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King Robert needs your help to restore Royal Castle’s former glory. Break the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to beat joyful and challenging levels! Keep unlocking wonderful areas by playing fun match-3 levels! Come along now and join the fun!

Once you play, you will come for Royal Match every day!

Royal Match features:
• A new unique taste in match-3 levels with amusing obstacles and fun levels!
• Collect loads of coins in bonus levels!
• Lots of powerful boosters await for you to unlock them!
• Open amazing chests to win magnificent rewards!
• Restore the Royal Castle into an amazing and wonderful place!
• Explore the new rooms, royal chambers, splendid gardens, and many more exciting areas!

Royal Match App User Reviews & Comments

How it is and why you should buy itIt is very fun and it helps your mind. You should buy it because it’s very good of a game, and it’s sometimes a challenge. And you should always have fun when it’s a challenge. It’s fun when it puts pressure on you. So you should buy it today. But the bad thing about it is that it’s way to easy at first. But than it gets harder, more fun, difficult, and way more enjoyable, and interesting, and more competitive..Version: 3840

Where is the king drowningThe King is the most important person in this game because you have to rescue him. It would be more fun and challenging if you are able to rescue him in every five levels in order to advance to the next episode or level. What a fun game it would be if the king challenge you to a duel. Etc. stuff like that..Version: 3892

You don’t have to waste money on this game to winFirstly I would like to start out by saying that this game is NOT pay to win. If you don’t believe me, I will have to give you some tips 1- don’t waste coins early game( levels 1-200 about) and don’t waste them loosely 2- look for strategic matches carefully to win Finally I would like to say that this game is good and i had no problems with it really so 5 stars.Version: 3981

Fantastic!This game is so relaxing and fun! I absolutely love everything about it! The graphics, the games, the colors and music are just awesome!! A lot of times I turn off the music on games but not on this one. I am usually smiling the whole time I am playing. This is a gem of a game! During this pandemic I have tried a lot of games so I don’t get board at home. This one is the best in its class! Thank you for creating such a fantastic game!!.Version: 3816

Advertising DilemmaMany seem upset that false advertising baited an unwanted download. The king never dies; rather the king needs a home makeover. MATCHINGTON MANSION is a GREAT GAME and the advertisements are just like the game play. The levels are chalking in Matchington; however, I’m currently on level 2959 having never paid a dime. The storyline in Matchington Mansion is nice and kid-friendly and you may watch an advertisement here and again for extra moves or play. If stuck, the programmers help you out after three-or-so startups and I’ve never been cheated without a follow-up apology and extra power ups. I highly recommend MATCHINGTON MANSION!!!.Version: 4104

Finally!A game that is fair and you don’t have to spend a fortune to progress. I don’t mind purchasing occasionally to move forward because I know the game developers need to earn money just like any company. But having to purchase every other level takes all fun away and I will delete game. Fun game!.Version: 3892

Bait & switchI’ve played 185 levels and I haven’t seen one level like the ads show. By level 150 they make it nearly impossible to proceed without making a purchase. Also, they clearly cheat to make you have to buy coin and get your money. I used a double mega bomb that cleared the entire board which should have counted for 30-40 eggs. It said I only broke 13 eggs. There is no way a mega bomb cleared the entire board and that only accounted only 13 eggs. They are betting you won’t count but I did. They clearly cheat.Version: 3981

Not like their adsI kept seeing an ad for this game and I liked the concept, being a time-limited thing to beat the level and save the king. But no. This is just one more version of candy crush. Beating a level allows you to add to the decorations of the castle, but you have no options. I have the Lily’s Garden game which is almost exactly the same, but there’s at least a storyline and you get to choose the it feels like I’m at least contributing something. Nope. Don’t need just one more version of candy crush on my phone. How about you actually make the game you advertise? I’d play that..Version: 3981

You can always put your phone down and go outside 🙃As long as you accept that at some point you’ll have to pay to play then you’ll be fine. Nothing is free. Even your game addiction. I’m at Level 318 and it’s absolutely rigged to not win unless you pay for power ups or turns. I haven’t paid. I play when I can. Win or lose doesn’t make my day. So relax and just enjoy the game for what it is. Or you can put your phone down and go outside..Version: 3981

Royal matchI do not like this game. And do not like the ads. They are showing killing. Isn’t there enough violence and killing in this world? And now to add this in your games? I would appreciate it very much if you would please stop showing this game of killing in your ads. My children play your games on Facebook and things like this frightens them. Thank you for viewing this..Version: 3892

Nice puzzles and correct advertising.When I saw the game advertised, I wasn’t quite sure, so many games advertise it’s one type of gameplay but then isn’t when you try it. This game is what they advertise. It’s very fun and I like it so far. The only thing I think would be a nice addition is, an option to not get hints as you play the puzzles..Version: 4104

Fun game..I am in the 200 levels now and it takes me a long time to beat a level. Patience is not my middle name and I am not going to spend money all the time to beat a level. I will be leaving the game soon. I don’t mind once in awhile, but not all the time. Oh well, it is a really cute game, just not fun anymore. I play games for enjoyment, not stress. If you have patience and enjoy match 3 games you should really enjoy this one. There is also decorating, but you don’t get to chose the decorations they’re all pre-made and their choice of furniture..Version: 3892

Could be fun, but it’s a money hog instead.The game is relatively easy for 4 and up till level 100. After that, prepare to open your wallet to get through the levels. Most of the levels after that are impossible to finish unless you pay-to-play. Unlike Angry Birds Match, if you’re stuck on a level for days and days, the game won’t adjust to let you finish the level and move on. After spending close to $30 one day just to advance through 4 different levels because the amount of chances are far below what you can knock out, I deleted it. It’s no longer fun if you’re stuck on one level for nearly a week and constantly having to pay to get past it. I’m not talking the hard levels either. There are several in a row like this. So unless you happy about spending an average of $4 a level several times in a row to get through the game, don’t bother..Version: 3981

AWESOME MUSICHey I literally just started playing and I’m a big fan of kings and queens and all of that cool stuff but the music in this game is fantastic is there a soundtrack or something because it’s just so catchy it’s something you would hum while doing something boring like homework I think that’s another I reason I like it so umm tell whoever worked on the music and stuff that I LOVE THEM.Version: 4104

Beautiful, fun match 3Gorgeous graphics. I haven’t watched a single ad nor spent any money on this game. I beat all of the levels (just updated, excited about that) They bump you into a Royal league and those levels are rough, no room for error. Really like the different challenges and having teams. Getting plenty of extra lives from others is helpful as well. Recommend..Version: 4104

Was fun until latest updateGreat match three game, but don’t expect the levels you see in the ads where you save the king from impending doom. However, the latest update (around early April 2021) means that you MUST buy extra coins and power-ups if you want to score in the top of either the individual or team ranks. If you don’t, you won’t get any bonuses. If you don’t mind always being in the bottom and never getting bonuses, that’s fine. Here’s how it works. At the end of every round, you can use your accumulated coins to get 10x your prize. If you do that, you can (generally) leap over several people in your designated group and earn prizes. In my group, there was clearly someone spending big bucks; he won first place by leaps and bounds, but if he wants to spend that much money — cool. The new update basically rewards people who spend money and penalises people who don’t (or CAN’T) spend money because, you know, they lost their job and need to pay rent, eat, and things like that..Version: 4104

Average match game, but sweet!It’s an average match game like the rest but it’s cuter and never gives me a level too difficult to make me give up, you’ll always get there eventually. The king is very cute which I didn’t notice until you start building the castle and such. He’s got a cute little music room, a pool shaped like a bone for his dog, and in the loading screens he’s eating cookies and milk. So cute! Plus he watches your game from the top of the screen and it looks as if he’s on the edge of his seat when you get to your last 4 or so moves, worried you won’t make it..Version: 4104

Costly gameI really liked this at first and didn’t mind too much watching the ads. Then you reach a point where you cannot win without paying for more time. They only give you five more plays with each purchase, games start requiring multiple purchases of extra plays which go up exponentially in coin cost, any leftover extra plays that you paid for disappear at the end of that round. The final straw was that deleting the game from my iPad and downloading again does not restart at round one but remembers which round you left at so you are stuck at the “pay bunches of real money” to play stage. It’s gone forever from my device..Version: 3981

Give me more!I love everything about this game except the renovating part. I like getting to choose the colors and styles I want. I like reviewing the completed tasks and maybe change some things around. But this game doesn’t give choices nor lets you see the full spectrum of the castle. The graphics are superb. The game play is awesome. Just that one thing would get an extra star from me. Thank you..Version: 3840

No adds. Love itIt’s like homescapes, but way more progressive. Not as many levels to go through to decorate an area. Yeah, you don’t get to choose which carpet to use, but it’s still nice to put it together. I went up to level 50 in a day. Cute animation with the king, too. He gets all worried when you get down to 3 moves left. Don’t worry bro, I have a cannon up my sleeve, lol..Version: 3981

Get your wallet outI have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it..Version: 3981

My 1st 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ReviewThe Promo doesn’t match the game play but this game is very enjoyable. They make the levels passable and have created updates to keep you entertained with new levels. Join a group and donate lives to each other. I haven’t had to spend any money, and have spent hours playing this game. My hats off to the creators. Thank you..Version: 4104

Great game! But...Okay so here is the thing...the game is super fun and the graphics are great! It’s highly addictive. However, I am HIGHLY against games that don’t allow you to keep playing if you can’t clear a level. Basically if you can’t clear a level you get to a point where you have to spend money or you have to wait. The reason I’m against this type of game is because If you get a to a point where you do spend money it should just be $30 to play the game unlimited. This isn’t the case with this game. You spend money on lives and coins to stay alive, so if you do spend money on this game, you might as well set your money on fire or go gambling cause you will come across a level you can’t clear within hours of game play after you just spend $20. However if you don’t want to spend money...I hope you are patient! Also I got this game because I thought it would be like the ads (the king is in danger and you clear levels to save him). That is NOT what this game is. Maybe it’s later in the game, I DID just start playing, but you clear levels to help build his castle. There is no danger that I can tell - maybe false advertising? Idk. Wouldn’t suggest you download this game but if you do you will like it initially and then hate it once you start to lose..Version: 3981

Eh it’s okThere’s really no incentive to play, compared to other matching games. If all you want is a matching game with no story and no choices, this is as good as any of the others. If you want a matching game that makes you want to continue playing, that has choices and a reason to play that goes beyond matching colored squares together, look elsewhere. I expected something like KittenMatch, which I love, but this is just boring. 15 levels in and I don’t see a reason to play more..Version: 3840

New obsession!!!This is such a great game I cannot stop playing it!!! Super fun and really cool graphics. I feel like I am playing all my favorite games combined in one very well done game. It can actually keep my attention for hours. Perfect relaxing game with enough obstacles to keep me thoroughly engaged!.Version: 3840

RiggedThe makers of this game sabotage it so you get to a certain point and can’t go further. It’s fun up until that point but then just becomes annoying. It’s obvious they just want you to buy stuff but it’s a sneaky, unethical way to go about it. It’s typical of these types of games but it doesn’t make for a very good user experience. I’ve always wondered why these game makers think that’s a good profit strategy. Obviously there are people that are either so addicted they have to keep playing no matter the cost or they are just too stupid to realize that they are being swindled. Oh well, I won’t be among them. Deleted..Version: 4104

Once again...Game is nothing like the ad. And like pretty much all of these games, it doesn’t take incredibly long before you have no choice but to pay. I agree with another reviewer who stated that it won’t be so bad if you paid one flat price and unlocked a version where you don’t have to keep paying. But this crap can get ridiculously expensive quickly. I would even be willing to watch an ad. But that’s not an option either. The level I’m on now is pretty much impossible so the app will get deleted. I gave it two stars instead of one because the game is fun and the graphics are nice. But I guess I’ll kiss this one goodbye as well..Version: 4104

False advertisementI have seen multiple ads for this game where you are saving the king from being killed in one way or another. After about a month, I decided to downstage game. 10 levels in and I’m not saving the king. It’s not even a thing. Why do creators of apps think it’s ok to advertise a game as one thing and it’s not like that at all! If you think your advertising is catching people’s eyes to download the game, why in the heck wouldn’t you make the game like your advertisement? You guys are a bunch of fools and I deleted the game within a day. The garden and mansion games are advertising the same thing and only implemented it recently after advertising it for a long time. I deleted those too. Make your games like the advertisement or stop advertising it!.Version: 3981

Don’t waste your time, play something elseThe developers limit it to 5 games, and then u have to wait forever to play again, the developers do not want you to play their game considering it may take more than a couple games to beat some of these ridiculously hard levels which btw, they give barely enough moves to beat some of these stages, you could be stuck on a single level for days trust me, I wouldn’t write this much if it wasn’t such a tragedy, go on now, get something worth your time.Version: 3981

Needs optionsThis is a cute and simple match game. I got to maybe level 13, however, before I deleted it. I play a lot of the match puzzle games where you remodel a home or property as you go. What I really enjoy is a large map and the ability to choose items. This game has no choices. It’s just: beat a level, get a carpet. No choices of different items or styles. Therefore, it’s not interesting enough for someone who enjoys the creative side of those kind of games..Version: 4104

Great, silly game!It’s easy enough to progress but has that slight edge that keeps you playing. One of the best things is that there are fewer ads to get in your way, and what ads show up are brief. This is how apps should operate. Don’t frustrate your free players to the point that we quit and move on. That’s how I found THIS game. Thanks!!.Version: 3840

Great game but......This game is very enjoyable at the beginning but can be very frustrating in the higher levels. I understand as levels increase that games should be more challenging. The problem is the player cannot earn extra lives or rewards. Most games will throw you something if you will sit through an ad, but not this game. Why in the world would you care if a player watches an ad to earn something? My other issue is the packages of coins and weapons need to include more for the money. Why not run specials on these? I do love the speed of the game though. There are a lot of games out there that are soooo slow..Version: 3981

Too expensiveLove the game but when it starts costing 900 coins for 5 more chances at a game, you begin to lose the amount of coins provided. Once those coins are gone and you want to move forward out of the rut, you end up spending some bucks - especially on the super hard levels. I managed to get close to level 200 where I just gave up because of the expense. Fun, yes, but a rip off as well. Ended up deleting the game because of the cost to just move forward..Version: 3892

Nice Game and GraphicsThe challenges aren’t ridiculously difficult. No pressure to spend money—lots of free power-up/“helps”—and extravagant level-up bonuses for getting lots of coins. Music isn’t overly annoying—King is like-able figure. Good for kids and adults to pass some time..Version: 3981

Love it!!!!I have played many matching games by far this is my favorite!!! It’s graphics are cute and it’s not impossible to pass levels. I also love the fact that the rooms don’t have a thousand things to do to complete. You can actually play with out spending money and the prizes are fair. Please don’t change this aspect of the game it keeps people playing.. Great job guys keep up the great work!!!!.Version: 3892

Royal MatchThis is the greatest video game in the history of Western Civilization. The graphics as we build the castle, throne, are magnificent. I looked at the size of the game and it doesn’t take that much core, unlike Wheel of Fortune. I thought the art direction, fountain, flowers, etc would take a lot of storage. Nope. Modest size. The Little King is so cute. And then the genius of merging candy crush technique to build stars to furnish the kingdom is a wonderful hybrid. And later, rescuing Otto Soglow’s doppelgänger from calamity and his expression when we fail. Awww. The little melody not getting under one’s nerves cannot be under appreciated. Kudos to the designers, coders, composer et al. Lastly, where are the ads? Me and my big mouth. Here they come! Right around the bend....Version: 3892

NO levels from adsThe game is easy and if you like matching games you’ll like this game. You don’t get to decorate your own style as everything is pre-chosen decorations (unlike Homescapes) but it is addicting. The problem is that all the games shown in every ad (king about to get crushed if you don’t defeat the level) DO NOT EXIST. I completed all the levels (651 levels) and never did one of these levels appear so I contacted support and “currently these levels do not yet exist”. SO, if you’re looking to play the games advertised (which is why I downloaded the game!!!) DON’T DO IT as these levels don’t exist. One big sham of a game by advertising levels that don’t exist!.Version: 3981

Could be the best game ever!This is a great game...great graphics, fun to play, fun to decorate your rooms. I love Match 3 games! However, I’m only up to around Level 175 and it’s so hard that I can’t win unless I start spending money. That’s fine, up to a point. This seems to be a game that will keep requiring money. It should not be this hard on these levels. On my other games, I have to reach Level 2500 for it to get this hard. I will be deleting this game, just for the frustration..Version: 4104

FINALLY!!I get so tired of every game being a match 3. I love to decorate & I love fun, relaxing games. Finally, here is a match 3 game that doesn't get extremely hard extremely fast. I love everything about this game. It's so nice not to have to spend money for moves but r advance in the game. Please don't change anything, especially don't make it more challenging. Some people like fun, relaxing games, without having to constantly think about how your going to make it to another level. Thanks so much for a AWESOME game..Version: 3840

So far so good..You can accomplish a lot of levels in a short amount of time. Many don’t like not being able to choose the way things are set up. But the game play continues to move when you don’t stop to choose between this and that in way of decoration. Not a bad game as far as I can see. Almost 100 levels in less than a day....Version: 3840

MisinformationI saw this game on an advertisement while playing another game. It looked cute and I loved the idea that you could save the King from certain death by matching three. However... I have built a ton of rooms in his castle and still have not gotten to a game where I am saving the King. You see these ads all the time where they show you saving the guy... and and when you download them it isn’t what you want. I have a three star because it’s an ok game... just another match three..Version: 3892

Fantastic gameI love matching games and some of the ones I was playing you have to watch a video or get a extra move or to start other game. Love there is no pressure to this game. Also like you can find teams from your area. Been only playing for a few weeks but so far really it!.Version: 3892

Nice gameMy only complaint so far (level 32) is that when a new power up is introduced, I am forced to use it. Please let me decide when and at which level to use power ups. Otherwise, I appreciate that the tasks do not take unnecessarily long to complete and the levels are not impossible. Will update this as I advance..Version: 3981

Beware $$$$The first thing I want to say about this game is that when I saw an ad for it, the levels the ad showed were never shown in the game and I made it to level 179. I feel like if a level is advertised, I should at least see it in the game at some point, or even a bonus level. If you want to reach very high levels in this game expect TO PAY SOME MONEY or use all your boosters and coins very fast. I would rather watch an ad to earn coins or boosters rather than pay money to continue playing this game. Just like most ads for these games, this developer once again has done the bait and switch. I will say the game is fun but became frustrating very fast after about a week of play because I feel I was expected to spend money. I also expected to at least earn rewards for coming back to play every day like most games give you. Not cool, developers! I promptly deleted it after much frustration. Don’t waste your time and most definitely don’t waste your money. The only good thing about this game is that the graphics were very good..Version: 3892

Not enough lives & some levels take multiple triesBiggest issue is not enough lives. There are so many levels that cannot be beat unless you play it 5 times resulting in no lives left. Levels are so hard until you play it multiple times which is stupid because you end up with no lives to play the next level. Why is the level unbeatable for 3 tries and miraculously beatable on the 4th try? You earn 50 or 100 coins (varies), but it takes 900 coins for 5 extra lives and 1900 for 5 more. Ridiculous. Love the game, but too many problems trying to pass levels. Challenging and cheating players are two different things..Version: 3981

Just delete game!!!!!I have to agree with get your wallet out THE GAME IS RIGGED!!!!!! The algorithm they use is designed to rip you off. It cost wayyyyy more than need be for a few extra lives. If you happen to have access to extra lives, the algorithm will let you get within 1 piece to go out & then won’t drop the needed tile and it will happen for a couple days. Only reason I haven’t deleted is because I am waiting to see if Anyone even reads these and replies. THE GAME IS A SCAM!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! I have already deleted it..Version: 4104

FINALLY!I’ve downloaded the game, for the first time, today and I absolutely love it 🥰❤️. I’ve played Candy Crush, Gardenscapes, Homescapes and so many other games in the genre — THIS is officially my favorite game, now. All of the things I wished I could do in the others, I’ve found it here. Candy Crush had things that I liked that the others didn’t and vice versa. This is my ‘Royal’ flush.😁.Version: 3892

Fun but false advertisingI downloaded the game based on ads showing you saving the king from being crushed, set on fire, drowning, etc. I’ve just finished level 150, and no such level exists. You play matching games to earn stars. You use the stars to build the castle, but you have no choice in design like in Homescapes, etc. It’s all predetermined. The levels can be super easy to frustratingly hard. You have to choose your booster at the beginning rather than at the point where you decide you need help. You may earn 100+ coins per round but it’s 900 coins to get 5 more moves, and 1900 for additional moves past that. You have 5 lives can can win challenges for spans of unlimited lives (15-60 minutes at a time). Overall, it’s a fun game similar to all the other match games. Graphics are good. I keep the sound off so I can’t speak to music. But if you’re looking to rescue the king, this is not the game advertised at all..Version: 4104

Same ole same oleAs many match 3 games that I’ve deleted Home & Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Lily’s Garden and Pennie & Flo I’m sure more you play this game and it’s great for about 80 levels then it becomes crazy hard to finish a level and you can’t move forward if I have to spend $20 each time I get stuck to move forward and all my boosters to move forward something is not right with the game I refuse to buy for any of these games anymore. I’ve been through six match three games in six months. Still playing June’s Journey a full year in I do buy stuff occasionally with them but it’s a satisfying game moving forward I will never buy anything in these games it’s a waste of money. Oh an the ads for these games never are the game it’s a con job..Version: 3981

False advertisingI was drawn to this due to the levels advertised to ‘save the king’. Those levels don’t exist. It’s the same old same old. Match 3 things, clear the goals, go to the next level. I kept waiting for the levels that were advertised. Made it to the last room cleared (nearly 600 levels) figuring I would then be taken to a special area with the king saving challenges... nothing. Really irks me with the false advertising. Why? Why must you false advertise?.Version: 3981

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Amazing graphics!Visually this is a stunning, high res game. The only downfall is the extras are a bit pricey in comparison to other games. I’m a student and I support when I can but as the levels get harder I tend to wait for the free lives to replenish..Version: 3892

CJSuch fun, loving it 👍🏻.Version: 3840

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Royal Match 4104 Update

Version 4104 (2021-04-05): Are you ready for a gorgeous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Be careful with the LIGHT BULBS’ color, in every move breaking them gets a bit tougher! • Explore the NEW AREA! Rejoice and celebrate your latest team battle victory in the new magnificent MONUMENT GARDEN! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3981 (2021-03-22): Are you ready for a marvelous new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! With obstacles everywhere is filled, break them with help of the DRILL! • Explore the NEW AREA! If you need a well-fitted suit and a tie, take a visit by the new majestic TAILOR ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3892 (2021-03-08): Are you ready for a majestic new update? • Awesome 50 NEW LEVELS are ready to be played! Everywhere covered up with SOIL, reveal the bomb in there before the level gets spoiled! • Explore the NEW AREA! You don’t need a snorkel or a diving tube to enjoy the dazzling ocean, just settle in the new UNDERWATER ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.

Version 3840 (2021-03-01): Are you ready for an extensive new update? • Awesome 50 New Levels are ready to be played! Grab a pickaxe! It’s gem o’clock, let’s blast the ROCK! • Explore the New Majestic Area! Fill the teapot with a mix of finest herbs and enjoy your lovely day in the TEA ROOM! New levels are coming in every two weeks! Be sure to update your game to get the latest content!.