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Gota sort them all!!

Sort all color balls in the tubes,
How far can you go?

*sort and reveal all the colors - red, blue, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, grey, cyan, brown, white, black, teal, dark green, light pink, violet and more

Sort It 3D App User Reviews & Comments

You should download this 😻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼It’s amazing I love it so much I also love the ads bc then u could have mor choices for games I had this forever I love it and I love the other games u make don’t listen to the bad reviews bc there inpatient and maybe little kids want to play this don’t give there hopes up. I really love this game I hope you make more like I have every game I love them a I hope 🤞🏼 you like this bc it’s amazing don’t give up creater of the game your the best oh and a couple more things people who made a bad review shame on u bc what if someone said that to you huh so think 💭 about it before you say that to other people so......... ALSO MAKE MORE OF THESE GAMES.Version: 1.2

Fun game.It’s a fun little game. Relaxing. I know others would enjoy it if it had a goal, besides to sort the balls, bur it’s nice just the way it is. A way to relax and shut your brain Iggy at the end of the day, with no goals to beat. Just play, I have unlocked all the different shapes all ready and haven’t been playing very long. Now I just need to remove the ads so I can continue to enjoy this game. (I do wish they would let those of us with in-app purchases disabled that it’s only 2.99 to unlock in the game so I didn’t have to come looking for it in order to make my choice to purchase it.).Version: 1.2.12

RECOMMEND.So, this game is fantastic. It gives your brain a workout AND it’s actually fun. So, let me say 1 thing. There are a lot of ads, and people get mad with that which I can understand. There are ads between every single level. BUT, for me I don’t have to watch the ads. Not because I buy those dumb $4.99 dollar “no ads” a month thing. I just turn off my wifi and no ads. TURNING OF YOUR WIFI IN A APP GAME IS GOLD!! Now, I’m an iPad user, so when I turn off my WiFi it doesn’t turn the WiFi off for my whole family. It just turns off the WiFi for me. But, my WiFi isn’t the point. So, yeah this game is great, definitely recommend. But, creators. Please, turn the ads down a notch, because I’m pretty sure that computer users can’t turn there WiFi off for only them, including iPhone users with data so, I think that you should do an add every 5 levels. Works out, cause your making money while we are having fun and enjoying. Anywho, thanks for listening! ❤️.Version: 1.4.0

Fun but....💖I Love this game it is super fun but there is a few no no’s. Let’s start with the good news I love this game it’s super fun and the more higher levels you get it gets a little bit more harder! This is one of those games that super challenging I love it and it’s nice when those other games when you just play it and never gets harder I actually feel like this game isn’t made by a really nice person and, I just love it!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Now the no no’s Now the bad news I mean, I am only nine I barely even rate these games but I had to talk about the ads I know how cheap games have a lot at spay OK if you could load them down a little bit if you can’t it’s ok 👌🏼 Now here’s the ideas! Do you know what I think that would be cool if they we could do PVP games that means player versus player like a competition and whoever fishes the challenge first wins and gets like 50 coins I think that would be really fun! I don’t know if other people have said they want to do it too. Thank you so much for making this game! I hope everyone else is looking for a game like this like this game because it’s super fun and I am a chance to look at this game.Version: 1.3.6

Idk, I like itThere’s not really any goal to the game except the sort the colored balls on one level and then do the same thing on the next. I get why some people don’t like it for this reason, but I don’t really care about an objective. It’s a puzzle thing, it gives me something to do with my time since school shut down, I vibe with it personally. I only have to give minimal effort when playing it but it’s also not boring. That’s how I live my life and I like to do the same with a game. 10/10, the light blue ball is pretty..Version: 1.2

Please read if thinking to downloadThis game is relaxing and awesome. I love how this game is constructed and easy to understand. One very small complaint is the rating to me does not make sense. 12+ ?! Is it the ads? is it the designs? I don’t get it. I’ve also seen other games you have in commercials, and they also look relaxing. I’m sure you are working hard to make more games......Hopefully. They look fun! I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes relaxing games, it’s easy to understand and fun to play?!!!!😋.Version: 1.3.22

BoringI have unlocked all the balls and the won’t let me earn anymore coins except for what I get for each level I pass. I’m pretty sure it’s meant for kids..but I’m 33 and I use this game to slow my mind down...where I just focus on this... It would be nice to update it and give more options for the balls or items to be placed. Be nice if we could customize something or everything...just gotta have coins...I’ll watch your little videos and do what ever..but can you pleeeease do something more than what there is now? I’m on level 140 I think. Last time I paid attention it was 132 and I’ve played more levels since then Thank you still for a great game. Great way to work your brain.Version: 1.3.8

Great concept with a lot of potentialI’ve always liked sorting things and was always very good at it so this games seemed like a perfect fit for me. I do enjoy it but it lacks any real challenge as others have pointed out. Infinite moves allowed and no time limit don’t allow for much challenge. I guess they got what they wanted as I paid for the no ads. No way I was gonna deal with an ad after every level that is longer than it takes for my to clear the level! I got through level 200 and I’m convinced this game doesn’t get any harder and doesn’t end so time to uninstall. That being said this game has a lot of potential. I like the simple concept but it could easily be expanded upon. More than 4 balls to a jar, time limit, limited number of moves, have to get a certain color ball into a specific jar, balls are numbered and have to be sorted and placed in number order, once you pair to balls of the same color no other colors can be places in that jar (similar to a rule in backgammon) etc. lots of potential challenges. It allows you to buy different objects with dollars earned for playing but doesn’t show you what they look like so why would I want to unlock them? I unlocked 2 just to see what they are. One is squares and the other was octagons. Why stop at simple shapes? How bout an emoji one? One where you’re sorting sports balls, fruit, jelly beans, gems, etc. Hope to see an update in the future. Feel free to send me royalties for the ideas. lol..Version: 1.2

Far too many ads and not that challengingI completely understand the need for ads, I know that in order to have a free version there has to be something in place to make sure the developers get paid, I GET it. But an ad after EVERY level??? and there’s a banner ad at the bottom the entire time (which you end up accidentally hitting every so often) so I could pay for the ad-free version, but if I don’t want to why am I being punished by constantly being bombarded by advertisements??? Not to mention the levels don’t really get harder...there’s almost no challenge, it’s a nice mindless game but it gets boring after a few levels and then you have to sit through an ad after each level...yeah, no thanks..Version: 1.3.22

Way too easy and ads are annoyingI downloaded this game because I really enjoy my other ball sort game and thought 3D might be fun. However this game lets you stack balls anywhere you want and not just in empty tubes or on top of only the same color, so it is virtually impossible to not solve each level in less than 20-30 seconds. Well it would be less that 30 sex if their ads did not pop up in the middle of each level. I am totally fine with ads between levels for free games, but this is excessive and makes the game not worth it at all even for a completely mindless app. There is no challenge in the game and ad timing that makes it not with playing at all.Version: 1.1.1

Hate on me but...Ok I know everyone is going to hate this but I just wanted to point out that the grammar on your ad is incorrect. Not to be rude or anything I just thought that you might want to know. You used “then” when it should have been spelled as “than” in that context. It still looked like a super fun game and I still think you should get it. I’m not trying to get anyone to hate this game. Just wanted to give the developers a heads up. Ok so yeah I’m updating this. And no, they didn’t fix the grammar. I actually got the game because I felt bad for saying something about the ad. Honestly there isn’t really anything that’s horrible about it. It just isn’t really entertaining. As many other of the reviews have stated, it has potential if you increase the difficulty level. The idea is great, the execution could be better..Version: 1.3.10

Potential if complexity/difficulty increasedAs others mentioned, the game has potential. The difficulty just isn’t there. I can literally complete each game within seconds. Adding more colors or changing the look of the tubes as you go up levels doesn’t do anything to challenge you. Maybe if the developers incorporated a timer? Maybe if you could challenge a player and race to get it done? Or maybe limit the moves or have a move counter... something?! It’s just too easy for me and so what could be an addictive game gets pretty boring quickly. It took me less than an hour to get to level 59 (with the constant ads ugh) and I am hoping at 60 the difficulty increases. Speaking of ads, farrrrr too many ads! Although, I have discovered new interesting games as a result of them. Too bad for this app because a couple of those games are far more challenging and interesting than this app. I’ll probably delete the app and maybe come back if they upgrade it..Version: 1.2.20

Make your own rules for a challengeI really enjoy this game. For those who don’t like the lack of challenge: set your own rules: count tubes, or ball colors and try to solve in that number multiplied by some number: example ten ball colors, solve in 20 moves. Or count non-final moves as a point and solve with the lowest point you can. Take a screen shot and note the number and see if you do better next time. Sort them into pleasing color patterns (I like rainbow). Set a timer and see how fast you solve the different complexity levels. Share ideas with your friends and compete if you like..Version: 1.2.12

Good game, but...Fun game. My family takes turns doing the different levels. It’s a great game for a little break or stress relaxer. 3 things I’d like fixed. One is the amount of ADDS. There are just too many. In between every single level one pops up. Two is sometimes I’ll watch an add for the present, and the present will open, but when I go to collect the coins they won’t be in my inventory. I also wish that in the presents there was a way that you don’t get two of the same containers in a row. Three is the levels. Don’t get me wrong, when I said it was a good game, I meant it. I just don’t think it’s a GREAT game. The levels seem to stay the same and the only difference is the way the little spheres are arranged. Every once in a awhile there will be a level with lots of the tubes and different colors, but then it goes back to normal. If your thinking about downloading this app, I think you should, just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the difficulty, adds, and gifts (For editors, maybe there can be a make your own ball where you customize the little spheres. So it’s personal)..Version: 1.3.11

Great Game!!!Stuck in quarantine, I needed some entertainment. I immediately got sucked in and have playing for a couple days now. It’s colorful and simple, but still has a fun puzzle solving game play. The levels go by really fast and there’s not too many ads. I’m already at level 312, where I’ve noticed the glitches. When the game starts, the screen freezes and I’m forced to close my app and start up the game again. It was fine the first time, no big deal, but after a few rounds of having to restart the whole game it gets really annoying. Super fun to pass the time, but not challenging enough and gets pretty repetitive. Still enjoyed it though!!!.Version: 1.2

Well...I only found this game as a pop up in another game... I honestly think it’s my favorite game at the moment, though. In all the other chaos in the world this stupid sorting game is the most relaxing thing I’ve found so far. There is no race against the clock, there is no fixed set of moves. That said, my top reason for deleting games after a while week is the absolutely ridiculous number of ads. So yes I did happen to find you little gem is an ad that I actually watched and decided to try the 30th time it popped up, but odds are you won’t stay around all too long since EVERY TIME I finish a level you want me to watch another ad. Not. Happening. It takes less time for me to close and restart the entire app to avoid said ad then to sit through the stupid things. .....and if you take that hack away from me I will revolt..Version: 1.2.11

Really GoodThis game is really good if you like satisfying games. Also when I play it when I get a level done really fast it makes me feel really smart 😂. The ads aren’t terrible but there are a lot of them. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because once you get to where I’m at (level 130 ish) you notice the levels just don’t get harder. This causes the game to get kinda boring in my opinion. It’s also great if you like to listen to music while to play games. That’s like my #1 requirement. So overall this is a really good game until the levels don’t get harder..Version: 1.2.10

Fine, BUT...I enjoy this app except for two things. One is minor: the little chit that appears on URHC of the play field before the first move. Sometimes. Not all the time. Irritating is all. The other has got me here to say the next thing to sayonara: when an ad comes up that won’t go away no matter what is done . . . In this case the one about parking. Up, down, sideway, time out, time over, cancel out via App Store, back back back out NOTHING. So...I’ll give it a short while and come back and see if the parking problem has gone away . . . And the app is back. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s not like there aren’t other apps . . ..Version: 1.4.0

I rate sort 3D 5 starsI rate this 5 stars because it uses a part of your brain that will help you improve the skills of sorting and more. I say this is a good game for everybody! Kids at the age 4 or 5 can get this game for learning colors and the sorting skill. And people like kids and teenagers and even adults will enjoy playing this game like me. Give this message out to people and tell them “ Play this game sort 3D and don’t stop because it is the best game in the world!” Well I over exaggerated right there but people might think this is the best game. I can’t control that but still I recommend this game for you..Version: 1.2

A nice game at first..I saw this game as an ad on some other app and out of impulse downloaded it. In the beginning I was enjoying it, having a blast sorting the colors. Then I get to level 50, then to 110, and I wonder, “how many levels is in this game?” I go to click the three bars in the right hand upper corner expecting to see something relating to the levels, but there’s nothing there. There’s nothing in that game that tells you exactly how many levels there is to complete, which is where my theory comes in. Is this some type of thought out trap to just have the player going on and on and on, and is there truly really no end? I can’t stop playing this game for the life of me, it’s an endless void of sorting. I ask for closure in knowing exactly how many levels there are so I can rest peacefully at night..Version: 1.2.11

Good game, expand pleaseThis is a good concept. I like playing it. I am hoping it gets more complicated and challenging. Right now I speed through the less hard levels hoping for the more challenging ones. Suggestions: more containers, speed challenges, more balls per container, different size containers with four or five balls on the same level, balls that explode and push the contents of a container out into other containers, balls that change color, creating patterns rather than straight groupings, color coordinating, a challenge where you can’t move the bottom ball in any vase, levels you have to complete in a certain number of moves. You could also track moves and let people repeat levels to see if they can improve. I look forward to seeing what you come up with..Version: 1.2.11

So much better than expected!I thought it would be like other games that I play. The games that I usually play don’t seem to get harder overtime but this one does the first level they show you how to play then it actually gets harder it honestly a really good game and I just go it yesterday I recommend you download this game. Plus the adds aren’t annoying at all since the games I usually get have an add every time I finish a level I was really impressed when I saw that adds only come up every 2-3-4 levels or so that’s why I gave it a five star rating. It’s a really good game.😀 Maybe in the future I’ll make a review focused on the bad things I learn overtime but not today. Thanks for reading hope it helps Ps. It’s a good game to pass the time and keeps me entertained when I’m bored and I’m usually pretty bored byyeeeee 😀.Version: 1.4.0

FunnyIt’s a good game to play when you want to take a break from daily chores. It’s funny how everyone mentions about too many ads popping up and I’m like “what ads? I’m level 900 and I haven’t got any!”, then I realized it’s because I have a VPN app installed on my phone and it’s blocking all ads, I wasn’t even aware there were any ads on this game. Install a VPN app in your phone and you’re clear of ads on any of your apps. Well, some of the apps (very few, though) are stubborn and won’t let you use them unless you disable the VPN. Ok, disable it, let the ads do their job, then enable it back when you’re done with that app. This game is certainly more enjoyable when you play it without interruptions..Version: 1.3.18

Improvement SuggestionThis is obviously a game for people who are OCD. It is interesting to read all of the analysis and suggestions people have mentioned. In my opinion, you can make this game more of a brain power exercise by adding the following: Have the app keep track of the number of moves that you make. That way a person can go back to the same level and redo it, but try to beat their high score. It would force you to think more if you need to decide “ well, if I put this ball here and move that there, then I can get all of these, etc”. So a person could do the same level repeatedly, each time trying to complete it in less moves than before.” Eventually, you would max out on one level and then decide to go to the next. It would make the game more of a Brain exercise and really would not require a whole lot of extra coding on the part of the developers..Version: 1.3.22

Make it HarderThis is a great game but it’s starting to get boring - there are so many ways that you could make it more challenging as a player progresses through the levels. I keep waiting for the levels to get harder but I'm on level 292 and they’re basically the same every time. How, you say? Put a time limit. Limit the number of moves. Color the tubes so that all the balls of that color have to go into that tube. Increase the number of balls. Increase the number of tubes and colors. Add more challenging components, like balls that can only be moved once or balls that freeze after they’ve been moved a set number of times, or balls that stick to other balls so you have to move them together. What about numbering the balls so that they have to go into the tube in a specific order? There are SO many easy and obvious ways to make this a game that continues to challenge and keep your interest. As it is, I will probably delete it soon. Give us an update that makes it worth keeping. Thanks..Version: 1.3.22

Pure GeniusThis game is pure genius for many reasons. When you first play it, you can’t stop playing and it is so addicting that you could start off only wanting to beat a level or two, and end up playing for hours. Also, they make it look hard, but it is just the right amount of difficult. You can solve the puzzles, but some do take up some time. Finally, the game is just so much fun!!! It really makes you think about where the balls would and should go. It can challenge the brain in a whole new way!! I give a five star review for the amazing gameplay. I assume it took forever to develop, but the creators must be so satisfied with the results..Version: 1.3.11

To many ads and no customizationThis game would have gotten more than two stars if you could customize the items in the game a little bit. Also, THERE ARE SO MANY ADS!!!! I would complete a level or two and then there would be an ad. I ended up deleting the game because I just got bored watching the same ad for the whole time I played the game. Life is to short to watch ads every time you complete a level. Also I didn’t want to spend the money to get “No ads” when the first day I downloaded it I wasn’t impressed. It may be a great game for other people but for me it was just bad in quality and kinda boring. If the developers decide to upgrade the game to have customization options and less ads then I may consider getting the game back, but if not then I have no intent of downloading it again..Version: 1.2.20

Addictive, but it irks me...Super addictive game, I can’t put it down. I’m a sucker for games like this that keep me busy for hours. BUT my biggest pet peeve, and the reason it’s 4 out of 5, is only because the ads play right in the MIDDLE of a level. I don’t buy games, I generally lose interest in them within a couple of weeks, then will delete them later on. So I never buy anything. Due to this, I personally don’t generally mind ads, unless they’re interrupting my train of thought within a level. It’s seriously enough to make me want to delete the game (if it wasn’t so addictive)..Version: 1.0.2

Too many adsThe game is ok, but a little stagnant since the levels are mostly the same and don’t increase in difficulty. However the amount of ads is ridiculous. I spent more time watching ads then actually playing the game. To get “gifts” you have to watch ads, which is fine I guess, but you lose the gift if you so much as change from WiFi to data or loose connection then reconnect. Sometimes I try to watch the ads to get the gift and the game crashes, or freezes up. I’ve lost easily more than 80% of all gifts I’ve earned. I know ads are part of how this game makes money, but if I the game itself can’t play half as well as the ads then I won’t be playing it anymore..Version: 1.2

Absent-minded stress reliefI’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I play this game as often as I do, because after a certain level, there’s no difficulty levels or anything new to obtain or achieve, and I don’t know that it’s really improving my cognitive abilities or anything like some brain training games claim. Despite that, I paid to remove the ads on this game, and I spend more time on it than I’d like to admit. Why? It basically serves the same purpose as a fidget spinners for me. It does wonders for anxious energy. When I’m trying to kill some mild anxiety or when I just need something to occupy my mind so I can fall asleep, this app is perfect. There’s no stakes, no stress, no difficulty, and if you remove the ads, there’s no annoyances. It’s just a quiet, simple, repetitive activity that requires just enough brain activity to relieve you from average daily stress..Version: 1.3.20

Easy, boring, and lacks creativityFirst off, I want to address that the general idea of this game is not terrible. I found it to be pretty fun for the first couple of levels. But really, that’s all I have good to say about this game, because it just has nothing going for it. This game gets boring fast. It’s not challenging at all, there’s little innovation between different levels other than new colors being added, and honestly getting through a level feels more like a chore than a fun game. I played all the way up to a little over level 30 and it didn’t feel like it got harder at all. Every single level felt exactly the same as the previous one. It really feels like no love was put into these levels for the sake of a fun and innovative game, but rather for the sake of being a soulless cash grab..Version: 1.2

I really like this gameThis game is really fun and relaxing and I love and I am sure that a lot of people may have this one complaint but, there is a lot of ads and I really don’t like them but I am not going to give it a bad reviver just because it has a lot of ads. Honestly I would probably do a lot of ads too, because that is how free games make money so I give this game five stars because I think that the people who created this game had a great idea this game is perfect for me because I love organizing things so thank you and great job.Version: 1.3.9

A cheap cash grabI don’t mind watching ads to support fun, well-designed free mobile games. However, this just feels like someone threw a concept for a puzzle game together with no real thought except to make money. There are no limits to the number of moves you can make, eliminating any real challenge to begin with. There’s no way to lose, and no incentive for solving the puzzle in fewer moves. Next, it gives you the option to watch ads for extra coins. However, I’m not sure what these coins are for since there are no menus or other screens to view outside of the gameplay, and if you skip, it shows you an ad before the next level anyway. Each level accomplished gives you progress towards acquiring an in-game gift, which you have to watch an ad to get, and the first two gifts are an extra sorting tube and an upgrade to differently shaped sorting tubes. I got bored with it after that. The idea has potential, but it needs A LOT of work to make it worth playing, ads or no ads..Version: 1.2

Game is ok but….First of all, it’s somewhat challenging but not extremely hard, which makes it a good game to play when you want to relax. My problem with it is that the ads are annoying and even when you remove them (which I did) there are certain bonuses in the game that you can’t get without watching more ads. Ok, fine, bonuses are optional and my choice if I want to listen to the ads to get them. My biggest issue is that the ads can’t all be muted, and even the ones that can start playing over whatever else I’m streaming while I play the game. Therefore, if I’m listening to some music or a radio station then every time an ad comes on it either stops what I’m listening to or plays over it until I can find the mute option. It drives me crazy and it’s a HUGE turn off. So I don’t play as often as I otherwise might..Version: 1.4.1

Satisfying!A truly satisfying and enjoyable idle game! Any ads are only between each completed level or game. If ads help you find some other app, there’s no need to pay to remove them. So far, this is the only game I found that fits my idle times. Each level can be done within a couple or few minutes, without complication. I can make it more challenging for myself to say: ‘This time I want the empty bottle(s) to be here and/or here!’ That being said, the creator of this game could add a challenge by making a slightly different colored (red or grey hue) that should not be filled at the end of the level. But, I hope such a change is optional, or, let the player be able to choose a button for a level that is pass or fail; if it is failed, the level is not complete. Just know that if this is incorporated, a good idle game could become a time consuming trudge. Message to the creator(s): Don’t change the basic that works so well - only add options!.Version: 1.3.7

Anxiety reducingPersonally this game was, and still is, very anxiety reducing. Sorting the colors really distracts me in though anxiety inducing situations, for example, i found this game around the time my grandmother was put into hospice. We visited her a lot but Covid prevented my family from going inside her room all at once, so while I would wait for my turn to be let in to visit her I would play this game. It took me out of the gloomy hospital and extremely anxious situation I was in. It was a very scary time but this game got me though it and I even got through around a thousand levels 😅 I would really recommend this game to anyone who finds comfort in colors.Version: 1.4.1

Good conceptThis game is rather mindless as you will eventually sort all the balls without any strategy. If you could tell us the least amount of moves a solution could be reached, then we’d have more of an incentive to calculate our moves. Or at least give us an average number of moves it took people to solve each level. Or a point system where you earn three stars for solving within a certain amount of moves, two stars within a slightly higher amount, and one star for over a certain amount. These stars could then be used towards a goal of some type. This game needs a little more to it, otherwise it gets boring rather quickly. All you know at the end of a level is that you solved it, which as stated above you eventually will..Version: 1.1.3

Massive potential here, but WAY too simple!I enjoy playing this game, but it’s just too easy. I look forward to levels with two empty “jars” because they allow me to challenge myself by making sure I utilize only one of them throughout the level. Also, I was very disappointed to discover that there are only the limited number of unlockable different “jars” and “balls” that you see from the beginning. No additional screens show up after you unlock all of them. That said, once you unlock all of both, the “coins” you collect are worthless because there is literally nothing to spend them on. That also leaves zero incentive to choose to watch ads to get “bonus” coins..Version: 1.2.10

PARENTS BEWARE!!!My 7 and 11 year old granddaughters like playing this game which is rated at 4+ but the game occasionally (like many apps) has you watch a video. I was sitting next to my 7 yr old granddaughter when one such ad came on and I was shocked, appalled and severely angered when suddenly my granddaughter was watching an ad that began with someone who looked like Dr Oz and then went to showing the art form figure of a naked man who suddenly grows a huge cartoon size erection and begins stroking it. I was absolutely stunned that any such grotesque thing could have been broadcast during a game rated 4+. I’m now in the process of deleting this app and checking for any other games/apps by this company/developer that we might have on any of our devices and deleting them as well. A VERY concerned Grandparent!!.Version: 1.2.12

Fun but I Want More ChallengeAdvertisements show cylinders with six balls. I’ve played the game all the way through at least twice. I’ve never yet seen a cylinder with more than four balls. It’s the same game over and over—it doesn’t get any harder than 4 balls in a column. It’s annoying that the ads are dishonest. In my original review, I asked for levels with more balls in each cylinder, and I also asked for feedback on how many moves I used to finish the game and the number of moves in a perfect game. (I am reasonably sure their computer could tell them that.) I would still like those things but they don’t seem to be happening..Version: 1.2.16

I really wanted to love itI like the look of this game. The design is great. I love the... Is it called synaptic feedback where my phone does a little buzz type thing when I fill a canister with balls of one color. What I don't like is that there is no challenge. You can win easily every time. For me to continue playing this game, I need there to be a timer, not necessarily a countdown, but just a timer so you know how long it took to finish a round. And I need it to count and display the number of moves taken to complete a round. Then I can at least try and improve by completing it in fewer moves next time. Also, a stats page would be nice, to see what my overall average number of moves our time to complete is. But the way it is now, it's only good for passing the time while you wait for the bus....Version: 1.2

Fun game at firstIt is fun at first, increasing the number of tubes/ balls. Then decreasing the number of empty tubes. I do love this game but after level 100, it gets old. But it is very mindless and a good time waster. But here’s the thing, there is no challenge. Nada! How is scoring done? Accuracy? Time? Difficulty level? Why only 23 points? Is it a Jordan thing? No one knows. Put in a timer. Put in a step counter. An option to step down, start with 40 moves and step down to zero. Be able to replay a level for a better score. No one cares about skins or different tubes. Make the game challenging. I will never pay for a game that doesn’t challenge me. Ever! Come on guys. You can do better. I feel like a 12 year old made this, made a few hundred bucks to buy the PS4 game they wanted..Version: 1.2

If you're not looking for too much of a challenge this is the game for youThis game was ok but not challenging. There is always a move. It doesn't restrict anything like only placing on top of the same color or a move count. It doesn't have a "heart" count or a way to lose a life so you could easily play many levels. This can be relaxing for some. If this is what you're looking for, great. The ads actually weren't that bad. They did pop up between levels and if you wanted any bonuses, but they were some of the shorter ads or could be skipped part way through..Version: 1.4.1

Great Way to Zone OutI enjoy this game every time I need to zone out from all the everyday stressors. The game is exactly what it professes to be, with no timers or other additions to cause undue stress. I would like to see one addition though. The game would rock if there were a counter added that would tell you how many tries it took to sort the items. For more competitive individuals, the counter would give them the incentive to sort the items in less moves. Perhaps the game could then progress according to how many moves it took to sort them, with the least amount of moves making the prize fill up quicker..Version: 1.2.12

Great Game - Needs more varietyI really enjoy this game. Yes, there are a lot of ads but if you enjoy the game, fork out a couple bucks to remove them! Problem solved and you get to help support the people that made the game you’re enjoying. My one suggestion is that more variety / difficulty is needed. I’m on level 622 and at this point it’s the same thing over and over. I still enjoy playing but there are times when a little additional difficulty would be appreciated. Maybe more tubes or more balls per tube on some levels would be an easy change that would add more variety. Anyhoobs - great game!.Version: 1.1.5

Play all the timeI have pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks and this always helps me focus on something else. I also of course love it when I’m feeling alright. It’s really fun and satisfying. Love the game, I did buy the paid version. I do have a suggestion tho, maybe some more colors or complicated game boards, like maybe some stripes etc or maybe challenges like the reds only have two on the board so you have to get them into the tube that is short and only holds two or something like that, and maybe you could have different difficulty levels that you can pick from. Like just wanna relax maybe play on easy, want a challenge then you can up it to difficult etc. thanks for listening.Version: 1.4.1

Good fun 🙃It’s very addicting to play, I haven’t really played it enough to properly give a good review/ rating on this. It was just BEGGING me to give a rating, The ads aren’t really annoying, but if it bothers you, there is a lot of ads. HEED THAT WARNING ⚠️. I’m not talking about your average “free” game, I’m talking like a crazy amount of ads for something I have to pay for. However, it does have redeeming qualities. Like he fact that, instead of just the same level over and over, it has a challenge to it (I know rare right?) Not like, a rage-quit worthy challenge, but it’s still a challenge (which a lot of games lack). Again, I’ve only been playing this for a little while, but at the moment it has a lot of potential 💗 Good work! 👍🏻.Version: 1.2

This game is fun, however there is lots of bugsFirst off when i started playing this game it was so fun until it had lots of bugs and glitches, then they updated their game stating that "Minor Fixes and Game Improved". I haven't noticed anything fixed, in fact I think it got worse. Now there is this bug to were when you touch the ball, it won't let the ball go into some of the tubes. If the creators see this by any chance at ALL, I would like you to reply or fix the bug. Until then I will not play the game because it is really frustrating. Thank you!.Version: 1.3.9

Love this but add more!UPDATE: I unlocked all the shapes and that definitely has made levels more interesting. I love the donut one! So now I can unlock the different tubes but I don’t know how?!? I click on the blue coin button and try to switch pages but it won’t let me get new tubes?? I have more than enough coins. Please help! Also love this as a distraction/way to ease mind before going to bed. Yes it’s easy and mindless but can be great for unwinding. I just downloaded this and I LOVE it! It’s a great mindfulness practice or distraction if you are bored, anxious, sad, or just want a break. I agree with most of the comments in that this game would be amazing with more options and challenges! So much potential! I am hoping the creators implement the suggestions soon! I would say adding the option to set time limits, more challenging levels, more colors and tubes, different shapes that can be bought with the coins, etc. I think someone said you can buy different shapes but they’re simple and don’t say what they are till you get them? Please please please add more to this! Even if it is slow at first, the potential is there!.Version: 1.2.12

It’s relaxingFirst, spend the money to get rid of the ads. It’s worth it. Second, I get that the game is new, but I’m almost 1500 levels in and it’s just as easy as it was at level ten. I wish there was an option for you to play it this way and an option for it to become more difficult. It would be nice if they added more colors of balls and possibly removed some or all of the empty vases, only leaving space for a few balls in some of them so that you have to move them around more and use your brain. They did add a coin option to unlock skins for vases and balls, but it only took maybe two days to unlock them all. Now the coins are useless. It’s a fun game—it’s just become a bit mind-numbing..Version: 1.2

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Where is the challenge?I’m not the brainest kid on the block but there is certainly is very little challenge with this game. I enjoy the game, but as one reviewer said, one seems to spend more time watching ads than playing the games, since they don’t take much thinking..Version: 1.2.10

Worlds 😉It is hard but I am trying not to do the ad because they are annoying ... & I LOVE THIS GAME.Version: 1.2.12

Too many adsInstalled for less than 5 minutes…completed first 3 levels, literally only 15 secs each, then a 30-40 sec ad. Did Level 4, then ANOTHER 30-40 sec ad. Sorry, I have better ways to spend my time. Disappointing..Version: 1.4.1

Way too easyFun game but way too easy and way too many ads!.Version: 1.1.1

Sorry but BORING!A great concept but it just stops getting challenging VERY early, even after buying the ad free upgrade. I wish it got harder and had more options that didn’t involve watching ads.Version: 1.3.4

Great gameIncredibly fun to play, but new version disregards that I paid already not to see ads. It wants me to pay again. Otherwise excellent game..Version: 1.2

Get the gift?Dunno why u can’t collect the gift when u press on it nothing happens, cheating developers who will say oh it’s a glitch!.Version: 1.3.22

To many adsAn add after every level is kind of extreme considering they take less than a minute to complete..Version: 1.2

Far too many advertisements!!Really enjoy the game but there’s far too many ads. I get that you get paid for ads but ad after every single level and an extra long ad to “claim” a prize is far too many. Seems like you spend more time watching ads than playing the game..Version: 1.2

Too many ads in gameplayGreat game, but I deleted it because there is nothing more frustrating than ads halfway through a level. In between levels, I can handle, unlocking items, sweet, but not interrupting the game itself....Version: 1.1.1

Good gameGood game except the ads are soooo long, much longer than other apps.Version: 1.2.10

Doesn’t get harderThe game is mindless and enjoyable but I doesn’t get any harder so becomes repetitive. Good for a few days before it seems like a waste of time..Version: 1.2

AddictingWhen you put your phone on airplane mode to remove ads it becomes so easy to watch the hours go by. I’m currently on level 14,440, as you can tell it’s easy keep on playing! Although all levels are easy and just replay..Version: 1.3.9

LillyCan you make more like this it’s awesome.Version: 1.1.4

Too many addsDeleting this game as the adds are soooooo frequent and annoying. Spend too much time watching the adds instead of playing. Fail. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.3.22

Too many addsGame is simple and fun and gets your head ticking, but the adds are WAY TOO MUCH! If there was an option to pay and get rid of adds I’d take it..Version: 1.3.9

Too easyGot to level 200 in a few hours then deleted app as it wasn’t challenging enough.Version: 1.4.1

Simple and effectiveSometimes I just need a game to distract me or fill spare time- and this game is perfect for that. It’s simple and easy enough that it’s not frustrating, but still interesting and stimulating enough to satisfy my need to organise..Version: 1.1

EasyWorks as it is supposed to, but pretty easy. That could change the higher up the levels you go... but what’s with being able to place different colours ON different colours? The rule has always been ‘same colour to same colour, or new colour to empty vial’. In no game ever have I been allowed to put a red ball on top of a yellow or blue ball. I always had to work around until I got a red ball with a free space above it, or a completely empty vial, if I wanted to more the first red out of the way..Version: 1.1

Jay bro the hulk busterThis game is honestly the best game i have on my phone like I do not think it gets better then this.Version: 1.2.16

Ripped off!Paid for no ads, but still getting ads! Game gets boring after a while, as format & skill level never change..Version: 1.2

Ads during playJust purchased game so not sure if there is a bug but game is stopped while in the middle of a round for an ad. Don’t let it be true. Will wait to see if this is fixed or dump if not..Version: 1.1.1

OkayIf your looking for a challenging game this game is not for you. In my opinion this game is way to easy but it is relaxing and something to do to pass time..Version: 1.0.3

So many adThe app is nice, maybe a bit silly. But the ads are so many. I have delete. For 30 Seconds spend to play one game, there are 1/2 mins of ads!.Version: 1.2.11

BEST GAME EVER!!!!I love this game so much I just downloaded it and it’s sooo fun it’s good for any age and I believe that u should download it NOW!!!.Version: 1.2.16

Needs moreI love the concept and can play for way too long because it’s oddly satisfying. I’ve bought out of ads just to make it bearable, which is affordable enough. But I’d love some level of analytics as an option - beat this level in x moves to get points - and a clearer path through difficulty levels. There’s no real challenge. Nice concept but when you put it alongside games like Gardenscapes and Happy Colour with all their gorgeous complexity for a similar price....Version: 1.3.4

Needs to get harderWay to easy needs to get harder as you move up levels . My Brain doesn’t need to think in this game so I feel like a unless monkey..Version: 1.1.4

Mindless funNo challenge, no scores, not sure what the gift is as, choose or lose, there is nothing, ever! Up to level 749 but I’ve no idea why. Stress free game, highly addictive but nothing matters so no pressure to continue. I hate the incessant ads too. 😀.Version: 1.2.12

AmazingThis is awesome hard and I already no I’m a star at it but I now it will get worse🤩.Version: 1.2.11

Such a good game!This game is so addictive and I play it every day. I just wish for it to be a bit more challenging but still is is really fun. It never crashes on me and it never lags on me. It is such a relaxing game. It’s so nice that the owner gives free chests after completing a level. 😁.Version: 1.2

Ok gameGood game although It doesn’t seem like it’s getting any harder and feels some what repetitive. Also the adds between every level is very frustrating..Version: 1.1.5

Harder than it looks????Exactly what level is harder than it looks? There’s not even a count ( or limit ) to the number of moves made. In other words, you can sit and shuffle colours until you get it. A blind person could Finnish!.Version: 1.2.16

Good but easyThis game is good to begin with but then just gets boring because it doesn’t get any harder and just too easy. Maybe add in how many moves your allowed to do ? Or a rule to make it a little more difficult.Version: 1.2

Relaxing gameI enjoyed playing this game and played it for a while expecting the levels to get harder and more challenging and it didn’t. Unfortunately I got a bit bored with it. It would be good if the developers added some more challenging levels to the game..Version: 1.3.6

LOVE IT!!I am in love this game, I just downloaded it and now I am addicted. Thank you for making this game!!.Version: 1.2

Sort it 3DLike the game but all the adverts are putting me off of playing!.Version: 1.3.22

Ruined by all the adsWay to many ads. Could have been a good game but you lose momentum with all the ads, and they last for at least 30 secs. Uninstalled after about 5 mins.Version: 1.2

StephenGet rid of the ads.Version: 1.1.3

Amazing app !!!!This app is so engaging and is also helping my mind to relax and most levels need hard thinking, just thinking that they could put in a lot more effort since it feels like it is repeating itself again and again but other from that, everything else is very good.Version: 1.2.11

Too easyNeed to make it harder in the advanced levels..Version: 1.2.12

Too many adsTakes more time to watch ad than to complete a level. Having an ad every 1-2 levels is just annoying and caused me to delete the app within 10mins of playing..Version: 1.4.1

AdsLevels don’t take long to complete and there’s an ad after every single one.Version: 1.1.2

Too many adsWay to many ads, I get you have to have ads to build revenue but maybe wait until you have given people enough time to see if they enjoy the game enough to buy without it them before flogging them with one after every level.Version: 1.2.12

Too easy - not challenging at allLike the hundreds of reviews before me, there is no challenge. The incessant ads take longer than it does to finish a level. Also like others the iPad slipped in my hand and I accidentally hit the skip button. The developers need to put in something that allows the player to go back and play skipped levels. Not sure why they have a skip function anyway, it’s not like it’s needed the levels are too easy. Hit level 100 oh so quickly, there is no challenge so I’m delete it the game and going to look for something with more of a challenge..Version: 1.3.22

It’s good but one thingIt’s not so challenging it’s more easy and other then that I like the game 👍👍👍.Version: 1.3.4

Way too many adsGreat game and pretty addictive, but I found there’s way, way, WAY too many ads. Some of the ads are presented mid play and in a few instances have stuffed my play, meaning I need to restart or skip the level..Version: 1.1.2

Love the ChallengesHi team I love the Challenges. Some are quick & easy & others stop you & make you think. The only main issue I have is the Skip Button. Why is it needed at all as the puzzles are easy to finish? I was quite peeved as I just started a puzzle #226 with 15 tubes whilst lying in bed when my phone slipped in my hand & I must have touched the stupid useless skip button as an Ad came on & I lost my puzzle I was playing. Darn. Next puzzle boring & easy only 10 tubes. Please get rid of the Skip Button as I see no use for it at all. Also please move the paint brush further away from the main game, as when you have 15 tubes the brush is right above the 1st tube & when you touch the tube it sometimes opens up the brush section instead. So annoying. Also why does it t keep showing a red quotation mark beside the paint brush when you have collected everything & nothing new to collect. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.2.16

LevelsCan you please add a way to see the levels we have completed and how many we have left to complete.Version: 1.0.4

ObsessedI’m currently obsessed with this game. It can be challenging but it’s never impossible. I play it constantly to pass time throughout the day. Would love to know how many levels there are, I’m currently on level 110!.Version: 1.0.4

FunFun and easy, but there is an add after every level then when I earn a gift there are no ads to receive the gift..Version: 1.2

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Sort It 3D 1.4.1 Update

Version 1.4.1 (2021-06-06): Game improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.4.0 (2021-04-23): Game improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.22 (2021-03-04): Game improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.20 (2021-03-01): Game improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.14 (2021-02-07): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.13 (2021-01-20): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.11 (2021-01-03): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.10 (2020-12-17): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.9 (2020-12-01): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.8 (2020-11-22): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.7 (2020-11-08): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3.6 (2020-10-20): Game Improvements Minor bug fixes.