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Join all your favorite artists in the next generation of music games.
Follow the rhythm! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way.

● Feel every beat pulse through your fingers.
● Innovative gameplay never before seen on mobile.
● Master songs by tapping, swiping and holding to the music, to unlock new songs.

● Imagine the best Coachella lineup ever: that’s Beatstar. Hundreds of the best artists today have collaborated to make the ultimate playlist.

● Discover new songs from your favorite artists.
● Listen to songs you were “meh” on in a whole new way.
● Beatstar makes your favorite songs unforgettable.

● Share new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score.
● Play challenges and climb your way up on the leaderboard.

Log in with Apple Music to unlock a free song based on your Apple Music Library! We’ll also create your own Beatstar playlist right inside Apple Music with all your favorite songs from Beatstar
Please note: a network connection is required.

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Beatstar App User Reviews & Comments

Great game terrible pay to playThis game was so fun to play in the beginning and had really good song choices. As you play there is a case slot function which is used to unlock the in game currency and new songs. These cases are opened over time (3h,5h etc). The problem is you can only have one unlock timer going at a time and 3 case slots. If you have already have 3 cases, the game STOPS YOU from playing more songs. You are unable to progress or even PLAY THE GAME unless you wait for 3-5 hours or pay the in game currency (which “conveniently” you can purchase with real money). This has left me waiting 3-5 hours to play maybe 2-3 games which is pitiful and shameful for a game company to release a “game” that cannot be played. Promising game ruined by greedy practices. Will probably delete if this doesnt change..Version:

One of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played BUT…..This is by far one of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played. The level actually get difficult and the songs are really well known and good. There is a very steep learning curve going from normal to hard difficulty but it’s fun to replay songs and get better each time. There is one huge draw back however. As you play levels you get points, these points unlock crates. Most crates take 1.5 hours to open and at the end you get a new song or cards towards a new song. This is a good system HOWEVER you can only have three crates at once. And unlike other games with this system, you can ONLY have these three crates. If you fill up all of your slots you can’t play for AN HOUR AND A HALF. Once you’re done waiting you have another five minutes of play time until you have to wait again. This gets even worse if you have to unlock a FIVE HOUR CRATE. This basically forces you to spend gems and thus money if you want to play the game for more than a few minutes. If it wasn’t for this feature I would give the gave all 5 stars and write it down as one of the best mobile games I’ve played by far, however with this feature, all the fun is taken out of it. I hope and pray the developers will allow you to play with full crates but I have a feeling there is too much money to be made. If the feature is ever changed then I will happily change my review to 5 stars..Version:

Great game except…..I recently got this game that’s why im giving it 4 stars but I really enjoy it it’s one of the finest music beat game thingy I have played. Except the fact some boxes take around 4-5 hours to open and you only get 3 slots. Bummer. Another thing that kinda throws me off is the beat. If it’s a game meant to follow the beat of the song why doesn’t it follow the beat and sometimes I catch it following the lyrics. It does have a nice selection of songs that don’t sound to bad you can also link you Apple Music or whatever it’s called to it and get a free song and save songs if you find one you like. The nice thing that is was not expecting at all was the feel of the game it’s very well put together not like any other music game. All in all I would highly recommend this game it’s a great game to pass the time if your bored. Also it doesn’t have much unexpected adds which I really like since most games now a days come with adds every few seconds..Version:

Great game except for one really bad design flawUpdate in response to Developer reply: If you want a 5 star rating, fix the ridiculous case slot mechanic. 5 stars are earned, not given and if you can’t improve the game without gaining a 5 star rating first, you shouldn’t be a developer. Original Review: This game is awesome and I’m having a blast with it but there is one really terrible design flaw and that’s the fact that when your case slots fill up, you are blocked from playing any more songs until a case slot frees up. Obviously this is a ploy to play on the impatience of people so they spend money to hurry along the unlock process but, that’s just downright greedy. I wish I had known about this mechanic before I had spent actual money to buy more songs as I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and repugnant that I have to wait to play songs that I’ve spent actual money on because they want to lock playability behind an additional paywall. That’s borderline theft. It’s sad that this is where we’re at now as a society. Great game, stupid game mechanic thought up by money hungry hacks. Hopefully they fix it soon..Version:

Uh…horribleSo, apparently my review was deleted? I guess that explains how this game has a 5-star rating. Don’t get me wrong, the actual overall gameplay is great. It’s the horrible, horrible monetization that destroys this game. It is the most predatory mobile game in the market. At least of this quality level that I’ve experienced. Whoever designed it said, “Which monetization method? All of them.” Then, it just takes you over the coals. Loot boxes, ads, cheap “one miss” failure unlike most beat games. There should be a life bar. You should heal when you get good streaks. This game is not about fun. It’s about addiction and taking your money. This is the example that leads to the fall of the gaming industry. Anyone who worked on this should feel horrible. What I mentioned is only scratching the surface of how bad this game is in terms of monetization. Go look at the other reviews. Just insane..Version:

Need some workThis game is generally AMAZING for the song selection, level of difficulty and addictiveness. However, I really wish they would adjust the features of box collecting. It’s unfair that you cannot continue to play songs you want to perfect when box slots are full and really makes the player discouraged. The developer should allow players to unlock multiple boxes at once, give more box slots, or let players play regardless of box slots because we want to keep going!! Without adjusting this feature I can see this game going downhill due to the fact that after a while people will no longer want to wait for boxes to open up and forget about the game all together. Please fix this!.Version:

A great rhythm game with possible improvementsFirst of all I have to say that this game is very fun to play. The combo animations, the menu design, and everything about the game is perfect when it comes to the game’s look and design. However, I do wish there were more features and that the option to play (even with your chests/boxes slots filled up) was available. I mean sure I understand this is a free game, but if you all were to implement the things I said in this review, I without a doubt bet that this game will be one of the best games on the App Store ever. Period. P.S) also if you could add more art/designs for combo animations that would be cool. Just seeing white and another color most of the time can be a bit boring sometimes..Version:

The gameplay is good, but…I like the gameplay, it’s a fun game. But I do have one major issue that makes me want to uninstall the game. Why are you making me pay money to replay songs. When you fill up all the music box slots you have to buy gems to clear the slot and then it’ll let you keep playing. I get it’s a free game, I know you have to make money somehow. But I feel like it’s insensitive enough to want to have more songs to play rather then keeping you from replaying the songs you already own. Some of these songs are difficult and with the ranking system in place it’s great because it gives you a competitive aspect to playing this game. But if you can’t try the level over and over again to try and get a higher score without having to pay money every 4th replay. It makes me want to uninstall this game and never play it again. Gamers rage. When you lose or mess up you’re already frustrated, but putting a pay wall on the try again button while you’re already angry is a perfect storm for uninstalling the game maybe even rating the game badly. I’m liking the game. But not as much any more because I can’t even play it for another 3 hours..Version:

Just one thingI loved playing piano tiles but it was all classical music. This game having all these top chart songs is just awesome. You do have to unlock things and progress to get new songs but that’s fine. The thing that really gets me is that if I have all three boxes it won’t let me play at all unless there is an open spot to get a box. I do not care if I play and don’t get points for a new box, I’m trying to get higher scores and get stars to rank up. I understand it’s a free game and there are things to purchase like in game currency and to get new songs but don’t make people spend jems or there money to just play the game because there boxes are full..Version:

Way better than any other music game!I have to say, this game is awesome! This is the first actual game where I can play and feel like I’m actually making progress and unlocking new songs! Most other games like this just have you play the same songs over and over again to earn coins to then unlock/purchase the songs, but while this one does that in its own way (unlocking crates to get cards to then unlock the music boxes for different genres), you don’t have to wait too long because of how fast you can get new cards to unlock new songs! I also love how you don’t know what song you get when unlocking a new crate! It adds to the mystery and fun! This will probably be my favorite app from now on!.Version:

Piano tiles < BeatstarIt reminds me of when piano tiles was actually good and didn’t have random people sing the songs because they might get copyright or thought it was better for some reason.. this game actually uses the artists voice!! I love everything about this, it’s challenging but I enjoy it makes me want to work harder and practice. I also like how you have your own profile and have to unlock the songs with points instead of watching ads. I feel like watching ads to get an item defeats the purpose and makes me not want to even play it anymore. Oh yeah and another thing they actually have diverse types of music! Not just the latest hits I was so happy when “the middle” was an option for a starter song I recommend this game 100%.Version:

Probably the best music and rythme gameI generally don’t play tap and follow the rythme games. But, I think this is one of the best. The user interface is brilliant and it’s actually looks like a cellphone music player app. I really like the choice of the songs and the demo play of unlocked songs. The gameplay is really really challenging and addictive. Its almost impossible to get a 5 star that I really like it. Also, I have a huge criticism too. I really like to listen and improve my score for the songs that ai like, BUT the song case get fill really fast and after playing for like 5 minutes I have to wait at least for like an HOUR AND A HALF to play for just another five minutes. This really bothers me. I hope that developers work on this issue as soon as possible. It can be solved easily. For example we can play how much we want and improve our scores but when the song boxes are full we don’t get any progression. Overall the game is really enjoyable. I’m looking forward for improvements and new songs. Also, a search button in the songs menu will be appreciated..Version:

Nonsense Feature?I just downloaded this game earlier today and I have to say, I was impressed. I played it a lot, unlocked new songs, got better. The game has a great display, fun & challenging stages and so on. However, a feature that most certainly caught my eye was the way that when you fill your chests slots you can’t play the game AT ALL. It takes hours to unlock just one chest and if you want to quickly unlock it you have to play gems which cost actual money. It definitely shows how greedy the developers are. Not everyone has access to constantly be putting money into a game and not only that, I’m sure that the people who can pay for it don’t want to waste their money on an online game. I would recommend that you guys add something like playing certain songs to get unlock boosts (or completely unlock the chest) or just completely removing the no-play feature and allowing people to play without giving any chests and such. I’d also like to recommend broadening the song selections and adding songs from foreign countries like Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, India, Brazil, and so on..Version:

Almost PerfectI never write reviews ever and I don’t even like rhythm games. But this is by far one of the most fun apps I have ever downloaded. Awesome song collection, engaging interface, and very accessible. The ability to adjust the sync is perfect for me because whenever I try rhythm games, they always feel slightly off beat and it throws me off. The fact that I can tune this perfectly for my senses is great. But the FATAL FLAW is the fact that I cannot play any songs when the cases are full, and they fill very quickly. I can only play like 3 songs before I have to wait between 1-2 hours just to only play 3 songs again. Absolutely kills the app for me. I want to give 5 starts but this flaw makes the game virtually unplayable— literally. So I docked 2 stars, which seems lenient imo. Would love to see this issue solved..Version:

Piano tiles who?This game is so good its mind blowing. From the songs and audio quality to the aesthetics and graphics; it’s just so good. However I really really really do not like not being able to play for fun. Once you have your chest slots full you can’t play anymore. Maybe make it to where you just don’t receive tokens when you play once your slots are full but you can still play and earn stars. I’d love to sit down and play this game for 20 minutes (or maybe even more because it’s so cool) but that’s pretty much impossible since your chest slots fill up in around 5-10 minutes of gameplay leaving you to wait hours and hours before you can play again. That is the only major complaint I have but besides that this game is 10/10 (or 5/5 stars)..Version:

Love it- But there’s one thing…I got this game roughly 2 days ago, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. I’m glad there’s a plethora of songs to win (especially since there’s enough songs I know from 2017 and below instead of 2018 and above and I don’t know who the heck half of these artists are); however, my one issue is the case boxes. I’m glad that it’s so easy to earn cards, but I believe you should be able to play even if the boxes are full. A simple solution would be to either lower the coin amount you receive once completing a song (or just higher the amount of coins you need to unlock the boxes), shorten the time of the cases (or just add more), or finally, my favorite solution, just let us play without winning the coins. No one would be mad about it. Now, for my more stupid complaint, where is the K-pop? I have 22 songs currently, and I only play less than 11 of them because I either hate the songs I haven’t played, dislike the artists, or simply don’t know the artists. With K-pop songs, I’d play them all even if I had no idea who the heck the group is- WHERE’S MY K-POP?.Version:

It’s funThe game is fun I like playing it. My only issues with it are that it isn’t the whole song not that big of a deal. But The diamonds you get disappear pretty quickly if you mess up only on the swipe notes I found. The swipe notes aren’t usually at the beginning, by the time you reach a part of the song where the swipe notes appear. If you mess up on the swipe note you’re prompted to use diamonds to continue or it ends and you have to retry. I could see most people just continuing because they don’t want to restart it.. At the same point in a song if you miss a regular press note it asks the same thing - if you’d like to continue, but at no cost.. how stupid but that isn’t the biggest issue, my biggest issue would be that you cannot absolutely cannot miss a single note or im prompted to either spend diamonds, restart, or continue. Can plz I miss like 2 or three? Before it just stops or ends? Let me fail if I’m bad at it, don’t force me to stop..Version:

Very good game, but needs some tweaks.I really like this game as a whole. It has great music to play to, it’s a brain strengthening game, and all around a fantastic game. The reason I am not giving it three stars, however, is because there are some small factors that I feel would make the game even more enjoyable. The first thing would be that once your box slots are full, you can’t play any songs until there is a slot available. The second being that there are not enough beginning songs. I played through the first couple of songs that are given to the player for free in a short amount of time and then was stuck trying to get all the stars on each of the songs to be able to get more songs to play. Adding a few more songs to the starting selection would lessen the stop and go that has to happen in the current version. Other than that the game works and is very good..Version:

Too many obstaclesI wanted to like this game. The music selection is varied, the UI is slick, and the basic gameplay is fun. I love rhythm games. But the game gets in its own way far too often. The monetization is incredibly annoying. Sure a free game has to make money, but between songs unlocking randomly, being interrupted by ads, reward boxes being timed unlocks, and then not even being able to play at all when those reward box slots are full, it’s one annoyance after another. None of those were the final dealbreaker though. The input is simply too imprecise. It often fails to register basic presses, and when combined with the fact that it instantly fails you if you miss one press (though you can of course pay currency to continue, in one more annoyance), it can make even easier songs a frustrating nightmare..Version:

Great game but NEEDS fixes.The game is amazing itself, I love all the songs I’m unlocking currently and the way it plays is fantastic. What brings this game down is what every other review has mentioned, in that if your box slots are full you can’t play the game at all. I fell it should be like in Clash Royale, where even if all your chest slots are full you can still play, just without making progress towards another box at that time, constantly being locked out of the game for hours on end while waiting for you boxes to open makes it hard to level up to the next journey level. Also the one missed tap loss system gets frustrating on harder songs and I feel could use some changes, but it isn’t nearly as fatal a flaw as the box slot issue. I also think it would be a good idea to incorporate a system that allows us to pick the difficulty of each song, but that isn’t high on my list of priorities for this game. Overall, looks and plays like a fantastic game, just need a few fixes here and there. Will gladly give 5 stars soon as changes are made !.Version:

PR, You Ok?Actual game, good, albiet the big case slot flaw of 2020. But PR? You ok? I’ve seen stuff such as “We deserve a five star rating for our hard work” and “5 stars rating motivates us!” And like…what? It seems your trying to force people to give 5 stars, and im just kinda confused, you should take what criticism they have, give a reply, and see if that change works to change their, and some other people’s, reviews, not attempt to force people to rate 5 stars. Ultimately they want to see this game thrive, so dont try to force them to give 5 stars please, the game is great, again, although the case slots? You’ve heard about it a thousand times, just, be motivated to change people’s 2 to even 1 star reviews with action, not with words and forcing them else their review be deleted.Version:

The game does not want you to playI play lots of pc rhythm games such as Osu! And and have been looking for a good Mobile rhythm game for a long time. This one is exactly want I want, it can be challenging without being to complicated, and the song selection is amazing. However the game “rewards” you with cases as you play, you have to wait a couple hours for these cases to open and if you have three of them queued up, you can not play the game, it only take a couple of attempts on a song to get a case so the max time you can play is 10-15 minutes before you have to wait MULTIPLE HOURS to play again. Unless of course you pay to speed up the boxes, but even then you’d only have about 10 minutes of play time before you have to wait or pay again. I really enjoy the game, unfortunately it seems like the developers do not want me to play as often as I want to. Please just remove this “feature”, I will happily play with no rewards while the cases are queued up if it just let me play the game..Version:

Read when you find... (btw I give this a 2 not 5)So — I downloaded this just because most of the reviews said it had good rhythm and music taste. I don’t usually even write reviews, but for this game I just have to. The only reason this is a five (5), like some other reviews, I want this to be seen. One (1), the songs that are currently in the selection of September 11, 2021 aren’t the most trending songs. I do see a bit of music that I like, but it’s only 15% of the music or less. Two (2), the singers are famous ones, like Doja Cat or Sia. The songs aren’t their newest nor latest, if I’m correct. I would like it if this song has Jason Derulo, or Hasely as well. Aren’t they quite famous and have new hits as well? Three (3), This selection is a bit expensive, and I don’t have money to even buy anything as my parents wouldn’t spend much money on games. This is only a bit expensive, and not much of a complaint to me Four (4), the levels are fast and quite hard. I could just barely reach 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ 💫, it’s like it’d just barely stay. This game is quite hard to understand There is a good this about this game though, there’s not much ads! Thank you for reading my review. ❤️ Miran Art M&A.Version:

Why Beatstar is one of the best piano tile games in my opinionPiano tile games have been the same for a while not innovating in my opinion. But Beatstar is definitely the best piano tile game out there in my opinion. I’ve played all the piano tile 1, 2, 3, and 4 but the way they make it user friendly and try to pick the best songs for you i really like. Also the rewarding system is really good in my opinion but i will admit its a little challenging to get the songs you want. Besides that it’s great! I love the way the stage changes once you get a long combo but also the vibrant colors and clean tiles I really like! Also you can login your supercell account and get like a trap remix of one of the supercell games and that was a great fun touch because I love brawl stars. I picked clash royale though. All around one of the best music games out there in my opinion!.Version:

Great Game but…I love this game so far. It’s super fund to hit those notes and unlock new songs and rewards but the card slots are kinda annoying. After you play for a while your card slots fill up and you have to wait a few hours to play again only for your slots to be filled up again. Instead there should be a mechanic where the more you play the less time you have to wait for card slots to unlock or you should be able to play just to get stars and not coins or something like that. A mode that just gets you points but not any currency if that makes sense. That way players can still keep playing while waiting for their card slots to free up!.Version:

Very good game but one thing to fixThis game is very fun I downloaded it yesterday and can not stop playing…besides when I have to stop because of the pack openings. That is the one problem with this game. Every game you play you earn beat tokens and those tokens can be used to get a card pack to unlock new songs. The thing is though once you fill up enough beat coins there is a timer, the timer counts down until then you can open the pack. You have 3 pack opening slots. If you have all of the 3 pack slots full with beat coins you can’t play anymore until a pack has been opened. If there would be no wait time and you could just play that would make the game way more fun and enjoyable! :).Version:

Great game! But one thing…This game is a masterpiece the UI is great, the gameplay is smooth, the music selection is good, and as a rhythm gamer I must say this game is very good for a mobile game BUT… you can’t play after 5-10 minutes because of chests :/ its so annoying to have to wait LITERAL HOURS to play the game just because my chests are full. Please change this and make it where if chests are full we can still play the game just like clash royale and other games. This part kills the fun of the game because I have to wait so long just to play for another 3 songs and fill it back up. It just proves how greedy you guys are because you are forcing your players to buy gems just to play the game for another 5 minutes. This NEEDS to change or you won’t have a player base much longer.Version:

Music game out of sync (smh)It’s too bad that this game completely BROKEN. While it has a lot of popular songs you’ve at least heard playing and it’s easy to learn, quite frankly the worst execution for a music game I’ve ever seen. I am an experienced GH and RB player, played on expert. If you are casual with no drive to be perfect, this game is for you. EVERYONE ELSE with rhythm, don’t waste your time. The game lags at random times that causes you to miss a perfect and break your streak, which then causes you to lose the max score. In settings you can adjust the visual and audio sync, but this doesn’t help as it doesn’t fix the lag. Certain songs have even more lag and you have no chance to score high. Has a rewards structure similar to clash Royale. “Chests” that open over time and give you rewards to unlock songs. Some complain about this, but that’s the money making part. However this is also a huge problem due to design. There are only 3 spots and once they’re filled up you can’t play. Not even to practice for 0 rewards… A GAME THAT LOCKS YOU OUT, SERIOUS? Will never be P2W as this game has too many serious flaws..Version:

So much potential but major issueThis has the potential to be the best rhythm game on mobile. The interface is very sleek and the song choices are great. There is one huge issue, though. You earn loot boxes by playing and can hold three at a time and they have an unlock timer, so pretty standard system. But unlike basically every other game that has this system, you are prevented from even starting a new game while all your slots are full. So basically this means either paying for premium currency to speed up unlocks or having to base your playing entirely around loot box timers. Devs seem to be picking a short-term cash grab over having a great long-term game. If they fix that aspect, this is a 5 star for sure..Version:

Amazing game with a fatal flaw…Tdlr: You literally can’t play the game when box slots are full. This game looked amazing when I first got it and gameplay wise it still is. I was having a blast for the first hour I played it. Little did I know that the box slots at the bottom could fill up to a max and prevent me from playing. The smallest box takes an hour and a half to open. You can only open one box at a time so if you have 3 boxes of the LOWEST rating; that’s 4.5 hours you have to wait for all of the boxes to open. There will probably be time in between each box unlock too considering you have to manually start each unlock. This wouldn’t be that bad if the boxes were difficult to get. But no, it takes 3 song plays to get one box which is like 10 minutes. So you could probably play for about 30 minutes on empty box slots before they fill up. Most likely though, you will want to PLAY THE GAME when you opened the app in the first place. Sadly, you will only have about 10 minutes of play time due to one box being opened when you opened the app. This is PRIME money milking as the premium currency is required to insta-open boxes. The game may as well be locked behind a paywall at this point and if this stupid feature stays then this rating isn’t changing. I will continuously rewrite it too until it changes. If I see my rating is gone, I’ll do it again. Would be a 5 star without paywall. I was so excited to play what seemed like a great game too. To bad I can’t play it….Version:

Best musical game so far but..This is definitely one of the best music games I’ve played, it actually goes along with the song you’re listening to, also the scoring seems to be fair and accurate. The only problem I have and it’s actually a big one, I can only play like three-four songs before I have to wait FIVE hours to play again, Yes I can pay gems to finish the box and continue but without looking at statistics I’m very sure over 90% of people that play this game can’t just go and buy gems over and over. I’d appreciate if there was an easier way to open up the boxes, like having to watch ads to speed up the process. Each video could take away thirty mins from the box until it reaches an hour, or maybe have more box space with the ability to open up more then one box at a time. This game is worth a ten star to me but the box situation really puts a damper on the app. Thank you for your time and the great app. ❤️❤️.Version:

Amazing game with a game breaking featureAn amazing game, as far as music tap game, it’s one of the best. Great song selection with smooth gameplay. The difficulty is just enough to keep me engaged and not get too frustrated or bored. Let’s talk about this feature that breaks the game and turns a 5 star game to a 2 star game. You can not play a song with the cases are full. It’s a really genius feature, in just how greedy it is. Purely designed to make the player frustrated enough to pay real money. There are three cases, takes about 10 minutes to fill a case and it will take hours to unlock one case. If all 3 are full you cannot play the game, so either wait hours to play for 10 minutes or pay with gems (takes real money to get) to unlock a case to play only 10 minutes per case. It’s just so sad that an amazing game is so broken. Once they fix the game I will update to 5 stars!!.Version:

Ablest, Unfun, Time waster.As many people, I began playing this game to waste some time during the day. Issues soon arised within the first couple of days. I play on ios and have experienced screen sliding due to arrow keys within the game. Causing me to fail because the game will continue to run while I quickly shuffle back to the game. Not only that, the game seems to be repetitive and boring. Only allowing new songs every couple of days without having to watch millions of ads. Not only that, there is no way to change internal game settings. Such as screen colors, light and dark. Changing other color aspects for blind people. The ability the remove key types and replace them with others, etc. The list goes on for things this game is lacking. There’s also been multiple times where the rhythm in game was off or missed keys that I clearly tapped. My Iphone is up to date with no issues nor screen blemishes. The only good thing about this game is the songs..Version:

Love it, but there’s one thingI love this game so much! I’ve been looking for a well made beat tap music game for a long time and this provides exactly the feel I was looking for. The style is sleek, the gameplay is smooth and very addictive. HOWEVER! Despite the addictive nature of the game, it forces you to stop playing when your box slots are FULL! This is really unfortunate because sometimes you just want to beat your high score on a song despite earning box tokens. A second note that could be made is that when new songs are added and the library becomes more broad. It should be considered that the rate I which music can be unlocked should be quickened. As to not get “stuck” on the same songs. All in all, the game is fantastic. I can’t wait to see future updates with newer music and a more vast library. Thanks for making the game I’ve been dreaming of forever!!.Version:

Great game… butI have only played a few of the songs, but now I can’t play. What is the point of having a game if every few minutes I’m stopped by an hour and a half box. I’m sure the whales will happily fork over dough for this annoyance, but it’s really frustrating for the casual player. I can see a few fixes. Either slow the boxes so they don’t fill up as fast, or when a song is retried you only get like half the credits. I haven’t even played all the songs you gave us because you won’t let me. I can see that maybe some players would stop playing after they play all the songs, but a lot of us just want to improve our scores. Sadly this might turn me and others away from the game entirely, which is a shame because I genuinely enjoyed the few minutes I had with it. Hopefully y’all can let us casual players have a chance. I look forward to seeing future updates. Until then I’m not sure it’s worth checking in every few hours just to play a couple minutes..Version:

StarsI don’t usually write reviews and I understand that at the end of the day everyone needs to make money off of what they create but the fact that I cannot continue playing the game if all of my box slots are full is very frustrating. I grew up in the guitar hero era so I’m cool with grinding to get 5 stars on your great selection of songs while I wait for my 5 hour box to open. It’s making it to where I can’t play now unless I buy gems to open additional slots or wait the 5 hours so please guys and gals consider Adding an option to continue even if all of your slots are full. I really do enjoy the game and the challenge..Version:

It’s absolutely wonderful…until it’s not.I love this game. But let me preface my title with why this game has some major flaws. The songs are great. The fact that they are original songs and not covers makes this game even better. BUT, the beats they want you to hit do not land naturally with the music. It’s a 1/4 or an 1/8 of a beat off. I realize they are likely doing this to make the game harder and make you pay attention but it makes the game less fun because you want accurate beats. For instance in Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, you have to hit on the middle or the back on the note to make it a “Perfect” when it naturally would land in at the beginning of the note. That makes game play tedious and not nearly as entertaining. Opting into a weekly or monthly pay option to unlock all the songs would be nice considering you have to wait incredibly long between box times to be able to open the next box. Frustrating, again. This game has excellent potential. The graphics are top notch and the music is entirely relevant. But there are some pretty serious buzzkill issues that linger that I do hope they listen to when we tell them..Version:

Excited to See More!I dig the game. I was a huge fan of tap tap back in the day (RIP), and this game has been the best beat game I’ve played since tap tap. It does a great job of reminding me of them good ol’ days. There definitely needs to be some sort of tweaking, though. I understand the game needs to make money to function, but not being able to play while waiting for these cases to open is annoying. Sometimes, I just wanna play to play, or work towards earning stars & mastering songs. My other personal issue is that the game really isn’t hard enough, at least not just yet. My love for this sort of game came from practicing those hard/extreme songs back in the day. I’d really love the game to implement different level difficulties on one song. For example, a song could have a normal difficulty, hard, and extreme. This way people can play how they want to play. (I tend to do worse on slower/normal songs because the beats are slower 😂) Otherwise, the game is dope, and would love to stick around to watch the game change & improve..Version:

One of the Funnest Mobile Games I’ve Ever PlayedAbsolutely fantastic game with a sleek design, everything is practically perfect but.. you can’t actually play it. You can only play for ten minutes at a time at most without it kicking you out for the “box slots being full.” It’s just such a shame because the game is fun and the better you are at it the faster the box slots fill. So if you play well you only get one or two songs per 5 hours! It’s just a terrible design. I would gladly pay a fee to get rid of the wait times all together. I’ve heard there is a future update to fix this? If that’s true I will revert this back to five stars and write the review in the highest regard, but this has yet to happen and until then I’m not allowed to play my favorite game. Upsetting..Version:

Best Rhythm Game On The App Store!I’ve played my fair share of rhythm games but this one tops them all. Not only does it respond correctly to touch but it actually has true rhythm when it comes to placing the notes, unlike other games where it would have random notes all out of place just to make the level more “tricky”. It has a nice balance when it comes to difficulties on each track, the idea of each level becoming more elaborate and faster pace really gets me engaged in the game. I do enjoy the amount of songs that this game offers, it doesn’t have the copyright free bull crap where you have to watch an ad or pay money just to play an actual top chart song and not twinkle little star for the fifth time. Beatstar has a good amount from every genre and decade, I just hope it adds even more in the future. The interface has such a truly beautiful sleek design, I get excited whenever I unlock a new song just to check out what colors they choose for each individual track. Even the tiny details like when collecting the genre tokens and hearing the simple sound effects adds so much satisfaction, it just makes me what to collect more. All together it looks and feels like a very well made app with a lot of work put into it, doesn’t look all ugly and rushed. It is a very comfortable game to play and I will be nonstop playing it for a long time for sure a 5/5, which I haven’t seen in a good while..Version:

I had high hopes…:(I’ve played a lot of beat games before, I had hoped this one would greatly exceed the others but it’s disappointing. I’ve never played a beat game that makes a GREAT hit a “streak lost”???? Unless you land a perfect hit you lose points. That’s ridiculous!!!!!! I understand you want to make this game harder, but this is just absurd. You can’t expect every hit to be a perfect hit! Unless you are ridiculously accurate at always getting perfects I don’t recommend. Further more there are times when you have no new songs to play until the boxes are open. This game very quickly becomes boring and annoying. I don’t like leaving negative reviews but heed my warning. Unless you have infinite patience and have never hit a great note before don’t play this game. I would understand if the hit was and OK hit but a GREAT hit? I don’t recommend playing this game save yourself the frustration..Version:

Tap Tap Spiritual SuccessorTap Tap was a big thing back in the day, being able to tap those dots on the screen to the rhythm of your favorite song was the best thing ever. I feel that that’s what Beatstar is, albeit, I haven’t obtained a lot of play time. I did scrounge through the library, which does have a variety of songs, although it seems to cater to only a couple generations. I did also notice that there is one atrocity for which the developers haven’t accounted for, and that’s Metal. There’s a lot of pop, pop rock, R&B, tap, etc. But there’s no hard rock, or metal. I am hoping that this can be remedy in the future, or that the ability to tie ones Apple library could become a thing. I believe that that would bring Beatstar to an entirely new level that Tap Tap wasn’t able to reach before it receded from existence..Version:

Amazing Tap Music GameJust found out about this game in Brawl News and decided to give it a try. The gameplay is very enjoyable. The quality of the game, the selection of songs and the notes going at a constant rhythm makes it very fun to play. Not only that but the fact that there’s gold, master, and diamond medals to challenge yourself further is very original of the game. There is only one thing that bothers me though - the slots where you can get crates gets filled up so easily that I’d have to wait for an hour or so to play again. I hope the developers would fix this ASAP. The game is really fun and has potential. If the slots are full, then make it so we can’t progress with the amount of tokens we get but yet ensures for us to continue playing whatever song we’d like without having to wait for a long time..Version:

Fun but..There’s a really fun game here. The game itself is a great combo of rhythm/piano tiles. Unfortunately, you literally can’t play for longer than 10 minutes. You have 3 slots for boxes which contain pieces to work toward your next song unlocks. You gain these boxes by playing the game. These boxes take a minimum of an hour and a half to open, with rarer ones taking longer. This game’s fatal flaw is that you can’t play if your boxes are full. Like when you press play, it’ll tell you that your boxes are full and take you back to the main screen. What?? You’re actively discouraged from playing the game. You can even practice songs for no reward, you’re just straight up locked out from the game until you get a box open, which can of course be unlocked faster with the game’s premium currency. It’s a shame that there is such a huge design flaw, because the actual game is a lot of fun when you’re allowed to play. Would be 5 stars but when I download a game, I’d like to always have the option to play it..Version:

Such a good game!!!I recently found out about this game because I was playing Brawl Stars, and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. It is better than any rhythm game on the apple store performance wise. As for gameplay wise, it’s really strong, but I really don’t like the feature that doesn’t allow you to continue playing the songs you love after filling all your case slots. I think this is a very poorly thought out feature, because it may cause the game to become boring, repetitive, and a less of a rhythm game and more of a waiting game. I have not seen these feature anywhere else for these types of games, For example, clash royale has a chest limit just like this game, but after you fill it, you can still play competitively and get prestige awards. There are plenty of other games that do this. So please consider changing this. Other than that, this is such a strong and fun game, keep up the good work!!.Version:

Great idea.Good game, being very unique, difficult, and fun. However, Im not giving it 5 stars, because of two HUGE things. 1 - cases and leveling up can be a bit of a grind especially with only having three slots and a massive jump in score difference with hard and normal songs, and no max star difference, BUT not being able to play when the crate slots are full? Thats absolutely stupid, what if you want to play for fun or keep playing to attempt earning more stars to level up and progress? You cant. 2 - some songs are more than just hard, but are insane with some newer phones (Im on iphone) because the response times for games on my iphone 12, are about 1/2 or 3/4 of my iphone 7, and theres no home button so on top of having a swarm of things on screen, theres also the slide points, and the ones that angle down will lower the screen, and will NOT pause the game (because its not like tabbing out) so things will continue. I really like this game but with the phone model I have I almost feel put at a disadvantage for having it when it comes to harder songs or ones that mix up things in that weird way, and the case situation especially bothers me..Version:

👏NEEDS👏MORE👏CRATES👏Okay, I’m going to get kind of frustrated here but it needs to be said; WE NEED MORE CRATES, without more, we can’t even play the game! Or you can just get rid of the limit of crates and just play freely, it would actually make the game playable, sure it was fun for the first day, but after that I couldn’t even the game without having to wait for hours! I actually really love this app, it has great graphics with surprisingly amazing quality, and a lot of my favorite songs are here, and I would say this app is a time passing game.. but it isn’t wanna know why? BECAUSE WE CANT PLAY THE GAME WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT HOURS AND A TIME. It just really really bugs me since I really enjoyed playing this game and want to play even more but I cant because it. Won’t. Let. Me. Please make these changes, don’t even consider it, just do it!.Version:

Absolutely love this game! Found a small bugI’m in love with this game! It’s one of the best rhythm games on the App Store and I love even more that 90% of the songs aren’t locked behind a paywall wall, yes you could also pay to get them in the app but I really like that you can work toward unlocking them! I although found a small bug, sometimes the app doesn’t register touches and thst can make you fail the level as you think you’ve hit the tile but really you haven’t, this also happens with some phantom touches where the game things you touches but you haven’t, maybe the second one is jsut user error but I know the first one has to be some kind of bug. Other than that the app is amazing!.Version:

One of the best “piano tiles” type games, but…In my opinion this is one of the best piano tile games I’ve ever played and it is one of my new favorite pass times, the only problem I have with it is that you can’t actually play the game unless you have a case slot open. I would be okay with this to an extent but some cases take upwards of 5 hours to open, so I have to wait 5 hours to play then only get maybe 4 plays until I have to wait for another case to open. If one were able to play even when all the case slots are full it would be much more fun to play and much more enjoyable. Overall it’s a great game with great songs, amazing graphics and gameplay, but I wish you could play the actual games without needed to unlock a case. Thank you!.Version:

Fun, but not fun?Oh, I’m sorry. Your case slots are full? Here’s a big middle finger stuck up in your face. Now wait 3 hours to play our game again. Terrible marketing ploy, not gonna lie. Beatstar does have very good songs and is very responsive, so it’s a pain in the rear to have to wait 3 hours after your case slots are full just to play the game again. And you know what really ticks me off? You’re given the choice to watch an ad for a free reward. When you watch an ad, you’re giving the people who made the app money. There are tons of people who downloaded the game, so the game should be more accessible as a result, right? Wrong. If you want to keep playing, you’re going to be spending lots of gems. And how do you get tons of gems? You spend real cash on something that isn’t as important as, say, for instance, taxes, or that new Porsche you’ve been saving up for. Point is, the game is fun, but this makes it not fun. And I don’t care if the songs are copyright. “Oh, you shouldn’t be able to listen to the songs as much, you should pay for it.” Well then why don’t you pay for better app developers for a good rating? I hope the person who came up with that gets fired and becomes a felon..Version:

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Why cant you play songs when you filled all the chest slotsWhy cant you play any song when you filled all your chest slots? It makes the game boring if you can only play 1 song every like 5 minutes, why cant I just play the game without getting chests? It would make the game way more fun instead of having to wait for a chest to open..Version:

New update limits PlaytimeI love this game, super addicting and fun, i see it as a better way to enjoy music. I would rate it 5 stars, but this new update where you can no longer play songs once your case slots are full has completely ruined the game. I can barely play anymore because my case slots are always full, so im only playing once every few hours and not as much as i used to. Please change it back where you can play but wont receive Beatcoins, would be much better..Version:

!!I use to play this game everyday and even use to buy gems and boxes of songs cos the game was very addicting until they decided that you cannot play until their is a free slot available which is disappointing cos that’s only 2 games until the slot is full again! Will be deleting this app because of the new update!.Version:

Love it but i wish i could play more oftenThis game is amazing! the songs are great and the actual tapping is fun! However, as someone who plays slot (and therefore gets a lot of coins) i can barely play like 3 songs before all my ‘box slots’ are full and it really annoys me. If there was a way for us to keep playing with having to wait 3 HOURS for one slot to open up that would be amazing. Other than that i love this game but please do something to fix this because I’d love to keep playing this game..Version:

Has potential but big drawbackThe game itself is lots of fun and addicting but having to wait 3-5 hours to be able to play is a huge drawback. After waiting 3-5 hours you can only play 3 or so songs before you have to wait again.. unless you cough up a ridiculous amount of gems. Also because of this it takes way too long to get new songs and you can’t really progress your level unless you get stars with new songs.. I feel like people will get really bored with the game or forget about it if they can literally only play it a few times a day. Overall a good game but can’t enjoy it because they limit the gameplay way too much.Version:

It’s alright but...The game is enjoyable being able to play a game and listen to the music at the same time but the crate thing is so bad cause I play like 3 times and then can’t play anymore cause the crates are full and it is really annoying, you are gonna lose players over this. My suggestion is you do the crate thing but allow us to keep playing without having to wait except we don’t earn any more crates until a slot is full. Anyways good game and I hope you find a solution :).Version:

Fix the update linkWhen clicking on the link in the game to update to the latest version, it takes you to the iTunes Store, not the App Store. Would be a lot easier if it linked you straight to the App Store so you can download the update, rather than having to manually go into the App Store to update to the latest version..Version:

It’s funThis game feels super luxurious, however as a person that has studied music and has fine tuning to my ears, I find it hard when the songs goes between the beat and lyrics. If you’re gonna stick to the beat stick it to the beat if it’s to the lyrics keep it to the lyrics because it just feels inconsistent. However I also don’t like how I have to pay gems to unlock all the boxes all the time and have wait 3-5 hours each time to play.Version:

Cannot even get 20 min of playtime in one goThe new system is way too annoying and restricts gameplay for a minimum of 1-2 hours before you can squeeze maybe another 10 min of continuous play. It is a great game, I love the fact that there are no forced ads but the fact that the restrictions exist makes me just want to stop playing overall. I would’ve given 5 stars if it wasn’t for that one problem..Version:

Great fun, just a few glitchesThis game is very fun and addictive because it can be quite challenging at times. There is a wide song choice and the game is made in a way that does not force users to have to pay money to progress. Graphics and haptics are very good. Though the game is pretty well made, there are a few minor glitches in some of the songs. The player may start the song and it appears as though the player has missed a tile. This does not affect gameplay because the player is able to still able continue after the glitch. This is just one of the few bugs I have discovered while playing. Another suggestion would be to edit the hyperlink on the app’s update page. The link which is labelled as ‘app store’ should take you to the App Store but it takes you to the iTunes Store instead. Overall, the developers have done a great job to build this game..Version:

Though it was good until…Loved playing this game as a great way to chill out but am really frustrated as they force you to use your gems and then buy more gems when you fill all your boxes. This is not a problem with other supercell games involving chests/boxes and I will not be recommending due to the money grabbing attitude of this company..Version:

This new update isn’t the greatest…I’m usually a non stop player when it comes to this game, but this recent update has completely changed the gaming experience. The greatness of this game came from the satisfaction of being able to play whatever song you had unlocked as many times as you desired in order to better your own personal score. However, with this new ‘box slot is full’ mechanism, a huge restriction has been created that stops the player from playing this game all together. Having to wait for a slot to free up or having to pay gems is ultimately pointless as there realistically isnt any more u can do in app (especially with the events being put on hold for some reason.) Besides the actual songs and tapping of them, there is not much else to do in this game, therefore having to wait to free up slots, means the app becomes unusable. Not being able to go ahead and play the songs as many times as desired has sucked the fun out of the game completely. Prior to this update, apart from a couple of glitches ( i.e. not registering of tapping even though you had 100% tapped ) the game was incredibly enjoyable. I find myself opening the app less and less every week. It’s not as satisfying to complete anymore..Version:

Needs updates fastBeatstar was and still is a great game. A much needed game on the App Store and a great game to waste time and enjoy music. The problem is the progression. With no events and no new (famous and enjoyable) songs being released for a while the game has begun to feel a little boring. Don’t get me wrong this was my favourite time wasting game when I first started playing but now I barely play it. If the team could notify the community on coming updates or improvements that will come in the future that would be great because at the moment it seems like the game is going to die and me and many other people would not want that to happen!.Version:

A once great game, now ruined.The game itself is fun and I understand the free to play concept but the prices are low key ridiculous. $15 to unlock THREE songs? No thanks. My progress in the game has stalled because I’ve reached the max stars I can collect for my level and now I can’t progress further without paying for extra songs. I’ve now just deleted the game. The “daily reward” isn’t going to get me close to collecting cards any time soon and even if I do chances are there won’t be enough to unlock a new song anyway..Version:

It’s good but badI hate the box system, not being able to play the game. Why can’t u just play and not earn rewards? Also some good songs to add would be more hip hop. I think 2055 could be a good song to add, because the flow would be clean to make. Also flex by polo g and juice wrld. These 2 artists should have a couple songs in the game, in my opinion..Version:

Great Game, Glitches hinder progressionI thoroughly enjoyed this game and found it extremely addictive. After installing the most recent update I havnt had any venue events and when I open the page it just always says that there are no events active. This means that now I have 5 starred all of my songs there is no way for me to progress further so I guess I wont be playing again until this is fixed. It would also be great if the new medals which were added in the recent update actually meant something or unlocked something because as of right now there is no reason to go for them..Version:

Great gameThis is overall the best rhythm game of it’s kind on mobile with many great songs, but I have noticed the “players” in the venues are just bots that get a random score however they manage to beat extreme levels first try with insane accuracy while I’m playing the level 10 times, using many continues and still not even getting top 3, please bring their skill level lower.Version:

Fun but fustratingI love this game as the music on it isn’t actually half bad, happy vulfpeck is on it. but its a guessing game whether i hit those double notes as sometimes i press them both and one doesn’t recognise it and i lose. sometimes it works too but i just can’t get it perfect unless i press down very generously. can someone explain why that is? im using an IPhone 12..Version:

Good game but…This is a great game but the fact that you have to wait to do another song is really dumb, we don’t care if our slots are full, we want to play! Other than that it’s a good game with lots of potential..Version:

More rock songs!Loving the app already after playing it for a straight hour. And it’s one of the first games to actually have good rock songs. But we need more! Good selection of bands but more songs. Maybe Linkin Park or Green Day. Only problem is. When you reach max crates you have to wait hours to be able to play the game again which ends up ruining the game entirely when you can only play like 1 round and you have to stop again. I recommend that when you reach maximum crates, you won’t receive any more crate points but can still play and collect stars. I checked other reviews and the devs say they’re going to fix it ‘soon’ but it’s Ben a month since they responded to this other review and yet nothing has changed..Version:

Limited play timeThis would have been a great fun game to spend some free time but I don’t understand the heavy limit on play time. Song selection is already very limited (which you have to very slowly save game currency to unlock) and then when your “game slot is full”, you can’t play at all. You feel forced to spend money just to play. No thanks, not worth my time..Version:

Game has changed for the worstI used to play this game all the time but had it deleted for a short while due to space issues. When I redownloaded I’ve noticed a new system with the gems/boxes impacting play. Originally, from memory, you were able to continue playing with no open spots available if you sacrificed collecting more boxes, however now you can’t continue to play unless you have a free slot. I feel like this really takes the fun out of the game and I don’t play it as often as I’d like to. I find myself waiting for hours now to play and when I return I only have the one slot left which is only good for a few runs through a song. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is great but having to wait so long has just diminished the joy I get from it now. Based on this I think I may end up deleting it soon. This is really disappointing as I enjoy the game so much..Version:

Best App, 10/10I just got the app but I’m in love with it already. The interface is so sleek and beautiful to look at. The song choices are so good and I love that there are no ads every ten seconds like most music apps these days..Version:

Would be 5 stars if you could play songs whenever you wantThis game is great, absolutely love it. I would rate it 5 stars if you could play the songs over and over without waiting for a new slot to open up. The way it currently is, I can play 3/4 songs then I need to wait 3-5 hours to play again..Version:

SlotsReally fun game, although not being able to play if your slots are full is disappointing. It only gives you two choices, buy gems which require money, or not play at all. Like I said very disappointing and I would like to see this changed in a future update..Version:

Great game, some issues about playabilityFirst off, this game is an awesome concept. However, the recent update means you can’t keep playing songs, not unless you have a free slot. Where the issue come in is that if you buy a song with gems, you only have limited amount of time you can play until the beat slot is full again. I understand the concept of freemium, but when you pay gems for a song that is locked to only a few turns until you clear a playable slot. Can we have a happy medium where we can only progress when a slot is empty, but play the song as much as we like..Version:

MehGame has a great concept and would be really enjoyable to play, if you could play it for more than 20 minutes at a time without having to wait 3/5 hrs for a spot to be clear. 450 coins to unlock a box means you could literally play 9 songs and have all 3 box slots full and have to wait hours to be able to even practice songs you’ve already unlocked..Version:

Love game, don’t love the glitchesHaving fun playing this but since last update I’ve been having some annoying glitches happen. One is where I open a box, choose the card category, it fills the song box so I should be shown a new song however it just sends me back to home page. Another glitch is when I’ve had a high score on a hard song, the song’s finished but instead of showing me the song in a circle & running the score around it & giving me stars, I get an error page instead. Game is 5 stars if you fix those issues..Version:

Limits on play timeI used to play this game all the time. It was super fun grinding particular songs for a good score. But now you just can’t do that? I took a break from the game before the change was made, and was pretty shocked when I returned. You can literally only play a few times and then you’re locked out for HOURS unless you pay up. Super anti-consumer decision. I’d honestly rather watch an ad every couple songs over this. I just wanna play your game. Please let me play your game. And if it’s not economically viable to revert back to how it was… then where is all this money even going? New songs are hardly EVER released, a few other rhythm games on the App Store aren’t as high quality but they at least have much larger catalogues. This app has SO much stifled potential..Version:

Newest updateThis is an addictive game but after the last update, I am left with nothing to do after getting 5 stars on each song. Venues need to return!! They were a large part of what made the game fun! Also the new system of medals is a great idea but there is no reward or incentive for getting the medals, would be great to see something added for getting medals..Version:

New updateI really do enjoy this game however the new “game slot is full” is super annoying because I can’t beat my high scores anymore if possible bringing back the “you won’t get bla bla bla because the game slot is full” would be much better.Version:

Love it!I always wanted to recapture playing Tap Tap on my iPod touch in early high school and after going through many bad rhythm games I never thought I would. But this is the app I’ve been waiting for for years! So easy to use and so many good songs!.Version:

Latest update has ended progressApparently I have unlocked all songs available for my level (even bought 2 more with gems). I have 5 starred 139 of 144 songs and have 710 stars total (would be 720 if I 5 starred everything) BUT in order to progress to the next level and unlock new songs, I need a total of 915 stars?? Now that the events are gone, I have no way to earn more stars unless I fork over more money for gems or do the (really) slow build up of 10 gems a day and unlock ONE new song every couple of weeks when I reach 149 gems. I like this game a lot but I hate being stuck at a point where I cannot progress any further unless I BUY stuff..Version:

BEST GAMEI’ve never been able to find an app that plays songs I even know and better yet ones I’m a big fan of. The way the game is set up is amazing and actually gives you a reason to play and to challenge yourself with friends and others..Version:

Good gameLove this game, it’s fun to play however i feel as though the progression is really slow. I want to keep playing however playing the same songs get boring, and when opening boxes to get a new song it takes too long, so i wait a fair few hours for only one song and makes not want to play anymore, it’s good, but could be better.Version:

Disappointing Restriction AddedThe latest update has added in a restriction where you can't play if your can't store anymore coins. I don't understand how this would help improve gameplay. This greatly hinders it. This game scratched my Guitar Hero itch from years ago. Now I can only play for 10 minutes every (minimum) 3 hours. How do I get removed from the "randomised selection of players" experiencing this disappointing restriction?.Version:

Pay for everythingRecently got this, and I must say its the best developed of its kind. Nice layout and everything. Only issue being is that you cant really collect many songs at all at a somewhat normal pace. I cannot even play any song anymore since my slots are all filled up with the music box things. And it shows the option for me to pay 25 gems to open one. Other than that, I am forced to wait the 1 and a half hours for the chest to open before i can even play the game. Very disappointing as this seemed like it has a lot of potential, greed is holding this app down..Version:

Needs more.I love the game and play it on both my devices but feel like it would be a much better game if you play more than just a few than have to wait hours before only a few more attempts. Please also bring back events, it really limits what you can do in the game with only a few turns then wait and repeat. The game needs more..Version:

Need to let people play when cases fullFun game with good music and good design however it is absolutely appalling that you cannot play a song just for fun when your cases are full. This is the inly game I have ever played where it literally prevents you from playing it while you wait for stupid music crates to unlock, absolutely ridiculous rule that is preventing me from actually having fun when I feel like playing as well as definitely stopping me from committing to the game and buying things to support the devs. Get this fixed now..Version:

Dodgy soundWhen I first got this game I would play it for hours the sound was amazing and the lyrics and track were perfectly balanced. However now when I play songs I can’t hear the lyrics at all the track is too loud. It would be great if you fixed this because I love this game!.Version:

Boxes ruin fun.I didn't play the game before the new update, so I never got to experience what the game was like before the box system, but it's nevertheless incredibly frustrating. I don't want to spend money on the game so you're making me wait three to six hours before I can play another three songs, and then wait again? Frustrating..Version:

Great addictive GameLove this game, I played it non stop until your recent update... I know you have added improvements but I’m not feeling it 🙁 I love the Venues... this is why I loved your game but now there aren’t any. I have unclaimed case that I can’t claim as when I click on it, it looks already claimed 🤯 I thought about reinstalling it? (last time I done that I lost all my progress and albums) I hope you sort all the technical issues out fast and bring back VENUES!!! what were you guys thinking??? I miss the game ❤️.Version:

Love the game (but…)Absolutely love this game, ive been playing this a but after it first came out an its such a good game to just fall back on if your bored. One thing though is im a bit sad about the update where you cannot play a song unless one of the boxes is open, i used to love just completing all the songs an competing myself to replay the song until i get the highest score but i cant do that anymore. Anyway overrall obsessed with this game, the new updates other than that are such an upgrade 😁.Version:

GlitchesI originally downloaded this game a while ago, absolutely loved it. That was until the glitches started happening. Right after I purchased my first gems all the sudden it was like it wasn’t registering that I was touching the screen, therefore forcing me to spend more and more gems. Then It locked me out of the game after there was an update saying to go to the App Store to download, only for there to be NO update. I deleted the game and re download it deciding to cut my losses only for it to happen all over again. Please fix this..Version:

DaBabyI love this game, i think there’s nothing wrong with it. i notice Dababy has recently been under fire for some comments he made during a live show, even though u don’t excuse this i think taking his song Suge out of the game isn’t the best idea… regardless of his opinion this song was very enjoyable to play on this platform and would love to see it return. Thanks!.Version:

Stops you from playingWhen you play you earn chests and chest unlock songs but when you have 3 chest waiting to unlock you cannot play anymore clash Royale has chest slots to like this game but let’s you play even when the slots are all full. I want to keep playing for many hours but can’t because of the chest slots fix this and the game will be perfect..Version:

Need more songsNeed more songs regularly. Can’t access rewards without songs being available..Version:

Limited play timeBeatstar use to be really fun and don’t get me wrong it still is but I stopped playing a while back due to storage problem and when I come back I find myself unable to play songs once the three slots are full. This leaves with little to no play time. I believe this may be a way of trying to get people to spend more money on gems however it takes the fun out of it as you find yourself playing two songs then waiting ours until you are able to play again. This is such a shame because it would be so good if this feature wasn’t added in the first place. I find it almost pointless to get on for 10 mins just to wait 8 or so hours to be able to play another 10 mins. I believe this needs to be fixed before going global and all that stuff because it really is killing the game..Version:

HelloHi Beatstar I am just asking would it be possible to add a few songs I now it’s a long shot but I will ask could you add never gonna give you up, ah ha(take on me) and come and get your love I love these songs and if I could have them in this my joy would be unimaginable but if it all comes down to copyright I will understand all this from just a fan P.S I was gonna Rick roll you but yeah P.S.S I love this app.Version:

Great game, not so great consumer designI really love the game and enjoy playing it to waste time and the sort but the only thing that I feel is really holding it back is the fact that you get locked out for hours while waiting for a case to open unless you pay with gems. I could see how this could be appealing for a developer as a easy way to make some extra money but i feel that you would make more of people weren’t frustrated with the quite frankly absurdly long wait time. Besides that tho good game and would recommend..Version:

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