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Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the mazes, stack up the tiles higher and higher and reach for the skies!!!

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OkThis game has lots for ads and not only that it’s actually harder to lose than actually to win it’s very easy to complete this round and give you skins that I don’t even like in most people are not going to like them I don’t really recommend you getting this game if you wanted to if you wanted to get it you could buy it I don’t really recommend anybody younger than eighth grade I mean anybody higher than eighth grade to really get it it’s going to get really boring this game has lotta bad and not only that it’s actually harder to lose didn’t actually win it gives your skins that you don’t even like you have to work hard to get the skin like you have to play like a lots of rounds and I don’t really recommend anybody higher than eighth grade to get it it’s going to probably be very boringI didn’t have time to edit this and plus I’m too lazy to but this game is not the best.Version: 2.3

HonestlyI personally think that this game is a four but I give it a three because there are a good amount of ads not like the other games where there it an ad every five seconds this game is pretty decent about it and there is an ad after every game and trick of you don’t like ads then turn on airplane mode and you don’t have ads of course it has to be a game that doesn’t have to have WiFi and if you want something that costs ads then you will have to turn it back on but other than the ads that is about it, it is a really fun game and I hope you enjoy it thank you for reading this post.Version: 1.9

One Single ProblemIt’s a great time waster (the collecting sound is also very satisfying) but the thing I HATE about any of these games, is that you click no thanks to an ad and the game is just like, “Oh hey dude he clicked no thanks, I am gonna give him a ad anyway.” Like why, I clicked no thanks for no ads, why am I getting an ad for it, I would prefer an ad each 5 levels..Version: 1.9

THE LONGEST REPORT ON EARTHTHIS GAME IS SO FUN!! I started to play this game for 2 years now and j in t is sooo much fun j in r maybe 2years but anyway this game is s ok fun and this is why I rated in it because it definitely hast to have a good ratings and thank you for marking this game I know this is a long review on this game but it should get a good report AND EVERYONE REMEMBER THAT BE GOOD AND THANKFUL FIR WHAT YO IN GET. And h love that lots of people play this game sii ok have lots of fun!!!!! BYEEE.Version: 1.9

It’s okay..I won’t lie, it is a fun and addictive game except for the fact there are ad’s after each round... I understand businesses have to make money but there are just SO MANY ADS and not all of us can afford to buy no ad memberships but like they could’ve at least cut some slack for people, it’s a really enjoyable game if you don’t mind seeing ads every round, but they are skip-able.. Sometimes..Version: 2.3

The Level 1,000 JourneyI started playing this game a month ago typically like everyone else just wanting to try it out I then found myself consumed in a goal of reaching level 1,000 mainly because I wanted to see if the number could fit the box (spoiler alert) it doesn’t lol my journey was a long one I had to remind myself why I kept playing because yes this game does get very boring and does get exhausting I like that they add themes and skins you can purchase with coins you collect in game however by level 200 I had already bought everything my coins meant nothing I wish they would have added more skins and themes to the game also constant ADS I’ve watched a little over 1,000 ads in total the game also doesn’t allow you to buy no ads so your stuck after every level for the most part watching an ad and hoping to see that little X pop up to close it I also wish they made levels harder and different once you reach 300+ the levels remain the same and they like to use the same ones to make a level -_- super annoying but I’m down now I hope people enjoy this game and had fun when they did I’m hanging up my towel it was a pleasure.Version: 2.0

Cannot Claim RewardsI would give 5 stars but for some reason even after playing the required amount of levels to unlock a skin I cannot claim it. I try to click to watch the video to claim my prize but it doesn’t do anything and won’t let me watch a video. The same thing happens when I try to do the x2 or anything to multiply my score as well. It shows the ads in between levels just fine but won’t let me watch an ad for anything else..Version: 1.9

IssuesWhenever I try and run this app for more than ten minutes my phone literally blacks out. My home button won’t work when that happens and it takes forever to load back up again. on top of that it has 30 second unskippable ads. I usually finish a round of playing this around a minute, then to be greeted with the same 30 second ads over and over again gets repetitive and annoying for me. I know you that a game has to make money, but it feels as though the game is a cash grab. Gameplay however is fun and satisfying for me, and would recommend to someone that just needs a break for a few minutes..Version: 1.7.1

Fun but too many adsI like the game but the ads are really annoying. They happen every time you finish a round, when it says you have the option to play an ad and unlock an additional 20% of a reward. Even if you say no, a 30-second ad plays anyway. There are also banners in the game and no option to pay a fee to turn them off. That’s my only complaint but it’s kind of a big one since they’re everywhere..Version: 2.4

I love your game it sucker I just want to like see you in real lifeI wish you were so famous and I wish you came so famous I just love stacking the stuff that I’m trying to win it the one on one was completely hard like I don’t know what do you like when your helpers are creators real help your creators they probably like me to so hard for me I’m like on the six and I have a iPhone 11.Version: 1.9

Plagued with adsYou can’t have fun in this game unless you turn on airplane mode to get rid of the ads. There are unskippable ads after every single level without fail and at the start of every level there’s a small ad at the bottom left corner that is there for you to accidentally click on it. Even if there was an ad that was every other level this would be a good game. Sadly it ruins all the fun and you can’t progress through the levels without being interrupted by annoying ads..Version: 1.9

This game is like all other garbage free mobile gamesThis game, like pretty much all other free mobile games, is garbage, because there is ad spam, stupid ads for this game, and it’s so easy it isn’t even fun. The ads can be fixed with airplane mode, sure, but I don’t care. The ads for this game make it look stupid hard, but either the people playing are morons, or they were told to miss as many tiles as they can, and then if they didn’t make it, come back around and get more. This game is like almost all free mobile games. Garbage..Version: 1.9

It is the most fun game that I ever played!!!!!!!I love it so much I play all day every day it’s so far everything is good I love it so much you have to get it super super super fun and not too hard that’s why I like it and I usually just play this all day every day basically 24 seven so so so fun you have to get it if you don’t I’ll be really mean just kidding I won’t be mean but I’ll be mad so that’s why you should get it..Version: 1.9

Fun Time WasterI downloaded this app because of that stupid ad on TikTok. It’s turned out to be so fun. Yes, there are a TON of ads. There are ads before and after everything, but turn on airplane mode and they go away. Yeah, you won’t be able to reach the bonus levels, but those are just for coins for more skins, there’s nothing else to “buy”. Ultimately, it’s just a fun little time waster game, the levels aren’t too hard so I can kinda zone out and it helps with my anxiety..Version: 1.8.2

Not bad, but could be betterOverall, the game isn’t terrible. There aren’t any gamebreaking glitches, nor are there any huge issue. However, that’s all, it just works. I know that’s what I should be expecting under the pretense of it being a mobile game. Especially one which had its advertising as something as ridiculous as “I can’t make it to X!” Still, I feel as though it has potential to have been something passable. One of the most glaring issues is how few levels there are. Altogether I’d say there’s about 30. Which never truly get any more difficult. I beat them all in less than an hour. In conclusion, it’s not bad, but it’s not great. You may not try to do better, but I know you can. You’re not being the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be..Version: 1.9

Extreme disdainI despise the ads that I see for this game with my entire being. They plague my life. Every app I open has the same stupid ad for this game, where the player intentionally never collects all of the tiles, and I have seen them so many times that I am now permanently emotionally scarred. So in return, I downloaded their stupidly easy game and immediately turned airplane mode on before I opened it so they would receive zero ad revenue from me, beat the first 6 levels perfectly with ease, and then promptly deleted the game from my phone. Did I mention I hate the ads for this game?.Version: 2.3

Too many adsThis is a fun little puzzle game, challenging but not frustrating. I would enjoy it more if it didn’t have ads after every single level. I understand the need for the ads and am fine with having to sit through them, but it would be much better if they were more spaced out..Version: 2.4

So fun!! Suggest reading this.Okay so when I first got it, it seemed like a pretty good game! And not gonna lie it is a good game. People complained about the ads but if you turn of you Siri or put your phone of airplane mode there will be no ads! I’d definitely suggest playing it, it’s super fun and entertaining. It also has a really good concept! I don’t really know why people hate on this game. Play it if you want! It’s so fun. Have a good day/night/afternoon if anyone is reading this! ☺️.Version: 1.9

A perfect example of how NOT to make an iOS gameGameplay wise, there’s nothing new here. It’s just like old puzzle games (or more recently, Quell), where you have to figure out which direction to slide your character, who doesn’t stop until they hit a wall. I’ve always liked games like this, and having an in game currency to reward playing is fine. The issue is that like many other free games you see being advertised, it is literally filled with ads. I don’t just mean every few rounds, I mean there are ads EVERY round. As I always say for free games, video ads that give incentive (Adventure Capitalist/Communist are great examples) are fine because the player can CHOOSE when to watch them. This game has that and banner ads, which are fine. But forcing video ads that don’t give anything so frequently as a way to make the player pay to disable them is a dirty practice. Yes, there are big games that unfortunately do this as well (PvZ2), but they tend to only force ads every once in a while, not every thirty seconds. Devs, if you’re reading, at least lower the amount of forced ads the player sees. Try playing you’re own game yourself without disabling ads and see how much fun you have. If you’re not having fun, then you need to change your game..Version: 2.4

Pretty goodSo this game is really fun but there are adds after every level and you have to watch and add to do the coin levels and to get some people that one is fine but still. There are different sceneries and you can try them before buying, there are also a ton of people and animals to race with! Like I said other than all the adds this game is really fun ☮️ have good day!.Version: 2.4

It’s good..So this game is really fun! I personally never ever wrote reviews but I wanted to for a change, I found this game on a road trip and downloaded it.I’ve loved ever since except there’s something that annoys me it’s when at the end you use the leftover titles to see how much u get. the annoying thing is if I make it to the end I get 73, but if I miss the end by ONE I get 53. :/.Version: 2.3

This game is really badSome games are genuinely fun, some are a good thing to play to kill time, some just feel like time wasters; This game is none of these. This is genuinely the most boring game I have ever played. Not only does this game make you feel like you are waisting your life, it’s doesn’t even give any enjoyment or sense of reward while playing it. You just follow the pattern and collect all the tiles, even in the higher levels. There’s no thought involved in playing this game. Their is no sustenance in this game, like a dark empty void that steels your life away. I haven’t played very much but I want the little time that I have waisted on this pathetic worthless excuse of a game back. This game is awful in every sense of the word. As an overall review: This game has bad mechanics which leads to unfulfilling gameplay. Very monotonous and boring, would absolutely not recommend under any circumstances..Version: 2.2

Waste of timeThe ads last longer than the actual gameplay, i remember when mobile games weren't plagued with ads, i haven't played a game on my phone in years and i thought this one looked satisfying so i tried it, and the levels last around 8 seconds, and you get Atleast a minute of ads in-between, it will ask you if you want to watch an ad for bonuses and you'll say no and then you'll get an ad anyway, all mobile games are anymore are just ads with a game as a bonus, you're better off just making people pay for a good game rather than wasting peoples time with a game that has potential but is ruined with the amount of ads.Version: 1.9

Good but too much adsWhen I would complete it will tell me do I want watch a ad for 200 coins instead of 59 coins I said no and I just wanted the 59 and when I would press continue if we don’t want to watch the add and where still yet getting it then there’s no point on having us continue you if there’s going to be an add so please fix that I love these types of games but just fix the ads pls.Version: 2.3

Not Worth It If You're Looking For A Time KillerI really enjoyed the concept and design of the game. It in and of itself is great... In theory. There are two problems I see with the game. First off: it's way too easy. I understand it's supposed to begin easy and get harder, but a few levels in you should be challenged a little bit for a sense of fulfillment at the completion of the level, not just swiping away on the screen. Second problem: there are WAY too many ads to make it worth while. I understand that's how the game stays free and all that, but with how short the levels are w in their an ad after each of them, there's no point. Half of your time on the app is watching ads that you thought you wouldn't have to watch because you didn't click the "watch for x5 reward" button. So with the amount of ads in the game combined with the inability to challenge yourself within its puzzles, I'd definitely give it 3 stars on a GOOD day..Version: 1.9

Good butI think the game is fun and all but after every level or what ever you cal it you have to watch a ad and the ad is always like 30 seconds to a minute and like 30 seconds so I would like if you guys had a up date we’re you guys would make it to we’re there would be like 5 time less ads or something thank you.Version: 2.3

I love this gamePlay this game this is the best game ever that’s stupid TikTok made usWatch too many ads so you might want to play this game this is the best game ever so play this game because it’s very fun and if you don’t play this game you will not have the best time ever because whenever you play this game you have the best time ever this is so much fun play ti.Version: 1.9

Good but could have a few changes1,when I saw the ad it was different you could control when you had to go to a different square (not the next level ) 2, I think when you are trying to get a new character it’s so slow like it takes to long to get one I don’t know about you but it’s annoying to me These are just a couple of changes.Version: 2.4

This is the best gameThis game is fun it Teacher you some math and you canHave fun all day long on the game I love it so much this is so fun thank game developer. One more thing this game is good but just like any free game a lot of add but this is one of the best games ever it is fast it doesn’t Lag. This is so much fun and you should get it you will not regret it this is so much better than other games.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love this game. And you will love it 😍 so get it is you love it and like it give a 5 star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I do not work for this game I just love it. IF YOU NEED FUN GET THIS GAME THE GAME HAS A LOT OF DIFFERENT LEVELS AND IT NEVER GETS BORING AFTER A LONG TIME YOU WILL LOVE IT..Version: 2.0

KadanceIt’s a fun app to play if your bored and need something to do quickly, but there are WAY to many ads! You play one little round and you have to watch an ad, and then you have to wait for it to load again and then the same thing happens after another round! All I’m saying is, I need you to get rid of some of the ads or shows please!!❤️🙏.Version: 1.9

MehI’m giving it three stars because although it is fun to play in satisfying every time you play there’s an ad before and after and at the end I asked you would you like to watch an ad for some extra coins or a bonus but if you say no it still makes you watch an ad so it’s kind of pointless to ask if you want to bonus for an ad when you still have to watch an ad anyway..Version: 1.9

Good game but some flawsSome of the flaw are that the rounds are sooo short and that there are adds that you “HAVE TO WATCH” just to get to the next round. Some good things about the game is that you Learn to solve those kinds of brain games. And the game is really fun so if you could make the levels longer and cut back on the adds this could be the perfect game. 👍😉.Version: 2.2

The game is okayI think this game is okay. It’s something to do when your board and have nothing else to do. It helps pass the like if your at a family event(like a wedding, a get together, dinner at your aunt or uncles house. Not a funeral though don’t go on your phone at a funeral.) or when your just bored at home. Overall I think it’s a good game to past time..Version: 2.3

One impossible level to 100% clearNot only do the levels repeat itself at a certain point, it repeats this one level that is impossible to 100% clear. You can’t approach the 2 squares on the left side from the top or bottom because there isn’t a space. You have to directly from the right side but there is an open wall on the other side so you just fall off. It seems like you have to watch an ad twice since you would die twice going for the last 2..Version: 2.1

Ads, ads, and ads!The reason I give this a four star is because there are ads! Not a little, a lot! Like literally after every short level there’s a really long ad! It would be better if there was an ad every 10 levels. But the game itself is actually pretty fun. Hint; try to get all the blocks. If you don’t then it’s a tough ride. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day/nice night!.Version: 2.3

Very good game but could be betterHello, I am sending this review to tell you guys that this game is AWESOME but every time I finish a level, there would be a 30 second add but I can skip some of them or fast forward but I recommend someone fixing the add problems but anyways this game is the BEST. It is highly complicated when the levels get higher and I LOVE it😍 Even though there is a lot of adds this game is the best so far that I downloaded so I love it 🥰 for the first few times. I downloaded this app because there were a few adds that showed this game and I thought that I could give it a go and when I downloaded it I found out that it was the best just like the adds said. Now last time, I LOVE THIS GAME BUT THE ADDS COULD HE A PROBLEM 😍😍❤️.Version: 2.3

😎I think it’s a pretty good game and it’s really easy actually you just have to get everything in the level and then you get them and then you get the chest so it’s really easy and I hope you like it but you should really try and venture capitalist I will I will try to do a review on that as well.Version: 2.4

AdsOk too start off there are ads like a good amount but there is one ad that definitely disturbes me a lot it’s deactivate masters And I say this because the ad is just completely wrong when I first saw it I stopped playing I came back and I never seen it since but if it still there devs please remove the ad it is disturbing and you WANT A LITTLE FOUR YEAR OLD TO SEE THAT AD?!!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND sorry I just didn’t Like the ad so but if is out there just remove it. Overall rating: ok I gusse but yea ok game and when you are bored play just to kill time.Version: 2.2

CarlyI love this game so much!! I gave it a 5 star rating because first of all there’s no ads yay!! And second of all you do not have to have WiFi and once you get it you are so in to it you will not stop playing it there’s only one bad thing is once you are good at it it’s not that hard but overall I love it 👍.Version: 1.9

App is okay but numerous of ADSThe app, itself if okay and it’s very enjoyable to play if you have nothing else to do or like stacking blocks. But that’s when ads come into the game, everytime whenever you enter into a new level, there’s always an ad and it’s quite annoying. Also I don’t really complain about this part, but how the level’s obstacles for the game always repeats itself over and over again, which I wish they could of changed the obstacles..Version: 1.8.2

AddictingI absolutely love this game. I started getting adds of it on all my apps. After a week of getting adds for it, I finally decided to download it. And I couldn’t stop playing it! It’s super fun, and the difficulty is perfect. But there’s one little problem. Too many adds. There’s an add after every single level. Sometimes even two. So please put less adds. Thank you for reading..Version: 2.4

About the gameThe game is so good. The sounds the blocks make are so satisfying. This game is about basically collecting these little tiles and collect as much as you can to be sure you can reach the end to get the chest. In my opinion this game is satisfying and fun. You should try it out. If you don’t like it then delete it. Your choice not mine. Anyways have a good day!.Version: 1.9

It’s ok igIt is not that fun, there are way to many adds, and there is nothing extra that separates it from other games. So it is not that fun. It is just sliding around to collect blocks. Than you use them. It is literally doing nothing really. It does not get harder or anything. There are way to many adds. About like every time you play after there is an add. Lastly there is nothing extra that makes it different. No mini games no get extra coins it is just all the same every time. It is fun to just sit down and do when you just have extra time, like you are in a boring part of your show so you play this for the next few min and wait till it passes over, but you can’t play it for hours like other games..Version: 2.4

Good gameOkay so like not even 2 weeks ago I downloaded this app, and now I’m on level 201, I have seen different levels. Overall I do see some repeats, so maybe make more levels. It would also be nice if you had less adds. Every time I try to play it, gives me an add before, and after every level. Make more characters, I only see like 10 characters you can use, it would be nice if there where more. That’s not the main thing that needs to be fixed though. Overall I’ll give a rating 8/10..Version: 2.3

TOO MUCH ADS!!!!😡Right when I enter the game there is an ad, when I finish a round there is an ad, when I am about to start a new level theres an ad. Like when they say watch this ad to get a reward and I decline an ad comes anyway! You can add ads to the game but not that much please. Someone said “just open airplane mode” in the reviews, no one is gonna keep opening and closing airplane mode for a game! And even when I do open airplane mode it doesn’t help. SO PLEASE PUT LESS ADS CUZ I LOVE THIS GAME!.Version: 1.9

To many adds, and kinda slowIt’s a fun game if you’re bored, but each level only lasts a minute or two and you get an add every time you start a new one. Along with 1-2 adds on the side of the screen when beginning a new level, making it feel cluttered and slow. At the end of each level you watch your lil character slide across to get to the chest, then get a pop up asking if you want to double your coins, the pop up is slow appearing and slow going away. It becomes slightly annoying as you tap a few times to get it to go away then get an add once it finally does. Sometimes I’ll complete a couple levels and turn my phone off or go into another app, when I come back I usually have to recomplete a few levels, the levels are very easy, so no big deal, just something to fix in the future. Every time you win a level you get coins, I’ve got about 5000coins and haven’t seen anything worth spending them on. My suggestions for the makers of this game would be, maybe a few less adds, something more interesting to spend coins on, make the levels more challenging (like making moving objects, or objects to collect to open doors), and making the game run a little smoother. Other than that it’s definitely a fun game to play when bored at home or to pass time..Version: 2.0

Too much to sayThis game is great for when ur bored or just go on ur phone but there is a few issues that bug me about this app first off yes there is a lot of ads but another issue I have noticed is how boring it can get because there is hundreds of levels but all of them are pointless it’s the same thing over and over and it doesn’t get to a standard were it’s hard enough for the level you are on for example I am on level 223 and it’s not that hard so tbh I think if your bored you should download it to try it but not to keep because you are most likely to get bored.Version: 2.0

No Passion, Too Many AdsEvery single level is almost as long as an advertisement, which is played every single time you finish a level. So half the game time is watching ads, and the other half is playing the game. To do anything in this game, you need to watch ads. Portions of prior levels are then reused in another level, so it feels like even less time goes into playing a level versus having to watch an ad. This game would honestly not even be that bad, in fact it would be pretty mediocre, but you have an ad on the bottom of the screen, you have an ad on the left of the screen before you play a level, you have an add for doing things with character and level customization, you have an ad after every level. The game design is so borderline simplistic and insulting, and this game is a glorified marketing tool..Version: 2.4

Way To easyI played this game for a little bit until like level 30, then deleted it. The main problem that I have is that it is sooooo easy. I don’t think it is possible to fail, and if it is, you have to be trying to fail. There is no challenge to it. You just slide around until you got all the squares, and then you continue. My other problem is that it is repetitive. All the levels are similar, and there is nothing new. There also a lot of adds, but I’m not complaining too much about that. All in all, this game is super easy and there is no point in playing it..Version: 1.8.2

Too many Ads and glitchyThe ads for the game look fun. But when you realize that every single level is practically identical it loses the appeal. Plus between levels it offers to double you coins and double the progress to new skins if you watch a video ad. That’s fine I’m happy to watch an add for additional game content. But if you click “ignore” or “lose it” in order to not watch an ad... guess what??! You still have to watch an ad!!!! This is between every single level. Then when I earned enough for the skin it refused to let me claim it. Then played another ad. I had this game downloaded for a total of 10 minutes. Not worth the time..Version: 1.9

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.5

LOADS OF ADS!I love this game so much and I would be playing it every day but there is one problem.. ADS! SOOOOO MANY ADS!! After each round, there is an add- But guess what? I HAVE A SOLUTION! Turn on aeroplane mode the whole time you are playing. 😊😊.Version: 1.9

More time spent watching addsGame is pretty cool, but way to many adds. More than 1 add after each 10 second round on the game. Shame, because it’s a game I could’ve definitely become addicted to!.Version: 2.4

Ads play regardlessAfter each and every level, it gives an option for playing an add for 20% extra That’s all cool and all, every time I select ‘no thanks’ I get an ad playing regardless. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was after like ten levels or something, but after every. friggin. Level. It’s a bit excessive.Version: 2.3

It’s pretty goodThe game is really fun I just hate the adds every time you go to the next level there is an add but the game is good to me.Version: 2.5

To many ads - Cash GrabAfter every level there is a 30 second ad, the graphics in this game is poor and the levels are all similar.Version: 1.8.2

Love the gameYou should be able to buy tiles.Version: 1.9

Game is awesome but obnoxious ads killed itI deleted the game after the third level, can’t stand ads and when you put one after every single level it becomes really frustrating, don’t understand why you would do that ruined the whole game experience, 1 every few levels is acceptable get a grip..Version: 2.4

Ads are BORING!!The reason why I rated it a four star is because now I get what everyone is saying about the ADS!!! Its so BORING!! Every single level there is an AD!! But I know how you can upgrade it ( by doing when u get the blocks every time when they move with blocks to get other blocks u should make it so that it makes it harder😇) THANKS!!.Version: 2.4

TrickI love the game already addicted but sooooo many ads! The trick is to turn on airplane mode while you play the game!.Version: 1.9

WAY TO MANY ADDS!!!After every level there’s an add. Plus the levels are way to easy (I’m on 1000) the adds are boring and inappropriate! Boring and not for children (because of the adds).Version: 2.4

ADDS EVERY LEVELReally good game but after every level there’s an add so annoying you can’t wait to get to the next round right and then a thirty second add seriously though..Version: 2.3

Great game but…I would pay to remove ads if there was an option for it. Great fun to play but the ads are just frustrating so I never play for long..Version: 2.5

Good gamesThis game is super fun 🤩 so that’s why everyone should do a 5 star rating!!!.Version: 1.9

Great Idea But Poorly ExecutedI thought the whole idea for the game was great but it is an ugly game. Little to zero effort has been put in to make it look nice. Ads are horrible. They are on every single effort so if u won’t to be able to play the game at all I recommend going offline..Version: 2.5

I love this gameI love this game cuz It’s so satisfying btw I’m a beginner in this game I only got it today or the next 5 minutes I am a big fan of games on my iPad like among us cube surfer and heaps more games I can play on my iPad I always got through the treasure chest and I’m on level 4 in that game that’s super cool 😎 hope you have the same opinion like me bye 😽😍🥰😘.Version: 1.9

Pay to remove adsThis game is very addictive in nature and genuinely fun to play. I would have payed to remove the ads so I can breeze through the levels. Having the momentum stopped EVERY SINGLE LEVEL to shove an ad in my face kills the fun. I would 100% pay for ads to be removed (at a reasonable price) but considering there is no way to remove the ads as of this moment I’ll be uninstalling..Version: 1.9

To many ads. Ruins gameplayGame is awesome. But after every level there is an ad. It’s beyond a joke. Ruins the game. And thinking about removing. And I can’t even find a paid way to remove ads..Version: 1.9

To many adsI agree with some of the other reviews. As soon as you finish a level an ad would come up. It’s really annoying. But if you take the ads then the game is actually really fun!.Version: 1.9

So easy it’s boringIt’s good, but easy.... too easy It’s putting me to sleep (why does the ads for this make it look hard when a 2 year old can solve it easy?).Version: 2.3

You can forgive this...I absolutely love this game it’s sooo fun an addictive. However the only problem is that there is an add after every game, but you know what? I can forgive that because as I said, this game is sooo fun and addictive. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.9

It is what the ads are so im happyIm so glad they didnt trick us with the ad but its an amazing game except for ads.Version: 1.9

It Crashed my whole deviceCrush my whole device which is really annoying and I had to reset it if you wanted to keep crashing then download this game if not then don’t download this game 1/5.Version: 1.9

Challenges, Ads, and Advertisers about this gameI was looking forward to download this game because i thought there would be more complex and off the charts puzzles at one of the highest levels (If there is one), but it was easy as heck... And the ads really irritate me, every time I win a game it just pops up every time. And the ads about this game make it look so high in graphics but it’s just a waste of space.Version: 1.9

StrategiesI am really enjoying this game it a really good game for strategies Before you do it otherwise you have to go back.Version: 1.9

Way too many ads!I deleted this game due to the constant interruption of ads! Not only after each level, but during game play as well..Version: 2.5

Too many addsWay too many adds.Version: 2.3

Too many ads - uninstallingIts fun but not particularly challenging. Its literally drowning in ads though, you spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game. I’m uninstalling as a result.Version: 1.9

Too many adsYou get an ad for every level. Basically you spend more time watching ads than playing..Version: 1.9

Stacky dashI have an iPhone and I played this game and I like it but there’s only one problem there is so much ads I just can’t believe how much ads I’ve never had a game with that much Ads I just I am angry I am annoyed that there is so much ads but it’s a good game I like it it’s the best game I’ve ever had but there’s so much ads.Version: 2.4

This Game Is Nice, ButI really relate to what others are saying about ADS! They are All Obnoxious and they are annoying after EVERY. SINGLE. LEVEL. Aside from the ads, I think you should add some type of music in the background, (with a on or off) because it would help. The game is really nice, and well made, but those are the 2 things i think could improve. You can’t expect to make too much money off of a game with ads like that..Version: 2.4

Money HungrySeriously 5-10 seconds of game play to be hit with a 30 second ad plus asking to watch a video every couple of seconds to receive a boost. Played 3 levels and have now deleted the app..Version: 2.2

Tedious easy puzzlesYou only have to think a little bit once every three or four slow levels, and you don’t have to think very hard..Version: 1.8.2

Good appDownload this app it’s just so satisfying and easy to use and complete the levels I’m on level one hundred do you see how easy it is to play this app now so basically your aim is to get anuf tiels to get the trejer and there will be a bonus level you have to get the coins and at the end of the level the app will count the coins you have so download this app.Version: 2.5

Great gameI’ve just started playing and I love it I think it’s a super calming game but there’s a few adds but I don’t really mind.Version: 2.3

To Much AdsThis game is fun to play but when you beat the level you are on an ads always pop up when you beat the level but Overall this game is good game but it’s just too much ads. TO MUCH ADS!!!.Version: 1.8.2

Nice, nice..So this game is really fun and nice, however this game has a bit of a overload with ads. Even other reviews mention this but overall this game is fun, addictive and helps pass the time. 👌✨.Version: 1.9

The likesI think that this game is amazing and is so much fun to play when you are bored. But I like other games better..Version: 2.3

Who ever said to many ads just turn on airoplane modeGood game.Version: 2.3

Adds galoreEvery time you finish a level you have an add it put me off playing the game after the 4th level. You can have adds just not that many.Version: 1.9

To Much AdsThe game is great but there’s to much ads! You guys need to fix that..Version: 1.9

My reviewI love the game it’s just that the app has tooo many adds But if we put that behind there’s a few more problems So I hate that the game doesn’t go back Second is that it doesn’t have a more exiting purpose And that’s it.Version: 1.9

Decent game but..After playing for a little while the game starts to be jerky and crashes the app. The levels get real repetitive, same level over and over gets boring to play, and they don’t seem to get trickier. Need to play an ad to play the bonus level. Great idea and I did enjoy it, just over it crashing..Version: 1.9

DownloadedThis is just an overall great game.Version: 2.5

CoolIt’s a good game can you please make it harder though.Version: 1.9

I love this game and thank you for ivaint it really really funGreat work.Version: 2.0

MovingNot very easy to move the guy. He is too fast and out of control. Moves directions you don’t intend.Version: 2.4

Lots of AdsSo many Ads between levels.Version: 2.0

To much adsI love the game but their is way to much ads.Version: 1.9

Tooo much addsThe game is pretty good but there s a lot of adds and I keep getting annoyed by these adds can u please fix it?.Version: 1.9

Better than I thought it would beThe game it’s self isn’t too hard but it’s fun to play to pass time. Overall it’s a good game..Version: 1.9

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Stacky Dash
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Stacky Dash 2.5 Update

Version 2.5 (2021-06-02): .Update internal libraries .Thank you for playing Stacky Dash!.

Version 2.4 (2021-04-22): .Nicer, smoother shapes on bridges! .Thank you for playing Stacky dash!.

Version 2.3 (2021-03-22): Optimizations for smoother gameplay. Thank you for playing Stacky Dash!.

Version 2.2 (2021-02-22): .Added sound effect .Bug fix.

Version 2.0 (2021-02-07): Dozens of new levels! Gorgeous new backgrounds to unlock! Thank you for playing!.

Version 1.9 (2020-12-18): . More sound effects . More animations on the characters.

Version 1.8.2 (2020-11-30): . Optimization . Bug fix.