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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a strict one-button rhythm game. Keep your focus as you guide two orbiting planets down a path without breaking their perfect equilibrium.

It's pretty hard to describe, but you should play the free online version on a desktop computer first if you are not sure if you would enjoy this game!


- More than 10 worlds, each introducing new shapes and rhythms. What do triangles, octagons or squares sound like? Each world starts with small tutorial stages and ends with a final test.

- Post-game challenges: Speed Trials for each world and a blisteringly fast bonus level for the brave.

- Calibration options: auto-calibration and manual calibration. This is a precise rhythm game, so use your ears more than your eyes when playing.

- Play new levels for free: more levels will be added over the coming months.

WARNING: This is a hard rhythm game. Not in the sense of note-spamming - for the most part all you have to do is keep a consistent beat - but this is a good test of whether you would be a good drummer. Keeping a beat is not very easy, and then weird breakbeats are added on top of that, so don't worry if you find it difficult!

A Dance of Fire and Ice App User Reviews & Comments

Fantastic little game.As a self proclaimed expert rhythm gamer, this has quite a learning curve! But I’ve absolutely enjoyed (and sometimes raged at) this game. So far I’ve beat all 6 main level at 1.5x and got all the little lantern things, and I’m continuing to try to 100% this whole game..Version: 1.7.1

Black ScreenAfter finishing the first world all I get is a black screen and I try restarting the app and it's just a black screen too..Version: 1.11.2

1.99 AND PLAYED, I LOVE ITThe first time I played this game, it was AMAZING, so I asked my dad to buy this game for 2$(1.99$) it was STILL AMAZING.Version: 1.11.2

ITS NOT SENSITIVE ENOUGHHalf the time the game doesn’t recognize that I’m tapping the screen, making the game very frustrating.Version: 1.12.0

Good game but needs custom levelsThe ability to play custom levels on mobile will make this a 5/5 for me. But until then ill leave it as as. :(.Version: 1.9.5

Very creative rhythm game!I’ve been played by this thing a ton for the past few weeks! The concept of translating rhythm to angles is something I’ve never seen before, and which quickly distinguishes this game from most other rhythm games. The levels have good variation in style and difficulty, and the music is very good! I just wish there were more levels, as well as a level editor (which is available on the more expensive pc version). Overall, the fun this game gave me has been well worth the price. 9/10! :D Btw, as of writing this, in addition to the 12 main levels, there are 4 bonus/secret levels spread throughout the game, which is not immediately obvious when you open the game. I won’t spoil how to access them here. P.S. Level 3 is harder than level 4 and maybe even level 5 for some reason, you have been warned!.Version: 1.9.2

Broken AppI never write reviews unless I have good reason to. The app is broken and once you get so far it just goes to a black screen. I wouldn’t suggest spending money on this app..Version: 1.11.2

In game bugBought the game and I loved it, played through the first two worlds but when I got to the third the screen went black. Closed and opened the game and it still didn’t fix. Finally uninstalled and reinstalled and now it goes black on the first world. Going to get a refund if it’s not fixed..Version: 1.11.2

This is a really fun game!I got this game because I saw other people play it. I was expecting a little bit of entertainment, but it was so fun I played all the way to level 8 in one day! If anyone is reading this, I recommend you get the game. Although I would really love this game if you added a custom level creator, But if you don’t that’s ok because I know you are busy making new levels. :).Version: 1.11.2

ProblemI love this game so much but every time I beat the first world it just takes me to a black screen. Please help me fix this or give me my money back because I am broke.Version: 1.11.2

Amazing game (buggy after update)I love this game, I think it’s a great concept executed beautifully with amazing music. My only qualm is that after updating my phone the app is buggy and often just goes black - I already tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it but after the first world it went black again. I hope this gets fixed soon.Version: 1.11.2

Black screenI started up the game and it worked great. I played the first 6 levels and after that the screen just goes black. I’ve tried closing the app and re opening it but it’s just a black screen. So I deleted the app and downloaded it again. I had the same problem, it would start up fine and I could play the 6 levels but then I’d just get a black screen???.Version: 1.11.2

Glitch?After I get past World-1... there’s just a black screen. I am not able to progress past this screen at all... please fix.Version: 1.11.2

The perfect game but one questionI left a review saying that it was perfect and it still is and last time I said there was a screen bug and they fixed that. So the game is now perfect but I have one question: is one forgotten night on ADOFAI mobile? I got this game on steam and I saw that if you do something in the hub on computer and I thought that level was challenging and I liked it and I wondered if it was on mobile so I looked it up and nothing showed up and then you replied to my review so I’m doing this the same day. I’d one forgotten night on mobile?.Version: 1.9.2

This is an amazing game.This is an amazing game, the music, visuals, and gameplay. That’s all i have to say lol.Version: 1.10.5

Stuck on 1-X? Here’s what to do!Turn ur resolution to 20. Turn ur graphics quality to low. Turn ur visual effects to minimum. Much easier..Version: 1.12.1

Fun gameI only play this because I saw faker play it.Version: 1.9.5

Really fun lil rythem game!!I found this from tokaku's video on it and i decided to give it a try since it was only a few bucks turns out it was a really neat lil game with satisfying taptic feedback (vibrations) whenever you land a hit, it's definitely very challenging but in a fun way, it lets you listen to podcasts while playing which is amazing cuz most rythem games don't all in all i really recommend it!!.Version: 1.6.2

Level 2x Offbeats gets out of syncShould probably fix that.Version: 1.11.2

Game issue.....So I have this game on my pc and have had no issues with it but on mobile as soon as I beat the first world the screen goes black and nothing happens... I’ve closed the app multiple times and it just stays black screened I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling and as soon as I pass the first world it black screens again..... and can’t do anything.Version: 1.11.2

Fun, challenging, yet calming!This game will get you tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the beat, it’s a bit of a challenge too, but you feel so accomplished and relaxed after beating each level!.Version: 1.9.2

Best Game You’ll Ever PlayThis year has been so...strange, to say the least, but this game has honestly made it so much better. I don’t know what it is about this game, but it’s so amazing and makes me feel satisfied and content while playing. The music, the simple yet challenging gameplay, the extra levels at the end— they all tie into each other to make this a truly amazing game to play. I’d honestly pay 3x this game cost just to experience it all again! The developers of this game deserve all the praise and congratulations because this app is truly a masterpiece. While the game may feel short to some, there’s a lot you can do here and the app is constantly updating and adding newer levels. My sister and I are absolutely HOOKED on this game and we'll sometimes challenge each other to see who can get highest on the speed runs. Thank you for such a great game I can’t get enough of it! The developing team deserves a clap on the back!!.Version: 1.9.2

Glitching at the momentI got to world six yesterday and today when I opened the game it wouldn't load. it was simply a black screen and nothing else. i deleted and reinstalled and started from the beginning. i finished the first world and now it's doing the same thing again.Version: 1.11.2

CrashesThisGame is very good but the one prom that is that after the first entire world after you beat it the game crashes and doesn’t go on after that it was a waste of two dollars for me and I wish I could get them back.Version: 1.11.2

Annoying but a little funI’m on level 7 and I keep dying. I’m trying to win but it’s intense. May u make it easier?.Version: 1.11.2

One of the best games on iPadOne of the best games out there! Should be way more popular! Anyone getting this won’t be disappointed! Structured well, challenging, doesn’t take two minutes to finish, controls are perfect, songs are all fun and different. I loved the level 4, 9, and 11 level songs.. the other ones were great for training though. Wish there were more!!!!.Version: 1.6.2

Black screenAfter I finish world 1 it’s just black screen can somebody help I really like this game I restarted my game and tried everything still black screen.Version: 1.11.2

Highly RecommendThis game is definitely harder on a phone then it is a computer. Still a fun game. There has already been a few times where it’s not registering my taps and its hurting the play through a little bit. Can’t be my phone since it’s a new phone but who knows. Either way, super fun and addicting. I hope the game grows and adds more levels.Version: 1.12.1

Screen bugSo I saw this game on tiktok I thought I was really cool. It is, but I get to level 1-x and after I complete it the screen just sits on a constant black and nothing happens. Didn’t think much of it, deleted the game redownloaded it, same thing happened this would be an easy 5 star, I love the game but the bug wound let me progress any further so until then 3 stars.Version: 1.11.2

Won’t openI played the game for an hour was on the last world stoped playing the game until later that day and then it will not open and I ha e the latest iOS update restarted my phone and reinstalled the game and nothing will work I am sure the problem will be fixed but just be aware.Version: 1.11.2

Help!?I finished level one and it was really fun!! But as soon as I finished 1-7 the screen went black and it doesn’t go back to the main screen even if I close the game or delete it completely. Any tips?.Version: 1.11.2

Got more than my money’s worth.A dance of Fire and Ice has a simple concept (tapping to the beat) but does a great job at making the rhythm game more challenging as you progress through the music. I love rhythm games (especially guitar hero) and this was so much fun to play. I hope the developer makes a sequel because I’ll buy that one too!.Version: 1.10.5

Screen glitch but awesome gameThis game is really fun and I love it but a couple minutes ago when I tried to log into the game it did not let me in. Even when I closed the game or turned off my phone. I even tried to delete the game but it still wouldn’t let me in. I was wondering if you guys can fix this glitch. Thank you!.Version: 1.11.2

Fun at first but...I downloaded this game on my iPhone XR and played through the first world. It took a bit, but once I completed it, the screen went black. I couldn’t do anything. I restarted my whole phone and it didn’t work. I downloaded it on my iPad and it worked normally. This is likely a one-time download issue or it isn’t compatible with my phone type, but it really shouldn’t have happened in the first place..Version: 1.12.0

Debug mode secret1. On the title screen, Swipe left. 2. Tap the bear repeatedly. 3. Enjoy debug mode! Edit: OMG WHY Edit 2: Rip-off! NO MOR LEVEL MAKER! ADD IT BACK!.Version: 1.6.2

I can’t go to the 2nd levelOkay I just got the game and it took me a long time to beat level 1 and when I finished level 1 my screen went black and I don’t wanna delete the app just cuz it took me over to beat level 1 but overall it’s a good game I played it on the pc too it’s much easy then the phone or iPad.Version: 1.11.2

Great game for all music studentsThis game is incredibly creative, at the same time instructive. I introduced it to my entire studio of young pianists and was proven to make a huge difference in rhythmic after just days into playing. It could be a good supplement to any ear training class. Great job guys! However, I’m saddened by the fact that the iPad version of the game has such limited features compared to the steam version. Laptops are obsolete for some now a days, any plans for an expansion package?.Version: 1.12.1

A Drummer’s GameI love this game!!! It’s addicting and so much fun to learn. As a drummer I found this game easy but delightfully challenging at the same time. I found a level with the title of Triplet and I knew that this game either has been created by a drummer or someone that has looked up percussion elements. I 100% recommend for anyone that wants to get better at rhythm in a fun way!.Version: 1.12.0

I’m sick of apps that do this.I am so annoyed. I payed 2 bucks for this app and cannot get off the pitch black screen that never goes away. I tried everything from offloading the app to restarting my entire phone. I need this to be fixed or I want my money back. Thanks..Version: 1.11.2

Can’t get past Level 6This game is great, I love the songs and it seems great. I downloaded it today and I’d say I wasted my money. Once you finish level 6 the screen goes black and you cannot do anything to get past that. I wish I could play but I cannot. Please fix this.Version: 1.11.2

CrashesAfter I beat the first level my screen just goes black I tried deleting it and reinstalling it and I beat the first level again just for it to go black again.Version: 1.11.2

Definitely a pass on the vibe checkI heard about this game before because I play osu! so I hear about a lot of other rhythm games and this is definitely the best one besides osu! that i’ve played. Also the fact that you can play on computer and on phones and iPads, I think that makes it way better of a game and also since it’s so cheap. I love the music in this game it’s really fun..Version: 1.11.2

Love this gameI love playing g this game and I’ve completed it on pc and have played their other game, Rhythm Doctor, on pc. Just now I was in the middle of trying to complete the level “Jungle City” (I think that’s it’s name), and near the end of the song, the 3D Touch just stopped. I thought maybe it was something wrong with my phone so I retried the level and it was working again, and stopped working at the same spot. Other than that tiny bug, this game is super awesome..Version: 1.9.5

Amazing but a question.So in my opinion this game is amazing very creative but I have a question for you can you create levels on mobile? I’ve seen many people do it on computer but I don’t know if mobile has it if not can you please add it in I would love to make my own level it would make my dream come true please add in editor so you can make levels 🥺 also how do you get the yellow/gold color I really like that color but can you give me a tip on how to get that color please..Version: 1.10.5

Great game, but one issueI’ve experienced an issue when after completing the first chapter the game won’t load and all I see is a black screen..Version: 1.11.2

“Overload”I hate when it says “overload” I just makes you wanna quit. Well.. Whe;you tap three times in the wrong thing it says “overload” please remove “overload” as it keeps annoying the person this game is very fun and I like it I am rating 4 star beacuase of overload..Version: 1.9.5

Good gameI like the game, but t went black after I completed the first world, redownloading it idk if it will work.Version: 1.12.0

Little problemI love the game so far it’s just the game won’t load up anymore I got to world 4 and now it just won’t load I start the app and I sit there staring at a black screen.Version: 1.11.2

Game doesn't work after world oneAfter i completed world one the game just goes into a black screen and doesn't do anything afterwards, i tried reloading the app, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even restarting my phone and the game just stays on the black screen :(.Version: 1.11.2

Does not workGame does not load up after only one time of use. Stuck on a black screen and forced to delete and redownload and still have the same issue.Version: 1.11.2

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I want to refundSince i can not play this game after 1-x stage, i want to refund this game..Version: 1.11.2

UnderratedHonesty this game is much more complex and hard then it looks and is a lot of fun, really does deserve more attention 5/5.Version: 1.6.2

Well thought out!This game shows itself to not be a quick game you finish, I haven’t finished but I have found it wasn’t a game that I got stuck as well, the artwork in the background is amazing and the songs feels like you can follow it. Most music games put synchronised music behind the gameplay but this feels like we’re playing the music. The simplicity of it is crazy I thought I was easily going to beat the first world easily but it took me forever, this helps with not making it repetitious and is not for all people. For me I don’t think I’m going to find any better music game out there. This game is definitely on the top of best games for me and would like to see more but don’t rush any of the game development, I want to see the best you can do not more content dumped on it. Can’t wait for more!.Version: 1.12.1

Very good port of a great gameOf course, it is a bit easier on desktop and lags on my very old iPad mini, but otherwise it’s pretty good!.Version: 1.1.2

Great for Flow StateThis is such a simple but effective game for getting into a flow state. Almost as good as my mindfulness app! Hoping they keep adding more worlds. Heaps of fun to play with my little people too..Version: 1.11.2

One of the best rhythm games!This game is easily one of my favourite rhythm games, it’s amazing and the beats are in sync with the levels.Version: 1.3.7

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A Dance of Fire and Ice 1.12.1 Update

Version 1.12.1 (2021-04-03): Fixed problem on level 9-X where some tiles were not being displayed..

Version 1.11.2 (2020-11-05): A new Xtra level, ‘Rose Garden’, has been added! The song is by RoDy.cOde, and the level is created by hotduck, LUMI, and NumbEr07. New difficult levels have been added in a new "Crown" section with: ‘One Forgotten Night’, with music by Quree and level design by Star4th. ‘Options’, with music by Frums. This level was inspired by a level created by PowerFactory. The planets now have a sound effect when they explode. More sound effects coming soon, from our new sound designer s9menine!.