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Plug Toolbox For Minecraft App Download

Get more out of your Minecraft, Plug Toolbox lets you do everything you want and more, get all the Minecraft stuff you need and edit so many settings it will blow your mind! Get the add-ons you need to edit your inventory and world settings (including dev only settings) right from the app with mods that work every time! Want to be as unbreakable as bedrock, need bigger, better weapons or customised spells? Download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft today and start playing in a whole new way.

Plug Toolbox has all the best cheats for Minecraft you'll ever need, with a settings level editor, player settings editor and a world settings editor. Whatever skin you walk around in, why play vanilla Minecraft when you can customise it the way you want?! Get all the tools, shortcuts, add-ons, hacks, tips and tricks you need right now. Download Plug Toolbox today and discover the best way to mod your world settings, player settings and inventory.

How do you kill an ender dragon in one shot? Walk this way and find out...


• Level up now! Set your achievement level to any level you like, cheat your way to the top!
• Set your game mode to any mode you like (including Survival mode, Creative mode, Spectator mode or Adventure mode)
• Set other players game mode different to yours even without activating cheats
• Set your world spawn point to anything
• Get some cool tools, change any setting without enabling Minecraft cheats
• Make the world immutable (can't be destroyed)
• Save your own skin, make yourself invulnerable - our favourite Minecraft hack - be the best Minecraft Hacker
• Set 'Keep Inventory' for just yourself or for every player so only you and/or other players don't lose inventory when they die
• Turn PvP (Player vs. Player) on or off
• Show coordinates without cheats on
• Enable the Minecraft map from start
• Remove Addon, Texture Pack, Resource Pack, Add-on locks from worlds
• Change your walk speed
• Change and set a CUSTOM default permission level for new players and op/ops
• Set a forced spawnpoint. (Even set a spawn point without a bed)
• Change your player attributes like Absorption, Max Health, Experience
• Customise your adventure, set any item in any Armor slot
• Weaponise your skin, put swords and anything you like in your Offhand (No limit to your off hand slot)
• Add ANY item to your Minecraft inventory, even items with custom ids
• Control who can fly and the fly speed
• Add any Minecraft items to Ender Chests
• Import and edit Minecraft worlds from the internet from any site or other Minecraft map apps for free
• Enchant anything and everything with every enchantment all the way up to level 32767
• Get any Minecraft potion or as many Minecraft potions as you want or need
• Level up, set any level seed even the elusive 0 (which isn't normally possible)
• No need to craft or mine just add the item to your inventory
• Export the world directly to MCPE (MC PE / Minecraft PE / Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
• Shortcuts galore even without having to activate cheats

Plug Toolbox has all the best cheats for Minecraft you'll ever need, with a settings level editor / map editor / world editor, so you can customise your game the way you want. Whatever skin you’re walking around in, Plug Toolbox is the best way to mod your world settings, player settings and inventory.

Level up now and get the most out of your Minecraft, customise it the way you want with our handy tips and tricks. These are just some of the many many things you can do with Plug Toolbox with much much more upgrades and improvements to come. There are so many possibilities, Plug Toolbox makes your Minecraft endlessly customisable.

So, don’t wait, download Plug Toolbox for Minecraft today and get all the hacks and cheats you can handle. If you can imagine it, Plug Toolbox can help you create it.

(Here’s a tip to get you started, you can put a block in the helmet Armor slot!)

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Plug Toolbox for Minecraft App User Reviews & Comments

Best App EverI have to admit this app has made it easy to get achievements and the enchantments are so cool. One thing I would like to be added though is to be able to instantly give yourself enchantments while in your world Otherwise this app is really cool.Version: 1.97

Great app!Love the app although I wish there were more options. Very useful for enchanting, and making your world better protected. I have one suggestion, add more because I know most options aren’t really that different from what you can do already without the app. But overall the app is great and is fun to use. Hope there is more to come in the future!.Version: 1.90

Still does not work with IOS 13.1I have exported the world on its own then tried adding the items. This didn't work. I added the items then exported the world to minecraft. This also did not work. I wouldn't mind some sort of functionality or at least a more in depth tutorial other than "press export to minecraft then scroll to copy to minecraft" I apologize and i do believe i got the hang of it and it works fine. Importing worlds is not working still though..Version: 1.90

AwesomeThis app is a "numbers" type world editor for Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition). The lastest update lets you use Apple's File app to copy your minecraft world to Toolbox, so you can skip copying worlds with pc/itunes and edit them more directly. Want a sharpness 1000 sword, it can do it. I personally put it on my pickaxe (which is normally impossible), so I can have "natural" enchantments on my swords, but have my pickaxe as my whompin' stick when it gets real..Version: 1.90

Great App and SuggestionsThis app has allowed me to properly make Minecraft maps on the Bedrock Edition. Without this application, I would be limited to only Minecraft Java Edition apps. I gave this app four stars because I feel it lacks a few features. Firstly, a custom name for items should be an option. This feature is already present in Minecraft so it should be feasible to modify the item data as necessary. Secondly, I think the app would greatly benefit from custom potion effect integration. I am not sure if this is feasible but it would be really awesome. Thirdly, this app would benefit from the ability to edit attribute modifiers. These most likely are Java Edition exclusive, so I understand why they are absent. Lastly, Minecraft Bedrock Edition already has support for the CanDestroy and CanPlaceOn tags. Including these just makes sense. In conclusion, I love what you do and what this app has become. Importing Minecraft worlds was such a great addition. Thank you for this great app. It was definitely worth the three dollars..Version: 1.97

But I found (anyone else having this?)Toolbox please fix this. This bug is when I export a world from toolbox to Minecraft. It says that “I don’t have access to view the file. I’ve researched this and haven’t found any answers. Please respond and help me. But overall, I love experimenting with the enchantment lvls and the world editing. Thanks for the app, but please respond..Version: 1.96

Love itI love the app! It allows people to change enchantments and other things! It’s totally worth the $3! The only trouble I ran into was fly. When I turned it on and exported the world and tried to fly, it wouldn’t allow me to. It also didn’t allow me to use the instabuild. Other than that, the app is awesome..Version: 1.97

Very CoolThis app is absolutely amazing! It edits the files of a world directly, which is very clever, and you can do some amazing things, such as spectator mode, OP enchantments, change in walk speed, enabling achievements, and so much more! Now with Apple’s files update you can edit worlds without a computer! Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.90

Don’t get me wrong, this app is great.I’ve used this for around 4 months. It has been working completely fine, and I have been using the unobtainable blocks and enchantments on maps that I have been creating, but today, I noticed that I couldn’t import a world to the app, because there wasn’t a folder for plug toolbox anymore :( I don’t know if this is because of iOS 13, but hopefully you are capable of fixing this issue..Version: 1.93

SuggestionI love this app as it lets you be basically invincible, have items that can’t be obtained through normal means, and much more however I have a suggestion. It would be cool to add the player spawn egg to this as I think it could be really cool and give more freedom even on top of everything else. It doesn’t have to be added but it would be nice..Version: 1.97

A Great gameThis is an amazing game and I want to buy the server hosting app, but before I buy it I want to know if I have the app and make a server can others play on the server without the app? Anyhow this has helped me troll and have fun with my friends. This also helped me earn some achievements..Version: 1.92

Needs improvementSo I got this game for $3 hoping for the best. And I really liked it! Except for a couple things. I hate how you have to import the world into the app for it to work. It would be much easier if you could open the app and it brings you right into Minecraft, with a little button you could click to bring up the options to do whatever you need to do, right from your world. Like you could just summon 64 bedrock into your inventory, while in the game. Same thing with adjusting the speed and stuff like that. Another thing that needs to be added is multiplayer!! I got this app hoping to be able to join my friends to troll them with a stack of enchanted bedrock, but this app doesn’t allow me to do that. If you could add these features, I’ll give this app a 5 star review and maybe it will be worth $3.Version: 1.97

Happy with the changes.I am here to change my review because of the changes made to import worlds. Overall though, having the ability to permanently alter a player’s movement speed, or access inaccessible blocks and items, or even turn an enchantment level to an absurd number is awesome. app is great and I would definitely recommend it!.Version: 1.90

Awesome App/SuggestionOkay so first of all this app is amazing, huge game changer and I love what you are doing with it. This app allows IOS users to mod their Minecraft! It’s freaking awesome. And I love that you as the developer reply to app suggestions so this is why I made this review. For my suggestion I think it would be great if you could import worlds from Minecraft to the plug toolbox so that you can mod a world without having to start over. Thanks!.Version: 1.4

Great App, But Please Add Custom Villager SupportI love how easy things are to do with this app when it comes to modding in items. I only encountered 1 annoying issue with this app. Every time I wanted to export my save back to Minecraft, I noticed there were items missing from my inventory. After re-adding those items and failing to see them in my inventory after exporting, I noticed that the items were not saving in my inventory after I added them, so they never even made it into the export. I fixed it by re importing the map and adding the items again. Anyway, that was the only issue I encountered, but some cool features like a custom villager with custom trades, or a custom enchantment load-out that would allow you to select specific enchantments and save them in a load-out to add to items whenever you want. It would save a lot of time. All in all though, your app is amazing. It helped me take my world I’ve kept from the very first day Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 and bring it up to snuff. Thank you so much!!!.Version: 1.97

Its AWESOME but i have suggestion and it needs update to latest versionI love it but plz add editing your inventory and setting when you are joining someone else’s world and while you are currently playing the game also it needs update to latest version of minecraft.Version: 1.97

Good app but I have more suggestionsI want to use the tax on servers or on my friend worlds to troll but I can’t do that with this and I really want that to be fixed I really want to use this to you do you walls all my friends please fix this and give us what we want I just want to throw my friends please add friend server I really really really want to troll my friends. thank you and I also want to go on to my room and use this to troll but I can’t thank you please fix it anyways this app is great for the money just fix the realm problem or friend problem or fix both please.Version: 1.97

Great appThis is one of the best apps I have on my phone I can go into creative mode with achievements on 10/10 definitelyrecommend for people that are getting achievements. A few things I want tho; 1. The availability to change other player’s inventory 2. A way to change the name of items 3. Working ender dragon spawn egg 4. An instant achievement thing? (This might not be possible Thats all but overall a great app!.Version: 1.97

Great app, suggestionsHello! I’ve had this app for about a year now and it is amazing! I trick my friends and show them the armor and weapons I get and they freak out lol. You probably won’t see this but I really REALLY hope you do. What I was thinking is that this could work for your friends realms. My friend uses this app on our realm and he doesn’t share the stuff he gets and we can’t kill him. So if it is possible you should try and make this work on other peoples realms! You probably won’t read this but I really hope you do. Anyways great app!.Version: 1.97

Love it please readI love all the things you can do, and there's no glitches! Also, I have an idea about combining plug toolbox with plug (so they work together if possible) to hack your own server!!! That would be amazing! You could do all sorts of things with your own servers but not hack anyone else's property! I really think you should consider that. This app has been fun, but not fun enough. No offense, if you don't want to hack servers..Version: 1.71

Great App but I crash when I try to open my inventoryI enjoy using this app to mess around with friends and all but I’m having trouble importing worlds into the app it just doesn’t pop up and my other problem is that I can’t open my inventory to get other items. Hope you read this!.Version: 1.97

Great app!This app is really cool but I think you should be able to edit your settings in game and I think you should be able to use the app on any world so you could go on your friends world and use it and the fly does not work I do not know what the lightning and instabuild is but however I would recommend to get it for your survival!.Version: 1.97

Awesome/Big BugI Have Used This For A Long/Very Very Short Time. And In All Of Them When I Click On The Inventory Button It Would NOT Log Me Off Of Minecraft. And Now I Play A Flat World And I Click On The Inventory Button.... BOOOOOOM! SHAPLAM! Off Of Minecraft, And I Think To Myself. 🤔💭 Hmmmm 🤔💭 Hermmmmm 🤔💭Hemmmm 🤔💭. Ummmmm, I Am Writing A Review And Seeing If The Developers Answer. Fingers Crossed! 🤞🏻Soooooo, Can You Please! Thank You Very Much! Bye-Bye! Talk To You Later! And See You Later!.Version: 1.96

This app is “ok”So the only problem is that you can’t add anything to the world you create and you have to make a new world :/ I would also suggest a thing where you can also add things to your inventory in other people’s worlds Another thing is that it would be fun if you could export an item to one of your worlds you already made I give you 4 stars for because of the cool enchants lol, not other things One more thing! Can you please make the whole thing easier to use it’s quit big and I can’t do half Minecraft and half the app so I have to log out of Minecraft load it then go back in :/ Thanks for reading, IF YOU DID.... Nvm one more thing... so how can I add the stuff to an existing Minecraft world?... if we can.. Have a nice day Tho please answer my qustions.Version: 1.97

No option for serversI downloaded this thinking I would be able to use it on servers, only to find I can only use it on my own personal worlds. While it does work well for that, I play almost exclusively on servers. This means that in buying this app, I have essentially wasted my money on something I will never use. It's only $3, but disappointing nonetheless. Hopefully in the future I will be able to use this in servers, but for now it will be tucked away in some folder, never getting used unfortunately..Version: 1.90

Computers!!!!This app shouldn’t need computers to work. Some people don’t have computers and why can’t we just upload it from our phone? This is for IOS mobile,not computers. Plz make an option for that. Also the version this app runs on is a bit outdated. (This app is on version 1.11 but currently Minecraft is in 1.14. Edit: Nvm 4 stars I didn’t realize that..Version: 1.90

Editing in gameThe reason I gave this four stars is because you’re missing the idea of editing your world straight from the game which is a lot easier than exporting it, it saves time and data by not having to look for the correct file and straight up editing the world from the app, I really think this would be a really great app to modify minecraft if you could just edit straight from the app and not have to export, and not occupy a lot of space on big worlds..Version: 1.97

Problem... the only reason why I downloaded it.I downloaded this app thinking I was going to be able to go onto servers like mineplex and use this but nope. It’s only for your own world. Other than that it’s a pretty good mod for Minecraft. I hope you will let us join mineplex and all that stuff with these hacks in a later update!.Version: 1.90

Great app but here’s an idea:I love the app and I think it’s great, but I have a suggestion. It would be cool if you were able to add potion effects to armor and items. For example; you could put regeneration on a helmet when you put it on, or you could gain a speed boost when you hold a certain sword. Again, I love the app already, but this would be a cool addition..Version: 1.94

Nether updateDear devs, The nether update is lit on Minecraft and many many MANY people want to enchant netherite stuff with super crazy enchants (including myself!. If you can, plz plz plz update it so it can support 1.16? But even without those features I still love the app. It’s the only thing that I know of that can give dirt blocks with enchants. So thank you for making this app.Version: 1.97

One issueOk, so I bought this app only because I thought I could use it on servers. But apparently, it’s useless because I have no one to play with and it’s just lame without friends. I just really want to to be able to have like a little Addon to the screen in Minecraft. Like, when you go Into a server there can be an icon and you can use it to use different hacks. If you don’t do this, IM GONNA ASK FOR A REFUND CAUSE I ONLY SPENT 3 BUCKS BECAUSE I THOUGHT I COULD USE IT ON SERVERS >:(.Version: 1.71

An ideaI want to tell you, there is a lot of Minecraft blocks I saw and I think you should put them too, you might saw them too like, Agent spawn egg, abc block glitch one), and a lot of stuff, please add them because i always see them and I wanna hold them and test them out..Version: 1.94

I will never delete this app! :DI’ve been looking for an app that you can enchant over the limit, and I searched “plug for mc” then I scrolled down and I found an app called “Plug Toolbox for Minecraft” so I was curious. I clicked it, looked at the pictures and I was like... WHOA!!! ENCHANT OVER 30,000!!! And I found out you can also get items that are unobtainable! So I clicked the download button in an excited way, then I was able to make a PvP Mega Sword! Plz add more things; 3 stages nether reactor core, and more..Version: 1.61

Make it so u can do it other than your worldI mean I like it and all just I wish I could hack on other peoples worlds and servers because that’s what I got it for to hack stuff but it’s just the thing where you download it to get good stuff in your world so in future updates please makes it to hack and servers please!.Version: 1.90

Great for single player but...(Edit: The app crashes when trying to edit anything but world settings in an imported mashup pack world) This app is great, but I have a couple of suggestions. I would love to be able to name items from the app. Also, I play on a realm where hacking is allowed, so multiplayer compatibility would be nice. (Of course people would probably abuse this and use it on servers where hacking is not allowed, so I would understand if you didn’t add it.) Other than that, using this app is a blast. You can get unobtainable blocks, increase your character speed, and get 32K enchantments. Some features, such as flying, don’t work right now, but the app tells you which features currently don't work and why..Version: 1.90

This app is a great Minecraft toolI really enjoy using this app!! It’s very useful for editing and exporting worlds. I’ve had some fun enchanting and basically messing around with all the functions/features of this app. It’s a fun and overall creative way to get around all the restrictions that Minecraft has in place. I looked for a way to make custom potions and such but there wasn’t anything like that. Still a good app! Keep up with the updates in the future!.Version: 1.61

Weird BugRunning on an iPhone 7+ with iOS 13.1 Dear developers, I’m going to start off with "this app is amazing!" It’s true! It allows me to edit worlds and cheat into the system of Minecraft, but, as of September 28th 2019, there’s this glitch that I think is involved with the iOS 13.x update. When I go to the folders app, I go to browse, then On My iPhone. When I get there, the file for Plug Toolbox isn’t there. Please fix this glitch as soon as possible. Thanks..Version: 1.93

Great App! DEVS READ PLEASE!Great app for finally being able to get those sharpness 1000 swords (whoohoo!). Only problem is, you need a computer to go through a longh process just to import your minecraft worlds to the app. And devs, please make it able to edit nbt tags and have a chunk locator. Something like Universal Minecraft Editor would be nice. - Max.Version: 1.71

*Important Info*This app is amazing!!! No other app can do this kind of stuff and it works just like how it does on pc. This app is very simple and easy to use if you have common sense or have experience with the pc version and how it works. People seriously don’t know what the are talking about they all though this app was going to let them hack and cheat on servers like common now the only way to inject a client is on pc and it’s only possible to give people blocks and items in peoples worlds from pc so if people seriously though they could just do that from mobile they are insane to think such a thing. This app is amazing if you are looking to modify your mc world because this is the only app right now that even has to do with that..Version: 1.97

This is an amazing appThis app is definitely worth the three dollars. You can do anything from going into legitimate spectator mode, to increasing your speed to three times the speed; all without even turning your cheats on. Speaking of not turning cheats on, you can also go into creative mode while still earning achievements. Probably that best part is the fact that you can enchant your armor (from within the app so that you don’t have to change your gamemode) with enchantments up to around 35,000. You can also enchant things like a pice of stone with the same thing. All in all, this is a really cool app.Version: 1.97

Great! But one question.I love the app overall, and it is extremely helpful and worth the three dollars. When I used this app, I had enchanted bows and all sorts of stuff for my SMP server. I had noticed that some of the items I had snuck in, had been glitched, and could not be used. I could not use any objects (ex. Chests), or use them for their specified purpose. I couldn’t even use some blocks! What I had found strange though, was that some of the objects did work. I could use some blocks, but not the others. I could use one pickaxe, but not the other. I could use my sword (which was amazing). I am hoping that the glitch would change back, but I am also hoping for a developer response. Thanks!.Version: 1.97

I love the app but need helpSo I would like to know if there is a way to export a servers file to the app, I play survival on Mineplex where there are lots of people who I see creating 32K’s and summoning in whatever they need. I’d really like to know if there is a way to get this working for me... a respond would be the best! In your best interest- user.Version: 1.94

Great App! But..This a great app and for me works every time! I would recommend this app to those who would like to spice up their Minecraft worlds. But I was wondering if its possible to use this app while playing and without making an entire new world?.Version: 1.90

Too expensive for way too littleTo be fair, the app has potential. However, the app does not have enough potential to be worth the cost. When I purchased the app I expected to be able to edit things in-game. Using plugins are no fun if they’re a one time use per world. I spent 2.99$ of my own free will, and I don’t expect any monetary compensation for my disappointment. I do ask that you at least add more features in the future than a pre-game inventory and settings edit. And maybe don’t advertise as a plugin, when you’re just a .mcworld file maker with a bit of extra flair. Or lower the price. I was unsatisfied with my purchase..Version: 1.90

Great app! One problem..... 🧐So this app is very great and all, but there is one thing I would like better about it.... if it could be in game like the older Minecraft toolbox hack. Like you can set waypoints, infinite health, enchant any items , speed and other potions , kill ability, and so much more please! Thank you so much pleassssse respond please! -A MineCraft Player.Version: 1.90

AWSOME butI love this thing believe me not but some things do take to master because some blocks aren’t really what they really are if u go to do a quarts slab an give it to ur self from the tool to the game it’s actually netherslab an etc as when u go for nether slab it would give u quarts I’m not sure if there’s any more like that but just for a further heads up.Version: 1.97

Great app but...This app is great and all I use it a lot but I wish there was a setting if another player joins there inventory could have stuff like in this version I would have all the cool stuff while other players just had a map when I spawn I have cool stuff so what I am saying is that if that another player would join so if someone did join they would have stuff in there inventory..Version: 1.71

GREAT APP but how do you use it on servers?So, this is a great app. I am wondering if i can use it on my friends world to prank them, use it on servers that hacks are allowed. I am iPad Pro. iOS, could you please tell me how to use it on servers, realms, and others worlds? Its a very great app, but I really need to use it on servers etc, Thank you for creating this app, it means alot to me and its very fun to use it! This changed my minecraft careers!! :).Version: 1.97

AMAZINGI love this 😍 but I have some suggestions I would like it if I could new blocks or make blocks look different because that would be cool and many other people would start buying this, it would also be good for people who wanna make fun games for their friends..Version: 1.97

Has a lot of potentialFirst of all this is getting 4 stars because I thought it would implement some commands into MY world, not make a new world then I have to export it into mcpe, so if you could implement some commands or at least make it easier to put your world in that list it would be great, thanks.Version: 1.61

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IT CRASHED MINECRAFTI downloaded this app then I used it for a few days then after a day my Minecraft keeps crashing when I launch it.Version: 1.90

Good but..Could u make it like blockluncher mabey.Version: 1.97

How does lightning work?I love the app but how does the lightning work and for some reason it won’t let me build or mine.Version: 1.97

I LOVE IT!Thank you innovative devs for making this app! I absolutely love it! Before. Plug pe used to get items with .g but that’s broken on plug pe but toolbox made it so much better. This was worth the money! Five stars!.Version: 1.3


BruhHow do you make iron sword appear while playing Minecraft I want free emeralds.Version: 1.94

WutMy diamond arma broke when I went in sweet berries the arma is not powerful.Version: 1.94

GoodIt’s good cuz it does export and give me the things I ask but when I join any other worlds there are no hacks on so I can’t do anything more like on servers or other peoples worlds it’s not activated at all so what do I do?.Version: 1.61

WHAT? Piece of junk.You can’t get any new items. You can’t shoot an ender dragon with one shot. It is terrible. I think you should rather get a game called piece of garbage. What? It would be more accurate..Version: 1.94

Doesn’t workI have put on 100 speed and 2 diamond swords and it doesn’t work..Version: 1.97

Doesn’t work! / or I don’t know how to use it :(I went and made a new world and imported it to minecraft and I set it up. But when I went in to the world nothing was different to normal minecraft :((( please respond.Version: 1.97

Great :)It’s really good it does everything it says and more I use this app daily really good.Version: 1.90

World editsIf you can tell me if you have world edits and how To get them or if there isn’t just tell me otherwise great app.Version: 1.97

Would rate zero stars if possibleSo I literary just got the app, imported a world onto it and as soon as I clicked your player settings it instantly crashed, as well as clicking on the your inventory. No matter how many times I try, or what I try it still doesn’t work. 😡😡😡I want a refund for this!!.Version: 1.90

It’s good but not usefulU can’t use its on severs I paid 5 dollars for something I can’t actually use usefully.Version: 1.97

Amazing!!I love the app but maybe you could add something that allows you to do it on online servers!?!?!!!?!?!.Version: 1.71

Please helpNothing worked for me when I bought it and went into a world there was nothing it was just like a normal Minecraft world and I wish u can add so that it can add it into a server.Version: 1.97

Help meI don’t understand.Version: 1.97

Good but...The product is as advertised for me I get all the items and enchantments I ask for but whenever I export a world the whole world is just water and there are very limited amounts of islands. But I am on the latest version of Minecraft so perhaps that could have some sort effect on the app?.Version: 1.96

How?Hi! I love the app but how do you get the items to go to the hive? Please tell me ;e;.Version: 1.90

It’s amazingI love the app,even though it costs money it is VERY useful but I only wonder,when is the “Nether Update” coming? I would really like it..Version: 1.97

Pretty GoodA little confusing at first but It works great for me, I use this to get OP enchantments, very good very fun. 5 stars. I recommend this..Version: 1.90

It’s just badYou have so many glitches I bought this app it didn’t let me click on anything when I deleted it I just get a black screen then when 8 do it again it just won’t work.Version: 1.97

Its a great app but servers?I love it!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)the only thing I would want is to make it available for servers and make it a little easier to control on Apple that makes me wanna refund but still love it!😊.Version: 1.90

Good, butThis is a really good app had it before but it needs to be updated for the newest version of minecraft. Also think that it would be cool to get the items by using commands inside the game.Version: 1.90

It doesn’t workI tried to use it on a server and it doesn’t work don’t download it is so bad I wish I could refund my money.Version: 1.97

Cheat app (:This is a great app so now I can cheat in minecraft!.Version: 1.96

1.16Hey I love your app and I was wondering if you will update the player inventory to include 1.16 things thank so the amazing app.Version: 1.97

Its a good app butHow do use it in multiplayer.Version: 1.97

Please let us use it in other people’s worldOver all, it is definitely one of the best hack clients for iOS, but I would really appreciate it if you could let us use it in other people’s world or on servers and also adding more features, like X-ray, switch game mode with out using cheats etc. That would be something really useful soo please add some more features. 😁.Version: 1.97

Pls make work for serverI spent money to work on server.Version: 1.97

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Plug Toolbox for Minecraft 1.97 Update

Version 1.97 (2020-02-08): ** Now you can import worlds from Minecraft directly from the App - Tap 'Import' on the Worlds Tab ** - Fixed an issue exporting worlds on iOS 13.2+ (Permission issue) - Fixed an issue with some blocks (eg command block) - Added ALL new items - bats, foxes etc! - Updated instructions for importing and exporting worlds.