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Epic survival run! Racing adventure that will keep you on your toes till the very end! Race, Clash, and Win!

Get your gang together, run with the crowd, and clash against the rival team!

Start running alone and gather people on your way to collect a massive crowd. Lead your team through all sorts of moving, rotating, and expanding obstacles. Calculate your moves on the run and save as many members of the crowd as possible.

Let’s see how far you can get in this crazy survival race! Dodge swinging axes and colossal crushing spheres! Avoid monstrous circular saws, deadly red buttons, and a thorny abyss to make it to the finish line.

Run the crowd until you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crush your rivals in the final battle and capture the fortress!

GATHER as huge a crowd as you can:
DODGE obstacles
CLASH wall-on-wall
FIGHT against bosses
CAPTURE castles

Survival city game
Lots of unique levels
Deadly traps and impossible obstacles
Crisp bright graphics
Super smooth swipe control
Satisfying color explosions
Rewards and gifts

And this is just the beginning… More levels and artful traps and obstacles are coming soon!

Do you think you have the guts to take your crowd through this insane obstacle course? Download the game and try your luck today!

We are looking forward to getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the game even better.

Join Clash App User Reviews & Comments

My OpinionSo I think that they should maybe add like a landscape of some sort, when you’re running through the obstacles perhaps. I just think that if they add that it will make the game more fun to play and just add to the game. A big thing I think they should add is health bars to every soldier/warrior. Sort of like the bosses. I like to guess on a boss battle when my guy will die. And I know that some people are really impatient, and they would like to know when they can start playing again. There’s a bunch of other stuff like choosing your weapon and just upgrading that, but I know that that’s not voodoo’s style and that they would never do that. Another idea is that they could play funny attacking music or something in the background. Not so loud that you can’t here any other sounds, but not so quiet that you can’t here it at all. My last thing is kinda small but when you are upgrading/building/attacking/taking gold in your or someone else’s castle, I think it would be a fun idea to add little people walking around the castle. I think that would be cool. So this game is really fun, and if you add these things I think it will be a five star game for sure..Version: 2.18

LookLove the game it’s great it’s amazing beautiful masterpiece the thing you’ve created. BUT the ads are just a little too common and secondly when I say no thanks to watching an ad so I can get a bigger prize at the end of a round that last thing I would have expected, was an ad after I said no to an ad if I wanted to see one at that moment I would’ve pressed the button for the extra coins. Now I understand that ads is how you make money and you gotta hustle, but I think we both know that the dominant is the enjoyment of the games users so please lower the ad count and maybe new people or former users can cone back since there are fewer ads and make up for the revenue loss of decreasing the ad rate. So please just take a moment to understand where we’re coming from.Version: 2.15

Addicting for no reasonI've already unlocked everything and yet i still play it. Love this game its simple but so satisfying. My only note would be that the game would be so much better if there were more features. For example, it would be cool to add friends or go against actual players in real time with the same course and see who has more. Also i love the element of surprise in the end when you find out if you got more. Overall great game i just wish there was more features. (picking the icons color or protecting your castle)!.Version: 2.12

Glitching Like Crazy1. Because of the ad overload, programmed to play after (just about) every level, the game often freezes. If I’m connected to WiFi it’s alright, but even then sometimes it wants me to watch one ad to open the surprise box but will make me watch two-three. 2. I don’t really understand the point of collecting 10+ men but then putting a giant box right in the middle killing over half of my army. If you’re going to do that... shouldn’t you put it in the program where my people could jump or something? Quite a few levels, I’ve had to end the round with 5 people, ultimately loosing, because of some poorly misplaced obstacles and the inability to avoid them. 3. I don’t necessarily mind the ads. It’s a great game... the developers have to make a profit some how... y’all should program it to occur different. Have a banner on the bottom of the screens. Play a Ciro after you LOSE. 4. The mystery box should be avoidable. I don’t care about the extra coins. Please make them as an option. (Play an ad to receive the mystery box) 5. Please make this game more functional when not connected to WiFi. I feel like the game is programmed to run by its ads, and when they can’t play, the game malfunctions. Please fix in the next update..Version: 2.7

There is no way to enjoy this game due to adsI get it. You make money off ads. There’s a point where greed surpasses the desire to actually provide an enjoyable experience to users. I would gladly pay money one time to pay this game. That is not an option. You keep buying coins to that the money never stops rolling in for them. Shame. Hopefully Apple Arcade releases something similar to this. The game is actually relaxing, but as soon as you beat a level, sitting there having to watch a minute ad takes away any sense of enjoyment you had. 0/5 if I could just for the business conduct..Version: 2.16

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!This game is the best most fun game ever! It doesn’t have to many ads like most games do and that is like the most wonderful thing. The only thing bad about it at all is that it glitches SO STINKING MUCH. It is really terrible. Like I am playing the game middle of a Saturday afternoon and it just stops! Like it froze and it won’t start again if I don’t close the tab or shut down my phone. Please do something about that..Version: 2.18

Cool concept but so glitchyIt seems like it’d be a really fun game to play, but the constant ads and glitchy/unpredictable speed and direction capabilities make it so irritating to try. Every so often, the little playable characters would speed up for no reason, or the swipe function would become hypersensitive out of the blue and put you on the other end of the screen when you should’ve just gone slightly to the left. Plus, it kept crashing after every other ad it played. I had fun playing it, but I’m deleting it off my phone now, and I only downloaded it two hours ago. There was also this privacy policy that was kinda shady. I couldn’t read it cause it was so glitchy, but I didn’t input any information into the game, so I’m not entirely sure what they’d need a privacy policy for, but none of the reasons I can think of are good..Version: 2.10

App is made to generate ad revenueAs the title states this game pushes ads at every turn. Each mission is short, only lasting around 10 seconds. Then you will be asked if you want to watch an ad. You pick yes if you want more cash which is needed to progress. If you pick no you’ll likely get an ad anyway that you can skip but are those ads that have two phases where you interact then get the picture of it. These ads, even though they’re skippable are longer than the levels. The simple game mechanics are designed in a way that the app can be used to simple push ads and make money. Nothing else. It’s very basic and offers little but the opportunity to make the devs/owner money. You’ve all seen these types of games before. Don’t bother with this one either..Version: 2.20

PointlessPretty effortless gameplay. Don’t really have to even bother dodging most of the obstacles. There is no sense of progression, and there is some random castle building feature that seems to have no real purpose. Click no thanks for the ad to boost the coins you earned by up to 4 time? Don’t worry, you’ll still be forced to watch 2 ads. After you watch those ads, you get an ad at the bottom of the screen while you play. It’s basically as if someone just bought a base game design online and then just reposted it as their own game. Definitely not a 4.6 star game. The one star is simply for the fact that you can actually even play it. Most of these reviews are fake, and I’m sure mine will end up lost in the rest of them..Version: 2.16

Join and clashYou can literally “beat” this entire game by unlocking all the skins within 2-3hrs if you choose to buy ad free for $2.99. The sad thing about this game is that you can’t see how many more levels you have to go it just never ends. And once you u lock all the skins it just keep reverting you to unlock the same skins over and over again. This game is not really designed for you to play it so that you can unlock so many items or something along that line, but it’s designed for you to buy the “ad free” features that’s all. Nobody wants to sit around and watch a total of a 1 minute ad every time you when or loose it gets frustrating so you end up buying the ad free “version” I honestly don’t recommend downloading this game at all unless you enjoy watching ads..Version: 2.7

Many problems!First of all. After every level there is a ad to see. Way too many ads put into the game! It ruins the game trying to get coins and a ad pops up. Nobody should have to deal with this. Which brings me to my NEXT problem. The levels are really repetitive and boring. There is a switch of three colors each round. And repetitive I mean a switch of three colors happens EVERY ROUND. My next problem is the game is really boring. You get a amount of people and build random things you can’t choose. Please update the game soon. It’s really lacking it. Also I glitch a lot! Please fix that too. I don’t know if it is the game or if it is my iPad. Either way, please update the game..Version: 2.10

ADS PartyI mean the game is just not worth being forced to watch that many ads. The most frustrating aspect is that after you complete each level you are given the option of watching a video ad or not to increase your winnings. The problem is that if you say no thanks it still forces you to watch an ad that may be shorter, but it doesn’t reward you for watching it. So you have two options after you finish a level: watch an ad or ‘no thanks’ which means watch an ad as well. From the user’s perspective, the company offering this game doesn’t really have respect for the user. The game company is willing to forgo just that simple bit of trust in order to make more money by shoving extra ads in the user’s face. The game looked interesting. Too bad. It’s just not worth being lied to. ‘No thanks’ I don’t want to watch an ad does not mean ‘no thanks I just want to watch a smaller ad’. Meanwhile there’s banner ads all over the place as well. But thank goodness the game developers are able to make a tiny amount of money from tossing the user’s trust out the window as well! Imagine making money in an honest way. Ha!.Version: 2.20

*****READ ME*****Hopefully I have your attention! So first off, nice game! Easy controls, idle feeling, a very good game to play while you are winding down in bed! As a bunch of people have said, there are **WAY TOO MANY ADS** 🙄😒I will get so bored of an ad pop up, I’ll go play something else. It’s a very easily addictive game once you remove at least half the ads. I have no idea if you recently updated it so that the group will jump/move fast or the castle thing but I like it!😍 Really peaked my interest! However, seems pointless. Why build a castle when you are never defending it or something! As well as the “opponents” names, we all know it’s a computer. 😖All in all, it is a VERY good game! I already enjoy the graphics, the gameplay, and the whole vibe and I’m excited to see what you have in store for this app! 🔥🔥.Version: 2.9

Ads are ridiculousThis game is fun WHEN you actually get to play it. Every action of the game requires you to watch an ad to gain the coins you need to level up your weapon and shield. Each ad is 30 seconds. It takes probably 20-30 seconds to fight a battle so you are spending at least the same amount of time or more time watching ads. It’s ridiculous. Want to battle? Watch an add. Want to attack? Watch an add. Want to level up? Watch an ad. Sure it’s only $2.99 to get this ad free but there are SO many ads I can’t even tell if it’s something I want to pay for. I spend more time watching ads than playing so how would I know? This is literally a waste of time at the free level unless you want to actually have a game that shows you every other game you can play instead..Version: 2.16

Decent gameI know people are complaining about all the adds. That is fair. But you can skip all the adds (at least the ones that come up naturally without clicking a button for something extra in exchange for an add) after around 5 seconds. My only complaint is that I hear about different modes? Other than then just run and evade obstacles? If there are other modes I am not able to access them. Overall; good game!.Version: 2.8

I don’t know what anybody else is talking about!So as you see the title idk what anybody is talk about! Why I gave you 4 stars is because you could use some fixing up!! Not trying to be rude cuz I play the game everyday :D! You could touch up on less adds it actually kinda annoying! And add more obstacle course! It’s also kinda laggy which is a bit annoying! Add more levels and at least make them harder!! Over all I like the game! But could you add more hats or like add gems and we have to collect them? Or add figures that you can collect? That’s all love you game though bye!!.Version: 2.7

BrokenWhen u get like a lot of people for some reason it makes it so the Other player gets an Easier Obby like they get a Obby where they can get more ppl to kill u but u get only less than half of ppl they have and why at the end do u ad a huge wall to make ur army small then have the other player just beat u down with it’s big army it doesn’t make sense and why is it so laggy I freeze then i TP somewhere else also why is there so many ads it didn’t make sense is it supposed to be made to win only on the 2nd try? Bc why does the other player get more people and why does it make a last part of the Obby to kill ur whole army.Version: 2.10

Add a create levelCan you devs and creator add a feature that says create a level for the other people to beat. [second part]: Also on the other team the king keeps getting thrown out the castle with his hand up and I want it to be different. [last part]: Can you get rid of some of the ads please it’s getting annoying and sometimes there are glitches when there’s The playrix games pop up and they glitch for one second and people might get splashed in the game. (That’s all thanks for reading devs and creators the game is good too👍🏻).Version: 2.15

50% Playtime 50% Ad watchingI played the game for about 10 mins and loved the low-budget addictive-ness and enjoyment that comes with mobile games like these(I have played many games like this). But after every level it asks if you want to watch an ad to increase your rewards. But even if you select the “no” option to not watch an ad it still gives you an ad. There is no way to get around watching a million ads in this game and it’s despicable, I understand a free game needs some kind of revenue source but you only make money from ads if people keep playing the ads and that won’t happen if they leave after 4 mins of playtime with 4 mins of ad watching..Version: 2.10

More powerful the more riggedAt first this game was pretty good,everything was fun, I was beating the bot, but soon as I got more powerful, there would be obstacles you can not pass without killing 80% of ur players, and the more you go on, u get less players so you die way more. Last round I had 5 against 12. I played that round hundreds of time to see if I could gain more ppl, but the most I got was still 5. And not to mention ALL of the adds. Like that’s just stupid idgaf ab ur other stupid games. And please stop putting that huge block at the end to kill 80% of ur players so you have to play again. It’s just stupid, and I updated all my swords and shields to 25, yet I still die from The other players who interrupts me gathering my army. Like if I’m that powerful how can I lose to these armorless ppl. So yeah😹leave❤️bye🙈.Version: 2.12

Buckle up!Are you a fan of an add after each short round of a game? Do you love it when the add finishes, and takes you to a new screen for the same add, and has a delay to skip out of? Are you also thrilled by adds that invite you to play them in screen by interacting with them, but when you try, it just pulls up the app in the store, rather than actually being something you can interact with? Then you will LOVE this game! Game play wise, it’s an ok enough way to kill a couple minutes. No real skill involved, some levels are just designed to be unbeatable (even if you’re all leveled up and get every ally on the run). Two stars is the best this game is worth. It’s be four if they weren’t so shameless about their adds every two seconds..Version: 2.12

Lots of the same ads...over and over again...I think that the game could be more fun if they just stopped with the constant advertisements. It’s all the same, too, and it’s getting really boring to have to watch! Also, it’s ridiculous that if I get a present thing I have to watch an ad to claim it!! If I found it while playing the game, it makes no sense that I’d have to watch an ad to claim it! The game isn’t that long either, most rounds only last a few seconds and after that you get two ads stuffed down your throat. Maybe if the game rounds were longer it wouldn’t seem like I was being constantly bombarded with commercials! I love the idea but I think some things need to be changed!!!.Version: 2.6

Fun time killer, low effort, too many adsThis game is great for killing time, winding down, etc. easy controls, idle feeling, and simplistic too, but that simplicity feels a bit low effort for the amount of money spent on advertising this very game. And once you download this game, there is not near enough to this game to justify the amount of ads it has. Frustrates me and bores me to the point that with too many long ads, I’ll play something else. Good idea, but low effort for what they do with whatever ad money they make. Also, it will ask if I want to watch an ad to get a bigger reward. I’ll say “No Thanks.” TOO BAD watch an ad anyway, but with only the original reward. That right there is the easiest way to get your game uninstalled. But it seems to have gotten better about that for now..Version: 2.16

It’s an okay app for what it is.This game is a type of game called ad-to-win. Watch ads, win more. The game itself has some moments when it gets jittery and your inputs don’t match to what actually happens on the screen. As for how much fun this app is? Mediocre, not happy or mad to play it. It does have some pros though. I do like the upgrades along with the character customization makes it feel more like a game than a money grab. As for me, I found that you only need a little skill to actually accomplish the missions. Would I recommend this app? Nope not really. There are much better apps out there that provide more entertainment. Lastly, the company who made this game, make your sound bites better. They are bad..Version: 2.8

Rigged GameI enjoy playing this game and have gotten better at it, but it’s definitely rigged. It’s inconsistent with how many players it takes to beat the giant opponent player. Or you can get all or almost all of the possible players on your side, but a larger amount of opponents come out at the end which will make you lose. However, it makes no sense because you literally got every player you could except for one or two so you would have lost the game anyway because the opponents team is way bigger..Version: 2.18

SEVERAL ISSUES... PLEASE READ THIS!So, this whole quarantine thing leaves me no choice but to play games... but I’m not recommending this game! So there is SO many adds, but that’s only one out of several problems! Next the people that you have to defeat at the end of each level have weapons, I don’t! And this is obviously rigged, the person is always going to kill the same amount of people no matter if you hit the upgrade weapon button! NEXT, the obstacles take out your people, there is NO way to avoid them, that’s very annoying to me! So yes, I have no good things to say really, except that it is free, that’s literally it! THIS GAME IS BORING ANYWAYS, EVEN WITHOUT THE ISSUES! So I recommend not getting this! It is not a good way to spend your quarantine, or any time for that matter. DON’T EVEN CONSIDER GETTING IT, A WASTE OF TIME! Have a good day, I hope that this review helped you to not waste you time on plain and udder STUPIDITY!.Version: 2.7

Ad city (Please read game makers and viewers)Every single time I finished 1 or 2 levels straight to Ad I love the game alternatively but the ads are more than enough so that made me want to delete the game over all it isnt that bad but little gameplay lotta ads isnt very fun especially when you feel like you cant see one more ad without screaming!!This game is not that bad without the ads it would have been fun like u join a group and the defeat the other team standard fun stuff but after like every other level a ad thats just annoying as crap!Im sorry if this is offensive but you gotta fix all these stupid ads!Most of the ads is the same ad please fix this and maybe Ill recommend downloading it again but if not you just lost a player..Version: 2.6

Great game, honestly!I like the games’ physics and logic. It’s like lords mobile but better and more on budget. Ignore the people who complain over a few ads. Because all their doing is just calling themselves out. Just disconnect from the WiFi on your phone or tablet. And please. Make money making a bit easier. It’d be great having thousands and getting money easier. Suggestions and bugs 1. Add more unique skins to the game rather than basics. I’d like having more unique hats like a sombrero. 2. Add all the flags to the game with no ads for unlocking it. I want people to show their dignity in their country by showing it to others. 3. Add skin color changing in the game, and do NOT add real skin colors. Only add basic light and dark colors. 4. As the “My Opinion” review says, add HP bars or health bars to soldiers or maybe even enemies. Bug 1. Fix this glitch that occurs when I click on a button for a supposed ad with no WiFi, it just loads. Please fix that. That’s the only glitch with the game. Hope this catches your attention.Version: 2.18

I mean, whatever.So I turn off my cellular to play this game so I can't speak on the ad spamming (though I'm naturally inclined to believe fellow reviewers) but as someone who got to level 52, its just a time waster really. The cosmetics are dull and it seems like every level after a certain point is designed for you to beat it on the 2nd try. I mean no ill-will to the designers but there's really nothing here. Also theres a small building-system where you get to add on to your own "castle area" when you defeat bosses. But after like five upgrades (Castle, Fence, Trees, Cannon, Grain Mill) you literally cannot do anything else with this feature. It just stops offering you upgrades/showing you the amount of hammers you have, though it seems to still collect them from the bosses regardless. Really weird..Version: 2.10

Worth the download.I don’t normally write reviews but I almost didn’t download this game because of the reviews I read. I will say, the amount of ads can be annoying but I haven’t had the issue of an ad on loop. Also, I disagree that the bosses are too hard. I’m only on level 24 so I’m sure it will get harder, but I am enjoying the game. It seems easy enough to upgrade your weapon and shield to be able to defeat them. Anyways, I’m my opinion it’s worth the download..Version: 2.8

AlrightI think I agree with everyone in this review section that there are in fact to many ads, at the beginning it was great, barely any ads and fun game. But the ads progressively got more and more irritating the more they showed. Now this game isn’t exactly “Among Us” famous so I understand why you would need to incorporate so many ads in the first place. This game is small and you need to make money somehow right? overall it’s fun, alright even. But it does get boring after a while..Version: 2.18

It’s a great gameOk so I just got this game today and it’s fun when ur bored and it’s a challenge in game it gets harder and harder as you go on and that’s awesome and plus it’s free and I like how when it sees do u want to see this ad and you press no it actually does not bring you to a add like most apps do it’s just great and it totally free so if ur look for a free game here it is I would never lie so u should get it if you want to but it’s kind off boring so they need to work on that and not to much say want this u have to watch the adds but yea that’s all bye :D.Version: 2.12

I guessSo I decided to pay the $2.99 to stop ads which wasn’t a big deal but once you do that that game becomes boring because since there is no adds your able yo stack up your money quickly and buy things and it starts to get boring. The game is something to do when there is nothing to so but it would be nice if the updates to this game really added something. Also I don’t like how you build your castle and that’s it.... I don’t know I’m going to keep this game but I hope you all make some fun updates..Version: 2.9

Ads and LaggingI think this game is awesome. Like someone else said, it’s great for passing time and winding down in bed. But I do think that there are way too many ads. I have to watch an ad after every round and it becomes tiresome. I recently started experiencing some lagging in the game. I have great internet so I know that is not the problem. I’ll be playing the game and my player will stop and then pop up in some random place. Other than these issues I think the game is amazing..Version: 2.18

Half Gameplay Half AdsHey, wanna watch an ad to get extra points? *no thanks* Well we’ll show you one anyways. How bout an ad for free cosmetic? No? Well here’s one anyways..... The game itself I find pretty enjoyable, but having ads on after every game makes me not want to play it. I will be uninstalling this, having people watch ads to earn extra coins or cosmetics is ok, but forcing it either way wether or not you click it is another thing. There are SOME times where you go onto the next round right away, but it’s pretty uncommon. You’re better off watching ads for extra stuff after every round, that’s if they don’t show you another ad afterwards. But you’re still spending about half of the time playing the game watching ads. I would have given this one star if I didn’t find the game enjoyable..Version: 2.10

READ THIS NOW (I found a fix for the ad problem)(Thanks for noticing this rewew If you just want to know how to stop the ads go to where it says “I thean though of something”)Join and clash is a fun game I started playing after seeing several ads I wanted to know what the game was like so I downloaded it to try it out and then I forgot about it about three days later I spotted it and so I tried it out it was a lot of fun until the ads started ad after ad after ad after add, I saw an offer for no adds but it was $5.00! I Then thought of something that wold stop the ads by turning off WiFi (and cellular data) the adds wold not play and I cold still play the game. However there is a downside to that if you tern off cellular data you can not play ads to receive rewords but if you just tern WiFi back on you can quickly let the ad play and collect the reward. So there you halve it by turning off WiFi you can stop the ads in join and clash..Version: 2.18

Waste of Space on your phoneAfter you beat a couple of levels of this game, it is impossible, and I mean IMPOSSIBLE to beat any level first try, no matter how good you are, the game will always put more opponents at the end of the level, meaning you have to watch an ad, and retry the level. If your going to make every level require minimum two attempts, don’t put an ad in between if the player can’t win. And don’t even get me started on the giant bosses, they get more health and do more damage each time you face them, further proving my statement that you can’t beat a level on this game first try once you get past the first few levels, which I think is ridiculous..Version: 2.9

OK SOO...I was addicted to this game AT FIRST !! BUT i kept getting so AGGRAVATED when im doing kinda well then the speed thing comes up and i have a bunch of people. Then the last second of the obstacle it kinda FORCES you to have HARDLY any people left . There is no way to get around it . Then its the 10 of you vs 40 of them. Its a set up for disaster and everytime is makes me wanna play the game less and less cuz i know i will have to watch an ad then do the same level again. This app seems money hungryyy 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Deleted sorry :,(( EDIT: GET "Join and Run" Its similar but has ZERO ads ! Its a bit slower but its fun.Version: 2.10

PLEASE READ ENTIRE THING BEFORE DOWNLOADING!Yes, as people said the adds, THERE WERE TOO MANY! I know exactly why. There are people staring at your device, looking at every little add, video, websites, or picture. They, put in adds so they can earn more money. So that’s why the game was PACKED, with adds. We also know that the people defending the tour are COMPUTERS! Honestly, if you just cut like 50% of the adds down, the game would honestly be awesome and addictive. So, all I can say now is just PLEASE cut down the adds, maybe make the people defending the tower real if you’re online, and don’t care about only money. If I were you, I’d care about the people PLAYING the game rather than the money I’d receive. _^Thank you!^_.Version: 2.18

Fun, but too many issuesDon’t download it’s a waste of time! It is a fun game and i would play it again if it wasn’t like this. There’s an ad for double the play time, every level and the level is 30 seconds max. If you hit no thanks to watch another video half the time it will click it anyways. I hit the no add button once to see if i could buy it with coins and on my screen there was an option to buy the game. I exited it 3 times and it would not stop popping up! Then I tried to close the app and it confirmed the purchase (I have both of my thumps saved smh). I have to have a password set to get an app so thankfully I wasn’t charged, but it was glitching and clicking things I wasn’t. Pretty annoyed 🙄.Version: 2.8

Fun but too shortI’ve been playing this game for a few days now. I’m on level 78 and not much has changed. The speed of the moving object move a little bit faster after 30+ levels of you playing you would expect it be to be getting more and more difficult with each level. But nope ! Plus the endless amount of ads! You have to see like 3 full 30 sec ads to move to the next level. If you love ads and don’t care for a change then this is perfect for you..Version: 2.18

Unfair and Ads everywhereI got this game recently and besides the simple concept I quickly realized two things. One, the level system and boss fights are completely unfair, the bosses being way over leveled than me even though I leveled up way too many times to count. And just to lose to one boss, get it to half health and then verse it again, it’s just sad. Sometimes it’s three times. Point Two, the ads, good god the ads in this game. It’s just nonstop. After every action there’s an ad no matter what and sometimes you can’t even skip them. I turned off WiFi and cellular for it so I couldn’t get any more ads, it’s sort of better but still a pain to deal with considering ads are thrown to be the only thing that helps you in the game..Version: 2.5.1

Red this! Before downloading!So I’ve been playing this game for a while and I absolutely love it!!! The only problem is the ads but I noticed that now you can skip the ads!!! But sometimes you cannot I love this game but maybe more color and pizazz the more I’ve been playing the more boring it got but I completely enjoy it! I did one day get a glitch where I couldn’t see anything but red and the character... And it has happpened a few times. But otherwise I love this app! And would recommend!!! Thank me later!:D.Version: 2.12

Good yet repeated gameplayThis game is great, and I love playing it all the time: however I feel like more customizable things should be added to the game. It’s been only two weeks and I’ve already unlocked everything. The castle could also use some more stuff, and maybe even different levels? I feel like I’ve played the same level 100 times and I’m not even at level 100 yet. Otherwise a very fun game when you need to pass time.Version: 2.12

Not some, but A LOT of addsI’m ok with games with adds, and its fun to get some extra prices just to watch an add. But i can’t play more than a few seconds without an ad. The first levels are too easy, which is ok, and its good to learn to use it. But it takes me 20 seconds to pass a level, and i have to watch 2-3 ads 30secs each. Honestly it’s annoying and frustrating. I kept playing after my frustration because if you wait like 3 seconds after you ended the game it let’s you either watch an ad, or click “no thanks” but It will still play an ad!!! I thought it was me, i was pressing it too fast, and presing the wrong thing, but no, either option will give you an ad.Version: 2.9

This is an interactive ad, not a enjoyable time killer.My device has quite the collection of ad based games. This game however has just way to many of them. After every level you have to wait at least 5 seconds of an ad. If you want to maximize the coins you earn you can watch a 30 second ad, that’s a great future. For the people that don’t care about the extra coins and move on you should be able to do that, but you have to watch an ad anyway. So this game doesn’t have the option to just move on to the next round. For that I’m out because there are other games out there that allow you to complete 5 levels before an ad. This may seem like just a rant and a complaint, but it’s more than that. This game is practically an interactive ad instead of actual entertainment..Version: 2.20

Fun gameIt’s a pretty fun game but it would be better if there were less ads and sometimes the boss fights are a little unfair because I collected as many people I can possibly get without hitting the traps but I still lose. Luckily the boss stays at the same level of health when you fight them again. It would be a massive improvement if the developers can make it online where we can fight other online players at the end. It was be nice to have more outfits instead of just a stick figure and if they can add weapons that would be awesome..Version: 2.6

DishonestAfter every level there is an option to watch a video for additional rewards. It’s not an option. You may as well just select the option that gives rewards. I’ve hit “no thanks” 10 times in a row and it still plays a video. After that I hit the reward button and it plays the exact same videos. If you’re down to watch an advertisement every 20 seconds for a casual game go for it. It’s not very challenging, interesting, or even fun. It’s just ads. They make it seem like you don’t have to watch the ads but it’s irrelevant which selection you make. You will watch advertisements most of the time. Don’t waste your time..Version: 2.16

Good game - Adds are too intrusiveThis is a really fun game but each level is about 30 seconds long. After each level is a 30 second ad. Also after completing several levels you’re offered a gift if you watch a 30 second ad. The add is optional but the button that lets you decline the gift to skip the ad is the same color as the background and is difficult to see. All the other ads are optional. As far as the game is a really cool concept. It’s easy to pick up and fun to play. I just felt like it was really hard to get into it with so many ads. To me ads should be spaced enough so that 50% of the gameplay isn’t advertisements..Version: 2.8

HOPE YA READING THISThis game is fun, easy to play, satisfying, you get the point. THERES JUST ONE PROBLEM THAT IS SOO ANNOYING.. SO MUCH ADS! 😡. You start playing and then there’s a ad after a ad. IT MAKES ME WANT TO PULL MY HAIR OUT!! The ads pop up more then usual. But hey if u like ads ( which is insane) this is the game for you. Also it’s impossible to beat the enemy because no matter how much people you have the enemy ALWAYS has more people and to continue or try again YEP YOU GUESSED IT! A ad 😐. There’s a lot of glitches too. This game is in need of improvements. A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS. Besides all the dumb stuff about this game it’s great! 😐.Version: 2.18

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.20

IsabelThis is the best game in the world I love in it is such a fun game to play I honestly say to anyone to get this game to best 🤣😂.Version: 2.12

Needs an ad free versionGreat game but way too many ads. Tried to purchase an ad free option but there isn’t one available. Super frustrating for kids..Version: 2.12

It’s about what you expectThere’s lots of ads, and a lot of opportunities to watch ads to get free stuff. The gameplay is fine, and it looks like the ads too (not that that’s a good thing). Overall, it’s not unique, and there are better games. But if you’re here looking for a new free game because you got bored of all the good ones, I’m sure there are better options..Version: 2.2

You can’t collect the extra coinsI enjoy the game but am perplexed as to why the extra coins video just stays loading so you press the button to watch the video to collect the extra bonus. Yet you are able to press no thanks and then a video loads and you have to watch one anyway or press the advertisement for a game and load the App Store. Please fix this it is faulty and really takes away from the experience..Version: 2.12

Don’t downloadWorst game ever. You get a ad even if you select NO THANKS its build around making money not making the game fun. Waste of time and ad every level almost gets old real quick too(same ad).Version: 2.7

Good graphics.The game is a really good game if starting .The game has so good graphics it’s outstanding.Version: 2.6

Not too goodAt first the game was great but there are too many ads. I am so sick of them. Also the game is very glitchy, sometimes I can’t even control my character. I don’t really recommend this game..Version: 2.18

Hi this is CatherineMy child’s been playing this game for eight years and he thinks it’s very good and I also think it’s very good I’ve played it before.Version: 2.16

The ad count in this game is so over the topI actually enjoyed the game but uninstalled after 5mins due to the endless ads you force onto people. Absurd..Version: 2.16

Twice as much as time as game timeLevels go for about 15 seconds at the start. Then you have to watch 2 full ads and click on a “no thanks” button squished right between a couple of “YES I WANNA DOWNLOAD SOME OTHER THING” buttons. Would be a half decent time waster but this makes it literally unplayable.Version: 2.7

Ads ads and more adsGame is fun but has 30 second ads between every level and then some more ads on top of that as well. Honestly you end up spending more time watching ads than you do playing the actual game. Because the ads are between each level the game just feels so stop and start it doesn’t allow the game to just flow. But if you like watching ads this game is for you..Version: 2.20

Adds are annoyingWhen ever I finish a round and press, “no thanks” it always comes with a add which pulls my nerves a part. Could you please stop this. And by the way why in the add for this game that they lose? By the way I love this game! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.Version: 2.10

To many addsI like the game but I agree with everyone else there are too many adds,that's why I gave it a three star.Version: 2.15

AnnoyingToo many ads even when I press no thanks it repeats the same ad to it full extend. I understand the full ads when there is a rewards but forced to watch the same ads again and again even when I pressed no thanks. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.Version: 2.10

So. Many. Ads.There are so many ads in this game that it is not enjoyable. There are opportunities to click “no thanks” to watching an ad for a reward, however this just takes me to another ad! I would have considered purchasing, however the price does not represent value to me..Version: 2.10

OMG this is a must haveJoin clash is a great game but a lot of adds but u can just turn Aeroplane mode on there no adds but other then that a big thumbs up from me👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.16

Just turn off your internetJust turn off your internet to not get ads!.Version: 2.7

You know what?I've seen many many reviews of people complaining about ads, and you STILL haven't done it?? You play a level for about 15 seconds snd then you have to watch a 30 second ad. I mean, COME ON!!!!! So that's it, i'm going to delete this game! Such rubbish..Version: 2.10

AdsLike when i try to upgrade ADS i hate it and the rounds are to short!can they make a better GAME but like this with no ads longer games . thank you for listening my complain.;).Version: 2.8

Fine but to many appsThe game is fine and fun to play but there are to many ads after each level there was an ad even with no data or wifi connection so I deleted it.Version: 2.7

Not badThis game is really fun and enjoying to play but all the leveled are impossible to not beat and it is all just ADS I press on the no thanks button but it just takes me to an ad before and after a 15 second level I got to level 53 in 1 hour because it’s addictive and it’s also the easiest game ever please work on that!.Version: 2.8

Too many adsI liKe the game but oh my god the ads. More ads than gameplay and not short ones either and it’s the same ad every time. Wanted to play but not enough to sit through all the ads and it’s not that great a game that I’d pay for it..Version: 2.18

Pretty good I guessAmusing for the first few days but gets boring after a week.Version: 2.10

AddsThere’s a free app called Adblock focus use this and you won’t have any trouble.Version: 2.10

Lasted 5 levels then deleted.As many others have said, there’s way too many ads. I knew something was up when it asked for a review after I’d played the first level. I get that ads are needed for revenue but when the ads take longer to watch than it takes to play the level, I’d rather not play. 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.16

Ups and downsThe game has made it so it is nearly impossible to fail. It is boring and the skins are annoying. I haven’t finished a level without seeing an ad..Version: 2.8

Some levels are trollsIt’s so annoying!!🤬 then after I have to watch I just rate it 2 but anyways the games okay, I’ll rate it 5/10.Version: 2.16

Great game too many adsThis games is really good but there are to many adds so apart from that this game is really fun you should download this app if your ok with watching lots of ads.Version: 2.16

Great game but to many addsGreat concept of a game But found I spent more time on adds than playing the game and that was just on the basic without wanting to double my winnings ... it’s a pity.Version: 2.18

EhPoorly made. Fun at first but it reaches the point that it doesn’t matter how many little people you collect and get to the finish line as they die almost instantly, and your main hero is so good from level up that he takes out all the enemies or bosses alone. Fun an repetitive for the main hero progression but the original aim of the game dies out very quickly. Might as well just swerve your way to the end, disregarding other people to collect..Version: 2.9

Worst game everWell I understand ads is part of your income. But if I don’t want the reward then I click no thanks why I have to watch a full video then get no reward? Besides , the no thanks button is so not obvious. I played a lot of games, but I guarantee this is the most disgusting one. The ads is the main content rather than the game. Please, don’t play it..Version: 2.9

Too many ads, gameplay inadequateIts repetitive, boring and the ads just swarm you. 15 second of gameplay then 30 seconds of ads. Even if you were to put up with the ads, the game itself isn’t fun.Version: 2.7

My name is alexThis is a great game and i am a god at BC i have played it on my brothers iPad lol.Version: 2.18

I hate itI hat this app so much do not get it. It came up as an add on google and now I can’t search anything bc it stays stuck on “down lode clash runner for free” or what ever it’s called I have a research test tomorrow so now I am going to fail it because of this game this is the fourth time this has happened if it happens one more time i’m suing and the game it’s self is pointless 😡🤬🖕.Version: 2.12

I love itI love the game I have no idea what people are going on about the ads. Anyway the game is awesome, I gave it 5 stars because the game is so tempting to play!🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 Ps, the person that loves the game the most in the world🤩😍🥰😘.Version: 2.12

Internet hackSince there is an way too many ads the solution to this is turning off ur internet.Version: 2.12

Ads !!After every 15 second level there is an ad , they are so annoying and majority of them are all the same ad , it’s super annoying and want to make me throw my phone of a cliff.Version: 2.6

Join clashJoin clash is amazing it has different skins and so many fun challenging levels. I’ve been on this game for 7 hours straight you should get this game it changes your life in a good way. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Version: 2.18

Pretty good!👍🏻Obstacles are easy but fun to play. Recommend you guys play it.😸 (If you want to play you can).Version: 2.10

Too many forced adsGood game and that it can be addictive but too many ads.. Very hard to continue play the game..Version: 2.16

More ads than gameplay itselfLater on during the game you get bombarded with ads. Fun game but ads being played after every level and after claiming rewards can be off putting.Version: 2.8

Join a clashI think it is good but it needs harder traps.Version: 2.12

Too many adsHaving to watch ad after each level makes it unplayable.Version: 2.10

AdsDon’t bother. You will literally spend more time watching Ads than you will playing levels. Not worth the time. Ad after every level (including if you fail and click retry), ads to gain rewards..Version: 2.6

OmgThis is a super fun game I guess already but I’m still on the first level so I will text you like this again.p.s are you a girl or a boy please msg back how old as well😍😍😍❤️❤️.Version: 2.9

TOO MUCH ADS!I tell you! There is too much ads! Even if I turn on airplane mode, it just keeps going! It ruins the whole game! Believe me, literally, every time you press “next game”,it has a decent sized ad! So, I recommend downloading this if you don’t mind watching 50% ads! It’s a fun game! Also, at one point, it will glitch and will not let you play! Ugh!😒.Version: 2.10

Almost entirely adsI have never left an app review before, but felt the need to for this one. I understand the need for ads, but this was ridiculous. You spend 2-3 minutes watching a compulsory ad, play for 10 seconds then get made to watch another ad. Ridiculous..Version: 2.10

Adds!Mate I’ve only been playing for 3 minutes and I already want to delete it. there’s just to many with no way to get out and there all so long.Version: 2.12

Way to many adsKind of fun but you will get bored quickly. I think this game was only designed so it could make money off ads. So many ads it’s not worth the down load..Version: 2.9

EhThis is a fine game to waste time The game is exactly as it appears in the ads online wether you’re into that or not. The let down is that it’s such an obvious vessel to produce revenue by playing ads itself. I played 2 levels for a total of 15 seconds before the game forced me into a 30 second unskippable ad. No thanks.Version: 2.9

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Join Clash 2.20 Update

Version 2.20 (2021-03-01): Added bonus levels Now you can buy a large set of characters Game improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.18 (2020-11-27): Added: 9 New Skins Daily Bonus.

Version 2.16 (2020-10-01): Bug fixes and Game improvements.