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Cookie Run: Kingdom App Download

Build your dream Cookie Kingdom and reclaim against the evil that lingers in the shadows. Fresh out of the oven and from the Cookie Run: OvenBreak creators comes Cookie Run: Kingdom! Build a delectable Kingdom while battling against evil dessert monsters!

Team up with GingerBrave and Cookie friends, some new and some familiar. Together, in this sweet fantasy adventure RPG, uncover the story of the Kingdom’s past and defeat the darkness that stands between you and your Kingdom.

Rebuild overgrown ruins and customize your Kingdom with unique decorations and exciting buildings. Team up with your Cookie friends to collect resources for your Kingdom and craft special tools and delicious treats!

Fight in epic RPG-style battles. Unlock new battle levels and discover secrets of the Cookie universe. Take on the Cake Monsters or battle against other Cookies in PVP mode. Tap into each Cookie’s unique skills and unleash the perfect balance of power!

- Customize your Kingdom with unique decorations, parks, wood shops, jelly factories, and more!
- Build a magic laboratory for Wizard Cookie or construct a classy juice bar for Sparkling Cookie!
- Gather resources from buildings to expand your Kingdom, fix destroyed buildings, and level up

- Assemble the best Cookie team that is just too sweet to beat!
- Strategically choose Cookies based on their special skills to defeat Cake Monsters
- Command your squad and unleash their skills with just a few taps
- Battle against rival Cookie teams in PVP mode!
- Lead your warriors through fast-paced, RPG-style battles with epic combat animations!

- Team up with familiar Cookies to explore build the ultimate Kingdom
- Unlock brand new Cookie characters through gacha Cookie Cutters
- Complete daily quests to earn power boosts for your Cookies
- Collect rare Treasures to enhance your Cookie’s special powers!

- Uncover the untold story of the Kingdom’s and fallen heroes’ past
- Adventure through more than 200 story levels!
- Restore glory back to the Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom App User Reviews & Comments

One of the few games with a gacha that didnt fuel my gambling addictionExtremely fun, rewarding, with diverse characters that actually have personality. I quit games with gacha based systems as I gained a gambling addiction in the past but this one is very good. However, despite the 19% chance of earning an epic cookie, the rates seem oddly bad? A bit worse than all the other games with gacha’s ive played? I’m not sure if It’s just poor luck or what, but earning 1 epic every ~8 10x rolls doesnt seem adequate. However it’s a bit easy to earn gems anyway so I guess it could be seen as fine. Sometimes the game does seem a bit p2w though, as various purchasable options might be shoved in your face, and if no purchases are made it could get a bit hard to keep up with the rising difficulty of the levels. Overall though, its a fun and cute experience that’s hard to get tired of :).Version: 1.1.31

Amazing designs and super fun to play.This game blew up in my sphere super suddenly so I decided to give it a try, and honestly it doesn’t disappoint. Despite being a mobile gacha game it’s surprisingly generous. Gems and cookie cutters are given out like candy, and even a free to play player can easily get a few dozen+ pulls with little work. The art design is incredible and is what sold me on the game. The collectible cookies all have amazing designs and the dessert theme makes decorating my kingdom way more fun than I expected. I’d give it a 10/10, but the game itself is super taxing on my phone. It drains my battery and occasionally causes it to overheat. It rarely causes a gameplay issue but it is worth noting if you have an older phone..Version: 2.1.101

Best game I’ve ever played on mobile.Overn break slowly became somewhat of a pay to win cause new characters were super over powered and all but they got a little evened out eventually. But I LOVE this game so much. I don’t have the most evened out team cause I wanted two charge types instead of a defensive type but it’s cause two of my favorite characters are charge types and I e made it so far with them. Maybe I’ll switch it up in dark mode. They’re so cute and I love that they finally have voice files. Werewolf sounds so attractive while Kumiho sounds so cute like the precious jade shop owner. I do kinda wish there was an epic gatcha thing to get a guaranteed epic (atleast one) but I’m fine with what we have as well. I hope it becomes more popular than it is now. :) -Asianchild693 (Ok but why does it take like 6 tries and 40 minutes per try just to update the game).Version: 1.3.101

Cookie room kingdom is the best!Starts with a beautiful tail cookies and I’ve been playing this game for 91 end it may be how to get new ones sometimes but overall the game is super fun the only cut off thing that I don’t always like what the game is that when you try to get your vanilla cookie soul stones are the pure vanilla cookie it’s very hard because yes it’s a very rare cookie I suggest you download this game because it’s amazing fun and when you defeat bottles and when you get queens and some prizes as you go on through many levels you start a game more prizes and you can afford more things and if you go into the build category you can buy decorations and if you complete a whole decoration pack then you get 50 diamonds which actually helps you buy stuff like some cookie packs if you wanna chance to get a new cookie I suggest downloading this game it’s amazing!.Version: 1.4.001

WorthlessAt the beginning when I first started playing this game, it was amazing. First game in a long time where I play every day. I did love this game but now it’s just become ridiculous. I know each cookie clearly has their own ability and what not, but it’s become wildly ridiculous. It makes no sense on this earth when my cookies combined power level is over 130,000, they’re all almost level 50 each, each cookie has been promoted multiple times, and just all around are so powered up and stacked a lot just to lose in the regular chapter battles, bounty battles, and kingdom arena battles to power levels WAAAYYYY LESS than mine. What sense does it make for my cookies with a power level of over 130,000 to lose to power levels of 35,000 in the bounty battles, 80,000 in regular story battles, or 70,000 in kingdom arena??? My cookies are so stacked with attack, defense, health, power, etc. This game is becoming more and more terrible each time I play. All my friends have already quit playing because of this crap. Not to mention the dozens of other issues the creators need to drastically fix. I don’t how much more I’ll be playing, but it’s getting to the point where many people are gonna stop playing..Version: 1.1.71

I am begging you to turn off the world chatComing in from Ovenbreak, this game’s great. Solid gameplay, very generous with the premium currency (you think this isn’t generous, go play Fate:GO or something, it’s horrifying). The graphics are cute as ever and yes the Arena has one entire good team setup but there aren’t many Cookies in the game yet, and the reality is that this type of game will always try to turn the meta toward rare new releases. That’s how they push the gacha mechanic. (Those of you coming from ovenbreak are probably familiar with how the newest Cookies are also the highest scoring.) But I’m really sick of the world chat! Please. Please let me turn off the constant popups about how whoever maxed whatever cookie or topping. Nobody says anything in that chat! I promise I will add a fifth star if you just stop the constant barrage..Version: 1.1.41

I LOVE IT but some suggestionsI overall love this game and this company is very generous with their rewards, BUT I’ve had some times when I was really bored and thought of some suggestions. One suggestion is something that most parents would LOVE but would be optional; There should be a small button in the settings that would limit your playing time for self control and to get outside and exercise. Another suggestion is maybe more rotations for the furniture so it wouldn’t really limit your decorating options. The ACTUAL fun thing would be maybe a in-game cookie run kingdom sensational relaxing game, Like where you make cookies like where it’s like making the batter and stuff just for something to wait and maybe this could be a way to farm some certain items maybe some stamina jellies or some stuff that you would have to wait for to actually play. I hope you maybe think about this suggestion and hope to add this in your game! Love you !.Version: 2.1.101

Fantastic game with a few near major flawsThis game by far has taken up a lot of my time recently. It’s very enjoyable game that can offer a lot of gameplay with cute graphics and animation, simple and addicting fighting mechanics, and much more. But there are more than a few flaws. Once you progress far enough into the story, you hit a massive exp wall. And it’s honestly not fun waiting actual hours or even days to get enough exp jellies solely due to the fact that houses are the only significant way to do so. Secondly it really seems the community is never heard. People are unable to even open the game without it crashing for these past few days. And the most the devs do is post on Facebook to update the game which obviously many have already done. Certain cookies are completely irrelevant with only a certain few being in the meta making a lot of the cast useless which is sad considering these creative characters. Lastly this is starting to seem more pay to win with this new update. What is the point of putting a guaranteed Pure Vanilla meter for everyone if the only way to get it is to spend insane amounts of money to finish it? Not a lot of people have the ability to afford putting forty dollars into a mobile game Overall there are a few bumps that are starting to become far more noticeable and I really hope y’all get them under control. This game has an unbelievable amount of potential so don’t let that go to waste..Version: 1.3.101

Wow…So my sister got this game and she had it for a while and then introduced to me and I fell in love with it instantly. I love RPGs with a kid tone to them. This game is right up my alley for mobile games. I’ve been playing for only about 4 ish days and I’m already on stage 4 for the battles and my kingdom is getting bigger by the day. The characters are so cute and lovable too. I LOVE strawberry cookie, she is so precious. I love that you are able to design a kingdom for your cookies with so many different things. Your cookies you get are not only characters you use to battle, but also little citizens in your kingdom that will walk around and interact with each other and do some work. Such a cute game that is definitely addictive..Version: 2.1.101

Great start with a few stumblesLook I am going to lay it out straight for those who might read this: This is a gacha game first and foremost so complaining about the gacha system isn’t going to be accurate review. If you want unlimited praises or a piece that highlights the flaws with gacha gaming this review isn’t for you. With that out of the way let’s get started. The game’s graphics are cute and inviting with new designs for characters and enemies. The combat on the surface looks like it can be easily auto played yet there are some player interaction combos that make it worth learning the unique line and Aoe effects to get three stars(Side note: Espresso cookie with another aoe is amazing and gingerbraves charge can actually deflect opponent’s stun charges) Where I find fault with game is the few bugs I have run into involving the kingdom management and the Arena at the moment unfortunately Is indeed auto play only leaving battles as who has the highest numbers or most rarities. Overall this game is a fun diversion to play in between load screens for other games or to wind down for the night. My suggestions would be to get a solid QA team and adjust Arena so that multiple team comps can thrive and user input can change the tide of battle..Version: 1.1.31

A Basic Yet Fun Gacha/RPG GameCookie Run: Kingdom is like any other RPG. It has gacha, fighting where all you have to do is click, and a story. But there are some things in the game that make it a great game. One of my favorite things is how WHOLESOME it is. That prince cookie, unlike many other characters like him, isn’t selfish. He understands other peoples’ goals that are similar to his. The characters are so lovable and each a unique character design. I was lured into the game when I saw the coffee cookie in an ad. Sucked in like a whirlpool The game developers were actually really generous with how many rolls you get for gacha. I like the animations. I got the raisin cookie from a single pull.. The gacha may be generic, but it’s not too money grubbing. My problem is that it keeps kicking me out of the game. If I’m in there for 30 seconds, it kicks me out. I can’t play the game anymore because of this. But oh well. Maybe the developers will fix this. Overall, a great game. You should try it. Have a good day. <3.Version: 1.3.501

Loving the minimal microtransactions!I have been having so much fun with this game and I haven’t had to drop a dime on it! You hardly feel the need to drop money on crystals, coins, materials, and your other bits and bobs because everything you need is generously given to you on a consistent basis. If you’re patient and play a decent amount you can get enough crystals for a 10x lotto spin at least once per day. The game itself is also cute, charming, and is full of vibrant colors and brilliant characters with endearing designs and personalities. It manages to find a sweet spot where it isn’t brain-meltingly easy or rage-inducing difficult. The levels do present a level of challenge, but so long as you’re diligent with leveling up your cookies and their skills/toppings you can make it through without wanting to throw your phone out the window. My only gripe so far is that it can be a little hard to get cookies with skills you desperately need. Currently, I am lacking decent Charge and Defense cookies in my roster, and I get quite a few dupes with lotto pulls. Hopefully this will be alleviated in future updates if/when new cookies are released, since I know this franchise has a large variety of characters in store! Definitely try this game out! You’ll probably be hooked like me!.Version: 1.1.31

Amazingly Charming and Fun GameI pre-registered for Cookie Run:Kingdom when they first started letting people sign up. Now that it’s out, I can’t stop playing! As always with every Devsisters game, the music is so soothing and enjoyable to listen too (I leave the game open to play with it on piano), the characters are adorable to watch and interact with (you can pick them up and drag them around), and the battle system is easy to learn but hard to master. Some people complain about the gacha system where you can either meet cookies or get soulstones, which help you unlock new cookies if you haven’t met them already and can upgrade cookies you’ve already met, I personally like it a lot! This whole game just feels fleshed out and I’m so excited to see where they take it! Coo-kie!.Version: 1.1.31

My Favourite EverIve never actually had a game that i can sit down for hours and just tap away with my fingers until i found this game. i love it so much and have even recommended it to all of my friends because i want to share this amazing game. the lore in it is absolutely astonishing and just overall great (from what ive seen i havent “completed” the game quite yet). ive also downloaded cookie run: ovenbreak but that review is for that game but i have noticed not all cookies are in both games. Latte cookie is my favourite by far and i didnt see her in ovenbreak. anyways, im getting off track. the game is amazing and everything about it is just so fun you never run out of things to do. i would give it more stars if i could! <3.Version: 1.9.001

Love this game!I don’t typically leave reviews but I thought this one necessary. This game is so unique for the style of game that it is. Sure there’s other role playing world building games. I’ve tried a lot of them and never got into it. There’s just something about this game and the way they made it all work that is so addicting! There are a few crashes every now and then when they’re fixing the server or something. But if it’s a long crash they reward you in the game and apologize for it which is really awesome to see developers do. I love the updates and the game play itself. I really would t change anything other than being able to customize the layout of your world a little bit more. But as far as actual gameplay it’s incredibly well done!.Version: 1.2.101

The game igThis game is actually fun but there is one thing that is making me angry..why does it take so long to get the limited cookie? And the thing is the characters are rare not ancient and it took me around 100 gems just to get that singer girl cookie and it costs 300 gems? And why everytime we reach a new level we can only level cookie to that level and when I want to go fight the power of the opponent is around 15k and I’m still at 10k it’s probably because of the limited level of the level of the kingdom and that’s what I find annoying like listen here at least make it 3 levels higher and make us unlock all toppings not even genshin would make everything’s level like this ngl. The level in genshin >>> the limited level per level in kingdom and btw Idc what other players are doing other than that everything is good. Okay bye 🙏.Version: 2.0.201

Really Good!I may have become slightly addicted to this but that’s besides the point! This is a really good game and I like how every cookie has multiple stories or other stories they’re involved in and I love the lost princess story! But with everything so amazing there must be one thing that annoys me right? Correct! I really wish you could level up all your cookies to the max level at the time at the same time! Like, you press one button and next thing you know your cookies are all max leveled! Also, this may just be a me problem, heh…I just like having my cookies all at the same level in case I ever want to use one, or I press auto for the perfect team and I don’t have to worry about one Cookie being level 6 whilst the rest are level 14, and I know I can just exit and level them up to the same level, but I feel it’s more convenient to just have them all the same level! Anyways, besides from that one problem, your game is amazing! I can’t wait to see where it goes!.Version: 2.1.001

Honest OpinionsI really enjoy this game and think it has a lot to offer. But I find the gatcha system very unsatisfying. This is not a criticism of gatcha games in general, as I play quite a few, I just find the ratio of cookie to soul stone draws to be frustrating. It would be easy to fix by just making soul stones slightly less common or cookies slightly more common. I’d also suggest adding a bonus/reward for using the 3000 gem 10 draw so there’s more incentive to save up. Otherwise good character design, the story over all is stereotypical but charming enough and considering the general audience the game is aimed at it’s understandable. I wish the auto battle ai was more consistant. I use it a lot since I’m a very casual player and do other things while playing this. I find I can get whipped one round but the next easily get 3 stars. But overall solid 8.7/10 would recommend. Tldr; gatcha could be better, ai is meh, other wise pretty good.Version: 2.0.101

A game anyone can likeThis game has a little bit of everything that anyone would like. The gacha is fun and is able to be used over and over again with having to grind as much as other games do….. The customization is also really easy to understand and you’re able to build a good cookie under 10 minutes. Story mode is challenging but very needed to raise your cookies levels and help you understand better combos or characters that work better in different situations. Kingdom arena is very competitive but helps you build good competitive teams. Building your kingdom is very easy and relaxing at times you can make anything that you think would suit your kingdom best! Over all this game has its challenges and ease and it’s up to you to figure out what style fits you best..Version: 2.1.001

Started because it’s cute stayed bc of the devsI really like that the game is consistently upgraded. Not updated. Each upgrade has brought a real enhancement to the experience. In my experience most games don’t. As far as the game itself I really enjoy it. I’m f2p and like any rpg I’ve gotten stuck on a few levels as I’ve gone through but you lvl up and beat them. Now everyone is 60 it’s about the group makeup but that’s the game I also like that if I did pay I would know exactly what I’m buying, not x amount of chances to get something but possible you wind up with nothing good for your money. Also playing oven break now thanks to an event in this game. Also a good one, different but the same cutesines.Version: 1.8.001

I love it!So I’ve been playing cookie run for years, before the new version Ovenbreak even came out kinda years, and I’ve always LOVED the cookies, the running, the stories and character bio’s and when I saw that they were making an RPG I was SOOOO excited! It’s got the cookies I love, the stories, and all that jazz plus its an rpg! I’ve never spent a single penny on cookie run ever so I’m used to how the coins and gems work. You dont get LOTS and lots fast but quick enough I can use the 10 cookie roll at least once a day. The coins come to me a little slower than I’d like but that’s probably because I’m not as good at the crafting and filling requests yet, I’m mostly used to the running aspect of ovenbreak. The biggest issue I’ve seen is that the game will occasionally crash on me, worst is when I’m using a cookie cutter and It happens, causing me to lose the cutter. But not to bad yet. Yeah they’ve had to do some patches but its a brand new game, they usually run a different format so the developers probably missed a few minor bits and had to fix em really quick, but they’ve always been good with compensating andgiving extra rewards for those inconvenience’s. All in all, I love it, I get absorbed into the game and hours go by before I realize, and I cant wait to see where it goes and what new cookies cone out!.Version: 1.1.41

Here it’s mine opinionHello everyone who reading, well you can see I love this game and all but I have just problem that its how the people think this is p2w game because they are trying to hard or are not that patience and won’t wait for a event or something, for example when I first play I only have what the story mode give but I wait until they added so much event and save my gems and money so I can get epic cookies. I also don’t like people who say stop updating or something because why? will anyone want the something thing, how will you experience more stuff the developer have to show uhh ( if your one of this people, I hope your just stop and learn how everything it’s not a rush for glory) So in my opinion this game it’s worth to play than a thousand other games and I thank you developer for trying to make this game worth it and also for everyone who read this entire time and I hope you appreciate this game like I do.Version: 1.1.31

Needs some workThe game feels great, different than most I’ve played recently, and all around is a pretty fun game to have as a background time waster, though I have a huge problem with the game. I’m on the level 2-14 for story progression, I beat all the enemies that I had in front of me to get to my goal, and when I run to the female cookie that I’m trying to save or something, I run past her, run into the “skull town” image area that’s just a square image, and keep running on an endless loop of Forrest and skull pics til time runs out. I always fail the mission. I never can talk to the cookie woman. I’m stuck in 2-14 with no possible way to progress, or get more powerful. I’m at a loss. If I can get some assistance on the level patching, I’ll review my rating. Games genuinely nice, just have some game breaking problems is all..Version: 2.1.001

Just a few thingsI liked this game when I played it it was fun the story was fun all around great I have problems with the kingdom area The whole thing seems expensive for an upgrade or expanding land without using diamonds + if you want to continue with the story you need the same axe to continue I don’t have enough resources or time to do all that the it gets more complicated to upgrade farther in the game Also I had to delete the game because of the event (it had the sea cookie and I think the mango cookie) whenever I tried to get in it would kick me out of the game I don’t even know if I backed up my account so I can’t play the game since I don’t want to start over It’s very fun to play I loved the story and how easy it was to gather enough diamonds for a 10 pull (I will probably get more difficult as I play the game tho).Version: 1.6.301

Love it but plz stop crashingI absolutely love the cookie run franchise and would consider myself an enthusiast. I’ve tried every version of cookie run I was able to at least once and currently play cookie run kingdom and ovenbreak frequently. I think the game is perfect gameplay and aesthetic wise but there is one problem that’s annoying. Ever since the last major update, my game crashes practically every 30 minutes and although it doesn’t deter me from playing it can get frustrating when I’m trying to decorate or complete levels and the game crashes in the middle of it. I’ve tried to figure out why but I’m not sure. None of my other games or apps, even ones that take up more storage and power, they don’t crash at all. The crashing thing is really the only negative thing I have to say about the game, otherwise it’s pretty good. I’d love it if the bug can get fixed though, thanks..Version: 1.2.101

Pretty fun!This game is great for if you want to play a game where you build a city and also fight monsters! Plus you get to make an army of cookies! I do have a few complaints though… Like how every time you level up you can only level up your cookies once. Which makes it very hard to get a strong team. I would say maybe you should make it so that you can level them up like three times. Just a suggestion. One more thing is that the events are really hard to complete! Like I just got the game and I want the Sonic and Talks cookies but you have to have really strong cookies to be able to do that. I’m sure I will be able to get them but just saying it would be nice to make it a little bit easier. Overall this game is great! I would recommend it!.Version: 2.1.101

A Scrumptious Crumb-Coated Cookie Adventure awaits at your palmsI am somewhat of an RPG enthusiast. I have played freemium shovelware to console exclusives, obscure imported titles to mainstay brands. Despite all this experience under my belt, nothing has come close to the joy and merriment this peppy, cheerful, and user-friendly game is and continues to be! So far I have reached the penultimate chapter and I have enjoyed everything from the delightful puns, the clearly evident passion put into top notch in game models, and ultimately, this game is an accessible, entertaining and memorable experience without having to pay a dime. Unlike most town builders, there isn’t a whole lot of downtime when you have nothing to do. There are always resources that would benefit from further production, Cookie Houses will generously compensate your time with the leveling resources, and so far I haven’t had any trouble finding opponents that are my level in the arena. You can easily get pretty far without even having to summon anyone from the in-game gacha, and chapters will ensure that the level cap increases with the progression of the story mode. My only hope is that there will be more easily accessible means of acquiring crystals and premium in game currency in the future as I am almost on post game activities next chapter, but this has always been likely. I am excited to see what more comes from this game in the future!.Version: 1.1.31

Great! Only one issue.Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s fun, and there’s pretty much endless possibilities of what you can do. If you’re looking for an RPG Gacha game, that’s also adorable AND addicting, this is the game you want. But, this brings me to the “one issue” I mentioned in my title. This issue is storage. Not in game storage, but storage on your device. And I know, it doesn’t take up much, and it could be SOOO much worse with storage, like Genshin Impact for example. Anyways, as someone who struggles with storage issues quite frequently, it’s always a pain whenever I want to download the newest update and I can’t even do that. And I’ve tried many times to solve my storage problems, all of which have failed or only helped for about a day. I’m sorry, this got off topic, but please know that this is one of my favorite games, and that this is not a complaint, and more of a suggestion? Maybe? Idk, but I rated this 5 stars nonetheless, as it’s a really good app..Version: 1.8.001

A new type of gacha gameThis is a gacha game, and personally, the epic cookie droprates are much higher than some other gacha games I have played in the past. This game is relatively new, so a few cookie teams are still the same cookies and is generally boring in Arena since everyone uses the same deck, but if your opponent spent a little more money than you, then you have no chance of winning. Of course, there are decks like almond + rye and almond + tiger lily, which adds diversity to decks. As new updates come out, I am excited to see new types of teams and cookie arrangements. This game is all about strategy. Some cookies buff attack, so having cooldown on it will help increase it’s usage time granting your team the buff instead of going last. Small things like what toppings to use and even what cookies are used makes a huge difference. On some story levels like 7-25, 7-29, 8-30, timing heals, abilities, and using the right cookies (licorice) is a very important skill to have in this game. This game is also very F2p friendly as long as one puts the time and effort into it, as well as know what to do to get the most gold, item production, etc..Version: 1.3.501

10/10 a few things could be added.I personally love this game. There are a few things I would change. More cookies and a much longer story, maybe around 20 levels? A few more things could be added as well. (In my opinion) More Ancients and legendary. Maybe a few more commons or rare cookies? Or more to the story like an act 2? Overall amazing game 10/10. Perhaps a few ideas? For events and such. Or add more toppings? For say like Crit damage or Crit rate? That would make it interesting but it’s not needed. Love this game keep up the great work. Maybe a few breakfast themed cookies? Or more coffee cookies? Like say Grande Cookie? Or something that sounds pleasing to eat. White chocolate cookie? French toast cookie? Mint cookie?.Version: 1.6.301

Small issueThis game is really good, got it around a week and a half ago. I appreciate the effort in the game and all of it, the game is literally so fun like no issues! til this new update happened 😟 so the issue is since the update it’s having trouble connecting, so i was like ok then it’s my wifi, right? I re did my wifi, re set my phone, nothing. Then I deleted the game, re got it and it still didn’t work. The game is still playable but it always has that "Connecting…” With the cake hound with the crown. It happens when I try to get the fountain, take a pull in gacha and like anything where I could be playing the game. I really enjoy the game so if this is happening to anyone else sorry, and I hope this can be fixed soon. Besides that major issue the whole game is amazing! Another small problem when I got some cookie cutters i went to redeem them, first 2 worked, so I did number 3 then it did the connecting thing, then it showed i still had one but it said I couldn’t use it cause i didn’t have it? so i exited the game, went back in and saw i got a new cookie, that’s how much it lagged. (ended up being a new cookie btw so ty!!) but i really want this issue fixed, ty! 💔.Version: 2.1.001

MonotonousFrom playing from the hype start, it just didn’t feel as good after a while of castle up, more things, not enough time to manage them all, and the constant struggle to level up all your cookies has made me not want to progress the story without jumping from level 32 to 35, with so many more levels, skill powders and more required! The cookie houses don’t generate enough, even after a while before leveling up. More cookies, too many giveaways from mail makes crystals feel not as important, so everyone just uses them to pull, My final take on this is that add something new to the “make wood, sugar, axes” every step of the day, or change it! Adding more materials won’t work, unless you make some “auto” or anything like that. Then fix some balances of cookies, including exp candies required for a single level up after a while, and although new and better cookies are hype, please don’t overuse the “ancient” type, like in cookie run where everyone wants it, but can’t get it, and in this game, the newest cookies always dominate, so exercise these things a little, for the players..Version: 1.3.101

Amazing game, would recommend!This game is so fun! I only started about a month ago, but it’s great because it’s easy to make a lot of progress in a little bit of time. It can be a bit inconvenient to wait for the production of items, but it’s not a big deal for those who have a bit of patience. Additionally, it sometimes feels like you are a little bit pressured into buying things with real money, but it’s not necessary and I understand that they need to make money (after all it’s free to play, yet another reason why I’m so impressed with the quality of the game!). It’s easy to meet new cookies because earning gems isn’t too hard. Overall this game is very much worth playing!.Version: 1.4.001

A delightfully enjoyable experience!!I usually am into games in which require thinking and puts you into stressful situations. But in every once in a while I would like a game experience where I don’t have to think and can just play as I please. Cookie Run Kingdom has earned it’s title as a comforting game. The cookie designs are adorable, the in-game animation is fantastic! The cookies interacting with each other are very entertaining and so very fun to watch and explore! Being able to landscape and decorate my kingdom is very fun. I love decorating and seeing how my imagination can make things. So far my favorite cookie I summoned is Sorbet Shark Cookie. He is so adorable and he is very powerful too! The characters are so interesting and I can’t wait to see how far I progress in the future!.Version: 1.9.001

Almost there!This is a good game. You have your kingdom that you can build with cookie interactions, (kinda like clash of clans) but you could go to different modes and levels where you battle bosses. Another thing is that you can get cookies really fast. Once a bug or a break occurs with the game they always give you a lot of free things! There’s a lot of different cookies and modes, and the artwork is beautiful. On the other hand, sometimes the game might bug you out or glitch and freeze at times, or even black out. Also in this game the levels get harder, which I understand, but I got stuck on the last boss on my level, (the sugar swan) and I cant pass it anyone. Idk if my cookies are too weak but it’s really hard to level them up. Overall I suggest you play this game if you love rpgs and fighting/adventure games like this. Just a note to self that there will be some side effects!.Version: 1.3.101

Lost It AllI am in love with this game, maybe even too much so. I’ve spent more hours than i’m proud of leveling up my kingdom and fighting against the darkness for cookies of all flavors. But now it seems all of my progress has been lost. Everytime I open the app now, it tries to take me back through the beginning story set up, which at this point I am just too frustrated to sit through again. I guess i am somewhat to blame, I hadn’t yet gotten around to saving my progress to my apple account. But it wasn’t like i deleted the app or anything. I was using it, on my account, exited the app, and upon returning to play again a few hours later, my slate was wiped completely clean. This is a great game, but truthfully if I have to start way at the beginning, i don’t see myself playing anymore. Game play suggestions I have would be adding an english option for the voice over setting. As well as some update that stops the app from completely depleting your battery power so fast..Version: 1.4.001

Colorful Cookie Kingdom!I love RPG games, especially ones with gacha in it. Cookie Run Kingdom is most definitely one of my favorite games to play, its also very easy to collect gems and nether potions for the Nether Gacha. One MAJOR thing I absolutely LOVE about this game is the fact of the colors! Nothing about this game comes out bland to me. Everything is beautiful and the characters are so detailed, with so much color! I love how every character has a completely different design and story, and the game overall lines up perfectly. Everything about cookie run is PERFECT. Not to mention you get starter rewards when you first download, and you get gems for exploration progress! As you slowly unlock your world, you get more characters and you get more gems! It’s a great game for RPG and gacha..Version: 2.1.101

Was not expecting to be hooked right awayNormally I’m not all that excited about City-Build type games. I got bored of them pretty quickly after starting them up... but Devsisters DEFINITELY delivered with Kingdom. The hybrid-RPG elements, cute designs, and charming graphics got me addicted right away and now I’m spending hours on my iPad playing this. My only issue is the few bugs, though I hardly pay attention to them because the game is so good. With a new release this massive, there are sure to be a couple of glitches and I commend Devsisters for always striving to meet player expectations. Besides, I’m downloading the newest bug fix as I type this, so the few bugs I’ve run into are probably gonna be fixed up..Version: 1.1.61

BEST GAME EVER!😍😍😍❤️Everyone says that it’s so hard to get the ancient and the legendary well I just got the ancient and the legendary on the same draw but the percentages are really really low so I hope you make the percentages for the ancient and legendary a lot lower. This game is awesome because it’s not like a lot of other RPG games. 1. The concept of the game is pretty much like stop the witch from taking over the world 2. If you just started you’ll get to check your inbox and you’ll get such good rewards and you will become a professional at the game Anyway that’s all I have if you are reading this please make the percentages a little higher and to moms who are reading this it’s an awesome game and good for children.Version: 1.9.001

Great!Been playing this game for around two months now and it is so fun? ive played a lot of different gacha games these last few years but this one is probably the best one ive played in a while. the gacha rates are fair and honestly with how kind and amazing the devs are its never a struggle to have enough gems for at least a few pulls. beside that, the game itself is pretty entertaining. there are so many different features you can use that its pretty hard to get stuck on certain levels of the main or dark story, which is something i found happens in a lot of games like these. my favorite feature is definitely the arena battles where you get to fight with other players at random. its so cool to just see everyone’s else’s teams and how they built them, plus it feels great to beat someone with higher power than you haha. the designs are another awesome aspect of the game, all the cookies have such different, beautiful desings that you can’t help but love them. they even have super interesting personalities and backstories! theres options for more chill, layed back players and features for the super competitive players like me, theres something there for everyone. absolutely amazing game, would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.8.001

Best gacha out there (IMO)So I’m not a big fan of gachas tbh I really dislike them due to pull rates and the common occurrence of having to spend a lot of money in order to get a 5 star character. However cookie run kingdom don’t seem to be like that I been playing for almost a month now and I have every common rare and I almost have every epic as well I even have the first ancient in the game which is the highest rarity. So gacha wise it’s super good and refreshing. The artwork also takes the cake (pun intended) it’s very cute and it’s amazing to see what artist can do for cookie characters and most of the time when I build a team I look more at what cookies appearance I rather have then their skill sets (this don’t mean the battle gameplay is bad it’s just what I prefer) 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.4.001

I LOVE ITI love playing in this game when I’m stressed angry or sad it’s just so amazing!! the art is amazing style I specially love the art style of the blueberry bird it’s just so cute!!! I love upgrading my characters to see them get stronger and I love watching them fight it’s so cute their attacks is just so cute and I love the boss is a monster so you have to go through they’re so cute and looks so yummy!!! I love listening to music while doing the game!!! It’s just all amazing and I play it most of the day I even play it until my iPad dies!!! Is that good!! But actually watching shows texting people and everything else just helps me!! I don’t care what I’m doing I always played in sorts on the way!! I love watching videos and getting through work while playing this!! It’s just so good!! I like everything in this game it’s just so so so so so so so so so so so so so cool!!! Just I can’t say anything about this it’s just so good I can’t say anything else about it!! There’s too many things to list!!! I’m not I’m gonna say them all because they’re too many!! I don’t really care what ever I’m doing I play this every single day!!!.Version: 1.1.51

Good game but needs lots of workI really enjoy this game but I definitely think that this game could seriously use some more balanced rework. One of them being the probabilities of getting a cookie in the gacha. Recently there is higher chance to get Latte cookie (1.440%) chance of getting her. But for other cookies when doing the special featured draw that only have a (0.076%) yet somehow I get other cookies that have a 0.076%. Which does not make sense at all. It’s so much easier to get other cookies that have 0.076% of obtaining instead of the 1.440% chance. And other devices have problems after updates or when playing for a while on the game it just crashes. I have my iPad and when I spend to much time on the game or when I click to many buttons the game just crashes but when I am on my iPhone nothing happens and that really doesn’t make sense..Version: 1.2.501

Wonderful Game; EXP Barriers though….I adore this game with every fiber of my being- this game is an absolute nostalgia boost for me and I am always excited when I get into the story. It is so much fun and has its seriousness without being dark or gruesome. My only peeve about this game is that every update the exp barrier appears. With every new level/game/etc. there is an unbelievable exp barrier, I went from beating an entire level to suddenly getting my cookies handed to me in the change of one area- and I am nearly level 60 with every cookie on my team. I do not mind a challenge but the heavy shift in power and having to wait until the next update can be rather discouraging. I do love this game though and highly recommend to anyone who is considering playing! 💕.Version: 2.0.301

Constant crashing + other issuesEDIT: the crashing is worse now. every time i try to go to a different page there is about an 50-50 chance that the app will just crash. do not know what’s causing it but would like it to stop because now this thing is basically unplayable im coming in from ovenbreak and mostly just here for that tasty cookie run Lore and so far devsis has delivered! one thing tho is that this app eats up SO much battery it’s hard to play on the go if i want my phone to live for more than an hour. maybe think of implementing some kinda battery saving mode? theres gotta be some way to lower the graphics settings like there is in ovenbreak.... the app also crashes alarmingly often! not sure if it has something to do with the battery thing tho. it tends to crash whenever i try to draw from the gacha, or collect resources, or.... do anything that might involve the app sending data back to the server now that i think abt it another point of contention for me personally is that there’s no way to turn off world chat, which is pretty annoying since no one ever says anything in there and it’s just a rotating litany of “[user] met [epic]!” or [user] upgraded [topping] to max!” if i Could turn off world chat that might allevieate the crashing problem maybe? since that’s one less internet-connected thing the app will have to deal with.Version: 1.1.41

Very addicting and recommend playing, but a small issue!I love this game and it’s a very fun way to spend your time on if you’re bored and such, though I have an issue of my game randomly crashing? I don’t know if it’s only me but it’s been glitching every time I get into the game. I don’t know if it’s storage problems or something else but I just wanted to make sure if there’s a problem with the game or it’s just my storage or something like that!^^” but besides that I love this gacha rpg game! I really enjoy the character designs, the stories, and the whole idea of being able to decorate your own kingdom is just aaaa so amazing to me! Of course I’ve enjoyed cookie run ovenbreak BUT THISSS AA I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! :) I’ve honestly never played a game for so long before, but you can’t blame me it’s so addicting to play and just spending time with your cookies and friends!.Version: 2.1.001

Almost perfectI genuinely love this game and all of the features that are incorporated into it but the one thing that bothers me enough to rate it 4 stars is the fact that it constantly crashes and exits me out of the game. At first it wasn’t too much of a problem and would probably exit me out once a day, (I usually play for around 3-5 hours) so I was able to withstand it and it wasn’t a bother. Gradually, it became more and more frequent but was still bearable—that is, until recently. Every time I login to the game it crashes instantly after about 5 minutes and exits me from the game. I have restarted my phone and everything that could possibly be thought of to make it work better but it just won’t cooperate with me. The good points to the game includes pretty much everything the game has to offer. I am only dissatisfied with how much it exits me out especially because it usually does so when I am in the middle of a battle in the arena/map or when I am using the gacha. This seems to be more of a mobile problem so I tried using Bluestacks on my computer and it did work better. However, the frame rate was a lot worse and much slower on my computer compared to my phone which is why I’d still rather play on my phone more. Ultimately, it’s a very good game, but I’m more annoyed about how it exits me out of the app every couple of seconds than I care to say what’s so good about this game..Version: 1.3.501

Fantastically amazingThis game has a lot of good style into it ( especially new cookies ) and the new updates keep getting me pumped up! Honestly though, I do think this game could use some more updates. To start of 1, when I was in story mode battling in ep 6, we were making no progress due to the fact that we were still running and not coming close to no predators... I was only able to use custard cookie the whole time. The second problem I had was when I was trying to level up licorice and tiger lily cookie. I used my star jellies and it said, “cannot level up because you don’t have the required ingredients”. By that time my cookie was only level 34 so I tried doing on my next cookie but it said the same thing. Although for the rest of my cookie I could level up. Anyways this is a very cool and great game but I just realized moonlight cookie is in the 3rd picture when you look up where it says gm kingdom ( wait are legendary cookies for cookie run coming to cookie run kingdom?!?!?).Version: 1.4.001

Fantastic Game With Huge IssuesI’ve been a fan of the Cookie Run games for years now and have been playing Kingdom within the first 2-3 days of release. I was super excited for this game and it lived up to the hype. CRK is beautifully animated, charming, and overall an enjoyable experience. While the battles can get a little underwhelming since they’re not very user interactive, I use it as a way to step away and get a drink of water or a snack while the game runs. The major issue with CRK is the crashing. I’m running this on an IPad and it’s one of maybe 3 apps on here? It’s not like it’s barely managing to run, CRK didn’t have this problem until about 2-3 months after release. Anything could crash it. You want to just stare at your kingdom? Crash. Battle? Crash. Gacha? Crash. Booting up the game? Crash. It doesn’t seem to be caused by one specific thing or area which confuses me as someone who understands a decent bit about programming, if it was only during loading zones or when entering certain areas I’d point out the bug but I could literally not even be touching the screen on the shop menu and it will crash. Overall I think the game is really beautiful and Devsisters definitely created a game that lived up to the hype, but good god does it feel like it’s held together by duct tape sometimes. I’ve actively avoided playing a game I sincerely enjoy because I literally can’t even play it..Version: 1.7.001

Great Game Little Issues HoweverOne of my first reviews in general. This is a great game overall. I’ve been playing this game since it came out. The rates for the gatcha aspect are quite great when compared to other games. The game play is alright however it does get a tad repetitive as I have never let it go off of auto play since I started playing the game. It would be nice to see an introduced skip ticket sort of thing where the player could get the materials easier from an already beat stage. The leveling up aspect for cookies is a bit strange in the beginning along with the little cookie pieces you can add to a cookie to boost stats but that becomes easier as time progresses. That being said however, the game itself poses some crashes and failure to load data issues sometimes as well. In fact as I write this review my game will not load due to these issues at hand. Overall however, these don’t normally impede game play as much as they do at the moment. I would highly recommend this game to someone as it is great for just coming out not too long ago!.Version: 1.3.301

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I have a problemEvery time I try to get voice files it failed to load resources and then continues a loop of downloading then failing. Not sure how to fix it. But this game is very good. It worked and downloaded once but then I tried getting Japanese voice files and it didn’t work. So I uninstalled and then instead of getting Korean I made it Japanese, now it won’t work. I had the default settings and downloaded but yet again the loop continued. I have no clue how or why it’s happening and I would like to fix it because this game is addicting and very fun..Version: 2.0.301

KicksI love this games but some times it kicked me out I have been playing this for so long and sometimes the genders are confusing so put a gender symbols for the cookie please cause my friends keeps saying that licorice cookie is a girl when he is a boy it is so annoying but still fix the kicks fix the kicks fix the kicks! I have mad my statement.Version: 1.2.401

I liked it but it still kick me out.For literally no reason, I got kick out of the game for no reason, is there a bug, I really like it but I don’t want to missed it due to the bug kicking me out so fixed! It now! Or this will go to three stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 1.2.101

P2WWhat light said. Full of P2W users and hackers. They’re giving us tons of freebies but as of now the only consistent method of receiving diamonds is as arena(pvp) prize, and it’s given monthly, annnnnd obviously it’s incredibly hard to win given it’s dominated by P2W and hackers. 🥴 just go play ovenbreak, also cash grabby but at least you need skills to win and level difference don’t impact winning that much (seriously, they’ve hit their limits with ovenbreak, every other cookie run game are just reskin of crappy P2W models. Haven’t they learnt anything from cookie defence shutting down? lol).Version: 1.0

Cant play yetPlease could a staff of this game fix the constant kicks out of the game for no apparent reason, I still cant play the actual game itself due to unable to get past the story. I wish I could just skip the thing entirely, I don’t want to give this game a bad review but just want someone to allow me into the game, is it my ipads problem/devices problem or anything you can fix. Thanks.Version: 1.1.51

I love watching these silly little cookies <3I really adore this game idk it’s just really fun and enjoyable. I love how you can tell there’s been love put into each design and all the cookies are unique, not just design wise but personality wise! Anyways I just really love this game lol. One bug that’s kind of annoying though is the crashing :( it’s good that it at least saves though. Anyways basically I love this game and I can’t wait to see what’s next :D.Version: 2.0.201

Too many crashesI’ve been playing for a few months but I also have experienced many crashes. Everything else is fine other than crashes..Version: 1.3.501

CrashesI love the game, don’t get me wrong, but one thing about it is that it keeps on crashing while I’m playing forcing me out of the game then I have to go back in and sometimes I lost some data when that has happened..Version: 1.3.101

Cookie run kingdomThere’s two problems 1 the game keeps crashing 2 when the update is done a pop that said failed to load data These are problems I am having so I want to do me a huge favour can you please fix it.Version: 2.0.101

FIX THE CRASHINGWhen you actually get to play the game it’s great, not too many negatives and definitely 5/5 stars but that’s only if you can actually play the game because it crashes within 2 minutes of opening every time, sometimes mid battles. It makes the game un-playable and I should be giving this a 1 star, fix the crashing, I don’t have a lot of patience left for this annoyance..Version: 1.3.301

Failed to load data errorI love the game but after the recent update it keeps coming up with a “failed to load data” error, and it has me a bit worried 😖 I did connect my google account, but it won’t even let me log in. I’m not sure what the issue it..Version: 2.0.101

Please remove world chat alertThis is so annoying because it blocks me from seeing attack levels(?) before I enter story fight. I can't see if the enemies have higher attack levels then my deck. Also, it is useless..Version: 1.1.31

ReviewI’ve been playing this game for just under 2 days now, and I absolutely love it. The cookies have voices and I think that’s really cute, and they come with their own stories too. Compared to the many gacha games i’ve played, Cookie Kingdom is very generous with its gacha system so i’m very grateful for that. I do have a problem though, the game crashes a lot, about every 4 minutes. None of my other games crash, it’s only this one, and i’ve been hearing about a lot of others with this bug. I hope the devs can fix this soon, I may have to delete the game if it is not fixed soon. Overall, love the game but the crashing needs to be fixed. Update: I’ve deleted the game because of the unresolved issue, I hope the bug is fixed soon so I can download again..Version: 2.0.301

Literally the best gameI’ve been playing cookie run kingdom for a while now, and It’s been so addictive. I don’t think there’s any problems (according to me) and it’s such a cool game. I really think the game loves me now, as I’ve gotten parfait, sorbet shark AND squid ink on the same day, yesterday. Anyway, thank you so much for this game, it’s the only game I play when I have nothing to do. Cant wait for future updates, and other stuff getting added to the game! - Jassy.Version: 1.9.001

Great game but...I’ve been playing this game a lot and I’ve loved it and haven’t had any issues up until I updated it for tiers of chaos. Now it won’t let me past the start screen without kicking me out of the game. I believe this is an issue with the update so I hope it gets fixed soon..Version: 1.4.001

Adorable, but a few requests (ㅇㅅㅇ)Dear Devsisters, This new game is adorable, as the cookies have voices! I love the story for each cookie, but I feel really awkward sometimes, when the game kicks me out. Please, can you fix it? My friend has this bug too. As the update, Battle For Fate, in Cookie run ovenbreak, I saw Licorice Cookie getting released from kingdom, it made me feel happy (Cuz the villain cookies are my favourite), and I also wish Poison Mushroom Cookie to be in Ovenbreak too. One of my friend REALLY wants Poison Mushroom Cookie to be in Ovenbreak too. I really hope the bug gets fixed, and me and my friend wish to have Poison Mushroom Cookie being released in Ovenbreak. Thank you..Version: 1.3.501

FAVOURITE GAME RNI cannot EXPRESS. How much, I love this game. It is so addicting and I love it. Within then first day in got it, I played for almost 7 hours no joke. What I love about this game is that it’s cute,fun and has so many things to do. Once your finished with your kingdom and wanna do something else, just go to the battle mode! There’s so many stuff to do I can’t name it all. It’s not a boring and repetitive game also the Gacha aspect gives an extra point. If I were to rate it out of 10, 10/10 I also love how you really don’t have to grind for diamonds. This games gives you 300 diamonds just for every like 5 levels?!?! The only con I have about this is that you sometimes crash but it’s every like 20 minutes? The loading screen doesn’t take long at all so for me it’s not that much of a problem..Version: 1.5.001

Filled with Korean P2W PlayersSo the server only has been open 2 days but even on the first day I noticed many, many players already veterans in the game with over 100,000 prestige points etc This is not a new game and the servers not new either. It is just a translation of an existing game on existing servers, which are filled to the brim with Korean pay2win players. This could be an amazing game, but it’s been the western launch has been ruined by not releasing a western server with a new player base. The prices for in game purchases are great, the gameplay is addictive and enjoyable, the pace is great.. all let down by the servers. What a shame. I can not recommend this unless you plan to spend lots of real money..Version: 1.1.01

AMAZING GAME! 10/10 I recommendI started the game 2 days ago and I’m already addicted ✌️👹 this game is so much fun you can level up and get more cookies and do super fun buildings and battle! This game is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a long time. Totally recommend playing this!.Version: 2.1.001

Great game love it please read thisI know this is short but how do I leave a guild?! I would appreciate it if you added a leave guild thing that is bright so you can see it please tell me how if there is a way..Version: 1.2.101

Love this game but..Loving this game but since this morning there has been no in-game sound which is a bit disappointing, it’s definitely not my phone and I definitely have the music turned on.Version: 1.2.501

The hype was worth it!Ever since the title screen got leaked, I have been looking forward towards this game’s release! Now that it has been released, I’ve been having so much fun with it! Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.1.01

I love this game! But……..It’s so close to being perfect, so close. It has nice animation, cute and lovable characters and overall a nice vibe. However whenever there’s an update (like today) and it needs me to let it download using my data for stuff, it keeps going backwards sometimes? I have to do it multiple times, it’s getting frustrating and making me not want to play the game in general.Version: 1.6.001

Love this game! Minor improvements could be madeAbsolutely adore this game! One thing that I feel could help with efficiency and flow of the game is a big button that could collect all of the resources in one go rather than me clicking on all the buildings individually (same function as the jellies - if it could work for them why not the resources too?) Another thing I would like to point out is the high demand and slow produce time for some resources like the Tart Jampie and Gingko Focaccia. There isn't enough space/buildings to create more and I feel like I'm constantly running out all the time. Also because of this reason, I feel there should be a refresh option for the Train Station. Other than these, the game runs really well and there is always new characters and missions to complete. I love the graphics, the storytelling and the videos! Keep up the great work!!.Version: 1.3.501

Great game but update issuesThis is a great game and is very enjoyable, however anytime there are additional resources to download it struggles to download them and the downloads keep stopping halfway. Originally the in-game updates would eventually download but as of the recent one it won’t download the additional resources at all so i cannot access my game, which is kind of disheartening since i had spent some money. Hope this can get fixed in future. :).Version: 1.5.001

CrashesNow I’ve been in playing this game for a while, but something that is so frustrating is the number of crashes that happens when I’m playing. It’s annoying and really makes it hard for me to actually play. I was using the yacht once, when I crashed and lost all of those gems. It’s really frustrating for the game to just suddenly crash. Other than that, the game is pretty good- characters are cool, interesting storyline, the only thing to fix are the unending crashes..Version: 1.2.101

It is...I love this game. I can’t stop playing it. BUT the reason why I didn’t give it a 5star rating is that the game keeps on crashing like every 5 minutes. This is VERY annoying. Otherwise it is one of my favourite games (I know this review is very short).Version: 1.2.301

Servers need to be fixedI’ve been playing this game for a few months, and have managed to pull some of my friends to play too! Unfortunately, the new server means that if they chose Hollyberry (which they all did, as it was suggested) we are unable to send friend requests and play together. Please fix this!.Version: 2.0.301

GlitchIt’s a amazing game but for some reason i can’t get past level 2-8 because there is a glitch where the level keeps on going forever could you fix the glitch please.Version: 2.0.301

CrashesCould you fix the app frequently crashing, it’s really annoying when you’re drawing gacha and using energy on stories. Only complaint is that. Thanks.Version: 1.5.001

Could be improvedOverall the game is incredible, the characters are well established and the game is very cute, but there are some things that could be improved, mainly about the gameplay. 1: There are sometimes crashes which force me out of the game. 2: While I haven’t got many level 2 producer buildings (buildings that produce resources when you spend gold), I’ve noticed that the level 2 resources produced take more time to produce than producing level 1 resources individually..Version: 1.2.501

Amazing Game OverallI find the game really enjoyable and I’ve been playing it a lot in my free time, although it does crash and heat up my phone like crazy its an adorable game and really enjoyable!.Version: 2.0.101

Best game EVERIt’s my favourite game of all time. The cookies are so adorable and I’m trying to get Cream Puff right now. It’s a lovely game which can get you addicted.. like me. I’ve been playing for four days yet I’m hooked!! Well done on the animations!!!!.Version: 1.9.001

My favourite game!I love this game soooooo much! All the characters are so cute! And I love how you can make your own castle! I’ve been playing for about 1-2 months now, and it’s awesome! I would highly recommend it!.Version: 2.1.001

Cute cookieeeLove the game so much with all the cute cookies and houses!! Especially liked the update where I can turn off the lawn. But after the latest update it said it failed to download resources and I couldn’t get in. So I was trying to make things work and accidentally deleted the app. And now all my data is gone haha….Version: 2.0.201

Fun but crashesI love this game, it provides a lovely shake up to its platform version. That said it crashes a lot, jumping me out no matter the update. It happens occasionally with cookie run as well and atm I can’t get past the loading screen (for kingdom only cookie run seems to be working fine for now). It’s frustrating as it only happens with these two games. Hopefully a future update will finally fix this problem but for now I can only hope my daily login isn’t compromised by this bug The only other complaints I have are on some in game play things. Certain cookies seem impossible to draw, the bounty’s get way to hard way too fast, the trade port is pretty much useless (while the train is better being unable to send trains until everything is on it is annoying and it needs some sort of other available option), upgrading certain buildings/expanding also costs too much too quickly with its specific needs and collecting jellies to upgrade cookies seems more like a luck thing.Version: 1.3.501

Story mode blacked outI’ve been playing the game for a couple of days and have been really enjoying it a lot but recently whenever I go to story mode or dark mode it get blacked out??? And I can’t do any of the missions in it?.Version: 1.1.51

Best GameTHIS IS THE BEST GAME. The developers care about the community and give us free stuff! (I KNOW, FREEEEEE) the game is original and the cookies ( people inside the game ) are sooo cute. This is a high quality game and definitely my top 5. (That’s hard to get as I don’t play much games) Download it and rate it 5 STARS. AMAZING/AWESOME/AW MY GAWDDDDDD////.Version: 1.1.01

Hyperfixation(Don’t worry I’m ND) but I’ve played this for 8 plus hours and I’ve had it for less than a day, I love the game it’s a bit annoying with the wait times but that’s to be expected with these type of games. I love all the characters, I can’t wait until I get herbs cookie though because he’s my fav. I’m starting to hyperfixate over these little cookies I love them so much.Version: 1.1.51

10 out of 10 BUTWe need the daily gifts to have more diamonds and also raspberry’s soulstone i’m really close to getting her too. but 10 out of 10..Version: 2.0.301

Great gameThis is a great game it is so progressive I love it and so should u One thing that I just wanted to tell you is that I found in the recent update there was a glitch where I would go into the battle I would be the three starter character But thank you it’s a great game.Version: 1.6.101

It’s a great game, but there is a bug…Every time I try to unlock the docks it says “unlock surrounding area” which I have done. Please try to fix this if possible, thanks!.Version: 2.0.301

Fix this problem plsI love cookie run and it’s currently one of my fav games but please fix the crashing problem, after I updated it I cant get past the loading screen without it crashing, no matter what I do. I deleted my photos, apps and everything and even redownloaded the app but nothing works please reply and tell me what to do bc I love this game to much.Version: 2.0.301

About sonicThe new sonic crossover is great! But there is just one thing about it that I want to talk about. I started this game about a week or two ago, meaning that I’m kinda new. This means it’s nearly impossible for me to unlock sonic, because since I only recently joined my team has around 120,000 less power than the sonic teams. I’m just hoping for some balancing depending on what level you’re kingdom is, so that its possible for newer players to unlock sonic too. Please help!.Version: 2.1.001

Very good game but needs a thew updatesI love this game very much! It’s very well made and it’s design is awesome! The story is interesting and it’s very good! But it randomly keeps kicking me out and once I lost something due to that. Maybe you could fix that? Please. And also! It needs a bette4 pity system. I keep on getting bad stuff over and over again and I worked very hard to do a 10 pull and all I got was bad stuff. Otherwise from that this is an awesome game!!.Version: 2.0.301

Beginning story problemThe hype of this game is well deserved as this game as great reviews and contents. I am desperate to play and I have the game but the beginning story “final battle” freezes and won’t move. I am desperate to play as this game brings so much joy to many and I would like to say thank you DevSisters for making this.Version: 1.1.61

Failed to load dataHi I just have a problem with the new update, it refuses to let me in saying it failed to load data. I’ve cleared 10GB of storage yet it still doesn’t budge, I want to know what I can do other than delete the game because of my unsaved data thank you. ❤️.Version: 2.0.101

1 ComplainOverall this game is really good. It has good graphics, fun storyline and its not confusing. My only complaint is this, sometimes I crash when I press on the story mode, guild boss, or even 10x summons. Sometimes when I do 10x summons my game crashes so I get no characters and lose 3000 gems..Version: 1.3.501

Super cute?! Relatively f2p friendly!!The cookies and story is absolutely amazing! Everything is so tiny and cute like omg?? The game is super generous a well! It’s been a month and I’ve gotten a majority of the cookies aside from the exclusive cookies, which aren’t required at all in order to beat the current content. The current meta itself is completely purchasable through soul stones which also helps in faster progression! Sometimes the game crashes, but gameplay, lore and aesthetic wise, it’s a 5 star from me :) although progression is relatively slow. It’d be a lot nicer to give more exp in order for players to swiftly enhance their core team :).Version: 1.3.501

Server changing?Hi! I really love this game, and have convinced many friends to play it, i also love the fandom and all the cookie designs, but my friend is on a different server than i and i really wish she could change her server :( is there any possible way you could change this?.Version: 2.0.301

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Cookie Run: Kingdom
Role Playing, Simulation
844.293.120 BYTES
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Cookie Run: Kingdom 2.1.101 Update

Version 2.1.101 (2021-09-23): - Various bug fixes and improvements..

Version 2.1.001 (2021-09-16): Cookie Run: Kingdom x Sonic Crossover - New Cookie: Sonic Cookie - New Cookie: Tails Cookie - New Event Mode: Green Hill - New Cookie: Moon Rabbit Cookie (EPIC).

Version 2.0.301 (2021-09-03): - Hollyberry Cookie's skill effect error has been fixed. - Various bug fixes and improvements..

Version 1.9.001 (2021-08-16): - New Cookie: Parfait Cookie (EPIC) - New building type: autoproduction buildings (Jellybeans, Roll Cake Wood, Sugar Cubes) - New Treasure - 17 brand-new Sugar Gnome technologies - Practice Mode in Guild Battle - Bug fixes & improvements.

Version 1.7.101 (2021-07-19): Various bug fixes and improvements..

Version 1.6.301 (2021-06-25): Various bug fixes and improvements..

Version 1.6.101 (2021-06-23): Various bug fixes and improvements..

Version 1.4.001 (2021-05-12): - New mode: Tower of Sweet Chaos - New feature: merge Cookie Houses - New Cookies: Pastry Cookie (EPIC), Fig Cookie (EPIC) - Bug fixes and other improvements.

Version 1.3.501 (2021-04-22): - New feature: Cookie Castle Designs - New Cookie: Strawberry Crepe Cookie - New Event: 10M Kingdoms Super Raffle - Bug fixes and other improvements.