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Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. If you like home decor, you will love Redecor!

* Daily Design Challenges let you style photo-realistic spaces with various design styles
* Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end choices
* Relax and learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on the designs and be part of inspiring community

Make your selection from over a thousand of high-quality choices. Customise your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities that let you show your style in full.

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Redecor - Home Design Makeover App User Reviews & Comments

Im in love! but suggestions for the future!I am absolutely in loveee with this game! I actually like the aspect of having to unlock more items. I think the rate you earn gold and cash is pretty good i havent run out of that yet. there are definitely still as few things they need to fix and make better. I think the top 3 spots should get a box of prizes not just first place. Like first place would get the most amount of prizes, i would make it 12-15 items, then second could get 8-10, and then third would get like 4-6. I think the daily claim should include 500 cash and then like 500 gold as well. Although I think that the star token aspect is good I definitely think you should be able to earn more and quicker. I would make it so you earn like 5 star tokens for entering designs and then as rewards for whatever place you get like if you got 10th you should get 4, 9th 5, 8th 6, 7th 7, 6th 8, 5th 9, 4th 10, 5th 11, 4th 12, 3, 13 plus the prize package as described above, and same for 1st and 2nd place. I truly do loveee this game and im reallllly excited to see it keep growing and improving. I have had this game for like 2-3 weeks now I think and Im on level 23 have entered 103 designs and I have 15 wins. I have played alot of different home design games like Design Home. I think this one, with some more updates and improvements will become better than Design Home!.Version: 1.1.1

Love it but...This is the best design game that I have found. At first, I was annoyed I didn’t have enough gold coins or stars to get certain items but then I made it a challenge to still design a room and come in first place regardless of any limitations. It makes it more challenging which, after playing for awhile made me want to play more. I could buy these things with my own money but during this period of time spending money on a game is not worth the rewards because money is pretty tight. That said, it pushes me to create a winning design so I can win gold coins. And, the season pass is definitely worth getting since it allows you to win more items. I actually love this game and would give it a 5 star rating EXCEPT the leaderboards are not right. It’s hard to understand how they decide where you are because if I just go by winnings of the current season they don’t line up. But according to the app the leaderboards restart every time a new season starts. I’ve contacted them several times and only get an automated response. If they fixed this I would definitely give it 5 stars. However, all in all this app is pretty awesome, as long as you aren’t very competitive like me lol.Version: 1.3.3

Rating System Is AwfulThe designing process was fun but I found the rating system was rather weird and funky. So I found out today from their responses to other comments that the ratings are based on votes from other users AS WELL AS WHO SPENT THE MOST MONEY ON THE DESIGN. That would explain why there are sometimes weaker designs got higher places. They never told you money is part of the equation and I thought it was common sense for a designer to be budget conscious. I disagree with more money spent = better design but if that’s the rule at least make users aware of it so they can factor it when they design and when they try to make sense of their rankings. The voting part is also a bit concerning. They often pair two very different styles of design and ask you to pick the best, and most of times it would just come down to personal taste. Why bother having all the instructions on bold design or modern style when voters don’t even read the instructions and just choose whatever is the most pleasing to their eyes and personal taste. The fun part of playing a game is to learn the rules and strategize to win. But when the whole rating system has nothing to do with the rules they told you (ie to create a good design that suits the client) it just takes out much of the fun..Version: 1.5.8

Great Game...Results Take Too Long Though.I’m obsessed with this game! It’s a stress reliever. I do agree with someone who said results take too long. A full day is too long to wait. As far as the voting, you win some and you lose some. And that is okay. Beauty is subjective. You can’t help that. No one should feel entitled to a top ranking. With color, you have to be careful. Pops of color are nice but don’t make it look like a rainbow exploded on your design. Think about your home. Do you really have red walls and orange countertops? You should follow the prompt and try to stand out, of course, but within reason. Two main colors with an accent color always works. If you want to go crazy, try going crazy with texture but not colors that don’t complement each other. I am by no means an interior designer expert but I have seen some tacky designs that had no sense of direction. Anyway...maybe to make people feel better about the voting...there should be more one-on-one duels. Or maybe it all should just change to one-on-one duels because they only take 2 hours to calculate. This solves both the “results take too long” issue and people questioning how votes are tallied in. Nonetheless, I do think that we should only be competing with and voting for people within one exclusive group. Other than that, people like what they like. *shrugs* Also...yes apps cost money. How do you think these people pay their bills? 🤔😂😂😂.Version: 1.5.4

Agree with Vintage MelonI completely agree with Vintage Melon, accept for....the first win is set up for you to get 1st place, you always are in the top 10 because that is all you are being judge against in a group for your designs and possibly the in app CAN earn more if you get your free items which are just enhanced if you paid for a season pass (which I agree I would t pay for one either) and daily claim which is increases your coins daily. I personally feel that judging may be done against others designs that are not even within my group I am up against so when I see designs that are not following the directions and are ABSOLUTELY HORRID, place way higher or even first place I get annoyed and frankly, ticked off. There are so many better designs most times. I say this not as a personal opinion but from a design critique aspect. I put aside my personal taste and critique using the requirements as well as my knowledge both from my college art degree as well as my creative eye to loom for the elements of design when voting and designing. I would hope the voting were a little better designed. Is it even grouped by the 10 in the same group against each other? Voted in by outsiders?.Version: 1.4.4

Great app but not perfectThis is a fun and very entertaining app. You design areas or rooms and then it goes to voting for a certain amount of time. The top three winners receive prizes. The graphics are top notch and the design items within the app are excellent and a really fun and varied selection. The problems come in the voting process which obviously has faults. And a prize for a 5 star rating which is no longer possible to achieve. The bigger issue is how to obtain gold and star tokens, which is very stingy and hard to get. You get 4 star tokens for each design you complete as long as it has a 4.0* rating. FOUR. Like seriously??? And it takes on average 150+ tokens to unlock three choices of one item, so it's pretty ridiculous, unless you want to spend lots of your real money. The season pass for $4.99 is the only thing worth it. Also getting gold is equally ridiculous. Earning cash is easy. But because of these pretty major flaws I will be burning out on this one in just a matter of time. If they made star tokens and gold a bit easier OR reduced the amount of items that require gold OR reduced the amount of star tokens to unlock...OR something! Too bad, because it's a great concept. But unless you're a real life big spender, it's too limiting..Version: 1.5.0

Love The Game !!I love home design games and this by far is my favorite! And very much enjoy the game there are a few things I wish they would consider changing in the game and that would be the small silver star tokens seeing how those are the main item you need to unlock good designs etc .. and fabrics and other items it’s hard when you only get a couple for your designs and it’s hard when you are already feeling buying the gold to purchase the cash and everything in the game to use cost the tokens the cash the gold and you only get to use the items a couple of times and then you are Re purchasing the items again . Which can become quite costly . It would be so nice if the items could cost gold or cash and not just the tokens I don’t mind spending money on the game but with all the stuff you half to purchase to enjoy the game is starting to become a little frustrating. It also would be nice if there was a lot more designs coming out to design you design then so quickly then your waiting hours for a new design to pop up other then that I still gave you five stars because the game is really addicting and fun . Please consider the cost of this game !!! I will still continue to play to see where this game goes but it will be hard to keep purchasing so much in this game which will be the end result of be abandoning the game ..Version: 1.1.4

Voting system is terrible don’t waste your time or money!So, Like other people during the pandemic I was looking for a way to kill some time. Let me start first by saying I am an actual designer. Licensed, accredited, and leading my field. This game is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Absolutely horrendous, unimaginative, non creative designs (a whole room that is literally nothing but white) getting five stars and a first place vote??? You’ve got to be kidding me! Then, you have other people who beat you simply because their design budget is literally three times more than yours. The pairings are obscure and make no sense whatsoever. The only way to make this concept fair is to have individual voting (the app doesn’t do this) and not make people go head to head choosing “one or the other” and which is best of 2 with someone who has a totally different design budget than yours. I ended up deleting the app out of sheer frustration and the fact that it’s not realistic or fair whatsoever from a voting perspective. Not to mention, people can “win“ and not even follow the challenge guidelines, which are outlined before you design whatsoever. Half of the designs that “win“ through the voting system, a real life client would never ever pay for because they don’t even follow basic design 101 skills that design professionals follow.Version: 1.2.7

Very poor value in-app purchases $$$$$This game has incredible potential but unfortunately they have taken the lust for money to a new level. I’m the type of player who will spend easily over $100 per month on a game like this if I really love it. But money barely buys any game play. It’s ridiculous. You need at least 130, 150, 200, or as high as 250 star coins to UNLOCK only 3 items. You don’t even get to use them, you pay for the ability to buy them. You don’t get to choose which 3 items. You only earn 3-5 star coins for challenges & they don’t award any for daily gift or anything. It’s crazy. This means you basically HAVE to pay $4 to UNLOCK 3-5 items that you will then be able to BUY... for only 5 uses. The larger pack coin purchases aren’t a much better deal at all. It’s unfortunate. If the in-game purchases actually contributed to better quality & longer gameplay then I would spend a lot more money & very regularly. But it just isn’t worth it. On top of the extreme greed, the app has a lot of growing to do. There should be an option to undo an item selection so it defaults to the previous choice. There are no options for sorting things by color etc. There’s no way to tap your way up to the top of the selections portion, you have to scroll back up. It’s tedious & mediocre. The graphic quality is solid. So much potential here... oh well..Version: 1.1.0

Bug takes away prizesI’ve contacted support about this once already and been completely unsatisfied with the response. The bug is still there. I’ve had other designs disappear when it comes time to receive my rewards, and it’s becoming way more than annoying. Today, I’m actually getting close to being infuriated. Today, one of my “original” (not a redesign) designs disappeared. When I opened the app, it told me that the voting for “Lakeside Treasure” was complete, and I was excited, because my first design was ahead in the voting when I checked an hour or so ago. My heart sank when I saw that - AGAIN - only one of my designs was showing in the “completed” tab, and it was my redesign, which performed poorly. I clicked over to look at my profile, as you suggested, and it shows the design - which did in fact, come in first. However, since I didn’t get to actually OPEN the winning design, I did not receive the XP, the gold, the star tokens, or the “big box of decor items.” THIS IS NOT OK. That XP, in-game currency and the decor item unlocks are what keep the game going. I’m a fairly new player, but I have (unusually for me) already spent $15 in real money on playing this game. I had intended on spending more, asking my husband for money to spend on Redecor as part of my Christmas gift. If you all do not fix this bug and give me the in-game rewards I have earned, I will not be spending any more money with your company, as it would just be throwing good money after bad..Version: 1.5.6

Enjoy the app, but at a price... literally.I do enjoy challenges presented and designing a nice color pallet in this app. It’s addictive! HOWEVER, I find that there are a very limited means of materials available to design. If you want more options, you have to buy them. I understand the business aspect, but it’s difficult to be “successful” in the game with such few options! I’ve made purchases a few times, but on a recent occasion, I was overcharged! (Coins... or something of the sort... were $9.99 and got charged over $40!) I also noticed that when I’ve achieved the top prizes, the coins, dollars, etc don’t always add up correctly. I know I’ve been shortchanged on that too. Plus— I really wonder how you’re “placed” to earn these prizes. Supposedly it’s according to votes by other players, but I doubt that’s solely the method used. There are no real directions issued either (like how to earn 5 stars, tips on usages, etc. i also have missed notification of my daily coin prizes- even when I’ve checked to claim them). All in all- it’s a great app. It’s fun, relaxing, challenging, but there are several design flaws and bugs that need to be addressed. Just take note on the addition of your cash/coins and be careful not to spend too much money on additional materials. You can get carried away and it can be pricey!.Version: 1.4.9

Lovely game with 2 major flaws.I’d like to start off by saying this is a wonderful game. I adore it and suggest you download it. Sadly though, it has its downsides. First of all, money. When you start out, you get a bunch of money. If you’re like me you’ll probably see the money and go like “Woah, I’ll never run out!” Well you’d be wrong. It drains your money so slowly you barely notice. And when you do, you vote for a while to earn more money. I’m not one to spend real money on games. Just not worth it. This game isn’t as exception, but it becomes clear that spending real money is a bit of a must if you wanna keep using your favorite colors or most expensive items. I think if you spend your money right, you can last quite a while. The second issue is the worst. Voting. Oh. My. God. The voting is so messed up. I’ve seen absolutely hideous designs take the top 5 places, leaving the people who actually worked on theirs behind. It’s really horrible to see a bright yellow room with an equally eye-burning pink chair take first place on a “Classic Study” competition. (This is an example, never actually happened exactly, but it’s extremely accurate to how unfair the voting system is). Also why does voting take so long? It’s annoying having to wait for the money you get from the competition. Other than these issues, this game is the absolute best designing game out there..Version: 1.6.5

Free to play, but pay to win.90% seems to be locked unless you are willing to pay real money. And it seems like how much you spend decorating counts to your score and what rank you get, so people who are willing to spend real money always will have an advantage. Also don’t like that you get a statement with what the client is looking for but people will win even if they ignore it. (I.e- “I want a colourful screensaver” but all top 5 might have a black and white photo that is just worth more.) think the cash material is fairly well priced, but gold and the star coins are hard to earn. Overall, I do enjoy aspects of it. I also wish it was clearer how the ratings work. You get a rating from 1-5 star, but your aren’t voting for others that way. You are choosing between two. So how is the star rating being calculated? Are the two paired together always paired together? In which case one that is okay paired against one that is bad, might win over a good one paired with an equally good one. I also wish there were more challenges. Alternatively, just adding a section where you can use everything and nothing is locked as like a gallery option/portfolio. It’s not a competition and there are no prizes, but other people can view and like things on the page. And it’s something to do while waiting for a new competition to start and you can really see what is available..Version: 1.3.3

App improvement suggestionsI’m thoroughly enjoying this app. I’m by no means an interior decorator/designer but this is a fun way to experiment with my creative side. The reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is because of three reasons which get on my nerves. 1. If I have to use my stars to unlock more design options then I should be able to pick the three new design options that I want. So far every time I’ve unlocked more design options, the app gives me crappy designs that I don’t like. So I’ve wasted my stars on designs I won’t use. Therefore, I won’t be doing that anymore. Can the developers let the user select the three new designs they want please??!! 2. There really needs to be an option to be able to undo your design in progress and start from scratch. It’s really annoying when I’m working on a design, decide I don’t like any of it but I can’t start over with a blank design. I have to work around colors that I’ve already selected. It doesn’t matter if I’ve spent “money” on a color, tile, fabric etc.. because I’ll use them on something else. Can the developers create an undo design option please??!! 3. We should also be able to preview three items at once instead of two. Thank you.Version: 1.5.8

Would give a five but there is an issueI pay the upgraded version, and what annoys me is that like the room I just went to do...there is a caption at the beginning where the people are telling you exactly what they are wanting in the room, bright colors etc....the one I just went to do specifically asked for whimsical wallpaper, but the wallpaper that was offered was no where NEAR was boring and dull colored...also, I have one in vote right now that asked for wood or painted wood (which is the only thing that popped up when you went to vote for the rooms), BUT, the description ALSO called for VIVID BRIGHT COLORS, which because that wasn’t specified when you went to vote, the first five best rooms voted in my competition were ALL no colors and totally bland rooms, when mine which was in 6th and ALL the ones after mine actually did what was COMPLETELY asked for and yet because of the minimum description when you go to vote that only said wood or painted wood, and completely left out vivid colors, we were all in last place....somebody needs to wake up to make sure to provide product and descriptions how they are actually written for what is wanted to be done.Version: 1.2.6

Fun app but has some flawsHad fun playing with this app for about a week and then a few factors made me start to lose interest. First off, pros - the app is well designed and easy to use. No issues with freezing screens and no ads. Now for the cons - I wish there were more design options available, after a week I was getting bored with the palettes. It’s pretty expensive to unlock new items (I guess that’s why there aren’t ads) and even though I did unlock some, I was feeling limited in design capabilities. Second, the competitive features where you face off against other designers is fun at first, but I quickly realized that my taste does not align with a majority of the voters (other players). The designs that tend to win often utilize dated trends - current trends like coastal minimalism are not popular. Also, following the challenge rules doesn’t make any difference in if you win - for example, the challenge might be to design a kitchen for early 20 something roommates who love playful color and the top design ends up looking like a boomer’s suburban kitchen. I got bored pretty quickly with the obviousness of which designs would win the challenges..Version: 1.6.6

Amazing Game!Love this game; it requires a bit of planning to save your decorating dollars and gold, but it can be done! I bought a season pass and one round of tokens - it just has to be spent wisely! I only unlock new items in the Surface/Metal/Stone categories normally because those have the most impact visually. If a challenge requires say, checkered fabric only, and there’s only 3 options, I choose one and make sure my complementary finishes are unique enough to stand out from all the others who undoubtedly chose my fabric, also. It requires patience to save the money, just like real life! Some of the users on here complaining about length of time to earn money/gold and want everything to be quick and easy are not true players. One should also definitely take advantage of the voting; you can earn around $10-12k in design cash per 24 hours. It adds up! Every item has 5 uses when you buy it, so that checkered fabric you bought for a living area could also be used on a patio or kitchen chairs! Just be big picture about what you buy. That random red velvet is much harder to use across a range of challenges and will tie up money, potentially! One improvement could be more decor boxes for 2nd and 3rd place, and maybe slightly increase the gold winnings, maybe $1.5k, then $1.0k, then $500. It’s really a fantastic game and visuals are superb!.Version: 1.1.1

Fun game, few complaintsI love this game! I like that it’s different from the other design games I’ve played, but I do have some complaints. One of them is that I can’t find some of my designs I’ve done a week to two weeks ago in my completed section. I don’t know if it’s normal or not, I just found it odd that my tutorial room is still in the completed section when I did that room first but then my other designs I did after that have disappeared. Another minor complaint I have is the unlocking some designs with tokens. I don’t have a problem with the amount you’re asking to unlock the options and I understand that you need to make money so people can buy more tokens to do that, I’m not complaining about that, I just wish I had the option to pick the designs I wanted instead of it being randomly picked for me and then I have to use the tokens I was trying to save to unlock a different section to unlock the one I wanted the first time. Other than that I really do enjoy this game. I love playing design games as I love to design, I just hope you can help me with these problems. Thank you!.Version: 1.4.3

Hard time understandingSo. I absolutely love this game. It lets me show off my decorating skills, and see what other people got. But. One thing I can not stand is: not being able to communicate with other players or the people that invented the game. There’s a lot of challenges that specifically ask for certain materials, colors, and gender related designs. For example: I just did a challenge. It was a book reading space for a dad and his son. Every single player used mainly pink in their design and got higher reviews than I did, which I used blues. For boys!! Or like at when a challenge is started it says at the bottom what colors to use in the design, and people will use other colors. I had a design that said use “light blues” it was a design duel. I used blues, and this other player used all pinks. And I lost? Makes me so mad and I can’t even speak upon it. This is my ONLY issue with this game. I wish someone could change that. Or people would pay more attention to what the specifics are in a challenge, and follow them. Thanks for reading my rant if you made it this far. (:.Version: 1.6.7

Great Game! Few suggestionsI love this game so much, there is such a variety of styles to choose from. I love how there is a story behind each challenge, it makes it feel like you’re really designing it for them. But, I don’t like the new addition where you have to have the season pass to receive your prizes for moving up to the new level. The old one with the side by side comparison was muuuch better. One suggestion I have is to put a search bar for the different materials that you can choose because sometimes I see a design and I know exactly what material I want and what it’s called but it takes me foreeeever to find it. I also liked how before one of the updates the number of times you could vote was limited, because then I feel like I kind of have to vote since that is the maximum, but now with the endless limit of voting it is kind of boring for me (one quick suggestion, it’s not very important, but it’s so cool seeing all the people for the challenges, so could you do a little bit more variety of people and where they are from? hehe thanks). ~ Thank you♥️love this game.Version: 1.6.2

A DECORATORS DELIGHTBut the 4 star is for the voting. While I play for the fun and can hope I earn votes for my designs, I am finding it harder and harder to vote because so few have creative design and always at the top are the boring black, gray, whites...I.E.-A play center for kindergarten kids and the winner was black and gray. UGH. What child opens a door to that color room and feels stimulated??? And a traditional kitchen for Grandma-top winner-purple, black and gray. Um, that’s traditional for Grandma??? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ And a recent challenge-Decorate a cool and unique room for a man from Spain, covered in Tattoos-The lead design-Black, white, Second lead-Pink, Teal and Cotton Candy walls...🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 UPDATE to 5 stars because this app is the BEST for fun and creativity! And the voting will just be what it is, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Have fun, imagine and then design!!! Love the daily challenges and the duels!! Interesting to see what others create and so much can be learned for real life design!! It would be fun to have a free play where there are a few different scenarios each week to practice and play around with without submitting for voting, that would help pass the time between challenges and give ample opportunity to hone the skill of design. Otherwise, bring on more daily challenges and duels, I can handle them!!! 😊🥰😊.Version: 1.6.4

Charging for extra without recourseBack when I was playing this game, I fell in love with it. I made a lot of purchases without keeping track and suspected extra items were being tacked on, but since I wasn’t keeping track, I could not prove it. I decided to not use the app for a full 24hrs and then purchase two items and as I suspected, they tacked on a third. I contacted them and they said they couldn’t refund me and I had to contact Apple. I did and they refunded me. I loved this app so much I decided to keep using thinking that if this happened again, I could just get a refund. Nope. I suppose the first one is merely a courtesy refund and they assume all subsequent requests are fraudulent so they refused to refund me when it happened again. I deleted the app when I realized I would not get another fraudulent charge back and ANOTHER fraudulent charge came through 24hrs after I deleted my app. Apple even refused to refund that. So, I deleted all payment info from Apple (this game’s items are the only media I have ever purchased) and will never purchase another app or its items from Apple again. I decided not to have my Apple ID locked for challenging a couple of dollars with my bank. I will also never use this app again which is a shame because I did love it. Please pay attention to what you purchase and look at your receipts and ensure they match. They are making off like bandits with people’s money and then refusing to refund them..Version: 1.6.2

Voting makes no senseI love this game is really fun and I’ve played everyday since I downloaded it. I don’t mind paying for things in a game so I’ve bought some stars and gold. If you want some of the nicer items you will end up buying stars, and some of the challenges have a group of items that are all locked. But I have gotten a 1st with only the free unlocks. The game really is worth paying for, it is so well designed and way better than the other decor games, and they seem to add new items pretty regularly. The seasons are fun so you can win special items. Voting is fun to see all the other designers. I’m giving it 4 stars though because of the voting it is really unclear. The ranks on the challenges must have some other factors and I don’t think the voting is against the group you are in which is confusing. If it has something to do with the colors on the items it would be great to explain what the colors even mean, it isn’t one faq. They don’t go in the order of the unlocks, so maybe it just puts you in another level of voting. The designs in my groups have gotten better over time which is fun. But some of the wins have garish designs, I guess the voters just make weird choices, how can you vote up a design for an outside deck with carpet? I think the voters just rush through the voting for the reward without considering all the factors. I really just want to know what the item colors mean it should be in the faq..Version: 1.4.5

Tap into your inner designerLove being able to try different combinations of design elements. It’s a little frustrating that more options can’t be unlocked for less “star coins”. I usually never spend money to play games but decided to pay the $5 for a SeasonPass that gives you more choices and daily bonuses are bigger than if you’re playing for free. I still don’t earn more star coins to open more options. Also frustrating is that other players obviously don’t read and follow the challenges and when they vote on their favorite they don’t consider the challenge parameters. For example, one challenge was to design an area of the parents bedroom for a baby. They wanted the crib and furnishings around it to NOT look like a nursery. The winner of that challenge used all kinds of cutesy baby stuff. I guess the idea is to just design what makes you happy but it’s hard to not care that you’re being compared to others. You’ll always be in the top 10 anyway. I still don’t understand how to get a 5 star rating....the voting system doesn’t make sense. I’ll keep playing for awhile but I’m starting to see repeats of previous challenges. I enjoy it but it won’t be a forever favorite..Version: 1.6.0

Lots of funI really enjoy this game! The prompts are always interesting and while I agree that more challenges a day would be great, I also understand it probably takes a lot of time to put those together. Also, all that between time allows me to do more voting and get more “money” so that I can actually “buy” items when I do decorate. The only reason I’m not giving this five stars is the rating system. At the beginning of each challenge there’s a mini prompt where you’re told what the “buyer” wants....but I’ve found people can win first place even if they’ve completely disregarded the prompts. I get it might be more of a guideline, but all games grow boring eventually if there aren’t rules that are followed. Trying to create the best room off those prompts is the real challenge, yet it ends up not mattering. I think an easy fix to this would just be a quick reminder of what the prompt was to people before they vote. Like just a quick pop up that refreshes “they wanted a gothic room with wood flooring etc etc”. Everyone’s tastes are different so the voting will still be fair and up in the air, BUT there’s a clear perimeter voters are being asked to take into account. It gets frustrating seeing rooms that didn’t follow the prompt even a little bit beating out ones that clearly did, even when it’s not mine..Version: 1.3.4

Love this app!! But...I don’t remember how I came across this app.. but I’m glad I did! I am by no means an “interior designer”, actually far from- but it’s still fun!! It’s actually quite addicting from my experience. I play everyday because it’s exciting. I’m so invested in seeing what people rate my designs after I submit them. I do wish they had more challenges. I know you can get more with the season pass but I’m certainly not spending money on a game... just a personal thing. If I had any constructive criticism is for them it would be to add more challenges for the people who are addicted- lol. Also, I’m on level 60 (I think) and I still don’t have most decor items unlocked which is annoying. I understand it keeps people playing so that they can unlock it but it takes so long!! I’ve been playing steady for a couple months and still haven’t unlocked them- I’d just like more options! Also, I wish there were other ways to earn coins so I can unlock packages rather than buying them. It takes such a long time to get enough to get a package. I do redesigns on each challenge & it still takes forever. But I suppose people who are pros and win first place can gain access to anything on the game haha. Although, I’ve seen a lot of really good designs get last place & some really poor designs get first. I guess that’s a downside of having a wide selection of people voting on a design!.Version: 1.5.2

Fun but results take a bit too long...I like this game but I feel that 24 hrs is too ling to wait for results. 12 hrs would be correct. 24 hrs gives people to much time to wait to decide to design and make a redesign. You shouldn’t have to wait until the next day to see results. It make the game very slow waiting days and days to see results when you offer up 4-6 designs a day. Other thing that needs to be fully explained is the voting system and how what you spend actually effects the final vote. The explanation for these subjects that are given by the creators is very vague. The next issue is when you buy a box of items you definitely need to be able to pick your 3 items...this just makes absolutely no sense at all since you are paying with tokens you have earned. Also, why is it that only very neutral colored designs get top votes? If you use bright colors or design anything out of the box you will always end up on the bottom in the votes...this is 100% a fact. Over all this is a fun competition game but voting results are just way too slow guys, and a lot of issues need to be addressed to make the game more enjoyable..Version: 1.3.1

Loved; but now it glitchesI really love design and color concept. This game allows me to embrace the passion without needing to break my bank. I’ve been enjoying it for weeks and voting on other designers work. Even earned a 5 star rate 3 times! Love it! But now my game is glitching. I had over 14,000 dollars and game glitches and I went down to under 3,000. Or it will say unable to review results (voting) or error for submitting my design. Also if I’m purchasing it should ask if I confirm the purchase. Accidentally tapping the wrong thing happens with large thumbs- just FYI. Also when voting - which I do in order to earn my bonus and see other design ideas- I don’t believe the vote system is always fair. Sometimes I have noticed I’m voting on the concept multiple times. And if a design request such has nature theme or use of Spanish traditional color scheme, then that should be account d for in voting. Recently did a design for a bathroom that had to have something red. Most submitted works did- but there were about 4/5 with zero red in their design and it isn’t fair to others who have purchased their design props. Well, anyway thank you for listening to my suggestions and please fix the glitch bug..Version: 1.1.7

Underwhelming and DisappointingI ended up deleting the app. It’s impossible to play this and have fun without spending money. My main two complaints with this game are: 1) the limited options available are usually bad/tacky. ie) The “client“ says they want geometric pillows and the rest of the Decor in the room revolves around this request. The three patterns you will have to choose from are often terrible. Any other aspects of the room such as wallpaper that could possibly look halfway decent with these pillows which are atrocities are “locked“. Guess what, you basically have to spend money to unlock all the things that look nice. 2) The people who are voting on your room compared to other peoples rooms either have horrible taste or no clue about what specific decorative styles are supposed to be like. ie) I participated in a challenge which was supposed to be decorating a shabby chic bedroom. Rooms are ranked from 1st to 10th Place. The first top five rooms all had a bunch of black decorative items in the room. Nowhere in shabby chic Decor does the color black fit in. Another challenge was to decorate a reading nook in a vintage style. One of the top three winners had a giant mural wall covered in text that said “rules are made to be broken”....😒😒😒 NOT. Vintage. Sooo basically the game is ridiculous ands waste of time with dentist office/Home Goods art along with a large amount of other terrible decorative choices.Version: 1.6.0

Amazing game!It’s so rare to actually find games like this. First of all, I appreciate the way that the game is not just an “ad machine” that gives you a 30+ second ads every minute. Yes, there are in app purchases but the game is very playable without paying any money. I have only been play about two weeks and have won first place many times without buying anything so the game isn’t rigged like other people have said. Once you figure out a style that other players are more likely to vote on, it’s quite easy to place in the top 3. The voting system is fun and I personally take careful consideration over which one I like more but I realize many players may not play that way. Aside from the first few days I played, I haven’t had any problem earning money in the game. I think the developers made it extremely fair the way you can buy things with star tokens and the rate at which you earn them. There have been a few times I wished I could have unlocked something instantly but they make it reasonable. They could have made it impossible to win or give us tons of ads like a lot of other developers do these days. Overall it’s a very fun game!.Version: 1.4.6

Really enjoy design!I’ve been playing this game and participating in the design competitions for about a month. The game is enjoyable, relaxing and sometimes even challenging. Unfortunately, I still find it very expensive. Also, I really don’t understand why the design guidelines provided by the client and customer at the start of a design are not mandatory in the judging? That makes no sense! Isn’t the ultimate goal of a designer to please the client! I suspect a client who got an ultra modern black, red and white room when they requested a room that was light, bright, breezy and reflective of the seashore would not be happy or a male client who requests an industrial bathroom and he gets vintage tile and pink wallpapers . If I were either of those clients, I wouldn’t pay if I wasn’t getting what I requested. If the judging is going to be fair every request of the customer needs to be addressed in the top 10 designs. If the guidelines aren’t applied to the design the designer should have the opportunity to submit another design or be disqualified from the judging. Finally, who is doing the judging and are there any rules in place to prevent cheating in the judging?.Version: 1.3.1

Ok but priceyThis game is fun but it is impossible to get the good decor items unless you pay a ton of money. It takes forever to earn stars to unlock new items and so many gold bars to pay for a lot of unlocked items. I can maybe get one new item a day for free which can really limit your options when you have only a few things the client approved and you can maybe afford one or two. You should be able to buy gold with money because that is easier to earn. They should also give you more stars and gold for playing. My other issue is just the taste level of my fellow voters. Most of the time the rankings are reasonable, but once in a while I think people are honestly voting for the ugliest designs as a joke. Or I guess some people just really love giant sunflowers and the color brown. You can’t take it too seriously because what is considered good design by magazine / architecture standards does not matter here. I agree with other reviews also that no one bothers with the brief. I stopped following it also because there is no point. So - I think it is fun but I almost wish there was a non-voting aspect where you could just do designs. Other people could see them and comment but no votes. And it would be way better if you could unlock more items each day..Version: 1.6.0

Don’t get sucked inThis game ~technically~ provides an avenue for players to earn in-game currency without spending any real life money, and the developers are quick to point this out, but as many other reviews have highlighted, the rate at which you can earn free in-game currency doesn’t even come close to allowing you to play competitively. You need to sink a bunch of money into this game to have any fun, and that’s just the bottom line. Even when I caved and bought some tokens (with real money) to unlock new items, I thought I would be unlocking a whole new set, but it turns out that I could only unlock 3 items within the set, and I didn’t get to choose which ones. And that was only to unlock them. I still had to buy them with in-game currency to actually put them to use. I admit that this game is very aesthetically pleasing and starts out as a relaxing way to pass the time, but it will quickly force you to either spend money, or quit out of frustration. Furthermore, I don’t expect the developers to do anything about this, because I know that this game’s fatal flaw is by design. It’s a trap to get people to spend money and they will never adjust the absurdly slow rate at which you earn in-game currency for free. I would far prefer a game that costs anywhere between 5-10 dollars in the App Store, and then required no in-app purchases to actually have fun after the initial cost..Version: 1.0.9

Greed ruins itI spent $35 ($25 on coins then $10 on a season pass) on this game today and unlocked 3 or 4 things. I tried to design under the season pass and guess what? Less than 5 minutes after spending $25 on coins, I need to buy more coins if I want to decorate a room under the season pass category! After spending $10 to design under the season pass I cannot decorate ANYTHING unless I spend more money! Plus, when you PAY to unlock an item you might have to pay multiple times to get the specific item you want! You get three items in that category, but not the one you clicked on most of the time! That is just greedy and abusive. The game is great, the greed behind it is horrible! I’m willing to pay some. I’d be willing to pay quite a bit to just let me play without asking for more money every 10 minutes. Even when you “buy” items you still have to pay for them when you design. Of course, if I’m doing something wrong, how would I know? There are NO instructions, no tutorial, no way to figure stuff out if you just do not know. It isn’t difficult to just play, but it is frustrating to not have anywhere within the game to find answers to questions. All and all I’m more frustrated than having fun..Version: 1.1.1

GlitchyI love this game but there are a lot of glitches with it. It, at times, freezes, it needs to reload. And I’ve spent too much money on this game so if you can’t consider a better way to earn more coins to get more designs I’ll eventually have to stop using the game, especially since it has so many glitches. I also wish the developers would add some basic game play info such as what the difference between earning stars and placement. How are each things totaled etc. I also wish ALL that of my design elements that I’ve purchased are available for all things all the time. I don’t like when you have just a few limited items to chose from on some pieces when I’ve already purchased a lot and the brief doesn’t necessarily specify just what’s available, It stifles creativity. I always try to stay with the brief. But you make that difficult at times. Not fair. I would also like to know if you ever update your leaderboards? I now have 26 1st place wins under my belt but I see myself no where on the wins leaderboard. I realize most of what you do is to get more money. But don’t be too greedy because your players will eventually drop off if you can’t find some easier ways to earn more for more varied materials..Version: 1.2.3

The voting issue.“Redecor” is a game I have been playing for a while now. I find interior design-based games hard to find, so I thank you for this. I would give this a 5, but like many other reviews I’ve read, voting has seem to be a problem for many. I understand this would be a difficult issue to fix, as the score is in the hands of the voter, but a design that looks horrific being in the lead when I see others much better? I’m gonna be honest here, it’s pretty irritating. I get that some people just spam vote for the money, but it’s annoying when your design is so much better than that over-colored bedroom a preteen asked to be “simple and natural.” Generally, “Redecor” is a fun game that I enjoy, especially because I strive to be an interior designer myself. I think the game would be better if voting wasn’t as much of a pain. I have seen the “design duel” feature, which I enjoy doing, but slowly, it has started to become like the voting issue. Thank you for your time reading, and know that I definitely recommend this game. I am just stating the issue many people seem to be having, and hope for a solution from the developers. 👋.Version: 1.5.6

Great Game that Still Needs WorkThis game is a wonderful outlet for Home Decorators, with a few minor issues. You decorate the area that is given to you and upon completion your design is put into a group of nine other people (10 total in the group). You can see where the app randomly places you in your group. The person who has spent the most money on the design seems to have an advantage over the others in the group. Every vote the person gets raises their design value, as it also raises your value for every vote that you get. It seems the person who started with a lesser design dollar amount invested in the design needs to get more votes than the higher dollar room just to catch up with them. In case of a tie, the win goes to the highest design dollar amount. This is completely unfair in a free to play app. Dollar amount spent on the design should have absolutely no place in determining a winner. Every design should be shown to the exact same number of random voters. 6 months later..... there is definitely something hinky with the voting system. A lot of manipulation seems to be going on in the voting by the game developers. Also bonus awards over level 40 are not equal for every player. Bonus awards are being compared on Facebook and people who spend money are getting better bonus awards. There has got to be something illegal about this..Version: 1.5.8

Fun Exciting Interesting ChallengingIt's fun trying to meet requirements and challenges and be creative when you have limited resources compared to other players. I love to dabble in design, interior, garden, graphic, etc and this is a fun way to express that side of me. One thing Imwoukd like to see changed. When you an item you usually get 5 at a time. When I design, I like to ‘try out’ different combos of textures, colors, etc. If it is an item I own and I choose it, it automatically deducts the item from my inventory. However, I may decide not to use it. Please make it so we can deselect it or to not take it out of inventory until we complete the design. Sometimes an item looks different in shade or color once applied to a design. Not being able to change to another item without losing your already purchased item is disappointing. Also, it would be tremendous if we could have a color wheel or the ability to change saturation of colors so we can have more options when matching/contrasting colors for our themes and designs. Sometimes there just isn't the right shade or hue if blue or green that perfectly compliments the rest of a design and you have to start over with your plan. Thank you for an amazing app. I look forward to more challenges and more choices for colors..Version: 1.6.0

Mixed feelingsFor the most part I find this game quite enjoyable. I decided to check it out because I am soon going to be redoing my bathroom and I like being able to see different combinations of design together with just a few clicks. However it would be nice to see more than 2 at a time. But I didn't give 5 stars because this app also makes me mad. I've spent $15 to open some options. ($10 to purchase star coins - by the way there is no way to find out how many you have in the midst of a challenge unless you try to purchase something and don't have enough). So I clicked on an item I wanted to open. It cost star coins, which I purchased, to open 3 items in that category. Guess what? You don't get to choose which items! So I was given 3 new items, 2 of which I would never use, and NONE of the three were the item I had clicked on! And there is no option to go back and decline to purchase once you see what they picked for you. That's the last time I will purchase that crap shoot! Who in life says "I want more options, but I don't care what they are."? I guess I'll read some other reviews before I play further..Version: 1.5.8

Things To ConsiderRedecor should consider not maintaining multiple items under same color option for design —- it takes away from the artistry. There should also be more and extremely difficult designs showcasing other scenery for a fuller perspective. Another thing to consider is removing the ‘up close and personal’ designs as they are boring and lack-luster. More difficult, daring and fuller perspective designs with more OUTDOOR designs covering a broader area (without forced color/item scheme) would be a bonus. It also should be stated, just because a designer follows the instructions does not mean that the design is cohesive. A response as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not satisfactory when the “artistry” isn’t being judged by materials, complication and cohesion. The votes should also consider the complication of the design and its cohesiveness, the materials and their “expense value”. A basic followed design should not win over a design that is cohesive with luxurious materials that might have lacked in one area of the design, such as by using not-requested color choice. In the real world of design, complication, quality and cohesion is usually more appealing to the investor than the just basic design. In some cases, a luxurious and cohesive design is easier for an investor to become accustomed to over a basic design that the investor might have originally requested, depending on the purpose..Version: 1.6.7

Great game but what’s up with glitches??For the last 1-2 days I haven’t been able to play. It says error occurs when I try to submit my designs, and some room items/areas I choose to decorate say an error when loading the design options. I’ve forced out of the app and I’ve deleted and re-downloaded twice. It saves the items I buy, level, etc when I delete and re-download, but it submits my first design as a tutorial so I get 1st place but no rewards! If there are supposed to be rewards, I can’t see them. Then the second one I try has an error, so I have to delete it over again and I’m not getting anywhere!! Side note, the reviews for this game are way over reacting. Pay attention to the rules and tutorial and this game and you will have more creative freedom than any other of its kind! For the reviewers that complain about other players not sticking to the given brief - if it’s a necessity you stick to the brief then it will show a red colored dot on the area and give you a few select options. There are challenges that offer that, Other than that, you have freedom and can do what you want, stick to it or not. I like the freedom..Version: 1.4.3

Get this appRedecor is a beautifully designed app. Looks lifelike often. I am obsessed with this game. The only downside is waiting for rooms to decorate and people having much different taste than you doing the judging. If only we could be separated via a taste quiz or something cause some of these people be decorating like kohl’s or pier one and others a more modern and high end. It’s annoying to lose to stuff I think is hideous but whatever. it’s just a game I guess. Also love that it’s unique spaces like retail, dining and exteriors. That’s super fun. Love what you’re doing guys keep it up. Also I have some things that are locked even though I’ve used them in previous designs. As someone who has spent more than I’d like to admit of my own money this is v uncool so fix that? I really think there should be a chance to purchase things from previous seasons before I got the app. Maybe like for Christmas gifts? Also when I only have one or two items left to unlock its bogus that it costs the same as unlocking three. There should be a different system here. It feels like a rip off..Version: 1.5.8

Nice design game but...I have been playing this design game for a few months now and find it pretty enjoyable. There are a variety of rooms and perspective to choose from for designing. I especially enjoy the daily dual challenges as it’s fun to get results quickly and see what other designers like. What I find super annoying though are the star tokens. Earning them takes FOREVER!! Unlocking new and fun materials is linked directly to the star tokens. Once you decide to part with some precious star tokens to unlock something you actually unlock three varieties of the item- that would be great - except one of the items you then unlock SHOULD BE THE ONE PICTURED when you click/unlock it!!! I have spent star tokens to unlock an item just to not have that item even be one of the three! (Also, you then have to spend money to purchase the item after having spent your star tokens to do the unlock.) That just seems like false advertising or something and should NOT happen. I’ll keep playing for sure, but if this issue were resolved it would improve the experience overall - a lot!.Version: 1.6.8

Been pretty fun, but voting has changed negativelyI’ve really loved this game. I feel it’s the best interior design game app on any platform. I do feel patterns could be expanded, but you do have a wide variety to choose from. I also pay the $5 a month for the VIP subscription and feel it gives me enough gold and patterns/items to play pretty freely. My biggest complaint right now: they changed voting to relying 100% on player votes and since then it has seemed to go downhill on who wins and loses. I relatively held 1-3rd places before, and now it seems I come in 7th to last to designs that don’t seem to follow any color scheme or be cohesive in any way, shape or form. A few I have lost to are amazing—I 100% understand losing to them. But it seems that a lot of truly hideous designs are winning for no reason which is frustrating. It feels as if you put time and effort into a design, fulfilling the “client’s” wishes and keeping a cohesive, appealing design only to lose to a design with no pattern, color scheme, or theme at all. It’s making me want to quit playing. Every time you lose, your score goes down. I’ve gone from 4.45 stars to progressively lowering to 4.42 each design. I’ve honestly stopped opening the app as much out of disappointment..Version: 1.2.7

Good game but in game purchases are too expensiveThis game is addicting, and I’ll even admit that I’ve spent money on this game. The most money I’ve ever spent on any pay to play game. But I personally don’t understand the point of having to rebuy a subscription every season and it seems pointless to purchase unlike a single time purchase that gives you a lifetime sub. I spent about 25 dollars on this game and will admit it wasn’t very worth it, the prices for the coins is understandable assuming it would give you an insane leg up on other people if you could purchase large amounts for a low price. But the subscription to the season should at least be the one thing worth spending money on and doesn’t give you too much of an advantage against other players without having the skill to utilize your materials. And the recent update pushes the narrative even further for people who haven’t purchased the season subscription by not giving them rewards for every level up. Overall it’s a very good game and those are my only qualms with it, it’s very playable without spending money, but if you were to be interested enough to make an in-game purchase it’s something to consider. Unlike many other design games, Redecor is also easily navigable and very polished looking. One of my top 5 apps on my phone..Version: 1.6.3

Decor DelightI definitely enjoy this app immensely. I am not in anyway inclined to be a great decorator but there was some thing about it that attracted me to want to try. My first entry I won first place. Hooked! I am now on there every day whether it is to vote for other peoples designs or to create some of my own. I love the game and I love decorating which I didn’t know I did until I started playing. So far I’ve entered I think nine and placed in the top 10 every single time. The only thing I don’t like is that much of the decoration is in a purchased only. I’m not looking to spend money. They give you so much cash that you basically are pretty good for quite a while plus you earn money for decorating, winning, and just for signing up for the game. What upsets me I guess is that I can’t use 75% of the items that I would like to use becauseI have to unlock it with these star coins they give you. If I can only earn three stars per day or even per entry, how am I supposed to have enough to buy a set of pillows or a set of pretty carpets? Because these things take 2000*coins and I got about 27. I still think it’s worth playing but I’m not gonna spend a dime on the game. I just refuse. If I earn some thing from within the game that allows me to in app purchase, I will absolutely purchase but I’m not spending my money out of my bank account or on a credit card for a game. Not doing it. The game is great though so I would suggest trying’s a lot of fun..Version: 1.2.8

Best Interior Design Game On The Market, but Could Use Some AdjustmentsDon’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this game. The design portion is very realistic, there are so many options to choose from, and you don’t have to go through a bunch of mini games or a ton of ads to play the game. That’s why I gave it 5 stars. It is seriously the best interior design gaming app on the market. However, I would like to suggest some adjustments to the game. One being that it would be nice to be able to do multiple redesigns, maybe 3-5 instead of just one. Maybe even with a choice not to have them judged by the other players? Like just redesigns for fun. And secondly, I get that there has to be some time restraints on the challenges, however I have missed several by just an hour. It’d be nice to be able to access all challenges that were given within 24 hours. I understand they take time to create, and having a background in 3D design myself I know that applying all the different possible textiles and shadings and fixing any bugs is very time consuming, however I feel like the room designs would feel more worth their making if they were available to design for a longer period of time. Overall, this app is great and I don’t see myself quitting or deleting the app any time soon. It’s really amazing..Version: 1.4.5

Love this game but....I really do enjoy this game and this is my second season. I purchase the pass but this game gets quite expensive when you have to constantly buy tokens and gold to get materials that you want. The money that you get for voting and daily tasks becomes practically worthless after so much is accumulated. There needs to be more ways to earn gold and tokens. Also I am at level 41 and the only bonus given after 30 is money. What a bummer. It should be gold, tokens, or materials. Also when one purchases the season pass it should include unlocks and materials. If a client picks materials they all should be unlocked. Sometimes there is nothing to work with that matches. I don’t mind spending for a season pass and some materials, but when I becomes too expensive it is no longer fun. Also when people do their designs and vote I wish they would consider what the client asks for. I doubt any man would want a bright pink bathroom. When it is for a young person that requests bright and trendy I see designs that my grandmother would like. I have seen a kitchen with bright green cabinets, blue refrigerator and orange dishes get a high vote. Today I had a design that wasn’t ranking that well and decided to redesign. I repeated the same design that the first place was winning with. Her’s got a 1st place with 4.84 and mine got an 8th place at 4.26. It was exactly the same design..Version: 1.6.7

What happened?!I’ve been playing this game for sometime and have absolutely loved it! Playing it both in “season pass” mode and in the free version I’ve found it equally enjoyable because you had the ability to gain side-by-side prizes as you went up a level of prizes, even though it was obvious that the free ones weren’t as ‘high end’ or premium, but that’s fine, that’s the point of paying for the Pass. HOWEVER, now with the newer updates IF you don’t buy the “season pass“ (which is by the way $499 EVERY month) you only have the ability to win a prize Every 3 to 4 levels! This is a severe disadvantage To anyone who wishes to play the game free. They don’t have nearly as many of the season’s specialty items and therefore will not have as high of a chance of winning game challenges in general, and if you don’t get first place you don’t win boxes of materials, therefore putting you in position of having to buy more items - bottom line, more real money. I feel that at a time most people are going through financial difficulty, the developers of this game have put themselves in a position of demanding more money than Ever out of their players. How sad! As this game is being touted as a stress reliever! I would want to give this game five stars as the design is beautiful and gameplay is fun, but it seems to be going in the wrong direction... :(.Version: 1.6.3

I love this app..I found Redecor by accident and loved the idea immediately. I’ve tried other design apps... they were awful in comparison. Redecor is fun, easy and yeah... addictive. But, you can play and do well without spending money which in this hellish year is really necessary for a lot of folks. I’ll admit that I have spent real money on this app though, it’s the only one I support like that. Yes of course things glitch once in a while but what game doesn’t have some glitches? But the Redecor people seem to really care about the game and their players... so even though I wish there were more challenges or materials etc., I’m ok waiting on new features. I love the “back stories” for the designs and the fact that the designs are voted on by real people who play the game. It’s just a lot of fun to play “decorator” for a while, even if you aren’t one in real life. Seeing what other people create with similar materials... sometimes it’s just amazingly beautiful and completely different from anything you’d think to do. It’s inspiring me for my own game designs. Thank you for this wonderful game!.Version: 1.5.8

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Love, love, love ❤️This game I’m absolutely in love with. The spaces you design are so realistic, the materials you can use and buy are stunning. The only downside of this game is that you don’t win anything other than gold coins if you come second or third, you unlock items when you come first. It would be really cool if you won small items for coming second or third. Otherwise this is my favourite thing for the whole of 2020 ⭐️.Version: 1.4.4

Yes!I was another user who wrote a scathing review back in the day with regards to upgrades and unfair changes to longtime playing and paying members. Like a spoilt child, I now have my favourite toy back, it’s a little different in some ways but still fun and relaxing to play. A few technical glitches with the most recent upgrade where game freezes or won’t load mid game but I’m sure they’ll be ironed out at some point. Not a 5-star rating yet but definitely getting there. Thank you for listening to all our dummy-spits.Version: 1.1.7

FAILThis app used to be good but they have changed it so many times that my interest is just about lost. What used to be a good game has now turned into a fail. There’s higher rewards for some players, meaning those with a lesser reward have no way to properly maintain their cash flow despite it previously overflowing. Can’t see how they can claim to be a “fair” game when some players receive almost double the rewards of others. This needs to be addressed ASAP and you need to up the rewards again. This is becoming a joke! *edit to add response to developer* That is a blatant lie. When I wrote this review (almost three months ago) some players were chosen BY YOU to receive twice the daily gold and it was acknowledged BY YOU that you were testing it out. You then changed it to a different selection of players that were getting more cash per design, again acknowledged BY YOU that it was due to you testing things out. Don’t try to patronise me by telling me it was another app. I would post on your Facebook group to get confirmation from other players that my statement is in fact correct, but we all know you won’t approve the post..Version: 1.2.7

Could be betterI amenjoying this addictive app. But the longer I play the more dissatisfied I am becoming. People are winning challenges without using specified items. People are voting just because they like the look even if the specified items aren’t there. When the directive is to use geometric designs and the winner has all plain carpets and fabrics, it puts you off playing. Having said all that, love playing with colour combos great for the creative mind.Version: 1.6.8

Love it, but....I love the game, but it is a bit frustrating that you have to spend real money to have access to more variety. Sometimes I can’t even do a challenge because I haven’t got the required materials. Winning a design challenge is also a bit more difficult if you only have basic stuff available. And why do I have to buy 5 of the same stuff when I only need one? Should have the option for one or multiple buys. Oh well.... I will just delete when I run out of money 😔.Version: 1.4.0

Why would you change a perfectly good gameI LOVEDDDDD this game, it was amazing. However, when the initial update came where you then had to ‘unlock’ materials I was incredibly displeased, especially given all items I had previously purchased were gone, nevertheless I tried to stick with it. But, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the developer decided to ‘update’ the game yet again, and as far as I can tell, changed virtually NOTHING, and I have yet again lost every material I had bought. This game was absolutely amazing initially, however now it is just a money grabbing unsatisfying and terribly designed app. The developers should go back to the initial system which was actually fun and satisfying..Version: 1.0.3

Very very good, just 1 problem...I love this game!! It is a great game for creativity. I just really wish that you could delete a design that you really don’t like and you could search up people because I have a couple of friends that also have this game. I would really appreciate if you could put that in the new update (also maybe could you make a sign in thing so you can make a couple of accounts so you can delete your old account and start new?)! Other than that this is a great game and I love how you don’t need to play mini games to earn money and this game let’s you use your creativity and imagination! Keep up the great work! :).Version: 1.2.5

Impossible to get in the top 100I have been playing this game for a lot of seasons and love the game but there is nothing to look forward to with wins because of so many people getting away with holding back collecting and do it when new seasons start. New season starting 2 days ago and the winner in 1st place has 67 wins it is so unfair to the loyal players especially when we put a lot of our own money in.😡🤬.Version: 1.6.2

Great, addictiveThis is an addictive and great app if you love interior design. There are a couple of things that could be better such as the app designers keep changing things and they recently took all your inventory so you basically had to start again. Also it would be great to have a format that shows how many first, second and third places not just 1st. Great rooms, stories and products. 👍😊.Version: 1.0.5

Could this be the new big game of 2020?I recently downloaded this app and have had a lot of fun on it! You do however have to spend a lot of money on in-app purchases to fill the rooms and with COVID19 I don’t have much money to spend these days, however I do have a lot of time on my hands. I have read many other reviews - the developer seems to comment that you need to ‘vote’, ‘win challenges’ or ‘buy less expensive items’. Most items cost upwards of 1000 coins, each time you vote you earn just 75 coins. To win rooms you often need to buy the more expensive materials, even then you do not win a lot of money. As I understand developers say that they are still building this app, I would suggest being able to earn more money. This would certainly make me want to use this app more often. I would still happily pay for in app purchases if I felt as though I was actually getting my monies worth. I genuinely think this app could be the new ‘Sims’ of 2020 (design and decor version of course) if playing was not so expensive. Looking forward to seeing some improvements, when this happens I will certainly recommend this app to all my friends, family and social media followers..Version: 1.0.6

Lost everythingI am having lots of issues with this game . I then noticed it keeps saying , sorry technical issues , come back later . I just open the game and I seem to have lost everything , all my challenges are gone . It is now saying please start your first challenge ? , when I know I had already done over 80 challenges . I had already paid for the season pass and now it is acting like I have just downloaded the game and asking for me to pay again ? Have not been contacted by anyone ?.Version: 1.1.3

Looking for Your Money at Every TurnThis game gets worse by the update. I tolerated the change where your materials are used across multiple sections, so you have to keep buying and buying because they run out so quickly - not to mention losing access to most of the materials you loved, then the layout change that meant you had to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the materials you want, and then the change that meant you now either have to earn new items at a snail’s pace by winning first place, save up for weeks to buy like 10 items using silver coins, or fork out loads of actual money to buy packs, but NOW you cannot spend gold on your Season Pass - you have to pay $7+ each time?! You’re kidding me. Was genuinely the only reason I came back, looking forward to the new materials. I’m done. Thanks.....Version: 1.1.5

Four star review.I downloaded this game at the beginning to keep myself entertained during COVID isolation. I really enjoy the game as a whole, I thoroughly enjoy the continuous rooms that become available across a day which allows you to login regularly to design without doing them all at once. I find the 1st place winnings generous, the seasons materials and variety of decor colours & patterns fun & engaging. If I could suggest anything I would suggest shortening seasons to a monthly time frame as I always find myself completing it early & having to wait weeks for the next season. I love there are no ads or lag. Sometimes unlocking materials can be time consuming if you are saving coins through application & not wanting to spend money on the application but otherwise happy overall..Version: 1.3.0

Fix bugs!Hi I’ve been playing for ages now, and the bugs nowadays are so bad. I just decorated two different designs and now they’re coming up as a loyally different design with different colours used. I cannot look at a design I did ages ago without it taking me back up to my most recent designs. And anytime I buy a new surface or fabric ect it disappears and I have to close the app to be able to see it again, I enjoy this game a lot. And it would be much appreciated if you could fix these bugs for me..Version: 1.4.3

I feel uncomfortableBefore I used to touch my design and I could see straight away where I was positioned and then the rest. Now it goes straight to the first second third. I like to know my position first and then the rest just like you had it a few days ago. Also when we win gold and you give us a box of items, you give us the same items and not the nice items. You may give one nice item but the rest are not the ones I would chose. Also too many items require gold. I would suggest that if we come first you give us the choice to chose 5 new items of our choice from the complete range of all your products. Also the third and second places should get ok 100 gold and 300 gold respectively but unlocking 1 item of their choice as well. I know my friends are angry and frustrated with the locked items and the fact that your boxes don’t have nice things inside. Thank you.Version: 1.0.5

Took my money, glitched and didn’t get the items I paid forAs the title says, the game keeps glitching really badly to the point I spent $8.00 for some gold and as I retrieved the gold and began to spend some on items (2000 gold when I bought 7500 so not even all of it), it glitched and when I went back in to it, all the gold I bought had disappeared and the items I had bought had disappeared too like the transaction never happened yet the money has been taken out of my account!!! The only reason I am leaving a review is because this keeps happening and you do not provide an actual way of contacting your support unless it’s through the “mail” app which I don’t use...? So I’d really appreciate a response through here thanks. May not be much money that I lost but certainly not the point..Version: 1.1.7

Money GrabbingThis game has the potential to be one of the best. Indeed it’s great to play while you have money (real money) to spend. After that you have no hope of getting anywhere- the many in-app purchases are too expensive and the winnings awarded are too low. I lost about $50-$60 in about 1.5 weeks. Be warned about the season pass - $14+ and the season is limited- I got 3 days out of the season pass I got as there was no clear warning that the season was about to end. Yes, I complained - I got no response that acknowledged the issue. Just general waffle about them working on problems..Version: 1.1.7

Great, but...I love this app; great quality imagery + inventory to choose from! However, I'm not impressed with their method of revenue raising in the form of not allowing users to select specific items in the inventory. Rather, it is a lucky dip method where most times, you end up with decor inventory that is hideous and won’t be used. The area where this is not ethical is that most users have to purchase these items using their own money or laboriously earned stars which accumulate VERY slowly. All in all, a great app but definitely with some room for improvement..Version: 1.5.1

This game is definitely worth gettingI love this game so much it’s one of my favourites. One of the good things about it is you earn lots of money quickly so you never end up having to spend real money for more of the game’s money. I was looking for an app like this but there were always reviews saying it’s too expensive and I finally found this app with none of them! (After the update) If your like me this app is definitely worth getting. One thing I will say though is it says you get to design all this stuff but your really just changing the colours. Still worth getting though. I hope people read this review and get the app because it’s really good.Version: 1.2.5

Sadly it feels like a money grabbing schemePlus side - projects and material collections are nice, beautifully organised with great looking results Minus - A lot of materials are locked. After first few purchases you will run out of gold, and there is no way to gather enough other than buying ( yep, real money, not cheap at all) No transparency on how experience unlocks materials or what few materials get unlocked with purchase:))))) Still some fun can be had with patience, but a little less greed could have gone a long way for the developers. Quick update on the transparency issue 1. voting system is BS - you only rank as high as you have spent, take a look at the 10 first places :))) Yep, I fell for it myself:/ So, as developer suggested, stop winging about how expensive it is - make money by voting :P and keep waiting for the stars. It is just as in life, what is your complaint ? ;) 2. Just paid for season pass and the app just crashed, all fun. I’ll stick to my rating, a game is supposed to be fun..Version: 1.0.3

🤩Finally An Incredible Interior Design App! 🥳I only downloaded this a week ago, and I’m already hooked. This isn’t some sort of trashy design game where you have to pay real money for the good stuff, or watch a trillion ads (on that, there actually are no ads whatsoever).You also don’t have to do any candy crush style games before hand You can be super creative and it keeps you busy for hours! This has made me super interested in interior design - thank you so much Developers, you have unleashed a new passion of mine! If you want a good quality, creative, super fun and overall amazing interior design app, Redecor is the one to download!.Version: 1.5.9

Very fun but too $$$This is exactly the type and style of game I would love to spend time playing. The graphics are mint and the styles are realistic..however it is not sustainable to keep repurchasing all the items you have bought over and over again with only a few times to use them, especially while there are soooo many options that are locked and unusable and your mostly forced to pay lots of money to be able to use any decent designs. Please allow us to keep each of the items we purchase indefinitely and keep using so we can keep levelling up more..Version: 1.5.8

Game is slowly getting worseI first started playing this game a year ago. Absolutely amazing game back then! There were many more materials and varieties of them. No need to unlock them with tokens either. You would get money no matter what place you got and the season pass cost virtual currency. Now, I’m not too sure what has happened either then the fact that money got to their heads. Most of the materials and varieties were removed from the game, the season pass cost real life money now and you were barely rewarded if you got any place under 2nd. I dislike how you have to unlock most materials with tokens now, Not to mention that there isn’t as many as before. When the update came out, all your materials that you brought were gone from your inventory, even the ones that were still in the game. Don’t get me wrong the game is still addictive but it was much better before this huge update. Very disappointing. Just today, my battle pass levels weren’t going up even though it said I had leveled up. I’ve been stuck on 13 even though when I claim my challenge prize it says I’m on 15. Please make the game good again..Version: 1.3.7

Amazing!I LOVE this game. It’s very easy to use, and I love that new items open up fairly regularly. My only critiques are •there are so few challenges a day, I would like to see more •I would like more redesign options if there aren’t more challenges added •only 4 star tokens per entry is fairly low for the amount of items to be collected •there’s hardly a chance to unlock new design options when you’re only making 4 tokens a game •no rewards unless you become first place, which makes it hard to progress All in all this is my favourite game and I just want more challenges, and more ways to progress through the game. The game should be way more interactive than it currently is to get the best user experience. You would have more participants if the game were busier and you got more reward for playing..Version: 1.3.8

Ok app if you don’t care about the competitionsI’ve given up on trying to win competitions and duels on this app, as there is absolutely no way to make sense of the results. I just design rooms that I like, and try to stick to the brief, and pay no attention to what my results are. This works perfectly for me. I refuse to pay my own real money, and am still pretty disappointed you can no longer save up the gold coins to pay for the season pass. I find I use pretty much the same/similar materials and products each time, so my aesthetic is consistent. The results widely vary. Some days I’m sitting in the top 3, and others I’m coming in last. It’s so weird. I also find the duels odd. Obviously the designs aren’t competing against each other. I submitted one today and got the results back immediately. No way anyone could have judged in that time. Not sure it’s clear how that’s working..Version: 1.6.7

Best app I’ve ever hadThis app is such high quality. I have been playing for perhaps three months, and it has genuinely given me some ideas for our new home we are currently renovating. There is an incredible range of materials to use for designs. It is very easy to earn cash to spend, and gold to buy luxury items, and coins to unlock further materials. I really can not rate this app highly enough. I’m well and truly addicted, and it brings me a lot of joy. Thank you for providing such a fantastic app that delivers exactly as advertised. Buy this, you won’t regret it..Version: 1.5.8

Needs workAs much as I really enjoy this game, I feel like the recent update has kind of made it more of a struggle. A lot of the other reviews have pointed out flaws in the old voting system and ranking and all, but I feel like that worked quite well in comparison to how it is now. You don't get rewards unless you place first, which is a lot harder to do now. But there seems to be less way to actually get cash. Voting is great but it's frustrating that your rewards are 375 until you've voted ten times, and then way down to 75. Theres overall way less way to make cash and I feel like it's making the game a lot less relaxing than before. Also, it's gotten REALLY slow. Like virtually unplayable. It takes ages to be able to purchase an item and often glitches and buys twice the amount I need, if it purchases at all. Submitting might take over an hour ( my internet is fine and there is plenty of storage on my phone). It's really frustrating that a game which used to be so cool has gotten way less enjoyable..Version: 1.1.2

AWESOME APP!😍🤩I honestly think that this app is amazing! I only got it a week ago and I am already obsessed and addicted! It is great for when being in Quarantine and at home. It’s a great app for imagination and creativity. One of the great things about this app, is that you start off with a heap of money to design rooms. But one of the downsides are that you cannot create your own furniture or put your own furniture into the designs. You can only select the colour of the furniture, which is fine but would be better if you are able to select your own furniture. Also with Redecor, you are able to vote on other peoples designs and people are able to vote on your own designs! This app is one of the best apps I have downloaded during the COVID-19 stay at home break..Version: 1.2.1

Best game everI’ve only been playing for two weeks and I didn’t know I loved interior design but I am addicted. I’ve tried most of the other decorating games that involve a match 3 or similar but soon tire. I love the design challenges and different scenarios and the sometimes limited choice of materials adds to the challenge. I love seeing what other players come up with. It’s really changed how I look at rooms now. Thanks for this game..Version: 1.6.3

Great gameGreat way to relax at the end of a day, no annoying ads, easy to play even if you choose not to spend real money as you earn game money and help other game players at the same time. Just a suggestion, could we please have the option to arrange our completed redecorations the way we like to see them as there’s no order to them, and also it would be really helpful if we could still redecorate in a low signal area and then our completed projects would just load up when we came into internet range again, as not everyone lives where there is good internet signal. Otherwise, many thanks for such a fabulous game, and I’ve already personally recommended it to people I know..Version: 1.5.8

Rigged to encourage spending moneyI am concerned that the votes go your way after you have spent money on a design. Also with the duel your design can be the same but your votes are low. With the latest design it sat at 84% to 14% and stayed at that way for the entire 2 hours of voting. I really love the game but it is a huge let down when the designs winning are not meeting the brief for the rooms. It’s like people are just choosing to get the coins etc and not really looking at what has been designed. Will delete app if doesn’t improve..Version: 1.5.9

Great game but a slight bug for meSo I started playing this not long ago and find it super relaxing! I love decorating in general so it’s nice to do in a game too. My only pet peeve and the only reason I didn’t 5star it, is that before you start a challenge, it gives you a brief of what the person/s would like, and how the room should look, and also the use of materials. For example; boho, natural woods, cool colours or whatever. Now I’ve been doing this, then doing terribly in the voting because everyone’s just doing what the hell they like as far as designs go or colours, and there’s no link to the description! So I guess what I’m saying is..what is the point in that part if it’s never followed by most people? There should be an actual requirement, such as they’ve used a boho style rug or cushion, or they’ve used natural wood (for example) and they can then submit it. That might just be me being fussy, but it does seem silly really. If it’s not something to be followed, then maybe remove the challenge description and let people loose as normal..Version: 1.6.7

Glitchy new updateThe new update from two days ago is super glitchy. I’ve purchased multiple items that I have been charged for, but then they don’t show up in my inventory. When I got to purchase a 1,400 item (again) and it says I have 5,300 in my account, then tells me I need 3,945 to purchase that item. I’ve also tried to redeem daily gifts but the screen glitches, tells me to reload view, and then the reward is gone but my bank hasn’t been updated. I have spent money before but won’t now because I’m nervous I will be charged but the amount won’t be reflected. This is basically unworkable now, very disappointing..Version: 1.1.7

Going downhill season by seasonI used to really love this game. You could have even called me obsessed. I had 3 accounts, each of which I bought a season pass for as well as occasional token/gold packs. But over time the game just gets worse and worse. Challenges locked down so all the designs just look the same and the creativity has gone. Poorly rendered and repetitive challenges. Then a shorter season. That I can handle - an easy way to increase revenue for the developers. But one of the great things about this game was that you could always have a perfectly reasonable playing experience as a free player. Now with the release of the latest season they have significantly decreased the prizes free players can get, and while I was going to purchase a season pass for my remaining one account (dropped the other two last season due to the issues mentioned above), I will not support such a terrible move by the developers. This is terrible optics. Also, they have an official Facebook page where the moderators ban you for pointing out that “ask the developers” is unprofessional. Bye Redecor, it’s been fun and I really did think you were the best in market but this game just keeps going downhill and I will not be spending another cent. Edit: I just noticed they’ve replied to my review which they clearly haven’t read. I uninstalled at the start of season 17 and don’t plan to change that..Version: 1.6.4

Enjoyable game but frustratingIt is hard to decorate nicely because most things are locked unless you pay cash for them. I appreciate the developers want to make money out of this game but it would be better to just charge for it in the first place. Or use more advertising. It is a fun and addictive game (might be a problem for people who start paying for things) and nicely put together in a realistic way. Unless I can get more items I will probably lose interest though, which is a shame..Version: 1.4.9

Great game even though the voting is terribleI waited months before writing a review to give it a decent analysis and I really think this game is incredible since it is free and there are so many different challenges everyday. You are not forced to spend real money but can do so at your own desire, which I did buy a couple season passes (only on the ones that caught my eye) just to say thanks to the developers for all their good work. My only frustration is with the voting - I think some people don’t even look at what they are tapping on, they just mindlessly bop away at the pics in order to get more coin. People are lazy and that ends up with some really tragic designs scoring 1st place. BUT that is not really the developers fault so I still give Redecor a 5 star rating. Well done guys!! Keep up the good work.Version: 1.5.8

Amazing game!I really enjoy playing this game because it’s so fun and is a great way to calm down and unwind. It helps me to de-stress from a long day of hard work, and makes me feel relaxed. In fact, I’m a journalist and in journalism, it’s hard to remain focused all day long, what with all the running around chasing big news stories, but this app allows me to regain my concentration and refresh my brain cells for a while! I also really like this because the ads aren’t clickbait, meaning they advertise false products or game concepts, and the actual thing is exactly as shown in the ads. I have to admit, I love it mostly because all of the other “home design” apps have puzzles and this one doesn’t, and to be completely honest, I’m not the best at finishing those off. I’ve never even been good at games like Candy Crush by King or things like that, so I really appreciate not having to go through that struggle every single time I want to play this game. A huge thanks to the creators of Redecor, for giving me a way to clean my head and wash away any bad vibes..Version: 1.4.1

Awesome but just a few flawsI really love this app! I don’t have a talent for design but I love it, it’s kind of like having the TV show House Rules in my pocket! Here’s the few things I don’t like about it..... 1) Not enough challenges, we want more! 2) Not easy to gain gold when we can’t afford to purchase 3) Lately when voting some of the designs come up blank! So we can’t see the design to vote on. I’m hoping that’s just a glitch that will be fixed in an update. Other than that I love this. Well done!.Version: 1.2.5

Voting system is offI love the game and have been enjoying it however I feel the voting system doesn’t work. I think it’s great that other players can vote for the winner but players don’t actually vote with the prompt in mind. For example one prompt was to design the bedroom for a very young girl, the and the winner had made the room entirely black and white. This just doesn’t make sense. And makes it feel like when you win it’s more out of luck than anything else..Version: 1.2.2

Yeah! Few adjustments are needed.I Am in love with this game! Reading the reviews people are saying there was a recent update. I joined 3 days ago and haven’t been able to stop playing. One problem I have though is the limited amount of challenges we can do a day! I would love to be able to have unlimited challenges for as I am very bored in quarantine. Another thing that needs attention Bought upon is the longgg wait it needs to give results back, it takes 2 days sometimes and is way too long. Other than that I love it so much and is a very good game..Version: 1.4.2

Best design game in any App StoreI never write reviews but this app is free and really well developed that I had to acknowledge it!! You don’t have to purchase anything as the game allows players to earn rewards and coins to decorate. Other games usually require actual money to be able to express your style properly but THIS app is the only app I’ve come across that allows so many variations of styles, colours and materials non paying players can use too. The challenges are well thought out and it’s extremely obvious that a lot of work goes into this app. Best design game in any App Store..Version: 1.4.4

Not sure I love this anymoreWell you guys have royally screwed this once great app up. It’s become more restrictive and I’m spending less money as I can’t just buy what I want to use. This is the only game I play where you can’t watch videos to earn diamonds. Why not? It’s getting very expensive now. I wish you would look at Covets scoring system and use that idea- beat a score and earn prizes. It is mostly the voting that annoys people. I hardly vote at all because I’m sick of being beaten by people who don’t even follow the brief! If you make it about achieving a certain score then we are not competitive with each other. I love voting on covet..Version: 1.1.4

Love It!!I downloaded Redecor because I love designing and I must say, it really proved itself. At first, I had read other reviews and was unsure (don’t listen to those) about the version before the new update! But it is Great!! Not many ads and you can see other designers designs!! I find it a really relaxing game and it has very modern designs. It’s not like games where you have to do riddles or match things to earn money, as that really annoys because I always get stuck on a level. I always have money in the bank and I can buy anything I want!! This game is one of the best I have downloaded!! I love the fact there are competitions but you don’t really compare yourselves to others. The only thing I would change, is an easier way to unlock other materials without having to spend coins! Perhaps when you get to a certain level?? Just a bit of advice! Redecor is a great way to find your inner design, and to see other design Ideas as well. I would recommend to anyone with style and loves to design areas!! 😁😁.Version: 1.2.2

AddictiveI do enjoy this app but there are some frustrations. For instance, your material selection can be limited when choosing materials for say a sink, v a floor v a ceiling, which is understandable, however, you can use carpet on a ceiling, but you can’t choose to paint walls a dark green - really annoying. I hope that makes sense for those who haven’t played. But the most frustrating thing is the scoring. Without sounding like a sore looser, some of the winners haven’t met the brief and they’re the ones winning the cash! And the glory 😉. And then there’s the cost of materials. Many of the good ones are expensive and sometimes you can’t fill a brief until you’ve bought more items which implants your chance of winning. All that’s said I can’t stop playin it (or paying for access to mew materials)..Version: 1.4.0

GreatAt first i was upset cause i could not submit anything but soon found out that it was a glitch we where all having and i only had to wait a bit before it would work again now without the glitch i can give a fair review i love this game and i have been looking for something like this for ages and i am so happy i found it i love being creative and this is the app to do it i wish the waiting time wasn’t so long i love to make creations with my friends and family and then to see there face when we come 3rd (it a good one) i am in love with the app and would spend longer if i could sorry about the inconvenience in my first review.Version: 1.4.5

A lot of issuesFirst and foremost, you should at least allow us to get the season pass with gold for a limited time only. Launch a once in a season deal, one day in which we can get it with gold because the real money option is too expensive. Secondly, a lot of renders are repeated, you are only changing the brief. I have been playing Redecor for a bit over a year now and it amazing the amount of recycling you do. It gets boring. Lastly, every time there is an update it makes it impossible to access the game. It keeps glitching. I had to wait a full day to be able to access the app after the last (season 12) update..Version: 1.2.3

Great platform but questionable voting resultsWas addicted to this game at first but results/ progress through the game seem to be more closely tied to how much you spend on materials than what actually looks good OR by following the design brief. Limited design materials available without spending real money. Love it but expensive for a game that to me has questionable outcomes and requires you to spend significant sums of real money to get anywhere..Version: 1.3.3

Addicted!This would have to be the best design game there is, if you want to play for free you can still do so much, as this game gives you tasks to complete in design rooms and rewards you with cash or gold 🤩 you also receive cash and gold in voting !and your daily gold reward! I always purchase the season pass as I get to play more design options but it defiantly isn’t necessary if your looking for something free and still love designing. Full of creativity and relaxing this game is for all ages, you can follow the clients wish or “colour outside the lines” it’s all fun! 🤩 every season is a new theme ,it’s so exciting !.Version: 1.6.3

Finally good again!I wrote a review a while back stating how terrible and practically unplayable this game had become. The developers promised everyone that changes were coming and they were listening to what we were saying, so I waited to see if it would actually improve. With the latest update that finally sees designs getting rewarded based off of votes and not the money spent on the design, I can safely say I’m in love with it again! On top of that, having challenges returned and a $3000 reward for completing designs has meant that its actually possible to play the game again without needing to vote constantly to have any sort of money. I actually have money in my bank regularly and feel like I can have choice when making designs and I don’t always have to pick the cheapest option. Yay! This game is my favourite again. I am so glad it’s come good. Still wish we had access to every type of material etc because I’m not a fan of having to unlock all the materials but we can’t have it all! Thanks developers for listening to us and making the game so much better again..Version: 1.0.4

Used to be greatAt one point I was practically addicted to this game. It was amazing. I had racked up an impressive collection of fabrics and woods and metals. Until one day they updated it. Now my “Owned” category still shows the ones I had purchased but with a lock on them. Now I have to pay REAL money to get them unlocked. I’m so so mad it’s beyond words. Now they’ve left me 5-6 plain and boring ones and expect me to pay for the ones I already had in my inventory. I can’t possibly win without unlocking them. I just tried playing it 5 minutes ago. The challenge was “Colourful woods” and they gave me brown ones only. All others were locked. How the hell am I supposed to win that one without, umm and I emphasise on this, COLOURFUL WOODS? Trash update. The update just meant to make us pay to be able to win. Gotta have money to make virtual money. Uninstalled today. Went from my favourite game to the most frustrating game in my phone..Version: 1.5.1

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Redecor - Home Design Makeover 1.6.8 Update

Version 1.6.8 (2021-03-01): Performance improvements.

Version 1.6.6 (2021-02-17): Performance improvements.

Version 1.6.3 (2021-02-05): Performance improvements.

Version 1.6.3 (2021-02-05): Performance improvements.

Version 1.6.1 (2021-01-31): Usability improvements. Thank you for playing Redecor..

Version 1.6.1 (2021-01-31): Usability improvements. Thank you for playing Redecor..

Version 1.6.0 (2021-01-13): Performance improvements.

Version 1.5.8 (2020-12-14): Performance improvements.

Version 1.5.6 (2020-12-03): Performance improvements.

Version 1.5.5 (2020-12-01): Usability improvements.

Version 1.5.2 (2020-11-19): Introducing Design Duel, where you compete one on one against an other designer. In addition, lots of usability improvements..

Version 1.5.1 (2020-11-11): Performance improvements.

Version 1.4.9 (2020-10-30): Usability improvements.

Version 1.4.6 (2020-10-16): Performance improvements.

Version 1.4.5 (2020-10-08): Performance improvements.

Version 1.4.2 (2020-09-27): Sharing improvements.