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"a new life" is a slice-of-life, bittersweet visual novel about connection and letting go.

It's your classic love story: Meet, marry, grow old.
But when your loved one hurts you, what do you do?
Is it better to love and be hurt, than never love at all?

- 5 endings
- 40 to 90 minutes of playtime
- Original art and story
- Original soundtrack
- Translated in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese​

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A new life. App User Reviews & Comments

It hit hard it was sad but greatIt has many endings and you make the choices. It’s a great game and anyone who said it’s bad or content warning that’s nit true it’s a amazing game I play it a lot.Version: 1.1

10/10Wow my heart just got ripped in two, thanks.Version: 1.1

I love this game so much!! But there’s a little problem(this review contains spoilers.) This game is beautifully bittersweet. I loved playing it. However, after you’ve played through the end, and you try to go back, something about the “Enjoying the memories she gave me.” screen makes the game decide not to actually play the game. It just stops on a blank screen. Then the second time, it freezes up on the second image behind the words. This is literally the only problem I have with this game, and I’m not even sure if it’s just me..Version: 1.1.2

Amazing LGBTQIA+ gameWhere to start, first the main character is a beautiful transgender woman. Her love interest is a also amazing lesbian woman. Also the choices actually impact the story and what seems to be some of the smallest choices, really impact their story. They also make it realistic by having them quarantined for some of their story. I played threw the game and got all of the endings each one made laugh, one made me cry and just told a story. Oh and the beautiful art! Each piece of art is beautifully drawn and shaded with a beautiful color palette. They do re-use pictures but very rarely. Also the dialogue, it’s realistic and funny. They sound like real people. It’s just right. It’s funny enough for it to not to devalue the game and also is great enough to add to the story. The music, it was amazing and it adds emotion and just adds so much to the characters and story. Over all this game is amazing..Version: 1.1

I’m not crying you are...This is such a beautiful story. i replayed it a couple times before i got to the old age ending. it was so emotional, i cried at the end. the perfect example of what if’s and wishing for different endings. i don’t know which ending was the true ending, but i wonder if maybe august had imagined some of those endings in order to move on? i’m sure the one where they’re old is the true ending, but i like thinking she got carried away with imagining this big wonderful life with her. one thing i think would be good to add is a content warning though. i know someone else made that comment as well. at first i was playing it and my boyfriend was watching, but he soon became triggered by the brain tumors and virus scenarios. he has severe health anxiety and i think it would be good if there was a warning so others don’t become triggered. still a beautiful game and i can’t wait to see what else these creators come up with! :).Version: 1.1

OuchieIt hit the feels... or more like punched me in the heart. I read another review about the need for content warnings, and I definitely agree and can see how this can be a painful trigger to those dealing with similar things..Version: 1.1

!!!I cried.Version: 1.1.2

Content warningI understand that you can’t keep track of everyone’s triggers, but i really would’ve wished for a content warning concerning health, because i have severe anxiety that concerns my health, and for the last year i’ve been in a horrible episode and convinced myself that i have brain tumor, and it got so bad to the point where it sent me into psychosis, and it’s so bad that i can’t even bring myself to go to the doctor to get tests because i’m too terrified of going. anyway, as i was finally getting out of my episode, i played this game and now i feel as though i’ve gotten set months back, i really wished you would’ve put more about what it contained :(.Version: 1.1

Simply amazingI’ve never been so emotionally moved by a story game such as this. It brought me to tears. Absolutely fantastic. Please make more of these!.Version: 1.1

Super Gorgeous!!I do agree that it could use a content warning though, it was a trigger for me as well as the other reviewer :(.Version: 1.1

AMAZING!!!!!It made me cry at the end it was beautiful but sad. Please make more!!! I love this and the other game too!.Version: 1.1

Such a cute gameThis was such a cute game :3.Version: 1.1

Why must you hurt me in this wayOW.Version: 1.1

It broke meCried into a pillow, held my wife, continually replayed until I made these fictional characters happy. 10/10 would ugly cry again..Version: 1.1

Too goodI’m crying 😭 can’t even fully type a response, but the game is worth the money.Version: 1.1.2

I loveeWell once again you made me cry.. may is my spirit animal lolol 💕thank you for making this you are so poetic and talented ily <3 makes me feel really happy 🥺.Version: 1.1

10/10♡I was always rather a fan of Angela He and her work but this took it to a whole new level,,her games are amazing and better yet the effort she puts into it with the music and the art. I’m glad to say she hasn’t disappointed at all with this beautiful and nostalgic game. Her games always seem to hit right into your feelings and truly captures the upmost euphoric feeling of falling in and out of love, thank you for your amazing work and I hope someone out there find this game and loves it just like I did <3.Version: 1.1

Wow..❤️Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever let a game get to me this much, the art work was just absolutely stunning, not to mention the background music added so much into it, I could replay this game for hours and hours, plus I think the 5 endings was awesome, it really gets you thinking and honestly changed my whole perspective over COVID-19, trust me when I say you HAVE to play this game. The story, the art, the music, everything was just amazing.❤️.Version: 1.1

It’s good but there’s some problemsI really like the game so far but when I try to go back to the beginning or even a few chapters back it will either just go black or just keep rewinding. I can barely fish the game because of this..Version: 1.1.2

Upset…It’s a great game, the only problem is it won’t let me replay to get the “other ending”. it’s really upsetting to see that i spent $3 just for this game to work once :(.Version: 1.1.2

AMAZINGThis is such a heartwarming game and totally worth it! Also I saw an agust g poster and it made me laugh BUT please give this game a try!.Version: 1.1

Beautiful. Magnificent. Engaging.I cried several times like a giant newborn baby. Fantastic LGBTQ game. Tragically phenomenal. I’ve played every game by the creator and I hope for more..Version: 1.1

Not as good as expectedThis game has great graphics and amazingly represented pride, but as a game, it lacks a lot of things. The description said “40-90” minutes of game play, yet I finished it in about 5 minutes. I’m not willing to go back and read the same 20 dialogues just to pick one different option for another ending. And yeah, there’s like what, 5 choices in total? I was expecting something more. More character development, more about how they meet, just more short stories to make my money worthwhile. I am honestly disappoint to use $3 on a 5 minute game that had so much great potential :(.Version: 1.1.2

This hit hard🥺I’m at a loss for words. I have been a HUGE fan of all of her games and this one like all the others have hit a deep part in my heart🥺❤️ This work is brilliant like all the others and I would DEFINITELY don’t regret paying for this amazing game!.Version: 1.1

Give this game a chanceI’ve supported and followed Angela He’s work for a long time. This game manages to make even the most painful experiences interesting to play through. It’s hard for your emotions not to spill out playing this. I didn’t hesitate to pay for this app when it first came out, especially if it means being able to support the creator. I seriously suggest for you to play through this. Explore this..Version: 1.1

No soundFor some reason when I start up the game it plays no sound or music. I have the volume up in the settings and on my phone..Version: 1.1.2

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Amazing!!This game was so so beautiful!! I do still have tears in my eyes... I have played both of your story based games and you’re truly so talented... thank you.Version: 1.1

Cute and Creative!!This is an adorable short story with a creative plot and spectacular artwork. I especially recommend this if you enjoyed Missed Messages! It ties into that story well. Totally worth the money, thank you for another great game Angela :)).Version: 1.1

Grate gameEvery time I play this app it always leaves me with tears the artwork is so amazing and the story line is so emotional the first time I played this it was so hard to lead to the best ending I know there are a lot of ending but the one that leads to the longest story is always the best one and I keep going down different paths to see the end, I love how the different choices you make a big impact of what is to come. You have to check out the game it is so amazing and emotional.Version: 1.1

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A new life. 1.1.3 Update

Version 1.1.3 (2021-06-25): Fix bugs brought up in version 1.1.2.

Version 1.1.2 (2021-05-12): Added trigger warning due to user feedback.

Version 1.1 (2020-05-15): bug fixes!.