League of Legends: Wild Rift App DownloadRiot Games

League Of Legends: Wild Rift App Download

Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strategy 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends by Riot Games, now built from the ground up for mobile. With smooth controls and fast-paced games, you can team up with friends, lock in your champion, and go for the big plays.

Master the Rift and earn your legend with dynamic champs and ever-changing strats. Each game is a chance to land the perfect skill shot, turn the tides in a crazy teamfight, or pull off that sweet, sweet pentakill.

Teamwork makes the dream work in this mobile MOBA. Whether you’re a duo, trio, or full five-stack, you can queue up with your squad and climb the ladder one enemy Nexus at a time.

Dunk on the competition with a giant sword, freeze enemies in their tracks with a cross-the-map ice arrow, or lure opponents to their doom with mesmerizing charm. Whatever you want your legend to be, there’s a champ for you.

Face off in matches balanced for skill level as well as party size. All champions can be earned for free in Wild Rift, and there’s no paying for playtime or power. Ever.

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Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 6 and above.

League of Legends: Wild Rift App User Reviews & Comments

Ease up on the banhammerOk, if you want people to continue playing this version of LoL, ease up on the ban for AFK, especially in vs AI games. I have two children that aren’t always agreeable, and for that reason I tend to play more mobile games now a days. I was very excited to see a “full” version League of Legends come to mobile, and all in all my experience has been enjoyable. But sometimes, I have to set my phone down for 30sec to re-situate one of my kids. Do this enough times, and you get a ban that increases each time, and let me tell you, it doesn’t take much for the ban to kick in. Having to wait over an hour to re queue just makes me want to uninstall. I agree there should be some sort of punishment for leaving game/AFK, especially in PvP. But as far as vs AI is concerned, you need to adjust the parameters. It’s a bit too extreme in my opinion. End rant..Version: 4027

Amazing but has one issueAs a long time League of Legends player, I was excited to hear that there was going to be a mobile version of the game. I downloaded it and noticed that it was missing some components from the pc version but that didn’t matter to me as much because the game was fun to play on the go. Only problem I have with it was that sometimes it wouldn’t let me load into match and said that there was a connection error. Clicking the retry option wouldn’t work either and whenever I’d try to cancel it would log me out of my account. After logging back in it would also ask the same prompt and the same situation as before would happen. I don’t want to be banned or reported for “leaving” a match that I never connected to..Version: 4027

Make a tap style/tap to move and fightI love this and I have loved League of Legends for a long time. I have wanted a mobile version of LOL for ever, but I hate the joystick controls. It makes the game feel like a bit clunky to me and harder to control than if I were on PC. Which negates the point of the minke version of it’s supposed to feel like it’s PC. There is a game Vainglory that uses tap style movements/abilities. It works really well for me and feels as fluid as PC. When I say tap I mean where you touch on screen is where you move/Auto attack. If you could make it so you could do the same with ability and movements I would love the game even more. I’m sorry to be a pain. And I know this is beta but I wonder if we will be able to sync our profiles in order to get skins we paid for already?.Version: 4027

Poor implementation, lack of any real balance, and servers that will make you throw your phone.The reason league is a good game is because the characters that take skill take time and effort to learn. They have taken not only time, not only effort, but skill away from the equation. I have literally watched Yasuo 5v1 pentakill 6 times after playing the game for almost 30 hours. In the 1,000 hours that I have played league I have seen a Yasuo 1v5 ONCE. There’s literally no point to playing tanks, adcs reign completely supreme in every aspect because it takes nothing to kite. This app is a garbage patch work of league in every sense. The servers crash my game every 3-4 matches and then don’t let me reconnect and then BAN ME FOR BEING DISCONNECTED. It’s absolutely garbage. And if you’re serious about league in any way this game with NEVER, EVER, EVER! Cease to consistently make you want to slam your head through a wall, and upset you to no foreseeable end. In no way should you support this complete and absolute garbage in any way. If this game is taking development time away from league then not only is this app bad but it is a cancer on the community as a whole. DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IF YOU ARE A FAN OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. UNBALANCED IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD WITH POOR SERVERS AND CRAPPY MOBILE GAME PROGRESSION..Version: 4027

Account, champions and skins transfersThis game is simply stupid for the fact at that your skins and characters don’t transfer from your original account that’s extremely absurds and dumb. All the money and time spent on the original game and you just start from scratch stupid, nothing about this is “different” the game play is the same but just mobile. It’s just stupid, I can’t transfer any of my accolades into my mobile account, riot needs too fix this or this is just a waster of time and nobody is going to start from scratch when you already have the original game. Such a stupid concept, that’s alone set the whole mood for my experience, and I’m extremely disappointed that riot thought it would be okay for veteran accounts to start, what idiot thought that was smart? How long as this game been out in China and Europe, and riot didn’t think about linking account through that was alpha and beta process..Version: 4027

It’s ok but much prefer the original version of LeagueIt’s fun for an occasional game on the go, but it’s nothing compared to the original PC version. The controls are a bit clunky although I don’t really play mobile games. The auto targeting is a little buggy as some long range abilities such as Lux’s ult will sometimes lock on to a jungle camp instead of the enemy champion, and for melee champs it is difficult to target an enemy champion if they are standing too close to minions with only your finger and not the precision of an actual mouse. There’s no draft picking at this time so champ select can be rough, especially when you get queued with newer players who may not understand roles. I’ve ended up in a few matches with only supports on my team, which wasn’t a fun time. Some additions to the game such as mirror lanes are completely unnecessary and make things more complicated than they need to be, especially for newer players. I opened a ticket with Riot to see if there was an option somewhere to disable the mirror lanes, and the person who wrote me back said that there wasn’t but agreed that it caused things to be messy! Hopefully if their own team thinks this they will add an option to disable it soon. Also with as much time and effort as I’ve put into the pc version as far as unlocking champions and skins, I wish at least some of that could carry over, rather than treating this as an entirely different game..Version: 4027

Amazing Gameplay. But you’ll have to experience it yourself.This game is absolutely amazing! I played the former Mobile Legends so I derived some of the strategy from there. It really helps to have some experience in the field because this game can be overwhelming. However, once you get into the actual gameplay, you’ll learn to love this game. The character selection and class are probably my favorite, but make sure that you check how hard heroes’ difficulty is because when you begin it, it can be hard to play. I have been waiting for the longest time for this game to finally come to mobile, and this does not disappoint! Thank you Riot Games!.Version: 4027

Scuffed, but promisingRanked in this game is currently banless, but that’s to be expected without a huge champ pool. Now, when someone dodges, you’re locked out of being able to queue up for a game for about 5-10min, (even when you aren’t the one to dodge) due to the game trying to load and not being able to (not due to leaver penalties). The gameplay itself is a nice change from normal LoL, and the itemization is a little interesting. All in all, the game is streamlined, and the things that you would imagine are broken when the game is streamlined to this degree are indeed broken. I couldn’t be happier experiencing this small Indie developer’s 200 years of game design experience on the go. So far, the progression rewards are infinitely superior to standard LoL, and the lobby/customizations are aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. If you have to leave, you’re replaced with a bot. It’s at about a low silver level..Version: 4027

Keeps saying “Failed to connect”I downloaded this HOURS ago and every time I try to play, it says “Failed to connect to the match, Reconnect?” an I’ll try over an over an it continues to say the same thing. I can play Mobile Legends an other games just fine. This is the ONLY game with a problem. I’ve been trying to play for HOURS. It’s happening to a lot of other people too, it’s all over Reddit. The Devs don’t do anything about it but make excuses an tell you to restart your WiFi router even if you aren’t on WiFi. Games worthless. I’ve been waiting for this for forever an was super stoked to play. All that time wasted because they can’t fixed a simple connection issue. Even games for babies work, why isn’t this “New Amazing” game working? I’m kinda disappointed tbh. Hopefully they fix this. This games coming out with a horrible start. By the time the actual game comes out, no one will want to play it..Version: 4027

GAME IS FUN BUT....The game is amazing, the graphics are great and the controls are good too. But what I noticed while I was playing League of Legends for few rounds, I noticed that you can easily earn gold (fast giving gold) and by you reach like lvl 5 and up you already have two skills. I don’t know if that is too fast for getting gold without farming at all. It’s a flaw because players can easily level up and win, and it’s more fun if players are able to work for theirs skills and lvl up. Rather than easily getting what you want and then just win just like that. For short it’s too easy to get your skills. In addition, the “Pinging” are like too complex, it would be easier if there’s just like an exclamation point on the bottom of the map and alert your team, rather having 4 or 3 options to drag your finger to alert or signal. But it’s a good game overall it’s just need to be more competitive and easy to map everything out..Version: 4027

Just play pc leagueThis game is a fairly faithful adaptation of the original pc version, it’s stripped down for the mobile platform but overall plays pretty similar. My problem is not with the game itself but the player base (obviously not everyone). League is already an extremely toxic game, couple that with the mobile multiplayer base and you have a recipe for disaster. The toxicity seems lower at first because of the hassle of chat on a mobile device, however the problems occur more in game than in chat. I frequently get players in ranked mode who obviously have never played the game or at least haven’t for very long, locking into a role they don’t know how to play with a champion they’ve also never played before. Very little effort is put into the overall team in this team based game, although this seemed to get better in higher elos. If you’re not willing to grind out a ton of games to get out of bronze and silver, you’ll probably have a bad time with this game. I’d recommend to anyone who plays league regularly and just want something to play be it on a long car ride or to kill 15 minutes while waiting for something, other than that, unless you’re actually willing to learn the game, please stay out of my ranked lobbies.Version: 4027

Game is..Wild Rift is fun but ban is ridiculous. I didn’t even get into a match nor did I even log into game because of poor signal, but I’m suddenly banned for hours??! Frustrating when I want to play but ban doesn’t allow me. Ban should really only matter for ranked or have a smarter AI controlling it. I like that matches can be short because it is on a mobile platform, and can end quicker than PC with a win or a surrender. Only issue is with the ban policy because they give you a lot of free event things to help with gaining characters and certain perks such as skins and emotes. Overall game can be enjoyable without spending any money at all. There are connections issues/ errors that occur just be aware of signal drops. In game play can’t stand around at all or you will be deemed AFK even though you are in the shop at base searching through an item to buy..Version: 4027

Best MOBA on MobileThis game is everything a moba player wants in a game. Classic characters, Polished gameplay, Competitive Matches and I great community. I’ve been playing MOBAs for years. Games like Smite, Dota, League of Legends Pc and Heroes of the Storm. The game controls could use some tweaking but other then that it’s perfect. I’ve been waiting for a great MOBA mobile experience for a long time and the only games that ever came close was VainGlory and Arena of Valor. I’m not mentioning Mobile Legends because it has stolen a lot from League and yes AOV has too but it’s owed by the same company. No disrespect to the people who play Mobile Legends.. but this is the real deal. This is the only MOBA I need on my phone and the only thing that could come close to stealing my heart is a Smite Mobile version and sadly that will probably never happen. Overall I am very happy with Wild Rift and I can’t not wait to see what the future holds..Version: 4027

ConnectivityI’ve played league on the pc for a few years now and was quite excited when i heard it was coming to mobile. I don’t have time to play on my pc nowadays. The game feels about as good as it can for a mobile game because obviously there’s limitations you have to work with, and that of course is understandable. It’s not gonna be perfect you know what I mean? The only real issue I’ve had with the game since downloading is not being able to connect to my games occasionally. My WiFi works just fine, but as I’m loading into the game it attempts to reconnect to the server is unable to, even after restarting the game. Of course I understand the game is new so bugs and server issues need to be worked out. Simply wanted to address the issues I’ve noticed. Keep up the great work!.Version: 4027

Worst MOBA on MobileI had played league for years before I called it quits. Then, I decided to start playing mobile knockoffs and got hooked on the genre again, so when wild rift was announced, obviously I was excited. However, this game is a flaming pile of trash. Combine all the things you hate about every MOBA, and somehow they incorporated it all. We’re talking unbalanced matchmaking, blatant account boosting, a report system that does nothing, an atrocious targeting system, zero attempts at champion balances, and an overall game that just isn’t fun. Even in high plat elo (because I wanted to give it a chance) I still seem to get teammates who don’t understand the game at a bronze level on a true League elo basis, but the enemy team can macro like true gold-diamond. At the end of the day, play league, or if you don’t have a pc, Arena of Valor of MLBB are both far better alternatives. Wild Rift has way too much wrong with it to even be considered an acceptable choice. In the true, Riot fashion they are busy releasing skins rather than fixing their game, so don’t get your hopes up that they’ll polish the game any time soon..Version: 4027

Clean and smooth gameplay!I was skeptical at first since I played League of Legends of 10 years, but this is definitely a fresh new look with quick gameplay. My friends and I have been spamming this game everyday since it’s release and haven’t played the PC game since. Even with the same champions, it feels like a new game since gameplay and overall game time is quicker than usual. It really gives players who don’t want to commit an hour to a game on the PC version an option to play a full game within 15-20 minutes. I was worried that champions would be impossible to play without a keyboard but they really modified champion skills to ensure that each champion is easy to use..Version: 4027

Honestly a great and refreshing way to play leagueThe game works very well and the tutorials, while long and sort of non-efficient at times, explain what's needed to know for new players and those coming over from PC LoL. there are some issues like cancelling auto attacks, but otherwise pretty much all of the bugs found in PC version are nonexistent in Wild Rift, which is fantastic. some improvements that i think would be nice: -optimize the targeting options to not cancel an auto midway -allow the use of abilities while auto-pathing somewhere (e.g., i have pathed to top lane and want to use a speed-up ability to get there). currently, this is not possible and the character stops moving if they use an ability while auto pathing. -in targeting options, separate minions and champions for the options of "Target by Lowest Health (Absolute)" and "Target by Lowest Percentage Health"; I've missed a couple of minions due to the auto target honing on the half health cannon even though there are casters about to die. -make poses non-specific to skins, at least the ones that apply to the base skin; poses are a strange add-on to ask money for, so please make them more usable.Version: 4027

Sure this game is pretty BUTYour server issues are just unbearable. I can not connect through WiFi or data and you slap me with a warning about leaving the game??? Your app can’t even load the game! And don’t get me started on match making issues. You can’t honestly tell me it’s ok to set up all these new people with people who have played the game for years and expect them to have fun. I have someone who has no regard for the games strategy every match. At least one person on every match doesn’t go to their respective lane, can’t jungle or just runs it down. Thirdly, I want all my skins. It doesn’t make sense that I have to pay for all the skins again. I won’t. And a lot of other people won’t when I can just play pc. You already have exclusive skins for WR so why do you need to lock all the existing skins when people already own them. At least people on pc will know how to play the game. You don’t just launch them into games with experienced players. It’s just not fun trying to to even get into the game. It’s not worth the leaver buster..Version: 4027

Movement issues.The game is amazing so far, but I’ve come across a problem with movement. There’s a delay for movement like when I move forward there’s a slight delay, and it’s the same with every other direction. When I stop moving there’s also a delay for my character to stop. Sometimes when I move my character will go the opposite way or go slightly off course. In one game I played my game was really buggy. The game would freeze and a thing came up saying game data loading. During that game the movement issues were more severe, and my character would sometimes clip through walls. Sometimes my character would keep moving for a while even after I let go of the virtual joystick. (Also there’s no tap to move option in the settings)..Version: 4027

Absolutely funI was never able to play the pc version and I really wanted to try it. Finally, it came to mobile and I raced to the App Store to try it out. As a mobile player, I tell you that this game is more high paced than other mobile games. It’s like the pc version (when I look at the videos) except it’s faster for people who don’t have 40-50 minutes to play. Another fact is that I play this on two devices, my good iPad, and my phone that literally can’t do crap. I’ve played it on the phone and it still works well. Sure, I get kicked out the app sometimes but I am still able to reconnect. I tell you, one of the best mobile games since CoD mobile (not trying to compare bc they’re completely different games).Version: 4027

A good game with connection errorsWell having played the game for a couple weeks despite the occasional connection error. It only happens at the loading screen and once that happens I have to wait for 5-10 mins watching the game tries to reconnect and fail. Not happening everyday but still very annoying issue. The game itself is quite good. Although I found the game too similar to the pc version, which is too heavy for a mobile game. I hope the mobile version can be more streamlined, such as getting rid of last hit, faster pace or smaller map. The current game design seems to accelerate the game by removing turrets, which results in weird games where we are slowly farming for 15 mins and then one team fight ends the game. I get that helps to control the overall game length but it does not help with accelerating the pace at all. I want more skirmishes, faster and more frequent rotations around the map on mobile, not farming in the duo lane for 15 mins. Which leads to my next comment: at silver rank, the impact of jungle player is off the chart. Since the early ganks snowball very hard and that will only happen if your team have a good jungler. Thanks to the large map and slow pace, no one other than the jungle can efficiently gank. This game should be called “who has the better jungle player” instead at this stage..Version: 4027

Exactly perfectThis is exactly what a mobile version of LoL needed to be. The full fledged PC game exists as a fantastic 5v5 team based game with lots of depth. The mobile version exists as a faster paced, slightly dumbed down version of said game. It’s great, matches can be quick and fun, taking a fraction of the time that desktop League would take. The controls are nice, and lend themselves to the versatile skills of the many characters, allowing you to quickly and easily cast character abilities, and not favoring a specific style of champion. I for one will not sit on my phone for 45+mins to play a match of League. This feels exactly perfect, sitting right in a sweet spot, where there’s just enough depth, to make the game challenging, while not prolonging gameplay past the point of annoyance, when using a mobile device!.Version: 4027

Wild rift so far...It’s good the app is pretty much the same thing as the pc version just playable on the phone but the only problem is most people don’t necessarily know how to lane that well and you get punished for helping them. Also the connection loss to the game needs fixing..I don’t know how many times I played and just straight up lost the connection to a match before really getting into it. I don’t want to complain to much here but the ranking system is kinda messed up cuz when you lose only 3 games you don’t go forward or get demoted and idk if that’s worth it based off the other things I already mentioned. Otherwise it’s good I wish there was Gnar, Riven, and Vlad if you could add those champs that would be great. Plz fix it riot..thanks for bringing this to our devices and stuff... ✊🏿🙇🏿‍♂️.Version: 4027

I love it, but not a fan of controls.I’m having a lot of fun playing Wild Rift, but I wish the controls were similar to Vainglory’s controls. With the current system, advanced mechanics like kiting don’t really exist since you can hold the fire button and it does it for you. This is a common theme in the game. To fit with the current system they have, there is auto-targeting and auto-aim, among other things. This makes it very easy to the point where difficult champions like Katarina, Zed, and Yasuo can just absolutely mash their buttons and almost always hit their target. Vainglory’s system leaves more room for skill, less clutter, and it just feels so much better. Make an option for touch controls instead of only the joystick and you’ve got yourself the best game on the AppStore..Version: 4027

I want to like this gameI really want to like Wild Rift. It’s a really good and faithful adaptation of the original PC version of League, it’s easy to pick up and some aspects of the game are streamlined for simplicity and mobile gameplay. However, the biggest issue with the game, or at least in my case, is the fact that the game just likes to not let you connect to matches sometimes. You get through Champion Select, so you know you’re already technically in game, but the second it moves over to the loading screen; “Failed to connect to match. Cancel or Reconnect?” But then Reconnecting doesn’t do anything, same pop up box appears. Cancelling signs you out and on sign in, tries to connect you to the same game again, and force closing app, changing Internet, repairing game build, all do nothing to help. I want to like this game, but until this issue gets resolved it’s only going to cause more problems, especially as it happens in ranked as well..Version: 4027

Character Selection ProblemsSo I absolutely love Wildrift so far and for the most part there is nothing wrong with the game. I've played a few moba's before and so I've been comparing it with those. One thing I noticed though is that the character selection phase (right before the game starts) is GOD AWFUL. Although this flaw isn't enough to ruin the game, it is definitely something that needs some work. If you don't already know, when selecting what characters you and your teammates will play as, they're all sectioned off into their respective roles so that you'll know what your characters'role is. Sounds great right? Well there's just one small problem. UNLESS you are an experienced League of Legends player, and you know the role of every character, you will NOT know what role you teammates are playing. When teammates pick their character, you are not told their role unless that specific player says "I'll jungle" or something like that. This flaw makes the game very unfriendly to beginners because they aren't told what role is needed until all other teammates choose theirs. If this is fixed, it will make the game much better for new players who don't know all of the characters yet..Version: 4027

The abandon systemThis game is a very good game. It has similar mechanics to pc version, but has a different balancing system so it is refreshing. The heroes for LoL are much better than other mobas, but i have only one major complaint about this game. The abandonment system is terrible. I abandon three matches in a week, and i have a two hour ban i have to log in to activate. Lets say i have to do something so I am forced to abandon my match. Three hours later, i log back in to a screen that says ive been banned for 20 minutes. Ok. I do it again, only for an hour to be added every time i abandon in 7 DAYS! It is applied to every gamemode, even AI matches. I dont play ARAM, so I dont know if this is the case there. I am now sitting here with nothing to do because i had to go three times in one week. It is stupid, please make a new system. Otherwise, the gameplay is excellent along with the brilliant event systems and how it is the perfect amount of grinding for each hero. But please, this is ruining my experience. Thank you..Version: 4027

I have played league since 2012 (Diamond III)Wild Rift is the next evolution for League of Legends, an upgraded engine, upgraded models, quicker games and as the title implies a “Wild Rift”. The map is varied and randomized allowing for on the fly gameplay changes. For anyone saying the touch screen combat is clunky I have to disagree, once I got used to the controls I was stomping on people. Being able to run while autoing and the ability to quick cast on character direction/placement allows for some quick twitch reactions that main client just doesn't allow and makes escapes much more possible and reliable rather than having to just give up and let the enemy team kill you because you’re too slow. The only cons I have with Wild Rift is that there’s a lack of item variety, having more active items like galeforce or zz’rot would allow strategy and gameplay to breath and make choices more important. I also think Runes would be better if they were the full system from main game rather than the weird mixed tier system currently implemented, not being able to use Dark Harvest on Jhin is no fun, if I’m mobbing the enemy I should be able to have a high risk high reward rune that supports my play style if I’m doing good. If you could Riot, please add some modern client features such as Legendary items, potions, additional runes and more boot options. As a Jhin main 3.2 mil mastery, Wild Rift is an absolute pleasure to play. Thank you Riot..Version: 4027

Not worth the timeBeing league of legends I expected something that would stand out from the other mobas on mobile. This is honestly underwhelming. Having joystick controls on a platform were touch could work so much better is annoying. The only strategy that comes from this game is picking heroes otherwise the gameplay is lacking. Ever game feels the same. There doesn’t feel like there’s a challenging ever, playing other mobas around this one feels like the worst. In rank there’s no bans, if there’s an overpowered hero you better hope to get it otherwise you can’t stop them from doing so. Team fights are over in seconds and never feels like you can change the outcome. Having a team fight last 3 seconds is disappointing. Playing other mobas where it’s a struggle and you can actively buy items to counteract the enemy team feels better. This is just sad, the items aren’t confusing it’s just that the heroes decide the fights and matters none what you have.Version: 4027

Slightly DisappointedWell I have never been too much of a League of Legends fan, but I have played this game a bit on pc with my friends who are really into this game. I saw an ad that announced the mobile version and I immediately got it to check it out, finally a quality pc game on mobile! I think they did a good job adapting the game,but movement is way harder than on pc which is weird since on pc that only needs the mouse phones are touchscreen. But overall it’s a decent mobile adaptation, considering how crappy mobile games can usually be. But unfortunately I do not see that other game that is a part of league of legends, that is like a board game i can’t remember what it’s called. But I am disappointed by two things. 1. At first I thought this was a major flaw but I sorta understand it. You can’t cross-platform with pc! I thought it would be great to play with my friends on their PCs from anywhere on my mobile device, I thought this could be really awesome but I guess they don’t want that. The worst thing is that Champion unlocks and character skins do not transfer over. This is super unfortunate, this basically means I will have less fun and less reason to play the mobile version, since my progress and skins are on PC. This is super unfortunate!.Version: 4027

Amazing! Read!The game is awesome and so much fun to play. I think Riot really put the time and love in on this one. I’m happy they took their time and made sure they had something special before they released it. I see some people complaining about the controls however I haven’t run into any issues and think they work great and suit a mobile game great. In a lot of ways I prefer this game to the PC version of league, I think the matches are more intense and move quicker. The smaller number of champions is refreshing and makes for more balanced and approachable gameplay in my opinion. The only thing I would recommend at this time is controller support. I think the touch controls are great but adding a controller would really be appreciated by those who use them for other ios games, and especially those playing on an ipad. Since Wild Rift was supposed to be the same game on mobile and consoles controller support would definitely be conducive to this. Again awesome game and thanks so much for the hard work!.Version: 4027

There is no reason to not give 5 stars!Riot has done an excellent job convert League of Legends into an experience that feels good on a mobile device. I was so skeptical a year or two ago when they announced they were working on this. I’ve put many hours into League of Legends and couldn’t see how you could capture the experience without the precision of a mouse and keyboard. I love the auto aim system. They’ve done it in a way that helps make up for not having a mouse, but you are still punished if you don’t Hearn to take control and aim yourself in most cases. It feels great. The game is also so much faster. I rarely have matches go over 15-20 min. One of the reasons I stopped playing on PC was the 60min + match times. Good job, Riot. I’m playing this every day. Honestly I don’t know what people are expecting when they give this lower than a 4 star. Do they want the moon?.Version: 4027

What the heck happened to matchmakingThe amount of low skill people I’m getting paired with vs my teammates constantly working together is an awful experience especially when it’s over and over again I can’t even choose my preferred role since you have a harder time carrying since I’m getting back to back players that aren’t doing objectives keeping map awareness meanwhile my opponents are dream teams it’s ruining my win rate I had nooooo problems before role queue I was having a great time but 9 loses in a row in rank I’m not saying I’m the perfect player that I do no wrong not at all but just because people choose teemo for dragon or a yi thats passive and farms but doesn’t go for objectives and doesn’t gank Is driving me insane it’s too easy for people who don’t know what there doing I’m ranked I’m level 25 and I’m getting put with people level 10-15 who have no idea what there doing I’ll take a break to cool down just to have it happen over and over again avoid rank its matchmaking is wonky.Version: 4027

10+ Years of PC League and Wild Rift is amazingThis game is absolutely incredible. Being able to port a game like League seemed impossible, but they have really done it! I am giving it 4 stars though because I think the game has a bit of improving to do. My biggest issue with the game is death timers. They become way too long too quickly in both ARAM and Summoners Rift. I understand that death timers shorten game time, but I believe there are better ways to keep game time short. Staring at a gray screen for over a minute is not fun especially for a mobile game. Other things that can be improved is effectiveness of the report system and giving players feedback when they report someone that gets punished. Other than that this game is awesome! Keep it up!.Version: 4027

Just Play the Real GameLeague of Legends: Wild Rift is a poor parody of the traditional PC game. The mobile adaptation features a simplified version that seems to be appealing to the younger and more casual audience to draw in more players to the franchise, which is fine, but the game itself is very dumbed down. For existing fans you’ll have to slog through a tutorial section, that although can be partially skipped, forces you to play a full scale game against A.I. opponents which is just a waste of time. Additionally, the control scheme the developers have implemented is very unwieldy and clunky to try and use, so it compensates for that with auto-aim mechanics that significantly lower the amount of skill players require to succeed, handholding the player to give them an artificial feeling of success when the game did all the work for them. This game could seriously benefit from changing the controls to something similar to what is seen in Vainglory, which utilizes touch controls in a much simpler and more effective way, with far less clutter on the screen. The lack of effort on delivering even half the quality and care as the traditional game comes off as just a cash grab, and is sad to see in such a sorry state..Version: 4027

Really good when it worksSo I normally play league on my pc and wanted to give this version an honest shot and it’s great even go as far as to say fantastic but the one thing that needs to be looked at is the ban timer I normally never get this ban timer unless dogging a game to get a friend in the lobby so I’m upset at the fact that because my connection keeps getting interrupted and it won’t let me reconnect to the match mind u it’s a bot match not even norms I get punished by not being able to play the game for 20min please look into this an fix connection problem ban I know this is the NA test but if that keeps on being consistent I will stay on my pc and never come back to wild rift once this issue has been addressed I will give it the score I believe it deserves a 5/5 but till then it will remain a 3 for me for those of you able to connect and not have a problem enjoy your stay on the rift :).Version: 4027

More better than PC! However...The game and graphics are great! Making the character's animations in the match and looking at character skins gives it a whole new color. However, I wish all the characters were out as the PC version. I got temporarily banned on PC LoL for not knowing how to jungle correctly. I stopped playing for quite a while until this showed up. I like how you don't need to look at chat every time you play. When I looked at PC's chat, it was always toxicity from players, and sometimes it was directed towards me. I'm bipolar, and I get depressed when people are rude to me. Also, another good reason is that I can play LoL better on mobile. I don't understand, and it's weird but also relieving. Anyway, enough of my rambling! I'll give this game 10/10, but I wish I could play Ekko soon....Version: 4027

Toxic people that play this gamePeople are way more toxic in the phone game than pc version of this game an thats saying alot because people are pretty toxic on pc an this game is worse an then on top of that if your at the shop buying items for too long it will ban you from the game for trying to buy stuff an play the game this game allows people to troll an be toxic in game but wont ban these people but will ban people for trying to figure out what to buy an if your not fast enough you get an afk ban from the game this game has community problems they dont want to fix they banned people not trolling who are getting trolled an when the person getting trolled says something to that person for intentionally being toxic they ban the person getting trolled instead of the guy who actually trolling this game need alot of work or this game will never be fun until you fix the people who purposely do things to other players to be spiteful.Version: 4027

It’s ok, but missing key componentsI’ve been playing league since 2011 and have a pretty good understanding of the simple to intermediate aspects of the game. One aspect of wild rift that is almost non-existent is the support role. There is no “support item” tabs, but there are some support items but you have to dig to find them. Though there is an easy way to target enemies, there is not a option or function to interact with allies quickly. This makes targeting teammates almost impossible during a team fight and renders the support useless. One key feature of this game that is incredibly frustrating is the character control speed vs. skill shot speed. I would HIGHLY recommend a tweaking of this system. In pc version of league, reacting and dodging skill shots is almost instantaneous because of clicking. However, the transition to mobile kept skill shots at the same travel speed, but users now have to drag their thumb across a screen to dodge skill shots which delays the reaction time. I have never had this much of an issue dodging skill shots on the pc and the above reason is my opinion as to why it is soooo much harder to pull off. I will be deleting this app until these (mainly the support issues) are addressed. I also have an issue with not having access to skins I paid for in the pc version of the game. If money was exchanged then I believe I should have access to that item in all versions of this game..Version: 4027

Toxic heap of trashIt feels like every other game someone either goes afk or trolls hard. This last game in a ranked match a master hi player went jungle without smite and got killed by a freaking red buff. The guy literally didn’t do anything but stand around for the first 5 minutes. This was my promo match to platinum and he totally ruined it. Why? Was this guy match fixing? I don’t know. Second. There are so many afks. But I still lose rank. 4v5 and the guy quit at like 2 minutes. Why am I forced to lose a star? Is riot too stupid to know that that’s unfair? I think people at riot has no idea how to build a fair game. Even mobile legends does a better job in this regard and that game is a piece of crap as well. This game is full of quitters and toxic trolls that just throws matches all the time. It’s literally unplayable. Also, riot has no idea how to balance the heroes. Why the ** gigs break Diana in this patch like that? It feels like they either just break champs or make characters unplayable. I try to play to have fun not to be stressed. This game is a stress. If you wanna have fun don’t play this game..Version: 4027

F2P done right, replaces the PC version for me.The amount of free champions and skins that you get just though playing is nuts. Just from early progression alone you end up with a great deal of options and there are plenty of ways to earn in-game currency to get more. No ads, no in-your-face money sinks. Just a good game that speaks for itself. Looking forward to more favorites to be added in the future (Morgana soon?). Compared to the PC game, the shorter game length and slightly compacted map are very appealing - yet it still faithfully translates the experience. Only complaint is that the in-game UI is fairly crowded. I thought it would be meaningfully better on the iPad version but did not find that to be the case. It would be nice to have some customizations options for the UI like scaling, button location, and opacity..Version: 4027

Connection issuesFirst of all I want to say this game is gold, it’s unlike many others (aside from MLBB but that’s like wild rift not the other way around) the graphics are amazing the gameplay is amazing and overall really fun game. My huge problem with this game is that sometimes I enter a match and it says I am unable to connect even though my wifi speed is high and I have all bars, I have turned my wifi off and on to try and reconnect but it just never lets me, I know this is still an early stage of the game but that’s besides the point, the thing is after a minute of trying or so it just lets me out of the match which of course makes me happy that I don’t have to play a game from behind but sometimes those games are the ones where everything seems perfect and we have a good comp and stuff. PS, there should be a way to organize which pings you want to send out first, (I usually use the group ping but I have to scroll for that) like which 3 pings you want to have at the ready.Version: 4027

This game is so pretty!I love League Of Legends and it’s so great to see a mobile game from Riot that somewhat replicates it with various differences put in place to enhance the playability on the phone or tablet. I’ve spent easily 2 hours already just looking at the champion skins and the animation that goes with them. The gameplay is simple but takes strategy at the same time. The tutorials are fast, easy, and they had a solid flow to them so they didn’t get boring. I have terrible ADHD and “already know how to play League” so that’s surprising. But by far the best thing about this game is the combination of graphics and in-game music. Absolutely immersive and crisp graphics with an exciting and fun soundtrack, plus it has most of my favorite champions? Sign me up any day! Thanks Riot.Version: 4027

Best Mobile MOBA by farThis game is amazing especially when you compare it to the other games on the market. All the bad reviews I see and just pc players complaining about how it’s not the same. It’s not lol on mobile it’s mobile lol. Ofc you can’t react as fast and ofc the controls won’t be as smooth but you’re not on a pc you’re on your phone what did you expect, them to copy and paste the game and everything work the same 🤪.One reason is they aren’t constantly trying to get you to spend money after every game you play. Another is no character is so extremely op that they can literally kill you by themselves with two auto attacks like in mobile legends or arena of valor. It’s very balanced. Because it’s so balanced teamfights actually matter and they aren’t just a spam of abilities and whoever has the most dps wins. I don’t wanna make this review too long bcuz then no one will read it but the only problem I have with this game at the moment is that sometimes you’ll get out in a game and everyone will pick their characters and then the game will say failed to connect and when you try and rejoin it says the game already ended. The games isn’t in your match history either which shows that it’s not just your WiFi cutting out..Version: 4027

For someone who hates MOBAs...I freaking love this gameI am seriously blown away by how much fun I am having with this. I have tried pretty much every moba worth mentioning (mostly from peer pressure from friends) and I did not understand or enjoy any of them. I decided to give this one a try and I’m having so much fun with it. I think it might be the touch controls, or the fact that I can play it in bed..I’m not sure what it is but the gameplay its nice, touch controls are responsive, very good tutorial (which for a dummy like me, I really appreciate). It’s no pushy at all about the paid mechanics of the game. I have unlocked a few “paid” characters already just by doing challenges. I literally took time out of my day to say how much I hate mobas and how much I like this game so give it a try!.Version: 4027

Generally decent experience, with minor issues to improveI’m an experienced moba player on mobile apps and I’ve played most of the existing popular moba games on the market. I’m very excited to know that the LOL came released on apple store few days ago and I’ve been playing it these days. A duplication of the PC part as it is, it’s definitely more complicated when compared to other games. But I think the overall experience is perfect. One thing I do feel kind of in need for improvement is the control of performing basic attack, the manipulation is kind of weird and different from other existing games. When you are in a team war and you want to attack someone nearby, it sometimes does not react. And it looks not smooth when you move and do basic attack simultaneously. So it’ll be really great if such issue can be optimized.Version: 4027

Laughable reviews from kids/boomersThe amount of terrible low rating reviews that is quite apparent is from those who have never actually played a mobile MOBA is hilarious. Other equally amusing reviews consist of people who thought this was a 1 for 1 port of League and is mad their skins didn’t transfer and those who failed to take a rudimentary look at the control settings to configure them to suit them. The game is in a far superior place compared to its competitors (Jesus, try playing this and switching to AoV or god forbid OA) even in its early days as of 2.2 and the quality and polish shows in even a single game against bots. Don’t rate this game lowly because you lack basic knowledge or just brain cells in general and can’t figure out how to operate a mobile device. No wonder so many players play worse than actual CPUs when you got folks who can’t figure out how portrait locking or drag targeting works..Version: 4027

Banned from Leaving Match-making battle.So I just got the game, not familiar with it, still learning the ropes, came on again and apparently I was in a matchmaking battle with a team but I had to go, and leave it since I was busy and couldn’t finish the battle. I come back on and see I am temporarily banned from leaving the group. For inappropriate in game behavior??? Dude. Are you serious? Sorry for being rude, but I am still not familiar with the game and I didn’t know that having to leave is inappropriate. I kinda think that’s really ridiculous. I mean I’m sorry I had to leave but had to immediately, I didn’t know leaving could ban me temporarily, I guess this happens to people?? I don’t know how that is inappropriate. But I thought I should share my opinion on that. It’s a good game though and I love it. Just... that makes me kind of irritated. Like think about it, what if people have to leave all of a sudden and has to exit the battle because of a matter they have to take care of? Then getting banned temporarily because it’s Inappropriate. I don’t know..Version: 4027

Worthy of pc version.First time doing a review, I have been playing league of legend for many many many years now (11 years almost) and because I moved in the USA without my computer I have been craving for league of legend. After waiting for about 2 years without playing league of legend, I am now so happy to finally play my only favorite game of all time. And this version of league of legend is perfect. Even for an early stage of the game I am stunned. A super smooth 60 FPS, beautiful graphics (just like pc version), super easy controls and very responsive, it even have few more amazing features that even the pc version doesn’t have. I will put money in this mobile game for the first time ever (I never thought I would put money on any mobile game ever but here I am now! ) thank you so much riot game, you are making me the happiest man on earth when i am so far from my home country and my friends (and my league of legend but now I have wild rift so it doesn’t matter anymore lol) . Keep the good work !!.Version: 4027

Decent game, but a money grab.I’ve been playing League of Legends for years. This game is entirely a mobile version of the computer game w/ a lot of ease of use plugged into it. Overall, it’s a good representation of the game and a lot of fun to play. NOW, the reason I say “money grab” is nothing transfers... which is really sad to be honest. When riot came out with their other game it was linked to your original account which told me it wasn’t created just to get your money. This one however does not do this which means you have to start completely over and you have to buy everything all over again. That’s just wrong. Now I feel like Riot is just in it for the money and not for the players anymore. What a waste of a game that many would play on the go. With this tho I have a hard time wanting to play it because why would I want to spend money on something twice? (For example, you can buy alternate costumes for each character and you have to use real money for those. Why pay for it in the computer version and then again on the mobile version).Version: 4027

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Matched was disbanded on riots fault but got issued a 20 minute banI joined a match a got through champ selection, at the end of selection I was unable to load into match with an error that said failed to connect to match, I relaunched the app and rellogged and still the same error, ran a speed test and the connection was stable and fast enough, after 5 minutes of constant trying, match states it was abandoned and then I got issued a 20 minute ban, seems ridiculous.Version: 3850

Since the new patchSince the new patch I can’t get into games. I can get into hero selection but once the loading starts I get “failed to connect to server” error. Which then puts me into a loop as I keep trying to reconnect. I have tried doing this in custom and training and the same issue arises. I was a big fan of this game, but at the moment mobile bang bang is more stable..Version: 3850

Device performanceThe game is so smooth exactly like the pc version. And I think the what need improvement is the login screen when your internet is corrupted because when I press the Riot Games button, it's asking me to type my details again which I find annoying..Version: 4027

Can only play connected to wifiThe game is really fun. It’s on par with the pc version with the content it currently has and I look forward to the new content that is to come. There is a couple issues though. I can only play the game when connected to wifi, I can’t use my mobile data to play when away from home. The ban from leaving a match doesn’t take into account internet problems witch seems unfair even though if you can’t connect to the game at the start an ai takes over your champ and plays for you..Version: 3585

I lost my whole account FOR NO REASONI’ve been playing this game for at least half a year and it was going so well, the graphics and gameplay were all good and nothing was bad about at all. But for some reason I got logged off and when I tried to log back on I LOST MY ACCOUNT ... I put a lot of effort saving up to buy champions and skins and now my riot account that I used to sign with GONE how and why did this happen, I the three ways to sign in just in case but it all leads to the tutorials and non of the champions and skins I bought and earned AT ALL, pls riot fix this and may You pls be able to revive my hard earned account back, PLS FIX THIS, I’m sorry if it sound rude but ... why did this happen?!?!?.Version: 3850

Sets standard for Mobile MOBAGreat change from PC LoL. Due the map being redesigned to fit mobile, Games are much faster and champion design and abilities are very similar to their PC counterparts, making it a nice transition for those who played on PC. The aesthetics are really nice for a mobile game and everything seems polished. Understand it’s still in it’s early stages but I’ve noticed no major ping issues in Oceania so far, even if we don’t have our own server just yet; hence you may encounter players from SEA, Korea, etc..Version: 3585

The ban timer.The ban timer is way to long I had to leave a game so I could do some chores and then it said I couldn’t play for an hour and an half. Because I let my team mates down in one game. Why not make it the time that game took to finish. Everything else in this game is amazing I haven’t got to ranked yet but I’m I love playing assassins and tanks..Version: 3585

Hard to sayThis game is great! It has extremely good effects and everything. But the fact that they punish you by not letting you play for about an hour because you went afk is just not right. There also must be a technical glitch because sometimes I play the game and my wifi cuts of and I am disconnected from the match, when I load back on it says “Due to being Afk and leaving the match when it wasn’t over will make the experience worse for other players your suspension time has now been made to 2 hours. It’s not fair as it happens to me daily and I’ve had suspension of up to 3 hours because of it! They really should make it less of a suspension time for such a minor thing. Therefore I give it a three. It would be five... if not the suspension! 😠.Version: 3727

PLEASE KEEP ARAMI have been playing LoL for 10+ years on PC, I love that I can play LoL on mobile. One thing that I missed massively compared to playing on PC was ARAM mode on the Howling Abyss map. As soon as the update notes came out I was so excited, as soon as I could play it I was so excited, however disappointed when I saw that there’s a countdown. I usually play around 3 games a day, today I have played at least 15 in ARAM mode. I am obsessed and am getting the most out of it. I love that I don’t have the stress of choosing my champ, that it’s all about teamwork, it’s all one late, and how fast paced it is. PLEASE KEEP ARAM..Version: 4027

Gameplay is goodGameplay is better than I’m sure most People were expecting however the fact that I got banned for short period for literally leaving my phone open while I went toilet is crazy. Please fix this because there’s are some reallife emergencies that are simply more important than the game..Version: 3727

Don't use vpn!DO NOT use vpn to play! You will never match Australian players if keep using vpn. Get rid of vpn then you can match local players and the ingame ping will be GREEN! No lag! The lobby ping and ingame ping are different things as OCE and SEA are sharing the lobby. But ingame ping is different! Do not use vpn if you want to have a green ping in game! Please!.Version: 3585

Enjoyable but with Minor IssuesOverall, as someone who has played different types of Moba’s this game has really exceeded my expectations and will become one of my favourite games so far this year and the following to come. Although minor issues such as lag do occur and the ban timer which I personally think is a bit too long could be reduced. Another thing is that I often crash for no apparent reason at all(?). I do hope this gets fixed quick though..Version: 3585

Got banned for 3 hours because internetMy internet is fine most of the time but once in a while it cuts out. I got frickin banned for 3 hours cause my internet cut off for 1 minute. Like 5 minutes sure but it was 1 minute. And you should be able to tell if my internet is on or off. If it is still on and I’m afk then i have abandoned the match but if it is OFF and IM AFK DONT FRICKIN BAN ME.Version: 3727

Fix bugsGreat game and has been really fun up until now, both me and my friend can’t connect any more and then get banned when the game ends we tried to get in to! It’s been happening to him for a couple days and then just started with me today, but our other friend can still ply just fine. Really need to fix this cause it’s very fun to play when you can actually play.Version: 3585

A refreshing game for the App StorePlays so smoothly and feels just like the PC version. Optimised well for mobile! I wasn’t sure what to expect and wasn’t sure if they could truly bring it across. Well designed! Well done Riot games. I Haven’t stopped playing since the release..Version: 3585

Fix the problem for me!This is a wonderful game. I have played LOL since 2013. I really enjoy the mobile version as I don’t have much time playing PC. However, I am always struggling playing Wild Rift using my mobile connection. I can enter the lobby but the game can’t be loaded when finishing selecting champions. It always says failed to connect the game(or something similar to it). I tried to delete the game and and re-setup. It worked in the beginning but this problem occurred again on the third day that I re-setup the game. I am using IPhone 11 Pro and using Boost service in Tasmania which is equivalent to Telstra. There is not any issues when I use WiFi connection. I am pretty sure the mobile internet connection is perfect for doing anything. I would really appreciate it if you provide any feedback or solutions to me!.Version: 3850

2 problems hereWhy the hell when I log in again I have to keep turning my FPS to 60 from 30... why doesn’t my setting save? And why the hell in a rank game all of a sudden, I got randomly got put in where my ping is like 200 or something I mean yea sometimes it puts u in low ping games but why is there a chance I can get put in games with high ping in rank game out of all things legit I don’t mind waiting longer if it means I get into low ping games legit it’s just stupid..Version: 3585

Great Visuals, Great Gameplay, Great EVERYTHINGThough the odd bug here and there, the game has really nice visuals for a mobile game. Bringing such a mainstream PC game to a mobile platform is a refreshing experience for us PC players. It runs fairly optimised on an iPhone 6s Plus (Except for battery life) and would expect more content to drop onto beta players. I love how you guys are giving the odd free skin here and there and hope you keep doing it in the future..Version: 3585

Amazing game but needs more improvementsI have been playing this game nonstop since it is released to Australia, I am a pc gamer and I disrespect mobile games but this game is an exception. However, this game definitely needs more servers and ping improvements, reduce input delay, graphics enhancements, more events and game modes. I can definitely see this game uprise, but just maybe consider to have some better developers..Version: 3585

No QueIm a Dia 2 player and the que is ridiculous. I dont know about other server but Oceania server has no high tier players.. I cant get any que, solo duo trio. today is friday night and for 5 hours I was only able to play 3 rank games. Not just me, other friends top tier above dia3 been matchmaking for more than 1 hour and legit theres no game and they just give up. Good fun high quality game but sadly cant play because unable to get que if you become dia gg.Version: 3850

ExceptionalGorgeous, gentle on battery life, intensely fun and competitive. There’s no other game like this on mobile... it even got me back into LoL on PC (but so far prefer wild rift. The end lengths are so much better). Ping can be dicey in Oceania (AUS) but that’s the only issue so far. For those complaining of temp bans, you’ll just have to learn to try and start games only when you have the time to complete them. This is a team game so your saving early, for any reason, guarantees a loss and frustrating waste of time for 4 others..Version: 3585

Game seems fine but you have to repurchase everything you bought on LoLWould love to play but having to repurchase champion and skins and blaming an inconsistent ecosystem is horrible, especially since I can login using my riot account. Expecting people to rebuy things you've already purchased on desktop league of legends? Greedy and unnecessary, No thanks. The actual game play was fun and really high quality. But I can't see past the no syncing of content just being a massive money grab..Version: 3585

Excellent port but...I saw all the complaints about excessive afk punishment but should have read further. I was able to join a game but my connection speed was judged inadequate before it started - no warning or explanation. I guess needed to be on wifi but in that case tell me so BEFORE I start a match. Now everyone in that match is annoyed and I am banned. I have literally not played a game yet..Version: 3727

Unintentional connection dropout punishment to HarshRiot. Love the game as it is but what annoys me the most is that after champion selection and going into the game, it sometimes drops out and the game won’t let me connect unless I close the game or restart my phone. That happened a few time and was punished harshly by not able to connect to any game except for practice games.... there should be a way to distinguish wether it’s intentional drop out or your server or app not allowing the user to connect into the game. Please fix this..Version: 3727

Amazing game, just one issue.So overall this is an amazing game coming from a LoL PC player to Mobile - now the only issue I have found with this game is that for some unknown reason when I’m playing and I’m already attacking minions or an enemy hero my character after I’ve killed either said above will stand in one spot and lag when trying to move and bug out like crazy, any explanations on what that would be due to? For now I’ve not come across anything else graphics and mechanics seem to be working amazingly well - just that lag/buggy situation mentioned above. And I know this is still early stages of the game since it wasn’t released too long ago, but hopefully everything people are experiencing will be sorted out sooner or later. ⭐️ 4 stars for now until bugs/lag & everything else has been patched up. TIA, 11v11..Version: 3585

Amazing jobYou’re really bringing the game to mobile. While I was dissapointed that the game couldn’t cross play with computer, I understand that sometimes it’s hard to do that, and in games like pubg they had to almost completely remake their game to be compatible with mobile. I just appreciate that the game is on mobile in the first place. It’s a beta so I don’t expect much, but I’m still waiting for my main to come..Version: 3585

Gameplay alright but everything else is badAs said in title it’s alright but... First let’s talk about the champion selection screen. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD THE BAN SYSTEM ALREADY!!!! I hate having to verse a Ashe in baron lane when I can easily just ban her in the pc version. Second, I need sounds to be able to play properly and once every 3 games the sound just switches off and I just don’t feel like I’m doing as good as I would be doing if there was sound. Thirdly it is extremely frustrating to play ranked and you are last pick and you are being put as a ADC when you can play anything but that. So please implement the role selection system already. Fourth, the ranked disparity in ranked matches are horrible in one match their can be bronze, silver and gold in the game making the person who is in a duo with the gold carry them every game. Fifth, if people already play league of legends on pc can we just be automatically be put in a even at least a slightly higher mmr so people aren’t in a game with new or horrible players. Lastly if you are going to dish out the game like this pls stick with making music. Thanks.Version: 3727

Good game but harsh punishments for bugsI’ve played league on pc for years and I think the transition to mobile is great! However - whenever I get a notification during a loading screen or in game I get disconnected and am unable to reconnect to the game. Because of this bug I keep getting 20 minute afk bans which is super off putting. I haven’t played in a couple of weeks because of this and picked it up yesterday to get the same problem. Super disappointing..Version: 3850

Fun but stupid.The problem here is that when you exit a battle they punish you because they think it is rude but I was just leaving a place I was visiting. The second problem here is that I sometimes can’t move in the game. Either than that it’s a really really good game!😚.Version: 3585

Really good but one really annoying thing =/The gameplay is good, the graphics are really good for a mobile game but there is one thing that makes me angry. The thing is that it bans you from playing just because you left the match. Like what if it’s not intentional? Like if your internet dropped out or you have to a really important thing and you HAVE to leave or else. So please make it that there is no penalty if your internet drops out AT LEAST..Version: 3585

Amazing GameFor a mobile game, the graphics are amazing and the game runs extremely smoothly. Before this game I played a few rounds of PC league but never really got into it while wild rift just got me hooked. Personally I would like to see more champions being added into the game, especially some new ones unique to wild rift but I’m sure they’ll come eventually over time. Overall a great game!.Version: 3585

Amazing game - please go hard against AFKLoving LOL Wild Rift and looking forward to ARAM in the near future! Anyone not taking responsibility for going AFK is pathetic and does not understand the respect, time and commitment that goes into playing a great game. Please create and publish a formal process that clearly shows the repercussions of being AFK to all - to educate and discourage those individuals who do not show respect to others from playing! When you report players after the game for whatever reason, does this get investigated? Not trying to compare but “Mobile Legends” would notify you of a successful report and provide a very brief summary of the result and action taken. At the moment, it feels like reporting is pointless as you have no context as to what action was taken, if any? Also I lodged a ticket today on my account to advise I have items to claim but a notice I don’t have the most current version - Ive checked the app store a few times over the last 2 says and there are no updates! Overall, AMAZING game!.Version: 3850

Great game, but stability needs working onGreat game! 5/5 But stability still needs improvement 3/5 All game Sounds frequently crashes mid match requiring app to be closed and reloaded Game occasionally crashes (not as common as sound, but still happens). Using an iPhone 11, not an old phone, so I wouldn’t blame hardware.Version: 3727

Bots need to be hereHi riot games, on your next update please add this to the game so when a player leaves a live match the hero is controlled by an ai and when the player joins back on the same match they can continue to battle with their allies. The restrictions for leaving the matches are fair but please add the ai control so the experience is still balanced. Thank you for reading this.Version: 3585

Ban system rubbishI don’t understand why I get banned for 10 min due to disconnecting the game!!!! I tried my very best to rejoin the game, but couldn’t! And had to reboot my phone to rejoin!!! I didn’t disconnect the game myself, it was the internet issue and got banned for 10 min. I am so frustrated.Version: 3850

The game crashed and then it reset my account progressThe game was going pretty well. I had just BOUGHT a champion and while playing them my game crashed. My games crash all the time so I wasn’t really worried, but when I logged back in it took me to the first tutorial and when I finished that my account progress was gone. I bought something with real money and then it reset my progress on my account, stealing my money. Please fix this..Version: 4027

MmThe mm are way too unbalanced and their CD is way too short maybe just make the CD a little longer so they don’t get harassed much because they way too over powered they can farm minions easy and hurt us so nerf there abilities so they not to overpowered that all I wanted to say and the game fun but it way too unbalanced If your losing you can’t make a comeback so make the game able to make a comeback that all I have to say.Version: 3585

Good game with a very annoying bugI have been disconnected multiple time in loading screen and the game wouldn’t let me reconnect back in, only to give me an afk punishment afterward. My internet worked fine as tested in some other devices. I’ve been a league player since season 2 and I hope Riot put more resources to fix these very basic bug and improve ping for Aussie players..Version: 3585

Overall good despite some bugsI was enjoying my first LOL gaming experience on mobile and thought everything was pretty much like what I’ve seen on PC. Until the app kept closing out on me after I opened it. If this is some bug of a kind, would just like to see this fixed up and all good to go..Version: 3585

To harsh.I loved this game really! But the ban punishment was to harsh. Like just because I was afk for 20 minutes, doesn't mean I have to get a ban for an hour! Now thats just cruel. I don't get it. They know people will delete the game and give it bad reviews but they still let this happen? Just change the punishment for being banned for like a year to maybe take away some of their points? For me I have to go to school so when I be afk and then school ends, I check my phone and I've even banned for an hour? Harsh. To harsh..Version: 3850

Top gameThe game is amazing! Very fun to play, great champions, well balanced, definitely the best mobile moba and one of the best mobile game overall The only issue is a connection problems, at least in AU. Even when I'm sitting just next to the WiFi router with a very fast connection I could have a connection problems and a bad ping. Probably where is no close servers to AU or some big issues with it And because of this it's very frustrating that you get such a big punishment for disconnect. I'm totally in that we should support healthy gameplay and people who afk or leaving the game should have some punishments, but in the current state it isn't looks fair when it's not your fault.Version: 3850

Ultimate MOBA!This is an amazing fast pace game that’s easy to pick up but takes time to master. You put in what you get out so for those of you with MOBA experience expect to lead the pack and often. Everything is easily accessible - 5/5!.Version: 3727

Great game, one issueOriginally, i thought that lol mobile could play with pc lol players, however that does seem to be the case, so i am very disappointed. I, as well as many other people playing wild rift all hope that the devs could adjust that this game on mobile could interact and play with pc players. If not for this, i would have given it 5 star rating..Version: 3585

Decant but IT KEEPS BANNING MEOk so I have a problem developer I would like to inform you I have been banned because the power cut out BUT MY PROBLEM IS I WAS BANNED FOR 2 WHOLE HOURS I mean 10 minutes is reasonable but 2 WHOlE HOURS IS JUST INSANE please fix this I understand where your coming from but I’m spending more time waiting to be unbanned than actually playing the game the game is good but the banning system is total bs so developers if you are hearing this change it in the next update.Version: 3585

Good game but harsh afk punishmentThis is one of the best mobile game and a great execution on transitioning the pc version to mobile. The control and game design are well tuned for the mobile experience while maintain the same mechanisms for all the champions from league. The only downside is that the afk punishment seems to be too harsh for a mobile game. People who Playing on mobile tend to be interrupted more often than playing on a pc, either by network issues, taking calls, messages, or attending to other things. Playing a few games with afk for a good few minutes can result in a few hours ban, that seems too much. For normal game, this will just turn people away. Punishment for ranked game could be done by deducting points instead?.Version: 3585

Matchmaking rigged, in app purchases buggedThey match you with the worst teammates if they find out your good. I also get matchmaker with eune or Korean servers when I’m OCE, this screws up my ping I barely win any games if I don’t get mvps and even when I do I can’t carry the bot like teammates I match make with. On my plat promos I played multiple games where I had unranked and bronze teammates. I had to get my friends to help out for my to pass the promos though i was one loss away from losing. The game also won’t let you 5man party, I queued with my friends for a whole hour without getting into a game. My in app purchases also stopped working 13days into the game. All of these need to be fixed or the game is going to die. Game not recommended to lol tryhards..Version: 3585

Issues with Wild RiftThe pings is mysteriously worst compare to the PC version which is hard to understand since PC games take up more signal and ping than of that a mobile game, wild rift already has servers worldwide and it scares me to think that since they already have servers around they wont be able to fix this, also the GUI on active items is way too small and shouldn't be at the bottom, we (small handed people) are forced to stretch our fingers leaving the game too uncomfortable to play, I understand it is a recent made games but I have high expectations on Riot Games😑.Version: 3850

Amazing :DI loved playing league on my laptop but it was very laggy so I couldn’t play much but now that it’s on mobile I can play without any lag and it’s not that expensive to get skins personally I think mobile has more effort put into it then pc due to all the animations and amazing skins like arcade ahri (my fav skin).Version: 3850

Screen ratio for iPadI’m only giving 4 stars because theres no screen ratio option for iPad users, its way too zoom that it gives less information of whats happening in the game. Hoping there would be an option for this in the future!.Version: 3585

SoundWhen I’m playing the game, out of nowhere my audio is cut off and I can’t seem to hear anything at all. My device is perfectly fine with no problems but it’s just the game itself that seems to have the problem. Overall the game is fun but I just hate it when the audio cuts off randomly..Version: 3727

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League of Legends: Wild Rift 4027 Update

Version 4027 (2021-03-28): In patch 2.2... - Position preference test - ARAM test - Ranked Season 2 - Wild Pass - New champs: Galio, Rammus, Kha’Zix, Rengar, and Renekton - New skins: Corgi Corki, Draven Draven, Fuzz Fizz, and more Read more at wildrift.leagueoflegends.com! Please note: content will be released throughout April and May..