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State Of Survival: Zombie War App Download

Make friends or fight with other survivors. Do whatever you must to survive. It won’t be easy. The infected are everywhere. Resources are scarce and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society.

It’s a new world out there. Dangerous, yes, but filled with opportunity. Immense power awaits those bold enough to grasp it. But remember to watch your back. It’s fair to say people aren’t quite as friendly as they used they be…


Build up your Settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and a foundation for your post-apocalyptic empire.


Save survivors to swell your numbers and increase your strength. Locate those with special abilities, they will be the heroes of the plague war!


The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it. Whoever can control the infection controls the state!


There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected Wilderness. Join forces to pulverize any who try to take advantage of you.

Rip up the Rulebook

It’s humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to progress.

State of Survival: Zombie War App User Reviews & Comments

It’s better than I anticipatedI have seen adds of this game all over the place for the last few months and I finally broke down and downloaded it. To my surprise it’s rather entertaining. Although it lacks in events and is a bit drawn out, overall the game is of pretty good quality. The story is easy to follow but not super predictable and the art work is cool. The only thing is there are only a few hero’s and they are difficult to obtain. It’s also really hard to level up hero’s past a certain point and they don’t gain much power even after leveling which makes it more difficult to explore the map. This in turn slows down the story and can be pretty frustrating. Personally I believe a good addition might be some sort of training facility specifically for hero’s that they can level up and get puzzle pieces to rank up. This way people won’t get stuck at a certain point and be unable to proceed for days. Overall this game is not to complex as many strategy games tend to be and is entertaining but slow. The only thing I can say negatively is that it’s very slow pace after getting up to level 8 or 9 and can become boring. Especially when the wait times vary from like 5 minutes to hours. This makes it difficult to move forward in things like research since in order to get anywhere you have to be on the game constantly. I really like this game though and if I can hold my patience I will continue to explore the limits of the game..Version: 1.9.100

Don’t waste your time. It’s rigged to make you spend money .This game has potential to be fun. But it’s an exercise in futility. You join up and get put in a state only to see level 30 players who spent hundreds and thousands of dollars bullying everyone who doesn’t spend money or is new. So you can have your settlement for a week and some other player comes along who’s been playing for a year destroys you. Even if you spent money for the first week they are to powerful and the money you spent was a waste. They even have an event called kill stage where you get points for kills. So after joining for 5 days I got attacked by one alliance a bunch of times and had no troops and they moved my settlement as it burned to the ground . So essentially starting from scratch . I got placed in a state where 90% of the alliances are foreign. And they see an American player and I am a sitting target. I join a decent size alliance and they dictate where we can build and what we can and can’t do. So much fun!! Sarcasm of course. Save your money on another game. I hope one person who spends money reads this and goes to another game instead and spends their money elsewhere. And Kings group knows this, I have spoken to other dissatisfied players who have written Kings and they don’t care. It’s stacked for spenders..Version: 1.9.100

Found this due to ad from another game.. been addicted ever since!I’m someone who plays games, even puts money into the games for maybe a week or two then lose interest..... but this is not one of those games! I only downloaded it because it was an ad on another game that i got points from playing it to a certain level. I downloaded a bunch of games from my main game to help me get extra coins etc. like the other games.... I just Downloaded it then forgot about it. A few days later after downloading it, I ran out of energy on the original game I was playing so I decide to play this game to get me to the level I needed.... and I can honestly say I’ve been addicted ever since! That was about two months ago and I play for HOURS at a time! No doubt I’ve put at least $300 in it at this point, at most I’ve put $40-50 in other games. It normally $20 max... I LOVE THIS GAME! If you know the old game Left4Dead, it definitely has vibes like that game!.Version: 1.9.125

What an addictionAt first, when I saw the ADS, I was like no way, I’m not going to get this. But as time went on, I started to get interested in it. So I tried it out...I LOVED it. I have lots of accounts( only three of them I actually log onto everyday). I don’t like how people can just attack you over and over again. While you are doing something else, they are just destroying your settlement and troops. There is no way to prevent that. Although you could relocate your settlement, then they can’t attack you any more. If you pop a peace flare, it still doesn’t matter, they are still coming. This game also requires patience. It will take a few days to upgrade your HQ and Precinct(I am not a patient person 😅). I am good at keeping my login streak and collecting my rewards and stuff. So far my login streak is 70 on my first account. I broke my streak on my other accounts 😭, but it is in to 15 now. To be continued....Version: 1.9.35

!Please Read!Ok so where do I start so this game is a game where you play it all night or all day and you so this game is so addictive and cool I spent some money I created some type of friends in the chat and I even created some form of alliance it was called (PWR) (Power Of The Fangs) Yes that kept me going for a little bit but but after you done mostly everything like you grind for troops for battles or after you been attack or just wanna grind for the fortress fight... But then after that I been getting this feeling that I was slowing turning away from the game like if I wanted to play i clicked on the game but all I did was create troops research collect stuff and then clicked out it’s that kind of game... where you played it for idk 2-3 months or even more then you just get bored of it like you forced to play it and do the repeated cycle of train, research, collect that mostly it after you played it for awhile now but at the beginning I thought this game was awesome addicting I trained troops for battle and all that but after while it got boring... hopefully you devs and players or non players will understand [I Have Deleted The Game since I have I felt free from the force I had to play].Version: 1.8.61

Game Updates = Bad for Long Term PlayersThey are continuing to develop the game and push out updates that have negative consequences on players. Removing things like “adhesive” that you need to update gear so you now have to buy it, removing governor buff for troop growth after BP is lost without announcing it, etc. I would not pay to play in this game until they start being more transparent. A great example... in game they announced that 3 new epic hero’s would be released (epic hero’s are free) then the update comes out with legendary hero’s instead (ones you have to pay to upgrade), also update for capital “your troops don’t die” is a false statement. Your troops go to your hospital then once that is full, 75% go to enlist. Meaning you lose troops still. I have 100 hours of troop training gone based on this lie. I’m a lvl30 that paid to get there. I would never pay to do that again knowing what I do now. This is classic game making, when you get rich off a game and then get greedy. I would avoid at all cost. Thanks for your response. I did use the help function multiple times. Your support sends packs worth $1 for large losses. Nice try, but anyone who has dealt with your support knows this is a lie.Version: 1.7.11

AddictiveAddictive game. The first few levels are great but as you advance upgrades to your buildings take longer and longer until upgrades take hours to complete. To make matters worse you hit a wall on what you can do without upgrading. You cannot queue up your upgrades so the next one starts when the one you are working on finishes. That would be a great feature to help with advancing gameplay while you are off doing real life things like working, going to school or sleeping. You cannot add a second construction slot to work on other things unless you pay real money. The same goes for training troops. At higher levels it takes hours. Upgrading your hero hits a wall. The really good upgrades, you guessed it, costs real money. Exploring the world? You can send out tow groups to gather resources, which once again, takes hours on higher levels. You cannot get more groups to send out unless, you guessed it again, pay real money. Researching new technologies. You hit the upgrade wall and you can’t research more than one thing at a time unless, you guessed it, pay real money. Do you see a pattern emerging? After a certain point this becomes a wait forever for something to happen or pay to play. I am almost a week into it and have already hit the pay to play wall. I don’t see it staying on my iPad more than another week unless something changes..Version: 1.8.40

Wonderful progression in statesThis game is wonderful. The world is broken down into states. Each state is independent and the game promotes cooperation within that state. If you join a newly created state, the zombies that appear on the map are less powerful and the “high level” areas of the map are locked down. As the state grows over time, higher levels of zombies unlock and eventually your state unlocks the ability to have a player to be the governor of the state and grant state wide buffs using currency earned by everyone in that state and eventually battle against other states. I’m not sure if it is due to state specific player enforced rules, but players in my state do not zero out bases or pick on low level bases as I have experienced on other war style games. It is possible to be competitive by investing time into the game without paying but as in most games, I suspect the top 10 teams are made up mostly of people who spend money every week. There are a good number of events that rotate and some that appear as your state progresses..Version: 1.9.50

Good game with the same old storyThe game is fun and the graphics are very well done. But as is the norm for this type of game it’s fun for a few days then you need to shell out $$$ to get things done without waiting hours for upgrades on buildings or troops to finish. This game has good game play and lots of missions to keep you busy but once again it’s a game where the biggest players destroy the smaller players constantly so what’s the sense of playing. I don’t mind being attacked and losing a battle and resources but there no way to continue to grow when you are attacked and destroyed several times a day. Put a limit on how much a player can lose before a free and I mean free shield pops up to save loss of resources based on player level. I liked this game and even in an alliance you get destroyed. It’s a shame I don’t mind spending here and there to play but the cost of a shield is way too expensive. Just another good game that’s going to lose out on the volume of player to please the few big spenders. Such a shame this was a well designed game. It’s almost a great game. But who wants to grind and have nothing to show for it when your not on and have to start over. If you lose a battle pvp you might as well quit moving your base and a shield (peace flare) will break you wallet. I understand the game needs to make money but 100 small spenders will spend more than 1 big spender food for thought..Version: 1.9.91

State of Broken TutorialThe entire game feels like a tutorial where a hand cursor shows you where to tap to progress the story. Exploration missions are boring and are fully automated. They present no challenge whatsoever. The infected in the wilderness map are all such pushovers except for rallies. After you get through the prologue, the game becomes frustrating yet still a cakewalk because you have to spend biocaps or wait for HQ to upgrade just to continue the tutorial (I mean story) and the hand cursor directs you to buy biocaps when you should already have enough. As a result, new players might think they have to pay for biocaps when they have thousands in their inventory that they have to claim manually. Shortly after starting Chapter 2, the game started to lag even in text boxes for the story to the point that it took more than a second for each word to pop up on the screen. I doubt that is an issue with network latency because the story is probably locally cached. Also, there are no voiceovers after Chapter 1 is through with. The hand cursor still does not go away and is trying to force me to upgrade my heroes when they are upgraded as far as possible now and the game will no longer respond to swiping the touch screen to move around the home base. That is when I deleted this app..Version: 1.9.35

Decent game, terrible supportRecently due to a glitched OS I had to restore my phone, upon doing so I realized my account was lost. Upon trying to restore it, I provided an in game purchase receipt that their account recovery process asks for, but apparently they can’t look up the account tied to the purchase to restore it. When asking them to check for the name of the account with the town hall level supplied, they told me they can’t find the name - when I gave the only other possible name it could be under, they didn’t bother to check it and told me “we have checked many times” and referenced the incorrect name - never having actually checked the supplied name. You’d think that given their recovery process asks for a purchase receipt, that I supplied, and said receipt lists purchase and order numbers that HAVE to be tied to the account in question they’d be able to look it up - however it seems that if you can’t do their job for them they’re not even interested in trying. Disappointing given the money and time I’ve put into this game, which is fun, but the support is just terrible and seems completely unwilling to take the time to help the community..Version: 1.6.71

Really good.By the ads I thought that this was one of those games where we’ll never actually play the game that we see as advertised, I happen to hate those. If you’re new, looking for a good alliance to join, strong women and children are very welcome with us. We can’t lie, we’re in it for the long-term, it’s worth it with us. Look our new Alliance up at X Intel Corp. All we ask is that you always remain Active and upgrade as effectively as you possibly can, and advocate for strength within the Alliance in all manners possible for you. We will support. We’re always looking to help the new and the strong as well. It’s what our alliance is about and no matter, we even alliance with those from immense distances on the map. We’ll soon be connected EVERYWHERE. We’re always looking to grow and expand effectively. JOIN US. You can spend money for the best comparative upgrades for survival if you like. Be true to us, and we’ll stand behind you. That is affirmative. Otherwise, enjoy your download, and...We’ll be seeing you around..Version: 1.9.80

Great game!This game is fun to play and easy to understand. The only issues I’ve come across is that when a alliance leader becomes inactive for days at a time, nothing changes. There should be at least a feature where the leader doesn’t stay in that position even after deleting the game. The first thing I thought of was a voting system where the members vote for the new leader. That way the rest of the alliance isn’t left to die. 😂 Plus idk overthrowing the leader? Just a thought 👀 Now for the good parts, I really like the battle gameplay and the overall look of the game. The amount of heroes you can find could be higher, but I like their unique characteristics. Although I think their stats are very similar and don’t give anything special, they are still fun to collect. The events definitely do help make it interesting, since the normal gameplay can be repetitive and take time..Version: 1.8.74

Distribution of alliance gas resourcesI love this game and would have given it a 5 if the alliance gas resources weren’t only available in the center of the map. My alliance is settled near one of the state borders and we can’t find any gas . We did not realize that in the beginning but now we do and there is no way we can do to fix this. The stronger alliances occupy the center of the map and it’s very crowded there as well. It’s so far into the game that our alliance is in the top half. However, we can’t move our HQ to where the gas is because we don’t have gas to build a new HQ (?!?!!) So we basically are STUCK!!! (T.T) I think it would enhance our gaming experience tremendously if the gas is also available near the border like all other resources. I love my current alliance and I don’t want to disband or merge with other alliances just to get gas. The alternative is to fight our way to the center but without gas to do research and grow our alliance, we are at a huge disadvantage in the game no matter how hard we play..Version: 1.9.2

No sure whyNot sure why I keep logging in. No sure why I even hit the buttons, not sure why I train troops,not sure why I care. This game has no point at first you have fun you build you grow then it all stops. It then becomes a game of well I’ll log in just to see if my people have been eaten, or if my supplies have been taken in a attack, it at the point of sheer boredom. So I’m not sure why I keep logging in and clicking the buttons. The constant updates got old 20 updates ago and that is not an exaggeration. The “ challenges” are not. The game is boring and the same all the time some events have been interesting but mostly the same thing with different colors so do one event and you’ve done them all it just repeats and repeats and repeats endlessly. You can’t grow or develop anything new after about week 2 so I have no idea why I keep playing. 3-4 months and I keep hoping this update will bring something new and nope. So developers maybe add something new please, games can be repetitive but really you are bringing a whole new level to so beyond the same..I hope you actually understand what I’m saying, and I hope anyone thinking of downloading this doesn’t, and I’ll probably unload it soon it really a waste of time and space on my device. But it’s become a habit to just click but it brings me no joy and very very very very little entertainment..Version: 1.9.51

Great gameI love the game, it’s not hard to understand and it has great tasks for you to do. The alliances are a great addition because you get to interact with other players regularly and help each other. The only things I don’t care about for this game are that 1. Building times sometimes feel excessive, like in order to upgrade your HQ, you have to wait several days so all your other construction is completed but you can’t do anything until your HQ is done. 2. It seems almost unmoderated? You can attack other players and attack other alliances, however there are NO limitations to this? The number one, strongest alliance can (and regularly do) attack the weaker alliances that can’t even defend again the attacks. I feel like there should be something in place were you can only attack other alliances within maybe 10 levels of your own, and same for other settlements in general. If I’m at level 22 there’s no real reason I should be attacking a level 12 or below because it just isn’t fair.Version: 1.9.35

Like clash of clan but for zombies...If you enjoy click games like clash of clan, boom beach or any other build a city type game then you will enjoy this game. They provide you with a pretty good tutorial which sets you up for the game. The game itself seem well put together but yet very simplistic. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Not only do they make the game fun and easy to play but they provide a dialogue or story line to the game which I thought was a good touch. Personally it’s not a game I see myself playing over an extended period of time, it actually lost my attention after about 2 hours. I will however continue to play the game to make sure my review is structurally sound. With that being said I know people went crazy over games like this and clash of clans. I myself being on of those people when it first game out. I do find this game to be better then clash for sure. ~Takingmondays.Version: 1.6.21

Bait and SwitchGame started out good for a P2P based construct. There were, and still are, some issues like an incredibly horrible translate system, overly sensitive censoring system (can’t actual see words like assume, mistaken, weekend, etc) even in alliance chats or PMs. Now, with their third attempt of a an update in less than 2 days, the developers changed a system of items that are largely purchase only without warning. Usually no issue, however, up until the moment before the update they were selling packs with the soon to be replaced items. And yep I purchased them. I did get some items Im return but it does not change that I made a purchase of something offered based on desire to grow The devs are out of touch and worry more about the money making aspects than fixing things like lag, stability, and yes the translate function. Three weeks ago I would have given 4* and a great review, now I refuse to support the game. I would move on if your looking for a game like this. Best wishes developers and owners. Yet again you have failed to hear the players voices, concerns, ideas and are going to kill the game quicker than the normal game of this type and size..Version: 1.8.10

Great Game, Horrible Customer ServiceThis is a great game to play, a little glitchy at times but things you can live with. If you are new to the game, start at a new state. If you go into an existing state it will be difficult unless you are spending money. Even in a new state, you have to spend money to level up and keep up with other players or you will get burned. Customer service is pretty bad. I have had issues buying packs and not getting items, this happens more than you would like it to. And a familiar story among Alliance members and they don’t take banking transaction details as proof which is crazy. They want screenshots of the game etc when you don’t take as you never assume your purchase is going to fail. Also when you log tickets for things going missing in your backpack or using items that are taken away from inventory yet the buff does not work is troublesome as it is impossible to get CS to give you back any items. I have had to wait days for CS to respond and at the end of going backwards and forwards for a week, they say “No issue found” and you just lose anything that went missing..Version: 1.9.35

FunGreat time pass or buffer for another wait time game. Mini missions killing zombies and alliances. What’s not to loveeeeeee. People you rescue will teach you things as well as your alliance. There’s an open world chat with a translator as well. For most part people are chill can be mean to noobs and you can get your occasional creep. But just don’t chat or report the player. Most part those like I said people are chill. Been playing for a few days still trying to figure out everything. They offer a lot and don’t have to pay to play. Graphics are cool and load times aren’t a major. Can be fun solo and with friends/family. I do recommend this game based on the missions and not pay to play. There is daily rewards and things to keep busy as you wait for your base and troops to upgrade or train. Fun fun fun thanks these are my personal opinions and I did get a reward for this review. It’s nothing crazy just a simple thanks in game play. You can play at your own pace and not rush through things..Version: 1.9.91

LOVING ITI love how the game is baste on zombies I love zombies games so much it’s something that is interesting to me and I also love how the game is based on zombies because when I was little about three or four are used to watch The Walking Dead all the time my mom just let me watch it constant I really like zombies and gory movies so for me to download this game is a real treat for me. That is why I downloaded the game state of survival and this is also why I rated this a four star review it is probably one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded in my downloading history I am very happy to have a state of survival game it is also like I said a very awesome treat for me so thank you for Creating this amazing zombies game so for whoever made this game you are the best person living yes of coarse a lot of people are the best at living I guess but this is just the best game I’ve had so thank you so much for putting this game in the game store I really appreciate this and I’m going to play it over and over again all my life this is why I picked a four star rating yet because it has its ups and downs but I really think that this game has some talent and I think that I’m going to play all my life so thank you and goodbye..Version: 1.7.12

You will spend all of your moneyThis game is fun with many ways to strategize for optimal play. However, the constant barrage of advertisements for $4.99 here and $4.99 there to enhance your experience are designed for players to accept without thinking. For those with problems of self control, especially during a pandemic when you’re trying to find an escape from the real world, you will easily spend thousands of dollars without realizing it. In order to be a top player in this game and compete for top prizes, you will have to spend $10,000+ and deal with sexual harassment, hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and a multitude of other undesirable characteristics of top players. I have created accounts in at least 7 different states in this game and there is only one state that has some semblance of organization. It can be fun, but it can also be financially devastating and gut wrenching for people looking for a simple escape during a global crisis. Along with that, there are updates all of the time that include major game lag and missed opportunities to participate in events due to these constant upgrades. I’m sure there is a better game out there where you can have just as much fun, meet people from all over the world, and spend a fraction of the money. Go see for yourself but heed the warning..Version: 1.9.91

Fun Game but Terrible SupportThis game actually is pretty fun to play which is why I’m not giving it only one star. However, with how greedy the developers are I needed to express why. I purchased a package on State of Survival to enhance my hero. This package was only $5 so it’s not too big of a deal, but with how scummy the support and devs are it made it a big deal to me. Basically after purchasing this package I received the completely wrong items so I contacted support. After nearly two weeks of contact they came to the conclusion that I can not have a refund or the items I paid for. They are withholding me from the items I paid for simply because I used the items. The only item I recall using was the second construction slot which I already had because I paid for it. So keep in mind that if you plan on playing this game I recommend staying free to play. Don’t risk your money because even though State of Survival made nearly 29 MILLION (USD) they are still too greedy to credit you with items that technically cost them nothing. Don’t support scummy and greedy devs. If you’re playing F2P you’ll have a good time. GLHF gamers!.Version: 1.9.120

Suggestion for upgrade timesSo far I have truly enjoyed this game very much as it has been one of the few games where I decided not to delete because the resources and bonus items were too hard to acquire unless you were on the game almost every minute of the day. This game is very generous and I hope that does not stop as it is one of the main reasons why I love this game. I do feel that the upgrading times may get eventually too long and will not motivate people to upgrade their buildings to reach higher battle powers. I believe that the HQ building should have a maximum of a 2-3 day waiting period while it upgrades because waiting a week for only one upgrade feels a little ridiculous. I feel like other buildings should also have maximum time limits for upgrades that eventually reach over 2 days because it’ll become less fun to upgrade every time and get stronger to participate in the events..Version: 1.8.61

Different from the othersI began playing this game out of boredom with no expectations or desire to continue to play past the first day. This was not the case however. As soon as I went through the standard learning curve that all mobile RPG/Strategy base building games have, I knew it was a game I can see myself playing and investing time into. This game has a lot of the elements that other successful and popular games of the same genre has, but it is unique enough to keep you interested because it has added features and mechanics to the game that I personally haven’t seen in others. This game doesn’t feel like a “copy and paste” clone of other well known games that many many others on the app stores have become. The best part about this game in my opinion, is that I do not feel as if it a straight up cash grab game that pressures you into feeling like the only way you will succeed is if you spend a lot of money; if I spend any money, it will be because I want to not because I feel as if I have to. You can enjoy and actually compete within the game without ever spending any money. Overall, it’s a well made game that’s unique enough for veteran mobile game players to at least try out!.Version: 1.8.31

Good the first couple hours onlyThe game is good at first and has potential. But unless you some money it’s not worth it. Here’s why... Most games I have played like this are all about the same at first. Once you reach a certain level you loose your “Peace Shield” and are vulnerable to attacks from other players. I get it. It’s a war game. But in every other game I have played you get a few peace shields so that once you reach a certain level and your base is open for enemy attacks, you can use other peace shields ( at least a day or two worth). Not this game. All you get is a 2 hour peace shield. I did all kinds of missions, quest, you name it. And all I was left with was a 2 hour peace shield and like no means of buying one unless I spend real money. I get attacked every couple hours, loos troops, resources, and my advancement halts to a slow down because of it. If the developers would give you a few of those shields for free so that you can actually advance for a few days instead of just a few hours, it would be a better game. But then again, they wouldn’t get their money. I get that, you spend time creating a game and you deserve some money. But you guys are super money hungry..Version: 1.6.52

Love it! BUT...I love this game highly addicted and happy to have spent money on it. There hasn’t been a game I’ve actually enjoyed this much until this game. BUT, I have recently hit a brick wall, I’m a clan leader but the alliance has hit a brick wall with the alliance towers and research because there are no Gas Alliance Nodes along the outskirts meaning you have to move closer towards the middle to get Gas alliance nodes, unfortunately it also makes it harder to move because clans already Staken claim to areas within the map making it harder for smaller clans to grow and build along side of them. Honestly there should be more Gas alliance nodes all over the map especially on the outskirts of the map so it’s fair for all alliances. Also there should also be a way to @ people in chat whether it’s one person or the clan as a whole. Lastly I feel like clan leaders should have more reign during alliance events for example Alliance Showdown, give the clan leader the chance to move people to different lanes. Honestly, I want to give this game 5 stars hands down, but there are just things that limit growth in the game whether it’s individual or as a clan. But I still love the game I just wish things could be added to the game ie; Gas Alliance Nodes around the outskirts, since there are already farm, wood, and metal Nodes. It forces smaller clans to have to move where there is no space cause stronger clans already taken up space in the central parts of the map..Version: 1.8.50

Fun and Addictive! LOTS to do!I have been playing a week or so; it is a fun addictive game with tons to do. Pokes to spend real money on the game are pretty reasonably not in your face but easily found if you want to go that route. I did spend about $15 on a top-up special and it gave me a big start as far as being able to speed up training and upgrading of my buildings. Worth it to me. Heck, I’d easily spend that on lunch and now that we’re in the COVID-19 era, I’m not going out to lunch as often as I used to so might as well still have some fun! I joined an alliance that is casual but active, which is nice! I love the events and the way that missions and other tasks are kinda staggered so you can play for pretty long periods of time. I wish that I could queue up research when individual research tasks are less than 10 minutes, maybe up to a limit of three tasks. Not a fan of shooty stuff where I have to control individual heroes so I’m really glad I can set the shooty challenges on auto and 3x is amusing to watch the zombies shamble into bullets and die in that mode. Nicely designed, visually attractive game. I will play for a long time, for sure. I wish there was more stuff to decorate my settlement with! Maybe I will discover there are as I progress..Version: 1.8.62

Not bad, surprisingly fun and addictiveI just downloaded this game yesterday. I have spent money on it, because I’m impatient and from prior experiences playing games like this. If you don’t pay for some of the “perks”(extra resources, speed up etc.); you will be a target for the really big spenders. They will zero you out and lose interest in the game. You can’t play on your own, you will need to join an alliance to make it easier to get resources and reduce the amount of time building and researching. It seems like the devs are listening to the players, on current event, they lowered the requirement to obtain prizes. The game is simple and isn’t too hard to figure out. One of the things I think that needs improvement is the requirements to get a peace shield. You have to use “bio-caps”, which are hard to get. If you get bio-caps, it’s takes a lot of them to get a 24 peace shield. Quick search on the internet, I found you can enter codes to get bio-caps and others things to get you going, that is a nice surprise. Overall it’s not that bad of a game. The packs are inexpensive, but they increase in price when you purchase one. So be careful and select wisely..Version: 1.9.120

Average free game with good graphicsOverall SoS is a good enough game for being free. The graphics are good and there’s plenty of content to do for being a free game. That being said, the developers make it clear they want you to spend money by constantly putting different ‘packs’ everywhere on your screen that can be purchased. One example is that every time you load the game there’s a pack that is offered for 4.99 (right now it’s the Survival of the Fittest pack). You can also pay to have a second construction slot to upgrade buildings, which is reasonable for the price. What isn’t reasonable is that every time you create a new character, you have to purchase the second construction slot again. This was very misleading because I purchased it on my first character thinking it was a one-time only purchase because it literally says that in the game! The game can be played without ever having to pay money, but just know that you won’t ever be as powerful as the people who pay for power(yes this game is pay-to-win). I’ve been playing this game for over 10 months now and I do enjoy it, although sometimes I do get annoyed at how much the game tries to advertise different things that can be purchased. If you are looking for a new game to play that is free I would recommend trying out SoS, but just note that it’s pay-to-win and you’re going to get bombarded with ‘deals’ and offers in the game..Version: 1.9.20

Created to take your moneyAlthough this game is enjoyable at first, it was only created to take your money. It has many features and is very intricate, but at a point you can only advance if you buy some sort of game feature like a hero bundle, or badges, etc. You cannot get to the level of your enemies unless you spend $4.99 here or $1.99 there. I got to level 7 for free but in order to get to level 8 I would have to spend $4.99 for a feature to get over an obstacle. What would I get for real cash from my Apple wallet? Some stupid virtual advancement that vaporizes as soon as I delete the game off my phone, only to find another obstacle requiring another $4.99. The game developers are geniuses for devising this game scheme, however. “Create a game where users will get addicted and be ‘forced’ to buy character features in order to ‘win’!” Which never happens because there are too many other networked players with more ability than you who have probably spent $1000 on game features. What a waste! Don’t get addicted to this game-you will have nothing to show for it in the real world after your piggy bank or Apple wallet is empty. Instead, spend your money on an online business course where you can make money for your family..Version: 1.9.2

Fun, but shady on in-appI like these build and battle games, done maybe 6 of them. This one has great mechanics and you really can go very far without ever paying anything. You will pay some to progress faster, but that is the business model, and I don’t mind paying when I get a lot of fun out of it. Trick that was shady is they offer bonus rewards after a challenge when you pay, not bad because it’s a way for them to get paid and you are enjoying the game, but not when they word it so you think you are getting 2x what you really are for your $9.95. ...shady. Addition: the app developer game company claims to have a way to reach them for problems, I tried and they do not respond. In the response to this review, they gave a canned response to contact them the same way, a way that just has FAQ, no resolution system. I’m now marking down my review to a 1 star for being tone deaf to a paying user being defrauded by shady positioning. Another in-app company too busy counting money to make their games ethical in how they make the money. Want me to review better, respond with an actual human response and create a real dialogue!.Version: 1.8.50

Update 1.9 was terribleThis game is good for what it is. It’s a zombie survival game. I mean I spend more time fighting other survivors than zombies, but whatever. I enjoy it for the events and the fun I have with the players. Overall it could be better for reasons I state below. Each update seems to have more and more things that players are not requesting and less things we actually want. Please listen to those who are playing your game and fix the issues. We can all adapt to changes and work with new ideas, but completely overhauling something that has no problems, with no reasoning, makes no sense and only takes away from the gaming experience. Many of us have put a lot of time and money into the game, so consider that before just trashing what we love about the game and take heed to our suggestions. There have been update that came as a request of players, and that’s awesome but more often than not it’s a patch or a throw in instead of being a planned thing. A lot of players are starting to get stuck in old states that are dead, so consider opening state moves or combining states so those players can keep enjoying the game. Take the time to focus on where your money comes from instead of how you can make more of it. Thanks..Version: 1.9.31

Needs some additional helpOkay so the game is basically pretty cool but it has some draw backs first of all u less you spend money it’s hard to collect all the players cause you have to collect pieces of them and if you get them you rarely get them again to level up but you’ll get the same 2 characters till there generals and the dam game goes into over drive and when you do the searches like your supposed to now all of a sudden the game wants to give you 5 of that character now and you cannot even use them any more why not rotate the players you do need why does it give you the same 2 people and you can’t use those pieces anymore. Also when your in a clan you cannot share your resources with you guild mates on all other games you can share supplies within your guild and they tax you for it which is very helpful cause if your attacked and all of your supplies are taken and they have killed all your troops it will take you a week just to get back to what you had because it takes for ever to collect the resources back to get your troops back if you could share withi. Your guild you could put a tax on the resources that you share so like if you shared a million food or wood the tax could be high to begin with but if you leveled up say a trading station your taxes of resoreces could be reduced but never less than say 10% I just wish it would be more team friendly that away. Other then that it’s an okay game.Version: 1.9.31

AddictingWhen I first started playing this game idk what I was doing. Lol I’m not a gamer at all but I seen this as a challenge and I’m glad I kept at it! I have meet so many people all over the world! I like you get to join alliances and fight together! This game is based off strategy. There are a lot going on all at once so it can me overwhelming at times. If you are a free to play person don’t expect to go far in this game as this game is meant for someone who is willing to spend the dough! Some of the packages are expensive and before you know it you’ve spent a few hundred dollars! That’s the Only down side! But when you are able to join a alliance they will help you and give you advice on what to upgrade and when to get the best out of your fragments, gear, badges and hero’s! I’ve been playing for almost 150 days now and when I tell you I look forward to getting on and playing with my teammates. Happy burning 😂.Version: 1.9.100

Amazing Game!Update: I don’t know if they updated it or if the game simply fixed itself, but I no longer have the problem I expressed before. Now I can enjoy this amazing game to its full extent! I absolutely love this game. I’ve only been playing for a few days and I’ve already become so addicted I’ve gladly spent money on it. But unfortunately I’ve recently hit a wall with a game mechanic. Within the game there are states that cities, including your own, reside in. I’ve noticed that some of these states only spawn a certain level of infected enemies, while others can spawn up to much higher levels. While playing through the main mission of the game I was instructed to find and defeat a level 9 infected. Given my own level in the game that would be easy. Unfortunately I reside in a state that only seems to spawn up to level 8 infected. And for some reason whenever I try to attack anything outside of my state it tells me “target no longer exists”. Well I then tried to move my city to a different state, but I’m informed that I can only do that before my city is over level 6. I am far past that and at no point was I told beforehand that it would be in my best interest to move to a different state. I’m very frustrated and I don’t want to start over just to move states because, like I said I’ve already put money into this but I can’t progress at this point. It’s an amazing and well thought out game, but this seems unfair..Version: 1.8.31

So addicting and fun!State Of Survival is probably the top mobile game I’ve ever played! It has fun and interactive gameplay and NO annoying advertisements! You can see that it took the ppl that made it so long and hard to make. It’s detailed to the last smidge. It has a very cool story with different characters that are some of the people that survived as the main characters and they have voices so they talk and it’s super cool when they do. And you can also rescue a bunch of people and train them to fight against monsters and creatures, you can unlock so many levels too. And play with real people and chat with them and become allies! With the allies you can send them troops and help them with building and fighting, and they can help you too! You and your friend could be allies and be neighbors and help each other out! ( I think I said “and” so many times and I’m sorry) All in all, this is a AMAHAZEeEEEING GAME.Version: 1.8.62

Don’t put money or time into a game that requires you to bind your account.The app restarted my game when I upgraded my phone. Don’t put your money or time into this game unless you can bind the account. It’s been over a week since I last logged in. Several active players sent Help and Support messages about what happened. Help and support is useless even though you send screenshots of all the transactions, chief information, coordinates, etc. I hope players are still active if I ever get my account back. Other than that I had fun playing the game. I enjoyed customizing my settlement and teaming with other players to fight the plague. If help and support were better this would be a five star game. Update: Help and Support was able to relocate my account after 26 days and I’m happy to play again. Unfortunately my base’s resources and troops were all depleted and I couldn’t start off running. My absence has impacted the alliance and many players lost interest in the game. I tried my best by purchasing several packs to rebuild my settlement and troops but I wasn’t the strong player that I used to be. I tried to motivate players to participate in events but we weren’t able to place anymore. It’s sad to see the players that I invested my time into leave the game. I tried my best..Version: 1.5.52

Unprofessional Rude GreedyThe two stars are because I like the game, but your customer support is ridiculous and condescending. I have NEVER had to leave a bad review ever, but this treatment will not go unspoken, the fact that I’ve spent my hard earned money to enjoy a game is fine, but the simple fact is when I don’t get my money’s worth is outright thievery. I’ve tried to contact you through in game support and on Instagram and of course I got no reply except when I told you that I would go through apple to resolve the issue your response was " glad you can get the issue resolved ". That’s disgusting to say the least, I’ve noticed from other reviews that you enjoy giving your customers the run around and unfulfilled support, I am appalled that you have the nerve to not either reimburse me or compensate me for my time and money. I promise you and I don’t break promises, I will happily and vigorously let everyone know on every social platform of your blatant disregard for paying customers and your complete and utter lack of responsibility via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and reddit forums. There was albino sense in treating me or any other customer in this fashion..Version: 1.7.21

Full of Trolls...Fun game, graphics are great. Lots of “free” daily gifts. Of course if you want extra non-essential items you pay, which is reasonable. But as usual, some gamers will ask & demand more for free & complain about it. When you can get far in the game without purchasing anything. Entitled Gamers keep complaining about in-game loot but keep on playing anyway asking for hand outs. Another Downside is that other players expect much from you once you join an Alliance. They would ask you to be on at least 4xday, join the “rallies” when they call for it or else IF you miss it 1 time, you are kicked out of it. I’ve seen players threaten other players regarding their participation & says they don’t care if they have a life or circumstances, when they call for it, you show up, that is anytime in the day. They also want you to change your Name accordingly or else again, they will kick you out. And the “alliances” will promise they’re there to help each member, but just siphon you resources then boot you out & say that you weren’t helpful enough. My suggestion is “Don’t” join an alliance despite the “promised” benefits. The demands of other players are a bit much. Almost made me delete the app & quit playing. Only wish is that the game has a better SinglePlayer mode. To Block / Report other gamers. Please FiX. Otherwise, i suggest Play solo, it’s chill and on your own terms..Version: 1.9.110

Better than Most!I’ve played this game fore only 3 days but I can tell that this is a different experience than what I’m used to. I’m this game there are so many different gameplay mechanics that you may forget. Not only can you attack other players bases, but there is a single player mode, and side quests. The single player missions are similar in terms of gameplay and the story may be not that fleshed out, but it’s still highly enjoyable. However this is a free to play game, so how are the micro transactions handled? Unfortunately every time you load up the game they will shove a micro transaction opportunity done your throat. They also put micro transaction logos over key buildings in the game in the hope that players will click on them. I have done this several times and it’s an annoyance in my opinion. I understand why they do this, but I still don’t agree with it. However the positive to all of this? You DO NOT need to buy these transactions to progress at an acceptable pace. There are plenty of ways to speed up building construction and scientific research. Overall I think if you like zombie games, base builder, and simply want something to pass the time download this game and try it out..Version: 1.5.52

More like State of “Depression”At first, I found the premise of this game interesting; stabilize a fort, build up a troop and battle mutations to increase your levels; while fortifying your land with resources. When an alliance is formed, your teams are able to battle bigger and stronger mutations [AKA: strength in numbers]. Now I understand from time-to-time you WILL be attacked by rival troops (that’s a given). But how can you “defend” yourself against much stronger troops [a level 20 attacking a level 8], when all you can do is put up a “Peace Flare” and/or hide them in the “Blast Shelter”? Meanwhile, the same enemy can attack you over and over and over and...(you guessed it)...over again; robbing you of your resources. What’s the sense of having a fort when you can’t battle to protect it?!? First off, travel should be linked to stamina. If an enemy is traveling over to your area, they should lose some of their stamina. The longer the travel time, the more stamina is depleted. Secondly, with the amount of resources available (metal and gasoline), why can’t communities use them to make/create land mines and grenades? Being able to plant mines around their establishments; and having grenades which can be used to project at the attacking enemy to defend themselves would even the playing field. Even if your defenses aren’t strong enough to hold, being able to drastically deplete the numbers of an attacking troop WILL prevent them from multiple back-to-back attacks..Version: 1.8.0

Great game butI love the game but if the creators are reading the reviews please listen to this one I would like more customization in the construction area of decorations because I want to customize my HQ more like for example add something like cut down logs to sit on for like a camp fire set up like I can put a mini bonfire then put logs around it and have a little camp set up and other customization things around the game like customizing your own character you can unlock things like shirts shoes socks pants accessories like jewelry sunglasses or glasses and you don’t have to go that far into it but add things like eyecolor and facial hair and expressions. Please! Let us have a 360 view so we can move around our view so we can see more to the HQ and other things in the game and also let us rotate things that we were allowed to rotate before like our warehouse or farm or lumberyard in those rotate those all the stuff so we can customize it more to this will be a big update but please do it if other people are reading this please like it so they can do this you don’t have to but if you agree you can. 😀👍😍👌 great job on the game Kings group loving it so far just more customization please.Version: 1.9.120

Cash GrabEdit: They just hit their one year anniversary, still a cash grab and to make matters worst. Still many “mistakes” with the events they should have been fixed during the beta testing. It is obvious the newest updates the roll out are focus on deception. They look cool and new until you find out the only way to obtain the coolest skin or to get great rewards is to do one thing - SPEND MORE MONEY. The only reason most people still play this game, is because they have invested so much already to just outright quit. If you have not played this game yet, then don't bother. There are better games out there with developers that actually care about finding a balance of “free to play” and “pay to play” players. Kings Group is just plain greedy. Until a balance is found, I don’t recommend this game to anyone. Its a shame, because it has great potential. Original Review: Game has potential. There are constant updates which at first glance seems good. Unfortunately, all these updates only benefit those who spend REAL Money to progress. Find me a happy F2P person on here. You can’t. It is obvious the Developers lack communication with their community..Version: 1.9.31

Nice game BUT..As other reviews have already pointed out that game is pretty nice and addictive but once you get past level 10 it’s too hard to upgrade buildings and heroes, get some legendary heroes and train troops without purchasing bundles. Not only that the bundles only keep getting more and more expensive. The event rewards have also become limited and hard to get basically purchase more bundles to complete events to get those “free rewards” However, the most annoying thing of all this their ‘help and support’. I purchased a bundle but the transaction failed. I was charged for the purchase anyway so I reached out for assistance but got no response (aside from them asking for receipt which I provided). You would think that the game that you spend so much money on would have a good customer service but oh well! The only reason I still am on the game is because my alliance is awesome but don’t know how long I can keep up with their poor service. Oh did I forget to mention the horrible glitches 😊 every update basically releases a new glitch :) the app freezes/ crashes, rewards go missing (again no help from ‘help and support’), lags a lot!! I wish they would focus a little on the reviews and suggestions.Version: 1.9.35

Fun game!This is a pretty fun game to play and spend a little time on. I definitely prefer this game over to most others in the category. Games like Evony and Fire Age are not as good as State of Survival. The only game similar that I think still trumps it is Clash of Clans. However they are very different games so maybe not a fair comparison. This game is relaxing and simple. It’s pretty easy to progress through the game as well. However, the couple reasons that I gave this a 4 star instead of 5 are: 1. There seem to be a couple bugs for me. The one that stands out the most is the alliance donations. They don’t ever seem to work properly. It either says that I can’t donate or they will reset in 10:00 with a countdown timer that just restarts over and over again. 2. I believe the game could do a bit better at explaining some of the minor things or what specific buildings do. It does a good job of explaining the main parts of the game but there are some alliance features that I don’t understand as well as some of the buildings purposes..Version: 1.9.2

Way more fun than I expectedFrom the ad I saw, I just thought it was going to be a sort of tower defense style game. It is in some aspects, but there’s really a lot going on in this game. There’s plot and storyline, interesting characters, and a large variety of tasks. There’s also worldbuilding, alliances, and of course there’s the combat which is fun as well. While there are a lot of of elements the game makes it easy to figure out what’s going on by making innovative tasks and goals. There’s also an interesting function where townspeople ask you little trivia questions about gameplay which help make sure you understand what’s going on (if you get them right you get a reward!). I thought I would just download as a way to pass the time but it’s honestly very great. Also while I haven’t had the game long, I haven’t felt like the game is “pay to play” as many games like this are. Now as I continue maybe that will change, but for now I am greatly enjoying it..Version: 1.9.100

Easy to follow, low priced packagesI’ve played a couple of games like this one. Upgrade, train, defeat, support your alliance by trading and lowering their time to upgrade, attack other alliances. One in particular I played was difficult to follow at first. They gave a quick tutorial and set you free then never helped you understand how certain upgrade points applied to other parts of the game in order to increase defense and overall strength and knights. You needed communication with your alliance to get help. If you also did not buy enough packages ($5-100), you were going to lose to other alliances who were constantly attacking. This one however encourages you to grow your food and defeat zombies to get better. The packages are $4.99 which makes it easier. Also, when you don’t have enough resources to build or defeat, the game shows you how to get them with a cursor showing you what to tap to help you out. It completely guides you even when you’ve been playing for a while. Still very helpful. There’s a lot of hidden areas to tap to grab the resources you’ve worked for. There’s events to work towards too. There’s also skins for your headquarters which gives you abilities and looks fun, theres options to change your hero, you can change your profile photo to your own or a character’s, you can also arrange your base and make it look however you want..Version: 1.8.62

DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU DONT HAVE MONEYWell hello fellow game players, I downloaded this game almost 1 year ago. Its fun, interesting, full of people but recently the game developers have made it apparent that money is more important than the players. This game is most definitely a power hungry contest. More power you have, more friends you have. Starting out power didn’t cost a lot of money, $20 here $20 there. No big thing. Now it’s THOUSANDS of dollars. You are now PHYSICALLY UNABLE to progress in the game at the pace needed to in order to survive. (Survive; you have your own army of troops, when they die, you no longer can play the game; stronger players kill your troops). I have spent close to $1,000 dollars on this game and It’s very heartbreaking to know that a majority of my fellow players that I have made close friendships with will now be unable to progress in the game and await our demise from stronger (rich) players. The developers will auto respond to this review and tell us “your voices are being heard” - “please contact us through the help message in game” but they don’t help. Our in game inventory goes missing, they don’t help, our purchases don’t get added, don’t help. It’s always automated responses. It’s really a shame what the developers have done and continue to do. This game is fun, you make a lot of friends and it is BEYOND time consuming but if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on it, please don’t waste your time. S104.Version: 1.9.51

What happened Kingsgroup?If you are thinking of playing this game I do not recommend it unless the tides really change with these constant bug-filled updates. I enjoy playing this game, mostly for the people I’ve met and strategy of the war gameplay, but with that being said I now just feel like an unpaid beta tester with each update that comes out time and time again filled with problems. There is misleading information posted from screen to screen during events and nothing seems to be proofed or tested prior to release. Not to mention the “old states” still don’t have a lot of the “new state” upgrades making it seem pointless to keep going since old states are also matched up against newer states in events where they have the benefits of the gameplay enhancements (like shared hero stats). And if the devs were to add the new advancements to us old state players there’s already so many bugs it would probably make the game unplayable anyways. Maybe you guys are in over your dev’s heads and need to cool it on the events and not rush them to get things done so quickly, and instead focus back on the basics. If a holiday update is missed here and there, oh well, take the time and release decent updates instead of being all about that $..Version: 1.9.70

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Great graphics, but that’s about it...!I read the reviews and thought that surely it cannot be that bad, but it is. It is probably the most blatant “pay to win” game I have experienced. The story line is average and you just seem to keep paying more money to achieve levels. You have to join an alliance or you cannot get past L10, unless you pay of course.... Once in an alliance you will get attacked time and time again, by other more powerful alliances, but I have yet to work out why? So people spend more time attacking each other than getting rid of zombies, which is the theme. Finally seen the light and deleted it......Version: 1.9.10

Better than expectedThe title says my opinion I honestly thought this game and nothing but open your wallet here and open your wallet there however this far and through my couple days playing so far yes they have been options to pay your way but they’re no essential Which makes it a worthwhile game in my opinion because the story is good the graphics are actually pretty nice and it’s going a lot of interesting features that I consider will make this game continue to grow.Version: 1.9.120

Needs ImprovementDevelopers of this game make changes with little to no testing first, throwing ‘improvements’ at its players with little regard to their enjoyment or preference. The new march settings make the game very unenjoyable. It takes too long to join a rally and setting troops to join is now a much lengthier and more tedious process. So far they ignore all player requests to roll it back to how it was prior to their ‘improvement’. Additionally, their newer states are nothing but a money grab. Now that R5s can’t ‘stock’ the alliance store, every player has their own alliance store in which to buy items such as advanced teleports, alliance teleports, and talent resets but the store is completely random and does not give u enough teleports and resets. Often ur either stuck on war or economy talents and have to use biocaps to change. Or you’re stuck at base unable to teleport to bunkers because you only have ONE teleport to get you there and none to get back or you have none at all!! Of course you can use ‘biocaps’ again if u are p2p. Another UNWELCOME ‘improvement’..Version: 1.9.2

Awesome gameI am loving this game, I would love to see a bio added to the personal accounts so Alliance members can get to know each other better. I also think that a water supply feature would be beneficial as to add to the whole survival story as it is an essential requirement to survive. Overall a fantastic game and my fellow alliance members would love to see some of these features added.Version: 1.9.72

It’s better than I thoughtWith games that look like this I usually find it hard to stay connected with them because they usually start of with 2 hour timers on upgrades they have unfriendly communities and they make everything confusing when they shouldn’t be but this one is different.Version: 1.8.10

Not badIt’s kinda hard to write a review having only played for a bit so far I love the animation on the characters and the overall tone of it however being level 3 I’m starting to see a small issue with the growth speed of the settlement I’m blazing through upgrades now but I know that later I will have to scrape by and fight for every piece of wood and food to upgrade essentially everything.Version: 1.5.52

P2W + fake adsThe game does a lot to keep you invested early on, but later you will realise the flaws. I grinded to 14 mil power, so I know. This game is a huge money sink. Game devolves into x has more power than y, therefore x wins. minimum strategy. Biggest clans (pay to win clans) on the server will control everything and everyone. You will just have to sit there and watch your smaller alliance burn to the ground because you are massively outranked. The gameplay is literally upgrade simulator. Gameplay in the mobile advertisements is the fakest thing I’ve ever seen.. lying like that shouldn’t even be allowed. Devs really need to make the game fairer for smaller alliances, add more strategy that isn’t just “I have more power than you, I auto-win”..Version: 1.9.35

How to take away the fun of playing... get attack by someone with 10x ur power!!🤬Have been playing for 57 days now and enjoying the game BUT I have seen 22 players from my alliance leave or become inactive ( we only had 45 when I started) because they were attack and destroyed by players at much higher level. Tonight just had a alliance player with 3.2 M in battle power be destroyed by another player with BP 32.5 M.... how the hell is that fair? The game already favours the top 20 alliances, why do they want to take away the fun this game could offer to those who just want to have a bit of fun? You need to lift your game SOS and make the game fun and fair for all... not just the top 20!!.Version: 1.9.10

Overall great game but there is a problemAfter resetting the level of one of my instructors, the game automatically kicked out that instructor and changed it to a random hero. Even one of slots for special training has been removed with that instructor who automatically kicked out. So I lost slots for special training. Why is that? My original intention was to try the new menu out of curiosity, not changing instructor; because I didn’t want to waste my effort to level-up that instructor for better rally capacity. Now I don’t know how to undo this. The situation is a mess. I want my original instructor back. 😩😩 Otherwise I love this game. + I fixed this by removing all the heroes in the training area.. now i got proper rank of hero as a new instructor but im not sure if my slots are going to be back..Version: 1.9.91

I love this gameState of survival is so fun and I’ve only just got it since I’ve got it I don’t want to have to get off it. You get to have fun killing zombies and expanding a barrier between the zombies and you. While your in the game you get to make builds like hospitals and training spaces and as the levels get higher the game is way more fun. To me personally I really love this game and K think that others would love it to so I would really recommend getting this game. Thank you to the amazing creator for this really fun game..Version: 1.9.91

Surprisingly deepThe gameplay I expected to be the downfall of this game but it turned out to be its strongest point. Having thousands of players set out on that map reminds you that there are lots of people out there to battle, scout, team with, etc. No constant ads and harassment to spend unnecessary money like you’d expect from these types of games..Version: 1.9.120

Never waiting around.Most strategy games in this genre always seem to turn into a waiting game. Waiting for upgrades, or training troops, etc. I find this game isn’t as such. While you wait for upgrades, you can run trail missions, continue expanding your base, or complete raids with your alliance..Version: 1.9.91

Kill event ruins gameThe game is alright - you kind of just have to work out how to play yourself - 6 months on and still finding out new stuff. but could be better if there was a limit on how higher levels could only attack a couple of levels below them. And currently there is a kill event that is ruining the whole game because if you leave your peace flare then you get ra-ped by higher levels - and even your gathering troops get attacked. So basically for a Lower level like me and my whole alliance there is ZERO game play for the next day and a half. Great way to ruin a whole game..Version: 1.8.0

Needs bugs fixedThe game is good and all, but it crashes multiple times in minutes. Evening changing it from 60fps to 30fps did nothing to stop it crashing. It happens anytime/all the time. As soon as it needs to think; babaaaaaam. Also, can you change the limit of stamina? Build a gym or something where troops can train but also increase your stamina limits. But please please please fix the crashing issue!!!!!! Sort that out and I’d be happy to give you 5 stars!.Version: 1.9.2

Cash GrabHey all. I started this game over 100 days ago and at first it was fair.....ish. Didn’t have to spend much to keep competitive. Lately though unless you have thousands of dollars to spend I would stay away. Every major event or advancement requires money and the devs have lost focus on anything except making people spend. Many events are reskinned versions of previous events with the only changes really being the requirement to spend $$$$$$$$. A good idea which has just been destroyed by greed..Version: 1.7.30

Encourages the bad in peopleThis game has a few events where you can cooperate with friends to take down the infected. Unfortunately it also has events that encourage plays to pick on each other, this inevitable ends up with the strong picking on the weak so they can loot their gear. It even allows groups to cooperate in picking on the weak. This seems to be geared to encourage bullying and anti social behaviours. There isn’t an option to avoid these events if you don’t want to participate. It isn’t a fun game if you don’t want to bully people.....Version: 1.9.120

I love it!This game is one of the best zombie survival game i have seen and i have seen alot of zombie survival games .i love that you can explore the areas and fight many diffrent types of zombie so you have to know if a zombie is fast or slow more health less health and even the diffrent characters in the place your staying at i would recommend this game to anyone thats like survival games5 stars!.Version: 1.5.52

Cash is kingSimilar to most games I played over the years nothing new but this one offers improvements, additional stuff to do but the underlying concept is the same. Build attack and get attacked. If you play this casually, you will never catch up with those who spend $$$$$ a lot. Then one day once you make it to the 20 million, you will get attacked and lose everything. Something that took weeks to build. Ah well. I just uninstalled this game - my only regret is to have spent $30 on it.Version: 1.8.40

Don’t buy... you’ll just get cyberbulliedThis game was OK at the start, but then you get cyberbullied over and over again by being attacked by stronger alliances. It’s really heartbreaking to see all the effort you put in and just to have it get destroyed is a terrible feeling. Even if this event hasn’t happened to you, it WILL happen one day if you keep on playing. In summary, if you would like to feel depressed then buy this game and spend thousands of dollars on it :] (not a good thing) In summary, don’t buy this app, all it does will make you feel frustrated, mad, sad and many other things..Version: 1.9.2

Only play if you have money to spend to expand quicklyWhy does the game allow someone to be coninually attacked? Especially when that person is offline and in my case asleep. Ive been playing this game to take my mind off things and this game allows those who have had the opportunity to play for longer or use more money to destroy and ruin your effort and the experience of those who just are here for fun. The game allows those who are much stronger to attack weaker active players and multiple times within a short space of time. The game then offers some support for a price. So unless you’re willing to spend up big in this game don’t waste your time..Version: 1.9.50

The games is awesomeHey dudes this game is awesome btw you should add a couple more things into the game like allowing friends to play with you so they can modify your base and all that awesome stuff yeah that’s all I wanted to say also thank you you have made a fun game for me to play when I’m board and also I don’t know if you know I gave you game 5/5 stars yeah that’s all I wanted to say If you can reply please tell me if you liked my idea that I you for making this game.Version: 1.8.31

PotentialI’ll start with the good points Base building , graphics, explorer trails, characters are all spot on and great to play! Cons : those that spend real money literally decimate your base and will keep attacking you till all your troops are dead causing you to start from scratch or spend real money to boost yourself back up again.... there’s no way to defend against that your just stuck getting smashed by some high roller with more money than skill.Version: 1.5.30

Rating changed after just 5 days :(At first, interesting, lots of aspects. I’ve played 5 days, even bought some boost packs to speed stuff along..... Sadly , 5 days playing.... soooooo bored! Upgrades take stoooopid amount of time & can’t even be bothered looking already. 2 days to get upgraded buildings to actually play.....very not cool. In addition, constant irritating stream of SPAM in chat, you report it & nothing happens! Many other better value games about, esp for folk happy to spend a small amount for special boosts. Give this one a miss..Version: 1.9.100

Good game but terrible customer careFun addictive game with great graphics. However customer care don’t look after you. I lost a week of building troops, building, research and a major event etc because a rally full of my best troops and hero’s disappeared during a server crash. Being a player that spends money, you’d expect some kind of help to get you back up to speed but all I received was silly automated messages from the devs Which were no help at all. I updated my game, deleted and reinstalled and nothing fixed the issue. Look after your customers guys!.Version: 1.7.21

Best gameI love this game and I think it’s absolutely perfect though I am in a group with 2 others and it’s really hard to level up the alliance I would really appreciate it if we had unlimited upgrades that doesn’t cost caps but other than that I recommend this game it is great hopefully this happens because I’m still on level 1 alliance with 2 others. Thanks!.Version: 1.8.70

Support for game play on mobilePlease do something about the game crashing constantly when playing on mobile, it becomes very frustrating when you are trying to lvl up or unlock and it can’t support you when you go to the world map. Please please do repair this problem as the game does not work well on mobile.Version: 1.9.70

Very AddictiveI should Warn you All DON’T play this game, as you won’t be able to stop, you say to yourself, just one more chapter, and then, just one more. So STOP before you get addictive. For you lot out there that already know this, Come on over and join our Team. You will love it as you Can’t stop if you just started Regards, Gordon T.Version: 1.8.30

Customer isn’t always right for this developerCustomer support is non-existent or set to auto-reply. Several alliance members have had problems after updates and yet to see any actual help. Missing troops they’ve spent real world money on, inability to log on to their account properly are just a few of the major issues my alliance members have. And still have. Months later. All they get is a template style reply. Considering how much money you (as a customer) actually put into a game like this (because believe me, this is not a free game if you want to compete in anything) you would think they could hire some actual staff who work to look after their customers and fix the problems. This ineptitude and inattention will have you feeling frustrated and bored. If you’re going to play this game (because it can be fun) just don’t spend money in game or you could be their next victim..Version: 1.7.70

The customer service is appallingI have an in game glitch where my HQ is level 14 and I haven’t been able to upgrade the building Intel post. The building in question does NOT have an upgrade button. On top of that, when I press the intel button on the building it takes me straight to the radar to find infected mobs. When you press this button on the building it is meant to take you to the intel missions where you follow a story line and get rewards like epic hero fragments. So, I am lvl 14 with an intel post that cannot upgrade and an intel post that won’t let me access the intel missions. On top of ALL this, I opened a ticket to the customer service team hoping to get this resolved. I have been waiting 39 hours now for a response. In that time I have opened multiple tickets hoping to get a reply and so far.....nothing! I am on state 127 and my in game name is Setek. I would probably enjoy this game more if I could play it as it is intended. But, I am guessing if i do finally get a reply from customer support, they will just say that they’ve past it onto the developers and it is out of their hands and there is nothing that can be done. 5 days of game time put in that I won’t get back..Version: 1.7.12

Very bad customer serviceI have been playing this game for ages. Met a lot of nice people and if you have the money to spend it’s a good game. Been spending quite a bit but I was not getting the items that I was buying since an update. Told customer service and they where not helpful at all. They fixed up the last three purchases and that was it. Customer service just ignored everything else. They brushed off the bug I reported and basically told me too bad. For a game that relies on they’re players to fund them it’s really bad. If you can stay away or at least don’t buy anything. The customer service reps needs new jobs u think because they are really bad at it..Version: 1.9.43

What has happened to alliance storeOverall, this is a fun game. And you can make progress without spending too much money. But they have COMPLETELY stuffed the alliance store in the new states. No more stocking the store! Now it is a random offering the rarely includes items you need. No relocators, other than the random one, of which you get multiple offerings in one go. Only 2 hour shields! Devs, you have so muffed it. How people are meant to get to bunkers etc and back is a mystery to me, not to mention CC and SvS. We just won’t participate, and get zeroed because we can’t shield ourselves! Dead state after dead state! WHEN IT ASKS WHICH STATE TO JOIN, JOIN AN OLDER ONE!.Version: 1.9.35

Horrible updatesI rarely come on here if I have a problem with an update but the most recent update is horrible because when I send my troops on marches or anything you have changed the whole thing to being on the side and I have to open a whole other thing if I want to equalise my troops the only reason I didn’t give this 1 star is because it is a good game but you get 1 star for the horrible updates.Version: 1.9.1

Expensive and Full of regular bullyingThe game graphics are awesome and the game play is great, BUT two issues: 1. You need to be prepared to spend LOTS of MONEY to get anywhere at a reasonable pace. 2. There are no limits on who you can attack. A L16 has no chance against a L 40. So that unless you spend money to avoid SLOWLY trying to build up (especially after L11), bigger alliances DESTROY everything you’ve PAINSTAKINGLY built up. You loose days of effective gameplay. It happens often enough and regularly enough that it feels like you and your NEW alliance is being RAP_ed and any money spent was just a waste. This game got two stars. No value for money at all..Version: 1.8.20

Network problem in iosAlways after new update arrives..after updating i get network tells me to reconnect everytime..sometimes I can’t event login..while other applications work quite good..and i really find it annoying..btw im ios user..dont know if andriod user have the same problem or guys need to take a look at this problem...Version: 1.7.30

Bad update choiceI’d give 5 stars however after this latest update equalising troops for marches has become an inefficient process. Previously it took one tap to equalise troops. Now it takes 3 taps and finding the equalise option is definitely not as clear as it used to be. Imo you shouldn’t ‘fix’ what isn’t broken and the previous method of equalising was not broken..Version: 1.9.2

This game is awesome.This game is so much fun, I love being able to build my own base and decorate it while collecting resources, upgrading my crew and taking down the infected. And the cherry on top is each has full voice acting which gives us more of a connection with the characters. Great character design btw and i enjoy the music that plays throughout, it really fits a zombie apocalyptic lifestyle, great work guys..Version: 1.9.43

Greedy devs no cust supportYou cant progress if you dint spend money in this game. Problem is, bundles here are the most expensive ive ever seen. youninvest in this game but cant get support and answer if you have issues. Dead game. devs stops thinking and keeps giving olayers useless unsuable rewards like no one in kings group is thinking. they say to contact customer care, their customer care is the worse because customer care dont know anythung about the game and just say sorry for inconvenince and ask you to rate their response which is really funny!.Version: 1.9.61

I’m lovin it!Since I started playing this game, there was no adds at all. Although I’m not a good player yet, I’m still enjoying it. Anyone who is good at gaming should try this out! The graphics are outstanding and the characters are so highly detailed! They even give me power ups for writing a review! It’s free, it fun, and it amazing. Please download this game. ❤️💻❤️.Version: 1.7.20

Great game, addictiveThis game is similar to others where you build a base and play online, however the zombie element and the algorithm of wait times are not as tedious as other mobile games. There is still room for improvement on wait times and the need for stamina to play, but otherwise a pretty great game..Version: 1.9.91

Good game/ need more buildingsIt’s a really good game and I love zombie games where you build your own settlement but tbh it’s kinda boring once you’ve unlocked all the buildings. Would be nice to have some more buildings (houses, power plants, office buildings,fire/ambulance station) just stuff to make it more of a city type settlement would be cool. Would love to have different skins for other buildings too like The hospital, to have a building rather then a tent. Would be cool too if you could have like emergency services or something as well. But overall great game love it. Just hope we get some new buildings and stuff soon..Version: 1.9.42

Be carefulThis game started off really well, fun and achievable but the developers are now focus on money and only money. The only way to start levelling up in the game is by spending money for materials and resources, that was easy achievable by events and scoring system. But now they focus on encouraging players to start purchasing bundle package from in game to level up your chief and all their gear upgrades, hero’s and all their upgrades, troops and buildings, on the materials and resources they restricted in the game. I am starting to lose interest in this game due to the developers not listening for feedback and only focusing on new states and players. Be very careful on of this game..Version: 1.9.101

Tried to contact mod & email, no reply wanted money!So I was strong, but I could have been stronger if I could do foreign tip offs, intel, join rally’s. I had so many glitches inhibiting progress and I was reluctant to review poorly until now where I can not sign in. My friend can sign in just fine on my network right sitting next to me while I just get reconnection messages. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, made sure it’s updated. I have contacted mods about previous glitches, how to’s and now this glitch with no response. I have emailed them, yes this is a pay to win game and I paid some and all that’s lost. Quite frankly I am extremely annoyed, what a waste of my time and money. Why does no one contact me back? I want that money back since you can not give me my time back..Version: 1.9.10

Moving StateI hope we can move to different state even if we are on a higher level. The first time I played this I have no idea so I didn’t know we can move different state at the early game. Now i’m stuck on this state that didn’t speak english so I keep on translating it and can’t join traps since it’s totally different time frame from them and sometimes it would be 2am and can’t participate. If we can move to other state where we want (like state that is from my country so time to traps is not hard) that would be so great. I hope you can do something about it..Version: 1.9.2

So far so goodSo I already know what to expect. The higher you go, the more expensive it gets. You may need to spend abit if money or you can just stick it out & take your time. So be smart, no matter how tough it seems, or how irritated you feel, be patient. Save up your Bio caps for when you reach higher levels because your going to need them..Version: 1.8.30

Please read down below...I rate this app 5 stars because I love games about zombies and surviving and helping others to fight, but there is just one problem. I wouldn’t really recommend this as a problem because it’s part of the game for a reason, but I will battle heaps of bosses and little groups of zombies, and then I go to fight more but I have to research something or something like that. I tap research and I go to research something but then it says I have to upgrade this building and upgrade that, and they take up to an hour to upgrade, well, at least some of them. But just to do something I wanna do in a game, I have to do heaps of things and wait near hours to do. I’m sorry if I have disturbed you with my concern, but I will keep playing if you complete my requests! Also, can you make someone called Aria, she has brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, no nail polish, no makeup, she wears a baggy Disney top, denim shorts, purple sneakers, white socks just so you can see them, she has a small, light pink scar on her cheek (any one), and she largish?? If you do, that would mean the world to me! If not then, I guess that’s your choice, but thanks, for making my dream game and I hope to find more games like this! Kind regards, A sister.Version: 1.9.120

I love it.Crazy addictive. Best way to play is to find an alliance you like and play along with them. I usually lose interest in a game after a while but I haven’t with this one! Another great feature is you can have more then one settlement at once as well. Every time there’s an update of the game, it’s just gets better..Version: 1.7.60

Purchase boycott now in effectDevelopers completely ignore the community and the game is designed to do one thing - extract as much money from you as possible. Developer has used fraudulent bait and switch tactics, latest debacle involved taking back items from 100,000 players so that the 200 whales who complained could have their exclusive loot. Previously when an error has occurred and they have offered a HQ skin that provides a significant advantage and players progress by spending money to obtain it, they have removed it and replaced it with a vehicle skin, all without any notification, take the store down for 15 minutes, change the item and hope no one notices it, absolutely shameless, rather than accept their mistake and leave it, players who obtained it get to keep it, those who spent money on the way to get the item are not compensated in any way shape or form. Steer clear, the game is not worth the aggravation this game and developer provides, every update is a mess of bugs..Version: 1.9.31

Good but needs serious optimizationEDIT: the game runs even worse after the last couple of ‘optimisation’ updates. Game quits on me approximately every 3-5 minutes. Crazy memory leak happening somewhere. [review] Good core concept and typical build and battle game with a million things to do and click on. Some of this means a lot of double handling and clicking relentlessly through the same old tired processes but the activities are generally pretty fun. The worst thing is the optimization for older devices - the game constantly quits, freezes, forces reloads. Drives me crazy. This is repeatable on a bunch of my older devices: iPhones, iPads..Version: 1.9.10

This game is greatI love this game because it’s great quality. It’s also not packed with ads. Another reason is, it isn’t just fight and kill it has a story. As you are playing and about to fight it tells you if it’s worth it or not.i love this game because it keeps me waiting for the next mutation or level up. I look forward to playing this game in the future, I haven’t got far into the game so I don’t know how great it is further into the game but so far it fantastic.Version: 1.9.31

Appalling customer serviceI’ve recently submitted a bug report where there was a complete lack of understanding for the developers for the situation. ‘My concerns have been noted’. My request for the compensation of biocaps for ‘non revived’ troops from State V’s State has been completely ignored. I lost a considerable amount of troops, which were not automatically revived at the end of the stage. I had 79% of these troops, including the 10% from the med packs purchased with biocaps. Customer service responds with the same cookie cutter template, with no concern for their customer base. Developers will just expect you to ‘forgive and forget’ Poor form..Version: 1.9.20

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State of Survival: Zombie War
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State of Survival: Zombie War 1.9.125 Update

Version 1.9.125 (2021-02-20): New Events: Theme Park Carnival: Get ranked and win fabulous rewards including a Knock Knock HQ Skin (Permanent). Theme Park Love: Complete tasks during the different stages to get Carnival Balls. Achieve a ranking to get bonus rewards! Killer Clown: Locate and eliminate the Killer Clown to earn Carnival Balls and other rewards! Carnival Performance: Complete tasks to get more Carnival Balls or fantastic rewards, including Clownhouse Decorations! Carnival Scavenger Hunt+Do whatever it takes to get more Carnival Balls!.

Version 1.9.120 (2021-02-02): Lunar New Year Events: Pyromaniac: During the event, you can obtain Firecrackers via Alliance Timer Help, Donations as well as rallying Infected Fiends. Locate the Pyromaniac and defeat him with your Allies to win abundant rewards! Happy Lunar New Year: During the event, you can obtain Lucky Bundles through tasks such as eliminating the Infected, clearing Infected camps, gathering, etc. you may also give the Lucky Bundles you’ve obtained to other players. "Lunar New Year Zodiac Reunion: 1. During the event, you can obtain Ordinary Lanterns by using speedups and Biocaps, gathering resources in the Wilderness, killing the Infected, etc. Additionally, chances will be offered to obtain Superb Lanterns by hitting top-up targets. 2. Ordinary Lanterns and Superb Lanterns are used to obtain a chance to get and activate Zodiacs, combine twelve Zodiacs into Postcard and get fabulous rewards!".

Version 1.9.110 (2021-01-19): The Tree of Life event is here! Obtain Watering Cans via events such as the Green Hope Project, Nourish Hope, Infected Gardener, and Going Green. Abundant rewards, as well as the Endless Hope HQ skin (Permanent), are waiting for you! Green Hope Project: Complete the tasks to collect Watering Cans. Chiefs on the leaderboards will get more rewards! "Infected Gardener: Locate and eliminate the Infected Gardener to secure Watering Cans and abundant rewards." "Going Green: Complete Daily Tasks to get more Watering Cans and rewards (including the Settlement Decoration: Death and Rebirth)." "Nourish Hope: Do whatever it takes to get more Watering Cans!" Optimizations: Rewards to be collected for Alliance Donations are now highlighted. Some miscellaneous bugs have been fixed..

Version 1.9.101 (2021-01-15): The updated content for version 1.9.100 is as follows: New Events: The Capricorn events have arrived! Daily Tasks: "Medical Crisis: Trish’s Mission" Complete Daily Tasks during the event to get points. Daily Tasks will be refreshed every day. Get Top-up points through Top-up Event. Hit points targets to get Reward Crates. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to the Rewards Stash. Optimizations: Online Allies will be put in the front of the list when launching a rally. Invitation becomes more convenient! Add marks on march targets to avoid repeating marches. Alliance announcements can be translated into all languages. Alliance Boss Max has been updated to Lv.48. Optimizations of Hero Upgrading: One-tap upgrade: The Combat Manuals required for Max level will be calculated automatically. Upgrading now only needs one tap! Use Combat Manuals continuously through long press. Service Center: An upgraded Service Center will replace Help & Support soon..

Version 1.9.100 (2021-01-05): The updated content for version 1.9.100 is as follows: New Events: The Capricorn events have arrived! Daily Tasks: "Medical Crisis: Trish’s Mission" Complete Daily Tasks during the event to get points. Daily Tasks will be refreshed every day. Get Top-up points through Top-up Event. Hit points targets to get Reward Crates. Unclaimed rewards will be sent to the Rewards Stash. Optimizations: Online Allies will be put in the front of the list when launching a rally. Invitation becomes more convenient! Add marks on march targets to avoid repeating marches. Alliance announcements can be translated into all languages. Alliance Boss Max has been updated to Lv.48. Optimizations of Hero Upgrading: One-tap upgrade: The Combat Manuals required for Max level will be calculated automatically. Upgrading now only needs one tap! Use Combat Manuals continuously through long press. Service Center: An upgraded Service Center will replace Help & Support soon. An upgraded Service Center will replace Help & Support soon..

Version 1.9.91 (2020-12-21): The updated content for version 1.9.90 is as follows: Optimizations: -During the Reservoir League, participating Alliances can change their Badges and Frames.

Version 1.9.80 (2020-12-15): The updated content for version 1.9.70 is as follows: Aim, release! The Sagittarius events have arrived! -Complete Daily Tasks during the event to get points. Daily Tasks will be refreshed every day. Optimized Influencer Trap -There is now no need to activate the Influencer Trap. The Trap will be opened directly after cooldown. -You can now make reservations for opening the Trap. -Extra Buffs: You can now donate Energy Cells to increase your defense level and gain buffs. -Optimized Rewards Mechanism: If the Influencer is successfully eliminated, all Allies will receive rewards. When the Trap closes, you will be ranked and rewarded according to the amount of damage caused. -Sending a rally to the Trap will not influence your Troops (each Alliance member can only launch one rally)..

Version 1.9.70 (2020-12-02): The updated content for version 1.9.70 is as follows: Aim, release! The Sagittarius events have arrived! -Complete Daily Tasks during the event to get points. Daily Tasks will be refreshed every day. Optimized Influencer Trap -There is now no need to activate the Influencer Trap. The Trap will be opened directly after cooldown. -You can now make reservations for opening the Trap. -Extra Buffs: You can now donate Energy Cells to increase your defense level and gain buffs. -Optimized Rewards Mechanism: If the Influencer is successfully eliminated, all Allies will receive rewards. When the Trap closes, you will be ranked and rewarded according to the amount of damage caused. -Sending a rally to the Trap will not influence your Troops (each Alliance member can only launch one rally). Optimizations: -New ranking and reward tag in the Alliance Donation interface where you can view the current ranking and reward details. -Rewards for Daily Donation will be sent via in-game Mail every day/week according to the Alliance Tech Donation rankings..

Version 1.9.61 (2020-11-23): The updated content for version 1.9.60 is as follows: New Events: Give thanks! The Thanksgiving events have arrived! Optimizations: -New Opening Animation -Optimized Reservoir Raid -Optimized Reservoir Store -Optimized Capital Clash-Optimized Capital Clash.

Version 1.9.43 (2020-10-27): Dear Survivors, The updated content for version 1.9.40 is as follows: Events: -The Halloween Events are coming! Optimizations: -Optimized building icons in the Skins page -Optimized unlocked notification for Intel Radar -Optimized visual performance of various objects in the Settlement.

Version 1.9.30 (2020-09-17): New features: -The upper limit of the plasma building level is increased to 5 -The upgrading of Barracks/Garage/Range will also enhance troops skills.