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GoodNotes 5 App Download

Transform your iPad into smart digital paper. Take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, on imported PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents, or on images and photos. All notes are searchable and you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing them again. GoodNotes is one of the top paid iPad apps worldwide and is frequently featured on the App Store, making it a must-have for your iPad.

* Fluent, precise, and completely natural writing experience thanks to GoodNotes pioneering vector ink engine
* Write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or with many capacitive styluses and even your finger
* Select and customize your pen color, thickness, and style (fountain pen, ballpoint, brush pen)
* Easily switch between pen, highlighter, and eraser

* Everything is indexed: Search your handwritten notes, typed text, PDF text, document outlines, folder titles, and document titles
* Convert your handwriting to text to share it with other apps or add it to the page as a text box to continue typing with your keyboard

* All your notes with you at all times thanks to iCloud Sync

* open GoodNotes in multiple windows to view two documents or two pages side by side
* use tabs to quickly switch between open documents

* Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors
* Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool
* unlimited undo & redo including gesture control for faster corrections
* powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to "Erase Highlighter Only" to leave the ink intact
* Pinch to zoom and write more precisely
* Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks

* Choose from a large set of beautiful covers and paper templates: Essentials, writing paper, Cornell paper, dark paper, checklists, planners, and more
* Import any PDF or image as a custom template for more customization

* import PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, photos and more to annotate them right on your iPad
* export documents and share them with others for a fully digital workflow
* scan your paper documents and recognize the text

* Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders
* Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly
* Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents

* Keep your audience focused on what's important: Presentation mode lets you hide all distractions on an external screen when you connect your device via HDMI or AirPlay
* Use all of GoodNotes' tools, including the Laser Pointer on the iPad, while your audience only sees the page and the content
* GoodNotes empowers you to give more engaging presentations, lectures, and lessons. You can move around freely and interact with the audience while adding new information to the digital whiteboard for everyone to see

Visit our website at for more information, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @goodnotesapp.

GoodNotes 5 App User Reviews & Comments

Need handwriting conversion and cloud backup featuresI used to use GoodNotes 4 and was quite satisfied with it, hence I updated to the 5th version. But the cloud synchronization, which was there in the 4th version, is gone. I knew you already noted on your website, but I just don’t under stand why this has not been fixed after months went by. Also, I think it would be nice to have an in-text handwriting to text conversion feature. Your current conversion can only recognize handwriting to text, but if I want to replace the handwriting to typed text, I will have to manually copy the converted text and then paste it in the documents. After that, I also have to erase the handwritten text. The whole process is quite tedious. It might be better to have a feature to automate these actions, which your competitor Notability has already implemented a long time ago. Albeit these drawbacks, I was quite happy with 4th version. Thus I am willing to give 4 stars as an encouragement to the development team. But I really hope these bugs and features can be fixed and added sooner. This could at least make me not feel fooled to pay for the upgrade..Version: 5.3.11

AwesomeI’m an attorney who is constantly jotting down notes on little pieces of paper or legal pads. Invariably, the notes get buried along with other notes and when the time comes for me to find the note, I always find myself shuffling through papers trying to find that one note. With GoodNotes, the ability to keep everything compartmentalized into individual folders and notebooks, and the ability to search by typing in key words has made keeping my notes organized so much easier. On top of that, I have been attempting to eliminate paper as much as possible. My main paper use up to this point has been my note taking. Now that I can jot notes down on my ipad, not only does it eliminate my need for as much paper. My only suggestion would be to allow for automatic backups to external hard drives. I keep most of my files on a large external hard drive and due to firewalls at the courthouse, I cannot back up my files to the cloud. If there could be an addition for an automatic backup to external devices, the app would be 100% perfect in my book. Still worthy of five stars though..Version: 5.6.32

Hope someone will finally respond...I totally love the app and was using Goodnote 4 for a while. And I bough the new release of Goodnotes 5 without any doubts... However, right away, when I set the app for a left handed person and started to use it, I found a bug that I’ve emailed and complained about a couple of time... I was promised someone will try to do something about it... But it’s been almost 2 years since I brought it up and no one yet fixed it. Every update I was hoping... But here is the new update and nothing changed. Now, about the problem...If you set the tool bar to be on the bottom (handy if you’re left handed) when you try to type a text the virtual keyboard slides out and covers the tool bar so you can’t edit anything (color/font etc) until you hide the keyboard. That was never a problem in Goodnotes 4 and as soon as you insert text there’ll be a tool bar above the keyboard to change the font’s style, size and color. And that was great and very comforting for a left handed person like I am. Now in Goodnotes 5 it’s a useless feature to have the tool bar on the bottom. So I’m giving it 1 star and hope someone will try to look into it and fix it or at least will remove this bottom tool bar feature that’s left there as a joke... Looking forward into someone’s response and would love to change my 1 star to 5 as the app truly deserves it... but this glitch is killing it all..Version: 5.4.34

Update 5.6.9 has the features I’ve been looking forward toThis has been my main note taking app since Goodnotes 4. As a math teacher, I can use this app for all of my needs (worksheet creations, tests and even presentations). Until now, I’ve had to use workarounds for shapes whose sizes I needed to manipulate. As of this update, I no longer need any workarounds! This app is self contained. I am so impressed with the developers dedication and ability to redefine Goodnotes 4 to 5 and all of the impressive improvements along the way. I used to always look at new note apps hoping to find one that would fit all my needs (pretty lofty wishes), but I haven’t needed to look for any other note, pdf app in well over a year now. Favorite features: ability to crop and place pictures where I like; easy user interface that lets me copy, paste, move pages around in document; ability to search for a document based on a word search (I have hundreds of files and a large folder structure for organizing my work); and as of now, I can show graphs and can alter the lines easily to show changes in equations; ability to make my own templates and use them easily in new documents (graph paper, dot grids...). Can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve put into this app!.Version: 5.6.9

Makes Doing Work a Pleasure!Thank you GoodNotes! Since I’m an old person of 35 years - it took a few college student vlogs and some practice before I could really get to appreciate all that this app can do...but that little bit of time was SO WORTH IT! Your app rocks. YOU HAVE BROUGHT JOY BACK INTO MY WORK LIFE! Seriously though, I’m enthusiastic but not sarcastic on this point. I work with boring documents/sit in LONG meetings (that go on for days on end) and have to take copious notes...and thanks to GoodNotes I can be efficient&creative while having fun highlighting my documents with rainbows of any colour I like, and taking notes that are both fun to write&read afterwards, as well as pack maximum info/images into a single, my past life of piles of notepads and sticky notes has been left in the dust where it belongs. THANK you for saving my shoulder from breaking off with a stupid/heavy briefcase, and for making me smile while I create the most beautiful notes I’ve ever taken of some of the most boring subjects I’ve ever had to keep awake and pay attention too. GoodNotes has probably played a significant role in my ability to excel at my job (and maintaining my sanity whiles getting it done). Cheers!.Version: 5.0.32

Love it, but a couple concernsLove the app, convenient for college and holds a lot of storage, I wish moving around pages could be easier. And the ball pen seems too stiff, fountain pen is a little awkward to use, and the brush pen is fine, but again the pens are something I need to get used to. I wish the eraser marks could have an option to be smaller, and not erase a whole line but exactly what my pen touches. So pens are not as fluid as it could be and may make your handwriting either better or worse. Zoom ins are great and resizing also never pixelates my writing, which I LOVE. I never write reviews, so I hope the concerns I listed will be considered and that this review helps those deciding whether or not to use the app. I wish I could download it to my computer without paying extra so that I can see both on my iPad and computer. For an app meant for taking and saving notes, it is an easy and great app to use, but pens are hard to get used to. If you are a high school student, digital note taking is okay, but it honestly isn’t necessary and teachers and classmates usually feel weird about it. In university this app is perfect since in my classes there is a lack of space for desks and so many places to walk to so the portability of a tablet is more useful then (this app also allows for split screen which is convenient).Version: 5.3.3

Two reasons to like GoodNote, and one complaintI use pdf apps almost every day on my iPad to both read, review, and mark-up technical papers, and to present college lectures. I use pdf apps on my mac for similar purposes. Having experimented with almost every pdf app available for iOS, I am excited about two features in GoodNote that have made it my primary pdf app. (1) Goodnote has an excellent laser pointer mode with delayed trails, that make if an excellent choise for giving technical presentations from pdf slides. It is easy to flip back and forth between laser pointer mode and mark-up mode. (2) Goodnote allows the iPad screen to be split into two sides, showing the same document on both sides of the screen. This is extremely useful when reviewing technical documents because one half can be used to read the document, and the other half can be used to refer to equations, citations, tables, etc., located on other pages of the document. To my knowledge GoodNote is currently the only app with these two features. The complaint: documents are synced between iOS and OSX using iCloud, but not stored in an iCloud folder (or any other folder as far as I can tell). Documents can only be viewed and accessed within the GoodNote app. There is no integration with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc..Version: 5.6.46

A students dream journalI have been using GoodNotes for about a year now and it is the best note taking app I have used. Don’t get me wrong, the already installed notes app that comes with all the apple products is good too, however, GoodNotes gives so much variety and feels like I can be more organized. As a college student this is a lifesaver for school and classes. Everything saves and is stored in app and also on icloud so if you need it transferred to other device you can either download the app again and download the notes or upload to your icloud files. It’s also so good for the pandemic, since everything is online. It is a lot easier to do work on GoodNotes then upload what you need onto things like blackboard, D2L, canva, etc. Aside from it being a great note taking alternative, it is sort of eco-friendly in the sense that it helps save paper and helps from not having to use pens or pencils anymore. Just need a electronic device that can download the app and preferably a apple pencil or surface pro stylus (anything that can write on the device). Overall it’s a great app and a great investment for everyone and anyone!.Version: 5.6.15

Replaced my paper notebooksI've been using GoodNotes since mid-March (it's the end of May now), and I couldn't be happier with it! I'm a college student, and it's so much easier to carry my iPad around than to carry multiple (large) notebooks on top of all my textbooks around in my backpack. My shoulders thank you, GoodNotes! An added bonus is that I can move my writing around, rather than erasing sections when I want to move them. The organization system is robust, and I love that I can read and annotate PDFs right in the app—then put them in a folder with my notebook for a class! When I was deciding about switching from paper to digital notes, I was concerned that my learning/retention would be affected (because of all the studies that said notetaking on a computer wasn't as effective), but I'm still writing (I use an Apple pencil), so I still have all the benefits of taking notes by hand, but without the hassle of taking them physically. I'd put off switching to a digital note-taking system for so long, but I'm so glad I finally made the leap! GoodNotes is the best sort of life-changer! :).Version: 5.4.25

YESI just checked out the new Goodnotes 5 after upgrading (thank you, BTW)...and, omg I'm so excited right now. I use this app for EVERYTHING --from school notes to my digital Planner to diy beauty recipes to artwork and hand lettering practice. I have tried many different programs (Notability is good, but I don't care for the handwriting I produce and the style of the nib; I love INKredible for the nib, but it doesn't do much else; Procreate does some amazing things but it's extremely feature-heavy and doesn't offer typing which is a big bummer for creating planner printables ; and probably 5-10. Other apps that were so un-noteworthy i. Can't even remember them by name) but goodnotes is the one I always come back to. It has been missing one crucial thing for me --the ability to use the font profiles I have in my library. Until NOW!!! THANK YOU! I'm so excited I've been, up until now, having to type my template printables in Pages, then import into here and then I get stuck with a white background and is just a big mess but not anymore!!!!! This is what you've been missing and I am thrilled with the updates..Version: 5.0.1

Love being paper freeI’ve been using this app for years, & recently upgraded to 5. There’s a lot of additional functionality, with more powerful tools, new objects, & way better templates. The only thing I miss is the way the app opens. Previously when opening the app it presented the view I left it int when closing the app. Now every time I start the app it opens to my folder list. I have a loootttt of notebooks, and remembering which one I was last using is sometimes difficult. Maybe I’m just not as organized as I should be, but it’s just annoying that every time I open the app I have to search through my folders & then my notebooks to get to the one I was in the middle of using. I open one notebook only to find that the page I’m looking for is actually in another one. Many of my notebooks hold similar data, but I keep the in separate books for specific reasons. I’d just rather not have to search every time I start, especially when I’m already used to picking up right where I left off with GN4. That minor thing aside, I love this app worthy of all 5 stars, & the upgrade to 5 was a great improvement. The developers seem to really pay attention to what additional functionality could be useful as the way we work evolves. So I’m always looking forward to the next version to see what new stuff I’ll get!.Version: 5.3.17

My Favorite App: Best Replacement for a NotebookI'd been searching for a replacement for a notebook for a long time before I found GoodNotes, paying for several apps that didn't deliver or have the intuitive controls of a pen and paper. GoodNotes delivers. I use it for EVERYTHING for work and my home life. It's my personal budget planner, my personal calendar, my lesson plan book, my gradebook, my PDF annotater...everything! It's replaced basically all paper in my life. As a teacher, I could not be more thrilled with this app's functionality. The ability to create different notebooks with specific templates (and upload your own) allows it to function as so many different things! As a teacher, I'm a big binder person so I can keep related notebooks and files near each other. With the ability to open new notebooks in tabs within the app, I can keep these files close at hand and jump between them--it's kind of like a big digital binder that stays organized and doesn't get overwhelming with the number of files. The organization of the app and the way you can navigate through it by flipping the pages like you would a notebook makes it my favorite app of all time. AND now that it has apps available for iPad, Mac, and iPhone that all sync up beautifully, I can access everything everywhere! Well done, GoodNotes; thank you!.Version: 5.5.8

Edit: Camera Function is back!I have been using this app for almost 2 years and I greatly enjoy it. However I have had issue of it crashing many times. Recently, I noticed the camera function was replaced with a sticker function which is a bummer. Sometimes my professors have slides they don’t include in the file, so I would take pictures and insert them in my slides immediately but I can’t do that anymore, which is way less efficient. The sticker function is just like the insert image function so I find it completely useless. Many people already have “sticky notes” in the forms of images in their device so I don’t understand why this feature was added. Bring back the camera function, it was way more useful! I also wish there were more writing tools available, like a pencil? Sometimes I want something less opaque than a pen so wish that was offered, kind of like in the drawing apps. EDIT: If anyone is reading this and wondering where they put the camera function, it is now part of the “insert image” option! It will show up to the right of the tool bar when you select the “insert image” function. THANK YOUFOR BRINGING THIS BACK!.Version: 5.7.5

This is the greatest app I’ve ever purchasedI’m in nursing school and I can’t tell you how this app changed my study routine because you would be here all day. Not to mention, I essentially will never have to purchase multi-colored pens, highlighters, no more erasers, or other odd items like stickers. Everything in this app allows you to creat fun, engaging, and detailed content. You can import documents (easier than any program I’ve ever used), you can export to any format you’d like without any additional conversion programs or making sure the order and format are correct. It makes everything easy! You can take photos and crop as you need, add text, move your notes around if they’re in the wrong place rather than having to re-write them all together. My favorite feature is drawing on things you can import to the app: need to take notes on diagrams? You can do it. Need to draw on a photo and export? You can do it. Everything is so intuitive and super simple to figure out/organize. I know $9 seems a little steep for the app but I promise you, you will get the full value of this app. Retrospectively, even if this app was $30 I would still purchase it. If you’re on the fence, don’t be! Get. The. App. You’ll be glad that you did..Version: 5.6.9

The problem with appsThe problem with apps is that there's so many options and every option presents someone else's point of view on how, in this case, note-taking should be done. And you'll quickly find you use multiple apps because not one person has all the right ideas down. As is the case here, I love the structure and organization of Good Notes, but that stops in the main UI. When working with text, it definitely feels like an after thought. One of the things I loved about Notability is the fluidity of jumping between text and hand-writing. But the implementation in Good Notes is lacking (both visually and functionally from an organization perspective). Notability also has audio/note-taking syncing which is invaluable and something you won't find here on Good Notes. The Good Notes Mac app is soooo much better than Notability, but I think a lot of that goes back to UI and what our expectations for the look and feel are. The UI structure [organization-wise] for Good Notes is strong on iPad and the Mac app is a mirror of that. Even if you set the bar low, Notability is likely to come in under. Now that I'm typing notes more, Good Notes is starting to feel less and less like the right app for me, so I'm starting to look at actual writing apps like Ulysses..Version: 5.4.23

Good notes 4 performs better than Good notes 5I am writing this review to help the developers and potential buyers. First I’m providing this review in March 2019. Things may change later so if you are reading this review you should keep the date and version number in mind. 5.0.20. We are a large builder which use Blue beam, Procore, “go to meeting” and other related industry software. We found that Good notes 4 was simply the best vehicle for note taking and plan markups available. It truly was a “five star app”. We could be on a “go to meeting” with 15 consultants on a conference call and annotate plans instantly. (What I mean is hand write changes on the pdf plans to give direction. Not edit DWG drawings.) It was fast easy and simple. Superior to other products out there, even the industry specific ones. Now, with Good notes 5 the layout and folder structure have been improved. But, there is a big problem. If we open a set of plans and try to zoom in, the plans pixelate. Plus take an in ordinate amount of time to gain focus. Thus, most of us have stopped using this program. I have Good notes 4 and have gone back to it. I. Don’t know. If the developer is aware or working on a fix but it was a great program. If the developer is aware hope you can fix. I will check the App Store for updates. Will mark as 2.5 stars and revise rating if able to remedy problem. Good luck..Version: 5.0.20

Should have waited to release!Hi, I’m an avid GoodNotes user, I also supply it to my employees throughout my businesses. I will continue to supply Goodnotes 4, however, I will not be offering Goodnotes 5. In the first day of use, the Goodnotes 5 app crashed 14 times. For someone who spends at least 6 to 8 hrs a day using your app (Goodnotes 4), I was utterly disappointed in Goodnotes 5. Sure the features are great, when you aren’t having to reboot the app or redo your work every ten minutes. I genuinely don’t understand how as our society moves into the future, that pride, workmanship, and quality go out the door. I’m not singling Goodnotes out, it’s happening across the board. I would have rather this app come out in 6 months without the bugs. Neither Goodnotes or consumers should put up with this idea that we should just accept technologies errors, and allow it to further stress out or complicate our lives, when its job is to do the exact opposite. The quality has to be the priority, not the rush to beat the competition, or the rush to market to boost earnings reports. If you make a quality product that’s reliable for the long term, your product will stand alone. Be the Goodnotes Ive grown to love, not the subpar crap everyone else is. I’d take 10 features that work flawlessly, over 100 features that waste my time. Cheers!.Version: 5.0.7

Best App Out There for Writing & Drawing with Apple Pencil ESPECIALLYI downloaded several different apps that were free for note taking and or drawing in notebooks, etc. After not being satisfied with any of them, I decided to pay for this one. It is so worth the price! You can easily organize notes and notebooks while customizing them for whatever you need! The Apple Pencil works flawlessly as if you are using real pen and paper. I use the 1st Edition Apple Pencil with my 2019 iPad. One of the best things about this app is the fact that you can set it so that it does not capture anything from your hand or palm resting on the screen and allows you to still use your fingers to zoom, scroll through, and navigate the app all while still connected to the Apple Pencil. Also, it can literally READ and SEARCH your own handwriting so you can find where you left a certain note on a page. I have found that it this feature is very accurate! You can also customize your notebook covers, create outlines for easy navigation throughout a notebook, and you can create folders to organize each notebook even further. My only suggestion to the developers is to make it easier to get different templates for pages/covers and also allow those pages to have more background colors than just yellow or white..Version: 5.1.1

SuggestionsI’ve been using GoodNotes for years now and it definitely made notes taking way easier. However there’s something that I’d like to be added to GoodNotes 5 from the previous version. I would love to be able to change colors on top of the zoom box again. Also, I would love to have the ability to get the dashed lines for indentations to show when I’m not using the zoom box as well. Something I absolutely hate is that every time I scroll back to previous pages to copy something I wrote down it kept bring me back to the page I’m writing on. This is extremely annoying so I’d have to take away a star. I’m a math student; there’s a lot of formulas and equations that I constantly need to refer back to. With GoodNotes constantly changing the page/section of a page I want to view it quite frustrating. GoodNotes 5 also have trouble picking up my Apple Pencil where I would have connect it over and over again. Is there a way to make scrolling to a new page easier while using the zoom box? I have exit the zoom box every time I fill the page up or I would have to minimize the page and pull the zoom box to the bottom of the page to add a new page. I’m not sure If I’m the only one with this problem but sometimes the lines on the pages don’t connect and it looks pixelated..Version: 5.4.21

For the most part pretty greatI was looking for an app where I can annotate pdfs, and switch between the computer and an iPad while doing so. I love the capabilities, and the layout. I like that you can choose covers for notebooks, and that there are even so many different types of "papers" to choose from, from dotted, lined to even Cornell notes. And that you can add pages to pdfs, or can easily take photos and then export them as pdfs. Furthermore, whenever I edit a pdf on the iPad, it would automatically sync to the app on the Mac. My main problem is with the glitches on the Mac app. Often when selecting the highlighting tool, the highlighting has to be done manually, which is difficult to do on the computer without touch screen. You can also select text and then click highlight, but I would like that capability when I am using the highlighter specifically. The option to select the text would also often not work after a while, and I would have to quit Goodnotes and open it back up again. And finally, there is also no convenient way to underline, which currently would require manually drawing lines under text. The layout of the files is also sometimes not as intuitive for me, and I would like to have the option of seeing my file folders on the side bar as well. But other than that, I am enjoying using Goodnotes so far, and feel that the pros definitely outweigh the cons (which I hope will be improved soon with updates!).Version: 5.6.15

Still so far behind the others...Just bought version 5, installed it, opened it, tested it, and the only thing I could say was, “Really... that’s it??!!” I should have just kept version 4. I stopped using GoodNotes a long time ago after I saw all the added features Noteshelf 2 provides, but have been hoping that GoodNotes would catch up. Sadly, they still haven’t. It’s mind-boggling that even after all these years, GoodNotes STILL doesn’t provide dark paper to give a less glaring screen to write on. Geez, dark mode is everywhere these days, and after using it on all my apps, I hate looking at an all white screen background now. This is one main reason I switched to Noteshelf 2 They offer beautiful black and muted black papers that make writing and sketching an absolute pleasure. GoodNotes 5 has added some glitter from version 4, but just read all the reviews from even their most loyal customers, and you’ll see that everyone is pretty fed up with the ongoing lack of features. So once again, it’s goodbye to GoodNote. Enjoy my $5.99 that I just gave you for nothing. Hopefully you’ll actually put it towards developing some features your customers are actually asking for! I’ll keep the app on my iPad and keep watching what new features are released. But I sure won’t be holding my breath!.Version: 5.0.1

Fantastic notetaking app that showed me reading and writing on screens was feasibleI love this app. Previously, I would print every single paper I read because none of the electronic tools I would use allowed me to mark it up the way I like to. GoodNotes essentially gives me all of the tools on my desk - pen, highlighter, etc. and allows me to read and manipulate a document as though it’s really in my hand. There is really no difference, and it’s actually even better because the highlighter can automatically snap to lines of text! I only have two wishes that would make this program better than it already is - which is near perfect: I’d like to be able to store more pen or highlighter colors on the top row of tools. I use lots of different colors for different notes, and it seems like there’s plenty of room (at least on the 12.9 inch iPad) for a few more options to allow for quicker switching. Second, it would be nice to have page hyperlink support. When you’re reading a 300 page manual, it’s a little annoying to swipe back and forth between pages, especially when the table of contents is right there. I know about the goto page feature, but that doesn’t always line up with the page numbers correctly, and it isn’t easy to determine the right page looking through thumbnails. Otherwise, this app is amazing!.Version: 5.7.16

Used for years had no problems until nowI’ve been using this for years and loved how easy it was to import and take notes. Very simple to learn to use and import/export files. However recently for the last two months my app has been glitching where when I write something and try to erase it, the second to last thing written will be erased but the last thing will remain. The same goes for backspacing. Also if I’m writing something suddenly one of the lines I wrote would drag out and cover my entire page. It was very frustrating to deal with this especially during finals week. The frequency of this glitch occurred more and more to the point that I gave up on using this app and swapped to onenotes instead. I have contacted them and sent them a video of the issue with no response. I have tried changing my sensitivity of the palm reject, and deleting and downloading the app again with no prevail. I also thought maybe it was my iPad or pencils issue so I have tried to write on several other apps without issue (procreate and OneNote). When I redownloaded the app, the issue appeared to be resolved until I tried to write a few more times when the exact same issue started occurring again. I’ve given up. Going to swap to notability instead..Version: 5.7.5

Please fix the zoom function, moving screen, and straight linesThe "automatic zoom" feature is turned off but I still have this issue where the screen moves while using the text box function and keyboard. I don't see very well and I cannot write for very long. I am an artist and own the Apple Pencil but most of my note taking is done via keyboard and textboxes. To input notes, I take a small portion of the screen and zoom into it. However, when the keyboard appears, the screen moves to the middle of the document? You can no longer see what is going on. Especially if you are in putting text boxes near the bottom if the screen. It's annoying. I wish this app would give a work space similar to procreate, where you could zoom in and out of any corner of the page. Also, the straight line function is no longer disability or shaky hand friendly. For various reasons,I cannot draw in a straight line or make perfect circles, blocks, etc. The straight line function was great because it didn't matter how shaky my hands and body got, it would be a straight line. It was a really stable app. But now GoodNotes 5 no longer corrects lines as strictly. Sometimes it corrects lines, other times it doesn't. Maybe they assume I'm drawing or am purposefully making obscure lines and shapes. But I'm not. GoodNotes was once a great option for assistive tech but not anymore. Please give people the option for strict line correction..Version: 5.2

It’s OKAY.So. The new Goodnotes 5 is OKAY. I actually really don’t like it. It has some new features that I do like and enjoy but, I prefer the older Goodnotes 4. Firstly, it seems to me that the sensitivity or the palm rejection on this version isn’t as good as the 4. Every time I am writing my page moves or “jumps” and I never experienced that with the older version. Also, the beloved Zoom box is TERRIBLE on this version. I use the zoom box all the time on the GN4 - it zooms in perfectly so I can write my notes neat and the transparent “blue box” carries on to next space on the sentence so I don’t lose my spot while I’m writing and then, continues down perfectly to next sentence. On GN5 it does not do that. Instead, of moving over to the next space of the sentence, it jumps down to other sentences and I have a whole gap of space on my current sentence. It also sometimes, jumps down a few spaces or will even move on to the next or previous page! I honestly feel like the newer version has too many bugs and I can’t enjoy it at all considering the fact that I do appreciate some of the newer feature like the folders, the ability to erase just the highlighter, the new page and cover options, and the pen options. I’m also really disappointed about the lack of the ability to view multiple documents simultaneously or side by side. Just an over all disappointment. I will continue using GN4 for my note-taking..Version: 5.0.1

Excellent iPados app with one severe flawI teach at university, and have multiple requirements from a note taking app. I have been an extensive user of Notability, but, with the advent of drop-and-drag multitasking in iPadOS I’ve been playing with both the new Apple “notes” app and GoodNotes. In particular, I’ve been testing how well these apps handle the transfer of drag and drop data between split screens. GoodNotes handles handwritten and pen-written notes fluidly, and allows the most flexibility in resizing drag and dropped images, text manipulation and the like. However, one glaring flaw (unless I’m missing something) is the inability to import URL’s with a hyperlink using GoodNotes. Yes, you can drag the link as text into the app. But, to open the link, you need to select the text box, copy the url, and paste it into the browser window. Compare this to “notes” ability to convert a dragged link into a thumb window in the note that automatically opens the url in the browser window when clicked on in the note. Even Notability will import a hyperlink into a note, albeit using a rather clumsy “import url” tab and multiple steps. In today’s world, this seems like a rather glaring omission. Fix this in GoodNotes and, IMHO, it’ll be the leader of the pack ! Thanks.Version: 5.3.1

Would give a 5 star if the collaborative editing mode is stable and truly real timeI’m doing online teaching and would love a notebook app that can enable real time, collaborative editing for lecturing. GoodNotes does provide a feature that may work well. My setup is: I am doing white boarding on my iPad while sharing the screen of my laptop using Zoom. I open a GoodNotes session on the laptop and project the app to Zoom’s shared screen. While the fast collaborative ode works well for newly created document, it becomes really lagged when 1) the document has been opened for a while (20 min to 1 hour), and/or 2) I re-open an existing document that I created a while ago (with fast online editing mode enabled). The latency is too long—ranging from 10 seconds to sub minute— to be acceptable for real time editing. I have to switch to a different app in order for my lecture to proceed as expected. I love the user experience of GoodNotes’ other features; but talking about the collaborative editing feature, it really pisses the users off. I’d really demand the team to fix the lagging issue of this feature. I’m not sure if this is due to the backend design options like periodically moving a doc to a slower tier that syncs using the slow iCloud storage or not. But this issue does persists for at least few weeks. Thanks!.Version: 5.6.34

FIRST NOTETAKING APP....IT'S ALRIGHT (ipad pro 2018)I bought the bundle for goodnotes 4&5 and I've gotten use to only using goodnotes 5. Folders is really useful and keeps all my school stuff organized. Note taking with the apple pencil is great. For the most part this app has been efficient. However, page scrolling is really laggy and is not as fluid, even with just moving around the same page. You cant move images selected with the lasso between pages. You have to cut it/copy just to get it to a different page, which is kinda silly. You can't import multiple documents at once so that's a bit annoying. I would really love to see the ability to customize the toolbar to remove/add functions in order to better fit our own needs. Plus assigning more pens/colors than the three provided would be nice, instead of switching back and forth between pens and then colors, it'd be nice to be able to switch from a ball pen red, to a fountain pen green, with just one click, so having extra presets is on my wishlist. The shape tool definitely needs A LOT of improvement, very buggy, I'm pretty sure my crappy circles are not supposed to be squares. overall it's a good app, haven't tried notability but I got this for the highlighter, it's better than notability..Version: 5.0.8

Excellent Search Improvements, Backup options limitedI have been using Goodnotes for extensive note taking during graduate school. Version 5 keeps many of the aspects that have made it my favorite note taking app, but again this version is not quite perfect. The best improvement from version 4 is the document search feature, which includes your handwriting. I also enjoy the continuous scroll feature. Thank you, developers! On the downside, version 5 does not seem to have the diverse backup options that were available in version 4. I had been using Dropbox since I work on many devices that are not made by Apple, and I liked to be able to access the up to date backup from anywhere. Now, however, iCloud is the only backup option. Please make the other cloud sync services available. One feature that was carried over without change from version 4 but I hope to see updated in version 5 is the 3 size eraser. You can make the pen very fine to write small (which I love), but you can’t make the eraser very small to make fine tuned corrections. A few more small eraser options are needed. I would also like to see version 5 create an option to open 2 notes side by side (similar to the feature in Notability)..Version: 5.0.1

Too buggyI was a daily GN4 user and was very happy with the app. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was thrilled to see the GN5 update because I optimistically believed that all that I liked about GN4 would only get that much better with the update. I was wrong. GN5 has a lot of bugs that ruin the experience—the text box does not align with the lines on the pages. Tab returns take you to other pages instead of remaining on the active page. There are ghost-like flashes when you erase. Etc. Besides the bugs, there are two design changes that, for me, make the updated app less useful: moving the eraser and the undo/redo buttons to the top tool bar instead of keeping them on the text box. With GN4 I could write quickly with my Apple Pencil erasing and undoing errors with only a slight movement of my hand. I am off to find other apps that will meet my needs. Maybe I’ll check back now and then to see if GN5 has reached its full potential. UPDATE: After a six month hiatus, I am back to using GN5 every day. The bugs I noticed before have been fixed. I still would prefer that the eraser and undo buttons were on the text box..Version: 5.6.5

Wonderful!I LOVE GoodNotes! It's great for rewriting or taking notes. I like to use it's quick note feature to solve math problems if I don't have scratch paper. Also, I didn't have a journal on hand, so I used GoodNotes for my bullet journaling this year. I love it's simple design, especially how I can customize my colors without an overwhelming amount of colors to begin with. The tools make it so nice to use and I love the different types of pens. The only thing I'd change is some parts of the flashcard feature. I think it's thought out really well and I love being able to add diagrams, pictures, etc. However, I would love being able to select the flashcards I want to study. Like maybe when you click on the flashcard feature, have a pop up ask whether you want to study all flashcards or some. Then, if you click some, you can select the ones you want to study. I appreciate being able to make flashcards so quickly, but I don't want to study all flashcards every time. However, I like to have the flashcards for each class with my notes to review for exams. Overall, it's a great app and with the apple pencil, it's probably the best note taking app out there..Version: 5.7.20

I don’t use anything else for notes anymoreThis app definitely requires a stylus. Even better an apple pen because of the wrist touch problem, but my $10 stylus works fine. As the title reads, I no longer lug around notebooks that end up getting crumpled or lost or thrown out, contributing to waste. I’ll admit, I didn’t purchase this to save trees, but it’s awesome that it does, now that I think of it. I never buy apps either; that’s one thing that kept me from finally pulling the plug on this, but I’m glad I did. I REALLY like being able to use the dotted line tool thingy that allows you to just move a whole paragraph or drawing or chunk out of something to another area AND/OR to just simply copy and paste it somewhere else. That is my fave feature probably. Oh, AND you can change it’s size. That’s so much easier than erasing your notes and starting all over again when something was written to big or too small and you wasted a whole page. So again, 4 stars just cause sometimes it glitches and moves super slow, but that’s just cuz I’m usually using it for hours on end, and also I wish we could change the pen style to brush or pencil...maybe you can and I just haven’t figured it out yet. If so, I apologize but yeah I love this app and don’t use pen or paper or any other inferior app. I have yet to find a better one than GoodNotes.Version: 5.4.36

3 majors and 3 minors3 major things I’d like changed: pixel eraser, pdf imports, eyedropper. Please make the pixel eraser more exact/smaller pixels-like apple notes. They’re huge and it’s not really a pixel eraser with such big pixels because it’s basically a stroke. Pdf imports would be more convenient if there was an option to treat like an image: crop, resize, etc. an eyedropper for picking up exact colors on the screen would be nice. 3 minor things to change: screenshot, dot/grid/line adjustments, more utensil variations. Why do I need to manually choose to save a screenshot? I screenshotted it to save it, why do I need to confirm that through a pop up window? Consistently inconvenient, please just save the screenshots from the lasso automatically. The dots/grid/lines would be nice if I could adjust the sizes. It would be nice to have more utensil variations too. Maybe a crayon/colored pencil? And a boxy highlighter. I like the export of pages and files, really nice and convenient. It’s nice to have the option to save to different drives (because I ran out of iCloud storage). Nice organization and layouts-which can change for each page which is really nice. Good app. Thanks :) but I’d like more if the 3 majors got changed :) and even better if the 3 minors did too.Version: 5.6.26

Absence of Recording Feature is a DealbreakerI’ve been using both Goodnotes and Notability for four years in college, and the only thing that’s prevented me from solely using Goodnotes is the fact that it lacks the recording feature which syncs audio to handwritten notes. This may not be relevant to all users, but as a college student who’s often jumping between long lectures all day it truly does make a difference. Everything else about Goodnotes is pretty much perfect, from customisability to functionality and efficiency, but the addition of the recording feature would be the ultimate deciding factor between this app and its competitor for many students and users. Many users, myself included, are finding it difficult to stick to only one of the two apps as their primary note-taking app due to this, but I’m certain that this feature would resolve many internal debates when comparing the features and choosing an app. I would genuinely love to make this my only note-taking app but the absence of the recording feature keeps holding me back. Please do consider implementing this feature to help make the choice easier for a large portion of digital note-takers..Version: 5.4.28

I like the new features, but there are lots of bugs.As someone who loved GoodNotes 4, I was very excited for the transition over to number 5. First, I must start off by saying that I really enjoy the new formatting and some of the new features they’ve added such as being able to move text around with the lasso tool or adding the Insert a Picture feature right on the tool bar. But, I’ve noticed a lot of bugs since transitioning; the app crashes on me several times a day and no matter what I set the palm rejection sensitivity to, it still confuses my palm with my fingers. For example, if I use the zoom in text box feature while writing and it suggests a new place to start, as soon as I lay my hand back down to begin writing, it mistakes my palm as my fingers and moves the screen around causing many random scribbles and not legible letters. I use this app primarily for journaling and note taking which makes it inconvenient when the app shuts down or interferes with my writing. Additionally, the vertical page scrolling is still very glitchy even though the newest update was supposedly supposed to fix that. I’ve added too many things to GoodNotes 5 to convert back so I guess I just have to wait until they fix all the bugs. Like I mentioned, the new features are nice, but they don’t outweigh the cons. Shouldn’t have transitioned over..Version: 5.0.6

Best Notes App for OrganizationI had my doubts about this app honestly, but it is safe to say that it is currently my favorite app on my iPad. I like to color coordinate my notes, it makes it easier for me to see and understand my notes. I love that you were able to import files directly into GoodNotes5. For example, as a college student, I use the Canvas School App. I am able to import all PDF readings, notes, PowerPoint‘s, and even test blanks directly to a new or previous folder and then edit them all while my professor is teaching. It loads quickly, there is not much of a learning curve for beginners. It’s honestly that easy. I love that there’s tons of free “Templates” if you wanted to use this app as a planner or a binder as well. My only suggestion, is highlighting your text at the very end of class. If you highlight everything first, then decide to edit the text size or font later, anything that was highlighted will not move with your text if that makes sense. All of it will resize together as one if you use the “resize“ button. However, if you resize your text in any other way, or change it in any other way, the highlighter markings will not format themselves to fit your new font or text size..Version: 5.6.34

Fantastic Dive to Digital Scribbling but Leaves Your Security BehindThis is a fantastic application that is built for use on iOS, iPadOS and even macOS! What the developers are doing here are great, and I’m amazed (and very grateful) that they are conscious of the price of the product. GoodNotes feels like a great dive from a real paper notebook into a digital one, as you start by creating one notebook. This can be your “Biology 1” notebook or “Cryptography” notebook... maybe even your “Journal” notebook. You can have as many as you want. From there, you tap on a journal and write away. Need a new page? Swipe your finger almost like a magazine! It’s just incredibly intuitive. However, I have one MAJOR gripe with GoodNotes. You cannot lock your journals. If you have a diary or have a notebook with confidential information on work clients or schematics, you cannot secure them. You leave your privacy and security of your work at full risk if you share your iDevice. If I lend my iPad to a little one or to a friend who needed something to write on, my important documents are left unprotected. GoodNotes has a Feature Request Page, and Password Protection has 5110 votes, yet no sign of password protection as an upcoming feature..Version: 5.6.36

Missing goodies from 4*Latest update: thanks for adding the custom outlines feature this is a BIG help. The one thing it does need is the ability to delete old outline items (some of my documents imported with outlines that I didn’t create and don’t want. I can’t find a way to remove them and they clutter the flow of my intended outline. The Mac app remains a highly desired item. If these two items are added this app gets a 5 from me. Prior review: Hi - big fan of Goodnotes 4 but the two glaring holes for me in that version were 1) an easy way to reorder pdfs in large batches (I solved this by getting the Mac app which was great) and 2) nested folders. GN 5 has the nested folders which is great but now the ability to create an outline of text bookmarks has been removed so you just see images of your favorite pages. I used to use the favorites feature as a Table of Contents but now I can’t so now organizing very large documents is much more difficult. Would be great if you could add functionality to create / edit an outline in the app. Also need a GN 5 version for the mac. If you solve these two issues it gets a 4 stars from me. 5 needs to get the ink a bit more responsive like GN 4. For some reason theres a little lag now on occasion which is distracting..Version: 5.0.15

CANT LIVE WITHOUT!!!I never knew how much I needed this app until I bought it. Don’t tell the developers but it is worth much more than they’re charging. I do EVERYTHING in this program. I have numerous notebooks for personal use, my business, my day job and for the classes I am taking. I also have a journal and a planner that I imported from an Etsy purchase. I love that I can make notebooks for everything, I can easily move things around, I can import PDF’s right into the notebook, I can insert graphs/pictures/etc from my digital texts books or a website, I can also upload a website right into the notebook as well. I am a very visual person so being able to import these things and then mark them up is amazing! I love that I can highlight and use different colors as well. The variety of notebook covers and options for page formats is so nice as well. I also absolutely freaking love that I can “search” my notebooks, it even searches my messy handwriting. This option saves me so much time from having to look back through all my notes to find mentioned of 1 thing. Seriously.... get this app, its literally my life!.Version: 5.4.29

Closest to pen and paper I've foundFor me it's all the little UI decisions that make things wonderful in this app. I like as minimal clutter as possible, hide the UI whenever possible, make it as much like a pad of paper I'm looking at. It feels like a pad of paper because I can swipe between pages. I CANNOT OVERSTATE how much this helps me to not have scrolling pages but instead a finite canvas size that the visual part of my brain can remember. For some reason scrolling I can't remember the shape and thus the location and then from that the information that's at each location. Same thing for swiping between pages to change them, it's probably just me but not being able to do this in the notes app or any other app drives me insane. I don't want to be looking at UI / the titles of other pages. I want a page that is adjacent / above / below my page and nothing else. I don't need any other information in front of me. I love that the Mac application bar at the top is basically hidden and it's only the stoplight in the top left. The fact that I can then move the UI to the bottom of the page so that it's out of the way make it look like I have my paper right there next to my main screen. THANK YOU for making these UI decisions that others may not appreciate but I certainly do :).Version: 5.6.54

Best available but could be betterI am an undergraduate student and use GoodNotes for just about all of my classes. I love the notebooks and organization, as well as the color options. I think this app is great for taking notes because you can bookmark pages, search, and easily navigate the pages within a notebook using the outline or thumbnails. However, there are a few features I wish could be improved on. I so, so, so wish there was a way to sync audio recordings to your note taking. I have some professors who just speak way too quickly or I just need to be able to go back and listen to what they said and this feature would help so much. I use another app that has this feature for certain classes, but would much prefer if GoodNotes offered this as well. This other app also allows you to have two notes open side by side. GoodNotes does have the convenient tabs at the top, but having two notes open would be much easier. I also think the text feature could be improved, maybe allowing an option that lines the text up with the lines on the paper. Overall, great app and will continue to use, but I do need to use a different app for some classes..Version: 5.4.8

My favorite notes app with just one downsideThere are only two decent notes app for iPad out there: Notability and GoodNotes. Both have everything that a notes app should have but both have also have a single downside that is pretty much the only deciding factor for which one would prefer. GoodNotes can only sync to iCloud and does not sync to any other cloud service but Notability can sync to a multitude of cloud services. I chose GoodNotes over Notability because Notability is messy with its file system. In Notability, you cannot put folders within folders which is really annoying because it makes it impossible to sort out my notes by semester, subject, hw or lecture, etc. With GoodNotes I can sort out and organize my notes using folders within folders which is far more important than being able to have it automatically sync to Google Drive. If this app could sync to Google Drive, I would give it 5 stars. There are also a few very minor bugs too but they don’t really hinder me whatsoever so I’m not complaining. Great app! Make it possible to sync with Google Drive and this will by far be better than Notability!.Version: 5.3.3

MehI think I will stick to GoodNotes 4. It’s not a bad update and it looks nice. I am sure I would get used to the layout after using it a but but some things are gone and new things that are highly requested aren’t here yet. There is a place for outlines in the thumbnail view in a document but I can make a new outline. When I imported my notebook from 4 I had bookmarks that aren’t there anymore. The bookmarks have changed to favorites which show up as thumbnails and I need them as the outline list like in 4 but can’t add that now. If I unfavorites something that was named from 4, it doesn’t allow me to rename it. This app still doesn’t have a way to add hyperlinks attached to texts or shapes or strokes are whatever, to other pages in the document which I really need. So I guess add hyperlink ability (if there are already hyperlinks in the document you import, you can still use them if you turn on touch mode, but you can’t add any new ones), fix the bookmarks/outlines/favorites situation to work the way it should, and then just to be picky, why does the view change when I go into touch mode... I don’t like that either. Make it like in 4 where it doesn’t change anything in the view.Version: 5.0.3

GoodNotes 5 is Improving SignificantlySince mid-January, Goodnotes 5 have been getting updates consistently. Now it is almost flawless. Goodnotes 5 is definitely better than Goodnotes 4 --> The management of files is the biggest winner for me. Now I can organize my files depending on projects or topics using the unlimited multiple folder structures. Now I use it exclusively, whereas before I was using Notability and Goodnotes 4 depending on my goals. If I was reviewing engineering plans (page size: 22"x34"), sketches (page size: not letter sized), or reviewing large files with bookmarks, then I was using Goodnotes 4. If I wanted a quick and short note (less than 5 pages), then I was using Notability due to the vertical scrolling; but Goodnotes 5 supports this feature now. Goodnotes 5 really shines with the bookmarks, supporting different page sizes, vertical scrolling, and now the management of files. Still waiting: I"m looking forward to get Goodnotes 5 on my Mac and eventually seeing two notes at the same time when using my iPad. The latter is less of an inconvenience for me because I'm usually working with my Mac and iPad at the same time. Goodnotes 5 on my Mac is a must..Version: 5.0.7

Love Hate relationshipI am a big time user of GoodNotes. As a student i spend about half my day on goodnotes every day for the past 2 years. I absolutely love the app. I waited a really long time for the 2 major updates that came earlier this year. Those are the universal search tool as well as the introduction of unlimited hierarchy. I am a major fan of both updates and they both make my use of the app much more productive. With that being said the ease of use with the new app has gone significantly down since the update. At first i thought with in 2 to 3 weeks they would work out the kinks and bring it back to standard but its been 4 months now and it hasn’t happened. One thing i sorely miss are the keyboard shortcuts that used to be available in GoodNotes 4. They are gone from GoodNotes 5 and have never been replaced. Besides for that the “smoothness” of GoodNotes 5 has just never been the same as 4. The crashes and just plain unstable use that haunted the app at launch are for the most part gone and the app can now be relied upon again for every day use however i still use 4 as much as i can because it is just so much nicer to use than 5. I really hope the developers continue to work on bringing GoodNotes 5 back to the standard of GoodNotes 4. The two big updates are a major addition and if the rest of the app comes back to the level of 4 there will be no app that can compete in this AppStore..Version: 5.1

I LOVE this app, best notetaking app out there!This is the best notetaking app ever. I'm an AP and Honors student in highschool, and I live for this app. Since doing online school this year due to the pandemic, it has changed how I take notes and turned in assignment. I love how GoodNotes is uploaded to the cloud so you can look at your notes no matter where you are or what device you are on. I like typing my science notes on my computer, and I love that I can switch over to my IPad to draw graphs and symbols whenever needed. I love using my Apple pencil to take all my other notes, its perfect for hand writing notes. I love all the different paper types and the covers you can choose from. You can also organize all of your documents into folders. My favorite thing BY FAR is that you can download pretty much ANY pdf or worksheet into GoodNotes and write directly on the document. Especially because of online school, a lot of my teachers post their worksheets on GoogleClassroom, and being able to download the documents and write directly onto it, and then I can just drag and drop the PDF from my desktop into Classroom ITS AMAZING! It saves me so much paper, and has helped me stay so organized with everything in one place. The format and interfacing is incredible, you HAVE to try this note taking app, it's incredible. I would recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE. Please get it for yoruself and check it out!.Version: 5.6.9

So many great features that other apps don’t have, but...I love how in depth this app goes, I gave it 4 stars for a couple of reasons. For one, the app is too sensitive to the Apple Pencil, I’ve even changed the sensitivity setting but to no avail. What I mean is it captures even the slightest movement like every time I put the pencil down and lift it up, it is able to catch the slightest motion to where letters end up looking messy and don’t end in a straight clean line like when you write normally. I have seen other apps do better with the handwriting but they have nowhere near as many features as this one which is why I keep coming back. But the fact that it’s so hard to get my handwriting to look decent makes it harder for me to use, and seeing as how handwriting notes is the main feature of this app really makes me think twice about using it because I have to try harder to make my letters clean. The second thing is I wish there were more cropping features besides rectangle and free hand. One possible solution might be to add a background erasing feature built in to the app so people can easily remove backgrounds and not have to crop. This app is great though, I wouldn’t be writing a review if I didn’t think it was worth it..Version: 5.6.24

A Great UpgradeUpgraded from GoodNotes 4. I read the other reviews before updating and noticed someone said their Apple Pencil lags. I haven’t had any issues with this app. The file organizer makes things better. The biggest improvement for me is having the pages scroll vertically instead of horizontally. I like being able to choose the type of pen and the fact that the hi lighter can automatically hi light a perfect horizontal line. The look is updated and more modern. The search function works well. I’ve had no issues and will definitely be using this over GoodNotes 4. I like that they added more paper styles but still no engineering paper unfortunately. That being said, there still are some features from OneNote that I would like to see. When importing photos, OneNote allows you to define the 4 corners you want, and it will straighten the image which is useful if you took a picture from an angle. OneNote then can turn the photo into black and white with increased contrast similar to a PDF scanning app. OneNote is also a bit better at adding typed text and gives a lot of options similar to Word, whereas GoodNotes is more basic..Version: 5.0.2

Complicated iCloud Syncing SettingsI recently confronted a syncing issue on both my Mac and iPhone. I just downloaded the apps on my Mac and iPhone today, since I normally use iPad for notes only. However, the documents are only partially synced to my Mac and iPhone (some documents were synced and some were not). I’ve tried to diagnose and fix the problem by myself, such as turn off and back on the iCloud sync in Apple ID Settings on all 3 devices, and restart the laptop to activate the new settings. But all these operations didn’t help to solve the problem. I logged into my iCloud Drive which doesn’t have the GoodNote folder in it, and I think this may be the root cause of the problem, but it doesn’t explain why some documents were synced. After a few hours, I noticed that in the app Settings, there’s another iCloud Settings > Use iCloud inside of the app, and then I found the problem: it was turned off on my iPad. Although the issue was solved, but I don’t quite understand what’s this setting for? Normally, users want to manage iCloud settings at one place, but not in each app. If I enabled iCloud for the app already in the system settings, but it was turned off inside of the app, then what’s the point of this setting? So, I would suggest you removing this setting inside of the app, and using the general iCloud setting should be more reasonable..Version: 5.4.36

Not stable with IOS 14Currently writing this review because I have no way to contact the developers. It is freezing and crashing constantly. After IOS I have a constant pop up with in the app stating that iCLoud sync is not working. Extremely annoying. There is no other app I have this problem with and I have plenty of storage. Also every-time that I try and scroll up it skips up 10 to 20 pages when I scroll down just a little from the top of the page it will add an entire new page. Also I can not access the flashcards feature and there is no update available. I attempted to install and reinstall the app on my ipad and now I cant access any documents from my ipad. ***Update: most of the major issues have been resolved. Still a little glitchy but no where as bad as it was. I was able to use the flashcard feature but unfortunately wasn't too impressed. I use lots of diagrams to study but when using the flashcard feature the flashcard paper doesn't larger for pictures so I spent all that time making flashcards only to spend more time squinting than actually studying - I know it’s in beta so this could be an amazing feature but I hope the developers will allow the flashcards features to be full screen when you try to review..Version: 5.6.9

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Some suggestions1.Record while writing ( Most IMPORTANT); 2.Support to use documents and PowerPoint in notes page 3.Can make a mind-map (by itself ) ; 4. can have contacts /key words for each pages, and you can touch the themes/keywords to jump to that pages 5. When I change the size, I hope I can choose change the thickness line’s can be changed or not; 6.Can add some shape like dash line; Can also change a circle with certain center, radius. 7.Can chose the changes of tool can be changed together or not while using split screen; 8. When I search something, I hope I can search formula and the words of pdf; 9. The outline can have second, third...tags when I type in; 10. While copy something, can automatically change the size which match the hand writing size, but not always just 24; 11. Can use translate in the app; 12. When I implore PDF of word and PowerPoint to the app, I hope I can select to have same size as my Nate page and select to leave some empty gaps. Thank you. Looking forward to the next update. Best Regards..Version: 5.4.13

Love it, almost perfect.This app really makes my handwriting note taking seems like doing it in old ways but digital enough. Smooth writing and its features really lovable. Its easy to learn as well. However, there are several things that might need to offer for several users like me that will make this app worth 5 stars. Need to have option to hide the toolbar. Or use pallet instead of classic long toolbar. Or, need more option to place the toolbar to right or left side, instead only top or bottom. Need a dashed line option when drawing a line. Also need curve (convex or concave shapes) available. Both drawing feature are very useful for drawing graph..Version: 5.6.24

GreatI had to decide between Good Notes 5 and Notability. Both apps are very similar but I went with Good Notes, mainly because it was a dollar or two cheaper and I’m very happy with the experience I’ve had with it so far. It’s so easy to write notes and actually makes note taking fun! I can customise them however I like and organising each document into folders is super useful. My only suggestion is improving the handwriting to text option. At the moment, you have to select the text, convert it, copy it and paste it again and it’s just a nuisance and so time consuming. I’d prefer if it automatically changed to text if you, say, double tap on it twice or something like an app called Nebo does. Otherwise, Good Notes 5 has fulfilled all my other needs..Version: 5.4.36

Pls fix glitchesI love using GoodNotes but lately, there’s been frequent glitches whenever I use it. It makes crazy random lines whenever I handwrite (I am using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 - if that’s relevant). I have tried restarting my iPad many times (like what the site instructs) whenever it happens but it doesn’t fix it permanently. I also recently deleted and reinstalled GoodNotes hoping it would fix it but it’s still happening. It’s getting very frustrating because I waste most of my time erasing or undoing the random lines. I don’t think it’s to do with my apple pencil bc it doesn’t do it whenever I use Notes. Please fix this. Thank you.Version: 5.5.3

Excellent so far, but a few issuesWhen using the lasso tool to move items on a page, items cannot be moved from one page to another via dragging. One must tap and hold to cut, and then tap and hold to paste, what a waste of time and energy! When using the zoom box, the box will be taken over by a white part like it’s being resized automatically, making it useless to use. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no effect Can’t find a way to contact you via email, which is super sneaky Could you also allow an option to import videos, it would be super helpful for lecture note taking, doesn’t Notability offer this already? Overall, the user interface and experience are very pleasant and quick to learn while using.Version: 5.7.10

Great program! No privacy protection.I’ve been using Good Notes 5 for 2 weeks now. Does everything I need it to do. Search and OCR are very good. One important feature is missing - notebook protection. I share my iPad occasionally. I have my diary as a notebook. I want to protect that one so that other people can’t see anything in it. Thus, individual notebook protection is very important to me. Nothing fancy, a simple PIN is Ok. Of course, TouchID or FaceID would be better but I appreciate the fact that may be more difficult. Would give it 5 stars if I could protect individual notebooks..Version: 5.4.0

Handy App - Better Integration Across Platforms RequiredGoodnotes is a great app - have been using it on my iPad for years with my studies. Once your preferences are all setup, it's super handy for getting things done. Have recently started using it in conjunction with my Macbook, and there are the beginnings of some great ideas in that performing work on your iPad is directly transferred across to the Macbook app. However, even with a good internet connection the time it takes for changes to transfer across platforms is ridiculous. Writing something on the iPad sometimes requires resetting your iCloud to ensure the changes are transferred to your Mac. This is the same for changes made on the Mac to transfer to your iPad. Surely, considering both apps work basically flawlessly by themselves, there could be a more seamless transfer of information between them?.Version: 5.7.10

Wonderful easy to use appEasy to use with an intuitive design, reliable and regularly updated. Developers listen to users’ feedback and if enough users support changes they are implemented. I use it to take study notes for university, medical research, recipes, receipts and other personal information and best of all it is not stored on someone else’s server. I can combine handwritten notes, screen shots, PDF handouts, pictures etc into a single journal where I can make further handwritten or typed annotations and drawings. Notes synchronize quickly between devices through iCloud. I have never experienced any issues with synchronizing or the software. I have tried a number of other notes apps and have found GoodNotes the best and easiest to use..Version: 5.4.14

GoodNotes 5 shows promise but missing basic featuresThis version definitely shows promise, but it is disappointing that many basic features on V4 haven’t been the starting point for GN5. Examples are, lack of cloud backup (e.g. Dropbox), small size thumbnails that are hard to read (GN4 has bigger thumbnails that are just the right size), Navigation - “Go To Last Page” and “Go Back” are also missing from GN5. Once you find a document using the search feature (which is very powerful), the information field that shows the document location is too narrow, vital information is chopped off the right hand side. There are several other items that I can’t remember right now. For the moment I will be sticking to GN4..Version: 5.3.3

Good app! But improvements are possibleI love this note taking app to use with an Apple Pencil, has many good details such as shapes and highlighting goes on in straight lines and behind the text. However! I would love it if it would be possible to change the template of multiple pages at once, instead of having to go one by one to each page to change templates. I work with this app a lot to then do short presentations to my university tutors or group assessment colleges. I like to write on lined paper but like to present on plain paper. So I have to go page by page to change templates, I wish I could simply select all the pages and change the templates at once..Version: 5.4.38

Very versatile and customisablePacked full of features and great for brainstorming, planning. Having plenty of options to make your own template notebook to fill with included ruled line page, grid, monthly planner, even music notes plus more. All are customisable in their page size which is amazing. The only thing I wished was that we could lock notebooks from others and also create folders or stacks to collapse collections of notebooks because it would run amazingly with its already visual interactive interface. Thanks GoodNotes! Hope to see the suggestions in the next update :).Version: 5.6.32

Best note taking application ever!I started off using Goodnotes4, but due to the restriction of horizontal page flicking, I moved to Notability instead. Although I enjoyed notability I didn't have the option to create page outlines in my notes which made it hard to section my notes and look for specific topics. I switched back to goodnotes knowing it now allows vertical scrolling and I am in love! The ease of writing also feels more natural than notability and also the option to customise book covers! I also love the filing and organisation of Goodnotes a lot better than Notability. An extra bonus is with the Macbook app, I can also now type notes into the same notebook and have all my notes in one synced spot. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!.Version: 5.6.21

Missing a very helpful featureGreat App and the recent update is amazing for decorating my planner on good notes, however it is missing a very helpful and basic feature that I’m disappointed that there isn’t an option to bring items, images, texts, stickers, the option to bring forward or back in order to layer these features. Just cause of this simple feature I’m giving it 3 stars since its such a basic but extremely helpful option. Its hard to decorate my planner or add anything without planning all of the designs in advance which is stupid and no one has those specific details in place when decorating their planner of course. Hopefully the developers can fix this problem ASAP.Version: 5.7.14

A few ideas in the futureHi GoodNotes! Love the app, been using for over a year! I have some ideas that maybe could be implemented one day... The first would be a full screen version of your notes that are still editable (no HUD) So you can still edit your notes but without the tools present on top. It’d look clean! Maybe a floating toolbar? The second would be the ability to change the colours of files. I love the file system, but it’d be great to have multiple colours to choose from for your files, other than blue. The next would be .gif, .mp3 and .mp4 formats support for notes. This would be really cool for things like lectures, instead of just putting a link. Another idea would be having more pen options. Right now there’s two, it’d be pretty fun to have a pencil or crayon for example. Or maybe a glow pen that’s permanent (unlike the laser tool currently implemented) Another idea is a ruler option, that shows actual measurements for IRL (centimetres, inches ect.) Thanks again GoodNotes, really great app!!.Version: 5.4.0

Don’t downloadGreat ideas in this app. Very poor execution. Can’t upload any documents, always get errors. Can’t download any documents, just stops doing anything. I have let the iPad on to do this overnight, still nothing transferred. Constantly crashes, like every minute. If you do a cut and paste and the app crashes, you lose what you cut. Been trying to get this app to work for over a month, no joy. I sent an email to GoodNotes, no reply. I am stuck. I have been using GoodNotes 4 for the past year with not to many problems. Have even tried uploading back into that app, nope that doesn’t work anymore. All my documents are stuck in GoodNotes 5. Stupid me didn’t back them up, I just transferred them to GoodNotes 5. Yes I regret that now. If you are using GoodNotes 4, don’t go to GoodNotes 5..Version: 5.4.6

Great app, a few added features would be ready though.I’m not one to leave reviews but I’m very impressed with this app. It has no lag, its features are great and it’s aesthetically pleasing. The design was the reason I picked it over Notability. Being able to see customisable ‘notebooks’ and see thumbnails of the pages is really helpful for a visual learner. I would love if they’d add a split screen and recording feature. I took a star off because there has been a glitch where when I click undo it sporadically erases content from previous pages not just the one I’m working on. Once I figured this out I stopped using it but it did cause a lot of frustration. Hopefully this is addressed soon. The app is still so amazing apart from that so I continued to use it. Honestly, I was hesitant about paying for the app but it has been such a blessing to my studies. Definitely makes it easy to study anywhere and the writing process is fluid. Its also really convenient having everything I need in one app: notes, PDF texts, assignments etc. Love, love, love..Version: 5.0.28

Almost perfect butIts a great product and does almost everything I want - my biggest gripe is on the synchronisation between my iPad Pro (2021 model) and my Macbook Pro with M1 chip (2020 model). Its too slow and often eratic. I will sometimes need to work on a note in both the macbook and ipad. Often the synchronisation does not happen until I shut the app down on both iPad and Macbook and then hope it synchronises. It does so eventually (sometimes only days later if I havent shut down GoodNotes and then reopened it). This is extremely frustrating for my coaching practice as I record material and videos. The rest of the programme is Fantastic. Just wish synchronisation process was as good as the rest of the program.Version: 5.7.18

✌️😗Really good app, I use it for my year 12 study notes on ipad pro, it might cost a bit more than usual iphone apps but compared with typing and computing apps such as word and one note it is really cheap and a one time only payment. There is a wide range of options for organisation and has really cute designs for the individidual note pads to fill. One thing I'd say could be improved is the text feature, more structured formatting options could work well, especially for using it to type with a laptop. Overall love the app and would definitely reccomend it for students looking to organise notes easier..Version: 5.4.23

Amazing app helps keep me organisedI love this app. I have all my work, holiday, medical and craft documents in one place. Organised by files and sub folders, I have an iPad Pro and a pencil so all docs I can add handwritten notes or typed notes to them. Updated. I would love to be able to use hyperlinks, and as some of my apps are now using the Apple handwritten, conversion to text, I would love to see this in the app too. I write many patterns and my writing is not always the best, but Apple handwritten to text recognises it to it is easy to change with a scribble. I have shown many people how to use this app and highly recommend it..Version: 5.6.30

Good note taking appI am using this app for taking notes for university. The app is stable and the search function is powerful. However, I have found some functionality lacking in regards to drawing shapes; where pre-set shapes, such as arrows and circles would greatly speed up note taking and study. Also being able to have more control over the notes, e.g. to be able copy a complete page from one notebook to another would be helpful. Overall, it is a really good app. Four stars..Version: 5.6.44

No comparison to GoodNotes 4I am a huge advocate of GN4 and used it daily for my engineering practice to mark-up documents either onsite or in the office. Loved the seamless integration with OneDrive on my desktop and the speed at which you could flick around and between hi res detailed drawings. Unfortunately both of these features are now lost, exporting to one drive is now cumbersome requiring jumping between apps and the lag when moving around documents is almost unusable... This is a shame as it is a great workflow tool that I have personally recommended to many peers..Version: 5.0.3

Lag and buggy after latest updateThe latest update with the addition of presentation mode has made the app very laggy when doing normal writing and highlighting. Previously, this app was near flawless. If this was amended, this app would be back at its 5 star rating. With the presentation mode, I wished that the mode was hidden in the share menu instead of residing in the toolbar. I think that the presentation mode is not something I would need to use often, so putting it away in somewhere more hidden like the share menu would be ideal..Version: 5.2

My favourite note taking appI downloaded Notability first as a friend had recommended it. I found it clunky and couldn’t organise my notes how I wanted to. It doesn’t work how my brain works…Admittedly, she was using it for uni notes. I was looking for an app that I could use for work that would take the place of my diary and my notebook and be able to search and find the notes I’d made on a particular subject, somewhere. GoodNotes does that with the help of some great templates provided by third parties. I’m now sorted! The only feature that would make me delete Notability and the reason I gave 4 stars is the missing audio recording feature that Notability has. I record research sessions and the recording as you write feature in Notability is gold for quickly searching for quotes and fixing up notes and transcriptions. I could see the value for meeting notes, lecture notes and any other application where you need to re-check your notes against audio. Please build it!.Version: 5.7.24

Great app! BUT ONE HUGE PROBLEM - PLEASE FIX :(I absolutely love goodnotes, takes a day or two to get the hang of with a wacom tablet, but it's changed the way I go about uni. I've tried both notability and goodnotes, i defintely prefer goodnotes BUT I'm having to use Notability at the moment, as goodnotes for some reason, when writing (espeiclaly when writing quickly whilst taking notes), sometimes just doesn't register the stylus, so when writing a word or a sentance, everything is working fine and then one of your letters wont have registerd, but the next will just fine, and when you go back to re write the letter it works just fine. This seems to happen randomly, when writing fast or slow, no matter what the angle or the spot on the drawing pad. I've tried every fix in the book but still nothing has helped! And I literlaly mean every trick in the book. Wo I've been forced to go back to notability, and then export my notes into goodnotes to file them into folders, as the file system is brilliant!!! PLEASE please please try to fix this! I love goodnotes and it's such a pain having to export from notabilty and then not being able to edit notes in the manner I'd like to later on :( I'm using a WACOM Intuos 4 Tablet with a Grip 2 pen. Other than this problem (which i hope isn't too common), would 1000% recommend this app!!! But please if any developers see this please look into it as I want to fully embrace goodnotes! :).Version: 5.4.41

Great for organisation but some problems with writingI absolutely love the ability to scan in documents is such a good addition and it’s really high quality software - the fact that is also recognises text makes it so much more useable as well. That said, on thing that frustrates me to no end is the limited movability of the page you are writing on. I’m left handed, I write at an angle and I need to write in the middle of the screen so that the edge of my iPad don’t get in the way. There is no way for the edge of the page to be moved to the middle, it’s stuck there and I hate it so much because I'm forced to write on the very edge of the screen. It’s messy and uncomfortable and I hate that there is no way to fix it. It’s such a stupid “feature” to force you keep the whole page on screen, it makes it look nicer sure, but it detracts from the actual usability..Version: 5.4.41

AmazingThis has completely revolutionised the way i study! For someone who hates to study, this has made studying so much more easier and interactive as it allows me to add drawings and colours to my notes that I couldn’t do before without starting over again if I made a mistake. It made note taking so much more enjoyable and in turn studying more enjoyable. I feel like I can retain a lot more information especially using the Cornell Notes templates and also understand the notes I’ve taken. With inbuilt handwriting search system it lets me go back to my notes and refer to my own handwriting if I need to search for a topic or subject. Simply an amazing app and a must have for any student!.Version: 5.5.8

Excellent app for the Apple PencilI got the Apple Pencil for Christmas and I wasn’t sure which app to use for note taking I looked in the App Store and downloaded a few free apps ( some with in app purchases) and looked on you tube to see what others were saying about the paid apps and even though I had to pay for this one it had everything I needed. It would be good if it had voice recording but other than that it’s great. I wrote the in 2019 but didn’t post it - this app has been my go to app for everything during 20 I tell people it is the extension of my brain. I love it can’t recommend it more highly.Version: 5.6.30

Wonderful app, but...Something happened in the latest update that means we are now not able to export a selection of documents as a zip file. This used to be one of the key ways in which I used to send the work done on this app, sonI am really annoyed by the change. Ideally, after selecting a few documents to export we should be able to choose to send them as a zip file or a collection of single documents in an email. My other issue since migrating from GD4 is that the smooth geometrical lines options used to work a lote better in GD4. Apart from this (quite important) things to fix, it is a wonderful app that I use all the time. Please fix it!.Version: 5.4.20

Teething problems with GN5I love GoodNotes, however I think GN5 was probably released a bit too early. GN4 performs better under the same conditions. Several tickets logged with GNs around lag for page loads & PNG files not being able to import in GN5. Backup is frightening no idea if I’m backed up and how to restore one or all files. Will I loose my work? Manual back up is better but it’s manual. Features that were in GN4 are missing in GN5. The team are working to get these back in. Currently the issues are affecting my lively hood which is concerning. GN5 will be a great app. Right now it is just below GN4 but getting there. Released too early I think. Definitely stick with GoodNotes though..Version: 5.0.7

Just the bestFabulous product. I use this for planning my work, going to meetings and recording, for recipes, for any notes. I love that I can add my images, web images, use any colour pen and highlighter. I use the circle, line part of the app to get straight lines as needed. I also up or downsize the thickness of the pen. I can email a notebook or a page to myself or anyone else. I can print easily. I can store different aspects in a variety of folders keeping my work and personal life organised. This just is the best app for an iPad with a pencil. It makes my life so much more fun, colourful and organised..Version: 5.4.9

Pretty Good UpgradeI use this every day as my notebook at work. There is no longer support for connecting to one drive - but this doesn’t really matter as there is drag and drop which works easily. The new folder system is something I always thought GoodNotes 4 needed. I can be taking a note or drawing a diagram in my daily notebook and can easily drag a single page and drop it into other apps (mainly One Drive and PDF Expert) One thing that appears missing.....AUTOMATIC BACKUP!! Where has it gone, can you bring it back, the is only Backup Now. **EDIT** Coming from using GoodNotes 4, there is definitely some items lacking, where is the pen size slider in the customisable colour, its gone, the autobackup is gone, the eraser sometimes does not fully erase or an erased line rerappears. And i think the palm rejection is not as rock solid as the previous version. I have both versions running side by side to compare. Though it definitely is much more polished than the previous version. Just not sure why these features have gone missing. **EDIT** When is AUTO BACKUP being reinstated. I am kicking myself...had an iPAD crash had to reset and lost a month or so of notes. My bad!!! GoodNotes 4 had it. Still a good app. **EDIT** AUTO BACKUP to OneDrive please!!!! Keep getting an error with iCloud.Version: 5.3.6

AWESOME!This app has soooo many features that are super convenient. I use it to take notes as I am a full time student. There are some features however I feel that need to be added to make this app just that little more versatile in its functionality of the formatting that it offers. An insert table option, different page templates like a calendar weekly, daily, monthly and yearly would be super cool and most importantly, the option to download documents from the internet just like notability would have saved me the cost of one the apps and had all my note taking in the one place. Overall, it’s very easy to use and makes note taking fun!.Version: 5.6.46

A brilliant app that makes studying and note taking funFor a year I was using notability but with notability I could really do much with my notes as I found the features to be rather boring so I decided to switch things up this year with a new app and a new note taking method that where I discovered good notes 5 and decided to give it ago and I can say with this app you can do so much more I love the notebook lay out it really gives you that writing on paper feel !! I feel with this app you can customise your notes to suite ur needs and the way ur Brain retains information this app has saved me so much time and effort with having my notes and worksheets in place and can I say the flash card feature has really helped me ! I was going to use quizlet before but NO ! good notes has saved me money on that too. I would high recommend this app I personally prefer it over notability it has really allowed me to be creative and structure my notes the correct way and I have noticed I’m understanding the material better ! Guys just have a play around with the features it seems like a lot to take in at first but once you get the hang out it it’s truely amazing !! Love this app !.Version: 5.7.14

Amazing AppSimple and elegant design. Would be nice if more than 3 pen colours could be accessed from the toolbar. And the double tap on the pen could be used to change ink colours rather than the tool. Templates are nice and simple, though It would be great if you could make your own templates that include a picture. I have to manually add a graph picture in each page to sketch graphs. It would be great it the app had an option to add it automatically or become a new template. App saves the size of the picture so it’s the same size on each page which is nice. Overall best note app I’ve used..Version: 5.1.5

Split screen at last!I’ve used this app for years in many iterations for my hand written notes for education, for meal planning, for travel planning, for annotating documents and other random uses. Now that they have (finally) introduced split screen so I can view two GoodNotes documents or even two seperate pages in a good notes document I am finally writing a review because this app is pretty much perfect. Other faves of mine include the quick switch in colours and the lasso tool. Can’t even think of any negatives, this app is fantastic..Version: 5.3.3

BrilliantGoodNotes 5 is my favourite. Maybe it's just because I haven't got used to Notability, but the GoodNotes UI feels a lot more natural. I am so happy that they haven't jumped on the subscription bandwagon - it makes the app feel more like a solid part of the iPad. One of the improvements I would like to see is better shape tools. When you make a filled shape, it's transparent, which is just odd. And it's not very intuitive - it's rather difficult to get the app to recognise when I'm trying to draw a rectangle. It would be wonderful if they introduced an editable table feature, similar to Microsoft Word (because last I looked, Apple's Notes app can't do basic tables to save its life and Word is a crashy laggy mess on iPadOS). I make a lot of lists and tables, and it would be good to be able to edit cells as you go (though the template feature is wonderful). One last thought would be to add suport for more languages. I use the app partially to make notes for learning a language (Norwegian) and it's a little disappointing that the search doesn't recognise æ/ø/å. I know it's an obscure-ish language, but a girl can dream. All that said, the app absolutely deserves #1 in productivity. Very much worth the money. Edit: The app really lends itself to journalling and diaries, so it would be really helpful if I could encrypt specific folders/notes and make them unsearchable until unlocked. Thank you for reading!.Version: 5.4.38

Love it...but at the same time I don’tSeriously having a love-hate relationship with this upgrade. Love all the new customisable features I can change now like the pen and highlighter size and the addition of the brush pen and how easy it is to import pictures from the camera roll. - Not loving the new shapes feature. In good notes 4 I could just roughly draw a square and it would snap into shape. Now I have actually make sure i draw it quite accurately or else I’ll end up with an odd shape. Also, I hope you bring back the ability to draw shapes with the highlighter. - Lately I’ve had a lot of issues where the eraser wouldn’t work properly and today it has kept crashing when I try and copy and paste things after using the lasso tool. Which is a feature I use the most and has almost made the app unusable for me. There’s also been a few other bugs, but hoping these can be fixed soon or I may have to go back to Good Notes 4, which I’m not really keen to do because I am really enjoying the new features..Version: 5.0.7

A Few Things MissingGreat app, just a few things missing… It would be great if typing text and hitting enter or typing a long sentence, the text would snap to the next line on the template, it adds so much extra time moving texts around and lining them up. This might just be a problem with my app, but I can’t press tab past half way through the page without it going down another line. Another thing would be an easier way to move texts, images etc. to the next page. Right now you can only move on that specific page, you need to copy and paste it onto another pages. Besides these little things, the app is great and I use it for all my classes..Version: 5.7.20

Very good with some areas for improvementI have been using GoodNotes for almost a year for year 12. It has made life far easier as I do not have to carry around numerous books, just the one slim package! However, I find an area the app lacks in is note taking via keyboard. It has a basic text box feature allowing you to type small notes. What I would be really excited to see added to this feature is the ability to use dot points like word or OneNote. Tables would be great too, just saying. All in all though, its a really solid app that I would highly recommend..Version: 5.6.22

ExcellentGreat app. Keeps improving. Two improvements that would like in future: 1) simple system to create zip file back up of an entire folder that contains the subfolders, to be stored in cloud (Dropbox etc), so can move non-current folders out of Goodnotes, but restore them later as they were. 2) create a button visible on home screen that prompts to update whenever new version released. I am constantly finding that the sync between my multiple devices is not working due to one or more not having been updated, but without checking the app store you do not know that it is not running latest version..Version: 5.7.5

Loving this, however I have a suggestionThis app is brilliant! I took my time to work out which note taking app would suit my requirements the best and this clearly won, very impressed thank you! Would really love to be able to view the 2 open windows horizontally as well as vertically to help with the different kind of works I’m doing. Working on an ipad mini the screen isn’t as wide so it’s a lot of moving the screen around to view it. This app is everything I’ve been looking for an more!.Version: 5.7.16

Worthwhile upgradeThe good: new features added like continuous scroll (yay!), easier interface in terms of swapping pens, colours, etc. and I like the folders. The bad: slower, especially when loading pdf’s, had a couple of instances of text disappearing (only just-written letters and things, no huge amounts of text), and random file swapping mid-way through writing. Overall, if these bugs get ironed out in time I think the key features that might’ve set Notability higher than GoodNotes would have been addressed and it seems GoodNotes has it all now.Version: 5.0.3

Love the app, but please add automatic line spacing for lined paper!I brought this app for my final year of university and wish I had brought it right at the start. I love it and it fits my work and study style perfectly. The only thing I don’t like about the app is that there is no way to automatically have text boxes line up with lined paper. Please add this! It can be really tricky to manually space out the text box so that the text lines up to the lines on the paper. I believe other apps have this feature and it’s one that I wish was on this app too. It seems like an easy and essential feature to add in, I would love to see this added! I only take away a star for this one missing feature. Otherwise, everything else is a 5 star. Automatic Line spacing is such an essential feature and it’s sad to see it left out of this brilliant app..Version: 5.7.14

GoodNotes 5, I want to love you but I can’t.First of all, I want to say congratulations. The long-awaited GoodNotes 5 has brought with it some amazing, highly-desired, new features that really improve the functionality of this app. But one thing I really want to give feedback on is the writing experience - which has decreased dramatically from GoodNotes 4. It’s so unfortunate, but somehow with GoodNotes 5 the time lag between the Apple Pencil and the output on the screen is far, far, FAR more noticeable than it was in GoodNotes 4. Something about writing in the app now feels slow, clunky and does not take full advantage of the capabilities of the Apple Pencil! Where GN4 was highly comparable to Notability (which I consider to have the best writing experience out of all note-taking apps), GN5 feels like I’m writing on an outdated tablet from 5-7 years ago. I’m sad because apart from this I LOVE GN5! Please just return to whatever algorithm GN4 was using for writing, and then GN5 will claim its rightful place as my Number 1 note-taking app!.Version: 5.0.2

Customisable toolbar and split screen please!GoodNotes has been a great app to use. However, again and again I am finding myself constantly wishing for a customisable tool bar and split screen function between two GoodNotes notebooks! It would be a lot more convenient for us to be able to choose what we want on our toolbar - for me specifically I would love to have more colours on the toolbar since I am switching between colours so often over the camera or text function which I never use. I am aware that these functions may be useful to some people so having that option to choose what to keep or remove from the toolbar would be AMAZING and would definitely improve the user experience :) Notability also has this really cool split screen between notes function which I think is super useful when you want to have the questions / notes / PDF on one side and your answers on the other. I have been considering switching to Notability JUST for this function so I really hope this is considered in the next update!.Version: 5.2

My first choiceI digitized all my research work/literature of my PhD due to overwhelming number of printouts I was taking. With lockdowns in AU and unpredictable COVID environment, I had a way to keep access to all my notes, papers, annotations, etc. GoodNotes gives me a go-to place with notes in sync, annotations on research papers, etc. Also I can share links to other parties if that becomes a necessity. Very easy to use and can have the hierarchy of content I wish without limits. App is super responsive and fast to work with. Multi-tasking can be a huge time saver. 100% recommended for researchers, students or school kids saving paper and going digital..Version: 5.7.34

Great except you have broken the straight line toolA number of great improvements from GoodNotes 4 but some lost functionality. Shapes tool is nowhere near as good at drawing straight lines. Now that GoodNotes 4 is no longer supported and no longer works with Google Drive we have been forced to use GoodNotes 5. We draw a lot of diagrams that have straight lines and GoodNotes 5 does not function consistently in this area. Also has a tendency to hang when using lasso tool to copy and paste. A real shame. We will have to migrate away from GoodNotes 5 if these function are not improved. Did raise a support ticket about these issues and initially the response was good. Were asked to demonstrate the issues with screen capture which we did then received no further follow-up..Version: 5.5.4

Almost perfectI love goodnotes and use it for almost all of my teaching. At the moment I am jumping between goodnotes and Notability for a few reasons Goodnotes is missing: 1. Notability’s Pinch to Resize. it’s much easier to get my drawings to fit that way. 2. audio recording- notability has that and it’s very useful 3. External links. I just want to type in links to videos (or better yet embed a web clip) but I don’t know if I can do this in goodnotes. Notability has this feature, even if it is badly done. 4. Image and text layering options. Text always seems to go on top, sometimes I want an image over the top. Goodnotes superiority: 1. File organisation. So much better being able to create sub folders 2. Image upload. Instantaneous 3. Templates. So useful! 4. Cropping tool for images. Makes a big difference for visually engaging lessons Overall I think goodnotes has more functionality but there are a few things that keep it from being everything you need. Haven’t found an app that does it all (yet) but this one is pretty close.Version: 5.7.34

Love that notes are organised into booksGreat app. Easy to use. Couple of things that could be improved are the text formatting/editing settings. I would appreciate being able to adjust Leading (line spacing) and even tracking. Would be great to be able to save settings for your headings, body text etc, or copy and paste style options. Also would be so great to be able to zoom out from the page, to see the whole page. Especially when using the on-screen keyboard, the bottom of the page gets easily lost..Version: 5.4.29

Almost 5 starI have been using Good Notes 4 for almost a year now and it was great. Had no bad experiences, maybe would be good if you can make it work together with Samsung products as well and not just Apple. This was you get broader aspects of good notes overall. Not that I am being biased but I bought my new iPad same time last year as well. The reason I give 4 stars and not five. Maybe five once you update the app if I am using the lasso tool to move around my notes, why am I not able to move to next page without copy pasting and rather just dragging it. For example during vertical scrolling, I wanted to move my notes from page 4 to page 3 and I wasn’t able to move it directly but had to copy paste and that took me too long. Maybe, if the developers can create such a function then it would be great and would allow short amount of time between writing, moving my writing and writing once again. Thanks Developers, Appreciate your work Akash.Version: 5.0.20

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GoodNotes 5 5.7.40 Update

Version 5.7.40 (2021-10-18): Better, faster, stronger. We cleaned up behind the curtain, so your GoodNotes is even better..

Version 5.7.36 (2021-10-04): - Fixes download error on some community documents; now prompts to sign in when downloading free items - Fixes a regression in undoing a resize deletion.

Version 5.7.34 (2021-09-27): - Added support for new September 2021 devices - Fixed a crash in some iOS 15 devices - Fixed a problem that made some users unable to sync their documents - Community: Remove extra Share button in freebie document.

Version 5.7.31 (2021-09-20): - Addressed writing lag issues caused by memory leak in certain conditions - Fixed a bug where some menus are dismissed immediately when hardware keyboard is connected under certain conditions.

Version 5.7.29 (2021-09-09): - Fixed crashes on taking screenshots and adding Elements right after insertion.

Version 5.7.26 (2021-09-01): - Move multiple pages to other documents - Drag and drop to move multiple pages - Reselect Elements on one tap - Search Results put Title section in front of Written Notes - Remove palm rejection from Tool Options dialog - Show collaborate options in QuickNote - Prevent autobackup QuickNote documents - Community landing page and invitation improvements - Rollback precision eraser.

Version 5.7.22 (2021-08-16): Improve performance to address writing lag issues in some occasions..

Version 5.7.20 (2021-08-09): Better, faster, stronger. We cleaned up behind the curtain so your GoodNotes is even better..

Version 5.7.16 (2021-07-27): - Improves scroll animations when using a trackpad. - Enhancements in OCR scanner. - Polishing of some UI defects..

Version 5.7.14 (2021-07-07): - updated the order of options in the action menu for the lasso tool - copywriting improvements for error messages.

Version 5.7.12 (2021-07-01): This updates includes some minor updates and stability improvements.

Version 5.7.10 (2021-06-21): 5.7.10 - Fix a crash around text recognition - Fix a bug around some users not appearing present in shared documents.

Version 5.7.6 (2021-06-03): - several smaller fixes to design issues - stability and performance improvements - fixed a bug where opening a folder in split view would not open the folder but open the root level instead - fixed a bug where PNG images could not be imported with GoodNotes through “Open In” in the share sheet.

Version 5.7.5 (2021-05-22): Support for new M1 iPad Pro..

Version 5.7.3 (2021-05-11): - Fix crash related to Dropbox auto backup.

Version 5.6.54 (2021-04-21): Fixed editing of overlapping text Optimised performance for large library Optimised performance when search matches a lot of documents Fixed notes disappearing when using latest beta Improved consistency of the underlaying database Fixed UI bug when switching between light and dark mode Fixed an error when launching application with out unlocking device first.

Version 5.6.52 (2021-04-12): Updated handwriting recognition engine Fixed a visual bug when cloud icon is shown incorrectly Other stability improvements.

Version 5.6.48 (2021-03-30): - You can now see who is viewing a shared document under document info - Improved performance when copying notes using Lasso Tool - Added confirmation alert to reduce the chance of moving a page to trash by accident - Fixed incorrect output when using "take screenshot" and "convert to text" on notes written in rotated pages.

Version 5.6.46 (2021-03-17): - Improved page loading performance - Fixed handwriting recognition for exported PDFs - Improved error message for shared documents when the owner is out of iCloud storage - Improved sync reliability - Improved page touch handling - Fixed infinite indexing issue - Added support for mouse scrolling on iOS - Better support for password protected PDFs when trying to print them - Fixed some copywriting - Fixed potential infinite startup loading issue - Fixed white border on dark paper when scrolling.

Version 5.6.44 (2021-03-09): - Rendering improvements. - iCloud sync improvements in notes. - Several appearances fix in the navigation bars, toolbars, library and shared mode..

Version 5.6.40 (2021-02-24): - Improved error messaging during documentation import - Improved stability during sync and database backups - Improved image loading performance - Better error logging to help debug crashes.

Version 5.6.39 (2021-02-12): - Fixed recurring crash for some users when fetching language pack 5.6.38 changelog: - Smaller app size via on-demand resources - Fixed Auto Backup resets entire backup queue in some occasions - Fixed recurring crashes on launch for some users - Improved stability during app shutdown - Improved performance in memory usage for users who have a large library - Improved privacy of shared documents.

Version 5.6.36 (2021-02-02): - Fixed data is not completely cleaned up after leaving shared document - Fixed repeated crashes during sync - Fixed Restore Stroke option missing for Pen thickness in full-screen mode - Fixed wrong color HEX code when first entry to edit - Fixed some UI misalignment and spacing issue for Paper selection - Fixed some UI cropping issues for toolbar in compact mode - Fixed shape tool not showing correct color in compact mode - Updated some in-app copywriting and missing translations - Removed an unnecessary toolbar animation when first opening a notebook.

Version 5.6.34 (2021-01-20): - Introducing real-time sync for shared documents! - Fixed font list showing unused fonts - Fixed a rare crash when renaming folder - Fixed a rare crash that happens when the app is in background - Fixed some screen rotation issue.

Version 5.6.32 (2021-01-04): - fixed a bug where GoodNotes would sometimes not open correctly when using split screen - added support for moving text boxes with the Apple Pencil using the new handle at the top - added randomization for flashcard studying - fixed a bug with flashcards where the right date to study again would not be presented correctly - fixed a bug with flashcards that prevented some users from going through their entire flashcard deck - fixed a bug with flashcards where the "Again" button would make the card show up immediately instead of at the end of the deck in the same session.

Version 5.6.30 (2020-12-09): - Improve sync stability and battery usage - Fixed a rendering crash - Fixed a legacy document import crash - Improve auto backup battery usage - Fixed some UI glitches.

Version 5.6.28 (2020-12-02): - Fixed handwriting stroke becomes shorter than expected in some occasions - Fixed zoom window can become too tall and cannot be resized back - Fixed buttons become not responsive in some occasions - Fixed opening two windows side by side makes the app freeze or takes a long time to respond.

Version 5.6.24 (2020-11-18): - fixed an issue where the “add page” button would sometimes become unresponsive - fixed a bug where typing was not responsive when adding a text box on the upper page in vertical scrolling direction - added back the option to open the zoom window when long-pressing on the page - added some stability improvements Want to get the latest tips, tricks, and information about GoodNotes? Make sure to follow @goodnotesapp on Instagram..

Version 5.6.23 (2020-11-13): Fixed rare crashes when using highlighter. Previously in 5.6.22: - added “require hold to snap” option to the shapes tool. Disable the option to let lines snap to other lines again automatically without having to hold down - tapping undo after drawing a filled shape will remove the line first instead of the filling - added support for resizing circles in a fixed ratio - fixed glitches when erasing small ellipses - fixed recurring sync error alerts - fixed an issue that caused text boxes to be duplicated after modifying it with dismissed keyboard - added some more stability improvements.

Version 5.6.15 (2020-10-25): Fix sync optimization error if user switches between versions in some rare cases. Previous release notes: - reduced writing lag when writing quickly - improved the toolbar layout for split screen, rotation, and full screen - fixed a bug where the app was not responsive after using a pinch gesture - improved scrolling behavior - many smaller stability improvements and fixes.

Version 5.6.2 (2020-09-30): This build includes several bug fixes and performance improvements as well as a new experimental feature: Flash Cards. ## Study With Flash Cards GoodNotes lets you create flash cards that you can study with the “Spaced Repetition” learning technique. - To create a flash card, add a new page using the “Flash Card” paper template - Flash card paper is currently only available in the size “GoodNotes Standard Size” and can be found in the Essentials template group all the way on the right side - Add the question on the top half and the answer on the bottom half. Tip: Use images, text, and handwriting to create great-looking and information-rich flash cards. - To study all flash cards in a document (“the flash card deck”), tap on the ... menu and then on “Study Flash Cards” - Tap on the screen to reveal the answer and then choose how easy it was to remember the answer. - GoodNotes will suggest your next study date based on your learning progress and the selected difficulty of the cards. The more you study, the more accurate these suggestions will become. E.g.: You will see “hard” cards more often and sooner than “easy” cards. - You can reset your entire learning progress for the current deck in the settings in the flash card studying screen. Note that this is not reversible and the entire progress for this deck is lost as if you would have never studied it before. ## Other fixes & improvements - added a dialogue for when there are incompatible sync versions installed that isn’t blocking you from using GoodNotes - Fixed crashes related to the new shape and text features - Fixed the multi-selection gesture for the library and page.

Version 5.5.8 (2020-09-16): This version includes changes that require updating GoodNotes on all your devices. - Minor adjustments to look and feel of document tabs - Minor improvements related to iCloud sync - Other minor bug fixes.