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Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles App Download

Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solve puzzling challenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim at the enemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon.

Use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will encounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages, and use unique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you do it in one shot?
 Game Features:

1.        Destroy them all and save the world!
Mister Bullet is on a secret mission. Use your deadly accuracy and precision to keep the bad guys! Whether it is a spy, agent, zombie, lumberjack, alien they are all here to take over the world and only a MASTER can take them down and save the world.

2.        Unlock Epic Missions
So many enemies and levels for you to take down, each with their own unique twist! How smart are you? Can you solve all the puzzles? Shoot bullets that ricochet, bounce, or simply go in a straight line! Use your bullets to make objects fall and explode. Create chain reactions and do whatever it takes to get your target!

3.        New Challenges Await
Rescue hostages, throw grenades at people and go on secret missions. No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count!

4.        Engaging Physics Puzzler
Only the smartest and quickest can solve all the puzzles! You will need more than just accuracy to make it through. Speed, timing and patience are all things you will need to become the zennest shooting master. Can you get three stars on every level?

5.        Spy vs Spy
Are you the best and most accurate? Battle against other spies in crazy PVP multiplayer scenarios.

6.        New Features Weekly
Mr Bullet is constantly updating with new unique levels, weapons and other skins. You will NOT want to miss out on the action.

7. Subscription
Subscribe to our monthly golden VIP pass and gain access to the following:

-> Golden Gun - Having a hard time completing a level? Don't worry, the golden gun can shoot enemies through walls and help deal with your problems.

-> Exclusive VIP Levels: We will have a new level release daily for our VIP golden pass holders!

-> No Ads: Tired of those pesky ads? Don’t sweat it. Once you’re a VIP pass holder, you will no longer have ads to worry about!

These purchases are auto-renewable subscriptions. The subscription price will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase and in the 24 hours prior to the end of each subscription period as set out above (e.g - week, month or year). Cancel your subscription at any time in your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the expiry of any trial period, the subscription will automatically convert into a paid auto-renewing subscription. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.                                                                                                  
Whether you're a shooter or a puzzler, Mr. Bullet is a challenge ready for you. This is the best physics shooter game there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Battle notorious villains. Become a legend agent. Start your mission and never stop shooting! Bullseye!

From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster, and Love Balls!

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Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles App User Reviews & Comments

Best game ever!!!!Wow I have played this game for three weeks and have not gotten bored. There is so much to do in this game it’s crazy. For kids I think it’s fine. Yes you do shoot people and there is LITTLE blood but it can be turned of in the settings so if your uncomfortable with blood you can disable it. I would recommend to anyone over the age of 6 because it’s a really cool game that anyone would like with mild cartoon violence. This game works offline and you don’t get ads although it’s better with internet because you can get free stuff from the adds. The ads in this game are appropriate ads you’ll normally see in a kids game. There are some ads from their games which are mostly appropriate besides cartoon violence. All in all it’s a great game would recommend..Version: 5.10

Dear makers of this game,Hi my name is Ella and I very like playing this game it is a lot of fun to me and I like playing it in my spare time so I think it would be amazing if you made a part two to this I think the people that play this game will like it too so please think about it from one of your friends now maybe when you make a part two to this add special a fax that would be pretty awesome I hope you have a good afternoon or morning or night time wherever you live from one of your friends now. By:Ella your friend Ps: thank you for making the first part of this and I hope you’re doing well..Version: 2.4

Awesome gameI just love this game. I have beat every level. But there is a few things you need to improve on. It really annoys me when a “ special offer” comes up, it’s only when you are not on internet. This game IS NOT infested with ads THANK GOD. I think you should lower the prices for skins because after you finish the game, the only way to get money is the seasons and duel. I really want you to fix the bug where when it can’t find a duel match it still takes your money even when you didn’t even play. Overall, this game is great and has potential for better updates to come..Version: 5.5

ASTONISHING!!!!Ok first thing I want to say is... just, wow! This game is very ADDICTIVE. You first start off with the mode classic. You then have to get enough stars to get more game modes such as grenades, friendly fire and much more. My favorite mode is classic, simply because it’s very simple and easy to get stars on. Also what I really like is that whenever a level is too hard it has a skip button and that is great sometimes. What I also really like is that the game is very balanced, it’s not super hard but, it’s also not super easy either. They HUGE selection of skins. They were very creative with the skins and the maps. Overall this is an INCREDIBLE game and I can’t stop playing it, in fact going to go play it right now!.Version: 2.5

On of the BEST games everSo first off this game had amazing graphics, but followed by that is the way the game works. It’s like a game of take a chance, if you only use one billet to kill a man or more you get a better score. Use more than one bullet you get a bad score. It’s an addicting, amazing app it’s so much fun. I stay up all night playing this game, i really think they should make more games like this, maybe even make different games like making characters, or save the world stuff like that. I think they should make more games because they would be very fun and addicting like this one, I’ve always loved this creator they have amazing games so i knew this was gonna be a good game. If you’ve read this far thank you goodbye..Version: 2.9

Great game try it outThis is one great game to play if u have spare time he graphics are so cartoony so if ur into that kind of stuff this would be great and if u like shooting games this would be a great combination and there’s some blood but not that much there are slot of difrent game modes and outfits u could buy and there’s not that many adds it’s not one of those games where after every game there’s a add pop up so this is a very good game for those of you that like a little gore shoting and cartoons and plus there’s difrent levels that make your player go to a difrent type of zone like for example i can go to a ninja temple as for one of the hundreds of places you could go to in this wonderful game so have fun playing and i’ll see u out there fellow soldier.👌.Version: 2.5

The problem with all mobile gamesThis game suffers from the same issues just about every mobile game nowadays does. Ads. It is so difficult to enjoy time playing any mobile game when you have an ad shoved in your face every few minutes. Sure, you have the option to pay for some type of “membership” or “club” that gets rid of them, but every developer knows that the vast majority of people won’t do that. They know that if someone enjoys the gameplay loop enough, they’ll tough it out and sit through a 15-30 second ad and wait for the little X to pop up so they can get back to their game. They make far more money from these types of players than the ones who buy into their monetization model of offering the choice to do away with them entirely. I understand why they do it, but it would be nice to come across a game that didn’t operate this way..Version: 3.6

SimpleThis game is great! Great concept, great levels, great time waster. However, I played this game for 2 weeks, when I had like 20 minutes to drop every here and there, and I three stared all 320 levels. This game is fairly easy and if you don’t aim for three stars on every level, impossible to lose. Also, there are a lot of ads. Additionally, I had to turn the blood graphics off to prevent it from lagging so much. So why 5 stars? Because it did it’s job. It’s a simple puzzle game, to kill time momentarily, no complex story, no crazy mechanics, replay-ability with additional levels and mini games, and to top it all off it’s free..Version: 1.12

Needs more difficultyI’ve been playing this game for about a week now, and have already got to a point where I only play it to have something to do, not because I want to. I feel like the difficulty level is far below what would make the game actually fun to continue playing. It seems like each level, no matter how far you progress, is just simply aiming at a very easy or obvious target, most of the time which is directly in front of you. Also, the ads are horrendous, and I feel like like y’all are losing out on potential purchases by offering the ad free version for 5.99 a month. I’m not going to pay that for a silly game I use to kill time, however, I would pay perhaps a dollar or two a month or even 5.99 permanently for a one time payment. For example, I have Apple Music, and because I’m a student, my Apple Music subscription is cheaper than this game is a month..Version: 2.7

Pretty GoodI really do like this game, it is extremely simple and easy to learn. It is a good way to pass time while you’re bored, like I had like a 1 and a half hour drive and a lot of it I was playing this game. I also like the fact that there are tons and tons of levels. Not only that but their are a lot of modes. So it is very hard to run out of things to do. But my main problem with this game. Is just the fact that it’s too easy. Really just the main game though. Most of the time a level would take me like 5 attempt or less. The only level that took me more than that was the last level of the whole game. And I don’t think a game should take that long to get harder. But yeah, I really do like this game. That’s my only problem. Thanks for your time..Version: 5.4

A good, even great, game, but...This is a great game, although there are 2 things about it that I HATE. The one I hate the most, though, is this: in the ads for the game, it shows that Mr. Bullet can shoot himself. But when I downloaded the game, this was not part of it, which was very disappointing. Also, another thing I really dislike is that when it shows a pop-up that tells you that you unlocked a new game mode, you can’t click on the pop up to go to that mode. So, although it OVERALL is a good game, these are the discrete details that make it muchh worse. Oh, and one more thing; many people are complaining about too many ads. This is not a problem for me. By ignoring most pop-ups, I only watch an ad every 3 levels, sometimes every 2. Although I have these problems with most other games, I think this one has a reasonably modest ad level..Version: 4.6

Far too many AdsI don't mind ads in a free game, and I don't mind paying to remove ads either. App developers need to make money, but this game is ridiculous. There is an ad break every 3 rounds. None of the levels are particularly challenging, it'll take no more than a few seconds to figure it out. So this means there is an ad every 15-30 seconds when you're just trying to play through the game. This is when I considered paying to remove the ads, however it would've costed me $6 bucks a month. $6.00 is already a steep price for any phone app, but every single month? Maybe if the game was better I would've considered it. The actually gameplay is fine. It's as advertised, a simple puzzle shooting game. However it is ridiculously easy. It's a fun app to kill time, but this is definitely not a worthwhile puzzle game. I played through roughly 30 levels to see if the game got anymore challenging, but it didn't. Overall, it's a simple game that's good for wasting time, but it's not nearly worth the amount of ads you're forced to watch nor is it worth the monthly payment the developer is asking for. Side note: Why do so many of the 5 star reviews look fake?.Version: 2.6

A great time waster except...I'm gonna come out and say it, of all the stupid, free mobile games that've come out in the past few years, this has to be a favorite. Wanna test you aim and problem-solving? Mr. Bullet is for you, my good friend! Unfortunately it shares a similar problem that all to many other modern mobile games face: CONSTANT ADVERTISEMENTS. 7 times out of ten, you receive an ad between one level to the next. And yes, I understand the devs need the revenue to make money off of this game, but that's what the bonuses and skins should be for! It's a mutual exchange between player and creator in that the player receives some sort of gift or help in return for giving the developers ad money. Advertisements should not constantly be shoved down people's throats! And it's sad to see this be such common practice in the mobile game business because I believe if the devs leave ad viewing up to whether or not they want to view an ad to get a reward, then mobile gaming may become more enjoyable again. I hope that Lion, Voodoo, Estoty, and even EA and the brilliant minds behind Genshin Impact will see this and learn from this review..Version: 5.7

Fun game but...It’s a fun game but the ads… I get it you generate income with ads. But must it always be extremely long ads? Come on 30 seconds at least? And so often. How about shorter ads? So many are pushing that game with that 30 second ad for Home Scapes. It’s a boring game, I already downloaded and got rid of it. Other ads are 30 seconds also. Way too long. I just click install now and then go back to Mr Bullet and I get the X to close the ad so it’s pointless to run those long ads. I and I’m sure most everyone else knows if they are interested in downloading a game within the first few seconds. PLEASE! Other than my complaint about the extremely long ads, I like that this game provides some challenge without reaching the point of frustrating. I play games to relax and not stress myself out trying to pass a level. Also without having to utilize the skip feature too much..Version: 1.12

KoltonKolton This game is so good you can actually shoot bad guys they get the stuff back going to the bars anything you got me levels you got this thing you can buy anyone to help you like Cora people in the cities people and they get paid back dude it’s ethic if you ever played this game you should get it right away if you don’t get it you should half to get it if you don’t get it then you should cutest face as you can because this game is the best game in the world if you never played this game it will be the worst if you don’t play it will be the worst because it’s so cool different levels different people to shoot you can’t even get cool ways to shoot it like you could shoot a box and a card and some thing at it so yeah it’s a cool game you should buy it off of that so cool Best game in the world I have to tell you it’s the best you will have to play it it’s the best I’m the first person and I will be the first person to ever like this I read all the stars because you can shoot a different way to shoot different people do you have to buy because I think you do good so all you Gotta do is ask your parents to not that hard..Version: 5.7

It’s fun, but there’s some issues!I really enjoy playing this game, it’s a good pass time. However the amount of ads being displayed is very high (one or two ads every 2-3 games) while that doesn’t sound to bad the levels are easy to get 3 stars since all you have to do is figure out the right spot to shot at if you mess up then you can just retry the level. You don’t have to do any challenges at all like “Get all headshots” or anything special to get 3 stars and move on. So with that all being said it’s very easily to move on to the next level so the ads come up decently quick with how fast the game progresses which is rather annoying. Aside it being also to easy, and the ads coming up fast it’s a great game. I hope it see harder levels and less ads when the new levels come out..Version: 2.4

Fun and easy but ads will interveneThe game’s first 30 or so levels are pretty easy and as you keep going, you’ll start to unvail how to interact with objects to achieve full stars (of course if you don’t mind about stars then just using the bullets are good enough). As I mentioned, there will be ads, but if you’ve been exposed to free-games then this is similar. The ads are played after a certain number of games (not sure if random but can be after every game too) and is also used to get money (game’s currency) and more. You can pay to remove ads but if you don’t mind losing few seconds to wait, then there’s no reason to buy the “ad blocker” Fun game overall, I would have given a 5 but I want this game to improve and not left to dry so hopefully this review will be seen by the developer..Version: 2.2

Cash Grab / Fun for 5 minutesThe game starts out looking like it will be addicting, and it is for about 50 levels. The problem is there is no challenge. I’m probably 100 levels in and I still feel like it’s trying to teach me how to play. You would think after 7 chapters you’d find a level where you have to stop and think or a level where you have to attempt a few tries to get it right. Nope.. shoot this guy then shoot that guy. Then you start to realize why. The more easy levels there are the more you can get through, the more ads they can give you. So they put as many levels as they can in the game, and as easy as possible so you can continue to fly through them so they can keep giving you ads. Boring game by then, would have made more revenue from me if you kept a challenge..Version: 2.6

Super fun and addictiveFun concept and super addictive gameplay a little bit on the easy side for me. I’m just two Days, I already have completed the classic, hostage, and friendly fire modes with 3stars on every level. And I’m eagerly awaiting new content. Only con is on the Grenade Mode please allow off tracking while aiming because it is hard to see how much power/force is being put into the grenade toss due to my finger blocking the indicator. Being able to touch anywhere on the screen to aim/control grenade tossing force will be a much needed feature. Great game all around; 10 stars!!!! Keep up the good work..Version: 2.5

I like itI really like this game, it reminds me of this zombie game I use to play years ago. The challenges are good and I love how the scenery keeps changing, plus it’s not just shooting that you have available which is awesome. The one thing I was a little taken back by is when you use the vending machine. It comes out randomly which is cool, but if I do it 5 times, 4, sometimes all 5 characters will be characters I have already purchased, and it charges me still. This would be cool if when you maybe purchased the same character it caused some sort of upgrade to the character, or an offer to exchange or keep the 500. Other than that though the game is awesome, thanks guys!.Version: 2.5

The game in generalI’m giving you a five star only because I know that y’all will take my advice and make this game a whole lot easier for your players to understand what is going on during different stages of the game. Tutorials are required sometimes so that people can understand exactly what they are supposed to be doing on different stages. For example, I would have never known that I had to shoot the red button on the wall in order for the cutout patterns to fall onto my target. The first time that a person gets to a set like that y’all should just add a mini tutorial with a simple little flashing hand pointing at a target that they never knew they had to shoot..Version: 1.12

Solid, Fun and Quick but almost “too quick”I’ve had this game for about two days now and first off it’s pretty cool, but I feel like it needs stuff. It’s pretty easy to get three stars, and the levels are not that challenging. I’ve played through it fairly like a breeze. I have suggestions though. For example when you kill the enemy, there should be different killing animations like if they got killed by tnt their limbs would fall off and so on. They should also add more levels with more objects and weapons. The enemies should have different voices and different sounds when their killed by different things. All in all it’s a coo game but I found it too quick and easy for my enjoyment. It’s a cool time passer..Version: 1.12

Hmm...So I was writing a review, right? And I was thinking of my experience so far with the game. So I was thinking I realized it’s awesome but it’s too easy. I mean you should get rewarded for like a leg or head shot instead of nothing. And its not hard to get 3 stars but that’s my opinion and my opinion doesn’t matter it’s just what comes out of my mind and mean the game is cool it’s awesome but the easiness that comes with it is just I want a challenge when I’m playing games. I’m not trying be offensive or anything but I just think it’s easy like for example for like 16 levels in a row I got three stars. I love the game but I want something harder like there’s easy ones and then there’s the mediums and then there’s a hard ones and something like that..Version: 1.12

Only 2 StarsThe game itself is very fun and enjoyable, that’s why I am giving this game 2 stars instead of just the one. My 2 main concerns for this game are the ads and the skin earning system. The ads are ridiculous! Lose a game, watch an ad, win a game, watch an ad, complete a level perfectly on the first try? WATCH AN AD. Honestly though my main problem with this game are the skins. I have now completed all available Hostages and Grenade levels and am about halfway through the main classic levels. I’ve earned a very high amount of money by playing all of these levels. What do I have to show for it? 5 available skins. If you have unlocked a skin, it DOES NOT remove that skin from the lottery that you buy skins from. I have put way too much time and effort into this game to have 5 skins. This is stupid and just a long way around for you to spend more money. I truly hope this review does not get lost in the ether that is this app store.Version: 1.12

Awesome game but too costlyFantastic game. Various game types. Tons of content (gameplay and cosmetic). Thoughtful level design. Challenging at times but no unfair. Impressive, cohesive interface. Tons of replay value. Top tier work by developers! The big problem is the price. $5.99 monthly “VIP” subscription fee. It gives one access to exclusive “VIP” levels, some cosmetic stuff for your gun and advertisements are removed. The VIP levels and skins, meh. Don’t add all that much. There are plenty of In App Purchases if skins are your thing. There are many ads in the game. Removing them is big time necessary if you enjoy the game and you need the VIP subscription to do that. Disappointing and disheartening that a publisher wants to charge $5.99 every month to disable ads. That’s too much money and sadly leaves an unsavoriness that will have some users walking away from a truly worthwhile game..Version: 4.8

•-Simplicity at its best-•Such a simple, yet fun game. Most Mobile games, (In my opinion)... need glamour, and Redundant effects to keep them interesting. But this game, (Mr Bullet)... doesn’t draw you in with misleading advertisements, and false promises to win money, and or prizes... but this game drew me in, and kept me interested, regardless of what seems like tedious, repetitious play after play... To my own disbelief, I was playing this game hour after hour, with not much changing other than the layout of the levels. But as I kept playing, it’s simple; yet structured rhythm didn’t get boring, nor tedious in anyway. I give this game (5) Stars, and if you want something to pass the time, or just bored and want to play something... I would suggest, and recommend this game first and foremost before any other..Version: 1.11

Best gameMr bullet is challenging if you don’t like challenge don’t get it but read this before you click away it is fun you can shoot people and if it’s to hard then just hit skip you pay 1000 dollars game money but the best part is getting to the next level each new level is in a different place you can see different places and the new places mean new people you can kill the new people you see in each level and there’s daily reward and if you get tired of it there’s different challenges here some words that describe it epic dope lit awesome best game ever please get mr bullet you won’t change you mind he’s the best thanks for reading please get mr bullet.Version: 2.6

Ark ark ark ark (mr krab voice)This game is EPOC!!!! My mommy's boyfriend put this on my iPad and told me to "ocupy yourself for a hour" so I was playing this game and then I beat the 128 level and I heard my mommy yelling "I'm coming" so I guess Richard got a boo boo and needed kissies, and it sounded like mommy was giving richard a big sloppy kissie for a long time and he kept groaning in pain. I hope he didn't take my paw patrol band aids. She told me not to worry so I went back to playing MR BULET! And then there were aliens so I got scared because I remember the scary part of space chimps. But then. I remembered DR NESMITH and I was okay. Yes. I prayed to Jesus that there would be no more scary alens or even worse MOTHS. I hate moths. This game is fun and maybe even cool..Version: 2.3

Very Entertaining but Way Too Many AdsPlaying the free version and I really like the variety of game modes and the game itself is hilarious! The animations are great and the physics work really well. Only point for improvement there is that it might be fun if the bodies were more destructible (blown to pieces with the TNT or smashed flat under heavy objects). Way too many ads though, 2-3 very quick rounds and then you have to sit through another ad. Makes the game much less enjoyable. I’d consider paying for an ad-free version except that it is subscription based and priced at way more than its worth in my opinion. Paying $5.99 (plus extra for in game perks like weapons or game modes) one time might be fair. Paying $5.99/month for as long as you want an ad free game is really not a good value..Version: 4.2

Certain frustrating detailsI enjoy playing this game, it’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait for more levels to be released. The addition of both a grenade, hostage, friendly fire, and etc. type levels make the game not as easy to get bored of. I do have a problem with the missions though. At first, they were simple, and I understand they are supposed to become more difficult with time. This is ridiculous though, I have reached a point where I have a very specific amount of bullets I can use in each of the 5 parts of the mission, but it feels like too many of the levels are based on luck rather than skill. It is frustrating when I’ve almost successfully gotten through a mission, but an angle that was perfect the last time I played the level, now fires the bullet in a completely different direction. In normal levels, I wouldn’t mind as much, because I would simply retry that level, but in mission mode, it’s infuriating because I need to redo all previous levels flawlessly in order to get another chance for a lucky shot. The game is fun, and I’m almost 100% caught up to it, but the missions are just too much with these angle shenanigans..Version: 2.4

Four star because I can’t play in classIn class there’s no guns allowed but this game is fun! If I could play this in class I would leave a 5 star review! It also has some “Not Apropriate For Schoo” things and sounds like dieing people and grenades and guns etc. still a very good game though. Too many ads...But I know my genius ideas! Use Airplane Mode for no ads for FREE on Settings! (It has to be an offline game cuz Airplane Mode makes it so you don’t have connection for games and stuff like for example Gacha Life) Also this is how many stars I would LOVE to review but instead did another | How many stars I would LOVE to review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | How many stars I had and have to review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.6

Addicting and fun!This game is amazing! I thought I was getting into a short term game play game. Where I play for a bit then get bored of it but here I am playing it for hours and hours at a time. The game is easy to learn and fun to do the levels ain’t repetitive and it is nice to have forgiveness if you can’t figure it out you ain’t punished and stuck with 1 or no stars you can try again and again to get the level complete. The levels them self are interesting and just the right mix of easy through hard all mixed up so you never know when you going to get a hard level after three easy going levels, the mini games are challenging too and super enjoyable if you all are looking for a good game to play I suggest this game right here!.Version: 1.11

Best game I’ve ever playedOMG this game is the best of all and this game is the best I like shooting it it’s my team for boys but girls can play at two boys if you try to write down this comment you cannot talk to her about this comment girls I hope you can like it but if you can’t I think you’ll like it has girls can play whatever they want they like it or not I mean not they like it or not but they could play if they like it they can’t date they could play it if they want take a bullet boys you don’t judge what they do so there’s a boy was reading this I hope you understand the way it is so ha on that boys if you do not understand.Version: 2.8

Stupid game plot twistThis game is so stupid I hate so much because I don’t have a reason it’s just so stupid and I hate it and I wish they would never have this game it is so stupid and ugly I need it to go away just kill this game I hate it is so overrated and poor I bet the person who made this is homeless and ugly because I did not make anyMoney of this stupid game The person who made this it’s just so stupid I wish they would just go away forever I hate this game do not play it or I will kill you and goodbye I was hoping to write aDeath note to the creator of this game just shut up and stop making games ugly I wish you just dieJust kidding this game is best.Version: 5.10

The best game everI’ve been playing video games ever since I was three years old and then I was obsessed with Minecraft and when I got it I started to get bored but the Best game came out and it was a Mr Bullet spy puzzles so everyone should download it and let everyone download a lot of games and don’t want people buy stuff off their credit card it’s stupid make everything free yeah but I love Mr. bullet spy puzzles not five puzzles spy puzzles so yeah everyone download a lot of free games no Apple ID make sure to tell that to the Apple Store where they can do some changes to every electronica and no more X no more doctors for the Internet switch in tendo Wii and the Wii you make sure to tell that to the whole electric company but make sure to play Mr Bullet spy puzzles.Version: 2.6

Good game no lie!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼This game is really fun it’s mostly about trick shots so if you like trick shots this is the game for you! At first I kept seeing it on adds thinking it was gonna be a boring games but I seen it one more time and I said you know I’m gonna try this game out now I can’t stop playing! I love this game so much and I don’t even like trick shots until now! If you tried this game out you would probably end up play it all day every day. This game is the best offline game I’ve ever played and literally the only game I’ve done a review on that’s how much I like it! If I like it this much then I know you will like it.Version: 4.2

This could be one of my favorites...I’ve been hooked on Mr Bullet since the first time I played it! I just love the interesting situations it puts you in & how it, well, at first, maybe, seems difficult by it really isn’t when you utilize the various walls, etc from which the bullets you fire can ricochet off one another & if aimed right, can hit the target! It’s a good way to practice “connecting” with your target(s) besides the more direct way of shooting right at them. The criticism I have of Mr Bullet is that there is just WAY, WAY too many ads!!! Some of them last 30 seconds, which is a real waste of time, and no, the fact that the game is free is NO consolation. I can understand infiltrating ads in the game but I really don’t see any reason for this many ads; especially when they interrupt the flow of the game. Otherwise I love it! And, yes, I admit, despite the overabundance of ads I still keep on playing!.Version: 2.9

Good Game, Obnoxious CompanyThe game itself is enjoyable, but very easy. Satisfaction when you can beat the stage in the amount of bullets required for 3 stars. The game itself is fine. The company, however, is greedy. I purchased the ad free version because you get an ad every two levels if you don’t purchase it. A few days later I was asked to give analytics and feedback and also allow them to use my information to share ads. I clicked no, they gave me a warning somewhere along the lines of “if you do not allow us to do this you are making our game harder to develop”. I clicked “I understand” and played another few rounds. About two rounds in, I get a banner at the top of my screen essentially shaming me for not sharing info and analytics. It takes up a good portion of the top. The top where ads usually are. And it only goes away if I allow them to use my data. This game is fun but this company is greedy and manipulative in many ways..Version: 2.2

Please, no more missionsJust like the title says. Everything else in the game is fine but I really do not like the missions. For those who don’t know, missions in this game are where you do 4 or 5 consecutive levels in a row. You get some more bullets, but only enough where if you do every level perfectly, you get 3 bullets remaining (which would equal 3 stars, the highest rating possible.) The problem is, Mr. Bullet is based on trial and error. Some levels are ridiculously easy, while others need you to aim at a very specific angle in order to get a 3 star rating. And in missions, if you miss a shot, that bullet’s gone forever, even if you restart that level. If that happens, the only way to get 3 stars is to restart the entire mission, which can get tedious. Everything else is good though. I recommend this game..Version: 2.5

Supa dupa fly!I genuinely enjoy this game a lot!! It reminds of a PC game I used to be hooked on called ‘Stupid Zombies’. Insanely simple but also insanely entertaining! I love aim games, but many of them (for Iphone/iOS) are either too difficult to control where you’re shooting (for some reason they have that scope which doesn’t steady, and it like moves around a bit instead of just staying still..) or just have too many random elements that muck the game up or make It too difficult due to how clustered it is. This is just so easy to learn and i strongly recommend it to anyone who likes shooting games, aim games, simple/easy games!.Version: 3.8

Great game :)This game is so fun! I love it and it is really underrated. The ads don’t pop up so much either! You can buy new characters and weapons to! Most games I have played like this have ads every moment But this one has ads like one or two every 20 minutes! And for everyone saying “this game crashes” first of all your going to need to have decent internet to play it obviously, and why are ppl leaving a horrible review.. like Um okay Chile anyways.. but overall this game is really fun I had no problems! But one suggestion you should probably make more characters! It would be so fun if you could make superhero’s like hulk, Batman, Superman, just a example and maybe for the holidays you could make Santa, the grinch, elf’s, ya know. Anyways you should totally download this game it’s really fun and if your bored you should download this game! Happy playing! 🤍.Version: 5.8

Could be more difficultAs I read some of the reviews I feel the same. The game lacks currently any level of difficulty. I could have easily finished in a single day but due to life took 3 days to finish all levels including hostage, Grenada, and mission. I was hoping that at some point it would become challenging but sadly it didn’t. I know it must be difficult to create games such as these. I will happily say no glitches or app shutting down randomly. I believe this game can be better I would probably recommend that a forge mode be created where people can summit possible level ideas as long as they’re able to be completed. I think that would bring a lot of ideas to the game and could help the developers make the game amazing..Version: 1.10

I’m not doing the right to make it but if I don’t know how I feel I canHello 👋 I would be willing executioners to a date night and then would have to a bar for the night I had some drinks 🍹 I had some good things and it would like it but I’m going back with a good time with it because it is so so I mean I don’t have any more time for now or do I want you to do it and I just had a lot going to be a good night 😴💤🌙😘 day was the way it I will see what the video was it would have and then you I can get the picture you send the money 💵 I don’t want it because you want it but you I know I money 💰 money 💴 was ijrjfjfutt I was a very warm and I hope 🤞 is a day for me a lot.Version: 1.12

Love itThis is the best game ever I so love it omg I love the music in it too my little brother has it too and he loves it and he’s played it so many times that I can even I love this game sooooooooooo much you should download this game I love love love love it it is my favorite game on my I pad EVER I’m so happy that I got this game and also my friends even have it a s than said that that absolutely LOVE this game that said it is there favorite game ever so download it now trust me just do it and I’m only 7 and omg this game is SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!! I just can’t even like omg I’m obsessed with this game it’s my favorite game ever I just can’t stop talking about this game u HAF to get it like I’m seriously seriously OBSESSED so.. # BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.8

Better than I thoughtWhen I saw the ads for this game I thought “ugh that looks like it has potential but I can only imagine how disappointing it will be” then months later my best friend recommended it and I’ve been hooked. I haven’t even had the game 24 hours and I beat hostage mode and am quickly working through the classic mode. It does make me wonder how quickly I might beat the remaining modes. I gave it 3 stars because I can’t deny how much I enjoy the game BUT it does bother me how I have to pay for a character that has my skin color. There is one female character (that’s free) and one person of color that cost. If a wider variety of skin colors were free through daily prizes It’ll be much more inclusive. Of course with more variety through payment which is understandable, but if we’re representing one race that’s automatically free there should be a bit more free variety too..Version: 2.6

Great App but, I u installed and now all the progress I made is gone.Today I uninstalled the app because after I updated to version 3.0 the app was continuously force closing. I believe I opened the app 3 times to a force close before uninstalling it. Then, when I installed the app again it forced closed. Now, the app is opening fine but I have lost all the progress I had made. I had 3 star'ed almost every caregory of levels except for the game mode called "Missions." I'd rather not have to do all this work again so is there any help I can receive? Other than this issue the app has been awesome one of my favorite gaming experiences on IOS so I'd like to continue where I'd left off. If it wasn't for this issue I talked about above I'd give the game 5 stars easily. A great game and I recommend it to anyone who's into mobile gaming..Version: 3.0

CHANGING MY REVIEW to HORRIBLEThese developers must be crazy to think people will pay $6 a month to stop the ads. The game is not NEARLY that much fun. Had they charged me $5.99 upfront to pay for this game, I would have paid it happily. I believe developers have the right to be paid for their work, but they must be reasonable. I’m SO tired of having to constantly close the game and reopen it so I’m not subjected to the incessant ads and I will NEVER, EVER sit through ads. You will probably find the occasional idiot who will pay you $6 a month, but not very many and certainly NOT ME. You should have charged a fee upfront and then been done with it. I just deleted the game. P.S.: To Poconogal, do you REALLY think you are getting something over on these developers by installing the games they advertise and then deleting them? How stupid can you be! All they want is for you to watch the ad. Installing the games advertised is icing on the cake for them. They don’t care if you play the games they advertise. And they certainly don’t care if you delete them. Use a little common sense!.Version: 3.7

Fun game for long play and for quick playKept seeing ads for this game and finally decided to check it out. Not disappointed at all, very fun little time waster. Characters look great, rag doll deaths are fun to watch and levels guarantee replay if you want to get everything in one shot. I haven’t had any problems with the game crashing or anything and that automatically makes a game more fun. I could sit on my couch and play for a couple hours straight but if you just want something to play on your phone when you have a break from work, then this is a fun way to spend that break. So five out of five stars..Version: 1.12

Legislative ggggThe only thing that can do it is a little more fun and challenging at times and you have nothing else to lose in it haha is a really great game to get it and the free app is the only time to get to it it won’t let me go to a store or anything but it is fun but it’s not worth buying the game but it doesn’t have to get to play well with my friends I play the game with friends but I cannot was like I had a game for years but it’s fun and it really helps me to keep my score and the game play for my kids and it will be fun but I cannot it is to the point I don’t want the game going down and it doesn’t make it any better if it is a good game it has a little different and the more I can do it and it’s fun.Version: 3.7

Overall goodI've had this game for a while and I really like it. I try to get three stars on every level and it's not too easy but also not too frustrating. The only complaint I have so far is with missions. Usually I try and use the least amount of bullets possible so that I can get all the stars, but sometimes my aim is a bit off or I take a while to realize how to beat the level. My point is its really annoying that when I've used too many bullets and need to reset the level, my bullets don't come back and I have to restart the whole mission. I dont know if this is intentional or not, but either way it is very annoying. It doesn't make it more challenging, it just makes me not want to play. Other than that though this is a really great game and it's very fun..Version: 2.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.14

Fun game bit repetitiveThis game is gold, I’ve never played a game quite like it, the animations can be pretty funny too. It gets progressively harder, but can be clocked in a few days. You get 5 lives if you can’t pass a level you loose 1, once all your lives are gone then you have to wait, this is lame, reduces game play, should be removed, especially if you’ve paid to have ads off, the work around is to kill the app and relaunch..Version: 1.11

Obnoxious levels of advertising constantly stop you playing the gameI downloaded this after (ironically) seeing the add for it. It seems fun, but the ads are EVERYWHERE. Constantly at the bottom of the screen, if you click “retry” you get one, if you go to the next level you might get one... yes, there is an option to pay to remove ads, but the level of advertising in this game is so insultingly high I couldn’t actually figure out if I enjoyed it enough to pay for it. I literally spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game..Version: 2.4

AMAZINGI love ❤️ puzzle games SO MUCH and this it the best one I have got! I give this a 5 star🌟 because of how addictive the app is. I play it every day. I have told 🤗 my friends that they should get it and loved ❤️ it as well!!! They play it every day as well as me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.9

A lot of room for improvementThe premise of the game is simple enough: shoot all of the bad guys. Once you get to the later stages, the game starts throwing a few more challenging levels at you. There is also a few alternative game modes for a variety of challenges. Unfortunately, that’s where the good part stops. Although there is a decent number of puzzles, 95% of them will likely be cleared in your first attempt (often with a perfect score) meaning that there is very little challenge in the game. There are problems with the daily reward the game offers (most times it will not give you any reward at all) meaning you will miss out on some of the mini games that are only available as a reward). The game offers to remove the ads for a payment, but for a game which will last most players a couple weeks at most, $4.49 is asking way too much for the service (just play the game on airplane mode, you’ll be fine). Many of the offers for in-game rewards are similarly overpriced. Implementing a “daily challenge” featuring random puzzles would be a nice addition to the game as well, as it would give a reason to continue playing. The premise of the game itself is enjoyable, but it needs to improve itself if it wants to keep the players happy..Version: 1.12

Best game everThis game is so fun it starts off easy but then it gets a little hard but then it’s hard so I hope mr bullet is a good game oh and I forgot one more thing you can receive prices from playing the game and it’s very cool make sure you download this game and have fun thank you.Version: 2.9

LachlanIt’s an a Waimea game with endless possibilities and I think they have done a great job making this game! But I would like a game mode where There’s a possibility of shooting yourself like the ads that would be great! But over all I think this game definitely deserves a 5 star rating! Great job!.Version: 2.6

Love playing this gameLove playing this game. Need to use my brain to work out the right angle to shoot and get the three stars. Lots of different scenarios so does not get boring. Short ad breaks are annoying but so far have not felt the need to purchase anything..Version: 3.4

SatisfyingVery satisfying game, makes me laugh. Although as a suggestion it would be great if the game would give you hints on the harder levels. Also please make more levels plus I can’t/don’t know how to access to play the other last 2 levels?? But overall fun game to play, thanks :)).Version: 1.5

Great game but 1 wishMr bullet is a great game but sometimes there’s a little too many ads but overall, love the game and it entertains me when I’m bored with the ads kind of come to fast between every single level so I figured out a way to stop them but when I can’t to be annoying you turn off your Wi-Fi but it’s not the best when 1 million ads come on that you already got game of all just comes on all the time..Version: 1.12

I got an idea for a new modeSo I have played this game for a while now and I thought of an idea for a new mode called Sniper Mode! On the first level you have to look for the bad guy with the scope and kill him. And another example, you look for a button and shoot it so a TnT block explodes and kills the bad guy. You can also look at the map from where you are by pressing a button on your screen to disable the scope. I would *really* love it if you add my idea..Version: 2.9

A very good game but you have to unlock mini gamesIt’s a very good game but you have to unlock the mini games, so you have to play lots. If your new to the game, then it might be hard to to get the mini games, but still you can practice and get them!.Version: 5.3

It’s ok but………I think it’s a great game! It’s sound affects are super funny and every time it goes OOF! The sad thing is they could improve it with the levels on the normal one being harder as you go. Last time I played it I kept grunting “too, easy way to easy”. Second thing I don’t like is not when I’m playing that game the other games have ads for Mr bullet EVERYTIME!!! 😡 my sister said “ if you hate it so much we’ll why are you still playing it?” The reason is it relives my blood pressure and my stress levels. Over all it’s great!! ✌️✌️✌️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😜😜😜.Version: 2.6

AmazingI finished the game in a couple days with 3 stars for every mission type. Very enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who played the ricochet game on those online game sites years ago. It’s very enjoyable but too many ads I have to say.Version: 1.12

CoolOMG this is the best app in the world of the year amp the last time we had the opportunity together never mind the other one was going through my Twitter first night at work the moment he started the second half his team did the same as the season with him on Sunday after being released from an early release.Version: 2.6

Love it! But some adds are annoying...I love the game! I use it when I feel like killing someone! But there some adds that get annoying... Buttttr rather than that it’s a really good game? And how many chapters can people do? Well thank you! Byeeeeee! Please replie and good work at the game, keep up the good work good job too! 👋.Version: 1.9

Mr bulletThe game is really fun and entertaining plus I love the blood in also you have to kill Spies and people. that’s why I give it a five star rating. But the only thing I don’t like about it is that you have three blitz in your gun and it gives you one more or maybe three more extras..Version: 2.8

Your the bestThis app is so great I wanna play it all day and night I love the game so much because it is a great and fun game to play with friends or family. I am not going to say anything bad because you have a great game. I am saying this to you because you need to know how much you have a great app. Bye 🤩.Version: 5.1

GREATI love this game it is simple yet challenging I have already completed all the levels so can you please add more also when I play I usually have to turn off wifi because of an ad every two levels or so. Other than that this game is great and I would highly recommend..Version: 1.10

Brilliant!!!I just love this game! From simple concepts comes a group of brilliant games. The simplicity of the graphics (comic like) add to not detract from the game. I'm loving the addition of Duets (On line PVP) and Friendly Fire, especially as I had finished most of the other game types! Just brilliant all round, please keep up your excellent work!.Version: 2.0

Good gameI recently left my mothers house and moved into my fathers house where there is no wifi I didn’t really have much to do other then play games on my phone I ended up doing every mission there are some really hard ones especially if you where trying to do 3 stars I’ve done all of them with 3 stars there are hundreds of missions but my problem is that I’ve done them all I would really appreciate if you would add more missions thanks. Jack.Version: 2.4

ImprovementsPretty good. When aiming it is a bit inaccurate. To improve this should if bullet is bouncing off something, you should be able to see where it will end up. I think a new feature to add could be different guns to collect. This would add a new sense to the game. Others then these improvements I believe that this game is enjoyable and I recommend this to others..Version: 1.12

Great gameNot saying the violence is great but it relieves sooo much stress, everyone has those times where you just wanna kill something, so now i can do it in this game where no one will actually get hurt and you won’t go to jail lol 😂😂 (sidenote: I would never actually kill someone).Version: 2.5

Really good game for killing time (pun intended)I really enjoy the game, especially if I have some time to kill. Though I wouldn’t recommend it to kids as I don’t really like kids playing games of shooting somebody. (You can disagree with me on this game-generates-violence matter, until you can come up with a convincing argument, I don’t care) And the ads sometimes are a bit intrusive and takes a bit long. I can tolerate 15 second ads but I think 30 second ones are a bit long. All in all, a good game with some good puzzles although sometimes I think the levels are a bit hard to solve..Version: 2.8

Addictive and funnyThis game gets you in and you find yourself losing track of time. A great physics game where you work out how to hit the target by ricocheting bullets off obstacles. The sound effects are amusing as well as the targets and the levels..Version: 2.5

Don’t like do likeI don’t like the second level cause you can’t actually see where you are shooting and you can’t shoot at the right spot but I like level on and I enjoy the game a lot good job keep making more good games By the bowers.Version: 2.3

Great game but a bit too easyI love this game soo much it’s amazingly addicting and I could play it all day every day. The only reason I have is that the levels are easy. Quick problem solver if you experience a lot of ads you can turn of your mobile data or wifi and play the same offline it’s just that you have to turn your mobile data or wifi back on to get something. All in all this is an amazing app and I recommend it to anyone whom is 7+ 👍👍👍👍.Version: 5.7

The game is fun, waaaaay too many ads thoughLike I said the game at self is fun but they’re just way too many ads for one to actually enjoy the game and get into the spirit of it. For example after every for five or six scenes or rounds and ad pops up. So because there are so many ads I actually uninstall the game because I just got sick and tired of it. I understand that your pay in nothing for the game at self so you have to be exposed adds to adjust revenue, but there has to be a better way there just has to be..Version: 2.5

Mr bulletHi Mr bullet is a very amazing game with the perfect amount of adds. Mr bullet is a addictive fun game and if I could say one bad thing is that when you kill the people they make the grossest sounds but that does not matter other than that it’s a very good game I definitely recommend this amazing game Thank you for reading!.Version: 2.3

👍❤️Hey his game is excellent for people who cannot concentrate because if you play this game you will I’ll have to concentrate on where you are shooting and where you have to shoot so I have given this game a four star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️because sometime it can get a little to hard but then the next level like 5 levels above where it actually should belong so maybe improve your levels.Version: 2.5

Ok Just AddOk the gameplay is neat but it would be better if you had a machine game mode and the machine picks a random player and you had to fight each other and you could choose weapons to kill each other with and before you start the match you can choose a place to start and you can random up the map! Written Bye Alara a true fan of Mr Bullet.Version: 2.5

Great gameIt downloads and loads quickly, gameplay is super fun and really easy to understand. Ads are short and come only between levels. Really fair and fun game. Not a lot of replay ability but it’s a puzzle game it does what it sets out to do..Version: 1.12

Mr bulletHi,I’m Matilda and I like this game beacause I just got it today and I’m so much fun playing with it and I rated it a 5 star cause this game is the best and I love it so please make another game that is part 2 and if you do I would really appreciate that what you have done and I absolutely love this game so if you make a part 2 I would love these people making these games and some of the games cost money and I can’t get that so please make all of the game(s) free so people can all get all of the games cause some of the people in this world is poor so all of the people that make all of these games please make them all free..Version: 1.8

Mr Bullet - Spy PuzzlesI love this game, it’s super fun, just the gruesome sounds sort of make he feel sick, maybe just make it say, K.O Yeah? it’s okay if you don’t. I understand other players may enjoy the sound, I’m just saying... I know I can turn my volume down but I like the music! Good job on the game I enjoy it very much. In my opinion it’s sort of satisfying.. anyway Here’s the review! No h8..Version: 2.6

Nearly PerfectThe game is nice and easy so you can relax and murder people,I think you could make a few more modes and make the game a bit harder other wise it gets boring 1 shotting every level,also there's way to many ads nut other than those things I would say it's a four star game!.Version: 2.4

Great game, ads too intrusiveTotally understand that the ad version is inevitable for the free version, but did the ads have to be so intrusive? To have to wait 30 seconds for an ad every time 3 levels are completed (you can finish 3 rounds at the time in around 15 seconds) makes it so you spend more time waiting for the ad to finish than you do actually playing the game. And there’s ALSO ads across the bottom of the screen. I don’t think I’ve seen a game before with such ad overload. If I enjoy a game enough to buy it, but the ads are so intrusive that I have no choice to pay for it, I will purposefully not pay for the game. Paying because you are forced to isn’t a good business model..Version: 2.4

Ads ads adsI enjoyed the game but unfortunately it started to get repetitive/easy I passed all the levels and missions to see what I could buy with saving all that money = Not much, you spend it on the vending machine and with all that money I think I got 5 different skins and all the rest repeats.., And the free version has WAAAAAAY to many ads they need to be cut in half, it was pretty much a ad after every mission 😐.Version: 1.8

Me bulletIt is a very good game but the only thing you need to fix is that to try not to see the blood as much when they die because it is a bit sad to see because that is how some people died.Version: 2.9

Really funSo I downloaded mr bullet yesterday and I actually genuinely like it. I mean lots of games like this don’t take my interest but I got a ad of it and I downloaded it and I really like it! I think the blood makes the game better as we don’t get many game like this and there’s a blood-off mode for parents who don’t really want their kids seeing blood. I think I’ll be playing the game till it dies! So I’m rating 4 stars because it’s a great game but my only problem is once in a while it will crash and also the amount of ads but I just switch my internet off😏. So for those looking in the reviews for whether they should get the game it’s a good game so if your in to spy gun games, get it!.Version: 2.0

It is greatThis app is addictive and really fun, but the amount of ads there is is a bit over the top. I get ads after every game. It is very annoying and special offers come up about every game and you have to wait like 5 seconds before you can exit. So overall this game is very fun but there are to many ads.Version: 5.7

Not a lot of mini gamesThe game in general is fun but the facts that there is to many ads is so boring to wait and that you don’t really have a choice of what to play the options are quite small so try and have less ads and more games thanks.Version: 1.11

This game is SO FUNThis game called Mr Bullet I only just bought this and I’m already on chapter 6. This game is so fun all though I play this for like an hour everyday I can’t stop playing this game it is pretty addicting. My hole family is playing this game and they won’t stop. Since I love it 5 star rate!..Version: 1.12

10 starsIt’s a really fun game that you will never get bored of. The game is a Aim and precision shooting game for kids. It’s super fun and worth checking out. You will most definitely like. This is why if I could give 10 out of 5 stars I would!.Version: 1.12

Boring!Far too many ads. You play 3 levels then have to watch a 30sec ad. It takes about 15sec to play 3 levels so you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. As for the game, it’s not challenging at all. It’s a very simple concept and it’s pretty much impossible to fail a level or not get a perfect score. Which means my level of interest diminished very quickly. I deleted the app after playing for about 15min as I felt it was a waste of time. I’d contemplate paying to remove ads if the game itself was more interesting but it failed..Version: 2.4

Good gameThis is a game that people that like hard but also fun puzzles you are going to have a good time. This is also a game that has different characters that you can choose from. I hope you have a good time just like me.Version: 5.3

AddictiveGreat game to play if you've got those extra few minutes between tasks. If the tasks aren't important to you, you'll probably end up playing a lot more than a few minutes..Version: 2.5

Mr bulletI really enjoy playing this game. It’s really fun and good for fun. A you can find all sorts of fun ways to kill the baddies! The only down side is the amount of adds! There’s just way to many to enjoy the game! Maybe one or two after every two but not 3 adds after 1 level! Aside from that a really fun game and would recommend..Version: 2.9

Great game but lots of adsThe game itself is lots of fun. Several modes so you can keep playing for a while. The ads are super annoying though. If you want to restart a level to get 3 stars, click the top right hand icon rather than waiting for round it end. You can avoid some of the ads this way.Version: 1.12

A bossI’ve been playing this game for a year and it’s really good the shooting throwing and the 200IQ plays just make you feel like a total boss and with all the enemy skins and yours to are just glorious. With all the seasons and fun missions this game is 1 of the best mobile games. Although it lags on my phone and has Aton of ads every 2 minutes it’s still a REALLY Good Game.Version: 5.10

Good game but ads are way to frequentIt’s a really good game concept and plus there’s more that one game mode so it stays fresh for quite a while. My main issue with the game is the ads every time I get on to a new level there’s an ad if they could cut down the ads that would make the game way better.Version: 3.6

Great Way to Pass TimeAs the title indicates, this game is actually a really good way to pass time, the abundance of tricks and such really makes you focus on the game, the only thing I wanted more to be honest is even though this may sound weird is that I want it to be more graphic..Version: 1.11

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Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles 5.14 Update

Version 5.14 (2021-07-16): - Bug Fixes.

Version 5.13 (2021-06-30): - Bug Fixes.

Version 5.11.1 (2021-06-21): - Bug Fixes.

Version 5.10 (2021-04-25): Compatibility fixes.

Version 5.8 (2021-01-06): +Bug Fixes and improvements.

Version 5.7 (2020-12-05): Bug Fixes.

Version 5.6 (2020-09-19): Bug Fixes.