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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game App Download

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Magic Tiles 3 key features:

1. Appealing, modern and diverse music genres to satisfy every music taste! We have over 1000 songs waiting for you to conquer.
2. Finely-built online mode – connect with countless players all around the world. You can also invite your friends/enemies into a room and battle each other.
3. Weekly tournament comes with irresistible rewards.
4. Band mode where you can play with additional instruments such as guitar, piano and so many more.

Game’s rules:
1. Tap the black tiles
2. Avoid the white tiles
3. Expect to speed up with each song level

Log in to your Facebook account and share data on multiple devices

So, get ready to try out the most challenging piano game for free!

Besides, to improve the game’s performance and offer a customized user experience based on your location we do ask for permission to access to your storage and location.

Become a real pianist now!

- You can subscribe for 1000+ premium songs and upcoming songs.
- The subscriptions are $7.99 weekly, $19.99 monthly and $39.99 annually.
- You'll be able to play all premium songs for the duration of your subscription*.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package.
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

* Albums and their related contents are not included subscription privilege and may need separate purchases to unlock.
* Price is equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in USD.

Terms of use:
Privacy Policy:

Are you having any problems? Send the email to [email protected] or contact us in the game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.

Magic Tiles 3 is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!".

Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game App User Reviews & Comments

Absolute garbageWhen will devs stop peddling cheap reskins of the same cheap game over and over? My guess is NEVER, especially considering that TRASH, LOW EFFORT, RIPOFF CRAP like this gets put out with a VIP SUBSCRIPTION MODEL THAT TRIES TO BILK $20/month out of its preteen player base, ready to charge it to their parents’ card without asking at their whim. Who buys this? Who wants to be a Magic Tiles 3 VIP? Is this where gaming is seriously headed? If it is, consider gaming as a whole dead, western capitalist society dead and let’s move towards the light in an orderly fashion because with crap games like this adopting predatory, out of their mind subscription pricing models, and sustaining themselves doing so, then the world is almost certainly ending and we probably don’t deserve to live here anyways because we allowed this to happen on our watch. To the boardroom of this dev company: you are the worst. You are useless and should go golfing or reserving underground bunkers for the apocalypse or anything besides doing the “work” you do, which is pump and dumping the stock of your own trash heaps and sweetening up the quarterlies to sucker in new shareholders to fatten up your exit bonuses. You are non-essential. Go away..Version: 7.083.007

So...I got this game when it like came out but I deleted it a while ago and recently downloaded it again. It’s so much better now and I don’t like writing negative things but... the ads 🤷🏾‍♀️everyone complains about the ads and I think they just keep getting worse. You literally have to watch an ad to do anything. If you loose a song and you chose not to watch an ad to continue you have to watch an ad to get to the the other page that shows you how well you did. 🙄 Its extremely annoying. And another thing that I’ve seen a lot of complaints about and I agree with. The songs.. like the voices Bad Romance doesn’t even sound like Lady Gaga. The only one I feel that sounded something like the real song was bad guy by Billie Eilish. The “album” versions sound a little bit better but not much. Plus some of the songs start off so darn fast I’m not that bad at this game honestly but it’s insane. That being said, I do really like this game I try to ignore that other stuff..Version: 7.012.004

It’s okay, but to hard and to fastThis game has so many cool songs, but when I first tried it, the first song was really hard. I wanted to try other songs but it said reach till level 2. When I got further and further into the song, I kept missing and pressing the wrong keys that weren’t even there and didn’t exist. I became to frustrated at the game, and I really want to delete it since o have 2 other games that are better than this one. I didn’t even know you can earn presents to, but the one thing I’m very disappointed and frustrated about is the first song. I can barley even reach the last star because of this annoying song. Now it’s stuck in my head for playing the song to much. I don’t think I’ll play this game until I’m better at it. Unless if there’s a slow down update where you go at the songs slowest speed and the songs fastest speed and make it harder. Hopefully I won’t be a stupid crybaby since it’s just a game. Hopefully I also get better at it. I thought this game was gonna be better than my other musical games..Version: 7.047.002

*playing Bad Guy and fails to tap a key* NOOOLove this game! Honestly I do! Just... it drain my battery so fast! I think I was playing this for about... 30 minutes to an hour (ya, I like it) and I don’t know if it’s my phone or smn, but I went from 100%, ON LOW BATTERY MODE, to 5% within the hour. Like I wasn’t even awake for an hour before saying to myself, “*grooooan* now I have to charge my phone??? I just woke up!” I was just thinking, maybe there could be some sort of thing that would prevent my phone being drained so fast??? Idk if it’s possible tho. But, giant thing I’ve been seeing, ADS! Why so many! I want a legit answer here people! What is the point of earning coins, if you have to watch ads to earn a free go-again life or another song? I’d rather play Dance Monkey 1,000,000 times and earn 1,000,000,000 coins to unlock Bad Guy than watch an add, cause then the coins have a point! There seems to be no point to them! If you ignore those thing, game’s pretty well off!.Version: 8.055.003

Good, needs a few minor changesAmazing app (good job devs!) but I’ve noticed in some cases, my game just glitches out after I watch an ad and it makes me loose on purpose, the same has happened with my friends multiple times. Another thing is, With the song “new rules” it is has a VERY low voice. Like, think of the person with the lowest voice. Then throw them out a window because this one is lower. (Don’t actually). I also have a suggestion(s). So first, I would really like it if there were daily challenges. It would be really fun. Second, gifts. I think that you should be able to claim all the gifts you got from playing a song like, let’s say “bad romance”. I got 3 gifts from playing that and I only got one. Please change that. The last thing is ads. I mean, I get some people just want to advertise, but this is just to much. Everytime I enter a game, exit one, it plays ads. Same with single player. (Could I please get a dev response?) thanks to the person reading this. You took time out of your day to hear my complaints..Version: 8.055.003

Pretty cool gameI absolutely love this game! But there are a few issues. The membership cost is a little too expensive. 8 dollars a week? Really? Since I’m a kid, I always fail to be able to pay for it. I suggest that if you were to lower it a little, you may get more people paying. The more people that pay, the more money you guys get! Secondly the glitches are very annoying. They most of the time don’t get me but they are still troublesome. I will be in the middle of a song and it will mess the whole thing up! If you can find a way to fix it, then it would be great. Myself and others who enjoy the game would appreciate it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! Also, I really would like to address that even though I have a lot of criticism on this topic I do love this game. Thank you whoever made this game and/or simply read this. Have a fantastic day and I hope you smile today! Thank you whoever made this again! You are very appreciated!.Version: 8.063.010

Tempo GlitchesNow this is a great app (as you can see by the review) but I do have this really annoying glitch that I hope you can fix. So you see it dosen't do this for all the songs, but ocasionally the Song's Tempo will get completely knocked out of whack either to fast or to slow. I can tell that this isn't intended because this causes the song to not be in sync with the tiles at ALL. Whenever the tempo goes up it sounds faster then Alvin the Chipmunk rapping at the speed of light, and then the song stops when I'm only a third of the way through leaving me to tap the rest of the tiles in silence. Whenever the tempo goes down it sounds like a bullfrog eating molasses while singing the blues, and it dosen't even reach the chorus by the time I've finished the level. So the app dosen't do this with all the songs but whenever a song does do this it completely messes up my concentration and I would prefer to enjoy the WHOLE app. Other then that I really like this app and do not regret purchasing it. :).Version: 7.066.004

Must get!Magic tiles 3 is so addicting. I can't believe it, but playing magic tiles taught me how to play piano. There is a huge variety of all your favorite songs, and I discovered 13 songs I didn't know, that I LOVED. This game does have ads, but if there were no ads in any games, I wouldn't have discovered Magic tiles in the first place! And at least they do the ads at good times. But beware, this is literally the WORST multitasking game. You need to have all focus on the game, unless there's an ad break. I love to play with my friends. We see who can go the longest without messing up. There's a battle mode where you can compete against people from all around the world! It's super age appropriate, and if you're in a younger age range, it's fine, because there's nothing bad! There are little presents you can tap on in the middle of the game and it gives you gems and stuff. I'm still not sure what the gems are FOR, but it doesn't have any effect on the game. Must get right now, and to whoever is reading this, have fun, and play some awesome music!.Version: 8.043.005

Good but too many adsI love this game! But, I had an IPod, but recently got a phone. With an iPod you could only do stuff with internet. This app worked to play on my iPod while I was out and about, but on internet I had a few ads. I recently got a phone. With being on the internet all the time with my phone, I get ads. But, I am getting an ad a lot. Too much for me. I like ads, but I don’t like a lot. I also love this game so much even though there is a ton of ads. I have a request: Can you use the songs Dance Monkey, What a man gotta do, Sucker, Truth Hurts, and other popular songs? I would also love to have the song Senorita available on every device? I don’t have Senorita, but my friend does. When I’m with my friend I love to see who is the best at a song, but we only have 1 song the same. Over all, I really recommend this app although it had to many ads. My brother downloaded the app on his iPad, and during Faded the game glitched and stopped working it finally worked and he didn’t know so he got out. I love this game but it has some tweaks to fix.Version: 7.033.003

OverallI’ve had this game for the longest time and think it’s fair to finally give it a rating. I personally liked to older songs, though I don’t have a problem with the popular songs either. The only issue I’ve ran into is that sometime it won’t register the tiles. I’ve seen people getting mad about it being to stressful and writing negative reviews about the game, I think that is unreasonable. Though I can take time, I used to do this game on a tablet so it was difficult though the more you play it the less stressful it gets. I would like for there to be less adds, for example: a game called texting chats (I believe) is just two males being dumb over the game and yelling. I often have my headphone sound almost at max so this is quite irritating. Other than those few things I would suggest downloading the game. Remember if it’s hard that is expected! Have fun :).Version: 8.041.004

Ehhh...Okay this game is excellent in every way EXEPT the artists and tempo. Some people don’t care if it’s by the same artist or not but I do these songs don’t even sound anything like the people who wrote the song and that gets on my nerves I like hearing the original not some other stuff. Some of the songs are really fast for no reason the tempo of the real song (example cheap thrills) is steady and doesn’t really get that fast but according to magic tiles it’s really fast and it just doesn’t sound right AND... you unlock it at like level 5 like I just can’t. It gets really hard and some of the songs are REALLY annoying because they play them in these really high voices and it sounds like someone just sucked a hole container of helium and they won’t even stop telling you about there deals! (Which are bad) and so I tried magic dream tiles it’s the exact same problem! The only part I like about that game is at least the “artists “sound somewhat close. Okay maybe I was just over exaggerating at the beginning this game is not the best in what way what so ever. aAnd what is up with how they always change the sounds of the songs!?! 🤯.Version: 7.062.012

Please please read thisI love the songs on magic tiles three and I really want you to read this because well I love this song called dynamite and it’s by BLACKPINK so I really need you to read this so you can put my favorite song and put it on there because it’s my really favorite number one song so I am hoping you can really put it on Magic Tiles 3 and I love everything on there but one little tiny thing you need to put on there I need you to put on A pause button when you play because well because sometimes when you’re playing there’s no pause button and when someone needs you and you are playing you can’t stop and because when you are playing and your iPad or phone is about to die there’s no pause button so you need to put a pause button on there this is my number one Game I mean Number one Game on the App Store like this is the best game ever so can you please put BLACKPINK on there it’s called dynamite love you peace out✌🏻.Version: 7.125.301

It’s amazing but...Well I always like this cause I found my fav songs one of those is let you down it’s my fav I have it with 3 crowns but one day I was playing like usually till I got to that song the person who sing it was like a man it was strange cause the singer of that song is a girl well the guy start creeping me out I just go out and go again in the same song it was normal like nothing happen I love tragic titles 3 but that really creeping me out so bad I was wondering if u can fix that, that happen 2 times and I play that song like 3 times or more at day it’s strange that can happen and not only me me and my brother was playing like a competition who survive more and we play “let me down” we both on our tablet sound the boy sing I was in shock so can u fix that? Oh and one day the song I was playing was wrong idk how it was singing before I could touch the tittles it just pass me 1 time but can u fix that? Pls? Well I love the game I will really thankful if u can fix that.Version: 7.066.004

Love the game, but...So, I loved piano tiles, so I thought, “why not get magic tiles to play more songs?” So I downloaded, played some songs, and it was pretty good! One small thing though. Sometimes for the tile that you have to hold, either you have to press on the dot or something, because I hold it, but it says i pressed the one after of beside it. Other than that, very good! I would have given 5 stars, but that one annoying thing is what made me put 4. I personally love music, and if you are a music person but don’t know how to play an instrument, download this! It’s basically just a piano but four different keys and all you have to do is press them at the right time, and it plays the song. Also, why when you get past the stars and get to the crowns, the song just gets faster? I feel like it getting faster ruins the song, and you should make it where it just gets more complex. But, those are just my thoughts..Version: 8.012.003

Awesome game!! 👏🏻😎but please read!So I saw my friend playing this and I was like, ooh! I’m going to get that, that seems cool! And I did, soo here’s my review... Ok so first off, this is a great game with many songs to choose from. One thing is the song covers are sometimes terrible (I'm sorry but it’s true) I’m sometimes surprised though, they are sometimes not that bad. Another thing is the ads. The excessive amount of ads is almost unbearable. ALMOST. 😜 It’s sometimes annoying. Also, when I watch an ad to revive the game lags, causing me to watch another ad because I lost again due to lag. That would be great if you fixed that. Last one, when I’m playing battle mode I can’t watch what’s happening because I’m in an ad, it makes it annoying when I want to watch what happens. Sometimes when I get an ad I can’t “x” out of it. Causing me to have to double click and completely exit out of the game 😢. SUGGESTION: when I’m in a battle room sometimes people will just talk, it gets annoying. I think there should be a limit on how long you’re in a battle room. And it’s hard to find a room that won’t kick me when I join, I don’t even know why but they kick me out of the room. Ps. The spelling and grammatical errors are sometimes annoying. (Waitting; there IS no ads available; etc.) I hope you fix these small problems. I’m sure many more people would agree with this review..Version: 7.033.003

Good premise, bad executionThe game itself is enjoyable, but there are just too many issues with it for me to want to keep the app. First of all, it’s just a rip off of two other games: guitar hero and piano tiles. Why can’t we come up with more original ideas? The amount of ads is ridiculous, and every time an ad plays, it makes the sound of the actual game go away so I don’t get to hear the song unless I restart the app after every single level. The levels themselves make no sense. It doesn’t go from easiest to hardest, it’s just random songs in a random order. The songs are decent but on the list will say, for example, “Chandelier by Sia.” And then it’s a cover of Chandelier. And don’t get me wrong, the covers are totally fine, but they’re not only advertising it as a different artist, they also aren’t giving credit to the artist you’re hearing! If you get through the first round of a song without messing up, you get three stars. Then it plays faster and you can earn crowns? Just pick one and stick to it. It’s confusing this way. Finally, when the song plays faster, it’s just like I hit fast forward. It sounds ridiculous. I will say I played the game for entirely too long despite all these flaws, but will be promptly deleting the app now because it’s just too frustrating..Version: 7.033.003

Why?So, I got the game for fun. I usually read the reviews before I get a game but I forgot to this time. I download the game and open to find... not only 2 songs available but everything else you need an ad to play; I don’t really care that much, but it gets even worse... So I end up playing one of the 2 songs available. And then I mess up. I want to start of from where I was so I choose an ad. Because you need VIP to retry without an ad. I continue playing then I mess up again so I stop playing that song, and you’ll never believe what happened..... I had to watch ANOTHER ad. To sum this up... you WILL be bombarded with ads nonstop. Also I have no idea what the coins and gems are for because I wasn’t told how to use them. It says that you can buy coins with gems to buy common songs. But for all the songs you can either buy VIP or watch an ad. (And I checked.) I’m pretty sure the good reviews are either from the people who made this app or people who bought all that stuff extra stuff. If this is a free app then why is almost everything unavailable. I shouldn’t have to watch ads or pay you to play a game. I could go to an arcade and have a better time..Version: 8.012.002

Needs workI’ve got LOTS of problems. I’ll start with the big ones, AD HEAVY. I will play a game, and get like five presents, but I’ll get an ad, and then it’ll glitch, and I have to restart, not getting my presents. Sad :( Also, level one is HARD. I mean, it’s level one! It should be easier! I have more. EVERY song I search, isn’t there (ex: Blood//Water by grandson, and siren beat by Jawsh 685). Oh, and glitches, yikes. There are a LOT of glitches. I’ll play a match, and lose at like 300 points bc it glitched. I am actually REALLY good at the game, but I have like 13 loses, and 5 wins, just bc of glitches. I still have more. These are tiny tho. VIP is to OP. I saw someone who had at least 3,000 wins, bc they chose a VERY hard song (as VIP) and did it two vs two. Unfair. I almost forgot. New songs. They are EXTREMELY hard to get. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks, nonstop, and haven’t gotten a single new song. Pls make easier to get. One more, the songs aren’t sung by the same person. Pls change that. Well, enough for the complains, let’s focus on the good side, It’s a wifi free game, that has awesome music, and helps ur brain problem solve quicker. Other than that, there isn’t much more good in the game. Sry. I hope this helped. I honestly don’t recommend this game to anyone. It’s just a money farm for the creators. Trust me. So sry this was long, but I had a LOT to say about this game. Thx if u made it this far! Hope u have a good day! Bye!.Version: 8.031.110

I don’t knowI love this game, I’ve had it for awhile, but there are some things that I find annoying. First of all, making songs that you used to get with the basic game into “vip only” is mildly annoying. Second, there are so many ads, right when you finish a level there is an ad, if you fail a level, there is an ad, I’ve even gotten an ad in the middle of a level before. Third is the thing that gets me the most; the faded violin instrumental, my absolute favorite level of the whole game, I got it from a challenge as an award, I then deleted the game for about a week, I redownload it and so much has changed, and now I can’t find my favorite song anywhere, I would seriously consider getting the vip if it meant that I could have that song in the faded album, but I can’t even find it there, I really want to know what happened I’ve just finished updating the game and now it won’t let me even open it, I tap the app on my home screen or the “open” button in the AppStore, but it just kicks me out!.Version: 7.129.004

Good game But slowdown money grabbersYes this is a enjoyable game for boredom especially during the summertime for young children but the amount of ads is ridiculous I understand the adds for continuing but adds after the song is just painful for people for have anger problems or even finally beating their high scores and is very stressed out doesn’t wanna see an ad after the game if you really wanna make money off ads you should give ads meaning you know the continuing is good but make use of the ads that randomly show up now it has been better than it was maybe a year or few ago but still isn’t enjoyable to see random ads but also Playing on the WiFi is dreading as well as younger children out and about or on a trip can’t play your game without data or WiFi so if u can try getting your game to be wifi free I see more people playing your game if u fix minor mishaps and also the voices of some songs are little annoying after awhile but understand it’s done for reasons.Version: 8.061.011

Amazing! Although it needs some WorkThis App is Amazing, I love it sooo much! ...Although, there are the smallest(or largest) little pauses or glitches sometimes when I do a song and it messes me up! It’s almost like a small skip. Also, adds pop up Whenever they want, a few times apps have popped up in the middle of a song or right when I hit the start button! I’m not going to pay for no adds and all that. This app is still addicting no matter how many adds there are. Another thing, most of the songs aren’t even sung by their Real Artists, which I find very disappointing. I really don’t like that their is a different person singing Faded because he is making it sound like a full on pop hype song! Which it’s not. I’m not going to pay to get the real artists singing them. I would also really wish that there would be a thing that you could turn on lyrics to the songs so you could sing to them which I believe would be soo cool!!! I also wish that the song Oceans(Hill song UNITED) could be on there and song Christian hit songs, and this is just my wish because I’m Christian and I love the songs. The app does have really good song choices though and keeps up with the trendy songs! This App is Still Really Fun and Amazing🎶🎵😋 Take this into thought please 😊🥺😊 - Creators please read.Version: 7.064.005

Too Many adsFun game to play, I admit that. Music games have not always been my favorites to play, but this one definitely grabbed my attention since the first time I started to play it. I like that you have songs that are currently playing on the radio which makes the experience really fun, specially when you play the game while using your headphones. However TOO MANY ADS. This has been the game with the most ad interruptions I have ever played and makes it super frustrating to even want to continue playing. When you are finally getting the hang on a song one slip and it directly takes you to a 20+ second ad by that by the time you come back to the game your focus is completely lost and you are lucky if you are able to catch up to the speed again. Is a fun game to play but the over amount of ads is the biggest turn off and very frustrating. I gave this game a 3 star rate because is the most fair rate I could give but the ads really brings it down a whole notch. The amount of ads is so annoying that I even bother to come here and write a review about it and believe me I am not one to waste time on writing reviews about anything. To the app developers or to the team that is in charge of making updates to this game, please fix this. I'm sure there is a better way to still promote things that do not required the exesive amount of ads you display and still give players a chance to not have their game interrupted by them because of one simple mistake..Version: 7.061.006

Fun, some glitchesDon’t get me wrong, this game is fun. But there is a reason it has a 4 star rating. There are a LOT of glitches, probably with an easy fix that really makes me want to delete this game because it is so frustrating. One is that sometimes when I click on the tiles it won’t respond to my finger and causes me to lose. This is very frustrating. The next one is not a glitch but please don’t advertise a game with the real songs and then when you play you get the covered version. At least give the people singing credit. Now I am not sure if this is a glitch or not, but I will watch an ad to unlock a song and if I mess up, I can click the redo button to play again. Let’s say that I would like to play a new song, I play one of the basic ones. (This ties into what I am saying about the glitch). Let’s say that I would like to play the song I just unlocked. I have to watch an ad yet again for the same song. This causes me to play Closer and Dance Monkey over and over. Not fun. I really like this game, but I think I will stop playing this game and play Piano Tiles 3, because these glitches are so frustrating. Thank you for reading my review! Have a great day! 😊 -Jorden :).Version: 8.041.004

A couple of thingsThis app isn’t bad for a rhythm game by any means, and I would recommend it for some small time players—but a couple of big issues bugged me. The worst one, right off the bat, is the song drifting—for original scores (not covers), like “The Calling” by TheFatRat drifted over time, until the tiles were a full measure ahead of the music. This was EXTREMELY annoying to a music nerd like me, might not bug other people so much. It also doesn’t happen on all songs. Second worst is the ads—nobody likes ads though, so that’s a given, and they have a subscription if you really want rid of them. Third is the covers—I’m guessing it’s due to copyright reasons, but a lot of the songs will sound similar to the originals, but have different voices entirely. The worst of these (in my opinion) is Believer, originally by Imagine Dragons. It’s only mildly agitating, and the classical pieces are awesome. That’s all I’ll have to say on this. Thank you for your time if you read this, and I hope you don’t take this as pure complaint—the game is overall good..Version: 8.073.008

Not very good but still enjoyableOkay first of all it was enjoyable but there was too much issues and its very low effort game, the songs literally just play in the backround and you have to tap the tiles right on the line(but i like how it follows your tap range every time you press the tiles on a different place) whereas in games like piano tiles and dream piano you have to perfectly align the tiles to make it sound like the original song and only when you press the tiles the piano sound plays. Also there is a quite a bit ads actually but all games have tons of ads so its not very an issue. The bright side is that there is quite a lot of songs to play on but why do you have to unlock it with ads? WHY? You could use curencies like dream piano and you should make it so that whenever you complete songs with good score you unlock free songs, other than that it’s enjoyable but only play this if you want to have large variety of songs to play with..Version: 7.127.007

Pretty cool 😎Hi to the people that are reading this right now I’m a kid that’s parents let me play this game and I just wanted to say that this game is really fun but the only reason I give it four stars ✨is The things that get from the subscription are really cool and I just wish I could do that free with no money because I think spending money on a game it’s a waste of money 💵 but to some people it’s fine and I would say to those people this is five stars but the people that think spending money on a game is a waste of money then I’d say four stars because sure you can do really fun things without the subscription like picking a song that you want to do and tapping on the tiles along with the rhythm of the beat and the song that’s really fun but I wish I wish I wish I wish that I could do the things the subscription does but for free☹️ but overall I get this a big whopping four stars I really like this app and I had it for a long time now and I totally totally totally suggest this to any other person that’s interested I hope my review helps anyone that’s thinking to get this app😁😄😆. From a kid 👩🏽who played this game and loved it 😍.Version: 7.076.011

Ok game, but there are problemsFirst off, the ads. There are so many ads. You have to watch ads or keep playing the same 2 songs over and over and over again to be able to get other songs. And the first songs that you get are sung by different singers. That’s not a horrible thing, but most of them sound nothing like the original and you can tell that not as much money was put into it as they had for the rest of the game. I played the challenge and was almost done with level 8 and played probably the 35th ad. The ad didn’t let me hit the x! Sometimes after you watch an ad it lets you play, other times it doesn’t. I don’t know how well you can control the ads, I’m assuming not too much, but some of them are not ads that I’d show to a 4-year-old. I’ve probably spent an half an hour watching ads, and I’ve only had this game for 3 or 4 days! Sometimes I do the battles just because I can’t play songs that I want to play otherwise. I don’t know how much money this company has earned from me watching ads, but I’m guessing at least $100 dollars. This wasn’t meant to cause any issues or to be rude, I’m just trying to help you all improve. Thank you for your time and good luck in your future development!.Version: 7.074.101

It’s perfect for me!So, I literally just download this game and it seems really really good! I’ve heard that the first level is supposed to be hard it’s not for me though because I’ve been playing on my younger brothers iPad. And the reason why I gave it four stars is because I care about other peoples opinions. But if I haven’t heard that it’s been glitching or The first level is really hard I would give this a five star personally. So, I don’t wanna hear no haters saying I have cheated by playing before I even downloaded it, because I practiced and I worked I still worked on his iPad which is all that matters. I helped him and I’m glad I helped him and I can work on my account, and I’ve been hearing that people have been wishing that you could get more stuff for free, and that’s like just one thing that I agree with. I don’t see anything else happening with me that I’ve been happening to people! Might be because I just downloaded it but I’ve seen someone they said that they just download it and they listed all of the problems that I have listed that I have not had. I’m sorry if this was really long but thank you for reading!.Version: 7.127.007

Awesome game but some update ideasThis is an AMAZING game and I mean it when I say it! But, there is one thing I don’t love about the adds. If you don’t have vip on this game you have to watch an add to get a free go-again-pass but once you finish the song you have to watch ANOTHER add. Also, furring the add after the song there will sometimes be this annoying static song from the Home screen music. I don’t know yet how to stop this but I don’t like it. Another thing, when you finish the song you go to choose other songs but the same ones won’t be there anymore, at least that’s for me. A little add on would be when you do battles you can unlock some of the songs if your in first place. Then you can play those songs as the home screen music. That’s just an idea though. I’m don’t know about a lot of tech stuff but I know that there is lag on this game sometimes. I don’t know if that’s just my device or the game. I’m just throughout out my problems here. I would love you to put less adds on this game though! Oh and maybe for the next update (if there is going to be one) you could add some more songs maybe? Just another idea. Other than these few flaws, this is an awesome game and I really think this does improve your middle memory for anything you use your fingers for. Such as texting and typing on a computer. That’s all though!.Version: 8.055.003

Umm........I’m usually not the type to write a negative review, but this is my honest opinion of this app. Ads. There are wayyyy to many of them. You want a song that you’ve not unlocked? Ad. Oh you accidentally pressed the wrong thing and failed? Ad. I only got this app like 2 MINUTES ago and I’m already noticing the many flaws. The songs, sure, they’re popular, but some of them are...... strange. I just watched an ad(Yeah, I really dislike ads, but for one of my favorite songs, I’ll watch one.)to play “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran and guess what happened? The music was all weird at the beginning, but I didn’t think much of it. So I kept playing and then the singing started. It was wayyy deeper than the original, and it sounded weird. I’m not sure how many songs they did this to, but I know for a fact they did it to this one and it sounded downright strange. The only good thing I can say is, the tile game itself is good. I just hate the ads and music is abnormal. Whatever company made this, improve this game. It NEEDS it. Buh-bye!.Version: 6.41.718

Fun game but..This is a fun app, it really is. But I have a few problems with it. First, the songs that are on there aren’t sung by the creators, they’re sung by random people, who (no offense) aren’t that great at singing. I would prefer the real singer for the songs that are on there, it would make the app more enjoyable. Second, I feel that the first level is much harder than other levels on there. When I started, I thought the first level would be easy. It wasn’t. Long story short, it took me 25 minutes to pass THE FIRST LEVEL!!! It should’ve taken me about 2 minutes to pass that level if it was actually easy. Lastly, the ads aren’t very true. They show that the songs are sung by the real creators. I got the app and found out that the ads were lying. This made me a bit angry, considering that I love most of these songs. Also, the ads showed what looked like the first level and made it look very easy. When I tried it, it wasn’t easy. Please fix these problems, or at least try your best to..Version: 7.064.005

Not what you would expect, but still decent.This app stood out to me because of it’s download count and it’s 4 star review average. So of course I downloaded the app exited to play and see what it had to offer. I noticed it worked well and there were no problems at first. As you reach higher levels this changes and the game becomes very laggy. A few things turn into problems like the recognition of you touching the screen. The faster the song goes the harder you need to tap, o her wise it does not recognize you are tapping. The music also falls off of the beat of the tiles and it lags to where the tiles will sometimes get to the bottom of the screen then glitch back to the top to where it causes you to miss tap. It seems to have been made only for the players who download and then delete it soon after. This is a little long for a review but I hope it helps. Only the first few songs can be played till 3 crowns without glitching..Version: 8.071.004

Please read for more infoIt is a good game but there is a couple of annoying things about it. First of all it is fun to play and it makes your mind get out to the test. However though, it gets a little annoying since you don’t have that many songs to choose from at first. The songs would only please younger kids most of the time and it is very frustrating that some of them at the beginning is fast. The first song is easy to me, but the song choices after that get a little fast and very frustrating to do if your a beginner. I downloaded the game about only five minutes ago except I already dislike it. It is an okay game over all, but I would recommend ROBLOX or Minecraft better. It is also annoying that there is a lot of adds that you have to watch. I also recommend Bottle Flip 3D. Hopefully if you play this you like it better than me but I recommend other game over this..Version: 6.25.405

Just so broken, and wastes so much time.This game, you spend 90% of your time watching Ad’s and by the time you actually get to play, some tiles simply don’t register. There are countless times where I tap on a tile and it simply doesn’t register. Then, when you fail, they want you to watch another Ad just to continue your run. I’ve even had times where the ads just stay on the screen, with no button the exit out. So, I watched the Ad, and couldn’t even continue a run, after the game legit screwed me over. If it weren’t broken, and simply less Ad’s it would actually be enjoyable, but instead, they are doing everything they can to drive business away it seems. Perhaps, instead of so many ads, create some sort of Aesthetic’s people may buy, just like most games today. Make Ad’s more optional, but have some sort of small reward for doing so, maybe a specific point system for select aesthetics, or even to buy lives with. This game could have way more potential, if it wasn’t flooded with Ad’s and a subscription that simply gets rid of them..Version: 8.073.008

Great gameSo first I want to say that this game isn’t just for fun, if you don’t believe me that’s fine; this game helps with eye coordination and with mentally being Able to understand what you are doing you have to know that hand eye coordination is so very important. I also have a few tips. 1. If you look at the spot where all the numbers of tiles you got are and don’t look at the tiles it increases your chances of finishing, I finished faded, which I was working on for two months, when I decided to look at only that spot then I finished. 2. If you place your device in a slanted motion it would help increase your chance of hitting the tiles not the sides. So I hope you will take this into consideration and not think this game is bad, even Pnut24, you judged and judged the for all the flaws, I don’t know how old you are and I don’t need to but I am 12 this game relaxes me so you should find positive things to shed on your negativeness..Version: 7.076.101

Worst business model every.The game is super fun. But that’s it. You CANT EVEN PLAY. For every 5-10 seconds of game play, you have to watch a 20-40 second ad. EVERY TIME. So, the way this app works is you have 2 options. You have to watch 1 of 3 repeating ads EVERY time you make ONE error (and in advanced speed that happens). Or, you pay $8 A WEEK to not have it badger and irritate you into submission. So, $32 a MONTH, or have LITERALLY 90% of your screen time watching the same ad you’ve seed 78 times in the last 15 mins. I’ve downloaded this app a few times over the years to see if anything changes. It doesn’t. Just poor business and terrible customer experience. You’d make a LOT more money if you knocked the price down to, I dunno, a reasonable price, and not try to force people past a pay wall to EVEN MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE. Idiots. Ps. Take a close look at all the 5 star reviews. Seems to be a looot if overlap as far as words used, poor syntax, and well “I’m patient, so if the ads bother you it just means your impatient”. Haha. Are we stupid? No. Be a big boy and fix your app. Being a bully isn’t a good look. No one in their right mind would enjoy this much harassment..Version: 7.062.012

Good good except the music I hated itIt was good but the music so I was playing why don’t you say so and it was like going like really fast and then it didn’t play like any music while I was still doing the game so and when I was playing music I was doing Despacito and it was like a sound like really harsh it sounded like yeah it sounded like really harsh everything’s OK… Except the music so I wouldn’t actually get a VIP because I got a VIP and it still did the same it was just a waste of money so don’t get the VIP it’s just a waste of money and I hate that the music was actually not saying by the real creators because his original but the creators weren’t in and I hear different people you guys really have to fix that so I really don’t enjoy this game that much but it’s really fun though so I like it and I don’t like it at the same time and I hate that there’s a VIP because you know paying for a game is just waste of money I hate that you have to pay for a game that is worthless so oh and another thing I notice is that in some songs the lyrics are like the original like they put different things in the lyrics that in the original song it doesn’t actually say that so I give it a 2 star.Version: 7.125.301

Great game but please read thisFirst of all I just want to say this game is really fun because you get to choose out of so many songs, one thing that I don’t like is that you can’t do some songs you want to do because there not on the list of songs, is there anyway you can let us choose any song we want instead of just some songs. Another thing is that when I’m playing and tapping the tiles the screen stops and then goes again like there’s a glitch or something and it is super frustrating mostly because it makes me lose. One last thing is that when you lose you have to watch an ad and sometimes I see the same ad like 10 times in a row and I’m like WHATS THE POINT!! Also even when I’m on the home screen in suddenly pops up an ad and it’s so annoying like UGH ANOTHER AD, I get that your company needs to make money but please make the ads pop up less please. Thank you if you read this all the way through, and besides the changes I want you to make I think it’s a really fun game for all ages. Have a great day🌈😻.Version: 7.031.005

LOVE THIS APP! But..has a few problems...Hi, I am obsessed with this game!!! I love all their songs, and is really addicting. I love that they have a have an online mode so people can play with people all around the world! But, it is sort of a lot of ads...which is really annoying. Also, I don’t like it that now, it will not let me in the game. And I know that it is not my device because I just got it. I really love the songs they play, but they need to at least put a search bar so we can search up songs. Also, we should be also treated like the V.I.Ps! It is annoying that songs that people like can’t listen to without a subscription. Also, once again, less ads please! It is so so so annoying! I would also like for there to be more songs, like Ariana Grande all the way to Zayn! I really would like these people, and I know that others would too. They also should have sections that not only VIPs can play, but like early Disney songs, like Camp Rock, and also eighties music! It would be so fun to have varieties! So, please do these things so this app could be way cooler. Good Bye!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 7.066.004

Why did it have to change!!! 😣😣😣So I have been playing this game for a while now and well I have to say that it is pretty good…well at least it used to be. So when I first got this game I loved it! It was like my favorite game on my iPad! I would play it everyday always finding new songs and playing with my favorites but…one day it all changed I do not mean to be dramatic but it was pretty heartbreaking to me :( so I went in the game one day and it changed it changed a lot!!! All my favorite songs were for “VIPs” only. I tried to look but most of the songs were locked only a few were left for free. I got mad so I deleted it. That was like two years ago. Today I remembered how great the app was (only I forgot how horrible it was) and I downloaded it. So it made me start all over so I started off with dance monkey the first song it gives you but…I am not surprised!!! NOW WHILE YOU DO THE SONG HOP THING WHILE YOU DO IT THEY SHOW ADDS NOW!!! I can not believe how they could change such a great app to a terrible one. That is why I think this horrible app Deserves a two star rating. I AM WARNING YOU DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!.Version: 8.061.011

READ THIS!!!!I had first downloaded this game because I saw an ad for it and the ad looked pretty tempting so I decided to download this app and at first I was like wow this game is really Really addicting but as I kept playing the game it’s turn in popping up more as in it was getting boring so then I started downloading other games And the skin was taking him straight to my phone so I decided to delete it but then I got a notification that there was less bugs in the game and that there was less ad and newer songs and songs like oh wow like I want to download it again but I was disappointed but this game can still relax you and it is very addicting put the ads are just so annoying that I got so annoyed so I was sort of recommend this only if you can handle all of the ads and disappointment and if you like a lot of musical games oh and credit to the person who advertised this game because they are really good at false advertisement that is all I have to say.Version: 6.25.405

Umm... it’s okay.Usually really fun, and it has a nice premise, but there are just some parts that are kind of poorly executed. For starters, the ads are just unbearable. Of the gaming apps on my phone, this is by far the worst. Literally, you watch an ad before the game, sometimes in the middle of the game, and after the game. The glitches are pretty bad too, and they’re becoming even more common. :( Finally, the music. I have quite a few things to say about this. The artists never even sound like the actual singer, like, I don’t think Bastille sounds like Britney Spears, but okay. I’d rather have a totally random singer rather than these super robotic ones. Also there’s no variety, and they never update it. I mean, obviously they’re not going to do an artist that isn’t mainstreamed, but I don’t think Fall Out Boy or Lorde are that rare! Ugh. And like I said, it’s never updated! I’ve probably been through four levels at this point and still have the same suggested songs. So, in conclusion, it could be much better, but I guess it’s fun when you’re in the mood. I really didn’t mean for this to be a super hateful comment, just some things that I’d love if you could fix. Thanks for reading!.Version: 7.076.011

Great game but...This game is great and all, trust me, it’s fun, but there are many things annoying about this app. The first one is ads. I can’t even get through one song without having to watch an ad that I’ve probably already seen 189 times. When you make a mistake, the game gives you two options: Watch an advertisement to continue or don’t continue and then watch an ad. I get the first one, but why do I have to watch an ad to get to the menu? It’s like double kill! I make a mistake and they’re like, “Okay loser, you made a mistake, do you wanna fix it? No? Okay then I’ll just torture you with an ad about Episode!” The second problem is more of a personal thing but it’s still annoying. Why do they change the artists of the songs? I don’t understand it! When I go and start a song I really like, all I hear is another voice or a super auto tuned voice. Bad guy bothered me because it was the artist singing, but it was completely auto tuned. It’s like they don't have respect for the original artists. I know about copyright and all that but it gets to a point where I’m just ready to give up because of it sounds nothing like the actual song :/.Version: 7.064.005

My review...I love this game and it is absolutely awesome! However there are a few things that bother me that I wish they would change. The first thing...THE ADDS! There are so many of them. Whenever you die, you instantly get a add and it’s just super annoying cause sometimes you just want to relax and play this game for the fun and music but the continuous adds are just very annoying. Second I love music ALOT but I wish they would put more songs up! This game is absolutely amazing but I wish they would update the game with more songs and maybe add a new song every time or so they update this amazing game. Now I have stated all my flaws but let me state all the fantastic features about this wonderful game. This game is my favorite game I have had yet. It is very fun and I like how you can challenge with your friends! All the songs are great. I love how it challenges you after you beat a level of the song and it goes faster and faster until you have died. This game is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend getting it. It is tons of fun and I absolutely LOVE IT!.Version: 7.062.010

I don’t get it!💁🏽‍♀️ Awesome game!If you come across this game, then you should download it if you want. Honestly, this game is amazing. I just got it a few days ago, and I really enjoy it. I love playing the endless where I can go super fast. It challenges my agility. Also, I just LOVE doing this, when I was younger, and I had my Tom, I always played the piano game. So when I came across this game. I HAD to get it! People are saying that the ads are horrible, but there are FINE! Don’t you want to continue when u mess up,p? The ads can also show some neat games! But... I do have some things that I don’t like. Like when I play a level, sometimes, the song does NOT sound like it was sung by the artist. I think it’s either you can’t use the song (you don’t have permission) or its copyright (you can’t copy the song). But that’s okay. Another thing is, when there are little prize boxes, I go after them, it usually doesn’t throw me off, but it can be frustrating. Soooooo... plz fix this if you can, and the game is awesome! ❤️👋🏽 Thx for reading this, plz.Version: 7.022.007

Good but GlichyI love this app. It is so fun and entertaining. I like how if you don’t want to pay for the subscription you don’t have to and you can still play. Of course there are somethings you miss out when you don’t have the subscription. Like you can’t compete and some song you can’t play. And there are a lot of ads. After you finish you have to watch an ad. But if you don’t have the subscription and you mass up or die in a round you can still continue if you watch an ad. I like this feature because if you are really close to completing a new star of crown then it can give you a second chance. But this feature has a bad side. Most of the time the ad doesn’t even work! So then I either have to watch 2 ad or exit out of the app. And if I exit out of the app all of you progress from that song is gone! And that is what I dislike about the app. I hope the developer changes this glitch so that the ads actually work. Thank you..Version: 7.066.004

Awesome game! But..It an awesome game! I love the idea. It’s fun musical and some times even challenging. And those are things that I really do like. But this weird thing keeps happening to me. Now I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but every once and a while when I first click a random music it’s not just one specific song it goes super high pitched and really fast. And I’m talking like it hurts my ears high pitched. And for some reason it’s only the female songs? And for some reason the more I play the game the more frequently it happens. Like last year I played 5 songs a week. And it only happened like once. But now I’m playing about one song each day of the week and it’s done been like three times. Every week. If this is a glitch please fix it. One more thing. This is just my opinion there is to many adds. And some people are saying that there not the same artists but here’s why they might get copy writed! Other than that stuff it’s a great app one of my favs! But like I said please fix that. Thank you for your time! -dragon.Version: 7.127.007

Deleted within the first hourThe game is enjoyable when it works. The idea is fun. I like that we can choose contemporary/newer songs to play and the levels can be challenging which makes it more interesting, but there are too many glitches when it comes to the music. You wait through an ad to unlock a song, but when you press start to play the level, many times the music never plays. It’s usually an easy fix. Just close the app and open it up again, but it’s a hassle to keep doing that. Especially when you may be mid game and the music randomly decides to fade out then. It’s hard to enjoy a music tile game without the music. The music choices are also a little misleading. I thought I’d be playing to the actual song, but instead we are playing to a covered version. Not that big of a deal to me but definitely not what I was expecting. The game has a lot of potential, but because of how many times I had to open and close the app within a small time frame to adjust to the glitches (which also made me wait through more ads) I found that it wasn’t worth the effort and deleted shortly after downloading..Version: 8.073.008

Please read this reviewHello to the person reading this. I hope your having a great day and doing well. Anyways I’m gonna start talking about the game a little bit. It’s an amazing app! You should download it. But when I’m playing this game why do I have the constant need to itch myself? lol but it’s very funny how when I’m playing I have to scratch myself but I don’t, because I know I’m gonna mess up. I love how this app has the actual song and not like a cover or any of that stuff. It’s because some apps I have downloaded didn’t have the actual song and it was a cover and I did not like it. I love the overall game. I think you should download it! This game is great!!! This game is amazing, great, awesome and fun! If you are looking for a challenge this is the perfect game for you. I also like how this game makes it easy at first and then it gets harder and harder as you go. Edit: it actually does have covers which makes it 10 times worse but it’s still a good game overall. Also I did not say this but there a lot of ads and it’s pretty annoying. I would play this more often if there weren’t covers and it would have less ads. I would give this 6 or 7 out of 10. If you made it to the end of my review thanks for reading it have a great day!.Version: 7.129.004

Love this game except for the glitch...This is a great game with many songs that I know and love and it’s so fun to play. I highly reccomend it except there is one very concerning issue that my siblings and I call the “voice glitch” Basically you will be playing ang you’ll finish a song and then be forced to watch an ad. (not complaining about the ads just please fix this) After you watch the ad and decide to play a different song, one of three things will happen: 1) the song will play as normal 2) the voices in the song are sped up and high-pitched thus sounding like the chipmunks and the song finishes early (mostly for songs with female singers) 3) the voices in the song are deepend (mostly for songs with male singers) and almost sound demonic. When this happens with songs that have female singers, the songs sound like they are being howled by dogs. This glitch is both annoying and very creepy. The most affected songs are Someone You Loved, Closer, and Bad Romance. Please get this fixed it creeps us out and otherwise this app is great and it isn’t only me who is affected by this. I have only recently downloaded this and my sister hasn’t experienced any problems until recently. PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE IT GETS WORSE also the only way to currenly fix this is to close out of the app and go back into it. This does not permenently fix it. AGAIN PLEASE FIX THIS IT IS SCARY.Version: 7.076.101

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Too many addsOmg! I love this game! I can almost play bad guy. BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! I get so annoyed by how many ads there are and almost smash my iPhone every time I fail a level!! I can’t even play a song yet!!! Just the ads, everything else is perfect! I will go insane with all the ads. I’ve seen like 200 ads today, no joke. I still have 3 more weeks on holidays and this game will drive me insane with all the ads. I think people should be able to spend the money you earn from each level on second chances in the game instead of watching an ad every time. Love the bit where u can pick your own ad..Version: 7.064.005

WAY too many ads (and other problems)!I know this game needs profit since it's free, but putting an ad every time you press something isn't fun. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but the amount of ads is distracting. As well as there being so many ads, another problem is lag and how long it takes to load the game. If you fail/lose, it'll give you the option to continue if you watch an ad. It makes me frustrated that sometimes the ad will freeze, then kick me out of the game, even if I have collected "presents". I won't be able to open the presents after. This game is creative and the game play is outside the box and addicting! I love this game, but this is my what I've found excruciatingly annoying about this game..Version: 7.024.003

Why I have this a 5 star and why I love this game so muchThis game is unbelievable it is the best game ever because me and my friend stejsi play this game while we FaceTime eachother😀 i Love magic tiles so can the person that made this game put more games like this because it’s just AMAZING!! You can chat in this game to and play songs together with your friends on magic tiles like nearly every magic tiles you can chat but I think that this magic tiles is better then the other ones and I love when the piano goes fast! Oh and also if there are to many ads you can turn off wifi and then there will be no ads😀😀😀😁😁👍🏻👍🏻 And I have been play it for about 5 months and I am on level 14.Version: 7.061.006

Great game💛I really like this game because it’s really relaxing although there is some problems. Ok ok I know everyone has said ads but I’m saying my bit too! Like on most games I’ve played there has been ads. But in my opinion this game has way to many ads. The next problem is that the game sometimes glitches you out. And last but not least music. It’s not the best song choices. So apart from that it’s really a good game and I recommend it if your stressed because its relaxing 💛.Version: 6.17.013

Amazing game, but a few problems...First of all, this is one of the most fun games on my iPad. It is such a creative concept, and the game itself is just spectacular. But a few problems are in this game that really need to be fixed. 1. Ads There are so many ads!!! At first I was like, ok, this fine, but now an ad pops up every time you finish or mess up a level. I get it since it is a free game you need to make money somehow, but still, maybe take it down a notch. 2. Glitches Now I’m sure that these are just some minor bugs, and to be honest they are pretty funny, but I have a glitch were some songs the singers voice is really low and slow, and another where the singers voice is really high, like a chipmunk 😄. Please fix this tho! 3. Swearing I know that in two songs, bum bum tam tam and rolling in the deep, BOTH have SWEARING in it. I don’t think I really need to explain the problem in this. 4. Songs In the ads they say there are songs like talk, old town road, and sucker. But where are they? There are still good songs, but I was looking forward to these. Also, some of the songs sound like they are not sung by the actual singer... Overall, this is a great game and I recommend it. Just please fix these minor things, especially the swearing, and you would get a five stars from me..Version: 6.91.301

Great game! But...Overall I think this is a great game and time waster. I do recommend you getting and I'm sure if you do you won't regret it. I think I'm quite good at the game and it's very addicting. I'd like to suggest a pause button on it and I think on some songs like Havana for example, the singing isn't very good😬... And thinking out loud is in slow motion. Plus the game is absolutely filled with ads! They are always popping up and it gets a bit annoying. Other than that it's a fun game:)!.Version: 6.41.718

Issue with continuity after an ad or vip clickAfter u make a mistake, for really high tempo songs, the notes sometimes jerks when continuing , like a lagged and the. Instant fail again, For really fast tempo songs the tempo resume immediately , right after u click vip continue there is no way to instantly hit those notes and then u sort of repeat the mistake cycle all over again, I get stuck with some of these notes and used up 3 to 4 continues to get going again it’s really annoying , a suggestion to slow down and regain momentum like In piano tiles 2 Or move the notes back up a little more.Version: 7.076.101

Good but has flawsI haven’t had this app for long, and I have enjoyed it quite a lot but there is some problems to it. Number 1, every time you want to start a new song you need to watch about a 30-40 second long add in some cases, which is very boring and annoying when all you want to do is play the Godamn game. Also when you die you can either watch an add to be revived or you’ll just watch an add anyway. Now I think that’s kinda stupid because what’s the point of having an add that will actually help you and then one that does nothing. I personally think this is dumb and there should be only the option to watch an add at the end if you want to be revived and not one when you don’t chose that option. Also one last thing, when your playing the songs, the singing sounds weird and kinda out of tune. Now I don’t know if this is because of copyright, because then I understand. But if it isn’t then I don’t under stands why they couldn’t do something to improve this, because I do agree it is a fun game but the strange out of tune singing makes it kinda boring, in some cases. Ok well, that’s enough of that, and I hope you can see I do enjoy this game, but if you improved it just a bit more, I would rate it 5 stars..Version: 8.053.204

Good but the songsOn the ads it says there is Senorita but I cannot find it, along with many other songs. Also I am on level 15 I think and I have been able to play Girls like You for a while now, however now you have to be level 16 to play a song I have been playing for ages. Please fix this. I must be lucky on most apps because people say there are soooooooo many ads, however I have not many. Overall great concept just please put the songs that you say on the ads actually in the game, and fix the Girls like You thing. Thanks.Version: 7.066.004

5 stars!This game is wonderful for when your bored and have nothing else to do. You can play a piano for as long as you’d like and it never gets old. There are different songs to choose from and great things you can do. You can use diamonds to buy more songs and have a spectacular time. I appreciate it very much that somebody had the creativity to create this game! I enjoy playing it every day with fun that never comes to an end. It looks like an ordinary piano game but once you actually install it it will be the best choice you ever made!.Version: 7.066.004

Good game just a few annoyancesThis game is so fun to play and is an amazing time killer, but this whole game is based on ads unless you want to pay. Just make all of the songs available or have a system where you have to get a certain amount of stars before you can play a certain song. It’s just really annoying downloading a game and then having to watch an ad longer than the download time just to play a song. Also this is a side note, can you get rid of the fever mode, the change in colour is really distracting. When I’m trying to get 3 crowns and the screen is flicking between blue and white, it’s very annoying. Like I’m having trouble just seeing the notes, and it feels like when you switch to fever or from fever, the notes disappear momentarily..Version: 8.061.011

Magic Tiles 3Okay... erm... I like this game but there is a MEGA glitch you NEED to fix... it get’s me laughing SOOO much XD but you need to fix it... sometimes the game has this glitch where you go into a song and your playing at normal speed and everything but the persons voice goes SO low and sounds like some kind of old man trying to sing but this is just... lol. This glitch so needs to be fix but it’s still SO funny! Me and my friend were playing “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and the voice was so slow it was like slow and really, REALLY low voice... then, I played “Havana” now and the same glitch happened... so... great game but this is insane funny!! XD.Version: 6.41.718

Excellent except...I love how the speed gets faster as you go. one thing bad is that the variety of songs is quite low. Once I searched up the song ‘The Middle’ because I thought it would be a great song, but it only came up with sorry nothing Then I decided to try Sorry by Justin Bieber obviously it is not there. I love competing with my little Sister but the second we fail it goes into another ad. Behalf of that, Excellent game but a little to much ads. I recommend this to people aged 8-20 year olds who like a challenge but are fine with ads..Version: 8.061.011

Adds the adds!Ok love the game it actually got some of my favorite songs but one things wrong Adds yes we know adds we hate them adds I know how it’s how you get paid and all but this is a free game! Like come on! And also when I want to revive and click the add it won’t work like the game hates me! The screen just goes blank and I have to completely reload the game! And I am playing on my phone so that could be a issue but it is an iPhone 10 so I don’t think it’s faulty I just think the adds make the game glitch. It would be very nice if you could fix this problem..Version: 7.123.007

A few problemsOK so there are WAY TO DANG MANY ADDS٫ IK U need MONEY BUT TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH PLS! the next issue is a bug . Sometimes have٫ i press a note٫ and it dont work so i have to frigging restart٫ its a really good game but you put the really good songs for VIP or have to unlock٫ and its really intense to unlock stuff٫ also pls make it so it doesn't ask every time u open the app the get VIP coz it gets annoying٫ and at least try remove the swearing٫ overall this game is really good and addicting٫ i recommend it٫ there's just those things that are annoying anyway its a really good game 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍 :D.Version: 7.111.006

It’s okay, but some faultsThis game is pretty good. It’s a fun concept and great for developing fine motor skills. If you’re thinking about downloading, I have some warnings; 1. Lots of ads - watch an ad to start a song, watch an ad after you finish, and if you want to save yourself and continue after messing up that’s another ad 2. Songs - It’s true that you get to play some of the top songs out there in this game, but don’t expect the original version of the song. Some covers are okay but some are breathy and irritating 3. Glitches - there is one glitch where the song backing track goes slow and the bass really drops, but the tiles move at their original pace and this can happen mid song. If you watch a video to continue sometimes it also glitches, and the tiles momentarily freeze and then continue, but skipping ahead. It’s not a bad game, don’t get me wrong but be wary of the fore mentioned things..Version: 6.91.301

Good fun but can get annoyingI find it really fun but there are way to many ads and at first i was like they have to make money somehow but now there is an ad every 2 seconds and it keeps lagging and my ipads fine internet is fine but when it lags it will stop me from playing and then either say i was to slow because it kept going when it froze or i tap something as it starts lagging and it picks it up as me pressing the wrong note. Its so addictive that ive been playing it all day but it keeps bugging me because its always happening otherwise i would love this game. Also when i "miss" a note it gives me an option to watch an ad to keep going and when i ignore it I assume that i just got out of watching an ad and then i hits me with one anyway and its done it so much that ive just started watching ads to at least be able to keep going..Version: 7.066.004

Magic Tiles 3This is such an amazing app. There are some spectacular songs and efforts put into this game. Some songs can be challenging some easy but I love whatever levels they are. Although I would like to see less and shorter ads as maybe people cannot afford to pay the amount to become a VIP. Also just suggesting that maybe we could create different levels and whenever we reach for example level 100 you get a prize and become a VIP for a month. Apart from these suggestions this gam is incredible, I’m really impressed with what people did with this app..Version: 8.031.005

Some major problems1. The music is bad This app was fun and enjoyable until you play songs that you know but sound nothing like the real thing not to mention that isis just the song playing in the background and it isn’t actually you playing it. 2. Adds I know you guys have to make money but when you put a revive for an add but you just restart it instead because you don’t want to watch an add but you get another add this is a little scamming if you ask me you may as well watched the add but probably the most disappointing thing about the app is that because it isn’t you playing the song you may think that you have already played the note when you have not and sometimes it doesn’t register your taps which if it’s on purpose is real scamy.Version: 7.076.101

Epic but please fix thisOkay so i just downloaded it again after years and I thought hey this is amazing until I lost then I kept getting annoyed of how often the app would give you adds so that’s one of the things but another is how when the song plays it goes really low tone then really high pitch in some songs as well as the people singing are not the actually singers so please fix these because I looked though the other reviews and others have the same problem. So I have an idea, what if you make it so the gems have a use and you can use it to buy a thing to make your own game thing and then link it up to a song and release it so others can play it. These were my thoughts and I hope you get these fixed thank you..Version: 7.111.006

Pros and Cons of Magic TilesI really enjoyed the game, it’s addictive and fun. You can when your in waiting rooms, bored or anything. Basically, the tiles start rolling in and you have to press them to make music. There is also a singers voice playing while you play. They have songs like Bad Guy and Closer. If that appeals to you, I’d definitely say go install it. I have some pros and cons for the game though, that I’d like the creators to change or keep. Pros The game is amazing and fun. I love how there is even an endless mode. It has lots of different music, so it can appeal to a variety of audiences. It’s a free offline game too, so you can play it wherever you go. Cons My only issue is the amount of advertisements you are given, usually if you fail a game or finish a game. I understand it is how you get paid, but it’s very irritating, so I’d like it to taken down a little bit. Also, there are a few glitches I am receiving with failing randomly and I am not able to choose any songs for a few minutes. Could you look at these bugs and fix them? Thank you for reading my review. If you are a creator of this game, please take my feedback. If you are a person wondering if you should download it, I hope this review helped and you definitely should..Version: 7.025.007

Great game only needs a few tweaksOk. First up this game is all around amazing! I love it Second thought. I Personally Think that if it had a pause button it would’ve gotten that last star. But I LOVE this game so much i love all the songs and I’m already at level 14 and I only got it a few days ago! 👌. My favourite song is probably... Wedding Pino! I love that song so much!!!!! Oh and also fix the music timing because I tap the black tiles and then the music is just playing in the background and it’s really annoying when it does that. But I still love it!.Version: 6.19.015

Stop changing musicI really like the game and it’s fun to play. But the music is sometimes not the right one or you changed it. Like the roses imanbek remix. You changed it into super slow motion and now it’s sounds horrible! Please don’t the right songs and makes them sound the same. Like dance monkey sounds like a complete different person is singing it. Please stop with that! It’s no use it makes me want to play the game less if the music isn’t right. I touch the tiles to the beat. But when it sounds wrong,I can’t get a good rythm. And I always muk up..Version: 7.127.007

So badThis game was obviously only made because people wanted a third game. You can see the game was made with ZERO effort put in. The songs aren’t sung by the real singers, but instead by the worst covers on the planet. There are also an insane amount of ads, I know you need to make money but for a company this large you really don’t need that many ads. Next thing I want to talk about is the glitches. I’ll be playing normally, and then boom, the game crashes. Another glitch occurs when I tap a tile and it says that I mistapped when I obviously didn’t. The game is also way too fast, you should at least be able to choose the difficulty whether it’s just a choice between hard and normal mode or if it’s 30 different difficulties I don’t care. Please, next time your player base asks for a sequel, try to make it playable..Version: 7.076.101

Great but...I love this game and since I type a lot I am pretty good at it (not trying to brag) however I sometime make little finger slips and stuff like that. I was thinking perhaps if you could make it that you are allowed to miss tiles but it takes away a certain amount of points or the rank line at the top goes back a bit. Also the amount of ads drives me Crazy with a capital 'C'! I literally can't! If I add u pp all the time that I get ads it would add u pp to millions of hours. Not ligit but you get the point. I know money doesn't fall from heaven but Cmon! Is it that hard to control yourself? Thank you for this game, definitely download it. But please loosen the rules a bit and reduce the amount of ads. Thanks for reading this and I really would appreciate these fixes! Thanks! :D.Version: 7.066.004

Really good jobI think this is a really good game! But there are too many adds. The playing against other people thing rocks! The music is good and the last thing to mention is that there are too many things about VIP which kinda makes it annoying. But I guess if you want you app to succeed that’s what you gotta do. So, I like how you can go faster when you pass the start level because some songs are easier than others. The different notes like the short and long make it more fun! I think maybe there could be more songs to choose from? I dunno, my opinion, I just would love to have my fave songs to play on one of my fave games! Maybe there could be an instalment we’re you could ask or suggest songs? Maybe have a chat so others can suggest! Overall, this game is amazing and I can’t wait until I play again..Version: 8.081.101

Few problemsI gave this app a three because there are just too many problems with it. The first problem is the ads! There are too many adds on this app. I got them when I messed up and when I was about to play a new song. They all go for 30 seconds and it just gets really annoying after a while. The second problem is too fast!! I only got this game yesterday and i am only new to it and the tiles are already going so fast!! This needs to change. The third problem is the singers. All the songs I have played doesn’t even sound real. Like for girls like you it was a girl singing it. I would like the songs to be sang by the real singers or someone who actually sounds like the singer. Overall I think the app is pretty fun to play in your spare time. I definitely recommend it ( only if u like adds ) Thanks for listening.Version: 7.043.001

One question, sorry,To whom, this may concern, I just wanna say tysm for making this game!! It’s just, people are moving their wrists around heeps during this game and I’m hoping they don’t get like autheritest, sorry it’s misspelled. As I saw a doctor about this game and they didn’t highly recommend it. It’s still an amazing creation that the world loves, but I just wanted to let this app know before it became a world wide problem as it can cause problems and restrictions with wrist and fingers, as, they don’t live forever. One last thing, I have noticed that the singers on this game are not actually the real, singers voice as, I notice it’s someone else pretending their the singer. As that turned me off as well, I was looking forward to playing this game for ages and my high score hasn’t changed yet either! It’s probably a technical glitch but I’m sure that will be right. I really hope this comment didn’t bother you, as I’m not a Karen and will never be, it’s just I’m concerned about the millions of people playing this game. Please dont take any of this to heart it’s just to inform you. Think about the good part! You won’t get roasted by other people! Because you already been convinced by me! And you can show people this email, as I will NOT mind to get famous lol have the great rest of your day, thank you!.Version: 8.043.005

WowI love this app. It’s really fun and had me hooked from the start. I’ve been able to find amazing songs that link to my past that I never would have seen. The links help me while I have fun and enjoy myself and pro is very easy with a day practice. I am also competitive so when I saw the battle I like, it was amazing is what I’m trying to say. I recommend the game it will complete you childhood!🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰🤪🤪😜🥳🥳🥳😇😇😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😺😸😽.Version: 8.012.003

ᒪOᐯE IT ᗷᑌT OᑎE ᑭᖇOᗷᒪEᗰI think magic tiles 3 is a great and satisfying game, but there is one major problem...The ridiculous amount of ads..I'd understand if you have a few every once in a while, but after every single song (even if you mess up the second you press start) and ad appears, and its EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! I mean, the amount of ads there are, might even drift people away from the game, as there are way too many ads...I'd recommend putting less ads and people might enjoy the game a bit more 😊.Version: 6.41.718

I love this game but can you please fix the amount of ads!Please read this review! I love this game! I have just bought it today and I am so entertained! It is literally now my favourite app, however, there are so many ads!! If you fail or lose a game by hitting the wrong key, you need to watch an ad every single time! It becomes time consuming when all I want to do is successfully complete the song. Please take this review to notice and please fix it!! It’s such an incredible game!!.Version: 8.041.004

Waaaay too many adsYes it’s a free app, so they have to make money somehow, but there’s ads after each song, played it for less than 5 mins and I got 5 ads, this is way more than necessary. Ads play before you get to play each song, then they play after each song, I’ve never played any game with so many ads, I can understand if they were giving you the option to watch the ad, for example if you didn’t score high enough to unlock another level and watching the ad would then unlock it, but they don’t even do that, the amount of ads just makes it utterly unplayable.Version: 8.033.007

Disappointing. If only zero stars existedI get that we can’t have the “Original” artists music. But cmon!! The music is sped up to sound like Alvin and the chipmunks IN THE FIRST ROUND. Then because the music is done, we are left playing the rest of the round in silence. I get like 10secs of ultra sped up music then nothing. What a cheat of a game. Yes the ads are annoying but that’s not even what frustrates me. Half the time I can’t even listen to a preview of the song to see what it ‘might sound like’. Then again what’s the point, you will get a completely different sound all together (as mentioned before). The game glitches as well. It will freeze a bit and ruin a rhythm. Lagging more like it. This company just releases more of the same app without actual improvements. I cannot believe someone would even consider giving this any star..Version: 7.076.101

Brilliant app - must getI have had this app for a while now and haven’t regretted getting once. It is a real gem and so easy to use. People are saying that there are ‘so many ads’, but in reality, you can chose to watch an ad if you make a mistake during the song you’re playing and sometimes (very rarely) they pop up randomly. All in all, great game and it should definitely be on your home screen sooner rather than later..Version: 6.17.013

Really goodI love this game there are so many songs, I found a couple of good songs I never knew about. The only thing I would want is a leader board of the best players in the world and not only a leader board of the most wins in competitions. But other than that this game is rlly epic it’s one of my favourite games to play. You can download a song by simply playing it’s and when you have no wifi you can still play it!.Version: 7.125.301

It’s Okay...I was playing this random game few months ago and I saw this app from an ad, when I first saw it I was addicted to it already somehow I have reasons why I gave this game three stars... 1: In the apparently looks like you can choose what song you want to play with, in fact, in the actual game, you need certain abilities or money to unlock other songs, which is not worth all your fast tapping, just to receive a new song to play, 2: I noticed this bug (maybe not) ever since I unlocked faded, the actual singers from most of the songs in the game, are not even the right voices/ singer from most of the songs in the game.. (e.g: Faded-) it doesn’t sound like the real singer- last time I checked faded, the voice of the singer was very light and calm, So These Are All My Reasons For Why I Gave This Game Three Stars, Thank you, Peace ✌️.Version: 8.033.007

Things I like and things I think needs fixes not being rudeThings I like 1. It is sooooooo fun 2. I love quick matches 3. I love being able to listen to my fav songs and play a game Things I think need to be fixed 1. Me and my BFF click on the button things and it says we didn’t 2. I know this has been brought up a lot but the ADDS I have no problem with this it is just my BFF does btw we are on call when I’m making this anyway there are WAY to many and I mean Way to many so please get rid of same adds like for at least 60 songs 3. It is about swearing 2 songs I forget name I don’t play them because of that reason so I forget the names of the song but if u man or woman would would please take them down Ty.Version: 8.053.204

Amazing great appThis app is AMAZING I defended recommend it. My mum doesn’t usually like me on my iPad but this app is really good and she likes me on my iPad as long as I’m on one of these sort of apps. And it’s a really good game for finger stretch’s and after I played this app a few time I’m all ready quicker at typing. It is very addictive but in a good way, I love playing it and it is so fun to sing to it but the only bad thing is that it’s not the real singer it’s someone singing it I’m not saying that they’re bad at singing but I would like it better if it was the real singer. But except that it is an amazing app and I definitely recommend this for ages 8-12. I rate it a 4/5..Version: 6.117.002

Why I gave it 3 starsI gave it 3 stars because when ever I open the app it loads to 16% then goes no higher I haven’t been able to play it for a couple of months now. When ever it does let me on it glitches a lot and won’t let me tap the screen I checked it wasn’t my iPad and it wasn’t the iPad I tried deleting it then reinstalling it but that did not work I have lost all of my progress in the game that I have had for 2 years so I have lost 2 years worth of progress. I would not waste my time if I was you. Can you please fix it as soon as possible. Please I am desperate to make it work. I hate how you have to wait In till you get to a certain level to get a certain song and it doesn’t have a search bar so that you can pick the song that you play. I also hate how if I buy a song with diamonds or heart it will make me pay again when I haven’t played it in a while. I know I have a lot of complaints but it is just everything that I can Remember that was wrong with the app that I did not like. I also hate how there are so many adds it can get frustrating with how many adds come up a day Thank you for listening to my opinion.Version: 7.035.002

It’s good but there’s quite a lot of things that need to be fixed!😬First of all it’s a AWSOME app, I love it and I’m addicted to it! But it needs some fixing. First there’s this lag were sometimes the voices of the singers voice goes in slow motion or times lapse sound. And the some of the songs don’t even sound like the actual song! Like the song “Someone You Loved” it doesn’t even sound the same at all! And it also gets glitchy a lot and it’s hard to press the little notes. Also there’s WAY TOO MANY ads! Like every time I finish playing a song or I mess up theres an ad, LIKE SERIOUSLY 😒. I know it’s a free game but like chill with the ads! And there should have a pause button ⏸. The only way to pause it is to double click or swipe up on your device! So in the ads they have way different songs to what’s actually on there 😡😤. And... there’s this thing where you can like songs but you can’t see the liked songs! Please fix these things!.Version: 7.076.101

Great game, but:This game is really good but there are too many ads!!! It gets frustrating when you die that you have to watch an ad as well as to start a song, it’s ridiculous! Also another ongoing issue is that a lot of the time songs are sped up/slowed down. I’m almost certain it’s a glitch but needs to be fixed ASAP. Asides from those few issues it has made to be a very good game to drift into when your bored. I would recommend it to everyone getting it!.Version: 7.125.011

Lots of reasons why this game is badThe only problem is that i don’t know how to Change my profile picture because it’s embarrassing and I will delete the game if I can not find it out another thing that is bad is all the adds always come on when I get into the game and whenever I finish a song and when I loss a song it is really annoying and another annoying thing is that people chat to you and you should not be able to chat because when they chat they can say rude things and also when you join people to play with they kick you out I don’t like the idea of that, I actually hate the idea of that because one day I was just trying to join people to play with but they just kicked me out and I could not find anyone to play with and I was about to delete the game so that is why this game is 2/5.Version: 7.035.002

Great app- you must getThis game is like the best game ever! Some people are saying that this game is bad but in my opinion it’s the most fun game on my iPad. Especially because you can use it in the car and anywhere that has no internet. Occasionally, you might have unnecessary questions like ‘do you like our game if you do rate it’ witch I am totally fine with it. It is also good for low-end devices. So, overall, this is the BEST GAME EVER. Thanks for reading this..Version: 6.19.017

Not the real pianoThis game is absolutely horrifying on the way that you are not actually playing the real piano. I only just found out that when my sister said I was way too good. Also I had a little feeling that it was not me playing the piano because when I don’t finish the long sounds it just keeps going! I personally think that this app should be improved like piano tiles or be taken down. Now I and others will strongly agree on my argument that this app is not what you want to get. If players are reading this then I would recommend going to piano tiles because this is not the place to go. Thank you for your understanding..Version: 6.15.118

Awesome game but needs workMagic Tiles 3 is an amazing game and I am obsessed with it (it might be becoming a problem 😂) There are a few things that could be worked on though. For example, (I know a lot pf people are complaining about this but that just means it needs to be fixed more urgently) there are WAY too many ads! You finished a song? Here is an ad. You want to start a new song? Here’s another ad. Something I think would be a cool feature to add would be is a search bar. This would mean that you can search up songs that you want to play. Another idea I have is to have a feature that allows you to recommend songs to be added to the game. 😁.Version: 8.012.003

Please fix this1. Adds So a lot in the reviews are saying there a lot of adds but I didn’t actually minded there were few adds popped when I first time started this app (I’m sorry about my grammar) Anyway as time as by adds were keep popping like popping up in choosing an song or make a mistake or after when you finish like I get it you have to pay but like still people who aren’t VIP still needs something free right? There is only 2 songs available who you don’t need adds but still there should few more. 2. Few bugs I know this is inspired by many comments but there are few bugs that please fix. Sometimes I can’t hear it at all so I have to close the app and open it again it’s happening every song after. Sometimes it goes higher sometimes it goes low and most of the time I can’t hear anything at all so please fix this. There also another big issue that is not related to the comments. When I play the game when I was in the middle of the game I was up to the crowns part well the screen actually froze for 5 seconds and then I lost. Sometimes the tiles don’t work properly i have to press them twice that I have an higher chance an loosing the game..Version: 8.041.004

Why I gave this game a 5/5 ✨💛Is because it helps me with my anxiety and anger issues I don’t know why but just whenever I start playing this game I feel like I’m safe this may sound weird and all but I do I really do and it’s only with this game so you whenever I’m worried or scared or I just want to Hurt someone I play this game because it helps❤️ I would be on the game for hours and hours and think I’m safe 🤍 Love the game so much 🖤.Version: 7.066.004

Great gameI love all of the music and the way it goes faster each time the song ends. I also love the game because you can collect presents whilst you are playing. There are so many different songs you can do and it is so easy to level up. It is so so so so so so fun and that’s the best thing about it. It is very relaxing and helps you calm down. Some times it gets tricky but it is ok because it is actually easy so it just needs a bit of practice.I recommend downloading this game..Version: 7.047.002

Feedback!Hey guys so what would be awesome what you could add on e words of the song so you know the white writing on the bottom like how it says here’s a example *someone you loved * bye Lewis caplidi or whatever he’s last name is anyway so like it says who it’s made from and the song name when the song starts you could put the song words in and make it another colour when it says the word cause I do love to sing along here’s a example *im going under in this time I fear there’s no one to save me * i think that would be great to add in! And you can maybe add in the real person singing bye!!.Version: 7.081.101

Fun but not the bestMagic tiles three is really fun and addictive but it is kind of a scheme, you have to watch loads of ads including whenever you miss a tile, after you complete the level and sometimes for no reason at all. The same ads play over and over again and it felt like it took days before this one ad ended. 😫😒 The game also has a subscription which means no ads and better songs but it is very expensive and overpriced being $8.00 a week. For what you get out of the subscription it is really not worth it. If you are a person who loves ads I highly suggest you get this app..Version: 7.047.002

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
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Music, Casual, Music
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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game 8.085.004 Update

Version 8.085.004 (2021-08-31): - Optimize performance and fix bugs..

Version 8.081.101 (2021-08-13): - Songs leaderboard now displays the top 100. - Improve game performance and fix bugs..

Version 8.073.008 (2021-08-03): - Optimize game performance and fix bugs..

Version 8.063.010 (2021-07-16): - Add scrollbar for song lists - Optimize game performance and fix bugs.

Version 8.061.011 (2021-07-06): - Introducing new feature: Background change by song's mood - Optimizing game performances.

Version 8.057.016 (2021-06-21): - Improve game performance and fix bugs.

Version 8.055.003 (2021-06-09): - Game optimization and bug fixes..

Version 8.053.204 (2021-05-27): - Optimize game performance and fix bugs.

Version 8.053.004 (2021-05-16): - Optimize game performance and fix bugs.

Version 8.051.004 (2021-05-09): - Improve the sensitivity of tapping tiles in-game. - Improve performance and fix bugs..

Version 8.045.102 (2021-04-27): - Optimize game performances.

Version 8.043.005 (2021-04-14): - Game optimizing and bug fixes..

Version 8.041.004 (2021-04-04): - Game optimizations and bugs fixed..

Version 8.033.007 (2021-03-25): - Game optimizations and bug fixes..

Version 8.031.005 (2021-03-14): - Hot song HOW YOU LIKE THAT is now available!!! - Game optimization and bug fixes.

Version 8.021.006 (2021-03-03): - Optimize game performance.

Version 8.012.003 (2021-02-09): - Game optimization and bug fixes.

Version 7.129.004 (2021-01-13): - Song Discovery system coming soon - Game optimization and bugs fixing.

Version 7.127.007 (2021-01-05): - New Song Discovery system coming soon - Game optimizations and bugs fixing.

Version 7.125.202 (2020-12-23): - New HOT X-MAS SONG released: Mistletoe. - Game optimization and fix bugs. Christmas time is here. We hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you..

Version 7.125.103 (2020-12-10): - New HOT SONG coming soon: Last Christmas. - Game optimization and fix bugs..

Version 7.123.010 (2020-11-26): - New HOT SONG coming soon: Last Christmas! - Game optimization and fix bugs..

Version 7.111.006 (2020-11-04): - New HOT songs coming soon: Say So. - Game optimization and fix bugs..

Version 7.091.101 (2020-10-19): - Add more 20 songs EDM. - Game optimization and fix bugs..

Version 7.083.007 (2020-09-26): - New HOT SONG coming soon: Sad! - Fix minor bugs..