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*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


• Easy, one-finger swipe ball control
• A funny collection of balls to play with
• Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn
• Remove Ads available

Going Balls App User Reviews & Comments

Ads and LevelsI got this game like 4 days ago. It is super fun and I think there is just a lot more you can do with it. 1, THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! I saw you reply to someone and said that’s how you keep the game free but there are other games out there that are free and not as many ads. I actually paid to get ads removed but the only ads that were removed were the ones that moved on to the next levels. Nothing for playing the coin level and the gift boxes. So annoying. I would have not bought the remove add thing if I knew. 2, the levels are being repeated and that is so upsetting. With the amount of levels there are and ADS there should be different levels with different difficulties. And make the levels longer perhaps? I would enjoy this game a lot more if those things were fixed..Version: 1.1.26

Worst game I’ve playedOk.. so I saw an ad for this on Instagram and I thought it was good also by looking at the reviews and ratings. As soon as I got on (connected to WiFi or cellular) it started to hit me with ads. At first I was fine but after a while the consistency of them is what makes this a one star game.. it starts to pop up in the middle of a game and messes me up. Also when I finish a level, it gives the option to skip the add with an X button but after I press it, I’m the middle of a game it goes to an ad and most of the time the ads crash the game or makes me loose more than 3-4 lives at the most easiest part. I’m keeping this review at one star until you fix the consistency of the ads and how frequent they pop up and where. If this is not fixed I’m the future, I might just delete the game. Thanks for understanding. I hope you have a good day..Version: 1.1.34

Great game!This game is so fun and when I open my phone this app is usually the first thing that I want to play. There are no ads unless you want things and it’s just a GREAT way to pass the time 😊😊 I am VERY impressed on the game. The only issue that I have is sometimes it doesn’t save my progress and it makes me re-play a few games again but not too many. Thanks for creating this game!! I’m almost at level 100 and I’m excited to see what new challenging and FUN adventures that this game takes me on. If your reading this and you made this game, THANK YOU!!!! GREAT job!!!.Version: 1.1.27

Amazing!So, about a month ago I wrote a review complaining about not having the epic challenges, but, as of a few days ago, I now have the option to play them! I also discovered that playing in airplane mode gets rid of most of the ads, the only problem is you must turn it off to skip a level or refill balls. Also, some levels repeat but I enjoy this as it gives me a chance to redo some levels. I have reached level 130, and I love this game! Really amazing!.Version: 1.1.33

Great game until nowI LOVED this game because it has no ads. The game is a great consumer. I am at level 1100, yes you read that right. So I know a bit thing or two about this game. It needs more level, it just the same level all over again. But somehow still kinda fun. Also it needs more balls, I got 220k+ coins, nothing to use it on. But now it got a new update. A LOT OF ADS all over the screen too, and after each level, a looong ad. Developer, you just ruined a GREAT game, so sad. I have played hours in this game because of the no ads but now, it’s just sad... listen to the F****** costumer and remove those ads!!!.Version: 1.1.22

Heavy on adsSeems like a really cool game and was excited to play it, particularly because of the reviews saying no ads, but was disappointed when greeted with an ad after every level. (Found out this was due to a recent update) I understand that ads are how you make income and I fully support that, but you already have an incentive to watch them voluntarily in the game to increase your coins. Perhaps I’m an outlier, but I tend to play games that allow me to actually choose when to watch ads much more often, and I find myself actually choosing to watch one for better rewards each time because it feels like it was truly up to me. Again I strongly believe in supporting developers and understand that placing advertisements in games is often the best way to do so, but surely you could at least reduce the frequency of the involuntary ads..Version: 1.1.26

Ads & GameplayThis game is kinda fun to play when your bored. I’m pretty sure everyone who got it, has it because they saw it from an ad from another game. Speaking of ads, this game has so many ads, why? It just makes the whole game boring. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Also, speaking of the game, why are there levels? If you’re gonna add levels at least add an endless mode cause the levels are too short!.Version: 1.1.28

Actually goodDownloaded this thinking it would be another garbage time killer, but it actually requires more than 2 brain cells to get through. Unlike most similar games, the levels don’t loop after 5-10, and things actually get quite challenging. I was able to sink quite a bit of time in by the time I uninstalled when the levels start looping around level 80, which is very impressive to me for a free game like this. Ads are very limited as well..Version: 1.1.26

Fun but levels don’t seem to get harderI’ve had this game for around 2 days now and have got to around level 150, it’s really fun and passes time but it doesn’t seem like the levels change or get much harder past level 50. I’m writing this to suggest that the developers can make the levels progress in difficulty as you get to a higher level and that there should be new obstacles instead of just repeating the same ones over and over..Version: 1.1.28

A Lot Of Potential But Needs More LevelsI actually like this game a lot compared to other new game apps, but there’s a few obstacles added that are only used for 1 to 3 levels that should’ve been added in more. Around level 70 I realized maps were starting to be repeated, if maps could keep being added in updates this game would be awesome..Version: 1.1.25

Great game, but could use improvementsMost of the time I am here complaining how bad a game is. However, this game is actually not bad. I think the game does need some improvements to make the game more interesting and more worth while. I think the game needs game modes. This will give the player more variety on what to do. I also would like to see the different balls you unlock in the game actually provide some upgrades for the player. I also think that maps need to be twice as long. For me I seem to finish them to quickly and need a bit more of a challenge. However, the game seems to provide some good challenges and I really hope this game will be updated and get some new and better improvements overall. Again I’m quite surprised that a free game is actually good, and I hope it gets better will little to no ads as possible. Hope you have a blessed day and God bless. ✝️.Version: 1.1.31

Amazing!This game is so fun! I’m currently on level 70 and there have been NO REPEATING LEVELS!! It’s always something new to explore! One suggestion is to make is so that you can’t “lose” unless you fall off, for example I tried to make a big jump and because I had to much air time I lost a life, you should only lose a life when you fall down. Besides that, so good!!!.Version: 1.1.28

Getting betterI’ve literally just started, and the one thing the frustrates me is that I read a comment for no ads, that was obviously a lie, first thing that happened was an ad, and when I fully earned my first gift... it wouldn’t let me have an ad to redeem it, I tried spamming the ad button... nothing. I gave up on the gift next thing you know AN AD POPS UP, this had me TRIGGERED, I hope the developers can fix this, over all the levels are getting al little harder and fun, which I enjoy, but one thing that I don’t like about the controls, you can swipe up on your ball to go faster, but it slows down after you are done sliding your finger, I was kind of hoping for a continuous push, but it would be more enjoyable if it had this feature, overall great game so far.Version: 1.1.26

So much fun that I wish there was more.I got this game because I was bored and had nothing better to do but I didn’t think I would get hooked on it. It’s a great concept the controls are fantastic. I hope you are working on new levels and more skins because I will be the first to play the added levels..Version: 1.1.22

OkayActually really fun and challenging I would give it 5 stars if it didnt give you ads in the middle of a level. There has to be some law that doesn't allow this I will be mid swipe and an ad will pop up resetting the level I’m on level 75 and it’s really challenging and having an add pop up in the middle of a challenge I’ve been on for an hour makes me want to break my phone.Version: 1.1.29

Awesome By : keilana HammerI was looking for games that have this kind of fun stuff and it was hard for me to find it but once this game pops up on it and I was as I was playing a game. I noticed this game had all the stuff I wanted so I downloaded the app first of all it was challenging I’m like I like challenging games bringing on I got easier and easier in soon enough I love this game you can try it out it’s awesome am I cute little hard but do not give up you’ll get it sometime patient awaits.😎🍀.Version: 1.1.32

GET IT !It is so fun... yes I admit it there are alot of ads but you can skip them after a few seconds. I got this game cause it seemed fun, now I am totally addicted! The add maybe annoying but the game is worth it. The first few levels are simple so just wait till like level 10 to see if you like it or not.Version: 1.1.29

A couple of suggestionsI really enjoy this game. It’s fun to play and the physics are nice. I like the background, it’s not just basic and you can tell effort was put into it. I would like less ads, but there’s not an unbearable amount. They’re pretty reasonable and I understand you need them. This is a game I might pay to remove the ads. I would like to see an endless option. I like the bonus extra levels that are longer but I want a form of that that continues until you die a certain amount of times. Another comment I have is that it takes a while to restart if you fall of the edge. I wouldn’t be against decreasing the respawn time. A few new obstacles would also be nice. A very nice game overall and a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1.33

Ok gameThis game starts out to easy and scales up to the point some levels are a bit challenging. My biggest issue with it are the amount of adds. But even more than that is they don’t even have 100 levels....the levels begin repeating themselves around level 80 for me I just thought that was lazy and it turned me off of the game at that point..Version: 1.1.26

Turn off your wifi and data for no ads!!When you’re able to... you should try this trick because it gives you unlimited game time, then you can switch it back whenever you want. I have a problem with this game though. I just hit level 104, and the stages are repeating themselves. Please make more levels.....Version: 1.1.30

Fun, but shortI won’t post about the god awful ads that play between every level and for every bonus, but the game is pleasantly fun.... that is for the first 60 levels or so. I kept playing because I wanted to be challenged and right when they started becoming more challenging all did was start to re loop old levels you already beat. I’d rather limit the levels you can do than keep going with the boring unchallenging old ones I already did. It’s extremely annoying because this reminds me of the monkey ball game which is fun..Version: 1.1.28

Take notesFirst off, the game is very fun. Doesn’t require much work to complete, smooth controls and it’s fairly simple. But there are a number of areas it can improve on. For instance, tone back on the amount of ads because it’s littered through out the game and I want to believe it affects the performance of the phone because I’ve had multiple occasions where my phone started to stutter due to the amount of ads going. Second, spice up the content because it only took me about a day to get all the unlockable content in the game so at this point, coins are useless. Lastly, spice up the courses a bit because a little challenge doesn’t hurt now and then because the “hard” levels aren’t hard.Version: 1.1.32

Fun and challenging but....I'm at lvl 76 but it's been a real frustrating time. I have managed to pass some really tough lvls only to be kicked out and upon rebooting have been sent right back to the beginning of the hard as crap lvl. Developers there is no way of doing any kind of screen shot to show you. There's a problem with crashing after a certain lvl and it just needs to be fixed..Version: 1.1.31

Great game, but ads?!Going Balls is a great game, but there are SO MANY ADS. After every level there was an ad and I had to purchase the no ads to really enjoy the game. I am at level 94 now and this is only my second day playing. At first the game was WAY to easy, but now it is a little bit more challenging. The game repeats the levels SO MUCH. Other than those minor mistakes, Going Balls is a very good game and I recommend getting it..Version: 1.1.33

Could be better.Really enjoy this game. But having to get 30 seconds between levels because of “watch ad for etc” is really stupid. This game would be better if there was no levels. Just continuous. Last checkpoint with ball adding left. Keep the keys & pause the game when you get 3 or lose it all together. I’d like to play this game continuously if only there was a way to not be offered something with an ad every 20 seconds. “Bonus levels” are super unnecessary especially when they are synchronized into the number of levels. Etc “bonus level” is aka level 200 or what ever..Version: 1.1.28

Just alrightFirst review I have ever done for an app. The game is fun until you have to replay the same level over and over again. One of the better mobile games and you ruin it by stopping creativity with the game. At least make an endless mode or some type of random map generator. Or even a creator mode for other people to make maps. As well as a record time for people to compete times. There is so much potential with this game.Version: 1.1.21

Best game I’ve played in awhileI am constantly searching for a good game to pass the time, most games are just too crammed full of ads especially since most phone games are mediocre at best, Iron ball 2 is not one of these games, it is simple concept yet can be challenging, the physics are great, really a lot of fun to play. Also, the way they do the ads is a lot better then most games. Great job!.Version: 1.1.14

Really f*cling addicting lolLiterally lost my sanity playing this game. If I could pay to remove ads I would. I’m around level 110 now, after about 95 the maps just repeat. Need new maps to play on before I give the game up. My boyfriend is tired of me playing this but I don’t care. This is my life now. I am going balls..Version: 1.1.28

Going BallsWow. For a mobile game this is one of my favorite! It has many levels, each one better than the other, and it doesn’t need internet so playing on the go is an option! I got this game about a week ago and I play it so much I’m already on level 122. It’s so addicting and simplistic but as every game has its flaws. When you are in the moment and finish a level you have to wait a bit to continue. This kinda makes the game feel slow at times and stops the feel. If that could be lowered it would be a game changer! Thanks!.Version: 1.1.28

Great but repeating??A month ago when I first got this game, I would have given it 5 stars, easy. But now, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome game with different levels that DONT repeat themselves, that is until level 90. If you don’t plan to keep this game long term, I suggest it for you, but if you want to keep it long term, be prepared to have to do many levels over and over. There is about 10 levels I have done 5+ times and let me tell you, it has gotten very very boring. There are quite a few ads, but if you turn your phone to airplane mode, that fixes that. Note to the dev: Most times, when I’m ending a level, I’m usually at 3 or 2 balls left. I think it would be a good idea, at the end of the bonus section, did there to be 1-3 balls you could get freely without having to do any work to get them..Version: 1.1.31

READ THIS AND FIX IT PLEASE!So let me start off by saying I actually really enjoy playing the game but when I got to level 74 it started glitching and giving me ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME so it would purposely drop my balls and make me lose. That upset me so much but I hope you guys fix that cause I love playing this game and I’m so mad that it literally made me fall ONE TIME and I lost ALL my balls other than that it’s a pretty good game to play when your really bored....Version: 1.1.29

Fun but..First, get more levels. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played the same level over and over. There must only be 30-40 levels that just keep repeating. The key rewards that allow you to open 3 chests will never be the ball. You HAVE to watch an ad and get 3 more opens in order to get the cool customize ball reward. I have played far too many games to prove this theory. Lastly, they didn’t even try to hide the fact that they stole levels from another game I used to play back in the day called GyroSphere. It’s so blatantly obvious, I’m shocked I didn’t see this in reading reviews..Version: 1.1.29

The bass is literally boostedSo I was just playing a level and it had a maze. I was going through the maze and the background music went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It was so freaking loud that the game froze, it was kind of cool though. I was shocked so I went out of that maze and it happened again. I couldn’t remember if it froze or not so I’m gonna say that it didn’t. I went back in the maze to check if it would happen again but literally NOTHING. So I finished the maze and then went through the trick platforms. I finished it and then guess what, TDDTRIGISRISRHUSEHS*coin*HRHIUZR*coin*ESHSISEJ*coin*BSEIBSIEB*fall*ZIWZBWUWXJFGJKKGDWGHKOJ*mute*..................*normal background music*. I am literally about to flip my happiness off of me for SPOOKY MONTH. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.1.30

It’s fineIt’s got a great idea, but the same 20 or so levels keep getting repeated for the entire game. It’s also a bit disappointing that the new worlds only change the background and nothing else, but that’s a much smaller problem in comparison. Here’s my two cents on what would make this game a strong five star: 1. Have fewer, but more refined levels. There’s already a good number of assets that are hardly even used, most notably the timed platforms. 2. Give more of a reason to buy new worlds. It’s a good start, but doing something like changing the textures for each world would go a long way. 3. Give coins more of a use. Maybe when you die, you could be able to buy a few lives when you restart the stage. Anyways, as it is right now, it’s a good game with some significant flaws holding it back from greatness..Version: 1.1.33

Too easy and is repetitiveGood idea but it is way too easy, you never die. Every level is like the same thing and I feel that they did not put effort into making it. Don’t get me wrong it is an incredible idea for a game but the graphics are not great and is really repetitive. You might like it but I don’t really, by the way if you want a game like this voodoo do good games like this including Helix Jump and Stack Ball. So that was the review. Max.Version: 1.1.33

Pretty good!As someone who has reached level 1123, I think I have a pretty good scope of this game overall. it is fun, and a good way to mindlessly distract yourself for a good 15 mins, but there are some things I would change. I opted to pay 2.99 for no ads, which I feel was a good move and made gameplay more enjoyable. after about level 20, the tracks/courses start repeating, so at this point I can basically do all of them with my eyes closed. there are also pointless “bonus” levels added in between every other course or so, where the whole point is to collect coins, which only count to buy new balls, which I will mention the faults of in a second. I hope that there will be new levels added in the future to make things more interesting, as well as different color courses and tracks. idk, just something to spice it up a bit. you can buy different balls like I mentioned before, but I’ve found that the more ornate a ball is the glitchier it makes the game. So sticking with the more basic ones is the best bet..Version: 1.1.33

Awesome but....It is so fun! Like you completely control the ball its not like one of those games were the game basically does it itself . I love the different types of balls! But the only thing i would say is the repeat levels! The levels start repeating after level 50 ish.! They don't even try to recycle the level its just the same one over and over! Please fix then this game will be 5 stars!!.Version: 1.1.24

Level 66I enjoy this game, but I’m stuck on level 66 and I really don’t know how to finish it. It seems impossible. Can’t find any tips online. Can anyone help me? I’m at the part where you have to go down a straight path, then it’s a sharp right and onto a floating ramp, then somehow you have to land on the next platform to get to the finish line. This entire maneuver seems impossible with the distances given. Been stuck on this level for several days now. Kinda bummed, but overall fun game..Version: 1.1.26

Love the game, needs speed runsI think if there was a way people could compete through speed runs could make this game go from just another infinite run game (this is one of the best ones in my opinion) to a true game where you can compete against others, you could have a easy ranging to hard speed runs. This could take advantage of the wonderful game you have where speed can send you straight over certain obstacles but very difficult to maintain such high speeds around tight turns..Version: 1.1.28

TOP FIVE APPS IVE PLAYEDI like downloading little games that seem fun and then delete them after I get bored. That’s why I downloaded this game but it actually is really fun. The levels constantly get more difficult but never impossible and the most amazing thing....NO ADS. Now, if you want more coins or a specific ball or whatever you can watch an ad, but unless you click one of those buttons there are NONE! It’s amazing! I’ve never seen it before on an app like this and it makes me so happy. Great job..Version: 1.1.19

Fantastic gameIt looks great and gives me a challenge. Great game to have your phone, absolutely. Note to devs: on lvl 94 i managed to jump the rails at the beginning and push a box in between the rails, one corner of it pointing downward. I tried bumping it hard up the hill, it didnt pop out. I pushed it to the end and almost rode up it, but fell back onto the rails. Then i fell, respawned, and the box blocked me from progressing. I lost three lives tryin to push it over, then thought to restart my app. After I restarted it, the level went smoothly. That said, I’ve never faced an obstacle that completely blocked my path in this game so I thought you might want to know..Version: 1.1.30

Best game if you don’t know what to doI’ve only been playing for 80 levels. so far they have been different every time and they get more difficult (and I love that.) every game that I’ve played that looks fun only has at least 20-30 different levels then it just keeps repeating and this hasn’t. Not only that but I haven’t seen many ads which is great. Keep making levels and add more ball skins pls Thanks for reading if you have..Version: 1.1.26

10/10 would recommendI’ve been tired of these lazy game developers like voodoo putting out very simplistic/non challenging games that are basically just for ads. They advertise using clickbait by showing stages of the game being difficult but the difficulty never changes from easy. But finally, this game actually does get difficult and it’s very entertaining. Thank u v much lol.Version: 1.1.28

Ways the game could improveThis is a genuinely promising game. I don’t want it to be reduced to another low quality voodoo style game with an ad every other second. 1. Make the levels longer - I don’t want to play a game and have the entire experience stopped and restarted every 15 seconds. Plus, you get 5 lives in this game. I seriously don’t think anyone could lose all of their lives on levels this small and easy. That goes into my next point. 2. Make the levels harder - This is pretty straightforward. Seriously, theres never any worry or fun that you could lose. 3. Less ads - This point could be taken care of if you just kept the same amount of ads but also made the levels longer. It’s also just very annoying in general and ruins the experience like I said in my first point. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.28

Repeating levelsI actually really like this game because there is not an add every time you repeat an level. The game in general is fun and is a great way to get rid of boredom. With all that, I did notice that maybe after level forty or so you started to repeat the same level. I’m on level two hundred and I probably did the same exact levels about five times by now. If there is any way you could change that to please do..Version: 1.1.26

TOO MANY ADS!!😡I sorry but I just can’t! Every level has at least an ad at the beginning AND end! It’s absurd. There isent a need for it. I couldent play the game for 20 seconds before I got an add. Oh an the ball noves to fast with even a little push and doesent turn enough to make a turn! Like serisly! Couldent this game be more functional! I regret getting this game and it makes me more mad that now it’s clogging up my iPhone storage! Not like it just goes away..IT’S ANNOYING!!!.Version: 1.1.32

Great game- ZERO ads. Love it!!Not only is the game fun and challenging, the fact that there aren’t any ads that blow your phone up after you restart or finish a level makes me want to play this game that much more. Please don’t sell out. Can’t wait for new levels!.Version: 1.1.7

Pretty bad but could improveI hope the developers respond so that I can know if these problems get fixed. I think it is a good concept (if it is your concept many people on the review section say the game is copied) but bad execution. There are quite a few adds and the controls are glitchy. I know this is not on my side because I have a new iPhone 11 that I got at Christmas. The screen will freeze up and it is quite annoying. The controls are quite wonky as well. I don’t like how you have to move your finger up and down to adjust the speed and if you hold it on fast for quite some time it will go slow again. I think it be fine if there were just two speeds medium and fast. If the glitches get fixed or you take down at least 20 percent of the adds I will happily return to this game..Version: 1.1.28

Great Way to Find New Games (Please Read if Getting Game)I got this game because it seemed fun and different from those other games that always show up n adds and always have the same concept. But after I played one round I got two adds and then I realized this was pretty much the same thing if you’re looking at adds. So if you read the title you might be confused, so what I mean is that in one of my adds it was a game so I decided to get it because it seemed original and different. Also if your wondering it is better. Now I know they have to keep the adds so the game stays free but in a Developer Response it said you can remove them by the settings bar but did not mention that that costs money and I don’t even have to check to know. Anyway if your looking for a game to play get this game because you get a lot of adds so you can find a good game from those adds..Version: 1.1.26

Need to updateI made it to the 150 levels and after a certain point it’s just the same levels all over again. They definitely need to create different levels and make it more difficult for players because it was to repetitive. I didn’t care about the ads because I would just close out of the app and go back in so I didn’t have to watch the ads..Version: 1.1.30

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GlitchesThis game is good but there are a few glitches. Fun game though..Version: 1.1.33

Made me so angry 😂Good fun been playing it all day but glitchy and made me rlly mad at times 😂.Version: 1.1.28

AwesomeThe game is the best game ever and it has no problems and it has different ball skins 👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.33

Sooooooooo glitcheySoooooooooo glitchey 1 stiar.Version: 1.1.27

It’s okay but don’t payFinished the game in about an hour and a half (it keeps recycling levels at the later part of the game but I was hoping for something cool at level 100). Paying the $5 only stops the pop ups on the main screen and a few in between (fixed with aeroplane mode) but it still hassles you to watch ads for 2x coins and the option to skip this and the gifts doesn’t go away either. Don’t pay the $5 and it’s okay for an hour of your life but otherwise it could’ve been a lot better imho.Version: 1.1.28

What a waste of $5Insidious marketing. The No Ads purchase costs $5, and doesn’t prevent the ads in between and doesn’t remove the 5 second delay in between being able to click “play next”..Version: 1.1.33

Was funAfter level 90 or around that the levels just loop back and repeats levels..Version: 1.1.29

TerribleReally glitchy and lags so bad that it’s possible to actually pass some levels because you can’t actually get the ball to roll fast enough.Version: 1.1.29

SO GREATThis game is awesome and addictive!.Version: 1.1.30

Too few levelsI’m up to level 400 but theres seriously only 8-10 levels that I’ve just repeated for weeks, getting super boring so I’ll delete, not worth your time.Version: 1.1.29

Doesn’t workDownloaded it to iPhone, open it and it’s just black screen. Left my phone for a while and nothing changed..Version: 1.1.33

Has potential but...I understand why ads are a some what necessary part of a return on investment for developers but there are way too many sadly; deleted..Version: 1.1.33

Addicting but gets boringI like this game, however when you get to higher levels, there are no new objects and keep getting replayed from level 20 or lower. like these sorts of games always are, probably wont be updated so i’m gonna delete it for extra space on my phone.Version: 1.1.32

GameIt’s so fun and I love all the skins and I learned tricks amazing anyone reading this download it it’s amazing bye.Version: 1.1.33

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Version 1.1.34 (2021-04-15): A new feature that will change your world! Have Fun!.

Version 1.1.33 (2021-03-28): Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1.30 (2021-02-19): Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.1.28 (2021-01-15): - fixed skin selection notification - improved pop-ups flow - minor performance improvements.