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MudRunner, the off-roading simulation from the multi-million seller franchise, for the first time on mobile! Drive and master incredible all-terrain vehicles to venture across extreme landscapes!


MudRunner is the ultimate off-road experience, putting you in the driver seat and daring you to take charge of incredible all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme Siberian landscapes with only a map and compass as guides!

Complete your objectives and deliveries by enduring perilous conditions across wild, untamed landscapes in extreme conditions with dynamic day-night cycles. Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers and other obstacles that all realistically react to the weight and movement of your vehicle powered by the game's advanced physics engine.

Explore 15 immersive environments with 6 sandbox maps and 9 challenge maps, enhanced by stunning graphics. Choose what path to take, through difficult terrain, rivers, forests, swamps, mountains... nature and its dangers will always put you to the test.

From light vehicles designed for scouting the path ahead to heavy duty military trucks, drive 16 powerful all-terrain vehicles, each with its own characteristics and attachable equipment.

Twitter: @PlaySnowRunner

MudRunner Mobile App User Reviews & Comments

Worst port so farFinished it on PS4 and Switch. Somehow this iOS port is the worst of the, all: - Graphics is the worst of all, even though Switch is weaker than my iPad - Controls are awful: I just lost ‘crane operator ii’ because I ran out of fuel while operating the crane! How stupid is that? Nothing remotely frustrating on gamepads. - some of the physics and machinery apparently was lost in translation: for example K-9000 forwarder feels like one of the least capable machines in this port, while in other versions it is a mighty crawler that is joy to use. - some of the secondary quests are completely stupid: for example not once the condition is to “start mission at night”. Do you think you should way or do something strategic to achieve that? Nope, you just have to flip the switch “day-night” to the other positions and… challenge completed! How stupid is that? It is a nice effort to port this fantastic game, but until developers fix the release it’s better to skip this one and go use other platforms. Game is looking better and is not nearly half as frustrating as it is here, unfortunately:(.Version: 1.0.6

Mudrunner on mobile! Incredible!!!!Love this simulation! The physics, the vehicles, the terrain... wow! So happy to have this on mobile. The Mudrunner series is simply the best! This runs really well on my iPhoneX! The graphics are not as crisp as PC, but that’s expected. However it still looks great. There are 3 wishes I have always had with the MR series... 1. The Option to Hide the HUD. Really wish the dev would add this ability for clutterless screenshots. 2. Replay option (at least 30-60 secs) to watch & enjoy our gameplay from different angles. 3. Free Cam for gameplay and video replays That being said, this App is amazing. For what is now in our hands I give it 4 stars, with the wish for at least the hiding of the HUD in the future. Great App!.Version: 1.0.2

Worth itThis game is very good. I love the spin tires games, and I was super happy when this game was announced. Whenever I am on the move, I can pull out this game and just relax during whatever is going on. Now, about the game itself. The graphics aren’t ultra good, but it’s on mobile so I didn’t expect much. What it lacks in graphics, it more than makes up for in physics. Seriously, I genuinely felt like I was playing the console version of this. The only poor physics in this game are when you run through water. For some reason your car just speeds up and drives super fast through it, unless there’s a heavy current. Overall, this game is super good, and I’m glad that I bought it. It’s definitely worth the money. If you are a very big off-road simulator fan, and you have the money, then this is definitely worth the money..Version: 1.0.6

Lose hours on the game, where is the B-130This game is a rabbit hole, you can spend hours driving around apart from the usual logging jobs. Most of the bugs have been killed off and it keeps getting better. There is one issue though, I cannot find the B-130 truck on any map to complete the last achievement left..Version: 1.0.7

Good get your fix if you like the game on PC or XboxThis is a physics based game for PC and Xbox and I think that’s where the draw is for most people and playing this on a phone or tablet is not gonna give you the exact physics due to the limitations of your device so with that being said it’s good for if you’re on the go and you want to play the game when you miss it but it’s not the same as the PC or Xbox or PlayStation.Version: 1.0.2

Not a bad portSo far the game is pretty good. Having large trailers attached makes gameplay slightly jerky, not frame rate drops tho. I think controller support should be a priority. If we could use controllers I would go 5 stars for sure. Maybe multiplayer later on down the road.Version: 1.0.1

Please add controller compatibilityI bought this game yesterday and I already love it the one down side is that I can’t use my Xbox controller on the game that’s my one problem with the game also thanks for making it mobile.Version: 1.0.6

Great gameYea it is a little too much to pay for a mobile game but it is super fun. Right away I bought all 4 dlcs and there not that bad. But if you think it’s a off road game, it’s bot really that. Yea it does have scouting but that’s not really crawling or muding. If your looking for a off-road game get this one and then get off-road outlaws which is free. But don’t get me wrong it’s a great game and I find it relaxing to play. So if your looking for a game that will take you a while to play, GET THIS GAME..Version: 1.0.7

Guys please remember that they are not going to add multiplayer.There is no plan for them to add multiplayer, if you want multiplayer then this is not the game for you. This is a very simple thing, litteraly just look it up! THEY ARE NOT ADDING ANYTHING. This is a one off project, and there is not anything else to add. Dont keep giving them advice also, as they do not read these comments. Just get a cheap gaming computer and play the full game instead of wasting your money on this junk for mobile. THEY ABANDONED THIS GAME, DONT GIVE THEM THE TIME OF DAY..Version: 1.0.6

Thank you MudRunner Mobile!I really love this game! I love all of the stuff you did! For a 5 dollar game it’s not that bad at all. I will put it at 4.9 stars. Why not five? Well because you need to add one more map with a case IH QuadTrac and a challenger that has real tracks. Thank you very much!.Version: 1.0.3

This is an awesome game just one suggestion...This is an awesome awesome game I just have one suggestion and that is can you make the days a little brighter that would be awesome and more realistic instead of being at morning for all day in the night.Version: 1.0.6

Amazing gameThis game is really great. There is one thing that needs to be fixed though. When you use the b66, b6a, k700, and d538 their diffs are always locked but it doesn’t register to the game that they are so the wheels will spin as if the diff lock is of and makes them not as good as they could be. Please fix this. Other than that everything is great and thank you for making a mobile version of this game..Version: 1.0.4

Better than console to mePlays really well. I honestly like it better than console game play. Game needs a little work on small things but other than that it’s pretty good. I hope they continue updating, and it’ll be even better.Version: 1.0.5

Amazing Game, But Camera ComplaintsThis game is very realistic and fun to play. Driving through mud in a truck is always good but the camera in this game needs to be fixed... It is too zoomed into the truck and an FOV slider feature should be added so you can control your camera distance. Overall very fun and if you like off-roading and have the money, I'd recommend it..Version: 1.0.6

Problem with graphicsOk so I just got this game I absolutely love it. The physics are great the tricks are great and the maps especially are great. But their is one issue. On my maps when I do free roam their are big structures blocking the trail and that affects the game because you can not drive threw it and since you are towing something sometimes you cannot go around sometimes because of the trees. That is the only error with the game. Oh and also one question that I have is when I finish the objectives and unlock the garages and do the lumber mills at the end when I’m done can I do log runs like yo get the logs and deliver to the lumber mill for points because everytime I try it says it’s already completed. Thanks.Version: 1.0.6

I wish I could like the gameI bought this game on mobile after playing it for a couple of years on my pc, after eagerly buying the game and starting it the game crashed, so I tried to go in the game again and it crashed. So I have not been able to play the game and the American wilds dlc because, every time I play the game crashes after about a minute..Version: 1.0.5

Best off-road game everThis game is pretty great all the five star reviews are pretty accurate tho sometimes the game can be quite finicky like in midnight safari mission the trailer rolls out of the circle witch you have to drive through to progress the mission but enough about the bad stuff this game is very fun you have a whole variety in the cars like normal jeeps to diesel fuel eight wheelers it is a pretty great game the mud physics are very good of course this means any fast car you drive at high speed in to mud and stop it unless another truck is around or your near a tree though one thing you need in this game unlike other off-road games is that you need patience since the mud slows you down with the weight of what ever you might be carrying you will go slow even the fast cars can’t go fast in mud because of physics but over all this game is great 10/10 would all ways play it.Version: 1.0.2

I have a questionSo I have a question. Me and my cousin what to join each other! But I can't find "join friends"? And I was wondering if you could even join people or if you can please tell me! I am so happy I can play this super awesome and very good quality game were ever! And now I don't have to play it on my Xbox! Thank you so muck for making mudrunner mobile! Your dude, Josh.Version: 1.0.2

Good update! Joystick is finally supported!Good update! Joystick is finally supported! What about the remaining add-ons, first we need to provide 60 frame rates, secondly we want to enable graphic modification from the game settings because mobiles and processors have become much stronger than the graphics of this game, so the player has the option to modify the graphics, thirdly, modify some gameplay to make it like a console, if it is done Add some of the ones you mentioned, I'll buy all the DLC, by the way, I'm a fan of this game and I've bought it on pc, thank you..Version: 1.0.7

Better than expectedI really thought this game would have been some quick cash grab and didn’t think the port would be very impressive but after downloading and playing it, I have actually enjoyed it a lot. Sure it has its flaws, but in the end it’s incredible for a ❗️mobile❗️ game. Great for long rides or something to be occupied with when bored. Only suggestion is, I wish that maybe the camera would be tweaked a bit or a first person/cockpit cam could be added in the future..Version: 1.0.1

Patience RequiredThis physics simulator requires a keen eye for terrain and substrate details, an ability to navigate realistically proportioned and weighted vehicles and trailers through increasingly difficult and challenging environments and PATIENCE. The latter being the most appreciated aspect of this title- you cannot go “yeehaw-ing” through this world, it requires forethought and even some “trip planning”. Most times it’s a slow and methodical venture, not unlike real world trucking. From the basic trucking mechanics and job and vehicle types to the always evolving weather patterns and their impact on the soil and rivers around you- IMHO this is THE best trucking simulator on the App Store. Only gripe: wish the graphics showed more detail. Great game all the same!.Version: 1.0

Free Valley DLC missing???When I pre-ordered Mudrunners the Valley DLC was priced at $0.00. Now after getting it today, I installed it and the Valley DLC is $3. I’m sure it’s easily worth $3 I’m just wondering what happened? I played the tutorial and it was a lot of fun. After buying on PC, PS4 and my Switch, I can literally MUDRUNNER everywhere. I will update my thoughts if this issue gets resolved one way or another. Graphics aren’t awesome (actually they are rather muddy, pun intended), but it’s still looks fine and is very fun. I don’t regret my purchase at all. Also controller support would be nice, but the touch controls are totally useable..Version: 1.0.1

Has potential but needs workI play MudRunner on the Xbox and I love it. I’m currently waiting for a deal on snow runner, but when I saw MudRunner on mobile I had to try it. First impressions, graphics are about exactly as I predicted, though I do wish there was an option to change them depending on your device. The controls are good and don’t think they need improvement really. On the physics side of things at least compared to the Xbox version, going through mud feels the same (which is a good thing). On the other hand rocks are super finicky and tend to clip through them instead of crawling over them. Water is the worst of all, sometimes I get what seems like a speed boost and other time it’s like it’s not even affecting my traction (changes based on current speed). Than the map really needs an option to see water depth. The “crossing the river” mission is purely trial and error cause there is no depth indicators on the map. This is must for many levels with ponds and rivers, and was surprised it was excluded. Overall I think it has a lot of potential and I think if they can add some features and fix the physics with rocks and water it’s an easy 5 star game I would recommend to anyone who loves simulators..Version: 1.0.7

I want my money backAmazing game with amazing graphics. However, there is a glitch on the mobile version about 4 levels in. The mission labelled Night Safari. It says find the trailer and bring it to camp. I find the trailer (easy) hutch it up but the mission doesn’t recognise it. Bring it back to camp and the mission still says I need to find the trailer still. Can’t complete it and therefore can’t progress. Shame because it would be 5 stars. But if I can’t play the game it doesn’t matter how good the graphics is..Version: 1.0.2

GraphicsGameplay is actually really awesome, everything is absolutely amazing, expect for one thing. They could work on the graphics a little bit, they arnt terrible but they could use more work. But overall I really suggest it for people who like off-roading it’s definitely worth the money.Version: 1.0.7

Best offroad mobile gameI am a SnowRunner player on the xbox and I wanted to continue my journey on the go, so O came to the App Store looking for options and found out that MudRunner was on mobile. I was so happy and bought, played it and its the best off-road game on the entire App Store. There is no other game like this one. The game its only missing 3 things to be perfect and I really hope the developers add them on future updates. #1 you guys need to add a driver. The lack of the driver make the game looks so unreal. #2 controllers support. It would be great and it would offer a better experience. #3. Multiplayer, that would bring more players to the game. To finish the review I just wanna thanks the developers for such a wonderful mobile game. I would like to see a SnowRunner mobile version in the near future.Version: 1.0.5

Controller Support + 60 fps = PerfectionThis is a really decent port of one of my favorite simulation games. The onscreen controls are not bad but it would be awesome it had controller support. Also I think this game really needs 60fps or 120fps support on high end devices like iPad Pro..Version: 1.0.2

Great graphics improvements neededGraphics are great. Better than other mud games on mobile. Although your basically working a job in the game it’s very entertaining. Needs Improvement like instruction on how you get garage points and freaking PROGRESSION points!!! And when using the crane why isn’t the camera focused on the claw instead of the seat. Why would I need to see the seat? And wish there was a drivers view. And bring atleast 1 spin tires truck here. You know the world has been waiting for that. Give us a semi lifter Jeep or 2500 as a “scout” vehicle please.Version: 1.0.3

Just like consoleI play it constantly on Xbox One. Granted if you want better graphics that’s where you go but this game has the same concept. Same maps. Same trucks. Same terrains. The difference is it’s on your phone. Great crossover to mobile if you want to play on the go or away from your console!.Version: 1.0.2

Nothing to do!Graphics and gameplay are good but there’s nothing to do once you finish the objectives. You realize that on the first map. The first map is huge. But once you the deliver the two batches of logs that’s it! You can unlock vehicles and waypoints but that adds no real value. The value is in delivering. But there’s no incentive to deliver after that. It’s not 15 maps it’s 6 big maps then the mini mission maps which are apart of the big maps. 16 vehicles? No it’s the same vehicles with different power ranges and colors. In the tutorial there’s a mountain climbing section for the Jeep. Where’s the real missions for this? Why isn’t this an objective? The price isn’t bad just know there’s nothing to do after a couple days of play. Then you’ll delete it. So is it worth it? To be honest... No..Version: 1.0.2

Great Physics but......It’s a fun game don’t get me wrong but the graphics are a bit ugly for such a pretty pc/console game, iPhone and iPads can push a little more graphical juice out for this game I would think🧐 at least have a graphics settings menu so we can push it 100% it looks to me that it’s barely at 85%. Either way I will play it, like I said it’s fun for what it is mud crawling with 16 wheelers come that’s fun man lol GG devs.Version: 1.0.6

Amazing game-snowrunner?I have loved your games for ever and now what do you do? A mobile mud runner! This is one of the greatest things ever and I hope that you will make more amazing games. [edit] Are you guys going to make snowrunner avaible on mobile?.Version: 1.0.7

Good game. Can use a little TLCThe game it’s self is awesome it’s just like the console, but different controls. I wish you could customize your trucks like snorkel, tires, color, and misc like horns and what not. A nice improvement could be more variety of trucks or mods. I like that you have to unlock the trucks through the missions! But again snorkels need to be added it would make the RIVER MISSION more easy. But at the end it’s a good game but still needs some help..Version: 1.0.3

Very good madeIt’s a very good made game but it could have improvements. 1. I would like to see graphics control because it’s all pixels for me. 2. I would also like to play with my brother but there’s no multiplayer mode..Version: 1.0.5

Help pleaseThis is by far the best offer in in game I’ve ever played on my phone and I enjoyed so so much however I would like it if you guys would add multiplayer and are you off Rodine jeep also I don’t know how to use progression points and I don’t know how to get them either.Version: 1.0.7

PLS READOk first off great game but why no first person or driver in the menu it shows a driver and also could you make it so you can select graphics like computer level to garbage level I don’t know but yeah it’s a great game still these are just some of my suggestions.Version: 1.0.4

Great game but with an annoying bug.This game is a lot of fun and has gameplay similar to the Xbox version. The driving in the physics are still realistic even on mobile. However, there’s a bug that causes the watch towers that you discover to be covered back up the next time you enter the game. Even worse, those watch towers cannot be rediscovered so you only reveal places on the map as you drive..Version: 1.0.2

Not badHeard about MudRunner coming to mobile so I decided to give it a shot and preordered it. First impressions are as goes: 1. Graphics aren’t breath taking but that was to be expected and they actually hold up quite well imo for a mobile port. 2. Physics are pretty much on par with the console version. Very well done imo. 3. Controls aren’t bad. There are options to adjust the steering sensitivity to your liking. 4. Content. The vehicles I used on my play through are back and I love it! So are the maps. And Hardcore! A lot of future hours I’m gonna clock in (can’t wait to one star deluge on hardcore again). The game also included the Valley DLC for free so that’s cool. Hope to see all the MudRunner dlcs make a return. Maybe then I’ll give it 5 stars :) Overall I’m not disappointed with my purchase. It’s a great title that’s been converted to mobile quite well in my opinion. But like I said bring back all the dlcs please devs..Version: 1.0

The best mobile muding game ever.It is an amazing game. I didn’t think mobile games can get this good. It is even controller supported that’s just amazing. Once I get Internet at my house I will probably get Snowrunner on my Xbox for now this is a great compromise. Thank you Spin Tires this is amazing. The rocks do clip a little bit. But it’s still an amazing game. And I love how you control the game with a Xbox controller, it’s a very good way to control Mudrunner mobile with a controller..Version: 1.0.7

Awesome!This game is sooooo cool! And i have some suggestions. First thing is a flipper attachment, for flipping your truck upright. Second, there should be a multiplayer for more fun. Third, a mobile base/mobile garage trailer for a quick respawn. Fourth, there should be vehicle’s parts in swamps and/or in rivers, and if you get all the parts for one vehicle into one garage you get another vehicle! Also a front-end loader and dumper for haulin’ rocks would be cool for makin’ yor’ own bridges or somethin’. Note, these are suggestions based on my own opinion to make the game more funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Thanks for an awesome game! See ya later!.Version: 1.0.6

This game is amazing.First off if u don’t have this get it. Everything about this game is amazing, the sound the graphics the physics and litrily everything. One of the best part is detail. If I run over a rock it moves, if I run over a log it moves, if I hit a tree it moves. Everything in this game has physics. I mean it is the most detailed Mobil game out. If I hit a tree and keep pressing the grass I make pits in the ground and drive myself In. In conclusion if u don’t have this game you need to get it espahily if u like the off road free rome..Version: 1.0.2

If you don’t like it, just play more than 1 mission.Finally, best truck game on mobile now! Extremely satisfied. Would be cool to have an interior camera, manual high beam/low beam switcher, snowy or fogy maps if it technically possible. Can’t stop playing this game. Great job, developers!!.Version: 1.0.7

So far so goodBit confusing at first but overall getting the hang of it, never played the real version before but for mobile it has nice mechanics and graphics. Played a few missions so far..Version: 1.0.7

Amazing on iPhone 12proThis look so cool and amazing on my new iPhone 12pro. I love how it fills up the screen on my iPhone 12pro and the graphic on this game is eye popping high quality graphics. This game is too time consuming for me once I start I just can’t stop lol lol love this game worth every penny.Version: 1.0.6

CrashingThe game is fun and I haven’t stopped play g it since I downloaded but ever since I started unlocking more vehicles the game keeps crashing on me, sometimes I play for 10 minutes before it crashes sometimes I play for 2 minutes before it crashes it’s a little annoying but when it’s not crashing it’s a fun game to play!.Version: 1.0.7

3 star but could be 4 - 4 1/2 starsNeeds more trucks and vehicles, needs some work on the strength of pull in the weight of the vehicles! It needs a upgrade! It’s needs to be on a computer or game system! I hate to think that this is all the game has to offer from the coders an software... but so far it’s good! It isn’t spin tires but it’ll have to do!.Version: 1.0.7

FrustratedGreat concept but the gameplay is very annoying. Graphics are ok, the controls need reworking and the interaction of things are wonky. I’m on the first mission and it’s quite hard to even get the the trailer. I want to play it but it has actually enraged me a little because things don’t act the way the should. Out of the blue regular dirt becomes mud and you can’t get out of it whatsoever. You can use the winch but that erases the objective completion. It’s just so frustrating that it’s the first level and it’s very hard to accomplish a simple thing without failing the objectives. So In conclusion, not to worthy of the purchase..Version: 1.0.4

Good Game but still missing cars from full versionSpecially American brand cars like the F-150 and Chevy Blazer are not present o. This mobile version which is a huge bummer.. They seem to hide the fact that those cars are not present on the mobile version, though all DLC has the same names as the PC version. Could be considered a perfect game, but using only weird Russian cars looks like every other indie game from App Store..Version: 1.0.6

Love itThe home indicator popping up every time I tap on the screen and then going to turn makes me swipe out of the game. Is there a chance the team could change the indicator settings?.Version: 1.0.3

Great butNeed first person an a bit more of a veiw option an the stick steerimg is a bit lame put a wheel option an a bit of a ajustment for the lay out of the controls so we can move closer of further away from one another.Version: 1.0.4

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Great gameI love mudrunner mobile because of how the graphics and the physics are amazing one thing you need is snowrunner mobile and i would like more trucks on the maps.Version: 1.0.6

MASSIVE BUGOk so this was kind of frustrating. I was pulling a trailer full of logs back to the lumber mill when my log carrier got caught on a rock or something and it glitched the entire thing and sent my truck and trailer flying into the air..Version: 1.0.2

AWSOMEThe physics of this game is outstanding and the look for a game mainly for console and pc looks amazing on mobile. I would highly recommend getting this it is definitely worth the money. The only feature that would help me is being able to flip instead of restarting, but yes that might be a bit to easy but overall this game is amazing and I definitely would recommend it..Version: 1.0.2

Please read thisWe need mods Hi I’m Harlan personally it’s the best game of ever played no joke it’s awesome!👍🏼👍🏼.Version: 1.0.7

Very good game, butI will not complain about the physics and the idea behind the game as it is absolutely amazing, and because of this I am prepared to pay. However, what I think is not fair is that the initial price is $9AUD and you only get a few missions on one map with very limited equipment. It seems to me that the focus is on making money on added machines and maps. I understand it is time consuming to make/develop games but, we need to also manage how to charge. At the current path I see this moving towards charge mania...and could see devoted players pay $100s of dollars. This will take the fun out..Version: 1.0.4

Good, but not PerfectAs an owner of Mudrunner on pc I was excited for a more portable version so that I could play on the go. I am using an iPad running an A10 chip, which runs every game I’ve played up to this point perfectly. The game for me really just doesn’t quite make it graphically. It would be good to see some improvements in that area, and maybe more graphic options. As far as physics go, it’s quite enjoyable, although I have noticed that the tires seem to catch and glitch a little which sort of isn’t great. Some things I would love to see added would be multiplayer, local if possible as that is what makes the game fun on pc for me. Controller support wouldn’t hurt either especially since Apple now supports a wide range of controllers. So in conclusion, like I said in the title, the game is good but certainly has room for improvement..Version: 1.0

SpudAwesome game Highly recommend.Version: 1.0.6

Good gameCan you put multiplier.Version: 1.0.2

AlrightI got it so I can was the mudflap onto the car I need doesn’t have that but resume for improvement but other than that it’s a pretty good game I guess.Version: 1.0.1

Good gameLove the game in joyed playing the game now wish you had more tracks place because I completed all the tracks and I enjoyed everyone of them can you please put some more track soon thank you.Version: 1.0.4


Not really a reviewCan you play on multiplayer?.Version: 1.0.6

BestBest game ever.Version: 1.0.1

Online pleaseI just haveTo say this game is amazing the graphics are great the physics are great to the only thing that I suggest is to add a multiplayer mode that would be awesome thanks.Version: 1.0.6

Love itThis game is amazing might need some few adjustments like tire deformation and tire pressure but yeah this is the best.Version: 1.0

Can you please make snowrunner on switch and on iPadReally good game but can you please make snowrunner on iPad and switch too. Can you please make a farm map please For ideas you could make flood runner and rock runner drought runner and hill runner Love your games Big fan of you.Version: 1.0.4

GreatAwesome game but it needs more updates and more trucks so please make more update and make it a bit realistic I know it’s real but just a bit more realistic ok and I’ll love it more if you do this for me and us all so see you at the update.Version: 1.0.3

👍Just like the console version all though the viewing of the trucks are abit rough but still great to be able to play it on my iPhone & Xbox one (:.Version: 1.0.7

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MudRunner Mobile 1.0.7 Update

Version 1.0.7 (2020-11-24): NEW CONTENT NOW AVAILABLE - New Old-timers DLC, bringing the Rocky Hills map and two add-ons - New 4-DLC Pack, available in the in-game shop. Get 4 DLCs at a discounted price: The Ridge, The Valley, Old-timers, and the American Wilds Official Expansion CHANGE LOG - OPTIMIZATION & BUG FIXES. - Game controller support - Fixed crash on levels launch for several cases - Camera stabilization - Drawbar of trailers can lift truck when it attaches trailer with wheels above drawbar - The logs can not collect in the medium log cart if game restarted - Truck flies away when moving back at angle to Garage Semi-Trailer - Truck flies away when loading logs after re-entering the level with Medium log Cart detached - On some maps spawned trucks spawn with 0 repair and fuel points - The Rig mission will not update if the player attaches the trailer without visiting the previous checkpoint - Default camera view is from the trailer on Downhill and The Ridge levels - K-8400 starts jumping when driving with Front Blade pushed to the ground - Trailers tremble and may bend K-700 to the front wheels when it is attached at angle.

Version 1.0.6 (2020-10-20): Upgrade your game with the American Wilds DLC and drive on the untamed roads of USA! Enjoy a slew of new additions, including: - 2 new missions inspired by the rough lands of Montana and North Dakota - 2 new maps with the "Scavenge" gameplay mode - 2 new vehicles - and 6 new vehicles add-ons Be prepared to conquer the wild lands of America!.

Version 1.0.4 (2020-09-08): Game Updates: - The new DLC "The Ridge" is now available for purchase in the shop - Addressed various minor issues.