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King Robert needs your help to restore Royal Castle’s former glory. Break the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to beat joyful and challenging levels! Keep unlocking wonderful areas by playing fun match-3 levels! Come along now and join the fun!

Once you play, you will come for Royal Match every day!

Royal Match features:
• A new unique taste in match-3 levels with amusing obstacles and fun levels!
• Collect loads of coins in bonus levels!
• Lots of powerful boosters await for you to unlock them!
• Open amazing chests to win magnificent rewards!
• Restore the Royal Castle into an amazing and wonderful place!
• Explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens, and many more exciting areas!

Royal Match App User Reviews & Comments

False AdvertisementThe “Save the King” episodes are only available till level 100 and the advertised “Save the King” episodes are not the ones provided to play. They are nonexistent. I was interested in the game because of what was advertised. This was supports response: Thank you for your message and your interest in Royal Match. I can imagine how it makes you feel when you don’t see the levels in the game that you saw in the ads. I’ll try my best to assist you. Currently, there are some "Save the King" episodes within Royal Match but they are until level 100 so if you’ve already passed these levels before these episodes were added to the game, you won’t be seeing them again. However, I’m saving your suggestion in our system to share with our game developers. Thank you for sparing your time to share feedback with us..Version: 5226

Great game... But there’s a catchThis game is great and very satisfying. The sounds of the blocks smashing against one another is sure to get you pumped up. The issue is that the levels eventually turn into 98% lick vs a genuinely fun experience because that’s what you’ll need to complete many of the levels. So I’m ok with a game having the option to pay for things but I’m not a fan of games forcing you to pay just to progress and that’s what I see this game doing. It’s a bit sad actually but they do need to make the levels a bit more passable so that in app purchases add to the experience instead of being a necessity. But here’s the other thing, there are NO ads in the game so I’m sure they make the game difficult just so you can pay them the money so they can make revenue. Problem is, at the cost of the experience for the customer. Still a good game though..Version: 4306

Fun Game But….I really like this game but they should make it easier for players who have reached level 1000 and give us more rewards during the bonus rounds and more frequent bonus rounds. My biggest issue with the game and the reason I gave it only 3 stars is the Royal Pass. I was really really disappointed with the royal pass. In most games if you get a pass you get extra goodies as you pass levels. In Royal match you have 27 days of the royal pass BUT you can only make it to the next set of prizes after you have played the number of games that corresponds with the date. For example, when you play the first game on day one you get the reward, then you have to play two games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 3 games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 4 games to get the next set of prizes and so on and so on, it is really frustrating to have to play 15, then 16, then 17, then 18 games, etc., just to get a few rewards and this is AFTER you pay $9.99 for the pass. I will not buy another royal pass..Version: 4943

Great Game, except....This is a fabulous game. The graphics are great, the prizes are great and there are tons of contests with the opportunity to get more prizes. The except part is that if you happen to make it through the all the regular levels you enter the Royal League and the levels are all hard levels but you still only get one credit when you complete a level and most of them take many tries to finish and at that slower win rate you are never competitive in the regular contests. It’s still fun and I look forward to the new levels but I just wish that you were amply rewarded for completing these hard levels while stuck in the Royal league..Version: 4388

Beware: exactly like toon blast but worseI left toon blast 3 weeks ago when they cut the 1st place reward in half. I loved that game and was the leader of an awesome winning team. I loaded this game upon recommendations from others who had left TB. The game starts out fun but rapidly devolves into a gridlock nightmare! At least in TB you could clear and climb the early levels in one to five attempts. This is NOT the case in Royal Match. I was stuck on level 19 yes level 19 for more than 60 attempts. Only after I messaged support was I given the golden pass to proceed. I am currently on level 173. Level 172 took me three days to clear. I understand the creator of RM is a defector from TB which is why the games act and look identical. However, the developers of RM have royally effed this game by making every early level an enormous waste of time. I will very likely be deleting this game soon. Will provide an update in a week. Posting this review on 12 August 2021..Version: 5039

Not as advertisedI downloaded this game because, while playing a different game, this was one of the most regular ads I was seeing. Based on the ads, where you have to save the king before he is forced to some sort of demise, it seemed like it would be really interesting and a different type of game that most of the others that are out there. There are literally only 3 levels, all within the first 100 levels, that are this type of challenge. The rest are Candy Crush type levels. When I reached around level 700 and still had not found any more of the “rescue king” levels, I contacted app support thinking that I was maybe missing a challenge somewhere. I wasn’t. According to app support, there are literally only 3 of the levels that are used to advertise the game in the entirety of the game production and they all fall within the first 100 levels. While I still play and enjoy the game, had I known it was basically the same type of game within similar game play strategies and levels as the one I was already playing, I would have chosen not to download it and would have stuck with the game I was already playing. I’m really disappointed that the whole advertisement for this game really has very little to almost nothing to do with the actual game itself and, to me, is the epitome of false advertising..Version: 5355

Unbalanced gameBeen playing this game for a few months Because the ad levels seemed like fun. Unfortunately, I’ve played to level 1410 and I’ve only had maybe a handful of levels like the ones advertised on their ads. My biggest gripe with the game is , that as you progress through the game , the amount stars required to complete the areas goes up substantially. But the rewards you the game gives you for doing so stay the same. That is done on purpose I suppose, to make the player spend money. In my opinion it’s very discouraging and it really takes away from the gratification you get for Completing levels. In my Opinion, it’s just terrible game design. Also the bonus levels are now every 100 levels instead of every 50..Version: 5355

Good little gameThis is a fun little game that great for passing the time or keeping your mind off of something. But it’s nothing too special, I wouldn’t spend a lot money on this game. Which is what this game is designed to do. But it’s basically a lot of luck so buying stuff will only slightly make the game a better chance. The one thing I hate if when you win an hour of lives you have to use it right then and there. It would be better to be able to use the rewards when it is actually needed. Kinda silly to win a reward and then be forced to use it right away. If that changed it would be a higher rating. But fun little game for what it is if you don’t spend money, spending money will just make you frustrated with it..Version: 5039

Great game! But...Okay so here is the thing...the game is super fun and the graphics are great! It’s highly addictive. However, I am HIGHLY against games that don’t allow you to keep playing if you can’t clear a level. Basically if you can’t clear a level you get to a point where you have to spend money or you have to wait. The reason I’m against this type of game is because If you get a to a point where you do spend money it should just be $30 to play the game unlimited. This isn’t the case with this game. You spend money on lives and coins to stay alive, so if you do spend money on this game, you might as well set your money on fire or go gambling cause you will come across a level you can’t clear within hours of game play after you just spend $20. However if you don’t want to spend money...I hope you are patient! Also I got this game because I thought it would be like the ads (the king is in danger and you clear levels to save him). That is NOT what this game is. Maybe it’s later in the game, I DID just start playing, but you clear levels to help build his castle. There is no danger that I can tell - maybe false advertising? Idk. Wouldn’t suggest you download this game but if you do you will like it initially and then hate it once you start to lose..Version: 3981

Could be fun, but it’s a money hog instead.The game is relatively easy for 4 and up till level 100. After that, prepare to open your wallet to get through the levels. Most of the levels after that are impossible to finish unless you pay-to-play. Unlike Angry Birds Match, if you’re stuck on a level for days and days, the game won’t adjust to let you finish the level and move on. After spending close to $30 one day just to advance through 4 different levels because the amount of chances are far below what you can knock out, I deleted it. It’s no longer fun if you’re stuck on one level for nearly a week and constantly having to pay to get past it. I’m not talking the hard levels either. There are several in a row like this. So unless you happy about spending an average of $4 a level several times in a row to get through the game, don’t bother..Version: 3981

Another “RANDOM” LYING DEVELOPERThe person(s) responsible for this lying, cheating, thieving piece of garbage is just like the rest…hiding in their anonymity. They create misleading “cartoony” gameplay that appeals to children…to steal money from their parents. The game is genuinely fun until the developer decides “RANDOM” gameplay cannot be “RANDOM” any longer or else nobody will buy the extras…then the manipulation of the levels begin. If a player need vertical pieces…all he will get are horizontal pieces. IF YOU SEE A LIGHTBALL APPEAR, NOTICE THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF TURNS… The boosters ALMOST NEVER APPEAR in adjacent squares…that they do rarely is probably the ONLY random event in this game. If you blow something up and clear a large part of the board…please know that will be very few matches near any goal you are trying to work. Like the other cheating developers, these guys withhold items normally awarded and put them in storage so you can—not only win them as part of gameplay, but now you can buy what you have already won in the “piggybank” . These people are so corrupt they turned off their “HELP” button because people pointed out their continuing duplicity…ENJOY!!!!.Version: 4902

How mobile games should beI’m genuinely wondering if the other reviews are playing a different version of this game than I am. I haven’t received any ad’s at all so far and I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks. I feel like there’s no reason at all for me to have to spend money to win. Play the sky rush mode or whatever it’s called and get the infinite lives prize and you’re set! This game is really one of the only matching type games I’ve ever stuck with usually I stop after a few levels of having to watch an ad after cleaning every level, hasn’t happened once yet and I’m up over level 100!.Version: 5761

Not A Save The King Game…Like other raters, I downloaded this game after seeing it advertised. These ads showed the player doing something to save the king from a peril situation. Now come to find out, this game is just any standard match 3 type of puzzle. Long rating short, don’t download this game if you came to play those type of save the king levels. From another rater (who is already in the 700 level), there are only 3 of them. The app developer response states “there are some of these Save the King episodes within the game” (some being 3) and feedback has been passed to create more, but it’s not enough to make me continue playing. I did rate it 2 stars, because the graphics were nice and it was different; just not what you think from other game ads..Version: 5355

False AdvertisingI am deleting this game today. I downloaded it because I thought I would be playing to save the king. Those challenges were few and far between. After Level 100, they were no longer offered. It is Candy Crush being falsely advertised as a different game. You get stuck on levels for weeks. No one wants repetitively play the same level. Of course, the goal is to force you to purchase an enhancement. Even if you chose to spend real money, the game will place your enhancements in locations that offer no strategic advantage. You will still lose despite essentially paying to move to the next level. It is infuriating. I have only kept the game this long because I love my team. There is no option to play as group but we do help each other by sharing lives and points. It is the small things that matter when you are all facing the same challenges of playing a rigged game..Version: 5355

Ads are misleading, free gameplay is limitedThe advertisements involve various time-based challenges to try and rescue the king. I’m 400 levels in and I’ve only seen one of those. It doesn’t make much sense to me… why advertise one game and sell another? In any event, this is one of those games that limits the amount of play you can do at a time with lives or energy or whatever. The goal is to get you to pay money to keep playing or else to force you to leave the app (and wait a few hours for the hearts to refill). After giving it a good try for a week, I think that’s probably what I’m going to do. Leave the app. The game is useless if you’re on the train, or in a long car ride, or trying to unwind while watching TV. You get five tries and then it’s game over unless you want to pay. What use is that?.Version: 5761

Get your wallet outI have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it..Version: 3981

Fun but a bit unbalancedI started playing like most to save the king. Those boards were far and in between so yes false advertising. I’ve continued though and on level 549 but it’s wearing thin due to the unbalanced power ups. Using power ups should give you an advantage so you want to make sure you not only have them but line them up right. The two light balls together should clear a whole board. Instead it is less powerful than two Bomb barrels. If I get two bomb barrels the reach should be a bit farther and the helicopters should hit in a direction you send them. I’ve had to do a board numerous amount of times with one hit to make. I know this is a domino effect type game but again if I use a power up it should be like making one match it should have an advantage like the light ball and any other power up match. Most times that is all that saves me. Game is good other than this. Okay so with that being said anything after 100 no king. Will there be a consideration on bringing those type boards back? As you can see it is why most wanted to play and to be honest they were quite fun. Some timer boards would be nice and balance these power ups. I’ve spent money on the pass and will continue until the end. Thanks for responding..Version: 5355

Not what you signed up forI started playing based on an ad during another game. The actual game is nothing like what was in the ad. You’re not actually saving a king. I’m on level 828 and I can count on one hand how many levels there were to “save” the king. Very disappointing. The game isn’t terrible and has a nice concept. I appreciate varying levels of difficulty. The power ups and coins are terrible for the amount you need to play to get them. It takes 900 coins to buy a power up and/or new lives but you’d have to play almost 4 levels to get that many coins saved up. Also once you buy one power up, a second one in same game will cost you 1900. I did buy the Royal pass, waste of money and won’t be buying it anymore. It’s not worth the rewards you get and each day of pass you need to pass the equivalent number of levels to move on. For instance day 3 is 3 levels but to get to 25 you need to finish the first 24 days plus an additional 25 levels. I paid for this, it shouldn’t be that hard. The power up rewards isn’t worth it either. 2 bombs for 22 levels is ridiculous. Also the life regeneration takes wayyy too long. 30 minutes to wait for a new life is ridiculous. Make this game better…I’m one competition from removing it completely to play other games that offer more and are more true to what they represented in the ads..Version: 5355

Not as good as it wasThis game used to be a lot of fun. You played with your teammates, won a lot of prizes, such as coins and free lives for an hour…then greed set in. If you don’t spend money, you get very few rewards and can’t play as often. If you spend the money, they make it more difficult to attain the prizes as you progress in the game. You spend the majority of the time waiting for lives to refill (30 minutes per life with a maximum of 5…unless you spend the $10 for 8 every 30 days), and you can only request 5 helps every 3 hours for a total of 15 maximum. In the beginning, several of our teammates chipped in the $10 each month for the extra lives and extra prizes. Only 2 out 50 mates did this last time. The developers need to make the game fun again. It’s not fun having to spend a lot of money to play or sit out all the time trying to wait for lives..Version: 5355

Love/Hate relationshipI love playing this game and all the graphics, etc. However, you don’t get nearly enough moves to pass each level unless you use specials which cost money if you don’t have enough. There are more hard and extremely hard levels than easy levels and sometimes the easy levels even take a while to beat. I’m fine with having challenging levels but at least give us enough moves to at least come close to passing the level without using money or having to play the level for a week before being able to finally beat it. I have played numerous games like this but for some reason the levels in this game are ridiculously hard to pass. Please give us more moves or make the levels a little easier to pass..Version: 4490

Great ProgrammingCompared to all of the other color match games out there, this one is “smarter” than the others due to its programming. For example, the whirly birds will seek out an item and it one already got it, it will redirect to help you out. Very entertaining and helpful. However, I am writing this review as a suggestion. Perhaps the game can change to where the combination of tnt and multi-color ball will allow each tnt to explode instead of all at once. The explosion only takes off one item instead of the line rockets combo that fires independently to allow for more items off per turn. Also, I have not been seeing any more challenge boards after the first three or four? It was part of the advertisement that brought me over to this app, but not seeing anymore. In either case, I do enjoy the game. Thanks..Version: 5122

Royal match is a winner!I am a grandmother and I never thought that I would enjoy playing games on my phone, however my kids downloaded a few for me and I got stuck waiting for a friend at the hospital one day and was fiddling with my phone and came across these games, so I decided to check them out. I started playing Royal Match and now I can’t wait to find a few extra idle minutes to play! It intrigues me! I can hardly wait to see what my grandkids will download next for me! Of course I did let it slip that it was “a forgivable offense messing grannys’” phone should those little stinkers make the same forgivable offense again, “ahem”..Version: 4943

Scam. Don’t download.I was playing for about a few days and was advertised a $9.99 package that came with a few bonus items and 8000 coins, I bought it for the coins since it takes 900 to keep playing. After I purchased it, I immediately noticed that I did not receive the coins. I went to the help section and frequent issues an sure enough there was a box “didn’t receive coins I purchased”, which indicated to me I’m not the first one to get that problem. I was taken to a chat where I explained what happened. I am then told that paying the 9.99 gives me the opportunity to earn 8000 coins and that on the advertisement there was apparently an “info” button that I definitely didn’t see, in the same message I was told the maximum number of coins I can hold is 5000… so how would “earn” 8000 then?? I asked for a refund since I didn’t get what I believed I was paying for (had used no bonuses yet either) and was told I’d have to go through Apple. Don’t waste your time or money. It’s a scam..Version: 4943

READ THE 1 STAR REVIEWSPlease do not waste your money on this game. I’ve seen developers who rigged their games for the money - but this is wayyyy too extreme. You’re good up to about level 175, after that you may as well delete the app, or pull out your wallet. It’s obvious those higher reviews are fake. Everything is about money these days, but this particular app goes for the gossler. To be specific, the game is controlled (fully) by the developers. They control “your” every move. For example, please notice, many times when you’re developing a bomb, something will impact it, like a crazy movement that you didn’t see coming - it’s all by design. That’s because it’s configured that way, the bomb would get you closer to completing that level, but they need you to pay more money. ALSO, please note: they make levels much harder on the weekends, in order to make more money. Levels are ALWAYS more difficult during team challenges..Version: 5229

This game just wants moneyIn order to actually complete levels once the game starts getting more difficult you need to bust out your wallet and spend some money. This game will screw you over with its inconsistent algorithms. Its designed to make you lose over and over again if you beat 2 levels in a row to the point where you’ll be stuck on the same level for hours and hours. In order to beat that level you need to spend money because it will make you run out of moves when you have only one more block left to break. On top of all of this, it made my nephew cry because he got stuck on a level and when i tried to help I couldn’t get past it. We were stuck on that level for days and I didn’t want to pay money to pass the level. He cried because he was so discouraged to play due to the constant losing. Save yourself some time and a whole lot of stress and DO NOT GET THIS GAME..Version: 4306

Great game, but frustrating at the same time.Addicting game but kind of perturbed at the fact that they literally make some levels almost unbeatable. So much so that it makes me want to just delete the game altogether because it's not worth the headache. Aside from that, I really enjoy the game and wish I didn't have to continuously play a level so many times before the program will allow me to beat it without having to use power ups and what not. Be careful, it's addicting and you will want to keep buying power ups and coins to continue. Again, really great game. I just wish I could only play the levels they advertise where you're saving the king. I think I've only played one round on that and I'm at almost 400 levels. The game play in the ads is what got me to download the game. Four stars only because of the frustrating points I mentioned, otherwise I'd give it like 10, haha..Version: 4943

Things had been going well....Have been playing this game, some days for hours, for the past few months while convalescing from surgery and illness. Game Levels are challenging, with reasonable goals, game-play is not timed. There are some Levels labeled "Hard" or "Difficult" that CAN NOT be completed without using a few $$ power-ups and/or $$ extending game play to make ONE more move required to win/complete that Level. Since February of this year (while housebound) I've completed over 1,195 Levels, and have spent (sanely or not) in excess of $675 [allotted from my Entertainment Expense budget] ;) for gameplay power-ups ["shuffle", "hammer", "cannon to wipe out column(s)", etc.] and game extensions. Anyways, getting to that one-star review... Today I went in to play the next level, and found that ALL of the accumulated credits/power-ups, are GONE! ZERO credits remaining. Power-ups that had been purchased and/or earned with gameplay. Since getting "hooked" on this game, there has NEVER been a time where ALL categories were cleared out... Very frustrated and disappointed with responses received from "Customer Service". My inquiries have been "brushed" to the side -- 3 times. They cannot identify an issue, so, there is no issue, "You must have used them all up. Have a great day. Bye." It would be one thing if they were all credits that had been "earned" from gameplay. But in this case, these credits were PURCHASED with my $$$$..Version: 5502

This is a really fun game!This game has officially become my fav goto when I’m bored. I’ve had a lot of puzzle games that I’ve downloaded & then deleted because they got too hard. This has different puzzles that don’t repeat & an extra cool part of this game is that if you have the power up bonus that comes when you win 3 games in a row, they don’t go away if you have won the game & then have to turn it off. So if you have the bonus power ups, you finish the game you’re playing & win, you turn the game off & when you open the app your bonus power ups are still there until you break your winning streak! Another perk is that if you’re playing & you get interrupted for whatever & you turn your screen off without closing the app, it keeps your place without restarting the game - major plus for me!.Version: 4306

Extremely inconsistent difficultyThe sound and graphics are superb, however the difficulty of the levels is rigged. “Super Hard” levels are typically not any harder than regular levels and regular levels are often incredibly hard. Sometimes the new pieces that fall to fill in are random and sometimes they are clearly predetermined to prevent you from succeeding (checkerboard arrangements). I have noticed that 90% of the time when I lose a level, there is only one goal item left to complete the level, and the step needed to complete the level is visible. This is set up to make you spend coins to complete that last move. I have never purchased anything in this game nor will I ever. They don’t deserve it. I would rather give money to games that at least attempt to be fair..Version: 4104

Love it, but…I’ve been playing this game for awhile now - so kudos to the developers for making it so engaging and fun! I’m on level 355 so obviously I’ve spent a lot of time playing, but I’m coming to realize that I’m also spending a lot of money over time. Some say they don’t spend a penny on this game which is great for them, but it’s not me. Maybe I’m not as patient when I get stuck and too frustrated to continue without several extra moves to pass the level (which of course, costs money). I really don’t mind paying some for the game - it does provide me with a lot of entertainment. But there has to be a limit. I would pay for the game outright, if that was a possibility, maybe up to $50. But 10, 20 bucks every time I can’t pass a level on my own? I’m investing too much money on a game. I’m going to have to look for a new hobby. Also, please, please, please change how the level ends. It asks you if you want to pay coins for 5 more moves, but you don’t have a chance to analyze your odds. Please show what’s remaining left to collect in that round, so I can gauge if another 5 moves is worth the risk. It seems like “dirty pool” to do it the way you currently are. Thanks for listening… I truly hope you are..Version: 4943

Started out great but then...This game was amazing in the beginning. It gave bonus rounds which gave a good chance to obtain plenty of golden coins. Some stages were difficult, and you may use up all your you had to wait or you could purchase more coins to continue. But either way you could eventually progress to the next puzzle. I loved it until around level 185. Then the puzzles became so difficult that you HAD to basically spend money to buy coins to keep going. The puzzles were so stacked against you that you would burn up all your turns and barely even begin obtaining the objective items. I’m all for in-app purchases. I know the devs don’t make games for no profit. But there should be SOME chance of passing a stage without making multiple gold coin purchases to pass ONE puzzle. Do the math and you could end up spending $20 dollars just to be able to pass ONE puzzle. And that’s where I refused to continue. The devs shots themselves in the foot...eventually people will just delete the game when they realize there’s no chance of progressing past any one stage without sinking multiple purchases per puzzle. Bye!!!!.Version: 4202

Rigged & false adv.I thought this game might be fun and that’s after being pressured ad after ad to download it. There is no chance of winning some of these levels without extra boosters and coins and you have to pay cash for al that and I’m not going to spend 20$ every day to beat a game. It gets to the point that you have to spend a pretty penny if you want to succeed. I also thought there would be more “save the king” levels but your lucky if you get two chances to play that part and that is what was advertised that caused me to go ahead and download. I thought this would be different than all the others but it’s the same run of the mill puzzle matching game and there is no way to to keep going or climb higher without draining your wallet and for a some people that just isn’t an option..Version: 5122

Fun GameI don’t know what all these other people are whining about. I was able to make it to level 951 which at the time of writing this is the highest level and I didn’t have to spend money to do it either. My only complaint about the game and reason I only gave four stars instead of 5 is because the only reason I even downloaded the game was the ads they have for this game, shows the game as playing to save the king in different predicaments, and I have played all 951 levels and a lot of the “Royal League” rounds which are just harder repeats of previous played levels, and only played 2 maybe 3 rounds in which was consistent with the ads, but never the same as shown in the ads. Kind of a bait and switch thing. But alas they haven’t soaked me for any monies, but I am sure they aren’t hurtin none. Lol. Many people do, and lately they make it easy to know who pays to play. Lol. Happy Gaming..Version: 4647

Not really honestI’ve been playing this game for months. At first I was extremely irritated that the ads that draw you to this game never appeared. I started playing on a different device under another name and I actually played a couple. The biggest issue that I have is that the developers punish you for playing well. It’s not the levels get harder it’s that things are programmed against you. For example the tnt special mystery takes out more of the board when there is a more powerful special on the board. Or that if you combine the copter with the rocket it takes out pieces that need removed, unless there is a light ball. Then it goes out of its way to take out the light ball. And if you have a light ball when you combine 2 specials for your last move, you know to maybe get more books, the light ball will always be taken out. I don’t mind giving a little money here and there, but I want an honest game. To the developers there’s an old saying “ If you dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B… S…” needless to say I can tell the difference..Version: 5355

Takes advantage of fundsThis game was fun but nothing like it advertised itself to be. Very rarely are you saving the King as it shows. Instead you’re usually doing a bunch of mundane tedious boards that are often times nearly impossible to beat without spending money for extra tools and lives. I played for over 200 levels resorting to spending money that I said I wouldn’t at times to pass. What disgusted me enough to delete the app was when I spent nearly $10 for one hour of extra tools only to discover that my lives ended and without buying extra lives I had to wait an allotment of time before they allowed me to attempt the level again that I had been tirelessly stuck on. Well because I refused to buy extra lives the clock did not stop on the hour I paid for to use the tools I bought. So I paid for one hour to be able to use these tools limitlessly but by the time they let me on the board again after each loss I only got maybe 15 minutes worth of play time…for $10! Seriously? NO THANK YOU! It was then I really felt taken advantage of. I’m done!.Version: 5761

Great balance between free and “freemium”So the game is a well done version of “match gems.” The power ups are intuitive and the variety of special tiles and puzzles is really impressive. It is turn-based with only one or two speed games at the very beginning. It has fairly easy early levels that get hard but not impossible later. It is kind of addictive , so you are forewarned. As far as pure game play, it is the best of its type that I have played. That alone would still probably only be 4 stars. I give five stars for two reasons. First, a player can form or join legit teams of up to 50 people. These can be open to new members or closed. You don’t have to join a team, but you do have the opportunity for a modest, free boost of “lives” from teammates. And if chatting or teamwork is your thing, there is in-game chat and team-based contests. The other thing I like is the the opportunity to pay for a play boost is present, but not oppressive, and you can absolutely advance to the highest levels without it costing any money..Version: 5226

Fun but not as advertisedThis is a fun and addictive game but…. If you are coming here from advertisements, it is NOT what you see. There are NO levels where you get to “rescue” the king. The game is fun. It does have its glitches where you try to swipe one direction and it goes another direction instead. But the graphics are great and it is a fun game overall. Great way to kill time. You can play this game without spending a single penny but you do have to have patience when waiting to get your lives back. Plus some “regular” levels are super hard and “super hard” levels are ridiculously easy. If you’re looking for a fun game to help kill time this is the game!!.Version: 4943

Game not as statesLooks like a fun game saving this Cute Chubby king! Forget it! I e been playing this game for a while now and have never seen the king it is just another worn out overly available “match 3, furnish a house, manor, castle game.” The power ups under perform, doing little. Once you are out of power ups, your done unless you want to buy the power ups which you would have to do often I’m pretty good at these games but can’t get enough game time to developers the technique to progress in the game It’s sad because this could be a very fun game but it isn’t. It’s merely an money making scam. The focus of this game is saving the King that I’ve NEVER had the chance to save. I’d spend money to actually get to save the King but I’m not going to spend money to play another stupid match 3, furnish a anything game. Plenty of those games that that don’t force you to buy power ups so you can play the game.Version: 5502

False AdvertisementThe king is dead, or at least deleted. It’s an alright game. Not a whole lot different from most other match-3 gem type games. The great catch here is you’re supposed to be able to save the king. I’ve had this task once. ONCE, in 76 levels. I was so shocked when the chance finally came that I almost lost because I was calling out for my kids to come see it. Even they couldn’t believe he finally showed up. Gorgeous graphics and the win streak rewards packages are nice. I like the little challenges you can participate in to win chests and extras. You can decorate the castle, too. That’s becoming popular now in a lot of games. A lot of these are things that are pretty standard on most other games of the same type. Saving the king would have set it apart to me. Maybe I’ll check back in a while to see. ✌🏽.Version: 5355

Don’t listen to bad reviews.Let me preface by saying this is the very first review I have left on any game let alone any app but I felt the need to do so. To those saying expect to pay money..... I’m on lever 751 and I have never spent a single penny on this game!! May sure you join a team that actually helps the teammates out. At any given time I have 10-15 lives banked in addition to the 5 I’m given. For a time killer, it’s perfect! It’s one of my favorite match three games. The only issue is I wish leveled were release faster. But I do have to say I love that they have “bonus” levels in between the release of other levels. Keep playing. Be patient and have fun! There is no need to spend money on a game if you don’t want to. I’ve never felt the need and have never felt forced to do so..Version: 4306

Casual done right!The developers did a super job with this game. 90% of the gameplay is NOT the bonus “save the king” that serves as its major advertising. It’s mostly a very enjoyable matching/exploding/clearing blocks game. Its Art and design is top notch, the proportions and colors are perfect. Its also more fun than challenge-it sometimes took me weeks to clear a screen in candy crush. That’s when it stops being fun. There are loads of power pieces, and unleashing double TNT barrels exploding the screen is satisfying. Will be playing the game a long time. And after a week, I’ve not had to pay one penny yet. The game’s experience is fantastic as-is for free..Version: 4943

Fundamentally a good conceptI like Royal Match. I’m in the 1500s in terms of levels so clearly I’ve stuck with the game. All the other reviews are correct that the game is literally nothing like the ads where you have to “save the king”. I wish they would incorporate the king Into the game a bit more rather than have him passively watch from the top bar. What’s probably even more frustrating is the most recent update has a Sky Race. It’s super fun to have challenges like this against other players but the algorithm for the matchups is imbalanced. I have never purchased a “royal pass” yet am put against players who have and are at much higher levels than me (likely due to spending). I don’t care if you pay to play the game but put non-royal pass users against each other, otherwise they will stop being interested in the challenges. It does NOT incentivize me to buy the pass or pay money. Quite the opposite..Version: 5502

Still playing!I love this game. It is the first thing I open when I have time to play a game. There is a whole series of Crush games (we know who I’m talking about) that I eventually deleted off my phone because they were too difficult. I never made it past 168 in the original candy crush and I tried for months. The graphics are fun, the rooms are cute and the King is my new game boyfriend! 😂 What I really like is that each room starts easier then increase in difficulty. The next room is the same way. This makes the game very fun. You get some easy wins and a chance to build up extra goodies. Gaining the goodies is also pretty easy and the butler carries some of them for you!.Version: 4776

Beware $$$$The first thing I want to say about this game is that when I saw an ad for it, the levels the ad showed were never shown in the game and I made it to level 179. I feel like if a level is advertised, I should at least see it in the game at some point, or even a bonus level. If you want to reach very high levels in this game expect TO PAY SOME MONEY or use all your boosters and coins very fast. I would rather watch an ad to earn coins or boosters rather than pay money to continue playing this game. Just like most ads for these games, this developer once again has done the bait and switch. I will say the game is fun but became frustrating very fast after about a week of play because I feel I was expected to spend money. I also expected to at least earn rewards for coming back to play every day like most games give you. Not cool, developers! I promptly deleted it after much frustration. Don’t waste your time and most definitely don’t waste your money. The only good thing about this game is that the graphics were very good..Version: 3892

Tricks you into wasting coinsFor the most part I like the game, but I DESPISE how it makes you confirm multiple times that you are ending a round. So many times I’ve ended it once, twice, then click to where the restart level usually is, only to have it confirming a third dang time and I’ve just wasted 900 coins because the button is in the exact same place and I know 5 turns isn’t enough to win. I hate this so much that I’ll be deleting, even though I like the game play. In the same vein, it’s ridiculous that it makes me rewatch a room being completed and I can’t speed it up or cancel watching. When I have a timer with unlimited lives or boosters, it’s such a waste of my time. I try not to end a room when I have a timer but sometimes I forget and then I’m irritated all over again..Version: 4902

There is no saving the KingIt is a very cute game, but I only downloaded to save the king. I’m at level 188 and only got to save the king twice. I just read a review reply from the developer that there is no more saving the king / timed levels past level 100. Literally only twice did I even get to save the king. The goal the rest of the time is to just decorate his castle. I already have decorating games. So although it is cute I won’t be spending money or even playing often now that I know there will be no more saving the king games to look forward to. I’m disappointed that the ads makes it seem like that is the entire point of the game and come to find it is a totally different game than I thought I was getting. Note to developers: timed, save the king games are all we want. That is why we are here. Sorry to be harsh but your ad feels like a lie. Hope you can add some more “save”levels or offer a true save the king game..Version: 5355

I quit!I give up. I love the game but I’m calling it quits. I’m almost to level 1500 but to get there it costs serious money. I love having hours of unlimited power ups because they help advance the game but the only way to get them consistently is to pay for them. I have tried to go the route of not using power ups but a level gets boring after playing it 15 times and getting to one or two my moves away from completing the level over and over. You get very few coins for completing each level when compared to the cost of buying a few more moves or having to buy a power up. Also, I was seeing adds for it on all my other games with levels for saving the king. I almost 1500 levels I got ONE level where I got to save the king. That’s it. If you ever drop the prices, I might consider coming back since it is an enjoyable game..Version: 5229

Not One Board is About Saving the KingUpdate - I have now played all 1600 levels thinking somewhere will be the level that I get to save the king, only to see boards recycled to be a bit harder, and he new things to clear like gummy bears. The adding of rooms to the castle is cute and all, it just has nothing to do with the game in the end. If the items you needed to clear had something to do with the level (room) that could help make the game more interesting. Level 1600 is 35 rooms, in case you are wondering. I do like this game and might have been willing to pay for the power up IF I was seeing boards that are in the ads. I am dropping my rating for this game, and will start looking for a new game to waist time on. I have completed all 701 levels and 45 of the Royal League and have yet to come across any levels that look like the ads for this game. As much as I like this game, what I saw in the ad was why I downloaded this game. I will not pay to play so I can wait for lives to come back. However, joining a team is helpful as you can request live from them every 4 hours. Sad to say that this app is close to being deleted..Version: 5502

Love the game frustrated by..I love the games and the new levels. I do find it frustrating that some levels are not labeled as hard but more difficult to beat than hard and super hard. I also find it frustrating that it takes a different amount of coins to get the same bonus amounts. For example on one level it can take 100 helicopters to get 400 coins and for another it can take 400 helicopters to get the same 400 coins. Also the free offers always are followed by purchase to get something but the purchase is for a limited amount or time. For example pay to have 8 but the 8 lives only lasts through a certain amount of days. Maybe offer to purchase a permanent amount of extra lives. But keep the. New levels coming!!!.Version: 5355

Greedy greedy greedyApparently my previous review no longer exists. I was noting how this game is clearly set up to maximize the amount of money a player has to spend to make progress. I got a very disingenuous (and apparently standardized) response from the developer stating that you can win every level without boosters. What they neglect to say in that canned response is that it takes about 15 or 20 tries before they give you the ability to make the combinations you need to win the level. It’s true that if you stick with it, you eventually can win, but it takes a lot of patience to get there. They do let you win a few of the ‘easy’ levels in a row, but it doesn’t take long to get stuck again on what they call the ‘hard’ levels. These levels depend on being able to make the right combinations to win, and they deliberately make that impossible for the first 15 or 20 tries. Maybe it’s different if you shell out the big bucks. I would be happy to pay a reasonable set fee to be able to play levels that are actually winnable, but that is not an option - they just want you to keep paying and paying. I guess their model works or they would have changed it by now. There must be a lot of people out there who are willing to spend a fortune on one game..Version: 5502

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5761

One of the best games...BUT...This has to be one of the best free/p2p games I’ve played. You can ascend the levels faster by paying for upgrades or max the games levels (and keep playing btw) without spending a cent. Depending on your level of frustration hahaha. Only issue i have with this game (the one and only issue) is that the box drops of what you swipe in games can be very unfair. Like as in at least 20 to 40 lives for one level unfair. That’s frustrating.....Version: 4943

BaitedDownloaded about 400 and something levels ago cause I was pulled in by the kings challenges from an ad in another game. So far I think I’ve only had two kings challenges. A bit disappointing the game doesn’t match the ad but still addictive to play *shrug*.Version: 5502

Royal Match ReviewRoyal Match Is So Addictive Because I Have Playing It For Hours Non-Stop.Version: 5502

Good butThere should be no time limit on prizes as I cannot always use them at the time and they are wasted and I have earned them, I have spent quite a bit not composing but I do think these times should be as you play.Version: 5122

Difficult to tell the difference between the background and the grassIt’s fine otherwise.Version: 4902

Best game on the internetThis game is the leader for all games on the net. No Ads which is a mega huge bonus and it’s imaginative and creative. I am truly having trouble putting it down. We’ll done to the makers of this game..Version: 4902

Good but more improvedPlease add a virtual world maybe for different teams to make process more quick Thanks Claire.Version: 5355

Ran out of levelsI think I just ran out of levels can someone please explain what’s going on?.Version: 5226

Royal matchWould keep freezing up and I have to keep reinstalling great graphics hope it keeps working this well now.Version: 4647

Gets harder in progression. No mini games like advertisedI’m up to level 770+ enjoy it, but none of the games that you see in promotional adds. Maybe that’s the paid version? Still enjoyable and not spending money. Some levels are very challenging. Furnishing the rooms for bonuses takes a lot of stars after a while. Still worth doing though. Would be 5 stars if you could play the games as promoted. Plus helicopters don’t fly as strategically as at the earliest levels..Version: 5226

Why not use the power upI am so angry 😡 that on the last move I have a lots of power ups and I want to use them but you don’t let me this makes me mad 😡.Version: 5229

Amazing graphics!Visually this is a stunning, high res game. The only downfall is the extras are a bit pricey in comparison to other games. I’m a student and I support when I can but as the levels get harder I tend to wait for the free lives to replenish..Version: 3892

My Go TooAwesome, better then Candy Crush by miles...can’t get enough😎😎😎.Version: 4902

Best game everIt’s good because it has hard and good there’s levels.Version: 5122

Enjoyable gameEnjoy and encourage game which makes me keep playing, l love all pictures and ask friends play too..Version: 4902

Just another match 3 gameReally disappointed with this game. All the advertisements show it as a game where you have to help the king escape before his perilous death - but I never got to any of these after 100+ levels. Falsely advertised - boring.Version: 5355

WowA great game to pass the time with and it can get a bit addictive…..Version: 4798

False advertisingThey advertise this game as a match 3 challenge to save the king but I have been playing for quite some time and haven’t seen one of these challenges. It’s just a boring match 3 game.Version: 5229

Don’t botherThe first 150 levels are pretty straight forward. After that, you get stuck very easily and you’re encouraged to spend money to get to the next level. 1 STAR! Another generic mobile game where spending money becomes the solution..Version: 5502

A great gameIt’s a little like CandyCrush but with extra rewards and achievements.Version: 4902

Fun but not like ADI like this game but it’s very pricey to continue when coins are scarce… the AD shows rescuing the king before time runs out… not a single level has anything like shown I’m over level 200. Hmmmmm most games aren’t what they advertise. A bit shady.Version: 4639

Obnoxious advertisingEven on advertising level this app is freezing iPad. Advertising is unavoidable annoyance… The only reason I have downloaded it is to leave this feedback … you have to click app pop up or else it will freeze your iPad… Shame.Version: 4647

Good game but coins to expensiveI love the game but to expensive to buy coins 2.99 for 1000 coins a joke and the bonus level should be 20 levels apart through out whole game I’m at 302 and haven’t had a bonus level for 30 levels I rely on them levels for coins.Version: 5122

No ads!Great game. I’m only up to level 83 but it so far hasn’t done that annoying thing where you have to buy stuff or spend 3 days trying to pass a level because it’s stupidly hard. If anything, this game is super generous with points and bonuses. Love it!.Version: 5122

GoodGreat game but I hate waiting for updates. We should be able to play old levels while we wait.Version: 5502

Really good game but…Love this game would have given 5 stars but the reason I downloaded it was because I loved the look of the mini games, I have played a lot of levels and completed rooms but I only have played one mini game! You make it sound or look like you play a few so this was really disappointing Other than that great game.Version: 5355

Sir HairyGreat game only found it by my looking for something else cheers.Version: 5229

Great game.Hi. I’m on level 94 and really enjoying the game (im 75). My only problem , and I’ve done it a few times , is instead pressing play again. I accidentally press the 900 for an extra 5 shots. So I’ve lost a bit of money for nothing. It takes so long for cash to accumulate. Then it just goes. I’m back down to about 7 coins. Maybe an are you sure button would be good..Version: 5229

Royal MatchA good free game with no advertisements making its money from in game purchases one move short happens a little too often still fun.Version: 5039

Not what they advertiseThere is no saving the King, I am up to level 425 and I have had one opportunity to do this. Also there is no value for money in the purchases - you get so little for what you have to spend. I would buy boosters if they were better value but I buy nothing because they are not good value. Its a fun game but could be better if it was what they advertise and if the boosters were better value..Version: 5355

False advertising?None of the fun games shown on the promotional material seem to be available. A couple of king games in the first 100 t to bunds and then nothing. Apparently they never show again..Version: 5502

BindiThis is my favourite game of all time. I’m playing it on two devices. I am missing the mini games though. 😢.Version: 5355

No Mini games after lower levelsI ldownloaded Royal Match because of the mini games that are shown in the ads but they just do not exist in the game there are some at the beginning but then nothing you keep playing and playing hoping for one of those really interesting looking mini games but they never come.Version: 5039

FrustratingSeems like most of these pay as you go games you will get to a level where you just can not get past unless you pay money. Whatever happened to fun games. Do not download as you will not be able to delete all the data from your iPad..Version: 5122

Money ScamDon’t get hooked on this game unless you want to spend money, It’s a great game, but once you get high up in levels , the game is impossible unless you spend money to get through the levels.Version: 5229

Royal MatchGreat game, keeps you interested and is very entertaining. Very enjoyable graphics. Love it!.Version: 4388

Having a good team makes all the difference.I liked this game, but now I love it. I have found a very active team to play with and we have become amazing friends who actively chat and support each other both in the game and in real life. This has elevated the game for me to the point that I play daily in order to chat with my friends, work towards the tournament prizes and give each other lives. The Royal Pass is great value for money in my opinion and well worth buying each month..Version: 5355

Great gameGood graphics. No ads. Reasonably priced in game purchases. Only gave 4 stars cos it makes my phone hot after only a few games. Otherwise you’d have hot 5. I never wrote reviews so you’ve created a monster..Version: 4943

Best game I have played of its typeAnd I have played a few. No ads, no stupid carry on between games, great graphics. Higher levels are challenging but not so hard that I want to throw my ipad through the window. Great rewards too and I like the occasional ' free ' play rewards. I gave you 5 stars but would have 'turned it up to 11' ...if it was able to be played in landscape mode too. thanks..Version: 4798

Great addictive gameLove this game, only down side was, I made it to level 1000 and had to wait for the update..Version: 4902

False AdvertisingYet another game saturating their advertising with MINI GAME footage then rarely giving you a chance at the mini game. Level 30 and only 1 mini game so far and from a response to another review citing same they were told mini games are only up to level 100 so going off this I may be lucky to get two more mini games. STOP FALSELY ADVERTISING!!!!!!!! Will be deleting this game as I already have others that are just a match game..Version: 5355

Why infinity items cannot be storedEvery time when I receive a period of infinity lives, I want to store them and not use it straight away, maybe I only wants to sit down for 10 minutes for the game or so… I have been receiving a 3 hour infinity lives right before my bed time and all of them went to waste….Version: 4798

LovelySimple likeable and adorable what more could one want.Version: 4902

Fake advertisingFake advertising!!! There is no option to save the king on any level as advertised. Very disappointing and makes this a generic match game like so many others ..Version: 5355

Best match3 I’ve played so farCrisp clear graphics. Satisfying sounds. Plenty of free power ups. No ads!! I happily spent money on this one..Version: 4902

A lovely game!What i like most about this game is that it never seems toooooooo hard so you feel like you are always able to make progress, unlike similar games of this style..Version: 4943

One life every 30mins isn’t going to keep me playing.I don’t get these games that only give you one live every half hour. I want to sit down and play for a while. I’m not spending money when I’ve only had the game for a couple of days. Should let me play and get me sucked in before forcing me to pay. I’m off to play elsewhere..Version: 5039

Great game but…….I really like playing this game but am disappointed that the “save the king” advertised games are non existent. It’s such a shame as they look interesting and challenging..Version: 5229

Not as advertisedI only downloaded it because of the adverts, ‘save the king’, however this is very false advertising, I have no interest in decorating rooms of a palace but kept playing to find the games advertised, only 1 appeared in over 300 levels. So have deleted it..Version: 5355

Just deleted the appI was up to the stage where you can never pass without paying more life and still never get through..Version: 5502

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Royal Match 5761 Update

Version 5761 (2021-10-18): Are you ready for a fun new update? • Collect all the candies in the NEW EVENT! Ready your colorful sticks to win amazing rewards in the PINATA PARTY! • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! To cover everywhere with the JELLY, you need to spread it gently! • Explore the NEW AREA! Press the grapes and start the aging process after sealing the barrels in the exquisite CELLAR! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 5502 (2021-10-04): Are you ready for a swift new update? • Be the fastest one in the NEW EVENT! Get on the plane and show your speed in the SKY RACE! • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! To make all UFOs fly, hit the LAUNCHER with explosives on your first try! • Explore the NEW AREA! Find some tranquility and calmness while reading a book in the new STUDY ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 5355 (2021-09-20): Are you ready for a wonderful new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! After starting the GUMMY MAKER, all you need is a jelly cube breaker! • Explore the NEW AREA! It's the perfect night to get around the fire, play guitar, and roast your marshmallows in the new CAMPSITE! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 5229 (2021-09-08): Are you ready for a sublime new update? • Get ready for an amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! Beware! The more leaves the SEED BOX sheds, the more GRASS will spread! • Explore the NEW AREA! Get ready, aim for the center of the pins, and hit a strike in the new BOWLING ALLEY! • Bug fixes and performance improvements for a better game experience! New levels arrive every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 5122 (2021-08-23): Are you ready for a marvelous new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! The quickest way to get rid of the ROOF TILES is to blow them up in piles! • Explore the NEW AREA! After trimming the leaves and watering the plants, all you need is to sit back and enjoy the new lovely SUNROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 5039 (2021-08-09): Are you ready for a stupendous new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! You can get fantastic wins, just aim at the BOWLING PINS! • Explore the NEW AREA! Be sure to put your phone on silent, a fantastic play is about to start in the grand new AMPHITHEATRE! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4943 (2021-07-26): Are you ready for an astounding new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! It is hard to keep up with the LANTERN, breaking it before the light goes out is the answer! • Explore the NEW AREA! Arrange a fun time for the man’s best friend in the new DOG PARK! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4902 (2021-07-12): Are you ready for a mesmerizing new update? • Get ready for amazing 100 NEW LEVELS! If you want to pass the level with fewer tries, take a look inside the POUCH to find the hidden surprise! • Explore the NEW AREA! If you want a journey on Orient-Express or Trans-Siberian, a new adventure awaits in the new TRAIN STATION! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4798 (2021-07-01): Bug fixes and performance improvements for a better game experience! Are you ready for a dazzling new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Attempts to move the items are in vain, free them by breaking the CHAIN! • Explore the NEW AREA! Pump up your pool floats and lay under the sun for a perfect tan on the new BEACH! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4647 (2021-06-15): Are you ready for a gorgeous new update? • Time to find the hidden keys and open the mysterious chests! Don’t forget to double your rewards with the ROYAL PASS! • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Watch out when the CAULDRON heats up, all the PUMPKINS need to blow up! • Explore the NEW AREA! Latte is always good with extra milk, also order a cupcake on the side in the new cozy CAFE! • Bug fixes and performance improvements for a better game experience! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4490 (2021-05-31): Are you ready for an exclusive new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Want to look good? Don’t forget to beautify, all eyes will be on you with this BOW TIE! • Explore the NEW AREA! Have a fun time while sliding on the smooth ice of the ICE SKATING PARK! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4388 (2021-05-17): Are you ready for an exciting new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Break the JARS to get the dog's favorite treat, but he has to be a good boy before he can eat! • Explore the NEW AREA! It’s almost summertime, let’s get back in shape at the new spectacular GYM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4202 (2021-04-19): Are you ready for a spectacular new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! While playing the level, don’t get so comfy because the FROG can be jumpy! • Explore the NEW AREA! Everyone needs some time to themselves to glow up! Just visit the new cozy BARBERSHOP! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 4104 (2021-04-05): Are you ready for a gorgeous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Be careful with the LIGHT BULBS’ color, in every move breaking them gets a bit tougher! • Explore the NEW AREA! Rejoice and celebrate your latest team battle victory in the new magnificent MONUMENT GARDEN! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3981 (2021-03-22): Are you ready for a marvelous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! With obstacles everywhere is filled, break them with help of the DRILL! • Explore the NEW AREA! If you need a well-fitted suit and a tie, take a visit by the new majestic TAILOR ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3892 (2021-03-08): Are you ready for a majestic new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Everywhere covered up with SOIL, reveal the bomb in there before the level gets spoiled! • Explore the NEW AREA! You don’t need a snorkel or a diving tube to enjoy the dazzling ocean, just settle in the new UNDERWATER ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3840 (2021-03-01): Are you ready for an extensive new update? • Awesome 50 New Levels are ready to be played! Grab a pickaxe! It’s gem o’clock, let’s blast the ROCK! • Explore the New Majestic Area! Fill the teapot with a mix of finest herbs and enjoy your lovely day in the TEA ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.