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Win your draft with a real-time Dynasty Price Checker that contextualizes player valuation with a metrics-driven lifetime value gauge, Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) high stakes dynasty start-up ADP graph, and PlayerProfiler dynasty ranking position.

Build a super team with a constant stream of league-winning dynasty trades using RotoUnderworld's ground breaking Trade Analyzer that accurately values future draft picks, free roster space, and prioritizes quality over quantity in dynasty dealmaking.

Set up a golden loom of accrued dynasty roster value with PlayerProfiler's highly anticipated Player Comparison Matrix that juxtaposes advanced prospect profiles and the NFL metrics that matter most to create the next generation talent heat mapping system.

Dynasty Dominator App User Reviews & Comments

Nowhere to go but upGreat app. Most dynasty competitors are in it for the long haul, so the price is almost nothing. Easy to use, easy to navigate. Meant to be a guide and not set in stone, so use it as you will. I would love to see an update in the future involving previous trade evaluations after you’ve fully exited the screen (other than the “go back” button). Or even maybe daily feature or ‘popular’ trades that could be seen. For now, love using it and nowhere to go but up..Version: 1.0

Great appConsolidates the best dynasty rankings available into an easy to use trade calculator that helps me get a baseline value exchange when making trades and trying to use player profiler rankings that I depend on as the most innovate approach to dynasty fantasy football analysts is available on the market..Version: 1.3

Only app I’ve ever paid forWell worth every penny. Not only have I used this app, I have helped other owners, and won arguments with this app! Way too much information for the money. Their hard work at RotoUnderworld is appreciated.Version: 1.3

Don’t be dissuaded by the 1-star hatersAwesome app from some of the best minds in dynasty. Followed the work of Player Profiler for their consistent, analytics-driven content and humorously informative podcast. Stayed because of incredibly useful content like this. Worth every penny!!!.Version: 1.3

Awesome New UpdateApp was good before, now it is great to the point where I want to write how great it is. The new feature that saves your current deal is probably my favorite thing, with the startup picks as a close second. This app’s values are derived straight from PlayerProfiler’s dynasty rankings, which is a $40 value (per year). Anyone who doesn’t want to pay for that but wants to be great at dynasty player valuation would be a fool not to spend pennies on his app..Version: 1.3

Good AppI expect cost for quality content. And this app delivers quality data. That said, we’ll worth the money for the feedback given..Version: 1.3

The name of the app says it allThe name says it all dynasty dominator. Will help you dominate your dynasty league. Last season I had a start up and used this to both draft and trade. I drafted the youngest team and went to the championship last year. Wel worth the $5..Version: 1.3

Best Way to Dominate a Dynasty LeagueI have been using it to dominate my dynasty leagues, but with the updates now I can dominate my startup leagues too. Best investment you can make for helping you out with fantasy trades, startups, and player evaluations. A must have for any dynasty leaguer..Version: 1.3

Love the app, the new updates are also amazingLong time listener, long time user of playerprofiler, long time user of the app. The trades not resetting every time now is the best update of all time, and I love that the adp is working perfectly now. Thanks for all you guys do..Version: 1.3

Best App EverIn just our second year dynasty league , this App has improved the leagues trade activity being able to properly evaluate players and trades. Making it more fun and strategic. My only hope is that there is a way to compare a player to a draft pick, aside from player to player comparison.Version: 1.2.1

Best Value in the GameIt’s only appropriate that an app that determines value is a value itself. $5 for the whole year that’s $0.42 a month when you break it down. This app has been extremely useful. Gives me the confidence to pull the trigger on certain trades and who to drop/add to keep the highest value on my team. The biggest difference I noticed that this trade analyzer does compared to others is adding value to the trade for clearing a roster spots on your team. You can see if there is any changes in value with a player by using the price check tool. Definitely worth the purchase for the use I have gotten out of it..Version: 1.2.2

Amazing Features and Beautiful InterfaceAfter trying to use multiple ff apps, this one blew me out of the water! The GUI is the most impressive thing to me, it is so easy to navigate and it looks so sleek. The features are definitely worth the money. I use the trade analyzer almost everyday and the new 2QB and TE premium were excellent additions. This is literally my first review ever just because I love the app so much. Keep the updates flowing and add more premium features!.Version: 1.1.2

Spent more money on worseUpdating previous rating given improved usability with the newest update. Read the info before purchasing and pay for what you need. This is a good one..Version: 1.3

Awful awful trade analyzerValues are vastly different from any other trade analyzer. Over values open “roster spots” which you can’t remove. Interface looks good, but clunky. Have to reset anytime you want to change part of the offer. Does a slow animation to show you a players value. App costs $5, but doesn’t even give you access to everything. There’s another $15 worth of in app purchases. Want to see the value of this years rookies? Too bad, that’s $5. Also appears the developer is an a-hole. Immediately regretted buying. I want my money back for this piece of crap, there are better free ones..Version: 1.2.3

Simply 5 starsIf I could give this app zero stars I would, but only to keep my competish from stumbling across this bad boy. And the price you pay is far too cheap for unlocking instant access to the brilliance of the RotoUnderworld team, at your fingertips, 24/7..Version: 1.3

Loading rostersBruh I’ve been loading and reloading the app for about 10 minutes and I can’t get the rosters to load for any of the features. Even deleted the app then redownloaded the app (didn’t work) then restarted my brand new iPhone 11 and that didn’t work. Got pending roster decisions and I cant even load the app. GREAT.Version: 1.3.1

Best Football App AvailableThis is hands down the top Fantasy App in the App Store, and ONLY App with a true trade analyzer that can be used for Dynasty Football! One of a kind app! Would recommend.Version: 1.3.1

Great Dynasty ToolThe app is what all dynasty leaguers should be looking for. It provides player values, trade calculations, and player comparisons. Many struggle with pick and player values, so this app is a one of a kind tool to assist dynasty players in identifying player values. I highly recommend for newcomers in dynasty and even the veterans in dynasty..Version: 1.3

Wonder if you’re selling too low or buying too high?I love this app. Helpful for all kinds of fantasy owners. Whether you’re seasoned or new to it or you’re just looking for the best advice/gut check this is the by a mile the greatest help you can get!.Version: 1.3

Best in the BusinessI really don’t understand people complaining about having to pay for the new player data each year. That research takes a ton of time. Besides, this is the best value app in fantasy for $5-15 per year. The lifetime player value and trade checker is huge when navigating your dynasty drafts and trades. These are the guys that brought you PlayerProfile, they know their stuff..Version: 1.4.1

Love the app but player updates neededLove the App functionality and user experience. Very handy and love it. Needs to be updated as the app lifetime valuation does not sync up with the site evaluation..Version: 1.1.4

ExcellentThere is no dynasty fantasy football app out there like this. Worth paying for it. I downloaded last year and have no problem paying the extra $5 for the rookie upraised each year. Great content.Version: 1.3

Best mobile first dynasty app on the market!This is not an overpriced wrapper on a website. This is a fully mobile, from the ground up, dynasty experience. If you are serious about dynasty, look no further. Except The Breakout Finder. Go get that app too!.Version: 1.3

Only dynasty app worth anythingAnalytics, ADP, trade calculation, rookies, rookie picks, and now even startup picks. They also account for your league scoring and type, roster size and deals that give you extra roster spots. Podcast is also great, everything they do is great..Version: 1.3

Does its jobApp looks great, trade analyzer is a great additional tool to use for fantasy. Player comparisons are pretty useful too. Obviously a lot of this information is on google but these guys put the time in to put it together and easily accessible. To that point, I would love to be able to access a dynamic rankings list of all the lifetime values. As it stands I would have to go player by player and write them down to get a sense of rankings for draft purposes. An in app list would be awesome..Version: 1.2.2

Worth every pennyIt going to find a better trade analyzer, player comparison, or ADP information at this price. Not to mention it’s all credible, well-researched information coming from one of the giants of the fantasy football industry. Slick interface too, definitely one happy customer!.Version: 1.0

Underwhelming and overvaluedVery underwhelming range of tools and information. You can find most of this information elsewhere for free or at cheaper costs. Not to mention that you have to pay additional costs to unlock simple features that should be included in the cost of the app: such as importing the new rookie class, Superflex settings, etc. The DynastyNerds dynasty GM tool is a much better bang for your buck, and they offer these standard features as part of the upfront cost. There’s some decent info and tools on this app, but it’s ultimately overpriced and underwhelming. And frankly, misleading..Version: 1.4

Get this if you want to win your leagueSome serious hard work was put in to make this a sleek and easy comparison tool. Other places are charging $5 a month for less accurate and less user friendly ratings. Easiest buy of my fantasy football life..Version: 1.0

Great ValueThe dynasty dominator is clean, user-friendly, and is the best tool to dominate your fantasy leagues. The app allows you to compare players at the same position, evaluate trades that include start up or future rookie draft picks (5 years in advance), and check the lifetime value of a player. This app is a cost effective method to improve your fantasy football game..Version: 1.3

Only source I use for dynasty fantasy football adviceI have purchased everything but the tight end premium addition and I use this app almost every day. I have been doing a lot of mock drafts in a salary cap dynasty format and even though the drafting strategy is different, I can value players appropriately when considering if their contract is worth picking up. I love the process that goes into determining these lifetime ratings and have been using playerprofiler for some time before I got this app. They sped up the price check so it’s even faster now to check player ratings during drafts. Know that it’s basically $10 now with the new rookie class even though you can purchase it for $5, but I promise it’s worth the $10. If you play superflex spend another 5 so that you can value QBs appropriately. $15 for a set of rankings this good is really not that expensive when you look at comparable products..Version: 1.3

Pretty goodSolid starting point. Like the comparison tool and layout is pretty simple. Would give 5 stars if you could see player value next to the names or something instead of having to click on the player you want to see. This would be a huuuuuge upgrade to make this more user friendly.Version: 1.1.3

Please fix!!!! - RevisedThis app was great and helped me win several trades already.. however now the players won’t load.. bad timing during beginning of the season.. please fix ASAP, currently unusable until they fix. Will change to 5 stars once it is fixed.. The developers listened and fixed the app. Honestly a great app for dynasty. Yes you have to pay extra for rookies and other special stuff if you want but it’s really worth it. Really helps when your on the fence about a trade. Takes into account draft pick trading too. I highly recommend for serious players..Version: 1.3.1

Dynasty Dominator - The Name Says It AllYou’re in a pinch and you’re about to tilt on what could be a blockbuster trade. You have no idea what to do. Pressure is mounting. Should you accept? Reject? Should you counter with a low-ball offer as an insult, only to find that you’ve lost the opportunity, like losing a prized fish you’ve hooked and fought and fought and fought, only to have lost it? This application has you covered. And at just $5 (DISCLAIMER: for those who don’t take the time to read, it’s an extra $5 for each rookie class... STILL CHEAPER THAN OTHER SERVICES PEOPLE), this is one hell of a bargain. The app is sleek, intuitive, and easy to navigate. It will save you time by not having to go onto your web-browser and “look-up” values of players and picks. Plus, it’s right at your fingertips. If you’re in a dynasty league and play year-round, this app is perfect for you. TL/DR: this app is a fantastic tool, especially for dynasty-leaguers. A must buy..Version: 1.3

Must Have ToolIf you are a serious dynasty player, you need this tool to win your league. The trade analysis is an important check on your worst gut instincts, preventing you from making long-term mistakes. It also has an intuitive value system, including properly assessing empty roster spots and future draft picks. The price check is very cool - feels like you are spinning the wheel on The Price Is Right without having to make small talk with Drew Carey. At this price point, it’s a *CLICHE ALERT* slam dunk..Version: 1.0

Worth itGreat tool for evaluating player values and negotiating deals. Has utility for dynasty leaguers with all levels of experience. So easily worth the $4.99. The podfather and his team done did it again..Version: 1.0

Players won’t loadHas been a great app when working, however recently within the past 3 days players won’t load and it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Is quite the bummer since $15 was spent and it’s not useful after a month or so..Version: 1.3.1

Is this how King Arthur felt when he pulled the sword from the stone?The Dynasty Dominator app will help you squeeze out value from your opponents faster than a Python squeezes out the life force of its prey. Get on your horse and download this app. Watch your opponents begin to crumble with every devastating move you make. Genghis Kahn used his horses to overwhelm opponents. The Dynasty Dominator App is a stable full of thoroughbreds. Only a fool would fail to utilize such a powerful tool available for the price of a Big Mac..Version: 1.3

New Updates are great!After the app updated, it now saves trades, works quickly and is super helpful to see actual values of players for dynasty. I’m just going into my second year of dynasty and this has helped me with trades and it’s cool to browse..Version: 1.3

QualityThis is a dope app. I reference this in all my dynasty leagues for almost every transaction to evaluate players values during trades, drafts, waiver pickups and for making tough end of the roster drop decisions. I know that trustworthy data backs up the values because player profiler has been ahead of the analytics game for a long time. Also added bonus that open roster spots are valued appropriately in trades so it doesn't view each deal in a vacuum. Its helped me improve all my rosters and given me the chance to make more informed decisions. Love it..Version: 1.3

UpdateThe new update they have just done, was very needed. I like now if you back out it keeps your trade before it would erase it each time and you would have to re-do your trade that you had slotted in. Very much enjoy this app, thank you..Version: 1.3

IncredibleLove this app so much. Can’t believe it’s this cheap. The interface is incredibly slick and easy to use and there’s nothing else like it. I’ve been a long time rotounderworld subscriber but only started with dynasty this offseason and could not imagine doing it without the dominator..Version: 1.3

Dynasty beast mode appUse it daily for the player comparison tool, gives you a great picture when comparing guys during your drafts. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.3

Fantastic app that keeps on improvingLast update was huge and I use this app now every single time I make a dynasty trade offer (or evaluate an offer) which is nearly weekly for me..Version: 1.3

Come for the trade evaluator, stay for the other toolsThat’s what it was for me. Last year I basically just used the trade evaluator and it was good. Now I use the price check and the player comparison tools a lot more. It’s a great app. Well worth the couple of bucks..Version: 1.2.3

Don’t listen to pointless complaintsPeople whine in these reviews about the price of the app and the upgrades other dynasty calls cost upwards of 15 dollars per year on line. Upgrades are constantly made to make the app more efficient and user friendly.Version: 1.3

Love It! Very intuitive and simple to use.Just fired up the app and love the ease of use. It’s very intuitive and flexible based on league size and format. Kind of like the first time you use an iPhone. Ran a few recent trades through the analyzer and am glad it lines up with my player values. Great job fantasy_mansion!.Version: 1.0

RuggsI don’t know how else to notify you, whenever you add Ruggs in a player comparison it never populates the metrics. Thank you, keep up the good work. Food for thought, sometimes we are a proud hater of racism but we will take some people’s Lord and Savior’s name and make jokes. For me it’s like a racial slur and I also am a proud hater of racism and many other forms of offending people. I think everyone has a voice and should be respected enough to listen without a slur. Agreement may not follow but respect should always be present..Version: 1.2.3

Wish I could give 0 starsDon’t waste your time. If you are in superflex or any kind of premium league, this tool isn’t for you. But don’t go and tell the developer that. When asked about the possibility of there being a superflex option in the future, his response is to pay $6 a month to see his response about superflex or to “cry about it”. Really disappointed I bought this item.Version: 1.0

Best for the moneyVery easy to use and has the best dynasty calculator out there! Screw having to go to websites and pay more money when this is so convenient and accurate IMO..Version: 1.3

Keeps getting more expensiveI bought the app when it first debuted and loved it for its unique values. Then superflex and TE premium rolled out as paid options. Fine, whatever, I’m ok paying for those to unlock them forever. Then the 2020 season comes along and the app asks you to pay again for rookies to be included?!? Very deceptive marketing - you might think you are getting a paid app but prepare to keep paying $5-15 extra per year for fairly standard options. Lose the deception and offer a monthly subscription option with ALL features and future upgrades included. More upset about being deceived than having to keep paying for an app that I already paid for. Layout the real cost of this app upfront..Version: 1.2.3

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.4.1

Price gaugingPurchased this app when everything was included now every upgrade they add they expect you to purchase the full price of the app again. Now asking for more money to get the 2020 rookie class! Making the app pretty much useless if you don’t constantly purchase the upgrades.Version: 1.2.3

Blatant price gougePurchased this app to support the developers as I think it’s a great tool. Wasn’t a cheap app by any means so expected devs to enhance the feature set of the app. Devs finally introduce options for more league types but want to charge the full price again to unlock EACH one!! Totally outrageous. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.1.1

Dominate!Great app with a slick, intuitive interface and backed by one of the most comprehensive databases of advanced metrics and analysis you’re likely to find..Version: 1.0

Solid App but needs more options (SF/2QB/TE Prem)Love the look and ease of use of the app overall. I do find it lacks in a few areas. Most dynasty leagues these days are Superflex or 2QB. A lot of leagues run with TE Premium scoring also. Options such as league size (8-16), Standard/0.5PPR/PPR, SuperFlex etc will drastically improve the overall use of this calculator. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0

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Dynasty Dominator 1.4.1 Update

Version 1.4.1 (2021-04-29): Underdog integration, Interface streamlining, Performance enhancements.

Version 1.4 (2021-02-10): *Visualizing 2021 Rookie Class *New Lifetime Value homepage scroll *Integration with Dynasty Deluxe *User experiences optimizations.

Version 1.3.1 (2020-07-19): Performance enhancements & improvements.