Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! App DownloadAmanotes Pte. Ltd.

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! App Download

New popular music songs added. Now you can play dancing ball on the music tile road with various trending genres from the best rhythm Piano to Guitar songs, Pop, Kpop, Hip Hop, Rock and EDM.

Let's feel the beat in this music game with frequently updated hit songs from top singers like Charlie Puth, Alan Walker, Sia etc.

Easy and colorful gameplay to enjoy your favourite songs.

Guide the ball to match other balls of the same color while listening carefully to the music. Collect the coins and Gift Boxes to unlock new treasures. Train your eyes coordination when the ball suddenly change color on the dancing road.

Game features:

1. Original background music in line with beautiful theme

2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories

3. Very simple practice mode with hold and drag control.

4. High quality and various music genres which suit different music tastes.

Let's roll the ball and feel the beat in this Color Matching Game!

We Love You! Enjoy our free music game!

Music game lovers are waiting for you!

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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! App User Reviews & Comments

Fun but misleadingActually seen the add for this on another game; was convince to play because of the songs that were advertised although the game is very fun the song are not what’s advertised only good song Billie Eilish Bad Guy. The big plus is that you can actually play the whole game without having to be forcefully bombarded to buy anything. Has about 78 in the whole game after you finish there is not much you can do to unlock more songs, also a con to many adds of the same game over and over. But it’s a fun game and entertaining had fun beating all the songs hope they load more songs soon this was the only game that didn’t make me lose interest quickly.Version: 1.5.1

The Game is a Masterpiece!!!!🤩🤩🤩I love this game I play it everyday and I’m not deleting it any time soon but some problems...😕. One there r too many ads and I’m not the person who sits and watches ads that are false information 😔. Second sometimes when I’m playing the game and I’m holding the ball the ball wants to go somewhere else to the direction I want it to go😣 so if u can pls fix that problem thanks 🙏 And finally when I saw ur add on another game it looked pretty fun and the add showed u could search up any song u wanted and u could play the game with music so I’m like ok I’m gonna download it and then I’m like where can I search up the songs🧐 and then I’m like ughhh false information 😔 and I know you have to pay but pls make it free🙏 I was so disappointed. But I really love this game tho and if u can fix the problem as that would mean a lot bai!!🤩.Version: 1.5.1

This game is greatThis game is great but how do you searchSongs that you like? Because there’s this song I like and I want to search the song because I can’t find it but still this game is great my sister thinks it’s too easy and I’m like are you crazy to my sister she wanted to delete the app but I like it she couldn’t delete the app and I like how you can actually change the trail that the ball makes when it moves and you can change the road that the ball moves on. There’s this other app that is boring becauseDo you have to do the same thing except with no music I totally like this app better because you can have fun and listen to music at the same time. There is this song that I like called Unity Thafatrat that is so easy but I want it not to be so easy..Version: 1.6.2

This game “beats me”Some things I like about Dancing Road In the title , “beats me” means I don’t understand how this game is so good. I like how there are no levels. There are songs that I know and songs that I didn’t discover ‘til now that I love to listen to whenever I’m in the mood. What I like about this game is it changes things up a bit with each new song. What’s cool about it (in my opinion) It gives you new obstacles with each and every song. Sometimes , the songs get progressively more difficult which I like. This game gives you something to play while giving you music you know or don’t know. I’ve discovered songs that I now love because of this game. Some More Perks Another perk is this game is free. It may not seem like a perk to some people , but a game that’s free and fun is a win in my book. This game is in my opinion great for people of many ages. No Wi-Fi Required Also , this game doesn’t require Wi-Fi for you to play , minus the fact that sometimes you need Wi-Fi to watch ads in order to unlock a new song. Playing DancingRoad kills time like it’s nothing. Some Downsides Only cons in my opinion is the game has glitched for me a few times , you don’t have the ability to actually choose your favorite song , and maybe too many ads. Overall... This game is great for killing time , challenging people , listening to music while occupying yourself , and much more..Version: 1.5.1

So satisfying!!! Plus you can basically look for songs here!Ok guys, you probably played other games with ads and maybe you heard songs you were DYINNNNNNNGGGGG to know the name of it. For example, in my case, there were two songs (How You Like That and 2 Phút Ho’n) that I heard a buuunnnnnch of times in ads and, well, I also haven’t checked this game in a while and I immediately found those songs on this app! There are also a bunch more songs here and so you can just guess a song title if that’s the case for you too and see if it matches the melody😊. It is also so satisfying I don’t really mind the ads even though sometimes there is ads that you cannot close even if you’re not getting a reward. Seriously 99% of this game rating is pros and another pro is that it is just so oddly relaxing! It’s like you literally roll and hit the same color ball as you to the melody of the song you chose! 😍😍😍.Version: 1.7.8

Low qualityOk so you look at all the good reviews but for me this game is really low quality. I mean the game in general can be good at some songs and I do want to make this review changed to really good. For “girls like you” by Maroon 5 it plays the song and freezes when I get to a certain amount of points. It’s REALLY frustrating. Also I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but for songs by certain singers like Maroon 5 and Dua Lipa there is a different singer. For me it is quite noticeable seeing that they have completely different voices and I hate it because those are my favorite singers! Please just care about your users and fix these bugs. Lastly, EVERY song is for an ad instead of just being able to be bought with the in game coins. To me it shows that the creators don’t really care that you are watching multiple ads just to be able to unlock a song that has a different singer and sometimes is low quality and won’t play. -Your concerned user.Version: 1.5.4

The music is so amazing 🤩Hi everybody my name is Jade and this game is so entertaining it’s like you’re a ball and there’s music and you have to crash in to the ball with the right color but if you crash in to the wrong color you like explode 🤯and you get to choose your music before you start the round and if you make it through the whole song I forgot what happened but something coolI mean this game is like so fun I can’t even stop playing it I mean this game is like so entertaining I love it I love it I love it I can’t stop saying I love it I mean I can but still I can’t stop saying it so I really love this game and there’s a VIP access but I don’t get the VIP access but if you got the VIP access there’s no way you don’t have to do anything to have a second chance and I like how do you have to crash in to the right color balls to the beat of the music and when you told your music and you’re a ball you change colors every time you go on that ramp thing guys this game is super fun I’ve been playing it NONSTOP and I was even playing it when we was on the way to the store to go shopping so I hope you love this game if you do tap drag click the link whatever you need to do a download Dancing Road bye-bye (Whisper) I am in love with this game.Version: 1.6.8

Love the app but hate the addsI LOVE THIS APP, the music is amazing 😉 but plz add sr not sr!😬🥺 And also a search bar. But the only thing that makes me go crazy 🥴 is the ADDS 🤯😫 I hate them 😡😡😡!!!!!! I don’t know who likes 👍 them but I don’t 👎! I mean I didn’t wanna watch an add to keep playing but then I just watched a add anyways!😾 I mean I literally just wanna go to a new song idc but they put it on anyways it gets really annoying! And the SUPER annoying part is that you never know when it’s gonna happen. And it really gets on my LAST NERVES!!!!🤬 PLZ GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!😬 And I would also like if we could do races with friends I mean I know that’s kind of random and dumb but hey! I think it would just be a little more fun. But you don’t have to go with people of you don’t want to.🤷‍♀️ Sr this was long and I added LOTS of emojis but I love em! 😜😆 Bye 🙋‍♀️guys and thx if you read the whole 🙄 thing!.Version: 1.5.4

I like it👍🏼Hi whoever reading this... I like this game and have had it for about a year now. Overall this an amazing game. Now here is the reason I gave it four stars instead of five, I don’t know if it is just me or this is normal for other people as well but it will say something like “extreme hard” or “unbeatable level” but I do them all really easily and don’t get any challenge at all, it took me a few minutes to create a strategy and then after that it was the easiest game ever. I highly recommend this game to people who don’t really like the challenge but if you like a good challenge this isn’t the game for u. I love this game and more people should download it but still I am frustrated... Why? Because it only plays little bits and snippets of music and most of the music hasn’t even been sung by the real singer. Anyway I love the app and definitely recommend even if you are like me..Version: 1.6.3

Not GreatI downloaded this game thinking it would be fun to play a game to the beat of some popular songs. Then I actually just played it and realized that since the game doesn’t have rights to the song, they’ve re-recorded them and/or changed it in some way. Especially some songs, which are meant to be bright and fun, changed into techno-type songs with airhorns? And it just kind of bugged me when I noticed that the actual game was slightly off-beat from the music. Small things, but as someone who plays instruments, it was a tad bit frustrating. That being said, if you don’t mind that, I recommend it. But if it does bug you then you probably shouldn’t. Oh, and one more thing. If you want to play multiple songs in a row, even the same song more than once, then the sound will probably cut out. There isn’t any sound while you play the game, which takes some of the fun out of it. So you have to exit out of the app and reopen it, which cab be a bit of a hassle when you’re doing it every few minutes..Version: 1.6.4

Great but a few probsSo I absolutely adore this game but srsly, we NEED to talk about the ads! There is an ad after every song I play. Even if you don’t click on the “Revive” button, or in other words another try. The songs are ok. The ad for the game shows that you get to type in the song you want.... but instead you pick a song on the list. That’s the ONLY reason I got this game! The songs they show on the ad aren’t even there! So what I’m saying is: it needs better song choices. I’ve gotten so peeved at the ads that I got other great games like Paper Io 2, and Brain out. (Which are both amazing games btw.) Everything else is ok. All I’m asking is that you add a few songs that are more popular. Also the ad control. Can you please add those changes? Thank you!.Version: 1.5.1

Littrly adicktedI’ve completed all 93 songs/ levels and there all tree stars and I’ve unlocked all of the roads and balls and I only download this game like four months ago or so but still I do the dally challenges but I also wish that they would add more songs also I wanted to say that I’m so! Happy that they changed the way that they made this one because it such a better quality than I think it was called color bump 3D or something well I download that a while back and it had really bad glitches and it was freezing up all the time and the background wasn’t as cool looking as the this one so no offense but I had to delete that one but I’m just so grateful that they created this app because I will never delete dancing road like I said litterly adickted also highly recommend adding this app to your phones it’s like a must have! App.Version: 1.6.0

My problems and what I likeMy review is going to be a good thing and a not so good thing well I’m going to say the bad thing first, here it is the song in the add I liked and thought would be cool if I downloaded it so I did and tried looking for the song and I couldn’t find it so I only know 2 or 3 songs I know in it but yeah, here’s the good thing I’m going to say,the game was fun and it was kinda like color road but like an upgrade or something the songs on there is great 👍 and some I don’t know but I like them and enjoyed playing the game 😊 it was really fun and it did get harder and harder by the minute so ya it was fun ,so thankyou pls give this comment a good rate so ya it would be great there were songs that people would know often...$$ 😂 LOL had to put that in there \_/.Version: 1.3.3

It’s great you should totes download itI actually love this game I am not too disturbed about he ads because they only come in if you want a free song but only a round, Although if I don’t want the ads I just turn my WiFi down 😂😂 But I mean can you blame me in other games it would be REALLY ANNOYING to get ads every single round but in this one it’s for a reason I also love the way they care about the ad we want they give you 2 options and I honestly take a second or 2 to y’now choose one that I am interested in but I just go to the reviews if they say they are bad I DONT DO IT if they say they are good and it’s a musical game well I give it a try this is a awesome game I am so happy that I choose it I also love the way it gives you 4 options: classical, pop, rock, and 1 more which was... I think hip hop but anyway if you were to choose from this game and 3 more I would totally pick this one thank you for the awesome app 😁🤩❤️❤️.Version: 1.5.5

SO SO FUNNNNI just love this game makes me want to play it all all day seriously if you don’t know this game go try it out please try it out it is so fun I am not joking if you didn’t try it out go get it today so yeah guys you really really really really really really really really should download this app it’s seriously so fun that all I wanna do is play it all day I’m not joking because you can learn the songs from that you can learn how to play or play games but hint don’t spend all day on the iPad but when you’re on the iPad play this game it is so fun see you guys that’s why I wrote this report this game is so so fun I don’t wanna stop playing in fact after this report guys I’m gonna play it right now and don’t forget to try it out you can get all the new Ariana songs like you can play songs and if you get VIP you can play any song you want but I can’t get VIP because of course my mom is not gonna pay for it but if you no matter what age you are just download this game because this game is so fun what do you make you want to play it more than any game so that’s it for all guys bye.Version: 1.7.6

Not shown like adsOn the ads, the game seems so fun to play. Totally the opposite. On the ad, you get to type on the song you would like to play. When you get into the game, there’s a list of songs that you have to unlock, not type in shown like the ads. There’s a lot of bugs too, like when you just unlock a new song, the game freezes. When you reopen the app, you have to restart the level. For example, if you were on the song Faded, and had to unlock, say, Old Town Road. You passed Faded, game freezes, reopen game and have to redo Faded again! The game isn’t fun anymore, and you should make it more like the ads. I think it would be cooler if you could actually make it look like the actual game itself. When you hit the wrong color, the game also freezes. Please fix this, but from now on I think I’ll take a break. Thanks, and a good day to all..Version: 1.4.6

BEST GAME EVER!!This game is awesome and has the best songs (in my opinion). It is simple and I play it so much! Also, usually when I buy a game, I don’t like it and delete right away. But not with Dancing Road! I definitely recommend getting this game to anyone reading this, it’s awesome! But I have a suggestion. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer, and I wondered if you could put some of her songs on this app. But, everything has a pro and con. To me, this game has 2 cons. 1: In the add, it shows that you could enter a song by just typing it in; but when I downloaded it, I realized that was not real. 2: When I hit a different colored ball than I am and press CONTINUE. Fast forward to after the add. It gets laggy and I can’t play correctly. Thanks for reading! :).Version: 1.5.3

What I wanna do and why I can’t do it😭Basically I rate it a four instead of a five because I wanna do the song mi gente because it was in your ad for the game and that’s kinda why I asked my mom to download it it’s really popular and the artist is j Balvin in case you need to know but yeah that’s what I wanna do keep up the good work I’m loving the songs but ur app would be five stars if it had more bills Eilish songs and the song mi gente also it would be cool if you could leave up also I believe that u did mislead us in the add I got my mom to do it I searched your entire game bar and $312 a year! That’s outrageous I mean I love the game but these problems are pretty big for me also every song plus the past three are too fast I did say good work but I might regret starting to say that I mean there is a lot but I just wanna have you read this if you acknowledge these things your game will become a master piece.Version: 1.5.3

Mixed feelingsSoooooo, to explain the title of this review is basically I have mixed feelings about this game. First of all, I love that this game has amazing graphics, lots of songs to choose from and my favorite Is that they have k-pop songs!! But of course it would be better if they had a bigger collection of k- pop songs since there is only 3. Also if you are not familiar with k-pop, k-pop is pretty much just pop music from South Korea. Anyway, what I would like to recommend changing about this game is definitely minimize the amount of unnecessary adds. Also like I said, it would be FANTASTIC if they added more k-pop songs:) I would suggest songs from the artists EXO, BTS, Enhypen, Twice, TXT or SHINee. Other than that I love this game and it’s worth downloading. I look forward to future updates and Improvements to this game!! Have a nice day!.Version: 1.6.6

Fun, but flawed...First off, not the ‘NEWEST’ top pop that we were all promised. Sure, they have some good classic pop and some EDM, but hardly any of the stuff that was in the ads was actually in the app. The other thing that drives me insane is that they’re not the actual songs. They’re all poorly done-over covers... If you’re gonna build and promote a game like this, use the real deal! (They also don’t play for the whole duration because the actual ‘road’ is only so long; that doesn’t bother me though...) And finally, it glitches on me a whole bunch. I have a brand new iPad with the newest up-to-date iOS. Sometimes, when I open the app, the sound will not be there. When I click on a song, the round/level will start but the song won’t be playing. I have to exit the app and delete it’s tab. When I return, usually each button I click on, or when it loads, makes a sound, but 60% of the time I need to reboot it. The game is fun, and I actually find some of it challenging! Even though the fraud songs and the glitches drive me nuts, I think others can get past them and enjoy the game. Maybe think about getting the good, real songs, and figuring out that bug. Thanks!.Version: 1.5.9

It’s sooooooooo amazing!When I saw ads of this I was like ‘It’s probably ad bait and glitchy. Surprisingly, it’s not! I’m really enjoying the songs and I know people complain that they don’t know some of the songs, but I didn’t either. Now that I listened to almost all the songs on the app, I know the ones that I didn’t know at first, but now I do know them by heart. The backgrounds are amazing and hopefully continue to be. But I do have a few suggestions and concerns. My first suggestion is to maybe put in songs that maybe other people know like Senorita by Shawn Mendes, Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish, Don’t start now by Dua Lipa, or My oh my by Camila Cabello, you know, the actually top pop songs. And maybe update the songs weekly to make it more interesting. And can you please make the songs full? Like the songs only play for about a minute, can you please play the full song? And also can you tell the truth in your ads? It shows that it has the hot songs like Blinding lights but it not there :( Have a good day! (Btw, developer can you answer?).Version: 1.5.4

Fun But I Have Some IssuesSo let me start off by saying that this is a fun game, but it is not one that I can spend a lot of time playing. The levels all have the exact same concept, and after a while the fun fades. Also, there are WAY too many adds. I know that this is an issue with other games too, but it’s important to note. After each level there is an add and one level is only about 2 minutes. Ok so lastly this one is just like a personal opinion and not really one that change: I don’t like the fact that the people singing the songs on the levels are not the same artists as the people who actually sing those song, but I understand that this can’t change. I would give this app 4 or 5 stars if they can add some new challenges to make this game more interesting..Version: 1.5.3

I’m not doing this anymore 😡 😡 😡So if anyone read my last review I HATE the lives that the developers or creators of the app put in the game they haven’t fixed that or responded AT LEAST RESPOND AMANOTES!!!!! (amanotes is the name of the company that makes tiles hop dancing road and I believe magic tiles 3) so I don’t like that if this doesn’t change soon I’m going to give this one star since I’m sure other players don’t like that either and possibly delete the game you see I know a LOT of people so I can tell how unfair this game is and probably convince them to write reviews too so please fix this or AT LEAST RESPOND I guess I will have to go to those measures because I want you guys to succeed to make this the best game you can but lives no, no that’s a BIG mistake so just fix that not just for me but for the players and the future players to come.Version: 1.5.4

I love it!!!This app is really fun to play! (Especially if you love music as much as I do!) Everything is placed perfectly on beat, and it's very addicting!!! And, it works as a way to relax, or as a challenge!!! If you want something relaxing, choose an easy song! The beat takes over you and your finger just kinda moves on it's own!!! It's a great way to relax when going through something tough. Or, if you want a challenge, you can pick a hard song! It's really fun to pick a hard song and try to reach 3 stars. I also really like the fact that the game doesn't change pitches of songs after you play them. I've downloaded tons of games where once you finish a song, you can never again hear the song without it being in a higher pitch. This game, however, keeps it at the same pitch, no matter how many times you play the song. Thank you for making such an awesome game!!! 😁😁😁❤️💕❤️.Version: 1.5.5

Great but one major problemThis app is amazing! It has been so hard these days to find music games that actually use the original songs from the original music. Nowadays I get these games and they use other people’s voices to play the songs. Also, this game doesn’t get boring at all. But I have noticed one thing that greatly annoys me. Whenever I finish a song or I die, the music suddenly stops working. When I replay nothing is playing. I have to double click my home button and delete the tab in order to hear the music again. Please fix this. I really like this game but I don’t want to do this every time. Please respond with a solution or bring a solution in the next update. Thank you for reading:)..Version: 1.6.1

BEST GAME EVERHonestly I would’ve given a foreign a half stars but obviously it doesn’t let you honestly this is the best game really I’ve ever played the ads honestly are actually very minimal they only play occasionally after finishing a level and when you want a new song you have to watch an add but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward I thought it would be like most of the games where you have to watch 25 million ads and then play a mini game to even do the thing it shows in the picture but honestly this is really a great game being a kid I love it honestly it’s just really amazing I don’t I don’t know what it is it’s just really amazing the one reason I didn’t give it five stars is because they only give you two songs to start out with I’ve only had this game for two days but yes it’s very challenging but in a fun way and I really think anybody who stumbled onto this game should get it.😀😃🤩.Version: 1.5.8

It’s okayIt’s a nice app except for a few things. Most songs are off beat with the rhythm of the game, they aren’t the original songs, and sometimes the songs just don’t play. The game is super off beat, every you hit one of the balls on the path your either to early or to late. The songs have all the music and tunes are stuff like that but, they are sung by someone else. I usually have no problem with this but lately it’s been bugging me a lot. The person singing does a great job for the most part except they can’t go as fast as the songs needs to, sometimes they hit the wrong notes, get off beat, or just sing the wrong words. And every now and then when you get off of one of the MANY ads sometimes the sound just cuts for the entire game. Like so sound unless you completely close then reopen the program. It’s a nice game but it has to many flaws.Version: 1.6.1

Great app, but minor adjustmentsSo, first off, I love this game, it’s so fun, and the music is great. I have had it for like 3 days and am already addicted. But I gave it 3/5 stars only because I’ve been experiencing some problems. I would die when playing it, and press second chance, but the add wouldn’t show. It said: video error: show rewarded video: cant show ad while ad is already showing, and didn’t let me have a second try, and that was stupid. It’s happened multiple times. Another thing i think should be improved is how many songs there are. I have already bought and finished almost all the songs, and its getting boring. On the ad for dancing road, it showed people typing in songs that they like, not choosing from a list. There is also way too many ads, even when you pass a song, or to open your prize box..Version: 1.4.9

Pretty good!!So this game is amazing! I really really like it. All my friends say this game is good too but there is one thing. Every time it plays an add, it makes a weird noise that hurts my ears. And sometimes when I go back again and play a song, it won’t play the music. Other than that this game is fantastic. I don’t know what songs these are, but they always end in “unitey the fatrat” a lot of the songs I actually like!! It’s cool that you can change your ball and your road too. I love whenever sometimes in galaxy mode it twists! It’s amazing. So other than that small problem, I would say that whoever is reading this should download the game if they haven’t already. Sorry if this was a short review but there aren’t many bad things about this game! Have fun and thanks! Bye!.Version: 1.5.9

Great but has a major flaw.Ok so I’ve had this game for a day now. About two. But I’ve already seen a big flaw. So, first, obviously the adds. It’s crazy how many adds you get, it’s a 3/4 chance you’ll get one, after. Every. Single. Level. I’m not too sad though, other games I have, like “The cook” have 150 adds a day, so not toooo sad. I think that the developers should cut down on adds or remove them entirely, then make it so that the user has to pay, like 50 cents. This would make users want to get it almost instantly. And the HUDGE flaw that I found was that, while wherein head phones, like it said to, it sometimes doesn’t play the song. Now that’s not to bad until you realize that the song isn’t there you turn it on, but now it’s OFF BEAT. I have a sensory defisant which means, sertan sounds/things irritate me, A LOT. Think of hearing nails agents a chalkboard. It’s tarible. That’s what sertan sounds and things feel like to me, that includes off beat stuff. So I HATEEEEEEE all that noise. Anyway this was for my fellow sensory defisant people, if you do have it, be wary to get this game, otherwise this is an awesome game, but those main characters make it really off putting. Thanks for reading! This got long lol..Version: 1.5.4

Great,but...First of all on the ad it had girls like you a song that I really like and I looked for it on the songs but it wasn’t there. I wish they would have a searching so you could search songs because it doesn’t make any sense that they don’t have The song. Second of all they should have sent Alan Walker songs like faded because that’s really good one or Ariana Grande songs because those are good too. They should also come out with other songs like people on Disney Channel they should put like Sofia Carson and dove Cameron. The point is they should have more of a selection of songs. Is that if you die and it says you can get an ad to continue even if you don’t want to continue it still has you watch an ad which is really stupid. So please fix that with the ads that they don’t go right after you die and please make more of a song selection because I like to hear a lot of music especially when I’m playing games. Your friend Gabby..Version: 1.3.3

Dancing RoadOverall I think the game is great, but I do have a few problems with the app. First of all, having better music would be nice. In the ad it shows the game being played with songs that I like and have heard before, but in the actual app there is only one song I know. The other problem I have with the game are the ads. Sometimes I’ll start to play and everything will be fine then an ad pops up. The game continues to play while the ad is going on and the game ends because of it. Although those two things are annoying I still think the game is fun way to pass time. I would recommend this app. (Especially if they fix those problems) 😊.Version: 1.3.2

Great game app. Too pricey. Too many ads.Okay the game itself is great. There’s just too many ads, and I think $5.99 PER WEEK, is unacceptable! It should be like $9.99 per month. Now that is more efficient, effective and more tolerable. We all know that Netflix should be more than this app game. It’s cool and all just too pricey especially if I’m paying for the gym and it doesn’t reach $23 a month. Like come on who are you guys charging the rich kids who got money who rarely play this game(probably haven’t heard of it) or the real people who wanna play this game with no ads but y’all charging us $5.99 per week that can go to our gas, bills and food. I think you’ll get more out of this game if y’all charge us an acceptable amount. And yes I am a cheapskate. Come for me all you want but if you put this in front of most people. They’d think the same but too chump to admit. And nah I’ll wait the extra 20 seconds to play another round even if it killed me..Version: 1.5.4

Awesome App! Just some things that I would like to be fixed....Great app. I would suggest it to anybody. The problem is is that the versions of the songs are pretty bad. They aren’t the original artists. And on top of that, it seems that there are more DJ kind of si Hs than ones with lyrics, but on that I could be wrong. Also, I would like more songs. I almost have all of the songs and I have had this since Saturday. (Though I have been playing it a lot 😄.) If the creators are reading this rn I would like to suggest some songs: “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco, “Elastic Heart” by Sia, “Happier” by Marshmallow, and others similar to those. Other than those problems, excellent app. I really like the fact the balls go on beat bc I really can’t stand anything off beat 😆. 5 stars.Version: 1.4.6

It’s okI think that this game is okay it has most of the songs but you need add a search so we can find all the songs don’t get me wrong I don’t think this app has all the games BUT STILL and when you play the game it’s kinda hard I mean it’s the reason why the game is made but when you play the game. It’s like not fair how your trying to look where your going and seeing what color you are it just make no sense to me that’s just my opinion so don’t take it personally even though nobody really is but what I like about the game is it’s something new AND what will be better if our friends can join and race oh and the ADDS it’s so annoying you will play your game for the first time when you die a add come I will think that you should let me make it clear SHOULD PLAY THIS ONCE IN A WHILE oh and should means you can do I hope you take my ideas and start taking it bye😄.Version: 1.4.6

Misleading, limited music, subpar controls.I saw an ad for this game and liked the idea of playing it while listening to music. Every ad I saw made it look like you could search for songs and play a track with the music on. When you actually get in the game you learn it’s a set of tracks synced up to a specific song. Then you find out how limited the song selection is (and when I got this something like 60% of the tracks were Christmas themed). All of the music is basically hip hop as well which I find disappointing but not surprising. Finally, the controls are not the best. The track turns and shifts and will cause your ball to do the same which is fine if the hit detection were better. I also noticed some input lag when I would drag my finger and the ball took a little bit to actually move. The ads are broken as well. If you leave an ad early it will exit the screen but not the audio and the game won’t recognize that the ad has ended. Overall not a good experience..Version: 1.5.1

What A Wonderful Game!I love this app! For music lovers like me, who are always on their iPhone blasting their favorites (until we get a headache, but even then, I don’t stop), this is an app you can enjoy. If you’re not a huge fan of music, still give it a try. Even if the tunes weren’t included, I’d love the fun, colorful, and simple game just as much. Also, if you don’t like the music playing AT ALL, but enjoy the game, there’s a handy mute button. I have a lot of great things to say about this app, which is why I rated it five stars. There is one thing you guys should know, though, before pressing download. I was not very upset about this, but some other people are. The add for this game shows a person typing in their favorite song, but that is not how this game is. You get certain song over time and have to watch a short add to unlock others. I’m not greatly upset about this, and to be honest, almost every game company does this, but if you are, I can understand. I would still suggest trying it, I’m telling you, it’s worth your time. I hope you guys find as much pleasure in this game as I did! If you enjoy it, write a good review and be sure to rate it... THE COMPANY SERIOUSLY DESERVES IT! 😁 Have a good day, everyone!.Version: 1.5.2

A fun gameHi I hope you like this game it’s so cool when I saw it but it had bad guy it had some of the songs that I listen to this is the epic games ever you should listen or I mean watch this on the commercials for play this is the best game ever you would like it and make sure to read it five stars and there’s hard levels like hard and epic ones I thought there was going to be a song call don’t start now or break my heart those are my favorite songs but make sure to read this game and play it because I’m gonna give you the instructions So when the ball turns pink green or red whatever color you got to try to Match that color to the other ball it’s pretty simple it’s simple as eating food well I hope you like this and have a good day and bye-bye and make sure to show people this common love Mariah.Version: 1.5.8

Don’t believe the mean commentsI can’t believe what lies people say about this app!! I’ve had this game for over a year, and it’s amazing! Don’t listen to the rude comments! Get yourself the app, and just say no the the “location” thing. Whenever I don’t have sound, I just completely shut off my iPad, and it’s fine. Don’t make mean comments just because it’s happened ONE time. By the way, there’s NO inappropriate adds, and even if it did, it doesn't mean you have to download those stupid games whatsoever you think is inappropriate. Do you think that Nintendo switch and angry bird adds are inappropriate? I think not. And besides, you should know that when they ask for your location, it only tracks the mobile you’re playing on, and hundreds of people play this app, so it’s not even likely for them to look at where you live! BTW, Thanks for the app, it’s really fun..Version: 1.6.3

Awesome App, Few ProblemsThis is an awesome app! It allows you to play songs just by rolling a ball! A few problems though: 1) Ads. I know this is how you make money, but there's way too many. You have to watch ads for the actual songs that come on the radio all the time, but they're usually short. But after every round, whether I revive or not, THERE'S ALWAYS AN AD. It's really annoying because you can't skip it. 2) Lost Audio. So today I went in and saw the song Dance Monkey, which I love. So I watch the ad, the game loads, but when I start playing there's no sound. So I restart, check my audio settings (everything was on) and tried again. Still no sound. So I closed the app, tried the song again, and it worked. This happened for other songs too even if I'd already unlocked them. 3) Not the real artists. I'm a bit disappointed because most of the pop songs I know weren't the actual artists. They were just other people singing the song, and it didn't give the same experience. For those reasons, I'm giving this app four stars. But besides those three issues, it's an awesome app!.Version: 1.6.0

AdsI’m going to get to the good part first this is an absolutely amazing game me and my little sisters play it a lot it has brought me and I’m closer actually yes we have a bunch of other music games but we mostly play this one together (mainly in the car) anyway now time to get to the bad partsSometimes it won’t let me listen to different songs only lets me listen to faded the other one and dance monkey and maybe add some new songs I would kill for some new songs like i’m still standing or firework! Just the thought of these songs makes me really want you to add them oh and ideas for the game we really need a new trail so maybe like make a pizza trail that would be cool and give the balls different colors like we can choose the colors that would be amazing are you can just like add some decorations to your ball like hats or skintone and wallpapers maybe there should be like one I don’t know the forest . awesome game though.Version: 1.6.2

Cool but should I add some themes from games for the gamersI really like this app very very good but my self I really really really want to add in like some gaming things like megalovania from undertale or The legend of Zelda something that us gamers can appreciate and if you do I will rate this 5 STARS!!!!!! I really love your game and would recommend it to all ages but it may be a little harder for the youth so maybe 8+ or something like that but I’d really really really recommend this game to all people who are downloading it just now if you’re a gamer don’t be mad at game be mad at the game creators (not to be rude). Again I really like your game keep on progressing and updating I really don’t want you to stop updating this is a really good game and for (almost) all ages PS: maybe make the lives with the in game coins cheaper for the people with not that many coins (not to brag but I have over 3000 lives already so maybe not make them more cheap).Version: 1.7.8

OMG I LOVE IT!This game is awesome! I love it so much, mostly because when I wrote a review for this game before, I told you to add more songs and fix glitches. Guess what you did........ you fixed it! You made the game better! The only reason I am excited about this is because most games that I used to play needed fixing, so I wrote a review to tell them to fix it, and a lot of other people had the same complaint, but the company never did fix it. Also, I love the songs you added, like Bad Guy, Christmas songs, and I think you recently added Let it Go. There is one thing, but it’s not a complaint, it’s a request. Can you add some Frozen II songs like, Into The Unknown, some more Billie Eilish songs like See Me In A Crown, Everything I wanted, and could you add songs like Let Her Go by Passenger, Teeth by Five Seconds Of Summer, South Of the Border by Ed Sheeran, Camilla Cabello, and Cardi B, Dance Monkey by Tones and I, and some Imagine Dragon songs like Thunder, Warriors, Demons, Believer, and Whatever It Takes. Thank you, and I would love a response if possible!.Version: 1.5.1

Best game ever! I do have some suggestions. 😁This is the best music game I have! It’s really good quality. To get a new song you do have to watch an ad, but it’s worth it! Honestly, I never saw an ad on it, I just kinda stumbled upon it. I really want you to ad a search bar to search up any songs. Creators of Dancing Road, please consider to ad Alec Benjamin songs. They are wonderful. Also, PLEASE put in one direction songs. I think that this game gives you easy start offs and then you can challenge you’re self by getting a harder song. But if you are new to this game, do NOT get a hard one right away unless you really want to. But I think that since this game is super good, good in quality for a free music game, I’m giving it five stars! I recommend this game to all you music lovers..Version: 1.5.2

Weird glitch but AMAZING game!!!!I got this game a couple months ago, and I have been playing it NONSTOP! This game is so amazing because when I am stressed this game really helps me release it out. But, I noticed some weird things going on. When I’m playing a song, I just go and play it and match the balls in the right color. But, when I play the song again or if I play a different song, I can’t hear the music. My hearing is perfectly fine! There must be some weird glitch in the game where the game suddenly has no music for a minute or so...but it’s a weird glitch. I still LOVE this game. How to Get Rid of the Silent Noise: First, when that ever happens to me, I just get out of the game. Click the circle button on the bottom of your phone/iPad 2 times, swipe up on the game, then I go back in. Once I try a song, it works again. For the Developer: Hi! I’m Katie, and I love this game. It is amazing. But, there is one thing. There is a weird glitch that I can’t hear the music when I play a song. That doesn’t happen in every song...but the song plays, and after I play that song, when I do another it is not working well. I don’t know if there is a bug or something. But that is all that I really wanted to say. It is a weird glitch. But...bye!.Version: 1.6.4

AWESOME but the add for this game lied...Listen I love this game but really with the add for this game. When I watched the add for this game it had this thing pop up saying what’s your favorite song and you would type in your favorite song and then you can play it but in the real app it doesn’t do that and that was one thing that I was really excited for when I download this app. I’m not the first one saying that the add for this app lied like half of the reviews say the add for this game lied and same with your other games like magic tiles 3 if you could just fix this I will right another review giving you 5 stars but right now it’s 4. By the way this app is a great app for: Listening to music, killing time, getting read of boredom and perfect for a little something to do for fun!.Version: 1.6.0

Amazing game!! 🤩This game is the best game ever! You can choose amazing songs and some of them are my favorite! This is an amazing game I totally think it is a 5 star game that has to be here! It’s like a person singing beautifully in front of you! Like your in a concert but in an blazing,talented,amazing,and most of all,happy😊. I love this game thank you for making this game it’s an amazing thing in my life! Merry Christmas to where ever you are! And it’s ok if you don’t celebrate Christmas and I wish you good luck to whoever is reading this!This is an amazing thing I could ever play or see and I love this! I got very happy about it and started singing which made me proud to watch me sing it was my dream to find music like this!An amazing good person wouldn’t have made this game without happiness and kindness!I love this app!I sing for my family every holiday and I love how they love to hear me sing and I’m having a great time with it! 🤗 I hope you read this!😂.Version: 1.4.6

What I thinkI really think it is stupid that it says if you want to continue watch an ad but if you don’t want to it plays an ad any ways, then I think “I should have just continued all along” because we didn’t choose an ad so why even give us the option 🙄🙄and there is way to many ads on this game. I wish that you guys had the search thing where you can play any song you like. You guys don’t have a very good selection and It would be more fun with any song then just the ones you have. Other than that I think the hame is fun to play but I get annoyed by all the adds so please change that. I also think you guys should change the name because there is no dancing involved and so it should not be called “Dancing Road” I wish that we could pick the cooler the ball changes to lol thanks your friend, Sunnie.Version: 1.4.6

Pros and cons = my review!This game is good over all I mean kinda all just tell you the pros and the cons and the other stuff that needs to be fixed in order to make it a good game pros: it’s fun to play and it is free to download it’s a great awesome idea I’m glad the developers have made this game I would recommend to a lot of people that like music and like games do yeah Cons: umm this might not be for everyone but... it’s a little hard more like a lot hard but that’s probably just me though.i have headphones 🎧 and they didn’t work so umm that didn’t work I think it’s a good game but for those reasons I think it is a there star but if you maybe put like umm a beginner then harder than extra hard to help people who struggle (ME ONLY PROB) so that is my review though I really recommend it claps to the people who made this game and I gotta go because my thumb is hurting but AMAZING GAME!!!.Version: 1.5.3

False advertising got meI got this game because the ads showed some of my favorite songs. (specifically “Don’t Let Me Down”) So, I download this game and do the starter songs and then scroll through the list to find the song that I want, but there are only forty-nine of them. And, on top of that, only one of them was in the ad. And, in the ad, those developers FORGOT to mention you have to pay $5.99 a week to get all the songs. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s about $312 a year! Also, some of these reviews are saying something about this amazing search bar and I cannot find it. On top of all that, there is no iPad compatibility info, which I’m pretty sure it does not work, because I played on this iPad, and all the songs after my first three were too fast for the game speed. Honestly, I love this game, but these problems are just, UGH! I have to test more songs on this thing, but I stand by my reasons to give three stars..Version: 1.5.1

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It’s ok 😐I love the game don’t get me wrong but I don’t like a lot of adds (maybe cut them back a little) I HATE how in advertising you put the but in where you can type what song you want when I reality you have to scroll through the list to find a song and sometimes the song you want isn’t even in there and the fact that you have to watch and ad to get the song you want or you have to do all the song before your for your song to unlock I don’t like haw the song are not actually made by the actual artist like yeah it might cost extra money but with all the ads you should have enough money to make the songs be by the real artist please also try to make the song at the top the top recommended song of the year or month because it’s April for me and the second song I ( We wish you a Merry Christmas ) please keep up to date with your song that are at the top or that you post to be in the top few. Please consider fixing these things that I pointed out. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.5.3

Request and we love this appWe love it so much the one or a few things we like to request is and few songs for everyone witch is bts on, fire, dynamite and butter. The black pink song we would like is let’s kill the is love. Thx you.Version: 1.7.8

Bugs and being boredThis app is okay, but it isn’t the best game I’ve played. When ever I go into the game I see a white road instead of a neon road. Now whenever I get into the game I get kicked out. This bug annoys me so much that I deleted the app. There’s also not that many songs, I thought there would be more songs. This game gets boring after a while so it’s not my favourite, but not the worst..Version: 1.4.9

Love you.I love this game and it makes me think about my time with friends and family you should have this game because it is so much fun and I love it all really when I first played this game it blow my mind off and it is a more amazing than I thought it would be but it’s so awesome and it’s so much fun and I love it so much more than I can amazing game to play and it keeps me happy.Version: 1.5.5

Fun but could be better.The game in general is honestly fun. However you only get to play 3 songs. Yes there is other songs but they are usually either V.I.P or locked. The only way you can unlock these are bye watching several ads. As my friend has mentioned she says “You get a certain amount of lives. If you die in one song you loose a life and if you change songs you still don’t get that life back. If loose all your life’s you have to wait until you get your life’s back. Which honestly takes a long time.”.Version: 1.5.2

Good game butThis is an awesome game that you never want to stop play but I have found some tweeks. I find that when I am playing the song speeds up and I know that it is not your fault at all but other than that this game is awesome amazing and I thank each person for comitting to make an all time favourite game :D.Version: 1.5.8

Love it!I have only had this game for an hour and I am already loving it! It is definitely at the top of my game list🤪😋🙂. My only prob is that it seems to stop playing the music when it plays an add if I wanna continue playing. But that is it! I love this game and who ever made it is a genius!😎✌🏼.Version: 1.5.8

Meh😑The game itself is brilliant and addictive! This game is brilliant for hand-eye movement! However, I have three things I would like fixed. First of all whenever I get a new song I have to exit the app and then re-enter it or all sound turns off on the app (The adds still work/ have sound). I also think that it’s slightly annoying how none of the songs are by the original artists. I understand this probably saves you money but with all the adds you stuff in (I don’t mind the adds) you should have enough money to have the real songs. Also I HATE false advertising! I hate how in the adds you type the song when in reality you pick out of a list. I don’t mind this concept at all but make your adds match this! Most games these days (mostly by Playrix) have so many false adds when the actual game is probably better or still good. Also if you make an add nothing like the game you have made and you make the add because you think it will be more fun than the game you have, make that game in the add! It is really not that hard to make something acurate! Please read this and make the above changes. Thx🙂.Version: 1.5.3

Ok game BUT...This game is ok, good job to the makers of this game but... In all the ads and pop ups that I see for this game they all say that there is songs like old town rode and how deep is your love as songs on the app . The only good song on the app is Chandelier by Sia ! Even after I did the update it still didn’t have the songs the they said they would have..Version: 1.3.7

Amazing gameIt is really fun with heaps of songs but if the creators could change something I would recommend them to Chang the bit where there are so many ads.Version: 1.5.3

It is ok but...It was fun but the songs are not by there original creators and you don't even get to pick your songs. Most of the songs I haven’t even heard of. They should add more popular songs that everyone will watch and it says it has a custom sound bar when it definitely does not pls put what you say on the ads on the actual game! Lots are not happy with it..Version: 1.5.2

Just a few thingsWell, I’m not having a real problem with the ads, but here are some things you could fix: 1. Every time I go on, I can play one song and then the other songs go mute. 2. Please change the ad. I was hoping to type it in but I got disappointed when I had to choose from a list. 3. I said I wasn’t having a problem with the ads, but you could tone ‘em down a bit, don’t you think? Overall it’s really good, and yes I have noticed it’s not sung by the actual singer. I don’t have a problem with that, but it would be nice to actually have them sing it. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔThx for reading dis (If u did)ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ.Version: 1.6.0

Dancing road reviewIt’s a great game but unfortunately there are way too many ads, even when I finish the song there is and ad! Secondly the game might have songs people might not necessarily like or enjoy, I think you should choose what song you want to play. Lastly I wanted to say that I recently unlocked a new achievement but it’s not so great because it makes everything go dark and then you can barely see the colour and it is not really fun because you can’t die..Version: 1.4.6

Ok but some glitches. 💖Hello I think this game is great but I have updated the game and it’s not letting me do anything. It’s freezing on me and totally getting out of the game loosing some data from the game. Is there going to be a update to fix these bugs? Anyway it’s one of my favourite games. I would happily play this game all day if I could 🙂😁. So I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes music and colours I highly recommended it to you..Version: 1.4.6

You’re the dancing Queen of dancing roadDancing road is so fun hard but 😒 clueless 😶 why do we need this stupid app on our iPhone 📲 and iPad the music 🎶 are very fundamental for the game but it doesn’t work for me haha 😆 was is the way with this game ☝️ One do you need to practice two do you need to get-help three you need to where 🎧 Head 📱 phones it is fun I do I recommend you this game but there’s two other games I want to recommend you drum 🥁 pad and simply 🎹 piano.Version: 1.5.9

💖 Way better than I thought but with minor issues...So first of all, I love this game it’s so addictive, fun and enjoyable in every way!! But I have two small issues. So, the first one is that (I new this was gonna happen!) WAY to many adds! Even when I don’t want an add I get one so pls chill on the adds! And last of all, this is a little annoying but I know you can’t help it, it’s that it isn’t the actual artists singing the songs but I know that’s for copyright reasons it’s just a bit annoying and I’m assuming as I do more songs, (I have only done four songs so far but I new what I wanted to say!) there will probably be lyric changes but that would probably only be for the inappropriate stuff in case little kids want to play this game. So yeah this is an amazing app and I love it and I’m not sure why I have seen so much hate behind it cus honestly this is a great app!! 😊🤪👍🏼🍩.Version: 1.5.3

Best game ever get it!!!!!!!!You have to get this game no game is better than it !!!! Don’t worry about the other reviews just listen to this Very one likes different things and I like this game a lot so I think you should get is the best game ever so get it..............Version: 1.5.1

It’s okWhenever I turn on the game and I try to play a song it says Downloading data. Your just wasting your time it’s so anoying. Do not get this game! Also you should try getting tiles hop It’s way way better than dancing road! This game is not what you think it is. By the way I don’t like it it’s a awful game. You have hardly put effort in your game.I still like it a bit but still there’s issues with the game.Version: 1.7.5

What is with the remixed voice?Why do you need to remix the songs, in my opinion it makes it worse and it just become annoying. Other than that it’s. great time waster and general game. Still if you can make the songs the normal voices I will love this game a lot more then I do right now.Version: 1.6.5

Realy fun🥰This game is super fun! I love the colour scene and I love the music. I’m still trying to figure out how to play the game, when I downloaded the game it crashed but I think that only because this game needs to use lots of space. So I deleted a few things and it made it all better. I don’t really like the fact that we can’t choose what songs we want to use and that we have to spend lots of money on buying new songs. P.s please fix the adds! There is so many 😕😕😕🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰😚😚😚😚😠😠😠😠🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😖😖😖😖😖😩😩😩😩😩😩🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🧐🧐🧐🧐.Version: 1.3.3

GameThe game is so bad I had to pay $8.57 but it said that you don’t have to pay for it and it was for free. And you can’t type the song you want. And when you pick pop or other types of song it want be it it will only be other types of songs. Other wise after you played the song there are two choices either you get to play the same song again or they pick a song for you. Besides that the game is not that good but at the first days I played it was great I was going to do a good review. If I was writing this review then it would’ve been good and it would’ve been four stars..Version: 1.5.3

ConfusedIdk why there’s these diamond coin thing or coins in songs what do you use them for? And when I have to search up a song either it’s vip or I have to watch an ad for it but there is already so many pop up ads.Version: 1.6.6

Perfect! But one small problem..I love this game! I heard people talking about it, so I asked my Dad to download it for me. He said yes when he saw it was 4+. I started playing but then I realised : Gee, this has a lot of ads! If you could remove a few ads, I think this game should win an award! Kindest regards Ella Hamilton..Version: 1.5.9

The best app in the musical world!🤩This app is AMAzing times a million thousand billion trillion. That’s how good this app is. The music is sooooo cool and fun. One of the bad things is that you can’t type up your own chose of music. But other than that it a great game. I am just using the three day trial because I don’t wanna pay 💰 for the game, bypur I still think you guys or who Evers reading this download the app.Version: 1.5.3

Wish there was a search barThe game Great overall but I wish that there was a search bar that I can use to look up an artist or song instead of just taking forever to scroll down the list to find a song..Version: 1.5.2

So much effort has been put in this gameThis game is Incredible! It’s basically perfect. Nothing wrong with it. You can tell that this game had so much effort put in to make this game awesome 😎 Thank you for making this awesome, Extremely fun app.Version: 1.4.3

Potential to be good - but doesn’t hit the markI downloaded this game due to my interest in similar music-themed tile games. This had the potential to be fun and addictive, but unfortunately I was left disappointed. The main things that bugged me was the sound not being in time with the markers you have to collect (it wasn’t off by a long way but just enough that you noticed and it was frustrating - made even worse by the fact you can’t calibrate it yourself). Secondly, if for some reason you failed and had to watch an ad (or you paused it or accidentally got it of it), you would lose all sound when you continued (kind of the main point of the game). Also, there waaaayyy too many ads. All gamers know there has to be ads in games. But this is just taking it to a new level. Lose in the game and want to continue? Watch an ad. Need to progress to the next song? Watch an ad. Need to collect the boxes in game and unlock them? Watch an ad. This was exacerbated by the fact that some of the ads are 45 seconds long. It’s ridiculous. After 3 songs, I’ve deleted the game..Version: 1.7.3

The add problem and some good newsOn the add that I saw you could search your music but now when you have the app you need to watch videos.😫😫 You no what. I can't even watch the video because it says notice and then it says I can't watch any adds. The only adds I can watch is adds that the game puts up automatically.😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 Some good news. I really like that you can play songs when you play the app. Great idea.😀👍 I also like all the songs you put in there like faded and other songs. 😀👍 Here is one request‼️ Please have more songs. Here is one song I want in the next update. It's we will rock you. Thanks for the ok game. Make it better 👦🏻👋🏻.Version: 1.5.5

It has problems.........😐😐First of all the songs in this game IS NOT BY THE SAME AUTHER WHO SANG THAT SONG and it sounds different when another person sings it so please!!!! fix this bug. I also want to say and the whole thing about making your own song it’s just getting more people to play this game. Overall that’s all I GOT TO SAY and I do like this game but it would be better if you please fix the bugs THANK U FOR READING!! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗💕😁😃.Version: 1.5.9

Great gameThis game is great most levels to the beat of the song. The only problem is that I can’t buy any songs anymore and half the ads I need to watch to get them don’t have an X and the end. I hate these reviews complaining about not being able to put your own songs in. They don’t understand that you don’t just drop a song in and bang it’s done. The developer most likely has to make each level by putting in each ball at a time. Overall a great game keep it up 👍.Version: 1.5.2

Good app but...This a great app, but I kinda wish that we could type in certain songs we want to play on like a search bar on the game and also there are so many ads, like whenever I either die or finish I am instantly on an ad. It would be great if you could pleas fix it..Version: 1.4.5

AMAZING game but some annoying things....I am in love with this game! It’s so addicting and super fun! But there are some annoying things in this game... Firstly, there are SO MANY adds!!! Whenever I finish a round every time before and after there’s an add, so maybe not so many adds? Secondly, the songs aren’t sung by the correct singer/artist, so that’s a little annoying... And lastly, when I first got this game it asked me to pay $7.95c? It also said to have the best experience or something like that......I think the developer needs to work on this game a bit but over all, this is a great game!!! I’ve seen so many terrible reviews but I don’t under stand? This game is probably better than you think!!.Version: 1.6.2

It’s good but...This game is super fun and surprisingly addictive, but there are just three things I really have a problem with: 1. There are so many ads! Whenever I die or buy a new song, there is an ad each and every time. 2. I wish there was a search bar where you can type in songs that you’d like to play 3. Quite a lot of the songs sound off, aren’t by the original writers, or are give quite a headache when listened to (due to slight out of tune singing/instruments, etc) and that makes me really sad as I love quite a lot of the songs available but they don’t sound nice to listen to. Overall this game is really fun and challenging, those are just the only three issues I have come across :).Version: 1.5.0

It is ok 👌🏻The only thing I don’t like about it is the advertising it’s fake. For the add it shows people texting in a bubble but really in real life you’re scrolling through a list. I really like it though but that’s one of the things I really don’t like. I do recommend getting the game though because it is very fun but that’s the only thing I don’t like. So if you see this download the game but beware the ad is fake. Thanks 🙏🏼.Version: 1.7.2

Always have no sound when second chance or try againEvery time I have a second chance or try again on a song the sound is gone and I have to do it by without the sound or have to get have to die or or get an app and like delete history from it and continue on there and it’s kinda annoying because every time I’m on it and do a song and I die I don’t know if it’s die but I think explode it just doesn’t have the sound it doesn’t have the music on it it just has silence and that’s it it’s pretty annoying so can you please please fix this because it’s really annoying..Version: 1.6.0

I love it! But...I really really love but on the add they type in there favorite song but you actually have to unlock songs so I’m a bit disappointed . And by the way i don’t have the update.Version: 1.4.9

So AMAZING 🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️You have to be kidding me if you don’t like this game it’s so much fun and you can choose your own song it’s so very relaxing and you can play it all for free and you can play the song over and over again So if you don’t like it you will find yourself in a HORRIBLE PLACE by Matilda 2020.Version: 1.5.2

QuestionWhen do we get to use our fave songs? The add said that you could use your favourite song but i can figure out how. Could you please tell me how to use your fave song?.Version: 1.3.6

So bad!!!! Read this to see how bad it can be.....So, to start thing of first, the song you want to play isn’t by the proper author! It’s by someone else! And the game, does not even allow you to pick a song, you either get to replay the one you just finished, or you choose between 2 options! Second, major add addiction! There’s so much add’s in this game, even if you turn of your wifi, it still plays add’s, the add’s are built into the app and it’s so annoying! Third, this game is a rip off, I’ve already had this game for an hour, barley using it, and I get notification saying that if I’m gonna continue playing I have to pay $7.95, and I even turned off notifications! So I don’t know how that works either way! This game is so bad, I tried to pick a different song and it hacked into my phone, saying “thank you for you purchase” and I hade nothing to purchase either way! Never get this game! And the graphics on this is terrible! I move my finger and I lose strait away, it’s so glitchy it always kicked me out of the game 5-6 times every time I try to open the app! This game is so bad, never get this, and I’m warning you, from Parent To Parent!.Version: 1.5.0

BEST GAME EVER!!! 😃😃😃The music is amazing and the beat matches and is on time its full of colour and there’s a lot of songs to choose from which I think is great 👍🏻 I love everything in this game and overall it’s my favourite app!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! 😄😄😄 PS: can u pleaseeeee make less adds... thanks!.Version: 1.3.2

Needs workIt’s good but the one thing u have failed is ur music which is basically ur whole game -_- I got this when I watched ur ad, they played coffin dance on it so I got it and no thing was the same on it. I have no idea how u got 4.1 ratings on such a crappy game, I bet half of the 5 out of 5 is bots! But the the road is kinda good, tho the bull tilts on it’s own :/. Also the ads I gotta watch am to play a new level that’s rude u money hungry developers, and on top of that if I lose a level there is an ad :/. At first I was gonna put the on 3 out of 3 but now I think about it u get 2 for ur rlly bad game. And all the songs r not really songs (I mean they are not by singers half the time) about the ad I watched for it I wanted it for the coffin dance, U USED A MEME AS A LURE THAT IS SO RUDE! The game is rlly so don’t get it. I rest my case!.Version: 1.5.8

👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌This game has been a lot of fun and I think everyone would enjoy it but for one reason, I am not going to name the person, someone thinks that there are no words to the song but you can do words and no words.Version: 1.4.5

This game is fun but it can get betterThis game is really fun but I can get better with no ads and be a tiny bit easier and a tiny bit harder I love how do you change the colors it’s so fun when I started playing which was today Friday, November 27, 2020 and it’s almost Christmas so merry Christmas everyone I hope you have a happy Christmas 🧊🎅🏻 and I hope you get presents.Version: 1.6.3

It’s good but.........I think it would be better if you could play songs you want and you don’t have to play songs you don’t like also when you change colour you don’t have enough time to see what colour you are because it is so annoying when you are going well and then you change colour and you die because you don’t have enough time to see what colour you are😡I recommend this game for people who are 5-8 it would be great if you did what I said was bad and then it would be great so bye🖐🏻.Version: 1.5.1

Loved it, only problem was the soundOver all I loved the game, but there one thing that annoys me. The sound almost never works and when I finally get it working, if I get a new song I have to go out, close the app and start again, or the sounds disappears again.Version: 1.5.4

AMAZING game but BAD quality 😑This game is a FANTASTIC, but could improve a several things. First, the ball doesn’t move ACCURATELY. Whenever I keep holding the ball in one lane, the ball slowly moves by itself! So i have to keep controlling it, and that movement causes me to feel dizzy. Lastly, the songs in the game aren’t sang by the ACTUAL SINGER. I thought this game would at least have a song sang by the singer... BUT NO, THEY DIDN’T DO THAT. Anyways, that’s all i have to complain about. The actual game itself is fabulous, and not many things to complain about than other games i’ve played. AND THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY! 😉.Version: 1.5.3

Good I Guess👌😀I just don’t like the amount of coins you have to pay for a song like wow really man! I’d rather just pay real money then how much they make a dang song COST! I hate how much they charge that’s it oh and when it loads you better be patient to wait HEHE😂! And way to many ADDS!!!!i hate adds but also I think it’s kind of good.Version: 1.5.0

Only listen to this one!This app is very high quality and never bad! You should get this app no matter what. This is like the only app i have in my favourites. Parents get this app even if your child doesn’t like it! Within 2 miller seconds your child will love this app!.Version: 1.5.3

It’s a good app but..it’s boringIt just gets boring and boring but if you more songs for beginners because rest of them you need to watch a ad before you get the songs and try to update this app more that’s all l am asking for and also in the ad there is a thing that you can type the songs you want that is click bait so can you show people before like on the ad what they are expecting? thx for reading this I hope you have a nice day :>.Version: 1.5.3

SO FUN.....but some problemsGood First of all....ITS AMAZING!!!!!! It’s so addictive and is just amazing! My absolute fav game ever(and that’s crazy cuz I thought ROBLOX was my absolute fav)! I think if you want it go get it! BUT...... Not so good When I first played it I heard the music for one round and it was AMAZING and was just great. I was so happy I got it until.......DUN DUN DUH!!!! THERE WAS NO MUSIC!!!!😭😱😤 AT. ALL. WAH! If you can pls fix it. Plsss 🥺. Thx anyway maybe it would work on urs idk BUT get it and if it doesn’t work then....idk! Mark my words it is great!.Version: 1.5.8

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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! 1.8.2 Update

Version 1.8.2 (2021-07-23): - Improve game performance - Fixed bugs.

Version 1.7.8 (2021-05-17): Frequent updates and bug fixes.

Version 1.7.6 (2021-04-27): Frequent updates and bug fixes.

Version 1.7.5 (2021-04-13): Regular updates to improve your musical experience!.

Version 1.7.3 (2021-03-19): Frequent game update to bring you a better and better experience!.

Version 1.7.2 (2021-03-04): Minor bug fix.

Version 1.6.8 (2021-02-04): Smoother gameplay experience.

Version 1.6.7 (2021-01-22): Minor bugs fixes.

Version 1.6.6 (2020-12-26): - New theme for Christmas - Fix some minor bugs.

Version 1.6.4 (2020-11-28): The Whole new Appearance: *Enjoy our new song discovery system. *New stunning visual.

Version 1.6.3 (2020-10-16): - Optimized for IOS 14 - Fix some minor bugs.