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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship.

The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

Among Us! App User Reviews & Comments

AmazingThis game is great! I really enjoy playing it. And I thought It was fun but I had some suggestions. I know you work very hard to update this game so feel free to pick the easiest one. Friends list: if you played among us with a person you liked a lot to play with you could send them a friend request. If they accept they would go to your friends list and you can join them in games (you will join as a ghost). Game modes: I play this game on mobile so I am not sure if you added this already but if there were game modes in the menu where you can look for games, there would be a game mode area and if you hosted a game, you could decide the game mode. Imposter chance: I thought each time you play a game, when you are in the lobby (dropship) it would show your imposter chance. This way people who quit the game when they are not the imposter, when they join another game their imposter chance would stay the same because they did not play the round. New kill animations: playing among us is fun but it gets kind of boring each time you get killed it gets boring seeing the knife kill or gun kill so maybe you could add more kill animations. These were all my suggestions so I hope you add one of these if you have time. Thank you for reading..Version: 2020.10.22

Please respond to my idea!Hello, InnerSloth team! Among Us is a joy to play! No bugs or glitches I have encountered yet, which is good. I would like to give my ideas on a mode. Of course, you don’t have to add this in. I won’t be mad. It is pretty ambitious, so hear me out. Among Us is an online game which is cool, but if you’re offline all you can play is free play mode, which is pretty boring.(By the way don’t remove free play mode) So I have a solution! Can you add in some offline mini games? For example(You can add this mini game idea if you want) 30 second finder. I am still working on a title for that mini game. In this mini game, you are either a seeker or a hider. If you’re a seeker, you have 30 seconds to find a dummy which is randomly generated hiding around the maps of The Skeld, Mira HQ, and The Polus. If you’re a hider, then you have 10 or more seconds to hide from a CPU. If the CPU can’t find you in 30 seconds, you win. But if the CPU finds you, you can try to run away but the CPU can be faster then you. That’s an idea, I also wants some more mini games like prob hunt and other stuff you’re amazing minds can come up with. Also, let us choose what map we wanna be on for the mini games. I would also like the option to play these mini games in local multiplayer up to 5 people. Alright, that’s it for today. I hope you can add these ideas! It’s ok if you can’t, I will still love You guys and you’re games. Bye!!!.Version: 2020.11.17

EhFirst off its a really fun and addicting game, the thing is, whenever you leave a game too many times, you can’t play for a certain amount of time. Second of all, there has been numerous amount of glitches in the past few days. To start off, it will randomly kick you out of a game while you’re in the middle of one. This really makes me mad and frustrated because of how many times it’s happened. Next, there is a hacker. You will join a game and the screen will be all black and you can free run wherever. Then when you check the chat it has a link telling you random stuff and to vote for trump. This can be really scary for young ones and we should also not bring any thing political into a game that kids are playing for fun. Also, in the text it says it will hack with your WiFi. Which is true, not for me, but people I know. It logs them out of their WiFi and disconnects them where they can or rejoin. I would really recommend to wait to download the app until these bugs have been fixed. Thankfully, they have said that instead of making an “Amomg us #2” they will wait of and be trying to fix these bugs instead. I would wait until around November, as they said that’s when it should be fixed. I also say you should be 12+ to have this game. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds but, there are people swearing in the chat, and especially when there is a hacker at the moment. I would give this game a 3/5..Version: 2020.11.17

LOVE THIS GAME❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤎🤍Ok! This game is amazing! I love it so much! It’s fun to play, I love murder mystery games so this is why i love it so much. A lot of people are nice and fun to play with. But the thing is, a lot of people swear! And yes yes I’m aware I can censor chat, but still I would love to have my censor chat off and see no swearing, so I was thinking either way you can just tag out the swear in in general without censor chat off. I really wish people would stop swearing on here, like come on, my 9 year old sister plays this game and I don’t want her reading the chats when people are swearing in it, so maybe you can tag out the swear words even with censor chat on? That would be awesome. Also, a lot of people hack! I don’t know how they do it. I haven’t came across a hacker in awhile so that’s good. I honestly love this game, also we should be able to friend people on here! Honestly it would be so fun, all the people you meet and that are super nice you can friend without knowing that you’ll never talk to them again when you leave the game. But still a great app :). This game has got me through quarantine so I love it. I’ll be spending some money on this game I think, I do really want a pet and some new outfits so I think I’m gonna pay some of my money for it :D. Anyways that’s really all I have, best game ever, bye!❤️.Version: 2020.9.9

LOVE this game but...I love this game it is probably one of the best games i have ever had but i wish you can request a friend because some people in among us are really nice and cool another this is i wish you can add facial features on our characters like mustache and glasses i wish you win coins every time your imposter and you win or you are a cremate and you win coins and you can spend them on other colors or loke multiple colors on one body like a clolor that fades into another color, over all i love this game 🖤❤️🥰 hi i just wanted to edit this and say that some people are acting really racists and i just got madBecause people shouldn’t be treating other people like that it’s just not right and peopel were being racist to me because i was brown even thoghe that was me charivtor color they were saying that” once you go black you cna never go back” and when i heard it i thought they were just joking so i kept playing then thay said vot off brown because i was brown so they goted me off but i still kept playing then rhe game was over and they kepy saying rascist stuff so then u left and i kkow you cbat stop peopel drom being racist bit i would like if you can add a report button on people if they are being rude,Racist and I’ll just like that very much if you read this thank you Hope you have a good day bye.Version: 2020.9.9

Pretty good game, but a massive problem + suggestionsI play this game pretty much every DAY, it’s fun! But a big problem for me is playing the actual game. Most of the time when I try to join a server with 6/10(More or less) players, it says the game has either already started or the lobby is full. I refresh the servers, and there’s barely any. I try another one, same problem. I’m usually spending at least 2-3 minutes just trying to join a game with settings I like. Another thing that happens a lot is that when I refresh the servers, there’s none available! I’m not sure if this is a me problem, but PLEASE fix this!! It’s been a month or so since you said updates and Airship(The new map) were coming to Among Us, where are they!? There’s probably a bunch of people getting impatient, you really gotta hurry up. Suggestions: A friending system, I’ve met so many nice people when playing! It would be nice for a friending system! Another suggestion is more customization, there’s only 12 colors along with a not so massive selection of hats. I’m not allowed to buy anything online, so it would be cool for more customization for people that can’t afford to buy more hats and things! My final suggestion is MORE GAMEMODES!!! It gets confusing when I’m playing Hide and Seek and then more people join and they don’t know the rules. Overall, it’s a good game, but needs some adding. Sorry for the super long review I just had a lot to say.Version: 2020.11.17

The best gameSo among us is like a great game so they do need changes like the kill cool down and more maps but it’s still a good game like mostly it’s just the kill cool down and how it should be one or two but guys it’s a great app so there are also bad people so just leave the sever or kick or ban them or just don’t talk to them so again there will be hackers but among will ban them. So don’t feel scared because innersloth don’t do that they don’t hack they don’t be bad people and they don’t be rude or be mean so to the peep that said Nice but needs changes the have a great point because people say bad words all the TIME and like I wish the game could ban those people and you have a like nice point about people on calls but I go on calls but I don’t tell them who it is like so that’s what people can do and I hate and people put there names to “trump forever” and I’m like Biden all ready won so I wish the game could kick out people with the name trump or “trump for ever” plus trump was a jerk like a big jerk but back to people say bad words and they say bad words at nighttime because when they lose they just say them for no reason and I hate and people team like they don’t report body’s if there team mate is the imposter like no you can be a team just don’t do that. So that’s my story have a wonderful day guys!!.Version: 2020.10.22

Hackers ruin the funHi innersloth, I love your game and it’s great but I want to address the main issue everybody is complaining about: Hackers. Here are 3 cases where I have encountered serious hacking. 1. There was a time where I joined a room and red kept being the impostor every time. They could walk through walls and every time I called a meeting to report them the second I touched it they would sabotage and kill me. I tried to confront them and every time they insisted they weren’t hacking. 2. One time I joined a room and when the game started the cafeteria doors closed so everyone was stuck. The doors never opened so you could only call a meeting. Because everyone was there people accused random people until we found who it was...........after 20 games! 3. This one is one many people have been talking about. There is the infamous user known as eriesloris who keeps coming into servers and spamming messages that are either: subscribe to his channel, join his discord, or say the game is boring and give people a link to use hacks. I have encountered him like 4 times and I always know it’s him because of the messages and he always joins whith a teal green color and the name ???. I am scared for new players who don’t know him and don’t ban him. When I used the hack link it sent me to a website whith very explicit content. Please get this taken care of innersloth. Goodbye 😁.Version: 2020.11.17

Love the game it just needs a few tweaksThis game is amazing I love the concept and that you can play with friends. I have a few suggestions for things you could add or fix. My first thing and biggest thing is a friends list because sometimes when your playing you meet this awesome person but then one of you have to go and you will never see that person that you bonded with again. Another thing is new colors, hats, and pets. I think there should be a wider variety of colors including gray, dark red, light purple, and a tie color could be awesome! There should be additional hats added as well like a set of head phones, glasses, new wigs, and a set of pretty wings. I also think that there should be more pets and pets that you don’t have to pay for or like watch a certain amount of adds to unlock this pet or do this to unlock this pet. I think they should add a poddle pet, cat, and a bird would be cool. Something that kinda bothers me is that Mirah HQ (probably spelled wrong) doesn’t have cameras in it. I have also encountered some people who have asked sexual questions and wanted to do sexual activity I know that you can’t really do anything about that but I wanted to put that out there. I hope you guys read this and take some of my suggestions into consideration (even thought you won’t because why would you read my crappy review) thank you! Bye 🤍.Version: 2020.11.17

Good game!Overall ‘Among Us’ is a really good and addictive game. It’s super fun even when your not playing with friends. I know many people have an opinion on this (most of them good) so I just thought I spread the word even more. I feel like you should really add a friend system! That way you can send friend requests to people you would like to join’s game. Something that I find very annoying, is when your in the middle of playing, then get kicked out and it says: “Sent 6 pings” or the “unreliable packet source” or something. Its really annoying how you can be playing and then boom. Back to the main menu you go! So that’s something I would like if you fixed it. And finally, the trolls. I hate when people will join a game and ask “hey any (insert gender) here?” “What’s ur snap?” “Hey how old are you?” It’s really uncomfortable. Also when people say inappropriate things like private things to other strangers. It gets me disgusted. So I thought something thst could help with that is banning. If someone is beign really rude,or innapropriate I (and many others) would appreciate it if the game can ban them for maybe 30 minutes. So they can still play, but it’s later. Like a punishment for acting however they did. But I cannot say that this game is bad. I am really enjoying the newest update very much! I just hope that you take these opinions into mind. 💙 Sincerely, Anaya.Version: 2020.10.22

Among us (updates and fixes I want)First of all, this is an AMAZING game, though I think you should make the antlers for the Christmas hat free. I also maybe think you could make coins in the game so people can buy things without real money, and you get 5 coins if you beat a match of among us. I also think you should add a friend request button so you can add people when you click on them and click “add friend”. Also, is there anyway you can make it take up less battery, cause if so that would help out a bit. Also, I think you should make free Christmas hats (they all cost money right now). And maybe more colors like grey, and lighter versions of the colors already. I also think that you could add a “detective” mode where there are 1-3 detectives that get clues around the map. This would be a really fun addition to the game. And, if you can, maybe you can make it so people can sit, and try to maybe reduce the adds? Cause I usually (and I know you meant to but still) I get a add after almost every match, also, can you fix the bug where there’s more then one of the same color? It can get kind of annoying. Also, can you make it so ages 1-8 have censor chat on? And I know you probably can’t fix this, but there’s a lot of “bullying” and “dating” and it’s really annoying and stupid. I know this was super long, but this is my review..Version: 2020.11.17

Fun but FRUSTRATING!!!I really love this game, but the fact I’ve had it downloaded for 2 weeks and there hasn’t been a single update is insanely disappointing. The main issue I have is with disconnecting from servers or the app crashing. And both are CONSTANT! It’s so incredibly frustrating hosting a room of incredible people, which takes A REALLY LONG TIME to accomplish, only to disconnect shortly after. Sometimes the game will shut my room down due to “inactivity” despite constant chatting and people coming in & out, especially because it takes FOREVER to fill a room. On top of that, I’m constantly getting a pop up when I disconnect saying I have an older version of the game, even though no update is available. To the creators of among us- GET IT TOGETHER! You KNOW this is the most popular game on the market right now, so please stop ignoring these issues and make the effort to fix them. These issues are so constant that it makes me not want to play anymore, and I’ve talked to many others that feel the same way. Just because everyone loves the game doesn’t mean people won’t start hating it because of the big persistent issues we all face multiple times in one sitting. I would really love to see this game work at peak performance, but at this rate I have no faith that will actually happen. Hopefully among us creators will prove me differently, and SOON- otherwise I will not continue playing..Version: 2020.10.22

Decent but addictive 🙂Overall it’s a really fun game, I play this game in my spare time and I’m really happy because I got my dad to play it I enjoy spending time with all my friends and playing this game. I also feel really happy that roblox has released a imposter game because now people who don’t have among us can play it if they have roblox! This game is really fun and I know I’ve said this already but it’s so addictive! I love the game I really do and I think it’s a really good game they mean nothing to do with adding or subtracting from the stuff you already have there I do like the colors and I wish there was a bit more options for people who can’t Buy things but I do think it’s a massive catalog already! It takes a lot to download stuff and I’m pretty sure if he would spend a lot of times creating this I’m sorry for the super long review again! I just wish somehow this game wasn’t as addicting because when you think about it you see all the Youtubers who still posting about it and among us is kind of cool down it’s not as popular now it just kind of had a little outburst like a “15 minutes of fame”. I really appreciate this game and I really am happy to have it on my phone especially because now since I have a better phone it will actually work I hope this review helped for anyone who really needed help figuring out what this game is about. Thank you for reading if you did!.Version: 2020.11.17

How about a new game modeSo amazing game I love it but It gets boring so I was trying to help by thinking of ways to make it cooler so here we go. 1# Adding abilities I think having a game mode with abilities would be sick I came up with some too. So for the imposters you have Invisibility were you can be invisible and get that secret kill next fake task so I’m the game you can pretend to do tasks but what If you could have an ability to make the bar move to trick the other player and I want one really over powered one for both so just for fun disguising as a player so you can click on a player become them if they know that that person is good. Ok now for crewmate so I thought speed would be good so if you think this person is sus than you can run faster than them and they can’t get you net I thought of shield what it does is I can prevent you from dying I thought of a cutscene were they try and kill you but you dodge or something now for the overpowered one....................A kinda thing like reading minds but you can see the role once and it pops up somewhere random on your screen so if you miss it welp sorry I don’t know if the last part will be necessary but it’s an idea well if you read this thank you if you wanna get this to the creator just know I’m Simon and the # is #AbilitysAmongus.Version: 2020.9.9

Love the game, but hardly worksI absolutely love the gameplay and concept of this game. As far as games go this is the most addicting mobile game I’ve personally played. I’ve enjoyed it since this game came to iOS and have even purchased some in-game cosmetic gear. I just wanna say I appreciate the devs don’t give any pay to win options in the game. Some of the tasks are annoying and the maps need balancing I think. Other than that I think the gameplay is the strongest aspect of this game as it preys on our natural suspicions of others and that’s an amazing concept for strangers and friends to play. The biggest problem I’ve had though, and the reason for the 3 star rating is due to the fact that I can hardly even get matches when I want to. I get error messages often saying I was dropped from the server or that the matchmaker is full. As someone who has put money into this game I find this unacceptable. I understand the rare server issue here and there but when it takes over 20 minutes to search for game I feel like I’m literally wasting time. This game was the number one ranked action game at one point and there are ads at the end of every match. Surely the devs need to work out a better deal with their current sponsors. I really hope they don’t just divert all their assets into the planned sequel because I don’t believe the sequel will be as much of a success as it could be if any players are left disappointed in this game..Version: 2020.9.1

Problems need fixing.I don’t doubt that this is actually a good game because it looks like a really really fun concept. I just wish I was actually able to play it. I seriously don’t understand why there’s a limit to how many servers/games can be hosted. So now I’m not even able to play with my friends, instead I have to go into a public game which ended up getting me kicked within the first few seconds because apparently people like to make their own games just to make it public then start kicking people which I seriously don’t understand. I’m not having a good first impression. I don’t doubt that a lot of people would like to respond to this comment by saying you just have to play for a bit longer but my point is I shouldn’t have to play for longer to try to finally experience the game and have fun with it, I shouldn’t have to constantly search for public games until eventually i come across someone who’s actually going to be nice, or actually be able to join a public game because for some reason this game decides to list games that are hosted by players but the game is already going so I’m not allowed to join. So seriously why list the match if I can’t join? I’m really hoping eventually I will be able to play the game and actually have fun with it but until then it’ll continue to frustrate me, it seriously needs a lot of improvements until this can actually be something that I can enjoy. Please fix these issues because I’d love to try it..Version: 2020.9.1

Oh my god this is a masterpieceI LOVE Among Us. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s a murder mystery. The only problem I have with the game is a friend option. It would be nice to have a friend button in settings, where you can click on someone and there would be a friend option. One last thing, smart AI for Freeplay. I read someone else’s review and I too would love to have smarter AI as an option. This game is amazing. Edit: so I just had an idea. For the Charles headphone hat, maybe there could be an alternative broken headphones because of the Valiant Hero ending? Edit 2: sorry if a bunch of people are dumping a lot of ideas in you, but I had an idea just now. What if there are different body types for different kill animations? For example, if the impostor literally backstabs you, your body could be face down on the floor with their hand reaching out. Or when the impostor impales you with their tongue, it could be a body with a hole in its head. Thanks for reading! Edit 3: ok yeah, this must be pretty annoying but my friend couldn’t get Among Us for so long until it came out on the Nintendo Switch. But we can’t play together because it doesn’t support these platforms together. please make it cross-play! edit 4: omg i can’t type with the stupid quick chat feature it’s dumb please remove it.Version: 2021.2.21

Annoying thing (UPDATED)I really love the concept of this game, it’s very cool! But one thing that bugs me is that; After a round an ad plays, right? Sometimes I get an 30 second long unskippable ad. And the game goes on without me and the server gets full. Then it kicks me out and says “This server is full” I know you probably cannot stop this from happening. But I have no one else to talk to so I only have you guys. Update: Oh! And I forgot, sometimes people make servers and people join, only to get kicked or blocked by the host. I don’t understand why people do this. What do they get out of it you ask? Nothing. Can you please make a limit of how many people you can kick? Or perhaps rules I am sincerely sorry if this problem has been fixed. But I haven’t seen it with my own eyes happen to ME, but I’ve seen it happen to others. Update: I’ve now discovered that the “Automatic role” system is very bad for me. I’ve gotten Crewmate almost all of the time. Now it’s rare if I even get imposter ONCE. I try every single day. But now it’s a very boring app for me since all I get is Crewmate and always get killed first, then have to deal with dumb people who see the body but just stand by it without reporting, then another person comes in and thinks it that person since they’re standing near the body..Version: 2020.11.17

Inner sloth... this is a masterpiece.First off, lemme just get this out of the way. I LOVE this game, considering how hard it is to find a murder mystery game that is fun, challenging, and overall a enjoyable game. And I gotta say, this game nails the classic murder mystery game vibe. Considering how easy it is to pick up and go, you can really play it whenever you want, which is awesome in on itself, but it only makes it even better is how it’s free on mobile, is so nice, and it’s one of the main reasons it got popular in the first place, almost anyone with a phone could get the game! Sure, the advertisements can be a bit annoying, but that is really a small hiccup in the game, and besides, a free game has to have some kind of advertisements to keep it alive, so it’s hardly even a problem. The only real issue I had with this game was connection issues, but again, the game overall kinda shadows out the issues. The tasks/mini games are probably one of the best parts about this game, each one feels fun to do, especially if you can get a rhythm for each task. And the fact that you can have small meetings to decide who they think the murderer/imposter is, is GENIUS. This makes the game run at a good pace, makes replay ability amazing, and overall a amazing game. So innersloth, I’m excited for the updates and ideas you have for this game in the future! Amazing work!.Version: 2020.10.22

This is definitely a great game, here's some suggestions to help it improve.Playing with friends in voice is the obvious best way to play, but whenever they're all offline or you don't have enough for a game of 10, you'll most likely have to play with randoms. with the new airship map incoming, it would be nice to see some other changes to public rooms. public rooms should have a way to know what type of settings the room has before joining, at least for speed, visuals, voting, and/or confirms. when trying to join a room, it often pops up that the room is already full, so it would also be nice to have an auto-matchmaker that puts you into a room with slots so we dont spend minutes looking for an open room. it could check for rules or win rates of players to compare. above all else, a filter for rules is my most wanted public lobby improvement, so it only shows rooms that fit my preferences (below 1.5 speed, visuals off, etc.), and also possibly an expanded tutorial so there aren't as many players that eject people for no reason or quit when they get caught. I know you're working with a small team focusing on bug fixes and anti-cheat, so obviously this wont be added quick, but it would be really exciting to see one of these added to the game..Version: 2020.11.17

Great Game, A few notes thoIt’s a really good game but I have a some suggestions. Do you think you can make it to where when you die as a crew mate, you can see who the imposters are. Like there red names show up. Can you also make it to where you can like add ppl as you friend. Like your in a chat and you want to be friends with someone, you can tap there person a new it can be like a profile type thing and you can chat personally and invite them into games. Can you also make it to where you can keep passed games you made. Like say you hosted a game and you like the people in the game, can you make it to where you can have like a place where all your passed games where at and keep it there. Can you also maybe make it where you can favorite lobby. Like there can be a button like a heart or something and you can go to like a tab and go to your favorite lobby’s. Do you also think you can it where when you die you can a have an overview of the whole map. But only when you die so it’s fair. Do you also think you can make something called “watch mode” when you can watch other people play games and you can be I there body’s and watch as they play and overview the map. Think these ideas while make the game way more fun than it already is. I REALLY HOPE YOU CAN CONSIDER THEM. LIVE YOU SWEETHEARTS😘😘😘😘.Version: 2020.10.22

Great but some suggestionsIt’s an amazing app and I LOVE it but there are a few problems. 1. It keeps kicking me out before I even get a chance to play a game. For instance, I was playing with a bunch of my friends on a call, and right when the game started, it kicked me out and I didn’t get to play. But luckily, I have it on my computer and I still got to play, but not for a couple of rounds. Maybe it’s just my phone, but maybe not. 2. We need friends in the game. Let me explain. If you play like 5 games in a row with someone and you’re bonding with them, maybe you have to go or maybe they have to go, or if you get kicked or something, you never get to see each other ever again. Also it could be the same thing except with friends. And maybe you can see if you’re friends (in the game) are playing. 3. Newer stuff, like new colors, tasks and hats would be absolutely amazing! I have seen that the developers are working on a new map. 1 question about that. Is it gonna be a hide and seek map? If so that would be the most wonderful thing! Or even just another map even if the one you’re working on isn’t a hide and seek one. I love Among Us and all its features. I very much respect everyone that works on it, and I know it’s hard. But acknowledging at least 1 of the things I listed would be, I can’t even explain. Thank you so much for reading..Version: 2020.11.17

So fun and addicting, I love it, but a few things should be addedI love among us so much! It is so addicting and I love playing it with my friends. I would 100% recommend this game. I would give it 5 stars, however there are three things I would love to see added. The first one is a friends system because it would be a lot easier to join a friend’s game if you could just click ‘join game’ like in roblox. A second thing I would love to see added is a currency like coins or maybe something more creative like aliens. Then, players should receive say, 5 aliens or coins if they win as a crew mate and 10 aliens or coins if they win as imposter. Then, I think players should be able to use these coins/aliens to buy hats or outfits. I also think it would be really cool if we could use this currency to buy higher imposter chances because I would love if I could do that. The third and final thing I would love to see added is a report button. This would be good because I have noticed that some people say weird or disturbing things in my games quite often. I know the creators can’t control what people say, but it would be nice if they could be reported for it. Overall, I love among us but I would love to see these three things added. P.S. I heard the developers are working on a game called among us 2 and I think it will include all of these features and I am soooo excited for that!.Version: 2020.9.9

REQUEST!!!Among us is a great game with amazing features, but many people in the games sometimes want to play hide and seek, I was wondering if you could make another option in the game to play hide and seek and instead of imposters and crew-mates it’s the seekers and hiders?! Also instead of killing it could be you have been found and have the body sit on the floor like the babies do when they kill someone in among us! And there can be a lights option, and places to hide in or under! And options on how many seekers, and rounds! Maybe even in the crew-mates/imposters you can make a separate chat for imps without having to press button like a way for the imposters to communicate during the game! Also in the hide and seek one, everyone can vent and if you stay in the vent for more that 30 seconds to a minute you have to jump out no matter who is outside! And you can always change it to no venting or somewhere between those or maybe less than 30 seconds but never over a minute. Also in hide and seek a way for the seekers to win, maybe have rounds, and a time set, or maybe tasks too, or maybe both! And it can be ten players too just like imps and crews! But I don’t know it’s just a request I know lots of people would want this too! Think about it PLEASE!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉.Version: 2020.11.17

Just a few suggestions!! 🙃😉Here are some of my suggestions( I will explain further into the review ), the first one is... EmOgIs! Second is being able to friend each other!! The third one is being able to chat ( when your alive ) out of “ Emergency Meetings “. Now, I will do some explaining on the first suggestion. I would really like being able to use emojis in game because I ( my opinion ) REALLYYYY like to express my feelings with emojis. I’m not sure if most people agree why we should add emojis but I’m pretty sure a few of us want emojis. 😉 The second thing is friending each other. Sometimes I make friends but then ( because of my un-lucky life.. ) I always have to go! Then when I tell them, I get so sad because they are my friends! I would really like for you to add friend requesting in the game!! 🙃 The third thing is when your alive, you can only chat in emergency meetings. Sometimes I see a person vent... but before I can hit the Emergency Meeting button, they kill me. I get quite annoyed because I’m usually the person who ends up being the last crewmate. So, I also lose the game and not really angry but kind of annoyed! I feel bad saying this just so you know 🙃. Those are all my suggestions! Hope a few of them get added!!!!!! ( By the way the dog if your a crewmate and get killed.. I get so sad 😞 it’s so sad!!!! Can you make it a little bit less sad? ).Version: 2020.11.17

Love it but some problemsSo, I’ve been playing this game for months now and it’s very addicting and fun to play! I enjoy playing this with my friends, we all have a good time! Although you don’t know people you play with in random servers it’s fun playing with them to. So like I was explaining how the game is a fun experience there is also some issues I have with it. One being the hackers (you probably did something about that already, my bad if you already did) and lots and of glitches. I always get kicked out of the game due to an error or some weird glitch. I also have a problem with some of the people in the game treat it as if it’s tinder and flirt with people in the game. I know there’s probably no fixing that but it kinda gets annoying being for them to be like that. Also, I think you should make like a friend thing where like you can befriend people in the game and they can send you ( or you send them) friend request and when either of you accept then you can chat with them and join the same game as them so you don’t have to go through like hundreds of other servers to see them again. And for the last, it would be nice to add Charles to the stickmin bundle (this isn’t really a problem but it would be cool to have him in UwU💞). Overall that is all I have to say about the game, thank you for making this terrific game for family’s around the world. Have a nice day 💞💖💖🥰..Version: 2020.9.9

Super fun and addicting! But too many online daters and exploiters....I have had among us since I first got my new phone! It’s so cute the way the cartoony characters look and how fun the game was laid out and coded, I only have a few concerns, there are multiple online daters and exploiters in many many servers! I have been in a server once and these online daters joined and began to speak inappropriately and weirdly. I try to explain to them that Among Us is not a dating app and then they ban me and my friends! It’s very frustrating when that happens because then you can’t play the game normally. On my old phone, I had among us before it was popular and was a huge fan of it. I loved it when the severs were less cluttered and weird back then since there was not much attention. Now all I see are online daters, exploiters, and fake youtubers. My among us servers have also been hacked by exploiters more times than I can remember now! If you can raise more attention to the chat filters and make censor chat mandatory for specific words (inappropriate words) that would be great! Also, if there was a report button for everybody in the server so that people can report them directly to the developers that would be amazing. Also please patch the game so that exploiters cannot get into the game. I hope this review was detailed and I explained all this correctly! Have a good day <3.Version: 2020.11.17

ABSOLUTELY PLAY THISOk where to start? Let’s start that this is an awesome game and would totally recommend but let’s be real here it kinda gets boring after playing for 1-2 hours because you just do the same things again and again. Like I nearly ever impostor role and when I do SOMEONE HAS TO CHEAT AND SAY THAT IT IS ME WHEN THEY WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP! I MEAN COME ON! MAKE ACCOUNTS SO WE CAN REPORT THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR! That just ruins the fun of being the impostor and I spend like 99% of the time I am playing just doing boring tasks, getting killed, and getting voted of for no reason. That brings us to another suggestion, make fun things for crew mates to do if they are done with tasks. Well mainly because being a crew mate is not that fun. Maybe add in like a dance a crew mate can do to prove that they are safe but also give it to the impostors when they go to all the areas that they’re tasks are at. BUT only a chance that they will get it. That will make this game REALLY fun. Also ADD MORE ROLES. I mean like maybe a gravedigger, a person that can talk to the dead when there is a meeting or someone reports a body and they can die in the place of the other person. EVEN if it is an impostor. That will make the game WAY better. I don’t have any more suggestions for now but hope whoever is reading this has a nice day :) Thanks for reading! :).Version: 2020.11.17

Things that I think would make the game betterI just want to say that you guys have created a very good game. BUT I have some requirements. Number one is EMOJIS. We really need some emojis to express how we fell and to make talking with others easier. I mean I’m trying to make faces with text and it doesn’t let me. Mostly it would just make talking with others more fun. Number two is microphone. We should be able to make the settings of a game to be microphone only because honestly it’s easier and takes less time to talk. Number three hide and seek game mode. I know you guys mentioned this when you announced Among Us 2 but you have cancelled it so I hope you add it to Among Us 1. Number four updates. Now I’m not complaining that mobile players get updates later I’m just saying that at the time I’m typing this everyday I get into an among us lobby at least once it says I need to update and then I go to the App Store and I can’t update. Now I don’t know how updates for this game work since I’ve never experienced an actual update for it before. And the rest that I have are the thing u mentioned for Among Is 2 so I really hope u add all your ideas that you all had for Among Us 2 in Among Is 1. I understand that these things are probably difficult to do but I really think that these would make the game better. But then again I’m not a game creator so I don’t know how this is. BYEEE!!!!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃.Version: 2020.9.9

Over All It’s Pretty Good If You Ask MeSo I like this game a lot and I think that it’s petty fun and addicting. But there are a few problems though. So this is not very rare.. in fact it happens a lot with me, so almost every time that I log on this game into a random online server with random people there is almost always a person who is mean to me and other players... Like this one time I was in the lobby and I nicely typed in the chat “start pls” and then there was this random person who said “F**k you lime” and that just killed my mood. Now let’s talk about cheating... now sometimes there is people who are on discord with each other or at each other houses or something like that but every time that I get Imposter then they know that it’s me most of the time because if there on discord or something like that then they can tell each other if they are a Crew mate or an Imposter and if i’m the Imposter and they tell each other what they are over discord or something like that then they know that it’s me because they know what each other are and they are like “well if we are all Crew Mate the he has to be and Imposter” and that is an easy win for them especially easy if we have 4 or less people in the game... but other then that I really have no other complaints... like overall it’s a pretty good game and I love the new update and stuff like that sooooooo yeah..Version: 2020.10.22

Great game, just one complaintFirst of all, it’s a great game. But there are a LOT of problems. Firstly, you can’t report a player, in case one is being mean, or anything like that, you can’t report it, so that’s not good. And lately, there has been these people, trying to troop other players. Like this guy “Eris Loris” trying to get us to follow a link to get hacks. Or another player that is saying stuff like “use hacks or gets hacked” or “pay your bills and get hacked” and honestly, it’s kind of annoying. This also brings me back to the reporting issue. This would have been fixed if I could just report him, and be done with it. It would have also helped with the other hacker problem the game had when it first came out. It also couldn’t hurt to add emojis. Sure, some emojis might not be able to be used, but you can use the simple ones like the alighting emoji, 🤣😂 or the happy emoji, and sad 😁🥺. Either way, they would be fun! And sending friend requests, and friending people could be great too. I have tons of friends, and family members I want to play with. It would also be better, if you fix the problem about tons of games being full, or maybe add some new colors in hats. Maybe there could be a customize palette, where you can make new, and different colors, and save them. Please, and thank you. I hope my demands are met..Version: 2020.11.17

Some tipsAmong us is an amazing game and I’ve become obsessed with it over the past couple months. It’s so fun and the strategy involved makes it more exciting to play. It also gives such a rush of adrenaline. But whilst this game is structured beautifully and an incredible game, I do have a few small tips that I think could make this game better than it already is. First of all, an add friend button. Me and my friends love playing servers together and being able to friend other users could make it easier to game together. Also a microphone feature would be great. Chatting with the other users whilst playing out loud could be really great, because you’d be talking instead of typing through a screen. You’d be able to pick a game with microphone chatting or without, just whatever you prefer personally. Also being to branch out into private chats with people in the server would be really good. That way you could discuss plans with fellow imposters and win in a better and more strategized way. Also you could chat with friends you’re playing with separately. It would add a better feature of strategy and even betrayal to the game. You could even use it for persuasion purposes. Those are a few small but very effective features I think us among us users would love and highly appreciate! Thank you for this amazing game and I hope you take into account these suggestions!.Version: 2020.11.17

This is a amazing app! But...there’s something wrong..First of all, the computar one is 4.99! While this is free, so I highly recommend this version! Also, you can do your tasks quicker! (Which is highly helpful) and there’s no complaints.. Just a thing.. There are these glitches, where whenever you teleport back to the server to play another round, your in a dark room, (AND IT STILL SAYS REPORT BODY) and you can’t type in chat, it won’t show up but the scary thing is, there is another person, someone you don’t know. And he is lime green, he keeps spamming sub to (his channel) over and over again. It really creeps me out cause you can’t leave it. There’s no leave button. He is a hacker. Another thing is, there is a glitch, I was playing among us.. and then I saw someone dark green (normal for me) but when we got into game, I saw another dark green with the name ??? And it was not a lime, and you can have two dark greens! He kept going around in admin, I thought it was a glitch but when I called a emergency meeting, no one else saw him! It was crazy and they thought I was trolling, like WHAT!? I also could not see him on the emergency meeting voting time screen, only when we actually played the game! He kept doing the 02 fixing when it wasn’t sabotaged! It scared me, and he disappeared the next round. Please try to figure this out! I’m so scared rn!.Version: 2020.10.22

I miss the good gameAlright look this game used to be my favorite for me and my friends to have fun and really helped me not be bored in quarantine. The game rarely glitched and overall was the best mobile game I’d found in a while. But after this last update I can’t say that anymore. I love the idea of not showing who voted who ( it really helps with the occasional bullies) and I like the point of the update. Next I will say what I would like you to add adding friends, maybe more maps ( I like the ones you have but a big Change like that sound good), no hacking ( it’s still happening just not the full game bug you guys had), and actual bug fixes. Let me explain the last one or why I can’t say I love the game anymore. Earlier today I was playing with my younger sister and teaching her to play, sounds fun right? Well it was but soon after we had to make a new game bc people weren’t able to stay on our game with being kicked off for no reason. So me and her tried making a new game and it basically told us we had been M.I.A when the game hadn’t even loaded yet. Then we gave up. Later that day i by myself tried playing a game and it kept telling me I have an old version of the game even tho it just updated a day before. So that brings us to now. Pease actually do bug fixes and please read this and take note of how your game is extremely glitchy and isn’t a fun game anymore. Thank you very much for reading..Version: 2020.11.17

Beautiful but a bit boring...😐Once you start playing the game it’s awesome, but it gets boring after awhile. I wish there were more roles or a imposter chance so you wouldn’t always get crewmate. I also am very mad at how the crewmates just leave when I finally get imposter with my BFF. I think you should also make a new map or an hide and seek map for the people who play hide and seek. Otherwise it’s great! Also I think there should be a way to friend people, because I met some really nice people , but when I disconnected I never saw them again, they were so nice that when I was Imposter they let me win! But also there is a glitch, I join a game with one player (that’s what it says) but it turns out to be full! It takes 5-10 minutes to get a game with few players that don’t curse, (so my friend or little sister can join) and nice settings, and sometimes I click on 2 imposters when I wanted 1 and I clicked on the wrong map, I think we should be able to change the map when we are host, just in case we misclicked, and we should be able to change the amount of imposters! Also I tried to buy a mini crewmate, but it didn’t let me, I was really disappointed because all my other friends have mini crewmates and Christmas hats! I couldn’t buy a single thing in the shop. Please do something! -CherryMuffin789 (Your local disappointment customer).Version: 2020.11.17

Amazing game but help also among us s become basic,t a dating appOk so among us is a great game but I have been seeing a scary person named ??? And there a weird shade of forest green but more like a emerald green and there was already a dark green!! They were really creepy and they say if u see them your game is hacked or cursed and also I was red and there was 2 reds so pls fix this. - HowlingWolf201 ps - I’m writing again 2 months later and ??? Is still in every game I play pls fix this!! Also the chat 💬 is really thick black now and the words are very bold and this is creepy because of ??? Or emerald green pls fix this!! Ps - now it’s December and ??? Is still here HELP ME. Also among us has become a dating app for older adults who don’t think kids like me play among us they think they can swear as much as they want and someone is asking people to marry them and some usernames are are you a girl? And almost every game I join people on the chat are asking are you a girl? Yes I am a girl but I’m only 10 so it’s weird for me pls block this maybe for swears or marry me or are you a girl things are blocked? Maybe if they say that a message will pop up that says Your Message Was Considered Inappropriate Or maybe Your Message Was Not Approved For The Chat 💬 Maybe this will make among us less of a dating app. - HowlingWolf201.Version: 2020.11.17

A Major ProblemI discovered Among Us playing with friends on private mode. If you decide to just stick with private mode then you will be absolutely fine. You can have a fun time with some friends and overall enjoy this game. But then I tried public games. It wasn’t as bad as you think it would be. I ran into a total of one weirdo and was totally fine. I had no problems. The only time something really weird happened was when somebody with a weird name had tried to get us to follow his/her Twitter, but thanks to the new update Among Us blocks your ability to redirect to another website in the chat. Here’s the thing though. Recently, I ran into another one of the weird-named people, and they said in the chat that the lobby was hacked and he/she had all of the players’ IP addresses. This was an empty threat, as IP addresses are public knowledge (and you can’t find out where you are based on them)and Apple phones are virtually impossible to hack. However, this really shook me up and I deleted Among Us immediately. I didn’t want to be hacked. EVER. It was kind of scary even though I knew the extensive anti-hacking measures taken place by InnerSloth (the game’s creator). While this game is fun, it’s not worth it being scared every time my friends aren’t up for a game. If you are getting this for a group of friends/family, then you are fine. But stick with private games, and if InnerSloth can, fix these hackers!!!!.Version: 2020.11.17

Great gameI wanted to ask this for a while now can we add friends in among us and we can chat and creat groups? also can we have an animation where when you die you can pet your pet to cheer it up and also can there be an imposter chat where imposters can chat only imposters I think it would be a great feature and also I wanted some type of badgers or achievements or something like missions so you can buy different costume with game money also there will be costumes with real money and game money. Anyway remember about the imposter imposter chat 💬 I think it would be helpful Eg: imposter kills crew other crew sees the kill runs to the emergancy meeting button and then the imposter chats to the others imposter that to kill him. And also can there be a feature where we can play on hide and seek mode where imposters have to kill and there vision is low and crewmate vision is high and where there is no reporting bodies and a no emergancy meetings and we know who imposter is and then in 10 seconds imposter gets released I think everyone will love this feature but anyway this is my opinion the game would be very cool with this feature but anyway keep up the good work I also saw a lot of Easter eggs from Henry stink man like the diamond in some tasks and other Easter eggs in polis and a new map would be cool so yeah I love the awesome work keep it up and bye!.Version: 2020.9.9

Great! Also might I request a feature?I love this game!!! It’s so fun! But, I would like to request a feature. Could there be an option to have more intelligent crew mates/impostors in free play? For example: I start up free play and see an option saying “would you like to turn on intelligent mode?” I turn it on and free play starts. It has usual free play features like picking tasks and being the impostor. But with one major difference: the AI is more intelligent. I’ll give you a look at both sides of this mode. CREWMATE VIEW:You run around doing tasks with the other AI crew mates. And one of the crew mates is the impostor. The impostor’s AI does intelligent stuff like: trapping you in rooms, sabotaging electricity and such, and so much more! IMPOSTOR VIEW:The crew mates are doing tasks. While your the impostor. You take down the AI crew mates and such. But the AI crew mates does intelligent things like the AI impostor. Like:Reporting dead bodies, calling emergency meetings, and so much more! I would love to see all of this added into free play mode. I will be awaiting your response. EDIT:Ok, I think a great feature to have would be when the impostor kills you and your pet cries, you can comfort it. Like pet it and tell it everything is gonna be okay. Then it’s happy and it starts following your ghost. I would love this feature. Once again, I will be awaiting your response. —Your biggest fan.Version: 2020.9.9

Something crazy happened! From Adeline🇺🇸Well I didn’t first get into this my cousin did then I started playing it then my family started playing itSo that’s why I gave you five stars because my whole family likes it not my whole Family though but also I love it it is so good I have never got a glitch except one time I was doing it and it got me off so it might’ve been a glitch though I still love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and it is amazing!!!!!!!!! OK it’s been a couple days now and when I’m playing it still gets me off I don’t know why or how can you try to figure out the problem? And please because I alreadySaid it’s amazing so I want to get back to playing it without having to get back on OK pretty please just do it I really want to get back to playing it without having to get back on because it’s just so fun! And again please wait I forgot some thing I have to wait for a really long time are used to not be this long as it is now I have a Lotta problems it’s still really really good OK now you said it’s really good OK now I have said it’s really good a lot of timesOK now goodbye OK I’m saying this in a couple days and I go on it and start playing and just tell me right off the app in a cup I haven’t done it in a couple days so I tried it just cut off I tried again and it just cut me off so please fix it I really like it please please please because it is amazingly amazing👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2020.11.17

Among usThis is a very good game. The only reason I am writing this review is to tell people that what they are saying about it is not true and lies. First of all you have to wait ( like 5-20 min ) to get back in a game because you have left a game to much they are trying to prevent you from being one of those people that join a game just to leave. I know that might be frustrating but they are trying to make your experience better so stop complaining it could be much worse. The second thing I would like to address is that all the people are saying “ I barley moved an inch and they said orange vented,” well I am sorry to break it to you people are like that and they are just guessing to try to get you out so don’t complain. The last thing i want to address is people are saying they can’t get into the game because it is full even though it is 1/10. Well think about it there are millions of people trying to get into a game so they pick a game quick. My overall opinion of the game is great because there are no adds, it is just fun, you have weird and colorful skins, you can join publicly or private with your friends, there is democracy, and you get to chat. ( i understand sometimes the chats can be inappropriate but then just leave the game) I did 4 stars because no game is perfect and there is minor glitching with colors but that’s really it..Version: 2020.11.17

DemandThis game is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the market right now and that is for good reason. The concept and game idea itself is why people enjoy playing so much. The game allows you to work to deceive and lie to people in a way that is totally expectable socially because it’s all for sun and games. It’s the same game over and over and over again yet you still have people returning to play more which really says something about how great it is. I could play like 20 games in a row and never get bored. A lot of people feel this same way which is probably why the game is so successful and although that’s good, it comes with a price. That price is more content. People need more and more content and if the demand isn’t met with even small additions like new tasks or new colors for characters then the game will slowly start to die out. A big thing people want is the ability to have friends. You can play like 40 games with the same person and really bond with them and get to know them, only for both of you to be kicked out of the game for an update or hacking or something and you’d never be able to see them again. A friend request feature would go a long way to helping this issue, plus with more friends you can play with, the more people will want to play. All in all this is the best game in the App Store right now 10/10, 100%, 5 stars, it’s just great..Version: 2020.9.9

Among us quick chatHey innersloth you really need to read this: So just getting right to the point I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not but quick chat totally breaks the game for me and one of my friends. Overall among us is an awesome game and not much needs to be said about it but the new quick chat update pretty much breaks the game. I entered my birthday which was sometime in the last 12 years and now the only option for me is quick chat. I cannot type in the chat a message, I can only use what quick chat offers me. Furthermore, the Polus map outside ground is all purple, and that is just the beginning. To people who have not updated among us, it looks like I am in the wall. There are movement bugs, where I sometimes just randomly stop moving, and sometimes I go in the opposite direction for a second. Also, when I am in the Polus map, and possibly other maps as well (I haven’t tested everything) it does not show my name, except when I am in some specific rooms. In the game, it also occasionally shows people and dead bodies in the walls. That is everything I have found so far that happened with this new update. I’m sure you know this already, and are trying to fix it on top of working on the airship to get it released, but I thought that you might not know yet, so that is why I am telling you this. I know this is a long review, but please read it all..Version: 2021.2.21

Great great game but a few suggestionsAs we all know in the game there is one Inposter or two or three and there is cremating you have to do jobs blah blah blah mostly everyone knows that. But you should add some things there shouldn’t be in app purchases because little kids can and might actually tap on those things takes your parents credit card and actually purchase something without permission second of all everything should be free including the skins in the hats and the pets that would be coolAnd once somebody kills you it’s kind of inappropriate way sometimes it shakes you shot see you and chat you again or there’s a cop and it smells and then that takes it’s Tongue and then stab you with it with itNow that’s kind of inappropriate are you should do is just like stop and then that’s it you shouldn’t do anything that’s just all you do. One last thing they should be New World new clothes and stuff and maybe even skateboards and boosts to help you win in the game but one thing that is bad the chat because people sometimes write inappropriate things in the chat and little kids can actually copy well I can’t technically can’t because there’s like a little stars when you type it but some people out of space in the middle of itAnd it’s still spells that wordSo please agree with me and these updates please among us person or whoever made it just please do this.Version: 2020.11.17

Server, bugs, cheaters, and pc advantages on mobileAmong us is a great game, and everyone can agree that. I have several problems with Among us, here are some. 1. Server: I’m an currently in Asia so I’m using Asia server but sometimes I couldn’t host rooms because too many rooms and I have to force myself to play on NA server with over 600 ping. 2. Bugs: right now in social media I can see people exposing bugs like invisibility or no named characters. If an imposter uses that invisibility bug it’s game changing and it will ruin the fun. I would be delighted if u remove those bugs ASAP. 3. Cheaters: I’ve experienced playing with cheaters and it ruined the game. First of all the imposter is a cheater and slashed us off instantly. Another encounter is that the imposter ended the voting time and we couldn’t vote him off. I would be happy if u ban the devices of those cheaters if possible. 4. Advantages: I would like to play among us on pc but I can’t cause I don’t own a pc or laptop. The advantage is that pc players have better resolution and wider view even though the game is not a heavy game. Yes I get it we need better mobile devices but I’m thinking this for all players. I wish if u could give mobile players wider views too! I don’t think you could you even read my review but if u do please fix these for us. Thank you if u see my review and fix these issues I have..Version: 2020.10.22

GREAT GAME! But.....So this is a great game! and if your not playing it, what are you doing go ahead and download! But anyway this game is super good I have a lot of fun playing it and had a really good first impression but people do get quite annoying and toxic. For example some people who are on your team as imposter will see you kill someone and then report the body and say (your name/ color) DID IT! And it’s really annoying. Another thing is sometimes bodies that are next to a door that’s closed, you can’t see the body not that big of a deal but I’ve gotten voted of bc of it one time, idk if this was a glitch but I think the guy was modding or something but I was in admin on the skeld and the report button popped up but there wasn’t a body another guy was in there as well and even said there wasn’t a body on his screen either idk if it was a bug or a modder but I got voted off for it and it frustrated me quite a bit other bugs as well but there not really a big deal because there only there for a min or 2 and the game still operates as it should... plus teaming is a big issue but there’s not really anything you can do about that. other than these things amazing game definitely recommend. If your wondering the community is ok but certain lobby’s can be really toxic so just leave them and find a different one. Great game keep up the good work!!.Version: 2020.9.9

Awesome game, a few suggestionsWords can’t describe how much I love this game!! It’s just so fun and addicting. I just got it about three weeks ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. Although it’s a very well made very fun to play game, there’s some things that I think would be cool to add either to among us or among us 2. 1. There should be a way to kick people faster if you’re the host during a game. Some people like to call emergency meetings and waste time, so being able to kick them out would make it go by way faster. 2. I think it would be awesome to add a send a friend request button. Some people have really good friendships on here and a lot of the time one of them might disconnect or have to go and never see each other again! ;( If we had a add friend button, we could always play with them. Plus, when you try to give your personal number or social media’s out to someone, the whole server can see it unless you ban them all. 3. I think I saw this on another review, but maybe add a limit to camera time? It’s kinda hard to kill when people are guarding the cameras. 4. Hackers and exploiters should be automatically banned from playing. Maybe you could install a thing that detects their programming and stuff? They ruin the game a lot. Other than that, this game is amazing! Definitely game of the year. It’s made 2020 so much better. 5 stars for sure.Version: 2020.9.9

Just a good game, just with a few problemsFirst I want to say that I love this game!!!!!! I love to play with my friends and brother. There are many awesome features about this game that I can’t say because there are too many. While I do find a lot of bad players, I find double the amount of nice players. The community is awesome and fun to talk with. I just wish that there was a friend system that I could friend these nice people. I don’t know how that would work though. I don’t want to go into detail but it would be a cool feature. I know that you(the developers) can’t control the toxicity of people but that is definitely a problem. I have found players who are sore losers and think everyone is cheating (Almost like they play Fortnite too much ;) ). I have found many players who I have found a connection with. This means that when I’m imposter with, we destroy and win very easily. This can also apply for crewmate. We stick together and find who the imposters are. Hackers are also a HUGE problem. My friends and I were playing a game together and a hacker comes and is teleporting and moving super fast. He then proceeds to kill everyone, even the other imposter (aka me) I was shown the defeat screen and him alone on the screen. Anyway I’m done with my rant and just love and play this game too much. Thx for reading!!!!!.Version: 2020.10.22

Neat game but requires some improvements <3If you are the creators of this app, keep reading because I will give you suggestions that will really make Among Us better! I love this game! The idea is classic, like mafia but in space. It can be technically called a brain game because the idea of lying and deceiving your “team” is very cool way to stretch your detective skills. Personally, this game is really fun! I wouldn’t give this game anything below 5 stars! But, there are a lot of things that concern me a little to. First, the over usage of bad words and #. It’s pretty hard to find a game where no one is constantly cussing inappropriate things in the chat, which ruins the game for everyone! On the other hand, there are some ridiculous hashtags marked on a word that isn’t even bad! Some people also put very disgusting things as their names. Another thing I would like to suggest is adding friends! Me and my friend just started playing together yesterday but it was very hard to get her into the same game as I am. Sometimes it’s very boring if we start a new game as host and no one’s joining! I think it would be nice to friend request and then we can request our friends to be able to join the public server we are in! It would save a ton of time. Other than these complaints I absolutely love this app. If you are the creator, please keep doing what you do!.Version: 2020.11.17

Really Good So Far!I really love this game, it’s really fun! The graphics, gameplay, and everything overall is amazing! I was also thinking of some things that could be added. This is something I heard on the internet and isn’t original, but I wanted to spread it around because it sounds interesting. What if there was a role called “Jester” where their goal is to get ejected, making them win? Sounds like it could be a hit or miss, but I think that’d be cool. Also a role of “Detective” sounds interesting. Like, you can give that person the option to take screenshots, so they can have solid alibis/evidence of the imposter, but only they have it, so that the crew mates don’t have too much of an advantage. They can send the screenshots to the chat, helping out their case (maybe also a limited amount of screenshots so their not overpowered?). Also the idea of adding friends would be cool! It’s sad you can’t add anyone, and the strangers you could enjoy playing with you’ll only play with once. It would also be nice to adopt mini crew mates whenever their parent dies, I just think that would be very wholesome. More colors would also be cool, I mean, this is only optional since the colors that are already there are great, but I think it’s something to keep in mind. But overall, fantastic game! Can’t wait to see what else will come to it in the future!.Version: 2020.9.9

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Good but 3 things will make it perfectI love playing among us, it is so fun and so cool. But I would like things to be added. 1. I would like there to be a 4th map, my idea is a map set under water in a submarine, introducing the flood task where water would flood the sub and make it harder to swim and breath, and when someone dies if there’s a flood, the body will float around, then you can fix the glass crack and then head to a new reactor room where you can drain the water. 2. I would love there to be a friend request system added, I play with my friends on public servers but we have to enter the codes really quickly and that’s kinda hard, but you could have a thing where you could join friends in games when there are player spots left. I would also like if. You could have a thing where you text them and can see there activities unless they set it on idle mode where it’s private. 3. I would like an added mode where specific person has an ability to kill people, not like an imposter though, instead you get a rifle once you finish all your tasks. You can then shoot people, but if you get the shot wrong and shoot a crewmate then you die. Those are my Requests, please think about it, I would honestly like 2. To be in the game but 1. And 3. Are also requested. But overall I love this game, my favourite game of 2020 though it was made in like 2018 or something but anyway, please think about this and thank you :)..Version: 2020.9.9

WhatOk, this game is the BEST but their are a slight problem of issue’s with the game. It won’t let me purchase anything for some reason. I think it might be a really big glitch with your game. It keep’s on saying PurchaseUnavailable🤔, witch is really annoying and weird. And their’s nothing to fix it. But all the rest of this game is THE BEST!!!!! You should really play modern Among Us, instead of the old version. The modern version is the better type of Among Us. But when is that new map gonna come out? Bc I really want to play it btw. What will it b anyway’s? The Skeld and Polos are good, but Mira HQ is probably the best in my opinion. But the Unavailable purchase thing is well really bugging me😕. But other than that the game is AMAZING. But can you put in a grey color? It would be really nice and cool😎. But the thing with Among Us is that some of the death’s have become real, I think... but I recommend you play Among Us 98%🙃. Thank you for making the amazing game Inner Sloth!!! 🦥.Version: 2020.11.17

A few things I want you to addIt’s really fun playing among us and I love it you did amazing at this game and not everyone knows that this game isn’t so new it is made in 2018 I’d also want you to add something and here is my reason why, - Adding People As a Friend I met these 2 best friends that I’ll never forget and I miss them so much that I would probably never find them and not only me I want you to add in that so we can join them and stuff and also with that add search up the name of them- so yeah I also want you to add in this. - People who swears get banned straight away In among us people swear a lot and sometimes they don’t ban them so it’s really hard I really hate bad words it’s like they don’t support you. - Stop The Glitch When it says for example 4/10 I join and it says game full? Like seriously it’s very annoying to be honest it’s not just for me it happens to everyone so please make it stop. - Make atleast one skin and one. Pet for free and hat I really want the dog it’s so cute I also want the doctor skin it’s really cool and for hat I want that crew mate hehe - More maps I love the maps you created but we also want a bit more I’m very very sorry to ask for a lot for you can’t do it it’s alright because I know you spent so much time on this game your a very good person I hope you keep up the good work! Always stay positive! Stay safe.Version: 2020.11.17

Among themThis game is extremely fun and good to play on mobile data (as I can be playing for a hour using only 50mb!!) the graphics are excellent and the only reason that I am rating it four stars is because there a lots of hackers and even worse abusive people playing that are racist and addicted with relationships, I am 14 and although this does not bother me I’m sure that a 9 year old would rather not be called a dirty ni****, fortunately there is now a censor chat button that anyone can use. So if you are a parent deciding if your kid should be allowed to download this game, although there is violence it only is there when you die for approximately 3seconds. So personally I would say to talk to your shield on what to do wether it’s leaving the game if or when people get abusive or simply telling you, this game although it has no benefits educationally, if your child is going to be wasting their time, I throughly recommend this game.Version: 2020.11.17

CHANGE THESE THINGS IN THE GAMEI don’t like how you can name yourself something inappropriate and still be allowed to play the game without being banned. Also people can name the game that they created something unsuitable for younger children. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that when players say inappropriate things in the chat they should be banned from the game for a certain amount of time. The last thing is that I think that you should make the game free on the computer as well because it is basically the same as the mobile version so there is no point for players to waste money for the same app. Otherwise this is a great game for people to play with their friends or just to use by themselves, but for the creator of this game to keep into account is you should definitely change that you can do things that you should not be allowed to do in the app..Version: 2020.11.17

Go among usI’m on this is a great game and it is a fantastic game to entertain youBut I have a few suggestions like first could you make a Dummies move in an update That would make free play so much more fun and secondly Secondly could you make skins and pets that you could equip without actually paying real money that would be so much better I haven’t played among us very long but that is one thing that I would love a lot I hope you could do that and an update I think a lot of other people would like that as well because if your parents will not let you to pay real money for the things then you will only be able to equip hats 🎩 I really hope that could be something on Among Us to as well please do this if you did do this one it would be so much more fun to play among us🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺.Version: 2020.9.9

Please change the chance system to be imposter(PLEASE READ THIS) I really love this app and how it is free but I have an issue. The chance of being imposter is unfair in my opinion as I have been playing for about four hours in the same game and not once did I get imposter. The game had 2 imposters if you wanted to know. I think I was the only person who stayed in that game for more than 40 mins. So I think cause people join the game then leave after like 10 to 20 mins it lesses the chance of people who stay in the game longer then that time. And it keeps repeating. I hope you change the system of the chance to be imposter so it will be more fair. The way I want it to change is that the longer you have not been imposter the higher chance you will be it. I do not know how to explain this next bit but I will try. I also want it to also only work when you when you are in a game not out of the app not in the menu or waiting in the lobby. Thank you very much if you implement this in among us or just read all of this and I am not just thanking the devs also random people reading this. thank you!.Version: 2020.9.9

Great game but one problemAmong us is an extremely addicting game and i absolutely love it. i love the concept, the animations, the graphics and even how hard the devs work even though theres only 3! but theres one thing that i want to address so it may be improved in the future however i understand how hard the devs work since theres not many of them so i wont be pressuring you guys to get the update finished asap. what i wanted to say is that everyday i play this game and most of the time i get crewmate obviously because theres less imposters. however the chances of getting imposter are really really low which is what i want improved. it just frustrates me that i get imposter about 3 times each day i play when i play this game for hours. i think that chances should be just a little higher because right now i think they’re WAYYY too low and its very hard for players. other than that this game is really fun to play and i wouldnt recommend anything else at the moment! stay safe and keep up the good work. ps. reds sus.Version: 2020.9.9

Used to be funThis game was so fun and all I loved using strategies! What is bothering me is how y’all do nothing to fix it’s flaws. The hackers, toxicity and trollers got me and so many people to delete this app. It’s no fun anymore I can’t play a single match without someone cheating, trolling, being sour or hacking. WHY can’t you do anything about it? One day YOU are going to get bankrupt due to your ignorance on how we all feel about this game. It is stupid how you are doing nothing, stupid how you just let this happen or slide by. People are feeling hopeless knowing they can’t do anything and feeling betrayed knowing you can; but you still won’t do anything. One little message to us users won’t convince us all that you are trying to actually do something. We aren’t all going to fall under your manipulation. Just HELP us please. That’s all we ask for..Version: 2020.9.9

Awesome game! Would like some help though...Hi! I really love this game and it's an awesome concept, however I'm experiencing some frequent issues as to disconnecting for odd reasons. I understand disconnectung due to wifi or unstable internet connection, although I'm being constantly disconnected because of something to do with "pings" or "reliable packet sources" and frankly I find it quite annoying to get disconnected in the middle of a game especially if I am imposter. Another reason I'm getting disconnected is because I have not updated the app yet, I've searched through settings and app store to find a way to update it, but I believe I have to delete the app and re download it? If that is the case - I've bought skins and pets (which is my money!) and I'm perfectly fine with spending my money, however I don't wish to delete the app and lose all of my skins. If there is any other way to update the app without deleting it, please let me know! Overall I absolutely adore this game but would just appreciate it if bugs could be fixed and I stop disconnecting, thank you 🤗.Version: 2020.9.9

AmazingI love playing this game and I lie all the time so I’m good at getting players to believe me and vote a innocent crew mate off when I’m imposter but I think you could use some more tasks in the original maps not just in the new maps that are coming out in among us 2 well in among us 1 and can you please make a mini game option like no kill cool down. Also can you please make it so when you call up your friend to play which you so you can play free play together just to get the idea for newbies who just started and don’t really know how to play the game because it’s happened to me that when a newbie plays with players who have played it since it came out and then the newbie says why his/hers and someone else’s name is red because if that happens the game ends really quickly thank you for your time btw can you please add the Halloween hats back to keep there because I love the pumpkin hat and some people will argue and disagree and I also love the plague hat so please can you add them back in the game but other then that love the game.Version: 2020.10.22

Great game but needs a few improvementsI love this game. However, I’m getting to a point where I am growing tired of it and almost don’t want to play it anymore, the reason being, people team up with their friends and cheat and there’s not a thing you can do about it, you can’t report them and it happens in almost every lobby you join which is becoming tiresome. Hackers still run riot even after anti hacks have been added, the game bugs out and freezes, the little trolls in game just picking on people for absolutely no reason and again, you can’t report them for it. There really needs to be a report function added! Also something for future updates, I know a lot of people like to play hide and seek where you don’t report bodies and have to complete tasks before you’re all dead but it is annoying when you want to change it up a little and play hide and seek and other people join and don’t want to play it and purposely mess it up for everyone who does, so I’d love to see it be made into an actual game mode for people to play if they want to..Version: 2020.11.17

Need that we can add friends requestsThis is absolutely fun and I spend lots of time to play this game like being detective or imposter but when I meet a good random people or fun random people it’s feel good however we can’t add them as friend and when they left it’s like they gone forever and we can’t find them again, like when try changing theirs name but we still cannot recognise them what so ever soo please can you add that we can only change name 2 maybe and we can add friends request because we can’t go to discord and tell them what our id... you know why? Because we will just leave automatically when we open other apps. Soo please add that we can add friends requests:( I’m already lost 3 bestfriends that random person and we all play match together 7 times but they left and I lost them forever :( all among us player feel the same as me too. So please :(.Version: 2020.9.9

I love this gameFirst of all I love this game 🤩and I don’t usually say things like this but this game is so good I had to write this review. Me and my family and friends play this game nearly all the time😅. I’m looking forward to among us 2 .Their are a few things I wish u could add in the game. 1. Lots of people like my self have trouble being the imposter so if you could add a setting so you could increase the chances of being an imposter that would be amazing. 2. It gets pretty boring ( no offence) when you complete all your tasks so if you could add something to put in game when you finish all your tasks that would also be good.😁 3. After playing all the maps you get used to them pretty quickly so if you could add more maps and even a randomiser Botton that would be pretty cool. That’s all I have to say I hope some of these things get put into the game but if not that’s ok. Keep up the fantastic work..Version: 2020.9.9

Incredible, mechanic game changer.I don't even know what to say but you may have recently seen this game gaining hype from streamers and for a good reason, I found it in early beta on steam half a year ago. I bought and since have lost all of my friends. Ok jokes aside i found it and always played it with friends as we loved the incredible effort into design and game mechanics, if there is anything bad to say about the games it’s that their servers are running on a potato battery in mars, this is excused as they never expected this much popularity and they are currently working on a second game with better maps and servers. If the developers ever see this review, thank you. Keep up this work please because this game is so enjoyable and fun for a drink with some friends or a late night with the boys or even just randoms from a ltp discord. Keep it up and thanks for what you’ve done + the support..Version: 2020.9.9

I love this game but there are a few problems..I love this game so much and I rarely play any other game than this, but there is a few problems I would like yyou to fix and a few updates I would love. Reason 1: Hackers So, if you are playing on public, some people can hack and find out who they are and where they are, I don’t like this thing and I would recommend on making like a report thing where you report someone for swearing, hacking, online dating or more. And i don’t think that will be appropriate for underage people or between 9-12. Reason 2: Names On public, you may find names that are very inappropriate, some may say hot girl or cute boy, I wouldn’t recommend younger people playing if that’s what names are aloud to be like and there is some people with bad words in them that I would never recommend letting people have. Reason 3:online dating There are some people who have names saying “I need a bf” or “I need a gf”. This is very inappropriate, I would highly recommended that people should be banned from playing among us for a day or so... (Matters how inappropriate it is) If I were you, I would make a type of button that reports straight to the makers of this game and they would see the name, once and if they found out who did that name, they would banned them for a day or so, matters how inappropriate they are in games or more. Thank you for spending your time reading my letter and I hope these changes will be ok with you 👌.Version: 2020.11.17

Good but some detrimental issuesSometimes when you press kill, it doesn’t kill them. It should’ve been a flawless double kill with my impostor partner and it could’ve gone worse but luckily my foolish target didn’t go back and check. I was spamming kill (timer was finished already) and they didn’t die and he got away from me and made it back to the population of crewmates, saving himself from my wrath. Furthermore, I am astounded by the definition of a “short” kill distance because I was at opposite ends of the table in skeld, and to my surprise, the impostor somehow phased through the table to my side and snapped my neck. Disastrous! Also, I would like to point out the delay in the sabotages/doors, how it requires me to bombard the sabotage options with several finger spams in order to trigger the sabotage, instead of just one tap, which wastes my time and allows my victims to slip out of my hands. I hope that you will see to this issues immediately. Many thankings..Version: 2020.9.9

Best game ever but...I absolutely love this game my friend at school told me it was good and when I got it i was immediately addicted, I laugh so much playing with friends on this game. But one time I was playing with strangers when I made a friend with one of them, we kept playing over and over and we had so much fun together but then it was time to go, I was so sad and we couldn’t ever play again. I shook it off but I was playing just before writing this and I made another 2 friends with strangers, this time we had even more fun, but then they had to leave and I couldn’t play with them every again. That’s when I had enough so I have decided to write this. Please please please (x1000) add a friend request system. I beg you, even tho there is no friend request system, I’m still giving it a 5 star, thank you..Version: 2020.9.9

Fun game, LOTS OF BUGSAmong us is a great game, and has an all round fun idea. However, the servers are a disgrace. Almost every game people will leave because of errors. A lot of the tasks/players glitch, it’s easy to hack, and often maps will display as mirahq when they are actually the skeld. I think another major problem is the algorithm (if any) for public games. You will either get a game that instantly fills up to 10 or a game that will never get past 4. This makes it extremely frustrating when you want to play with friends, and you’ll have to join 5 or 6 games before you find one that doesn’t fill up instantly and doesn’t stay at 4 players for 10 minutes. I would suggest changing the algorithm for displaying public games, as well as implementing a higher player limit (15 or 20), this would make games easier to join with friends and most likely more entertaining. (Since people will usually leave prior to the game starting anyway).Version: 2020.11.17

Just a few technical difficulties. Overall great.This game is a lot of fun. The tasks are great. I love the accessories I can add to my character. I love the online feature. Playing with strangers from across the globe has been incredibly fun. I’ve made so many friends already! The only issue I have with this game is that it disconnects me from servers and won’t let me join for a few minutes because I’ve “intentionally disconnected”, when I haven’t. Also when searching for a server to enter, it’ll say that there is 6/10 players currently in the game. I go to join and I get a notification saying the game is full. This happens frequently and I understand that it’s honestly because the game is quite popular now and that so many people are playing at once. This isn’t a big issue, but it was something I thought I would address as it seems like a technical issue that can be fixed. Overall, I am very impressed with the game..Version: 2020.10.22

There’s a problemI love this game it’s really fun but there are a few problems like when ever I join a public game and the game starts it keeps crashing and I get out of the app. I tried all the things that you suggested but there’s something wrong with the wifi and I actually don’t think it’s my wifi I think it’s because of the quality in the game, so I suggest you have something in your settings that can make the app have a low, medium, and a high quality button. I want you to make a new update that includes this feature so it’s less likely to crash the app when ever I play online. Also could you remove where it say you have to wait 19 mins (for example ) to try again to play online because all I can do on the game is play free play mode and it’s really boring. Look I just want you to make a new update that adds and removes these features. And I do really 💗 love 💖 this game!.Version: 2020.9.9

Best game ever!!🎮Among us is an amazing game where you are on a spaceship task to fix things and collect information for headquarters. But there is an impostor among you who will sabotage and kill you to stop you doing your tasks. There are three maps, each more challenging than the other, you can choose how many players and imposters there’re. You can also make your game private so that if you just want it to be you and your friends. Also there is an area we can practice being an impostor, learning how to do tasks better and just getting to know the map. At the beginning where you wait for other players to join, you will see a computer where you can choose your colour and what hat or pet you want. But pets cost real money and aren’t really worth it. Another frustrating thing is you can’t have the same colour or someone else. But I understand why, so that you can identify someone quickly. Yes the game does lag you out, but I found that if you play with 5 to 7 players you won’t get lagged out. I think the produces should definitely fix that glitch though. Plus you can turn ads off and censor chat..Version: 2020.9.9

Please fix thisHello I have been playing among us since the start. Before when it wasn’t to popular-it was a GREAT game. But when it started to grow, more bullies, spammers, and online daters came along too. The majority of the people playing the game would be like-9 or over. If u online date, bully, or spam, STOP IT, WHAT ARE U DOING FOR THE COMMUNITY?.....OH IK...NADA. The young people playing this game should not be experiencing this kind of stuff. Sorry innersloth if u already have this setting, but I wish there was a way to only get in a server with ur language. I don’t understand when I’m in a-I guess a different language. They have already voted someone and u don’t know what to do. Another thing is free play. I love this setting!! But I just wish u could make the dummies a bit more active. But then again, considering it’s a no internet setting, it’s pretty sweet. I probably sound like a Karen at this point-sorry😂🤣❤️ but I hope this helps decide to get the game or not. Yours sincerely, Ally :3.Version: 2020.11.17

It says I am intentionally disconnecting, when I’m not.The hype of this game got me to play it, and download it, but there are definitely some MAJOR issues. 1. It says I can’t play another game because I’m “intentionally disconnecting”. Which just isn’t true. Your game can just kick you out of the app, and I tried restarting my iPad multiple times, but to find that your game doesn’t work well with any older devices. I join again, and I only find this message when I try join another game; “you cannot play because you are intentionally disconnecting from our game. Wait another 10 minutes. And I know that this is just to try and prevent people leaving games just because they didn’t get impostor, or because they didn’t get crew mate, but it’s very frustrating getting that after you were crashing my game. 2. People are constantly swearing in the game chat. I’m not sure how you can change this, but I hope you have some idea of what to do. I recommend setting a ‘non swearing’ mode so that some people from younger audiences can play without having to hear swear words/inappropriate language. And that’s pretty much it. My review would just like you to keep on adding updates, make the app a little bit more supportive of older devices, and update your moderation system. I think your game is amazing, I love the concept and I’m excited to see what new ideas you bring to the game!.Version: 2020.9.9

This game is the best!!!❗️MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS❗️ I’d just like to congratulate the developers of this game and give them a pat on the back for how good they’ve done. First off I would like to say that I don’t understand why you have to pay to get it on ur laptop and this is free... they’re practically the same. SecondlyI have noticed that everyone is complaining about the chance of you becoming imposter and I had an idea. What if there were more roles... obviously they would be toggled meaning you could choose to use them or not but it would be fun. For example what about a character that’s role is to let the imposters kill everyone (cause they can’t do it themselves) but at the same time not get killed doing it and try to become the last man standing. Or there could be a character that chooses a player at the start to admire or something and then secretly do tasks for them or move/hide bodies for the imposter so they don’t get caught. These new roles would mean people can aim to be other things that’s the imposter and keep them busy. I would also like some new maps because just having three is kinda boring. I would love to see these in the game and just so viewers are clear this is only a suggestion. If you are seeing thisinner sloth pls let me know and if you would like any more ideas or anything I am here. Also it would be cool if the longer you weren’t imposter the higher chance you have of becoming one. A Great game btw. Bye!.Version: 2020.10.22

Great gameAmong us is a great game you can chat talk with friends and have fun like you should in a game. It’s great how it brings out the joy of being the imposter and being able to manipulate people into thinking something else and the thrill of making away with a kill there’s only disappointments when your a crewmate and you want to be an imposter but next time you know, there could be improvements still like one time I wasn’t imposter for a very long time and I thought I was getting hacked but luckily I was imposter the next day and I calmed down I thought though maybe if it was possible than you could type down someone’s name in among us from your friends and it could put you in a game with them if they’re here, I also like the fact that there’s Halloween versions cause I started playing a few weeks before Halloween and it was normal than boom one day there was cobwebs and other things around the game I think it stopped now but it’s alsome, I don’t know but I think that there’s Christmas version too I dont know but could these wonderful creators tell me all the different modes the game goes into so i think that among us is a wonderfull game that everyone should play..Version: 2020.10.22

SuggestionHonestly I ❤️love❤️this game! I play it with my friends, my family, it’s great. My friends and I often find ourselves talking about it. Definitely recommended. The more this game grows the more memes are made and they are hilarious! 😂😂😂 However, I just have a few suggestions to make to make this game even 🤩better! Take them or leave them (but please take them!) 1. I’ve been playing this game a lot and I’ve definitely in counted a few racist ❌and ❌sexist people as well as those who just ❌swear (badly). If this could be reported or stopped in some way, then I really know it would make a positive😄outcome. 2. A great idea one of my friends came up with was having a sheriff. So like say, the first person to finish there tasks gets a gun 🔫 and is able to shoot a person. That would make the crew mates have much more motive to finish tasks. Plus after you finish them it gets pretty boring. That’s about all I can think of right now but at the very lest do something about my first suggestions. Can’t wait for an update! 😆👌.Version: 2020.9.9

Some workingThis game is really good. I love playing but I would also want you to fix something. When you listen to these it will make the game much better. When ever you exit a game it says that you have to wait 5 minutes to play another game and this is no use. So can you please get rid of that. Also there have been disconnection issues that you have added to the game and why would you add those thingsThe. Like it says "relieble packet size" and i don't even care. It also does this pings thing which just disconnects you for no reason. So can you please remove it. The weird thing is that you think grape is an innapropriate word. Like can we name what ever we want. Also about names can you make it so that we can fit 20 letters instead of 10. I would love you to add these things. A detective, a detective can kill imposters and also go through vents but in a different animation. They can also double vote in discussion time. They get more vision than crewmates. I would like you to add more colours. Like: Magenta, grey, maroon, aqua. Overall this game is amazing and don't add anymore disconnection signs!!!.Version: 2020.10.22

A few problemsHey ! I love this game soo much and I think it’s super fun there are only a few things I think the creators should update or change ! firstly , the creators should try to see why the game keeps on crashing for multiple people so quickly it gets very annoying when your about to report and then your game crashes and then your trying to find more games to play but they won’t let you join for a silly reason ! Secondly a lot of times when waiting to start a game I keep on seeing on the chat very sexist and mean things to people for no reason or because they want to have “fun” these words can really hurt peoples feelings and the game shouldn’t allow inappropriate language on a game that young children play which then lead on to speaking that language at home , or school and that type of speech is not okay for kids in learning states to talk like so we should be able to report this type of communication! One last thing is that I think we should be able to friend request people who we’ve had a fun time with so we can continue to play with them in the future ! That’s all I love this game so much and hope we can make these changes.Version: 2020.9.9

A few suggestionsAmong us is a great game and I highly recommend it. I love the concept and overall it is a very fun game and I have to say I am addicted. However I have a few suggestions for the chat feature; when in a game, the only time u can chat with the other players is during emergency meetings. I believe the chat should be available AT ALL TIMES. This way, u r able to talk with friends and other players. I also think there should be a way to contact individual players, for example I became friends with another player on among us and we wanted to text each other privately, however there was no way to do this without other players seeing it as well. Lastly there should be a way too add someone as a friend. That way u r able to keep in contact and know where ur friends are. My friend left the game due to an error and there was no way we could find each other again or even text each other and I have not seen her since. This is a real downfall as it stops people being able to make friends. If these few things were added to the game this would be the best game ever and I would play it 24\7 ..Version: 2020.9.9

Suggestions for updatesI absolutely love this game, it’s such a fun game to play with your friends but, I have. Few suggestions for the game. Firstly, an option to friend people. I’ve made a few friends that I’ll never see again and it’s really upsetting. Second, a private chat for imposters to use THROUGHOUT the whole game, because it’s sorta difficult to plan double kills unless you’re playing with a friend irl and you’re teaming. I also think we should have it so if you’re afk after a certain amount of time you get kicked from the game because it’s really annoying when you’re just trying to play and somebody of AFK so they aren’t voting. I think it would be really cool if their were different game modes, like hide and seek or something Another thing that could be added is more colour choices and something for people whom can’t see colour (colourblind) like symbols on the persons character (but have it so there’s a key/legend so you can see whom somebody is talking about) because the colour blind thing can be adjusted in the settings. Maybe some more maps and other tasks, also make it so the task bar doesn’t move so you can’t use “the task bar didn’t move” as an excuse to get somebody out. Other then some improvements I absolutely love the game and it’s one of the best online games I’ve played in a long time..Version: 2020.9.9

‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️PLEASE BE AWARE‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️I’m here not to complain or anything but the only thing I have to say that today 30th January and I was playing Among us like always. Then this person named Eris Loris joined and talked about a website too hack then he just left in a flash. Didn’t think much about it until I joined a different server then Eris Loris joined again and talked about a website and hacking. It was just a short message then he left. THEN I joined another server AFTER those two and saw him AGAIN. He said the same things all three times. But when he talked in chat his name was blank. But when he left it said “Eris Loris.” Kinda freaked out about this and I’m just here to tell you guys to this and I don’t know if they’re still out there reading this or still ruining the games for other players but please just try to ban this player if you can because it’s really distracting like every server I joined today they were like “OMG who is Elis Loris?” And I told them about it to like help people be aware by the fact that a bot has been going around. Thank you for this amazing game and help me spread the word!.Version: 2020.11.17

Add friends? Amazing app PLZ READThis app is extremely well made and has shot up in success in the last few months however there are a couple things that would improve the game. CRASHING: Sometimes in the middle of a game, the game crashes. This is rlly annoying, especially if you were the imposter, so it would be good if the developers could find a way to resolve this problem. FRIENDS: Another thing that I would absolutely LOVE to add to the game is that it would be cool if we could add friends. For example, if your playing a game and you and another player are having a rlly good time, there could be a ‘friends’ icon that you press. A notification could pop up on the other persons screen to accept or decline. There could even be a tab on the Home Screen where you can also accept or decline invitations if you’re not sure if u would like to become friends with them in that moment. Maybe in this tab you could also search for friends too. This would really put the game on another level so PLEASE DO THIS!!!!.Version: 2020.11.17

AMAZING! LOVE IT! 5 STARS!Love among us and I have been playing among us for only a little bit and I love it! It’s the best app ever! I playi it every day for over an hour and I never get bored 😅 there are a few problems tho :/ 1. Why do you randomly disconnect? Like it says “you sent 6 pings that were not responded to” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!? Anyways for 2. Why does the game randomly end when all players haven’t been killed? And i dont know if anyone else has this problem but when I’m the host I can’t ban anyone. Or kick anyone. And I also can’t get all of the hats 😭 it’s really annoying! I have a few suggestion for the app though! When ever someone swears they should automatically be banned. And if you say in the chat “bf” or “gf” it goes to ** and if you don’t know bf stands for “boyfriend” and gf stands for girlfriend. I think you should also be able so send S͟C͟R͟E͟E͟N͟S͟H͟O͟T͟S͟ and if anyone sends nüdes they should be automatically banned from that room. 1 question though, why are there “Asia” “North America” and “Europe”??? What is the point of that? There should also be a bigger variety of colours! Also everyone have a great 2021!!!!! Kind regards from keira ☺️.Version: 2020.11.17

Enjoyable game!!I think this game is really amusing for all ages, especially considering that most ‘murdering’ games’ main audiences are older children. It is murdering but the animation makes it look less bad I guess. (Not sure what other word to use) Although, I do think that there needs to be a permanent chat filter due to the fact that many people use profanity throughout playing and younger kids playing might not like that....(they might question their parents what it means). I also think their should be more skins added to the game for free because it’d appeal to more users. I do understand the point of the game is to make money I guess but it’s fun for the people who aren’t allowed any of that stuff lol. I do believe among us is a great game!! Please add, and improve the game because I think this game can get really big (like mine craft and also the game is pretty big at this time as well). Keep up all the amazing things you’re doing to improve among us!!! 🙂 This was written by a 12 year old girl so sorry for bad grammar, spelling, etc is there is some ^w^ •>•.Version: 2020.11.17

HiIt’s a really good game and I enjoys it a lot I don’t mind the adds because it’s not that long or annoying (thx btw) anyway the thing that I find annoying is that when u leave a server for to many times it won’t let u join for 10 min but I did that (🤣) and I didn’t mind I waited 10 min but then I joined a server and there was a hacker so I left and then it said I couldn’t join for another 16 min and after the 10 min I only left once now I can’t play I have to wait 30min bc at the 15min I left as well bc my internet got cut off and then it was 30 min so it’s kind of annoying me... but if you don’t want to change it I completely understand that like people leave bc they are a crewmate but some people don’t do that and it’s kind of unfair but I totally understand... btw thx for creating this game it’s AWESOME I love it thx!!! And I would like to add something... if you could make a change to the app so if you are the ghost you could click something to participate of the meetings or not.... anyway great game!!.Version: 2020.11.17

Best game ever!I love the game but sometimes when I try joining a server, it says I can’t play because the server is full. I don’t know why it says that but I know that it’s very annoying. I also have a few suggestions for the game. Firstly, I’ll like it if there was a detective role where you have an investigate action that pops up when you find a dead body, and when you investigate the dead body, it gives you a bit of information on who the imposter might be. But not TOO much information because that will just be unfair for the imposter. Secondly, I think you should add a drag action for the imposter after they kill someone so that they can hide the body easily, but they should drag at their own risk because if they drag, the dead body follows behind them, so if another crewmate see’s the body following behind the imposter, the imposter is either going to be lucky if the crewmate doesn’t know what they’re doing, or they get ejected in the next emergency meeting. Lastly, I really would like it if the chance of getting the role imposter was on 50% so that means the chance of getting crewmate or imposter is both 50% so it will be even. Also, I’ve heard about the new “air ship” map and I’ve seen the trailer and it looks SO cool. But this was me when I saw it was coming early 2021. Me: but I want it now! ;-;.Version: 2020.11.17

Best game ever!!!! 😃😁This game is great it has a spot in the top games but I’m afraid among us will get boring you only got 4 maps including the airship from the henry Stickmin collection this game need more maps like a satellite rocket and voice chat adding players for friends I love the game but also there is bad behaviour in this game they swear and be in appropriate I’m thankful you 3 censor swears now but you Censor good words I said muffin and it censored I also said crikey it censored work on that oh and it would be cool if you had in game money to buy some hats or trophy’s like playing all maps will give you a hat and you need to give the skeld more rooms and explain how the people get in cause there are no doors and you need to add the buildings on Mira HQ trailer. But the last thing is events and modes like hide and seek prop hunt or a d for events maybe you get guns and the impostors form is revealed whilst you hunt it in a new map. If these additions are added thank you and Good luck this is a spectacular game well done 😀👍🏾.Version: 2020.11.17

Update idea???I love among us it is currently my new obsession! Yet as I thought more deeply into the imposters role I thought what’s the purpose of killing all the crew members? I mean, does the imp die of starvation? Surely the ship has a destination, but is it’s destination inhabited with other crew mates or is the destination a desolate planet stranded in the middle of nowhere? It’s understandable that a game such as among us doesn’t delve into the storytelling side, however, I think I’d be pretty cool to add an update in which after a certain amount of times that the imposter wins let’s just say 100 wins as imp suddenly there’d be a cut scene after winning the final game and the imp reaches its destination or possibly lives on the ship until it runs out of supplies. Same idea for the cremate! Either way it’s not something that NEEDS to be done, but a it’s a simplistic idea none-the less. Other than that I love the game and I can’t wait to see what’ll b added (or taken away) in future!.Version: 2020.9.9

FIX THE CRASHES!I like it but, it always glitches me out, and says that the room is full when it isn’t. Help me plz I love it but PLEASE HELP ME I HATE THE GLITCHES THAT KICK ME they are really bad those glitches I can’t play a single round!) OUT! UGHHHH PLZ SEE THISSS NOEEWWWWWWW I really want to play but I can’t waaaAAAAaAaAa thank, bye stay safe 💓 AHHHH ITS A NIGHT MARE! it’s still not working and. I tried tunong it if and it still don’t work plzzzzz FIX [email protected]$he$ plzzzzzzzmzmxmxmmxmxmxj I really want to play but. I can I’m soo super superb sad now huh..,,,,..? I really had enough the glitches r soo annoying! I can’t even type or join a game see this omg plxxxzzzzz see this 😣 why can’t I play it on iPad Air? Btw it glitches after it says shhhh! I’m soo sad 😔 please see this Inersloth I can play for a bit but then it glitches otherwise I really recommend it and whenever I go to lower and upper engine it glitches.Version: 2020.11.17

I KNOW DEVELOPERS NEVER READ THIS BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAYIf you are looking at this to see if you should download Among Us, you should 100%! But I’d like to ask the developers to add a sort of ‘suggestion box’ in the game menu so that as soon as a player has a suggestion, complication, complaint or would like to report another player they could. Also add more hats. I’d also enjoy if developers actually read the reviews because they might improve the game, and the reviews take quite a long time to write. Also, once I joined a game and was defeated 3 times and it said that the same player was imposter every time. This is really non-beneficial to the game because players sometimes leave when they are not imposter straight away which decreases the fun of the game experience for other players and then they will want to leave..Version: 2020.9.9

Missing a gameHi inner sloth first of among us is AWESOME but I’m not writing about that You have made other games like dig2china which is on the App Store but Henry stickmin isn’t on here. I have been dying to play completing the mission since I knew it was coming out plus I’m such a big fan of the series I’ve influenced so many others to play it and when it came on steam I was happy but I am not allowed to spend money so that was extremely upsetting so could you please put it on here? And pls make it free like among us costs money on steam and is free on App Store you could do the same thing with Henry stickmin and last thing could you make it compatible to iphone6? Thank you ps I don’t know if I erase all this writing then you can’t see so I’m just adding to this but pls reply to people otherwise we’ll start leaving bad reviews thx.Version: 2020.11.17

Was Good At The StartDear inner sloth, I have been playing among us for about 3-5 weeks now. It was great the first 5 times but then I noticed something.......some people are being rude and swear at you, plus there are hackers who hack in the game and ruin it. But to be fair it is great when people play the game. One thing I like about among us was that I could play with my best friend who lives 30 mins away! That was fun, but people (not kind ones) call you mean and rude names, and some and changed words (which are swear words) and put for example a m in the word, and this gets past your swearing detector! I have also put up with people dating on among us. I have put up with this for too long, I am sorry to say but I deleted your app because of this. Please may you change some of this so that we can enjoy the game. Thank you for everyone who has read my message. Inner sloth please change some stuff but otherwise your game is great. Thanks.Version: 2020.11.17

Good game but crashes EVERY TIMEThis used to be my favourite game. I loved how it was so different to anything I’d ever played before. I loved the sense of mystery as to who the impostor was. I loved trying to kill people without getting caught and the simple but fun tasks that crewmates had to complete. I wish I could say the same now. One day when ever ‘Shhhhhh...’ came up and the game was about to start the app crashed. I thought this was just a ‘one off’ as it usually is but then it kept happening, again and again, all day long. Then it was the next day and the next and the next! I swear I didn’t touch anything! Though, the most annoying thing is after a while as the app crashing, it would say ‘You can’t join another game for 5 minutes after intentionally disconnecting! I didn’t do it intentionally! It was the apps fault! Then 5 minutes would turn into 10, then, 15 and then 20! I’ve tried re-installing the app but that didn’t work. Please fix this ASAP as I don’t have another device to play on. If this was fixed, I would rate it 5 stars..Version: 2020.5.9

BIG problemThis game is very engaging and enjoying. The paranoia one can experience while being suspicious towards the imposter is so interesting and enjoying. I love the concept of this game and I WOULD be proud to say this is my favourite app. However, I haven’t been able to play a FULL single round of the game. I get glitched out as soon as I’m told what my role is and I’m told to wait a specific time period to join another server. On my side of the screen, there are no internet problems or bugs in my device so it is the app itself. This really needs to get fixed for more people to enjoy as my friends are also having this very same problem. It’s honestly such a shame how such an amazing app is having problems that should honestly be fixed as soon as it someone notifies this problem. Please fix this problem soon because until then, this app will no longer be on my home screen for it would be deleted..Version: 2020.9.9

THE BEST GAME EVER just some few touches could be goodOk so this game is really good! Good job to the developers. But I got an idea that could change the game ( in a good way ). I don’t know if they are already working on this but if there were friends in the game that would be so cool. So this is how I imagine it, you could sent a friend request ( kinda like roblox ) then at the screen where you start ( where it says Online Local FreePlay and ect.... ) There could be another option ‘ Friends ‘ and you would be able to see their current name and avatar. And you could join their game. I thought of this because I met some VERY nice people on among us but either I disconnected or they did. Which was sad. I would really like this update put since only 3 people work for among us ( I think ) it could be hard. But that was just my view for the idea! Thx for listening :D.Version: 2020.11.17

Amazing app!I love among us! it’s such a fun game to play with friends, online people and to watch youtubers/streamers play it. i love the dynamic of the game and how it works! Although, i think that the ratio of getting impostor and being the crew mate needs to be changed. there will be a time we’re i will get impostor 3 times in a row and then i’ll never get it again in the next few hours i play (this game is really addicting hehe) .. i think i should be equal to all players. when i watched a streamer play this game, they played for almost four hours and only got impostor once! it was kind of sad. besides that tiny complaint, i think this app is amazing, the tasks are fun to do, figuring out who the impostors are etc. one more thing, could you somehow get hackers banned from getting into servers? i had a hacker in my server and it was kind of weird because they were controlling what i was typing, they said inappropriate things and glitched the game to the point where we couldn't even move. Love this game overall!.Version: 2020.9.9

A few things that I would like to be addedSo I’m hoping there’s a detective mode and they can be more maps and more people can play on the server I highly recommend you download it it’s the best game in the world I’ve been playing this ever since I got it I totally forgot about all my other games so I deleted them because it is the best game ever but there are some things on the title might be a few things that I would like to be added but meh I would like you to please try and get rid of the bugs because when I’m playing as impostor or some reason I just get disconnected or everyone vote for me when I’m not even being voted for and it really upsets me i’m really happy and proud for the people that have made this but I reckon it’s a little too violent it should be 12 year olds and above but if not that’s okay ✅ anyway have a good night or afternoon or day Baii~ oh and also I forgot to add this please add friend request so you can play with your friends also put a microphone in this please.Version: 2020.10.22

Love it but needs workThis is an awesome game with great potential. We play it together as a family and it is super fun. However, it needs a lot of work. I have never been disconnected from a game as much as this one. Sometimes the whole thing freezes and lags (no its not my internet as my other games are fine). The imposter to crewmate ratio is way off. Sometimes you are imposter for 6 times in a row and other times you can play all day and only be imposter once. This also creates a problem as when people see that they are not imposter, they leave the game. A lot of hackers too which spoils the fun for everyone else. I would also love to be able to friend people and be able to join their lobby as I have met some really nice people to play with. I also think if theres more than one imposter they should be able to communicate with each other. A lot of kids play this game and I find some of the adds a bit explicit so please change the adds (I dont mind the ads btw). I hope the creators of this game reads this review and takes it into consideration by changing things..Version: 2020.10.22

Um...So, overall, it is a very fun game. Love it. But I have a few problems. Number 1 is I am never the imposter. I know this sounds silly but, I have had this game for about a year now and I have only been the imposter 3 times! It is very annoying. I think we should all have a equal turn. My friend who has had Among Us for 2 weeks now has been an imposter 11 times in a row!!!! Another thing is, I don’t know how to do most of the tasks. Some of them are very confusing. Also, I don’t know if this is apart of the game or not but sometimes other cremates have different tasks form you. For instance, once one cremate was scanning, and then when it was my turn, I couldn’t, because it didn’t say anything on my task list. So the person who was watching me called an Emergency Meeting, saying at didn’t scan and everything! Anyway this is a highly recommended game, but if you are like 9, 10, or 11. I would ask your parents if you can play this game. Thanks 😀.Version: 2020.11.17

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Among Us!
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Among Us! 2021.3.5 Update

Version 2021.3.5 (2021-03-07): -Added Quick Chat feature: An easier, faster, and safer way to play the game using text-based chat. -Fixes issues where players were unable to find any lobbies in the public list -Age gate reduced to 13.

Version 2020.11.17 (2020-11-23): Balance changes: - Comms sabotage hides task arrows - Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position. Bug fixes: - Fix camera flinging on security cams - Fix inaccurate admin table on Polus - Fix Polus panels reachable through walls - Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit - Fix align engine exploit and softlock.

Version 2020.10.22 (2020-11-03): Added Anonymous Voting option - All votes appear as grey Added Task Bar Modes - Always mode works like normal. - Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings. - Invisble move removes the task bar entirely. MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs. Added symbols to fix wires task. Added cosmetics to meeting screen. Various bug fixes..

Version 2020.9.9 (2020-09-14): Added support for 6 digit game codes..