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Welcome to America’s home for cryptocurrency trading! Trade over 50 cryptocurrencies with low trading fees including Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain, ChainLink, Litecoin and more, directly with your bank account.

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, ChainLink, and more with USD. Link your bank account, add a debit card, or use wire transfer to buy and sell crypto instantly.

Choose from 50+ supported cryptocurrencies and trade with 100+ trading pairs.

Security is the highest priority for us when it comes to safeguarding your funds. Store your crypto safely with the Binance.US app.

Keep your crypto safe and access your funds seamlessly with the Binance.US multi-crypto wallet. USD deposits are protected by FDIC insurance.

Discover more buying opportunities. Set price alerts with a single tap to stay up to date on the latest prices and trends.

New to crypto? Our Binance.US app’s design keeps it simple and enables access advanced trading features, all in one place.

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Binance.US - Bitcoin & Crypto App User Reviews & Comments

Don’t BotherI was really hopeful, but don’t bother and waste your time. Been over 2 weeks waiting on verification. Submitted support ticket and was told it would be another 5 days. That was 7 days ago. Apparently they have maybe 1 person doing support tickets and verification? The worst part is it’s verification of a picture of my bank statement. It’s not even hard to look at and see my name and address. Also, this is the only app that has made me put that info in. You can’t do anything until you’re account is verified. Just a big waste of time. Update: I have been denied twice for validation. They apparently want full bank account numbers in the verification documentation that you have to send. They are fishing for data they DO NOT need and data that other reputable apps have not required to validate an address. Documentation I sent clearly shows my address, and date of the document. This is a scam to collect financial information from users. Beware!.Version: 2.2.1

Disappointed...So, I signed up for the service, go through the steps and get to the verification process. They ask for valid ID. Cool. Verifying that was super quick, but then they ask for additional info like proof of address. It states it would be faster to upload a PDF of a bank statement with the same address as what was entered during initial setup. I try that, but it never uploaded. A glitch. The next possible document would be a utility, so I take a pic of that to upload manually, since their PDF uploader wasn’t working correctly. It has now been 3 days without any updates. Try to put in a ticket and you get an automated message. I looked up comments from others with the same issue and some were saying it’s been 30 days without any answer. Just days pending. Devs, if you’re reading this: SPEED UP YOUR VERIFICATION PROCESS..Version: 2.4.1

Needs workThis app has a lot of almost great features. The charts are nice, but why no portfolio tracking charts (at all)? And why no current held asset performance charting (at all)? Also, I notice that the homepage portfolio value performance indicator is always wrong. It will say I’m down in the last 24 hours when I’m actually up. Also, the performance values on each of the coins in the favorites list also always seem to be wrong. They don’t explicitly say they represent the last 24 hours, but if not, then what? They are always off as well, so I can’t count on literally any of this app’s performance reporting and I have to manually check the charts for each coin. Based on other reviews, I’m not expecting much Improvement....Version: 2.3.4

Criminally ineptThey rejected a deposit of mine and then a day later was in my pending transactions to my bank under a different company name. I cancelled it since after my deposit was rejected I used it elsewhere. I had about $8000 in crypto in that account already however, and they deactivated my ability to access those funds. I started 5 support tickets without getting a response. Finally through their Twitter account someone got in touch with me, but they still will not reactivate my account claiming I owe them 1000 which I do not. Regardless now I’m trying to deposit the 1000 so I can access the 8000, and I no longer have that ability either. If I am ever able to access my funds I will not use them ever again and would not recommend anyone else does either. Also no phone support. No way the positive reviews are on here are real as all recent reviews have same type of issues as mine..Version: 2.3.2

Do your own DDI have used many brokers/exchanges in my years of trading. I thought Robinhood was the worst but this is much worse. Literally no customer service, no phone numbers, no one to help. At first Everything seemed fine, deposited some Bitcoin, bought some VET, everything was good. Then submitted more info and that’s where the problems started. Address verification was denied. No reason why, no way to fix it, just denied. Resubmitted, denied. Again and again and again. Can I talk to an actual person? No!! Just an email saying denied type your response above which of course just gets another email etc etc etc. Over and over and over again. It’s been 2 months now and I still have no verification. I have done everything asked of me at least 10 times. Hopefully this is fixed soon so I can move my money to another exchange. Please save yourself the hassle and use another exchange..Version: 2.4.3

Bad customer service and verification process takes weeksInitially, they accepted my verification and my money, let me place trades, then locked my account and required more verification, so I can’t place any more trades on the platform. And they have thousands of my dollars! It’s interesting, imagine letting people place trades then locking them in, not allowing withdrawals either. And there’s no customer service. I submitted two tickets over the last several weeks with no response. I really don’t think that’s ethically right. This platform should have repercussions. And I don’t write (bad) reviews, but this had to be said. Instead, now I use Bitstamp - much better experience overall - just can’t trade all the coins that I want but that’s okay. Better than not being able to access your money AT ALL like on BinanceUS. I don’t like to speak bad but I hope the people can come together and make BinanceUS right..Version: 2.4.3

Let me tell you something...One of the most inconsiderate and unfortunate experiences I’ve ever had as an iPhone owner in my life. Let me take you the beginning- I’m a small town boy with big dreams. Well all gotta start small to make it in the world of investing. I’ve flirted with the stock market for some time now. However, I’ve never had a more frustrating and exasperating experience trying to throw down my bread in this business, then here on Binance. I first pulled the trigger on Halloween, and believe me, it only got me more spooky from there. We reached the Thanksgiving holiday and sat watching NFL Football, an annual activity and utilization of my holiday free time. Unfortunately i was disappointed to discover I was yet to be approved for crypto exchanging. Same on Christmas. Same on New Years. Same on Veterans Day. And we’re still yet to make it past the verification process. I share my story in hopes of reaching the necessary ears needed to improve so that nobody will have to experience what I went through. If you made it this far in my review- good day, God Bless, and get Bullish! 🚀🌙.Version: 2.2.1

Customer NonSupportI’ve found customer support to be very unhelpful. I signed up for ACH thru Plaid and Biance in its own publication said daily limit for deposits by ACH when signing up through Plaid was $5000. I did it correctly but Biance would only let me deposit $1000 per day. CS initially responded for me to delete the ACH and manually redo it, which I did not because manually doing it does limit to $1000. After about 20 hours of back in forth with CS they finally told me that I was limited to $1000 by Plaid because my Biance account used legal first name, middle initial and last name and my bank account name is first initial, middle name, and last name. There is no problem for $1000 transfers. My gosh they have a copy of my drivers license, a face selfie to match with the DL picture, my social security number, my bank Id and password to my mobile account. You would think they should be able to do something about this, but they have no interest or suggestions except to use wire transfers which of course my bank charges for. They of course do not phone contact for real communication when their CS people just can’t understand what u are talking about. Otherwise I found the entire interface easy and intuitive. Opening my account with my iPhone was so simple and easy and took very little time even going thru the three verification levels..Version: 1.3.0

No support, constant double chargesI pride myself on never leaving reviews for companies unless they’re good and someone earned it.... but this app AND their mobile website are just crap at this point. They input my name wrong on the verification process which has caused nothing but issues. They said to reach out to customer service to get it fixed but that was the first week of January, 2021. Still not response. It’s caused a headache with buying and multiple double charges. There’s never anything to show for it on the binance account either. To my understanding, they’ll liquidate your stuff sometimes too. My bank knows why I’m calling at this point but to have to sit here and go through claims just to get my money back because binance won’t ever bother to help? I swear no one is actually working in customer service. I’ve genuinely never met any type of financial institution with this much lack of care and support... 0 stars if possible. Meanwhile the CEO won’t even address a single issue. Everything’s all fine and dandy on their end..Version: 2.3.1

Avoid this exchange...I have been using Coinbase for the last several months without any issues. I decided to open a Binance account, mainly due to the availability of other crypto currencies currently unavailable on Coinbase. I decided to make a market buy order yesterday evening for a good amount of money. That order was not completed, and is still “Pending”. Not only did this result in the loss of thousands of dollars of profit, but my money is still unavailable for withdrawal. They have no direct number to call, everything is through ticket orders, which are also still pending and have not been addressed. Their claim of 24/7 support is an absolute lie. I decided to write this review because there are a large volume of new comers to the crypto market, and I don’t want them to go through a similar situation..Version: 2.2.1

Horrible app, horrible customer serviceI have been trying to make a purchase for 6 months now. For some reason i could not pass basic verification and didnt receive ajy help or even a response for customer service for over a month. Now that i finally passed verification, it is unable to process my bank transactions and just repeatedly says my credentials have changed, which they have not. Also upon each login it says there is a problem with my account, and i need to re verify through sms every time. Its insane the amount of problems ive run into, and the more insane part is that they are probably easily fixable but no one from customer service will talk to me. They respond once via email when you initiate a ticket and then nothing..Version: 2.3.2

This website is the most worst and terrible customer service , i deposit bitcoin into Binance walletFrom another wallet account then why they have the right hold my money and not allow me do any trading or withdraw my own money , there is no phone line to contact directly to them , the only thing i can do right night just log in my account and watching my money losing day by day , sent so many email to them but over week over days already they never reply a word explain or tell me the reason why ? I am very very frustrated and so worry about my bitcoi I have in walket account with them will be gone all my money i been saving and work hard f, i am begging any one in charge please realease my account and let me have all my money withdrawn , this is illigal what are you doing to me now tottally wrong and against the law , it likes rob and run away , anyone thinking about have a wallet account with them please do not trust this website Bianance , dont be their next victim.Version: 1.2.2

Probably the worst crypto exchange companyI wish I could give these guys a negative star! My account has not been verified after two months, even though in all other exchange companies I never had an issue. Enabling my disabled account is taking up to a month! Yes, these people can’t do anything even as simple as unlocking your account. And if you try contacting their customer service, you will never reach anyone, only bots. “Customer service” is a none existence department in this company. ll your capital will be held in your account and you will never gain access to your cryptos. If you decided to open and account with this company, think of your investments as a donation to this unorganized and unprofessional company..Version: 2.3.2

Nothing this hard is worth it, it’s a natural barrierSuccess has a lot to do with following the path of least, or at most efficient resistance. When something is near impossible to complete for no good reason, just take it as a sign of a flawed system and move on. I just need to make sure I can delete the plethora of personal information they collect on you. I can’t tell if it’s because of lacking understanding in US addresses, or something opposite of the privacy of crypto, I’ve submitted 3 pieces of Mail, along with a driver’s license and passport. I’ve had my account verification rejected repeatedly, the service replies are ask automated. I was getting responses for a moment on Reddit, but that stopped. They said there’s a high volume, but my roommate was verified same day. Their system is messed up and they don’t seem interested in changing it any time soon. Here we are 1-2 months later, still haven’t completed a single transaction. Pretty absurd..Version: 2.3.4

Love the multiple graphs!!!Binance’s multiple ordering capabilities allows for sleep! 🥳 Bitcoin pairs vs USD cash is awesome! Plus fee discounts & payout deals for buying with or holding certain coins! Love the advanced graphs-a really big deal to me! If I had one complaint-US Binance & Binance not having all the same coins, like xrp- a Google search will say Binance carries this coin, so u don’t really know, xrp’s not on US Binance😫,just Binance.... but it’s only a complaint because I don’t want to pay higher fees to a zero commission platform-sneaking fees into higher coin prices instead...on Binance u see ur fee and the actual price! Thank u Binance!!!.Version: 2.4.1

Don’t give your info!If you read these things you’ll find SO MANY people have the same problem and the good reviews seem generic. From what I’ve gathered this is just a scam for you to give up your personal info and once they get all they want (required photo of drivers license, photos of mail, etc) you’re left waiting to get verified. From what I’m reading I don’t think anyone gets verifie, yet all seem get to the same point before we get stuck. And that’s right after supposed “verification” process that requires your personal info. Honestly, I was very excited about this app and I am letdown. And now worried my info is floating around being sold to big tech, probably was anyways. Tho I might be wrong! And if proven wrong I’ll denounce everything I said cuz the idea of this app is incredible! But I don’t think I saw one review In which customer service responded. And everyone having same problem at same point? Seems very fishy. As it stands you’d be better off going to companies with credibility like Coinbase and the like..Version: 2.2.1

They blocked my social without any reasonWhen I emailed support for assistance they said just put in your social. I did and it never lets me pass that as it says contact support and they do nothing. After I was verified to the final point I called in just CURIOUS why my social wasn't working but my ein is and they reset me back to square one and then broke my configuration for google authenticator so I cannot log back in. I use to use the original binance and had no issues. Since the shift I don't believe in this platform any more. I never received support this poor, like they had a problem with me specifically and I never spoke to them a day in my life other than this issue. Beware they don't care what happens to you, your money or your experience. I never review or write feedback but this is disgusting..Version: 2.4.0

Not a fan of the newest updateI’ve had this app for about 8 months and it’s been very good but the recent update has made it less convenient to use. The interface and accessibility to features from one place to another Is different. In the new update, Why isn’t trading directly accessed from a wallet balance screen anymore? Why are other shortcuts taken away as well? While the wallet does still work fine I do find myself having to to through menus waaaay more to access different functions. If this is your first time using the app then maybe you might not be aware of what it was like before the latest update. I’m a fan of change and improvement but not updating just for the sake of updating..Version: 2.3.2

Garbage platformNumerous issues getting a bank account to link. Then when setting up a recurring buy you can’t just set it up. It makes a purchase on setup. So if on Tuesday you setup a buy for every Friday you’re going to make an initial buy that tues. the. If you want to edit it, it’s going to make a buy on edit. But none of that matters I guess because none of my recurring buys have triggered over the past 6 weeks. First contact with support I was told there was an issue that lasted 6 days (seems like something you would proactively notify your customers of right?). Recurring buys still haven’t triggered. No response (5 days now) from support when opening a new ticket. Not putting another dollar on this garbage platform..Version: 2.4.1

I like it because… But, and there’s a big oneFirst off, I am happy that Binance has found a way to operate legally within the United States. The interface is a lot cleaner then the overseas counterpart which I like. That being said, the lack of trading features is a huge drawback. At this point, the United States version of the software is like a glorified wallets with complex charting. Until that changes, the exchange is almost unusable for any serious trading. That being said, if these features are indeed planned on being implemented in a similar way to the original software, I’m on board.Version: 2.3.3

Will not verify and let me withdraw my USDI signed up on the 29th of January and still have not been verified. Other friends of mine are being verified the same day. Even on Coinbase I was verified right away. What really pushed me to leave a bad review instead of just deleting the app is that I deposited some coin which I traded and then sold for USD. But since I am not verified I cannot withdraw my funds, or even use them to buy a coin. Just gotta sit and wait until they decide to verify me. Oh and normally I would complain about something like this to their support staff but apparently if you do so, you may risk further delaying your verification process. It would make sense if there was high traffic but when I’m hearing people who signed up after me are getting approved same day and I cannot send a support ticket I have no choice but to leave such a sickening review..Version: 2.3.2

If you want liquid money, never put it here.There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re trying to get your money out transferring it back and forth getting blocked and locked at every turn and BEING FEE’d TO DEATH THE WHOLE TIME.... That’s exactly what this app will do to you. I have paid around $100 in fees trying to transfer to different coins to fiat etc.. My funds have been locked in this horrible vault since december 29, and it’s January 16th right now and they’re still locked. The customer service is so slow good luck getting anything out of them. I finally received an email a week after I submitted a ticket and all they said was “we’re sorry, if your funds are still locked please reply to this email and we will prioritize your ticket” Well I replied and got a weird email back from them with the same exact message and it’s been 3 more days since then. DONT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS APP. USE ANYTHING ELSE..Version: 2.2.1

SLOW....BAD INTERFACEUpdate....I still have not been ‘verified’. I cannot withdraw the BTC I put in nor invest nor exchange it. They a Fn crooks that hold peoples fund’s interest free. DO NOT PUT MONEY IN THIS EXCHANGE!!!!!! I have used several apps in the last few months and this is by far the worse. I have been waiting for ‘verification’ for a week. I transferred BTC in believing I could exchange for ADA and other crypto not sold on Coinbase. Not only can I not withdraw but also cannot convert crypto to other crypto. I thought I would convert to fiat and purchase different crypto....not that either. Had I known they take 2 weeks to review a document I would have never started. Sitting duck in a hot market. The user interface is confusing at best. Poor client service. Not satisfied at all. As soon as I can take my funds out I will find a better platform. Very disappointed..Version: 2.3.2

Verification takes years, other reviews are BIG red flagsHow could it possibly take so long to verify my address? This app isn’t supported in a way that should inspire any confidence in it’s user base. After reading other reviews here I am glad that the verification process took so long because otherwise I wouldn’t have known how terrible and sketchy the US version is. Should be banned. Do some research. The way this exchange is run will get them thrown in jail at some point and likely loose all your money. The articles and reviews are out there, don’t just take my word for it, do your own research and you will see. Not that it really matters anyway, after you download the app and give them all your personal info they will just restrict you from doing anything for months because of “verification” - I am suspicious that they may be selling user information. If they can’t verify new users in a couple of weeks than what makes me think they can protect the information I sent to them in the first place? I hope an AG in the US takes on these sketchy people. Also, Binance is a stupid name. Byeeee.Version: 2.4.1

New Account registrationAfter setting up a new account and being notified that it was properly registered, I attempted to deposit Bitcoin from my Coinbase account as instructed. I was able to login and get the address for Binance account and then proceeded to try to make the transfer. Upon returning to my new Binance account, I got an error message that my email or password was incorrect. I have spent several hours attempt to solve this problem by submitting tickets to support but have not received any answer for two days and resubmitting my request, I then reregistered the account and received the same error message. I have attempted to reset the password x3 now with no success! Very frustrating for a new user! Very time consuming! And no response from “support” after two days even though my request was received according to text message after submitting ! Frustrated new user!.Version: 1.2.2

Takes way too long to verify your identityI signed up over 7 days ago and completed all verification steps right away. It’s been waiting for to get reviewed and verified now for a week. Until then you can’t deposit any USD or make any purchases. By the time you get verified, any crypto you planned on buying is probably no where near where it was when you wanted to buy it. Most people download the app and get verified so they can take advantage of dropping and rising crypto currencies. By the time you get verified the value is completely different than when you signed up. I can’t imagine it takes a whole lot of time you look at someone’s driver’s license, utility bill and personal info and verify that they match. Should not take 2 weeks.Version: 2.3.0

SCAM-no customer support!! Thieves!!They will onboard you, allow you to make a deposit- then suddenly you are locked out of your account with absolutely no recourse. There is NOT one IOTA of customer service!! They are committing theft in broad daylight and ruining the entire US cryptosphere. I have filed multiple support tickets on many platforms and here we are months later with still absolutely no resolve even though I’ve handed over every possible document besides an actual blood sample. Basically you give them your entire identity so they can sell it on the black market. So if you love handing your money over to someone and watching it disappear, please avoid this company at ALL COSTS! Coinbase or any other exchange operating LEGALLY in the United States would never commit these atrocities..Version: 2.4.3

Kinda old userI sent 1 litecoin to my binance account from my coinbase back in 2017 and traded it for ethereum, and the market ranked so I set and forget. Then binance turned into binance us and now my ethereum is gone. I’ve gone through the account reactivating process, including sending a video of myself reciting “I wish to reactivate my binance account,” while holding a handwritten letter and my photo ID, weeks/maybe months ago. And all I’ve gotten was an email saying they’ve received a lot of requests lately so it could take up to 15 business days. It’s been double that easily. I also understand the crypto market is extremely saturated with new buyers, but can I please get my ethereum back. Please?.Version: 2.3.2

***UPDATED***Account is frozen!!!The app is definitely great but I sold all my assets due to the fact that I needed to ensure I covered a chargeback that was going to come through. They took the money to cover the chargeback immediately but still froze my account. I can’t withdraw, buy or sell anything. But sure enough, they let me deposit. SMH. Update: account was unlocked. Everything was fine again. For about a week. I am now again frozen. And this time there was no chargeback. I have assets with dogecoin on a pending order for more than 24 hours and at one point was upwards of 300%. This app is faulty and there are too many problems. If I dont receive the compensation I deserve. This review will be put up on every social media platform. Absolutely upset. Not happy In the least bit..Version: 2.2.1

Verification/customer supportSubmitted all required documents for verification through the app. I have been in a “pending” status for a very long time. Almost a month. Trying to get ahold of customer service is impossible. Sent emails... get the generic “1. Update the app, 2. Submit Drivers license” etc... I have done all required by the app, but still in a pending status. Customer support is 100% useless. If you like getting no answers and like watching trade prices rise and not being able to spend money. This app is for you. Wow... never thought it would this hard to spend money. I just deleted this app and went with another app that has the same features. Would give this app zero stars if possible for a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME..Version: 2.3.2

Frozen fully verified account, slow non existent CustSupportThe app is easy to setup and use (iOS), even to the point of setting up your bank acct. for deposits and withdrawals. In the other hand, after a week of use, my deposits started failing (with barely no information on why), received some emails with requirement of re-verifying my identity and provide bank information again via trouble ticket (including a video). I received two generic computer generated emails with FAQs which didn’t solve my issue. I am trying to find a customer service phone number, but it seems like there is no phone contact for the company. I thought this was a way to make money, but up till now its has been more of a headache and test to patience. I just want my account to be able to make deposits and withdrawals to be unlocked!! Will provide update whenever something happens, today is day 5 of waiting..Version: 2.4.1

Binance US app is the worstI’ve used many crypto apps in accessing trading exchanges. Binance US is by far the worst to access the ability to load funds to you account. I’ve waited nearly three weeks for obtaining access by providing all necessary documentation. What’s my result? Still waiting for review! No feedback on when it will be approved or if I have submitted something incorrectly. Their customer service is the worst with only automated replies that provide no assistance and say customers shouldn’t expect status. In fact, customers that ask for status are told their inquiries and processing will be pushed to the back of the line. Does CZ (the owner of Binance ) know this is happening?? It’s a ridiculous way to treat once loyal customers. I would give this service -10 stars if there was option. Get your act together !!!!.Version: 2.3.2

Avoid Binance US at all costs. WARNINGBinance US is a joke as compared to the original, low volume, missing like 90% of the features you get on the real Binance app and the verification is frustratingly slow (even if you follow their guidelines to the tee). Good luck filing your taxes as US Binance will report each and every single trade, so may the odds be in your favor come tax time. ****TL;DR: Avoid this US version at all costs. The verification process is unusually slow and sketchy (and Deceptive in its marketing, as it will take days if not the more realistic -> WEEKS to complete the full verification as compared to any other exchange I’ve utilized to date. Gemini, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, or the ORIGINAL BInance (restricted to US) all beat this app, it’s not even close. I’d even use RobinHood over this, at this point. Please replicate the ORIGINAL Binance app and optimize it for US and kindly implement all of the amazing features missing from the the original, Outstanding app you all have cultivated previously; and thereafter I may consider returning and editing my review to reflect. Happy hunting friends, may financial prosperity be yours!.Version: 2.2.1

Where are all the coinsThe outlay of the app should have the amount of the coin purchased through Binance intertwined with the current price instead of trying to find how much you currently have and how much you may want to sell. I state this as I have many coins and it’s hard to sell what you have to get the best price as 1 minute to the next cost me thousands of dollars. That is the only issue I have. Other than that and not all the coins are not here. It is a great app to buy and hold onto some coins but where are all of the coins? I have to go to other apps to buy other coins. I would like to deal with one app, one company and have my crypto in one spot..Version: 2.4.0

LabyrinthIt seems it’s of some necessity to make crypto live up to its title making all access to it difficult after all its digital currency & human hands don’t touch it; that then seems to make everything to do with it a labyrinth? It’s a wonder of our time that enough have paid the price of negotiating this labyrinth & growing the community & therefore that success seals off a good many who otherwise would find easier access as a greater draw, however it also seems apparent that due to those who’ve paid the price of the labyrinth have no intention of making access more simplified so that their hard won earnings are not only protected but safeguarded by disallowing a larger number of players....Version: 2.3.4

Customer support ruins the productThey made a change so I can no longer receive emails for verification when doing a crypto withdrawal. I think it has something to do with private domains but not sure what it could be. After I started having the issue I added their domains to Apache spam assassin which is the standard tool on private domains but still no emails. Also when the problem first arose I was using SiteGround then after I switched to HostGator. Nothing I can do and their support won’t help me after many tickets and emails. They keep just saying they are backed up on support. It’s been 2 months since I have been able to withdrawal crypto or add an API to get my tax records. BTW, I used 11 different exchanges over the last year to test them all and get all the coins I wanted to. Binance US is the ONLY one I wouldn’t recommend. Well, Coinbase too since it crashed when Bitcoin drops but Coinbase pro is OK..Version: 2.3.2

Slow verificationI’ve been waiting for more than 6 weeks to get verified. I already opened up an account with another crypto broker since I tried using Binance. I will not be using this app because I have no faith the company would be able to handle any issues concerning actual money in a reasonably timely manner. *Update* After waiting 42 days they finally said my documents for verification would not be accepted. I submitted my legal US drivers license and a current copy of my bank records with a matching address. I didn’t even edit out anything from my bank statements even thought their site said that was fine. I absolutely would not recommend trying to use this company for crypto trading. There are plenty of other options to choose from.Version: 2.3.2

Worst platform !!I used this platform because i was not able to buy some crypto in coinbase like ADA. ( cardano)When there was a hype of dogecoin i sold my all ada and thought would buy dogecoin. I sold all ada successfully but i was not able to buy dogecoin ( i placed order and it was pending for around 72 hrs and was unsuccessful at last). Now i can see the money in my account but i cannot use it to buy any other crypto. Its frozen. I have been trying to write up email so many times but customer service is the worst. I signed up in this platform to make some money by investing in crypto instead of putting in my bank account. But this is the worst experience i have ever faced. Its been 1 week my my money is still frozen..Version: 2.3.1

Zero custumer support and They will hold your money hostageThe FTC should investigate this company. It’s been over two weeks since I made an ACH deposit of $700, and they claimed via email (the only way they communicate) that $300 were not cleared and I needed to deposit that ammount into my USD wallet within a week to remain in good standing, despite the money having cleared my bank account. I redeposited $800 so I could also buy $500 worth of more coins and within 24hrs I was down to the $500 which ment they took the extra $300 which were originally cleared. It’s been over two weeks and my account is still locked. I can’t buy, sell, trade or move my money out. They have a support ticket custumer help system yet my ticket is still open. They have no phone number to call and speak to anyone or email help desk. You have to wait however long they want or takes them to get to your ticket, and you can’t submit more than one ticket because if you do it sends you back to the end of the line. They will hold your money hostage! Go on their tweeter and see others posting their ticket numbers asking for help so you can see what you will be avoiding with this horrible company..Version: 2.4.1

Just another RobinhoodI’ve been using Binance with zero problems for several months now. The only thing I’ve invested in in Dogecoin. Suddenly Dogecoin starts to skyrocket, and now I can’t do anything. Can’t deposit, can’t withdrawal, can’t buy, can’t sell. For the last two days, I’ve tried numerous times and have submitted tickets. The first email told me that it was a problem on my end, and that my bank was reporting insufficient funds. I called my bank, and they said that Binance was the one rejecting my deposits. The next email said that I needed to delete and re-enter my banking info. I did that, and nothing was resolved. Then I get an email telling me that I need to submit a new ticket with a pdf of my most recent bank statement, and a video selfie of myself holding my ID and reading a portion of the email out loud on the video. I tried to do that, and the video was too large. They said upload it to Dropbox first and everything should work. Did that. Still too large to upload. Made a new video with the lowest possible resolution. Tried uploading that. Still too large to upload. Everyone was complaining about Robinhood being shady when the GameStop thing was taking off, and Binance is no different. Doge took off, and they’re just as shady..Version: 2.4.1

You WILL lose money unless you use regular BinanceThere’s basically no trading volume on Binance US. They also shut of trading for hours during crashes with no text or alert so you can’t sell. The trading volume is so low, sometimes I have to buy $200 above market value and sell $200 below in order to get very small orders filled. Then when you address the issues asking for it to be fixed, they get attitude with you and block you. If you can’t find a way to use the original Binance, move exchanges. Until we refuse to use Binance US, these problems will persist. Oh also there’s hardly any market on the US version. They also report everything to the IRS, so even if you lose, you will have to spend days or pay hundreds to file each trade with the IRS which is sometimes 1000s. Binance US should be banned from the US. Since I was made to switch to to here by the idiots, all they’ve done is made me lose money. Use any exchange besides Binance US UPDATE Update: I just had my limit orders for a bitcoin each skipped over 4 times. 1 2 3 4 TIMES! There wasn’t enough volume to fill my trades so Binance decided to just skip them, and then they have the nerve to ask for trading fees still when I had to buy $1500 higher than market value losing money and bitcoin. WARNING: NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND THEY DON’T ANSWER SUPPORT TICKETS. MY FRIEND HAS HAD $140,000 OF FUNDS FROZEN ON HERE AND NO ONE WILL ANSWER HIS SUPPORT TICKET EITHER. THEY ARE THIEVES AND WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY..Version: 2.2.1

Customer support is nonexistentI have been waiting weeks now for my account to be verified. I have sent all the required documents. I also sent a small amount of Bitcoin to my wallet, which now is just being held hostage because I can’t move it, I can’t convert it into another type of crypto, I cannot do anything with MY money I have sitting on this app until my account is verified. I’ve missed several investment opportunities, resulting in money i should have made, I didn’t because my account verification is still pending. Coinbase, no issue and I trade all the time with that service. Krakon is going to end up getting my business since it’s obvious Binance doesn’t. To put it into perspective, I created an account nearly a month ago. Still waiting on account verification - yes, I sent all the required documents in order to verify. A week ago I helped my mother in law create an account - sent all the same type of documents I used and in less than 24 hours, she was verified and trading. You can email for support but you better cross your fingers they respond. I want my account verified or i want my money released and sent back to my coinbase wallet, fee free. Act right..Version: 2.3.4

Garbage app, garbage company. Here’s why:I downloaded the app, and attempted to take a picture of my driver’s license and a copy of a bill to my address. The only problem? The app keeps saying the “picture is too large in size (5mb)” and to take another one. Even when you enable the app to take pictures itself, it rejects the photo it takes. The only way I was able to submit it was to use a document scanner and use that. Fix your app. So after I submitted my documents I waited for a few days, and they’re still “pending.” Well then the copy of my driver’s license “expired” in their system and I had to resubmit. I guess of they don’t get to it in time it just gets deleted. Well I’ve been waiting over a week, and the driver’s license photo “expired” a second time. And the copy of a bill from my address is still pending. Instead I went with kraken and was good to go in 3 days. This app and the company that runs it is a time waster. Avoid..Version: 2.3.0

Not user friendly, lack of information.For being the largest crypto exchange in the US, one would think they would at least give you general information as to how certain cryptos are doing. Example. Clicks the past week option when looking at EGLD. The percentage increase/decrease does not change because it only shows the past 24 hours. Also, the app doesn’t tell you if you have lost or gained money in a crypto. It only tells you if the crypto itself is up or down for the past 24 hours. You have to dig through your purchase history and do your own math to figure your average cost per coin. EACH time you want to know how your funds are doing. Its a bit inconvenient and ridiculous. If I buy and sell a coin on several occasions, I don’t want to spend 10 minutes doing math to see if I’ve gained or lost money overall throughout these transactions..Version: 2.3.2

Find a different crypto appSo let me start off by saying they utilize a 3rd party support system that is supposed to be prompt. Set my account up pretty quickly, but took them over a month to do a final check for iD verification with my address. The only reason why I didn’t submit a ticket sooner is because they literally tell you “if this is regarding verification to not submit Bc it can take 15 days”. So I chose to wait and wait and wait. Until my buddy got his done in 72 hours. Absolutely ridiculous. The next thing I can’t stand about this app is that it updates every week fixing “bugs” well if you want to favorite anything by all means do it multiple times Bc that info will constantly disappear and reappear and disappear and reappear. So you be the judge on that The last thing that really sucked is trying to pull some funds out or transfer a crypto only to shafted hundreds of dollars Bc you have to wait for a pending order to be filled to sell your coins. Waited all day had a high price and I kept it all day waiting Bc I knew my coin was dropping. And I couldn’t Bc there prompt 3rd party support hasn’t responded it’s been 24 hrs. Absolute nonsense Again find a better app. Know I will be.Version: 2.3.4

Very bad App! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!They are so bad! 0 customers service. You can email them all you want, they will never reply you. They only care about you downloading their app so they can get your money and coins. To transfer your coins out because you can’t even withdraw them willingly is 100% impossible. They asked me to submit my ID, I did then they asked me to submit my Electricity Bill and I did then they said my address on my ID does not correlate with my address on my bill. Am I supposed to continue living in the same place forever? Of course I moved to a different place that’s why my new address is not the same with my ID that was issued 4 years ago but they wouldn’t still approve my verification. Then they asked me to submit my bank statement and I did which shows my new address as the same thing with my utility bill but still they wouldn’t approve my verification. I’ve been emailing them to please let me close my account and transfer my coins out of their App since it’s impossible to do anything on it but they have ignored all my several emails now for over 3 months. Don’t ever download their app! You will regret it!!!.Version: 2.4.0

They won’t verify you so don’t even bother tryingNot only did they screw over my brother by selling off his cryptocurrency when he put his money into dogecoin causing him to loose thousands of dollars they also locked my account and won’t verify me, do not use this app unless you enjoy having a huge headache and unnecessary stress that will cause your hair to fall out early, Verification takes an eon to go through and that’s not even guaranteed that you will even get accepted, if they decide the information you send them isn’t sufficient then you will have to go through it again and keep in mind sometimes the waiting process to get verified takes months and they use a third party source to verify you so you don’t know who sees your sensitive information that you provide them such as your social security. Honestly I’m not even surprised that they have 11 major lawsuits currently going on and I honestly recommend you try a different exchange such as KuCoin or bittrex or even kraken because this exchange is the worst and I highly recommend you stay off it unless you like getting screwed over. P.S. the only way to reach support is through email and when you send an email don’t be expecting to get a response back from their support team, I sent an email a few months ago and still haven’t heard back from them..Version: 2.4.1

Worst customer service!!I am now two months into attempting to get verified by Binance! I have sent them over 20 emails with my information to verify and submitted countless tickets to let them know my issue! No call center, just the same email every time. How do you expect people to use your app when you aren’t willing to help them even be able to use it! Never have I had to deal with something like this it is ridiculous if I could give 0 stars I would. No one should have to wait this long to be helped by a company of this size. Get a f**ing call center so someone can actually solve this problem at this point I think Binance is incapable of getting anything of substance done they can’t even let someone who is trying to be their customer deposit money into THEIR app!😹 pathetic how unhelpful and lazy their team is, idk if you can call it a team because it’s just the same automated email they send to you anytime you have a problem and that’s all you’ll get with no help from that point.Version: 2.3.5

Great way to keep track, they take several days to verify your accountIt’s a well put together app that supports lots of crypto currencies. Really good breakdowns of prices and history. Well thought out. I do understand the rush you all probably dealt with during the Doge fest but you might try to streamline your verification process. This has taken several days and my wallet is locked up making it impossible to actually trade or even see the contents of my wallet. If I didn’t know better I would be scared I lost a lot but I do understand the importance of verification. Will update to 5 star when I get my verification clear on your side. Along with how long it took..Version: 2.2.1

Horrible customer serviceThe verification process is a nightmare and you won’t be able to do anything until it is complete. I’ve been waiting in advanced verification for far too long. Submitted a ticket and was told they were working on it and to reach out if it took much longer. It has, so I did. And i’ve been essentially ghosted from them. I’m not the only one. Apparently many people have this problem. Someone told me they have waited MONTHS for the fiat verification. And others have told me their process took months as well and in those cases too customer service has been slow to non-existent. The hassle isn’t worth the service they are providing IMO. Better off with a competitor who actually cares about customers..Version: 2.0.2

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Binance.US - Bitcoin & Crypto 2.4.3 Update

Version 2.4.3 (2021-04-26): • UI bug fixes & usability enhancements.

Version 2.4.1 (2021-04-14): • UI bug fixes & usability enhancements.

Version 2.4.0 (2021-04-06): • Introducing a much improved onboarding experience • UI bug fixes & usability enhancements.

Version 2.3.4 (2021-03-12): • UI bug fixes & usability improvements.

Version 2.3.2 (2021-02-11): This updates includes general bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 2.2.1 (2021-01-15): • General bug fixes and performance updates • Charting Mode UI improvements • Payment method management updates • Trading & order book UX/UI upgrades.

Version 2.0.2 (2021-01-08): • General bug fixes and performance upgrades • Enhanced downtime notices • Charting UI improvements.