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Trivia Star: Trivia Games Quiz App User Reviews & Comments

Enjoyable but way too many ads!This is a fun game but the ads are out of control. You can get 24 hours of ad free games by watching 5 ads. But... it doesn’t work! It gets annoying... Another annoying issue: As soon as you open the daily question an ad pops up that you are low on gems but if you watch the ad you will get 15 free. But.... if you click on it by the time you’ve earned your reward and it goes back to the daily question screen your time has run out and the question is marked as wrong answer. No do over. Just annoying!.Version: 1.134

Too Many 30 Second AdsJust started the game. Too Many 30 Second Ads in my opinion. Update, since the developer wants to send replies to honest reviews and say ads are what fund their company. There are many, many apps-games that don’t bombard you with ads every single round you play and make you what a 30 sec ad to continue the game. I understand ads are what pays the bills, but to hold players hostage for 30 secs every round watching ads that 99% of people could care less about is a bit excessive. Let the players play the game a little and then play an ad. Not every round, especially at the beginning of the game. Once again, not worth the hassle and this is a honest review..Version: 1.132

Impossible to Progress, without GemsI had become addicted to this game. Thoroughly enjoyable. However, after reaching about a medium level, I found it impossible to go any further without using any gems, which are very quickly depleted. Almost every aspect of this game relies upon using gems, as opposed to coins— from choosing an extra category, to receiving a hint on an answer, to getting an extra spin. Furthermore, there is a “glitch” (is it really a glitch?), supposedly allowing you to watch videos, to freely earn a small number of gems... But after watching these videos, no gems are received!! I have the latest version of this game installed, so that has nothing to do with the “error”. The *only* way to obtain the gems is to buy them.....I have already laid down money once, in removing the ads...lI refuse to do it again. Why can’t the user occasionally exchange some of the amassed coins or stars, for the gems? And without accumulated gems, it is practically impossible to advance any further in the game. Too bad, because this is otherwise a wonderful app, and an entertaining pastime. Other suggestions: Where are the categories like spelling, grammar, and mathematics? ...or maybe I am just old fashioned..... Also, how about classic TV and films, and classical music categories? ....Way too many “pop culture” entries from the year 2000 and up—at least for this user..Version: 1.132

Incorrect answers, expensive gems, Too many categories I didn’t likeI have been playing this trivia game for several months now. Until recently, I have not had any trouble earning coins. But now the categories are so not me that I’m losing coins. The gems are so time-consuming to earn for free by watching the ads, so I can’t spend them re-rolling questions or 50-50 or re-rolling the category. All the questions in the birds category have to do with the Latin names of birds and bird body parts. All the questions in the poetry category are nursery rhymes!! There have been so many incorrect answers where I lose my game because I got it “wrong”. I really don’t know where they get their questions because so many are so random and abstract I get very frustrated getting all the incorrect answers. The mythology category is so difficult you have to know india and Norse and a lot of mythology’s that most people aren’t familiar with. I finally got so fed up tonight with an incorrect answer and the fact that I had to spend hundreds of coins to try to earn a special Sunday gem earning opportunity that I just got mad and deleted the program..Version: 1.128

Ridiculous questions in some categoriesIt’s obvious one of the creators is a huge Kendrick Lamar fan. R&B... Kendrick Lamar, Pop... Kendrick Lamar, Hip Hop... Kendrick Lamar, 2010’s music... Kendrick Lamar! How does Kendrick Lamar fit in all of those categories? I’m not a Kendrick Lamar fan and I know none of his music but last I heard he was a rapper only. When I click on R&B or pop I want to answer R&B and pop questions not questions about Kendrick Lamar, his first album or the latest movie soundtrack he’s done. It’s not fair. I also hate how when I click on Disney I get asked questions about what symphony or orchestra played in the background of Pinocchio or dumbo. What child or anyone who watches Disney movies look to see what orchestra plays in the background of their favorite Disney film!? It’s like the more you play, the more ridiculous the questions become..Version: 1.132

Very fun trivia game but way too many ads!!!!I really enjoy this trivia game, but I am about to delete it, I’m getting really tired of playing the trivia games for 30 seconds and then having to watch a 30 second ad. It would be nice to have less ads, I understand they help sponsor the developer and I’m fine with that, but I am not willing to pay 4 bucks a week to not have ads, if there was a one time purchase to remove ads, the. I would do that in a heartbeat..Version: 1.128

Not fully correctI have only been playing for about 30 min, and it’s been fun so far. Mainly staying in one or two categories, but just got a question about “Who was Brad Pitt married to, until their divorce in ‘05?” And Jennifer Anniston wasn’t an option, so I didn’t know what to do. Then, it said the correct answer was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Which isn’t right. Not sure if this game is filled with wrong question/answers, but that seemed like an easy one, but I’ll keep playing... but if there are other questions that don’t have the correct answers as options, I’ll be deleting....Version: 1.122

Great trivia appI really enjoy this game mainly because it isn’t “competition” based. I am not the most competitive person and like testing my knowledge more than winning. I also like that the categories are more fun and not about really serious topics. For example, the categories include “Brands”, “Disney”, “Food”, as well as “Basketball” and “Capital Cities”. I enjoy games that test or have to do with pop culture. It’s nice just to see how many I can get correct; the points you get from answering questions correctly and other aspects of the game are just a bonus. Definitely recommend to someone who is more into having fun..Version: 1.132

Could have so much potential but developers are lazyThe game has addicting aspects but you're handcuffed by gems and not ever having enough. The devs reply to comments saying they’ll “talk to their team”. Yea they’re not updating anything ever. Not to mention the amount of bugs while collecting or using gems like trying to watch more than two ads gives you an automatic wrong answer whether you got it right or not. The same thing happens when you use gems on specialists. And you don’t get the gems back. So fun. Glad they’re fixing it though!.Version: 1.143

Not Receiving Extra GemsThe game is not bad, I actually like it, except this one thing. Not getting any rewarded gems. I’m not interested in paying for any packs that will allot gems, so every time the option for FREE gems comes up and all I have to do is watch a video-I select. However, the option presented says watch for 15 seconds and I sometimes end up with 30 second videos AND after watching the video I end up with no gems! I’ve done this several times and no reward yet. What’s up with that?.Version: 1.126

Decent GameWhile overall the game is good, it’s unfortunate that they ask questions and give you no correct answer to choose. While I admit that if doesn’t happen often, it’s very frustrating when it does. One example is the question “Which US state touches all 5 Great Lakes?” Obviously the answer is “none” but that was not an option. The “so-called” correct answer was Michigan. There are other examples as well but the results are the same, either guess or lose..Version: 1.134

Fun free gameI really like this game; it passes the time and the questions aren’t too hard so that I always have plenty of coins and gems to continue playing even if I answer wrong. My only question is about the “stars”.... the app is called “trivia star” and I have earned over 80,000 stars, but the stars don’t seem to do anything?? Maybe I’m missing something, but why do we earn them if you can’t spend them on anything ? There’s even an event going on now where I’m earning 2x the stars. But... for what? 😂.Version: 1.132

Fun GameI enjoy this game. One question. Is there any way to speed up the presentation of the multiple choice? It only takes a millisecond to read the question, and then the user sits there waiting for the answers to roll out, which seems to take forever. Why not present everything together?.Version: 1.143

EntertainingEnjoyable and fun. I have an issue with how some questions are worded. Also the free gems options after watching a video doesn’t work well for me. The experts options doesn’t come often it’s a little confusing. I’m giving it 4 starts because I really enjoy playing it even though those things are annoying. The game is definitely fun..Version: 1.132

Very enjoyableI have been enjoying this game for a few months now, up to level 870. Enjoying the various categories since I’m good at some and not others but there’s a lot of diversity. It is random that the Poetry category is mostly nursery rhymes but I can live with it since I know more nursery rhymes than poetry it seems. Some reviews so they have issues getting rewards for watching videos, if my reward doesn’t pop up after the first ad, I have been exiting and closing game app and then opening it again, which seems to do the trick. My only “complaint” or thing I’d like to see changed is that you should always gain coins for each round completed. Even if it’s only 25 or 50 coins, you should always be receiving more coins than you started, not just breaking even. I may get a reward multiplier chest greater than 2x less than a quarter of the time. That’s frustrating since you need the coins to increase the experts. I understand there may be a desire to have people purchase coins or watch ads but I think you could at least adjust it so you always earn at least a little more than 100 coins. Maybe just eliminate the 2x multiplier and let 3x be the smallest. Thanks for an enjoyable game!.Version: 1.134

Fun game for a limited amount of timeThe game is fun. It has questions that are fun and can be challenging. The issue is the coin system. You run out of coins way easier than earning them, so you’d have to buy them (same with gems). You have to put in 100 coins to play a round and if you win, you’ll pick a “multiplier” card, which is way more common to be a x2. With a round win of 50 coins, the common x2 multiplier will just equal out what you spent. I feel like if you win, you should get your original investment and then the multiplier. The risk of losing your coins is fine, but shouldn’t make it so difficult earning them back after winning rounds..Version: 1.132

Ad to game play ratio too bigFor as far as I played, each level had three questions. You’re able to answer them pretty quickly. In between every level is an ad. The ad takes longer than it takes to play a level. Perhaps an ad every third level? I understand the need for ads in the free version. I’d consider purchasing it but the questions are pretty weak. On one level where “Celebrities” was the category, 2 of the 3 questions had the answer of Johnny Depp. It was the same question phrased differently but essentially asking who was Capt. Jack in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies..Version: 1.128

Meh... dead-ends you unless you pay out cashFirst, I do enjoy the concept and was excited about the app-even spent some money at the beginning to get things rolling. BUT, after playing for a couple of days, I’ve discovered this game is super buggy. Also, less of a deal breaker, but annoying, are the abundant grammatical and spelling errors in this app, I’m embarrassed for the developers. Also, when I finally ran out of coins and didn’t want to buy more, I tried to take them up on the offer to “Earn more coins” by watching ads, supposedly at 25 coins per ad. I wasted my time watching ads 8 different times and was awarded a grand total of ZERO coins. So, I either lay down some more real world money or the app is completely useless and at a dead end. My opinion? Don’t waste your time. There are other trivia apps that are better written, less glitchy and don’t dead-end you into a manipulation for $$..Version: 1.128

Not sure why the avg is 4.9Although I really enjoy the categories and questions, the rest of this is bogged down in ads and rewards that seem meaningless. Games are quick so the ads are often longer than the game. I still haven’t figured out what to do with the stars..and yet you get to a reward level..who’s reward is that you can BUY MORE stars? You earn the right to buy (at a discount but same thing..earn a buy). The home screens are just too busy too..Version: 1.134

Fun questions, stupid ads.I love the trivia part, but you you have to keep/earn a certain amount of coins to keep answering the questions. You can get more coins by watching 30 second ads. But you only get 15 coins, for every 30 sec ad you have to watch. The other option is to buy coins with real money. So it gets old fast. To make it tolerable, they need to give a lot more coins per ad..... or stop taking away so many coins for wrong answers. Remember, this is for entertainment, no one wants to play for frustration 😬.Version: 1.132

Not bad but has a few glitchesFun game for trivia buffs but I have a few issues. First, references to weight, volume and temp need to also refer to the English standard (pound, Fahrenheit, etc). Also, when the category is specific like science, a question that is about a character in a movie that did something scientific is NOT science but ACTING. Ditto with history, etc. Also, I noticed if I already chose to play and paid 100 coin, and then I decide to check on my league before I choose the category, if I return to the screen where I choose the category I have to pay 100 coin again. This happens in multiple places and I shouldn’t be penalized for leaving the screen since you have buttons for us to switch screens and you don’t warn us about it costing more coin to return. Also if I had watched ads to get free gems I can’t get a free help upgrade or coin. One last suggestion is to add coin to VIP perks. That’s the only reason why I’m not in it now. Not sure why I want stars as it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose did rather get coin and gems as part of the VIP.Version: 1.134

Good Brain FoodI’m so glad I have to really use my brain when I play this game. I had a stroke and Aneurysm with a doctors ‘ diagnosis of a 1% chance to survive brain surgery. By the grace of God and 10 church family members praying for me I lived. I learn a lot from from playing this game. I think it making me smarter. That’s fun for me. I play alone. I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to learn new facts about everything. Join the fun everyone. Glad I did..Version: 1.132

Bye - some wrong answers, some trick questions, watch videos to earn gems that you don’t receiveIf asked what apparel company produces shoes with a check mark logo and one of the options was Nike, would you choose it? I didn’t. I guessed something else and got it wrong. The Nike emblem is a swoosh, not a check mark. Some of the answers are downright wrong and some questions are trick with ambiguous answer choices. Some questions are terribly written. Gems allow you to continue if you answer incorrectly. If you get low on gems, you can watch videos to earn 15 gems at a time. I watched several videos and my gem count never increased. Mid game, I was asked to review. I made a comment about the gems. I was offered a FAQ response that said to wait 10 - 15 seconds between videos to earn gems. I did that and still never received gems. If gems = lives, there needs to be a better way to earn them because waiting time watching videos doesn’t do it and even if it did, waiting in between is no fun when playing a game..Version: 1.126

The game reviewI have later on another device and found it to costly and difficult to continue. I wanted to reset the game but there wasn’t a reset available. I went to another device to continue play as I find this particular game different from the rest and sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. I hope you f8 d a ay to reset the game and add different questions Thank you Renee cassese.Version: 1.132

Remove Ads Doesn’t Work!The first day I played this, I watched 5 videos to remove the ads for one day, it worked great. Since then, I haven’t been able to make it work at all. I’ll watch a few videos and my count remains at 0, and yes, I’ve watched for 30 seconds or longer. It isn’t working for more gems either! Please fix this feature or I’ll delete the app. I understand you get money by advertising, but if I watch the ads, I want the credit!.Version: 1.132

Not enough incentive to win or subscribe to VIPDon’t get me wrong, I love this game. It’s super fun and you are not pressured to spend money to play. That being said, if you get to the “Master’s” level (tier) your only reward is 120 gems. You can easily earn that amount by watching ads. You can only use that 120 for getting a new question twice. That’s a pathetic reward. Also, if you subscribe to the “VIP” weekly or monthly subscription, you pay a PREMIUM PRICE for little reward. You only get 150 gems a day and your personal multiplier is multiplied by two. And why would I pay so much money and get so little in return??? I would expect for that price to get at least 1,000 gems a day and some COINS to spend, which btw, you NO COINS if you subscribe to VIP. None. No coins. Zero..Version: 1.128

GemsWhen you win a game, and you want to continue playing, why do we have to pay 100 coins to continue? If you lose, then you pay, to me that’s not winning, furthermore the only way to get more gems is to pay for them, again, there should be away to gain them, maybe after reaching and completing the next level. You win then you have to pick a square to get a bigger multiplier, most of the time I choose 2X. Your idea of winning escapes me..Version: 1.132

Great fun!Just downloaded this game. It’s a lot of fun! I saw reviews about too many ads but I gladly paid the $2.99 to get gems and no ads. Happy to support developers otherwise we wouldn’t have these awesome games. Glad I read reviews otherwise I would have missed the Brad Pitt question. ;) Have only missed one question so far. Thanks for a great game! Looking forward to spending hours with this. :).Version: 1.119

A good game!!!This is actually a great application!!! It will test you on what you may and may not know as well as things you thought you knew, when you actually didn’t! You’ll have fun and get bummed by answers you thought you knew, but in reality, you didn’t know. You’ll be surprised by what you do know by using your process of reasoning and deduction. ENJOY!!!.Version: 1.134

Paid to play with no ads, got ads anyway.The game itself is okay so I paid $2.99 to play with no ads. This worked for awhile but once I reached a certain level and selected the option to continue playing after incorrect answers i couldn’t return to the game even though there were controls to go back to the game screen. A screen opened to purchase more points (even though I had plenty) but you could also continue playing by selecting an option to watch a “film” which was a long ad. I paid for NO ADS so if you like the game don’t waste your money to remove ads..Version: 1.132

Good gameI don’t know what others think but I like this game and just like any other game you probably will have to spend a lil here and there...however you do get free gems and coins and I haven’t had a problem getting my free gems or coins you will only get so many a day so keep that in is easy at first but the higher the levels the harder it gets but it hasn’t been to bad..some answers are in the question and some aren’t but..helps pass time and I find it fun learn to use your gems and free miss thing as it resets every 15 mins and you can wait between answers if you want...overall this is a good game I never leave reviews but I wanted to for this game.Version: 1.132

Interesting game!!The game at the lower levels at least is not overwhelmingly difficult. You choose from various categories from which you are asked questions which then, if correct, earn you points. If not correct, you receive the correct answer which makes it a good learning experience as well as a good rest of your knowledge in many fields. I really find this enjoyable!!.Version: 1.126

No free coinsI was having fun with this game and winning enough to sustain my gaming but when I did finally run out of coins I tried “watch a video to earn free coins” and I went through at least 7 segments of ads to the end and not a single coin was added to my game. Maybe a glitch idk but I’m not gonna play this for awhile if I don’t get the coins. I can’t afford to buy coins or gems. It’s ridiculous costly to play. 100 coins for each set of questions and 50 gems to get a new question after failing to correctly answer A question . I may have to delete this Gane soon because of these costly factors..Version: 1.128

UpdateI wasted 500 coins trying to open this game. I could get to the point of paying of course and then the screen would go blank. I did hard closes. Verified internet. Waited a day. Tried 5 different times, all the while it took my coins but would not load the actual game screen to choose a category. I went to the App Store to report the problem and lo and behold there is an update. Not one time did the game itself say to download an update. I had planned to complain and delete and may still delete. This is unacceptable. I am owed 500 coins..Version: 1.128

Pitiful coin dropsMost of the time I get only 2x, even when there are 9 chests with a 7x so I basically get just enough to do one round. Early on this isn’t an issue but once categories are level 6+ the questions become so ridiculously obscure that the only way to complete a round is to cheat or use gems which also have an absurd drop rate. Coin drop rate is abysmal, currently at level 589 and I haven’t see 3x or greater in over 100 levels. More importantly, Afghanistan is in the EASTERN hemisphere, NOT the western...NORTH EAST NOT NORTH WEST. How many other questions have incorrect, or partially incorrect answers? I come across ONE more incorrect answer and you’re deleted!.Version: 1.143

Fun to playGreat game to see how many questions you can answer but too many advertisements! I had a couple of issues where I watched the adds to get free credits only to not receive them. I also noted the responses from customer service to peoples problems. At no time did they ever offer you your points back that you lost or to reset your game with extra credits. Poor customer service. Need to correct the problem to keep the players interested in playing the game. Each answer should be different not a standard response..Version: 1.134

Unable to use all functionsThis game was really fun for a few weeks, then all of a sudden there was a banner across the bottom of the screen. The banner is a non-stop ad machine that blocks me from selecting “new game.” If I miss a question and don’t want to use my jewels for a new question, I would like the option to start a new game, but I can’t because of this irritating banner of constant ads across the screen. I can deal with ads between games, just not across the screen blocking me from all game functions. What a waste..Version: 1.132

Initially fun but then very difficult to win coins to play.It is way too difficult to win coins. One round costs 100 coins to play. If you win it you usually end up getting your 100 coins back no more. If you lose, you forfeit the 100 coins. Once I got into the higher levels I lost 10,000 coins in a matter of two days. I tried gaining more coins by watching commercials but as with the end of round picks I got the lowest amount possible, 10 coins, so I have to watch 10 commercials to get enough coins for one round and then lose that round in a matter of seconds, forfeiting the couns. I’m not being paid to play this game, I’m trying to play it for entertainment. It’s no longer entertaining, so I’m uninstalling. DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME TO CONTACT SUPPORT! This is obviously not a glitch in the game, it’s just blatant greed..Version: 1.128

This game is awesome sauce!This is an amazing game! Lovely!!! 😻😻 I love this game so much, me and my family play it and we all love it!! 🎃😼😼😼 it’s so sneaky and great overall. I would love for them to make it best selling game of 2020 🤟🏻👻 😼😼😼😼😼 my love 😍 I play everyday when I wake up and go to bed it’s brought me from my sad times 😿😻😻🤌 this is such a goofy 🙃 orange it’s my fav 😽😽😺 I can’t believe how far me and Trivia have came 👻😸😺😺 I’m dead from how good this game is.🎃 keep it up 👍 ♥️ superior app makers 😼😼🤫🤗🤪😚😉 I love you you are my role model 😍😍😇 pls tell me how you did it you little noodles ☺️😉😘😘.Version: 1.132

Okay gameAt first, this game is great. But i found that if you use up all of your coins, then the only way you can get more is to buy them with real money. Also, on one of the questions, I did not know the answer, so I googled it, but when I went back to the app to press the correct answer, it just said that I was wrong even though I did not even answer yet. But the app I would still recommend. Good compared to a lot of other apps..Version: 1.132

Mistake questionWon’t play this game anymore. Too expensive. Common people why are you trying to make your yearly salary off of 1 player. There is also a major mistake in 1 of your questions under us geography. The question asks which state touches all 5 of the Great Lakes. The answer was Michigan which is wrong. Michigan only touches 4 of the Great Lakes, Michigan, superior, Huron and Erie. The fifth Lake Ontario is to far away and it touches new York and Canada. You need to fix that for the millionaires who can afford this game.Version: 1.132

Entertaining and educationalHave been playing for a month, I love that it has different categories and different difficulty level on the questions. Some levels are easy cause you are familiar with the subject others are hard cause you know nothing about that subject. You get to learn and have fun. The only cons I have is that the option of getting free gems glitches a lot and you can’t get more for awhile and that my team doesn’t help much in the competition and don’t know how to change teams..Version: 1.132

Too many adsDeleting this game.... I love playing trivia games and this game was great at first. All the questions are fairly easy, it wasn’t hard for me to accumulate a lot of coins and just keep going. The problem is every time I finish a level there is an AD and if it’s not the ad it’s a dumb piggy bank asking me to purchase it for more coins(which I didn’t need) I don’t mind watching ads, I usually play new games by the ads I see but this game has wayyy tooo many ads, they were giving me a headache and I am not going to pay 3.99/week for a silly game to be ad free... Best option DELETE!!!.Version: 1.128

GlitchesMaybe glitches, maybe intentional? It’s hard to earn enough points to play. Endless ads, fewer coins awarded per game than it “costs” to play per game. To get more coins you must purchase them with actual money or watch ad after ad after ad. Then when you’ve accumulated enough coins to play for awhile, the game happily takes your coins but won’t load a game. I more than paid for those coins with my time! On my last time playing I had earned 3,000 coins but somehow ended up with less than 2,000 without ever playing a game! Also, it offers a button to press to earn coins or jewels, (another tool), and then won’t respond when you click it. The game seems to learn what categories you are good at and doesn’t offer those as choices, only the categories you don’t like to choose, making you use up your hard-earned jewels to re-spin for new categories. Overall, this game is not worthy your time and effort. Much required for little return..Version: 1.128

Rewards don’t workI have played this game for a while and there are some pop-ups that allow you to watch ads for extra gems. So when you watch the ad it doesn’t allow you to collect the gems. Super annoying. This happens repeatedly. They also currently have a game called trivia masters where you can randomly get an opportunity to play and I’ve been playing all day and never got the opportunity to play for even one of the seven tokens. Scam. And since when is a zorilla (no, I didn’t mis-type that) a mammal?.Version: 1.134

No way to not spend $When I first started, I really enjoyed this game. Now, I’m going to delete it. Every game costs ‘100’ coins. After the game, IF you answer all 6 correctly, you have 1 chance out of 3 to win 200 coins, otherwise, just 100. If you do not answer all six, game over and next round costs another 100. At first, not that big of a deal, but the longer I played, the harder the questions so odds of answering 6 was less, even when more chances to win more coins increased, still was mostly just the 100. To keep playing, I was having to buy buy buy, no thanks. Plenty of other trivia games out there that are free.Version: 1.128

Why the horrible amount of ads if I don't pay to play?It is understandable to have ads in free games. It is ridiculous to have your ad pop up always to pay to play, it's horrible to have 30 second ads after EVERY 10 second round to play your game. This is a truly fun game to play, but not worth the amount of ads you force players that don't want to pay weekly or monthly to play. 10 minutes playing the game = 100 seconds of actually playing, the rest staring @ the same ads over & over... with the same players playing it getting them all wrong. If you decide (or have it hidden somewhere) to charge a flat fee to play without ads, I'm in & will raise the *'s to 5. Until then, bad choice in ad placement..Version: 1.132

The game keeps crashing and I’m losing coins each time.I really enjoy this game and would have rated it five stars, however today,In the middle playing once the Last question is answered correctly, the screen freeze. I would then close the game and upon retuning it does not allow me to open the chest to collect the coins, it takes me directly to the main screen to add 100 more coins to continue playing, when the coins are added it takes me back to the last correct answer that I selected in the previous game. This happened three times. Which totaled 300 coins not to mention the additional bonus coins I could have earned. Please fix this glitch and refund me the lost coins. I’m currently stuck on level 396. With only 57 coins left..Version: 1.132

Pay to winIt’s a classic pay to win. Worse yet they also require you to watch ads in order to play. Yep they get your money and force you to watch ads. Not bad enough? Lots of inaccuracies in questions. Outdated content (you’ll do better if you were an adult in the 90s). Support basically doesn’t care about the game.... so why play? You shouldn’t. Latest update. Developer contacted me and nicely said I was an idiot that just didn’t know how to get coins. Never mind the tons of other reviews that say the same thing. They admitted the errors in questions but wanted me to find them for them??!! Ultimately they took no responsibility to flaws in the game. End result if they won’t acknowledge the issues they certainly won’t fix them..Version: 1.132

Great game but could be helpful to fixThe game is addicting but I have only one issue. Instead of losing the 100 coins to play again why not just let it keep going without spending another 100? Just to only gain that 100 back from lets say a 2x when you win. Which isn’t going to get them anywhere. Also why not have it less than that 100 to play if that’s the case. I understand that’s where you want them to spend after losing it. But to keep it going makes it hard if somebody does lose it all..Version: 1.132

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TriviaMe and my mum play and we love it.Version: 1.132

What are the stars for that you collectI like this trivia game even that itbis american truvia mostly. Also what can you do with the stars you collect???.Version: 1.134

Trivia StarGreat game a bit biased towards the U.S but very enjoyable to play. Just too many ads..Version: 1.143

Gems don’t come throughFrequently I watch videos to earn extra gems and frequently they don’t come through. Today I watched 3 videos and nothing came through! A bit of a con!.Version: 1.132

Great trivia gameI am a sucker for good trivia games and thoroughly enjoy this app despite the questions being mainly American based my only gripe is that you can only have one life at time.Version: 1.128

Don’t waste your timeThis app has been written by someone who has no idea of the English language. Spelling mistakes abound and all questions are American based..Version: 1.132

BrilliantKeeps my brain thinking and I gain more knowledge.Version: 1.143

GoodGets a bit too hard after level 500. I would ge more likely to buy piggy bank if it had coins in it.Version: 1.134

Stars?While the game does have a lot of ads and, yes, a lot of questions are US-centric, it’s still a fun time-waster. I like the fact that you have a choice of genre for each set of questions, as it means that I can avoid topics I’m either not interested in, or not very good at! I also like that you get a free life every so often, and that if you run out of gems, you don’t have to buy them with real money; you can just watch a couple of ads to earn more gems. I do have one question about the stars you collect - do they actually serve a purpose? Can you exchange them for anything, or are they just there for decoration?.Version: 1.119

It can teach youThis game is really good because it can teach you lots of things.Version: 1.143

Too many adsThe ads are far too frequent so I’m uninstalling after only playing for about 10 minutes. Many of the categories are very Americanised so too hard for me - even the easy levels..Version: 1.119

Too many ads!Too many ads. I like a quick game and the ads make it so slow, I got bored..Version: 1.132

AnnoyingAds are too frequent, games are too short and a bit too easy. Boring..Version: 1.119

RubbishIf you are American, if you know baseball etc, if you have a limited IQ, if you don’t mind frequent ads....fine download it. If you’re looking for genuine trivia don’t waste your time..Version: 1.128

Trivia reviewThis app has really helped me with my learning and am very impressed of it. This app is probably the best trivia app EVER! It works very well with iPad..Version: 1.132

Good game but WAY too many adds.While my family enjoyed the game there are many adds and I found it annoying. I wasn’t going to pay money to have the adds removed..Version: 1.126

EnjoyGreat for the mind, the only thing I find is some of the sports and car racing etc is all American, if you do t live in America it makes it a bit hard..Version: 1.134

TrivaCan’t stop spell binding.Version: 1.119

Brain activityGreat way to spend time..Version: 1.134

Great fun with kidsVery addictive 😄.Version: 1.122

Nope, just nopeSomeone else said the questions are all aimed at USA citizens. If it is they must be very dumb. It’s an incredibly boring and basic game aimed at getting you to buy things with your money. Skip it and don’t ever look back..Version: 1.132

Makes watch ads but doesn’t give gemsWaste of time!.Version: 1.132

Is this for 5 yr oldsQuestions get harder? When? Out of abt 500 questions I got 2 wrong, only cause I don’t live in the USA and have NO idea what their ads on tv are! Also I have thousands of dollars, can I do anything with that, no, so the point is? This is good for little kids, certainly not adults,lol.Version: 1.143

TriviaI love this game it’s like playing The Chase my favourite tv show at home.Version: 1.128

Not goodI hate the card thing and you change it so like a diamond chest.Version: 1.132

Rigged winning multipliersSuch a great game but it’s a shame that the winning multipliers are rigged to hit 2x about 90% of the time, it’s clearly not random or chance. The fact it costs 100 coins per game and you mainly only win 100 coins back makes the game unviable, especially as there is no way of gaining more coins except by using real money. I get that you need to make a profit but you get that with the adds. Please change the multiplier to random and it will be the best game in the apple store.Version: 1.134

PoorToo many ads, one after each set of 3 questions. Very American based. Can’t be bothered waiting so long between levels..Version: 1.119

Incorrect answersSeveral answers I know I got correct like the closest nation to the east of Australia is New Zealand which I ticked as all the others were Europe et al and it said I was wrong. The villain in 101 Dalmatians is Cruella de Vil which I chose and it said I got that wrong too... So what gives? Not only are the ads really annoying and you rarely get the option to get rid of them for. 24 hours by watching even more of them but far too many topics and questions are orientated towards the US. Several of my friends stopped playing this game and deleted it for similar reasons and I don’t blame them as I’m now seriously considering deleting the game myself...Finally deleted game as wasted to much time watching ads for gems which never got. I reckon the game owed me about 500 in the end and because of this I never got to answer the question of the day because by the time I was able to access the screen and read the question it said my answer was wrong and I hadn’t even answered it. I’d give this game one star now....Version: 1.132

Great trivia quizTotally enjoying the range of questions however the game is focused on USA subjects in some of the categories. Too bad if you are from another country as some of the answers don’t come as easily, still it’s a good game- thanks.Version: 1.132

Froze up.Game wasn’t too bad despite the Adds. Also very American BUT now it goes past the adds and has frozen up and won’t open’s gone now..Version: 1.128

Never has there been a game to make it so hard to just play the gameToo much pop up rubbish without letting you play the game 👎🏼.Version: 1.143

Way too many adsThe game and trivia questions are enjoyable but they are over shadowed by the many lengthy ads. I understand some ads are to be expected but 30+ second ads eventually makes you lose interest in the game..Version: 1.132

Gem offerA good game but when a special offer of 30 gems comes up, after watching the video to collect nothing happens. Very annoying. Don’t offer if you are not going to deliver..Version: 1.132

Good fun butToo many ads.Version: 1.132

Answers are wrongI usually like trivia games when it done fairly. I got a question wrong which was right. The question was - which is the US most southerly state? I chose Florida. It was wrong according to who wants to be a millionaire, their answer was Hawaii. Lost my ranking and coins. This is not the only time they got it wrong. I tried to contact support but the link is broken. This game is also quite American which means the question will be related to the US not globally. Stay away!.Version: 1.134

The “earn gems” by watching a video does NOT workI had to delete this game because I ran out of gems, and I watched a number of ads and did not earn any free gems!.Version: 1.134

Good game, quite addictiveThe only downside of this game is that many of the questions are American based, so probably easier if you’re an American..Version: 1.134

Love this gameI find this game addictive and very entertaining.Version: 1.128

Paid to get no ads -still getting ads!Ticked off SA good game but don't want ad so paid for what said was no ads but still getting ads and can't find where to go on the app store (as directed by the game FAQ) to get a refund!.Version: 1.132

Great gameReally gets the brain ticking over! Loads of fun, thanks..Version: 1.134

Way too many adsDeleted this game after 30 minutes. 25 of which were ads! Disappointed as it was fun..Version: 1.128

TMHFantastic keeps my brain Active🤓.Version: 1.132

Metal jet skiThis game has a good variety of questions.Version: 1.128

AddsThis is a great game but it has SOOO MANY ADDS and it’s really annoying every time I finish a level an add shows up and I can’t get it away..Version: 1.128

Lots of funDifferent categories and lots of fun.Version: 1.132

Correct answer given as wrongTo educate the creators: a kangaroo cannot walk upright on two legs - they hop!.Version: 1.143

TriviaIf you like trivia and have general knowledge you will enjoy this game. Warning it gets you hooked..Version: 1.132

QuestionsYou need more world wide questions to many American questions. Makes it hard fir people from other Countries. Particularly Sport.Version: 1.143

TriviaI love games like this as my memory is not too good and it keeps my mind active. Great app well worth getting, one of the best games I’ve got on my iPad 😊😊😊.Version: 1.128

Not suitable for non AmericansRubbish game for anyone living outside the US with questions about American sports the rest of the world does not care about.Version: 1.132

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Version 1.152 (2021-03-04): TRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN TRIVIA STAR! - Daily rewards when you play! - Choose from 60+ categories! - Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up! - Are you smart enough to win? Try it now! - New Improvements and Fixes.

Version 1.143 (2021-02-01): TRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN TRIVIA STAR! - Daily rewards when you play! - Choose from 60+ categories! - Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up! - Are you smart enough to win? Try it now! - New Improvements and Fixes.

Version 1.134 (2021-01-04): TRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN TRIVIA STAR! - Daily rewards when you play! - Choose from 60+ categories! - Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up! - Are you smart enough to win? Try it now! - New Improvements and Fixes.

Version 1.132 (2020-10-26): TRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN TRIVIA STAR! - Daily rewards when you play! - Choose from 60+ categories! - Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up! - Are you smart enough to win? Try it now! - New Improvements and Fixes.

Version 1.128 (2020-08-24): TRAIN YOUR BRAIN IN TRIVIA STAR! - Daily rewards when you play! - Choose from 60+ categories! - Starts off easy and gets harder as you level up! - Are you smart enough to win? Try it now! - New Improvements and Fixes.