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Would you like to run your own store and be a manager? It's super fun and easy with Cashier 3D supermarket simulation!

Forget all other restaurant management and hyper job games you've played before, Cashier 3D is the best hypermarket simulation game! You'll enjoy buying and selling items as your store grows and customers come in!

Do not wait your customer too long! Manage your cash register correctly and count money quickly! Get ready to be rich and upgrade your store. Your customers are in a race, running around the store looking for more! Sell old items and buy new ones. Unlock new 3D items; grocery, games for kids, fruit ranch, booze, phone charge, instruments for sale, selective clotnes and designer shoes!

Imagine the registers in a store or bankers, they are so good at counting money. Cashier 3D is also a super fun money game for kids to learn counting money and calculating change. Just like a hyper teacher.

Join our cashiers and show them who's the best hypermarket manager!

Cashier 3D App User Reviews & Comments

It’s okayI thought this app would be more realistic and fun but it definitely has lots of ads and isn’t realistic at all. I would say that if you are thinking of downloading this app, there is probably a better cashier app out there with several less ads. I did enjoy playing for the first few minutes but afterwards it wasn’t fun. I didn’t even beat the game yet because the ads were so much that it made it boring and hard to play. If you don’t mind ads after every one or two rounds, this might be the game for you!.Version: 6.6

Stuck on stupidStarts out slow, easy peasy. I upgraded my shop then it got stuck. It forces you to watch an with no way to exit it unless you close and swipe away then plays the same ad again when you return to the game with the same results. Unable to proceed to the next customer..Version: 7.1.4

I like the game but can’t get past a glitchI am on day 20 and have $6000 but it will not let me do the last store upgrade for $5000. It just does nothing when I touch it yet it shows I still have this upgrade. Can’t seem to move forward. It’s frustrating. I restarted my phone and everything. Happy to change this to 5 stars if someone can offer a fix..Version: 2.5.1

Bank ManagerA good cashier NEVER puts customer’s money in their drawer until customer is satisfied with their change. With money in the drawer first, customer can give cashier a $10 bill but insist it was a $20. With cash next to drawer, not in it, cashier can show customer exactly what they gave them. App also shows exactly the opposite way of making change. If given a 20 for a 5.94 purchase; 1 penny counts 5.95 + a nickel counts 6.00 + 4 one dollar bills count 7, 8, 9 and 10 + a 10 dollar bill counts 20. No wonder it takes forever to teach someone how to count change. This is a TERRIBLE app!!!!!.Version: 5.3

Would give 5 stars but...There are Wayyyyyy Too many ads. You need to offer a no ad option because this is a really fun game to pass the time but the ads are really killing the vibe for me and unless there's a no ad option soon I'll more than likely delete the game.Version: 2.4

Too many ads even after paying to upgradeThe ad thing is ridiculous! Also, when you upgrade this app I hope you put a time limit on all purchases to make it more challenging. Other than that, I think you guys started this app just to earn money off of the crazy amount of ads you have embedded into this game..Version: 5.5

An exaggeration of ads and can’t upgradeThere are way too many ads which is annoying because they’re 30 seconds long and you can’t even skip them. Constant ads every minute and once you’ve got the money to upgrade to a bigger store, the button doesn’t work therefore all you have left to do is accumulating an immense amount of money. It’s fun but changes have to take place..Version: 2.5.1

Can’t upgrade storeAny ideas on how to upgrade the store? I click where it says upgrade and nothing is happening. I have more than enough money for the upgrade. The other issue is the amount of ads. My god... overall, not a bad game but you need to fix the upgrade issues and cut back on the ads..Version: 2.5.1

Good game but inappropriate adsI like this game and I believe it is fun and great for kids to learn how to count and handle money but there is one ad that really upsets me. This ap is rated for age 4 plus but there is an ad called Romance fate that is for 17 plus and the ad shows inappropriate homosexual pictures with activity and it asks how would you react. I would never want my child to see what is revealed in this ad!.Version: 6.2

Fun for a short period of timeSo like everybody else I agree that this game has WAY too many ads. I am an accountant so I find giving change to be therapeutic. Well, I'm on day 83, I'm stuck in a Halloween store and the game says upgrade coming day after day. Add to that my change drawer is locked up this morning so I can't give any coin change. The game is now worthless since I can't give back coin. Maybe it locked up because I have $36k saved up? Regardless of why the game locked up I guess it's time to delete the app and move on. Shame, if they made some small tweaks it would be enjoyable but apps are about making money and the developers will never make any money off this accountant. 💵.Version: 7.1.2

Fine but...I paid for the no ads, got the confirmation it wa successful, closed the game and the ads are still there. Went to the developers online site to file a complaint and they are requiring me to add a phone number. I don’t want to because I don’t want spam calls from them selling it. Going to ask Apple for a refund and move on..Version: 5.3

Not letting me receive my tip rewards and too many adsThis is so frustrating because I will earn a lot of tip money than the app won’t even let me watch the video so that I can get the reward. Also they need to cut down the ads. I got the game to play not watch the same ads over and over again. Other than that it’s a really fun and interesting game..Version: 6.3

What the heck.This game is for ages 4 + . With that being said . Why the heck are the ads geared to women having sex. Couples in a sex chambers. Dressing a women meeting mom for dinner . Those were the ads I saw. I’m over 40. And those ads were too much I had to delete your app. Because I couldn’t block them . I want a game not a Ads that promotes sex! If I had any kids they certainly would not play this game. Can’t you find better kid friendly ads. Or go Ad free. I will give you 1 star . It did look good for teaching math..Version: 10.3

New updateI like this game a lot. But now with this update there is a ad right where the settings go. And I wish there was a way to remove ads which there isn’t and I can’t see my settings to see if there is a way very annoying..Version: 6.1

Helps you with math,money ❤️🤍This app is amazing this app may have a little bit of ads but people need to know how to count and that’s why I recommend this app it teaches how to count but in a fun way it’s a great app and I think it needs a little more updates but other than that it makes you laugh and helps you learn aka for math come on now bad reviews are just boarded out because they know how to count but to be honest your just a hater this app is AMAZING . You get to have fun and get to lean couldn’t get any better than that come on now I recommenced..Version: 6.6

App is fun but crashes non stopI’m new to this app. I love the game but why does the watch an add button stop working after a little while? I even had to lose am my tips because I could hit the watch an ad button. Now a lot of the time I can’t even play I open it and it crashes. Hopefully these issues can get worked out. It’s be great then!.Version: 3.3

I love this, but..Ok, I’ve downloaded this maybe an hour ago. I like it but I’m angry because I accidentally put a 50 into the 1 cent area instead of the 1 dollar area. Now I have 5,000 pennies and I can’t shift them anywhere else since they are the least of value..Version: 2.2

Broken link?I enjoy playing the game, however the ads (while understandable) have become quite annoying, when I click the no ads link widget, nothing happens. Is there a broken link? Once I can remove the ads, I will update the rating. Thanks..Version: 6.1

No Ads PurchaseI bought the no ads version of this game for $3.99 and there are still banner ads as well as pop ups after each level. I’ve tried to press restore purchase, close the app and reopen, I even tried buying the no ads version again to make sure it went through and it said “you’ve already purchased this would you like to get it again for free?” Would not recommend paying for the no ads..Version: 5.3

OkI don’t like it that much I mean it’s fun I have most of there three d games just this was a little bit boring now your probably why meeting why did you give it five star well I wanted to be nice.Version: 7.0

DisappointedI love this game I paid for the no,add version. It wouldn’t let me upgrade my store when it said I could. Also my money that I paid for the game is gone! it wants me to re-purchase ad free again vert disappointed!.Version: 6.8

Ended up deleting the appThe Game was pretty fun to begin with until about day number 6.There was nothing left to do in the app to achieve I had unlocked everything that was available and under store upgrades it continues to say “coming soon”. I would normally be fine with that and wait for an update however the app has been updated multiple times since I reach the “coming soon” saying. Maybe at some point later when they actually bring out more things to do I may re-download the app but at this point I have no interest in it anymore because there is nothing more to expand on..Version: 6.7

Too. Many. AdsThere are far too many ads for the game to be remotely enjoyable. You’ll play a round or two and then an ad will come up. Play one more round and you’ll be forced to watch an ad in order to obtain more money. Play another two rounds and another 30-second non-skippable ad will appear. In my short time spent on this, it came off as more of an advertisement for Homescapes than an actual game..Version: 5.2

Thanks to this gameI love this game so much it heaps me like math this game need all the stars it can get love this game i told my friends and family about it evan my 6 year old cousin is playing this game to help her like I love this game so much it might actually help with grades.Version: 6.3

Fun but way too many adsThis is a fun game but way too many ads. A 30 second ad after each customer.! Way too much! I am uninstalling. Don’t want to waste that much time on ads. You must becoming filthy rich on advertising with this game..Version: 3.1

Is this really a game, didn’t seem like itYou do the same actions over and over. You ring up the item, take the money, and then provide change. No deviation. After you finish a couple of customers you watch an ad. Then rinse repeat. They Lead you to believe you are upgrading your store, but it doesn’t do anything to the gameplay besides add different items. But you still complete the same steps. Move along, nothing to see here..Version: 5.6

Need more updatesI never had the issue of running out of change, but once you update your store to the highest level it gets boring. I practically beat the game in less than an hour. Now I’m just making change and have nothing to do with all the profit I’m making. Maybe creating an update where once you reach the highest level on that store you buy another and pretty much redo everything but a better looking, maybe larger store?.Version: 2.2

ChristyOnce you get so far you just build money. Need to have a way to use extra money in register and also for new stores I have nothing to buy or anything available and have only played for one week. Giving one more week then going to delete. Only one register and 6 colors and 6 colors of money..Version: 5.8

To many adsI was enjoying the game at first but the amount of ads they force you to watch is beyond tolerable. It is one thing to watch an ad when trying to add money to your game however at the end of each level they force you to watch that over and over and over again it’s beyond annoying..Version: 6.0

Think this might be cute for kids...If they can get past the “play for 30 seconds, watch an ad for 30 more.” I get that ads are how you pay for free apps, but it’s a little frustrating. Good game to learn how to make change though. Think today, cashiers have to just rely on their registers. If there’s ever a power outage, they’re out of luck..Version: 5.8

More ads than game playI downloaded the game because I saw an ad for it on Instagram and it seemed fun. The amount of ads on the game is absolutely ridiculous. I understand it’s a free game but it’s not even a video ad every level. It’s two ads every single customer and there’s usually four customers a level. On top of the ridiculous amount of ads between customers that you can’t help, they offer you even more ads that they want you to willingly choose just to continue the story line. There was a point where I had to either pay a robber the amount he was asking or watch an ad. I mean, you have got to be kidding me. I let him rob me and then deleted the game. Wouldn’t recommend downloading it. It’s honestly pointless..Version: 6.3

Paid for no ads and still seeing adsIf I’ve paid for no ads I expect to not see ads. For what reason do I have to see an ad after each transaction once I’ve paid my money? I don’t see the point of paid for no ads just to still have to see them. You’re getting over on people and it just makes me want my money back. This game has so much potential but you all ruin it with your scheming and lack of effort to make the game better. It very clear you’re just in for the money which is unfortunate..Version: 5.8

Just a suggestionPut in an option to switch between the stores I’ve bought I’m enjoying it, but maybe put in random discounts for the prices from time to time. Even though there’s a lot of items, it still makes sorting out change predictable. Also if there are no more upgrades, then cover it with something like upgrades coming soon..Version: 2.6

Unrealistic and with many adsIf you are using this app for an educational purpose, don’t bother. In this game, you can take for example a $20 bill and put it into the five dollar bill slot, turning the 20 into for five dollar bills. I played three rounds, before having an ad pop up. So it asks you to watch ads at the end of every level, to increase the amount of money that you earn. If you’re looking for a cash register game that is educational, check out Supermarket Cashier..Version: 2.9

Overall good, just needs a few changesThis is one of the few mobile app games that I can say is at least a little fun. While I do enjoy the concept and the content, I’ve noticed that it gets repetitive. I haven’t played more than 15 levels, but the confetti after every single customer seems to be a little much. I also think that the game would be more interesting if there was someway you could fail, and it’s be even better if there were multiple customers in a single level. I will reiterate that I haven’t played more than 5 minutes, so the game could give me more than expected later on, but this is my first reaction to it and I wanted to share it..Version: 7.1.4

Not worth purchasing for $2.99You think it would remove the ads since you bought it but it really doesn’t. There are still ads on the title screen, VIP customers you still have to watch an ad to be able to play them and even at the end of the day in game, you still have to watch an ad to collect your tips. Over all it’s a rip off buying the game when it’s still so ad based. Save your money..Version: 8.2

Paid for ad free and it still has adsThe game is cool, ads are definitely not which is why I paid $3 to not have any....HOWEVER I STILL HAVE ADS! Literally every 3 seconds and ALSO a constant on screen ad that is so in the way I can’t even see the scale when it pops up. Super annoying! I will definitely be writing iTunes about this AND requesting that they reimburse me..Version: 7.1.1

EhThis app would be way better if it wasn't so boring and if it wasn't advertising in store purchasing after every game. Plus it's annoying having to press the "tap to play" screen after every customer. Just have multiple customers for each level instead of 1 customer per level. Tbh i'm probably going to delete it soon.Version: 7.0

Helps with math a lotI love this game! It helps me with my math I’m one of these ppl that are learning about it so it’s very helpful I literally just downloaded this a bc d it’s amazing here are some cons and pros. Pros I like that the price the person asks for and you help them you get the same amount of money that they asks for for the item! Also it definitely helps my math pro number 2... I like that there are VIP customers who will pay a LOT of money for there items and all that money goes to you amazing! 3rd and last pro... i love the way you can make you building better and that you can unlock stuff just by playing!! Cons... lol there are no cons I love the game so much it’s addictive parents if y’all are reading this I wanna say that this is not a inappropriate game it is very fun helps with math and you don’t get bored easily super fun I definitely recommend this app for anyone who likes math or needs a little help bye thx for reading my review.Version: 7.1.1

It’s good until you run out of changeOnce you run out of 5’s and 1’s it’s hard to give out the proper amount of cash especially when your low on change.Version: 2.0

Love the App but...I really love the App, but lately When i to 3plicate my amount it freeze and the only option is to ignored and take de amount. Also When i received the bonificación it freeze and dosen’t let me watch the video for the extra money... but aldooo i love the App.Version: 2.7

Needs more levelsI’ve got almost 200 K and I’m on day like 100 some thing and there’s no more updates no more levels. When are you going to get me a new store or a new mall or some thing that I can spend the money on it is getting really boring just bringing up people. If this is all there is then this is going to be a very lame game. I keep looking to upgrade my register there’s nothing I want to updateMy store my product inventory etc. but there is nothing to spend the money on you’ve got a good thing here but not when you can’t spend the money might as well give it to the robber..Version: 3.5

Too much ads and it is one dimensionalDespite the name of the game “cashier 3d” it is very one dimensional. Once you get to a certain point after about 30 minutes of gameplay the game gets boring and pointless. You have an ad every two customers and you need to watch an ad just to progress the storyline. I even spent $3 to get rid of the ads and that is the worst $3 I have ever spent in my life. After getting rid of ads, they still put neverending ad on the left of the screen, which takes up about 20% of the screen and never ends, you still have to watch ads to get the most amount of money..Version: 6.7

The game is cool, but the ads are annoying.Don’t pay to get rid of ads. They just put a huge ad on the left of the screen that does not go away and covers the weight on the scale and three treasure boxes. I assume it’s the point but would’ve never spent the money if I had known I wouldn’t be accomplishing anything by making the purchase to get rid of ads..Version: 10.2

Short with a lot of adsThe game is okay. Could use some sound effects or music as well as more upgrades or being able to sell store and buy a larger place where you need to improve that one. I got all updates in less than 90 minutes of play. If you want to make it take longer don’t watch the ads for the bonuses, there’s plenty of ads already. Once you have all upgrades there is no motivation to play so I will probably delete it soon. For those complaining about running out of certain bills or coins, just move a bill or coin of a higher amount to get more of the bill/coin you need..Version: 2.4

Tracking and needs more updates!When I first got the game it was great! I have practically beat the game though and it is boring.🙄 It has the same customers and the game is so simple. It is getting boring playing this same game with the same exact customers. It doesn’t make sense when you get a ton of money and it just goes to waste in just like 2 min. I don’t have as much fun as I used to with this game at all!!! And google keeps telling me even the app tells me that my apps and I are getting tracked and I am not about to have that problem. Honestly I don’t recommend this game I hope the people that might want to get this game read my review first before purchasing the game because I want them to know that if they do download this game they could get tracked or die of boredom! 😡🥵😢🙄🥺 I honestly do NOT recommend this game AT ALL!!! 🤬😡🙄😑 it has terrible quality!🤬.Version: 6.3

Quantity of Ads are ridiculous!It’s a fun little game, kills time, teaches to count money, but an ad after every sale is overkill. They want you to pay to get rid of the ads. Here is a novel idea..update your game, get rid of all of ads and I would BUY THE GAME!!.Version: 9.1

Good gameIt has an ad after every purchase. It get frustrating so I turn my data off and play without WiFi so I can’t watch ads. But other than that it’s a temporary time knocker. After you upgrade your store it’s really nothing else to do. Delete and find a new game but it’s worth it I like it..Version: 6.3

New store upgradeI’ve stopped playing lately because I’m just making change for absolutely no reason. My store still has Halloween decorations and it’s been saying store upgrade coming soon but it never does.Version: 7.0

Fun for a good period of time.I first started playing this game and it was fun, but it needs updates. They have the same people almost every time and it gets very boring. It always tries to help me with the numbers, and I’m like….I don’t need help. I also want to make a point about the cash. It says that I need to give $2.50 back, but when I put only one down it says I completed. Over all I do not recommend this game if you want to be bad at math..Version: 9.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 11.4

WorstI can’t even get into the game it just glitches me out.Version: 2.5

UnhappyMy kids love playing this game but they get to where they can upgrade the store part for $5000 and it doesn’t let them do it. Also won’t let them collect tips. Unhappy kids.Version: 2.5.1

WARNING! Inappropriate ads!The game seemed innocent for a while until ads came up for “Fate romance stories and choices” (which is for ages 17 +) The ad shows a girl getting dumped by her boyfriend, then getting hit on by a girl.. the ad ends with a view of the girls legs open and she says “I’m drunk” and the other girl has to choose 1. If she will give it a go. Or 2. If she’s too scared. This is absolutely disgusting advertising! Especially when it’s being advertised on a game that is claiming to be for ages 4+..Version: 5.7

I turn before a 20 second ad every time. Rubbish.Only get 1 go each time before you have to watch a 20 second ad. Who could be bothered!.Version: 6.2

Too many addsWay too many adds. Play the game for 3 seconds then have to watch 1 minutes worth of adds to get extra money. Would prefer it, if you could choose your own currency. Would be a much better game if you didn’t have to watch so many adds or pay $5.99 to get rid of the adds.Version: 5.6

Like itLike the game and even PAID to remove ads however there is still a game ad in a square that stays on the left hand side. It gets in the way where I can’t pass certain levels because I can’t read the scales??.Version: 6.2

Just one more suggestion lolIt would be pretty cool if a customer is trying to pay with card but it gets declined due to insufficient funds so they have to resort to cash. It’s not a big deal but it would be a cool little Easter egg Oh wait one more (sorry). We should really be able to change the currency based on what country we’re playing in. Not everybody uses American dollars lol..Version: 10.3

Great gameGreat game but would be better if you could have really Australian money for kids to learn the right money..Version: 3.1

Addictive as only one problemSo I’m on level 48 and the past 10-20 levels I have had no shop upgrades or items to add but I’m still addicted to it heaps. It is even helping my math.Version: 2.9

DisappointedNo shop upgrades for weeks.Version: 7.1.2

Paid upgradeI paid for no ads and it’s not working. There’s no way to contact developer! Pls help..Version: 5.3

Paid money for what?Very disappointed! Not only can you not change currency (Australian) but when I paid to get rid of ads, it only gets rid of a tiny portion of them. Other games I’ve paid to remove ads and it takes ALL ads away completely. Including bonuses and VIP customers etc. Big let down and waste of money.Version: 5.6

Bad gameI can’t even get into the game it takes battery and info to download for nothing I’m not happy and I’m normally really happy. Also everyone have a great day 👋.Version: 2.3.1

Good gameFirst of all if I’m paying for NO ads I expect NO ads even the double the amount I shouldn’t have to watch ads Second I’ve now reached a point where I have saved my store from a robbery and it just glitches please FIX THIS ASAP.Version: 3.3

Waste of timeBrought no ads *BAD MOVE!!!* still gotta watch ads to get more money! *Eyerolllllll*.Version: 5.6

WASTE OF TIME!!!!The game started off really good UNTIL updating the store no longer worked!!!! So now i’ve got over $20,000+ and nothing to spend it on because the upgrades are not working. Worst part of it is that you can’t even contact the app creators to let them know theres a GLITCH!!!.Version: 2.5.1

MadIt's the worst l want to play but it won't let me.Version: 2.5.1

Not thrilledWhen I go to upgrade with the $5000 it won’t let me at all. Fix this please NOW.Version: 2.5.1

So far it’s good but there’s a lot of ads.Can you please fix the game and try to remove ads if unnecessary. :(((.Version: 5.7

Paid for no ads but still show lots of ads!Paid for no ads but still show lots of ads! I want a refund!.Version: 5.3

GoodI love this game so much it is fun and you can learn from this game how to do maths.Version: 2.2

The adds are crazy.. I wouldn’t even bother down loading wWay too many adds...Version: 6.2

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Cashier 3D 11.4 Update

Version 11.4 (2021-06-12): ~Performance improvements!.

Version 10.2 (2021-05-26): ~New mini game added!.

Version 9.0 (2021-05-07): ~Bonus level added!.

Version 8.1 (2021-04-27): ~New mini game added!.

Version 7.1.4 (2021-04-17): ~Level improvements!.

Version 7.0 (2021-04-06): ~Performance improvements!.

Version 6.3 (2021-02-28): ~Performance improvement..

Version 6.2 (2021-02-19): ~New levels added..

Version 6.0 (2021-02-06): ~New items added..

Version 5.8 (2021-01-29): ~New skins are added..

Version 5.6 (2021-01-08): Bug Fixes.

Version 5.2 (2020-12-18): Performance Improvements.

Version 4.2 (2020-11-20): Bug Fixes.