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The application allows the user to calculate the process of natural gas transportation (steam phase of LNG, LPG, associated petroleum gas, biogas) through a single-line pipeline.
The application can help the user to get a calculation result that is sufficient for making an estimated engineering decision.

Scope of application

• Distribution and internal gas supply systems
• Main-gas transport
• Gas distribution and gas collection networks

Key Features

Using the application can be calculated:

• gas flow rate in the pipeline for a given pressure drop and geometric characteristics of the pipeline
• pressure drop in the gas pipeline (final or initial pressure) for a given flow rate and pressure drop
• the length of the gas pipeline that provides a specified gas flow rate for a given pressure drop and diameter of the gas pipeline
• the required diameter of the gas pipeline, which provides a specified gas flow rate for a given pressure drop and length of the gas pipeline
• the blowdown time for stopped section of gas pipeline
• the required power of the gas compressor, which provides the necessary degree of pressure increase for a specified natural gas flow rate. The compression process is adiabatic. The calculation can be performed for a single-or multi-stage compressor.

The application uses: General Fundamental Isothermal Flow Equation (the basic equation of gas flow), American Gas Association Equation (AGA NB-13 method), Weymouth Isothermal Flow Equation, Panhandle A Isothermal Flow Equation. Panhandle B Isothermal Flow Equation, Institute of Gas Technology Isothermal Flow Equation. The user can choose one of them.

The properties of the transported gas are determined on base of its composition. The user can select the gas composition from the previously entered ones, edit, add a new one, or delete the previously entered gas composition.

The user can also select the pipe wall material and, accordingly, the absolute roughness value from the previously entered ones, edit, add a new value, or delete the previously entered material name and roughness value.

For the convenience of calculations, the application provides a wide range of applicable units of measurement, as well as standard conditions for measuring gas flow.

The accuracy of the calculation methods used in the application corresponds to or exceeds the accuracy of the methods for obtaining initial data available in engineering practice.

The data entered by the user is saved and transferred between the calculation forms, which allows the user to quickly consider the problem of calculating the parameters of the gas pipeline from all sides.
The results can be saved as a pdf file, as well as printed out.

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