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Skincare Routine App Download

Create a personalized routine for your skin care, beauty & makeup products, learn which order to use them and keep track of your usage.

The app comes pre-loaded with DECIEM (The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide & Fountain) products but you can add any skin treatments from any brand including Drunk Elephant, Pixi Beauty, Paula's Choice, The Inkey List and any of your favorite brands!

Note: The app price is a one-off payment and there are currently no subscriptions or recurring payments.

*** Key App Features ***


Add products to your routine. They will be automatically placed in your AM and/or PM routine as recommended.


You can add custom skincare products from other brands by selecting the option in the top-right menu in the Routine section or from the Custom tab in the Products section.


The products are listed in the recommended layering order, along with advice for when and how to use each product.


Each morning and evening, check each product off your list to keep track of which treatments you have used. This will allow the app to prevent any conflicts by showing you which products should be avoided.


Any time you notice your skin is looking particularly good or bad, you can make a note of it by pressing on the face icon next to the morning or evening routine. You can also add a comment to note down more details for your own record and add photos to track your progress.


You can add photos of your skin to your diary tracker and also add photos of custom products.


You can set up notifications to remind you about your daily skin regimen. You can also set timers for products which require a specific wait time. Both can be found in the Settings.

*** Advanced App Customization ***


If you don't wish to follow the recommended layering order, you can choose to re-order the products to fully customize your routine by selecting the option from the top right menu (with 3 dots) of the Routine section. You can also change the order of the layer steps, for instance DECIEM recommends oils before moisturizers but some users prefer the other way around.


When we recommend not using a product due to conflicts with other products or because you've reached the usage limit, you can choose to ignore the warning and use it anyway. You will then have the option to permanently ignore conflicts on that specific product.


You can choose specific days of the week for a product if you wish. For instance, you may wish to make it so that the "AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution" only appears in your routine on Tuesdays and Fridays.
You can also choose dates of the month, e.g. the 1st and 15th of every month.
Another useful option is to schedule products for every X days, so you could choose every 2 days to alternate.

*** Recommended for skin concerns... ***

• Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Achieve plump, healthy-looking hydrated skin.
• Acne-Prone Skin: Reduce inflammation to help support clear skin.
• Blemishes & Congestion: Reduce inflammation and brighten the skin.
• Sensitive Skin: Keep your skin moisturized with this gentle routine.
• Mature Skin & Wrinkles: Promote youthful skin and reduce the signs of aging.
• Pigmentation Problems: Gently exfoliate and brighten skin tone.
• Oily Skin: Rebalance your skin for a healthy, fresh look.

Please note, Skincare Routine (previously known as "Skincare Regimen Organizer") has no connection with DECIEM, The Ordinary or any other skincare brand.

Skincare Routine App User Reviews & Comments

Very helpful! But missing somethingI have a terrible memory and would have been using the Notes app to keep track of skincare stuff were it not for this helpful app! But I’d never be able to track it as conveniently in Notes as I can with this app! I love being able to attach photos to certain days and to monitor my skin concerns/progress. One thing I’d like is more flexibility with routine timing. Rather than having just an AM and a PM, I often do midday because of an 11am or 3pm workout. On 11am workout days, I do skincare-lite in the AM and then do my full routine after the workout. On 3pm workout days, I do my full routine in the morning, but do a light skincare after the workout (but not yet my nighttime routine). I’d love to be able to keep track of this!.Version: 5.1.1

Impossible to use because of how slow it isThis app is sooooooo incredibly slow. I saw other reviews about this and thought it was silly to criticize the app for such a minuscule detail, but BOY WAS I WRONG. I’m not expecting for things to move in lightning speed, but I feel like I’m back in the 1990’s with the way everything moves in this app: it swipes slowly, types slowly, loads slowly, and even the effects when you tap on items occur slowly. Btw, I have an iPhone X with most recently updated iOS. I was really excited to use this because it allows me to describe the products I’m using in DETAILS (like ingredients, description, pH, etc.), but I don’t dare input anything else other than product names because of how slow the app is. I gave up on this app after not even using it for a full hour. I fully regret purchasing $3 for this snorlax of an app..Version: 4.8.15

Good app that falls shortI’ve been using this app for about a week and it is pretty pretty good! It takes the guesswork out of how to order your routine, and I especially love that you can add your own products. That being said, a major flaw, but not a deal breaker is that there is not option for an ingredients list! It would be really great if you could add a full ingredients list—especially for those of us with sensitive skin or for people who are trying to struck what ingredients tend to give their skin trouble. I’m also having issues viewing photos from previous diary entries, which is a bummer. I’ve checked all my setting in the app as well as the settings on my phone in hopes of resolving it but no luck. Also, beware that when you hit “buy” on any of the Deciem products it takes you to an online store that doesn’t seem to have any deciem products in stock, which is a bit sketchy..Version: 4.0.13

The Ordinary demystified!I love The Ordinary products but not having to remember the order in which to use them, any conflicts between products, and what I used last night or two mornings ago! It’s all here plus I can make notes for future reference. This app has simplified my life and helped me to use my products in the right way. I don’t have to write notes on the little bottles anymore! You can personalize your routine and add any other brand’s products plus change the order of application or override conflicts if you need to do so. The app is fast and fun to use. Get it!.Version: 3.19

Love itI was very lost on starting a routine. I plugged in my problem areas, and it gave me a list of items to purchase from the ordinary. I ordered them, and it tells me when and how to use them. Keeps me from mixing items that shouldn’t be used together. Very straightforward and easy to use..Version: 5.4.23

Super helpfulI have just started improving my skincare routine and this app has been extremely helpful for me to keep track of which products I started when, as well as the order of application, etc. I also love that I can customize it by adding in products from other brands..Version: 4.5.12

Personal regimen appI am addicted to Deciem products, all ranges. I was looking for an app to help me keep track of my regimen. I came across this app in the Deciem forum as the other members raved about it. I downloaded it and noticed it didn’t have tho Niod range; I emailed the app dev and he immediately responded letting me know he would be adding Niod products in the next couple of days. A few days later the app dev went over and above and emailed me letting me know there was an upgrade. I went and downloaded the enhancements which includes the Niod range. The app is fantastic, it details my morning and evening routine perfectly and I see that in the upcoming elevates a Diary option will be available. How forward thinking. Great app and superb customer assistance!!!.Version: 3.8.14

Verrrry Slow!I’ve tried to use this app multiple times and I’ve even written to the developer about the lag-time within the app. I’m using the most updated version. The slowness renders the app almost impossible to use. This is unacceptable for an app that I’ve actually paid for. I have many free apps that run much faster without any noticeable lag. For example, I will check a box for an item in my skincare routine and it may take several seconds for the check mark to appear, if it ever does. If you click it again, the check mark will appear after several seconds only to disappear after flashing onto the screen momentarily. Also, I want to scroll down on my list of items to include more things in my routine and the scrolling may take 10 seconds just for the screen to budge. Any items other than DECIEM need to be entered manually. There’s no way to search and copy items that have been entered from other brands that another user has already entered. So that can take time if you have several things from other brands. Overall, it’s been a waste of time (and money) because I’ve spent time to enter many custom products and I can barely use the app to make a regimen..Version: 3.14.26

Game Changer!!As soon as I became more serious about my skincare, I also immediately got overwhelmed with all the different products and ingredients, and when what could be layered with what, and what should NEVER be layered with what. this took the guess work out of it, especially because Im such a fan of The Ordinary. entering other products require a little more tweaking to ensure the auto layering conflict rules work... I still haven’t got it quite right. BUT ONE SUGGESTION!! please allow some way for us to enter our alternate regimens and select them as a group... right now, I’m constantly toggling back and forth to my email for reference because I don’t have them all memorized. this feature would just push this app over the edge, IMO... i’ve already recommended this app to a handful of girlfriends! thank you!!.Version: 4.6.6

Great if you use Deciem productsIf you use Deciem products, this is great as it creates your regimen for you and lets you know which products conflict. You can add your other products and create a profile for them as well. I’d imagine if your routine isn’t Deciem products, it’s still a useful tool but perhaps not worth paying for.Version: 3.11.7

Awesome Detailed SkincareThis is a really great detailed app that allows you to customize, add and organize all of your skincare products and allows you to input detailed info from ingredients and target skin concerns to directions of use and routine conflict. It even shows warnings if there are ingredients that shouldn’t be used together in the same routine, which a skincare junkie like me finds very helpful. One thing I would ask from the developer is to add a “wait time BEFORE using product” rather than just a wait time after. For example, I use benzoyl peroxide, and must wait 30 min after last serum or moisturizer and skin must be completely dry before using BP. The problem is, I use different and multiple serums/moisturizers at night so I wouldn’t want to make note on every serum and/or moisturizer to wait 30 min before next product. Other than this, I think this app is wonderful and just what I was looking for to keep track of all of my skincare products and routine..Version: 6.4.1

Amazing app!This app is a great reminder, it tells you if you have conflicts when applying your steps. In my case I have scheduled weekly concentrated exfoliations, sometimes i forget if i’ve done it. It also moves the date to the next day if i forgot. I use alot of products and i like to change brands according to my skin status, for example i have more than one toner some got AHA’s some don’t, some are oil based some are not, i like to alternate between them and that helps when ur doing alot of chemical or physical exfoliating. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy is adding my products to create a custom list. I use different brands I don't stick with one line. In this app the only brand i found that i use is The Ordinary, in my case i also use other brands like Tatcha, Sunday Riley, fresh, Neutrogena, Eucerin, Lancer, and others. For these products i had to add each one of them to create a list with pics and information like product type, ingredients, descriptions, to allow the app configure if there are conflicts in your layering my steps. I hope the developer will add more brands..Version: 4.7.28

Almost greatSo I was looking for an app to track my skincare regimen, and I saw this popping up on the Ordinary Chatroom fb group, so I decided to download it. My only complaints (and I hope the developer reads these reviews, because one should be a simple fix) obviously it would be nice if it included other lines becomes Deciem, but the main thing that I’m really hoping for, is that you can add different sections for neck/chest, and body. Sometimes I use different things on my neck and chest and would love to track it..Version: 3.9.9

For the skincare junkies like meThis app is such a satisfying and organized way to lay out all of your products and keep track of usage. It lets me add all of my own products, organizes them in order of layering, has space for a skincare diary and progress photos as well as skin ratings. I’m super obsessed with this app. I use it every day..Version: 5.0.7

Great App - Create a HabitAfter a month of diligently recording my AM/PM skincare routine via this app, I can sincerely say I truly appreciate it and will continue to use. It takes a little getting used to, but extremely helpful when you use multiple products with varying frequencies. Thank you!.Version: 4.6.1

Awesome App to Organize Skincare ProductsI’m kind of a skincare junkie especially with quarantine and having more free time, and I was always unsure of whether or not I should use certain products together or avoid using others. With all the oils, acids, retinols, niacinamides, etc., it was starting to get really confusing. This app is so informative and easy to follow! It lets me choose my skincare products in order and warns me if a certain product I decide to use will interfere with others in my routine. I’m really happy I found this app..Version: 5.3.1

AMAZING!!I love this app with everything in my soul. I’m TERRIBLE at organizing and keep a routine and this app has made sure I use all my products correctly, safely, on time and regularly. I use mostly “The Ordinary” products and this app gives me everything I need in terms of product knowledge and routine placement. It is SO worth it. You can also add products outside of Deciem which allows for a more a comprehensive skin care calendar and schedule..Version: 5.1.1

Navigating The OrdinaryI finally jumped on the ordinary train, and knew I needed to do some research to be able to successfully navigate this no nonsense brand. I love that it only uses the scientific names and you get what you see. It has a very sterile and official look to it. This app helps you build a routine while taking out the guess work. I have loved The Ordinary, and I have loved this app which has kept me on track. My skin looks great, I have learned so much about acne, anti aging, and oily skin through the process. Very happy to have this app in my life✌🏼.Version: 4.8.15

It’s great but there’s one big problem.This app has helped me keep track and get into an actual routine; However, it only has a few brands that you can choose from on the app. The main reason I got the app was to see how my products worked together, what would and wouldn’t work together, etc. BUT If you add a custom product it rarely has any of those insights. If the products you use aren’t in the brands they offer than this is really no different that making a reminder on your phone to do daily skincare except for that you pay for this app and not a note in your phone. Only brands on the app are... The Ordinary NIOD Hylamide Fountain Loopha The Chemistry Brand.Version: 5.1.1

Easy and encouragingThis app makes tracking your skins progress so easy. It also really helped me be more aware of the products I’m using together! The reminders to do my skincare are also helpful for days that I’m feeling a down and not taking care of myself..Version: 5.4.23

Great StartThe app is very useful for tracking your Deciem products - especially if you’re a devotee like me. However, the app layout need a bit of tightening. I spend countless minutes trying to close out the Usage screen because the X is located halfway under the front camera area and won’t respond to my touch. There is nothing more frustrating than tapping a touchscreen that doesn’t respond. The same goes for trying to see other dates since the calendar option is also located at the topmost part of the screen. Other than that, this app is much better than the chart I was going to create for my product schedule and contraindications. Thank you!.Version: 4.2.34

Awesome skincare routine organizer/guideFor those of us that easily forget to follow our skincare routine and also lose track of the products we own, this is an outstanding app! It’ll remind you to use your products whenever you set them up to do so. It takes a little time having to manually add each non The Ordinary product, but it is sooo worth it. Great, great app!!!.Version: 5.0.0

Perfect for keeping track and staying accountable!I love this app it has helped me stay accountable with my routine and track when I'm using products (like acids/masks that are only a couple times a week). There's so much customization you can put like extended details for products, what they treat, and adding custom conflicts in your routine. When I had a question the app creator answered so quickly and was very helpful. I definitely recommend this app to anyone, it's a great app that can be simple and easy for beginners, but also offers more advanced customization if you're more into skincare..Version: 4.8.15

Keeps me on track!I love using this app and being able to add my own products The calendar has an easy to understand format The way you can view your available am and pm products and see which ones have been used and when is fairly easy All of the tips and tricks around the app are helpful and it’s awesome that it doesn’t allow you to mess up the routine by choosing conflicting products (unless you really want to) I do wish it was easier to see all of my products in one tab instead of having one for custom and one for the preadded products but it’s a minor inconvenience.Version: 5.4.23

Great app with fantastic customer supportThis app is helpful for anyone who's trying to figure out what skincare products work well together. Choose from built in DECIEM products or add your own and their key ingredients, and it lets you know what not to use together. I had a question for the developer, and he responded within a couple of hours and had a fix within a day..Version: 3.22

Love This AppI have been using a few skin care serums for a while now. But as I am over 50, I came to the realization that I needed to boost up my routine by adding more products. The problem I had was developing a routine where I was not using any conflicting products. It became complicated. Then I did a google search for apps to help organize your routine. This is how I found this Skincare Routine app. It is very easy to use. It has all of the Deciem products listed. Yes I am a fan of The Ordinary. Easy to add other products that are not part of Deciem Can edit each product for the days for use in morning or evening. Can also specify which days you want to use each product. The developer has done a good job with alerts that inform you of any conflicting products that should not be used in the same routine. And the developer, Chris is very responsive to my questions Got my routine in order thanks to this app. I highly recommend this app..Version: 6.1.5

AmazingThis is the app I didn’t know I needed. For over 10 years I’ve struggled with an array of skin issues so I’m no stranger to a skincare routine. But in the past it’s been highly difficult to be able to zero in on what products work and what don’t. This app is what I wish I’d had all along. Helps you pair items so you don’t irritate your skin. Allows you to track your own progress as time passes and plan your routine ahead of time. Let’s you look at your routine as a whole and make it so that you’re giving your skin the proper care it deserves. My own little skincare diary! I can’t wait to tell everyone about it..Version: 4.6.6

!!!!!The perfect skincare app!!!! I love how your able to make sense of your routine by selecting days, how many times a week etc. while also being able to express skincare concerns and track your progress. Love how your able to track which days you opened a product. 10/10.Version: 4.8.15

Huge help!The Skinecare app helped me simplify my routine and learn how to incorporate products I was new to, and easily keep track of which contradicted each other. The Deciem products can be overwhelming so this has been a “skin-saver”. My skin has improved since using it because I’ve been able to hone in my routine and not go overboard!.Version: 3.12.14

Fixed!I initially wrote a negative review on this app because it would lag while I wrote product info and had a couple other issues. The developer responded and he asked me about the issues and immediately fixed them. This is a really amazing app that helps me track my extremely inconsistent skincare routine, and the developer’s dedication to user satisfaction is awesome..Version: 4.6.1

Pretty good appUpdate ***The developer reached out to me to troubleshoot the issue with the pictures disappearing and he ended up fixing the problem. Thanks! I love this app and it shows me any potential ingredient conflicts with any Deciem, The Ordinary, Hylamide and custom products. This app really keeps me organized and helps me on preparing my am/pm beauty regiment. The only thing I don’t like is I’m having problems with photos for my custom products, they are not showing up on my routine or on the custom product itself which is very frustrating. They keep disappearing, I even changed my settings to the smallest picture. Please get this fixed..Version: 4.2.9

Skincare for DummiesAfter buying products from The Ordinary a week ago and scouring the internet trying to figure out what I can use when and with what, this app is a HUGE help. By inputting your products (which it has all of Deciem’s products already programmed and other popular brands like Paula’s Choice so it took no time at all) it will automatically sort them into day or night for you, and as you check off each one you use, it will cross off ones you should now *not* use in the same regimen. (For example, after inputting all my products, I tested it by checking off the AHA/BHA peel and discovered I should not be following up with the Glycolic Acid Solution because it crossed that off. A google search had told me otherwise! Thankfully I’ve only done that twice.) This was totally worth the $3 I paid!.Version: 4.7.28

Great way to keep track of skincareI love that I can easily keep track of when I use different skincare products. You can also take notes so if a pimple forms overnight I can keep track of when it formed and how long it took to clear up. I wish you were able to enter all ingredients when adding a custom skincare product. It would be easier to keep track of which specific ingredients I have used over time. Overall I’m loving it and using it everyday twice a day!!.Version: 3.11.7

Way too SlowThe app content is amazing, very customizable but it takes forever to do anything on it. I’ve been very patient with it because I paid for it and because of all you can do, but I’m starting to get bored. Every click I give takes seconds. The app has to restart every time I use another app, so I can’t do anything else. It takes very long for it to open, and the interface is really slow. I read another review speaking about the lag time, which I am also experiencing. The developer answered that version 4 was supposed to be much faster, but I have that version and it has a very bad lag time, and scrolling down is a pain. Please do something about it. Otherwise I won’t be using this app anymore, I took time to customize it, but now it takes me a very long time now that I am using in my routine. And if for some reason I forgot to enter the info one day it’ll take me 20 to update it..Version: 4.6.6

Best user experience of any skincare routine appLooking for a good way to track my complicated skincare routine, I researched nearly every app you can imagine and Skincare was by far the most customizable and easy to use. While it doesn't do skin analysis today, a lot of thought has been put into the step-by-step process of skincare routines. For example, if a serum needs a certain amount of time to absorb before moving to the next step, you can automate an alarm. The little details make this a great app!.Version: 4.8.15

Love this appIt’s totally worth the $3. I love that DECIEM products already come preloaded in there and it puts your routine together for you. It helps me keep up with what to put on first and last. You can even add your own products and if they have them in the data base they’ll have the contraindications for those as well. Love it! Just got it if you’re thinking about it..Version: 4.8.15

Make’s it easy!I love this app. At first, I thought I would only be able to enter Deciem products in this app, but upon further investigation I realized that I could enter all my products. Prior to using this app, I put all my products in an Excel spreadsheet. This app is simpler to use, takes less time and is quite convenient, as I can have the phone right at the sink, so I can pick and chose based on interaction alerts..Version: 4.4.31

Awesome!I love how easy it is to use - makes keeping track of my products and their conflicts super easy. I also love the period tracker and ability to take photos of my skin everyday and keep track of that! My only criticism would be that I don’t think the step categories are changeable so it tells me to put my vit c serum on after toner, which isn’t necessarily correct. But overall - great app!.Version: 5.4.23

Easy peesyIf you are a beauty aficionado you will spend hours researching what goes on first and what color FOI ya with what. Then you have to remember it. Then you have to remember what you did yesterday or this weeks. Boom this app takes out the brain science from that. I just put my products in and boom tells me what to do when and when not to.. includes hair and body. If you have other products who’s main Ingredient it recognizes you are golden. Love love love!.Version: 4.8.15

Amazing app for any Ordinary fan!This app is a life saver when it comes to creating a skincare routine using The Ordinary products. It tells you the order in which to use the products, if there are any products that conflict with each other and allows you to see how often you are using each product. It takes any confusion out of using these amazing products..Version: 3.15.5

GAMECHANGER app; super responsive developerThis app is amazing and takes the guess work out of layering, flags conflicts and helps you track your routine — and see progress over time. The setup of this app makes so much sense — this app inventories all your products and then gives you a menu of recommended options for your routine each day, which matches how most people go about skincare. Many people reach for a rotating list of products based on how their face feels that day. I love the ability to get hyper-specifics with your settings for each item in your routine: you can set separate AM and PM schedules and set tailored conflict rules. You can customize pretty much anything with this app: create custom steps, customize the color of the app, customize images and more! Yes, it does require you to manually enter products that aren’t Deciem — but it’s FAR easier to do than with another app on the market. Maybe in the future those entries can help crowdsource the products database? Would also love to see a one-time regime or “other routines” that don’t fall into AM or PM, but it’s by no means a dealbreaker. I’ve really been enjoying my skincare routine ever since discovering this app!!!!.Version: 4.8.15

Esthetician approvedBesides having to spend half of my day putting in my ungodly amount of skincare products into the app system itself, I love it for nights when I’m anxious or half asleep and can’t remember what I used the last few nights - just so I’m not overwhelming my skin or over exfoliating as well. I haven’t found any glitches so far, which is great, and it recognized most of my products, even some of the professional grade ones. The main reason I got it was to keep track of any products that expire due to my sheer amount of products I have to keep track of, and so far it’s more than exceeding expectations..Version: 5.4.23

Great concept to keep track of skincareUpdate: Developer took the time to respond and show me how to use the app and so far it’s been great! Initially found this app recommended by a commenter on a skincare video I was watching. I’m an avid fan of skincare but there are so many confusing steps and videos out there that this app seemed like the best way to stay organized. While it’s already preloaded with Deciem (The Ordinary) products, I noticed that the products they had listed conflicted with what the official Deciem website suggests. Ex, I have the Glycolic Acid toning solution and the “Buffet” serum. I entered them in the app and it pre-filtered my routine with them in even though the Deciem website says they conflict and I shouldn’t use the acid with a peptide. It isn’t until I looked further into settings that I found a note saying that if the checkbox is red, there might be a conflict. It doesn’t tell you which products conflict with what though because all products are listed in your routine. If anything this is a good checklist to have at night if you forget what order you should do your skincare in but that being the case, I ended up just researching and labeling my products instead so I remember the order..Version: 5.0.0

Helpful but limitedThis is a must-have for dedicated fans of Deciem lines. It really helps with order and usage. I wish it had other brands on file, as well as a spot for eye cream, and maybe more specific versions of the categories it does have. Overall, it makes my routine more organized and really helps with avoiding using products at the same time that are redundant or can cause damage..Version: 4.8.15

Helpful and EasyMy boyfriend bought me practically the whole Ordinary skincare line for my birthday, and I was having a hard time trying to figure out what Ordinary products could be used together and when they were needed to be used (AM/PM). I didn’t know what products shouldn’t be used together or exactly what they were meant for. This app made my skincare routines super easy. You add whatever products you have and it automatically puts AM/PM products in their own category. When you’re doing your routine you just mark off each product as you go and it’ll block out any products that it shouldn’t be used with (which you can choose to override but please don’t do that to yourself skin it’s telling you not to for a reason). I also really like how it has a timer for the AHA/BHA solution..Version: 5.3.1

Awesome app but missing syncI love this app for so many reasons! I love that it tells me which products I use are conflicting, let me tell you what a hot mess I was before. I have so many products and so many conflict I didn’t think I would ever be able to get a program together to use them all without conflicting. I ended up using 2 different AM routines and 3 different PM routines which allows me to mix it up and use all of my amazing skincare products. I still haven’t added all of my masks and PMD to this app but can’t wait to get it fully loaded. I only have 2 complaints, hence the reduction of 1 Star. First, the app can be a little glitchy. I will enter information in the settings of one TO product and go into the next product and what I wrote in the prior shows up in the new product i.e. instructions, wait time etc. Second and the biggest disappointment is that the app doesn’t sync between phone and iPad. Sometimes my phone will die and I can’t access my skincare routine. Or sometimes I want to use my iPad to enter the products because it’s easier to type on but I can’t because they don’t sync. Honestly if the app synced between devices I would give it 5 stars!.Version: 4.7.28

Didn’t realize I needed this appWow, this app makes everything so much easier for my skincare. I was blessed from the heavens with normal skin, however I never really put in the effort until recently to care about my skin. However with so many products, and being influenced by TikTok (skincarebyhyram) I want to put good products on my face. I find this app simple to use, and love the organization. I am someone who thinks simpler is better! A few suggestions I have is one, for adding custom products, under the layer step to create a makeup-remover tab, because there are a ton of products out there!! Also something I would find helpful is having a quiz. Maybe having someone who is newer to skincare, to be able to put in what they are looking for, what areas and things they want to target. And then having suggested products or even a routine. Keep up the great job otherwise!!!.Version: 5.0.0

Can we sync across all devices?I love this app. I just downloaded it, thus I cannot give a very detailed review yet. But my first impression is that this is a very helpful app especially for us with many skin concerns and want to try several different products in our routine. However, I wish there is a feature where we can sync our data across devices. I have an iphone and ipad, and I switch between the two... Thank you for making this app! And I’m excited to us this in my daily routine..Version: 4.6.6

Absolutely incredibleUpdate: please fix notifications for mid day reminders also it seems it’s due for an update in general. My data is getting lost The amount of detail and research and I’m assuming genuine care that has gone into this app is outstanding. So simple and so helpful. Crossing my fingers that the inkey list might be added to the list of brands some day 🤞🏻😬.Version: 5.4.23

Very useful!This is such a great app! Especially if you’re starting out with your skin routine and trying to add in products slowly and effectively; or if you’re more advanced and trying to maintain a specific schedule or try out new actives. I wish there was a way to import ingredients for non The Ordinary products more easily rather than typing them all out. It would also be very nice if at some point the app was updated to link skin ratings over time with products used..Version: 5.1.46

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BeautifulI was building an app like this then I discovered this app and it has everything I need! So I downed tools and just started using this lovely skin care app :-).Version: 4.8.15

TO NewbieThis app is great! Being a new year to TO brand the app creates a skincare regimen that’s safe by giving you in-depth information and showing you products that conflict with one another. Makes using the product even more enjoyable.Version: 4.8.15

So far so good!!Love the app, makes keeping track of all the skincare info so much easier! What I would LOVE is if you were able to have a list of products you were thinking about trying, separate from the product list and you could see how they would fit into your routine! Excellent app so far though!!.Version: 5.0.7

Great idea but glitchyThe app is a great tool to help you stick to your skincare routine, however it’s pretty glitchy. The menu at the top is often shifted upwards so you can’t access the calendar to change the date or add products to the routine..Version: 4.6.6

FabulousSuch a great app, I struggled with it initially and messaged Chris and got such a quick detailed helpful response I was so impressed. I did as instructed and it made all the difference, it helped me with products with what I can use together and what I should avoid. Stuff I was not told in the shop! Great, helpful, smart app..Version: 5.1.1

Great appSuch an easy to use app and keeps you on track for your daily skin routine. Worth the $.Version: 5.0.7

Fantastic app!I use a lot of products and this app is the perfect way for me to remember the process of application as well as keep a diary on the progress of my skin..Version: 4.8.15

Incredibly useful app and helpful team!This app is fantastic for a newby to skin regimes or for a anyone that needs to keep track of all of their products. The team are incredibly responsive to queries and very helpful!.Version: 3.9.4

Excellent for learningUsing the ordinary can be scary for new users. Learning what can and cannot be used together is daunting. This app has taken the danger out of mixing products as it shows exactly what can and cannot be used at the same time. I love it!!.Version: 4.2.9

Leaning while usingGreat app, leaning will using this app. Takes the complications out of using multiple products..Version: 4.8.15

Super helpful!!This app is really helpful with keeping on top of your skincare routine and also alerts you when products aren’t compatible. Great app!.Version: 5.1.1

FunNeeds a bit of polishing, was a bit hard to set up. Need more info on what’s right for skin type etc.Version: 3.1

This is the app I was looking for!!! Worth the $5!I have only been using this app for three days but I already love, love, love it!! For someone who really gets confused with what products/ingredients not to use together, this app is really helpful. I love that you can customise the schedule of use of each product (basically customise your routine each day), tick the products you actually used AM and PM (even the ones night scheduled because sometimes your skin needs a different serum for the night) and diarise your skin progress. You can take several photos each day so you can see your skin status any point of each day. One request I have is if you can have a tick mark for “skipped skin care routine” because sometimes a girl is just too tired (or lazy, I know, bad) to do her skin care for the day..Version: 5.1.46

Best app everBest app I ever got I finally know how to to look after my skin and I’m glowing So helpful.Version: 5.0.0

Good for serumsA good app for helping layer products and working out what goes where. Would like it to take note of bad skin days and make suggestions!!.Version: 3.9.9

Great AppLove this app! Easy to use and such an efficient way to keep track of your skincare routine. The warnings about any conflicting products/ingredients are really helpful..Version: 4.8.15

Fantastic AppI love this app. I don’t usually buy apps but this one is worth it. I love TO products even more now I feel confident on how and when to use them. I have been promoting this all over the place 😊😊🤟🏻😊😊.Version: 4.1

Excellent AppWhat a brilliant idea ! this app takes all the work , hassle and time spent online researching and does it all for you , informs you if you have conflicts in your beauty routine that day also reminds you the order they go in , and you can add any other brands you like not just the ordinary, can be tweaked to suit your own preferences and is super easy to use..Version: 2.8.1

DisappointingUnfortunately purchased this not knowing it was affiliated with Diciem. This app was the only of its kind I could find, I just wanted to remember when I used products or trialed samples. I spent A LOT of time adding products manually, including ingredients lists. While adding products in the text box the app will capitalise random letters when you type which is quite annoying. Although I can see what I have use and when, it doesn’t justify the price point. I’m struggling to see what my $4.50 has got me..Version: 5.3.1

Excellent for people who are new to skincareI have never really been into skin care so this app is really good for people like me who have no idea what to use, when to use it, what all the products do etc. I ha e noticed a real difference in my skin since starting to use the app and would highly recommend!.Version: 4.4.31

Great App 🙌Easy to follow and avoids confusion wi Th so many products.Version: 5.1.1

Makes regimes so much easierI love TO products but found getting them in right order overwhelming. This app makes it easier although I’m unable to find the very popular brand of sunscreen I use to add..Version: 3.9

Easy to use appHandy app which helps me layer my skin care products and warns me when using conflicting products. A must have !.Version: 4.4.30

Essential for understanding productsI would be lost using so many products by the ordinary without this app. It orders the products, tells me when products interact with others I’m using and tells me what each product is for and how to use. I wouldn’t be able to do my routine without it.Version: 5.3.1

Love this app!Really helpful for beginners like me! I have lots of The Ordinary products and a few other good brands, so I easily get confused as to what order to put it all on my skin. This app does it for you. Love having the am/pm routines too. Also appreciate having warnings come up if using too many retinoids etc in one routine. Am so thankful for this app! I use it every day..Version: 5.0.7

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Version 6.4.1 (2021-04-29): Some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 6.3.3 (2021-04-19): Some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 6.2.0 (2021-04-06): Some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 6.1.10 (2021-03-26): Some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 6.0.11 (2021-03-05): Some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 5.4.23 (2020-11-10): Multi-device syncing and some tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 5.3.1 (2020-09-27): Fixed some issues with the Diary photos. ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram:

Version 5.1.46 (2020-09-04): More tweaks! ----- Your feedback, suggestions and questions are more than welcome. Email me at any time or send a DM on Instagram. [email protected] Instagram: