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Match 3D App Download

Get ready for a new, challenging and original matching pairs game.
You need to match 3D objects on the ground and pop them all! When you clear a level, you will find new objects to pair.

Match 3D is easy to play for everyone!

Polished pairs of animals, foods, school objects, house properties, emoji's and much more to satisfying levels to pass with just onet the cards!

Offering tons of cute combinations, this free game will power up your brain and increase your memory speed.

All you need to do is play this connection-based game with various 3D levels that set it apart from all other games. This matching pairs game is so easy that anyone can play it.

Shiny 3D visual effects and objects.
Well-designed brain trainer levels.
Pause it whenever you want.
Auto-save game to continue from where you left off.
Cute animals, sweet yummy food, cool toys, exciting emojis and much more stuff to puzzle out.

Match 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Great game, lots of commercialsI really like this game. At first it seems too hard, but I got used to the figures and take advantage of boosters, and now I can win most times. The games are interrupted by commercials several times during the game. I just take it as a break from rushing to make matches. Some of the commercials are really short, but a lot are 30 seconds. Then there are more commercials between games. You get one free minute per day, plus another if you watch even more commercials. But as you win, you get boosters to help, and coins to buy more minutes to play when time expires. You can pay to get rid of commercials. I’m not sure if they are all gone. You are dealing with a time limit and the amount of time seems kind of random. So you are rushed. The boosters remove some of the figure pairs, or increase the time limit, or freeze the timer, or give a hint. I like the game, but you have to be ok with a timer and with a lot of commercials..Version: 676

Fun but needs. changesI will be happy to change my review once some things are changed with this game. It’s fun to match things and the timer adds a little more anxiety but good anxiety as your trying to beat the timer. The game does freeze up quite a bit while playing. Sometimes you can’t grab/move an item or matches are frozen on top of the doors, however, the majority of the time the clock is still running. As for the ads, I totally get why ads are in games but this game has a ridiculous amount of them. Ads should be in between games and/or when you pause the game but to have a 5 minute timer and to have 3-6 ads while playing is crazy. It get so frustrating when you are in the middle of a game or a move and it jumps to an ad. It doesn’t make any sense. Just like I said above, I will be happy to change my review and my rating once these items are fixed, however, if the ads continue while in a game and the timer is running, I will probably end up deleting this game. I hope it gets fixed soon so I don’t have to delete and I can continue playing..Version: 585

Needs some updates and fixesI downloaded this app to help me relax when having a mild anxiety feeling. It was great at helping me do that but as like all other reviews that talks about the ads there are so many it is ridiculous. To download and play this for free would take so much more patience than I have and cause more anxiety. But I decided to buy it for the 2.99 because I really liked the matching of the objects, going against a time and the objects to match are cute but then when I run out of games to play I have to either wait till the next day or watch a video (that only works a few times for another game) then the only choice is to buy more coins to play. I have already paid for this game I don’t know why I would not be able to play it as many times as I want to. And sometimes I have to swipe at an object many times before it moves and it is not my phone that is the problem. This could be a 5 star game and I want it to be so please please please listen to the reviews and make the updates..Version: 379

Fun game but ADS DESTROY IT!!!! *please read!As many MANY others have pointed out, while this game is extremely fun and a great type of game I’ve not played like this before, the Ads are destroying my enjoyment or even my ability to play! I hate ads of any sort BUT, I can tolerate ads that pop up between levels and the ones who try and entice you with adding more time to a level you couldn’t finish. But these Ads pop up in the middle of the game!! Not only does it STEAL your precious time but it takes you out of the concentration you’re in while playing which is VITALLY important for this type of game on a time limit! It quite literally makes it impossible to play now that I’m in the higher levels. Just not enough time because the ads steal it in many ways. And the truly sad part is, if the ads were like older games like I explained above in between levels etc, I have at many times just purchased the game for no ads! But this is so ridiculous that I’m not wanting to give them my money because I’ve seen reviews that are almost a year old and nothing has changed! So this company must not care! Sad! I would have bought this game had it not been for that.🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 674

Pretty good, some suggestionsFirst off, for those who are having issues with ads, just turn airplane mode on and ads won’t play. Easy fix :) This is a pretty fun game. I definitely wouldn’t say that it’s relaxing though, since there’s a timer on it. Sometimes the timer seems like it leaves plenty of time to sort everything and sometimes it seems practically impossible to beat the level without using a power-up (though I may just be bad at the game idk). Anyways, other than fine-tuning the timer or maybe having different difficulties with different times, I have one suggestion: it would be nice to have a timerless mode where you can just sort everything and it would be actually relaxing. I’m not saying that should be the main mode but it would be cool if there was an option for that. Anyways, pretty good game, would recommend..Version: 573

Don’t pay to get rid of ads....A total rip-off! Pay an insane $5.99 to get rid of ads and yet you still have to watch them! What is supposed to be fun turns out to be stressful. I was given 3 minutes to clear a fully covered screen and didn’t . So a +60 seconds for 100 coins pops up and suddenly I have to watch an ad or two for 10 coins. If I don’t it doesn’t let me leave the page. I have to do that 9 more times until I have the 100 coins and that is only to add 60 seconds to the game. And now all of a sudden the objects seem to be frozen and won’t move when I try to drag them. I have to swipe at it several times and guess what? My 60 seconds runs out and I have no chances to watch enough ads to get another 60 seconds, I now have a countdown clock that won’t give me any more chances for 24 HOURS! A rip-off, you pay to get rid of ads and you still have to watch them to play the game. Instead of having fun, I ended up stressed trying to beat the clock so I wouldn’t get stuck watching ads that I paid to not see!!!.Version: 502

I play regularly please add these featuresI’ve had this game for over a year now and I play this game on a regular basis. I enjoy all the features of this game. Two added feature I would like to see add to this game. First the ability to see how many minutes long my next game will be. This would an excellent feature to add because it would give the player the ability to see if the next game is a two minute game or an eight minute game. Why does this matter to a player? It would give the ability of choice to the player when or if to use their boosters. If it’s a short two minute game I might want to use both the clock booster and the magnet booster. If it’s an eight minute game I might chose to skip using either booster because I feel I’ll be able to clear out all the objects before the time is up. I want the ability as a player to know how long my next game will be so I can personally decide if I want to use, one, two or none of my boosters for the next game. Second I would love to be able to use my boosts after the game has already started. For example, I decided not to use any boosters before the game started. But after I start playing the game I realize I’m having some trouble with the game and I want to use my clock boost to help me finish the game. Since they are my boosters, I should be able to use them whenever I feel it is the most beneficial to me. Please add these two features. Thank you. - Melissa.Version: 725

I love this game!I love this game but why did I give it three stars. I just had a frustrating session playing match 3d and trying to clear my board. Probably three different matches would not move. This usually occurs at the end of a game when I’m getting down to the last few seconds. I spend my time pushing, tapping and trying to get the matching piece to move. The magnetic attraction or whatever, is holding them strongly. They won’t move. This leads to the second problem. I have to buy points. I pay 100 points for each try to clear the board. And I only get 60 seconds to complete the board. I go through coins quickly. See above. What’s the purpose of the “full pig bank”? Why don’t the coins go to me automatically, like every other game? Why do I have to pay $2.99 to get my coins? The challenge to beat the clock is fantastic but the “glitches” within the game make it too frustrating. I am going to delete it and buy a board game that does the same thing but costs nothing more than the 1 time cost of the game..Version: 455

Great game, poor maintenanceI 100% love this game but again WAY TOO MANY ADS. We all understand the need for ads and sponsorships, but I see more ads than I do of the game itself. 5 ads in a 15 minute timed round is a bit much. One whole day of me playing this game was the great “ Acorns” ad. Realistically, I bet that ad showed up over 150 times. This game is great but the amount of ads makes it hard to continue playing. Yes I can spend the $5.99 to stop the ads, but I chose not to. Also a huge complaint is the very short timed rounds which are purposefully made impossible to complete without using coins for an extra 60 seconds. Sometimes those rounds can be passed but not when the game glitches and won’t let the items be moved to the platform. There’s only been maybe 2 times I’ve passed those rounds without having to use coins and the game did not move the items. As I stated before, I love this game and play it a lot but I think the developers could do a better job with the ridiculous amount of ads and the frustrating glitches. Oh, btw, let a full round go without interruptions of the same ad over and over and over again...just saying!! 🤷‍♀️.Version: 350

Non-Responsive on FeedbackI want to start off by saying that, at first, I really did enjoy this game. However, for no apparent reason, the timer for each game seems to adjust to shorter amounts of time. Also, The game does not provide an overall description or instructions as other games do. For example, when you finish a level and receive a bonus, there are icons that appear. It would be helpful if you could find out what these icons represent. But that is not shown anywhere in the game. As for my title of this review, I have written a few times about these issues, but I have not seen any responses or corrections. As with other reviews that I have read, the game does have glitches where it freezes pieces that you are trying to move, while the timer continues. That causes you to lose the game. If these issues were corrected, I would absolutely give this game a five star rating. But since it is very frustrating to encounter these problems (not to mention the incessant ads that pop up in the middle of a game and use up your time), I have given it only a three star rating. And I feel that is generous..Version: 539

In app conGame itself is very good, but ads are very long and so numerous that it is impossible to play this game. Have to pay for the game but there is no option to buy the game on the App Store. You must download the game and then in app pay money to get rid of most of the ads. I still get ads but infrequently. We have family share and while this game says it works with family share, it does not. Caveat under family share for this game on their site says no in app purchases can be shared. So what then is shared is the game with all the ads, continuous ads even in the middle of a game. So in fact there is no family share of this game. This is a memory game and interruption of the game with a long ad makes it very difficult to focus again when one has to keep looking for the ability to get rid of the ad on the screen even after the ad is done. Once back to the game lots of time is lost (timed game) while studying the screen seeing where you were. Second problem this inability to family share causes is that anyone on the family share cannot pay to get of the ads. Can’t even get to that page it appears. Developer needs to take off their site that it is compatible with family share because it is not!!!!.Version: 183

Time and Ads will ruin itHello! I downloaded this app not too long ago and I honestly love it. BUT, as MANY others have mentioned, the ads never end. I will be so into a game and BAM ad. No warning, doesn’t wait till the end of the round at least. Wanna pause then replay? Hope you want to wait through an ad. They’re everywhere. The time is the other thing that will kill this app. Some levels have a timer of 2-3 minutes or less, some are achievable, others are achievable but will raise your anxiety through the roof, and the others aren’t possible to beat with the time allotted and make you want to throw your phone through a wall. If we had an option to turn the timer off, or just make it a reasonable amount of time, that would really sell the game. I love it because it brings me piece of mind and lets me feel accomplished on such a small thing. It’s not the type of app that should be a race against the clock..Version: 81

Boo ads and high level glitchesI enjoyed playing this matching game despite the annoyingly repetitive ads for games I will NEVER download. I fought my way clear up to the 90th level when suddenly the game slowed down and selected items would not move. When ads were supposed to start there was a never ending black screen and the only way to escape it was to completely shut down the game. It would reopen at the same point in the game but unbeknownst to me it was costing me a life each time I started it up again. I had had many lives banked but suddenly it said I was out of lives and would have to use one of my things that I didn’t know what it was, what it was for or how many I had. (It looked like a film cel) when I clicked on it it went into an endless spin cycle from which it never recovered. I finally just deleted the app. If I want to play again I guess I’ll just be starting over again at level one. 😝.Version: 286

Relaxing but a money grabberThe game is super relaxing and I would keep it on my phone if it didn’t do a couple of things. There are way too many ads for it. An ad when you start the game, three ads in the middle of the level, when you pause it and want to go back there is also an ad, when you want to go home or the next level there is an ad. Of course you can just pay the $3 to get ad free, but the game definitely makes sure it annoys you to the point of buying it or quitting the game. In the later levels it gets harder to pass the short time levels and it becomes almost impossible to do so without extra time or one of the boosters. The first few times you can get extra time through an ad, but after that you have to pay 100 coins to increase the time limit. You can get coins from the chests but you don’t nearly get enough to pay for it. So the only option is to buy it it’s $2 for 200 coins. And sometimes even the extra time still isn’t enough so you would have to buy extra time multiple times. The game really is a short term game that either gets you to spend as much money as possible or to watch as many ads as possible..Version: 50

Like a rigged carnival game...Getting really sick and tired of this ‘glitch’ I kept hearing about and am now experiencing. In the final moments of the TIMED game, the pieces ‘stick’ and you have to double and triple tap them to get them to budge and sometimes that doesn’t even work. Half the time I end up wasting my boosters due to this ‘glitch’. That other reviewer was right. They have it rigged to do this as it never happens at any other time during the game. I’ve seen some 5 and 15 second ads which I noticed are newer so they are listening and improving that a little. They have to play the ads in the middle otherwise people can just restart the app between games and never watch them. I don’t like it either but that’s why. They need to learn to only put in 5 second ads there and stop losing customers over their greed. That said, I love the game. It would be more successful than candy crush if they knocked off the ad crap. Hint - If you play in Airplane mode, ads can’t pop up!.Version: 683

LOVE this game! But...I have loved playing this game. I will pay to have no adds. I figure a great game deserves a few dollars and I hate the adds. So I don’t have a problem paying for something. I will not EVER pay for coins. Never. I will have to stop a game completely because the creators have made it absolutely impossible to get out of level 460 without paying for coins. I have been on this level for weeks. By the time the 8 minutes is up I may have cleared 2/3s of the items. I can’t use my extra minutes because it isn’t enough. When I had them, I did use three extra minutes on level 460 and it still wasn’t enough. These games are made for those who have addictive personalities. They make you feel good about yourself for 300 levels. They shower you with coins and extra time and freeze frames. And then it gets harder and harder to earn those things. After three weeks on this level I have earned one extra minute. I just like working against the clock and clearing the board. I know I will never get past this level and I still play just to see if I can get less left on the board. Know that you will have to pay real money to get anywhere above level 460. And please don’t do that. It is the same as putting money into a slot machine. And that is just silly!.Version: 710

What a wasteFor a game with so much potential to be fun and challenging for all ages, they have totally ruined the experience with pop up ads In the middle of the screen during the game play!! I have a choice of how I spent my free, relaxing time and I choose to play games that are fun, challenging AND I as the client, am being respected. I get the reason for ads but I will never get the reason to pop them up is screen while I’m in the middle of a game .. especially one that takes concentration. It’s not like I ran out of time to signal round over.. this is being done mid clock time during the round ... on purpose to get you to spend money to remove the ads. I WILL NEVER spend money on a game where I am disrespected like this. It is unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate to those who are playing. And mostly sad that the developers don’t get it. Well we consumers VOTE with our dollars and our time. Maybe when enough people delete the app will it get their attention to fix because other than this, it’s actually a cool game..Version: 255

Great design!I am so addicted to this game! I paid to remove the ads and now there are none. At all. Unless I want to watch and earn more lives. I don’t think $6 is unreasonable because I used to buy a puzzle magazine for $6 before smartphones. I had deleted this because I was spending too much time playing but reinstalled it and I still don’t have ads..yay! The only problem I have is that if I pause the round, I often accidentally tap the incorrect picture to restart it which causes a NEW round start. So if I used a booster it’s still used up and that’s aggravating!! Especially if it was your last ditch effort Lol! Oh and I’ve accidentally hit the freeze snowflake several times with my hand but I don’t know what the solution is for that. I still think it deserves 5 stars!!! Great design! I love how there are shadows so you know you’ve picked up a small piece, how they spin when you hold them, and how they interact with the other items if you drag one across the pile..Version: 585

Ads are ridiculousI don’t mind a few adds when playing a game but the ads on this app are sooo excessive and ridiculous, it actually impairs your ability to play the game because they will pop up in the middle of timed rounds. Not to mention that sometimes the ability to exit an ad never shows up so you have to close down the app and restart and then you have to start rounds over again and have lost lives because of it. These greedy jerks are taking away the pleasure of playing a really fun game in order to pressure you to pay for no ads. It’s a screwed up and backhanded way of making revenue and calls into question the integrity of the developer. One of the ads has a “subscribe” button really close to a “cancel” button. The cancel button doesn’t work and so I’m attempting to cancel the ad, I was automatically subscribed into a monthly game subscription that gets billed automatically through my Sorint Bill! How shady can se people be???? Really disappointing. This would have been a 5 star review if they simply would show ads at the end of rounds and wouldn’t trick you in to subscribing to nonsense..Version: 573

Game needs ads in between rounds but multiple times during the roundSo this game would be fun if you could actually play through the game before watching an ad. This is obviously done on purpose and seems to occur just as you’re on a roll. Getting interrupted is a psychological ploy as it takes you several seconds to get back on track after the ad ends. In my opinion there was much research done to place these ads at the most inopportune time to just keep you from completing the level. Items also get stuck as you near the end of the round. You’re going along quickly ding ding ding then once the thirty second mark comes and you’ve just finished watching your second or third ad, bingo, you struggle to move objects. Recognizing this, I know they’re trying to get you to buy the ad free version to avoid the frustration. Knowing this will force me to delete this game. If I’m going to purchase it I would prefer to not be fooled into it and will give my money to someone else since for this game, I know that’s the only real option to be successful..Version: 585

Steals a live !The game is good but as mentioned before there’s toooo many ads. For everything even when you pause the game there’s an ad and I get it, you can pay to remove ads but what’s the point of it’s a “free game” ads aren’t bad just wayyy to many ads. Aside from that sometimes the ad freezes when it’s a few seconds away from finishing and you can’t do anything about it so you exit the game and go back and you lose a live and okay that’s fine but it’s not like you re start the level. It starts off where you left !!!! That’s TRASH! So for example there’s 57 seconds left to the timer, and a ad pops up.. it stops when there’s “16” seconds left and it doesn’t continue and you wait and wait and you exit the game, you go back and it shows the main page of the game you click play and realize you lost that one live for exiting the game you ASSUME you start the level over with the amount of time you start off with (example 5 minutes) but NO you looooose a live and you start off with the 57 seconds you had left when the ad popped up so I feel THAT needs to be fixed!! If I lost a live RESTART the game and don’t take my live away and leave me with the remaining time i had left !!!.Version: 363

So Addicting!!!This game kept coming up as an ad while playing my other games. I honestly just downloaded because I thought all the little 3D items were cute lol! So I actually played it one day a couple weeks ago and now I can’t stop playing!! The secret to this game is, after you finish each round you are given an opportunity to watch an ad to triple your score if you do this you will get to open a chest after every game and get free things like; extra time, magnets to remove items, freeze to freeze the timer, hints etc. if you choose not to warm th the ad it just takes longer to open the chest and you don’t get as much free stuff!! The game is really fun and keeps your mind active!! After so many rounds it adds new items to the search!! I’m totally addicted!! Great game!!.Version: 710

Great game only if you PAY PAY PAY!A friend shared the game. I hated it at first but grew to love it. Problem is, you really must purchase boosters which are very pricy, you earn coins to fill your piggy bank but then need to buy it for $2.99. It doesn’t give you enough magnets, hints or time to complete the round. Some times I have sailed through 5-10 rounds in a day, where it’s down to the last second so it feels really good to complete it. But now, the number of matches in the pile is huge and only a few minutes to complete it. They used to give you 20 minutes to complete. And like someone else mentioned, the last few items get stuck and don’t respond. Too Bad, you LOSE! So I agree it’s rigged. Too bad because it has so much potential. I loved to play here and there between chores to relax, not that it’s relaxing, the times has you on edge, and disappointment abounds. Oh and now I don’t even get a free daily game. You could seriously drop $10 a day, if you buy all that’s necessary to complete a a few levels and still watch lots of ads!.Version: 672

Great GameI absolutely love this game. It is very relaxing and therapeutic when you want to sit down and enjoy a game. It becomes very addictive. Although I love this game, I am having a problem with only one thing. This game is starting to lag the further I go into it. If I swipe an item to the bottom sometimes it will freeze, and takes up to 10 seconds before it unfreezes, or it will freeze for almost 15-20 seconds before completely shutting me out of the game and kicks me back to the home screen. Once it kicks me to the home screen I have to go back into the game and I’ve lost a life and I have to restart the level over. It’s becoming bothersome because I really love this game and want to play it every chance I get to, the game lagging, freezing, and kicking me out makes me want to delete it. Also, there should be an option when you haven’t finished a level that you can press pause and leave, and when you come back everything is saved. If those problems I’m having gets fixed I will continue to play, but if it doesn’t I will probably delete it..Version: 286

Great game, but OH the ads!!I really love this game. I find it very relaxing to sort the items. Others mentioned having an option to play without the timer. That had never occurred to me, but I would love that option. Definitely work on that! But you guys are KILLING ME with the frequent and long ads!! Please come up with a paid version of this game without ads. I would buy it. If it weren’t for how soul-crushing the ads are, I would have given this game a five-star rating. I use the game to do a mindless activity that calms me. The ads completely defeat that purpose. One of the things I like the most is how reactive the game is to touch. I almost never grab the wrong item. And the reactionary movement of the other items when the get pushed around and bounce is perfect. That piece is so well-done! Why ruin all your hard work with these ads? Paid version please!.Version: 419

Challenging but cheats tooNever dull. Amazing how quickly random items can become instantly recognized. Frustrating when you’ve got the match but game does not allow object grasp. This happens when items are on extreme edge of play surface or the item itself is standing on a very narrow side in the middle of the board. That’s why I call it a cheat. Several seconds remain but unable to capture the last piece that’s left because touch screen can’t grab it for the win. Will you accept a fail even though you know you succeeded, or will you spend coin to gain more time to play. Can’t believe it is less than a cheat when miraculously 10 things are stacked on top of each other and the game will very often allow you to capture just the 1 you want from the tiniest vantage point. Would like to see a reveal for amount of time in next level before you choose to go forward. You enter blindly not knowing if it’s gonna be a 5-30 minute timed round..Version: 183

Ads affect outcome/ micro transactions or dieThe game is fun but it’s crazy to charge 6 bucks to not have ads. Also if there is a countdown timer to beat the level and it continues when an ad pops up, then it makes it impossible. The timers are usually too short anyways. Also I have done micro transaction on other games before but looking at the measley amount of coins and power ups you get for the amount of money is just not worth it. Most games are either you watch ads, play for free and slowly level up, or you can choose to do micro transactions and level up faster..... but this game actually punishes you for not choosing microtransactions because the ads cut into your time you have to comeplete the game...... it’s a challenging game to begin with but with sense that the “no bang for your buck” Expensive micros, and the obvious sense that you can’t achieve anything, even slowly, without paying makes me think I’ll probably move on to another game. Sad too because it really it a fun concept..Version: 676

Ads and glitchesEvery day of motherhood has prepared me for this game: Mom, I can’t find my shark, no that’s my whale, the whale is blue with a white belly and a smile but my shark is blue with a tan belly and zigzag mouth. I realized that I have been spending hours of my days cleaning a room that will never stay clean and being interrupted every 45 seconds but not by a phone or a toddler, the ever-persistent ads that break your concentration and your momentum. 45 seconds is not an exaggeration, they seem to be between every 45 seconds and 90 seconds. Then the occasional, but present enough, glitch where you have a thin object that you can’t seem to pick up. When you’ve played a level 20 times and you are about to lose with 15 seconds because of this, it’s pretty annoying. It would be nice if I was cleaning up different objects sometimes. I’m already annoyed with some of them. It is also definitely addictive so if you’re one to get lost in hours of a mindless game, don’t do this..Version: 585

30 second ads even after paying for the ad free version.This is a great way to lose players. I hated the ads so I bought the ad-free version, especially with the intent to get relief from the seemingly ETERNAL Candy Crush ads and those of other games as well. They’re insufferable. Without paying, the ads interrupt gameplay and concentration is important in this one, so these interruptions really serve as the gasoline on the fire to remove ads. So you pay your $6 and guess what? YOU STILL GET ADS! And LONG ones. People barely have the tolerance for a 6 second ad these days, and most of these are 30 seconds and the candy crush ad (do we actually still need to push that game??) may be more like 45 seconds. Also, getting past level 7 or 8 will take you an eternity and you’ll need “power ups” (more ads!) and you’ll quickly lose motivation. So how is this even in any way worth the money? I’m about to delete this and ask for my money back, since I only bought the fake “ad free version” 15 minutes ago..Version: 676

Ads are annoyingI like this game. For a senior, it keeps my hand, eyes & brain to focus and on my toes so I can beat the timer. I am on level 234. I only give this game 3 stars because of the advertisements that cut into the middle of the game. You are on the roll to beat the timer then boom, advertisement. It affects the focus & concentration. I know advertisers are important to keep us playing for free but PLEASE, put the ADS at the end of the game just like all the games out there. Another annoying thing is the game freezes, you cannot move the items into the basket but the timer keeps on going & going & going while you try to fry loose the item which do not want to move. And lastly, another ADS “Nordstrom “, gets frozen too that I have to reboot my phone ever time to get back into the game. Thank you for your attention on this review, if it will be read. Do the developers of this game ever read the reviews because they can learn something from the “fans” of this game ~ improve it ~ it’s a good one, people are playing but there are so many things to improve so you can keep your customers!!!! 😠.Version: 121

Love but hate at the same timeI have a hard time finding a game that can challenge me. Most games I try I get bored of quickly and delete. This game has actually kept me coming back until recently. The ads keep freezing up. They play and then I am unable to go back to the game. Then I lose whatever boosts I used and I have to start all over. This has been happening for over a week. I have been patient waiting for the bug to be fixed but nothing. I am really enjoying the challenge of this game but I hate being cheated by it constantly freezing up after the ads are done. It’s not even like it’s a glitch that pops you back to the game after a minute. It just sits there at the end of the ads, no X pops up, or if it does you can’t click it successfully, or the screen turns black and I wait but nothing else happens and I lose my boosts and have to start the level over. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled didn’t help. I’ve made sure my iPhone is up to date no changes. I’ve turned my phone off and restart it but that doesn’t help either. Nothing helps. Hopefully support can because I would really like to continue playing. Thanks for your time..Version: 674

Good idea, but needs more optionsI enjoy sorting and find it relaxing, I also enjoy a challenge...but not all the time. Some levels are easy to clear, but there are others that are impossible to clear in the time frame they give without buying additional time...and I can feel my body tensing up and definitely not relaxed. I expect ads to come up between each level or attempt, but they will come up in the middle of a level, and that’s just excessive and throws you off if you’ve found a rythm. They’re long ads, too! I’m still playing the game and likely will continue from time to time, but I really wish you had the option to play without a time limit. Give me a massive pile and time me to see how long it takes. Maybe give me goals and rewards when it’s done faster. Also, I always find that there are times I’m trying to touch an item and my selection doesn’t register, so I waste time trying to just pick up my item. This seems to happen the most when it’s a really challenging level..Version: 502

Loving it! - after ads removed!I really really love the game. Yes, I actually paid for the ads to be removed, as otherwise it’s really unplayable. Ads within the level itself could completely ruin it. However it was the money’s worth. I mean we spend money on so much other stuff in life, so 3$ for a really good game doesn’t seem to be too much. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out that this game was worth paying for. And let me tell you it’s the first time I ever paid for ads to be removed. Ever since I’ve been almost addicted to it. Yes the timer can be hard to beat, but not impossible. I’m at level 150 and the little hints and chests here and there help you along the way. No need to spend any further money. Watch a few controlled ads for more coins to buy time isn’t bad. And once you are patient enough not to spend the coins right away but to actually try to beat the level on your own, the coins grow constantly. Also you can get 20 coins free (without watching ads) every few hours if you go into the shop and look for other offers. It’s hidden but it’s there and very useful! My only issue with the game is that sometimes it’s hard to move items that have fallen too close to the edge of the phone, especially small or thin items. That can sometimes cost you a level. I wish the developers see this and fix the problem!.Version: 153

Relaxing and annoyingI really like this game. Sorting things is really relaxing and the visuals are great. The timer helps make the game more challenging, although it would be nice if there was an option to play without a timer. As others have pointed out, there are too many ads. I don’t mind there being ads between levels but it’s really annoying when you are playing a level and an ad pops up out of nowhere; and this happens several times each level! And these aren’t short ads either; they tend to be about a minute long. The biggest problem I have with this game is that the timer doesn’t pause for ads and that’s a problem when you only get a few minutes to complete each level. So for example, if you get 4 minutes to complete a level and an ad pops up that’s 1 minute long, then you’ve just lost a quarter of your time and you’ll likely get more ads that will steal even more of your time. I could tolerate pop up ads if the timer paused for them. There are also frequent glitches in which the game abruptly pauses for a few seconds. A lot of other people have voiced the same complaints as me so I hope these problems will be fixed soon..Version: 121

Wanted to love, buuuutttt........I started out really liking this game. I found the 3D aspect of it unique and fun to play. After the first round it got more challenging, of course, but that was good. And that’s where it started going downhill.....FAST!! I didn’t mind the timer so much, that is until it started giving you barely enough time to get all of the items IF you kept up a frantic pace - not so fun and more maddening! (Didn’t expect it to be relaxing, but come on!) The clincher are the ADS!! Now, if you don’t want to pay to block the ads, then they’re to be expected- and I don’t pay, so I expect them. What I DON’T expect- and never saw before- is interrupting the middle, right IN THE MIDDLE, of sorting and frantically trying to beat the dang timer, and THERE’S AN AD!! Over and over and over again and again and again. Then they hit you up to pay for their ad blocker. easier AND way less expensive, Yep -!.Version: 121

Way too many adsAn app that pushes you to pay for the game by annoying you with as many ads as possible is not a game worth rating more than two stars in my opinion. As many other people have stated, you can have up to three ads WHILE you’re playing a level. I also agree that there should be an option for no timer, personally I started to play it because I find matching items relaxing but when there’s a timer it makes it stressful. I’ve only played six levels and I doubt I’ll keep playing this game. If you want people to pay for an app just make it 2-3$ on the App Store. Don’t trick people into thinking it’s free and then annoying the absolute crap out of them with ads. I’ve noticed this tread with a lot of apps made by this company and I would advise steering clear of them if you dislike how many ads this game has. Also side note; when did it become legal for ads to be able to play sound even when you’re phone is on vibrate?! I shouldn’t have to make sure my volume is all the way down before I open an app game when I set my phone to vibrate, that’s partially what that function is made for..Version: 286

It’s GoodThe only thing I dislike about this game is during matching I’m not always able to make the match quick enough to continue the increase in point value because all the sudden I can’t “grab” an item immediately, it takes a couple, sometimes more, tries before it’ll work; which robs me of those extra points! It’s not a game anomaly because the only time it happens is when the game begins escalating to higher numbers (ie 15-19) and especially in the last few seconds of the game; not literally when time is short but, when I’m very close to ending the game and then bam: can’t grab the item and because it took too long to grab I am forced to start the escalation process over ... that part makes me put the game down quite often because I feel robbed/cheated out of what I should’ve received... your system is super mucked up; I have to give at least one star to turn in my review!! I’m not feeling y’all deserving of even one star because of my stated issue and your write a review process!! SMH!! I’m deleting this game!!.Version: 398

This game cheatsLike many of the other reviews, the sorting and deletion of the objects is very relaxing and helps to satisfy my OCD for organizing. However, once you get to the upper levels of the game, they give you impossible time restraints and put so many objects on the screen you can barely get your matches as many of the pieces fall into the center place, and when you go to put your matches there, since there’s a random piece that fell in, your matches actually bounce out and you can’t find them again. Then, if you use your points to purchase time or use the magnet, it gives you three times the amount of needed time and barely any objects. What a waste of points! Also, if you are at the point of winning, the pieces freeze up and you can’t move them, meanwhile the clock keeps ticking away. It’s definitely a scam of a game. I would never ever recommend spending actually money for this..Version: 419

Fun to play but the ads are ridiculousI don’t write reviews but it’s mandatory here. Let’s start off with some positives; the game is fun. It’s mildly thrilling racing against a timer while attempting to match a pile of objects together. The little models were cute as well. The bad: the touch feature will suddenly stop responding in the game when you’re trying to tap and drag an object. I tested out other apps on my phone and the issue is unique to this app. Second, the ads are god awful. I got to level 5 and all of a sudden the screen will black out and an ad pops up in the middle of the game. This wasn’t in between levels. This was while I was actively playing in the level. This happened twice in one level and the worst part is that it does not freeze the timer for the game. The timer will continue to count down as the ad plays. I am sorry but this is completely unacceptable. I was really hoping to add this game to my library for relaxation but the horrible ads and touch issues immediately scratched it from the lineup. I wish the developer luck and hope their game succeeds regardless..Version: 340

Skip this game.I understand the need to generate revenue because these “free” games are most definitely heavily profit driven. With that being said, I say skip this game. Multiple ads pop up in the middle of your game and it’s two in a row before gameplay resumes. Also, even though I have the in game sounds muted and the sounds on my phone muted, these ads come blaring across unmuted. It stops my music or whatever I’m playing in the background and I have to close the app and open the music app to press play again. This is extremely annoying. It’s a fun game but not that fun to put up with this. Also, after your game is over you’ll further more watch a couple more ads. Yeah it give them option to skip ads if you pay $5.99 but they just want you to fall into the pay to play trap. Pass over this game and any others that force these ads on you nonstop. I don’t mind watching an ad to play a single game but this is excessive and just greedy. To force the sound on when you’re somewhere you need to be quiet is just ridiculous not to mention I’ve had to restart my music playing probably 15 times in the first 15 minutes. Unacceptable and deleting this app for good..Version: 376

Interrupting Adds😡I’d give this game 5 ⭐️if the adds where only in between levels but to have adds pop up with out warning several times right in the middle of gameplay that are 1min long and the game timer doesn’t pause is very intrusive and game ruining..and some of accidentally clicked could charge your account is theft $$ 😡if you get a phone call the game also doesn’t pause and you loose a life is completely stupidly considering you play on your phone and it’s to be expected to have interruptions this all other games implemented pause and continue options but this game for some reason over looked that or thought it was a great opening for a easy $ grab.. I do love the graphics and game play but the adds definitely need to be fixed because at the moment it’s unplayable and unsafe.. debating reporting this to apple simply because there’s no warning and some adds are trying to force unauthorized purchasing.. unacceptable.Version: 612

Good game, too limited options, constant “up-selling”***If I’d known the game was this limited, and would be constantly trying to up up-sell me, I wouldn’t have bought the paid version. I’m sorry I did.*** UPDATE: I’ve decided to stop playing this game. I liked using it to relax and de-stress, but playing against the clock creates stress rather than relieves it, and there’s no other option to play it. I like this game, think it’s a creative idea. I like interface overall. I’d easily give it 4 stars, probably even 5 stars — but there are no “practice modes”, or any way whatsoever to the play without a timer constantly running. I had been using the game in the mornings to help wake up my brain, but am constantly irritated that I have to rush against the clock instead of having the option to let my mind relax and find the matches in varying levels without a stress-inducing clock running. ***The only way to change that is to spend money on boosters that add to the clock, which is manipulative.*** I purchased the paid version of the app, yet I’m still having purchases pushed at me, which cheapens the game for me and makes me want to not play it, and even worse, not recommend it to others. If a “play without the clock” option was available, and there weren’t “Buy boosters, give us more more money” things in my face all the time, I’d love it..Version: 419

Exactly as advertisedUsually when ads for this kind of game come on, the game itself ends up being different somehow... like the levels get repetitive, or it takes forever to work up to a level that’s actually challenging, etc. But this one was a pleasant surprise. It’s exactly what the ad portrays it as: a fun visual-spatial brain exercise that gets challenging pretty quick but never hard enough to be frustrating. I personally think it’s worth it to pay to remove the ads. So it’s an awesome game that you CAN fully play for free, and about $5 if you want to play your rounds uninterrupted. I know that any app costing ANY money is considered “a lot” these days, but personally I think that’s a steal. Especially since you still get full access to the game without paying. (Your timer pauses during the ad, of course.).Version: 350

Good but unplayable for freeThis game is incredibly addicting. I find myself closing my eyes at night and drifting off by matching objects in my head. Once you reach a certain level you have enough coins and boosters to beat any level even if you run out of time which is nice. Unfortunately, this game is absolutely unplayable if you keep the ads (unless you like to torture yourself). They pop up unexpectedly in the middle of every single level - usually more than once - and you instantly lose the flow you were in. I paid to remove them. The coin flow is very slow I will add, but it’s been okay. My only UX complaint is that this game is INCREDIBLY detailed and touch sensitive until the last few moves. It always amazes me when I see an object barely visible under a pile of others and it still recognizes I’m touching that one to move it. However, once you’re at the end and the board is nearly clear, it stops being as sensitive and I find myself swiping on a tiny object 10x to move it. It’s really annoying to lose your streak over it too..Version: 585

Let me explainI’ve had this game about 15 mins, in that time the game has been very enjoyable and unpleasant at the same time. Yes I know thats weird to say but let me explain. The visuals are very clean, the gameplay is smooth, and the sound design is nice. But I gave this game a 1 star because the game will throw an ad in your face for what feels like every 30 seconds to 1 minute and that’s while playing. Want to go to the next level? Have 2 more ads before you do that. Want to skip an ad that gives you triple the stars you earned in your last play through? Here’s an ad anyways. Would you like the triple star ad? Watch the full 30 seconds and then watch the next full 30 seconds. Then you finally start the next game 2-3 minutes into that game and bam another 2 ads while playing. Now I don’t know how ads in games work but this is unacceptable, I couldn’t get into a groove half the to keep a combo going and the other half of the time I did they would throw an ad in your face and break what concentration you had. Then you can say goodbye to your combo. This is good game but it’s hindered by the ungodly amount of ads that come along with it. TLDR; FUN GAME, ADS WILL BE IN YOUR FACE NONSTOP!!!!.Version: 309

Pros and consThe game is fun and challenging. My first thought was this is going to be simple. That is until I realized there was a timer. Now here is where the game turns for the worse due to ads. I have no problem with ads. An would of thought the ads would show up between matches. But they freaking interrupt multiple times in a level often 15 to 20 seconds apart. So I considered buying it until I saw the price of $5.99. Figured I would wait and think about it. I have a 12 pro max phone with absolutely hardly anything on it - so its still extremely fast. But I noticed the game on multiple occasions does not allow you to pick up items when you are on a streak. Cause the multiplier to go to zero and all of a sudden you can pick items up again. Is it a bug or purposely setup that way on the free edition? I don’t know. But as a result I uninstalled the game because of the ridiculous amount of ads and glitch/bug..Version: 612

Would be 5 starsGame is great. Ads are terrible. They literally heat up my iPhone so hot I can only play a couple rounds before I have to literally cool my phone down. The ads freeze the game so after waiting through a minute ad you’ll have to wait to see if the little “x” will pop up or if you have to close the app and restart it - at least the game picks up right where you left off in that case. There are multiple ads in the middle of the rounds that stop your flow. It’s horribly annoying. There is one non-ad-related annoying thing too, which is you can’t pause the level. If you hit pause, a screen comes up (makes sense so you can’t look for matches while paused), but when you hit unpause it starts the level over. That is not pause that’s a free reset. That means if you start a level you have to commit to being able to play through the entire thing in one go, and you never know exactly how many minutes it will be (anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes), which makes playing this game as a time filler kind of impossible lol..Version: 573

Fun but RiggedThis game is very fun to play, but I have three complaints that ruin the fun. (1) Ads, ads, ads. Way too many ads and right in the middle of your game, which is hugely annoying. It is designed to make you pay for the ad-free version. (2) Sometimes, not every time but sometimes, toward the end of a level when you are about to beat the clock and only a few more pairs remain, the items will get stuck and you can’t move them. The clock keeps running, but you can touch anywhere on the screen and the pieces will not respond. This never happens at the beginning or middle of a level but only at the very end. And it’s even worse when you are at the higher levels when you need all the time you can get. That is RIGGED! (3) The higher levels are frustrating because they have more pairs but less time to play. They are super hard to get through, and the only way to get extra time or matched pairs is to buy them. So plan on only doing one level per day after awhile. Like I said, it is RIGGED to make you pay for the app and then for the extra time and pairs..Version: 472

Fun Game!Your 3D visual effects are AMAZING!! I love watching how they tumble and fall over each other as you’re looking for matches. It’s actually relaxing, but would be much nicer, if you had an option to turn off the timer, so you could just enjoy the visual effects. And you must do something about those adds!! Oh my! They interrupt your timed game right in the middle of it for no reason, as you get nothing for watching them!! Except losing your train of thought!!! Also I had one add freeze up on me as I was almost finished with a 16 minute game and I had to START OVER!! Come on! That’s ridiculous and maddening. Also good grief, you only get 30 second add-ons for watching a long video! It should at least be 60 or 90 seconds. I really hope you make some of these suggestions into improvements for the game. It would be about perfect if you do!! ~Diana.Version: 50

Fix the GlitchesI’ve played this game a lot even with the glitches, but it is really annoying. The game either has design flaws or is intentionally designed to cheat the user so they will spend money to advance. The objects frequently freeze and can’t be moved, while the timer keeps going. This seems to happen the most when you are just about to complete a level and there aren’t that many objects left. I have failed levels multiple times because the object froze and couldn’t be moved for several seconds and I ran out of time. Also when you choose to use a booster (either to remove some objects or get extra time), the booster always gets taken away from your total remaining, but sometimes the game doesn’t actually apply it. So you are basically wasting a booster. It would be nice if these glitches could be fixed. Otherwise it is an entertaining game with neat 3D pieces..Version: 672

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Lag and adsWhilst the game is great to fun to begin with and a great time killer, ads pop up approximately every 30 seconds DURING the game. Which means, constant lagging, constant freezing, and usually the screen just stops working, and a forced restart is required. What’s even better, is that when you go back after a forced restart, you lose a life, meaning that one one level, you use up all your lives, and you haven’t even reached the end of the time for that specific level. Seriously why? Given that this isn’t the only review that has pointed out the exact same issues, I’m surprised nothing has been done to fix these incredibly frustrating problems. The best part? This app is the biggest battery drainer I’ve ever come across. Will be uninstalling..Version: 464

Match 3DA really enjoyable game, except.. for the ads that come 3 or 4 times while you’re actually playing the game. I mean, come on, we all expect ads at the end and the beginning and ads that roll along the bottom of the screen but to cut to an ad in the middle of playing'!!!!!!! I’ll be really sorry to delete but if the ads don’t go I’m afraid I will, it’s just ridiculous.Version: 286

Ads and glitches are ruining this gameI love this game. I don’t mind ads in between levels but ads during the levels are not cool. Recently the game has started to freeze during levels, sometimes many times in the same level. Sometimes it starts up again, sometimes the app crashes and sometimes I’m forced to close the app and restart. Sometimes it will start the level over and sometimes it will pick up where it left off. It’s all so inconsistent. I strongly dislike the addition of “lives”, I can live with it if I must but these other issues really require some form of action to fix it. Take out the ads during levels and fix whatever is causing the freezing pls!! I’d happily rate it five stars if these things were fixed..Version: 183

Addictively fun & aggressively monetisedPros: nice looking app; works well. 3D objects present a challenge to match as they have many different perspectives. Cons: works much better on an iPad than iPhone. Ad schedule is pretty aggressive. No ad payment is very high (Presumably makes sense to them, not to you, feeding off that tasty stream of ad revenue). Other packs also seem like a Rip but have played past Level 50 without needing, so maybe it’s a stupidity tax..Version: 585

Disproportionate amount of time on adsGame is fun but I deleted it on the 3rd level after back to back ads in the middle of a timed game - each a video lasting 30 seconds. If they moved the ads to the enemy if the level, or used images instead of videos it would keep interest. The developers haven’t balanced customers interest in the game with amount of time spent on apps..Version: 121

Great game but....Initially, the game was behaving relatively stable but as you progress to higher level the time given to match the mess starts to get ridiculous. Worse still there are just too many ads interruption during the game that u lose concentration. Also if you don’t plan to pay for ads free version, you will soon realise that the application can hang or freeze as there are a lot of processes that is running behind the scene that causes you phone to get really hot. I believe the reason behind the processing is because the app need to determine exactly when it will interrupt you while you are playing the game. I notice major difference after paying for the subscription and you don’t get the hanging or freezing of the app anymore plus my phone is no longer heating up due to extra processes running in the background. Bottom line if you don’t plan to pay for ads free version better not get addicted to this game as you get really frustrated why you cannot complete the challenge because there is something running in the background to slow you down..Version: 683

Disappointed - Please fixThis game is really fun and highly addictive BUT the latest update has added lives which means I can’t be played for very long. Adding the lives has ruined the enjoyment of the game. Also the ads half way through a game is really annoying and since the latest update there is no option to close the ad once it has finished, meaning you have to close the game app and restart. This looses a life each time, so I only got to play 5 games for a few minutes. Remove the lives and fix the ads not being able to close, and you’ll get me back.Version: 136

A scamStarted out great. Addictive despite the annoying ads in the middle of levels. I’m refusing to pay $9.99 to remove them. BUT by the time you get to level 10 it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it in their time frame. I then sat through 5 minutes of ads to get enough coins to get an extra 60 seconds but STILL you can’t finish it. So deleted the app in disgust. Developers of this game: where are you??? Many reviews are saying the same thing as me. Don’t bother with this app. Better games out there..Version: 612

Great conceptStarted really enjoying this game and paid for the upgrade to eliminate the ads. Suddenly it freezes and despite uninstalling it, it’s frozen. Also the upgrade hasn’t gone across to other devices. The concept of the game is fun, for sure, and totally engrossing. However the lack of support behind it and the running glitches are frustrating and disappointing, especially after upgrading. Fix it!.Version: 472

Can’t progress after certain level without spending doing moneyThis is a beautiful game but unfortunately I got to a certain level and can’t go any further unless I purchase coins to buy additional 60 seconds of time. The level is deliberately set to low to win without extra time and considering I paid $4.49 to have no ads I’m disappointed that I’m expected to spend more money so soon. That’s pretty much ended my game play..Version: 309

Not free for long!Have really enjoyed this game for sometime now in spite of having to watch multiple ads. However I have reached the stage where it is impossible to match the number of objects in the available time and no opportunity to achieve rewards to assist the matching. Only way would be to purchase rewards. So not a free game at all, so I have deleted the ap. The above description is exactly my experience. It’s the 2nd time I have deleted the ap for his reason. Put up with ads but am not purchasing rewards as well. So off I go !!!.Version: 710

BE AWARE!Be aware! Game is useless when you don’t buy the overpriced ‘ad remove’ Option. You have to find every pair in time, like 3 minutes to 12 minutes levels. Without the ‘ad remove’ option the game is useless. Like you play a level and you have 3 minutes to find all the pairs you’ll get like 5 ads of 20 seconds!!!! That’s no fun, that’s annoying. Even if you have the ad free version if you don’t finish in time to find every pair and you don’t have hearts or coins anymore, you have to wait hours to play the level again, if you don’t want to pay their overpriced options to get more hearts or coins. Yesterday I paused the game for a view minutes, when I came back the game froze, my hearts and coins were gone. 🤬 I don’t know why but I believe it’s the game itself, a bug to push you to buy their overpriced options. Happened several time to me. My touchscreen sometimes even doesn’t react properly and I lose seconds. I believe it’s a bug in the game itself to force people to buy the in-game options. It’s a nice game, but there are similar games like this one without that many ads and the strange interruptions to force you to buy their payed stuff..Version: 691

Too many adsI find this game relaxing but the ads are just too much. I don’t mind having ads after a level is completed but there are many ads during levels which impacts the game as you lose momentum. I found that sometimes an item falls into the area making it difficult to find the match and I also found that some won’t move..Version: 674

Lower Remove Ad Price And People Might PayAbsolutely love this game buts the ads are beyond annoying. Like others have said, ads in between the levels more than fine but halfway thru - just greedy and ruining an awesome app. I have never felt the need to pay to remove ads more and was willing to do so until it was $10 to do so. Nearly all apps that have this option have been approx $2.50 - $4. Once again, $10 is just greed. You will have way more people actually paying to remove if it’s a reasonable price..Version: 398

Paid for no ads but still get ads!!I started playing this game and loved it but the ads drove me nuts, so I paid the large amount of $9.99 to have no ads - and I still get ads!! This is outrageous. They’re still long ads too. It’s rare for me to spend that much on a game like this but since it promised to remove ads I thought it would be worth it. I’m furious that it’s still full of ads 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 585

.Fun game, but be warned that you’ll need to buy it rather than rely on the free version, as the ads in the free version are excessive and intrusive. I’d also suggest that the game producers review the times needed on some levels: too much time is given on some, and too little on others. I don’t mind a challenge, but it seems impossible to complete some levels without relying on boosters..Version: 153

A fun game, but the apps make it awful to playThe concept of the game is good and it is fun to play (challenging but not to the point of making you not want to play). The main problem I have with the app is the ads - unlike most free versions, it doesn’t just keep ads to between levels. This app plays ads in the middle of levels. Talk about distracting and a definite turn off to whatever product is being advertised. I wouldn’t play until this issue is changed..Version: 325

SpoiledI was enjoying the game, until the latest update which means after a few moves, it automatically switches to an advertisement. This results in a difficulty in remembering where certain items were located, and therefore the interruption is annoying. Have an advertisement after the conclusion of each game, not many times during the game itself. Am seriously thinking of not playing anymore..Version: 153

Definitive Rage QuitterI've found this version of the game, when you haven't made the in app purchase to remove adds, lags. It not only lags, but lags at the most inopportune moments. When you have 15 seconds remaining on the timer and you're desperately trying to drag two decapitated giraffe heads to the base of the screen and all of a sudden you're functioning on 0.005 frames per second you suddenly realise why anger management therapists exist. Definitely not a game for hormonal 13 year olds who are susceptible to rage quitting and tantrums, because i even find myself, an established 22 year old, fighting the urge to eat dry wall when the lag stops me from dragging the final miniature cartoonists version of a human thigh bone to its match. Thanks..Version: 183

DeletingThis is a fun game that i can see myself getting very addicted to. I cannot however justify paying $10 to remove ads (?!) This game requires concentration and having a 30 second ad every 30 seconds during game play is completely off-putting. As other reviewers have said you expect it between levels but multiple times during levels is excessive and creates a lot of issues. Overall quite disappointed with my experience.Version: 585

Ads!!!! 😠I totally agree with the review before. I can’t justify paying to remove ads, and can live with them, but as before during the whole game is so annoying. I’m having issues with it freezing all the time too and mine will always recommence the same level and never start from where I left off! This is an amazing addictive game and would definitely go higher with the stars ⭐️ if these glitches and adverts can be removed.Version: 338

Multiple Back-to-back Mid-level Ads..... Really?!?Nice fun game. Would have given it 5 stars..... but.... ADS! Look, I respect that to keep it free, I have to put up with ads between levels, but having multiple ads MID-LEVEL is just ridiculous! I’m only a couple of levels in and just had two sets of back-to-back ads DURING the level I was on and another set of two after the level. I’m talking you start the game, a minute in BAM, two ads. 30 seconds later BAM, two more ads, and not just little ones, full 30 second count-down ads with click here to try the game but instead of a trial you’re booted to the App Store. Get out of that and you still have to close the ad before going back to game you were partway through. Finish the level BAM, two more! FRUSTRATING..Version: 398

Ads while playing not rightI love this game and I don’t mind Ads at the start and at the finish. But to have Ads while you are trying to beat the clock and it breaks your concentration is pretty poor. I have just played and 2 Ads came while I was trying to beat the clock!!!! It can be very frustrating. I’m going to try and find another similar game..Version: 464

Frustrating gameThis could be a really fun and relaxing game but once you get past a few levels it becomes too hard to do in the short time they give you which is then filled with ads. I wouldn’t mind if there was an ad at the beginning and end but it constantly stops you all through the game. It’s all designed to make you pay to remove them. Also it only works in portrait view not landscape which is really annoying. I’m deleting it..Version: 710

Drains my batteryI just downloaded this game about an hour ago and now I must delete it! Played a level for about 4 minutes and my battery goes from 70% to 54%, then the next level about 10 minutes and battery goes from 54 down to 21%! Not cool! Also the ads are ridiculous! It pops out during play and every 1-2 minutes will pop up another ads so I need to stop and watch a few ads per level which took out all my adrenaline to play this game! Quit now and shame it’s a fun concept game.Version: 274

Fun but hate the adsIts a fun game and quite addictive but the ads in the middle of the game are really annoying. I get quite frustrated with them and click out of them as soon as possible. I don’t mind ads at the beginning or end of a game and I will patiently watch them for the pleasure of playing a free game but in the middle it just throws your rhythm. If you move the ads I would rate the game 5 stars..Version: 683

Not recommended tricky game1. Ads occurs frequently almost every 30sec, unless you spend money to buy ad free one 2. Even you purchased the ads free version you will find more frustrations: at the very last seconds of the game, it’s so hard to drag the item so force you using the helps,if you don’t have more helps obviously you need to buy them which is very expensive! 3. At higher levels (above 2500), the timer is sooooo short which makes you impossible to complete levels without using any helps, again if you want to pass the levels and you need to spend money. So basically this game want you to spend more and more and more money, the company is so into their money making business and delivers such a poor gaming experience. I don’t mind spend some money, but I think you just ruined the game it’s not worth!.Version: 464

Love the game, but can’t play with video ads popping up.Hi, I like this game but I have to give it 1 star because of the ads popping up while you’re playing a level and as a result of these ads you run out of time to play the level and you loose your life points. Fix the ads to run outside the levels property and this would make the game so much better, I see the last review for this game was July and nothing has been done about it. Completely disappointed with this game due to the issue regarding the video ads..Version: 523

Glitches, glitches, GLITCHESI would love to give this 5 stars BUT the game keeps freezing, sometimes for more than a minute. sometimes i have to close the app altogether to get it to restart. sometimes, it restarts where i was but sometimes i have to start the round again. frustrating! and - ads DURING the round? come on! i will happily watch your ads after each round - and even watch them to get more points - but in the middle of a round, usually when i’m on a roll of finding matches, is very annoying. makes me want to NOT play, and definitely makes me NOT want anything from that ad. and it’s not just once during a round, it’s multiple times. VERY annoying. fix the glitches please and please reconsider ad placements.Version: 573

Love this gameI’m not one to play games on my phone but I find this one to be really exciting. Trying to match all of the objects before the given time runs out. It also helps with my memory and that’s really beneficial because I have a brain injury, not only is it good for me but quite fun too. The only thing I don’t like is the adds popping up every couple of minutes!.Version: 309

A relaxing scamI love this game so much, love sorting through the objects and the way they jumble about is oddly satisfying. But as many other commenters have mentioned, the ads are crazy and the system of having lives isn’t fair when some of the levels are impossible within the given time frame unless you pay! Also the game pieces get stuck when you are close to finishing a round, and in a tricky round with lots of game pieces the wrong pieces fall onto the pad which makes it hard to match pieces even when you’ve spotted a match! I don’t pay for in-app purchases so the devs won’t get any cash out of me that way. I’d pay for the ‘remove ads’ option as a one-off if I thought it would make the game work properly, but I can see from reviews that it doesn’t! So I’ll just play for free until I rage quit and delete for good. Too bad, this game could actually be awesome..Version: 612

Too many adsI see why you get asked to review after the first level as once you get to level 4 adds pop up before you even finish a level (3 different times during level 4). I think this game would get quite repetitive after awhile but I’ve had it 10 minutes and am already tired of the adds. So if it continues each level I’ll be deleting quite quickly I think..Version: 379

Ok but needs workAs a base game it’s not bad but it freezes A LOT and just drops out. The pause button is actually a “wipe your game and go back to the beginning” button and even if you win the level it takes your life and doesn’t carry it over to the next round - what is that about. When you’re playing a free game I don’t mind ads but seriously how many ads can you pack in there because essentially it’s an ad app with a little game in between. I’d also be mindful if you’ve got this on kids devices - not sure the violent video game ad or the gun ad are appropriate. If I like a game I’ll happily buy an ad free version but this game is very expensive especially when you consider the amount of bugs and clitches it has..Version: 585

‘Great but a couple of glitchesGames great and very addictive. I won some money on a challenge and tried to collect it but the game glitched out and lost the prize money and the ads don’t work sometimes to be able to get the x3 or x4 for point accumulated at the end of round but still an alright game. Would also be nice if i could play the game in landscape mode and not have to hold my iPad veritcal to play the game but just another 1% as a suggestion. I do recommend the game !.Version: 585

Good but sometimes unfair.This game is fun and simple. The ads were getting ridiculous so I bought the full thing and was miffed to find the lives were still limited to 5. Irritating considering what I paid for the full thing. One suggestion-Create a Relaxed/Free Play Mode. In this mode you get a pile of all the packs you obtained and you’re free to solve it at your own pace. A good way to shut down your brain before bedtime..Version: 719

Impossible time limit updated recently with 5 times shorterI am a frequent player and is in level 1228. I love this game even though i have to watch so many of the ads so as to continue the game. Recently the game’s time limit had been significantly changed to a impossible limit. A massive objects round used to have 10-15 mins to finish the level, but 3 days ago, the time limit suddenly dropped into 2 minutes 18second!!!!!! It is a crazy cut of the time and it is impossible to win the level! At the same time the team challenge had changed into different appearance but once you go to look at it, the screen didn’t let you to back to Main menu and the only way is to close the apps and re-open. Then the sreen would frozen few times before it get to normal. All of these would certainly send away many players and eventually hurt your ratings! Improve please!.Version: 539

Good game but glitchy and adsThe game is really fun and it’s entertaining but it’s a bit glitchy. Sometimes I would try to get a match but I couldn’t pick it up. Also sometimes when I’m in the middle of the round an ad comes up. The game also produces spam down the bottom where there is an envelope, with a flashing red icon. When I press it, it comes up with a free $100 McDonalds coupon that I have won somehow. It also wanted me to answer questions, but I didn’t buy it. The game is overall very fun and it keeps me playing all the time, but these are just a few things I would try to improve..Version: 309

Would be better with some editingGame is fun but you get to a stage very quickly, for me level 12, where the game give you no where near enough time to complete the challenge. Super frustrating. If there’s an update I’ll keep playing but no point until I can progress. Also the adds popping up in the middle of the levels really stuffs you up and slows you down. Especially when you’re on a roll.Version: 101

Somewhat enjoyableThis is a lovely game with beautiful graphics. The game itself is enjoyable, however what really spoils it is the numerous amount of ads not only after each level, but several ads during one level. It really spoils the game play and is most annoying. I tend to quit the game at this point. Others have commented when you pay to remove the ads, it makes no difference. There also appears to be a glitch where at times although I am dragging an item to the pad, it just won’t move and can take several attempts to “unglue” it from its position in the pile. Nice game but the biggest unforgivable issue is the number of ads during gameplay. For this reason, I will most likely end up deleting the game and moving on to something else. There are many other apps to choose from..Version: 719

Ads DURING the gameGame is an ok concept to fill in some spare time, and has the expected ads between each game, and ads to double your prizes. But there are also ads DURING the game - you’re part-way through the time limited game and then suddenly it freezes and an ad starts and you have to wait for the ad to finish before resuming your game. This happens several times through every game and is extremely irritating. Because of these mid-game ads I deleted the app after a few games..Version: 309

Love this gameThis is a great game. I just wish the lives weren’t there. I understand there need to be a way to incorporate in app purchases but I feel the difficulty of the levels definitely encourages purchasing coins to get through. I just wish I could play for longer, I enjoy the challenge, but I will not purchase lives. I really think the app developers should re asses the need for the lives or maybe incorporate free lives. Also another addition to the app is maybe you could incorporate a daily challenge, as in one puzzle to sort each day, more difficult than the other puzzles then at the end of the week have a reward for playing 7 days in a row like extra coins or lives..Version: 183

Love the game but way to glitchyI have been playing this amazing game for a while but am so over the constant glitches. The worst freezing off any game I have ever experienced. You can be in the middle of a level when it totally freezes and when it finally come back you have lost a life. Tried playing offline but the freezing continues. I would happily buy the game if it were glitch free but until then I have dumped it..Version: 286

FunThis game is fun! I really enjoyed it up until it kept crashing half way through a level or the ads wouldn’t load and I could only force close and restart. Lose a life every time which is extremely frustrating. Also the smaller objects do not slide properly sometimes. Other than those issues I had a lot of fun with this game! Very addictive. I won’t be playing until these issues are fixed..Version: 95

Worst money grab gameNot only do I have to watch ads to get through levels even though I paid $4.50, the game doesn’t give you enough time to get through without. Now the game asks for coins which I don’t have to get through the levels and sends me straight to where I can purchase them. Disappointing and disgusting..Version: 50

Deleted because too many adsI just deleted this app after reaching level 10 because there are just way too many ads. Ads between games are fine but when they interrupt mid game, not once, but two or three times, it just gets too frustrating. They’re not short ads either! Such a shame because the game itself is quite addictive..Version: 691

Don’t even bother downloadingI would rate zero if I could! Well done on ruining a great game👏🏻👏🏻 how many ads can you possibly jam in😡 having ads between levels is one thing...throwing them into a timed game is ridiculous... a 3 minute game with 2 ads in it...really? But if I pay $10 there will be no ads? I doubt it...there will just be another money grab😡 I would love to know how many download this to find a great game...only to delete it very quickly...shame on you😡 read your might actually make some money if you listen to what people are saying!.Version: 573

Adds which you can’t even buy a way out ofThe adds are incessant and like other reviewers they stop you completing a game within the time limit. Have dumped the App three times but like so much have reloaded it. The biggest problem is trying to accept the Special $9.99 offer to remove all adds. It will not allow me to do this, I keep going and when the next offer to remove adds appears, I accept that and nothing happens. This app needs some serious improvements as its really very addictive and great mental therapy. Let me know when fixed..Version: 683

Fix the glitchesThe game is a really good game. The ads are a bit much playing multiple times during each level. However the game freezes and glitches some times multiple times during one level. The ads freeze also which force you to have to exit and close the game and having to restart the same level multiple times. Please fix these issues and I might pay for the no advertisements edition which is not worth the money whilst it continues to glitch..Version: 562

Perfect time waster!It’s been a LONG time since I found a fun app to fill a few spare minutes in my day. And even longer since I bothered to write a review. This little game is so easy and so basic , yet it keeps your mind active and your palms sweaty as the timer runs out..Version: 573

Promising but disappointingWas quite enjoying this game and even paid the $10 to get rid of the annoying ads mid game. But quite suddenly at level 34 it went from being achievable in the given time to not even remotely close. Ridiculous jump in impossibility. Blatant grab for $$ as seems that’d be the only way to get past it..Version: 691

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Match 3D 731 Update

Version 731 (2021-02-22): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 719 (2021-02-10): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 691 (2021-02-01): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 676 (2021-01-18): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 674 (2021-01-13): Minor Bug Fix.

Version 612 (2021-01-04): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 585 (2020-12-20): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 573 (2020-12-14): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 539 (2020-12-03): Minor Bug Fix.

Version 472 (2020-11-17): 1 new item packs added!.

Version 446 (2020-11-05): Minor Bug Fix.