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1) choose a lens game
2) friends answer right on your story
3) get responses on sendit


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Has some consIts fun and usually works really great but lately it’s been super slow and very weird every time I try and press the button to open into Snapchat it doesn’t work it gets really frustrating because it used to work so good and then out of the blue it doesn’t open up into snap. also what is up with the app asking all these personal questions it’s creepy and I honestly think that feature needs to be taken down it ruins the whole app because I know my friends wouldn’t ask questions like that and I thought the whole purpose of this app was for your FRIENDS to ask questions not the app really does ruin it..Version: 8.4

Love itIt’s so far my favorite thing to use for snapchat. i get to know how people feel and i get to play truth or dare or never have i ever and i am getting to know so many people and making more friends very time i use it. HIGHLY recommend.Version: 3.1

The App Is sending questions!So I’ve had this for about a day now and me and a few other people are getting the exact same questions like “worse thing you did as a child” or “the craziest pickup line you ever used?” Which none of my friends sent. My friends were also getting the EXACT SAME MESSAGES. So basically, every now and then, the app sends you its own message. Not cool bro, not cool at all….Version: 14.9

Great! but...Hi! I actually started using this app because other related apps weren’t working. or were running slow. but what I really feel like should be done is a ban on bullying. nothing negative has ever happened to me using this app, but I’ve been seeing friends or friends of friends get hated on for stupid reasons. sometimes, for NO reason at all. I really like how Sendit allows you to block a user. but I feel like the app should automatically detect negative words, & block the user immediately. you guys should also not even let the negative texts come through to the user — just auto-block them for the user, & then not even let the user see the message..Version: 6.4

It won’t let me send stuff to my friendsI like the app just one issue I’ve had for like the past two weeks is that it won’t let me send stuff to my friends and it’s really annoying. If anyone from sendit is seeing this please fix this. Other than that good app..Version: 8.6

GreatI don’t really have any problems with this site and it’s pretty fun. But the only problem is on some of the things like assumptions or the other categories it tells you to swipe up to get to it but if you swipe up it actually doesn’t work so a lot of people get confused and can’t do it. But as long as you find the other button on there then it’s great and fun..Version: 8.6

SenditThis is literally the best app I’ve used that’s linked to Snapchat it’s amazing and I like the effects of it it’s amazing and pretty simple to use the other ones are so complicated this is soo easy and flexible and amazing 🙏💙.Version: 6.3

5 star reviewThis is a really fun app that gets your friends to get to know u better and it’s so fun to get random questiosn form people and to answer it no the app works really well I like how you can play games too it’s very cool for people to learn about me and for me to learn about people.Version: 8.6

BorderI’m kinda just doing this for the border but if you want genuine feedback I’d rate this a 3.5 ish cause it’s good and all but sometimes I get notifications saying I’ve gotten message and it doesn’t appear in my inbox so idk if I’m getting messages and it’s not loading in or something or if it’s just random notifications saying I’ve gotten a message but really it’s nothing..Version: 3.1

MoveItTo frequently when I want to check the inbox, the app leaves me stuck on a page with button labeled “let’s go” at the bottom. When I click the button, it sends me to snapchat, and back to the same page with the same button. It would be nice if the developers can fix this..Version: 3.1

How fun this app is!!I love this app!! It’s so fun to ask your friends to ask you anything. Or it’s really fun to play games with your friends and it’s fun to try to figure out who sent you the things. Also if you’re bored it’s helps because it’s fun. This app is so fun and I recommend getting this app..Version: 14.8.1

Some bugs?I’ve always used this app for anonymous messages! it’s my favorite! but lately i get 3 notifications for one message. and it’ll say i haven’t replied to it but i’ve already posted it. and one more thing it that not all messages are going through, i know because i had my friend send a message and i never got it. other than those few problems the app is great! i love how you can change the background, and the font! all i ask is maybe try to fix these little things, thank you!.Version: 5.2

One thingThis is one of my favorite apps to use it’s just that sometimes it glitches out when I click on a reply it just doesn’t show up, otherwise very good!!.Version: 8.3

It is wonderful!One of the best anonymous sites out there! I love it, and obviously many other people do too since I see people on my snapchat using it everyday. I love it and I couldn’t say or ask for anything different. <3.Version: 3.4

Love It!I’ve used many anonymous apps, but this has been by far my favorite! Unlike competing anonymous apps, sendit gives you so much variety in your messaging and is very user friendly! I love how the creators have a separate snapchat account just for feedback on the app. It shows how dedicated they are to the app and really lets the app reach its full potential! I’ve never gotten bored of sendit and I love the app! 10/10 recommend when you’re looking for an app for snapchat..Version: 3.1

It Filters Without ConsentI liked this app but the app filters which responders it wants to send you. I found this out by writing myself a bunch of times and it only allowed certain ones to be seen. That’s not ok. I want everyone to have equal opportunity to say whatever they want anonymously and then I’ll decide myself if I want to share it with my feed or not. 🙄😑.Version: 14.9

Q&A but off topic QsI was doing a workout Q&A but I had posted it in the middle of the night so no one was really awake. I kept getting these really random off topic questions even though I made it clear that it was only for fitness questions only. Even after the snap where you could send a message went away I still got questions. That’s when I realized the app was sending me not just 1 but multiple weird questions..Version: 14.9

Love this appThis app is great. I am 100% recommend you download it best 30 minutes but as my life OK bye now thank you for hearing my story also I was forced to do this review so please save me please cause I didn’t do it then I wouldn’t be able to see the freaking thing so 100% don’t recommend you download it worse best 30 minutes spent of my life.Version: 8.6

Sendit appI wanna download sendit but everytime i open the app store and search up “sendit” it comes up but instead of it saying “install” it says “open” but the app isn’t on my homescreen. and so i tried deleting the app from settings so i can try downloading it again so it can say install instead of open but it doesn’t even show on settings! it doesn’t show that i have this app installed on my phone. please try fixing it asap it’s been like this for weeks now ;( thanks.Version: 6.3

DisappointedSendit randomly stopped working on my phone. Whenever I press “play” to view a responce, it will not open the prompt, leaving me unknowing of what was said. Wish you guys could fix this. If you did fix it, it would be a 5 star..Version: 7.0

Sendit rateSendit is a very cool app. You can ask questions or put games on your Snapchat story and then ppl click this thing that answers your question. I think this app is one of the best in my opinion, I recommend it for you. It won’t tell you the person who sent it, but when you post it back on your story with the answer, they will see there question or someone else’s and then they can see what you answered..Version: 8.6

SenditThis is Better than YOLO if you don’t know what YOLO is your missing out big time I mean like big time if you don’t know download both apps it’s a lot of fun but if you been around and know what I mean then I think you would agree with me. 😀.Version: 3.1

Not working!I personally love these kind of apps, but every time I try to take a picture of it to post it on my story it makes my camera go black making me not able to post it! I have had problems with my camera, but I have the app YOLO and it works fine. If you didn’t know YOLO is an app that Snapchat made that is just like Sendit. YOLO even fixes my camera when stuff like Sendit glitches it. I’m sure it will work for others but I’m very disappointed about this..Version: 3.5

It sends things on its own.I downloaded this app because my friend told me that it would be a fun little thing we could do. I post one, “ask me questions”, and I wait a bit. I start getting them. There’s one that’s obviously from my friend, since, it’s an inside joke of ours… but the rest of them are weird. Questions like, “have you ever cheated” , “craziest pickup line you’ve ever used?” , “favorite part about your body?” Which is something my friends would never ask. My friend starts getting these questions too.. and things like “ur cute” “are you taken” etc. These are being sent FROM THE APP. Not by your actual friends. It’s creepy. Don’t download it if you wanted it to actually have your friends ask you questions..Version: 14.9

I have a questionOk i love this app like it works really good unlike others. and i like how it won’t let someone put certain words or a lot of hate comments in a thing. it’s very user friendly really. but i do wanna know one thing. if i pay for the app and use the hint/reveal button what does it tell me exactly? like does it tell me who sent it or what? because there was one comment i got that was kind of unsettling and i would just like to know who it was. i know it’s anonymous and all but this one was just very inappropriate, and i wanna know if there is any way to figure out who sent it?.Version: 14.9

Best app everThis app as really changed my life and can change other kids like me to so I really thank you all for making this app so ur friends can really give you all the best info about what they think about you so thank you again for making this app! 🥳.Version: 8.5

BitmojiIt’s a great app!! I really do love it. But I won’t let me update my bitmoji to what it currently looks like. I’ve tried logging out and then back it and it kinda worked? But when I post my sendit’s on my story it goes right back to my old bitmoji. If it’s not to much trouble please could you possibly add an ‘update bitmoji’ option? Thanks so much 💖.Version: 6.4

My honest OpinionLike many other anonymous apps people give their honest opinion whilst hiding behind a screen , but i love this app bc it helps me find out people’s honest opinion on me and other things. Also i like the background and color options they give you. My favorite is the one with the XXXTENTATION album look to it. Thank you so much for making an app like this! XOXO, L.o.N.d.Y.n🥶💗🆑.Version: 4.3

Dont be LazyIf you are complaining on here that you dont like anonymous features of the chat and its easy to get bullied, guess what, DONT use the app then. No one is forcing you to use the app, no one is forcing you to not monitor you child. While its terrible that bullying can lead to horrible outcomes including suicide, it does not mean that we need to continue to give up privacy. Manage yourself or your children, we dont need companies to manage them for us. If you do not have the skills to do so, take a free class at Apple they will teach you the tech. The slippery slope has already started to be engaged, we in the USA need to lead in stoping this. If we stay on this path, which starts will minor censorship and giving up privacy and freedoms in trade for fake safety, we will end up down a path we cannot get back from. Dont let your emotions temporarily allow you to give up something you cant get back. All the things we continue to give up, will one day be in the control of someone thats radical and then it will come for everyone all in the name of claiming your tribe is right. Embrace the other tribes rights to speak, even if you dont like what they are saying. Challenge them and what they are saying, with better speech, dont ask for them to be censored..Version: 14.9

Five starI had a fun app called yolo that would allow people to ask me anything they want and to communicate with people on Snapchat. But then they started changing money to use it and I want one for free. I found this app “SENDIT” and it made it so I could do the same things but not get charged money. If I were u I would at least give it a try. I bet u will love it just like me..Version: 14.9

Good but there is one problemThis app is really good but recently I can’t send messages to people because when I tap the sendit button no mater how far away I am to the make your own button it still takes me to the App Store this only is happening to me I think it’s because of the size of the screen because I have an iPhone 7 but on my friends phone it works for me. This has been going on for over a week please fix this it used to work normally.Version: 5.8

People are meanI honestly don’t like the whole “anonymous” thing. It makes it so much easier to get mean and hurtful messages. Because people can hide behind a screen. I’ve gotten asked VERY rude questions about my sexuality and offensive and hurtful messages and I don’t know who is sending them. Please make this app tell you who sends the messages..Version: 6.9

Great App!!I was using other anonymous messaging apps for a while on snap, but this is by far the best out of all of them. It has creative prompts, fun backgrounds, and a nice variety of fonts. Plus, the creator is really all about making it the most enjoyable experience possible. It seems that they’re always open to feedback and ideas for prompts and backgrounds. I can honestly say that it’s a great app!!.Version: 5.9

CrashingI just downloaded this today, my first time launching the app and it crashes repeatedly. I’ve continuously launched the app and everytime it loads to ask me if I want notifications, it crashes..Version: 8.6

Very weird experience, read this. ⚠️When I first downloaded this app it was working fine like it was supposed to, but over time when I would post sendits on my story Weird messages will come up, so one day I decided to get to the bottom of who it was I added three people to a private story who are my closest friends and a girl who I thought was sending the messages and I made my friends swipe up on it and say stuff to make it look legit because I was trying to catch her saying weird stuff because I thought it was her so then I got a message and it was a weird one, and only my closest friends seen the story at the time so i knew it wasnt them, but only 4 people were in the story and the girl i thought it was hasnt even looked yet - i bought the $9.99 subscription to see who was sending the messages and i definitely knew it wasnt my friends because thwir messages came back to the city they lived in while the others were from another, i looked back at all the weird messages and they came back to the same city but i don’t know anyone from there..Version: 14.9

DISSAPOINTEDI am INFURIATED🤬 I downloaded this app when thy famous yolo app was sadly taken down due to a very very traumatic thing that impacted many’s lives.😢 But months after downloading this app I’ve been getting a lot of messages that are the same and I see lots of other people receive🧐😱😱…..FOR ME TO REALIZE THAT A LOT OF THE MESSAGES YOU GET ARE.. ᖴᗩKᗴ…🤠🤠 EXCUSE ME? I am honestly, honestly just dissatisfied and 😞 . You make me look even more like a loser than I already am and it honestly really takes down the self confidence and I’m over this app.😒 AND THE QUESTIONS WERENT EVEN GOOD QUESTIONS EITHER🙄 #onestar #dobetter #speakinfromtheheartbeeefletcher.Version: 14.9

Amazing appI love this you can send your friends what they think of you when you do something or say something I think this can make people see how your actions are and when you ask questions.Version: 5.3

New IdeaIt is very fun to receive and answer sendits, but it is very annoying for others seeing the posts. If there was a new feature that allowed someone to anonymously message you, and you could answer to just them, then this would solve this problem. I very much enjoyed using this app, so thank you..Version: 5.2

Missing one featureIt's great but I wish there was a way to reveal who someone was if they were harassing you. I understand it's anonymous but bullies should be held responsible to their actions. Maybe you could have a "bullying?" section where you could apply to reveal someone? The app has been great for me so far..Version: 3.9

Good appIt’s a good app and I’m trying to get backgrounds jury and I can do it lol I think it’s a hard thing to do lol I just don’t wanna hang up on you too lol I just got a new one from toy shop lol lol I’m so proud of you lol lol I’m glad I didn’t have a clue what you did with that your job lol I love ya gotta get ya wanna hang in the back lol I just woke you so much I.Version: 8.6

CreepyThis app is nice when real people ask you questions. you may be wondering what i am talking about. well, me and my friend downloaded this app and at first it was great, we were enjoying the app and having no problems. then we started getting questions that the people we have on snapchat wouldnt ask because they already know or they just dont care. my friend starts looking at the app reviews, why? i dont know. she found one that said this app was creepy because it was sending her fake, personal, questions. so when my friend tries to post the picture of the review on her snapchat story, its blanks out or kicks her off. she has even reset ger phone. beware if you use this app because you are giving it permission to everything on your snap..Version: 14.8.1

Great appJust like lipsi and yolo, but even better. You can customize your text, font, color, and border. Getting anonymous messages really shows how people perceive you & it’s good to have that in your mind all day. Anyway i’d recommend this app (and no i’m not a bot lmaoo).Version: 3.1

DebatableI do thoroughly enjoy this app, but there’s two major flaws with it: 1) it’ll alert you that you have a new message, but then won’t load it. 2) I’m about 96% sure there’s bots on this, as there’s been several times I’ve asked an edited question like “me and ___ should be a couple?” and gotten a new message asking something like “What kind of phone do you have” or “what did you have for breakfast” on a question that had NOTHING to do with either..Version: 8.5

Good app but…..This app is pretty okay except for the bots that ask random stuff that normal people would NEVER ask. please remove that feature because it’s extremely annoying..Version: 14.9

Eh,It’s a good app overall I just think they can work on something. My little brother has been waiting forever to do one of these for fun! but he can’t since he doesn’t have a phone number. Maybe try and let some stuff without a phone number then some stuff with phone numbers! thanks!.Version: 8.6

NotificationsI think there is a problem with the notifications. I’ll get more notifications than the messages shown in the app. Say for example someone sends 4 messages and I get the 4 notifications but when I open the app I only see one message..Version: 5.0

Awesome app!This app is a really nice and cool app. i love how it lets us play games and posts on snapchat. this app is absolutely one of my favorites! there is nothing i think they could change about this app. it is really cool and i 100% recommend!.Version: 8.5

Too many botsI always used Yolo before they started updating or whatever and I never got very many. After posting one using this app I realized I got a lot more. I noticed I got a lot of the same questions twice and worded exactly how the same questions on my friend’s post were. They definitely send you fake questions which makes this whole thing not worth it. I can’t wait for Yolo to start working again..Version: 8.3

I’m confusedOkay so i’ve had this app for a while and i’ve only used it once but only because when i try to open the app , it opens and none of the little icons show up. like i can’t change the font , i can’t change the background , nothing. the little word box doesn’t even show up. i’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again , but nothing works. i loved the app when i used it ONLY ONE TIME , but now i honestly kinda hate it..Version: 4.8

AightSo I love this app it’s great for entertainment. Although recently what been happening I got a certain # of notifications and then when I get into the app it only shows half that #. For example: I get 6 notifications and only 3 pop up when I get in the app. Plz fix this for me. Don’t wanna have to have hate towards this app.Version: 5.2

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SenditReally good besides hate🖤.Version: 5.2

YasIt’s cool and good for whe ur bored.Version: 14.8.1

OpinionsI love how it’s very fun to see your opinions and anonymously.Version: 14.9

Send itGood.Version: 8.6

TillyeeeeesIf you added a search bar frost to find ones we wanted then it would be five stars.Version: 14.9

Best appLiterally such a good app! Nothing wrong with it 11/10.Version: 8.6

CoolCool.Version: 14.9

Persons reviewCool app. It’s good you guys don’t tolerate bad behavior such as racism,sexism,homophobia and ect..Version: 8.6

MMuch poggers.Version: 8.5


GoodThis app is really good.Version: 14.8.1

NI love send it it’s just I’m not getting notifications from send it.Version: 14.9

Good appGood app.Version: 14.8.1

LidyyyyyyyyyGood good.Version: 14.9

Love itSo easy and perfect for me. Nothing bad other than you have to swap between apps but otherwise a five star review!.Version: 14.9

YoloGreat app but i miss yolo.Version: 14.9

Great appThis is a five because it’s not like yolo when u have to have the app to say stuff but this is a great app and I don’t see why u guys shouldn’t download it.Version: 5.1

Pretty goodI always wondered how my friends sent stuff on snap like asking questions but now I know and I’m gonna do it too :).Version: 14.9

R u seriousThe app will not open when I try to open it it will take me back to home screen within 3 seconds.Version: 8.6

SenditI like it it is very cool and good! 😊.Version: 8.6

SenditI love this app and think it is a good way for people on snap to make new friends and see there secret.Version: 14.9

CoolCool app ig.Version: 8.6

This is appallingI downloaded this app thinking it would be like yolo but no, whenever it takes me to Snapchat its way to big to even fit in the screen.Version: 8.3

Pretty goodWay better than yolo. All of the messages send through, there are more decoration options and better bug fixes.Version: 5.1

☀︎This app is quite fun to use actually, having people anonymously answer you questions or vote. Then you get to try and guess who wrote it, or just leave it and be happy with what they wrote! Issa good app..Version: 5.2

AMAZINGGet it now…!.Version: 14.9

It’s great, but..It’s great BUT it does have a a lot of bugs! it’s so annoying..Version: 14.9

Watch out!!!At first I thought it was a great app to find out honest messages from your friends but then I found a problem with the app. The problem was my one of my friends from Snapchat sent something rude so I blocked the person. But I went into my settings on Snapchat to find that I hadn’t blocked anyone. I don’t know if someone hacked the app but it seemed really weird. I recommend this app but be careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you.Version: 3.9

EpicEpic.Version: 14.9

SenditIt’s cool I like it.Version: 14.9

Help!I know that this may well be apple’s fault, but it says that the app is downloaded but when I search for it in App Library or settings it doesn’t come up and when I try to open it through the App Store nothing happens..Version: 14.9

Very good app but some bugsI’ve been using this for about a week and i think it’s great because YOLO got banned but when i type a custom message on the app and click ‘share’ it just takes me back to the home page off sendit. please fix.Version: 8.5

It was ehKinda good.Version: 8.3

SenditI give it five stars!! Great quality app with no issues other than if you go out of the app it deletes what you’ve written in the sendit box to put on your story but easy fix! Also gives you good opportunities to make new friends or others that you don’t talk to on snap! Overall a great app💙 :).Version: 8.6

GoodGood app.Version: 4.9

Pretty goodIts a quick and easy way to do slogans for snapchat i’m quite satisfied.Version: 14.9

Send itIt’s just a gray app to talk to people..Version: 14.9

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Version 8.0 (2021-02-16): sendit is now a lot faster and smoother.

Version 7.8 (2020-12-15): sendit is now a lot faster and smoother.

Version 7.0 (2020-09-12): sendit games are blowing up so we made them a little faster and smoother :).