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Happy Color™ – Coloring Games App Download

Color your favorite pictures and discover the new DISNEY category!

Happy Color™ is a color by number game for adults. There are so many breathtaking and inspiring pictures to color!

All 6000 of them are free. In our coloring book we have more than 15 categories, such as:
- Animals. Just find the cutest buddy you want to color;
- Places. Find pictures of the real places and unique buildings beautifully painted in our coloring book;
- Hobbies like sports, music, board games, puzzles and other coloring pages;
- Flowers. The most beautiful and exotic flowers are already painted.

And this is only a small part of the pictures we have in Happy Color. Open the game and you will find people, mosaic, mandala, horoscopes, fantasy, art and many more pictures.

Coloring has never been so easy, all pictures are marked by numbers. Open your color by number book and rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring. Paint and share your favorite adult coloring pages with friends and family, let everyone see your fantastic coloring pages!

Color your life with our adult coloring book Happy Color!

We are constantly working to make our coloring book better, please, share your feedbacks: [email protected]

Join our Facebook community and enjoy more pics every day:https://mobile.facebook.com/happycolorbynumber/

Happy Color has a lot of unique pictures hand drawn by professional artists, as well as pics of famous characters, comics, cartoons etc. owned by well-known studios.
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Warner Bros (© 2020 WBEI; © 2020 WBEI TM & © DC)

Happy Color™ – Coloring Games App User Reviews & Comments

Good ap but ads are intrusiveI do like this ap. yes all the pages are free which is great. the colours are better and make more sense than some of the other color by number aps out there. BUT the ads are intrusive and annoying and CONSTANT. you are forced to watch an ad before you colour a page, after you colour a page, and down at the bottom there are banner ads while you colour. the banner ads often move which is distracting and because they are right by the color swatches are easy to accidentally tap. and 4.99 is way too much for no ads. a lot of other aps i use only charge .99 or 2.99 to remove ads. i don’t use the hint feature because i can usually find it if i just look but you also have to watch ads to get hints. and if you pause for any length of time there is a light bulb that pops up in the left corner and bounces around distractingly offering two hints for watching an ad. slow down i’m just taking a sip of my tea i’m not stuck. i wish i i had an option to where i could turn the hints off. i also wish that the highlight colour was a touch darker or not solid but dotted or something. it makes it hard to distinguish when there are grey or almost grey colours on the picture. overall good ap but the ads need to be toned down and some of the features need tweaked..Version: 1.1.0

Love app, app hates my phone!I love to color in this app. I enjoy the choice of pictures to choose from. The subjects and level of simplicity or difficulty are great BUT if I choose to leave the app to view one of the products from the app’s sponsor’s, I can’t get back into the app. When I tap the little x in the upper corner the app is just locked up. The only way to unlock is to delete and reinstall. Every time I have to do this I loose my hint points. I no longer leave the app, by my own choice. If I am coloring and tap on a color at the bottom of the screen, because the the color choices are so close to the adds that are running at very bottom of the screen sometimes the adds detect my hand being near and they take me out of the app, again, to the sponsors products and I am locked out of the app, again. Yesterday I lost 410 hint points because I had to delete app, again. I did not reinstall this time even though I really want to. I have not found a color by number app that I like as well and I have added a lot of them only to delete them in disappointment because they are nowhere near as addictive and enjoyable as this one. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? Very frustrating 🙁.Version: 1.6.12

Frustrating at timesThe game itself is a relaxing game with fewer ads than most and no time limit to color the picture. However, with the pros also come with cons. The people in the coloring pictures are either that of African American decent or a fictional cartoon. If the developers of this game would focus on all nationalities instead of just the two the game would become a more well rounded game for all players and not simply based on race. The pictures in each specific category are too similar. A lion is a lion, trees are trees, buildings, hearts and flowers etc... A variety would make this game climb to the standards equivalent to other similar coloring games. The rewards received for completing are confusing. Not sure exactly what the rewards do once you claim them. A player is also not able to complete the game without spending money. Watching the same ad several times a day is equivalent to spending money for those who play free. Perhaps spending money is where the rewards come in. I would encourage the creators of the game to fix problems instead of defending the problem. This would encourage more people to choose this app over the others..Version: 1.7.4

Great Way to RelaxI have been enjoying this app on both my phone and tablet for quite awhile. While I truly believe it deserves 10 stars out of 5 I can, presently, only give it 4. The reason is I have run into a glitch that is extremely frustrating. I used to be able to access any and all pictures, no matter how long they had been available. Now within the last 2 to 3 weeks I can no longer access everything. And today, I was rewarded 3 pictures for completing a challenge level. Much to my dismay only one of the three loaded so I could color it. I have tried rebooting my device in the past when the problem first appeared but it did not fix the issue. And I am not going to delete and then reload your program to loose everything and then most likely find the problem still exists. Is there a solution to this issue that can be resolved by providing a fix via an app update? If you fix this you deserve 10 stars for the fix, variety of pictures available, contests, challenges and rewards, and overall quality of the game! Thanks, Judy.Version: 1.6.6

Overall, amazingI love this app. I really enjoy all the pictures, especially because they’re basically all unlocked. I’ve downloaded coloring apps in the past and immediately deleted them when I opened the app and saw that half the picture required you to pay to unlock them. Luckily, this app does not do that. There’s usually an ad at the beginning and end of each picture, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I use this app everyday, but I do have one suggestion to make it better. There’s a “My feed” section that shows you all the pictures you’ve colored. Each picture has an option to restart it. I think there should be an option to restore your previous attempt. Once you hit restart, your entire picture is gone forever My kids have deleted several of my pictures this way, which I understand is not the app’s fault, but it would be great if the restart button did not delete your previous work. It could save multiple attempts per picture and you could compare animations from different times. This way, the restart button does not delete your past work. That addition would make this app perfect for me..Version: 1.2.0

SO. OBSESSED.This is hands down my favorite “fun” app I’ve ever downloaded. It showed up as an annoying ad on another game, and I caved and got it. I can’t stop using it. I actually purchased the ad-free upgrade. (Painful at first - SO WORTH IT in the end!) There’s a ton of coloring apps out there - this stands out by being color by number. And I think that’s truly the reason I keep using it. I love that it has all the numbers - it’s a coloring game plus a seek and find. The hint function is awesome after I’ve driven myself crazy looking for the last remaining spot. The colors used are great. So many intricate, high quality images to color. LOVE all the cupcake ones! My only complaints are that the app is a huge battery drain, and that occasionally I find mis-designated spaces - meaning, the wrong colors/numbers were assigned to a section. I don’t know if they discovered they missed a spot in the pattern and just decided to assign it whatever, but sometimes it annoys me and my OCD. Either way, absolute favorite app hands down, love the daily additions, so worth the ad-removal fee. Keep the awesome pictures coming!!!.Version: 1.0.3

I LOVE THIS AP!I personally think this is the best coloring app out there. A few years ago I was ill for a very long time, I found this app and colored the entire book twice! When I started on the third round I figured I owed the poor people that designed this wonderful app so I purchased it. This app is clean and clear cut, no hidden fees or changes to policies, (like many apps seem to be doing these days). The only changes have been to make the app better and better. I must have first started using this app not long after it was released, there have been a lot of changes since then. The pictures got better and better as the app grew, categories were added, pictures where more detailed, goals were added, additional pics daily through Facebook, (you don’t have to be on Facebook to get most of the bonus pictures), little additional features were added; highlights of coloring areas, blending of colors, animation, color flow... Just when I think they can’t possibly add anything else as a new feature they surprise me every time! I have had this app for a few years now and still use it daily! Hats off to you folks, wonderful job!.Version: 1.6.6

Used to Love This AppI used to love this app. However, when Apple updated their privacy standards, Happy Color felt the need to push a disclaimer before the Apple approval that basically said, “we need you to approve this because we need your information to keep this app free.” My interpretation of that pop-up is that they ARE selling my private information I order to not charge me money for the app. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but Happy Color is the only app I have on my phone that chose to put a disclaimer before the privacy approval update. I think it’s weird. This is just an app for coloring pictures. It got me through tue first half of the pandemic, and I have been excited to use it frequently again for an upcoming life change. After seeing that pop-up (after which I just closed the app, while trying to make sense of what I had just read), I decided I’d rather just delete the app and use a real coloring book than stare at my scree. I used to love getting fun themed pictures, like Scooby, Marvel, Disney, etc., while trying to keep up with the daily pictures, but something about that message just felt off. Why in the world would a coloring app NEED my personal information? It shouldn’t. I don’t purchase anything, and I’m content with the free content, because there is so much of it. It’s made me suspicious that they have sold my information already. That’s not okay with me..Version: 1.7.3

Do not like the recent upgradeVery unhappy with the recent upgrade. Makes it more difficult to see the areas for each color/number. The edges are blocked out. Hard to tell. This has been my absolute favorite puzzle to play. The previous update was definitely an improvement when you made the gray for the color/numbers more of a pattern so you could see, but this new one took the improvement and made it worse. I would like to see this improvement removed. UPDATE: it appears the number of the pictures that do not have defined edges for a specific color have decreased but as I stated, it would be nice to have none like this. All color spaces to have a defined edge. This would make the game more pleasurable. UPDATE: I just noticed that the pictures that are BLEND (which I do not like) now have a label on the picture selection page that says BLEND. Great idea! This allows me to avoid those rather than start the picture and then realize it is Blend. Thank you so much! Based on this change, I upgraded the rating to 5 stars. I am also very impressed that you are responding to many of the comments. Shows that someone is listening. This is such a great program (I bought it to get rid of ads). It is very relaxing, which people need in today’s world. Thank you for your creativity..Version: 1.5.0

Everything goes awayWhen I start “Happy Coloring,” everything else sort of slides away. When it (everything) comes back, it’s sort of put in perspective; it’s in order. My problems are in order, like the colors of the coloring pages. Now, about the product; I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. I think there’s a good variety of coloring pages, but I only spend 15-30 minutes a day coloring. I’ve explored a bit, but I'm only looking for pages that interest me. Once I find something I want to color, I stop looking. Often, I return to what I have saved from the last time. The colors are numbered, so it’s like paint-by-number. Except I can’t color outside the lines; unlike in reality for me, where even if I was being paid, I couldn’t stay inside the lines. And as far as I know, you can’t go rogue, and color number 23 into the spaces for number 28, I don’t think. Like I wrote above, I’ve only explored a bit. However, “Happy Coloring” saves my pages, as complete or not, wherever I’ve stopped. When I return, a few minutes or a month later, my coloring page is exactly as I left it..Version: 1.6.5

All-Around Fantastic!I’ve tried many coloring apps and this is without a doubt my favorite. There are HUGE amounts of pictures to color which are divided into categories. Hundreds and hundreds of past pictures plus four or five new ones daily! Yes, there are short ads between pictures, but this is a small price to pay for a free app, and you can skip the ads altogether by paying a small fee which is less than other apps charge weekly just for access to their pictures! Not to mention, you can get hints throughout the coloring process by clicking on a icon that occasionally appears and then disappears if you do not click on it. There is absolutely no nagging to purchase a subscription! I also am enjoying the newly created functionality which monitors your stats, such as completing a certain number of images in a category. My only suggestion would be to add some sort of reward, such as a new image, as incentive to complete a goal. I am so addicted to this program that I am posting this with a wrist brace as my addiction has aggravated my carpal tunnel syndrome! My bad! LOL! To the developers, keep up the good work!!!.Version: 1.2.0

Beautiful and Relaxing 😌First off: I absolutely love this app. It has a large variety of images, beautiful and vibrant colors that blend extremely well together, and is very relaxing. New pictures from random categories come in daily and with more than 20 categories to choose from I’m never bored. I have become addicted to this app and I use it when ever I have a moment to spare Second: I was actually shocked to find that this was completely free! Most coloring apps I’ve used before this make you pay for the full set/additional colors, extra pictures or hints. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there are virtually no in-app purchases except for the 4.99 removal of adds, which I find more than fair. Finally: I find the new update helpful in finding colors, as it was difficult to find the un-colored spots if the picture had gray spaces. Another feature I love is that when a color has finished it moves to the back and out of the way. However I have seen quite a few reviews wanting a choice and while I do enjoy the new checkered pattern I think it would be more fair if we had a choice in how these spaces show up- gray OR checkered. I would also like to see a landscape version implemented in the future. I hope that the developers do consider these as options in the settings in a future update..Version: 1.3.1

Great app with a few bugsI have never felt strongly enough to write a review on something until coming across this app. I love this app, it’s a great coloring app and a great distraction and the designs are beautiful and the colors amazing. I feel it’s a great trade off, the ads for the free coloring and what you received with it. You can receive hints if you watch ads which is completely fair as well and you can stock up on them (I.e just watch a bunch of ads and stockpile hints until you need them). With that being said, they could seriously improve upon some performance issues with this program. It works great but after using it for a while your phone will start to become very hot to the touch and the app will start to lag or freeze up more frequently. I also notice that it drains battery like there’s no tomorrow, like my phone will start at 100% and drop to 50% within a shorter period of time than would be normal for my phone. I feel like due to this, it may have affected the performance of my battery outside of the application as well. I love this app, but unfortunately I may have to stop using it if these issues aren’t addressed (phone overheating, battery draining, etc)..Version: 1.0.5

New checkered highlightsThis has been my favorite go to app because of the pre-update plain grey highlights. The plain grey highlights made coloring the pictures more challenging then other coloring apps which is why I loved playing this app so much! The new checkered highlights make coloring in the pictures so easily that it’s now too easy! I’m sure people like it because of that reason but I loved the old plain grey highlights! It be great if you could make it an option to choose which highlight you want to use. I know you have the option of turning the highlights off and yes that would be challenging but I prefer the plain grey highlights and I really wish that you could make it an option to use instead of using the new checkered highlights! Coloring now with the new checkered highlights is kinda boring because it’s so easy. Plus the fact that you don’t even have to actually click on the place you want to color that’s highlighted. Now you just gotta click on the general area and boom it’s colored which also makes it too easy. It be nice if that could be an option to. Basically I just really miss the old way and the old grey highlights. 😕 Please bring them back as optional!!!.Version: 1.3.1

Relaxing and Satisfying!!This is an extremely pleasant app! I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the price of the add-free option because it made me worry that the ads must be so intrusive as to be worth the price,but really it seems to just be representative of what a fair price would be if the app was only available after paying. You can choose different levels of difficulty (or, more accurately, complexity) and if you need more hints than the free ones you are given you can watch a short advertisement to earn a few at a time. I have trouble staying “in the moment”. They say people who focus too much on the past are depressed and people who focus too intensely on the future suffer from anxiety. This app has been a great help to me when I find myself needing a way to focus on “right now”. Having a pleasant and stress-free task that concludes with me having helped create a happy image has done wonders for my mental state. Content-wise: There is a nice selection of pictures within several fun categories. I’m a big fan of the animal pictures but I’ve enjoyed this app so much I’m now happy to branch out to different types of pictures to spice it up! I’m gonna look into whether the developer makes out better from me buying the ad-free version or if the continuing ad revenue adds up better because I’m that happy to support their work. Thank you so much for this I really appreciate the care and dedication that shows in the final product <3.Version: 1.5.1

Daisy here...Loving the new update!!!OMG!!!! I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, the new update. I saw it talked about on Facebook....but at the time I had not yet received the updated app. I just got it today.....and could not be any happier with it. I love that the uncolored spaces are so much easier to see with the checkered squares....I love that when a color is done the dot disappears...makes so i do not have to do so much scrolling back and forth.....believe it or not....that used to scroll me right out of the game into the last game I was playing!! 😂. And I love how it asks you before it resets the game if that is really what you want to do. ( I have had to unfortunately start several pictures over because of that oversight.). Now that this is the best app. ON THE PLANET!!.....I don’t know what you guys could ever do to make it even better. You may as well all go home now. 😂. Love it!💕💕💕💕💕 Oh....and PS.....I live in Wisconsin.....and although I LOVE all the flower pictures you have been putting on because “ spring is here”.....we all still have anywhere from 2 to 4 feet ( and in some places more...)of snow up here....so it will be quite some time before “ spring is here”. 😂. ( could be June!!).Version: 1.3.1

Amazing Aesthetic FunHappy Color provides variety, rewards for frequent users such as daily pictures & rare selections. The colors are vibrant and there are pictures that are easy and fast and stress free for when you need that as well as challenging, time consuming , and intriguing ones for when your brain needs that exercise. Happy coloring... My only two critiques are : 1)there should be a search button and perhaps titles to the pictures because sometimes I see one I want to color but I have to come back to it and next thing you know I've forgotten the category ( b/c some can fit in multiple categories) and I'm scrolling and scrolling for minutes and minutes ... A search bar and titles would would eliminate that 2) the artist who did Cancers 'S horoscope and used a LOBSTER is not accurate ... I'm a crab as per the constellation that resembles a 69 sideways because those are the curves of a CRAB'S claws ... NOT a lobster . I understand that some astrological references use a lobster but it's inaccurate and I do appreciate that there were multiple horoscope pictures for my month and sign but my favorite ones are the mosaic ones and all year I was looking forward to doing my crab just to open a lobster ... Sad face... But I still I've y'all.Version: 1.6.8

ConcernThe app seems to have a problem. During working on a picture the app will just quit. It has to be rebooted and start up again. Thankfully nothing done is lost. The pictures to chose from in the in Progress area are not keeping up showing the work done, like it used to. And then of course one has to deal with the adds before getting back to working on the picture. It appears to have corrected itself. It was only 2 pictures that had the problem. Will send a more detailed account if it ever happens again. Thank you for your response. Am back to having fun - 😁 how about an acknowledgement of finding all the items to color without having to use assistance. it is a shame that many pictures have such tiny pieces - which in turn makes it seem that it is done to have one look at adds. Understand the need for them however one should be able to click out of it as the same adds are shone over and over again And the add and hint buttons are within the picture being worked on so additional by accident clicks occur..Version: 1.6.11

Great app with technical issuesI found this app a while ago through an advertisement and I’m really glad I found it. This has hands down the best color by numbers app I’ve ever seen with the widest selection of pictures and nice quality of life features such as being able to sort pictures by category and get hints upon watching a 30 second ad. I also really love the addition of ‘blend’ pictures. The app is unbelievably relaxing and manages to melt away any stress pretty quick The biggest downside for me is a technical one. I’m a phone user so I can’t speak whether or not this is better on ipad—but this app is HEAVILY taxing on my phone. I don’t think I’ve ever had my phone heat up before, yet it happens whenever I use the app for a while. Additionally the app causes my phone to lag a ton; I find this happens especially when coloring pictures with lots of different spaces. I only started noticing these problems a couple months ago, so they might be a result of a buggy update or due to the sheer number of pictures I’ve colored as of late EDIT: Played around with the ‘Fill Animation’ setting and that seemed to do the trick and fix the problems, thanks.Version: 1.6.10

Best app ever !!!!!I love this game . It is really cool that you added the blend feature to some pictures . There are so many different pictures and categories to choose from . It is so relaxing. I also love how you add new pictures everyday . That way the fun never stops ! I love the people . There are girls and boys and some pictures even have both ! There are a bunch of different styles in each category . Also there are awards you can get ! You can get an award for coloring 50 flower pictures or color 5 pictures a day . They also give you free hints . That way if you don’t know where to color , it tells you ! You will eventually run out if hints , but you can just watch an ad . Also sometimes they will offer you 2 hints , if you watch one ad ! It is very relaxing . It calms me down and clears my mind . I am always stressed all the time . Whenever I am stressed I play this game and it immediately calms me down . The pictures are so colorful and beautiful ! And every single time it is close to a holiday, they release a bunch of pictures ! I recommend this app if you are stressed and love to color . It makes sense why they called it happy color . When I color on this app it does make me happy ! You should definitely get it ! It is completely free ! The developer did an amazing job ! I hope you read this and enjoy this game as much as I did. # BEST GAME EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.0

Quits after awhileMy Sis and I loved this app! We used it everyday for about a month. My Sis downloaded the app a week before I did. Funny thing; hers started acting up...wouldn’t load the color puzzles. A week after she had problems, my app did exactly the same thing. I left it to load a puzzle for 20 min and now I can’t get back to the app because it just keeps trying to load. The circle just keep going round and round. My Sis just deleted the app and reloaded it again. It was a quick fix but she lost everything she had done. I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t know if it’s worth it. I often wonder if it’s because we both didn’t take advantage of their advertising and didn’t ever download or accept any advertising offers. Who knows? Update: I re- downloaded the app and paid for no adds. After 5 days, I can’t get it to do anything. It’s been loading a puzzle for 3 days. I don’t know what else to do but delete and re- download for a third time. This time I’m out money because I paid for no adds and my bank has already taken the money out. I feel like I’ve been ripped off..Version: 1.6.6

Update..UPDATE: So, while I am really enjoying the recent update that was made, I’ve had some time to think and I was wondering, what is the point of the achievements, if we aren’t going to receive a prize?? Also, would it be possible to have a calendar to keep track of how many images we color a day? These are just my thoughts on what would improve the app. I’ll be sure to give this app 5 starts because it deserves it! ............................................................................................. I absolutely love this app and I play it for at least 5-6 hours each day, but can you PLEASE move the (Restart) button!!! Right now it is too close to the (Continue)button. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve accidentally pressed restart when trying to resume a drawing. Most of these drawings take me a while to complete because they are very detailed and it is really annoying when I have to start them all over. Maybe you can move it to the top right/ left hand corner or something. Please consider fixing this issue. If this issue is fixed, I will gladly give this app a the 5 star review that it deserves..Version: 1.3.1

Fun and relaxingI really like this coloring app. I have a bunch of traditional coloring apps that I love but I play this one the most. You can play it all for free if you are willing to watch some ads, which I feel is fair. I paid to have the ads turned off and was very please and surprised that it only cost 4.99. Many other coloring apps make you pay for a yearly subscription to turn the ads off, get the full set of colors, and/or get access to more that the few pictures the free version allows. I love that there are virtually no in-app purchases. There are new pictures coming all the time in every category and over 20 categories to choose from. I like that there are little events that you can participate in on Facebook like voting for the favorite pic of the week, usually getting to color the winner in different colors. I love that they ask for feedback from the players, letting us vote on new features and such. To me this shows that they value their users and want to make the best app possible. I would like it if the iPad version of the app could be rotated 90º. I have a keyboard case and my wrists are getting fatigued from holding my iPad and my neck is sore from looking down when I lay it in my lap. (Maybe I color too much?).Version: 1.2.0

Love the App (Addicted) & Request 1 ChangeI have “colored” almost 1,000 pics and have the ad-free version. I absolutely enjoy the variety. Sometimes the tiny bubbles (the number of them) drive me a little crazy, but at least it slows me down! :). This app has helped me to relax and calm my mind. I must admit there are times I am in the app when I should probably be doing other things, but definitely has helped me to focus my mind on something besides life for a while. Thank you for that! The ONLY (and I do mean ONLY) thing I would request is that it would have some ability to rotate on the iPad to a landscaped version, even if the image has to be a little smaller, since you generally zoom in and out anyway when coloring. It would make viewing and coloring easier at times. I don’t know if that means creating an iPad version or just modifying the original app. I’m sure there are others that have colored much more than me, but that one feature I’ve wished for many times. I will look again to see if there is a separate iPad version, but I don’t remember seeing one. Thanks again and thanks for providing me some down-time entertainment!.Version: 1.4.0

I love this app but I wish I could make an accountI love this app and I’ve been using it for a loooong time. Its the best coloring app because there is an incredible amount of free content. You’ll never run out. I can tell effort is put into the lineart and you don’t get weird fuzzy pixels around the lines like some apps. Also the new feature where there’s multiple shades or colors in one block is really cool. Happy Color is popular in my household and often we’ll send each other pics we’ve colored and achievements we get but when I got a new phone I couldn’t carry on with the same achievements and look back at any pictures I colored because there’s no login or ID. It’s a really small thing and probably not an issue for most people and definitely hasn’t stopped me from using the app still but it would be nice to be able to recover your old pics and achievements when you’re on a new phone. Honestly I may have just not found the option when I was looking. Either way, best coloring app :) thanks for giving us so many free, beautiful pictures to color..Version: 1.4.3

Best relaxing App everI love love this app. I never write reviews but after a month of having this app I’m so happy. Best of all it’s free. I wish there were more girl packs cause i would buy them. I’m hooked right now in “summer” pics. Anything beachfront I’m all over it. Lately they’ve been taking out more beach bonus pics. That’s the only thing i “hate”. I don’t have social media, no FB, so I don’t get to participate in some bonus pics, but I’m still able to get other bonuses. The “rare” pics are beautiful. I’m obsessed with Nature(although has too many mountains-meaning lots of green colors but it’s scenic so i’m happy, interiors (wish there was more), Marine cause it has scenic pics too. Food. Can’t wait to do Holidays, I’m saving those. Maybe there can be a “seasons” tab in the future, that would be awesome and easier to find pics when you’re in the seasonal mood. Even when I thought i had gone over all pics. , i keep finding more i like. Like you can go thru the daily pics all the way from the beginning and find more pics you like. I can’t WAIT to open my app daily to see how many new pics are there for the day. Keep up the good work 👍🏽.Version: 1.6.9

Hoping the Developers give us a choice in the next update...Based on the mixed recent reviews, I know some people are finding the checkered areas easier to see, though some feel it takes away from the fun “challenge” of finding the areas to be colored. I personally enjoy a good challenge & found the previous gray spaces enough to keep me challenged without becoming frustrated, yet I agree with those who have found the checkered areas LESS helpful & more frustrating. The checkered pattern makes it impossible to see the very tiny spaces to color (especially in more detailed pictures) because the space isn’t big enough to show any of the shaded pattern! So, I hope the developers might be able to give us an update that allows the users to choose either a checkered pattern highlight OR the former solid gray highlight most of us had come to love! This has made this app more stressful for me & not as fun or relaxing because I’m constantly having to search for tiny areas by zooming WAY in to the picture that I used to be able to find alot easier when areas were simply shaded a solid gray, or use a hint to find rogue spaces (which I feel defeats the challenge & diminishes the enjoyment I got from using the app). DEVELOPERS: Please give us a choice of highlight in the settings on the next update! Otherwise, I’m probably going to have to go back to my other color by number apps instead & regret having paid for this app. 😤.Version: 1.3.1

Great but Needs ImprovementOverall I love this app. I use it every day and it’s been very great at calming me down and getting me back to a place where I can focus. However ever since the achievements started, I have concerns. My main concern is that I had already completed some categories and the achievements do not back track already completed pictures in the categories. Initially this did not bother me, HOWEVER I had already completed the fashion category and since the use of the achievements, only 4 new fashion pictures have been released. I have reached gold in all of the category achievements (except in Mosaic, Food, and Messages but those I completed previously and new pictures comes out for these categories still so it doesn’t bother me too much) yet I can’t make any strives towards completing that achievement for completing 30 fashion pictures since it doesn’t go back and count all the ones I previously did. Then you have the replay achievement, however it doesn’t count towards the category achievement, only the replay achievement. So it doesn’t count if I go back and re-color some fashion pics towards the 30 fashion pics category, only the replay achievement. It’s just not soothing when I look at my achievements and see gold all down the line yet I haven’t even past the first step for the Fashion Category Achievement since there has only been 4 new pictures since the achievements have started. Other than that, I love the app..Version: 1.3.1

Update to: Glitch/FreezingUpdate: I got the new phone and I have had no problems using this app. I am thrilled! I’ve changed my rating to 5 stars. First...I absolutely love/loved this app. It has a variety of images, nice colors, very relaxing and my go-to whenever I have a free moment. HOWEVER, the last couple of weeks have been frustrating when trying to use the app. My phone freezes during certain adds. I have to keep rebooting my phone. It got so bad that my phone stayed on a rebooting loop for an entire day. I can’t say for sure, that it is this app’s fault, but it only happens when I am playing this one. I love the app so much that I downloaded it to another person’s phone so that I could play it (just in case the problem was on my end) but that phone started to glitch too (freezing, pixelated images, ads getting stuck and the game crashing). I decided to delete it from their phone to avoid the same problem I had. Again, I can’t say, for sure, that it is this app causing the problem, but I haven’t had any issues since I deleted the app from my phone, a few days ago. I’m getting a new phone next week and will try it again. If I find out that the problem was on my end, I will update my review to be fair to the developer(s) and anyone considering this app..Version: 1.1.0

Great, but...I actually love this app. Beautiful pictures and just a lot of fun coloring them all in and seeing the great colors. There is a major flaw though which does not allow me to give it the five stars that it would definitely get from me. On my iPhone 5s (I don’t know if it’s just my phone or what) after about 20 minutes my phone starts getting really hot. Those first twenty minutes the app works flawlessly and it’s awesome. But about 20 minutes in my phones get super super hot and as it heats up more and more things go wrong with the app. First thing to go is the ability to zoom in and out. It just gets stuck on the amount of magnification that I’m on. Then it starts to lose responsiveness. I have to tap a space multiple times before it will register my touch. Then I lose the ability to slide the colors to choose another color. Then, last of all, the whole app just freezes entirely. And sometimes it even makes my phone freeze for just a second. I have to close out the app and get my phone time to cool off. Like I say, I love the app and would totally give it five stars. But this major problem cannot be overlooked. Please find a fix for this so I can color at my leisure. Thank you for your hard work..Version: 1.0.3

New version is outstanding!The new version fixes all the annoyances I had with previous versions. The checkered highlight for the active color is much easier to locate; the flat gray could be difficult to find in monochromatic areas or around cells with similar tone strength. The “wrong cell” pop-up is gone; it drove me crazy when I would fat-finger a cell. I mean, if a cell doesn’t fill in, I already know I’ve done something wrong, right? I also like the way finished colors are moved to the end, so there is less time needed to move among remaining colors on the palette. If there is one negative, it would be that it still drains battery power rather quickly, but I don’t know if that could be further improved because graphic apps and videos notoriously drain power faster than text. Another new thing I have discovered is the confirmation window to start over. Before, I fat-fingered “restart” when I meant to hit “continue,” and all my previous work was lost. Like most artists (which I am), I work on several pieces at one time, and to lose one is disheartening. I had wished for a confirmation popup, and I got it. Another big plus for the upgrade!.Version: 1.3.1

I’m kinda obsessed but it needs work..I really enjoy coloring this for my anxiety & even when I’m just relaxing doing nothing. I LOVE how you guys pick the pallet, if u didn’t I’d probably take 2 hours to pick because I’m wicked ocd & indecisive lol. This app isn’t easy but also isn’t hard. It wouldn’t be fun if the spots were toooo obvious.. the grey works. But I think u should add a “search” bar. I have like 50 pictures I wanna paint in the future, but I don’t want to have to scroll back to find them. Or mabye even something we can click “save” for later, that would be helpful. Also, this drains my battery sooooo bad I can’t play this unless I’m using my charger..even if it’s 80%... if it’s not plugged in, the app will freeze and lag terribly & it’s frustrating because on top of that, we have an add every single time u wanna view or pick a picture..... I get it needs adds...but it’s getting rly excessive. Please add more zodiac signs! And more pics like the one with tiny bunnies holding onto a stick.. I love how there’s realistic pics & also cartoon like. Overall, I’ll keep playing everyday but I hope some bugs get fixed. Thx xoxo 😚.Version: 1.6.2

Love This App...HoweverHello, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! It’s SO RELAXING and it’s a good way to send a little love, inspiration or smile on someone’s face via social media etc.! The colors are so beautiful and the array of pictures are exceptional! With that being said, my one gripe is that I’ve only seen two pictures of people of another race, the oriental one of two women and the one of two women wearing beautiful dresses and heels! Everybody is not fair skinned with long flowing hair. I do these pics everyday and look forward to doing many more as I enjoy seeing my achievement badges! CORRECTION: I sent a review in the very early morning, but I have a retraction that I must make! I JUST did a BEAUTIFUL picture of an African American Woman wearing a stunning head wrap!! I also saw a few other ethnicities as well. Glad I saw them. Do these pictures change from day to day or are there just additions made daily. Whatever the case, please keep them coming!! UPDATE: I had to change phones and all of the pictures I’d done did not transfer over when I installed this game on my new phone, therefore, I’ve had to start all over!!!!! What a BUMMER!!!.Version: 1.3.3

Relaxing, but needs work UPDATEUPDATED: glitches seem to have been fixed and I’m back in business. I was even able to back and do the April 19 daily picture that wouldn’t download! I’m a happy camper. 😋 I’ve been enjoying this app for a little over a year. It really helps me relax and unwind at the of my hectic day with my 2 under age two grandchildren. I particularly enjoy the daily picture, any pictures of peacocks, and the mandalas. I gave this app a 3 star rating because of glitches. A few months ago I had a picture freeze on me. It took a reboot of my iPad to restart the app. The second time the app glitched was April 19, 2020, I think. The app refused to download the daily picture. I’ve returned several times to try again to no avail. Today I did the daily picture and completed some mandalas I had not finished. I was nearly completed caught up when the app froze. I’ve tried several times to reboot my iPad, but the whole app remainders frozen. I don’t want to delete the app and reinstall because I’ll lose all my data. I’m very frustrated..Version: 1.6.6

LOVE this app! Can I report adds that abuse the banner space?I love this app. It is totally zen, just what I want. The library of pictures available to color is enormous, with a great deal of variety. I have been playing the free version with adds, and for the most part I haven’t been bothered by the adds. They are frequent, but the app allows you to skip them after 5 or 6 seconds — very reasonable for an add-funded experience. I would love an option somewhere to report an add that is abusing its place. One has come up recently where the touch space of the add banner seems to partially overlap the color selection bar, so every time I choose a color I am taken to the app store, usually for a different app each time than the one advertised. I have been playing this color app for two months, and while I have occasionally tapped an add by mistake while choosing a color, it has never been this frequent, to the point where it takes me out of the game several times in the space of a minute. I have no opposition to the adds that support the game — I appreciate the need for add revenue to make possible my enjoyment of a great app — but an add that so disrupts the game as to make it unplayable may drive away people who otherwise enjoy the app..Version: 1.3.6

Don’t download this app, it’ll hurt your phone’s overall performance!I’ve had this app for a little over 2 months now, and frankly I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long without deleting it. No matter where I am, the quality of my network or WiFi connection I currently have, whether I have other apps open or not, etc., this app continues to fail in the same way every single time. I can’t color even one picture (which takes anywhere from 5-20+ minutes depending on the complexity of it) without the app severely slowing down and eventually repeatedly freezing up, overheating my phone to the point where it’s painful to the touch (I’ve had multiple times where I am seriously afraid of my phone exploding from how hot it has become), and sometimes even crashing altogether. Also, since I have downloaded this app, I have noticed that my phone performance has been gradually slowing down and other apps that have never crashed before are suddenly starting to crash, especially if they are open while this app is open as well (such as music apps). After at least 2 updates have been released for this app, I was hoping that this issue would be fixed by now, but it has yet to be addressed. I am officially deleting this app as I have reached a point where I am no longer willing to deal with any of the problems this app CONSTANTLY has. If you want to keep your phone performance from slowly degrading, DO NOT download this app..Version: 1.0.4

FantasticI absolutely love this app, it has everything I’ve been looking for in a coloring app and they are constantly developing new ideas and pictures. I couldn’t be happier with the app as a whole. When I first downloaded it my phone would get extremely over heated to the extent that I thought it might blow up a couple times. This situation at least on my end has improved immensely. There is always a mass of new pictures to color every time I open the app and it’s kind of nice to not always see the same thing. I’ve had this app for quite a while and every time I’ve had an issue the developers fix it pretty quickly. I’m hoping that the situation I’m in will eventually be fixed but it’s happened on and off a couple times now, and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I work from the bottom of a category up (don’t ask me why, that’s just the way I chose 😹). However on a couple occasions I will open a picture that I assume is one of the first of the app. It will load the ad and play through it. Once I click the x for the ad it cuts to a white screen and will not load the picture or show (loading...) just a white screen that I then have to close the app and reload. It’s happened a couple times for a couple pictures, so I end up with uncolored pictures in a category because they won’t load. I am someone who likes to see %100 before I move on and it’s driving me mad to see white in a mass of rainbow. Thanks for everything that this app had done this far‼️.Version: 1.6.6

Offline play would put it over the topWhen away from internet service, yes it's possible when you live in the boondocks, I miss coloring on Happy Color. It really helps with my anxiety. Believe me there's a ton going on it my life that causes a need for chilling out. I don't know if it's possible for anything other than the coloring of previously colored pictures. If not, at least there's that. I don't understand the complaining about a totally free app. I guess some people aren't happy unless they're griping. Life is too short and precious to look for bad in thing. It finds you when you don't expect it. I now am thankful for whatever good things we get-like totally free apps with great pics to color and lots to choose from❤️ Little update... I’m one unhappy Gramma. My peace and tranquillity have been shattered... First my iPad kicks off. Not too tragic, I was expecting it and had purchased a replacement. The kick in the proverbial gonads was, expecting no problems like four times before, every bit of my time and effort spent “coloring” with RA, I have ZILCH to show for it. Sad. Something screwy must’ve happened in one of the last updates, because I know I’m not the only one this happened to. I hope you see I didn’t rate when I was blowing steam and hopping around like the Tasmanian Devil. 😉 Now, I’m just disappointed in my favorite app..Version: 1.4.0

Relaxing, but. . .I have been using this app for about a year now, I enjoy it and find it relaxing after work. I would wake up every morning to look at the new pictures and see which ones I wanted to color, and usually it was most of them. Lately, I have trouble finding any one that I want to spend my time on to color. Not into anime, or robots, or weird disjointed buildings (though the ones featuring “places”, buildings, and design were my favorite ones, I rarely see them anymore), and the landscapes have just become redundant, same thing over and over. I’ve been doing mostly flowers, mandelas, some of the Halloween ones, and occasionally something different that pops up. Just a little disappointed, I still enjoy coloring the few pictures I find interesting. I also concur with some of the more recent reviews about the ads. I get it, I don’t mind it too much, until you have to close them 3-4 times to stop them, or when no x pops up to shut them off, or they take you to the App Store anyway. A few times they just freeze, and I have to close the app and start over. Just a minor annoyance. Please just a better variety of pictures to color?.Version: 1.4.2

Great app and a couple ideas.I love this app. At first when I saw it I was thinking “who would color on a tablet. That’s layiness.” Lol. But I have surprisingly found it fun, addicting, and enjoyable. I can’t wait for the daily coloring and I love the Facebook events. But a couple things I’d love to see. And I know you guys have gotten a ton of suggestions so I’m normally not one to do this. But I’d love to see a favorites tab where you can mark your favorites. You have a my feed but it put every single picture you’ve colored on there. I’d love to see a tab where you could separate your favorites. Also, I think you guys could go big with it by adding other categories. I saw someone mentioned video games (Nintendo, sega, etc), also maybe a religious category as a possibility, movies (Disney, etc), sports (especially baseball). But I know a couple of those some legal stuff may come into effect but I like a few of the categories but would like to see more. Animals is my favorite but I’d like to see more variety of animals, it seems like it’s a lot of the same type of animals, maybe do a pets category too to include dogs/cats. I know it just came out a couple months ago so may take time but just a few suggestions. This is a start for me, I know I got a tad carried away. Lol.Version: 1.0.3

One issueThis app is completely and utterly amazing. The pictures, colors, and categories are amazing. This is definitely the best coloring app ever to be created, and I will continue to color everyday like I do now. The only thing I suggest that your company looks into, is updating the app to where it links to your Facebook and saves your progress like almost every other app or game. I recently had to reset my phone due to freezing, which wasn’t in anyway related to this app but after I re-downloaded the game, all the pictures I had previously colored were gone and I had to color them all over again. Yes, this game is relaxing and amazing but it would be great if we didn’t have to color the same pictures over again just because of a reset on the phone. Please take this into consideration and consider adding an update or feature to allow your progress being saved in the off chance you do have to reset your phone or get a phone upgrade. Like I said I will continue to use this app everyday, I just think it would be great to add a feature like the one I described above. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.0.3

Fun and relaxing gameThis game is really relaxing and challenging you get puzzles and there’s like these teeny crevices where you have to like tap it where the grease it’s so hard and they give you hints to help you out you know like you know like when engaged you get hints that’s what they gave you so like you can so they like show you where it is and it’s so much fun and it’s relaxing like if you just like when you go up you want to be an artist but you’re not old enough yet but you still want to paint this is the game for you because you get to like touched up you can paint beautiful pictures like I just didIt’s really fun because then they go over all the steps with you but you can skip it skip button and then it’s so much fun and then you have in your gallery take a screenshot of it and it’s really pretty when she finish it I hope you guys like this game this is literally the reason why I get five stars it’s like it’s really fun and challenging for you it’s also really relaxing like if you just want to like paint something for fun then it gives you something to look forward to do you know a challenge to look forward too so anyway I hope you like my review by.Version: 1.6.15

It’s okI’ve had this app for a few days now and have really enjoyed it. I can tell a lot of effort has been put into it, which I do appreciate. All of the coloring pages are free and the countless amount means there is something for everyone. I’m a huge fan of cars, planes, trains and everything in between. So when I saw an entire section dedicated to just that, I was amazed and finished half of it already. Buttt...it does need some improvements. Developers, get a piece of notebook paper and a writing utensil and write this down. First of all, the ads are a constant pain in the rear. You are forced to watch one before and after coloring. Every. Single. Time. The ads for the hints, I am okay with that. But please decrease the amount of ads you force us to watch. They’re annoying and pointless and a waste of time. Also, please please please make the pages easier to color. I often find myself looking for that one tiny spot that’s left and out of frustration have to watch an ad for a hint or two. That’s all I have, really. But if you are considering downloading this app then do so. You won’t be disappointed with what it has in store for you. I personally love using it when I’m bored or have a lot of time on my hands..Version: 1.6.12

Love this app!I have never voluntarily left a review before but this app is special. First of all, the pictures are gorgeous and their delicious details and vibrant complexity makes this a wonderful way to kill time. Secondly, there are no obnoxious pop ups begging for reviews. That irritates me no end. But really, the reason that I was impressed enough to leave this review is because this app is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes, you can pay to have the ads removed, but there’s really little reason to. The banners at the bottom are unobtrusive and the pop up ads only appear between pictures, when you yourself have left the picture you are working on and never in the middle. And aside from the ads, there is no money-locked content that is obvious and tantalizing. This app does not start with lower quality content until you pay, like so many others. Hints can be easily obtained by watching voluntary ads that are readily available. I have spent hours at a time on this app, taking short breaks only because my phone begins to overheat and becomes physically uncomfortable to touch. So other “free” apps, take note. This is how it’s done!.Version: 1.3.3

Great app, only a couple major issuesI love this app. i myself am a digital artist, and this app allows me to enjoy the fun of coloring without having to do the drawing myself first. however, there are two major issues i’ve run into while using this app. the first is that you cannot use it for long periods of time. after about an hour, it begins to lag pretty hard. scrolling is very choppy, it doesn’t respond to my touches quickly if at all, and it gets frustrating. the second issue i’ve found is that not all of the pages load. there’s a fantasy horse drawing that i’ve opened once, and it’s in my library now, but i can’t reopen it to continue working on it. it just won’t load. i also have one suggestion - it would be convenient for users who want to add a drawing to their library to color later without having to open and load it first. so perhaps the user could hold down on the drawing for a few seconds and a small menu could pop up that would allow the user to put it in their library for later. other than those few things, this app is amazing.Version: 1.6.6

Best color app EVER!!Absolutely, hands down, this is the best coloring app I have ever downloaded! Like others, I was completely shocked at how it was completely free without having to purchase certain pictures or colors like other “free” apps. At first I was a bit frustrated when the update changed the color spaces to a checkered grid. I wanted so bad for it to go back to solid gray. But I understood it was a bit difficult to see when the picture had a shade of gray in it and it would be hard to tell. Now there is an option to change it to either solid gray or checkered or white. I would like to see the app be able to turn to a landscape mode when tilting the device. Also, I would like to have an unfinished/completed tab in my feed. Sometimes I forget I started a picture and as I finish others it gets pushed further down and when I’m off WiFi on my app I usually look for those to continue and have a hard time finding them. Lastly, I think we should have an option to have the app synced over multiple devices so a picture I finished coloring on my iPad is also completed when I’m on my phone, but can be turned off for people who have children sharing an iPad and they mostly use the iPad while adults color on the iPhone or whatever. Just a thought. Thanks for creating an awesome and keeping it fun yet simple!.Version: 1.4.6

Awesome App!I generally get tired and bored with “game apps” after a few days. *Really good* game apps will make it 3 months, and *legendary* apps will be the 6 month apps (as far as game apps go). Never have I played a game app this long before! At the one-year point I’m still loving it. It’s worth the money to get rid of the ads, but honestly, the ads aren’t so bad if you just want to hit up the free route. I really find this game to be pretty relaxing and something I can easily do while I’m doing other things- like talking on the phone, listening to an audio book or watching tv. I have it glitch on very rare occasions but not enough to get too upset over. My most favorite ones to “color” are the ones with the blended colors- they are absolutely beautiful!!! I wish every picture could be like that... Regardless, I really do recommend this app if you want something to chill out to- slow paced, you use a couple of brain cells to look for numbers and that’s about it. I love most of the ones I’ve done and it’s nice to see the pictures come together. More blended ones!!! ♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.3.6

Developers make updates but...It is extremely disconcerting to note, the developers of this app move very slowly when confronted with visual & verbal evidence of too many problems occurring within their app. They send thru updates without first vetting them out to be assured they work properly. Indeed, THEY DO NOT. They fail to recognize anything is wrong & keep pressing for their patrons to find & take screen shots of those issues, but no bug fixes are at the ready. No further “updates” either. My current situation is in completing one whole picture pack, yet not receiving the gold acknowledgment for it. They don’t know when various holidays are & send pictures through for colouring at the wrong times. In this case...Mother’s Day, which...by the way, is in MAY. NOT END OF MARCH OR APRIL. EASTER & PASSOVER ARE IN APRIL. Heaven forbid those be deemed appropriate pictures to colour NOW, two weeks in advance of the holidays. Pay attention to details developers. Because, right now? Happy Colour isn’t such a Happy place to colour! Don’t waste your time with this colouring app until it is repaired completely or yanked, recreated & THEN opened up once more..Version: 1.3.1

Used to be Better!!!I would have given this game 5 stars before the most recent update made it too easy and boring. I want the old app back. So I posted this review recently and the developers have asked me to be more specific. I’m not sure why since many others have already given the same feedback that I’m going to give. You change a perfectly good app, where you had to fill in the gray areas with color depending on the number and you change it to a pattern which now makes it so easy to find the areas that I am bored within 2 minutes. I read many reviews and a lot of the 5 star reviews were all before the new update so I’m not sure what possessed the developers to change. When I ran across the new update I was actually going on to pay to remove the ads but that changed right away. I’ve seen comments from the developers that saw when the next update comes you will have a choice between pattern and solid. Amazingly they don’t realize the many of us will have deleted the app by that time. So developers I hope you’re happy now that I have told you exactly why I don’t like your app anymore and the only reason I have not deleted until this point is that I keep hoping you are going to realize you are not as smart as the consumer and change back to the original app. If I were you I would listen to the will of the people because actually some of these names on the reviews makes me wonder if you just added them to look good..Version: 1.3.1

Best Coloring AppThis is by far the best coloring app I have found, and I’ve tried many. I spent the $5 to remove the ads, and it was money well spent. Once you buy it, you don’t have to watch ads every time you start a new picture or to get hints which is great. I like the challenge of finding those little lost spaces, but when I give up, it’s nice to not have to watch an ad to get the hint. So many of these coloring apps charge ridiculous amounts of money to play, some over $100 a year, and that is after I have purchased the app. You choose a pic to color, and it pops up and says you have to pay another $10 or more to get more pictures. Never will the day come that I have to keep paying to color. Once you purchase Happy Color, that’s it. They add new pictures and bonus pictures every day. The down side is that I spend so much time coloring that housework is put on the back burner. Another reviewer said it freezes up occasionally, and I have found that to be true, but if you go back a step, it is instantly fixed. And I love the new format with shaded pics. I highly recommend this app!!!.Version: 1.3.5

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A little sadSo I got trophy pics to colour but they wouldn’t load no matter what I tried. Exited the game and tried again but nothing. Someone suggested deleting the game and then reinstalling it quickly saying I probably wouldn’t loose all I’d done as other games you reinstall bring you back to where you left off. So I did that and lost everything! I’m back to square one!! Not happy, I’ve been colouring these pics for over 2 years!.Version: 1.6.6

Satisfied!This game is actually surprisingly good, I am satisfied and relaxed. This game helped my calm down my nerves and anger, I extremely enjoy it. This game JUST exceeded my expectations! I absolutely recommend to people who love Art ! This app is satisfying and has pretty complicated pictures, and THAT part I love! I love a good challenge, doesn’t everyone? First of all, there is many pictures that are FREE to colour! Other apps usually make you pay for it! I am sure you will love it as much as I do. But, I would love if you could maybe add some fantasy pictures like a dragon, etc, or maybe food pictures or poster types like ‘Keep Calm & Colour By Number’ <— that would be cool! Overall, I am overly satisfied with my download! Definitely recommended to you guys out there, on ur mobile, bored. <3.Version: 1.6.14

Colour game AND an ovenEvery time I play this game (and ONLY when I play this game, never any other time), my phone heats up to the point where I could quite easily cook an egg on the back of it. I haven’t tried, but it’s burning my hands so I’m tempted. My screen dims to its lowest brightness even which it’s set to full and it takes a few minutes for my phone to cool down after closing the app. This is the only app that has ever done this. Otherwise, I enjoy it thoroughly. Could use less haptics when you tap on the wrong cell yet add in a haptic feedback once a colour has been completed otherwise I spend 15 minutes searching for another cell before I realise I’ve finished a the colour..Version: 1.2.0

Love this app!!Kudos to the developers! Highly recommend this app!!! So therapeutic if you don’t feel like getting actual paints out. All pics, expect the movie packs are free to colour, and new ones every day. Got my whole family hooked, and my mum’s friends, sharing with all my artsy friends too. The pics are excellent, from extreme detail to easier levels, love the rare pics! And great that hints are easy to get, I try not use them as I like the challenge of finding the tiny part I missed. This has been great through isolation.Version: 1.6.5

Meditate in ColourAs an addict of Happy Colour I use it to be mindful and also for the unadulterated pleasure of colour. After the house moves on in the morning I relish the daily colour and then move onto the rest. Apart from superstition - owls are unlucky - I complete everything in the morning and go on with my day relaxed and calmed. On the downside I refuse to be bullied by Facebook click bait and am disappointed not to complete those options. Yes I have Facebook but NO I don’t use it except when travelling! I enjoy the different styles of colouring in as it gives some amazing results and enhancements. I love this app and it’s been my favourite for over a year..Version: 1.5.1

Amazing app butI bought this app a while ago and enjoyed it a lot, the ads were annoying, so I bought the full version with no ads etc. I have recently found that when I go into a section such as people or butterflies, when I go to the bottom of the pictures, to colour one of the first pics that were made, I click on a picture and the screen comes up saying loading as it always does but then it never loads, I’m not sure if it’s my device or a bug in the game..Version: 1.6.6

The BEST colouring game on the market - no jokesI have used many different colouring apps for a while. This is by far the best in terms of designs, usability, and has no hidden costs. I have very little money and can’t afford in-app purchases which normally means you get the crumbs. This app is totally different. I can access beautiful designs all the time. Don’t hesitate to download it, it’s worth it. If new to these type of games, only play if you want to totally relax - it’s a great mindfulness activity..Version: 1.1.0

🌟🌟Beyond Free Best Ever COVID19 App🌟🌟Seriously, to all the Developers behind this AMAZING App I send you the biggest heartfelt thank you♥️I stumbled upon your App via an Ad & couldn’t be HAPPIER. I’ve looked for a very long time for a Colour By Numbers App but all of them are via subscription only. Your beautifully interfaced Happy Color is FREE, doesn’t have a zillion annoying Ads & the deftness of touch is incredible. Absolute KUDOS to everyone at your Company. This App needs so much more recognition as when I typed Colour by Numbers in the App Search Box 📦 your App didn’t come up, so maybe you could include that in it’s title so EVERYONE can enjoy it. Love, peace, rainbows & stay safe colouring to you all. You are all obviously the loveliest of people by making such a wonderful App available to the WORLD 🌍 for FREE♥️🐱🐾♥️Cannot thank you enough♥️.Version: 1.6.5

Great with minor flawsSuch an amazing game which will kill all boredom immediately! I am absolutely obsessed with this game and can spend hours just playing it. There are only two things I am able to complain about. Firstly, there are an excessive amount of adds! Every time you finish a picture, there is an add, and even sometimes one pops up whilst the picture is loading. And secondly, the game does freeze every now and then, which does become a little annoying at times. But overall, this game is highly recommended ❤️.Version: 1.2.0

The best thing that has ever happened to meThis is the best app EVER!!!Firstly because, in every picture it will test your eye site, secondly there is so much pictures to choose from.I am extremely happy that this add came up or I wouldn’t be playing it right now!!The final reason is there are so many different kind of pictures, for example it’s not just like 3 billion cat pictures you can choose animals, fashion and so much more things, that is why I gave the app a five star rating..Version: 1.4.0

Sumptuous and amazingly generousThis is the only game I’ve found where you never lose a level! I bought out of ads for a very low cost on all my devices, and now my daughter and I spend addicted hours revelling in a world of colour and form with no in app purchases and no frustrating moments. No subscription, one off. The generosity of new pics every day (free) and the range of content available make this so satisfying that I should uninstall it just to get my life back! Thank you!.Version: 1.3.5

WowI love this app it puts me into an amazing Mood and good mindset for the day it relaxes me so much!😊I have done every marvel free collection and there’s even more Disney ones my one problem is that it cost money for a pack and u should get to pick rather one free one that u want to do and maybe each mission u complete u unlock one that costs money normally it would make people play for longer This is why I think.....wait know u should get this app!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.16

Amazing!!I agree with one of the reviews I have recently read. I never write reviews but this App has been the best purchase I’ve ever made. The colouring is varied and there is something for everyone. Each category is lovely and they regularly update with new colouring! I can’t recommend this enough! Thank you for such an amazing app. The main great and unusual thing about this app is that you don’t have to pay to unlock pictures. They are all open once you open the app. Whatever I can do to spread the word because i so appreciate that the developers work so hard to keep the app top notch!.Version: 1.6.12

AmazingI don’t know why people always complain about the ads the developers have to make money somehow. I have played a lot of games and the ads for this game are not long and there are not that many. It’s a fun great way to relax and my husband always laughs at me and say colouring again. I’ve almost finished all the achievements just waiting for new pics to be added so I can finish the collections. I hope you create more collections titles. Also love the new mystery pictures they are fun. Thanks developers you made a great game..Version: 1.6.16

Where have Annabelle pics gone? ☹️I absolutely love this app and use it everyday. Very relaxing 😊 One question though, I didn’t colour in all the Annabelle pictures while they were on because I didn’t know they were going to disappear. Would love them to be brought back even in a paid pack like the raccoon ones. This would solve the issue with younger kids accessing the pics also (I read a review with someone concerned about age appropriate pics). I really enjoyed colouring them with the shading areas making them look great. Is it possible to bring them back please? Lee.Version: 1.3.5

Happy colourI think happy colour is the best app I have ever used. But I think they should make it so it shows you how many clues you have used so far, so you can keep track without having to go into My Feed, go into achievements and scroll down to the part it is on. So when you are in where all the pictures are you can see how many clues you have used in a little bubble around the top of the screen. That is why I give happy colour a 3 out of 5..Version: 1.3.1

Lovely Calming ColouringThis is such a lovely app. I’ve colouring in with real pencils and have never liked other apps. This app is superior to the rest without a “Subscription”. I would gladly pay for addins to keep this app active cause I wasn’t forced to pay to play. Thank you keeping this experience wonderful. I’d like to add a suggestion - can you add some buttons that take you to either end of the colour pallet, or show the next or last 8/10 colours etc. I sometimes colour one iPad frame at a time (zoomed in) for intricate details and want colours from across the pallet eg I had 38 colours but I only need 1 & 2 and 32 to 38 for that area..Version: 1.0.3

Fantastic for mental health!!I’ve tried other colouring apps as well as colouring with actual pencils and I spend hours every day using this awesome, free app, Happy Colour. I would pay money to use it! The colours are bold and vibrant as are the pictures and there’s SO much range to choose from. As someone who suffers from mental illness, this app has been one of the best things for me. When I’m really anxious or really depressed, I lie on my bed, put on some music and colour away. This app always manages to improve my mood. I recommend this to many of my friends and if you’re reading this and haven’t already done so, press the download button!! You won’t regret it!!.Version: 1.6.11

Was good, now buggy☹️I have had the app for a few months and absolutely love it. Recently it has become very difficult to use. At least half the time I open a picture to colour and the screen goes wonky and the view is restricted. This results in not being able to see the first colour available so it can’t be used. So, I colour what I can then have to close the program and reopen it and hope that it hasn’t happened again. I got so sick of doing this that I reinstalled the app. All that this resulted in was the loss of all my previously coloured pictures and a continuation of the frustration. This would have been a much better review if there was an obvious way to contact support😏.Version: 1.6.12

Great update!The latest update has definitely improved the app a lot. The checker pattern makes it a lot easier to see where colours are needed, especially when a pattern has greys and very pale colours. The touch sensitivity is also much better, I don’t have to tap a small area a bunch in order to get a correct colour to register. I can take or leave the completed colours moving to the back. It does help with getting similar colours together without scrolling the bar a ton when a pattern has them spread out, but there was also something satisfying about seeing them. Pros and cons to both. Best of all, my phone no longer instantly heats up while playing! It will heat up with constant use, but it takes an hour or more to do so instant of mere minutes. Really nice to see the devs respond to common issues people had and implement ways to improve the game!.Version: 1.3.1

Like to choose coloursI love this app and everyday when I get home from work I find the best way to destress and relax is to do the daily picture...although I usually end up doing 2 or 3 before I get up to do the household chores.. one thing I would ask is to have a choice of picking our own colours if we want to. Sometimes I see a picture and imagine it one way but then the colour pallet that is used is nothing like I would choose and I get a bit disappointed.. besides that, I LOVE IT..Version: 1.4.4

App is brokenEvery time an ad comes up for jigsaw HD there is no way of exiting to get back to doing the colouring in on the app without having to delete the app first and re-install it. Tried to contact the makers of the app to inform them of what was happening that came up as not being able to connect. fix something please I am using the Apple iPad 12.9 inch with OS 14.2 All is up to date. But it’s only recently the add for jigsaw HD comes up and it asks you to interact and finish a jigsaw, once finished the screen turns to a picture of grass with jigsaw HD written in the middle with a continue button to press. No white cross turns up in a corner to cancel the add and go back to colouring. Every time I tap on the screen or button it just takes me to either safari or the App Store to download the jigsaw game. I then have to delete this colouring app and then reload it to be able to access it again, which means everything I’ve done and the progress I’ve made is gone and I have to start all over again. Which I guess doesn’t matter too much other then I lose all the hints I gather over time. Last time I had to delete I had 20 hints stored up. And I lost them all. Love the app otherwise, just need to fix this glitch..Version: 1.6.12

❤️❤️❤️❤️I absolutely LOVE THIS APP!!! It only has a few ads now and then, like if your changing pictures, and you can NEVER run out of pictures to colour. I can’t get over how many categories there are! There are new pictures every day, and all of the pictures are stunning. The hints are fairly easy to get too. Two thoughts for the makers: I would really love to vote for pictures, and take part in those activities, but I don’t have a Facebook account. If you could make it accessible for anyone, that would really be awesome. It would also be amazing if you could choose if you wanted to colour it in with your own colours too. Thank you for an amazing game, and thank you for reading all this!😁❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.7.1

Very Relaxing and FunI love this game it’s really great. Perfect for people without heaps of artistic ability so you don’t have to decide where the colours go yourself 🙂. None of the colours are blocked and you can play the game completely free without suffering from missing colours!! The pictures are also great and really pretty with a mix of simple and intricate pictures to colour depending on what you want! Really the best game out of all the colour games. However I have just one suggestion is it possible to change the my feed section to sort the pictures into completed and still in progress pics. I like to gather lots of pics then complete them later so this would be really helpful thanks 🙏 ..Version: 1.3.6

I love itAs said in the title I love this game. It is great for when I am bored. There are a few slight problems but other than that the game is awesome. 1. A lot of ads I know you can purchase the no ads but it seems every time I start and finish a drawing it will give me a lot of ads. 2. Slow loading screen It’s probably just my connection but on some drawings it takes forever to load the picture. So I just have to turn my iPad off and do something else. 3. The grey spaces It is very hard to find some of the spaces and I know “just use the hint” but I prefer to not use the hints as much as possible. So I think you could add a feature so that you can change the colour of to let’s say pink instead of grey or something. I’m sorry that this was wordy and was so long but this is my honest opinion on it. Sorry if you disagree with me..Version: 1.6.8

Good Morning from Tasmania, Australia’s tiny little island state...Dear Developers, l have been looking for something like this for a long time, but they have all been too expensive. I was so happy to find this game and straight away paid the subscription. I have also bought it for my daughters iPad too. I am in my seventieth year and have been battling cancer for the past twelve months. I desperately needed something like this to help with my stress and pain levels and this has been wonderful in both cases. I cannot thank you enough for the immense amount of pleasure you have given me, and no doubt thousands of others, in creating such a wonderful past time. Many, many thanks to each and everyone of you for your skills and hard work to provide so much happiness to so many. Take care and have a safe and Happy Christmas! Sioux.Version: 1.1.0

Best Colouring App!!This is by far the best, and my all-time favourite colour by numbers app. Since first downloading it, I’ve never used any other. For all the pictures to be free (minus the addon packs like Marvel etc.) is awesome and so rare to come by nowadays! Even with the ads I don’t even mind it as the content is worth sitting through 10-30 seconds videos now & again. It’s become my go-to app during this lockdown, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Also comes in handy to keep little ones occupied 😊.Version: 1.6.8

Great app BUT....I love this app, it is one of the only colouring apps where the majority of the pictures are free to colour and the pictures are beautiful. My one complaint is that the POC pictures are whitened a lot.. I mean in the way that they have green/blue eyes, hair that is almost fair and the ones that are true to hue are the most bland and boring backgrounds ever. Almost like an after thought, and then there are the pictures that look exactly like native women then you colour and she’s blonde with blue eyes. More representation would be sweet. Not whitened beautiful black women would be AMAZING!.Version: 1.6.8

Perfect...almostWithout a doubt, this is the best colouring app in the App Store. If you are obsessive to finish all the colouring in, then this may not be the app for you, because they produce so many high quality pictures every day, you will struggle to keep up. It’s more of a teen to adult colouring in App, as the pictures can be quite large and require patience sometimes, which is awesome! There are enough kids pictures though, for it to be fun for them. Not only that, but you don’t need to subscribe and it won’t cost you an arm or leg to buy pictures. The only issue with this app, is that I can’t take my iPad out of portrait to colour in. That’s the most annoying thing! I want to colour in in landscape, because that’s how cases are designed to fold and sit. I hope the developers read this and work on this issue. thats my only issue. Regardless of my complaint though, it remains the best app in the store. I recommend it highly!.Version: 1.6.12

It’s good but there is a few problemsOkay so first off I wanna say that this is an amazing app. I love how you don’t have to be a stunning artist to be good at it. But there is a few things I’d like to talk about. I haven’t had this app for an extremely long time so this might have problems that I mention that are already fixed so if there is, I’m sorry. First problem, there isn’t a search button to search up what type of drawing you want to do. There might be one that I haven’t discovered yet and if there is that don’t worry about this problem. Second problem, I may be my bad internet but it is sometimes a bit laggy. When I press on the area I want to colour, it may take a few seconds for it to load. Last problem, the way that the app shows what areas to colour is like in a checkered way which at first I found really helpful. But then what started to happen is that areas that are really small would only show like a little grey colouring. Because of this, if there is a grey colour in the pallet it makes me think that I’ve already coloured that area. That results in me forgetting about it and having to waste one of my hints later on. I know I’ve complained a lot but overall, it is a pretty good app 😇🎨.Version: 1.6.3

Brilliant - addictiveWhat a struggle I’ve had to rate this! Absolutely love the app ... BUT .. as with a number of other apps I’ve had, loved and discarded the IC markets ad continually causes the iPad to overheat, is murder on the battery life, and and causes the screen to glitch and freeze. No other ad is anywhere as near as bad. It’s so frustrating that I end up giving up and doing something else. PLEASE make them change the way they build the ad. At this stage I’m again ready to quit this otherwise 5 star app!.Version: 1.6.3

Obsessed!This is by far my favourite & most used app! I have been obsessed with Happy Colour from the minute I downloaded it. The never ending choice of images to colour is phenomenal; I love how much variety & choice there is! Plus the images range from easy to challenging, which is great. I love that there are achievements to complete as well, it makes me so happy to watch my list of achievements get ticked off as completed! The fact that the entire app is free, and you only need to watch a (short) ad once you’ve completed an image, or a 30 second ad for two hints is fantastic! I’m so used to being bombarded with ads frequently in other apps so this is a refreshing & welcome change. Overall, this app & the developers are fantastic. Thank you for creating a wonderful obsession for me!.Version: 1.6.8

Lovely app.Further to my previous review I have now been able to remove ads. I don’t know what changed but am very grateful anyway. Now this is my favourite relaxing app. Thank you. I have just discovered this lovely app but I have no wish to be bombarded with ads. Like lots of games there is an option to remove ads BUT the link does not work and I am unable to pay even though I want to. I am so disappointed that my relaxing time is ruined in this way. I will have to look elsewhere..Version: 1.5.1

Love itI love this app. I can spend hours colouring in the pics. It was well worth the money to get rid of the annoying ads though. No problems loading and continuing since I did that. I was nearly ready to delete the whole thing until I paid to get rid of the ads. Love the latest change to the app where the grey area is now checkered and once the colour is finished that number goes to the end of the line. 😃.Version: 1.3.1

From 3 to 5 stars.I have loved and played happy colour as a form of relaxation for over 3 years. All the pics are free to colour and I used to be able to deal with the quick Infrequent ads. However lately there have been local pop up ads occurring every 30 seconds or less. It has made the game unplayable. I contacted support over this issue and within days they responded that they fixed the issue. I have coloured hundreds of pics over the past years and I love it. I spend time everyday colouring at least 1 pic and always free, always fun, always meditative, always great.Version: 1.6.15

ALMOST perfect...I don't care about the ads much because hey, they're not asking for subscriptions so it's a fair trade off. What I do have issues with is the random crashes to home screen when an ad is about to play, which only seems to happen on the iPad. On my phone it's flawless, but on the iPad it can crash every time it loads up an ad to play. I'd contact the decs vis support but hey, I just described everything I could in a report anyway. Bottom line, something's wrong with the ads that causes this to crash back to home screen..Version: 1.3.3

Love it! Please "sell me" on purchasing - what else do I get?I'm totally addicted to this app! It's relaxing yet I'm using my brain! The ads are hardly noticeable, there's hundreds of pictures to choose from! I'm thinking of purchasing but what are the benifits please? The ads go away but they're hardly am interruption anyway. Do I get unlimited hints? Do I get access to more "rare" drawings? Do I get 2 rows of the palette at the bottom so I can see more colours with less scrolling? Do I get a search function? Or a favourites list I can add too?.Version: 1.6.5

Amazing!This app needs so much more commending then it actually gets!! And here are the reasons why: (Except for the sticker packs) EVERY SINGLE picture is free to colour. In other colouring apps I have downloaded, 70% of the pictures are locked and you can only get them if you subscribe and pay. This is app is so good in this aspect because I kid you not, EVERY SINGLE picture in all the category columns, are free. No money is going down the bin. The adds are also to be commended for. In most colouring apps I used to have, I clicked to colour a picture, add. I clicked off the picture, add. I opened the app, add. And they were all 30-40 second adds that I couldn’t click the X on. However this app has no more then 5 second adds. Yes, there are adds, but they are not 30-40 second “waste my time” adds. They are quick 3-5 second adds and this is a HUGE plus for me! I love this app so much and would like to commend the creators so much! Thanks for filling my day with calming photos to colour and relaxation when I need it :).Version: 1.6.4

Good Game but...Hello! This game is awesome and very relaxing so I would highly recommend it for getting rid of stress or just having some fun. I would have given this app 5 stars but I feel something is missing from the Disney section. Star Wars. There are no traces of Star Wars. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan myself so I was disappointed that Star Wars colouring was not available. You could add The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars and many other shows and movies to colour. You could have 5 pictures per movie so that already adds up to 45, yes FORTY FIVE, colouring pages. Then add on the TV shows as well and then you have plentiful Star Wars content. I just can’t wait until I can colour in Baby Yoda! Anyways, other than that it’s a perfect game! I hope you think about adding Star Wars because it is an extremely big part of Disney. Thanks!.Version: 1.6.14

Great, but I have a few suggestions...Hi! I love the app. Very calming, and I could spend hours playing. I’d love it if you could make it so I could sync devices, as I used to play on my phone, and now I have it on my Ipad instead, I’d love to have all my finished colourings in one place, no matter what device I use to colour. Another problem is the grey that indicates where a colour should go, it sometimes blends in, making it incredibly hard to see if it’s already surrounded by other colours, it blends into the white. I’d love the option to change which colour indicates where to colour <3 Also, an idea to improve the app, maybe you could add colour themes? I love finishing a colouring, but sometimes the colours they’ve chosen are a bit too bright for my taste, and there’s no way of knowing what the colour scheme is until you finish it. Thanks! Apart from that, I enjoy this app :).Version: 1.2.0

Happy Colour AppI love this Happy Colour. I have spent hours and hours doing colouring. It helps me take my mind off the pain I’m in. I used to colour in adult colouring books until I found this app. I change my phone did a update on Samsung I had over a 2 hundred on that phone it didn’t get transferred to the new phone. I changed my phone to a iPhone 11 and once again lost my colouring and I had to start over again it was so frustrating. I had over 550 done I’m lucky I found found this app again. I recommend this app to anyone. Got to go and colour in cya..Version: 1.6.2

Intrusive Ads!!!!I love this app!! I sit for hours and colour in the evenings or while I’m waiting for appointments. But over the past week I have been inundated with intrusive ads that take over the whole screen. These ads are appearing every few minutes and last about 15 seconds. I can “X” out of it but if I do it appears again within seconds. It seriously comes up about 20 times in five minutes!!! It’s so bad I’ve exited the app and gone back in, I’ve stayed away from the app for a day or so thinking the ad will have run it’s course but none of it works. I just went in and before I EVEN started colouring the ad popped up taking up the whole screen!!! I don’t mind ads. I understand that if I’m getting a “free” game then ads are part of the deal. But this is just not right. They shouldn’t be this often or this intrusive not allowing you to even enjoy the experience. If you don’t do something about this I’m deleting the app regardless of how much I love colouring. It’s just not relaxing or fun anymore. I’m giving it one star until the ads are fixed!.Version: 1.6.14

Best colouring app I’ve tried!I’ve tried a few other colouring apps before this, and they were either too easy due to lack of detail (took about 5 minutes to complete each picture) so the absence of a challenge meant that I got bored quickly. Others were too difficult because there were no numbers to follow. But this! The detail of the pictures - wow! Kudos to the developers, fantastic work! Really appreciate the effort that must have gone into each picture. The Avengers one took me almost two hours, but the final result was totally worth it..Version: 1.6.8

5 out of 5 stars!I really enjoy playing this game to calm down after a long day, or during long car rides, because it’s satisfying and rewarding, you don’t have to pay any money for hints, and there are a few, but barely noticeable ads on screen. This game gives you a real sense of reward and enjoyment, and they are constantly updating and improving it, and it’s also tons of fun Ten out of ten would recommend!.Version: 1.3.6

Bonus pictures not loadingI love this app. Been colouring for a few weeks now. The variety is great & I love the new pictures every day. In the beginning I was able to access my bonus pictures, but for the last week I have not been able to download my bonus pictures & a few other pictures. Is there an issue with this? Would love to get back to doing my bonus ones. Still love the app as I am able to colour lots of others..Version: 1.6.6

My favourite appI hope this app never changes! You have instant access to all of the pictures, more are added daily, and it is soo very easy to use! Plenty for every taste! The amount of ads is completely reasonable, and of no bother. At the moment I am just having some technical issues, but that is the first time this has happened (and I have had this app for over a year). I have emailed through my troubles, and hopefully they will be resolved quickly. Thank you for such a wonderful app!!!.Version: 1.6.12

Lack of diversity/ white washingI love this app and use it a lot. My main issue is that there are lots of images of people in traditionally Indian clothes and others with afros and traditionally black facial features, but when you colour these images they have completely white skin. I find this kind of whitewashing extremely uncomfortable and upsetting as this isn’t just a lack of representation, you’re taking these cultures and making them white. I acknowledge I’ve seen one or two images where the design does include skin that isn’t white but the main one I’ve seen with actually black skin was more of a ‘friendship’ gimmick which doesn’t feel all that much better. You need to change this and give images of people with black hair styles/traditional or cultural clothing the correct skin colour..Version: 1.6.8

Best Colouring App!This is the absolute best colouring app. There is no subscription. While there is a cost to remove ads it’s not exorbitant and it’s actually value for money. For the cost of a single colouring book IRL (or only 1 weeks subscription in the extortion colouring apps) you get an unlimited colouring book. There are hundreds of pages in amazing categories and styles and more released every single day. I am sure I downloaded it back in 2019 and despite colouring multiple pictures every day, there’s still hundreds more yet to colour. There is no pressure to buy more packs and really no need to either. When I originally downloaded there was only one pay pack anyway. Now there is several more but they are licensed Marvel packs. The new Disney category is free! The developers are connected to their customers too. They have a very active Facebook page and listen to their community. They have stellar reviews because the app is just that good. The reviews are not fake. I recommend this app to all my friends..Version: 1.7.3

Best APP Ever!!Thank you SO much for creating this amazing app! By far, the best one I’ve come across to the point where I’ve actually suggested it to customers when they ask me if I sell colouring books! I only have a request and 1 “please please fix”. Please get rid of the duolingo kids and Quickbooks add! These new adds are freezing your app on my iPad to the point where I have to completely restart my iPad over and over again just to get back to the image I was colouring! And please, if at all possible, is there or will there be any chance of more images to colour like the Annabelle ones? The depth and shading on those images are just outstanding. When I’ve shown people how they look, they were blown away! Thank you again for this creation! I look forward to it everyday when I finally get to sit down & relax & colour! Great job guys!.Version: 1.3.5

Unexpectedly addictiveDidn’t expect to get addicted to colour by numbers on my phone, in fact I scoffed at the concept, but here I am writing a review so I can make a suggestion of a scroll bar or sort by month/year function so I can more easily have a flick through the older pictures. And maybe a favourite function to save pictures to come back to later? Sometimes I’m scrolling and I see a bunch of pics I’d love to colour eventually, but then I have trouble finding them again later..Version: 1.6.16

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Version 1.7.4 (2021-05-24): -Dream big, achieve bigger! You can now challenge yourself with more complicated achievements! -We have fixed minor issues and made general performance improvements..

Version 1.7.3 (2021-04-29): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.

Version 1.7.1 (2021-04-03): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.

Version 1.6.16 (2021-03-08): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.

Version 1.6.15 (2021-02-27): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.

Version 1.6.14 (2020-12-21): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.

Version 1.6.12 (2020-10-14): Hello! We are happy to present an updated version of our app. Get an unforgettable playing experience using these benefits: -general performance improvements -bug fixes Thanks for playing with us!.