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Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron. Blazing, Ork aerial combat waged across 41st millennium battlefields.

Dakka Squadron is a fast-paced, aerial shooter where you are an Ork Flyboy, taking to the skies to do what Orks do best - fight!

Fly across alien worlds, against insane odds, blasting away with your Supa-Shootas to destroy enemy air forces and ground targets, while unlocking new weapons and upgrading your squadron to be the most “dead killy” Flyboys in the sky.

Choose an Ork Clan and customize your squadron to augment your play style.

Fly Dakkajets, Burna-Bommas, and Blitza-Bommas, equip them with an array of guns, bombs, and missiles, learn special maneuvers, and unleash your dakka to conquer a galaxy riddled with ancient enemies


+ Hone your skills to climb the ladder of the Ork faction; start off as a lowly Flyboy and conquer worlds to become a Warboss.

+ Explore incredible environments across multiple planets through a 20+ mission campaign

+ Fantastic voice over acting and dialog unveil a complex plot and capture the grim humour of the Warhammer 40,000 universe

+ Complete missions, perform challenges and unlock achievements to discover powerful Orky weapons and receive incredible fighta upgrades

+ Master dog fighting, dive bombing, and carpet bombing and use different playstyles to complete varied air to air, and air to ground missions.

+ The first video game built from the ground up by Orks for Orks.

Dakka Squadron App User Reviews & Comments

Make it a winnerTight tilt control.Version: 1.11

Dakka’s in the skies! 5 by 5!This is an awesome game. The controls just need sensitivity adjustment but after that it’s outstanding! The only thing I want is low, medium, and high graphics settings. (But not with current graphics as high).Version: 1.0

The games good! 👍The games really entertaining and I love the voice acting. Please update the game it has true potential. One problem I CAN point out is that the noise skips and glitches but the gameplay is smooth and fun.I like it!👍.Version: 1.0

Not load on my phoneI have buy this game but not loading on my phone.Version: 1.0

Not a review yet, game won’t launch.Game crashes right after I try to launch it. This is on a iPhone se 2020, iOS 14.4 was 14.3. Tried reinstalling and updating iOS to see if it would work and no luck. Would like to leave an actual review when I can play!.Version: 1.0

Fantastic !!!!!!!!This game is great. Like playing interloper, with a Warhammer theme and way more depth. Thank you. Look forward to the future of these developers..Version: 1.11

UPDATEDCrashes back to the home screen. UPDATE: working now, thanks!.Version: 1.11

CrashCrashes on first mission, no response from Dev!!! Update, in contact with Dev. Update, no fix 2/25 Update, no contact 3/1.Version: 1.11

So fun!I love that I can customize my planes!.Version: 1.0

Pretty fun little gameGame plays well, looks good and i think is fun. Voiced characters are pretty funny as well. Worth the 5 bucks IMO. Playing on iPhone 8 btw..Version: 1.0

Pretty poorControls are bad, it’s so hard to keep track of targets and try to fly smoothly. Could have been a good game, but it’s not.Version: 1.0

Needs fixesThis game could be super fun. But on my 12 pro, I'm running into crashes and frame drops. Using controllers in the menu is atrocious. Flying out of the combat zone where there are literally enemy planes at gets so annoying to hear and then my plane does weird movements and becomes unresponsive at times if I'm out of bounds.Version: 1.11

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Dakka Squadron 1.11 Update

Version 1.11 (2021-02-05): * Minor bug fixes * Possible fix for iPhone SE (2020) model.

Version 1.0 (2021-01-28): .