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Water Sort Puzzle App Download

Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!

• Tap any glass to pour water to another glass.
• The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and there’re enough space on the glass.
• Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time.

• One finger control.
• Multiple unique level
• NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Water Sort Puzzle at your own pace!

Water Sort Puzzle App User Reviews & Comments

Too many adsI got this game for my little brother and he really loved it so I tested it out as well. The game starts off pretty good and it’s fun and all but then comes the ads. After EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, comes an ad. Personally I don’t mind ads every once in a while but every single time you complete a puzzle it brings another ad. It gets super annoying and time consuming when you can be playing the game. Especially for the people like me who take no time at all to solve the puzzles, the ads become super annoying because it’s constant. I removed the app from my phone the day I got it. Please remove the amount of ads shown and I’ll possibly rate this game higher..Version: 3.0.16

Too many ads!!! GlitchyI installed this and it was fun but every round a add pops up then the game stutters a lot and I feel like some levels are kinda impossible so they force you to watch a add for another tube. But my final straw was when I exited the app because it started playing a add the was inappropriate and I didn’t want to see that and when I exited the app the music from the add was still playing I entered other apps to get the music to stop them turned my phone off then finally I just decided well maybe if I delete the app the music will stop playing and yea the music stopped but I won’t be downloading this game again it would be nice if they’d reduce the ads and the glitching but until then I’m good!.Version: 3.0.14

InterestingI downloaded this game off of TikTok after seeing quite a few advertisements about it. It looked like a fun game and I thought, “What the heck, why not? I can delete if it’s not fun.” However, to my surprise, it was fun. This app provides players with fun, calming puzzles that you can play when you have nothing else to do. It’s a great cure for boredom—I play this game whenever I have nothing else to do, I’m currently listening to a show writing this review after playing the game a bit—and it keeps me entertained for a pretty long amount of time. The puzzles start off easy—and in my experience—never really become too difficult. However, that’s what I enjoy about this game. For me it’s not some game I’m playing to challenge my brain and become smarter, it’s a game I’m playing to cure my current boredom. Overall this is a great, entertaining, well-rounded game, however, there is one problem with it. The ads. You know what I mean..Version: 3.0.14

Glitches on and on. It’s so annoyingOnce you start reading this review finish it. I have had this app for a few weeks and it glitches terribly. Sometimes I click on a bottle and try to transfer the color to a different container, it does nothing, and I have to double click and swipe is up. You might be thinking: “Well that stupid little girl might be clicking on a container that was already full.” I am 100% positive that I am not. Oh btw, it messed up my iPhone! Our WiFi has not been working good for a long period of time, so that might be it. All I am saying, is that I need to get some advice/tips from the creators of this app. So basically either my WiFi is down, or this app is a big fat dumpster that is full of half eaten calzones. Work on the app is what I am saying or everyone that reads this review will know that is glitches and won’t buy it..Version: 3.0.16

Awesome.... oh waitI love this game so much!! It is awesome!! I got it yesterday and I am already in the hundreds on levels!! It is so fun and challenging, the only problem I have with it is the fact that there is an ad after every single level almost!! I understand that you want to make money, but seriously, these ads need to stop, I shouldn't need to be shown an ad after every level that I beat!! Other than that this game is the best!! I would definitely recommend this game for you if you like puzzle games!! Thank you for taking time to read this review! I hope this is helpful for you in the future in some way! I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I do!! Bye!!.Version: 2.8.5

Relaxing and funThere is always a solution. It may take a while or I may need to exercise my option to get another vile but it is always fun. Yes, of course the ads are annoying but there is a solution for that... pay to remove them. There is a price for everything and I’m totally willing to pay for a good game and like that there is the option to try it out before I pay. Yes, there are rules and times you cannot move the liquid but they are easy to figure out and make complete sense. Thank you for not including weird background music or sound effects that are necessary to play the game..Version: 2.4.2

Fun game, devastatingly glitchyThe concept of the game is clever and the puzzles aren’t too easy but not so hard that they frustrate you. What will frustrate you is that once you get into the 100s levels it becomes impossible to play due to freezing and lagging constantly. It’s truly infuriating. I really don’t mind the adds but the freezing and lagging gives me headaches from pure rage lol not relaxing at allll. And all that stuff about overheating the battery is true too. It rlly doesn’t make any sense because it’s such a simple game it shouldn’t be that laggy. It truly makes the game so disappointing. Don’t get it if or you’ll end up writing an app review for the first time in your life at 5am because your so disappointed XD.Version: 3.0.12

Pigeon says:So, it’s fun and all but it can be frustrating. Like myself :). I think it’s a good game for old people to play when they are bored and they’re like, 19 grandkids aren’t over. The colors look like acid and it’s satisfying! It’s also good for parents to distract their kids with, but it doesn’t last long as you can tell because I’m writing this review instead of playing the game. The sweet, sweet kids might rage quit and throw ze ipad/phone/computer etc. At the wall and break it. So be prepared to buy a new one. I hope you like the game, because I spent 1 minute getting it. It’s like so worth it so like um like um yesh. eNjOY uR gAMe rEaDeR~~~! PS: the game may explode. (Ok anything that came out mean sorry about, I love the game and think it’s awesome! No hate or meanness intended! Love the devs who worked so hard on This. Mostly everything written is a joke, so don’t take it seriously. Again, love the game! Goodbye!).Version: 3.0.14

Fun but Tears Through Your BatteryThe game is a lot of fun! Not simple puzzle concept that can het surprisingly difficult. Definitely a great way to last the time. The only problem is that this game drains your phone battery super fast. Faster than it can charge, even. Started playing it with 100% battery life, while it was still on the charger. Played for maybe an hour. My battery was now at 84%. Keep in my, it was still on the charger. My phone also gets incredibly hot after playing for awhile. Its a good game, but playing for longer than a few minutes at a time isn’t a good idea if you aren’t easily able to charge your device..Version: 3.0.13

Ads and overheating; not as advertisedI saw this app as an (optional) add in one of my other games, and it looked like a lot of fun. Upon downloading, I noticed that it didn’t look as or play polished as advertised. There was no background music, and I couldn’t hear the apparent water sound effect at all. The gameplay itself is very chill, but nothing ever really changes much, and the game gets very same-y. All of this would be tolerable if not for the ads that play after every level. It’s incredibly frustrating and disruptive. The ads on the bottom of the screen are unobtrusive, but one video after every level? These are short levels, as well. I’ve seen other reviewers say that they tried to pay to get rid of ads, but that their payment didn’t register, or that it did but only gave them an option to skip ads as opposed to removing them. This is completely unacceptable. To make matters worse, I could feel my phone (an iPhone 6S) overheating as I played. The game began to lag. I had to close and reopen the app because it froze several times. This is the only app I’ve ever had this particular issue with. Pokemon Go runs more smoothly. I uninstalled the app after reaching level 23. I would have liked to keep the game around for a nice, relaxing time every once in a while, but with the constant barrage of ads and the overheating issue, I won’t be coming back to it..Version: 2.4.2

30 levels in30 levels in, and I think this is the perfect chill out game for an anxious day or an anxious person. No timer, no punishment, easy resets and an affordable paid version. For what it is, I’d say it’s everything it should be. If I had to say a downside, I’d say there are too many ads in the free version — they approach intrusive. But I get you gotta keep the lights on, and I was happy to pay the $2.99 at level 3 and not look back. I’d say the free version is great to try, but if you love it, it’s worth the purchase..Version: 2.4.3

Great game! Just… 1 questionWow! I absolutely love this game! It’s fun and a little challenging but not so hard that I have to give up. It’s true there are quite a few adds, but I don’t mind because adds make games free and, normally, show more games like this one. As a matter of fact I found this game by an add. Anyway I had one question, is there another way to earn coins besides watching adds? just curious. Oh and I have a suggestion maybe you could have a challenge level where on each container there is a label with a color and you won’t pass the level unless you get all of the color in the container with the matching label. Just a suggestion. So that’s about it if you have an answer to my question either comment on this review ( not sure if you can do that) or leave the answer on your own review. Thanks so much for listening!.Version: 3.0.14

Warning: For adults onlyI love this game. It doesn’t need bells and whistles or special effects and wild sound effects. And It doesn’t have another game or a distracting maze to get to the real game. I purchased no ads near the beginning because I knew it was different and that I’d like it. I’m so glad I did because I can’t keep any game that has ads every 2 minutes. It absolutely ruins the game for me. The games with few ads or optional free ads are the only ones I play. You actually have to THINK to play this one. I am in my 60s and I have about 25 different games on my phone. I get bored playing just a few games so I switch it up. But this game is one game I always come back to because it’s straight forward, calming and stimulating. At my age I fully understand the importance of keeping the brain stimulated and I engage with all things that make it work harder. At level 93 now, this game makes you feel sense of accomplishment if you can complete it without any aids. (The first 2 moves are most crucial). I’m so glad I bought no ads. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. This game should be labeled “For adults and those who still use their brain.” Unfortunately I’m starting to question the latter..Version: 3.0.14

Small bug from new versionThe only reason that I’m rating it 4 stars is because something broke in the last update, to where I have a permanent white banner at the bottom of the app where the ads would be. Even though I’ve paid to remove them. It takes me out of the game every time because it’s such a stark contrast to the color theme I have going. If that can be fixed (I already emailed support about it), I’ll edit my review to 5 stars; because other than this new issue, this is by far my favorite game to play on my phone right now. It’s such a chill game to lose myself in for an hour or so..Version: 3.0.5

Great game but too many glitchesI really enjoy the actual game, but as I’ve seen others mention, it freezes at higher levels. On multiple occasions, when I’ve closed the game and reopen, I’d be dropped down to a significantly lower level. Now I wouldn’t mind replaying the levels so much if it wasn’t for the ads. With an ad between every single level, many of which are quite long and also freeze up for a time, I just don’t have the patience. My zen from game play is shot. I was actually considering paying for no adds until it crashed on me again, and when I reloaded, I lost almost 20 levels. I’m not going to risk wasting my money on an app that continuously glitches..Version: 3.0.9

Best Game Ever for Puzzlers!I am in love with this game! The colors are very aesthetic and the sounds are nice and soothing. I’m currently on level 742, and can’t get enough. Was wondering how many levels there are. Also...my only issue with the game is that you can’t see any sort of map that shows past levels you have completed, challenges beat, etc. A little more play history data would make this game even more awesome. But honestly, that’s a minor thing! I play several levels each night before bed and it relaxes my mind perfectly. Thanks for this awesome game! Can anyone tell me how many levels there are?.Version: 2.4.3

Needs lots of workI play this game a lot- as in I'm on level 1123 right now - but it’s really just my time passer while on conference calls. It does not get more challenging at higher levels, and even if you pay for the ad free version, you have to deal with a 30 second ad if you want to add a vial. It’s dumb that you don’t earn any points to buy them or have penalties for restarting. It also does not look at all like the screenshots in the App Store. There isn’t any variety of style or types of vials, etc. All in all it’s fine when you're just passing time, but it’s not challenging to reach a new level because nothing different happens..Version: 3.0.1

Wasted $3Despite being low-tech & low-graphics, it’s a total battery killer. Early on, I enjoyed the game enough to upgrade to ad-free for $3, which was fun until about level 112, or so. You learn the strategies and get good at it. But then, the puzzles became literally impossible to solve, unless you watch a full-length ad in exchange for an additional empty liquid tube. I would play a puzzle for 1-2 hours, restarting puzzles, and trying new color strategies to solve, but there’s no way to solve the advanced puzzles without an additional empty tube. Well...it’s no longer “ad-free” if you’re required to watch ads to fully complete a puzzle!! Very disappointed as I did not get an ad-free game after the upgrade. Shame on this cash-grabbing developer!.Version: 2.8.5

Really great game!I downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and I’m almost to level 900! It’s very fun to play and I feel like each level is a new challenge and it doesn’t seem too repetitive, which I really love. I also like the option to add a new tube by watching an ad which has been really helpful! However I have noticed one thing that gets a little annoying and that would be the speed of which the liquid pours into the tube. It seems quite slow for me and I wish there was a way in the settings to speed up the pouring. I have also noticed that some of the green and light blue colors are very similar and can sometimes be confusing, and I think it would make this game unplayable for those who are colorblind. I think it would be really cool to add in some type of a coin system where you get like 5 coins for each level you pass and then you can unlock new colors or patterns to help differentiate which one is which. I overall really love this game but I just wish those previously stated items were included within this game to make it even more enjoyable. Overall it is a great game!.Version: 3.0.13

The person who said it isn’t playable is over dramaticThe person who said the same wasn’t play if I was overdramatic. They were complaining that this game made their phone overheat, and they have an iPhone X and I have an iPhone 6s Plus. mine doesn’t overheat at all and they just need to quit complaining because this game is awesome and it is playable. It may freeze but it’s super relaxing and calms me down whenever I’m stressed. I play it when I’m at lunch in school to pass time, because I usually don’t eat my lunch. Whenever there’s a hard level it’s super fun and you feel so accomplished when you get it done..Version: 2.8.5

The game would be fun, if it was playableThe game itself is enjoyable; the levels are relaxing and tend to be a good level of challenge. Ads are fairly frequent, but not enough to be a problem. The real issue with this game is that it is quite literally unplayable. I made it to level 28 with no problems, but as soon as I hit 29 things went downhill. Every few times I’d try to shift a color from one phial to another, the game would freeze for anywhere from 5-30 seconds before resuming. By level 32, it was every other transfer, and the game would sometimes crash and close itself, losing all progress on the level. I was on 33 when I gave up and deleted the app after a solid 10-15 attempts to play the level, each of which was cut short by a crash. Did I mention the overheating? I am using an IPhone 10, which is a few years old but hasn’t caused any problems with any other app. This one caused it to get painfully hot within three minutes of use at a maximum. Hot to the extent that my IPhone once shut itself down because the temperature was too high, a feature I genuinely didn’t know they had. I would have deleted this game a long time ago, but the gameplay (when you can actually play it) is enjoyable. So, yeah. 4/5 for gameplay, but 0/5 stars for crashing while turning my phone into a ball of plasma..Version: 2.8.5

I’m confused...It seems like you would be freely able to move the water around the glasses as you need them but for some reason there is a limit and sometimes you can’t. There are no rules anywhere so you can’t see why it’s like this. Everyone seems to enjoy this and have gotten far but I keep getting stuck on levels and have to watch an ad to get another glass when it doesn’t seem like I should have to. Also, there’s definitely a lot of ads and I see why people complain, but this had no effect on my rating. I’m giving it three stars because it seems like they came up with a concept for a game, kind of made it happen, and then just left it there without further development....Version: 2.4.1

Love it and I don’t understandSo I just got this app and I love it! The thing is though when I was looking through the reviews a few days ago when I got the app they all said something like “too much adds” or “I hate the adds I’m deleting this app” but honestly I don’t mind the adds. There is a few but do you really expect any app to have NO adds without paying for no adds? Like, seriously the adds aren’t that bad I don’t see what the big deal is! I’m rating this 5 stars because the adds don’t bother me! 🌠 I do have one request I wish we could re-mix the colors so that we could get to the colors on the bottom if we ONLY need that one!.Version: 2.2.0

Fun puzzlesThis game is super fun and relaxing. I honestly don’t have a lot of problems with this game which is unlikely for me. First I want to talk about the great things about this game. The game is a challenging game and super fun and brain-stimulating. I could play this game for hours on end because all the puzzles i have played so far(I’m on level 12) have been different and challenging. The game mechanics are great and I don’t have a lot of problems with it. Now that being said, sometimes it’s glitchy. Now this is only sometimes but I will click on the beaker on it won’t move. Like the screen is frozen. The screen will then turn black and exit me out of the game. I have to restart the game and enter again. Thankfully the game works fine after that or it would not still be on my phone. The other problem i have is the ads. The political ads need to stop. And considering it takes me less than 2 minutes to figure out a puzzle, i should not be shown ads after every puzzle. I understand you need to make money, but the ads should not be that frequent. Also I think you should add new game modes, like time rush or something like that where you have a certain amount of time to finish the puzzle. Overall this is a great game and you should try it if you like puzzle games and things..Version: 2.4.2

Love this brain gameI spotted this game playing another game as an ‘ad’pop-up. It looked interested so I decided to check it out. Although I thought was a game for younger kids, it isn’t. You’ve got to think a few steps ahead and although it seems simple to fill one vial quickly with one color being at the top majority, that’s not always a wise choice. Anyway, I love this game and can’t stop playing it every day after playing Diggy’s Adventure. I am already up to level 664! Glad I checked it out! It keeps my brain thinking as well. And the extra empty vial is a big help though I try not to use it unless I’m really stuck. 👍🏻.Version: 2.8.4

It’s not worth it...Don’t get me wrong. I LOVED this game (that’s why I gave it 2 stars and not 1). I played it for as long as I could. But the ads in this game just became insufferable. I understood when I downloaded the app that there would be some ads but the amount was just ridiculous. On top of that, I struggled with the game lagging as well as the ads wouldn’t fully load and I would just sit there on a blank screen. When these would happen and I would exit out of the game, close the app, and come back, the game puts me back somewhere around 5-10 levels each time. Not only was I having to deal with the insane amount of ads present, but I was losing my progress in the process and it turns out the challenging levels are more aggravating than challenging the second time around. Fix the issues and you’ll regain quite a few downloads..Version: 2.8.5

Great game but not without flawsFirst, the mechanics are simple and fun. I’ve lost a few hours zoned out solving the puzzles. I think it’s worth watching the ads but I have a minor gripe that stirs me away from getting the full version. Maybe it’s something I missed but the game lacks a lot of sounds. The ads are loud but the game is mute. The pacing feels a bit off and some puzzles feel extreme difficult and the following a breeze. This might just be me being dumb. All in all I’m having fun with it. But it doesn’t feel complete and the ads are way too frequent..Version: 2.8.5

Favorite gameThis is by far my favorite game on iPhone. I’m on level 730. I play it pretty much every day. Never get tired of it. Very relaxing like most people say. I like how there isn’t to many advertisements. I like that they make some easy levels and some very challenging levels that make you think. Most games the higher you go up in levels they just get to hard to complete and you just give up after a while. So.. thank you for this game. I wouldn’t recommend anything to make it better. The only thing if you guys wanted to add Something would be to let people choose what colors they want to use but it‘s not necessary UPDATE: anyone complaining about the game needs 1. A new phone because your phone freezes not the game 2. You only get long advertisements if you skip or go back to many times. Advertisements make the game free (just like any game) and 3. If the levels are to hard it’s you not the game..Version: 2.8.5

Addicting!!!I really enjoy this game - it has really made me work my brain to find the best solution without having to start over. The only drawback is that once you finish the game, you don’t get to experience the deep satisfaction of seeing all of your filled tubes. Instead, it plasters a HUGE “AWESOME” banner across the front, as well as a HUGE “NEXT” banner, effectively covering up your finished board and covering up the delightful fireworks that trigger our self-satisfied feelings for finishing. My suggestion would be to move the banners to the top and bottom and not cover and shade the board so we can experience that dopamine rush for a few seconds before we hit the ‘next’ button to continue this mad addiction..Version: 2.8.5

Great gameThis is a pretty standard game that has an addictive sorting puzzle. It's really fun to play and extremely satisfying to solve the sorting. Yeah there are tons of ads, but I mean it's a free game so if you don't want any ads it's only reasonable to pay to remove the ads. I do have one problem and it's that there are a lot of levels where I feel like I have to use an extra vile in order to solve the puzzle. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I try at least 10 different ways before I turn to the extra vile and it makes solving it less satisfying. I hope it's not just a way to get me to watch more ads, but I feel like it is..Version: 2.4.3

Really loved this gameUpdate: past level 400 now, most ads glitch and require you to watch second ad, don’t provide the game rewards, or are 60 second ads. I know you can pay for ad-free but as stated the app has lots of technical issues and freezing so it wouldn’t be very smart to pay for something I know is glitchy. Selecting the container you want to move takes multiple taps or won’t accurately select at all (as other reviews have noted). It’s a stability issue and a bummer. I really loved this game but around level 150 it started bugging out so much that it’s just not a smooth enough playing experience to want to play it anymore. Huge bummer. Thanks for the good times though!.Version: 3.0.13

Fun but...I love this game, but why does there have to be ads between EVERY level?! Also, when the ads come on the sound is automatically on and cranked up loud, and sometimes doesn’t stop even when I quickly close the game. This has caused some embarrassment when I’ve played this game in public since everyone within 100 feet of me can hear the ad. I sometimes listen to podcasts, music, or audiobooks on my headphones while playing, and in addition to it being annoying, it is the only game that I have that interrupts whatever I’m listening to (because the sound is automatically on in the ads). These issues often keep me from playing this game, which is unfortunate since it is so fun..Version: 3.0.13

More time watching ads than playingI downloaded this game even though I read a lot of reviews that said the ads were horrible. One of the most recent reviews said that they found that the ads, “weren’t that bad” and what did people expect? To get it completely free? I’m used to ads, and they are right, the game has to be paid for somehow. BUT, the number of ads is ridiculous. I have played only 15 games and I’ve had 12 ads. That means between all but 3 games, I had to sit through an ad that was longer than the game I’d just played. Now, I’m sure as the game goes on the puzzles get harder and will take longer (I would hope). I’m giving it two stars, because the game itself really is fun, but there is no way I will spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game..Version: 2.4.3

Fun but has some issuesThis game is really fun and relaxing. It’s weirdly addictive and I can’t ever seem to get enough. I wish I could give this game 5 stars but there are a few things to note. First off, every now and then, I either can’t click on a certain vial or it won’t pour into the right vial. This could just be a case of my fat fingering my phone, but I have pretty tiny hands so I don’t really think it is. The second being the candy crush adds. If an add for candy crush comes on I have to fully close the game. These adds never give me the option to close them. It doesn’t matter how long I sit and wait, it just never lets me close them. The only way I can get back to my game is by fully closing the app then reloading the game. Lastly, once I started getting to the levels in the hundreds, the game started to lag a bit. The vials take a few seconds to respond when I click on them. Not that big of a deal to me, but I know this may irritate others.Version: 2.4.3

Great game but glitchyI am really enjoying this game after getting it just last week but it seems extremely glitchy. Many times when I tap a vile it doesn’t respond. This usually happens after playing for a few minutes. After waiting a minute or two the game sometimes starts to respond again and the vile will select and deselect. Its beginning to get frustrating and discouraging me from playing it at all. Perhaps the ads are too heavy for my ipad to handle both the games and the ads??? Otherwise i really do enjoy the game. Its relaxing without needing a whole lot of thinking ability..Version: 2.4.3

Needs updatedThis is a very good game. There are a few things that would make this better. It has a bunch of glitches in this game it freezes a lot and sometimes it just goes blank and starts you all over after you have beat a level. I think it need a few things to make it better. It has numbers levels but it should have a screen where you can back and replay levels if you want and to make sure when u beat it u can click the next one. I have beat a few different levels before and it would freeze when I rebooted it I would have to play this he same level..Version: 2.8.5

Not worth it.Now I found this game fun to play but there’s a huge problem that many games have and this happens to have that problem. To many ads. A lot of the time when playing this game you’re going to get an advertisement after finishing a level and I just don’t want to sit through an ad just so I can play this easy game and to add insult to injury they also have an ad at the bottom of the screen just Incase you haven’t seen enough ads and I would have gave this a four star review maybe if this game wasn’t so unoriginal. This game is a carbon copy of a lot of games and I bet if I were to scroll down the list I could find the same exact game with different graphics and less ads so yeah I don’t recommend this go find some different game to play..Version: 2.4.1

Don’t believe the one starsNot sure how these users are having so many simple issues. It is not a very big app, it’s a fraction of the size as some other much popular apps. I also purchased ad free and have had no issues at all. Works just fine, and there a no ads...people by a clue. My guess is that some people are trying to install and play on an iPhone 4 for there to be so many crashing issues. This is a perfectly good app for a thinking game, and way to pass some time..Version: 3.0.1

Very fun concept, poorly performing appThis game is super fun! I poured hours into it without even knowing it, which is a testament to how good of an idea they have here. The only problem is the app stops me from playing constantly. Most of the time you’ll run into an issue where the app freezes when it’s attempting to log in to Gamecenter. Sometimes it isn’t able to make it past that part and it crashes. If you do make it past that point, you still aren’t out of the woods. The app will crash on you with or without warning at any point, meaning you can be one tap away from completing a puzzle but be forced to restart it at a moment’s notice. In fact something similar is what prompted me to write this review. In a 20 minute period I attempted to solve Level 52 at least 8-10 times. Some of those attempts were successful, but while starting level 53 the app would crash on me, and reopening it up would take me back to the start of level 52. At this point the game is purely unplayable, because I can’t progress any further at this time. Which is really frustrating because the game is really fun and challenging, and I WANT to keep playing it. So what point is a game that you can’t play, no matter how fun it is? That’s why I’m giving it a 2 stars. Developers, please fix this issue so that I can keep playing this wonderful game you’ve made. Phone specs: iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 14.4.2.Version: 3.0.12

Fun but poorly optimizedIt’s a fun little game, not much wrong with the game itself. It does have a weird difficulty progression: the puzzles will be easier, and then one puzzle will be really hard, and then it will immediately go back to being easy. I would prefer a linear progression. The real problem is optimization. Despite beging a very simple game, this App drains battery excessively quickly. It also causes phones to overheat (I tried this on a new phone too). You’ll soon feel the phone getting hot to the touch, and that can’t be a good sign. When this happens, the game will lag and freeze, and even crash. It’s a fun game, but don’t bother. You get 5-10 minutes of simple fun before needed to let your phone take a break..Version: 3.0.14

Easy then hard -_- hard ones I can barely do.Same thing with the title says. Easy then hard hard ones I can barely do for real. So that’s kind of the problem about the hard ones but I am not going to gives the game 4/5 because how do I do not see a problem really because that’s not all games go isn’t it right? I’m only on level 12. 10 and 12 really hard. You’re probably wondering what happened with 10? Well people your question is going to be answered. I already did 10. Oh and another thing you’re wondering probably. Did you get the game today? It’s going to be answered. The question is yes I did get it today. Still the easy and hard thing I’m not going to give it 4/5 because it’s just easy and hard. It doesn’t mean you have to give it 4/5.Version: 2.4.3

Really fun but also irritatingThis should only be 3 stars because one of the issues is big, but the game itself is so much fun (if you enjoy puzzles) and relaxing that it kept the fourth star. It’s a really great game, even with ads between nearly every round. The ads are only a few seconds so tolerable. The main issues with this app are that it glitches a lot, where it will freeze and/or the screen will go back. You have to close out and restart the app and it’s all good, but sometimes it’ll set you back a few levels. This game also makes my phone REALLY hot after only about 15 minutes. Like hot enough to burn yourself if you take it out of the case, so be careful. I tried it on another phone as well and it did the same thing, so it’s not just my phone. Overall it’s a great game, it just needs to updates to fix these issues..Version: 2.4.3

EhAfter 60+ levels of this game, I have some thoughts. While this game is pretty mindless and fine, it's Very underdevelopped. No music, one SFX noise when pouring, and almost no unique animations. While the game is fine for killing time, the level design is so poor. I would believe it in a heartbeat if someone told me that these developpers put a bot in charge of just putting random colors in vials and then hit execute to generate hundreds of boring, thoughtless levels. Some of the levels are challenging, don't get me wrong, and don't think there isn't a pattern you can develop to solving this puzzle, but nothing new ever happens, and it leads me to believe that the developmemt is just as mindless as the gameplay. Not rewarding at all.Version: 2.4.0

Good game brain challenge but not to hardI love this game! I’ve been playing for a few days and I love the game some of the levels I’ve had to ask for another bottle to add colors in but even that’s not to bad it only like once every five levels. The only problem is the adds almost all the adds have sounds and there are quite a lot of adds and this isint true for most people but I listen to music while I play and it will pause my story ever time but over all perfect game for when you need to just relax.Version: 3.0.14

Fun but absolutely kills batteryI do agree this game is fun and relaxing and it is very easy to just play kind of passively/while not giving it your full attention. I do have a couple complaints though. The first is that there are a lot of ads and some of them are too long. I get the need for ads and I don’t really have a problem with them here or there, but these occur pretty often. What’s more annoying is that some of them are ridiculously long — I’m talking 45 seconds to a minute. These don’t occur often but it happens enough and is pretty annoying when they do. The bigger problem I have with the game though is that it absolutely destroys my battery. This might just be because I’m using an older iPhone (iPhone 8), but I was playing the game for about 5-10 minutes with no other apps open and my phone went from 94% to 76%. Even with a phone that is somewhat old that is ridiculous, and it has pretty much made me get to the point where I can only play the game when I have a charger nearby. Again, this is not to say I don’t like the game itself because it is really fun and easy to play for extended periods of time, but these setbacks do make it difficult to play when I want to..Version: 2.4.3

Decent Game!This game is pretty relaxing and fun, but sometimes bugs out a bit. There’s a good amount of ads at first, but for me, they started to not show up as often after some time. Something that does bother me however, is whenever I restart a level, I pretty much ALWAYS get an ad, even if it’s only a few seconds long. I understand the importance of ads, but they shouldn’t put one after EVERY time you restart a level. Sometimes I close and reopen the game just to be able to play without the obnoxious ads. With all of its flaws aside, it’s a great game to waste some time on and relax for a bit. Overall, decent game! ✨ tl;dr: ads can be annoying at times but overall pretty decent game.Version: 3.0.15

Meh good concept but…This is a pretty good game but one issue that I have with this game is there is way too many ads like this game has the most ads I’ve ever seen you get an ad for anything it’s not a big deal to watch an ad for another vial cuz if you try to restart you’ll have to watch one anyways just to have a chance try again, you get an ad for completing a level, for restarting the puzzle, for advantages (which makes sense) the amount of ads is annoying When I’m trying to think of a solution to a puzzle I don’t want an ad to interrupt my thought process every time I need to restart and try again another issue I noticed is it drains power quickly and cause my phone to become warm and I haven’t been on this phone all day except to play the game other than that this game itself is fine it’s just the ads are so relentless.Version: 3.0.16

Game is good but freezes and crashes your device. Don’t installBasically. It’s interesting and I’m into games like this but it froze my iPad and crashed. My iPad is new and I haven’t installed much there’s also people who have the same problem as I do and even more. Do not install Full story It’s 2 pm and I get on my IPad since I felt bored. Keep in mind that my iPad is new and I haven’t installed much. I go onto the games I do have and see the ad of this game to think “ this ad isn’t very good. I wonder if the game has the same quality or better “, So I looked at the reviews and talk to my younger sister about the game she says as most of the reviews talk of the downsides such as Freezing, Crashing, becoming impossible, draining battery. I installed out of curiosity knowing at least one of them would show up and I bet it was draining battery or becoming impossible, Anndd. Wrong. My iPad froze and crashed. After I thought the game was better then the reviews it crashed and froze. Please do not install the downsides of the game are much stronger then the upsides.Version: 3.0.1

Enjoyable but...I really enjoy the game - love the fact that not all levels are a simple solution - and it de-stresses me. However, I don’t have a lot of time to play, and having to endure an ad between each level (not to mention when I really mess up and need to start a level over) eats away at what little time I have for relaxing game-play. Wish there was availability of paid version that would stop the ads unless restarting a level was necessary. If that were a possibility, then I’d give the game 5 stars. Edit: found the ad free version! 5 stars!.Version: 3.0.13

I frickin love this game but..I’m highly addicted to this game and I honestly don’t mind the ads at all but I’m on level 237 and I was hoping at some point there would be more than 12 vials or more colors or more than quarters of the vials to increase the difficulty. I haven’t seen an increase in difficulty since level 100. That’s really my ONLY struggle with this game because otherwise, it’s my favorite game I’ve ever played. I’ve tried other water sort games and the animations aren’t as smooth, or you have to wait for the entire pour before picking up another vial and pouring. I keep coming back to this one so please please please up the difficulty somehow! I’ll come back to review again if it does!.Version: 2.2.2

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When does this game get hard?Seriously takes 50 levels before you have to think and even at level 200+ most can be finished first try. Need to make it harder. Add more test tubes and colours..Version: 3.0.14

Not worth buyingI upgraded to the paid version to get rid of ads, but it basically just puts a white banner across the bottom and you still have to watch an ad if you want to add an extra tube. I think that if you pay for no ads then you should get no ads!! Also, mine does not have a nice design like in the previews shown. It’s the same boring background every time. No cute banners or anything. I’ve checked mine is up to date - there are no new versions to download. I’d really like a refund because I don’t think it was worth upgrading. It wasn’t even cheap, so it’s a bit of a rip off to have to pay that much and barely get an upgrade..Version: 3.0.5

Phone overheats quickly. Eats Battery. ADS!!!!Too many ads . The worst thing is the phone overheats very quickly when only this game is open - to the point where the screen dims within 5 mins. Screen gets almost to hot to touch - this hasn’t happened with any other apps run on my phone. So I’m deleting the game for fear if cooking my phone. It also chews through battery quickly..Version: 2.4.1

AdsI know an app needs/wants an income but an add after every single puzzle gets frustrating fast. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars because besides the frustration I am having an absolute ball..Version: 2.8.4

ChallengeGame certainly uses some brain cells and creates a challenge at the higher levels. Understand the need for ads but they are far too long - 30 seconds is ridiculous between every game. Can’t even undo without another ad. Can only pay to stop banner ads..Version: 2.4.3

Limited fun.This game caught my eye so gave it a go over a few days. TLDR: limited fun, but no incentive to keep playing or pay for it. The Good: • A great concept that I haven’t seen on app games before • Starts off easy then becomes more challenging. The Bad: • Once you get to about level 30 it doesn’t really change. I played into the 80s levels and it’s just more of the same • Sound design is overly simple, some background music would really help • visual design needs to improve, looks too flat, colours are very drab and don’t ever change • The background upgrades you buy with coins are not worth the time to earn them, same for the tube upgrades • No incentive to keep playing, needs challenges like counting how many moves you take and trying to beat yourself • The advertisements are intrusive and pop up too often • The app obviously isn’t coded very well, my iPhone runs hot with this game and drains the battery very quickly • The last image in the App Store is different to how the game is!.Version: 2.4.2

My heart is completeWho needs a female in their life when they have water sort puzzle this game has changed my whole outlook on life and relationships the only relationship I need is with my smart phone and water sort puzzle I’m so in love. Xoxo.Version: 2.8.4

Great appVery relaxing game. I’ve been playing for a few days and would love to see how many moves I complete a level in..Version: 3.0.13

Ads still playing after payment!I was enjoying this game as a mindless way to pass the time while waiting somewhere or before going to sleep at night. The ads were super irritating, so I paid the $4.49 to get rid of them and they’re still there!! Waste of money if I still have to put up with repetitive ads after each level..Version: 3.0.5

Too many adsI’ve only just downloaded this as it looked like something a bit different but ads after every level have put me off after just 15 levels. Can’t see if there is an option to buy to get rid of the ads. Shame as it is something new and has potential to become addictive.Version: 2.4.2

Huge potentialI love the idea of this game. It’s fun, makes your brain do a little work (not too much) but..... THE ADS!!! I refuse to play games that force you to watch a 30 second add every 10 seconds. It’s NOT ok! Sadly even though I can see myself enjoying the game itself I have deleted it. 8 ads in about 5 minutes of game play.. no thanks.Version: 2.8.5

Went down the drain (pun intended)I would have written a shining review of this game as it was really enjoyable while it lasted, but sadly from a recent update it really tanked it's quality. Normally the game is smooth and just some mindless fun, but now that the game REQUIRES an internet connection (or it will crash) it has become sluggish, laggy and annoying. An ad plays at every opportunity (when you reset, complete a level, startup, etc), it lags so much it's practically unplayable and the list goes on. If it didn't need an internet connection I would come back to it but at the moment absolutely not. Go find a better game to download, seriously, you'll thank me for this!.Version: 2.4.3

Exactly like the adsHonestly, I’m just surprised that an ad for a mobile game is played exactly as it’s shown. It’s a simple game but an easy way to kill time.Version: 3.0.5

Fun puzzler gameDidn’t cost much to get rid of ads. The levels are doable, but some need forward thinking. Quite enjoyable and I would recommend this puzzle for mental stimulation!.Version: 2.8.5

Don’t appreciate impossible levels.Heaps of ads, but that’s to be expected, I’m ok with it. At least it still works when you disable internet connection, some games are shady af and don’t work without internet. I was fine with this game until I hit level 31. I spent literal hours trying to beat this using only the 2 empty flasks given, and could not find a way. The fact I had to watch an ad to get an extra flask, just so I could actually complete a level, is a tad BS if you ask me. Other than that, the game is ok. Not mind-blowing, but decent enough to pass the time..Version: 2.8.5

Good game but needs some workThis game is relaxing if you pay to remove the ads. However it burns through your battery very fast. I lost 30% in about 5 mins. In the same time my phone overheated. This has never happened with any other game. If they can fix those two issues it’ll be a 5 star game..Version: 2.4.1

Dubious backend undermines a decent gameThis is the only game to heat my phone up to borderline pain-inducing levels and tank the performance to the point you can barely pour a single tube (unless you restart the app with internet access cut off). Rather mystifying considering even a highly graphically intensive game I have which is criticised for subpar optimisation doesn’t do this. Is the dev mining cryptocurrency? Also concerning is the endless badgering to log in with my Apple ID every few seconds, which continually repeats until you press cancel. What is the app doing that requires all these permissions? The puzzles are largely simple, getting very slowly more difficult with the occasional obscenely hard one thrown in. There was one level in each of the 30s and 50s that required returning to on subsequent days to try a different angle to solve. Once above level 80, it gets consistently engaging, no longer being mindless but still possible to solve first try with a bit of thought and planning. I’m currently stuck at level 105, and I’m not entirely convinced this one is possible without a third empty tube; I’ve gone through many different approaches for a few days now. Probably do a mathematical analysis of it if I can work up the motivation sometime soon..Version: 2.8.5

Love it butI really like this game. Certainly makes you think and plans. Hard sometimes. My only complaint/suggestion is that the game does not evolve, consider putting a time limit option or fixed number of moves to make it more challenging. Thanks for releasing this game..Version: 2.8.5

Great game!This game definitely uses some brain cells one thing is the ads maybe about like after 3 rounds an ad pops up but overall I’m obsessed with the game you should definitely download it!.Version: 3.0.15

No IncentivesIt was fun for a short time but got boring really quickly. The levels don’t get harder as you go, just more of the same. I persevered until over level 100 but I was getting EXACTLY the same games as level 50. I liked the concept but please give us a reason to continue playing..Version: 2.8.5

Love it!Water sort puzzle is a great game! Not many ads, ( for me at least ) But a really good game! All I would suggest is some new water colours, and maybe even some background music, but overall, I love it and it’s a really good game!.Version: 2.4.3

Fun, relaxing and addictive!This is a really fun game, but I would love to see- * increasing difficulty, with more colours and thinner layers/more coloured layers. (although at level 60+ maybe I'm not there yet?) *Id like to feel a sense of competition!! I would be happy to just see how my score/time rated globally, if I made it in good time!! * or like someone else said, it would be fun to 'win' something, like 'choosing a glittery background' (hey, why not!?) or how to lay out the jars?.Version: 3.0.1

Amazing FunThis is a great distraction while the world burns from global warming, the seas are denuded of fish and virus strains infect us all. Why worry when you can bury your head in the sand, let someone else worry about it and ignore the death of humanity and the planet happening around you..Version: 2.4.3

Game update not goodIve been playing this game for a while now and now just started to play this on my ipad again instead of my iphone. There are question marks hiding the colours which changes this game greatly by making it more of a guessing game rather than using my noggin to figure it out. Wish there was an option to remove the question marks or keep them on because it makes the game not as good as it was before 1 star now because of question marks 5 star without question marks.Version: 3.0.16

I’m happy but why do I feel like I’m being catfishedThe game doesn’t look the picture on the AppStore... or is it just me... oh well. That being said I’m really happy with it. Makes me use too much brain power 😂. I was on level level 103 for the longest time. So yeah... other than the fact that it’s a bit catfish, it’s a really good game.Version: 3.0.15

Fun but a battery drainLike the other reviews have said, this overheats my phone in a short period of time and drains the battery. Lots of ads but they have to make money somehow. The game itself is fun. Gets harder after level 100. I’d play it more if it didn’t have the heat and battery issues..Version: 2.4.3

Ad free version is a lieGame is great but if you pay for ad free version you still get ads, and on a poor internet connection that breaks functionality. Would have given it 5 stars if I could pay to remove ALL the ads not just some of them..Version: 2.8.5

Water Sort PuzzleThis game is great fun, but I don’t like how frequently ads show up. Please make them show up less often. Thank you. If you do I will rate it five stars. Although I understand that you need to make money from the ads..Version: 3.0.13

Awesome game 🤙Very addictive and quite challenging past level 100. Stuck on level 141. Starting to wonder if all levels are completable without extra vials....?.Version: 2.4.3

Dont pay to remove adsAs the title says dont pay for add removal it dosnt work you still have to watch ads however if you close the app and relaunch it then you can skip the ad between levels or just turn on airplane mode The game is great makes you think great for a time killer.Version: 2.8.5

Read please :)I got this game yesterday and it was really fun, the levels were easy and hard which kept me intrigued. There were a lot of adds though which is annoying. But that’s not the reason I’m writing this, I tried to play the game today and it just froze so I refreshed my screen and it froze again. This is really annoying and sad cause i thought this would be a great game if you could fix the game or reach out to me that would be great..Version: 2.4.3

Hate the updateI’ve got to over level 3000. I’ve been playing it whilst listening to audio books and enjoyed the challenge and planning out moves, I’ve paid for the premium. Since the update on many levels you only see the top colour and the rest are question marks. It’s now become a guessing game with no skill and relies on us clicking the ads so we don’t have to keep restarting even with the paid version. All the challenge has gone, it is no longer enjoyable..Version: 3.0.16

Too hot to handleIt wasn’t the ads that annoyed me because that would mean that I could play it long enough for me to get annoyed by it. I had to shut it down after 2 east levels because my phone felt like it had been sitting in my car on a forty degree day with the heater on it. It made my phone run slower than me after being woken up at 4 am by a barking dog, it also made me just as angry. So to avoid throwing my phone out of a second story window and it getting run over by a car, I have deleted the app.Version: 2.4.1

How to get coins without watching adsI mean it should be coins when I pass each level isn’t it? But I didn’t get any coins even I’ve passed 12 levels.....Version: 2.8.4

White bar across bottom of screen is annoyingI have the paid version as the ads on the free version were unbearable. Since the most recent update April 2021, a white banner has appeared across the bottom of the app which completely ruins the user experience. Please remove this useless banner and continue the background for the entire screen. Thank you.Version: 3.0.5

Water Sort PuzzleDownloaded this game today and already am up to level 40, I am addicted to this game and have been on this whole morning. Never bored anymore, so happy i downloaded it.Version: 3.0.1

Frozen at level 103I passed level 103 yesterday but the app crashed when I just completed it. Every time I’ve gone back on it’s back level 103 and keeps freezing or crashing. Internet connection is not a problem and I’ve also tried powering my phone off but to no avail. I’ve just deleted the app from my phone..Version: 2.8.5

GeorgiaThe ads are a bit annoying so I recommend putting your device on airplane mode which gets rid of the ads when playing. I think the game could be improved by having rewards for example every level gives you a coin and you can buy things with the coins like a cool background or make the liquid metallic, glittery or neon. Overall the game does what is advertised..Version: 2.4.2

Fun game bad adsSimple, fun and addictive game but had to delete it because of the advertising content, not the amount of adverts or duration of advertisements, but because of the content. Why would someone playing a puzzle game be interested in popping pimples on a foot!? GROSS!!! I usually don’t mind advertising in games because that’s how I usually find a new game to play on my phone, like how I found this game. But popping foot pimples!? Yeah no thanks..Version: 2.8.5

My hobby nowOk, my new hobby is sorting because with this game I can sort every single day. I also LOVE the colours that the water comes in. The style of the cups are really nice. This game is not easy you do need to use some brain cells to figure out some of the questions. so they can be challenging at times but you eventually get them done..Version: 3.0.13

It is really really goodI have been playing this game for ages and it is really really fun and addicting. Each level test your brain and it get it ready for the day and it is like a fun brain break to.Version: 3.0.15

Paid for ad free, still have adsI love this game so much that I paid to have it add free. The problem is the only adds that were deleted were the ones between levels that you could skip anyway and the banner which was easily ignorable! The ads I wanted gone were the 30 second long, loud ones that you have to watch if you want to undo more than 5 times in a level. What a waste of money! AD FREE SHOULD MEAN AD FREE.Version: 3.0.14

Simple yet challengingFor once the game is what the ad shows. Simple yet challenging, every time I think it’s getting easy, I get stuck and have to redo the puzzle. This isn’t a bad thing, I’m enjoying the challenge and recommend the game :).Version: 3.0.1

Best game I’ve ever playedMy only complaint is that it doesn’t sync seamlessly between devices, so I’m on different levels on my iPad and iPhone. Occasionally it will sync but only every few weeks. Despite this, this is my favourite game to avoid all of my life commitments. 12/10.Version: 3.0.9

Drains battery life but enjoyableThe game in itself is enjoyable and challenging. Now up to level 131. However, the game drains a ridiculous amount of battery power, about 1% every minute! The ads are annoying but have found if you turn your data off e.g. airplane mode before opening the game you can play with zero ads..Version: 3.0.15

Don’t waste your time, it’s just adsWaaay too many ads. And they are the worst kind, the ones with fake X in a circle image in the corner that will divert you off to the App Store or a website for something you have absolutely no interest in or to track you. Or ads that crash the app so you have to close it, go back in and (you guessed it) be forced to watch another ad. And weird error messages pop up that suggest its trying to open another app - that’s not cool. Even if you have nothing better to do than watch ads, I still wouldn’t bother with this app, it’s boring..Version: 3.0.15

Puzzles ok but ads with sound forced me to deleteI understand that a free game will have ads, but what drove me to delete this was that the ads had sound even if my phone was on silent or I had disable sound in the app. I couldn’t play it in an area where I wanted to be quiet. It was really irritating. Also I’d like to be able to move up to more complex puzzles straight away rather than having to go through too simple levels..Version: 3.0.14

Paid for no ads but still get adsDisappointingly the super intrusive ad for some kind of solitaire betting game that paid into an Apple credit card keeps taking over my game experience even though I have paid for No Ads. So, irritating and misleading. Game is good without this..Version: 3.0.14

Still need to watch ads after paidI really liked it at first so I bought it. And I enjoyed it until level 160, when I couldn’t solve any 12 colours without adding a new tube, by watching ads. And there’s no demonstration or hint to show these levels CAN be solved without adding a tube. So when you get stuck, you just have to watch ads. I hate it!.Version: 2.8.5

Errr.....I mean it’s okay. It does what it shows in the add BUT there is one problem! It was supposed to be a relaxing game right?! Well it’s not. Instead is is ReALly stressful!!! Between every level there is an ad and this is extremely annoying when your on the easy levels. It’s so annoying that you won’t be able to survive the annoyingness long enough to get to the harder levels! Don’t even bother wasting your time on this app! BUUUUT let’s just say the creator got rid of this, then the game would be decent. It’s like one of those games that you don’t keep for too long because it isn’t that good but that’s only if the ads were gone. IF YOU DON’T LIKE READING LONG PARAGRAPHS THEN READ THIS INSTEAD: It is absolutely horrible because there are ads between every level. Do not get or waste your time on this horrific game..Version: 2.2.2

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Water Sort Puzzle 3.0.16 Update

Version 3.0.16 (2021-07-16): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.15 (2021-06-29): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.14 (2021-05-18): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.13 (2021-05-06): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.12 (2021-05-01): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.5 (2021-04-04): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 3.0.1 (2021-03-11): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 2.8.5 (2021-01-29): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 2.8.4 (2021-01-20): + Bug fixes and improvements. + New levels updated..

Version 2.4.3 (2020-12-14): + Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 2.4.2 (2020-11-20): + Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 2.4.1 (2020-10-14): + Bug fixes and improvements..