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Sezzy Timer App Download

The Sezzy Timer app not only shows you visually on the screen where you're up to in your workout, but it also provides auditory cues, through your headphones or phone to tell you what’s coming up next. In your longer intervals and workouts, it will also give you half way cues and countdown until you get a rest!

Timer Selections:

1. Sweaty Shredder

2. Toning Power

3. Circuit

4. 10 minute Blaster


6. Custom Timer

All Timers Include:

- Visual cues including rest, sets, circuit, exercises, supersets or rounds (depending what kind of workout you’re doing)

- Auditory cues allowing you to step away from your phone and complete the workout purely through listening. Sezzy Timer specifies what round, exercise, set or rest period you’re up to. It will also help count you down until your next movement

- Works in the background of your phone allowing you to listen to music and smash through your workout, while hearing cues from the timer app

- Custom option to create your own personalised workout

- Pause, and play option

- Display of what is coming up next in your workout to better prepare your body.

The Sezzy Timer app is simple, quick and easy to use and requires little to no preparation. Setting up timers and organising rounds, exercises and sets can often be confusing and tricky, so I’m here to take the stress out of your workout. Follow my cues and you’re on your way to a successful, sweaty, soul fulfilling workout!

Sezzy Timer App User Reviews & Comments

Music streaming issueIs there a way to allow you to still play your music will the workout goes on? It shuts it off and I can’t find a settings within the app. Further you have to shut down the app to get back to the home screen..Version: 1.0

Have to Keep the App OpenI absolutely love Sarah’s workouts and was happy that she started working on another app for her eBook. The app works well but I don’t like that you have to leave the application open on your phone other wise the timer stops. I also can’t listen to music while I use the app. I wish there were a way to do both..Version: 1.0

Music issues, background modeI loved the previous version more, yes I couldn’t block the screen since the timer wouldn’t keep working, but at least I could listen to the music and every time Sarah was saying something my music volume would turn down a little bit and then it would go back to normal! Now I can listen to the music as a background, but it doesn’t turn the volume down, so I barely can hear Sarah and also when I workout with a blocked screen, the timer goes for 40 seconds in Sweaty Shredder instead of 30! I checked.. so disappointed, we waited for so long, payed for the app again and yet still got so many bugs with it...Version: 1.0

Having troubleI love the idea of this app, mainly because I like timing my exercises and my breaks and have something to remind me it’s time to go and how much time is left. However, for some reason, the timer keeps stopping in the middle of my exercises. So if it is a 30s round, it stops at 20s and I have to come back to the app to make it keep going. It is not a major issue, but I wish I didnt have to worry about it because I have to break my momentum to check what is going on..Version: 1.1

DisappointedThis app is just a timer so if you purchase Sarah’s ebook you have to go back and forth from the ebook to the timer to see what exercise is next. Thought the app would tell you what exercise is next to make it more convenient..Version: 2.0.0

Love it!I saw a few people write about the lack of the back button- all you have to do is swipe from the left to the right of your screen! I’ve been waiting for this app forever and it definitely makes doing the workouts so much easier!!.Version: 1.0

Good but room to growVery cute, very helpful, and it makes doing Sezzy’s circuits seamless.. but needs a few minor improvements. When playing music, the music doesn’t dim while Sezzy talks, which makes it really hard to hear her voice. Additionally, on the custom timer, it’d be great if we could label each exercise with the exercise name (e.g., “jump squats”) so we could easily see which specific exercise is coming next. I hope this feedback is helpful for future updates!.Version: 1.1

Bugs :(I love the concept of this app and feel that you can’t do the e-book without it (unless you invest in some other timer app and set up everything yourself which seems like a big hassle)... but the app totally has bugs. It will legit skip the longer in between resets in sweaty shredders sometimes and there is no option to go back a round etc if it messes up. Needs some more developing, but I’m sure it’s going to be awesome when it’s fixed. Really need both this and the e-book together to get the most out of your workout. Hoping for an update soon! :).Version: 1.1

Love Sarah but COME ONPlease update this timer. We’ve bought it twice, and it’s buggier than ever. Randomly stops, doesn’t work with music on, and no way to skip or go back between sets. So frustrating to be sweating through a circuit only to find out...oh, my timer just stopped for no reason. If anyone would know how important a timer is for interval training is, it would be sezzy! Please update this!.Version: 1.1

Apple watch app please!!!I love love love this app. it makes working out so easy & i love how you can create your own workout structure as well as use her pre-set ones. also love how the screen doesn’t go black when using. please make an apple watch app!!!!!! would love to workout without my phone!!!.Version: 2.0.0

Sarah’s voice cuts offI love the idea of hearing sarah’s voice reminding me which exercise i’m on, counting down, announcing break, etc, but for me her voice gets cut off every time ☹️.Version: 2.0.0

Audio cutting outLove the timer but toning power audio is cutting out. It chops off the end of Sezzy speaking..Version: 2.0.0

BEST WORKOUT TIMERThis app is usually paired with Sarah’s Day Ebooks. But, it works great as a regular timer if you want to make up your own workouts as well. It has a few choices for timer, that match her Ebook as well as a custom feature which is perfect if you want to design your own workouts for time to time. Also, very simple and espy to use. No, adds or In App Purchases which is super nice. Also, who doesn’t love Sarah, so props to you!!.Version: 1.1

Great concept, too many glitches.The time isn't a proper 30 seconds, it's like a standard 40.. not a biggie but the timer will randomly stop going during the workouts. In the middle of a hard set of sweaty shredder, and the timer stops and there's no way to get back to where I was. Way to kill a workout (not in a good way 😂) love sarah + the concept of this app, but too many glitches and no option to get back to where you left off :(.Version: 1.1

Timer restarts when you go back to the main pageLove the timer but it’s frustrating when you accidentally swipe back to the main page during your workout and try to come back to your workout timer and it has completely reset! Would love it if it gave you an option to skip ahead to where you previously were in your workout!.Version: 1.1

Love - but time is offI love the look of this timer and the simplicity of it. It goes so well with her ebooks and I like that I don’t have to worry about it. The time is definitely off though, but seems random! Even within a workout, one minute will be right on and the next will be 5ish seconds longer. I don’t mind terribly because hey...I’m working out for a little bit longer and that’s not so bad! But it’s a bit frustrating because I can’t time out my entire workout as well, especially if I’m in a rush!.Version: 1.1

Good...when it worksGreat when it’s actually working, but tends to freeze or close out at random in the middle of a workout and there doesn’t really seem to be any bug updates or improvements ever..Version: 1.1

No back button?!Love the new look of the app, and that it includes an AMRAP timer but there’s no back button! If I change my mind about a workout, I have to close out of the entire app to choose a different one. This app NEEDS a back button..Version: 1.0

This is a good timer...but one included feature could make it greatI love this timer and have used to for 2+ years alongside Sarah’s workout guides. I love it but even with the newest update, sometimes it exits out of the timer on its own and is super frustrating to start all over and either ditch the timer all together or have to wait through all the previous sets. It would be so helpful if there was a skip button that took you to the next set if the timer times out! Other than that this app is great!.Version: 2.0.0

Works!!The most recent update seems to fix all bugs that were contributing to inaccurate timing and music issues. I love that I can use multiple apps simultaneously (e.g. Spotify and the Sezzy timer) with no interference to the timer. This app is the perfect accompaniment to Sarah’s ebooks and your own workouts. Highly recommend..Version: 2.0.0

Worth it!Makes my workouts so much better. Definitely worth the money for me. I don’t have to think about starting and stopping my timer and hearing Sarah’s voice is a plus!.Version: 1.1

Update GlitchesAfter I got the update, the app has been having all kinds of glitches . The most common glitch I have been noticing is that it just skips breaks and jumps to different parts of the timer..Version: 2.0.0

Love it!Not only is the app aesthetically pleasing, which makes working out that much better, but it is so easy to use! I don’t have to worry about the timer while working out, which allows me to get into the workout that much more. Such a great app!.Version: 1.1

It’s a bit glitchy but ascetically pleasingHere’s some things i would add/fix: -timer glitch when u exit app -if u accidentally exit workout it shouldn’t start over -you can have the ability to skip over a set and do 6 sets instead of 7 maybe in case it did glitch and u have to start back at square one It looks good and is a great idea though!.Version: 1.1

Really not the bestReally confusing to set up a custom timer. doesn’t ever explain what each preset timer means or how long the workout is. which when just quick glancing to do your own workout you really want to know not well designed. voice is intolerable and doesn’t make any sense half the time.Version: 2.0.0

Issues with clicking outIf you accidentally click out of the timer mid-workout, you have to start the timer from the beginning no matter how far you got into the workout. Would be helpful to have an option for skipping through exercises (i.e. if you’re on exercise 4, and you accidentally click out while switching music, you have to go back to exercise 1 in the timer without the option to skip back up to exercise 4).Version: 1.1

Love Sezzy her Ebook but the timer doesn’t work rightI bought the ebook and am on my second round through and the timer still hasn’t been fixed. The sweaty shedder is not working for the 7th exercise..Version: 2.0.0

SWIPE PAGE TO GO BACKLove the app!! For everyone complaining about no back button, you simply swipe the page to go back..Version: 1.0

It’s good but could be betterWorth it to buy it for easier ebook exercises. Would appreciate if it could function with the flipping screen function. When I turn my iPad on the stand the timer remains vertical instead of flipping horizontal. That’s my only complaint so far!.Version: 2.0.0

There’s no back button?First thing I notice about this app is once you go into an exercise there’s no way to get out unless you quit the app. Seems a little odd there’s no way to go back to the main menu from the exercise..Version: 1.0

Timer sporadically stopsThe app is essentially a glorified timer, so would expect it to not stop sporadically when in use....Version: 1.1

No way to skip when accidentally hit backIn the middle of a workout I accidentally hit the back button and it took me back to the app home screen and I had to restart my timer and wait for the round and superset I was on. Really aggravating!!!.Version: 1.1

Timing is off/stops timing randomlyCan’t believe I paid for this. What a ripoff with the free timers out their. Updating my review because it’s so disappointing they haven’t updated it or responded to any of our issues at all. I love the idea of the app, particularly the custom timer but the time is off. For 30 seconds comes out 35 or 36 seconds. The longer the time the more off it is. Also it just randomly stops timing and I’m not sure what the pattern of when/why? These honestly seem like relatively simple fixes so I hope this can get fixed and it’s a great app..Version: 1.1

Timer viewI’ve reloaded this timer twice onto my IPhone. While it works well, only half of the numbers show up on the count down timer. Seems like a glitch of some sort..Version: 1.1

It doesn’t line up rightIt was working fine, then all of a sudden, it doesn’t tell me the 3 second warning until the next round of workouts happen. Tbh... I don’t think these glitches should be happening for an app that was actually purchased with money... just my opinion. Love Sarah and everything she stands for but app issues have been occurring for a while now and I wish it didn’t bug out like this!!.Version: 2.0.0

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I want to love itI love the idea of this app and it looks and sounds great. So convenient and just like having a personal trainer in my headphones. My biggest issue is it crashes mid workout and I can’t fast forward the workout to where I was. The timer also doesn’t work correctly when the phone locks sometimes. I’ll be doing a 30 second workout for almost a minute before I realise what’s happened! Please please fix the bugs because it’s awesome otherwise!.Version: 1.1

Total timeI really like this app and have had no issues but it would be good if the total workout time was listed especially for the custom timer. Also having more rest/workout time increments would be helpful..Version: 2.0.0

Very glitchyLove the design and the work outs, but the app constantly glitches and closes. Makes it hard to work out when you have to keep restarting. You also can’t go forward/backwards through sets when it crashes. If this was fixed it would be amazing!.Version: 1.1

Nice timerLong wait for this timer, its very handy for the program. Only thing is if you press the wrong work out option or want to re-start Sweaty Shredder say? there is no way to stop it and go back to the home screen, literally have to sit and wait the whole thing out....Version: 1.0

Love this app sezzy!! just some potential upgrade ideasI absolutely love the design of the entire app, it’s so stunning. just some ideas for the custom timer, i would love the ability to save custom timer settings for better ease of use. big love 💞.Version: 2.0.0

THANKYOU SEZZYSo easy to use, and SOOOO worth the small amount I paid for it. Love the part where you can customise your own timer!.Version: 1.1

Should be freeI probably should have read the finer details, but for a paid app I thought I was getting actual exercises to do, but all this is is a timer with Sarah saying 3, 2, 1 go. Is that worth $3?? So you will still need to create your own workout. Not really what I was after..Version: 1.0

LOVE THIS!I was trialing lots of different free timer apps before purchasing this one. I follow Sarah on Instagram so I thought I’d give it a go and wow! $3 is TOTALLY worth it!!! It so easy to use and makes working out so much easier with Sezzy counting down. I AM IN LOVE! I would 100% recommend works sooooo well and is cheap and easy to work! (I also love the pink colour 😂).Version: 2.0.0

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!😁😁😁This app is so incredibly amazing! I have always wanted to time and create my own workouts! This app is the best!! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to up there fitness Routine!!!!!.Version: 2.0.0

Great for timers but no watch abilityGreat for the ebooks. Would be better if could be used from the Apple Watch.Version: 1.1

Love it but some technical issuesI think this app is so useful for Sarah’s workouts because they are time-based. However, I have having some issues when I escape from the app or switch off my phone while using the app. It then doesn’t continue the timing properly. Is there a way to avoid this or do I just need to make sure I am always opening the app?.Version: 1.1

11/10 would recommendI use this with the Sweat it to Shred it eBook and it is perfect!! Would also be ideal for a variety of other work outs. A versatile app that is easy to use. Wish I discovered this sooner 😝.Version: 1.1

Amazing!Such a good app!! Makes it so much easier completing the workouts and has re-motivated me :) For the reviews saying this is a pointless app and that you thought it would have exercises.... it is a timer for her ebook. It can be used for custom workouts, but it’s specially set up to go with her ebook workouts! And for the people saying it doesn’t let you play music, you just have to swipe up to the control centre and press play, there’s seriously nothing wrong with it! And if you click the wrong one, just shut down the app (double click home button and swipe the app up) and then when you open it again it’s back on the home page..Version: 1.0

Sezzy timeI love this app! It’s really helpful to use with the e-book but it also is great for doing my own thing. This app actually made me follow through with exercises instead of giving up early and not pushing myself.Version: 1.1

Great easy to use app!I’ve just noticed that it can crash sometimes.Version: 1.1

Improvements?I understand that the app needed to update especially because of the new ebook. But I just feel the app just had a facelift on how it looked. I have my ebook and app on my phone (one device) which I’m not sure it continues counting when you go back and forth. Also, as soon as I open up the app, my music stops playing. Can’t have both which I thought was something that would of improved from the last..Version: 1.0

Great for the eBook workoutsI like the fact that this app doesn’t dim Spotify when an announcement is made (like other timer apps). It would be great if rounds could be skipped (like the countdown at the start), but otherwise great tool. Thanks 😊.Version: 1.1

MisleadingDefinitely read the fine prints before buying. The pictures make you think you will be getting simple exercices to do but all it is really is a pretty looking timer. Really wish I could get my money back even though it was only 3 bucks I feel like it was a ripoff..Version: 1.0

LOVELove this Sezzy! Been watching your YouTube for a while and when I finally got this app to go with your Ebook and I LOVE IT! It makes my workouts so much easier to complete! Awesome!!.Version: 1.1

Easy to useThe app is good, I really like having all the timings set out for each workout and it’s very easy to use. However it does glitch when you have it running in the background and often the rounds go for way longer than they’re supposed to until you reopen the app. This is not good for those of us who can’t wait for the round to be over! Otherwise I’m glad I purchased this app!.Version: 1.1

Why?!Why am I paying for this again??? I already paid for the first one????.Version: 1.0

Pretty app but crashesIt’s pretty, and I like that the timer continues when you leave the app, but its crashed literally 3 times whilst I’ve tried to complete one circuit. Pretty distracting and demotivating, especially after I’ve paid for this app, and I paid for the original app..Version: 1.1

Love itGreat app, really easy to use!.Version: 1.0

It’s good, but needs improvementI love Sarah and her workouts. Don’t get me wrong - this app is super convenient, but I have a love hate relationship with it. Since I have the ebook on my phone too, if I switch from the timer app to the ebooks (to see what exercise/what’s next) the timer pauses until I go back to the timer app. I didn’t realise until I was doing exercises for way longer than I was meant too. I also like to switch songs on my phone, which meant I had to exit the timer app. I can play music in the background but every time I leave the timer app it pauses. I noticed in Sarah’s Live on Instagram she was having similar problems. It’s a great concept, but it needs improvement..Version: 1.1

Glitchy afStops/cuts out occasionally if you exit out of the app (ie. to look at the ebook on your phone) so if it feels like your 30seconds is going for a minute, it probably is (and yes, timed it against another timer to check).Version: 1.1

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Sezzy Timer 2.0.0 Update

Version 2.0.0 (2020-05-15): - Support for iOS 13 - Increased timer accuracy over long periods of time - Fixed background timer related issues.