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King Robert needs your help to restore Royal Castle’s former glory. Break the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to beat joyful and challenging levels! Keep unlocking wonderful areas by playing fun match-3 levels! Come along now and join the fun!

Once you play, you will come for Royal Match every day!

Royal Match features:
• A new unique taste in match-3 levels with amusing obstacles and fun levels!
• Collect loads of coins in bonus levels!
• Lots of powerful boosters await for you to unlock them!
• Open amazing chests to win magnificent rewards!
• Restore the Royal Castle into an amazing and wonderful place!
• Explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens, and many more exciting areas!

Royal Match App User Reviews & Comments

Extremely inconsistent difficultyThe sound and graphics are superb, however the difficulty of the levels is rigged. “Super Hard” levels are typically not any harder than regular levels and regular levels are often incredibly hard. Sometimes the new pieces that fall to fill in are random and sometimes they are clearly predetermined to prevent you from succeeding (checkerboard arrangements). I have noticed that 90% of the time when I lose a level, there is only one goal item left to complete the level, and the step needed to complete the level is visible. This is set up to make you spend coins to complete that last move. I have never purchased anything in this game nor will I ever. They don’t deserve it. I would rather give money to games that at least attempt to be fair..Version: 4104

Too hardI can’t believe it when I see previews of this game when the king is under water or some other situation . I just don’t believe it . I’m only on maybe the 10th level and I can’t beat it . I don’t have Facebook or am rewarded with goodies to advance to much higher levels . Why is it so difficult to get that far it makes it boring and a waste of my time and it’s impossible to keep downloading it and start from scratch . Even other games like Homescapes I see the guy in precarious situations like kings and think it must be in the much higher levels that I believe is impossible to achieve. What gives.Version: 4490

Same ole same oleAs many match 3 games that I’ve deleted Home & Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Lily’s Garden and Pennie & Flo I’m sure more you play this game and it’s great for about 80 levels then it becomes crazy hard to finish a level and you can’t move forward if I have to spend $20 each time I get stuck to move forward and all my boosters to move forward something is not right with the game I refuse to buy for any of these games anymore. I’ve been through six match three games in six months. Still playing June’s Journey a full year in I do buy stuff occasionally with them but it’s a satisfying game moving forward I will never buy anything in these games it’s a waste of money. Oh an the ads for these games never are the game it’s a con job..Version: 3981

False advertisementI have seen multiple ads for this game where you are saving the king from being killed in one way or another. After about a month, I decided to downstage game. 10 levels in and I’m not saving the king. It’s not even a thing. Why do creators of apps think it’s ok to advertise a game as one thing and it’s not like that at all! If you think your advertising is catching people’s eyes to download the game, why in the heck wouldn’t you make the game like your advertisement? You guys are a bunch of fools and I deleted the game within a day. The garden and mansion games are advertising the same thing and only implemented it recently after advertising it for a long time. I deleted those too. Make your games like the advertisement or stop advertising it!.Version: 3981

Takes coinsI’m leaving 5 stars so people will see it this game randomly takes ur coins without you even spending them it has happen several times like today I started with 1641 coins it randomly took 600 so it showed I had 1041 coins and right before I was going to need them to get more lives it took my coins to 141 so now I don’t have enough to get more lives unless I buy them it’s even took more coins than it was supposed to when I have used them to get lives and it happens often !!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4306

Ads too traumatic for kids !!I, much like others I’ve read in these reviews, downloaded the game just so I could leave a review. My children, who are between the ages of 5 and 11, have no business seeing ads depicting someone drowning in a pool, being burned to death, or at risk of being crushed by spikes. Even as an adult, the thought of “oh I better pass the level or I’m gonna be the cause of the king drowning” is a trigger for anxiety. I do NOT need my children experiencing that at a young age. How are you gonna market a game towards children with such a terrible theme ?!?! I pray that you creators don’t have kids because if you do, you’re probably raising them to be traumatized towards death. Get it together and fix your ads/content!!!.Version: 4388

Another “RANDOM” LYING DEVELOPERThe person(s) responsible for this lying, cheating, thieving piece of garbage is just like the rest…hiding in their anonymity. They create misleading “cartoony” gameplay that appeals to children…to steal money from their parents. The game is genuinely fun until the developer decides “RANDOM” gameplay cannot be “RANDOM” any longer or else nobody will buy the extras…then the manipulation of the levels begin. If a player need vertical pieces…all he will get are horizontal pieces. IF YOU SEE A LIGHTBALL APPEAR, NOTICE THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF TURNS… The boosters ALMOST NEVER APPEAR in adjacent squares…that they do rarely is probably the ONLY random event in this game. If you blow something up and clear a large part of the board…please know that will be very few matches near any goal you are trying to work. Like the other cheating developers, these guys withhold items normally awarded and put them in storage so you can—not only win them as part of gameplay, but now you can buy what you have already won in the “piggybank” . These people are so corrupt they turned off their “HELP” button because people pointed out their continuing duplicity…ENJOY!!!!.Version: 4902

Once again...Game is nothing like the ad. And like pretty much all of these games, it doesn’t take incredibly long before you have no choice but to pay. I agree with another reviewer who stated that it won’t be so bad if you paid one flat price and unlocked a version where you don’t have to keep paying. But this crap can get ridiculously expensive quickly. I would even be willing to watch an ad. But that’s not an option either. The level I’m on now is pretty much impossible so the app will get deleted. I gave it two stars instead of one because the game is fun and the graphics are nice. But I guess I’ll kiss this one goodbye as well..Version: 4104

Fun!The concept and graphics are a little more silly than I generally prefer, but this game won me over with its gameplay: it starts very simple, but it becomes more complex; there are a variety of strategies and challenges; and it is in fact possible to play without an open wallet (tho I always encourage some IAPs to support developers who make a good game). There’s also something of a “team” component—mostly supporting others in a group and getting help in return—that’s not too demanding. Overall, a clever, fun, colorful game..Version: 4490

Was fun but so predictableHey I would have given this 4 stars even 5 but now it’s a definite Hard 3. It’s like a slot machine. It’s up the the house to decide. And let’s face it the house wants you to feel what gamblers feel so you buy things so you clear a board. Problem is - it’s every board. So after you play a few hundred your bogged down- a board might last you days even weeks. You might complain then all of a sudden you clear a board… here’s what even crazier— the hard and super hard— blow through them- but the normal boards holy cow—- your stuck on them for 30 lives easily. There’s no chance here… it’s pure house rules. So rockets will form to clear a row but all of a sudden they will all go the way you don’t need… or the bombs and rockets and helicopter things will only be in one side of the board when you are trying to clear the other…or even this -they know the amount of turns you ACTUALLY need to clear a board… your always short…..Version: 4490

Fun but not as advertisedThis is a fun and addictive game but…. If you are coming here from advertisements, it is NOT what you see. There are NO levels where you get to “rescue” the king. The game is fun. It does have its glitches where you try to swipe one direction and it goes another direction instead. But the graphics are great and it is a fun game overall. Great way to kill time. You can play this game without spending a single penny but you do have to have patience when waiting to get your lives back. Plus some “regular” levels are super hard and “super hard” levels are ridiculously easy. If you’re looking for a fun game to help kill time this is the game!!.Version: 4943

So Much Fun!I just got this game yesterday and am already on level 50. This game is very relaxing and I enjoy getting to see the different rooms come together. I never get levels that are too hard and there’s lots of cool boosters that you get. It’s great because there’s no ads at all. The animations and look great. My only complaint is the little animation the king does whenever you complete a room is a little weird but I can live with that. Definitely one of the better match games! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4202

Love/Hate relationshipI love playing this game and all the graphics, etc. However, you don’t get nearly enough moves to pass each level unless you use specials which cost money if you don’t have enough. There are more hard and extremely hard levels than easy levels and sometimes the easy levels even take a while to beat. I’m fine with having challenging levels but at least give us enough moves to at least come close to passing the level without using money or having to play the level for a week before being able to finally beat it. I have played numerous games like this but for some reason the levels in this game are ridiculously hard to pass. Please give us more moves or make the levels a little easier to pass..Version: 4490

This is a really fun game!This game has officially become my fav goto when I’m bored. I’ve had a lot of puzzle games that I’ve downloaded & then deleted because they got too hard. This has different puzzles that don’t repeat & an extra cool part of this game is that if you have the power up bonus that comes when you win 3 games in a row, they don’t go away if you have won the game & then have to turn it off. So if you have the bonus power ups, you finish the game you’re playing & win, you turn the game off & when you open the app your bonus power ups are still there until you break your winning streak! Another perk is that if you’re playing & you get interrupted for whatever & you turn your screen off without closing the app, it keeps your place without restarting the game - major plus for me!.Version: 4306

I Am Really Liking This Game Until NowI am enjoying this game. But now it is getting hard and less enjoyable. I believe I am at level 100 give or take. The levels are getting very hard and I swear some levels I will play 15-20 times before I can win. And of course I lose everything. As soon as you get your head above water, another extra hard level comes along and you lose everything again. I do not know if I am not playing it right, or I am a bad player, or just not getting it. But when it takes you 15-20 tries to get through one level and you lose everything, the enjoyment goes right out the window..Version: 4490

Beware $$$$The first thing I want to say about this game is that when I saw an ad for it, the levels the ad showed were never shown in the game and I made it to level 179. I feel like if a level is advertised, I should at least see it in the game at some point, or even a bonus level. If you want to reach very high levels in this game expect TO PAY SOME MONEY or use all your boosters and coins very fast. I would rather watch an ad to earn coins or boosters rather than pay money to continue playing this game. Just like most ads for these games, this developer once again has done the bait and switch. I will say the game is fun but became frustrating very fast after about a week of play because I feel I was expected to spend money. I also expected to at least earn rewards for coming back to play every day like most games give you. Not cool, developers! I promptly deleted it after much frustration. Don’t waste your time and most definitely don’t waste your money. The only good thing about this game is that the graphics were very good..Version: 3892

Costly gameI really liked this at first and didn’t mind too much watching the ads. Then you reach a point where you cannot win without paying for more time. They only give you five more plays with each purchase, games start requiring multiple purchases of extra plays which go up exponentially in coin cost, any leftover extra plays that you paid for disappear at the end of that round. The final straw was that deleting the game from my iPad and downloading again does not restart at round one but remembers which round you left at so you are stuck at the “pay bunches of real money” to play stage. It’s gone forever from my device..Version: 3981

Tricks you into wasting coinsFor the most part I like the game, but I DESPISE how it makes you confirm multiple times that you are ending a round. So many times I’ve ended it once, twice, then click to where the restart level usually is, only to have it confirming a third dang time and I’ve just wasted 900 coins because the button is in the exact same place and I know 5 turns isn’t enough to win. I hate this so much that I’ll be deleting, even though I like the game play. In the same vein, it’s ridiculous that it makes me rewatch a room being completed and I can’t speed it up or cancel watching. When I have a timer with unlimited lives or boosters, it’s such a waste of my time. I try not to end a room when I have a timer but sometimes I forget and then I’m irritated all over again..Version: 4902

Yay!I love your game! Thank you for fixing the update! Most Other games make you pay for more than 5 lives. In this game your teammates can give you up to 15 lives at one time! So yeah you only have 15 lives but there are lots of power ups and ways you can get infinite life for 30 minutes! I can play this for hours with 15 lives. It’s addicting. The only thing I didn’t like was that the ad showed the game completely different than it actually is but I can’t stop playing so 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 4490

Love it, but…I’ve been playing this game for awhile now - so kudos to the developers for making it so engaging and fun! I’m on level 355 so obviously I’ve spent a lot of time playing, but I’m coming to realize that I’m also spending a lot of money over time. Some say they don’t spend a penny on this game which is great for them, but it’s not me. Maybe I’m not as patient when I get stuck and too frustrated to continue without several extra moves to pass the level (which of course, costs money). I really don’t mind paying some for the game - it does provide me with a lot of entertainment. But there has to be a limit. I would pay for the game outright, if that was a possibility, maybe up to $50. But 10, 20 bucks every time I can’t pass a level on my own? I’m investing too much money on a game. I’m going to have to look for a new hobby. Also, please, please, please change how the level ends. It asks you if you want to pay coins for 5 more moves, but you don’t have a chance to analyze your odds. Please show what’s remaining left to collect in that round, so I can gauge if another 5 moves is worth the risk. It seems like “dirty pool” to do it the way you currently are. Thanks for listening… I truly hope you are..Version: 4943

Scam. Don’t download.I was playing for about a few days and was advertised a $9.99 package that came with a few bonus items and 8000 coins, I bought it for the coins since it takes 900 to keep playing. After I purchased it, I immediately noticed that I did not receive the coins. I went to the help section and frequent issues an sure enough there was a box “didn’t receive coins I purchased”, which indicated to me I’m not the first one to get that problem. I was taken to a chat where I explained what happened. I am then told that paying the 9.99 gives me the opportunity to earn 8000 coins and that on the advertisement there was apparently an “info” button that I definitely didn’t see, in the same message I was told the maximum number of coins I can hold is 5000… so how would “earn” 8000 then?? I asked for a refund since I didn’t get what I believed I was paying for (had used no bonuses yet either) and was told I’d have to go through Apple. Don’t waste your time or money. It’s a scam..Version: 4943

Fun Game But….I really like this game but they should make it easier for players who have reached level 1000 and give us more rewards during the bonus rounds and more frequent bonus rounds. My biggest issue with the game and the reason I gave it only 3 stars is the Royal Pass. I was really really disappointed with the royal pass. In most games if you get a pass you get extra goodies as you pass levels. In Royal match you have 27 days of the royal pass BUT you can only make it to the next set of prizes after you have played the number of games that corresponds with the date. For example, when you play the first game on day one you get the reward, then you have to play two games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 3 games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 4 games to get the next set of prizes and so on and so on, it is really frustrating to have to play 15, then 16, then 17, then 18 games, etc., just to get a few rewards and this is AFTER you pay $9.99 for the pass. I will not buy another royal pass..Version: 4943

I very great game but 1 suggestionI give this game 5 stars because of how enjoyable the area’s are to look at and how the game challenges you to think but I want to tell you about the level releases. To begin with, the train station area has 100 levels showing what I think is too many levels in one area. To change the theme up a bit, I would suggest to release 2 different area’s with each 50 levels in a single update. That would spread a ton of joy in this game. Besides that, the game still feels enjoyable to play..Version: 4902

Don’t listen to bad reviews.Let me preface by saying this is the very first review I have left on any game let alone any app but I felt the need to do so. To those saying expect to pay money..... I’m on lever 751 and I have never spent a single penny on this game!! May sure you join a team that actually helps the teammates out. At any given time I have 10-15 lives banked in addition to the 5 I’m given. For a time killer, it’s perfect! It’s one of my favorite match three games. The only issue is I wish leveled were release faster. But I do have to say I love that they have “bonus” levels in between the release of other levels. Keep playing. Be patient and have fun! There is no need to spend money on a game if you don’t want to. I’ve never felt the need and have never felt forced to do so..Version: 4306

Great Game, except....This is a fabulous game. The graphics are great, the prizes are great and there are tons of contests with the opportunity to get more prizes. The except part is that if you happen to make it through the all the regular levels you enter the Royal League and the levels are all hard levels but you still only get one credit when you complete a level and most of them take many tries to finish and at that slower win rate you are never competitive in the regular contests. It’s still fun and I look forward to the new levels but I just wish that you were amply rewarded for completing these hard levels while stuck in the Royal league..Version: 4388

Started out great but then...This game was amazing in the beginning. It gave bonus rounds which gave a good chance to obtain plenty of golden coins. Some stages were difficult, and you may use up all your you had to wait or you could purchase more coins to continue. But either way you could eventually progress to the next puzzle. I loved it until around level 185. Then the puzzles became so difficult that you HAD to basically spend money to buy coins to keep going. The puzzles were so stacked against you that you would burn up all your turns and barely even begin obtaining the objective items. I’m all for in-app purchases. I know the devs don’t make games for no profit. But there should be SOME chance of passing a stage without making multiple gold coin purchases to pass ONE puzzle. Do the math and you could end up spending $20 dollars just to be able to pass ONE puzzle. And that’s where I refused to continue. The devs shots themselves in the foot...eventually people will just delete the game when they realize there’s no chance of progressing past any one stage without sinking multiple purchases per puzzle. Bye!!!!.Version: 4202

Too expensiveLike other match games, fun at the start. Then it becomes silly as you progress, where clearing a board means dealing with three or four obstacles that eventually use up all your power pieces, forcing you to open your wallet. I never have, but I liked this game enough to purchase some of the offers to refill my inventory. I quickly found that by the time you could get through one room, you were back to square one, opening the wallet again. At that point there is no fun involved. Too bad. Like the graphics and story line. It gets to a point where every screen becomes a “super hard”, even though it is not labeled as such. You can burn through 16 lives to get one screen completed. That becomes boring at best..Version: 4798

I enjoy this but...I started playing this game months ago & I do like it but the reason I started playing is because of the “commercials/ads” for it in other games I was playing & those are misleading. I thought I was going to be matching to “save” the King from drowning, being burnt, being squished, & so forth... Once I started playing I thought “ok saving the King must be a bonus round or something” but nope, I have yet to play what the “commercials/ads” show & that’s disappointing. I play all the time & really like this game..Version: 4388

Fun-ishAs much as I love this game because there are no ads this game is obviously hard once you get up close to the 200 levels, BUT THERE ARE NO ADS!! I really have chances to beat them but in order to have 5 more moves I have to have 900 hundred coins. Every other week or whenever I have enough coins I usually spend 900 and that’s really hard on me I try not to but I really have chances. I think that there should only be ads when you need 3 more moves or something it’s really hard to earn coins and I think it will improve the game. Just think about it okay?.Version: 4647

Fun, addicting, and well executed graphicsUsually when I download a game I get sick of it after a couple of weeks, sometimes sooner. I have not gotten there with Royal Match and I am months in! The graphics and room completions are well executed. What I love most is that the levels become more challenging but there are multiple opportunities for free power ups and extra lives, so that it remains fun. I wish that there were options in the decorations, even if just color, but I don’t think the lack of options takes away from the game. Well done..Version: 4776

Good Game, but could improveThis game is fun and addictive. The main downfalls are: 1) it takes 30 minutes to get a new life, and you can only request helps every 3.5 hours. You are given 5 lives and can only save 15 from helps (every 3.5 Hours). So, you spend A LOT of time waiting to play. 2) They don’t develop new levels (new levels are available every two weeks), so you get stuck in the Royal League, which are recycled levels. It can get boring and frustrating when you stay stuck on a level and can’t get more lives sooner to try and move on. I hope the developers will make some changes to these two issues..Version: 4306

Get your wallet outI have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it..Version: 3981

Great game but......This game is very enjoyable at the beginning but can be very frustrating in the higher levels. I understand as levels increase that games should be more challenging. The problem is the player cannot earn extra lives or rewards. Most games will throw you something if you will sit through an ad, but not this game. Why in the world would you care if a player watches an ad to earn something? My other issue is the packages of coins and weapons need to include more for the money. Why not run specials on these? I do love the speed of the game though. There are a lot of games out there that are soooo slow..Version: 3981

Could be fun, but it’s a money hog instead.The game is relatively easy for 4 and up till level 100. After that, prepare to open your wallet to get through the levels. Most of the levels after that are impossible to finish unless you pay-to-play. Unlike Angry Birds Match, if you’re stuck on a level for days and days, the game won’t adjust to let you finish the level and move on. After spending close to $30 one day just to advance through 4 different levels because the amount of chances are far below what you can knock out, I deleted it. It’s no longer fun if you’re stuck on one level for nearly a week and constantly having to pay to get past it. I’m not talking the hard levels either. There are several in a row like this. So unless you happy about spending an average of $4 a level several times in a row to get through the game, don’t bother..Version: 3981

Starts greatStarts great. You win often enough to keep motivated. Around level 100, if I recall, the game really slows down. Since about level 100 (I’m on Level 248 now) it takes between 50-60 lives on average to win a level. It does not matter if you use your power-ups or not. Each level will take several days, even if you play every day for 30-60 minutes. It really doesn’t matter. So you don’t earn the points needed to decorate the castle at a rate that makes it worth while. Even if you “buy” the extra five moves at the end of the game for 900 coins you will win about 1% of the time. And if you do win, your return is between 20-80 coins. Those cost you 900 coins. For a while it was a quest to beat the game no matter how long it took. Now, it’s simply boring. The developers are hoping you have a gambling addiction and you will pay real money for virtual video game money. It’s a business, I get that. But for those of us without a gambling problem, I see how rigged the game is anyway, I would never spend real money. The return is non-existent within the game..Version: 4388

FINALLY!!I get so tired of every game being a match 3. I love to decorate & I love fun, relaxing games. Finally, here is a match 3 game that doesn't get extremely hard extremely fast. I love everything about this game. It's so nice not to have to spend money for moves but r advance in the game. Please don't change anything, especially don't make it more challenging. Some people like fun, relaxing games, without having to constantly think about how your going to make it to another level. Thanks so much for a AWESOME game..Version: 3840

Still playing!I love this game. It is the first thing I open when I have time to play a game. There is a whole series of Crush games (we know who I’m talking about) that I eventually deleted off my phone because they were too difficult. I never made it past 168 in the original candy crush and I tried for months. The graphics are fun, the rooms are cute and the King is my new game boyfriend! 😂 What I really like is that each room starts easier then increase in difficulty. The next room is the same way. This makes the game very fun. You get some easy wins and a chance to build up extra goodies. Gaining the goodies is also pretty easy and the butler carries some of them for you!.Version: 4776

Average match game, but sweet!It’s an average match game like the rest but it’s cuter and never gives me a level too difficult to make me give up, you’ll always get there eventually. The king is very cute which I didn’t notice until you start building the castle and such. He’s got a cute little music room, a pool shaped like a bone for his dog, and in the loading screens he’s eating cookies and milk. So cute! Plus he watches your game from the top of the screen and it looks as if he’s on the edge of his seat when you get to your last 4 or so moves, worried you won’t make it..Version: 4104

Fun game butIt’s a fun game, however once you get to level 223 there is no way to win the game unless you spend tons of money on the game and then there is a slight possibility that you might be able get past level 223. You see when you run out of moves, they start charging a ridiculous amount of the gold. Coins. First it’s 900, then 1900, then 2100 and if you run out of gold, then you have literally buy extra gold and stuff and just gets way out of hand. I hate games like this. It puts more emphasis on grabbing people’s money then it does on actually having a fun playable game. As much as I hate to stop to playing it, I can’t afford to keep playing it. Good luck to those who continue on playing.Version: 4647

Disappointed, but Great GraphicsAfter watching ads for saving the King that made me near sick with seeing ALL the time in my other games ads, I finally decided to try it. After playing a cpl weeks I've made it to LvL 321 and have only played 2 challenge games saving the King, that's it.. I get bonus games once in awhile to get coins, but not save the King Challenges. The ads are deceptive about that because saving the King Challenges were what I expected more often. The harder levels increasingly impossible to pass are standard typical as other games like this are. The graphics are great. This game won't last much longer in my game lineup to playing, but it pacifies my time when bored with my other give it 3 rating....Version: 4902

Actually Fair & Fun To PlayI admit I was Leary at first, because I though this was going to be the same shameless cash grab that Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and all Candy Crush games are. It really isn’t, it’s fun to play, a great way to pass time, and I didn’t actually spend any money until I was past level 800. An option to replay prior levels would be nice, excluding the royal league. The toys league levels are all hard levels and when the books/propeller challenges are active it’s very hard to contribute the way you can before the royal league..Version: 4490

Amazing grand time!I absolutely love everything about this game; the vibrant graphics, the attainable rewards, and the skill level that makes it just challenging enough for most ages! The graphics are beautiful and so well constructed. The rewards are semi-easily to collect; there are easy, hard, and super hard goals, so you really have to strategize and the game design makes me want to play all day. It’s nice to get that positive reinforcement along the way, too. Thumbs up to the developers and I’d like to see more from Dreamz!.Version: 4388

Not enough lives & some levels take multiple triesBiggest issue is not enough lives. There are so many levels that cannot be beat unless you play it 5 times resulting in no lives left. Levels are so hard until you play it multiple times which is stupid because you end up with no lives to play the next level. Why is the level unbeatable for 3 tries and miraculously beatable on the 4th try? You earn 50 or 100 coins (varies), but it takes 900 coins for 5 extra lives and 1900 for 5 more. Ridiculous. Love the game, but too many problems trying to pass levels. Challenging and cheating players are two different things..Version: 3981

I really enjoy it but it has some caveatsThis is probably one of the best games in its category. No ads, the team aspect helps keep you playing for longer, and rewards tend to be good enough. As of the time of this review I’m in the 400s. Mirroring some of the other comments, it’s casino odds for sure. Especially in the higher levels. What gets most frustrating is when you beat a level with 7+ moves left after trying countless amounts of times. I still recommend it though. Find a good active team that helps with requests and don’t spend money if you can help it..Version: 4490

Fun GameI don’t know what all these other people are whining about. I was able to make it to level 951 which at the time of writing this is the highest level and I didn’t have to spend money to do it either. My only complaint about the game and reason I only gave four stars instead of 5 is because the only reason I even downloaded the game was the ads they have for this game, shows the game as playing to save the king in different predicaments, and I have played all 951 levels and a lot of the “Royal League” rounds which are just harder repeats of previous played levels, and only played 2 maybe 3 rounds in which was consistent with the ads, but never the same as shown in the ads. Kind of a bait and switch thing. But alas they haven’t soaked me for any monies, but I am sure they aren’t hurtin none. Lol. Many people do, and lately they make it easy to know who pays to play. Lol. Happy Gaming..Version: 4647

Great game! But...Okay so here is the thing...the game is super fun and the graphics are great! It’s highly addictive. However, I am HIGHLY against games that don’t allow you to keep playing if you can’t clear a level. Basically if you can’t clear a level you get to a point where you have to spend money or you have to wait. The reason I’m against this type of game is because If you get a to a point where you do spend money it should just be $30 to play the game unlimited. This isn’t the case with this game. You spend money on lives and coins to stay alive, so if you do spend money on this game, you might as well set your money on fire or go gambling cause you will come across a level you can’t clear within hours of game play after you just spend $20. However if you don’t want to spend money...I hope you are patient! Also I got this game because I thought it would be like the ads (the king is in danger and you clear levels to save him). That is NOT what this game is. Maybe it’s later in the game, I DID just start playing, but you clear levels to help build his castle. There is no danger that I can tell - maybe false advertising? Idk. Wouldn’t suggest you download this game but if you do you will like it initially and then hate it once you start to lose..Version: 3981

This game just wants moneyIn order to actually complete levels once the game starts getting more difficult you need to bust out your wallet and spend some money. This game will screw you over with its inconsistent algorithms. Its designed to make you lose over and over again if you beat 2 levels in a row to the point where you’ll be stuck on the same level for hours and hours. In order to beat that level you need to spend money because it will make you run out of moves when you have only one more block left to break. On top of all of this, it made my nephew cry because he got stuck on a level and when i tried to help I couldn’t get past it. We were stuck on that level for days and I didn’t want to pay money to pass the level. He cried because he was so discouraged to play due to the constant losing. Save yourself some time and a whole lot of stress and DO NOT GET THIS GAME..Version: 4306

Great game... But there’s a catchThis game is great and very satisfying. The sounds of the blocks smashing against one another is sure to get you pumped up. The issue is that the levels eventually turn into 98% lick vs a genuinely fun experience because that’s what you’ll need to complete many of the levels. So I’m ok with a game having the option to pay for things but I’m not a fan of games forcing you to pay just to progress and that’s what I see this game doing. It’s a bit sad actually but they do need to make the levels a bit more passable so that in app purchases add to the experience instead of being a necessity. But here’s the other thing, there are NO ads in the game so I’m sure they make the game difficult just so you can pay them the money so they can make revenue. Problem is, at the cost of the experience for the customer. Still a good game though..Version: 4306

My new favorite gameI play a lot of games on my phone, and I’ve grown so weary of endless ads, interruptions, overpriced power ups, and just plain irritating elements of certain games. My biggest pet peeve are ads for games that look great, but you download and start playing the game and it’s 100% different from what is advertised. This game is entirely different. It is EXACTLY as advertised, fun, challenging, AD FREE, and overall a good time. Tons of bonuses, side levels, extra quests, and fair rewards. Kudos to the team that created this game. I will recommend this to everyone. Well done and thank you..Version: 4490

Not completely as advertisedOk I have a mixed review! The ad I saw which made me download the game to begin with shows that you solve puzzles to rescue a king. However…. I have yet to get to play those scenarios. I keep playing it thinking I’m eventually going to get to the level where all of the saving the king adventure starts but so far, as of level 749, it hasn’t! Now here’s where the mixed reviews comes in-I keep playing waiting for those to start BUT I also keep playing because it is a daily fun game. It IS disappointing that they did a bait and switch or whatever in the advertising but … it is fun. I just wish for once someone would produce what they advertise. Fun but aggravated all at the same time..Version: 4647

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ROYAL MATCHIt’s a very fun game.Version: 4202

RIGHT ROYALTY GAMEWonderful fun keep your eye on the match though and don’t blink royalty is topnotch.Version: 4306

Too many bugsDoesn’t recognise hits on colours.Version: 4902

Fun but not like ADI like this game but it’s very pricey to continue when coins are scarce… the AD shows rescuing the king before time runs out… not a single level has anything like shown I’m over level 200. Hmmmmm most games aren’t what they advertise. A bit shady.Version: 4639

Great addictive gameLove this game, only down side was, I made it to level 1000 and had to wait for the update..Version: 4902

Good game.It’s good a good game, no ads, save time to play..Version: 4943

Royal matchI loving this game.Version: 4647

The best gameI LOVE THIS GAME!!! It is so like Fishdom but funner and better.Version: 4798

Best game I have played of its typeAnd I have played a few. No ads, no stupid carry on between games, great graphics. Higher levels are challenging but not so hard that I want to throw my ipad through the window. Great rewards too and I like the occasional ' free ' play rewards. I gave you 5 stars but would have 'turned it up to 11' ...if it was able to be played in landscape mode too. thanks..Version: 4798

Love it but needs moreI love playing this game its fast paced and really fun to play the only thing I don’t like is when advertised it always shows how we need to save the king even though I’m nearly at level 500 I’ve only played the save the king game once. That’s used to promote the game but in actuality it’s not there i wish those games wre on there more.Version: 4902

BoringGame is not like the adds, you don’t get to save the king it’s just another stupid matching game.Version: 4647

Royal matchWould keep freezing up and I have to keep reinstalling great graphics hope it keeps working this well now.Version: 4647

Don’t believe adsSo sick of these stupid games. There’s no king, no saving him, nothing like the ads 🙄.Version: 4902

My ReviewLike the game it’s relaxing 👍🙂.Version: 4647

Good fun and easy to learnEnjoy.Version: 4902

WowA great game to pass the time with and it can get a bit addictive…..Version: 4798

DissatisfiedSoon as I saw a timer in a game I thought no.. no way. So l deleted this app..Version: 4798

Royal MatchIs my new favourite 😍 relaxing 😎 games is soo fun 🤩.Version: 4902

Enjoyable gameEnjoy and encourage game which makes me keep playing, l love all pictures and ask friends play too..Version: 4902

CJSuch fun, loving it 👍🏻.Version: 3840

Why infinity items cannot be storedEvery time when I receive a period of infinity lives, I want to store them and not use it straight away, maybe I only wants to sit down for 10 minutes for the game or so… I have been receiving a 3 hour infinity lives right before my bed time and all of them went to waste….Version: 4798

A lovely game!What i like most about this game is that it never seems toooooooo hard so you feel like you are always able to make progress, unlike similar games of this style..Version: 4943

FunContinues to challenge me.Version: 4306

AwesomeThis Game is Awesome.Version: 4104

Royal MatchReally fun.Version: 4798

TopsHow great is this game knowledgeable.Version: 4202

My Go TooAwesome, better then Candy Crush by miles...can’t get enough😎😎😎.Version: 4902

Mothers DayIt’s fun..Version: 4306

Good gameIf you’re bored and alone this is the game for u!!!.Version: 4798

Game PlayThis game does not rotate from Potrait to Landscape and when I used support to contact the developer the game just freezes as soon as I start a conversation. Not good enough!!.Version: 4202

KingOve it.Version: 4798

Amazing graphics!Visually this is a stunning, high res game. The only downfall is the extras are a bit pricey in comparison to other games. I’m a student and I support when I can but as the levels get harder I tend to wait for the free lives to replenish..Version: 3892

SpookyThey give you heap of gold and weapon, but when you use them they are completely useless. Worst than federal bank.Version: 4306

Fun GameGreat so far..Version: 4202

Difficult to tell the difference between the background and the grassIt’s fine otherwise.Version: 4902

FrustratingGot to level 1201 so played it for ages. Trouble is you can get stuck on one level for ages like days or weeks. It is to encourage you to buy rewards. Once you buy a reward you get free game time. I got over 4 hours of free game time and once again, stuck on one level. The game ended up not being fun anymore. Deleted the app..Version: 4943

JessIts an interesting game!.Version: 4647

Royal MatchGreat game, keeps you interested and is very entertaining. Very enjoyable graphics. Love it!.Version: 4388

Best game on the internetThis game is the leader for all games on the net. No Ads which is a mega huge bonus and it’s imaginative and creative. I am truly having trouble putting it down. We’ll done to the makers of this game..Version: 4902

GoodGood game.Version: 4388

Gandul konakGandul konak.Version: 4798

Not happy!!!!The match 3 part of the game is great but we don’t get to choose how to gets chosen for us. This makes the game EXTREMELY BORING!!! I’m deleting the game for this reason..Version: 4202

FrustratingSeems like most of these pay as you go games you will get to a level where you just can not get past unless you pay money. Whatever happened to fun games. Do not download as you will not be able to delete all the data from your iPad..Version: 4943

Obnoxious advertisingEven on advertising level this app is freezing iPad. Advertising is unavoidable annoyance… The only reason I have downloaded it is to leave this feedback … you have to click app pop up or else it will freeze your iPad… Shame.Version: 4647

FrustratingPlayed level 187 for over 2 weeks. Rage quit. Deleted..Version: 4902

Best match3 I’ve played so farCrisp clear graphics. Satisfying sounds. Plenty of free power ups. No ads!! I happily spent money on this one..Version: 4902

LovelySimple likeable and adorable what more could one want.Version: 4902

Do youEarly days.Version: 4647

A great gameIt’s a little like CandyCrush but with extra rewards and achievements.Version: 4902

The bestThe best relaxing game.Version: 4902

Royal Match (Version: 4943) App Screenshots
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More Information about: Royal Match
App Name:
Royal Match
Dream Games, Ltd.
Casual, Puzzle
306.046.976 BYTES
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Last Update:
Make it happen!
Royal Match 4943 Update

Version 4943 (2021-07-26): Are you ready for an astounding new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! It is hard to keep up with the LANTERN, breaking it before the light goes out is the answer! • Explore the NEW AREA! Arrange a fun time for the man’s best friend in the new DOG PARK! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4902 (2021-07-12): Are you ready for a mesmerizing new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! If you want to pass the level with fewer tries, take a look inside the POUCH to find the hidden surprise! • Explore the NEW AREA! If you want a journey on Orient-Express or Trans-Siberian, a new adventure awaits in the new TRAIN STATION! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4798 (2021-07-01): Bug fixes and performance improvements for a better game experience! Are you ready for a dazzling new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Attempts to move the items are in vain, free them by breaking the CHAIN! • Explore the NEW AREA! Pump up your pool floats and lay under the sun for a perfect tan on the new BEACH! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4647 (2021-06-15): Are you ready for a gorgeous new update? • Time to find the hidden keys and open the mysterious chests! Don’t forget to double your rewards with the ROYAL PASS! • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Watch out when the CAULDRON heats up, all the PUMPKINS need to blow up! • Explore the NEW AREA! Latte is always good with extra milk, also order a cupcake on the side in the new cozy CAFE! • Bug fixes and performance improvements for a better game experience! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4490 (2021-05-31): Are you ready for an exclusive new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Want to look good? Don’t forget to beautify, all eyes will be on you with this BOW TIE! • Explore the NEW AREA! Have a fun time while sliding on the smooth ice of the ICE SKATING PARK! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4388 (2021-05-17): Are you ready for an exciting new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Break the JARS to get the dog's favorite treat, but he has to be a good boy before he can eat! • Explore the NEW AREA! It’s almost summertime, let’s get back in shape at the new spectacular GYM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4202 (2021-04-19): Are you ready for a spectacular new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! While playing the level, don’t get so comfy because the FROG can be jumpy! • Explore the NEW AREA! Everyone needs some time to themselves to glow up! Just visit the new cozy BARBERSHOP! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4104 (2021-04-05): Are you ready for a gorgeous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Be careful with the LIGHT BULBS’ color, in every move breaking them gets a bit tougher! • Explore the NEW AREA! Rejoice and celebrate your latest team battle victory in the new magnificent MONUMENT GARDEN! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3981 (2021-03-22): Are you ready for a marvelous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! With obstacles everywhere is filled, break them with help of the DRILL! • Explore the NEW AREA! If you need a well-fitted suit and a tie, take a visit by the new majestic TAILOR ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3892 (2021-03-08): Are you ready for a majestic new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Everywhere covered up with SOIL, reveal the bomb in there before the level gets spoiled! • Explore the NEW AREA! You don’t need a snorkel or a diving tube to enjoy the dazzling ocean, just settle in the new UNDERWATER ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3840 (2021-03-01): Are you ready for an extensive new update? • Awesome 50 New Levels are ready to be played! Grab a pickaxe! It’s gem o’clock, let’s blast the ROCK! • Explore the New Majestic Area! Fill the teapot with a mix of finest herbs and enjoy your lovely day in the TEA ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.