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Dirt Trackin 2 features all the fun elements in the original version and more for our high horsepower thrilling sport.

• A full Race Weekend includes Time Trials, Heats, and A-Main races.
• 5 car models: Super Late Model, Crate Late Model, A-Mod, B-Mod, and Street Stock
• Car customization
• Race Replays
• Race Weekend
• In-game hosted race events!
• Real-world and fictional tracks.
• Real-world and fictional drivers.
• Leaderboards
• 5-Cup Career mode
• Customizable cars
• 3 control schemes
• Adjustable AI strength including an Easy, Medium, Hard and insane mode
• Highly competitive AI
• Real-time competitive Multiplayer
• Xbox, PS4, PS5 and other Controller Support

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Dirt Trackin 2 App User Reviews & Comments

EhThe game is great and you can make new friends, but the ADRS page is a joke. You post anything and have people being rude which causes you to leave so you can calm down and you won’t be allowed back in and they’ll call you names. It’s a decent game, but they want you to join ADRS to get codes for races, so you end up getting sucked up into the drama.. They won’t delete half the people that cause the drama or that are rude because they’re the “big shots”. They end up promoting some of the problem starters to admin or a moderator.. Bottom line is the game is worth it, but I’d avoid the ADRS Facebook page..Version: 1.5.7

Great game but.....The game is pretty great overall but one huge problem I have with is that on restarts and initial starts the inside lane has a huge advantage like you could start 2nd and be back to 6th by corner 1 cause you’re getting passed by the inside line......and sometimes the game glitches where your car or the car in front of you won’t move until the green is thrown really messing up your race.Version: 1.2.3

Has alot a potential but the handling is an issueI love this game I bought the first game and honestly i thought the handling was on point with that game you could save your self from a spin and the wall wasn't so catchy but in this game is you over correct just alittle or even get a little tap from another car and start to go right at that point you are goin around without any chance to save it its a great game just a little tweeking and itll be great.Version: 1.0.14

Awesome but feel like it could be betterI love this game and it is 100% the best mobile dirt track racing game. But if there could be some changes or different mechanics to how the suspension flexes, or how the AI runs, and different lines around the track other than just the bottom that would be much better. Once there is a change I will surely be back to give it 5 stars!.Version: 1.0

Great game for a phone.The graphics for this game are way better than the first one. More in depth in the game as well. I think a cool option to add would be for yellow flags or all flags, if wanted, and damage too possibly. Also online could be worked on, like after a race and I finish 2nd, it says I finished 4th, which I don’t know where it got that from. Plus other players seem oddly faster than others while running the same line. I’m not sure if it’s player mistake or what, but could be looked into and/or fixed. Overall love this game!.Version: 1.0.17

Great gameThe game is top notch and by far the best Dirt track game for iPhone. I would like to see more cars running in the championship mode with a B main also being added. I also think that the AI difficulty needs to be harder for the platinum cup and insane mode.I would also like to see the new tracks get added to the Career mode as well..Version: 1.0.20

Graphics Quality is amazing!If you’re looking for a racing game depicting real life quality, this is the game for you! Graphics are amazing, quality of the content is top notch and the overall feel is the closest you’ll get to playing a sim without the crazy overhead costs. Don’t wait to buy it, check the reviews and hit buy today!.Version: 1.0

Racing simI honestly like the game and I’ve seen a couple reviews I’ve read that would really emphasize the game a lot like being able to get your own set up on your own car and making it tighter or loser and the damage aspect on the first game you could at least see the body’s bend and even cautions on all races should be automatic because when that pops on you lose focus of the races but I do like how you can customize the car and also it’s a lot slower and the same thing I’ve seen is also it doesn’t slide like it does realistically and you lose so much speed and also on the start the other ai cars get the jump on you. Other then all of this it is a awesome game I just wish it was more realistic..Version: 1.2.8

Awesome game but really need caution lapsI love the game mechanics and visuals are pleasing. However, I’m only giving 4 starts because I wish that there were more of the real tracks from the original version. I also really believe that a caution flag would make this game a lot better. I’m so tired of AI spinning me out and then the only way for me to get back into position is to wait till the whole pack passes me and then i get to the front and it happens again. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like a yellow flag or at least an option to include them would really make this game 5 stars..Version: 1.0.04

Amazing experience butI love this game a lot and love the grove lines but the only thing I wish is that the barriers on the in Side and outside of the track some times I think I will be fine entering the turn just to hit an invisible wall so if you moved them a little closer to the tires that would be great also let you jump the bank if you ride to high on atomic speedway also the AI but I know that’s a work in progress other than these things the game is amazing and I love playing it thanks for reading.Version: 1.0.03

Good game but needs cautions and more car selectionsI’ve been around dirt racing my whole life and I know as a fan and driver that there are cautions this game would be so Amazing with cautions. Also there is a game called max DTR with so many car selections from front wheel drive to sprint cars. I would love to see big block modifieds and front wheel drive cars it would be Awesome if you could add in racing go karts, but over all great game..Version: 1.0.29

Great game but...I own all of the Dirt Trackin’ games, this one would be the best of the three by far if the mechanics of the cars and the AI cars are fixed right now the AI cars in the lower levels are exceptionally slower than your car and have a lot better chance to wreck you than you do them in a lap traffic scenario. I’ve had to restart numerous races because you get spun by a lap car and can’t get back going again because they all run the same line in line there’s no different grooves like there were in the first game as well. If these things are fixed this will be the best dirt track game on iOS 100% Edit: Developer actually reached out to address the issues and most of the complaints have been fixed or in the process of being fixed 10/10 customer service! By far the best dirt track game on the App Store.Version: 1.0.02

Great gameThis is a awesome game period. You guys keep making it better and better. From adding tracks and classes to the driver view mode with the body roll it’s as close to being in my mod as it can be. I’m sure it will only get better with time. From one racer to another this is a freaking awesome game thank you I simply love it!!!.Version: 1.0.15

As good as it gets!I NEVER write reviews but had to for this game just because I enjoy it so much. I had the first one and this is definitely worth the upgrade. The developer is always tweaking to make things better and more realistic and is active on Twitter if you have any questions. As a guy that’s driven, it’s as close as you are gonna get on your phone to the real thing. I can say this because I already paid :p but I would of paid more!.Version: 1.0.11

RecommendationI love the game I think it is great but I do want to maybe see some more of the tracks from the last game like Lucas oil speedway, gateway, flood plains, USA raceway, and maybe some of the old drivers for all the divisions like for the late models Ronnie White, Will Roland, Jason Feger, Brandon Thirlby and from the modifieds Ashley Mehrwearth, Nick Club and from the street stocks Jim bloom this is just something ied like to see again it is just an opinion.Version: 1.2.4

Highly recommendHey Tim, love what you have done with the handling and the reaction of the cars since the Beta Testing this App has come along ways and I like where it’s heading that’s for all the hard work you guys do!! For the first time I don’t have any suggestions cuz you guys have pretty much done every thing I suggested except the putting spoilers on the A-mods other than that I love it!!.Version: 1.0.24

Fun racing gameOnly thing I wish they had different is Non ghost cars online racing , caution flags , personal car set up such as air pressure and springs to make the cars loser or tighter and little fast. Also the cars seems anytime you slide a little you lose a lot of speed why I say this is when I first got the game I was turning times about an half second faster and setting online lap times and now I can’t get close to those times it seem like everything has slowed down but there definitely needs to be some set up things or part to put on your car to make everyone differ and drivers be able to decide what works for them.Version: 1.0.25

Love it, but handling still needs some tweakingI’ve been around dirt racing my whole life. I love the graphics! I also Love all the aspects you have incorporated into the game from the different classes and different paint schemes you can mess with. (Especially my favorite driver #24H Mike Harrison) You’ve captured my childhood in game form and I love it! I would definitely recommend this to my friends. The only thing that I’m having trouble with, the handling of the cars is a just a little off. It’s not bad, but could use just a little tweaking. It’s just frustrating, One second I’m leading the race and the next I’m spinning out, I’ve tried all the types of steering and adjusted the sensitivity... but I’m still having troubles. Any help is greatly appreciated!.Version: 1.0.05

Fix the steering!I’ve had this game for a while and thoroughly enjoy it, but whatever y’all did in the newest update isn’t working. When I enter corners, I can’t turn unless the throttle is down, the car just locks up. If y’all could fix this real soon that would be great, I’m still a huge fan and play it all the time!.Version: 1.2.5

ImprovementsI think it’s a improvement but could be better in career mode it would be nice to have cars get out of the way and not be all over the place. And I would like more irl paints I know there’s a lot but a bloomquist or Davenport would be nice. Tracks need there own unique style there all the same and the actual racing is not near as fun as the first game. I feel like there could be a lot of improvements but it’s a pretty good start. I’m not tying to be picky but it would be really nice to put your own Sponsorship on your car I think that would send the custom car way up.Version: 1.0.20

From a race car driver POVI race a street stock car and I enjoy playing the game but really the only problems I have is that the tracks seem like they are all pretty much the same track just different infields and color dirt. And you should be able to have the option to turn on cations and if you get the pole position you should start on the pole. And it says you can use a ps4 or xbox controller but there isn’t a way that I can find that should be easier to do. Not all tracks are the same and I think you should add more of the big name dirt tracks. But other than that I enjoy playing the game. I have some friends that are race car drivers also that play the game too..Version: 1.0.07

CautionsIt’s overall a good game, just needs slightly better AIs and Insane mode needs to be a little harder, I always win on insane mode. Also, people are saying the game isn’t worth anything, I’ve paid for games that you can’t do anything in because of the AI mechanics. This is the best dirt track racing game you will ever get for mobile..Version: 1.4.8

Please read!!The game is awesome, and y’all have the potential to make it better! 3 things is all I’m asking for! 1. Please make some of the driving like dirt Trackin 1, In my opinion you have to be more talented to drive on the original and I liked it better! 2. Maybe add some more cars like dwarf cars, sprint cars,etc. 3. I want this game to be more of a tuners game! Like adding all the adjustments you could do to a real car, also moving where shocks can be mounted, sway bar, pan hard bar, tire pressure, ride hight , gear ratio , etc. you seeing what I mean? Where you really got to tune the car to be fast. If y’all. Could please look into this that would be awesome! Thanks.Version: 1.5.7

Great game overallMy opinion is I think you should be able to design your own car and also think they should throw flags like real life. And on multiple player it's annoying to run through your opponent. They should be on track with you like a true race on some invisible car..Version: 1.0.27

Devs pleaseeeeeBeen playing this game for years, hands down best dirt track racing game on mobile. That being said I know i speak for everyone when I say can you PLEASE do something, anything with the billboards in the middle of the corners on cushion pushin as when you’re in the middle of the backstretch it looks like a car sitting backwards in the high groove in the middle of the corner, raced tons of times there and every time I’m still like 👀.Version: 1.4.8

Awesome game but I have a few minor requestsI love this game it is a little bit more tricky to catch on too that the other two but over all awesome game. So the two issues well I guess 3... 1: I would love to see some flags on this game and for the lineup to happen so you’re not 3/4 a track back by the time you get yourself reset and have to play catch up. 2: AI cars need too be programmed with some sort of avoidance so they aren’t just driving through people like tanks all the time. And 3: some people may like it but the pass through on multiplayer is distracting, annoying and I feel like it takes away from the actual experience of racing online. But like I said love the game it consumes most of my free time just some things to think about. Also if you guys go to make another game make one with mod lites late model lites micros and midgets or update the sprint cars game to carry those classes or just the mod lites anyway.Version: 1.0.15

Slide job cityNot sure if its for just me or not but this is by far my favorite track and every time i race it automatically puts my position to 1 no matter if im dead last or 10th so when I’m trying to run a realistic race i cant use the caution because it’s an automatic first place not a huge deal but kind of takes away from my absolute favorite mobile game.Version: 1.6.2

Dang, burned againCan’t believe I just blew more $ on Bennett. Have the original and love it (steering isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good). Only worthwhile dirt racer out there. Was super excited to get sprint cars, only to find it to be the worst racing game ever (wanted to drive, not go skating). So I saw this one and thought it’s like the original, only better! Nope. Looks like you went with the same steering mechanic you have in sprint - can’t make a lap without hitting the wall or spinning. What a bummer. PLEASE, don’t mess with the original. Leave us with one decent racing game. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. EDIT: just read your reply. I must say I am impressed by the way you respond to players and offer to help them. That alone makes me an admirer...just can’t stand the controls. I have lots of racing games. Don’t have problems with any except yours. But, for your response, I’m bumping you from 1 star to 3..Version: 1.0.15

Four stars just short of fiveLove the game over especially multiplayer player mode. Would like to see cautions, ability to set up car and more options in the paint booth. The one big problem I have is that for some reason my multiplayer rank points reset to 0 everyday is that supposed to happen and if so how do some racers have upward of 3000 points? Overall great game and worth the $3.99!.Version: 1.0.06

NOT IMPRESSED! HORRIBLE!I was raised in and around Dirt Track Racing in Southern Missouri and this game is nothing like how the cars handle, you can't even control the darn cars! Yes I know they are supposed to slide but there is no control to the slide or grip or throttle control. It's literally like driving on ice and the steering is horrible too, y'all had a better game with the original dirt trackin' but I have bought the original, Sprint cars and this one and I have to say the Sprint cars were horrible too! This might be the last time I buy one of your games. These games need a total makeover to be good, go back to the original concept but add some realism like iRacing Dirt or rFactor Dirt have and you might be on to something until then, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!.Version: 1.0.02

Best Mobile Racing GameDirt Trackin’ 2 improves on an already great series. The racing is super fun and the car controls are smooth and responsive. Perfect for a quick time killer with a Single Race or to spend more time on a full race weekend or career mode. The real life tracks and drivers that are included add some really cool authenticity to the game. The only things missing is Portsmouth Raceway. Hopefully it can be added in a later update or made available as a track purchase. I’d also love to see an option to use a paired Xbox One controller added. That being said, if you are a dirt racing fan, this is a must buy..Version: 1.0.04

The Best Dirt Track Game on Mobile!The first Dirt Trackin’ was great. But when this one came out it came out worse than the first. The graphics were way better but the physics and sense of speed sucked. But through all the updates this game has come such a long way. Physics are way better, there’s a better sense of speed now as well. Great work guys! I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the cautions next update!.Version: 1.1.6

A couple of fixes maybeThe game is great for a mobile game, the only thing I have an issue with is the a.i. cars not turning and door banging all the time, when they do that, they at least need to lose speed. Also, the curve of going from bronze being able to lap the field, to silver, takes hell winning a race. I don’t know what is in store for gold cup. Wish me luck!.Version: 1.0.27

Very Weird HandlingThe game looks nice and it’s definitely fun, but the physics are completely off. You need to keep the throttle all the way down at all times to maintain any control at all. If you don’t have the throttle down, the car handles like it’s on ice. This makes it near impossible to drive through traffic, because you have to decide if you want control over speed or direction of the car. You can’t have both. Taking your foot off the throttle should not make the back end kick out more through a turn than full throttle..Version: 1.0.12

Don’t Waste MoneyThe first version of Dirt Tracking is much better. This one has too many glitches while racing which causes you to get in the wall and fall to last place. You can adjust your steering controls all day long but IT DOES NOT HELP! Only 8 tracks and a handful of driver isle SLM, most of whom I’ve never heard of. Car customization is the same...not much there. If I could get a refund I would. Edit: I’ve continuously tried playing this game and nothing has gotten better. I’ve tried all controls...tilt, arrows, wheel...no avail. Also tried adjusting controls as the event goes on but it’s still horrible..Version: 1.0.03

Great game.....butAwesome game. By far the best dirt racing game out there other than Iracing, of course. The only thing and yes that’s being picky that would make this game better is if in online mode there was contact. It would eliminate the one groove pack racing and make you actually have to pass someone. Yes it would be annoying at first but if there was a way to weed out the idiotic people who would only be there to wreck someone it would make a really good game a great one..Version: 1.4.8

Game ideasWant to start off by saying this is the BEST! Mobile dirt racing game. Just had a couple of ideas on the game, I was thinking if you guys could add a color wheel and a vinyl customizer it would take car customization to the next. Just ideas don’t have to happen but would be amazing if it would happen..Version: 1.4.7

Game update suggestionThis game is a very addicting gam to play. What would make it more interesting would be actual damage to the cars. That way in the race you would have to make a pit stop at the trailer to repair damage. Would also make cars that wreck up front have to go to the rear of the field. I think that would make the game more of a challenge and more addicting to play that would really shake up the points battle in career mode. That’s just my thoughts..Version: 1.6.2

WORTH EVERY PENNYThis game is awesome, if you have the means to buy it I definitely suggest it. Cars handle very well and the graphics are awesome! The paint booth in the hame is also very nice and well made. I don’t have any bad things to say just some things that I think could make it better. 1.) make the cars adjustable 2.) add a few more skins 3.) make tire ware and track conditions change. I’m sure that would take a lot of work on the developers end and I don’t see it happening on DT2 but it would definitely be a cool factor to have. Thanks a lot to the developers. Great job.Version: 1.0.1

Fantastic GameI love this game, it took me a bit to get the controls and sensitivity right but once I did it’s been great. I have found i’m better at the steering wheel, the Only two things I could ask for is the the a full steering wheel, and to be able to put letters with your car number. Overall amazing!.Version: 1.0.17

GraphicsMy only disliks about this game is the suspension graphics on the crate late models and the modified classes. When you let off the gas they don’t drop like the rest of the classes. Also it would be awesome to be able to do tune ups and damage would be nice as well. Those few issues would definitely make this game realistic. The tune ups and damage issues would also do wonders on the sprint car game as well. Other than that it’s by far the best dirt track game I’ve played on my iPhone..Version: 1.1.9

Seasons are waayyyy too long.Love the game but do the seasons really need to be 20 races long??? I think 1 time racing all the tracks is a plenty long enough season. It’s just hard to get through the season. And the online racing isn’t my thing. Some of the online racers are so much faster than everyone else....not sure how they can be 2-3 seconds quicker each lap when every car should be about the same..Version: 1.1.6

This is roughThe cars don’t handle right at all. Cars should slide and you should have to crank the wheel to the right. Cars are also slow. Tracks are all the same, barely different size. Tracks have too much going on around them. If you barely get the car sideways you scrub speed. Other cars are all over the place. I had such high hopes for this game and I just can’t say it’s worth that much. The B mods are insanely slow. Everything about the first game was better except that you can customize any car now. Tracks looked better. Cars ran better. Not very realistic. In every race if you’re on the pole for some reason you start on the outside and they get the jump. So much hype for this...Version: 1.0

Love this game but bug fixesI love this game a ton my favorite track is Elbows up nice track we’re any line is fast but the thing is if you have 20 cars on the track at once it is a mess cars start driving backwards, 10 cars will all get stacked up and create a traffic jam, and number 3 even on insane difficulty I smoke the field I even lap second place at elbows up that’s the only track aside from elbows up needing AI fixes I love this game great work👍.Version: 1.0.27

Questions and Requests!This is one of the best, if not the best Dirt Racing game. I do have some questions. First off I would like to see some Modlites added, that would be so fun to drive around! Anyway you could do that? Another question or request is to add Damage effects, that would also make the game way better. The last request is to add a pit stall, to adjust the car and find a grove on the track. Thank you for making this a great game, I like to see it Updated Weekly thats what makes me play it more. Anyway if you guys can get back to me?.Version: 1.2.2

CustomizationI definitely love this game assist off sensitivity 1.8 with the camera as first person man it don’t get no realer then that other then the real deal 99% perfect. The one thing I DO like but don’t LOVE is the customization in my opinion a full customization type of thing would make this thing 5 stars 100% maybe be able to change the body up bumper more skins and be able to have full control over all the colors skins and all but like I said other then that this game is stellar I have finished the career and all and I keep coming back for more and more.Version: 1.2.3

I liked it more before.....I enjoyed the game a lot before the latest update. Since the latest update, the game has routinely had me finish two to three spots farther back than I actually finish, cars are now somewhat slower than before and during a season, theres always one or two tracks that you have to race with only an overhead view of the track. It’s all very aggravating! It’s a great game, but with the glitches since the last update, it’s not worth playing now, it’s too irritating to not be scored correctly and to not have a chance to race appropriately when you can’t see the track (overhead view).Version: 1.1.9

DamageThis game is amazing and the best dirt game on iOS but if the damage model could be a little more realistic (I know it’s hard on mobile) that would be great and make this a 5 star Also, I think you guys could make a great asphalt racing game with street stocks, asphalt b mods, asphalt mods, limited late models, and super late models, you could just take the already made tracks and make them have a asphalt surface and some more grip, this would be really awesome.Version: 1.0.06

Having issuesHey by far I just want to say the game is great I have all three and this one is great but now I’m having an issue and it’s gotten to be a little aggravating I have stopped playing the game Bc now that I have updated it every time I get on weekend mode I qualify run my heat race and then I start my 30 lap feature and about 5 laps in every time it kicks me to the Home Screen on my phone I hope we can fix this Bc I love this game.Version: 1.4.9

Please read developersGood game has potential to be a great game. Controls are great if I was on an asphalt track on dirt tracks there is more drifting like the original Dirt Trackin game. Also ai needs some type of avoidance mode. If you could fix these issues this game would be my favorite racing game period!!! Y’all are on point with everything else. Graphics are great, visual effects when u hit the gas are awesome just needs a little tweaking. (Again main thing is controls which I know y’all can do just use whatever u had on the original dirt trackin that was perfect.).Version: 1.0.23

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Good gameAre you going to make a sprincar 2 ?? And if so you should put super rods from Australia in it.Version: 1.0.14

Great gameIt’s a great game but could you add the car speed to go way faster and more sideways and maybe a enter from the pits and exit to the pits over all awesome game.Version: 1.2.2

Add all the old trackThe game is amazing but this u have took a lot for the track out on this game and wish they were more to choose from. My favourite track in the first one was gateway speedway and I really wish u could bring it into the game.Version: 1.0.07

FunGreat game and fun i like how the AL’S get tougher as you progress. Dual player is great. Only thing is when playing career the leaderboard times dont add up. At the start it was right. But im only on silver cup on the peo mods and when i finish a feature i can lap 2nd and it still only ahows that 2nd position car finished the complete race time around a second behind me witch doesnt make sense? Other than that great game!.Version: 1.0.02

Awesome gameGrate game good graphics.Version: 1.4.2

Great gameReally fun to play but i would add 2 things. one being the ability to enter the track from the pits and the ability to enter the infield at any time. 2 being brining back the tracks from dt 1, apart from those two things it is a awesome game and i really enjoy playing it..Version: 1.0.23

Great GameWhile we’re in quarantine this is the next best thing.Version: 1.0.24

Great game but one thingThis game is great and all but something that would make my day is a damage option, it would be so cool to crash and then have realistic damage after, so please ad damage in..Version: 1.0.26

Good game one thingThis is an amazing game, there is just two things that I would wish For, that with the street stocks, they race reverse track as well, hence the name ‘street stock’. They are kept stock. And with the speed, it needs to go way faster and the track more slippery to get the car sideways cause the track isn’t that grippy in real life. So Mabey feature it in a new update or something but other than that, good game..Version: 1.0.04

#sooo goood butDamage lots of people are screaming it out there but if you roll and say your car won’t go then what Red lights Red lights would be soo good to have because all the crew members running to you would be so good one thing I don’t think anyone has mentioned is the pitts driving in and out and on to the in field and the little things matter most Other than that It is soo good so thanks to you guys for making this game.Version: 1.6.3

Great gameI like everything about the game and how the graphics have changed since the first dirt Trackin and also how you cans do much more in the garage and race more cars.Version: 1.0.1

GreatGreat game but need to add more tracks like Western Springs and the Perth Motorplex and add damages from hitting other cars and the wall..Version: 1.2.8

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Dirt Trackin 2 1.6.3 Update

Version 1.6.3 (2021-09-01): Bug fixes on Viper Speedway!.

Version 1.6.2 (2021-08-30): Another new racetrack to enjoy - Viper Speedway. A high banked corner and straight quarter mile fictional track is now ready for some dirt action!.

Version 1.6.0 (2021-08-06): A big welcome to Kyle Wiser and Tanner Kellick - 2 winners from our latest contest! We've also added a feature to auto-start heats and main races after an additional 30-second window. Patched in some more bug fixes thanks to our awesome community. #1 - Bug fix on leaderboards showing incorrect delta #2 - Race Events time is now more accurate than before #3 - Better tools for promoters to help them host events easier.

Version 1.5.1 (2021-07-02): Thank you for the overwhelming support for the Race Events feature!! In this patch, we're fixing issues related to players changing their skins automatically, players getting a DNF after finishing an event race and some other life improvement fixes. More fixes will be coming in the next few days!.

Version 1.4.8 (2021-05-21): In this update, we've made substantial changes under the hood. Some of the new stuff you can enjoy include: - Support for the new Xbox Steel series and PS5 controllers! - Added George Dixon Jr. to Super Late Models - Added Proline Synthetics custom skin for Supers and Crate late models.

Version 1.4.7 (2021-04-22): In this update, we're releasing a new Track - Flatline Fairgrounds!! We've also made the following changes: -Final adjustments to the new wall system -Adjusted bottom grip at Cushin Pushin, The Clip, Elbows Up, and Lip Ripper.

Version 1.2.7 (2020-12-19): Improvements in multiplayer timing Off throttle adjustments DPad support for external controllers Better account linking setup.

Version 1.2.5 (2020-12-05): A brand new Replay feature! Record, review, and share any race - watch in slow-mo, TV, and road cameras to get the most of each race. 8 new Street Stock drivers! Please welcome Aaron Poe, Angel Munoz, Robert Cottom, Tory Routier, Dallon Murty, Jake Masters, Randy Smyser, and Joshua Griffith..