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Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar!

CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look!

MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams!

DECORATE a person's room as well as their appearance!

DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities!

SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles!

STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet!

VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar!

BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

Project Makeover App User Reviews & Comments

2 StarsI only gave it 2 stars because it’s ridiculous that you have us spend 300 to take off each individual item. Plus, when we use a hint it takes off a move. This is the first game like that where it takes a move away from you if you use a hint. Others games similar to this is a free move if you use a hint. Some of the levels are very hard and can only be finished if you use tons of hints. I decided to use my hints to finish a level and use diamonds and it ended up costing me close to $20. No one who game this app 5 stars can say they finished a hard level without using hints or spending money. One level had 22 moves but yet I would have had to get 8 sunglasses which were under green tiles and a majority of the green tiles had more than one layer, some had 2 or 3 layers. Plus move 6 cameras and also get 52 musical notes all with 22 moves. They do not give you enough moves. Games should be relaxing and not stress you out because you all decided to make this game like this. I enjoy a challenging game but this was more than that. Some of these levels were impossible to finish unless you paid money. I understand you are trying to make a living but I’m not going to keep spending a bunch of money just to finish the levels that are impossible. I spend money on games all the time and but when you are making them so impossible to finish, yeah no thanks. It shouldn’t take a week of playing just to take 2 items off the avatar. I already deleted the game..Version: 2.9.1

Fun but ...This game starts off fun and simple. It’s fun to decorate and change their clothing, different story line I suppose. It’s your typical matching game with power ups. the thing I like is if you blow up a bomb or dynamite next to a rainbow power up it doesn’t waste that rainbow. my issues are this, the higher up levels are a bit ridiculous to beat. some of them don’t give you enough moves to beat the level unless you pay diamonds which of course cost real money. some of the levels like the ones with sunglasses and green tiles or the shirts you have to hit those tiles or shirts multiple times to clear them which wastes moves, leaving you with few choices. So unless you buy boosters or can make good matches than you waste moves and lives. My next issue is the coin amount after you beat the level. 300 coins is barely enough to do any of the room or clothes changes. some of the tasks you have to do cost way to much for what they are. For example to take of a shirt -500 coins is a bit excessive. or to clean a pot -250 coins. wash hair 300 coins. Etc. they should give you more for harder levels or find a way to reward more coins..Version: 2.10.1

FrustratingI’m so bummed about this game. I loved the graphics, story and designs. Was fun to makeover the characters and their rooms. My hang up is with the difficulty of the games to earn coins, and how many coins you need to perform silly tasks. Take his paint brushes? There’s 200 of the 300 coins it took me 2 days to earn. Ridiculous. I’ve been stuck on level 395 for days. I’ve used all my power ups and I don’t know how many lives. I’ve even purchased diamonds for the 5 more moves option. 24 moves, including the 8 moves you earn from collecting watches, to get 22 shirts, 25 dresses and 27 of the blue shirts. Combining multiple power ups, paying for 5 more moves when I’m so close, nothing works. Another aggravation, most games give you useful daily bonuses. This gives you basically useless bonuses signing on every day. Maybe two power ups a week. Not enough diamonds to even do anything with. And then bracelets or some other minute addition for the avatars. There isn’t much gratification for continuing to play this game. I’m out. Update- decided to give it one more day. Still stuck on level 395. Spent over 2 hours on it this morning, as well as another 45 minutes this afternoon. Too frustrating to be fun anymore..Version: 2.3.1

Great game but updates would be appreciated!There's a lot of little details that makes this game very visually appealing to me. Such as the way the hair and outfit sways when you turn around a character. They build up a really nice story line with each makeover character. They even have the character write a nice letter following the make over! So cute! It makes me actually want to do great job! They went with your standard candy crush matching style game for earning coins to renovate or update the clients style which is alright, except that I feel like they get oddly difficult very quickly. I think that might have to do with a lack of levels do to this still being a relatively new game. The only complaints I have after that is mostly just expansions needed. I really wish there were more outfits to choose from for your avatar. It being a style game I expected a bit more to choose from. One of the biggest plus' of this game though is the lack of ads. So many mobile games attack you with ads and it's a major turn off. Overall it's a great game with a lovely story and pleasing graphics, but a few small updates would really make the game amazing..Version: 2.0.2

Needs fixing 😩😩😩Ok I do have to admit the game was fun at first, but it DEFINITELY needs some adjustments. I got this game because I saw the ad and it looked fun, but the ad is NOTHING like the actual gameplay. In the ad it shows a girl who wants to impress her neighbor who she thinks is cute, and she wants to have a makeover. In the actual gameplay you still have to give the customers makeovers but you spend more time renovating their living spaces then actually giving them makeovers. Now this is what was REALLY annoyed me 😒. In the game you have to use coins you earn to give the customer the makeover. So say if you have 100 coins but in order to get them let’s say a hair cut you need 200 coins. Then you would have to play a level. Now at first it was easy like you would have to make match’s of 3 blocks in order to pop them until you had as many blocks as you needed. But as you keep doing levels it gets IMPOSSIBLE to do them 😩. After doing the first two customers that’s it your DONE. What gets on my last NERVE is when I am doing a level and I liget just need ONE more move to win but I don’t have any more moves. It get SUPER annoying 😡. Thank you for taking your time to read this please please please make some adjustments to this game when I see changes I will update my review I don’t want to give up on this game yet! Thank you 😊..Version: 2.6.2

Was fun at firstI liked this game at first and found myself rolling my eyes at the negative reviews about having to play the candy crush type game to earn gems to be able to complete the makeovers but I’m on makeover #3 now and I totally get it. I decided to just play a ton of rounds of the game in a row to accumulate a ton of gems so I could do one full makeover without playing the game in between. From someone who loves playing candy crush and similar games, it’s getting really old. Can be very difficult to beat which I get is the whole point but the amount of gems you actually need to perform the makeovers is simply ridiculous. I stocked up and ended up with 14,400 gems (just some math here, that’s 48 rounds in a row at only 300 gems per win). With that 14,400 I started makeover #3 and guess what, I’m out of gems and only 3/4 of the way done with it. That’s just stupid. I’m about done with the game. Make it so you win more gems per mini game or come up with different options for games to play. Even watching ads to get gems would work every once in awhile but I can’t believe how much it takes to just do one makeover and I’m sure as the game goes on, it’ll get even worse. Needs fixed because by the looks of the reviews, people are quitting the game because of this exact stuff..Version: 2.2.1

There’s the good and the badIn the beginning it is fun. The process in which you need to play to get coins for the “plot” points you could say is a nice concept. However, the amount always stays the same- 300 coins- whenever you win. It would be better if the coins slowly increased overtime since the levels also get harder and you must invest more time into beating them (also, costs of things in the character portion go up dramatically which is quite unfair and can make someone lose interest in the game fairly quickly). People have a short attention time span. Thus, if you force the player to invest more time just to beat one level, ending up not even getting much out of it to advance, they are going to end up becoming bored and/or frustrated. Not very good business building if you ask me. The characters are nice overall and I do not have an issue with them. It’s quite diverse even. Though, it would be best to refrain as much as possible from stereotypes because while they don’t bother me, they bother many others. So yeah... the game has a good concept and is pretty well made overall. However, there are many improvements that could be made to make the game an even better experience..Version: 2.5.1

Please FixI would completely give this game 5 stars if you would change a few things 1st and foremost the puzzles we play to earn coin it would be so much greater if the boosters left on the board were still in play and went off on your last move! 2nd More coins earned for the puzzle or let us use our money earned from the puzzle to exchange for coins or lives! The time alone waiting for a life is too long! The coins earned are not enough! Other than that it’s fun but then gets lame when you have to switch to another game because you have to wait forever for more lives and coins earned are not enough! But by letting the boosters is stay in play after the last move and go off to help potentially move forward to the next level! For me it’s the fun of the make over the puzzle is okay but I might as well play candy crush if I can’t do the make overs or just find a different app that is strictly Make overs! Overall it’s fun but it takes to long to collect coins and waiting for lives and all the money earned useless!! I don’t care about my avatar wardrobe especially when you are not using your avatar what’s the point?.Version: 2.6.2

Great Stories, Great Fun & A bit of a Challenge!I’ve played many, many, MANY puzzle or design/decor games and this one is my favorite! I don’t usually write reviews but I had to give props where props were due. This game combines home decor, fashion design, makeup, and puzzles but not in a boring way. I love that you get to design your own character and your own dressing room. You earn items as you go along for your avatar too! And yeah, every few levels, there is a hard one that you may want to give up on, but it’s never an impossible challenge! I also appreciate that you can visit other dressing rooms from different players and add them as friends! Really helps with continual game play and sending lives to each other. This game is also very heartwarming. The whole Project Makeover game cast have their own lives and dialogue going on along with an antagonist, which is pretty funny. I’m always interested in seeing how things will develop. And even though the people you give makeovers to aren’t real, I love reading their letters in the end about how you better their lives because that’s what it’s all about? I am a designer in real life, so I really enjoy this game. Thanks for making it. 😊.Version: 2.3.1

I really Tried to like itOk. As to WHY I gave it a low rating. Firstly, if you came here from an ad, it is NOTHING like what you saw in the ads. Absolutely not. were catfished, but it’s not like a really BAD catfish, just slightly disappointing. Like being promised a three cheese alfredo pasta and getting spaghetti with meatballs instead. Not bad, but not what drew you in. I will give the devs props as to making a game to where you have more goals than to just “get the highest score” and there’s the addictive collectors element to here to where you will want to continue to play to get the best clothes and jewelry. It’s got a kind of interesting story element, but it’s more annoying. The evil minion girl that works with the villain is more dumb and annoying than pitiable. But the glaring problem is the puzzles. The things you have to beat in order to progress in story and game. They don’t give you enough moves for the type of puzzle solving. You basically can’t waste a SINGLE move and pray to RNJezus that he doesn’t abandon you. The further in the game you get, the more if feels like it becomes PTW. The music and the aesthetics don’t lend it any charm either. It becomes grating after level 54 and I went to 186 till I decided I couldn’t take another second of the music and scenery. I get what they were trying to do, but for rn, it’s a “fashion fail”..Version: 2.6.2

Fun, frustrating.The good: The game itself is adorable. The storyline is genuinely funny and engaging. If you seen an interstitial ad for this game, it is exactly as advertised, which seems to be becoming more and more rare. Needs improvement: Friend requests. What’s the point of making friend requests if the only way to get a response is through Facebook? Not everyone has it, or wants to use their profile for free advertising for mobile games. The in-game randomizer is so unbalanced I’m to the point where I don’t even bother to go see the clothes from the mystery boxes. When your avatar has only had 23 views after 5 days, why bother? The bad: The puzzles are challenging, as many people think, overly so. I don’t have a problem with this. I don’t have a problem with losing the mystery box because I lost the puzzle. I don’t have a problem with losing a puzzle on the very last move because things just didn’t line up for me. I DO have a problem with the regular “encouragement“ the game gives you to use a booster to complete the puzzle. I’m at level 105 and I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten another booster beyond the initial set of 3 you’re given to begin the game. I recognize that the developers don’t want things to be TOO easy, but this is entirely too stingy. Balance a little better, please and thanks..Version: 2.0.2

Great potential, not utilized wellI really wanted to like this game. I enjoy matching type games & I definitely liked the makeover options for both people & rooms! They were all fun & visually appealing. However, there is no learning curve for the levels. They go from tutorial/ridiculously easy to absolutely impossible with the tiny amount of moves given almost immediately. You have very few lives that refill painfully slowly, & there is no option to just buy the game outright to avoid waiting forever because you spent all of your lives trying to beat one single level where they give you 10 moves to collect like 80 different objects. So most of your time is spent just waiting 20-30 minutes to try the same level again & again for a small sum of coins that will allow you to maybe complete one single goal, possibly not even that. The levels need to be easier or have more moves, you need more lives or them to refill faster, the makeover steps need to be cheaper, or you should be able to pay one time outright to purchase the game instead of a thousand expensive mini transactions. Until that happens, it’s not very fun to just wait and fail..Version: 2.1.1

Fun, but power ups are useless and costlyFirst off, I really enjoy the storylines of this game and that you actually feel like you’re helping the characters become better versions of themselves, finding confidence, managing stress, etc. However, after the first level, everything to continue with the makeover becomes WAY more expensive; it costs 300 gems to continue a level if you lost it (there are very few ways to get gems); 3 power ups are given of each type and they take away 1 just to show you how it works, unlike most other games that give you a freebie. EDIT: I continued to play despite my initial frustration with the game. I am now on level 514, and as long as you get the daily reward and make friends on the game, it goes pretty well. Power ups are basically useless so I never buy them. Instead I save up gems for the scissors, which is great when I’m in a tight spot. I’ve gotten used to beating levels without any power ups. Friends can give you extra lives, which is very valuable. Still get frustrated with many levels and I still believe the cost of power ups is stingy but I’m enjoying it..Version: 2.11.2

Fun. but...It’s expensive. You only get 5 lives and at times the app crashes in the middle of a level. Happened to me right at the end of one that I was about to clear on my last life. You can get more lives by involving your friends and asking them, but most of the time the levels are too difficult to get through (typical match 3 candy crush style puzzles) in the allotted amount of lives and if you’re really into it, you’ll either have to wait for 15 mins per life to try again, or invest money. You don’t get to actually play the “makeover” part of the game until you’ve cleared enough levels, to earn enough coins to purchase the materials necessary and it’s not like it is advertised. It takes days sometimes to get through one person and it’s not much for options if you’re looking for some creative expression outlet. You choose out of 2 or 3 options when you actually do have a choice. This is a cash grab and nothing more. If you’re looking to play and not feel pressured to constantly open your wallet, this isn’t the game for you. If you’re looking for a game to play that isn’t like that, Redecor is a good one. No match 3 puzzles or things you must do in order to play the game as advertised..Version: 2.6.2

Fun at firstWhen I first got this game it was really fun! I got through 3 clients pretty easily. The makeovers were really cute and the puzzles were just enough of a challenge to be fun but they weren’t too easy. There were no ads, which was awesome! I liked the match three game I enjoyed it more than the other match three games that I’ve played and the wait time is pretty good. Then, after a while the levels got harder, a lot harder and I would spend DAYS trying to get past ONE level to win 300 coins that aren’t even enough to complete one task most of the time! Everything is SO expensive! And you can’t buy coins or watch an add or anything! You can buy boosters and gems only, and they’re WAY overpriced and half the time they don’t even help! I get that the creators need to make money, but this game is just a giant money pit and it’s really not worth it. It takes way to long to get anything done and it is SOOOO FRUSTRATING. The only real way to get gems or boosters is to buy them. You get gems after completing an episode, but you only get 300 and getting five extra lives costs 300 gems so you can only use it ONCEEEE. ITS SO SO STUPID. And it’s really a shame because I love doing the makeovers. I’ll Probably delete soon..Version: 2.2.1

Game Requires Crazy Amount Of Coins/Gems To Use It!I was excited to download this game after seeing the ads. After further examination, I was extremely disappointed in the amount of both coins and gems you have to use in order to progress in the game. You are supposed to play another “candy crush” type game in the app in order to proceed with the storyline and earn more coins. But sadly, you only get so many moves (gems) before the game will no longer let you proceed and begs you to buy coins and gems at an extra charge. I understand having add ons in a game people have to pay for, but seriously? I don’t even have enough moves available to win a level? I was able to play ONE story before I was told to buy gems or I could no longer play. Deleted the app immediately. Furthermore, in the storyline of the game, the amount of coins needed are RIDICULOUS. For example it was 600 coins just to move a guy’s furniture in the second story! SIX HUNDRED? Winning a game only gives you around 300 coins! So disappointed and dissatisfied with this game. It’s essentially just a huge scam to get people to spend large amounts of money. Like I said, you get ONE free storyline and that’s it. Absolutely ridiculous and sad. Would’ve loved to enjoy it for longer..Version: 2.9.1

Solid Game, but improvements definitely needed.As I scroll through reviews, it seems many agree. I've almost reached level 300 and puzzles at this point are beyond difficult without boosters. I haven't bought a booster since before level 100 and every puzzle I move onto takes almost a day and a half to complete. To me, that's an obnoxious time to complete a level. I understand it's encouragement to buy boosters and lives to keep trying, but it really throws a wrench in the enjoyment of the game and just causes unnecessary frustration. I've been having a blast remodeling and going through the story, unfolding the story along with it. Those who worked on the art and the story have done a phenomenal job to make the game look polished, clean, and stylistic, however the puzzles at this point can get overly challenging and I'm practically tossed an booster ad in my face telling me to buy a booster to continue. It doesn't necessarily ruin the game, it just really takes me out of the experience, therefore hurting the game overall for me. So much so that I felt the need to come on here and explain it. I do think puzzles need to be toned down a bit. It should not take me nearly a day and a half on a single level, it's a bit much..Version: 2.3.1

Irritating but funI don’t usually like match-3 games because I grow very frustrated with them very quickly. However, I do enjoy stylist and decorator games, so I decided to try this one out. I got it just three days ago and I’m already on level 107. I get stuck on levels from time to time but I get through them eventually. The heart refill timer is bothersome but if you send out friend requests (after making a free account with either your icloud or facebook) then you’ll be able to ask your friends for hearts, which is nice because the only games I’ve come across where you can request lives require a facebook account, whereas you can use your icloud with this one. The graphics are really cool and I like how the clothes and hair swish when you turn the person. I also like how you can customize your avatar and their room. I wish there were more options for the makeovers and rooms, but the options tend to be nice so it’s not a big problem. All in all, this is a very fun game and it’s not as difficult as some other match-3’s I’ve come across and it’s very addictive. I recommend but expect frustration..Version: 2.3.1

Challenging.... unless you spend moneyI love everything but the puzzle aspect of this game. Giving someone a makeover and redesigning their space is very relaxing and enjoyable. What’s NOT relaxing and enjoyable is how hard some of the puzzles are. Sure, sometimes things just won’t line up properly and you’ll have to do a puzzle a few times before you can get past it. However, as you progress in levels, more and more puzzles become borderline impossible. You can help yourself by using a booster, which of course costs real money if you don’t have enough gems and/or you used the boosters the game gives you initially. I’m currently stuck on level 164 (I believe) and I refuse to spent money on the game. Maybe I would be more willing to spend money if it wasn’t a minimum of $1.99 for 500 gems and if boosters didn’t cost 700 gems. Honestly I would much rather have paid a few bucks for the game up front rather than be faced with playing a level 20+ times just to get past it or complete an in-app purchase. Anyway, point is, if you like spending real money on fake money then this game is for you. If you just want to match some shapes, complete some puzzles and enjoy the game, you’d be better off looking elsewhere..Version: 2.2.1

Fun at first but then it becomes just a money grab…The Game started out fun and progress was fast enough to keep you interested. It did not take long for the pace to become too slow and the game to become less about the makeovers and mostly about the candy crush knock off games. It takes forever to beat some of the levels unless you are willing to spend money. There is no real mechanism to request help or lives when you run out. Don’t waste your time unless you really just want another candy crush game. Didn’t even last a week before I deleted it. Update: Decided to give the game a second chance. Went okay for a few days but I have been stuck on the same level for several days now and I refuse to spend money to get off the level. Deleting the game for good now. To the developers who I don’t believe actually read these reviews: this game would be so much better if you funneled those worthless dollars into the diamonds/gems needed to get off difficult levels. The game doesn’t work unless there is a way to get past difficult levels without paying money. Because of this design you are no doubt losing many players who would continue your game and promote it to others. Instead you are creating disgruntled players who are going to trash your game to many would be customers..Version: 2.17.1

Not badI kept getting ads for this game over and over with the girl who looks like a hairy animal when her boyfriend comes to pick her up. This is nothing like the game and has nothing to do with the game itself. None of the characters really look like that. However it’s more about matching then it is about makeovers. The matching is how you earn points to do makeovers. But the frustrating part is sometimes his levels can go on and on anon without being passed. You only get five lives at a time and sometimes it takes 15 tries to get through a level so that means you have to wait till the lives regenerate before you can try again and then when you pass level is 300 coins. But it takes thousands of coins to do the makeover. You have to have coins to pay to remove their glasses and to wash their hair and every little thing. So you have to win so many levels just to complete one makeover. That’s fine but it just gets very annoying when no matter what you do you can’t pass these levels until you do them over and over again. I am pretty close to just deleting this game because it’s a waste of time and like I said all your time is spent matching not doing the makeovers..Version: 2.16.1

Fun/ChallengingI really do enjoy playing this game. It has a lot of elements to it including good graphics, funny characters with storyline clips, puzzles, and limited time challenges with fun rewards. I enjoy the whole process of earning gems though puzzles to complete unique room and character makeovers and seeing the final result. In addition to earning gems, i like that you can earn unique clothes and accessories to apply to your own profile model and dressing room. Some of the puzzles can be quite challenging and may take a few tries or more to win, however the game allows you to request hearts/lives from random friends playing the game as well, which gives you more chances to win that hard level. So the more friends you add the more hearts you receive everyday. Plus they reward you with a decent amount of diamonds to add extra moves at the end of a difficult level if you need. Challenges are awesome anyways, the game would be boring without them. The game has a good mix of easy and difficult puzzles. I have not spent one penny in the game and I have already reached the exclusive levels. That is the only negative thing I would say about the game thus far. I don’t like that I have reached the end of the makeover part. I hope the producers or developers of the game add more to the storyline soon!.Version: 2.11.2

Try it! You’ll probably like it!Surprisingly enough I actually find the game quite entertaining and actually fun! I usually ignore ads for games. I thought this one was would be super dull with few options or ability to be creative but I was pleasantly surprised! I hope the developers incorporate more face shape options, more wardrobe items to unlock and most importantly decrease the wait time to regain lives. I only mention the wardrobe bit and decorations overall so I can keep unlocking them haha I already and invites to friends too! Which I think doing that and visiting random users to send them hearts and stars, should allow you to earn gems and coins :) it would be incentive to interact with others more. Oh and if that happened in addition to a chat option and maybe a borrow from others wardrobe option!! That would be super cool and I imagine with my experience in game development that it would be pretty simple to do so! This game could easily become a high rated popular game especially if changes or updates like the ideas i mentioned, were added!.Version: 2.12.1

I LOVE THIS GAME 🤩It’s a lot like Matchington Mansions if you play that, I really enjoy it and I would recommend it to anyone who loves design, and candy crush. You can design your own avatar, unlock a director’s room that you can design as a surprise! When you start, they ask you to become the new director of a makeover show because the current director makes people feel bad about themselves, it doesn’t let you say no, but who would say no to that!? Once you become the director, you meet a girl who just graduated college and is in need of a professional look, hair and makeup, and a comfortable place to work. You have to earn coins by finishing levels of a game kind of like candy crush. With the coins you can buy tasks to complete and when your done, you move on to the next person while they live their best life. You can unlock new clothes for yourself, get new furniture, and drama, it is a reality show and what’s a reality show without drama? I absolutely love this game and I think you can tell by what was supposed to be a sentence and turned into an essay XD. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars, I hope you can enjoy it too!.Version: 2.6.2

Extremely fun, but pay to win.The make-over part of the game is extremely fun and really well done, the mini-game is the basic “candy” model we’re all used to and can even be fun as well. However, as all similar games, the difficulty is to encourage you to buy power-ups but the power ups more often than not don’t trigger correctly. If you have two in close proximity the game sometimes only really acknowledges one. I’ve made countless moves that ultimately didn’t count or clear the spot that should’ve been cleared. It wouldn’t be a major deal except that you play the mini-game to earn money for the make-overs which become more expensive each time you complete one. You are not compensated any higher on more challenging levels than the easy ones even though the prices for make-overs increase. You get a flat 300 coin per completed game (which without paying can take an entire days worth of lives and luck for one level) and a single option for the make-over, for me, are now 700+ coin. This game is extremely, extremely fun and while all of these games strongly encourage purchases this one feels the most “rigged” to only be successful if you pay to win..Version: 2.6.2

So far it’s great but things need workGreat match game; fun makeover concept but wowza this gets almost impossible at some levels with no power ups. The game preys on many stereotypes and also has a lack of inclusion in avatars (skin color, hairstyles, body shape) and yes I understand you can earn new avatar items but still have not seem a good amount of true inclusion and I’m on level 224. The amount of coins won NEVER CHANGES but the price of makeover/renovation tasks always INCREASES. With 5 lives and having to wait 20 mins for a life to regenerate it can take a crazy long time for certain tasks or levels. I also do not enjoy the purchase setup...gems are the only way you can purchase power ups and lives and those gems cost a ridiculous amount of REAL MONEY. Plus the cash you earn only works for your avatar but it would be nice if you could trade it in for lives/gems/or MORE COINS!!! Especially since the ONLY way to complete makeover/renovation tasks is but purchasing with COINS and you only win 300 COINS per level passed...the daily gift is nice but maybe a better delivery of it or variety of gifts? I have changed my avatar 3 times in this game and I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon do my CASH in the game is sitting there...could be used better to further the tasks/levels...also could maybe visiting friends or other players room earn you coins or gems?.Version: 2.5.1

Fun for a weekUpdate: So 2 weeks later from my previous post below, I deleted the app. One good thing I can say is I had never played candy crush before, but after reading these reviews that refer to the unbelievably hard “candy crush” type challenges that are ridiculously hard, I decided to check out candy crush and it is so fun. Although their challenges get hard and may take several attempts to pass within a couple hours, this game takes DAYS to pass which means no makeovers. So 90% of this game is candy crush with 10% makeover so I deleted this and moved to candy crush. Figure out a way to make your game more fun and about makeovers instead of candy crush and I may consider reinstalling. Everything is so expensive to remove and to add items. The rewards for playing the challenges are not enough to do anything and then the challenges get so hard you can’t even do anymore makeovers. I’ve had the app for a week and apparently I’ve done all I can. Only completed 2 1/2 makeovers. Clearly they don’t want anyone playing for long. Oh, and you get a lot of money and awards for making over your own avatar and dressing room but what’s the point? The awards should be applied to the actual purpose of the game…doing makeovers for others..Version: 2.16.1

ConcernsOk so this game is so good the art quality the designs the characters the story but the main problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t tell you about the game play like most games they make it look like it’s a different game than when you really play it and that’s just horrible marketing if I want to play a swatch game I’ll play one but that’s whare I come in with my second thought why does the game force us to go threw the level we can’t exit it no we have to follow allong with the tutorial wich dosent have much to do but have something that people can exit out of the tutorial because not everyone is lost on the game play also another complaint is that the characters are just sad the people we help look better already lookd good and for example the first girl she had nothing wrong with her at all she had sutch pretty curly hair and we cut all that off an straightened it and or cut almost all of it off that was so sad and also she had glasses at the start of it. And the game made her take them off that was horrible and they recommended contacts not to mention that contacts can damage your eyes and glasses are cute/attractive and it’s not cool for them to basically say that they Arnt also the designers aren’t the best when it comes to eyebrows eyebrows can be shaped in different ways but this game doesn’t allow me to help the person shape there eyebrows like it’s bad ok.Version: 2.4.1

HUGE Waste of timeI’m usually not the type to leave a review but I am so very disappointed with this game. Like most people have mentioned in the reviews, it was very fun at first. Challenging a bit when you get to the second person (which is expected since you’re moving up in levels which I didn’t mind) but once you get to the third character it’s BLATANTLY obvious that they are just trying to get you to spend money. I am a person who loves games that give me a challenge but it’s a big difference when things get unrealistic and impossible. All of the advertisements I seen for this game and THIS is what it had to offer? I could’ve continued to play Candy Crush. This game is called Project Makeover and yet you spend 90% of your time doing puzzles and getting only 300 coins for every one. Even when you get a “Mystery Box” gift from completing a round, you end up having to still pay for it with the game cash 🤬You can’t even watch a video to earn coins. I could really go on and on. The point is, unless you have money to just freely spend on this game, play up until about the 2nd makeover and DELETE the app. There are so many more games out here that you can enjoy without being pressured every second to spend your money. That’s not a game, it’s a gimmick. I had high expectations for Project Makeover but I can see this app flopping in about a couple months if they don’t fix this mess..Version: 2.4.1

Fun But There are IssuesI agree with majority of people here in the review section. This game pretty much is designed to get you to buy gems/boosters. Some of the puzzle levels are freaking insane. I’m not even mad at how hard the levels are, but if you’re going to make a puzzle that hard, then at LEAST increase the amount of coins won at the end of the puzzle. There is no reason I should only be getting the same amount of coins (300) as a level 1 puzzle!!! The difference in difficulty is outrageous! Also, I agree the character styles should be upgraded. I believe you should have the same amount of choices with the makeovers that you do with your own avatar (but I’m less concerned about that because I know that part is a bit harder for the app developers). My real issue is how hard they try to get you to buy these boosters for the puzzles, and the boosters are sometimes 700 GEMS!!! Like where would you expect me to get 700 gems from? When I’m working crazy hard to get the measly 300 gems they give us after every makeover. Now granted sometimes you do get boosters/gems from the daily welcome bonus, but it still simply isn’t enough. Also, it’s super expensive to go through the actual makeover. Like 3-600 coins to take off their shoes? Really? I really hope they fix these issues soon. At least give us more coins after every makeover!.Version: 2.1.2

It’s fun but likeHere is the thing. After a certain point it gets really hard and annoying. Obviously they want to make money, and hey I’m fine with that. Here is the issue: I’m not willing to pour hundreds of dollars in a game I play in my pass time. Why not include some type of premium membership that gives people like me, who mainly enjoys the fashion aspect but use the puzzles as a fun side hustle, a way to literally just keep playing the game without getting stuck on the hard levels. I don’t know exactly what that would include but something tells me a top selling app company can sit down in a room and figure it out. You might even find it to be way more profitable than scamming the suckers who want to keep paying money to play the game. I mean seriously how many people enjoy the game enough to get passed the first couple people? Okay, now how many of those people actually spend a decent amount of money, 10-30%? Now make a premium membership for people to be able to keep playing and I guarantee most (40-60%) players who play this will end up doing it. That’s not only a steady income to keep adding more makeovers so people keep their membership but you might just double your profits. Then again who knows maybe this business model works out good enough for you. 🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 2.12.1

I’m obsessed with fashion makeoverI love fashion makeover its only been two days with this game but I love it so good job with the game everyone I recommend this to everyone to play because this you don’t have to waste money in it you just have to enjoy playing I saw some reviews saying this is a huge money trap n this is waste of money but for me I do not have to pay other reviewers are really mean they just want App Store to ban this app I love this game but one problem pls don’t add the puzzle game because after the first episode the puzzles got harder n I couldn’t earn any money for the second episode to buy the coffee machine and I recommend to add a few characters I’ve been thinking of you should put a heart breaking model and a new member of project make over I wish I could send a picture of the drawings I did for the characters but I’ll just tell you the new members should mean girls and the members should be helping with the make up girls so yeah I hope you see this cause I love your games n pls fix these problems ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🥳🦄.Version: 2.8.1

Severely disappointed.I would give this game no stars if I could. To start off, I got this game because of the animations I saw in advertisements. However playing this game does not include those animations at all. They are nowhere in this game and nothing like the game. Next, it is impossible sometimes to play the rounds without a little help. To earn the extra help you need to earn gems. You barely earn gems in this game, maybe earning some in the daily check in. Even if you do have gems, you quickly will use them all up in a single round because the extra help costs way too much in this game. It’s not fair. Not only this, but I am stuck on level 62, and I finally used my gems for the FIRST TIME, to buy a bomb to help me get through the level. But it decided to put the bomb in the worst possible location, too left corner of the round, so it did not help me at all and now I’ve wasted the gems I’ve worked hard to collect. I want to delete this game because it is incredibly unfair and losing my interest. I like a game that has reasonable chances and gives you areas to succeed without being biased and money hungry. To get more gems it wants you to pay real money for it, which Ofcourse is the object of any game developer ever. It’s very sad. This game had potential but quickly Lost it..Version: 2.9.1

ProblemsDon’t get me wrong, this is a great game, but there are a few problems. First is that I went in to play today after letting the hearts recharge, tried a level, failed, and and pressed play to try again, but it said that I didn’t have and hearts left. That was my game in two days! The hearts usually recharge when I’m not playing the game as well. Second is that there is no way to beat some levels unless you have power-ups and enough diamonds to get extra turns. Third is that the hearts take up to twenty minutes to recharge, which is annoying when you have no more left. Fourth is the clothing, hair, and makeup you put on the girl characters. So far, I’ve only seen hair that is down to the shoulders. That is unfair to me because I am a girl and have short hair like a boys’. It is probably unfair to other people as well, with the fact that there are no hair options with hair long enough to go past the shoulders. Then we have the makeup. Not ever girl wears makeup, they only wear it sometimes to fancy occasions, not every day. Now the clothing. The only pair of pants that I have seen is still fancy, and the fact remains that there is no option for sneakers for the shoe choices. Thank you for reading my rant, and have a great day!😁.Version: 2.0.2

Great game but huge money trap..In general, I really enjoy this game. The character design is appealing, the storyline is interesting, and it is fun to play! However, there are a few things that upset me about it. The biggest problem for me is the constant need to do puzzles. How the game works is that you need to play these puzzles in order to get coins to do makeovers with. That I completely understand. One thing that bugs me about this though is how expensive each makeover task is and how little you get from each puzzle. The highest makeover task I've gotten so far is 900 coins!! And you only get 300 coins from each puzzle. These puzzles can be very challenging, so I might sound crazy but it took me almost 3 days just to do that one expensive task. And the only other way to gain coins, of course, is to purchase them with real money. And not only are the tasks overpriced, but they make you do tasks for every little thing! Want to take off her hat? Pay $200. Want to brush her hair? Pay $450. It's insane!! Also, as if it couldnt get any hard to pay off tasks, you only have five lives, and half to wait a while after using them to play puzzles again. So yeah, I really love this game, but I would also love if it didnt take me around a week to complete each makeover. Please work on this :/.Version: 2.1.1

Make It FairThe game is absolutely fun and engaging and I enjoy playing it. While the puzzles get more difficult as the levels increase, as is expected with any puzzle game, they aren’t too difficult to where you can’t pass them. The caveat, you have to spend too many gems (undoubtedly putting you at a point of purchasing them) to accomplish passing and the coins you receive for higher levels should certainly not be the same 300 you received within the first 100 levels. Once you’ve passed a certain level you should receive more coins if you pass the puzzle. While I understand developers have to make money in order to stay competitive and implement updates and more fun/challenging gameplay, there should at least be an opportunity to win more coins and boosters in order to have a somewhat fair advantage during gameplay. Hope they take the time to read some of the reviews and take into consideration the feedback. If this doesn’t change I’ll have to once again search for another app to occupy my time during Covid 😞☹️.Version: 2.4.1

Coin amount for tasks is ridiculousI honestly find this game really fun and enjoy being able to play levels and design different things. However, I have a HUGE issue with the cost for remodeling and tasks. Personally I understand the tasks of adding furniture and buying new clothes costing coins... but having to pay to remove items before even starting the renovation is ridiculous. The levels get harder as the game goes on (which is expected) and the cost of tasks increases while the coins earned from each level remains the same. You earn 300 coins per level you complete and right now I’m on I think my fourth or fifth person and it costs 200 coins just to remove the toilet, on top of that I have to remove her curlers, the bathtub, the mirror, dry her hair, etc. I think it’s a fun game and I understand the coin cost for new items but it is outrageous that there is such a steep coin price to remove items or clean before even starting the actual renovation. I think the game would be much better if you were to get rid of that aspect or change it to a one time coin price of say 300 coins to start with a clean slate instead of making it almost 2000 coins just to actually start designing..Version: 2.13.1

I want to like it, but...I have a few issues with the amount of coins a few things cost. For instance, why do we have to pay to remove each article of clothing from someone while doing the makeover? It could easily be brought down to 100 coins to remove all clothes. Also, I don’t mind paying coins while dressing the person but the clothes get more expensive with each added article of clothing. It wouldn’t bother me if the levels didn’t get harder to beat without the power ups. I get it that whoever made this app wants us to spend real money to get the power ups but not everyone can afford that. It just makes the game frustrating. And why does the game give us 3 of each power up and make us use one so it can demonstrate it? In other games similar to this they would not take a power up but use a freebie. Another thing I’d like to add. When we go to help the guy with his and his garage’s makeover, it switches between the two, unlike when we helped the first woman. I found that to be confusing and frustrating as I wasn’t able to finish either one. I wanted to like the game but in the end it just isn’t worth it to me to keep playing..Version: 2.3.1

Same as all the others. Disappointing.There are so many games out right that could be fun if they weren’t identical. I downloaded this game to play project makeover, not the stupid matching game that is a part of pretty much every game I’ve downloaded in the last couple years. I get it, you gotta earn coins somehow, but why can’t we earn them in an original way or by completing tasks, etc.? Also, the number of coins you get per level is absurd. First of all, You get 5 lives, which once you get past level 60 are almost impossible to keep. Second, most tasks cost 300 or more coins, and you have to pay to undress the person not just dress them, same with their work/living spaces. Each level you pass only gives you 300 coins. You have to play several levels just to be able to build a single window or to change one part of the person. So now that I’m a higher level, I have to spend 30 minutes playing the stupid matching game before I can even do anything. And if I fail to pass levels 5 times I now have to wait to even be able to get any coins. And these stupid matching game levels aren’t even the game I want to play. If I wanted to play that game I’d download Candy Crush or Bejeweled. As with all the other games of late I will be deleting this one soon because it’s not fun. It was cool for the first day and now it’s just disappointing..Version: 2.6.2

Engaging, but DifficultI enjoy this game well enough. It’s pretty hard to find a well-made mobile game that doesn’t have a ton of annoying ads between each level. I also enjoy the makeover portion of the game, as well as the positivity of the “specialists” in contrast to the antagonist. Now for the negatives. As the main focus of the game (and the ads I see all over social media) is the makeovers, there should be a greater proportion of gameplay focused on the makeover. Instead, you need to spend a good deal of time on the tile-matching game to earn coins to pay for the makeover. This gets tedious especially with more difficult levels. At times, it seems like whatever algorithm that randomizes the tiles is working against me so I lose the level. Whether or not you pass certain levels definitely depends on how the random tiles fall into place, which is frustrating and very annoying. I can spend days on one level because I constantly lose all of my lives trying to solve one level. I’d love to see the developers either remove the lives function, improve the algorithm that randomizes new tiles, or increase the amount of allowable moves in each level so they can be solved relatively quickly while still retaining some type of challenge..Version: 2.16.1

Needs a lot of improvementsAlright so first off, when this game’s advertisements come up there’s no mention of it being a candy-crush type game, you think it’s fun makeovers and storylines which is true but it’s very frustrating because you first need to collect money from playing candy-crush, it’s like the entirety of the game is you playing candy crush more than you doing makeovers which is honestly such a scam. Some levels and obstacles are very annoying and very boring, some levels are nice and challenging but some take me days to finish without boosts, gems, etc. i start to lose interest in the game everytime an impossible level comes up. 3rd, and the most annoying of all, is having to spend so much money just to remove each individual clothing, which is absolutely ridiculous and beyond irritating. If you’ll fix one thing in this game I ask that it be this. When choosing things like clothes and furniture, i wish some things were optional, i do not think a hat or jacket is necessary for every single character, some items literally ruin the room and/or character. I also wish there were more choices than just 3. This game has so much potential to be greater but it needs a lot of fixing to get there..Version: 2.15.2

More like candy crushI saw the ads and downloaded the app because it genuinely seemed like fun. Once I got into the app It asked me for a avatar name and set me up which was fine but when i started playing you don’t just give people makeovers like they advertise, no you need coins to do every little thing and to get coins, you gotta play a candy crush like game. Now this is perfectly fine I personally don’t get that into candy crush like games but if others like that which I know they do that’s fine but what gets me angry is the way they advertise. They advertise project makeover to be a game in which people who are needing a makeover come in and you can give them a makeover. But no where in nearly any of the ads do they say that you have to match stuff, in fact, they advertise project makeover completely different than it actually is. What they advertise it to be has a completely different layout than the actual game, in the actual game you also have to makeover not only the person but a space of theirs too. The game in general I can see people liking but they have to advertise it differently so that the people who like the game actually how it is can see that and download it instead of just clickbaiting so that the game looks completely different than it actually is and a lot of people download then delete but if you advertise it for what it actually is then people who will like it can see it and download it and actually keep the app and enjoy it..Version: 2.15.2

Fun game but it gets impossible in a short amount of time.This is a really good game I have to admit, but Over time it becomes impossible. I have played many games like this and they all had the same thing it common that thing that they had in common was candy crush. For the game candy crush is fine in the beginning, as time comes it just gets very hard and seems impossible I tried the app because the add on it a girl needed a new makeover and you got to give her a makeover and it had a interesting story. I have to admit this game was addicting to play I played it for 3-6 minutes and it became impossible also that when you played candy crush on the game it gave you a curtain amount of try’s. I don’t really have anything else to say but it was fun while it lasted! I also really don’t like that you can’t choose a skin color, there people out there who are black and that can be a little mean to people who are black. Then there the fact that at the beginning they want her to get rid of her glasses this is a little offensive to people who have glasses and have trouble seeing. Good app tho next time try to make it where it’s not so offensive to people and it’s not so impossible, I forgot to mention that it wants you to spend money on the game witch isn’t really cool if you want people to pay you money maybe make the app cost money and the game gem/lives for candy crush free or make it where people watch adds for the lives/gems. I don’t really have anything else to say..Version: 2.5.1

A somewhat lengthy rant...I wanted to enjoy this game, I really did, but from the moment the stylists told me that the first girl’s glasses needed to be removed, I was immediately thrown off. It made me angry, as a young woman who wears glasses. I mean, how will this poor girl see without glasses? Instead of removing them, just give different options for glasses (just not sunglasses, please!). And reducing her long beautiful brown hair to shoulder length? Why? Instead of removing all that hair, she could have put her hair up in a bun, ponytail, or some other updo. Another thing. Why the makeup? She looked pretty without it. This is not sending a good message to young girls out there that already feel insecure about themselves. This game is basically saying you need to wear makeup and not have glasses to look pretty. I love these makeover kind of games but not ones like these that basically dehumanize women in a way. Parents, please do not let your children play this game. It will possibly make your daughter(s) and/or son(s) feel bad about themselves and make them feel as if they need to look like the people in the game. Another thing is, that the levels get way too difficult way too quickly. Barely past level 25 and already stuck. Needless to say, I’m deleting this game. I really wanted to like it but it just isn’t for me. Sorry for the lengthy review and the rant..Version: 2.0.2

It gets impossibleSo, it was great at first. Remodeling costs money so everything was fine even if everything costs more than what you could get. But the the puzzles became more and more impossible to beat later on. I’m o level 69 and I’ve tried beating it so many times but still haven't and I’ve gone through it at least 20 times only because I’ve got an infinite amount of lives for a certain amount of time from my daily thing. But even the previous rounds, I had to use all of my powerups, and even if I use them I still have one thing left. I’ve needed one more move left to beat the puzzle way too many times, it’s seriously frustrating. I wanted to play this game so I could relax and remodel stuff, not to get frustrated from getting coins in order to do that. It was pretty satisfying to do everything but once I got too far, it just becomes impossible to get coins without spending money, which I personally don’t like to do. So, it was good for the first two people (barely the second) to remodel, but once you get to the 3rd person, you’re done. There’s nothing you can do unless you want to spend a bunch of money on gems trying to get more lives and boosters to help win the puzzle game in order to get coins to buy stuff, which you probably will not win and thus waste your money. It’s a good time waster for the most part, but once you’ve gone past remodeling the first two people, it’s over. It’s basically impossible to win and continue..Version: 2.2.1

Good, but needs changes <\3I downloaded this gafe after getting so many ads for it while playing other things, I love it! It really is great. The story is well thought out, you get to engage with the game & the animation and character design is amazing, I was so surprised when I saw how good it actually is. My issue isn’t the gameplay, it’s mostly how you can tell that this game is, in someway, a cash grab. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the difficulty of the levels, and I 100% agree, I’m stuck at level 24 and cannot pass it, I love a good challenge, but not if it involves me having to pay real money to enjoy a game and to pass one single level, as well as having to use all of my boosters, which are not very easy to get by the way. Another one of my complaints is how you *need* to pay coins for some really stupid things, like removing hats\glasses, while also being extremely expensive to just clean someone’s face or change a singular item of clothing, if collecting coins was easier then it wouldn’t be an issue, not only that, but the amount of coins given and won by level is very low. So, it’s hard to beat levels *and* to collect coins, a little unfair :/. I really do love this game, but there's definitely room for improvement, I hope the developers take this into consideration <3..Version: 2.2.1

Two weeks playingI really enjoy the concept of this game. But, it could be so much better than what it currently is. It needs at least five choices for each clothing item, hairstyle, jewelry, furniture, etc. It’s annoying to have to play to remove each clothing item at a time instead of all at once. The makeup is very similar instead of like having a natural, an exotic cat eye look, and different eyebrows, lipstick, etc. Many items cost too much, especially considering the games are too difficult without the extra help. I’d be more willing to watch ads for more points than to pay money. The drama is the most annoying. It’s forced and boring. What is it’s purpose? The team, including my avatar, should do a daily spin for the outfit they will wear for the day. It could be a 1950’s look and then modernized for the present. Each decade would have different styles to discuss and update, including makeup, hair and accessories. The game itself is too difficult, especially removing sunglasses. Sometimes the square is removed on the first blast and sometimes the green gingham square needs several blasts. It takes the fun out of it. This game is ideal for clothing store ads and even furniture and decor. When the bi g reveal is done at the end, the makeover character should be move excited to see their new space . The dialogue that fits their character and job is the best part. It makes them more real and it’s cute. I hope my long review has helped..Version: 2.12.1

It’s good but...I love this game but there are some things that need to change . First I’ve had this game for two days and when they are teaching you how to play there are unlimited moves then they tell you that there are a limited number of moves and that bugs me because they just didn’t put limited moves at the start. There are so many makeover games that have the same challenges and I think they should be more original they added tweaks to make it there own but it is still the same. I think they should have more coins after every challenge 300 coins I don’t think is enough. Especially when you re-design the rooms they cost a lot of coins and I have to do a least 3 challenges to redecorate like they cost a lot of coins. Also the story line is different than the ads I don’t not like it but it is not completely different like other games like this. Overall this game is amazing I love it and I hope the creators see this so they can do a least one thing and if you are reading this to see if you want to download this I totally recommend this.Version: 2.3.1

Tedious to play for FreeThis is a really fun game, at first. But you have to have an endless amount of patience to actually play it for free. Pretty early on you end up having to successfully complete 2 or 3 mini games in order to "buy" one part of the makeover, like removing the characters makeup. Which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't give you puzzles that are nearly impossible to solve without the power ups that you have to buy with real money. You don't even make more in-game money for solving a more difficult puzzle, they all reward you the same amount. They also draw the story out so far that its extremely frustrating. First you get to remove whatever "ugly" clothing and makeup, then the character stands in a towel while you have to remove the gross stuff in their room, then you get to apply a little makeup, and then you have to spend like 3 real life days filling their dumb room with furniture before you can even put a new shirt on the character. So it's fun... but mostly tedious. They could make it so much more enjoyable if they made the makeover less expensive. I don't expect it to be nothing, but why the heck is removing or applying every single item of clothing a mini-transaction? The difficulty scales so much after the first two makeovers, that its not enjoyable to play. It gets 3 stars because it the character's stories are actually pretty cute, if you ever end up finishing them..Version: 2.5.1

To Much puzzles and to expensive also waste of timeThe reason I rate this a three is because literally if your going to download this don’t be cause you have to puzzles to earn coins and you can only get 300 for each puzzle it’s insane. Also to do task like brush the girls hair it’s like 450 tokens for it like . Urrrr 😡 I used to love this app but I hate it now I hate how you have to do freaking puzzles that are extremely frustrating and annoying that for a reward give you 300 coins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if y’all want this game make sure you save up yo coins. And be ready for hours of doing a stupid puzzle to earn only 300 coins for spending 3 hours of your Time doing this stupid puzzle. The best part about this app is that when your done saving up coins and buying stuff is to see your characters house of beatification you dressed them up but I’m warning you there’s levels that say like 450 to do hair 500 to 600😷🤧🤧😲😵😮😑😐🤔this is a waste of time don’t download also it gets old once in a while so. And this ain’t a puzzle app it’s project MAKEOVER not PROJECT PUZZLE stupids whoever made this game urrrr worst game everrrr about makeover James Charles could make a game better than this plzzz fix your app plz there must be another to earn money for example find a job in the city like in starbucks or something but sorry I am deleting this app horrible game.Version: 2.2.1

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I’m worried about influenceI love this game and all but I feel like that it could influence people to want to change others so u fit into “normal society”. If you look at influencers found on the internet on every platform children and vulnerable people can often follow along with what they see a fit person. I feel like that although the game’s characters are trying to help “ugly” men and women I believe these are not values a game aimed around tween girls should be projecting. And I saw one very goth character in the games and it says around the lines of that she should have a more modern makeover. In today’s modern society I think you should be free too look how ever u see fit as long as it’s not exploiting yourself or others without being shamed or called “ugly”. Everyone is beautiful makeover or not. (To anyone who reads this not I’m not a Karen or anything such just a girl expressing her thoughts and opinion.) Now overall I think it’s an ok game just some values may need to be changed. I do think there is room for improvement as every game does. The way the match three works I think needs to be improved as well as the in game currency..Version: 2.0.2

Fun at first, becomes too hard and boringThis game was fun at first but quickly became hard and boring. It was exciting to start with especially with the advertising but when you don’t have enough diamonds, it becomes extremely expensive to buy them to keep playing or getting boosters, well unless you just keep playing over and over again. This game doesn’t reward you for visiting others with coin to help with the game, unlike other games. Other games I play reward you for visiting other’s games, for having extra boosters left over, giving you boosters for each game completed and let you go back to previous completed activities to move things around, sell things, store things and more. Each section you finish you should be given a reward, so when you have completed the room, that’s one of say the three sections and you get diamonds and boosters or coins. This is all in American money from what I see and quite expensive. We should have houses where we have challenges and can collect rewards for taking part. Have a look at other games out there. Developers you really need to lift you game. This is not really worth playing much..Version: 2.0.2

Re: Great game, genuinely recommendRealised I forgot to add this in: I’m almost to lv 700 no problems, I honestly think the people complaining about the game being too hard/wanting infinite lives/not wanting the match 3 part don’t really want to be challenged - they just want to do the makeover part. IMO those people should probably download a different game because they’re not looking for what this game is giving them. To those people: There isn’t a problem with the game, and there isn’t a problem with you either, you’re just not really interested in the premise of this game (work for ya cash). I don’t think that’s something worth leaving bad reviews over. (That is, however, my opinion - feel free to disagree). People complaining about the match 3’s a match 3 game. If you don’t like that, go play a game that isn’t match 3, don’t complain to the developers about not liking that. I do agree that the ads are pretty misleading though - definitely something worth working on as I honestly think those ads undersell the best parts of the game. But it’s a free app with no ads, so some people need to chill a bit and just play something else if they don’t like the game. P.S. i am a real person not a bot and nobody paid me to write this review because this is a free ad-free game and the developers prob don’t make enough to pay me.Version: 2.10.1

Not as advertised & getting frustratingAs others have mentioned already; - this game is not as advertised. The makeovers are good (home and looks) but the game is not where you choose what they do or say in their social environments! Why advertise that if that’s not what the game is about? - this game is 70% candy crush/match 3 - you continually earn the same amount of coins (300 coins) for passing a level, no matter what level you’re on... why does this not increase as the cost of most tasks in makeovers are higher than this? - the levels are sometimes impossible to win without spending actual money on boosters or gems (until the game allows you to win) I’m done buying gems. It should not be this difficult to progress..Version: 2.8.1

It was fun for a while..I enjoyed it at the start, play a few games to earn coins so you can redecorate the room and do a makeup over on the person. However as you progress they make the levels harder to pass, so you playing the same level for days unless you want to spend money buying extra moves!! There is one thing to make each room and character have more things you need to do, which I will say is fun but then to make the levels impossible to pass, you get nowhere so it no longer fun at all. If you stuck with not much do to because of Covid, then play it but it will frustrate you so much that you will feel (like me) your time would be better spent watching Netflix or reading a book! Do yourself a favour and just delete the game, I feel better for it!!.Version: 2.13.1

Games for Coins InfuriatingLevels are often too hard and take too long to pass! The developers would be well aware of this due to all the feedback! Games get boring when you often can’t do anything, kinda no point right 🤷🏻‍♀️ On another app I’m well over level 1000, so taking days and days and days to complete make overs on this game is ridiculous! I refuse to spend any money, I would IF the game was more enjoyable and I knew I wasn’t just wasting further time/money for nothing..Version: 2.1.2

More ‘Candy Crush’ than MakeoverNot worth your time. I enjoyed the makeover aspect of this app, but unfortunately most of your time is spent playing Candy Crush style games to earn coins to allow you to do the makeover. Each game you earn 300 coins to spend on one part of the makeover, which can range from 150 to coins to 900+. Some levels take 15+ goes to win. Extremely frustrating and absolutely nothing to do with a makeover. It feels like a scam to make you buy coins and diamonds to allow you to proceed, which I was not willing to do. Such a shame, this could have been a great app..Version: 2.9.1

Waiting isn’t necessaryI think this game should not be a game with lives because people don’t want to wait they want to play. But the amount of time you have to wait isn’t necessary. This game is fun but I think waiting for lives to refill should be removed and something else should take it’s place. An example is instead of waiting for lives to refill every 10 minutes you get 3 of the same power up of your choice..Version: 2.1.2

Stop the candy crush!!Can the developers just create a game we can purchase one off and play for what it is?? I’m sick of not being able to finish off games unless you folk out lots of money to finish it. The process is rubbish and frustrating!! I enjoy the app for the idea, though it’s impossible without having to spend soy of money which is just a scam! Please just charge an amount you're happy with to purchase the app, so people can just enjoy the idea of the actual game. Stop these candy crush obstacles just to have to move forwards!! Please listen and change this process..Version: 2.4.1

The only game I’ve played continuouslyAbsolutely love this game. I get super bored really quickly of games but this is the longest time I’ve played a game! I’m on level 650 and would love for some of it to be like advertised, and some of the levels can be near impossible to pass (I’ve spent probably 4 days on one level once) but I never get bored! I love doing all the different makeovers in different scenarios..Version: 2.12.1

Good but needs improvementWhy do you only ever get $300 reward for passing the gaming levels yet the levels get harder and the make overs cost more and more?? The money you earn for passing a level should be determined by the amount of moves you do it in like most games and keep the prices more consistent. Charging $200 each item of clothing the person is taking off for the make over is ridiculous! There should be a one off strip cost including glasses and accessories. It is impossible to proceed with the make overs as the levels get harder with $300 maximum as the reward and its $900 to add a new bar or other furniture. Come on!.Version: 2.6.2

Fun but gets boring quicklyWhen it takes more than 10 games to finally beat a level, that’s boring! If you just want to play for fun and relaxation don’t bother with this game. If you like to get annoyed or frustrated playing games then get this game. It’s just the same as all the other matching games around. Add to that the reward of being able to makeover a room and a person to conform with a magazine view of the world (gotta look a certain way otherwise you’re not popular!!!) what’s not to love?.Version: 2.2.1

Don’t get sucked in!This game starts off very fun but eventually the levels are so hard it takes days or weeks to complete just ONE. So you try over and over and over and over…..again. The developers say they help if you get stuck but they don’t. They give you advice that you’ve tried already 100 times that didn’t work! Or maybe they’ll give 30 minutes of unlimited hearts that don’t help very much. Google to read reviews of equally frustrated players who left the game. There are a LOT of them. There are other similar fun games that don’t waste your time like this one. I gave this one a good go but really sick of wasting so much time. I’ll check the game occasionally in future and if the developers quit making levels impossible I will revise my review and score..Version: 2.13.1

Kaylee (9 years old)This app is good because it’s not only good for little kids but for teenagers and adults and it is also good because you don’t just pick out an outfit you actually earn money with the game and you actually get videos to see what’s going on back stage and it’s really fun and me myself I’m only nine years old and and think it’s really cool and fun so I think you should download this right now..Version: 2.0.2

Awesome game but just a few tweaks!I like this game a lot because it’s fun to design new people and rooms and see the before and after but I feel like I’m always having to do boosters more then I can do the actual makeover, and when I don’t get all the sunglasses or shirts I don’t get anything so I just feel like maybe we should get a little more money to do the makeover because I just feel like I barely get to do the makeover.Version: 2.12.1

Fun, but kinda frustratingThe game itself is so fun! The only thing that really irritates me is that as you progress through the characters, the cost for the makeover is a lot higher. That’s not the issue tho, this issue is that despite this, the money you earn from the challenges remains the same. It literally takes you completing THREE challenges WHICH ARE SO HARD, to add one thing, the a chair or a pair of pants. It’s SO ANNOYING to the point where I sometimes can’t even be bothered to play. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE !!.Version: 2.7.1

Change the levels to get money!!!So I am at level 22 on the way to get money and I am really ANGRY I have tried to complete it but I CAN NOT 1: you need to make it so you at least have a chance at doing it. Like as the levels get harder you could make it so you have more goes on it like you only get 25 or whatever goes to try and I keep running out!!!!!😡 second of all make it so you can send the green money on stuff to create the rooms and make the people better! I keep needing to try levels but I am stuck on level 22 so I can’t get past the person! Please creator of this game see this review and maybe consider doing some changes! Other than those bad things it’s a fun game! I like it it is challenging fun and interesting!.Version: 2.4.1

Fun at the start but Annoying by 2nd makeover!!This game is fun, however I’m disappointed that you have to collect coins to be able to use them to give makeovers! Most of your time will be spent actually just trying to collect coins and some of the challenges are almost impossible. You only get 5 chances to collect coins and then it times out and you have to wait until your turns to collect coins or ofcourse spend money. I wait until my lives have been restored and then I have another 5 chances to collect coins. You can only win a maximum of 300 coins per round which isnt sufficient to buy your ‘project’ a makeover!It shouldn’t even be called Project Makeover as all you end up spending time doing is trying to collect coins to buy clothes and furniture got the actual makeover!.Version: 2.6.2

Little to do without paying $$. Forced to play match games to make progress in the game.The match games are annoying, and rather difficult to pass at times. You will have to spend either money or long periods of time on the matching game to make only small progress in the main game. I’m uninstalling because it’s not worth my time. I’d bother If the match game levels gave more coins so I was able to move through the ‘Make Over’ at a more enjoyable pace. It’s 90% matching tiles, 5% tapping through lengthy storyline talking and 5% makeover. I gave it an extra star because at least you don’t have to use extra coins when choosing the items you prefer. Also, the adds are gross and body shaming..Version: 2.9.1

Fun but could be improved!I think the game is so so much fun! I love the idea behind it! In saying that, I still have some criticisms! - It’s way too hard for kids! - Lives take too long to refill. - It’s annoying when I spend days on a level and then have to spend that money just to take off the characters shoes.... some of the tasks are so stupid and it’s frustrating especially when the levels are not easy! - Some of the characters change too much... eg. the goth girl is already so cute and quirky and then the game makes you change her into a completely different person.. like why not keep the same goth style but just new clothes and furniture? Why completely change her looks and lifestyle? Not everyone wants to look like a boring square. The game would be better if these aspects were looked at and changed :).Version: 2.9.1

Pleaseee make this game easierI am enjoying this game and I really want to keep playing. I thought it would be something relaxing to do to help me unwind. However, please pleaseee make the matching challenges easier!! I cannot tell you how long I have been stuck on my current challenge and I am getting so frustrated at the fact that I want to proceed with the makeover but I can’t!! Im close to just giving up altogether and that would be really disappointing :/.Version: 2.15.2

Great Game So Far!I’m really enjoying this game so far, although I’m only on my second makeover. I like the fact that you are transforming both the person and their living space, also that the different makeovers have different objectives. I also like that it doesn’t cost anything extra to change options before the final reveal. The backstage drama adds an extra layer of interest, and I like being able to play a few levels of the match-3 games at a time so you can build up the coins. And NO ADS, which is a huge plus! The only question I have is, what do the green money notes or tickets (or whatever they are) actually do?.Version: 1.3.3

Constant directions on what to do frustratingI like this app but I stopped playing for one reason. After playing this games for the last 10minutes I’d like to make it clear that yes, I I got the gist of how to play this game and I knew what to do in the first 2minutes, it’s not rocket science I don’t need constant reminding how to play puzzles that are basically like candy crush, soda crush and what not. I got highly frustrated by this and left the game. It’s fine to show players how to play the first two times you purchase an item of clothing and that you have to play a candy crush version puzzle to get money and what not but perhaps there should be a help button that people can press after being shown what to do in the first 2minutes. This is the only reason why I gave the game 3 stars. Apart from being told what to do every 30seconds I did like the game..Version: 2.0.2

Becomes a money trapI loved this game for the first makeover or 2, but being able to actually do the makeovers (piece by small piece) requires hours and hours in this puzzle section of the app, to earn currency to enable the makeover (it costs hundreds of ‘dollars’ to remove clothing, item by item (which takes forever)), and the currency itself becomes incredibly difficult to procure, to the extent that you can’t do it without buying loads of gems/other assists. In the end, after literally hours trying to complete a single round (winning no dollars at all) and spending about $60 REAL dollars towards props that would help me complete the round (all so I could remove one more piece of clothing or clean one part of their body, before going back to the grind for hours to ‘earn’ more currency in the app) - I had to realise I’d been had, and I’m deleting the app. I don’t recommend this beyond a couple of hours at the outset, where the challenges are relatively easy until they ‘hook’ you for real cash (and a lot of it). More fool me..Version: 2.15.2

Fun to play- but it’s pretty much candy crushReally enjoyed playing this at the start, but when you get to level 80 and you can’t pass the level for days it becomes quite frustrating. There are no easy quick levels with a couple of hard it’s all hard. Price for make overs seems to be increasing but the reward for completing a make over is exactly the same. Makes it really hard to enjoy playing a game when you can only actually play it for about 10 minutes a week before your coins run out..Version: 2.6.2

UnfairThis game is awesome and I do enjoy playing it. The part that is u fair is the fact that Project Makeover CONTINUOUSLY cuts out! Like the screen goes black and then it fully closes down and takes me to my main home screen. It’s very infuriating as it does this most times when I am doing a makeover and I’ve spent coins (a lot) and when I go back into the game it restarts and IVE LOST COINS I do not get them back and when I continue with the makeover it takes that hole amount of coins again! Please may this be rectified ASAP!?.Version: 2.3.1

Enjoyable but slowThe makeovers are enjoyable but some of the clothes are not very interesting or don’t match well. I’ve done 6 makeovers and that’s all there is. Been waiting weeks for a new makeover but there seems to be no new ones coming soon. Will give up if there is nothing new in the next week or 2. Some of the levels are impossible without spending money, so if you want to advance, expect to spend big! Most games have a minimum game spend of $1.49 but in this game it is $2.99 so it costs twice as much as other games..Version: 2.0.2

Strong start, but gave upThe game started really well, and I was hooked for the first make over. Then I started the second one and I couldn’t win the 15th “bejewelled” level. It was far too hard, with too little turns for a realistic chance at winning without spending days and re-doing it multiple times. Overall good game, would have kept playing if it was easier to win some games, or put in a few short ads so we don’t have to pay to play......Version: 2.9.1

Amazing and increasingly addictive BUT....!!Wow! When I first opened the game I was thoroughly impressed by it’s layout and quality. I found the home styling, originality and the dramas, the ability to visit other players and much more very unique. However, when I started playing the candy crush inspired games, I’ve noticed there was a very big flaw in it. It’s too hard! I dislike the t shirts and sunglasses levels. They are so hard and leave me no choice but purchase, which I refused to do for now. Please please PLEASE make it easier! This is too hard and I have scrolled through reviews and I’m sure others agree the same. 0ther than that, amazing game! Please make it easier. Thank you!.Version: 2.13.1

Enjoy the puzzlesCurrently on level 1175 the game is simple but wll thought out to the point where you want to keep playing, my only complaint is the game glitches by shutting off at the worst of times. Unfortunately at first I didn’t think much of it but it’s becoming a regular occurrence and at times where it makes me think its not a glitch but the games way of taking my lives, as it regularly happens when i am constantly winning, or on a fashion streak where i am also constantly winning and if i have free games it will sometimes cut put every second or third game. For this reason i have stopped purchasing gems as the lives lost do not get reimbursed its a disappointment considering the money put in and the lives taken is quite substantial for a game where there is not monetary return..Version: 2.15.2

Really fun but frustratingI love this game but it’s really frustrating. I was excepting a simple fun game where you can dress people up and enjoy it, but nooo, you have to play some mind boggling candy crush thing to earn 300 coins per level. I do really like this game though. It’s very fun and I love how you can change the room too. I would of gladly given this 5 stars but that candy crush nightmare, unfortunately lost you my 5th star. Thanks for reading my concern✌️.Version: 2.9.1

Enjoyable but flawedThis game is enjoyable, the drama and the make overs are fun and even in the beginning I didn’t mind the “candy crush like matching game” that earns the coins to do make overs. However. 1- The game states the “cash” you win is used to complete the make overs, yet you can only use it to dress your avatar which serves no point in the game. 2- the levels get harder (not very well thought out levels) and the prices for make over gets more expensive, yet the reward stays the same. This is something that needs to be addressed. I am at a level which is unable to be passed without purchases due to bad layout and so can not continue making the game pointless. I believe if the rewards were higher for harder levels or the further along you got it would be much more fun. I know this is early stages of the game. It’s worth a download even more so if you are happy to purchase gems to buy game boosters lives ect just needs fixing!.Version: 1.4.1

Great game, butHello, I think this game is a great game, though it’s annoying that I wait 5 hours expecting like 20 lives, then I forget that the limit is 5. It annoys me sometimes as I have bad memory problems, adding on ADHD. Though, not everyone has this problem and I understand why there is a limit. I also would like to mention that the coins you need for renovations is a little bit over priced to me. Though, it is just my opinion. I still like the game as it is and my niece loved it. Thank you for reading this, sincerely, Catherine..Version: 2.6.2

Slightly SexistI’ve seen reviews on this and I respect you opinion if you disagree I just think that this app is a little bit sexist because when I first opened the app it immediately started of with creating a very feminine look, and don’t even get me started on the ads. The ads make it as if people with their own style which isn’t girly or female have a low fashion IQ. I think that is completely sexist. Everyone can wear whatever they want and don’t have to be categorised because of their gender. I haven’t played far enough if this changes but if it doesn’t I highly ask you to add it so that there will be makeup and heels but also have a less gendered look..Version: 2.2.1

Candy crush; but with an objectiveTo be able to makeover any of the clients- you have to earn coins from the “candy crush” style levels. I personally enjoy these levels more than candy crush, and the objective of making over a client by slowly buying each step of the makeover is motivating- but also at times, a little frustrating. You are awarded 300 coins per level, and they get extremely hard to complete without paying for boosters. It recently took me one whole day of attempting a level before I passed it! The game is fun, and I like it- but I will probably stop playing soon (currently level 130) because I don’t wish to pay for it..Version: 2.3.1

Its really goodI don’t care what the bad reviews say, but this app is FABULOUS. It has good graphics, great backstorys and how ut explains why this person needs a makeover so you know what the need. The puzzels and things a kinda hard but i like how you can get mystery boxes from them. You can add what you get in the boxes without paying coins. I also find it really relaxing and you can unleash the creativity in this game and the best thing.... ITS ADD FREE! Most games have adds but this one doesn’t. I really like and i think you should download it too. This js my review on ProjectMakover. 😇😅.Version: 2.3.1

Good but annoying.Great game for the most part but there’s some mechanics about the gameplay that really annoy me. If you combine a rainbow power up with a bomb or fireworks, you get a bunch of them spawning on the board. However it seems each tile can only be hit once, so if for example you have 4 shirts piled up and it gets hit by 4 different power ups, the tile is only counted as being hit once and you only lose 1 shirt. Can you please discuss changing this so if a tile is hit multiple times it will correctly reflect?.Version: 2.0.1

Project makeoverIt was addicting but not any more! This game is great but the levels are very hard which makes the game a big disappointment! I’m trying to solve the same problem everyday! So I would like you to make an upgrade for that immediately. Overall this game is acceptable, but I still recommend that urgent upgrade for levels to become easier. One last thing, I think there isn’t enough clothes for your clients or yourself to dress into. I hope you fix these problems.👍 Thank you..Version: 2.17.1

In-app purchases charges CC double for 1 purchase!!!!I actually liked this game.. aside from it sometimes being impossible to complete levels without purchasing. However, my issue is that twice now when I have made 1 app purchase (gems) my CC has been charged twice. I have tried to dispute this but all I get back is “not eligible for a refund”. I don’t understand why you charge me double for purchasing 1 thing and then refuse to even help me figure out why. You’re just happy to take the money twice and then throw your hands up in the air and refuse responsibility. I’m so not happy.Version: 2.4.1

Pay to win at higher levelsIt was fun until you go to the higher levels until it’s literally pay to win to progress. I’m stuck at this level (nearly lv300) and I’ve been grinding for a week every time the lives fill up to no avail. There have been lots of time when I literally needed one more move to clear the level, sometimes many games in a row like. I just don’t have enough free diamonds to pay for extra moves multiple game in a row. This game just wants to to give them money for diamonds so that you can buy the extra moves. Maybe they should includes a way to earn diamonds by watching ads, otherwise it’s really hard to earn it for a free to pay player..Version: 2.9.1

Keeps getting out of the appSo I actually love this game and I’ve been playing it for a while now and I haven’t faced any problems except the fact that it keeps getting out of the app while I am playing. I mean I wouldn’t mind it if it happened once or twice but it happens every minute and also if I am playing the candy crush part and it gets out I loose the level and a life. Otherwise a really great game, u should play it!!!😊😊.Version: 2.4.1

Terrible but also not badMy opinion; I feel like after level 20 and level 30 the stages get harder, and whenever I want to play the game, I’ve waited for my hearts to refill because I play it every night before bed and in the morning and in the morning once, it said I had zero hearts and waited 9 hours just for it to say “sorry! You can’t play because your hearts aren’t filled!” It drives me crazy. If you could this problem I would appreciate very much and continue to play much more.Version: 2.12.1

Games good but beware …The game is fun but beware that you need to ensure you don’t spend all your coins and gems on clothes/decorating items otherwise you won’t have any to use to purchase extra time on the games that you need to win to get more coins and gems! It’s very hard to win games without extra time so be careful otherwise you could end up spending a fortune literally on this game It’s also really brimming annoying (and strategic on the developers part) how during a game the screen comes up with works like fabulous which throws you off and means you can do anything on screen until the stupid pic leaves the screen 😡.Version: 2.17.1

Candy Crush in disguise!This game is just Candy Crush in disguise! You spend more time playing faux fashion Candy Crush than you with any of the makeovers. The game is not how it is advertised. A few things to be aware of before signing up: 1. In order to complete the make overs you need to earn coins - which you do by completing the faux fashion Candy Crush (CC) levels; 2. The CC levels get progressively harder, however, the reward you get remains the same; 3. The price you have to pay for items to complete a make over also become more expensive and you have to start paying for silly things like removing make up or removing the characters’ old clothes; 4. You also earn ‘cash’ but that is only usable to dress your own avatar which is all a bit pointless and can’t be traded in to help with the makeovers. The game is structured in a way to encourage you to buy gems to trade in for extra CC turns and boosters in the CC games. This is all very disappointing, because the make over bits are actually fun. Although, they take up about 5% of your time when playing the game!.Version: 2.2.1

Fun until it takes 10 turns to pass a levelThe ad for the game was very click-baity, but the game itself is more about helping people than making fun of them. The game itself addresses what a lot of these types of games miss; I’ve won a level, so what now? The makeover and paying for make over through winning games makes this game a notch above others and I enjoyed playing this game as I found it to be very relaxing. However, when you get to the harder levels, you can’t pass a level within 10 tries unless you pay for extra boosts, which involves spending real money. I’m here to relax not to spend forever on a level getting frustrated. So after my current make over is finished, I won’t be continuing to play..Version: 2.9.1

Candy crush levels too hardI like the makeover side of the game, it’s cute and interesting. Although more options (than just 3 per object) to pick from would be great! However, I just deleted this app because the stupid candy crush levels are too hard and take too long to get through. I did not download this game to play candy crush, I would have just downloaded candy crush if that’s what I wanted to play. It is more that than a make over game. I became uninterested and bored of doing the same level over and over again trying to earn enough coins to do ONE (if that) make over step!.Version: 2.3.1

Harmful and Degrading GameThis game itself is inherently harmful by perpetuating beauty stereotypes. Marketed towards children, particularly younger girls, this game dictates what is ‘in fashion’ and what is not. In the very first simulation, the first action that must be undertaken to ‘beautify’ a woman is to remove her glasses. In doing this, the game directly tells children that glasses are ugly and in order to be beautiful, you must remove them. This archaic stereotype created to control women (particularly academic women) is reframed in a fun way, as girls who wear glasses no doubt feel insecure. Interestingly, in the ads for this game, the player is instructed to put glasses on a male, further highlighting the gender bias that runs deep in this game. Furthermore, where women have to change themselves through both makeup and hair to feel ‘ready for her job’, this same level of thoroughness is not visible for men. By playing this game, rather than having fun, we are painfully reminded of all the expectations our society places on outward appearance as they position people to be ‘in desperate need of a makeover’..Version: 2.15.2

More of Candy Crush stuff than actual fashion stuffIt is an okay game at best. You have to play a million of fake Candy Crush mini games to earn the game currency to further progress each stage and what you earn from those mini games ain't shiet. This game just wants to milk people to put money into it to speed up the process of mini games, not even guaranteeing that you will get through them. Each stage of mini games give you 300 dollars and it is not enough to even pay for a thing. Very smart at making money but also very low quality for what you actually pay for. Think before you download..Version: 1.6.1

Fun but expensiveAgree with other reviewers. The games is a lot of fun, has really good quality graphics and interesting storylines. As you progress the levels get harder. As I progressed through the game I would play a level 3 or 4 times before buying boosters otherwise the game became tedious. I did spend a lot of money on this game ($50 AUD/week). I almost reached level 500, built a nice inventory of clothing and furnishings for my avatar, consistently visited other players to build a friend base - but lost everything including all my carefully curated makeovers when I reinstalled the game! I didn’t have the heart to start from scratch again..Version: 2.14.1

Too difficultThe beginning of a good concept but the amount of work required is excessive. I’m only on the third makeover and the puzzle is too difficult. I’ve played many similar puzzle games and have had no issues… Particularly the initial hundred of levels. Each component of the makeover charges a high amount of money. Take off a hat? 300 coins. Take off glasses? Take off shirt? Take off pants? Wash hair? Remove painting? Remove furniture? You get the gist. Every possible action they can take is created and will require a fee. This fee is paid for by coins which you earn through puzzles which are too difficult. While the result of the makeover is satisfying, it still isn’t worth the time input..Version: 2.16.1

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Project Makeover
Magic Tavern, Inc.
Puzzle, Simulation
285.718.528 BYTES
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Make it happen!
Project Makeover 2.17.1 Update

Version 2.17.1 (2021-07-21): PROJECT MAKEOVER is unleashing two new guests for twice the fun! Send a pirate’s old style to walk the plank and help a budding fashion designer live her dreams! Build your avatar’s Closet Rating to make your mark on the leaderboards and claim stunning new director rooms in the Avatar World! -NEW MAKEOVERS! -NEW FEATURES! -NEW OBSTACLE! -NEW LEVELS!.

Version 2.16.1 (2021-07-07): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s new guest has a style that’s gone stale! Help transform this seasoned entrepreneur and her food truck into something fresh! We’re serving up delicious new obstacles and levels, too! Enjoy! -NEW MAKEOVER: Time to spice things up! -NEW SALE: Summertime Sale is here! -NEW OBSTACLE: Open the blinds, reveal what’s hidden! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.15.2 (2021-06-23): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest has traded life in the big city for new start in the sticks! Help this city slicker by building up her confidence, creating a comfortable space, and coordinating a style that’ll make her as happy as a pig in the mud. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo! -NEW MAKEOVER: Don’t get her knickers in a knot! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.14.1 (2021-06-09): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s next guest needs a new look, new room, and some newfound confidence. After all, he’s expecting more than just your help…this father-to-be is expecting a baby! -NEW MAKEOVER: From gamer to father figure! -NEW EVENT: Show off your Passion for Fashion! -NEW SALE: London Fashion Week! -NEW OBSTACLE: Break the bracelet! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.13.1 (2021-05-26): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest needs your help upgrading her archaic style, renovating her antiquated office, and gaining the confidence to tackle the biggest dig of her archaeology career. It won’t be easy, but don’t throw in the trowel! -NEW MAKEOVER: Update an archaeologist’s wardrobe from Stone Age to stylish! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.12.1 (2021-05-12): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest may be a boxing champion, but outside the ring she’s a true fashion underdog. Help elevate her gym from drab to fab and make over her look with a one-two punch of style! -NEW MAKEOVER: Float like a butterfly, style like a pro! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.11.2 (2021-04-29): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest is out of this world! Hit the runway in our Fashion Show event, and enjoy a new obstacle, levels, and a special Mother’s Day Sale! -NEW MAKEOVER! -NEW FEATURE: How does your closet stack up? -NEW EVENT: Fashion Show event! -NEW OBSTACLE: Scented Candles! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.10.1 (2021-04-16): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest will have you pining to be the teacher’s pet! Enjoy two new events, a fresh obstacle, and 60+ new levels! -NEW MAKEOVER: Teach this principal a lesson in fashion! -NEW EVENTS: Enjoy our Jet Setter and Shopping Spree events! -NEW OBSTACLE: Hack away at the Hardwoods! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.9.1 (2021-03-29): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest needs your help getting her style and office on the mend! Create a friendly environment for a doctor’s young patients and help her rekindle her passion for medicine while enjoying 60+ new levels! Don’t miss out on our Easter sale! -NEW MAKEOVER: Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.8.1 (2021-03-17): Bet the farm on PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest, who needs your help cultivating a new look for a date! Transform his weathered barn into a posh hangout while taking on 60+ new levels! -NEW MAKEOVER: Can you help the farmer? Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! -NEW OBSTACLE: Those hair dryers are full of more than hot air! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.7.1 (2021-03-01): PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest is a blast from the past! Help her lose the gnarly nostalgic look and ensure her fashion future remains bright, but don’t have a cow at the new obstacles and levels! -NEW MAKEOVER: Get ready for big hair, bold makeup, loud colors, and legwarmers galore! -NEW OBSTACLE: Measure up to the tape measures! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.6.2 (2021-02-08): Aid PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest and see if a picture is worth 1,000 words! Help a photographer create a legacy, but focus on the new obstacles and levels! Get ready for the Sweetest Day sale, coming soon! -NEW MAKEOVER: She photographs rare animals, but it’s her look that’s endangered! -NEW OBSTACLE: Open the bags to clear your path! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.5.1 (2021-01-27): Prepare for the biggest mission PROJECT MAKEOVER has ever seen! Help a guest find his identity as a family man while dodging new obstacles across 60+ new levels! -NEW MAKEOVER: An undercover guest needs your help with his kitchen, but the results could be explosive! -NEW OBSTACLES: Keep your eyes peeled for shiny jewels! -NEW Levels!.

Version 2.4.1 (2021-01-13): "PROJECT MAKEOVER’s latest guest is better than sliced bread! Aid a baker in finding the ingredients for an amazing new look while enjoying brand new levels and obstacles! -NEW MAKEOVER: Help a baker whose store burnt to a crisp! -NEW OBSTACLES: Collect Moths and save the Sweaters, but watch out for Brick Walls! -NEW Levels!".

Version 2.3.1 (2020-12-30): PROJECT MAKEOVER strikes a chord with a shy client who dreams of pop stardom! Take on a brand new obstacle and new levels as you continue to show off your fashion skills. -NEW MAKEOVER: Hit a high note with “Face the Music” -NEW OBSTACLE: Stitch together buttons, but don’t get sewn up in the process! -60+ NEW Levels!.

Version 2.2.1 (2020-12-16): PROJECT MAKEOVER goes back to the drawing board to give an artist a class on style! Enjoy a new obstacle, avatar items, and levels, more backstage drama, and a new event! -NEW MAKEOVER: “Blank Canvas” -NEW EVENT: Treasure Chests – Dec. 22-24 -NEW OBSTACLE: Don’t get blown over by fans! -MORE BACKSTAGE DRAMA! -NEW AVATAR ITEMS! -60+ NEW Levels! -Bug fixes!.

Version 2.1.2 (2020-12-07): PROJECT MAKEOVER is making waves with a beach bunny in need of your fashion skills, plus there’s even more drama happening backstage! Grab new clothes and items for your avatar and dressing room, and tackle exciting new levels with fresh obstacles to overcome. -NEW MAKEOVER: Bring the coastal cool with “Beach Bummer!” -MORE DRAMA: There’s been a kidnapping! -NEW AVATAR FASHIONS AND ITEMS! -NEW OBSTACLES: Drive red convertibles, and blast the board with makeup palettes! -NEW Levels! -Bug fixes!.

Version 2.0.2 (2020-11-15): The cameras are rolling once more on PROJECT MAKEOVER with new features for directors to enjoy! -NEW AVATAR ROOM FEATURES: Customize your dressing room with furniture and exciting new decorations to show off your unique style. -10 NEW LANGUAGES: We’ve added support for French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and Arabic! -Bug fixes! Thank you for playing!.