea I think future versions will only get betterThis is a great idea game is done fairly well and I believe that future version of the game will allow them to roll out new features that aside I would recommend that they had a way for you to appoint your apostles to I have a system other than just faced points that allow you to do you things like write your own things or select from a list of affects or whatever so that you can create your own holy book and that you can create your own Commandments or choose the Commandments that you want to.Version: 1.3

Good strategy gameI appreciate the art style and the user interface. The game provides a fun experience while you convert the unbelievers. Good times, would support uprisings in kingdoms again..Version: 1.4

It’s cool, seems kinda not finished?I like it so far, though some things just don’t fully seem to work. I don’t understand how miracles work, and I also think you can’t “customize” enough. Just kinda doin stuff from other religions. So far to convince regions is just yes no questions, which also isn’t the most fun but I do overall like the game, just thought the criticisms are needed..Version: 1.4

Decent So FarI have not played much to be honest. It sounds and looks so far like a great premise with good promise. I will say so far it is a reasonable price for the game. Graphics are what you would expect. Audio isn’t too varied so far and pretty generic. Gameplay could have some more features. Tutorial is very basic but it compliments the game. Haven’t found many bugs but that could change. Overall it feels to have a ton of promise, but so far does not live up to the potential at all..Version: 1.3

Got it just becauseSeems like a fun entertaining game so far, only been playing for like 10 minutes..Version: 1.4

First time playingWas a little skeptical at first when downloading but once I play it wasn’t that bad it I’m still learning about the game but it’s quite fun so far.Version: 1.3

Fun!Definitely an interesting take on the Plague Inc. type games! Something I look forward to spending some free time playing!.Version: 1.3

Peoples hate and loveThis game seems pretty good so far. My only complaint is that the people’s love for you and their hate for you aren’t separate. I would think that you’re not equally angering people as you are convincing others. It doesn’t seem to make sense..Version: 1.3

InterestingWas not sure about this but is actually fun to play and your choices matter over time.Version: 1.3

Great game!This game isn’t what I expected but I am very much enjoying it. I don’t usually like decision making game but this one makes it very interesting and rewarding!.Version: 1.3

It’s differentI’ve never played a game like this one before but so far it’s really interesting. I think that for the price and with the guarantee that there won’t be in-app purchasing in the future it’s a true bargain. I honest can’t wait to see what the future brings because so far it has an amazing foundation..Version: 1.3

Really Great!This is such a fun game! A little challenging at times, but very good! It’s honest in what it promises and delivers, and even though you have to pay a few dollars for it, it’s completely worth it! If you like games like Pandemic or Plague Inc. the game play is the same, only far more positive than a game about killing. This game is about helping and saving, so you feel good doing it lol! But also, even for the non religious, it’s a fun and exciting little pass time that can really rally inner emotions about right and wrong, and gives you a chance to sort of build the world you always wanted while taking a few difference avenues to get there! Cant wait to see whatever else it has in store! Give it a chance, and it won’t disappoint!.Version: 1.3

So far, very funSo far, the game is pretty good. I enjoy that it costs just a little for the fact that it gets rid of needing to see ads or purchase stuff within the game. I look forward to where the game goes..Version: 1.2

Seems like a great ideaJust been playing a little bit but I haven’t put it down yet good start.Version: 1.3

Haven’t played enough to properly rate, but...It asked me to rate early on in the game. A little unhappy with that since I haven’t gotten enough time to judge the game long term, but so far it has been REALLY fun. So, I will say if you like the idea and you are looking through the reviews to know if you’d like it. You most likely will. It is a great strategy game almost reminiscent of reigns, but with a skill tree and an extra layer where you have to manage how much places hate you or you won’t make it..Version: 1.3

Not Plague Inc.Love this game! I thought it would be very similar to Plague Inc., but with religion instead of diseases. It’s more of Plague mixed with Dictator, which gives it a whole new twist. Highly recommend for strategy-lovers!.Version: 1.3

New spin on gamingI was expecting this game to play like Plague,Inc. although they are not entirely the same, even down to the mechanics, you could say that they are distant cousins to one another. So far, I’m enjoying the game. I was almost dissuaded due to having to pay for the game, but I’m glad I did. I do like the question prompts the characters have to ask. I like the complete freedom the customization of my religion has to offer in game. That being said, I would like more diversity within the game, I don’t like that the game is based off three major religions, it should allow the fully customization of how you want your faith and religion to play out, if your faith believes in mono or poly theism. What if a holy war broke out in your faith how would you respond. Music and effects are nice. Character noises are repetitive and get old quick. Wish there was more animation in the background, something more animated and vibrant, more detail. What if there were updates and news like plague that say what’s going on in a region or city etc. That being said, I do overall enjoy the game, it still needs work yes but it is enjoyable to play! I’d give it a 7/10.Version: 1.3

It’s fun but too difficultFun game... but difficult to win even if playing on a easy level... questions and the results are very confusing.... if you agree women are not as good as men, you will end with negative effects on women’s rights and grow a lot of hatred... if you try to free slaves... people will hates you.............Version: 1.4

Fun and easyThe game is fun, and the tutorial was really easy to understand. It might look like Plague inc, but it’s a pretty cool spin on it. Definitely worth the price..Version: 1.4

So far so good!It’s a bit early in the process to share for sure yet, but I’m enjoying the game so far. I could see a future where it eventually gets a bit repetitive? But I think I should get enough gameplay to justify the price..Version: 1.3

Makes little senseThe game doesn’t do much to let you customize your religion. No matter your choices, your religion is just Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or some mix of the 3. Everything is a glorified yes/no question which you are always punished for with little benefit. The game is structured around avoiding negative effects which makes the game very monotonous, especially since the premise is cool. Many of the decisions you make give you debuffs that are contrary to the choice you make, like telling people they should be generous and then receiving a debuff that says your religion values money too much. Basically, the game wants you to accrue followers, but the best way to do that is to persuade people while also talking to them as little as possible, so the point of the game is to not play the game..Version: 1.0

Great gameDefinitely something different. However, the intuitive take of the developers to create such a progressive game is truly time spent well on this app..Version: 1.4

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Messiahs 1.5 Update

Version 1.5 (2021-02-26): *Minor bug fixes have been made.

Version 1.4 (2021-02-15): *Optimized for older iOS versions. *Some bugs have been fixed..

Version 1.3 (2021-01-16): * Bug fixes.

Version 1.2 (2021-01-11): *300 new stories *5 new characters *Bug fixes.

Version 1.0 (2020-12-30): .